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                 GALWAY DIPLOMA SERIES 2018
                   Diplomas in Humanities and Social Sciences
B   Galway Diploma Series 2018   B

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2   Galway Diploma Series 2018

Course Overview                       on a regular basis. Additional time      present an English language
A new cycle of the NUI Galway         is required for home study such          qualification (IELTS/TOEFL). The
Diploma Series will commence          as reading, research, completing         English language requirement
in September 2018. Modern             assessments and preparation for          does not apply to the language
language Diplomas in French,          exams.                                   diplomas.
Italian, German and Spanish are
available to those interested in      Course Entry                             Fee Scholarships
developing their language skills.     Requirements                             Scholarships are available for
Additional Diploma courses are        There are no formal entry                applicants who are in receipt of
available in a wide variety of        requirements for any of the              a social welfare payment and
subjects ranging from Archaeology     Diploma programmes. Students             wish to update their skills and
to Marketing. We are also             who are aged 21 or over by               knowledge by participating in one
delighted to add a new Diploma        January 1st of the year of               of the listed courses. Scholarships
in Earth and Ocean Sciences which     admission are classified as mature       will constitute a 30% contribution
will be delivered via blended         students and gain entry on this          to course fees. The scholarship
learning.                             basis.                                   application form is available at:
So, whether you want to improve                                                www.nuigalway.ie/adult-learning/
                                      Proficiency in the use of computers      faqs/fees-funding-&-scholarships/
your career prospects or take         and the internet is beneficial, and
a course for your own personal        in the case of online courses in
development and enjoyment, we         particular, recommended.                 What Happens
have a course to suit you.                                                     After I Apply?
                                      Students under the age of 21             Once you apply online, your
How the Diplomas Are                  applying to complete a part-time         application is assessed in
Structured                            course at NUI Galway will be             accordance with the course
                                      asked to fulfil the matriculation        selection criteria. Places will be
The Diploma programmes are            requirements of the University. If you
delivered part-time over two years.                                            offered as soon as the minimum
                                      are under 21, please log onto            class number has been reached.
Course delivery ranges from           www.nuigalway.ie/adult-learning/
weekly evening lectures to fully      faqs/ where you will find a              To accept your place, you are
online learning. The academic         list of the matriculation entry          required to:
year is divided into two semesters,   requirements.
one beginning in early September                                               1.	Accept your course place using
and the other in early January.                                                    the online applications portal
In the majority of programmes         English Language
                                                                               2. Pay a deposit of €485 (€1,470
each semester consists of twelve      Requirement
                                                                                   Non-EU) within the specified
teaching weeks, a study week and      If your first language is not English,       timeframe – this deposit is
an examination period. Students       or you have not been educated                offset against the full fee
are required to participate in        through the medium of the English            payment
classes (online and face-to-face)     language, you are required to

                                         CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS
ECTS: 30
                                         Friday 27th July. Early application is advised as offers will be
NFQ Level: 7
                                         made on a rolling basis. A limited number of applications may be
Duration: 2 years, part-time             accepted after the official application closing date, subject to the
Fees: (per annum)                        availability of places.
EU: €970 Non-EU: €1,470

Galway Diploma Series 2018   3

3. Y ou are advised to regularly       Student Support                        Assessment and
    check your email address used       The Centre for Adult Learning          Examinations
    for correspondence, as all          and Professional Development           All modules included in the series
    course communication will be        provides supports in the following     are individually assessed. Each
    sent to that address                areas, outside of regular class        module’s assessment may consist
Additional registration details         times:                                 of written assignments and/
and course information will be                                                 or online activities during the
issued to successful applicants         •   Study skills
                                                                               semester and written exams at the
approximately two weeks                 •   Writing skills                     end of the semester.
before the course commences.            •   Referencing
Induction will take place on the
8th September and classes will          •   The online learning 		             Attendance
commence the week starting 10th             environment                        Generally, students are expected
September, 2018.                        These supports are designed to         to attend a minimum of 85% of
                                        bridge the gap between your last       classes, in both the online and
                                        education experience and returning     face-to-face environments. This
                                        to education as an adult learner.      may vary from course to course.

APPLY ONLINE AT                                        CONTACT
www.nuigalway.ie/adultlearning/apply                      Catherine Geraghty
Complete the online application form and                  +353 (0)91 492144
include all relevant details (i.e. requested form         catherine.geraghty@nuigalway.ie
of I.D., Leaving Certificate for applicants under
21 years). The (non-refundable) application fee        Centre for Adult Learning
                                                       and Professional Development
is €30.
                                                       NUI Galway, Nuns’ Island
4   Galway Diploma Series 2018

Diploma in
ARCHAEOLOGY (Classroom Based)
Who is this course for?                Content                                All modules in the Diploma
The diploma course is open to          The course consists of lectures,       are individually assessed. The
anyone with an interest in the past.   fieldwork and project work.            assessment for each module takes
It may be of particular interest to    The course offers a general            the form of essays or projects
first and second level teachers        introduction to the field              during the semester or a written
and others interested in the           monuments and material culture         examination at the end of the
contribution of archaeology to         of some nine millennia of the          semester.
education, local studies, heritage     Irish past. Participants are also      Classes will be held on Tuesday
studies and tourism.                   introduced to the discipline           evenings, with occasional weekend
                                       of archaeology, its historical         field trips.
                                       development worldwide,
Course Profile
                                       theoretical perspectives and
Aim                                    methodologies. They will               Career or Further Study
                                       examine the archaeology of             Opportunities
Archaeology is the study of
the material remains of past           Ireland in general, and explore        Career opportunities exist
human societies. The discipline        the prehistoric and historic           in heritage and tourism,
covers a remarkable span of            archaeology of human settlement        archaeological consultancy, and
time and investigates some of          in their region.                       the museum and education
the most profoundly important                                                 sectors.
developments of the past. The
wide scope of archaeology, in          Course Content – Year 1
time, space and methodology is
one of the features that makes          Introduction to Archaeology
the subject so attractive to
professional and amateur alike.         The Archaeology of
There is something to interest          Historic Ireland
everyone - whether their interests      The Archaeology of
lie in outdoor fieldwork and            Prehistoric Ireland
exploring ancient monuments, the
study of artefacts, the history of
technology, local studies, or simply   Course Content – Year 2
in the rich heritage of Ireland’s
                                        Approaching the Past
This course aims to equip
participants with a sound               Historic Landscapes of the
knowledge of Ireland’s                  West
archaeological heritage from the        Prehistoric Landscapes
earliest settlers to the medieval       of the West

    Dr. Michelle Comber                                          CONNECT WITH
    Archaeology                                                  US ON FACEBOOK
    +353 91 492887                                               facebook.com/nuigalway.adultlearning

Galway Diploma Series 2018   5

Diploma in
Who is this course for?                • To present the archaeology          assessment exercises, online
This diploma is the ideal course of      of Ireland as a way of 		           discussions and multi-media
study for anyone with an interest        understanding ten 		                content that includes mini-lectures
in the Irish past, whether amateur       thousand years of human 		          and site visits. Support will be
or professional. The latter might        settlement on this island.          provided to students to help them
include primary school teachers,       • To study aspects of current         become familiar with the online
secondary school teachers,               archaeological research in 		       learning environment.
heritage employees, those                Ireland in detail.
employed in the tourism industry,      • To promote interest in Ireland’s    Career or Further Study
and local government employees.          heritage at a national and 		       Opportunities
                                         international level.                Career opportunities exist
Course Profile                                                               in heritage and tourism,
                                       Content                               archaeological consultancy, and
                                                                             the museum and education
Archaeology is a constantly            Course Content – Year 1               sectors.
changing discipline, fed by new
discoveries, new theoretical            Mesolithic to Megalithic: Ireland
approaches and new analytical           in the Stone Age
methods. These discoveries              Metal and Warriors:
continue to revolutionise the           Bronze and Iron Age Ireland
subject’s potential to inform us
about the past and to give us           Saint, Scholar, Viking, Norman:
a valuable long perspective on          Medieval Ireland
how this past has shaped our
present. Exciting aspects of the
practical side of archaeology,         Course Content – Year 2
such as excavation, are familiar
to everyone, but excavation is          Key themes in Irish
only one aspect of a discipline         Prehistoric Archaeology
that combines humanistic interest       Key themes in Irish
with scientific method. For the         Medieval Archaeology
interested student, archaeology
offers a stimulating opportunity for    Irish Archaeology Project
intellectual enquiry.
This two year course has four          All teaching and student-teacher
broad aims:                            interactions will take place online
                                       in the course’s online learning
• To introduce students to the         environment. Course content
  discipline of archaeology.           comprises illustrated text, self-

  Dr. Michelle Comber
  +353 91 492887
6   Galway Diploma Series 2018

Diploma in
Who is this course for?              Content
                                                                             Course Content – Year 1
This course will appeal to those     The course will use online lectures
with an interest in our natural      and practical exercises, as well         Planet Earth
environment and the outdoors. It     as monthly weekend workshops
may be professionally beneficial     and field trips, to study the Earth’s    Earth Materials
for geography teachers,              origins, materials and processes
environmental scientists,            at all scales from the atomic to         Our Coastal Ocean
engineers, archaeologists.           the planetary level; internal and
                                     external; and locally, nationally,
Course Profile                       and internationally.                    Course Content – Year 2
                                     One module will deal with our            Geology of Ireland
Aim                                  coastal ocean, examining the
The aim of the Diploma in            interaction of geology, ground-          The Peopled Planet
Scientific Studies (Earth & Ocean    and surface water, and the marine
Sciences) is to provide students     environment. Another will focus          Observing Earth
with a broad introduction to the     on Earth observation and remote
study of the Earth’s solid geology   sensing, and how these are used
                                     to help understand the physical,        What Career or Further
and its coastal ocean, with hands-
on, practical experience of the      chemical, and biological processes      Study Opportunities are
techniques employed within the       acting on the Earth’s surface. A        There?
fields of geology, oceanography,     common theme throughout will be         A number of graduates from
and Earth observation.               the interaction of people with the      an earlier version of the course
                                     planet we inhabit. Fieldtrips (within   have since gone on to study for a
                                     Ireland) are an integral part of the    degree in Earth & Ocean Sciences.

    Dr. Sadhbh Baxter                             This course will appeal to those
    Earth & Ocean Sciences                        with an interest in our natural
    +353 91 495962                                environment and the outdoors.

Galway Diploma Series 2018    7

Diploma in
Who is this course for?               the world of French literature. As    Career or Further Study
This course is open to anyone         the course progresses, students       Opportunities
with an interest in French and        should be able to converse on and
                                                                            Surveys indicate that employers
who wishes to gain fluency in the     comprehend a variety of topics
                                                                            value language skills among their
language. The Diploma caters          and situations.
                                                                            workforce, placing a premium
for all levels of language ability.                                         on the ability to make contact
The course is offered at three        Content                               and communicate with global
levels: beginner, intermediate and                                          trade partners and to understand
advanced.                                                                   overseas business environments.
                                      Course Content – Year 1
                                                                            For those with appropriate
Direct Entry to Second Year            Introduction to French               French language skills, there
                                       Language – Written and Spoken        are possibilities to work in the
Application to enter year 2 of the                                          following fields: international
Diploma in French is available to      French Language – Written,
                                       Spoken and Comprehension             business, international agencies,
those who have completed an                                                 the tourism and hospitality
equivalent course at third level or    Introduction to Civilisation,        industry and the diplomatic
who have lived in a Francophone        Culture and Society in France        service. There is also the possibility
country for an extended period.                                             of proceeding to Degree level and
Applications are assessed on           Oral French – Parlons Français 1     beyond in French.
a case-by-case basis, through
Recognition of Prior Learning.
                                      Course Content – Year 2
Course Profile
                                       Improvers’ French 1 – On
                                       Écoute, on Écrit et on Parle 1
This course aims to enable             Improvers’ French 2 – On
students with an interest in           Écoute, on Écrit et on Parle 2
French to acquire a high level of      French Culture – Connaître le
written and oral communication         Monde
skills in the language through
a variety of practical language       Classes will be held on Monday
exercises. Students will also         evenings (for direct entry to 2nd
study major cultural issues in the    year students, classes will be held
contemporary French-speaking          on Tuesday evenings).
world. In their second year,
students will be introduced to

  Dr. Máire-Áine Ní Mhainnín
  +353 91 493397
8   Galway Diploma Series 2018

Diploma in
Who is this course for?               German-speaking world. By the         Career or Further Study
The Diploma in German                 end of each term, students will       Opportunities
introduces students to the basic      have learned to converse on and
                                                                            Knowledge of German is
elements of German and is             comprehend a variety of topics
                                                                            more useful than ever for
designed for those who have           in situations that are normally
                                                                            career opportunities involving
no previous knowledge of the          encountered in a modern German-
                                                                            international trade, customer
language.                             speaking environment.
                                                                            service within multinational
                                                                            companies, as well as the tourism
Direct Entry to Second Year                                                 industry.
                                      Course Content – Year 1
If you already have prior
                                       Introduction to Beginners’
knowledge of the language, or a
                                       German – Written and Spoken
Leaving Certificate in the subject,
you can apply for direct entry to      Beginners’ German Continued
the second year. Your level will be    – Written, Spoken and
assessed by a written examination      Comprehension
that will take place in August.        Introduction to aspects of 20th
                                       Century German and Austrian
Course Profile                         Culture
Whether your interest in German       Course Content – Year 2
has a business focus or you want
to get to know interesting and         Intermediate German
exciting regions such as the           – Written, Spoken and Oral
Austrian Alps, the Diploma in          Comprehension 1
German can get you started. This       Intermediate German –
two-year course will help you          Written, Spoken and Oral
develop the skills to communicate      Comprehension 2
successfully in the German-
speaking world while exciting your     Contemporary German, Austrian
curiosity about other cultures.        and Swiss Society
                                       German Conversation
Students will begin with the basic    Classes will be held on Wednesday
elements of German grammar and        evenings (for direct entry to 2nd
vocabulary and will progress to the   year students, classes will be held
study of a selection of social and    on Thursday evenings).
cultural issues in the contemporary

    Ms. Gabriele Behrens
    +353 91 492226

Galway Diploma Series 2018   9

            Taking the Diploma in German at NUI
            Galway was easily one of the best
            moves I’ve made, both personally
   WHAT     and professionally. I’ve always had a
            keen interest in linguistics but sadly I
     OUR    had neglected German since school.
STUDENTS    As it turned out, when I went back
            to college to pursue postgraduate
      SAY   research, German proved quite
            essential for my line of work in
            Classical Philology. After one year of
            trying (and failing) to teach myself
            German I decided the Diploma was
            the best option.

            I started the Diploma to develop
            reading comprehension in German
            but by the end of the course I had
            gained so much more. The method
            of teaching and learning allowed
            me to pursue the coursework at my
            own pace, in tandem with my own
            research and teaching. The regular
            practice gave me so much more
            confidence in speaking the language,
            and has opened up a whole new
            world of media, literature, film, music
            and culture. The Diploma has instilled
            a strong desire to travel and explore
            CHARLES DOYLE
            Diploma in German
10 Galway Diploma Series 2018

Diploma in
Who is this course for?                 European community. Students
This course is of appeal to those       are introduced to Irish literature in
who are interested in Ireland’s         both the Irish (Gaelic) and English
past and culture including primary      languages, from the Old-Irish
school teachers, secondary school       sagas and early Irish lyrics through
teachers and heritage employees.        the emergence of Anglo-Irish
It will also be of appeal to those      literature in the 18th century to
who are employed in the tourism         the 20th century revival of writing
industry.                               in Irish.

Course Profile                          Course Content – Year 1

Aim                                      Early Christian Ireland 431-1169
The Diploma in Irish Studies is an
                                         Medieval Ireland 1169-1603
interdisciplinary introduction to
the discipline of Irish Studies and      Early Modern Ireland 1603-1845
offers an excellent opportunity
for those interested in Ireland,
especially those without access to
traditional programmes of study in      Course Content – Year 2
this area.
                                         Modern Ireland 1845-1998
The purpose of the diploma is to
provide a basic introduction to          Social and Political Change
Irish life and culture through the       in Contemporary Ireland,
disciplines of archaeology, history,     1922-2003
literature in English and in Irish
(presented in translation), political    From Ceili to Riverdance: Irish
science and sociology, and               Traditional Music and Dance in
traditional Irish music and dance.       the 20th century

Content                                 Career or Further Study
The course provides an overview         Opportunities
of Irish history from the pagan         The information and skills
Celtic world and the coming             introduced by this course may
of Christianity through to the          contribute to careers in a wide
cataclysmic famines of the              variety of areas, such as in the
1840s, the establishment of an          heritage, tourism and education
independent state in 1922 and           sectors.
Ireland’s integration into the

   Dr. Michelle Comber                                   CONNECT WITH
   Centre for Irish Studies                              US ON TWITTER
   +353 91 492887                                        twitter.com/nuig_adult

Galway Diploma Series 2018 11

Diploma in
ITALIAN (Classroom Based)
Who is this course for?                                                       Career or Further Study
                                         Course Content – Year 1
The Diploma in Italian is open                                                Opportunities
to everybody and is designed              Italian Language Level 1 – Part 1   Learning a new language provides
for those who have no previous                                                invaluable skills. There is no doubt
knowledge of the language.                Italian Language Level 1 - Part 2   that the profile of the professional
                                                                              of the future will be that of a
                                          Italian Culture and Language
Direct Entry to Second Year                                                   person who can adapt quickly and
                                          Level 1
                                                                              effectively to new situations and
If you already have prior                                                     environments, who speaks more
knowledge of the language, or a                                               than one language, and who is at
Leaving Certificate in the subject,      Course Content – Year 2              home in more than one country.
you can apply for direct entry to                                             Language students will be mobile,
the second year (online only). Your       Italian Language Level 2 – Part 1
                                                                              cosmopolitan, and ready and
level will be assessed by a written                                           happy to embrace and negotiate
examination. Please contact Laura         Italian Language Level 2 - Part 2
                                                                              different cultures and traditions.
McLoughlin (contact details on
                                          Italian Culture and Language
page 12) for further information.
                                          Level 2

Course Profile                           Classes will be held on Monday
Aim                                      evenings.
This course is designed to give
participants enhanced language
skills for personal, travel and
professional purposes.

Students will be introduced to
the basics of the Italian language
in order to develop competence
in handling common situations
of everyday life. The course
concentrates on all of the four
main language skills (listening,
speaking, reading and writing) and
uses carefully selected authentic
material to provide a gradual
introduction to the structures
and functions of the language.
In addition, a cultural module
introduces students to the main
trends in Italian art, cinema, history
and culture.

  Dr. Barbara Landi
  +353 91 493979
12 Galway Diploma Series 2018

Diploma in
ITALIAN (Online)
Who is this course for?               students are encouraged to
                                      participate in virtual class activities   Course Content – Year 1
The Diploma in Italian Online can
be taken at intermediate level in     with their peers and e-tutors.             Italian Communication
2018.                                                                            Skills 1 – Part 1
                                      Content                                    Italian Communication
The online course is particularly
suitable for students who need        Students will be guided through            Skills 1 - Part 2
flexibility in their time and mode    each interactive and participative
                                      online module, which will                  Italian Cultural Landscape 1
of study and/or live away from
Galway. Basic computer skills         emphasize collaborative learning
are sufficient for the online         in order to avoid any feelings of
students, including an ability        isolation. Lecture packages will          Course Content – Year 2
to download and upload files,         be delivered weekly online and
                                      will include comprehension tasks,          Italian Communication
navigate websites, and use emails                                                Skills 2 – Part 1
and Skype-style applications. An      individual and group work, and
introductory on-campus session        conversation and intercultural             Italian Communication Skills
at the beginning of the course will   aspects. Three on-campus                   2 - Part 2
explain in very simple terms how      sessions per semester are also
to use these applications and will    included (held on Saturdays).              Italian Cultural Landscape 2
take students through all the steps   This course caters for students
necessary to become familiar with     who have already obtained a Level
these learning tools.                 A2 of fluency in Italian and focuses      Career or Further Study
                                      on the four main language skills          Opportunities
Direct Entry to Second Year           (listening, speaking, reading and         There is no doubt that the
If you already have prior             writing) using regular practice           profile of the professional of the
knowledge of the language,            based, as much as possible,               future will be that of a person
or a Leaving Certificate in the       on authentic material carefully           who can adapt quickly and
subject, you can apply for direct     selected to guide students                effectively to new situations and
entry to the second year. Your        towards the acquisition of more           environments, who speaks more
level will be assessed by a written   advanced structures and functions         than one language, and who is at
examination. Please contact Dr.       of the language.                          home in more than one country.
Laura McLoughlin (details below)      A cultural module will present            Language students will be mobile,
for further information.              aspects of Italian culture and            cosmopolitan, and ready and
                                      society from both a linguistic            happy to embrace and negotiate
Course Profile                        and an intercultural perspective,         different cultures and traditions.
                                      introducing texts and personalities
Aim                                   from Italian arts, music, cinema,
This course is designed to give       literature and exploring societal
participants enhanced language        issues
skills for personal, travel and
professional purposes. This course
is based on a collaborative,
communicative approach and

   Laura McLoughlin                                 LANGUAGE SKILLS FOR
   Italian                                          PERSONAL, TRAVEL AND
   +353 91 492240                                   PROFESSIONAL PURPOSES

Galway Diploma Series 2018 13

Diploma in
Who is this course for?              understanding of the processes        Career or Further Study
The Diploma is designed for          in which they are involved and        Opportunities
individuals who are involved in a    to develop their counselling
                                                                           On successful completion
helping or advice-giving role. In    skills. The Diploma is also
                                                                           of year 2, you may go on to
particular, it caters for members    suitable for people who would
                                                                           take an undergraduate course
of self-help groups, volunteers      like, subsequently, to pursue a
                                                                           in counselling psychology,
in befriending and support           professional counselling course,
                                                                           psychology or counselling.
organizations, individuals engaged   as it provides a foundation in
                                                                           Graduates who already have a
in personnel work and staff of       the theory and basic skills of
                                                                           third level qualification may be
educational, youth and health        counselling.
                                                                           entitled to undertake a Masters in
services.                                                                  Counselling course.

Specialist Entry
                                     Course Content – Year 1
It is beneficial to outline the       Counselling Skills and Practice 1
following information in your
application:                          Lifespan Development and
                                      Theory of Counselling
• Your involvement in voluntary/
                                      Personality Theory and Theory
  community work (if any)
                                      of Counselling
• Personal reasons for doing the
• How you consider the course        Course Content – Year 2
  will benefit your work/
  community                           Working with Groups
                                      Diverse Perspectives in
Course Profile                        Counselling
Aim                                   Personal Development
The course aims to provide a          and Awareness
basic grounding in the psychology
of lifespan development and          Classes will be held on Thursday
major psychological theories of      evenings, with occasional weekend
personality and their application    workshops.
to counselling. The practical        85% attendance is required for this
aspects of the course include        course.
basic counselling skills and
group facilitation of personal
development. The course enables
participants to gain a better

	Ms. Tammie Scott
  Course Director

  Catherine Geraghty
  Centre for Adult Learning
  +353 91 4922814
14 Galway Diploma Series 2018

                                I wanted to study in an area outside
                                my comfort zone that may offer new
                                opportunities in the future. I chose
                                to study a Diploma in Marketing with
                                NUI Galway. This has been a great
           WHAT                 decision for me professionally and
             OUR                personally!

        STUDENTS                The online mode of delivery has been
              SAY               a very positive experience for me. It
                                has offered the flexibility to continue
                                working and meet other personal
                                commitments. I can study at times
                                that suit me and at my own pace. I
                                have never felt alone as the lecturer is
                                always readily available to answer any
                                questions and the way the Diploma
                                is delivered keeps you continually
                                engaged. Feedback on assignments
                                is excellent and ensures continual

                                This learning experience has
                                benefited me personally by feeling
                                more confident about what I can
                                achieve and has given me a sense of
                                accomplishment. It has also made me
                                excited by what work opportunities
                                may arise in the future through my
                                Marketing studies.
                                ULTAN MURPHY
                                Diploma in Marketing
Galway Diploma Series 2018 15

Diploma in
Who is this course for?                  marketing theory and apply it          Career or Further Study
The Diploma in Marketing is              to real-world settings. You will       Opportunities
aimed at students who seek a             examine how marketing works in
                                                                                This course is aimed at students
marketing qualification to develop       a managerial context and develop
                                                                                who wish to develop their
their careers. Students will be          negotiation skills; in particular,
                                                                                careers in today’s global business
equipped with key concepts and           how to manage issues to achieve
                                                                                environment. Graduates will be
skills, vital to embark on a career in   agreement and resolve a conflict.
                                                                                equipped with the fundamentals
marketing.                               In year 2 you will develop             to embark on a career path
                                         marketing research skills, such as:    in marketing and marketing
Course Profile                           how to collect accurate data, how      management. Graduates may
                                         to prepare and analyse this data,      also be employable in a range of
Aim                                      and how to compile and present         organisations and sectors.
The modules in this diploma              the research findings. You will also
                                                                                This course provides a progression
provide a solid foundation in            study services marketing.
                                                                                route to the part-time Bachelor
the principles and practice of                                                  of Commerce Online should
marketing.                                                                      graduates wish to progress to
                                         Course Content – Year 1
This diploma is ideal for students                                              degree level. Exemptions will be
who wish to:                              Foundations of Marketing              granted for the academic work
                                          Thought                               completed for the diploma.
• Understand the principles of
  marketing                               Negotiation Skills
• Become knowledgeable of key
                                          Marketing Management
  marketing concepts
• Understand marketing’s role in
                                         Course Content – Year 2
• Develop essential skills in
  marketing, research, services           The Marketing of Service
  and negotiation
• Apply this knowledge to a wide          Qualitative Marketing Research
  range of industry settings              Marketing Analytics & Research
                                          Critical Thinking
The first year of this course
provides the theoretical
foundations of marketing
principles. Through a combination
of game-based learning and
online technology, you will gain
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16 Galway Diploma Series 2018

Diploma in
Who is this course for?               Course Profile
                                                                             Course Content – Year 2
The Diploma in Spanish is
designed for those who have little    Aim                                     Improvers’ Spanish 1 –
or no previous knowledge of the       The Diploma in Spanish will             Written, Spoken and Oral
language and wish to gain Spanish     help students to develop                Comprehension
language skills for personal or       communication skills in Spanish         Improvers’ Spanish 2 –
professional reasons.                 that will facilitate travel or work.    Written, Spoken and Oral
                                      On completion of the course,            Comprehension
Direct Entry to Second Year           students will have the necessary
                                                                              Introduction to Latin America
                                      oral, comprehension and writing
If you already have prior                                                     and Oral Spanish
                                      skills to deal with a range of
knowledge of the language, or a
                                      situations encountered in everyday
Leaving Certificate in the subject,                                          Classes will be held on Monday
                                      life in Spain and Latin America.
you can apply for direct entry to                                            evenings (for direct entry to 2nd
the second year. Your level will be   Content                                year students, classes will be held
assessed by a written examination                                            on Thursday evenings).
that will take place in August.       The course will include elements
                                      of Spanish grammar and
                                      vocabulary and an introduction         Career or Further Study
                                      to social and cultural issues in the   Opportunities
                                      contemporary Spanish-speaking          Spanish is currently the third most
                                      world. By the end of each year,        widely spoken language in the
                                      students will be able to discuss       world after Mandarin and English.
                                      a variety of topics relevant to life   It is increasingly beneficial to those
                                      in Spain or Latin America today.       working in any sector with an
                                      Student participation and active       international dimension.
                                      learning will be key features in
                                      course delivery.

                                      Course Content – Year 1
                                       Introduction to Beginners’
                                       Spanish – Written and Spoken
                                       Beginners’ Spanish – Written,
                                       Spoken and Comprehension
                                       Introduction to Spain and
                                       Oral Spanish

   Dr. Lorna Shaughnessy                      SPANISH IS CURRENTLY THE
   Spanish                                    THIRD MOST WIDELY SPOKEN
   +353 91 492229                             LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD

Galway Diploma Series 2018 17
18 Galway Diploma Series 2018


National University of Ireland, Galway
Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh
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