Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents

Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents
Theatre Network Presents

William Shakespeare’s

As You
Like It
A Radical Retelling by Cliff Cardinal
April 26 – May 15, 2022
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents
Theatre Network
                     Mainstage Season


Production Sponsor
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents
The Wild Party In A Red Canoe Under The Dancing Northern Lights (At Mount Burgess)
                                                                    by Jason Carter

       We believe that live theatre should be unexpected and surprising.
         We want you to be safe and comfortable here but we also want
          to provide you with an unpredictable and exciting experience.
                Any of the productions you may see here could contain:

                                     Coarse language or nudity
                                                     Blame it on the playwright

                                                     The actors are always safe

                                               Loud or abrupt noise
                            Plays can have “jump scares” just like the movies

                                          Flashing or bright lights
                                 The actors can’t see you but they look great

                                                               Fog or haze
                    Produced from mineral oils – safe for actors & audience

                  Difficult or challenging subject matter
                                    Cause we gotta talk about the tough stuff
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents


           AS YOU LIKE IT
         APRIL 26 TO MAY 15, 2022 | THE ROXY THEATRE

                      CREATIVE TEAM

    Crow’s Theatre would like to thank everyone at Theatre Network,
our generous donors who enable us to be a leading force in the Canadian
 theatre landscape, and especially you, for coming to the theatre today.
   Like so many things that matter in the world, theatre cannot happen
      without a group of people embarking on a collective journey
                     as you are doing here with us.

William Shakespeare’s AS YOU LIKE IT, A Radical Retelling by Cliff
Cardinal, received its world premiere in a Crow’s Theatre production at
        Streetcar Crowsnest in Toronto, on September 30, 2021.
Writer and creator Cliff Cardinal, lighting designer Logan Raju Cracknell,
                    stage manager Jennifer Stobart.

William Shakespeare’s AS YOU LIKE IT, A Radical Retelling by Cliff
Cardinal is staged in arrangement with Pam Winter, GGA,
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents
Artistic Director Chris Abraham
Executive Director Sherrie Johnson
Producer Heather Landon
Technical Director Michael Gutowski
Director of Events Caitlin Cox
Director of Development Hilary Johnston
Director of Marketing & Communications Carrie Sager
Manager of Ticketing & Venue Services Conor Copeland
Bookkeeping & Finance Manager Sandra Cesario
Finance Kris Cardoso, Vergil Dairo, Anthony Petsinis
Assistant Technical Director Shireen Norouzi
Development Associate Nazli Nahidi
Marketing & Communications Associate Lauren Trossman
Box Office & Front of House Supervisor Evyn Berridge
Theatre Arts Administrative Coordinator Renee Wong
Guloien House Technician Jay Hines
Bar Manager Ted Hallet
Bartender Tracey Gallant
Box Office Representatives Melissa Avalos, Marina Gomes,
Andrea Meister, Nadine Skinner, Miranda Wiseman

Prakash Amarasooriya         Secretary Margaret Nelligan
Elly Barlin Daniels          Wendy Pitblado
Josef Bornbaum               Treasurer Greg Reed
Layth Gafoor                 Robert Smith
Heather Jessiman             Halina von dem Hagen
Anne Maggisano               Jennifer Wood
Gurbani Marwah               Chair Emeritus Nancy Lockhart
Max Meighen

Crow’s Theatre 345 Carlaw Avenue Toronto, ON M4M 2T1 647.341.7390 @crowstheatre
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents
   ART SERIES April 28 - May 1,
              May 5-8, and 13-14
   Curated by Hunter Cardinal and       Lorne Cardinal Theatre
   featuring work by Chubby Cree,
                                        following performances of
   iHuman, Josh Languedoc,
                                        William Shakespeare’s
   and more.
                                        AS YOU LIKE IT

   Tickets and more info at

We acknowledge that our theatre is located on Treaty 6, which is traditional
territory of the Cree and that our city has also been home to and has been
an important trading place of the Saulteaux, Blackfoot, Nakota Sioux, Dene,
Saulteau, and Métis peoples of western Canada for many thousands of years.
We also recognize and honour that we are Treaty people and therefore seek
to uphold the spirit and intent of this Treaty of Peace and Friendship.
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents

Artistic Director,
Theatre Network

Welcome to the new Roxy.

On January 13, 2015 our hearts
were broken when we awoke to a fire engulfing the Roxy Theatre. That
evening the Theatre Network Board of Directors and staff met gathered
for an emergency meeting. Together we resolved to rebuild a new Roxy

We needed a new design and taking that lead was Group 2 Architecture
Interior Design who helped us envision a modern facility. We needed
funding, first our insurance got us started, then our Theatre Network
Board and our private donors came forward to raise funds. Then we
needed government support and thanks to Canadian Heritage, Province
of Alberta and The City of Edmonton, we have a new Roxy Theatre.

Once we had enough funds then we needed a general contractor to take
the sleek design vision of Group 2 and make it a reality. We are forever
grateful for the beautiful new Roxy that Chandos Construction delivered,
and did so through an extraordinary time.

That was seven years ago and today we see all of the miracles that had
to unfold for us to rebuild the Roxy. The first miracle was our board of
directors acting as our guardian angels banding together to seed our
confidence; working hard to raise the community dollars and through
personal donations and reaching out to their networks of friends to get
them on board.

To the Board of Directors: I salute your bravery and thank you for making
this miracle happen!

To the staff of Theatre Network: Harley Morison, Jill Roszell, Hanna
Io, Shelley Martin and Scott Peters, thank you for the hard work and
determination, and helping me move forward with all of the personal
miracles you created.
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents
To our old friends: Imperial
Equities, Syncrude Canada,
and The Wendy Morris
Foundation, thank you for
staying with us through our
rebuild and continuing to help us develop new programs.

Thank you to tonight’s sponsor Group 2 Architecture Interior Design for
a beautiful new theatre complex that is built to create and share theatre,
music, dance, film and whatever artists dare.

To our new friends at Chandos who delivered us a well-built Roxy, thank
you for the miraculous facility and for joining as a future sponsor of

To our friends we lost along the way: Board members Gail Hall and Loie
Unwin, thank you both for your courage after the fire and helping us to
take those steps to rebuild, you are missed, we wish you were with us to

To Lorne Cardinal, thank you for helping us create a new black box
theatre where we will create a safe place to work in truth will be will be
celebrated. Where all artists are welcome here to share their truth –
Tatawaw. Thank you, Lorne, for sharing with me the love of great friend.

And - of course - to our grand dame Nancy Power. I am forever grateful
that I was able to spend time with you at your home to share the designs
of the new Roxy and the Nancy Power Theatre. Thank you for over 30
years of support of Theatre Network and starting a legacy we continue to
work in your memory to share the love, kindness and generosity that you
gave to us all.

I thank all you for accomplishing the impossible and helping the Roxy
rebuild to come true. It takes a community to raise an arts facility.

Miracles happen, because people make them happen.
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents
Like It William ShakeSpeare'S As You - Theatre Network Presents
The original Roxy Theatre opened in 1938 and quickly
became an entertainment fixture in the Westmount
neighbourhood. Designed by prominent architect William
G. Blakely – whose Edmonton design credits include another
iconic cinema, The Garneau Theatre – The Roxy brought art
deco to the heart of Edmonton and became a meeting place,
landmark, and cultural touchpoint in the city for generations
to come.

From 1938 to 1989 The Roxy operated as a movie house,
under two different owners – Bill Wilson (son of Capital
Theatre owner Walter Wilson), and Odeon (Suburban)
Theatres. In ’89 it was donated by Nancy Power, Edmonton
businesswoman and Theatre Network board member, and
Theatre Network converted it into a live theatre venue.

With its characteristic sloping wooden floors, beautiful
acoustics and small lobby, The Roxy was home to audiences
and artists alike. As the only live theatre venue in the
124th Street area, The Roxy under Theatre Network’s care
became known for its unique character its ability to surprise
audiences. As the home of Nextfest, Theatre Network’s
emerging artist festival, The Roxy gave birth to the careers of
500+ young artists every year, and was a building of “firsts”
for many who entered it.

On January 13, 2015 – midway through Theatre Network’s
40th anniversary season – The Roxy Theatre burned down in a
fearsome blaze, and despite their best efforts the firefighters
were unable to contain the blaze. She was not without
panache on her final night.

Seven years later, Theatre Network is proud to unveil
The New Roxy Theatre, purpose-built for live theatre and
multidisciplinary arts. April 14-16, 2022 marks the opening of
this new place of “firsts” for our neighbourhood and our city.
Thank you for being a part of The Roxy’s journey home.

Theatre Network is honoured to announce that The Roxy
Theatre is open once again!

Written by Ted Power

Nancy Power, born in 1925 in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, lived by
the motto handed down from her mother of, “Your mission in life is to
leave this earth a better place than you found it.”

Much has been said or written about her activities and involvement in
everything from saving the majestic maple trees on 111 Avenue, serving
on the Highlands Community League, founding the Highlands Historical
Society of Edmonton, being the Chair of the United Way of Edmonton
and so many, many activities and projects in between.

I am proud to be the son of Nancy Power, a lady who was respected and
known to be a fierce advocate for anyone who needed help, and who
willfully confused friends for family. Mom was a tireless advocate within
politics and the arts. She volunteered and laboured tirelessly for decades
with the Liberal Party both locally and nationally. One amusing story

  The Nancy Power Theatre is the Roxy’s main stage theatre. With a design that
  showcases the history of the old Roxy Theatre the main stage was updated and
  improved to provide the same intimacy as the former Roxy, with a 200 person
  capacity and top of the line theatrical tools for artists and audiences.
of her political life was when she was the
campaign manager for a Liberal candidate
in the 1950s and the candidate called
her husband and said, “Tell Nancy to quit
working so hard. I don’t want to win, I just
want to be chosen to be a judge.”

Mom’s greatest passions though, were for
the arts and particularly theatre.

She was a founder, President and Board
Chair of Theatre Network and served on
Canada’s National Theatre School’s Board of Governors. Her efforts were
publicly recognized in 2009, when she was presented with the Sterling
Award for “Outstanding Contribution to Theatre in Edmonton”.

Mom was a firm believer in Women’s Lib, long before it became known
by that moniker. She liberated herself from housework when she started
an insurance agency with my father and later a commercial property
investment and management company with Joe Bleviss. There was no
glass ceiling for Mom because she participated as a full equal with her
male counterparts.

One day, Mom’s business partner Joe told her that he had lost a bet at
poker the night before and what they had to do to settle the bet: buy
the Varscona, Avenue and Roxy theatres at a predetermined price. A bet
is a bet and you have to do what you say you will do, so Mom and her
partners bought the buildings.

Several years later, Mom became a member of the Board of Theatre
Network. The theatre was, at that time, operating out of a very old and
run down building just North of the 118th Avenue near Northlands,
so Mom said to her partners, “Why don’t we rent the Roxy to Theatre
Network and get them out of that place and give them a better venue to
operate?” The partners said yes and Theatre Network moved to Roxy on
124th Street.

Everything went along swimmingly until Theatre Network came upon
some hard times in terms of revenue and had difficulty paying the rent.
Mom put on her philanthropist hat again and said to her partners, “We
were not making much money when the Theatre Network was paying
the rent and now they can’t afford to pay any rent, why don’t we just give
them the building?” The partners, knowing Mom’s love of the theatre
company, said yes and the title to the Roxy was transferred to Theatre

Everything looked wonderful for Theatre Network for several years but
then tragedy struck, and the Roxy burned to the ground on January 13,
2015. The bad thing was the fire, the good thing was the building was
well insured. To make a very long story short, the destruction of the Roxy
ignited the passions of the Board, management and patrons of Theatre

Committees were set-up to work with the insurance company and all
three levels of government and to raise private funds to rebuild the Roxy.
The fundraising Chair, Sine Chadi (who always called Nancy “Mom”) and
his wife Seham, were the first to provide private money with a very large
cheque. Bradley Moss, the Artistic Director, who Mom treated like a son
(I always said, “Mom likes you best”) had to learn entirely new skills
to work with the architects, engineers and contractors to demolish
what was left of the burned-out building and rebuild a majestic new
Roxy. Everyone on the Board, did whatever was necessary to arm twist
politicians and government departments to get the funds necessary to
create what is here today.

Mom would be so proud of all of you and all you have done in the name
of Theatre Network.

Nancy Power was known, throughout her life, for her generosity, loyalty,
warm humour, sharp wit, strength, elegance and deep love and she truly
did what her mother instructed her to do. Mom left this earth a better
place than she found it.

I love you Mom.
Ted Power


Having this Black Box Theatre named after me is a humbling and
overwhelming experience.

I know I did not arrive here by myself. I stand on the shoulders of my
ancestors who sacrificed and worked against incredible odds and forces
to make this a possibility.

I acknowledge and give thanks to my mentors, teachers and compadres
who’ve inspired, pushed, challenged, cajoled and were patient with
me. You revealed the universe of theatre — all its magic, power and

My vision and hope of what The Lorne Cardinal Theatre can be?

A safe, welcoming place of TRUTH.

A place where people come to see, hear and feel truth. Not a one sided
arrangement where only the creators are working in truth but where
we ask the audience members to also play their parts. To bear witness
to works with an open heart, clear mind and to respect that this truth
may not be their experience but it is the
experience of others, the truth of others and
being open and receptive to differing views
can become a spiritual experience for all.

At one point I thought the sign over the
theatre entrance should read “Beware Ye
who fears TRUTH”

Now I think it’s more important people
know that this space welcomes all in safety,
love and respect. TATAWAW! You are
welcome here. There is room.


I give thanks to my brother, Lewis Cardinal, who’s always had my back,
given me strength, counsel and sometimes a good push to get me going.
He also saved my life many times and protected me in our, at times,
turbulent & violent upbringing. I can never be adequately thankful or love
him enough!

I am also eternally blessed to be married to the love of my life, Monique
Hurteau, who continually helps me be better, makes my life brighter and
inspires me with her intense curiosity and high stakes creative risk-taking.

I can’t express enough gratitude to The Board and Artistic Director,
Bradley Moss, for this mind-boggling, jaw-dropping, gobsmacking
honour. ps Brad…it’s way better than the Incan gold that we mined


The Roxy has always been a safe place to hone my skills and work with
talented and creative actors, designers, directors, playwrights and stage
managers with their (thankfully) unending patience.

Even after I became recognized on TV, some even say a ruggedly
handsome icon, coming to The Roxy was always like coming home to a
place I was free to explore other important facets of my creativity. For this
I’ll be forever grateful. Miwasin!

Theatre Network is excited to announce the opening of the Miller Art
Gallery! This new venture for Theatre Network is generously supported
by Briana & Jonathan Miller, the namesakes of the gallery. This new space
allows us to support even more artists and expand our programming
into the visual arts space. Curated by Jared Tabler, the Peck Visual
Arts program is delighted to present its first exhibition, sponsored by
Syncrude Canada, artist Jason Carter. In keeping with our values, Jared’s
curatorial vision for our program is to celebrate contemporary Canadian
art and artists. Additionally, thanks to the generous support of Syndrude
Canada, we are able to share that Jason Carter’s work will be the first in
our Murray Permanent Art Collection for Theatre Network.

A Theatre Network commission with the support of

JASON CARTER is an Indigenous sculptor,
painter, illustrator and public artist from
Little Red River Cree Nation. He grew up in
Edmonton and is a graduate of both NAIT
and MacEwan University (where he was
recently awarded a Distinguished Alumni
in 2017) and was the only Alberta artist to
have his own solo show featuring Alberta at
the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. He has major
permanent installations in both the Calgary
& Edmonton International Airports; both
sculpture and canvas in many public places
(NAC, AFA, YWCA Calgary, Travel Alberta,
Wood Buffalo Region, Stantec, Banff
Caribou Properties, Canada Goose) and private collections globally.
Most recently, Jason hand painted 150 hockey sticks for the World
Juniors 2022 (which will be taking place in August this year in Edmonton).
The Seven Bears Dance By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

The Seven Bears Dance By The Light Of The Silvery Moon under the
guidance of Father Stone represented by Roche Miette in Jasper Alberta.
Roche Miette, with its distinctive formation that draws to mind the face
of an indigenous elder, alludes to the fortitude of our land and our
space. The dancing bears represent power, strength, independence and
freedom of thought and expression; and because they have this freedom
to express, they radiate JOY.

“Being an artist who divides his time equally between painting, carving
and designing, I have been gifted the opportunity to express myself
through several mediums, which I approach with humour, optimism and
a new found responsibility. In the world we live in, there is much to be
cynical about, but I have found an outlet from which I gather much joy and
light, and am so fortunate to be able to pass that joy on. As an Indigenous
man from the Little Red River Cree Nation, I gather much inspiration from
the stories passed on by elders within my community, stories that have
evolved and changed, some documented, some not, but the essence
of these stories are passed on through the years. As a contemporary
Indigenous artist, respectful of my indigenous roots, I am in pursuit of
becoming my true authentic self (in this ever evolving culture). I am aware
that much of my craft comes from an innate ability that I have been born
with, and believe this to be a blessing and a responsibility, both of which
I take very seriously. I seek inspiration from the past as I create a bold and
colourful future.”

We are so pleased to be able to celebrate the re-emergence of Theatre
Network. We have never, ever had even a moment of doubt that Theatre
Network would be back literally from the ashes to once again shine as
such a vital part of Edmonton’s theatre community. This show literally had
to go on!

Congratulations and thanks to the entire Theatre Network staff, board,
donors and community who have worked so tirelessly to get us to this
day. We are both so proud to have played a small part in this effort along
with such an amazing team. And to Nancy Power whose love for this
place captured so many of us, we know she would be so proud today and
we toast her memory as Theatre Network’s most beloved patron.

Sine Chadi,
President, CEO

It’s hard to believe that a fire destroyed the
Roxy Theatre nearly seven years ago. Being a
part of the rebuild was our opportunity to be a    David Barnes
part of the show. What you see here today was      General Foreman
a culmination of efforts – hundreds of ideas,
thousands of labour hours, and an all hands
on deck work ethic to get this facility up and
running. For Dave Barnes, Chandos General
Foreman on the project, it was an “eat, sleep,
and breath” commitment, and he wouldn’t
have had it any other way.

This project is exemplary and shows what can
be accomplished through mutual respect
among all stakeholders. The team showed
dedication to the work, and understood the
care required in bringing the Roxy back to life.
                                                   Todd Baker
Complicated site conditions and tight working
                                                   Project Director
quarters were countered by intense planning
and collaboration at all levels throughout
the project. Rebuilding this iconic landmark
has become a career highlight for everyone

The challenges and complexities of this
project tied us closely to the Roxy – we were
all committed to making it a success. We at
Chandos are thrilled to see the Roxy Theatre
serving the Edmonton Art’s Community
once more and are incredibly proud to have
contributed to it’s rise from the ashes. As they
say - the show must go on!                         D’Arcy Newberry
                                                   VP & District Manager
President & Chair
of the Board:
Jared Tabler
Vice President:
Paul Manuel
Treasurer: Lenka Stuchlik
Secretary: Greg Zinter
Board of Directors:
Lewis Cardinal
Seham Chadi
Dianne Johnstone
Erin Newell-Lupien
                            Theatre Network Board of Directors
Ross Reekie
                            (missing: Erin Newell-Lupien and Lewis Cardinal)
Marianne Stewart

Artistic & Executive Director Bradley Moss
Business Development Director Jill Roszell
Production Manager Scott Peters
Managing Director Harley Morison
Head of Sound & Lighting Hanna Io
House Technician Cameron Tkachuk
Communications Crystal Eyo
@Roxy124Street Social Ellie Heath
Bookkeeper Shelley Martin
Front of House Leads Even Gilchrist & Candice Stollery
Front of House Asia Weinkauf-Bowman, Neon, Kevin Jesuino
Nextfest Festival Director Ellen Chorley
Nextfest Festival Producer Simone A. Medina Polo

WELCOME BACK                  Theatre Network sends thanks all of our volunteers, both
                              long time and brand new. We have missed you all over
VOLUNTEERS                    the past two years and can’t wait for you to be a part of
                              The New Roxy. We can’t do it without you!
Some of our supporters have truly gone above and beyond in their contributions
to The Roxy rebuild. We are proud to showcase their names throughout the
building and attached to programs as described here.

Sine & Seham Chadi Lobby                        City Lumber Shop
Sine and Seham Chadi                            Robert Rosen
The Newell Post                                 Jan Selman Wardrobe
The Newell Family Foundation                    Jan Selman
Theatre Network Board & Staff                   Bruce & Carol Bentley Acoustic Wall
Rooftop Garden                                  Bruce & Carol Bentley
Theatre Network Board & Staff
                                                Spragins Bike Rack
Jacquelyn Skeffington Concierge                 Howard & Nanette Spragins
Jacquelyn Skeffington
                                                Miller Art Gallery
Dr. Dasha Goody Mezzanine                       Briana & Jonathon Miller
Dr. Dasha Goody Foundation
                                                Peck Visual Arts Program
Milltech Millwork Box Office                    Jody & Ken Peck
Milltech Millwork
                                                Kyle & Colleen Murray Permanent Art
Diane Buchanan Theatre Network                  Collection
History Wall                                    Kyle & Colleen Murray
Gordon & Diane Buchanan Family
                                                Chandos Tower
                                                Chandos Construction
Elizabeth McAfee & Douglas Oakley
Control Booth
Douglas Oakley & Elizabeth McAfee               HONORARY RECOGNITION
Paul Manuel Pergola                             Nancy Power Theatre
John Plas & Angela Wodzich
                                                Lorne Cardinal Theatre
L. Lieberman Family Green Room &
Gail Hall Kitchen
Debra Lieberman, Esther & Louis
Lieberman, in memory of Cheryl
$10,000 and up              $1,000 and up               Dr. Thomas & Janet
Bruce & Carol Bentley       The Honourable Darlene      Greidanus
Sine & Seham Chadi          Acton                       Fabio Guarducci
City Lumber                 Betty Jean Boyd             Sari Haas
Dr. Dasha Goody             Drew & Tara Adam            Brian R. Haliburton
Memorial Foundation         Laurie Anfindsen            Kathleen & Michael D.
Gordon & Diane Buchanan     Angelina Bakshi & Dr.       Harvey
Family Foundation           Tejas Sankar                Stephen Heatley & James
Neil Gower                  Brenda Barton               Tyler Irvine
Karen L. Johnson            Maggie Barton Baird         Dr. Hsing Jou
Debra Lieberman             Jayne Bawden                James Iwasuk
Esther & Louis Lieberman    Brett G. Blackwell          Al & Ruth Jamison
In Memory of Cheryl         William Bocock              Edward S. Johnson
Lieberman                   Jennifer Bocock             Dianne Johnstone & Peter
Paul Manuel & Doug          Randy Boissonnault          Wright
Ramsey                      Lauren Brown                Dianne & James Johnston
McCoy Family Foundation     Michael Buhr                JoAnn Jones
Briana & Jonathon Miller    Linda Callaghan             Kim Kelly & Rufus
Milltech Millwork           Susan Campbell              Scrimger
John & Maggie Mitchell      Lewis Cardinal              Mark James Kruger
Colleen & Kyle Murray       Lorne Cardinal              Amanda Lindberg
Newell Family Foundation    Kim Chaisson                Wendy Magee
Elizabeth McAfee &          Cheryl Cox                  Brian Maier
Douglas Oakley              Sarah C. Crummy             Lynn & Stephen Mandel
Fran & Al Olson             John Day & Margaret         Elizabeth Manuel
Jody & Ken Peck             Bateman                     Ken & Connie Marshall
John Plas & Angela          Piet Defraeye in memory     Sandy A. McCubbin
Wodzich in Honour of Paul   of Stephen Fouquet          Deborah McElrath
Manuel                      Carlene Dennis & Ronnie     Leanne McGeachy & Eric
Ted Power                   Wilson                      van Walsum
Nancy Power                 Doug Densmore               Monique & Patrick
Gayatri, Tony, Jesse &      Del Dilkie                  McKenna
Alexandra Malmed            Christine & Peter Dirksen   Averie & Carman McNary
Roed Family Foundation      The Dolgoy Family           McQueen Creative
Jan Selman                  Alan du Heaume              Glasses Half Full
Jacquelyn Skeffington       Earthscape Consultants      Arliss Miller
Howard & Nanette            Karen Farkas & Clyde        Harley Morison & Ash
Spragins                    Hurtig                      Howard
Marianne & Kent Stewart     Liane Faulder & Terry       Bradley Moss
Lenka Stuchlik              Daniel                      Paul Nahirney
Jared Tabler                Martin & Peggi Ferguson-    Anne F. Nothof
Kathy & Lorris Williams     Pell                        Esther Ondrack
Western Management          Laura Fitzgerald            Natalie Ozipko
Consultants                 Jacqueline Foord            Bill Patrick
                            James Friedman              David Prestley
                            Betty & Mike Gibbins
Christine A. Prokop           Up to $1,000                 Kay Christopher
In Memory of Anne A.          The Honourable Darlene       Cathy Clement & Martin
Prokop                        Amy Abbott                   Grasdal
Karl Smith & Donna Read       Leslie Abbott                Joe and Marta Collier
Tom Redl                      Dr. Leyland Adams            Tom CollieR
Ross Reekie                   Theresa Agnew & Dave         Bill & Eva Colmers
Brian Dooley & Penny          Buchanan                     Marianne Copithorne
Ritco                         Lesley Akst                  Lydia Cotsapas
Shelly Robichaud              Dawn & Jim Allan             Danielle Cottreau
Jill Roszell                  Laurel Archibald on Behalf   Angela Ferreira
Maryann & Mitch               of Anne Archibald            Barb & Gurston Dacks
Sabourin                      Chelsea Armstrong            Margaret Davidson
Barry Schloss & Maureen       Don Armstrong                Diane Davies & Doug
Hemingway-Schloss             Anthony Ashley               Vokins
Aroon Sequeira & Ellen        Sharon Au                    Norma Davison
Sitler                        Roman Augustyn               Rhonda E. Day
Farrel Shadlyn Q.C. & Lisa    Patricia Babiuk              Brian Deedrick
Miller                        Anne & Peter Bailey          Amy DeFelice
Devika & Doug Short           Margaret Ballantyne          James & Gail DeFelice
Andrew Sims                   Barbara Beirnes              Jack de Graaf
Steven & Charlene Sinclair    Marcia Bercov                Kelly & Fred Deis
Lisa & Corey Smith            Nancy Bergeron               Jim Delaney in Memory of
Fern Snart & Gerry Kendal     Andrew Keddie & Susan        Frances Delaney
Elaine Solez                  Berry                        Donna Dempster
Mike & Yvonne Stern           Alan Besecker                Collin Doyle & Lora
Roy Jefferson & Barrie        Vivian Binnema               Brovold
Stinson                       Wendy Birch                  Bev & Jack Edwards
Craig & Mark Stumpf-          Fran Blake                   Connie Edwards
Allen                         Marie Bootsman               Virginia El-Zorkany
Sucker Creek First Nation     Honoring Ross Bradley        Deborah Ethier
Anne & Jay Summach            Nicole Bouclin-Graves        Marjan Evans
Senia Tarrabain               Loveth Bradley               Lorraine Fagan
Roger Thomson                 E. Ross Bradley              Lynne Falconer
Michele Toma                  in Honour of E. Ross         Stephen Faust
Kaelan William Traub          Bradley                      The Felzien Family
Memorial Fund                 Peter J. Breen               Gail Fournier
Leander & Sandra Turner       Don Brown                    Frame 30 ProductionS
Joyce Tustian                 Nancy Byway                  James Freeman
Woodshed Burgers              Grant Cameron                Jean Frost
Peter Wright                  Katerina Carastathis         Kellen Frost
John, Bob, Yvonne & Jillian   Kathy Carter                 Sylvia Galbraith
Yamamoto                      Dee Cartledge                Jill Gamez
Greg Zinter                   Taylor Chadwick              Monica Danielle Gate
Emery Jamieson LLP            Justine Chambers & Randy     Cliff & Diane Gervais
                              Bazar                        S. Godwin
                              David Cheoros                Bluma Goldberg
                              Brent Christopherson         Andrzej Goralczyk
Bernice Gordeyko         Othelia Jenkins            Jordan Mair
Marilyne Goudreau        Bruce Johnson              Janice Manuel
Gwen Gray                Elwood Johnson             Richard Maranchuk
Sheila Greckol           Ken & Kathleen Johnson     Shelley Martin
Liz Greenaway            Mary Johnson               Conni Massing
Anne Greenling           Barbara & Richard          Susan May
Jean & Frank Greenough   Johnstone                  Cathy Mayhew
Suzi Grimes              Adrian Jones & Iris        Colleen Maykut
Betty Grudnizki          Barrington Leigh           Ann McCluskey
Elizabeth Hall-Petry     Karen Redford              Vivien McCoy
Bob Zukerman             Laura Kennett              Bernie McCracken
Wendy & Charles Harley   Cheryl Kirk                Bonnie McDonald
Colleen Harris           Rita Klasson               Leslie & Steven McDougall
Merle Harris             Wendy Koenig               Colleen McGinnis
Jerry & Linda Hartley    Candace Korchinsky         Franco Malone
Gloria Hawkey            Myrna Kostash              Lorne Merrick
Jennifer Hawkins         Janet Kostek               Doug Mertz & Stefano
Joan Heys Hawkins        Brian Kropf                Muneroni
Chris Henderson          Angie E. Laberge           Josh Miller
Peri Henderson           Dale Ladouceur             Cecily Mills
Gerhard Henkemans        Neil Lang                  Roger Helfrick & Guy
David Hennig & Denise    Jane Lanskail-Stefure      Milner
Sawchyn                  Cindy B. Lee               Fawnda Mithrush
Graham & Maria Hicks     Kara Little                Gina Moe & Ian Jackson
Trevor Hildebrand        Debbie Litven              Nicole Moeller
Aimée Hill               Heidi Looby                Leslie Morgenstern
Norman Homeniuk          Soonie Lysons              Colleen Murphy
Tammy Horne              Katie Mabbutt              Marthe Murphy in Honour
Sandra Houston           Janice MacDonald           of VJ Harney
Linda Howell             Mary MacDonald             Philip Nash
Margaret Hrychuk         Stew & Sheila MacDonald    Myrna Neilson
Kathryn Anne Ivany       Kristen Mackenzie          Julia & Tony Nelson
Jan Jackson              Catherine MacLean & Earl   Blaine Newton
In Memory of Jeannie     Reaburn                    Carolyn Nielsen
Jamieson                 J.Mah                      No Problem Productions
Allyson Jeffs            Isobel Mailloux            David Norwood
Sharon & Dennis Nowicki    Sari Salmon Schiff          Kev Trueblood
Chuck & Tracey O’Connor    Charles Schroder            Chris Underwood
Eleanor Olszewski          David Segatto               Judy Unwin
Fay Orr                    Lisa Beebe                  Stacy Usyk
Catrin Owen & John         Myrna Kostash               Daniel & Rhonda van
Sumner                     Jim & Laurette Setterlund   Heyst
Anne Packer                J. Shelley                  Chris Vazquez
Eva & Harold Parlee        Lexa Shropshire             Kat Veeman
In Memory of Al Parsons    Julie Sinclair              Terry Venuti
Judy & Tom Peacocke        Ashwani Singh               Wayne Wai
Jeffrey Pearson            John & Sharron Sissons      Lucille Walter
City Image Signs           Deborah & Lisa Smart        Keith Warner
Michael Phair              Nathan Smith                Molly Warring
Netta Phillet              Judy Soper                  Eva Weisz
Doreen Watt Piehl          Lois Sorgen                 Alison Wells
Joan Pitfield              Terry Soroka                Sharon Wilcer
Gary & Linda Poignant      Garett Spelliscy            David Wolkowski
Emily Pole                 Nykie Starr                 Rita Wood
Bob Pooley                 Donna Stewart               Lorraine Woollard &
Kate Pronovost             Carla Stolte                Mitch Davidson
Carol & Andrew Raczynski   Donna Stonehocker           Rick Woolsey
Elva Rice                  Linda St. Onge              Darlene Wright
Bethany Hughes             Colleen & Mark Stratton     Katy Yachimec-Farries
Valda Roberts              Emmy Stuebing               Gail M. M. Yakemchuk
Heidi Robinson             Dave Sutherland             Pieter Zeeuwen
Lee Anna Rocchio           Gerald Sutton               Trevor Zimmerman
Susan Rockwood             Ruby & Leonard Swanson      Diane Zinyk
Gina Roline                Jan Taylor
C.J. Romaniuk              Norene & Bob Tchir          as of March 24, 2022
Arine Roszell              Patricia Tempest
Cathy Roy                  Christa Teskey
Denise Roy                 Bella Moss
Janice Ryan                Bonnie Titford
Maralyn Ryan               Bridget Toms
Mary Linn & Bill Sage      Muriel & Edgar Toop
Deb Schellenberger         John Towill
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