Mainland Men's Premier Football League 2014 - COACHES HANDBOOK

Mainland Men's Premier Football League 2014 - COACHES HANDBOOK
Mainland Men’s Premier Football
         League 2014

Mainland Men's Premier Football League 2014 - COACHES HANDBOOK

    •     Team details

    •     Mainland Men’s Premier Football League Draw

    •     Rules and regulations

The Mainland Men’s Premier Football League is administered by Mainland Football. All enquiries
should be forwarded to the office.


Address                  English Park
                         127 Cranford St
                         Edgeware, Christchurch
                         PO Box 21122, Christchurch

Telephone                (03) 375 4072

Facsimile                (03) 355 4976

Game                     Colin Grant
Development              (03) 375 4072
Manager                  021 998 194
Mainland Men's Premier Football League 2014 - COACHES HANDBOOK

CASHMERE TECHNICAL                     Contact #s
Coach             John Brown           027 2439027
Manager           Paul Nicholls        027 3090111
Colours           First Strip          Yellow/Blue/Blue
                  Alternate Strip      White/Blue/White
Programme         Geoff Price          021 331 989
Transfers         Terry Mann           021 12987042
Administration    Eileen Langridge     354 4003

COASTAL SPIRIT                        Contact #s
Coach            Xavier Morin         0211735878
Manager          Chris Jones          0276565544
Colours          First Strip          Black/Black/Black
                 Alternate Strip      White/White/Light
Programme        Gareth Turnbull      0277499283
Transfers        Gareth Turnbull      0277499283

FERRYMEAD BAYS                       Contact #s
Coach        Danny Halligan          021 713360
Manager      Andrew Rogers           027 2485577
Colours      First Strip             Navy Blue/Navy
             Alternate Strip         White/White/White
Programme    Erna Rogers             027 7465130
Transfers    Erna Rogers             027 7465130
Mainland Men's Premier Football League 2014 - COACHES HANDBOOK
HALSWELL UNITED                         Contact #s
Coach       Thomas Fry                  0276843051
Manager     Jason Scott                 0211294327
Colours     First Strip                 White/Green/Green
            Alternate Strip             Green/Green/White
Programme   Jason Scott                 021 1294327

NELSON SUBURBS                          Contact #s
Coach       Ben Wright                  022 0253314
Ass Coach   Paul Brydon                 021 0624751
Manager     Cary Hamson                 0275525671
Colours     First Strip                 Top and shorts Sky blue with White and yellow
                                        trim/Sky Blue
            Alternate Strip             Red with Yellow and White trim /Red with White
Programme   Gary Hinks                  027 4466581
Transfers   Gary Hinks                  027 4466581

NOMADS UNITED                            Contact #s
Coach        Dean Hutchison              021 907275

Manager      Andrew Bull                 027 2243381

Colours      First Strip                 Blue/Blue/Red
             Alternate Strip             Red/Red/Red

Programme    Kate Kingsland              027 229 1712
Transfers    Rose Imms/ Colin Lambert    021 251 2462 (Colin

WESTERN                                  Contact #s
Coach        Julian Morris               0210431923

Manager      Graham Allan (Alby)         0210431923

Colours      First Strip                 Red/Black/Black
             Alternate Strip             Gold with Blue
Programme    Ray Parks                   027-283-3669
Transfers    Ray Parks                   027-283-3669
Mainland Men's Premier Football League 2014 - COACHES HANDBOOK
UNIVERSITIES                                Contact #s
Coach       Joseph Hall (Primary contact)   0273566562
            Robbie Barraclough
Manager     Kayle Alley                     0273889119
Colours     First Strip                     Gold/maroon/Blk/Blk
            Alternate Strip                 Black/maroon/Blk/Blk

Programme   Ben Van Opzeeland/Simon         0272365302/0220996799
Transfers   Matthew Linton                  0272255305
Mainland Men's Premier Football League 2014 - COACHES HANDBOOK


1.0     Competition Points
2.0     Promotion/Regulation
3.0     Playoff Competition
4.0     Registrations/Player Eligibility
5.0     Unregistered or Ineligible players
6.0     Fixtures
7.0     Postponed or Abandoned Matches
8.0     Discipline within Mainland Football Leagues
9.0     Traveling expenses
10.0    Playing equipment/strip
11.0    Changes of information
12.0    Trophies
13.0    Responsibilities
14.0    Behaviour Standards
15.0    Sponsorships
16.0    Fines
17.0    Misconduct of players
18.0    Appeals
19.0    Age Dispensation
Schedule A
Schedule B


MF – Mainland Football
GDM –Game Development Manager
PFL – Premier Football League

1.1 In all games, three (3) points shall be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a draw and zero (0)
points for a loss.

1.2 Team’s accumulated points shall govern all promotion and/or relegation for each season, or in
the case of a tie, goal difference and if still level, the higher number of goals scored, shall be the
deciding factors. Teams scores head to head during the MPFL season shall count, If still level the
team with the least Red cards accumulated in the current season will be the deciding factor, If
League winners are still level the League will be shared. If last placed teams are still level after the
above criteria, one (1) game between the teams shall be played to decide who is relegated.


The following will determine promotion/relegation

2.1   At the conclusion of the season MPFL Team 8 will be relegated to their highest next league.

2.3   Canterbury teams involved in the PFL must field a team in the Reserve League.


3.1   Players shall be registered in accordance with Mainland Football Regulation 1 section 4

All players registered as MPFL players must remain within the MPFL and Reserve pool, there is no
restriction on player’s movements between MPFL and Reserve.


5.1 In the event of any team playing unregistered or ineligible players, the following procedures
from Mainland Football regulation 1 section 3.6 shall be adopted:

5.2 Fines as provided in Schedule “B” of these rules shall be imposed.

b) If both Clubs are found to have played such players the match shall be cancelled.
Fines shall be imposed as per schedule “B” and both teams penalised as per 5.1.

5.2 Any Club may have up to four guest players on the card from overseas countries who have not
permanent residency in New Zealand, in any one match, provided that the rules of New Zealand
Football Regulation 5.8 have been compiled with. Such players must be registered in accordance
with MF Rules.


6.1     All games will be played on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, unless the home team, with the sanction
of MF, wishes to vary this.

Notification of all such variation requests or determinations must be advised to the Game
Development Manager (GDM) prior to the proposed changes being scheduled, no less than
fourteen (14) days before the match is played.

6.2 Any team failing to take the field within 15 minutes of the Scheduled fixture kick off time
shall be considered to have defaulted the match, unless the GDM is informed immediately of
any delay. The GDM shall be advised immediately of any such occurrence.
6.3 Substitutes shall be 3 from 5 named on the team sheet non rolling.


7.1 Any match abandoned shall be reported immediately to the GDM. After considering the
facts the GDM may decide that:

a) The scores at the time of the abandonment shall stand, or

b) The match shall be re-scheduled on another date, or

c) The matter may be referred to the board.

7.2 If the appointed Referee is not in attendance at the scheduled kick off time it is the
responsibility of the appointed 1st assistant to take control of the game and appoint assistants.
If no agreement can be reached the GDM has to be informed immediately.


8.1 Any Club who is found to be in default of a match in the Federation League or in their
obligations to Mainland Football will incur immediate suspension and/or a fine as per Schedule "B"
attached hereto. Defaults are scheduled matches which have not taken place due to a team’s inability
to field a team, but not postponed, abandoned, deferred or delayed. The match shall be awarded to
the non-offending team, a 3 (three) – 0 (nil) win will be recorded to the opposition and 3 (three)
points deducted from the offending team.

8.2   entering of results: as per Mainland Football procedure

8.3   Team Cards

a) All team cards are to contain the full name, not initials, of each player, including substitutes, with
the number on the card corresponding to the individual player’s uniform. Team Cards must also
include goal scorer’s numbers. If not correctly filled in the Club may be liable to a fine as per
Schedule "B" attached hereto.

b) Each team card should be signed after the game to confirm that the result and any misconduct,
reported on the card, are correct.

c) Team cards for all games shall be sent by all participating Clubs, these to be in the hands of the
GDM within three (3) working days following the match. Clubs failing to comply shall be liable to a
fine, as pre Schedule "B" attached hereto.

d) In 2013 to assist Mainland Football with their end of season individual player awards, each coach
shall nominate one (1) opposition player as their Player of The Day, this has to be marked on the
team sheet POD beside players name.

e) In 2013 season Mainland Football will endeavour to update players statistics online, therefore
important that goal scorers and substitutions are marked on the team sheet.

Team Fines
As per schedule “B” will be billed to the offending Club for payment within 30 days

All Clubs travelling expenses shall be the responsibility of the individual competing Club.


10.1 Mainland Football will provide prior to the season 2 (two) FIFA approved size 5 Lotto Helex Pro
match balls. Each home team must provide a minimum of three size 5 Lotto Helex Pro match balls in
good playing order to be used in each MPFL game. Any replacement ball costs will be borne by the
club. Fines for failure to provide the correct type and minimum number of match balls as per schedule

10.2 In the referees opinion where team colours clash the visiting team shall be obliged to change.
All teams are responsible for ascertaining the time and venue of the match and opposition team
home colours.

10.3 Should MF obtain a Principal Sponsor. Any requirement by said sponsor will take precedence,
any and all sponsorships placed on team strips will comply with sizes and situation as per NZS
regulation. Failure to do so will attract a fine for each offence as per Schedule "B" attached hereto.

10.4 All team strips must be numbered on the back of the shirts, the number being the appropriate
size and shall match that of the player on the team card.

10.5 Regulation nets, corner flags and also crowd barriers shall be supplied by the home team at all
fixtures, as per Schedule "A" attached hereto.


All Clubs are required to notify the GDM of all changes of Club Personnel, Telephone numbers, Club
Colours etc. within seven (7) days of any such changes.


12.1 All trophies shall remain the property of Mainland Football.

12.2 It is the responsibility of the Trophy winner to ensure that all Trophies are engraved correctly.
Cost of the engraving shall be borne by Mainland Football however clubs must first seek approval
from MF.

12.3 It is the responsibility of the trophy winner to ensure that the trophy is kept in safe custody
and is returned to Mainland Football when requested, but not later than the 31st July each year.
Failure to return the Trophy will involve the Club in the costs of providing a replacement Trophy,
including engraving, similar to that damaged or lost.


Each Club has a wider responsibility to the code and the Sponsor and to the supporters. This is
achieved by providing and maintaining Football of the best achievable standard, a well presented
playing surface and first class facilities.


It is essential that each Club insist on high standards of behaviour and discipline both on and off the
field. As per Mainland Football’s Code of Conduct. This relates to foul language, attitudes towards
Referees etc. and if the Club become persistent offenders then they could face a fine or expulsion
from the League.

15.1 Clubs match programs, must give PFL Sponsor recognition with logo on front cover, at no cost
to the Sponsor or Mainland Football.

15.2 All Clubs are responsible for the safekeeping and stowage of any signage or other publicity
material (unless it is specified by the sponsor that storage shall be at one of their agencies). The
display of these items at each home fixture shall be the responsibility of the Club.

16.0 FINES

Fines against Clubs in competitions shall be in accordance with Schedule "B" as follows payable by
the 20th of the Month following invoice. If fines are not paid by due date, Mainland Football reserve
the right to suspend Clubs until such fines have been paid in full as per Mainland football Rules 8b.


All misconducts shall be dealt with by MF in accordance with New Zealand Football Regulation 1.16.1


18.1 Each Club has the right of appeal against any regulations or ruling as per Mainland Football
Regulation 1.16.1


19.1 Clubs wanting to include players under the age of 16 years of age must apply for “Age
Dispensation” through MF each year.

19.3 Clubs that fail to comply with this rule shall be fined and points deducted as per Mainland
Football Regulation 1 (3.4) and as per fines on MPFL schedule “B”.

Criteria for 2013 Matson’s Premier Football League clubs

Mainland Football reserves the right to inspect the grounds and facilities prior to the acceptance of
any team into its competitions. If a Club fails to provide a suitable ground, or acceptable facilities, or
has not met their obligations as per Mainland Football Rules that team may be refused entry to a
particular competition. Premier Clubs are expected to have a higher standard of ground and facilities
than lesser-placed teams.
The exception to this schedule if for any reason the allocated ground cannot be used, the temporary
alternative ground may not have some of the requirements 1 to 6.

(1) Pitch Size:
             o    FIFA ruling = 90m x 60m
             o    Minimum area ideally should be 100m x 70m where possible

(2) Fencing of ground:
            o All grounds need to be roped around the full perimeter of the field
            o The technical area should be marked in the space between the by line and
                fence line.

(3) Pitch Markings:
            o Pitch markings will be of white ground marking paint.

(4) Changing Facilities:
               Only MPFL teams have access to designated changing rooms, 1 hour prior
           o Separate changing facilities are to be lockable with adequate bench space and
               shower facilities with minimum of 4 shower heads
           o Toilet and hand basin are compulsory.
           o These facilities are to be cleaned prior to every game.

(5) Shower Facilities:
           o Officials need to have separate changing and shower facilities
           o Mainland is to check facilities before the season. From here we will make
                contact with the council.

(6) Sponsorship: As per 10.2 and 15.0

(7) Ball Kids:
             o    Ball Kids (4 to 8) required for each home game age 11th grade upwards.

(8) Programme:
           o A match programme must be supplied by all clubs of the home team, as per
               15.1, match programme needs to have a minimum of 4 pages and handed to
               the referee prior to the game. Teams keep same shirt #’s when taking the field
               of play as given to opposing team programme.

(10) Each Premier team must have a manager.

(11) In the season of 2014 onwards the head coach of each MPFL team must have attained
minimum of New Zealand Football Senior Level 2.

(12) Mainland Football to allocate 4 spare grounds in any given week.

(13) No other games to be scheduled on the same field prior to a MPFL match.
(14) Each MPL Team shall have a designated club member in attendance to welcome referees
and act as a point of contact throughout the game and aftermatch. The club shall ensure a safe
passage for referees between their changing room and field. Where possible this passageway
to be roped off, in all instances a club member will ensure referees are escorted to and from
changing rooms.


The fines listed herein are minimum only. It should be noted that if more than two incidents
of the same nature per team occur then the fine will increase on the basis of twice the
original fine. Other fines may be levied at the discretion of the Federation Board.


Unregistered or Ineligible Player               $50
Subsequent offence – same player                $200

Late and/or No Team Cards                       $10
Incomplete Team Cards (Team Members)            $10

Late                                            $10

None per Telephone (Premier Division)           $10
Not on Team Card (All Grades)                   $10

Premier Division                                $2000

Failure to apply for dispensation                $100
and points deducted as per mainland Football regulation 1 (2.5)
Playing players after Age Dispensation declined $200
and points deducted as per mainland Football regulation 1 (2.5)

Incorrect number of match balls                 $100
Incorrect match ball                            $100

(2) Fencing of ground: Crowd barrier            $50.00
(2) Fencing of ground: Technical area           $50.00
(6) Programme:                                  $50.00
(7) Ball Boys:                                  $50.00
(8) Sponsorship:                                $50.00
(14) Case by case

As per Mainland Football regulation 1 section

Mainland Men’s Premier Football League – Cancellation Policy

Where weather or ground conditions preceding a fixture raise doubts as to whether play shall
take place, the Referee or Referee's liaison officer, (Referee, Inspector/Coach or 4th Official),
General Manager and Game Development Manager shall meet at the ground to consider
whether the ground is fit for play.

This meeting and discussion shall be held in sufficient time to enable a team travelling on the day of
the match to be notified prior to their departure for the match in question, of any cancellation.

If there is doubt as to whether or not a fixture is to be played because of uncertainty about weather
conditions, the Referee or Referee's liaison officer shall immediately notify Game Development
Manager and home clubs General Manager following the ground inspection and the home club’s
General Manager shall advise the visiting club.

Where a travelling team has arrived in Christchurch or Nelson for game day - Given the travel cost of
teams travelling to Christchurch or Nelson and given the difficulty in re-scheduling PFL fixtures at
later times in the season, where games are played between Christchurch teams and Nelson teams, all
possible action will be taken by referees to ensure games are played.

Such actions include but are not limited to:
Delaying kick off, to allow field repairs.
Alternative venue in same location, even if a game is scheduled on the alternative venue, MPFL game
takes precedent.
Transfer game to alternative venue at a different location.
If possible play game the following day.

This same requirement will apply if a game has commenced and the ground has become unplayable
because of weather.

If the visiting team has been notified that a match is to be played provided no further rain falls, then
all reasonable efforts must be made to ensure that the match proceeds. The Referee or Referee's
liaison officer nominated for the match, following discussions with the Game Development Manager
shall have sole discretion as to whether or not it shall be played on that ground or moved to another
suitable field.

If for any reason a match is abandoned, that match shall be replayed at the direction of Mainland
Football, who shall first discuss the matter with the two affected clubs. Depending on circumstances
of abandonment i.e. a travelling club refuses to play the game, the PFL club may be liable for the cost
of travel for the rescheduled game.

Colin Grant Cell Phone 021 998 194
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