Manifestos 2022 - sussex student elections 2022 voting 17th - 25th March - AWS

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Manifestos 2022 - sussex student elections 2022 voting 17th - 25th March - AWS
sussex student
        elections 2022
         voting 17th - 25th March

manifestos 2022
Manifestos 2022 - sussex student elections 2022 voting 17th - 25th March - AWS
Diversity, Access and Participation Officer

Education and Employability Officer

International Students' Officer

Sports, Societies, and Events Officer

Wellbeing Officer

Student Living and Sustainability Officer

BAME Officer - Vacant

LGBTQ+ Officer

Disabled Students' Officer

Trans and Non-Binary Officer

Women's Officer

Student Trustees
Manifestos 2022 - sussex student elections 2022 voting 17th - 25th March - AWS
diversity, access and
participation officer
                                                       aaron williams
                                         I’m running with @sussexbridge2022

                                 Hi! My name is Aaron, I’m currently a second-year
                                 student at Sussex and a Student Trustee at the SU
                                 who’s gotten kinda impatient with the neglect of and
                                 profiteering from students at Sussex by our
                                 university’s   management    team.    While    most
                                 universities and Higher Education (HE) institutions,
                                 including ours, are registered charities — they
                                 continue to be run like businesses leaving many of
                                 the already most marginalised groups even further
                                 behind and more under supported in exchange for

BAME students come to Sussex with the same grades as our white counterparts yet
on leaving we’re awarded 26% less degrees at a 2:1 or above. This disparity exists for
a distressing number of other student groups from diverse backgrounds too; in too
many places along the line our university is reproducing structural inequalities that
entrench oppression and is failing to represent our massively diverse student body.
In my role as DAP I want to work on dismantling the various barriers to entry and
extra steps that me and my fellow students from marginalised backgrounds face
whether those backgrounds are as queer, trans, BAME, care leaver, women, gender
non-conforming / non-binary, low-income, disabled / neurodivergent, international,
parent, mature, first-gen students or any combination of these or anything outside.

// What have I done so far? //

My work at the SU as trustee so far has included speaking in favour of real living wage
pay increases across our venues and outlets and ensuring we’re carrying
Manifestos 2022 - sussex student elections 2022 voting 17th - 25th March - AWS
diversity, access and
participation officer
                                                        aaron williams
diverse / inclusive product lines by feeding in from conversations with students. I
coordinated a campus rent strike with the Renters’ Union in my first year securing
£3.1million from the university back to students in rent rebates and this year have
continued organising around affordable housing on campus and Cost of Living (CoL)
in the city. I’ve organised protests against the university’s inaction on sexual violence
and campus securitisation; I’ve promoted the demands of the hybrid learning
campaign which would see the university facilitate in-person and online teaching so
that immunocompromised and neurodiverse students are able to access /
participate in classes that they’d be otherwise disadvantaged to.


//////////// DIVERSITY
Race Equity Advocates, SARA & Decol Sussex.

The Race Equity Advocates (REA) scheme was an SU managed and student-led
programme producing important anti racist work until the University cut funding for
and co-opted it disrupting continuity and disempowering the students in it.

The Media, Arts & Humanities (MAH) school has already put up funding for a REA in
their school and I want to push the 11 other schools at Sussex to follow suit so that
oversight for the programme can remain with the SU.

 1. Push to reinstate REA scheme through individual school funding and focus work
    on the Sussex Anti Racist Action (SARA) manifesto.
 2. Use the resources of the Renters’ Union and my position on university Equality,
    Diversity & Inclusions (EDI) committee to raise the common issue of being the
    only black or minority ethnic student within your accommodation and that
    requests for same gender / Quiet flats are not respected.
Manifestos 2022 - sussex student elections 2022 voting 17th - 25th March - AWS
diversity, access and
participation officer
                                                    aaron williams
3. Address the problem of non-diverse counselling staff and non BAME & LGBT+
inclusivity. Also that neurodivergence isn’t properly understood.
4. Continuing push to remove Mitie from campus and resisting the racist and
Islamophobic threat that implementations of ‘prevent’ legislation throughout
campus present.
5. Working with the International officer to tackle hostile environment practices
that alienate international students as well as working to make the SU more
approachable to international students.

//////////// ACCESS

Hybrid Learning, Quiet Rooms & Accessible Accommodation

Immunocompromised / clinically vulnerable students throughout the pandemic
have been faced with an impossible ultimatum: continue attending in-person
events and classes and risk life-threatening illness from COVID or withdraw from
their education being denied equal ability to participate in university.

I want to work with the disabilities officer(s) and Access Sussex to secure a
university-wide permanent Hybrid Learning policy and develop anti-ableist
training and resources for societies.

Access issues I want to address include:

 1. Issues with fire alarms disabling motorised fire doors in campus
    accommodation and general innaccessibility.
 2. Disabled students requiring en-suites forced to pay extra rent.
 3. Increasing quiet rooms for students around campus.
 4. Currently only 3 Staff at the Student Support Unit (SSU) for approx. 3000
Manifestos 2022 - sussex student elections 2022 voting 17th - 25th March - AWS
diversity, access and
participation officer
                                                   aaron williams

Return to Student Rep support and promotion from within schools, affordable
accommodation, supporting first-gen / low-income bursary working group & work
with Citizens UK on Cost of Living in the city.

 1. Push for student rep scheme to be promoted from within schools
    [better/again] as engagement has been seen to be higher when it has been in
    the past.
 2. Continue work with Sussex Renters’ Union on increasing number of affordable
    accommodation on campus and work with Citizens UK on the CoL campaign in
    the city.
 3. Working to grow the Take Back Sussex campaign that has been set up lecturers
    & staff at the UCU with unite to build relations and solidarity between staff
    (who helped massively the £3million Renters’ Union win) and students and to
    facilitate efforts on decolonial work like co-creating the curriculum.
 4. Working with the first-gen officer to create a first-gen working group to
    produce evidence to the uni of the value and necessity of the First-Gen
    scholars scheme / Sussex Bursary which up until this year had provided
    funding to [many] students from low-income backgrounds who now will have
    to struggle with financial hardship on top of their studies.

I care deeply about the issues that students of all backgrounds, faiths, cultures
and ethnicities face – follow me on Instagram @voteaaron2022 to learn a little
more about me!

SussexBridge is a student movement dedicated to bringing about radical change
at Sussex. We are committed to working together as a cohesive force, ready to
use collective power to fight back against the university! Together, we have a
vision for a demarketised, decolonised, and liberated university where every
student is empowered and advocated for. We believe we can build a better
university through prioritising accessibility, safety and community for all.
Education and
employability officer                                      Rose linehan
                                I’m running with SussexBridge !!

                               Hiya I’m Rose (she/her) !! I’m a passionate, extravagant
                               (not financially), brightly coloured gentle giant with
                               big goals to improve conditions at the university for
                               all! Right now I am studying Geography and
                               International Development. I made my way into higher
                               education via a slightly less conventional path which
                               is a lot of the reason I decided to run for this role in
                               particular. I did horribly at A levels and thought all
                               hope was lost until Sussex and it’s social sciences
                               foundation year programme came along and allowed
                               me to try and get a degree! I was diagnosed with
ADHD after years of being told I was lazy and not cut out for formal education. After
said foundation year taking place entirely online on a campus filled with police and
outsourced security made me really think about how we can improve the University
and here I am!

In my time at Sussex so far I have:​​
    Been elected as Chair of Union Council and accountability subgroup which
    ensures current officers are delivering promises made
    Spoken at the recent UCU Brighton rally, standing in solidarity with our underpaid
    staff and raising awareness of how these issues will continually affect our
    education until demands are met
    Been nominated to represent Sussex SU at the NUS National Conference to
    discuss the current issues students are facing up and down the country
    Chaired the Student Experience Forum in place of the previous Education and
    Employability officer

         voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Education and
employability officer                                  Rose linehan
   Been a part of the Renters Union since its creation, which won over £3 million
   from the university in rent rebates and is continuing to campaign to improve
   the accessibility, affordability and safety of housing on campus

This manifesto is a combination of my ideas and the concerns of students at
Sussex. My primary aims are:

 1. Decolonise and diversify the curriculum & “employability” as a term
 2. Improve accessibility for all
 3. Work towards the de-marketisation of higher education & divesting funds

Decolonise and diversify the curriculum & “employability” as a term
A large proportion of teaching methods and content at Sussex are outdated and
do not represent the “decolonised”, international University that is advertised to
applicants. The SU and Decolonise Sussex have been working to change this but
there is always more to be done.

   Educate about the radical history of our university and how things have
   changed over the years through events like the recent exhibition in Falmer
   Provide opportunities to those in STEM subjects to expand knowledge about
   issues surrounding colonialism and inequalities that their degrees would
   otherwise not provide
   Push to close the 13% BAME awarding gap
   Collaborate with the International Officer to reduce the international awarding

“Employability” encompasses much more than having a degree, and the idea that
the only reason people go to university to get a degree to then get a job is
inherently flawed and frankly depressing. On top of this, university should be
available to everyone but in practice isn’t always the best choice. I want to
provide reassurance to the students considering leaving University for whatever
Education and
employability officer                                     Rose linehan
   Continue to support the Career Equity Project providing tailored events for
   students from marginalised backgrounds
   Run workshops and sessions about pathways that don’t require a degree to
   provide students with a feasible safety net
   Making networking and skills sharing easier, kind of like the Sussex Yellow
   Pages. Students would be able to put themselves down as having or needing
   help any skill and can contact each other easily
   Less formal employability workshops - centred around ways to gain skills in
   the creative arts and improve self-trust
   Support the Fossil Free Careers campaign

Improve accessibility for all
Accessibility in higher education is a joke at the moment! One of my primary goals
would be to work with as many students as possible to meet their needs in
academia and careers
   Continue to lobby the university for hybrid learning and work with Access
   Sussex to improve accessibility in every way possible
   Choice in assessment methods where possible! Less strict and traditional
   assessments are often more applicable to the real-world, I will work alongside
   the ongoing efforts to bring this into action
   Provide more opportunities for interactive and fun ways to teach both inside
   and outside of the lecture hall: people have different learning techniques and
   what might be boring information is more likely to stick if it’s… not boring!
   Fight to reinstate bursaries and provide better support for students that are
   working job(s) while doing a full time degree
   While I’m at it, I might as well get a kettle in the library as making it warmer has
   proven not feasible at the current time!

Work towards the de-marketisation of higher education & divesting funds
Our University may have an ethical investment policy, but has been complicit in
providing funding to causes that absolutely do not comply with this. For a more
ethical Institution, I will work with campaigns to divest funding, provide easy to
Education and
employability officer                                    Rose linehan
digest information of the inner workings of the SU and University and overall de-
marketise education at Sussex.

   Sussex has invested almost £7 million in causes complicit with Israeli
   violations of international law since signing their investment policy - I will work
   with Sussex Friends of Palestine to provide transparency on these transactions
   The University has admitted to receiving funding from major arms
   manufacturers among other controversial sources.
   Support and assist the Mitie Must Fall campaign to force the University to stop
   outsourcing security to such a corrupt company

I’m running with SussexBridge, we’re a student movement dedicated to bringing
about radical change at Sussex. We are committed to working together as a
cohesive force, ready to use collective power to fight back against the university!
Together, we have a vision for a demarketised, decolonised, and liberated
university where every student is empowered and advocated for. We believe we
can build a better university through prioritising accessibility, safety and
community for all.
students'officer                                         Riko Kunisue

                                 EQUITY FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS NOW!

                                  1. My Background
                                  2. Visions
                                  3. Manifesto


Hiii! I’m Riko (she/her) and I’m running with @SortOutSussex to become your
International Students’ Officer!! I am a 2nd year UG doing Anthropology and
International Development. I was living in a couple of areas in Japan until I moved to
Brighton as I started my current degree at Sussex Uni.

There are two things on which I focused prior to the current election:

 1. Since the beginning of my time at the University, I have been advocating for
    international students’ justice as a member of the International Student Forum
    (ISF). For instance, I have organised events, given a presentation, run a stall, and
    more with other ISF members. From my advocacy activities at ISF, I became more
    interested in bringing about systematic and institutional changes, and reaching
    out to a broader international students’ community that may have been left
 2. As an International Students’ Representative for Global Studies, I have raised
    issues such as low accessibility of Exceptional Circumstances (EC) Claims for
    international students. Global Studies responded to the issue by making sure to
    include on every module’s canvas site the descriptions of EC Claims. My
    experience as an international students’ rep increased my confidence in

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
students'officer                                        Riko Kunisue
believing that students’ power CAN make positive changes at Sussex!

I was therefore convinced that the International Students’ Officer role would be
the best opportunity for me to create positive changes at the University level;
empower the international students community at Sussex as a whole; and
represent international students’ voices that can transform the University system.


As your International Students’ Officer, I want to ensure that:

  1. The international students’ academic and general living needs are met through
     adequate, appropriate support from the University.

  1. The international students’ voices are heard and represented at the university
     level as well as within the student bodies.

  1. International students can enjoy participating in the University/Brighton
     community and THRIVE for being who they are!


I received insights to feed in my manifesto from my friends and many other
international students with whom I talked at social events.

  1. Closing the International & Racial Awarding Gap
The awarding gap explains differences in the number of different groups of
students achieving a 1st or 2:1 degree classification. At Sussex, the awarding gap
between UK based, white students and international white students was 7.3%,
whereas for the BAME international students, this was 43.7% in the 2019/20
students'officer                                        Riko Kunisue
academic year*. To close the international & racial awarding gap, I will:

   Introduce the Non-Primary Language Claim in the University assessments
   marking system to avoid unnecessary mark reductions due to language

   Ensure easier access to EC Claims for international students

   Lobby the schools to ensure a MANDATORY lecture                   recording   and
   seminar/workshop live streaming to support remote learning

   Make sure that the Students’ Union implements actions following the passed
   Spring Referenda 2020/21, including to lobby the University to investigate and
   take actions to close the gap

   Support and expand on-going practices to decolonise the curriculum

   Develop a system to include international students’ voice in the University
   curriculum making

2. Uplifting the Wellbeing of International Students

The wellbeing of international students is constantly sidelined in the University
priorities. There is also little recognition of specific issues around international
students' wellbeing. It is therefore essential to give representation to and address
international students' struggles, and create an inclusive environment at Sussex.
To do so, I will:

   Lobby the University to re-open and expand the International Students
   Support on campus
students'officer                                      Riko Kunisue
   Expand and tailor various induction sessions to international students during
   the welcome/(re)freshers week

   Introduce various wellbeing workshops which focuses on issues including
   homesickness and microaggression

   Investigate causes and find solutions in collaboration with the University
   Immigration Support Unit to prevent any homelessness experienced by
   international students and student-families

   Lobby the University and develop measures to systematically tackle with any
   forms of racism and xenophobia on and off campus

   Support existing students-led, multi-cultural platforms and campaigns to
   promote community building between home and international students

   Take over and lead the existing International Students Committee at the
   Students’ Union and enhance the international students community’s decision
   making power at a higher level

 1. Reduce the Financial Burden for International Students

The University management is financially exploiting international students through
tuition fees, rent for on-campus accommodation, etc. For example, international
tuition fees for my course this year is £18K+ whereas for home students this is for
£9K+. Biomedical Science (BAc), for another instance, sets international tuition
fees as £22K+ but it stays the same for home students (£9K+). Moreover,
international tuition fees increase by 3-5% every academic year. On top of that,
international students pay a significant amount of money for immigration
processes, travelling, and sometimes 6 months of rent at one payment due to
having no guarantor. Such financial struggles affect every aspect of daily life
including mental wellbeing, academic performance, and even potential
students'officer                                        Riko Kunisue
deportation, etc. The University must reduce the financial burden for international
students at its best. To achieve this, I will:
   Support and expand the existing campaign group such as ISF and keep
   lobbying the University to cut 5% or more international tuition fees

   Ensure transparency of the University management in making decisions
   regarding the international tuition fees

   Lobby and help the University to expand/develop bursary/scholarship
   schemes for international students

   Lobby and help the University to expand the current University Guarantor
   Scheme and open separate application for international students

   Lobby and help the University to develop policies to ensure a fair job
   recruitment process for international students

Thank you very much for reading my manifesto. I am running with @SortOutSussex,
a group of activists who are passionate about; sexual safety; affordable,
accessible, sustainable living; fairness for international and disabled students; and


*Find     out    more     in  the     Spring    Referenda            2020/21      at:
Sports, societies and
events officer                                             Nera Cornell
                               Hiya, I’m Nera and am running for Sports, Societies &
                               Events Officer. Prioritising our student community,
                               collaboration between and within student groups,
                               and maintaining effective communication between
                               students and the Students’ Union are key to my
                               campaign. My experience as a neurodivergent,
                               queer, disabled artist studying Zoology has
                               reinforced how deeply important it is to connect
                               and expand sustainable and diverse communities. I
                               have had a close connection with the SU throughout
                               my university experience, through working at the
campus bars and contributing to the VegSoc committee in foundation and first year,
to being Welfare Officer and now President of Pole Fitness. Student groups can
bring together so many people, and I want to be at the heart of helping this manifest.
Communicating and collaborating with other students brings me so much joy, and I
really want to direct all knowledge gained through these experiences into
supporting our student community. For more information check out @votenera on


I understand and deeply value the necessity of nourishing, gentle and powerful
community where every student feels confident to contribute and coexist together.
Societies, Sports and SU events are so often how many of us connect with one
another, and I want to reflect that by centring inclusivity and welfare in this role. Key
goals I want to accomplish are:

   Utilising a range of engagement strategies to enhance engagement from
   participating students and students that may require more support to get
   Proactively think of new ways to engage Sussex students
   Supporting the organisation of a range of training sessions for committee
   members, such as in welfare & inclusivity, effective communication, first aid and

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Sports, societies
and events officer                                 Nera Cornell

Collaboration within and between student groups is so vital to building networks
and supporting our mental health. Therefore, ensuring collaboration is easily
accessible here are my goals:
   To organise monthly socials for committee members that will alternate being
   alcohol friendly and non-alcoholic
   Create a hub where student groups can post & respond to adverts for
   collaborative social ideas
   Be receptive to student-led initiatives to further enhance collaboration
   between and within student groups


Communication between students and the SU is so important for effective
organisation of student-led groups, so I am prioritising and emphasising how
seriously I take this aspect of this role. Ensuring that student experience is
prioritised and that solutions raised to combat issues are successful in
development and delivery is vital to me. To maintain clear and effective
communication, I am planning to:
    Be easily accessible via email and for in-person or virtual meetings
    Be open and welcoming to feedback from students
    Develop ways to receive feedback on progress and student engagement in the
    Active US project
    Prioritise and consistently convey the ideas and interests of the student
    community in organising all relevant Students’ Union events

Centring CLIMATE Justice

We all know that the effects of the climate crisis must be addressed through
effective action. An anti-racist, anti-ableist, inclusive approach combining
societal and environmental aspects, while centring marginalised groups is of
paramount importance. I want to prioritise:
Sports, societies
and events officer                                   Nera Cornell
   Actively listening to marginalised groups and students to ensure the SU are
   supporting and engaging effectively with issues relating to the climate crisis
   Supporting students to organise events that prioritise low environmental
   impacts by providing and creating resources to do this
   Supporting students to develop your involvement in campaigns engaging with
   any issues affecting the student community through social media, email, and
   direct communication
   Supporting and promoting the collaboration between the Rewilding Society
   (@rewilding_sussex) and other student groups to maximise sustainable

My Experience

My experience being on the committees of VegSoc, and Pole Fitness will help me
communicate with students and have a varied knowledge of activities and
interests associated with both societies, sports clubs, and events. Managing the
advertisement and progression of an international sailing event in 2020 mostly via
producing content for Instagram (@aventurazero) has developed skills I can direct
towards promoting the success of our incredible students taking part in so many
student-led activities. Organising the Inter-University Pole Dance Championships
South East Regionals 2022 and managing the volunteer team behind the event has
enabled me to get an extensive knowledge in event organisation including
communicating with venues, ensuring accessibility is maintained, increasing the
diversity of students involved and collaborating with different people to ensure
events are successful. These skills will allow me to effectively ensure students
have access to and can contribute to each aspect of the annual events run
through the Students’ Union. Mediation that I have been a part of during my time
as Welfare Officer and President at Pole Fitness has allowed me to develop a
strategy of holding gentle space for everyone involved. Incorporated into my role
as President of Pole Fitness, I have been chairing committee meetings this past
year. I am proficient in planning and managing meetings, and effectively chairing
Sports, societies
and events officer                                  Nera Cornell
while ensuring key points and collaborative discussion can be prioritised through
efficient time management. I enjoy creating a space where everyone feels
confident to contribute, so would really appreciate all that would be involved in
chairing the Students’ Union Sports Reps, Media, and Society committees.

Thank you for reading! For more information check out @votenera on IG
Wellbeing officer                                            liam pem
                                Hey, I’m Liam and I’m running with SORT OUT
                                SUSSEX! :)

                                ABOUT ME AND MY EXPERIENCE:

                                Since joining Sussex in 2020, I have been involved in
                                many different campaigns.

                               I’m your LGBTQ+ Officer, and member of the
                               Wellbeing Steering Group in the SU, working to
                               reform the Report & Support Tool, and promoting
sex positive campaigns. I’m co-chair of the Strategy Working Group for the Renters’
Union (RU), worked with Access Sussex (AS) to make housing accessible and have
supported Under The Sheets (UTS) to promote sex positivity and improve sexual

I was a key organiser in the Rent Strike last year, pressuring the uni in the national
media to tackle the mental health crisis and isolation during the pandemic. I was a
founding member of Reclaim Sussex, we called on the uni to take immediate action
on alarming rates of sexual violence.

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, meeting friends, walking, clubbing, live music,
reading, craft beer and gaming.


Wellbeing encompasses more than sexual safety. It’s about accessibility, good
counselling services, building community, resilience and having support there if
needed. Before writing this, I spoke to loads of students about what they want to
see from their Wellbeing Officer.

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
wellbeing officer                                       liam pem



  Introduce a free student bus service so everyone gets home safely at the end
  of the night;
  introduce a “Night-time Safety Committee” in the SU, to hold nightclub
  managements accountable on spikings;
  Active Bystander training (on how to intervene in difficult situations) offered
  to all;
  Fix all outdoor lightings and fixtures on campus.


  Work with the uni and UTS to introduce consent classes with refresher
  courses, with an option to opt-out if triggering;
  Consent posters in all rooms w/support links;
  Ensure each society has a welfare officer who is trained in consent and being
  an active bystander;
  Work with the uni to ensure there is always a female security officer on call;
  Active bystander and consent training for all campus staff.
  Support Free Wednesday’s - free period products;
  Free period products, lube, condoms available in each campus
  Period Product bins in all toilets;
  Free STI home tests in SU Reception.
wellbeing officer                                        liam pem

  A victim will never be in the same seminar, lecture or halls as their
  Work for a ban from the SU bars and uni halls for any perpetrator found guilty
  of sexual assault, spiking or violence through uni processes;
  Automatic extension for survivors on all exam deadlines, w/the option of an
  uncapped resit;
  Ensure counselling services are equipped to provide the right support.


  Continue PillowTalk;
  Support UTS, Girls Against and Sussex Against Sexual Assault in their aims;
  Remove the HIV stigma;
  Signpost support for chemsex.



  Ensure counselling appointments will always be available - support links and
  waiting lists don’t cut it in a crisis!;
  Increase amount of sessions offered;
  Counselling becomes an actual support service;
  Reduce waiting times by linking up support processes provided;
  Work to improve efficiency.
  More BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled counsellors;
  Offer services in a range of languages;
  Online options;
wellbeing officer                                        liam pem
  More investment.



  Continue working with Access Sussex for Hybrid Learning;
  Record all lectures w/captions;
  Work with the uni to diversify assessment methods.


  More step-free access across campus;
  Accessibility map of campus;
  Library more easily accessible;
  Free campus parking for all disabled students.


  Work with the RU, ensuring campus rents are cheaper;
  Maintenance issues are fixed quickly;
  Cheaper rent for accessible rooms;


  Work with UTS and the SU to make urgent reforms;
  More support for students when report is submitted;
  Website more user friendly;
  Option to report spikings.
wellbeing officer                                        liam pem

   There is more to student support than just exam concessions!
   Restructure the Student Support Unit (SSU) so it works for all - no one should
   fall through the gaps!
   Reduce waiting times;
   Make the SSU more approachable and simplify the process.

  Work with societies to better signpost support services.



   Club night on campus, with good music and cheap drinks;
   Live Sports in Falmer Bar;
   Student-wide survey into restoring fun at Sussex.


   The pandemic has made it hard to find a sense of belonging at Sussex, which is
   why we need to do more so everyone can have a community they can call their
   Work with societies, campaign groups and charities to host a range of different
   events, from dance classes to games design, so everyone can feel like they
   More support for International and Mature Students.

wellbeing officer                                       liam pem
  Set up an SU support group for Drugs, Alcohol and Addiction;
  Better signpost support;
  Make sure the SU continues to provide non-judgemental drug and alcohol
  Continue free drug testing kits for all.


  No classes after 6pm;
  Make it easier to move seminars;
  Work with the council for cheaper bus travel;
  Continue the work of the previous Wellbeing Officer in helping Nightline grow;
  Trans and Non-Binary buddy scheme;
  Tackle BAME and International awarding gaps.

Student Living and                                      niamh tickner
                                 I’m running with @SussexBridge!

                                 Hello, I’m Niamh (she/her) 

                                  With the housing crisis and the climate and
                                  ecological crises, often it's like feeling like a small
                                  fish in a big pond. However, if I were elected for
                                  Student Living & Sustainability Officer, I would work
                                  alongside students to empower them and hold the
                                  university accountable for its lack of action re:
Housing and Sustainability issues. I’m currently a Student Rep, Sustainability Rep for
Global Studies and a happy member of the Student Sustainability Committee - all
roles I have prioritised alongside my studies. Students and universities have an
imperative role in bringing about change – as individuals, as a collective and as an
institution - it's all about system change hey?

A vote for me would mean:


   Campaign for accessible and affordable housing
   Campaign for hybrid learning
   Accessible facilities - housing, signposting, lifts, FIXING automatic door
   buttons, fire hazards/ safety issues, more bus stops on campus, accessible
   Improve housing support, including better response times, an end hostility
   towards students who seek help, especially re: safety/accessibility/
   maintenance requests
   Better lighting on campus and increased sexual safety and education
   Mitie must fall – Lobby the university to stop working with mitie, as they are
   grounded in racism, exploitation and do not make students feel safe
   Safe disposal bins provided to support those with specific health requirements

         voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Student Living and                                niamh tickner
  Better cycle paths on campus, particularly the route that leads to Bramber
  Pressure university for flexible tenancy agreements
  Discussions with Southern Rail about railcard use at peak-times (invalidity at
  peak times)


  Continue the Fossil Free Careers Campaign
  Support Lawsuit against the USS Pension Firm - Fight for Fossil Fuel
  Divestment and greater democracy within the USS. More info here:
  Support East Sussex Council Fossil Fuel Divestment
  Pressure the university to stop banking with Barclays, following the footsteps
  of the SU.


  Sustainability embedded in the curriculum and increased educational
  workshops and Forums
  Support The Wild Campus Campaign
  Setting up a Community Kitchen
  Ensuring there are milk alternatives in all coffee establishments on campus
  More vegan/vegetarian options across campus - particularly busier places
  e.g. eat central
  More sustainable energy sources e.g. energy pumps/ electric bikes/ water
  generated energy
  More hand driers instead of paper towels
  Selling keep cups at cafés - reusable cups/ return cup for money back
  Decolonisation and sustainability are intertwined - decolonising the
Student Living and                                niamh tickner
   Maximum sourcing of products that are sustainable with labels to highlight
   Compost bins in uni accommodation (opt-in/opt-out)
   Providing information fridge magnets for uni accommodation about recycling
   Recycling station on campus for less mainstream recyclables e.g. toothpaste
   tubes, makeup, tin foil etc. – working with The Green Centre and Leave no



Lobbying the Careers Department to create an ethical careers policy, which
excludes      extractive    industries.       Sign    the     petition here:


(Fossil Free Careers Debate, Post COP/Greenwashing Panel and Film screening in


Including, but not limited to: Renters Union Affordable Housing Campaign,
Decolonise Sussex, Access Sussex, Under the Sheets, International Students'
Forum, 1st Generation Scholars and The Wild Campus Campaign.

Student Living and                                   niamh tickner

Decolonising the curriculum and integrating sustainability/ the climate and
ecological crisis into the curriculum.


Whether the investments in fossil fuels by a large pension fund in the UK breach
the directors’ fiduciary duties and duties towards contributors of the pension
fund (our teaching staff)






Food establishments on campus have agreed to phase out beef and lamb by

I’m running with SussexBridge, we’re a student movement dedicated to bringing
about radical change at Sussex. We are committed to working together as a
cohesive force, ready to use collective power to fight back against the
university! Together, we have a vision for a demarketised, decolonised, and
liberated university where every student is empowered and advocated for. We
believe we can build a better university through prioritising accessibility, safety
and community for all.
LGBTQ+ Students’                                  Genie Gilkes and
Officers                                          Prashanta Ray
                               Hi, we’re Genie and Prash and we’re running with
                               Sort Out Sussex to be your LGBTQ+ Officers!

                               About us and our experience:

                               Genie (they/them):
                               I have been both president and transgender
                               representative of the LGBTQ+ Society at Sussex,
                               allowing me to both gain a crucial insight into the
                               needs and wants of LGBTQ+ students at Sussex, as
well as improve both digital and in-person spaces for us. This was done by
providing events to meet student requests and through making our Discord server
more accessible, enabling LGBTQ+ students to make new connections and find
their community.

Prash (he/him):

In my capacity as the Language and Culture Representative and the LGBT+ Officer
for the BAME Society, I have facilitated safe spaces for queer students of colour
who are often disenfranchised from other societies. Outside of Sussex, I have
created a legacy of Pride events for the YMCA and spoken on Sky News about the
impact of the pandemic on our community coming out, whilst facing domestic

What we want to achieve in our positions:


   Make the LGBTQ+ Room more accessible and visible to students.
   Collaborate with Brighton clubs, in order to host more inclusive women only
   and queer nights, that are safe from harrassment and spiking concerns, such as
   Cherry Bomb Night.

         voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
LGBTQ+ Students’                                   Genie Gilkes and
Officers                                           Prashanta Ray
   Address the long waiting times for the specific mental health concerns among
   underprivileged and intersectional LGBT+ students who find it difficult to
   access the necessary counselling services and student life funding.
   Push for LGBT workshops on campus, covering terminology and neurodivergent
   concerns, ensuring all welfare officers get specific training tailored to suit the
   needs of LGBTQ+ students, according to Stonewall.
   Work with Active US to help get trans and non-binary people, who have
   traditionally turned away from sport, more engage in how to access non-hostile
   and non-gendered sport.
   Collate a list of each building that shows the locations of all gender neutral
   toilets and accessible toilets. Many toilets are classed as accessible but have
   no accessible way of getting to them.
   Advocate support for students who are discriminated against, for their identity,
   on campus and off campus by security services and members of the public.
   Support the agendas of other Sussex campaigns such addressing night-time
   safety, police brutality, slashed bursary funding.
   Employ a more succinct and transparent helpline on-campus to address
   Get media focused training for societies that represent marginalised identities
   in order to protect against being sued for speaking out for their rights.
   Continue to work with the trans and non-binary officer to challenge the
   university position on trans and non-binary rights.


  Push the University to provide specific funding for our community celebrating
  Black Pride and having alumni guest speakers give talks and sign up to a
  mentorship programme.
  Innovate a system online in which queer POC students can find housing
  together, with services that cater and address their needs.
  Continue to provide safe spaces for discussion and networking among students
  of colour and provide life experience and signpost to LGBT+ organisations.

        voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
LGBTQ+ Students’                                  Genie Gilkes and
Officers                                          Prashanta Ray

  Promote University-wide celebration for the diversity on campus with year-
  round rainbow steps to our library.
  Forge closer ties with the LGBTQ+ Society, allowing for the compiling of
  resources to make LGBTQ+ students’ lives easier: everything from safe LGBTQ+
  friendly places for food to other services like haircuts as well as signposting to
  other helpful organisations and charities.
  To establish a forum for liberation societies to come together and
  communicate, as our struggles overlap and collaborate on events.
  Have open forums and surgeries with different representatives that students
  can attend and pose questions to.
  Have a section in our university newspapers and on campus radio describing
  what all officers have done that month so we can be held accountable.
  Carve out a space for LGBTQ+ mature and postgraduate students who may feel
  forgotten about when society spaces are often dominated by young freshers.


       voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Disabled Students’                                   Fran Vincis and
Officer                                               Caragh Bone
                                 Francesca/ Fran Vincis (she/her) and Caragh Bone
                                 (she/they) are running as a role share for Disabled
                                 Students' Part Time Officer.

                                 During our mandate as Disabled Students' Officers,
                                 we will work to make the University more

Main objectives:
 1. Improving the awarding and employment gaps
 2. Making changes in the University, and Students’ Union that will improve the
    quality of life for disabled students
 3. Push for more Quiet Rooms throughout the University to accommodate
    disabled students.
 4. Work with Access Sussex and support their manifesto
 5. Cooperate with other projects such as the Student Rep Scheme and the
    Connector Programme to improve accessibility

Who we are:

As a current member of Access Sussex, Caragh has focused on amplifying disabled
voices across the University demanding change from our accessible housing
referendum campaign to demands for hybrid learning, and more. As Disabled
Students' Officers, they want to work with societies, and campaign groups to make
them as friendly to disabled students as possible.

As a current Student Rep as well as a Connector on the Autistic Friendly University
project, Fran aims to improve accessibility in all aspects of university life as well as

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Disabled Students’                                Fran Vincis and
Officer                                            Caragh Bone
life after university. As a Student Rep and Access Sussex campaigner, she has been
working to introduce quiet rooms in her school for students to use to rest between
classes. As the Disabled Students' Officer, Fran will work to introduce vital
initiatives like this across the University to improve accessibility on campus.

 1. Awarding and Employment Gaps: there are concerning gaps between disabled
    and non-disabled students including the awarding and employment gap. By
    improving lesson accessibility, including pushing for hybrid learning to be kept
    beyond the pandemic, and different formats for assessments, we aim to reduce
    the attainment gaps. Organising accessible career events alongside
    organisations such as EmployAbility will help disabled students beyond their
    time at university.
 2. Quality of life: we are aware many students without disabilities can overlook
    things that make a huge difference to disabled students, and even among the
    community, disabled students have very different support needs. We aim to
    make various changes and improvements, including simple things such as the
    cleaning of projectors so that students with sensory issues will not be
    disrupted by the noise in class. We will also work to improve the maintenance
    of essential mobility aids on campus such as ramps, stair chairs as well as
    transport around campus so that no one is unable to access places. We plan to
    work closely with the Students’ Union, societies, and campaign groups to make
    social and academic life at Sussex as accessible as possible.
 3. Quiet Rooms: disabled students, or any student in distress, need a quiet space
    to rest. Access Sussex has been campaigning for more quiet rooms, at least
    once per school. As Disability Officers we want to work alongside Access
    Sussex in this fight which would improve the quality of life for all students,
    particularly for disabled ones.
 4. Access Sussex: As we continue to be organisers within Access Sussex, we will
    continue supporting their campaign goals.
 5. Cooperation: we aim to work with these organisations to facilitate change to
    better university life for disabled students.

         voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Trans and Non-                                            Rio Jacques
Binary Students’
                                After a tough year at Sussex for our community,
                                many of us have felt disconnected and unheard. In
                                light of such events I am hopeful that we can rid
                                ourselves of fragmentation, come together and
                                create a strong, inclusive community here.

                                I do have a background of protest both inside and
                                outside of Sussex - most relavent to this would be
                                my role in Reclaim Sussex, my role as History Rep
                                and other forms of protest in respect to Trans and
                                Non-Binary lives at Sussex. I have the connections
                                to form a line of communication with the University,
                                the Student Union and the Student and Staff bodies.

Our community is a beautiful one. It's intersectional and so it can be found
anywhere and everywhere, yet we can feel completely alone. Together we can
make real change and that's the message that I want to convey. I would not like to
run a campaign of leaders and pawns, but instead build a space where all of our
voices are shared. In that spirit, some ideas I have for this role are as follows:

- Continuing with weekly gatherings for Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex students.
Here we will discuss whatever we feel relevant e.g. queer theory, recent events,
even just how we're feeling! This will allow us a space to share ideas and actions (if
we so choose) to create visibilty and education for us on campus.

-Creating a hub of LGBTQ+ activity exclusive to Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex

-Demanding that the University commits to bi monthly meetings with myself and
other students in this category so that we may monitor the actions that the
University is taking to ensure inclusivity for the Trans and Non-Binary community. It
also creates a solid line of communication.

         voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Trans and Non-                                          Rio Jacques
Binary Students’
-Creating more visibility and opportunity for BIPOC students in this category. With
our community being so intersectional, we need to do better at listening to our
LGBTQ+ BAME community at Sussex. I want to work with everyone to ensure we give
credence to our different experiences. In this way we can ensure everyones
experience is cared for and not settle for the guise of inclusivity.

All in all, my overarching message is one of strength, solidarity and community that
caters for everyone. Together we can exist in peace (existence is resistence) and
call for change.

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Women Students’                                         Naina Bahl
                                *Content Warning: Sexual Assault and Domestic

                                I’m running with @SussexBridge2022!

                                ABOUT ME:
                                Hey, I’m Naina (she/her) and I’m running to be your
                                next Women’s Officer! I’m a second-year Law
                                student and current Union Councillor (I sit on the
                                highest decision-making body in the Students’
                                Union). I’m also a key part of the Sexual Safety
Working Group and Wellbeing Steering group at the Students’ Union! I work with
Under the Sheets to work on implementing the Sexual Safety referendum and with
Access Sussex on increasing accessibility in the University and the SU.


1. Introduced a policy for a Zero-Tolerance approach towards harassment,
discrimination and sexual violence at the Students’ Union

2. I am on the Sexual Safety Working Group, and I have been working on:

- Implementing the Under the Sheets Sexual Safety referendum

- Creating a Report on the REPORT + SUPPORT system to bring to the Domestic
Violence Advisor and Wellbeing Coordinator at the University

- Meeting members from Clubs, Brighton and Sussex Unions and the Brighton
community in the Nightlife Safety Stakeholders meeting

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Women Students’                                             Naina Bahl
- Meeting SEF to improve lighting on campus

3. Setting Up Sussex Nightline, a listening service for all students!

I have worked on bringing Nightline to campus since June 2021. I am the Internal and
External Coordinator and have worked on developing policies, creating support and
welfare structures, and creating a launch plan!

4. I am on the Wellbeing Steering Group and working on accessibility issues in the

- I worked on the Hybrid learning referendum proposal - to ensure hybrid options for
all students who want access to online classes!

- I co-wrote a paper on increasing accessibility in the Union. I’m working with the
Events and Comms team to ensure all students are able to input accessibility
information when creating events and working to introduce an accessibility
checklist on the SU website!

- Introducing anti-ableism training for students on a paper that went to Union

- Working on organising focus groups and compiling a report about students who
ARE NOT receiving their reasonable adjustments to send to University Management

5. Wrote a paper for Council to introduce sensitivity, safeguarding and signposting
training for Part-Time Officers! PTOs are often the first point of contact for
vulnerable students because they’re students just like US! But disclosures of
sensitive topics and safeguarding isn’t something that PTOs are trained on and that

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Women Students’                                        Naina Bahl







The pandemic has left us isolated, and the University is using every single chance
they get to cut funding towards student support. We need to build a community and
bridge the gap between all people who identify as women.

- I will create a safe, welcoming and accessible space for women in the Women’s
liberation room and build an intersectional feminist book collection

- Create conversations around sex, destigmatising kinks, sexual health and

- Build connections with local charities like Survivors Network and introduce
opportunities for them to support students and for students to support them!


The University has let us down and ignored what the students want for the longest
time. It’s time they start to take our voice seriously and actively work to make
campus safer.

         voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Women Students’                                           Naina Bahl
I will work with the Officer team and University management to implement a system

- They provide support to students within 24 hours of a report being submitted

- The University is TRANSPARENT in its disciplinary process and zero-tolerance
approach towards sexual violence

- The reporting system is reviewed every week and constantly improved with
student suggestions


- Introduce a support group for survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse and
bring in an external facilitator

- EXPAND the scope of Pillow Talk! Work with the Wellbeing Officer to create
several peer groups and networks for students to come together and discuss all
kinds of issues affecting them! From Eating Disorders, Sex and Relationship Issues, to
just a space for us to come to chat and check in with each other!


- Introduce MORE LIGHTING on campus, especially around the Sports Complex,
Falmer Station Bus Stop, and Library Square.

- Introduce more PROMINENT Emergency phones on campus with lights! If the
University say they have emergency phones, they need to make sure they’re VISIBLE

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Women Students’                                         Naina Bahl
- Lobby the University to implement SPECIAL MEASURES so sexual assault survivors
do not have to come into contact with a reported perpetrator

- Lobby the University to sign the BUILD TRUST NOT SILENCE pledge to STOP using
NDAs for sexual violence

- Work with the Officer team to pressure the University to stop outsourcing security
and ensure all security receive sensitivity and welfare training

- Bring back the option to have Security escort people back to their accommodation
at night

- Have ResLife Connectors trained in disclosure and signposting


- FREE PERIOD PRODUCTS in all University and SU Buildings!

- Expand Free Wednesdays to provide STI tests, pregnancy tests, spiking tests,
StopTopps and menstrual cups!

- Create an anonymous system for students to be able to pick exactly what products
they want from Falmer Reception!

I’m running with SussexBridge, we’re a student movement dedicated to bringing
about radical change at Sussex. We are committed to working together as a
cohesive force, ready to use collective power to fight back against the university!
Together, we have a vision for a demarketised, decolonised, and liberated university
where every student is empowered and advocated for. We believe we can build a
better university through prioritising accessibility, safety and community for all.

          voting closes friday 4th march 5pm
Trustee                                                Jacob Whitear
                               ABOUT ME AND MY EXPERIENCE:

                               Hi there, I’m Jacob (He/Him) and I am running with
                               Sort Out Sussex to become your Student Trustee!
                               I am a second year Politics student who has been
                               active in student politics throughout my time here at
                               Sussex. I was involved in the Renters’ Union (gaining
                               £3.1 million back from the university), Reclaim Sussex
                               (protesting police presence on campus) and the
                               Strike Solidarity campaign. During these campaigns, I
                               have gained experience in organising political
                               movements, as well as being able to interact with
                               other students at this university.
In my life outside activism, I am passionate about music and have played many gigs
around the Brighton area. You also may have seen me watching gigs at Chalk, Green
Door Store, Prince Albert or the Hope and Ruin. I also enjoy reading, seeing friends,
watching films, walking and football.

As your Trustee, I will do my utmost to ensure that YOUR voice is heard, stopping
cuts to the amount of money given to those who need it most. Thereby, I will try to
enable students to enjoy university life, away from life’s many stresses.


I will fight for an accepting, empowering university environment. I will be a
passionate and transparent Trustee, who fights for every student. Without trustees
who are determined to represent students, the university will be able to push
through cuts to student funding, depriving those who need it the most.
You can also read