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                                                       M E E T T H E E X P O RT E R S AT G U L F O O D 2017

                  2016 - A RECORD                   IRELAND - A FOOD               SCIENCE AND RESEARCH
                Y E A R F O R E X P O RT S           F D I D E S T I N AT I O N     S U P P O RT I N N OVAT I O N

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MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
        Innovation is a key ingredient in our business. By continually
        evolving and adapting to fast moving trends we have become
        the preferred partner to great food companies and brands.

        We would like to thank our customers for their contribution to
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MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
www.irishfoodmagazine.com                                                                                                                            EDITORIAL

                                                                          issue 1 201 7
                  Welcome to the first issue of          2017. This year, we                    and identified market diversification as a key tool in its strategy for
                  have Taken inspiration from the industry to deliver a new                     growth. Today, that strategy is more important than ever.
                  look for the magazine that we think reflects the vibrancy and                 The industry will be represented internationally in 2017 at a number
                  diversity of Ireland’s food and drinks industry.                              of global food trade fairs and there are several trade missions in the
                                                                                                pipeline that will be led by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the
                  There has been a positive start to the year with news that food and
                                                                                                Marine, Michael Creed. He begins the year with a visit to the Middle
                  drink exports delivered a seventh year of consecutive export growth.
                                                                                                East and Gulfood. In this edition of           , the Minister discusses
                  The announcement that export values had broken the €11 billion
                                                                                                Ireland’s dynamic food industry and outlines the appeal of Irish food
                  barrier was warmly welcomed, especially in light of the volatile              exports to Middle East markets and beyond.
                  market conditions that pervailed during 2016. However, €500
                  million was knocked off the value due to currency fluctuations and            As always, we also have the latest news and insights from Ireland’s
                  the message for 2017 is that volatility is set to continue.                   food and drinks industry. We hope you enjoy our new look and we
                  Nevertheless, the Irish are not a people to be dissuaded and it is all        would love to hear from you!
                  shoulders to the wheel to maintain the momentum of recent years.              Enjoy!
                  Ireland’s food and drink industry has a very clear strategy for
                  growth, which it set out in Food Harvest 2025. This industry-led
                  document recognised the emerging opportunities around the world               Editor
                                                                                                                                                                                            Issue  7 2016
                                                                                                                                                                Irish beef
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                                                     FOLLOW          ON
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                          portsrke  ma
                                                                                                                                                                                                            newTrenIriser h Cu resu rkets 1 2016
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ds inmopdel
                                                                                                                                                                              UK F
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 direct           wi lts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              boxe nners
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          or of           for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 madrke       2015

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                                                                                                                                                                       Ireland nning innovation growth

                                                                                                            OF         AT                                         RE CUS: IRE
                                                                                                                                                                               at FiE and

                                                                                                                                                                INNSEA               SR EA      F        L
                                                                                                                                                                                                    OovaOtionDAonNshoD AT
                                                    IRELAND’S AGRI-FOOD                                                                               Ref                    OV    Steady CH

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                                                                                                                                                              wn       bó, d he
                                                                                                                                                                          ceswi  altrte
                                                                                                                                                                               Fin  hynt       gro   www.irishfo

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ET AST
                                                                                                                                                                               nn e agneat  w the      wth inodmagazin

                                                   AND DRINKS INDUSTRY
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                                                                                                                                                                                                      rtunit       seafoo e.com
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                                                                                                                                                                                     upmp                          food
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      inmaga        ust
                                                                                                                                                                                          no       a’s Inwww                  zine.com ry
                                                                                                                                                                                         Da   vand
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                                                                                                                                                                                                 tion     nova .irishfoo
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                                                                                                                                                                                                              www.ir     rts ts azine.com
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ww           agazin
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                                                                                                                                                             ISSUE 1 2017                                                                                     3

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MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
Issue 1 2017

                                                                      •   First distillery in Donegal for 175 years gets green light
                                                                      •   Egyptian market reopens to Irish beef
                                                                      •   Super Gold for Corleggy Cheeses
                                                                      •   Irish organic salmon selected for French chefs’ competition
                                                                      •   €10.5m investment at Midleton Distillery
                                                                      •   ICoMST comes to Cork in August

                                                                                                              Ireland is open for business
                                                                                                                      speaks with Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture,

                                                                                                              Food and the Marine, as he prepares to lead a trade mission
                                                                                                              to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

                                                     Irish food exports                                       Walsh Mushrooms
                                                     continue to break records                                acquires Golden
                                                     Despite global and political uncertainty during          Mushrooms
                                                     2016, Irish food and drink exports delivered a
                                                                                                              Walsh Mushrooms Group,
                                                     seventh year of consecutive export growth to
                                                                                                              the second largest mushroom
                                                     reach a record €11.15 billion. Bord Bia says this
                                                                                                              supplier to the UK, is
                                                     is a positive reflection on the industry’s market

                                                                                                              expanding its operations
                                                     diversification strategy
                                                                                                              with the acquisition of new
                                                                                                              production facilities

                                                                                   focus                                 MIDDLE EAST

                                        focus                      20              Rising sun for exports
                                                                                   in Middle East
                                                                                   Bord Bia’s key message in the
                                                                                                                        31              A natural success
                                                                                                                                        The passion that led to the
                                                                                                                                        establishment of Mileeven honey,
                                                                                   Middle East market, is that                          continues to drive its success
                                                                                   Ireland represents a secure                          internationally

                                                                                   supply partner in the food
                                                                                   industry                                             Goodfella’s takes a slice

                                                                                                                                        of Saudi market
                                                                                   Ireland at Gulfood                                   Green Isle’s Goodfella’s frozen pizza

                                                                                   2017                                                 brand continues to build its market
                                                                                           profiles the 22 Irish                        share in the Middle East.
                                                                                   companies exhibiting at this                         talks to Liam Hyland, head of
                                                                                   year’s Gulfood                                       exports, Green Isle Foods
                                       MIDDLE EAST MARKET

    4                           ISSUE 1 2017

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MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
ents  39
                              Hunger for health and wellbeing
                              Under the Origin Green charter, Irish food
                              manufacturers are committing to targets that address
                              the challenges of health and nutrition

                                                                         Meat market

                                                     42                  The annual Bord Bia

                                                                         Meat Marketing Seminar
                                                                         was positive about the
              Putting food tech on the menu                              opportunities and the potential
                                                                         for market diversification
              Ciara McDonagh was recently appointed head
                                                                         as Ireland recently secured
              of the Teagasc Food Industry Development
                                                                         a number of significant
              Department, she talks to           about the
                                                                         agreements, which bode well
              department’s agenda and the supports it offers
                                                                         for the future of the industry
              Ireland’s food and drinks industry

                                                                                      46  Spotlight on...
                                                                                          Irish chilli sauce company, Rebel Chilli, is
                                                                                          heating up the competition at home and
                                                                                          abroad with plans to further develop its
                                                                                          exports throughout the year

                                                                                       34                  Ireland – an FDI
                                                                                                           Enterprise Ireland offers
                                                                                                           a comprehensive support
                                                                                                           service to deliver long-
                                                                                                           term partnerships with
                                                                                                           international stakeholders

                                                                                       36                  Clean, lean healthy
                                                                                                           ice cream
                                                                                                           Nobó is looking to expand its
                                                                                                           foothold in the Middle East

                                                                                                                                           ISSUE 1 2017            5

 IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 5                                                                                                                          02/02/2017 10:47
MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
N E WS                                                                                             @IrishFoodMag       www.irishfoodmagazine.com


       First distillery in Donegal for
       175 years gets green light
       A new distillery on the slopes of the Sliabh Liag in southwest Donegal has received
       planning permission. It is the first distillery in the northern county in 175 years.
       The distillery has already launched its first expression, a blended Irish whiskey named The Silkie. This is the
       first of four spirit brands planned, all of which are inspired by local folklore and are in keeping with the Donegal
       Gaeltacht tradition. The announcement was welcomed by the Irish Whiskey Association, which described it as
       a further sign of the buoyancy of the sector with 16 distilleries already in production and another 13 in planning
       stages across 18 counties in Ireland. In 2013, there were just four distilleries in operation in the country.

       Commenting on the announcement, Carleen Madigan, the Irish Whiskey Association said: “It’s fantastic news that
       Sliabh Liag have secured permission to build their new distillery. This is yet another example of the Irish whiskey
       success story that will boost tourism and employment in Donegal and support the local economy. Irish whiskey is the fastest
       growing premium spirit in the world. Global sales have increased by over 300 per cent in the last 10 years and have been growing by
       double-digits since the mid-1990s. Over €1 billion will be invested in Irish whiskey distillery projects between 2010 and 2025. New
       distilleries will bring new brands, adding more diversity to the category and will continue to drive the growth of the sector.”

        B E E F E X P O RT S

       Egyptian market                                                                Commenting on the decision, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and
                                                                                      the Marine, Michael Creed said: “I am delighted to see the Egyptian
       reopens to Irish beef                                                          market reopened for Irish beef once ag ain, given the size of the
                                                                                      potential market there.” Egypt is the largest consumer market in the
       Egypt has reopened its market to Irish beef exports. An                        Middle East and North Africa with around 95 million consumers. It
       agreement with Egyptian authorities provides for the approval                  is the third biggest destination for Irish agri-food exports to Africa
       of five Irish plants to commence exports to Egypt once the                     with exports of €45 million in 2015, almost exclusively dairy (€30.5
       necessary technical arrangements are in place.                                 million) and seafood (€11 million).

   6             ISSUE 1 2017

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MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
www.irishfoodmagazine.com                 @IrishFoodMag                                                                                     N E WS

                                                                                                      OPEN SUSHI CHEFS’ COMPETITION

                                                                                                      Irish organic
                                                                                                      selected for
                                                                                                      French chefs’
                                                                                                      Irish organic salmon was recently selected
                                                                                                      as one of the sustainably-produced fish
                                                                                                      used in the Open Sushi chefs’ competition
                                                                                                      in Paris. Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board)
                                                                                                      says the selection of Irish organic salmon
                                                                                                      is a reflection of the food agency’s
                                                                                                      promotion of this as a top-class product
                                                                                                      France has 21 Michelin Star-Japanese
                                                                                                      chefs and 2,500 sushi or Japanese-themed
                                                                                                      restaurants and food corners. The sector
              Michelin Star chefs athe the Open Sushi competition
                                                                                                      offers potential for exporting high-quality
              where Irish organic salmon was on the menu.
                                                                                                      seafood, especially raw fish.

           WO R L D C H E E S E AWA R D S 2016                                                                                    T US YOU
                                                                                                                             EE              R

          Super Gold for Corleggy Cheeses

          Handmade, Irish cheese, Corleggy Hard Raw Goats Milk Cheese, scooped a coveted
          Super Gold accolade at the World Cheese Awards 2016 in San Sebastian.                                                                       ..

          A record number of 3,021 cheeses from all over the world, including Europe, Mexico, South
          America, the US and Australia vied for prestigious awards.
          Handmade in Belturbet, Co. Cavan, by mother and son team of Silke and Tom Cropp,
          Corleggy uses raw, unpasteurised milk from local herds. The multi-award winning
          Corleggy Cheeses have been made by the artisan company since 1995.
          “This prestigious international award means a whole lot to
          us, particularly because we are hoping to expand our
          export market to speciality cheese shops all over
          Europe,” said Silke.
          “We believe in the slow-food philosophy. It takes
          time for wonderful cheeses to develop and, now,
          expert judges have ranked us to be among the
          finest cheeses in the world.
          “We feel that the aroma and taste strike a
          perfect balance between rich and mild. Our
          cheese takes between eight weeks to four
          months to mature, depending on the season,
          weather and humidity. The rind is natural,
          edible and very flavoursome.”

                                                                                                                                    ISSUE 1 2017                    7

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MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
N E WS                                                                              @IrishFoodMag   www.irishfoodmagazine.com


                                                                                                              I N T E R N AT I O N A L
                                                                                                              CONGRESS OF
                                                                                                              M E AT S C I E N C E
                                                                                                              A N D T E C H N O LO GY

                                                                                                             TO CORK
                                                                                                             IN AUGUST
                                                                                                             The 63rd
                                                                                                             Congress of
                                                                                                             Meat Science
                                                                                                             and Technology
                                                                                                             (IcoMST) will
                                                                                                             be held in Cork,
                                                                                                             Ireland from
                                                                                                             August 13-18,
                                                                                                             2017. Registration
                                                                                                             and the call for
                                                                                                             papers are now

       €10.5m investment at                                                                                  open. The theme
                                                                                                             of the Congress is:
                                                                                                             How science can

       Midleton Distillery                                                                                   offer the meat
                                                                                                             production and
                                                                                                             processing sector
       Irish Distillers, Ireland’s leading supplier        Commenting on the latest investment,              solutions to enable
       of spirits and wines and producer of the            Jean-Christophe Coutures, chairman                it to nurture
       world’s most well-known and successful Irish        and CEO of Irish Distillers said:                 sustainably
       whiskeys, has announced plans for a €10.5           “Irish whiskey continues to enjoy                 at local level
       million investment at Midleton Distillery,          phenomenal global growth, led by                  while offering
       Cork. Three new copper pot stills will be           Jameson with sales of 5.7 million                 opportunities to
       installed at Midleton Distillery, increasing        cases in 2016. Irish Distillers has been          grow globally. The
       production capacity by over 30 per cent.            driving the growth of the category                Congress will focus
       Since 2012, Irish Distillers has invested €120      since 1988, a commitment further                  on discussing the
       million in the Midleton Distillery, €20 million     underpinned by investments of                     scientific basis of
       at its Fox and Geese bottling facility in Dublin    over €230 million since 2012. With                these and ways to
       and is currently investing €100 million at its      this additional investment of over                overcome major
       Dungourney maturation site. In August 2016,         €10 million at Midleton Distillery,               technological
       the company also announced an €11 million           the home of Irish whiskey, we will                challenges in their
       redevelopment project at the Old Jameson            ensure that we are positioned to meet             implementation.
       Distillery in Smithfield, Dublin, to showcase the   growing global demand and support
       best of Irish whiskey to the 600,000 whiskey        the growth of Irish whiskey in the
       tourists that come to Ireland every year.           international spirits category.”

   8             ISSUE 1 2017

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MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
Ashbourne Meat Processors supply premium chilled and
                 frozen beef products to leading retailers, manufacturers
                 and distributors throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa
                                    and the Middle East.

                                          Ashbourne Meat Processors
                                        Naas Industrial Estate, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
                          Tel: +353 45 875 400 Fax: +353 45 897 755 Email: ashmeats@ashmeats.ie
                                    Peter McMahon       Sales Contacts:          Leslie Kelly
                              Mobile: +353 87 245 3500                    Mobile: +353 87 279 2260
                            Email: pmcmahon@ashmeats.ie                   Email: lkelly@ashmeats.ie

   Ashbourne 210x280 .indd 1 9
IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd                                                                           17/09/201410:47
                                                                                                      02/02/2017    11:59
MIDDLE EAST - IrishFood Magazine
N E WS                                                                                    @IrishFoodMag       www.irishfoodmagazine.com

        O R N UA AC Q U I S I T I O N

       Ornua to acquire
       UK cheese business
       Ornua, Ireland’s largest exporter of Irish      FJ Need supplies a comprehensive           Welcoming the announcement, Kevin Lane,
       dairy products, recently announce that          range of UK and Irish cheese               CEO of Ornua said: “This acquisition will be
       it has signed an agreement to acquire FJ        ingredients to foodservice and             another important milestone in Ornua’s growth
       Need (foods) Limited, a Cheshire-based          food manufacturing sectors. Ornua          as a global supplier of quality dairy products. We
       cheese ingredients company. Established         has been a supplier of high-quality        are buying an excellent family dairy business
       over 40 years ago, the family-run cheese                                                   which allows us to significantly strengthen our
                                                       Irish cheese to FJ Need for many
       company includes a well-invested cheese
                                                       years. Its cheese production facility      presence in the UK ingredients sector. The
       cutting, grating and slicing facility, two
                                                       currently produces 16,000 tonnes           complementary nature of our customer bases
       cheese brands and a distribution fleet. The
                                                       per annum. Ornua believes that there       and the potential to further scale the business
       acquisition is central to Ornua’s strategy of
       further strengthening its core businesses       is significant potential to expand this    makes this a strong fit for Ornua. We are looking
       in Germany, North America and the UK.           capacity to take advantage of the          forward to working with Paul and Tracey Need to
       The company’s strong competencies will          rapidly growing foodservice market         grow the business in the coming years.”
       also strengthen Ornua’s UK business             for cheese ingredients both in the UK      Completion of the acquisition is subject to UK
       capabilities in the post-Brexit environment.    and in international markets.              competition approval.

  10             ISSUE 1 2017

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 10                                                                                                                   02/02/2017 10:47
‘Researching sustainable
                                       agriculture & driving
                                           innovation in the
                                             agriculture and
                                                 food sector’

         ‘Advising farmers to
         combine innovation
         with prudent business

                                              ‘Educating our
                                           future farmers to
                                             become lifelong
         Call us today on
         or visit www.teagasc.ie

  Teagasc 210x280.indd 1 1
IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 11                          01/06/2016
                                                          02/02/2017 14:34:11
                                                             01/06/2016   14:46
N E WS                                                                                        @IrishFoodMag     www.irishfoodmagazine.com


       DIAGEO announces launch of
       new whiskey brand Roe & Co
       Diageo is to launch a new premium              brand, Roe & Co. Diageo says the brand              this rich heritage with the creation of a new
       blended Irish whiskey, Roe & Co. The           has been created to reflect modern,                 distillery by converting the historic former
       move into the premium Irish whiskey            contemporary luxury, in everything from             Guinness Power House on Thomas Street.
       category will see Diageo invest €25 million    pack to liquid. Roe & Co is made using              The new St. James’s Gate distillery will be
       over three years in a whiskey distillery in    hand-selected stocks of Irish malt and grain        situated just a stone’s throw from where the
       the old power station at St. James’s Gate.     whiskies and aged in bourbon casks.                 George Roe and Co distillery once stood
       Irish whiskey is experiencing strong           Roe & Co is named in honour of George               and subject to planning approval will begin
       international growth. In 2015, it saw double   Roe, the once world-famous whiskey maker            production in the first half of 2019.
       digit growth and record exports of €400        who helped build the golden era of Irish            Diageo’s master blender Caroline Martin and
       million. Global sales of Irish whiskey have    whiskey in the 19th century. His distillery,        her team have been meticulously sourcing
       increased by over 300 per cent in the last     George Roe and Co, extended over 17 acres           and selecting stocks of the very finest Irish
       10 years and have been growing by double-      on Thomas Street in Dublin and was once             whiskies. Having trialled over 100 prototype
       digits since the mid-1990s.                    Ireland’s largest distillery. As neighbours for     blends since December 2014, Caroline has
       As it has done in other spirit categories      hundreds of years, George Roe and Co and            created an expression for the brand. The first
       in recent years, Diageo identified a           Guinness were the two biggest names at              blend of Roe & Co will be available in key
       clear opportunity in Irish whiskey and is      the heart of Dublin’s historic brewing and          European cities from March 1, 2017 as part
       responding to this with its own premium        distilling quarter. Diageo will now build on        of Diageo’s growing Reserve portfolio.

  12             ISSUE 1 2017

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 12                                                                                                                      02/02/2017 10:47
Real creamy butter
                                    with only half the fat.

                      Definitely not what you’d expect to find in a tub.

   Connacht Gold 210x280.indd 113
IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd                                                10/11/201611:38
                                                                           02/02/2017    11:07
I N T E RV I E W                                                                                       @IrishFoodMag        www.irishfoodmagazine.com

                                   Ireland is open
                                     for business
                              speaks with Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, as he
                           prepares to lead a trade mission to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

       With a seventh year of consecutive                    infant milk formula, and is home to three of           with partner companies in Ireland that have
       growth for the agri-food industry                     the biggest global names in the infant formula         those credentials on offer. It is a relatively newly
       recently announced, the Minister is                   industry, as well as indigenous exporters. “It’s       established body in Ireland but it is doing a
       keen to acknowledge the ambition of                   not exclusively what we do but it is the highest       lot of good work in creating awareness of our
       the industry. “It’s important, particularly           value-added area we can be in and we are one           green credentials, and that is very important.”
       in the context of a lot of challenges that            of the biggest global players in infant formula.”
       people see ahead, that these results give                                                                       Trade mission
       people the confidence to renew their                     Collaborative approach                              The Minister says the Middle East presents an
       endeavours. The figures shouldn’t be taken            One of the great things about the Irish agri-food      important opportunity for Ireland to continue
       in isolation. They are part of a trend now,           community in Ireland, according to the Minister,       growing its export base. “Export figures for
       a well established trend, since 2010, of              is the mix between large multinationals and            Saudi Arabia were up 80 per cent last year. It
       consecutive, year-on-year growth. They are            smaller, emerging brands and artisan producers,        was quite extraordinary growth, particularly
       also underpinning the ambition that is in             which all share the same ambitions. “The               in dairy formula and infant products.” He also
       the Food Wise 2025 document.”                         real story of the Irish food industry, in all its      believes there are opportunities to build on
       Launched in 2015, Food Wise 2025 is an                manifestations, is the differentiation in scale. You   Ireland’s reputation for high-quality beef exports
       industry-led, 10-year growth strategy for Ireland’s   have the global players, like Kerry Group, but you     with the opening of a new Chefs’ Irish Beef Club
       food and drinks sector. The Minister says it          also have all of the smaller players too. It’s great   chapter in the market (read more on page 44).
       is important to have a clear path for growth          to be on trade missions with these and to see the      The Minister’s visit will coincide with Gulfood
       against which progress can be measured. “We           interaction between them and the collaborative         in Dubai and, he says, events like this are an
       are doing quite well,” he says, commenting on         approach. With big players there is always some        important international showcase for Irish
       the success to date. “We are making progress.         competition but, overall, we are successful            producers. “The fact that Bord Bia now feels
       I chair an implementation committee where             because we work together. That template is             obliged to double our space at Gulfood is an
       we regularly bring in the various sectors and         well established and it will continue to drive our     indication of the confidence in the industry
       check the progress they are making against their      performance into 2017 and the years ahead.”            and the ambition it has in this market. That is
       stated objectives. We look at what impediments        The Minister will be demonstrating that                hugely important. Bord Bia puts a lot of effort
       they are coming up against and how we might           collaborative message during his visit to the          into this and the message that we would be
       address those. So, we are making progress on          UAE and Saudi Arabia in late February and              selling there is that we are open for business.”
       Food Wise 2025 and we would be very happy             early March with State agencies within the
       across the various sectors.”                          food industry – Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM                  Market access activities
                                                             – the Irish Seafood Authority), Enterprise             Irish food and drink exports are now destined
           Sustainable growth                                Ireland, Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board), and          for 180 world markets. “The markets we want
       The Minister says Food Wise 2025 has an               embassy staff – all participating. Also travelling     to be in are where the value-added sector is,
       important role to play when exploring new             as part of the trade mission will be Sustainable       where the informed consumer is.” The market
       markets and agreeing trade contracts. “We             Food Systems Ireland (SFSI). Established in            access unit at the Department of Agriculture,
       have a planned expansion strategy across all of       2014, SFSI’s mandate is to provide technical           Food and the Marine is constantly working
       the various commodity sectors. If you look at         assistance to Ireland’s trading partner                with agencies and industry and governments
       Food Wise 2025 it has its ambitions for beef,         countries internationally. The Minister says           in other countries to progress veterinary
       dairy, pork, seafood across all of the sectors.”      SFSI, along with the country’s sustainability          approval, market access conditions,
       He says it is a valuable tool to demonstrate to       commitments, differentiates Ireland as a trade         certifications, protocols, memorandums of
       companies and countries that are looking to           partner, because it doesn’t “just tell the story of    understanding, etc. “We have a product that
       secure supply into the future.                        Ireland and sustainability”, its role is to identify   we believe is unmatched in terms of its safety,
       “We are growing our business and we are               partnership opportunities with other countries         traceability and sustainability, and that is not
       doing it in a sustainable fashion.” However,          and companies, which are supported by the              an idle boast. We have international evidence
       he adds, Ireland is not just about volume.            quality and sustainability credentials set out         to suggest that. The European Research
       Delivering higher, value-added products is also       under Origin Green.                                    Centre audits our sustainability, we are
       central to the Food Wise 2025 strategy. The           “What SFSI brings to the table is the                  number one in terms of dairy sustainability,
       Minister notes the success of Ireland’s dairy         evidential basis for the claims we make and            we are fifth in Europe in terms of beef
       industry in this ambition. Ireland produces           the possibility of arranging partnerships              sustainability, we are doing an awful lot to
       close to 15 per cent of the globally-traded           between food businesses in these countries             improve that and not resting on our laurels.”

  14             ISSUE 1 2017

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 14                                                                                                                                    02/02/2017 10:47
www.irishfoodmagazine.com   @IrishFoodMag    I N T E RV I E W

              We have a product that
              we believe is unmatched
                   in terms of its
           traceability and
                   and that is not an
                  idle boast. We have
                international evidence
                    to suggest that.

                                                      ISSUE 1 2017           15

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 15                                     02/02/2017 10:47
R E S U LT S 2 0 1 6                                                               @IrishFoodMag      www.irishfoodmagazine.com

     Despite global and political uncertainty during
     2016, Irish food and drink exports delivered a
     seventh year of consecutive export growth to
     reach a record €11.15 billion. Bord Bia (the Irish
     Food Board) says this is a positive reflection on the
     industry’s market diversification strategy

     According to Bord Bia’s Export Performance and Prospects 2016-
     2017 report, international markets performed particularly well for            P R E PA R E D F O O D S
     Irish food and drink exports in 2016, accounting for 80 per cent of
     overall growth. International market values increased 13 per cent to          Overall, the prepared foods category – which
     €3.5 billion, while emerging markets, such as North America, China            includes dairy-based, enriched powders,
     and Asia, were valued at €1.1 billion, €845 million and €330 million          baked goods, confectionery, snacks, ambient
     respectively. Meanwhile, continental EU markets rose 3 per cent to            grocery, chilled foods, ready meals and cooked
     €3.53 billion. The UK, Ireland’s largest export market, recorded an 8         meats – was worth €1.9 billion in 2016. This was
     per cent decline. According to Bord Bia, this was, in part, a result of the   predominantly driven by the strength of dairy-
     challenging euro-sterling exchange rate and uncertainty around Brexit.        based, enriched powders, which accounted for
                                                                                   37 per cent of the category value. Padraig says:
        Diversification strategy                                                   “Exports to continental Europe were up 20 per
     Market diversification is a key pillar of Food Wise 2025, an industry-        cent. International markets increased 16 per cent.
     led growth strategy for the agri-food sector. Published in 2015, the          A good share of that is dairy-based enriched
     10-year programme recognised the importance of seeking out new,               powders but we are also beginning to see growth
     high-value markets. “Since 2010, international markets have accounted         in ‘typical’ prepared foods such as chocolate-
     for half of the growth in total exports, which reflects the industry’s        based confectionery and sugar-based products.
     ability to identify and develop new business opportunities,” says Padraig     “We have a mixture of very large players,
     Brennan, director of markets, Bord Bia.                                       particularly in dairy, prepared meats, and
                                                                                   chocolate confectionery. There are also a large
        Sector developments                                                        number of small-to-medium-sized businesses
     The strongest performers, in terms of export growth in 2016, were             that are highly export focused. We are exploring
     prepared foods, which delivered a solid performance that saw exports          niche opportunities where they see strong export
     increase by 9 per cent. This was followed by sheepmeat, beverages,            potential. We have begun to see that deliver
     pigmeat and, to a lesser extent, dairy. Weaker prices negatively affected     results but it is, for many of them, a gradual build
     the value of beef and edible horticulture exports, while lower volumes        rather than an overnight success.”
     affected seafood exports.

16           ISSUE 1 2017
www.irishfoodmagazine.com         @IrishFoodMag                                                               R E S U LT S 2 0 1 6

    DA I RY                                   M E AT
    The dairy products and
                                              While seeing a
    ingredients category was valued
                                              modest decline,                 A stronger price environment delivered positive
    at €3.38 billion in 2016, with
                                              Ireland’s meat                results for Irish sheepmeat exports, which increased
    almost 50 per cent of exports
                                              and livestock              in value terms by 4 per cent to €240 million. The UK and
    destined for international
                                              exports                  France continue to be the core markets for Irish sheepmeat,
    markets. With strong production
                                              continue to            accounting for just under 60 per cent of total export volumes.
    in key export regions outpacing                                    Exports to both markets eased slightly during 2016 but this
                                              account for
    demand, milk prices fell in early                                was offset by growth in European markets, including Germany,
                                              the largest
    2016. However, they rallied in                                   Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. Switzerland remains the main
                                              portion of
    the latter half of the year and                                   non-EU destination for exports followed by Hong Kong. There
                                              export values
    have been rising steadily since                                   was a strong increase in shipments to Switzerland making it
                                              at €3.66
    June. Growth in the category                                       one of the top five growth markets for Irish lamb. Shipments
                                              billion.                   to Germany rose 9 per cent, valued at an estimated €24
    was driven by increased volumes,
    which come on the back of an                                            million. Sweden is Ireland’s third largest sheepmeat
                                                                              market. Irish lamb has secured a strong presence
    expanded dairy industry, as well
                                                                                 across a number of Nordic retailers in both
    as higher exports of specialised
                                                                                 private label and branded offerings, which
    dairy nutritional powders.                                                              has helped boost exports.

                                                      Poultry exports fell 14 per cent to
                                                    around €275 million, despite stronger
                                                   export volumes, due to stronger supplies
                                                    and lower unit prices. The main export
                                                  markets were France and the Netherlands,
                                                     particularly for frozen and processed
                                                       product, while some growth was
                                                      recorded in trade to Spain, albeit
                                                        from a low base. Shipments to
                                                          international markets also
                                                             showed some decline.

                                                                                            Beef remains the category leader
                                                                                             at €2.38 billion. Export volumes
                                                                                           were up for the year but were offset
                                                                                          by a decline of 6 per cent on average
                                                                                          prices. A number of factors, including
                                                                                          increased EU beef output, exchange
                                                                                           rate fluctuations and a levelling off
                                                                                              of consumption in established
                                                                                                 markets contributed to a
                                                                                                      falloff in values.

                                                            Pigmeat exports were up 4 per
                                                           cent to €615 million in 2016 with
                                                          both volume and value increasing.
                                                        Exports to international markets grew
                                                           by close to 20 per cent, driven by
                                                        higher demand from Asia, particularly
                                                         China. Exports to the UK were back
                                                              slightly on 2015. Meanwhile,
                                                                 volumes to continental
                                                                   Europe were stable.

                                                                                                                  ISSUE 1 2017        17
R E S U LT S 2 0 1 6                                                                      @IrishFoodMag         www.irishfoodmagazine.com

                                                                    B E V E R AG E S
                                                                   Overall, beverage exports increased by an estimated 4 per cent to €1.4
                                                                   billion, driven by sustained growth in whiskey demand. There was a
                                                                   further rise in ‘craft’ exports and beer and cider also recorded growth,
                                                                   while liqueurs remained relatively steady. Exports of non-alcoholic
                                                                   beverages were boosted by stronger sales of mineral waters.
                                                                   Exports to the UK declined by an estimated 3 per cent to €380 million,
                                                                   meanwhile other European markets showed strong growth with an
                                                                   increase of more than 15 per cent to an estimated €315 million. France,
                                                                   Germany and Poland all showed strong growth due largely to growing
                                                                   whiskey and beer exports, coupled with stronger exports of non-
                                                                   alcoholic beverages. International markets grew further, largely due to
                                                                   higher whiskey exports to the US. Increased trade was also reported to
                                                                   Asia on the back of stronger whiskey and non-alcoholic beverages sales.
                                                                   This helped offset lower trade to Africa and the Middle East.

                    Seafood exports decreased by 3 per cent in 2016, to an estimated €555 million due to reduced volumes, which was
                    partly offset by price increases. France, Spain, the UK, Italy and Germany continue to dominate seafood exports,
                    accounting for some 63 per cent of value. France, the largest export market, grew 13 per cent to an estimated €140
                    million. Seafood exports to international markets were boosted by increased trade to Asia, which offset lower trade to
                    West Africa, which accounts for over 10 per cent of exports. “The main volume decline was in the pelagic sector, which
                    is mainly exported to West Africa,” says Padraig. “Those markets are heavily impacted by oil prices, which were notably
                    low in 2016. The other sectors in seafood, such as white fish, oysters and salmon, all experienced growth. But, because
                    pelagic accounts for over 50 per cent of our seafood exports, any impact there will have an impact on the overall value.”


                                                                                                                            of Irish seafood
                                                                                                                            exports are sold
               E D I B L E H O RT I C U LT U R E                                                                            in EU markets
               AND CEREALS
              Stronger mushroom volumes were offset by unfavourable
              exchange rates while exports of cereals, fruit and vegetables
              fell to leave total edible horticulture and cereals exports 8                               PROSPECTS
              per cent down at an estimated €230 million.                                                  F O R 2017
              The UK is the only large-scale export market for Irish
              mushrooms, which account for 40 per cent or €90 million                                Market conditions look set to remain
              of edible horticulture. Despite volume per buyer,                                  challenging in the year ahead but Bord Bia is
              frequency of purchase and volume per                                            hoping to build on the Irish food industry’s success
                                                                                              to date. Market diversification will continue to be
              trip growing in the UK in 2016, the
                                                                                              a focus, with Bord Bia hosting Irish exporters at 24
              value of mushroom exports
                                                                                            international trade fairs in 2017. Central to this will be
              declined, on the back of a                                                     Bord Bia’s continued market research, which gleans
              weaker sterling.                                                                 important market insights to support businesses
                                                                                                 looking to enter a new market. Furthermore,
              Mushroom exports                                                                    Ministerial visits are also in the pipeline to a
              account for 40% or over                                                              number of markets, which Bord Bia says

              €90 million                                                                             is important for opening doors and
                                                                                                          boosting Ireland’s reputation
              of edible horticulture                                                                              internationally.

  18             ISSUE 1 2017

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 18                                                                                                                     02/02/2017 10:47

                                   MIDDLE EAST MARKET

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 19                        02/02/2017 10:47

                Rising           sun
                for exports in Middle East
                       Ireland ranks second in the world for food security, according to the Global Food
                   Security Index, which scores countries for affordability, availability and the quality and
                   safety of food. This supports Bord Bia’s (the Irish Food Board) key message in the Middle
                      East market, that Ireland represents a secure supply partner in the food industry

       Michael Hussey, Middle East regional           Facing challenges                                  of 2016 were up by 80 per cent over the same
       manager, Bord Bia, says food security       In 2016, the value of Irish food and drink            period in 2015 to €5.9 million. These were
       is a key concern in the Middle East         exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)             direct exports and other products may have
       market, which is dependent on imports       marked an increase of 13 per cent in the first        entered Iran via Turkey, Kuwait or the UAE. Iran
       to supply 90 per cent of the region’s       10 months of 2015 versus the first 10 months          is a target market for Irish food companies and
       food needs. “They are focused on            of 2016 to to €47.1 million. Exports to the           will become an increasingly important market
       long-term supply and partnerships,”         whole Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) –                for Irish food, according to Michael.
       says Michael. With a small domestic         UAE, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman,               Despite the challenges, Michael says there are
       market, Ireland exports approximately       Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar – were down 13              still opportunities for Irish exporters.
       85 per cent of its agri-food outputs.       per cent. Michael explains that the market was        Michael describes Middle Eastern
       This, combined with Ireland’s strong        challenging due to low oil prices throughout          consumers as ‘foodies’ who take a keen
       focus on quality, traceability and          2016. “On a macro level things are tougher in         interest in high-quality food. “It is very much
                                                   the Middle East because of oil prices. I think        a foodie region. There are a lot of really
       sustainability make it a natural and
                                                   Saudi has been hit hardest, but the government        good restaurants and people don’t mind
       appealing partner for customers in the
                                                   in Riyadh is taking measures to re-balance its        occasionally spending money on good
       Middle East, says Michael.
                                                   economy, says Michael. The government of the          quality food in nice surroundings.”
       To highlight Ireland’s commitment to the    Kingdom recently began to impose a range of           Michael explains that Irish products appeal
       region, a Government-led trade mission      tariffs on imported goods ranging from 5 per          to customers and consumers in the affluent
       will take place in February to coincide     cent to 25 per cent in an effort to raise revenue.    markets of the Middle East because they offer
       with the upcoming Gulfood trade show        “GDP is still growing, it’s just slower than in       a number of points of difference, including
       in Dubai where Ireland will be doubling     previous years. The forecast for UAE is GDP           a grass-based production system for leading
       its floorspace this year to accommodate a   growth of about 2 per cent this year, Saudi will      exports such as dairy and beef, as well as the
       record number of exhibitors.                be similar.” Exports to Iran in the first 10 months   country’s commitment to sustainability.

  20             ISSUE 1 2017

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 20                                                                                                                     02/02/2017 10:47

                                                                                                             NEW CIBC CHAPTER
                                                                                                             FOR DUBAI
                                                                                                             In 2017, Bord Bia’s Chefs Irish
                                                                                                             Beef Club (CIBC) will open a
                                                                                                             new chapter in Dubai – the first
                                                                                                             outside of Europe. “We have
                                                                                                             always been on a mission to
                                                                                                             bring the CIBC to the Middle
                                                                                                             East. We brought over a group
                                                                                                             of chefs from the Middle East to
                                                                                                             Ireland in October. They have
                                                                                                             been working with Irish beef and
                                                                                                             are very favourably disposed
                                                                                                             towards Irish beef, so now we are
                                                                                                             ready to go. We will coincide the

                                     80% €5.9m
                                                                                                             launch with the trade mission
              Exports to Iran                                                over the same                   to the market with some very
                                                                                                             high-profile member chefs in the
               in the first 10                                              period in 2015 to
                                                                                                             Gulf,” says Declan Fennell, meat
              months of 2016                                                                                 division, Bord Bia.
                were up by                                                                                   Declan says opening a chapter
                                                                                                             in the Middle East is a coup for
                                                                                                             the CIBC because it is a high-end
              Sustainable expansion                        Saudi Arabia, which have the three biggest        and discerning market. “Dubai is
          According to Michael, for governments,           populations (Iran 80 million, Turkey 80           a logical place, a very premium
          buyers and citizens in Middle East markets,      million and Saudi Arabia 30 million.) We          market and very affluent. High
          sustainability is about having a safe,           are pretty well established in the UAE so it’s    disposable incomes etc. It will
          secure and continuous source of food. He         about building business in the other GCC          reinforce the business of being
          says that, through the combined efforts          markets, as well as Iran and Turkey, where        out there because it’s premium
          of Ireland’s exporters under the Origin          our exports are currently at very low levels,”    beef that goes into Dubai.”
          Green sustainability initiative, Ireland         says Michael. “Turkey, like Iran, is quite self   Dubai will bring the total
          is demonstrating its ability to “increase        sufficient but there are niche opportunities      number of chapters to nine.
          production in sustainable and efficient ways”.   for Irish exporters.” These niche                 “Since 2004, CIBC has grown
          As part of the Government-led trade mission      opportunities, according to Michael, include      from three markets and 12
          in February, Bord Bia will host an Origin        specialist dairy ingredients, value-added end     members. Over the last number
          Green dinner, which will highlight Ireland’s     products or consumer products, particularly       of years we have grown it
          production system. The menu for the              products in the free-from categories or           steadily. It has always been
          event will showcase the diversity of Origin      specialised health products. “You see a lot of    about good quality, good
          Green member companies who are already           growth in health food products – free from        calibre of chefs. Getting to nine,
          supplying product to the region, as well as      and low sugar or low fat products. Obesity        with our first chapter outside of
          exhibiting the quality of Irish exports.         is a big problem in that region and I think       Europe, is a big step change. It’s
                                                           governments are trying to address that and
                                                                                                             all about the ripple effect and
              Market opportunities                         encourage healthier options.”
                                                                                                             how it is having a positive effect
          In 2015, the industry-led strategy for
                                                                                                             and positive influence in terms
          growth, Food Wise 2025, was launched                High-end offering
                                                                                                             of positioning, building image
          by the Irish Government. In that strategy        Furthermore, Michael says, Irish products
                                                           are competing in the high-end marketplace,        and reputation. At the moment
          the Irish industry identified a need to build
          on Ireland’s export success to date and          with a significant value-added offering as        we have about 85-86 members
          to explore and diversify its reach within        opposed to trading in commodity products.         and counting. The expectation
          global markets. Michael explains that the        “Ireland is competing in the added-value          is that we will hit 100 in 2017,
          Middle East region presents a significant        product segment of the market, such as            which will be a real milestone.”
          opportunity for Irish exporters. “There          dry-aged beef, and that is targeting high-
          are three big markets: Iran, Turkey and          end foodservice markets.”

                                                                                                                              ISSUE 1 2017            21

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 21                                                                                                              02/02/2017 10:47
FOCUS                                                                                    @IrishFoodMag       www.irishfoodmagazine.com

                                    Ireland at
                                   Gulfood 2017
         This year, Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board) will host a record number of companies on the Ireland stand
          at Gulfood. Twenty-four Origin Green member companies are participating in 2017 and Bord Bia has
         doubled its space at the show. “We are across two stands this year, so it is big. As well as being in the
          national hall, where we have traditionally been, we also have space in the dairy hall,” says Michael
          Hussey, Middle East regional manager, Bord Bia. The 22 companies cover meat, dairy and prepared
           food categories. They can be found in World Food Hall Sd-D34/E33 and the Dairy Hall F1-34A2-47.

                             C.P. Ingredients
                             C.P. Ingredients has over 30 years’ experience supplying dairy
                             ingredients to global markets. Its knowledge of the global dairy
                             markets, combined with an esteemed research and development        Dairygold
                             team, puts the company at the forefront of product innovation
                             and supply. C.P. Ingredients is a supplier of milk powders, milk   Located in the rich, fertile ‘Golden Vale’
                             proteins, whey proteins, yoghurt powders, cream powders            of Munster, Dairygold is Ireland’s largest
                             and a range of organic powders. Its subsidiary company, Real       co-operative, supporting thousands of
                             Ingredients, manufactures and supplies cream cheese, cheddar       shareholder farmers for more than 150
                             slices for burgers, mozzarella, gouda, emmental and edam. The      years. Its members have a proud history of
                             company’s flavour house, Flaverco, has an extensive library that   producing quality-assured, sustainable, gold-
                             includes: sweet; savoury; fruit; herb and spice; plant extract;    standard dairy ingredients that enrich lives
                             nut; meat; fish; and alcoholic-style flavours. The R&D-focused     on a global scale. The co-operative remains
                             company collaborates with customers to provide products            focused on producing cheese and dairy
                             that reduce their processing time, storage and transport costs.    ingredients that can be traced from grass-fed
                             The company’s excellent network of forwarders enables it to        cows in Europe’s most fertile pastures, which
                             seamlessly coordinate any customer request. C.P. Ingredients       is used in a wide selection of dairy-based
                             Ltd is continually working on developing innovative ingredients    products in the infant formula, foodservice,
                             in order to meet its customers’ current and future needs.          milk powders and confectionery industries,
                                                                                                to name a few. Dairygold constantly strives to
                                                                                                add value to its nutritional products through
                                                                                                smart innovation, research, industry-leading
                                                                                                technology and world-class facilities.
                                                                                                With a clear vision and plan to be a global
                                                                                                player in supplying naturally-sourced dairy
                                                                                                nutritionals, Dairygold says it is boldly
                                                                                                shaping the future of the industry.

  22             ISSUE 1 2017

IrishFood_Issue1_Jan2017.indd 22                                                                                                                 02/02/2017 10:47
www.irishfoodmagazine.com              @IrishFoodMag                                                                                    FOCUS

                        DANSKO FOODS
                        Dansko Foods Ltd is a family-
                        owned dairy commodities
                        business based in Ireland’s
                        southwest. Established in
                        1986, the company sources
                        and supplies dairy ingredients –                   Ireland
                        including cheese, butter, butter
                                                                           Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII)
                        fats and milk powders – in bulk
                                                                           is Ireland’s leading dairy ingredients
                        or added-value formats to the
                                                                           company, processing over 2 billion litres of milk
                        UK, the EU, the US and New
                                                                           (approximately a third of Ireland’s milk pool) into a range of dairy
                        Zealand. As Ireland’s largest,
                                                                           ingredients for export to more than 60 countries. Drawing from a fully-
                        independently-owned dairy                          owned milk pool of 4,800 farmers and their dairy herds, GII produces
                        business, Dansko has supply                        top-quality dairy products from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals,
                        contracts with all major Irish                     providing for a fully traceable and sustainably produced ingredient.
                        and UK dairy companies. Its                        It supplies a range of ingredients to the infant formula market and
                        BRC higher grade production                        exports enriched milk powder to markets including West Africa, the
                        plant utilises state-of-the-art                    Middle East and Asia, in consumer-ready formats. GII sells a range of
                        technologies producing strictly                    dairy proteins into the clinical and sports nutrition sectors. It is one of
                        grass-fed, pasture-based and                       the key Irish dairy processors supplying cheese and butter to Ornua
                        hormone-free products.                             (the Irish Dairy Board), which is sold under the Kerrygold brand.
                                                                           The business employs almost 700 employees, with market bases in
                                                                           Ireland, Europe, the US and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). In its
                                                                           Dubai-based, Middle Eastern hub, Glanbia provides a complete offer
                                                                           to customers from B2B cheese, proteins and milk powders through to
                                                                           consumer-ready UHT and cheese products. In 2016, GII launched its
                                                                           new Wexford branded cheese into the Middle Eastern region, in the
                                                                           Horeca/foodservice and deli retail sectors, with a range of quality Irish
                                                                           cheddars available in 2.5kg and 5kg packs.

                        Glanbia Consumer Foods
                        Glanbia, Ireland’s largest dairy processor, is a world-leading global
                        nutrition company. Its consumer foods division produces a range of
                        fresh dairy produce, including milk, cream, cheese, butter and soups
                        under the Avonmore brand, and a portfolio of milk and creams under
                        regional brands. Glanbia also supplies a broad range of milk and food
                        products for third-party contracts. Avonmore is Ireland’s number one
                        milk and cream brand. Its success is built on quality and innovation and
                        Glanbia has driven growth through innovation to become the market
                        leader in the functional, value-added milk category. Glanbia recently
                        launched the Avonmore brand internationally with a range of premium
                        UHT milk and cream products including: whole milk (3.5 per cent);
                        semi-skimmed milk (1.5 per cent); skimmed milk (0 per cent); cooking
                        cream (18 per cent); and whipping cream (35 per cent). The range
                        is produced at a new 100-million litre, state-of-the-art UHT facility in
                        Ireland and packed using premium Tetra ‘Edge’ packaging to ensure
                        best product quality, shelf-life integrity and premium presentation in
                        market. Avonmore’s premium UHT milk and cream range is fully
                        traceable and sustainably produced in Ireland from top-quality milk from
                        grass-fed cows, which delivers superior taste and product functionality.

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                  Glenstal Foods

                  Founded in 1996, Glenstal Foods is Ireland’s
                  leading independent dairy trading and marketing
                  company. Its product range includes cheese, butter
                  and milk powders. The company has established
                  relationships worldwide with many multinationals
                  in the retail, foodservice and manufacturing sectors
                  of the food industry where dairy products are
                  utilised. Glenstal Foods is based in Murroe, Co.
                  Limerick, in the heart of Ireland’s ‘Golden Vale’.
                  Gareth Coleman, sales and marketing manager
                  commented: “The company has been exporting to
                  the Gulf region since 2008 and is well equipped
                  to meet the unique demands of the region’s
                  marketplace. Ireland is known for its grass-based
                  dairy industry and from this base, very high-quality
                  dairy products are produced. Glenstal Foods
                  is showcasing a variety of aged Irish cheddars                                             Ashbourne Meat Processors is a
                  in a variety of pack formats, Irish creamery                                               privately-owned company that supplies
                  butter in unique packaging and a select range of                                           high-quality beef to domestic and
                  complementary and seasonal food products.”                                                 worldwide markets. It operates its own
                                                                                                             slaughterhouse, cutting plants and
                                                                                                             modern processing facilities in Ireland,
                                                                                                             under the strictest quality control and
                                                                                                             management supervision. Ashbourne

                  Ornua                                                                                      Meat Processors holds higher-level
                                                                                                             European Food Safety Inspection
                  Ornua (the Irish Dairy Board) is an agri-food commercial co-operative that markets         Service (EFSIS)-approved ISO9001
                  and sells dairy products on behalf of its members, Ireland’s dairy processors, and         status. It also has modern processing
                  in turn the Irish dairy farmer. Ornua is Ireland’s largest exporter of Irish dairy         and cold-store facilities. The company
                  products and has global sales and marketing teams working in-market in places              offers full traceability from farm to
                  like Algiers, Beijing, Lagos and LA. Its core purpose is to bring quality Irish dairy      fork and is a member of the Bord Bia
                  products to markets around the world by sharing the story of Irish farming and             Quality Assurance Scheme. This is
                  explaining how Irish dairy products are produced sustainably from the milk of              coupled with a commitment to service,
                  grass-fed cows. Headquartered in Dublin, Ornua exports to over 110 countries with          which the company says gives it an
                  annualised sales of circa €2.5 billion. The business is structured across two core         edge in a competitive marketplace.
                  platforms; Ornua Foods and Ornua Ingredients. Ornua is the proud owner of the              Annually, Ireland produces close
                  iconic Kerrygold brand, as well as the Pilgrims Choice, Dubliner, Shannongold,             to 500,000 tonnes of beef, with
                  Forto, Eureka! and BEO Milk Powder brands. Ornua supplies superior quality                 450,000 tonnes exported across the
                  dairy ingredients to leading global food manufacturers                                     globe. Ashbourne Meats operates
                  from some of the world’s most technically advanced                                         modern processing, storage and
                  manufacturing and prepacking facilities located                                            handling facilities and, according to
                  in Africa, China, Ireland, Germany, Saudi                                                  the company, traditional methods of
                  Arabia, Spain, the UK and the US.                                                          husbandry, a mild climate, fine grasses
                                                                                                             and expert processing, as well as the
                                                                                                             company’s strong focus on quality,
                                                                                                             mean that you can taste the difference
                                                                                                             in its products. Ashbourne Meat
                                                                                                             Processors plays an integral part in the
                                                                                                             success and reputation of Irish beef.
                                                                                                             Its sales team has built trusted and
                                                                                                             lasting partnerships with distributors
                                                                                                             in Europe and beyond. Ashbourne
                                                                                                             Meat Processors is committed to
                                                                                                             sustainability and is a verified member
                                                                                                             of Bord Bia’s Origin Green.

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                                                                                        DAWN FARM FOODS
                                                                                        Dawn Farms is the leading, dedicated
                                                                                        cooked, fermented and dried-meat
                                                                                        ingredient supplier to great food brands
                                                                                        across the world. The company supplies
                                                                                        customised, cooked proteins for pizzas,
                                                                                        sandwiches, snacks and ready meals. Dawn
                                                                                        Farms operates from two state-of-the-art
                                                                                        production facilities in Ireland, incorporating
                                                                                        International Meat Ingredients (IMI), both of
                                                                                        which are certified halal, and a third facility
                                                                                        in Northampton, UK. Food innovation is an
                                                                                        essential element of the business and every
                                                                                        facility offers a best-in-class Meat Science &
                                                                                        Innovation Centre. Two key trends identified
                                                                                        through Dawn Farms’ NECTAR stage-
                                                                                        gate innovation process are the ‘quest for

                    Dawn                                                                health and wellness’ and ‘sustainable lives’
                                                                                        and these insights are incorporated in all

                    Meats                                                               new product development. As a result, all
                                                                                        Dawn Farms’ products are 100 per cent
                    The European                                                        free from artificial colours, hydrogenated
                    market has been                                                     fats, palm oil, nuts and MSG, while also
                    extremely important                                                 developing new products in line with the
                    for Dawn Meats since                                                latest EU regulations, including the UK Food
                    its establishment                                                   Standards Agency salt targets. In 2016,
                    in the early 1980s.                                                 Dawn Farms launched its new ‘Cooked
                    Headquartered in                                                    Cuts by Dawn Farms’ range of ready-to-eat,
                    Waterford, Ireland,                                                 cooked pizza toppings, sandwich and salad
                    Dawn Meats is one of                                                meats for the foodservice channel. Dawn
                    Europe’s largest family-owned meat processors and exports           Farms is also a founding member of Bord
                    to over 40 countries worldwide. The award-winning Dawn              Bia’s Origin Green sustainability programme
                    Meats currently processes and supplies a full range of farm-        and has made significant improvements in
                                                                                        its environmental footprint such as achieving
                    assured, quality beef and lamb products throughout Europe,
                                                                                        zero waste to landfill status.
                    including: carcasses, quarters, primals and skin-packs. It also
                    offers a range of shelf-ready meats, from raw to heat-and-serve
                    assortments, to discerning customers in retail, foodservice,
                    wholesale and manufacturing. Dawn Meats is a committed
                    member of the Origin Green sustainability programme and
                    its endeavours in this field have been recognised, with several
                    prestigious awards including: ‘Green Large Organisation of the
                    Year’ at the Green Awards, and ‘Excellence in Environment’
                    from the Chambers Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility
                    Awards. Furthermore, Dawn Meats has been listed in the Great
                    Taste Top 50 Foods for three consecutive years since 2014. The
                    company guarantees complete traceability along the chain from
                    farm to fork, with production to the highest standards, always
                    a priority. Dawn Meats also has sales and marketing offices,
                    located in Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Poland
                    and Shanghai, which provide hands-on technical sales support.

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