News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach

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News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach

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News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach
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                                     Just local, high-quality care.

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News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach

    Gili’s Beach Club invites you to a monthly art series, ArtSea Saturdays –
a blend of happy hour, culture & beach vibes. Chill with music by DJ Nuny Love.
    JANUARY 18 • FEBRUARY 15 • MARCH 14 • APRIL 25
     4 – 8 pm, Light bites menu & happy hour drink specials.
                     Kids’ activities available.
      Admission and Valet parking for all events are complimentary. For more information
  please contact the resort concierge at 305-692-5600 ext 206 or visit

   Trump International Beach Resort | 18001 Collins Avenue | Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach
savvy information

                                                   dear reader
                                                   Every day I am reminded why I live in this beautiful city. Te weather, views
                                                   and activities are all driving factors, but the safety of the City of Sunny Isles
                                                   Beach is unparalleled. Our police department serves the community around
                                                   the clock and it is no surprise that the city is regarded as one of the safest
                                                   municipalities in Miami-Dade County. In 2018, our total crime index was
                                                   336, down 8 percent from 2017. And out of the 336 crimes committed, 89.9
                                                   percent were nonviolent property crimes. Te department’s clearance rate,
                                                   the rate at which a crime is solved, is 29.8, which means we are in the top tier
                                                   of clearance rates compared to the rest of the county.
                                                      Led by Chief Dwight Snyder, our police department is composed of 56
                                                   sworn ofcers, 13 non-sworn personnel and 37 lifeguards, all committed to
      George ‘Bud’ Scholl
      Mayor                                        the safety and well-being of the Sunny Isles Beach community. Trained at
                                                   the highest caliber, our ofcers assume the responsibility of protecting the
                                                   city above all. I’m sure you have seen our ofcers patrolling the streets or at
                                                   our city events, but they are also active in our community in a multitude of
                                                   additional capacities.
                                                      Last holiday season, the department participated in the annual Police
                                                   Ofcer Assistance Trust (POAT) holiday gift drive at the Aventura Mall,
      Larisa Svechin           Dana Goldman        where they collected donations for children of law enforcement ofcers who
      Vice Mayor               Commissioner
                                                   died in the line of duty. In November, several ofcers delivered turkeys and
                                                   produce to Sunny Isles Beach families in need as part of the Miami-Dade
                                                   County League of Cities Annual Tanksgiving Turkey Drive.
                                                      Twice a year, the Police Department hosts a Shred-A-Ton and DEA Drug
                                                   Takeback Day, where residents can bring confdential documents to safely
                                                   shred or dispose of old or unwanted prescription drugs. Troughout the year,
      Alex Lama                Jeniffer Viscarra
                                                   PD ofers bicycle helmet fttings and car seat installations for individuals and
      Commissioner             Commissioner        families. For those of you with children at the school, you probably know or
                                                   have seen Sergeant Gonzalez, our school police resource ofcer. She is on
                                                   campus every school day to ensure the safety of our students.
                                                      Since its inception in 1998, the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department has
                                                   developed into a force of award-winning and highly skilled ofcers and staf.
                                                   As we enter a new decade, our police department is stronger than ever in their
                                                   pursuit to keep our city safe.
                                                                                                    George ‘Bud’ Scholl

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News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach
spring season 2020

Dear Reader                      4   Our Parks                   26

CITY WISE                            Community Center Membership 28

At Your Service                  7   Program Registration        29

Get Connected                   8    Youth Activities            30

City Manager’s Quarterly Report 10   Adult Activities            32

City Map                        12   Senior Activities           34

SIB Resident Information        14   Library Programs            35

For Your Safety                 16   IN & AROUND TOWN

SIBshuttle                      17   Nearby Attractions          36

CULTURAL &                           Activities Throughout

COMMUNITY SERVICES                     South Florida            38

Welcome!                        18   Hotel Guide                 40

Ongoing Services & Activities   19   Beachside Guide             41

2020 Calendar                   20   Restaurant Guide            42

Spotlight: Spring Events        22   Sister Cities               44

Cultural Event Trips            24   Contact Information         45

                                                                      Spring has
                                                                      sprung! Take
                                                                      a peek at
                                                                      our spring
                                                                      calendar of
                                                                      events on
                                                                      page 22.

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News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach

                                                                                news events programs
                                                                                           •              •

                                         PUBLISHED BY CITY OF SUNNY ISLES BEACH
                                         CULTURAL & COMMUNITY SERVICES
                                         18115 North Bay Road • Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
                                           Mayor                                           George ‘Bud’ Scholl
                                           Vice Mayor                                            Larisa Svechin
                                           Commissioner                                         Dana Goldman
                                           Commissioner                                              Alex Lama
                                           Commissioner                                       Jeniffer Viscarra
                                           City Manager                                   Christopher J. Russo
                                           Deputy City Manager                                      Stan Morris
                                           Assistant City Manager                              Susan Simpson
                                           City Clerk                                       Mauricio Betancur
                                           Director, Cultural & Community Services                 Sylvia Flores
                                           EDITORIAL AND DESIGN
                                           Editor                                                         Kathy Fernandez
                                           Managing Editor                                                   Alayne Yeash
                                           Managing Editor of Programs                                     Colin Summers
                                           Creative: BBC LLC                                               Bonnie Bennett
                                           Associate Designer                                               Marcus Alonso
                                           Printing                                                        Colonial Press
                                           Administrative Management                           Alayne Yeash, Myranda Tarr
         City of Sunny Isles               PHOTOGRAPHY
        Beach Visitor Center               Contributing Media:
                                           Video Production Manager                                          Mike Tribby
    LOCATED IN THE GOVERNMENT              Video Production Specialist                                  Alexander White
     CENTER FIRST FLOOR LOBBY              Web and Social Media Specialist                                Leah Einwalter
                                           Public Relations and Media Specialist                            Myranda Tarr
          Free Tourist Information         Cover photo                                              Mykola Khodorovsky
           Souvenirs for Purchase          Contributing photography      Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach, istock,
                                                                                          thinkstock, Greater Miami CVB
                                           Photography throughout       Beatrix Csinger, louri Dovnarovich, Harry Frahm,
             Sunny Isles Beach
                                                                                    Mykola Khodorovsky, Sonny Sabatto
           Government Center
          18070 Collins Avenue
                                           ADVERTISING SALES
                                           Contact Cultural & Community Services                             305.792.1706
           Hours of Operation:                                                              
        Mon—Sat, 10:00 am— 4:00 pm
                                           CORRECTIONS & CLARIFICATIONS
          Sunny Isles Beach Living will occasionally include short excerpts from relevant
               305.792.1952                material drawn from a variety of sources. As such, this content is offered as
                                           freely accessible information, widely available within the public domain.
                                           ©City of Sunny Isles Beach • February 2020

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News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach
savvy information

                                                                                         The SIB Government Center houses
                                                                                         all of your important government needs
                                                                                         including a U.S. Post Offce, MDC
                                                                                         library branch, police department,
                                                                                         visitor center, and permitting services.

                                                        T     he Sunny Isles Beach Government
                                                              Center, situated in a pedestri-
                                                        an-friendly area at the heart of the City,
                                                                                                     around South Florida. Sunny Isles Beach
                                                                                                     branded merchandise along with tickets
                                                                                                     for all events and programs are available
Beach Condition Hotline                305.792.1940     opened in January 2005.                      for purchase as well.
Building Permits and Inspections       305.947.2150
                                                           Within the 54,000-sq.-ft. edifce is          Housed on the second foor of the
City General Information               305.947.0606
Code Compliance, 24/7 Hotline          305.792.1760     the Commission Chamber surrounded            Government Center is the SIB Police
Community Planning & Zoning            305.792.1740     by a civic plaza, combining landscape,       Department, open 24/7. Elevators from
Cultural Arts, Sports Programming,                      water, and contrasting building materi-      the lobby take visitors to the second
   Concerts & Other Events             305.792.1706
                                                        als. Te internal operations of the City      foor during regular business hours,
Emergencies and Fire                            911
Miami-Dade County Call Center                   311
                                                        are conducted in this building, and gov-     though after hours, the police depart-
Police Department                      305.947.4440     ernment meetings are generally held the      ment can only be accessed via the second
Sports Hotline                         305.792.1944     third Tursday of each month.                 level of the parking garage. Accident and
Stormwater and Street Maintenance      305.792.1711        Housed inside this vision you will        crime reports may be requested at the
Visitor Center                         305.792.1952
                                                        fnd a satellite branch of the United         records department.
Sunny Isles Beach Government Center
                                                        States Post Ofce open Monday-Friday,            Te third foor of the Government
18070 Collins Avenue • Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
                                                        brought through a partnership with the       Center provides residents, visitors and
City Hall                  Mon—Fri, 8:30 am—5:00 pm
Police Station                   2nd Floor, Open 24/7   Federal Government, and the MDC              contractors information regarding code
Miami-Dade County Library               305.682.0726    Sunny Isles Beach branch library open        compliance, parking, building permits
   Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat              9:30 am—6:00 pm     Monday-Saturday, which ofers an as-          and business licensing.
   Wed, Thurs                      11:30 am—8:00 pm
                                                        sortment of classes and programs in the         Te fourth foor is home to the
Building Department, Third Floor
   Mon—Fri                          7:30 am—3:30 pm     City’s frst foor meeting room.               City Commission; ofces of the City
Code Compliance, Third Floor                               Te frst foor is completed with a          Clerk and Manager; human resources
   Mon—Fri                          8:30 am—3:30 pm     Visitor Center, supported by the Sunny       department; and fnance department.
Visitor Center            Mon—Sat, 10:00 am—4:00 pm     Isles Beach Tourism and Marketing            Constituents may make appointments
United States Post Office               800.275.8777
                                                        Council. Te Visitor Center ofers tour-       to meet with their elected ofcials
   Mon—Fri                          8:45 am—4:15 pm
Government offices are closed on federal holidays.      ists and residents alike a wealth of re-     or request public records from the
                                                        sources for fnding activities and events     City Clerk.

                                                                                                                   spring 2020 • 7
News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach
savvy information

                               get connected
                                  ASK CITY HALL — An interactive section on our City’s
                                  website,, which lets residents send inquiries directly
                                  to the appropriate department. Suggestions, compliments and
                                  complaints are all handled in a timely manner.

                                  EMAIL — To get the most current information regarding
                                  City meetings, events, or non-emergency information con-
                                  veniently delivered to your inbox, sign up for our free eSIBi
                                  notifcation service, or electronic Sunny Isles Beach infor-
                                  mation. Unsubscribing is easy if the information is no longer
                                  needed. Visit to sign up.

                                  PHOTO GALLERY — We take photos at many of the events
                                  hosted by the City. Tese photos are edited and uploaded to
                                  our online photo gallery, hosted by Zenfolio. Look through
                                  past events and download any pictures you may want to keep

                                  RADIO — A wealth of information is available at 1120 AM.
                                  Listen for information about events, City services and City parks.

                                  SIBAlert — Sign up for SIBAlert to receive accurate and up-
                                  to-date emergency notices and warnings from the City.
                                  Opt-in to receive phone calls, text messages, emails, or mobile
                                  application notifcations. Visit for more informa-
                                  tion and to register.

                                  SIBislander — Mailed to every household, this publication
                                  comes out monthly announcing programs and events, ofer-
                                  ing a glimpse of City services and current important resident

                                  SIBTV — A 24/7 broadcast on Atlantic Broadband channel
                                  662 and AT&T U-verse channel 99. Tis station’s program-
                                  ming includes information about beach accesses and parks, a
                                  listing of City special events and concerts, activities for youth,
                                  adults and seniors, library programs, and cultural event trips.
                                  Also included are trafc alerts and SIBshuttle schedules, along
                                  with informational videos.

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News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach
savvy information

                                            STAY CONNECTED
                                            A Makeover for Our Photo Gallery
SOCIAL MEDIA — Stay up-to-date
with upcoming events, important
announcements and trafc alerts by           Did you know we manage          search feature where you
following @CityofSIB on Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram. For important        an online photo gallery         can explore our various
safety tips, emergency alerts and other     with images from our            photo collections. City staff
police-related news, follow the Sunny
Isles Beach Police Department               events, programs and ac-        attend most major events
@SIBPD on Facebook and Twitter.
Social media is an excellent way to
                                            tivities? You can see all our   and meetings as well as sev-
connect with your community and             best images by visiting         eral youth, adult and senior
learn about new services and programs
ofered by the City.                We recent-     programs, striving to cap-
                                            ly unveiled a new look for      ture the best memories. So
Tis quarterly publication contains          our photo gallery, which is     the next time you see one
City updates from the Mayor and City        easier to navigate and more     of our city photographers,
Manager, along with a calendar of events
and programs for each season. Tis is        modern. We now have a           say cheese!
a valuable resource with which to fnd
information regarding local and regional
services and activities.

WEBSITE — Online 24/7 for your
convenience, all City information can
be found at with links to other
government services such as Miami-Dade
County and the State of Florida. A calen-
dar of events and information about City
services are available at your fngertips.

YOUTUBE — Explore the City’s
YouTube channel where you can see
the best of our video content. Our
production team records City events,
concerts, activities and meetings, and
produces short recaps, promos, and
informational pieces. Tese videos can
now be found on our YouTube channel,

                                                                                        spring 2020 • 9
News events programs - SPRING 2020 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2 - City of Sunny Isles Beach
savvy information

                              City Manager’s Quarterly Report
                                                  Sunny Isles Beach Becoming a City of Art

                              The City of Sunny Isles Beach is known as a hub of beautiful architecture, but now
                              we are also becoming a city known for art. In 2016, the city commissioned a Cultural
                              Master Plan (CMP), which, among other things, was designed to strategically use art
                              and culture to enhance the aesthetic appearance and overall quality of life in the city.
                              At the same time, the CMP creates a new sense of community for the diversity of cul-
                              tures that make up our residents.
                                  In this regard, our Art in Public Places ordinance requires developers to include
                              an element of art as they construct their projects. Many of our quality developers are
                              embracing this new requirement as an opportunity to enhance their own projects and
                              a way to improve the urban environment, increase the use of public space and celebrate
                              our community. Working with our newly formed Public Arts Advisory Committee
                              (PAAC), which consists of six highly credentialed residents, a public art curator and
                              appraiser, and a CMP consultant, we are already seeing new pieces around the city.
                              Last year, the Ritz Carlton unveiled a beautifully commissioned sculpture created by
     Christopher J. Russo
     City Manager             renowned sculptor Pablo Atchugarry. Carved from Carrara marble and standing 11
                              and half feet tall, “Dreaming the Future” sits at the base of the Ritz Carlton near the
                              sidewalk for residents, passersby, and visitors to enjoy.
                                  Te corner of 163 Street and Collins Avenue will soon display a Manolo Valdes sculp-
                              ture known as “Blue Butterfies” at the new ofce building by Joseph Milton and the
     At its core, the city    St. Tropez developers. Tis artist has similar pieces throughout Valencia, Spain; Place
                              Vendome, Paris; Berkeley Square, London; Tapei, Taiwan and now, Sunny Isles Beach.
     is focusing on using         Armani Casa developers on the east side of Collins Avenue are approaching art
                              from a diferent perspective. To create an innovative and sustainable work of art, they
     infrastructure as an     are installing “Te Green Wall” by Enea Landscape Architects and LiveWall. Te
                              unique plantings of this piece bring passersby a sense of calm set against the steel and
                              glass structure behind it.
     opportunity to create
                                  On the city’s end, the PAAC is designing a meditation garden on the site of the old
                              skate park contained within Town Center Park. Te garden will be landscaped and
     art based on certain     shaded, and also include some interesting artistic pieces. Park visitors will be greeted
                              by a very uncommon wire contemporary art sculpture by Korean artist, Seo Young-
     standards, guidelines,   Deok, composed of a metal grade link chain depicting a woman meditating. Te piece
                              is approximately 10 feet tall and six and a half feet wide, and was contributed by the de-
     and goals established    velopers of the Muse Project. Te garden will also feature a meditative refective foun-
                              tain using polished stainless steel, light and water. Te fountain is designed by English
                              artist, David Harber, who has pieces in England, France and various sites across the
     by the PAAC.
                              United States.
                                  At its core, the city is focusing on using infrastructure as an opportunity to create
                              art based on certain standards, guidelines, and goals established by the PAAC. Tree
                              overarching goals exist in terms of infrastructure throughout the city:

10 • spring 2020
savvy information

• Unifying pedestrian movements and
• Creating conversation through com-
   munity bonding.
• Improving and enhancing existing fo-
   cal points.
    Hereof, the city’s pedestrian bridg-
es over Collins Avenue will feature for-
ward-thinking architectural design. Te
Commission is also looking to re-imagine
and replace the current identifying sig-
nage at the city’s four entrance and exit
points. Tis is an opportunity to create
unique “signature” art for the city. Te
concept of crosswalk art on local streets
is also being explored.
    We continue our quest to procure new
artwork and establish art events. Several
events have already been implemented -
outdoor painting pop-ups on the pedestri-
an bridge and the beach; the creation of a
painting club; and a pop-up art show in the
Government Center. New cultural events
are also coming into focus. For example,
this February, the city is hosting Sympho-
ny of Flavors at Gateway Park, blending
locally-sourced fne dining and orchestral
music in an intimate outdoor venue.
    Finally, through surveys conducted
by Cultural Master Plan consultants,
we learned that both developers and res-
idents alike have expressed interest in
hosting an art festival. To that regard,
the PAAC is exploring future partner-
ship opportunities with a national arts
festival. We are starting to see beautiful
enhancements around Sunny Isles Beach
and have more to come. Stay tuned for fu-
ture artistic updates.

                                                spring 2020 • 11
                                          19200 COLLINS AVENUE
                                        2 GOLDEN SHORES PARK
                                          201 191 TERRACE
                                        3 PELICAN COMMUNITY PARK
                                          18115 NORTH BAY ROAD
                                        4 SEN. GWEN MARGOLIS PARK
                                          17815 NORTH BAY ROAD
                                        5 SAMSON OCEANFRONT PARK
                                          17425 COLLINS AVENUE
                                        6 TOWN CENTER PARK
                                          17200 COLLINS AVENUE
                                        7 GATEWAY PARK
                                          151 SUNNY ISLES BOULEVARD
                                        8 PIER PARK
                                          16501 COLLINS AVENUE
                                        9 BELLA VISTA BAY PARK
                                          500 SUNNY ISLES BOULEVARD
                                        10 OCEANIA PARK
                                           16320 COLLINS AVENUE
                                        11 INTRACOASTAL PARK
                                           COLLINS AVENUE, 159 TO 163 STREET

12 • spring 2020fall 2019
also shown on page 40
    RAMADA PLAZA                                         17700 COLLINS AVENUE
                                                     G   DOUBLETREE BY HILTON OCEANPOINT
B   MARENAS BEACH RESORT & SPA                           RESORT & SPA
    18683 COLLINS AVENUE                                 17375 COLLINS AVENUE
    18401 COLLINS AVENUE                                 17315 COLLINS AVENUE
    18001 COLLINS AVENUE                                 16701 COLLINS AVENUE
    17875 COLLINS AVENUE                             AND LOCATED IN AVENTURA…
                                                         JW MARRIOTT MIAMI TURNBERRY RESORT & SPA
                                                         19999 WEST COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE

                                                                                        • •
                                                                                                  spring 2020    fall 2019 13
savvy information

                                Everything About Sunny Isles Beach
                                We’re So Glad You Asked!

                                Visitors return yearly to our coastal beach oasis enjoying
                                the walkable paradise with family-friendly parks, luxurious
                                hotels and pristine beaches. Tis desirable location, with its
                                proximity to the ocean, inspires many vacationers to make
                                our city their permanent home.

                                I  mmediately apparent to those who
                                   visit Sunny Isles Beach, the quality
                                of life here is second to none.
                                                                          KINDERGARTEN—GRADE 8
                                                                          Norman S. Edelcup SIB K–8 School
                                                                          201 182 Drive, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
                                With high-end homes, conveniently
                                located retail stores, an assortment      MIDDLE SCHOOL, GRADES 6–8
                                of community and recreational             Highland Oaks Middle School
                                programs, and a free shuttle bus          2375 NE 203 St, North Miami Beach, FL 33180
                                service, the city is an inviting oasis    305.932.3810
                                for visitors and residents alike.
                                                                          HIGH SCHOOL, GRADES 9–12
                                When you consider our award-
                                                                          Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High
                                winning Police Department, A-rated
                                                                          Biscayne Bay Campus
                                schools, and superior healthcare re-      2601 NE 151 St, North Miami, FL 33181
                                sources, there is no other city quite     305.919.2000
                                as alluring as Sunny Isles Beach.
                                   We deeply believe working closely      Dr. Michael M. Krop High School
                                with schools and community organi-        1410 NE 215 St, Miami, Florida 33179
                                zations helps develop a well-rounded
                                and cultured student. Te city
                                                                          For more information about public
                                encourages students to further their      schools, special and magnet pro-
                                education following high school with      grams, contact Miami-Dade County
                                the College Scholarship Program.          Public Schools at:
                                                                          Miami-Dade County Public Schools
                                Education                                 1450 NE 2 Ave, Miami, Florida 33132
                                Te following public schools are           North Region Office: 305.572.2800
                                available to Sunny Isles Beach stu-       Charter Schools: 305.995.1403
                                dents as well as several private and      Magnet Schools: 305.995.1922
                                religious schools nearby:       

14 • spring 2020
savvy information


Higher Education                             Healthcare
Florida International University             Tis area boasts three of the fnest
Biscayne Bay Campus                          medical facilities in South Florida.
3000 NE 151 St, North Miami, FL 33181                                      AVENTURA HOSPITAL
University of Miami                          20900 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180
1320 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146     305.682.7000
                                                Aventura Hospital and Medical
Miami-Dade College
                                             Center is a facility of Hospital Corpor-
300 NE 2 Ave, Miami, FL 33132
                                             ation of America (HCA) East Florida.
Barry University                             Tis facility has served the region for
11300 NE 2 Ave, Miami, FL 33161              more than 50 years with 407 acute care         committed to helping our community                                    beds, award-winning inpatient and out-         lead healthier lives. Visit
St. Thomas University                        patient diagnostic, medical, surgical,         for a schedule of free health screenings
16401 NW 37 Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33054     cancer and trauma services. To speak to        and lectures.                                      a nurse 24/7 or get a physician referral,
                                             call Consult-A-Nurse® at 305.682.6677.         NORTH SHORE MEDICAL CENTER
Residential Areas
                                                                                            1100 Northwest 95 St, Miami, FL 33150
While we are well-known for the
                                             MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL: Aventura                 305.835.6000
luxurious high-rise condos with ocean
                                             2845 Aventura Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180            North Shore Medical Center provides
and city views along with unique devel-
                                             305.692.1010                                      exceptional care with a focus on patients.
opments and architecture, equally
                                             Mount Sinai Medical Center                        Te Center is known for a comprehensive
notable are the enclaves of single-family
                                             4300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140              multi-specialty program dedicated to
homes found at each end of the city and
                                             305.674.2273                                      high-risk maternity with the area’s only
the lavish condos with breathtaking
                                             Mount Sinai Primary and Specialty Care            Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,
views to the west and on the Intracoastal
                                             323 Sunny Isles Blvd, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 Miami-Dade’s frst Trombectomy Ca-
Waterway. We are considered a walkable
                                             786.274.8105                                      pable Stroke Center, Robotic Surgery
community and with the free shuttle bus
                                                Mount Sinai Primary and Specialty Program, Comprehensive Breast Institute
service, you can comfortably leave your
                                             Care Sunny Isles Beach ofers special- and Cancer Center for treatment. To
car in the garage to pursue shopping and
                                             ized care in cardiology, urology, endo- fnd a physician near you, please call
dining along Collins Avenue.
                                             crinology and internal medicine.                  1.855.768.5766.
Police in your Community                        Mount Sinai Medical Center is
Te Police Department is committed to         the largest private, independent, not- Clean Water Campaign
proactive community policing. Ofcers         for-proft teaching hospital in South We are committed to assisting and
are in the schools, on the streets, in the   Florida, combining technology, research educating the community about our
parks, and always there for you. You will    and academics to provide innovative Clean Water Campaign. Our respon-
often fnd them at city events providing      and comprehensive care in cardiology, sibility for clean water begins at home
important safety tips and promoting          neuroscience, oncology and orthopedics. and continues in the workplace and the
programs such as car seat installations,        In addition to providing quality health public spaces we enjoy. Visit our website
bike helmet fttings, and shred-a-thons.      care, Mount Sinai Medical Center is at to learn more.

                                                                                                               spring 2020 • 15
savvy information

                                                      for your safety
                                                      Please review these guidelines to ensure a safer experience in
                                                      Sunny Isles Beach for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffc.
                                                      The speed limit on both state roads, Collins Avenue and Sunny
                                                      Isles Boulevard, is 35 miles per hour. The speed limit on all side
                                                      streets in the City is 20 miles per hour. At designated times, in
                                                      school zones, the speed limit is enforced at 15 miles per hour.

                                                      On the Road
                                                       • Texting while driving is now a primary trafc ofense. Drivers are prohibited from
                                                         utilizing any type of wireless communication device to type or send electronic
                                                         messages while the vehicle is in motion, and prohibited from using any type of
                                                         handheld communication while driving in a designated school zone or active
THE MEANING OF                                           construction area where workers are present.
                                                       • Remember: pedestrians always have the right-of-way.
PEDESTRIAN SIGNALS                                     • Use caution when turning and look both ways to ensure a pedestrian is not in a
                                                       • When the pedestrian crossing light is fashing, vehicles MUST stop; it’s the law.
                                                       • Vehicles must come to a complete stop in both directions when a school bus is
Walking person symbol                                    stopped with fashing lights.
Stays on about 7 to 15 seconds                         • No stopping or standing is permitted in driving lanes.
                                                       • Always wear a seat belt in the car.
     ACTION: Walk briskly across the crosswalk.       On the Sidewalk
                                                       • Never assume a vehicle will stop for you; do not rely on drivers to see you.
Flashing hand symbol                                   • Walk on sidewalks and do not leave the curb suddenly.
Counts down by seconds                                 • Cross at intersections with trafc lights featuring a lighted ‘walking person.’
                                                       • City Ordinance 2014-432 prohibits skateboards and hoverboards on sidewalks along
     ACTION: Consider where you are before               Collins Avenue and Sunny Isles Boulevard.
     you take action. If you are in the middle of     On a Bicycle
     the crosswalk, keep walking briskly. If you       • Bicyclists may ride on a marked bike path from Heritage Park in the north end of the
                                                         City to Gateway Park in the south with only a short traverse onto Collins Avenue
     are standing on the curb, stop. DO NOT
                                                         near Publix.
     start crossing; wait for the next walk signal.    • Always wear a bike helmet properly.
     The fashing red hand tells you there is not       • To be more visible to motorists use front and back fashing lights.
                                                       • Use hand signals when turning or slowing to a stop.
     enough time to begin walking.
                                                       • While bicycles should have the right-of-way, make eye contact with drivers to
                                                         understand their intentions.
NON-fashing hand symbol
                                                      What’s New
     ACTION: DO NOT WALK                              Government Center Pedestrian Crosswalk Light
                                                       • Tis completed crosswalk allows easy access to safely traverse Collins Avenue.
     Wait for the walking person signal to
                                                      Government Center & 174 Street Pedestrian Bridges
     fash. Your safety is worth a few seconds          • Tese two future bridges over Collins Avenue will provide a safe way to cross Collins
     more of wait time.                                   Avenue back and forth from east to west.

16 • spring 2020
savvy information

GE T TING THERE                           in style
Ride the free SIBshuttle
Service 7 days a week! Easy, clean and comfortable travel around town
and to several key destinations

                  The SIBshuttle is your free, convenient ride around Sunny
                  Isles Beach and its neighboring cities. With a plethora of
                  stops in key locations, traveling to your destination is quick
                  and simple.

AMENITIES                                MOBILE APP
All SIBshuttle buses offer free Wi-Fi    To see the SIBshuttle’s real-time lo-
and are accessible, equipped with        cation, arrival time and a list of stops,
                                                                                       Free Wi-Fi on all
a lift for wheelchairs. In addition to   download the mobile app, SIBshuttle.
connecting with neighboring cities       Available on the App Store or Google          SIBshuttle Buses
such as Aventura, Hallandale and         Play.
North Miami Beach, the SIBshuttle                                                      Our SIBshuttle buses
provides free transportation to and      HOTLINE
from the Mount Sinai Medical Center,     The next time you’re at an SIBshuttle
                                                                                       are equipped with an
4300 Alton Road, Miami Beach, from       bus stop, call the hotline at 305.741.0907,   assortment of amenities
most residences within the City.         to fnd out your wait time. Identify your
DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.         line, provide your stop number, and           for riders. We under-
TIME: Pickup, 9:00 am and noon;          determine your direction.
                                                                                       stand staying connected
Return, 12:30 and 4:00 pm. Call              The SIBshuttle is funded in part
305.792.1706 to make a reservation       by the Miami-Dade County People’s             during your commute
by noon the prior weekday.               Transportation Plan.
                                                                                       is important, which is
                                                                                       why every SIBshuttle has
                                                                                       free Wi-Fi. Connect to
                                                                                       SIBIWIFI on your next
                                                                                       journey. And don’t forget
                                                                                       to check the schedule
                                                                                       on our SIBshuttle
                                                                                       mobile application!

                                                                                                 spring 2020 • 17
Cultural       Community Services

                               The City of Sunny Isles Beach has undergone a remarkable transformation
                               throughout the last 23 years, from being known as “Motel Row” to now a
                               family-friendly haven with luxury high-rises and an assortment of amenities for
                               all. We’ve seen a few slogans as the years progressed, the frst being “A Life
                               with a View,” then “Florida’s Riviera” and “A World Class City.” As we enter a
                               new decade in the city’s history, it is time to offcially defne who Sunny Isles
                               Beach is and where we are going.
                                    In a mutually collaborative process, we are working with Jacober Creative to
                               rebrand Sunny Isles Beach. You might be wondering, ‘what is rebranding?’
                               Throughout the next two years, we are determining how to position the city to
                               best represent our residents, businesses, and services. And your input is
                               imperative as we move forward with this project.
                                    At the beginning of the year, we conducted focus groups with residents,
    Throughout the             business owners and city employees, gaining unique insight into how these
                               stakeholders view our current city brand and where they see the city moving
    next two years,            forward in the future. We are currently in the process of conducting interviews
                               and surveys to collect even more data from an extensive group of individuals
    we are deter-              living in the city, working in the city, and visiting the city.
                                    Once all of our research is collected and analyzed, Jacober will begin the
    mining how to              creative aspect of the project by developing a new logo, tagline, and overall
                               brand for Sunny Isles Beach. Based on the data collected from everyone,

    position the city          they will present a new look for the city, encompassing the true spirit of Sunny
                               Isles Beach.

    to best represent               We invite you to join this process by providing your honest and constructive
                               feedback about Sunny Isles Beach’s current brand, expectations and future.
                               This is a very exciting and extensive project we are embarking on, which will
    our residents,             culminate with a new brand that embodies the present and future of this great
                               city in which we live and work.
    businesses,                     Look out for future opportunities to participate in this project on our website
    and services.                                                  Sylvia Flores, Director
                                                                   Cultural and Community Services

  18 • spring 2020
Cultural            Community Services

ongoing services & activities
AARP Smart Driver                                Blood Drive                                         Medical Lecture Series
DATE             April 17                        Provided by OneBlood                                Provided by Mount Sinai Medical Center
DAY              Friday                          Open to ages 18+                                    DATES          March 5
TIME             10:00 am-4:30 pm                DATES            March 3                                           April 2
LOCATION         SIB Government Center                            May 5                                             May 7
                 1st Floor Meeting Room          DAY              Tuesday                            DAY            Thursday
FEE              AARP Members $15                TIME             10:30 am–2:00 pm                   TIME           10:00 am–noon
                 All others $20                  LOCATION         SIB Government Center              LOCATION       SIB Government Center
This driver safety course is specifically de-    FEE              Free                                              Commission Chambers
signed for drivers age 50+. Some insurance       Give the gift of life, give blood. Donors receive   FEE            Free
companies offer a discount to their customers    merchandise or movie tickets as a thank you.        Various health-related topics are presented
upon the successful completion of this course.                                                       each month. Reservations are required; call
                                                 Blood Pressure & Glucose Screening                  305.674.2626.
AARP Tax Return & Preparation                    Provided by Mount Sinai Medical Center
DATES           February 5–April 15              DATES            March 12                           Mini-FLOW
DAY             Wednesday                                         April 9                            Florida Licensing on Wheels
TIME            9:00 am–2:00 pm                                   May 14                             DATES             March 6
LOCATION        SIB Government Center            DAY              Thursday                                             April 3
                1st Floor Meeting Room           TIME             9:00 am–noon                                         May 1
FEE             Free                             LOCATION         SIB Government Center              DAY               Friday
A team of IRS-certified volunteers offer this                     Commission Chambers                TIME              9:00 am-1:00 pm
free tax preparation service for low to moder-   FEE              Free                               LOCATION          Pelican Community Park
ate income residents.                            First come, first served. No reservation            FEE               Varies by service
                                                 required. Cholesterol screenings are included       Renewal for driver licenses, photo IDs and
Bingo                                            in January and June only.                           auto tags. Visit or call
DATES           March 11, 25                                                                         850.617.2000. NOTE: Service is limited to a max-
                April 8, 22                                                                          imum of 30 customers, first come, first served.
                May 13, 27
DAY             Wednesday                                                                            Mobile Library Services
TIME            3:00 pm                                                                              DATES          Ongoing
LOCATION        SIB Government Center                                                                DAY            Tuesday
                Commission Chambers                                                                  TIME           Noon–1:00 pm
FEE             $2 per 8-game session                                                                LOCATION       Winston Towers 100
An affordable alternative to the movies, the                                                                        250 174 Street
City’s twice monthly bingo games distribute                                                          The Miami-Dade Public Library System pro-
cash prizes and gift cards to eight lucky win-                                                       vides mobile library services once per week,
ners in each session.                                                                                as listed above. Mobile library is parked in

                                                                                                                        spring 2020 • 19
Cultural       Community Services

                           cultural overview CITY EVENTS FOR 2020
                                              3, 4   Family Movie Nights
                                              10     Teen Event
                                              14     Golden Era Movie
                                              15     Sunny Serenade
                                              2      Art in the Park
                                              7, 8   Family Movie Nights
                                              10     Modern Era Movie
                                              15     Illusions & Beyond at Gateway LIVE!
                                              19     Sunny Serenade
                                              21     Teen Event
                                              6, 7   Family Movie Nights
                                              10     Golden Era Movie
                                              13     Teen Event
                                              15     Beethoven on the Beach
                                              18     Sunny Serenade
                                              28     Spring Fling
                                              11     Egg Scramble
                                              13     Modern Era Movie
                                              15     Sunny Serenade
                                              17     Teen Event
                                              24     Arbor Day
                                              26     Car Show
                                              2      Gateway LIVE!
                                              8      Teen Event
                                              9      Eastern European Heritage Celebration
                                              12     Golden Era Movie
                                              20     Sunny Serenade
                                              4      Teen Event
                                              7      Art in the Park
                                              8      Modern Era Movie
                                              14     City’s 23rd Anniversary Celebration
                                              17     Sunny Serenade

  20 • spring 2020
Cultural     Community Services

Tere is so much to do in Sunny Isles Beach this year! From Gateway LIVE! performances to teen
events and monthly concerts, we always have an event for you and your family.

14       Golden Era Movie
15       Sunny Serenade
1        Gateway LIVE!
10       Modern Era Movie
14       Back to School Jamboree
19       Sunny Serenade
21       Teen Event
8        Golden Era Movie
16       Sunny Serenade
19       Hispanic Heritage Celebration
25       Teen Event
3        Car Show
9        Teen Event
12       Modern Era Movie
21       Sunny Serenade
25       Art in the Park
30, 31   Booogie by the Beach
6, 7     Family Movie Nights
10       Golden Era Movie
11       Veterans Day Celebration
14       Gateway LIVE!
18       Sunny Serenade
20       Teen Event
5, 6     Winter Fest
9        Sunny Serenade
14       Modern Era Movie
18       Teen Event
19       Holiday Ball

                                                                             spring 2020 • 21
Cultural        Community Services

         Family Movie Nights                           Sunny Serenades                              Car Show
         DATES         March 6, 7                      DATES         March 18                       DATE            April 26
         DAYS          Friday, Saturday                              April 15                       DAY             Sunday
         TIME          7:00 pm                                       May 20                         TIME            11:00 am–3:00 pm
         LOCATIONS     Friday, Heritage Park           DAY           Wednesday                      LOCATION        Pelican Community Park
                       Saturday, Town Center Park      TIME          7:30–9:00 pm                   Fee             Free
         FEE           Free                            LOCATION      Samson Oceanfront Park         Join us for a street festival featuring
         Bring the whole family out for an evening     FEE           Free                           classic and custom cars on display, live
         of themed activities and outdoor movie        Enjoy live music under the stars at our      entertainment, food, and activities for
         fun! Movie begins at 7:30 pm.                 monthly outdoor concert series.              all ages.

         Golden Era Movies ★                           Spring Fling                                 Gateway LIVE!
         DATES          March 10, May 12               DATE            March 28                     DATE            May 2
         DAY            Tuesday                        DAY             Saturday                     DAY             Saturday
         TIME           10:00 am–1:00 pm               TIME            6:00–9:00 pm                 TIME            7:30 pm
         LOCATION       Pelican Community Park         LOCATION        Pelican Community Park       LOCATION        Gateway Park
         FEE            Free with SIB Resident ID      FEE             $10 with SIB Resident ID     FEE             Free with SIB Resident ID
                        Card, $5 without                               Card, $20 without                            Card, $10 without
         Enjoy a timeless movie classic followed       Celebrate the start of spring with food,     We present our signature quarterly event
         by lunch with your friends and neighbors.     raffles, live music, and dancing.            featuring live entertainment at Gateway
         Advance reservations are required.                                                         Park. Each Gateway LIVE! event brings a
                                                       Egg Scramble                                 new and unique performance for all ages
         Teen Events                                   DATE           April 11                      to enjoy.
         DATES           March 13, April 17, May 8     DAY            Saturday
         DAY             Friday                        TIME           10:00 am–2:00 pm              Eastern European
         TIME            Varies                        LOCATION       Pelican Community Park        Heritage Celebration
         LOCATION        Varies                        FEE            $5 with SIB Resident ID       DATE           May 9
         FEE             Free                                         Card, $20 without             DAY            Saturday
         For teens in grades 7–12, a school-issued     Bring the family and enjoy carnival rides,   TIME           5:00–9:00 pm
         ID or State-issued ID/driver license is       games, music and our annual egg hunt.        LOCATION       Gateway Park
         required to participate. Leave your parents                                                FEE            Free
         at home and come hang out with your           Modern Era Movie ★                           Immerse yourself in the music, art, and
         friends or make new ones.                     DATE            April 13                     food of the eastern European cultures.
                                                       DAY             Monday                       Featuring live entertainment, folkloric
         Beethoven on the Beach                        TIME            10:00 am–12:30 pm            performances, and local vendors.
         DATE            March 15                      LOCATION        Pelican Community Park
         DAY             Sunday                        FEE             Free with SIB Resident ID
         TIME            6:00–8:00 pm                                  Card, $5 without
                                                                                                    ★ Events marked with a gold
         LOCATION        Gateway Park                  Join us at our contemporary movie series,
         FEE             Free                          with snacks and drinks provided. Advance     star indicate the option to reg-
         Enjoy classical music brought to life by      reservations are required.                   ister online at
         Orchestra Miami for all ages to enjoy.

  22 • spring 2020
Cultural     Community Services

spotlight on spring CITY EVENTS
Spring into a new decade at one of our featured Sunny Isles Beach events!

                                                                            spring 2020 • 23
Cultural          Community Services

                                                                   Cultural Event Trips
                                                                                                              Spring 2020 Lineup
   March 1                     March 12                  April 9                    April 12                  May 3                      May 14
   Sunday                      Thursday                  Thursday                   Sunday                    Sunday                     Thursday
   2:00 pm                     10:45 am                  6:45 pm                    11:00 am                  5:45 pm                    3:00 pm
   Russian National            Phillip and Patricia Come From Away Deering Estate                             One Night                  Hollywood
   Ballet: Sleeping            Frost Museum         Broward Center for Miami, FL                              of Queen                   Hot Glass
   Beauty                      of Science           the Performing Arts The Deering Estate                    Broward Center for         Hollywood, FL
   Parker Playhouse            Miami, FL                 Fort Lauderdale, FL        preserves the 1920s       the Performing Arts        Join us and explore
   Fort Lauderdale, FL         This museum is at the     Broadway’s Come            era Miami estate of       Fort Lauderdale, FL        your creative nature
   This ballet has present-    forefront of sharing      From Away is a Best        Charles Deering,          Recreating the look,       on a trip to Hollywood
   ed classics in America      the power of science,     Musical winner all         Chicago industrialist,    sound, pomp and            Hot Glass where you
   for four decades.           sparking wonder and       across North America!      early preservationist,    showmanship of Queen       will learn about glass-
   Founded in Moscow           investigation, and        This New York Times        environmentalist, art     and Freddie Mercury,       blowing and create
   in 1979, it continues to    fueling innovation        Critics’ Pick takes you    collector, philanthro-    this amazing tribute       your own piece of
   enlighten, inspire, and     for the future. Learn     into the heart of the      pist and frst chairman    band showcases rock        glass artwork. Through
   entertain audiences         about the core science    remarkable true story      of the International      royalty’s greatest hits    this program, you will
   worldwide. The Sleeping     behind living systems,    of 7,000 stranded pas-     Harvester Company.        with amazing au-           have the opportunity
   Beauty, is a fne exam-      the solar system, the     sengers and the small      Nestled along the         thenticity. Relive the     to work one-on-one
   ple of Classical ballet,    universe, the physics     town in Newfoundland       coast in South Dade,      classics with Bohemi-      with the expert glass
   blending traditional        of fight, light and       that welcomed them.        the Deering Estate is     an Rhapsody, Killer        artists to create a
   mime, expressive            lasers, the biology       Cultures clashed and       a cultural asset and      Queen, Crazy Little        unique and fun piece
   pas d’action and            of the human body         nerves ran high, but       historic site listed on   Thing Called Love, We      of art in the studio.
   spectacular diver-          and mind, and more.       uneasiness turned into     the National Register     Are the Champions and      The workshop is fully
   tissements in a lavish      Guests explore the        trust, music soared        of Historic Places.       many more. Known           interactive, hands-on,
   theatrical setting.         world of science, tech-   into the night, and        Constructed in 1922,      for their staggeringly     safe, and incredibly
   Enjoy a fairy tale re-      nology, engineering       gratitude grew into        the Estate serves as a    convincing shows, Gary     exciting, with no
   plete with royalty, fair-   and math (STEM) with      enduring friendships.      museum destination        Mullen and the Works       experience necessary.
   ies both good and evil,     interactive exhibitions   On 9/11, the world         for tourists and local    perform a complete         The class begins at
   a princess and prince,      and unique shows. The     stopped. On 9/12,          residents. Tour begins    two-hour Queen con-        3:45 pm. Price in-
   and magical stage           tour begins at 12:00      their stories moved        at 12:00 pm. Price        cert guaranteed to rock    cludes transportation,
   effects. The show be-       pm. Price includes        us all. Show begins        includes transporta-      you! Show begins at        custom take-home
   gins at 3:00 pm. Price      transportation, tour,     at 8:00 pm. Price in-      tion and tour. The bus    7:00 pm. Price includes    art and ticket. The bus
   includes transportation     planetarium show and      cludes transportation      will return at approxi-   transportation and tick-   will return at approx-
   and ticket. The bus will    admission. The bus        and ticket. The bus will   mately 4:00 pm. Heavy     et. The bus will return    imately 7:00 pm.
   return at approximately     will return at approxi-   return at approximate-     walking is required.      at approximately 9:45      Moderate walking
   5:30pm. Moderate            mately 3:30 pm. Heavy     ly 11:00 pm. Moderate      RESIDENT $20              pm. Moderate walking       is required.
   walking is required.        walking is required.      walking is required.       NON-RESIDENT $25          is required.               RESIDENT $50
   RESIDENT $30                RESIDENT $50              RESIDENT $40                                         RESIDENT $40               NON-RESIDENT $55
   NON-RESIDENT $35            NON-RESIDENT $55          NON-RESIDENT $45                                     NON-RESIDENT $45

  24 • spring 2020
Cultural          Community Services

                                              CULTURAL EVENT TRIPS                                   policies
                                              Reservations are accepted on a frst-come, frst-served basis when full pay-
                                              ment is made. Reservations are NOT accepted by telephone. Reservations
                                              can be made online at or in person at Pelican Community
                                              Park, Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am to 8:30 pm and Sunday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
                                              On school days Pelican Community Park is closed to non-program partici-
                                              pants Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 2:30 to 3:30 pm and Wednes-
                                              days 1:30 to 2:30 pm. Registrations at SIB Government Center are accepted
                                              Monday through Saturday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Reservations for spring events
                                              begins February 3 for residents and February 18 for non-residents.
                                                The waiver forms are available at the Government Center, Pelican
                                              Community Park and as a PDF download at You must
                                              have a valid City-issued SIB Resident ID Card in order to register for any City
                                              program at the resident rate and during the priority registration period.

                                              Payment is accepted online by credit card or in person by cash, credit card
                                Dylan Beese
                                              (MasterCard/Visa/Amex) or by check. Mailed payment by check must be
        Looking Ahead                         accompanied by a copy of your valid City-issued SIB Resident ID Card. Make
          to Summer                           checks payable to the “City of Sunny Isles Beach.”

Registration for summer 2020 events, in-      Full refunds can be made only when a
cluding the two below, will open May 4 for    reservation is canceled at least 7 days
those with a valid City-issued SIB Resident   prior to the event trip. When the can-
ID Card and May 18 for all others. Specifc    cellation is made less than 7 days
details will appear in the summer issue.      prior to the event, a refund of ticket

           June 2020                          price will be considered only if a re-
  Murder on the Orient Express                placement has been found to pur-
            Actors’ Playhouse                 chase the ticket.
             Coral Gables, FL                 Limited Ticket Purchase
                                              When making a reservation for a cul-
             July 2020                        tural event trip, upon verifcation of
         Wiener Museum of                     residence, each participant may pur-
          Decorative Arts                     chase a maximum of four tickets. For
             Dania Beach, FL                  further information about an event,
                                              please call Cultural & Community
                                              Services at 305.792.1706.                                         Deen van Meer

                                                                                                        spring 2020 • 25
Cultural       Community Services

                                         Parks Map

                                                                      Bella Vista Bay Park
                                                                      500 Sunny Isles Boulevard
                                                                        Small park on the Intracoastal waterway.

                                                                      Bone Zone
                                                                      North end of Senator Gwen Margolis Park
                                                                      17815 North Bay Road
                                                                        Dogs must be on a leash until inside the
                                                                        Bone Zone. Dogs are not allowed in oth-
                                                                        er areas of Senator Gwen Margolis Park.
                                          CITY OF SUNNY ISLES           Open 7:30 am–8:00 pm daily
                                          BEACH GOVERNMENT CENTER

                                          NORMAN S. EDELCUP           Gateway Park
                                          K–8 SCHOOL
                                                                      151 Sunny Isles Boulevard
                                          PELICAN COMMUNITY PARK        Tis 5-acre park features a performing
                                          AND COMMUNITY CENTER
                                                                        arts stage, butterfy garden, a play area
                                          ADDITIONAL PARK LOCATIONS
                                          SEE NUMBERED LISTING          including an interactive water feature,
                                                                        community gathering space, interactive
                                          PUBLIC BEACH
                                          ACCESS LOCATIONS              kiosk and a parking garage.
                                                                        Open 7:30 am–9:00 pm except Thursday,
                                    1 HERITAGE PARK                     noon–9:00 pm

                                    2 GOLDEN SHORES PARK              Golden Shores Community Park
                                    3 PELICAN COMMUNITY PARK          201 191 Terrace
                                                                        Te ‘Gateway to Heritage Park’
                                    4 SEN. GWEN MARGOLIS PARK
                                                                        includes playground area, picnic table
                                    5 SAMSON OCEANFRONT PARK            and a bench swing.
                                    6 TOWN CENTER PARK                  Sunrise-sunset

                                    7 GATEWAY PARK                    Heritage Park
                                    8 PIER PARK                       19200 Collins Avenue
                                                                        4 acres of park and play space including
                                    9 BELLA VISTA BAY PARK
                                                                        2 playgrounds, Memorial Wall and
                                    10 OCEANIA PARK                     fountains, water play area, stage, dog
                                    11 INTRACOASTAL PARK
                                                                        park, large open lawn and public parking.
                                                                        Open 7:30 am–8:45 pm except Friday,
                                                                        noon–8:45 pm

  26 • spring 2020
Cultural       Community Services

Parks provide a chance for people to connect—where life long friendships
are formed, where the gap between generations is bridged and people
discover what they have in common. Parks foster a sense of community.
 Most City parks feature free wireless internet access. All parks are
equipped with a Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System that provides
advance notice of lightning conditions. When activated, here is how the
system works:

      1            ONE long horn blast indicates possible lightning in the area

      2            Get TO a safe indoor area immediately

      3            THREE shorter horn blasts signal that it is safe to return to the park

Intracoastal Parks                               Pier Park
159 to 163 Street, Collins Avenue                16501 Collins Avenue
  A linear passive park with art, walking          A fshing pier with beach access, life-
  paths, benches and a playground.                 guard stand, metered public parking,
  Playground is open 8:00 am–8:00 pm               restrooms, showers, and a restaurant
  Park closes at sunset                            are at this park.
                                                   Pier is open 24 hours a day, except for
Oceania Park                                       Mondays and Thursdays when it closes
16320 Collins Avenue:                              from 8am – 10am for maintenance.
South of Sunny Isles Boulevard                     There is a small admission fee.
  Landscaped with seating areas.
  Sunrise-sunset                                 Samson Oceanfront Park
                                                 17425 Collins Avenue
Pelican Community Park                             Recently upgraded with a fresh new
and Community Center                               look, the amenities include: beach
18115 North Bay Road                               access, benches, a boardwalk, a pavilion
  Located here are ofces for Cultural &            with tables, showers, restrooms, a water
  Community Services, classrooms, facilities       fountain, a playground, an interactive       Town Center Park
  for rent, a ftness center, a playground, the     kiosk and vending machines.                  17200 Collins Avenue
  Chief Fred Maas Little League Field and          Sunrise-sunset                                 Located at the heart of the City featuring
  the Phyllis and Raanan Katz Sports Cen-
                                                                                                  a ftness trail, gazebo (available for rent),
  ter indoor gymnasium. Find membership          Senator Gwen                                     playground, restrooms and a play feld.
  information on page 28 & 29.                   Margolis Park                                    Open 7:00 am–9:00 pm except
  Open Mon to Sat, 8:30 am–9:00 pm;              17815 North Bay Road
                                                                                                  Wednesday, 10:00 am–9:00 pm
  Sun, 8:30 am–5:00 pm and 5:00–                   A playground, soccer feld, picnic
  9:00 pm, RK Sports Center only.                  tables, benches, restrooms, and a leash-     Skate Park
  On school days PCP is closed to                  free area for dogs (see Bone Zone).            Please visit the nearest skate park at
  non-program participants Mon, Tues,              Open 7:30 am–8:30 pm daily. Soccer             Haulover Park, 10800 Collins Avenue.
  Thurs, Fri from 2:30 to 3:30 pm and              field: open 9:30 am–8:00 pm daily, ex-         For more information, visit
  Wed 1:30 to 2:30 pm.                             cept when City programs are in session.        or call Haulover Park at 305.947.3525.

                                                                                                                 spring 2020 • 27
Cultural       Community Services

                                    The benefts of membership
                                    provide individuals and families
                                    with use of state-of-the-art facilities,
                                    priority program registration and

                                    COMMUNITY CENTER MEMBERSHIP FEES
                                    A family consists of a parent/child in the same household;
                                    up to 6 individuals total.
                                    Resident           6 months* $150          12 months $200
                                    Non–Resident 6 months* $225                12 months $300

                                    An individual 18 years of age or older.
                                    Resident           6 months* $75           12 months $100
                                    Non–Resident 6 months* $115                12 months $150

                                    An individual under the age of 18.
                                    Resident           6 months* $35           12 months $50
                                    Non–Resident 6 months* $55                 12 months $75

                                    An individual over the age of 65.
                                    Resident           6 months* $55           12 months $75
                                    Non–Resident 6 months* $75                 12 months $100

                                    Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or
                                    graduate program, and must present a valid student ID
                                    at the time of registration.
                                    Resident           6 months* $55           12 months $75
                                    Non–Resident 6 months* $75                 12 months $100

                                    * At the time of expiration, 6 month memberships cannot be
                                    extended into 12 month memberships (i.e. paying the difference to
                                    extend the membership another 6 months). Memberships can only
                                    be renewed for a full 6 or 12 month fee.

  28 • spring 2020
Cultural          Community Services

City of Sunny Isles Beach
Community Center at Pelican Community Park
Membership and Program Registration

GUEST POLICIES                                                 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS AND INFORMATION
A member may bring a guest to the Community                    Twelve and six month memberships to the
Center to use the Phyllis and Raanan Katz Sports               Community Center at Pelican Community Park               SUMMER
Center (gymnasium) only (not the computer lab or               ofer many advantages, including:                         CAMP 2020
ftness center) according to the following rules:               ❏    Priority registration in most programs,             Ages 5–14
❏      Te guest must check in with the front ofce,                  athletic leagues and lessons held at the
       present photo ID and sign a waiver.                          Community Center.
❏      A member may bring only one guest per visit.            ❏    Discounts of up to 30% on most programs,
❏      Te guest will be charged a $5 fee per visit.                 athletic leagues and lessons held at the
RESIDENCE QUALIFICATION                                             Community Center.
In order to receive the resident rate, you must obtain a       ❏    Free drop-in programs
valid City-issued Sunny Isles Beach Resident ID Card           ❏    Use of the following when available:
prior to registering for a program/activity. A govern-              ■ COMPUTER LAB: Open to all members;

ment-issued photo ID must be presented along with a                      no guests.
current deed/lease, accompanied by a letter from the                 ■   FITNESS CENTER: Open to members 18 years
condo/management ofce stating who resides in the unit,                   and older; no guests.
in addition to at least TWO of the following:                        ■   GYMNASIUM Phyllis & Raanan Katz Sports
❏      Utility bill, i.e. electric, phone, or cable: within              Center: Open to all members. For avail-
       last three months                                                 ability, check with the Community Center       This summer enroll
❏      Current car registration and insurance                            offce. Children ages 13 and under
                                                                                                                        your child in their
❏      Credit/debit card statement: within last three months             must be enrolled in a supervised
                                                                                                                        choice of a general
All documents must be valid and include the residen-                     program unless under the supervision
tial address used on the registration form.                              of an adult.                                   camp, sports camp

                                                                                                                        or specialty camp.

   Program Registration                                                                                                 To see the variety

   Select recreation programs are available for                   Fees for programs held at Pelican Community           of camps offered
   registration online at                 Park, except for the after school program, are           for summer fun and
   ★     These programs are marked with a gold                 based on membership prices. At all other loca-
                                                                                                                        how to register, visit
   star on pages 30 to 35. Patrons can also use this           tions, fees are based on residency. Registration
   site to view additional details regarding class             for spring activities, other than the after school!
   schedules, program content, instructors and pro-            program, for members/residents begins on                 Registration begins
   gram availability.                                          February 3 and February 18 for non-members/
      To register online during the priority registra-         non-residents.                                           on March 14 for
   tion period and to receive the resident discount,              Registration for all programs, classes and activi-    Residents and
   you will need login credentials and a valid City-           ties offered by CCS may also be processed at Pel-
                                                                                                                        March 28 for
   issued SIB Resident ID Card. Call 305.792.1706              ican Community Park or the Government Center.
   to get your login credentials today.                        Payment is accepted in cash, credit card, or check.      Non-Residents.

                                                                                                                       spring 2020 • 29
Cultural       Community Services

                                                                                       The City offers a variety of youth
                                                                                       recreational and athletic programs,
                                                                                       which promote a healthy lifestyle
                                                                                       and enrich the lives of our youth.
                                                                                       Here you will fnd just some of our
                                                                                       featured spring youth activities.
                                                                                       For the entire list of programs and
                                                                                       to register, please visit our website:

                                                                                       Spring Break Camp ★
                                                                                       Open to ages 5–14 • March 23–27
                                                                                       Join us for field trips, arts & crafts, games, and
                                                                                       fun during this break from school.

                                                                                       Spring Break Soccer Camp ★
                                                                                       Open to ages 6–14 • March 23–27
                                                                                       This camp at Senator Gwen Margolis Park will
                                                                                       encourage players to refine their game skills
                                                                                       while having fun during the school break.

                                                                                       Spring Break Volleyball Camp ★
      Cultural & Community Services Information 305.792.1706                           Open to ages 8–14 • March 23–27
                                                                                       Take a break from studying and practice game
      Registration dates for programs: Resident/Member, February 3, and
                                                                                       play strategies with qualified instructors and
      Non-Resident/Non-Member, February 18.
                                                                                       other volleyball enthusiasts at Pelican Commu-
      ★   Programs marked with a gold star include the option to register
                                                                                       nity Park.
      online; see page 29 for more details. Residents MUST obtain a valid City-
      issued SIB Resident ID Card to register during priority period or to receive     Art ★
      the resident discount. The City may cancel courses prior to the first class if   Open to ages 5–12
      enrollment is insufficient. After classes begin, there are no refunds.           Instructional art program from Trazos Art
      *There will be no programs April 11 and May 25.                                  Academy where students learn to work in
                                                                                       various mediums throughout the session. Two
                                                                                       session are offered by age on Saturdays.

  30 • spring 2020
Cultural           Community Services

Basketball Academy ★                                 Music Together ★
Open to ages 8–15                                    Open to ages 1-5
Participants will focus on fundamental skill         This research-based curriculum not only devel-
development and physical activity.                   ops music skills, but also creativity, confidence
                                                     and in addition supports social, emotional,
Cheer & Dance                                        cognitive, and physical development.
Open to ages 6–12
Options available to participate in recre-           Piano ★
ational, advanced, or tumbling. Please check         Open to ages 6–12 for details on prerequisites.   With two course options per week, beginners
                                                     and advanced musicians get a firm foundation
Chess ★                                              to advance their musical skills and knowledge.
Open to youth at beginner and intermediate           Students must bring their own keyboard.
levels; open to all ages for drop-in game play.
                                                     ScholarSTEM ★
Club Sports ★                                        Open to students in grades 2–8
Open to grades 5–8                                                                                       Tumbling: Advanced
                                                     These technology courses are designed to
Students play games such as flag football,           be practical, project-based, and engaging for       & Intermediate ★
soccer, battleball and more. The ongoing free        students.                                           Open to ages 6–14
program takes places Monday–Thursday.                                                                    Participants will work on technical cheerlead-
                                                     SIB Select Soccer                                   ing and gymnastic skills.
Dance: Hip Hop ★                                     Open to ages 7–12
Open to ages 5–12
                                                     This competitive soccer program runs the            Volleyball: Recreational League ★
If your child is interested in learning moves of     duration of the school year. Tryouts required       Open to ages 11–15
this popular dance style, be sure to sign them       in May for enrollment in fall. Contact Athletics    Players will practice their volleyball skills and
up; it’s great exercise too!                         Division at 305.792.1799 for information.           participate in our volleyball league. Games are
                                                                                                         held on Saturdays.
Gymnastics ★                                         Soccer ★
Open to ages 5–10
                                                     Open to ages 3–14
Students benefit from increased physical             Players can continue to develop their skills
activity, improving strength, flexibility and        during the SEAS Recreational league or enroll           The complete spring
coordination while learning basic artistic           in Instructional Soccer. Plus, there is Pee Wee
gymnastic skills.                                    Soccer on Saturdays for players just starting
                                                                                                                   lineup of youth
Karate ★                                             out!
                                                                                                                  activities is now
Open to ages 5+
                                                     Soccer: Girls ★
Group assignments based on skill level as de-        Open to ages 6–12
                                                                                                                available online at
termined by instructor. Learn this martial art
                                                     Participants will practice their soccer skills
with our longtime, popular instructor; uniform                                                        
                                                     while competing in games. Enrollment open
is available for purchase from instructor at
                                                     to girls only.
additional cost.

                                                                                                                               spring 2020 • 31
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