OFFENSE CODE INDEX FOR TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS* *Source: Michigan Department of State Court Manual (DLAD-239)

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations i August, 2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS OFFENSE CODE INDEX FOR TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS . 1 NON-MOVING CONVICTIONS . 13 OFFENSE CODE LISTING (Court List . 14

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 1 August, 2015 OFFENSE CODE INDEX FOR TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS A group designator, fail obtain 3020 Ability impaired-liquor, oper while 1200 Ability impaired-drug, oper while 1210 Ability impaired-combo, oper while 1220 Accident, fail show license PI 1610 Accident, fail to stop/identify 1630 after PD accident Accident, fail to stop/identify 1610 after PI accident-misdemeanor Accident, fail to stop/identify 1600 after PI accident-felony Accident, fail to render aid 1660 Accident, failed to report 1650 Accident, give false info at PD 1630 Accident, hit and run at PD 1630 Accident, hit and run at PI 1610 Accident, leave scene of PD 1630 Accident, leave scene of PI 1610 Aid, fail to render after accident 1660 Alcohol, open container in vehicle 1300 Alcohol content .04

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 2 August, 2015 CMV, driving while commercial driver 3205 license is suspended, revoked, denied or cancelled CMV, driving without obtaining a 3025 CMV license CMV, driving without proper 3027 endorsement or designator CMV, drove during out of 3240 service order – non-hazardous CMV, drove during out of service order 3241 Hazardous/bus CMV, drove while disqualified 3230 CMV, drove without obtaining a 3025 commercial drivers license Combined oper under influence liquor/ 1110 controlled substance (drug) CMV, Failure to slow down at RR 2453 Crossing CMV, Failure to stop at RR crossing 2454 When tracks are not clear CMV, Failure to stop at RR crossing 2455 CMV, Failure to drive completely 2456 Through RR crossing without stopping CMV, Failure to negotiate RR crossing- 2457 Insufficient undercarriage clearance Combined oper under influence liquor/ 1110 drug/unlawful bodily alcohol content Commercial vehicle, drove disqualified 3230 Commercial vehicle, drove during 3240 out of service order Commercial vehicle, operate w/ 1230 BAC .04-

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 3 August, 2015 DLAD restricted license violation 3060 Do not enter sign, ignore 2500 Do not exit sign, ignore 2860 Do not exit xway sign, ignore 2860 Drag racing 1820 Drink liquor, person under 21 1360 Drive to right sign, ignore 2500 Driver license, no address charge 3620 Driver, unaccompanied student 3040 Driving away auto, unlawful 1500 Driving away auto w/o intent 1510 to steal (joyriding) Drivers, changing in motion 2870 Driving, careless 1810 Driving, felonious 1450 Driving, lap 2870 Driving, negligent 1810 Driving, reckless 1800 Drove against traffic 2850 Drove around barricade 2500 Drove at speed greater than 2300 reasonable Drove CMV during out of 3240 service order Drove CMV while disqualified 3230 Drove cycle w/o endorsement 3020 Drove in careless manner 1810 Drove in unsafe manner 2300 Drove left of center 2850 Drove moped on freeway/xway 2900 Drove moped on sidewalk 2900 Drove on city property to avoid 2500 traffic control device Drove over fire hose 2730 Drove thru left turn only lane 2840 Drove thru right turn only lane 2840 Drove too fast for conditions 2300 Drove too slow for conditions 2300 Drove unlicensed vehicle 3500 Drove unregistered vehicle 3500 Drove w/o corrective lens 3030 Drove w/o due care & caution 2320 Drove w/o H,N,P,T,or X endorsement 3020 Drove w/o lights 2740 Drove w/o special attachments 3050 Drove w/o special equipment 3050 Drove w/o steering knob 3050 Drove w/sign in rear window 3400 Drove while license canceled 3220 Drove while license denied 3200 Drove while license expired 3220 Drove while license not valid or improper license 3010 Drove while license revoked 3200 Drove while license suspended 3200 Drove while license susp/rev/denied 3200 Drove while license susp/rev/denied causing death 3235 Drove while license susp/rev/denied 3245 causing serious injury Drove while unlicensed or without cycle 3011 endorsement Drove with bright lights 2740 Drove without proper license/ 3020 endorsement/veh group designator Drove wrong side of divided hwy 2830 Drove wrong way on one way street 2830 Drug crime 9200 Drugs, operating under influence of 1100 Drugs, operating under influence of 1120 causing death Drugs, operating under influence of 1130 causing serious injury Drugs, use commercial vehicle to 1140 manufacture or distribute Due care, drove w/o 2320 Due care and caution for waste-utility road maintenance vehicles 1809 Duty of operator in PD accident 1630 Duty of operator in PI accident 1610 DWLS 3200 Eluding officer (misdemeanor) 1710 Eluding officer (felony) 1700 Emblem/logo missing(commercial) 3400 Emergency equipment, improper use 2720 Emergency equipment, unauthorized 2720 Emergency lighting, unauthorized 2720 Emergency responder, failure to yield 1805 Emergency responder, failure to use 1806 due caution Emergency responder, failure to yield 1807 causing injury Emergency responder, failure to yield 1808 causing death Emergency vehicle, fail to yield to 2610 Emergency vehicle, improper operate 2710 Emergency brake defective 3400 Emergency vehicle, improper use 2710 Endorsement, drove w/o class 3020 Endorsement, drove w/o cycle 3020 Endorsement, drove w/o vehicle group 3020 Energy speed 2200 Entrance X-way, illegal 2860 Equipment viol-defective/missing 3400 Equipment, drove w/o special 3050 Estimated speed 2300 Exceed posted speed 2000 Exceed posted speed-radar 2000 Excessive noise from muffler 3400 Excessive smoke from muffler 3400 Excessive speed 2000 Excessive speed, construction 2000 Excessive speed for conditions 2300 Excessive speed-towed vehicle 2000 Exhibit license, fail to 3000 Exit expressway, illegal 2860 Expired, drove while license 3220 Expired plates 3500

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 4 August, 2015 Expressway, illegal entrance 2860 Expressway, illegal exit 2860 Eye protection, none 3400 FAC, Drove while suspended by 3200 FAC, out of state 9006 Fail change address-driver license 3620 Fail change address-registration 3620 Fail stop at stop intersection 2400 Fail to comply traffic control device 2500 Fail to comply with state 9300 civil infraction Fail to dim lights 2740 Fail to display license 3000 Fail to drive minimum speed 2330 Fail to exhibit license 3000 Fail to get endorsement 3020 Fail to get group designator 3020 Fail to give way when overtaken 2430 Fail to have car under control 2300 Fail to keep right 2840 Fail to keep right, slow vehicle 2840 Fail to keep right-truck/moped 2840 Fail to move in safety 2650 Fail to obtain chauffeur license 3020 Fail to render aid after accident 1660 Fail to report accident 1650 Fail to show license at scene 1630 Fail to show license at scene 1610 of PD accident Fail to signal for lane change 2650 Fail to signal for stop 2650 Fail to signal on leaving curb 2650 Fail to signal or observe 2650 Fail to stop and weigh truck 3700 Fail to stop at scene of PD accident 1630 Fail to stop at scene of PI accident 1610 Fail to stop flashing red lights 2440 Fail to stop for school bus 2410 Fail to stop for stop sign 2400 Fail to stop for through street 2400 Fail to stop for traffic signal 2440 Fail to stop leaving alley or 2640 private drive Fail to stop or identify after 1630 PD accident Fail to stop or identify 1610 after PI accident – misdemeanor Fail to stop or identify 1600 after PI accident – felony Fail to stop RR crossing signal 2450 Fail to stop RR crossing w/monitoring 2450 device Fail to stop within assured 2310 clear distance ahead Fail to submit to truck weighing 3700 when required Fail to transfer license plates 3500 Fail to turn when directed by 2500 traffic sign Fail to use due caution for emergency 1806 responder Fail to use flashers when 2700 unloading school bus Fail to use turn signal 2650 Failed to yield 2600 Fail to yield at stop sign 2600 Fail to yield oncoming traff 2600 Fail to yield right of way 2600 Fail to yield to blind 2630 Fail to yield to emergency responder 1805 Fail to yield to emergency responder 1807 causing injury Fail to yield to emergency responder 1808 causing death Fail to yield to emergency vehicle 2610 Fail to yield to funeral 2600 Fail to yield to handicapped 2630 Fail to yield to pedestrian 2620 Fail to yield to vehicle on right 2600 Fail to yield when turning left 2600 Failed to display valid 3005 graduated license status Failed to move vehicle from roadway 2670 following an accident Failure to obey RR crossing restrictions 2451 Failure to obey traffic control device or 2452 enforcement official at RR crossing Failure to redeem abandoned veh 3450 Failure to show proof of sale – 3455 abandoned vehicle False info furnish to officer 3310 False info given at PD accident 1640 False info given at PI accident 1620 False info in obtaining license 3270 False insurance info – felony 3110 False insurance info – misd 3120 Falsify license plate 3600 Falsify vehicle documents 3600 Falsify vehicle registration 3600 Falsify vehicle title 3600 FCJ, drove while suspended by 3200 FCJ, out of state 9005 Felonious driving 1450 Felony with auto used 1430 Felony with auto used/attempt 1440 is misdemeanor Fictitious license, display/possess 3250 Financial Resp, restricted license viol 3070 Financial Responsibility viol 3070 Fire apparatus, interfere w/ 2730 Fire hose, drive over 2730 Fire truck, follow too close 2730 Flag not on projecting load 3400 Flares/warning devices-none 3400 Flashers, fail use on school bus 2700 Flashing red lights, fail stop 2440 Flashing yellow light, disobey 2440

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 5 August, 2015 Fleeing & eluding – felony 1700 Fleeing & eluding – 1 st degree 1706 Fleeing & eluding – 2 nd degree 1707 Fleeing & eluding – 3 rd degree 1708 Fleeing & eluding – 4 th degree 1709 Fleeing & eluding – Misdemeanor 1710 Follow fire truck too closely 2730 Followed too closely 2800 Forfeiture, transfer to avoid 9160 Forged driver license 3260 Forged license plate 3600 Forged vehicle documents 3600 Forged vehicle registration 3600 Forged vehicle title 3600 Fraud ID to purchase liquor 1330 Fraud in obtaining license 3270 Fraudulent change of address 3630 Fraudulent insurance info-felony 3110 Fraudulent insurance info-misdm 3120 Freeway, drove moped on 2900 Freeway, drove on wrong side 2830 Front seat, too many in 2870 Fuel, theft of motor vehicle 1840 Funeral, fail to yield to 2600 Furnish officer w/false information 3310 Gasoline, theft of 1840 GDL 1 or 2 Driver 3292 operating while using cellular telephone Give false info at PD accident 1640 Give false info at PI accident 1620 Glaring lights 2740 Goggles, none 3400 Graduated license permit, 3035 violation of Graduated license status, 3005 failed to display valid Greater than reasonable speed 2300 Group designator, drove w/o 3020 Guard, no stop school crossing 2400 H endorsement, drove w/o 3020 Handicapped, fail to yield to 2630 Handicapper parking violations 3810 Hazardous truck hauling, fail 2450 to stop at railroad xing Hazmat endorsement, drove w/o 3020 Helmet law violation 3400 Highway, pass on right-2 lane 2430 Highway, spilling load on 3710 Hill, improper passing on 2430 Hill, left of center approaching 2850 Hit and run - PD accident 1630 Hit and run – PI accident 1610 Homicide, negligent 1410 Horn, defective/missing 3400 Ignition interlock device 9100 Ignition interlock device – unauthorized 9110 removal Ignore alley-no thru traffic 2500 Ignore closed to traffic sign 2500 Ignore detour sign 2500 Ignore do not enter sign 2500 Ignore do not exit sign 2860 Ignore do not exit xway sign 2860 Ignore left turn only sign 2500 Ignore right turn only sign 2500 Ignore traffic sign 2500 Ignore yield sign 2600 Illegal crossover on limited 2520 access highway Illegal entrance/exit x-way 2860 Illegal left turn 2810 Illegal right turn 2810 Illegally acquired vehicle while subject 9190 to registration/denial Immobilization 9130 Immobilization, Obtaining vehicle 9150 to circumvent Impaired by liquor, operated while 1200 Impaired by drug, operated while 1210 Impaired by liquor/drug, operated while 1220 Impeding traffic 2670 Implement of Husbandry, failure to use 1803 caution causing injury of operator Implement of Husbandry, failure to use 1804 caution causing death of operator Improper attach license plates 3500 Improper crossing divided hwy 2520 Improper crossing median 2520 Improper lane use 2840 Improper left turn 2820 Improper load or towing 3710 Improper loading 3710 Improper operation-emergency equip 2720 Improper operation-emergency vehicle 2710 Improper operation-school bus 2700 Improper overtaking 2430 Improper passing 2430 Improper passing, bridge 2430 Improper passing on curve 2430 Improper passing on hill 2430 Improper passing on yellow line 2430 Improper passing, tunnel 2430 Improper passing, viaduct 2430 Improper plates 3500 Improper right turn 2820 Improper turn 2820 Improper use emerg equipment 2720 Improper use of lights 2740 Improperly marked school bus 2700 Improperly towed car 3400 Improperly towed trailer 3400 Imprudent speed 2300 Influence liquor, operate under 1000 Info, false insurance – felony 3110

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 6 August, 2015 Info, false insurance – misdemr 3120 Info, fraud insurance – felony 3110 Info, fraud insurance – misdemr 3120 Info, furnish false to officer 3310 Infraction, FCJ w/ state civil 9300 Injury, OUIL/OWI liquor causing 1040 serious Injury, operated under influence 1130 controlled substance causing serious Injury, unlawful bodily alcohol content 1040 causing serious Instruction permit violation 3040 Insufficient space between truck 2800 Insurance, no proof or no 3100 Insurance, false info – felony 3110 Insurance, false info – misdemeanor 3120 Insurance, fraud info – felony 3110 Insurance, fraud info – misdemeanor 3120 Interfere w/approaching traffic 2660 Interfere w/traffic 2660 Interfered with fire apparatus 2730 Intersection, cutting traffic in 2820 Intersection, enter on red light 2440 Intersection, fail stop at stop 2400 Intoxicants in vehicle, Open – driver 1300 Intoxicants in vehicle, Open – 1306 passenger Joyriding 1510 Keep right, failed to 2840 Knob, drove w/o steering 3050 Lane change to interfere 2650 Lane change w/o observation 2650 Lane change w/o signal 2650 Lane, turn from wrong 2820 Lane use, improper 2840 Lap driving 2870 Leave curb w/o observation 2650 Leaving curb, fail to signal 2650 Leaving scene of PD accident 1630 Leaving scene of PI accident 1610 Left, fail to yield when turn 2600 Left of center approach bridge 2850 Left of center approach viaduct 2850 Left of center approaching hill 2850 Left of center, drove 2850 Left of turning vehicle, passing on 2430 Left of yellow line, drove 2850 Left turn, fail to signal 2650 Left turn from wrong lane 2820 Left turn, improper 2820 Left turn in front of traffic 2820 Left turn, no 2810 Left turn on red after stop, no 2810 Left turn only lane, drove thru 2840 Left turn only sign, ignore 2500 Left turn, prohibited/illegal 2810 Left turn through red light 2440 Lending license to another 3250 Lens, drove w/o corrective 3030 Less than reckless driving 2300 License, altered or forged 3260 License, display canceled 3250 License, display/have fictitious 3250 License, display/possess altered 3260 License, display revoked 3250 License, display suspended 3250 License, drove w/o moped 3010 License, drove while canceled 3220 License, drove while denied 3200 License, drove while expired 3220 License, drove while revoked 3200 License, drove while suspended 3200 License, drove while susp/revoked/ 3235 denied causing death License, drove while susp/revoked/ 3245 denied causing serious injury License, fail obtain chauffeur 3020 License, fail to display 3000 License, fail to exhibit 3000 License, false info 3270 License, fraud in obtaining 3270 License, never obtained 3010 License, no address change 3620 License not shown at PD accident 1630 License not shown PI accident 1610 License, permit use by another 3250 License plate, alter 3600 License plate, expired 3500 License plate, fail to transfer 3500 License plate, forge/falsify 3600 License plate, improper attach 3500 License plate, never obtained 3500 License plate, none or invalid 3500 License plate, possess stolen 3610 License restriction violations 3050 License, unlawful display 3250 License, unlawful use 3250 Light, disobey flashing yellow 2440 Light, disobey traffic 2440 Light, left(right)turn thru red 2440 Light, ran red 2440 Light, ran yellow or amber 2440 Lights, broken 3400 Lights, defective/missing 3400 Lights, drove without 2740 Lights, fail to dim bright 2740 Lights, glaring 2740 Lights, improper use of 2740 Lights, no stop flashing red 2440 Lights, unauthorized emergency 2720 Limited access speed 2100 Line, improper passing on yellow 2430 Liquor, fraud ID to purchase 1330 Liquor, operate under influence 1000

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 7 August, 2015 Liquor, person under 21 purchase/ 1360 consume/possess Load, improper 3710 Load, no cover on 3710 Load, no flag on projecting 3400 Load, spilling on highway 3710 Load, unsafe on truck 3710 Logo/emblem missing (commercial) 3400 Malicious destruction ($>200.00) 1830 Malicious destruction (turfing)

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 8 August, 2015 Objects hanging from mirror 2870 Obstructed windshield 2870 Observation, change lanes w/o 2650 Observation, leave curb w/o 2650 Observe, failed to 2650 Observe traffic, did not 2600 Obstructed vision or control 2870 Obstructed vision when receive 2700 or discharge passengers Obtaining vehicle to circumvent 9150 immobilization Occupant under age 18 in open bed 1815 of pick-up Officer, flee & elude (felony) 1700 Officer, flee & elude (misdemeanor) 1710 Officer, furnish w/false info 3310 Officer signal, disobey 2510 Oncoming traffic, fail to yield 2600 One way street, drove wrong way 2830 One way traffic sign, disobey 2830 Open intoxicants in vehicle –driver 1300 Open intoxicants in vehicle - 1306 passenger Operating While Intoxicated 1025 Oper under influence liquor/drug 1110 Oper under influence liquor/drug/ 1110 UBAC Operate unlicensed vehicle 3500 Operate, allow intoxicated person to 1344 causing death Operate, allow intoxicated person to 1345 causing serious injury Operate, allow person under influence 1340 Operate, allow suspended/revoked to 1341 Operate, allow suspended/revoked to 1343 causing death Operate, allow suspended/revoked to 1342 causing serious injury Operate,allow unlicensed person to 3280 Operated commercial motor 1230 vehicle w/ BAC .04-

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 9 August, 2015 Passing on shoulder of road 2430 Passing on yellow line 2430 Pedestrian, fail to yield to 2620 Perjury under vehicle code 3320 Permit display susp or rev license 3250 Permit use of license by another 3250 Permit, violation of instruction 3040 Person under 21 purchase/ 1360 consume/possess liquor Person under 21 transport or 1307 possess in motor vehicle – driver Person under 21 transport 1308 or possess in motor vehicle – passenger Person under 21 used fraud ID 1330 to purchase liquor Person under 21 with BAC 1240 Pick-up, occupant under age 18 in 1815 open bed PI accident, fail to stop or identify 1600 Plate, expired 3500 Plate, fail to transfer 3500 Plate, improper 3500 Plate, improper attachment 3500 Plate, never obtained MI 3500 Plate, no cycle or trailer 3500 Plate, none or invalid 3500 Plate, possession of stolen 3610 Plate violations 3500 Police officer signal, disobey 2510 Possess altered license 3260 Possess fictitious license 3250 Possess liquor, person under 21 1360 Possession of stolen plate 3610 Posted speed, exceed 2000 Preliminary breath test refusal in CMV 1310 Preliminary breath test refusal 1320 in non-CMV Preliminary breath test refusal 1350 by driver under 21 Private drive, fail to stop 2640 Private drive, fail to yield 2640 Private property, use to avoid 2500 traffic control device Prohibited left turn 2810 Prohibited right turn 2810 Prohibited right turn on red 2810 Prohibited turn 2810 Prohibited turn-hours posted 2810 Projecting load-passenger vehicle 3710 Proof or no insurance, no 3100 Property, drove on to avoid 2500 Purchase liquor, person under 21 1360 Purchase liquor w/fraud ID 1330 Racing 1820 Radar speeding violation 2000 Railroad crossing sign, no stop 2450 Railroad xing, passenger 2450 bus fail to stop at Railroad xing stop sign,disobey 2450 Railroad xing stop sign, disobey 2450 w/monitoring device Railroad xing, truck hauling 2450 hazardous fail stop at Railroad xing, failure to obey RR 2451 Crossing restrictions Railroad xing, failure to obey traffic 2452 Control device or enforcement official Railroad xing, CMV failure to slow down 2453 Railroad xing, CMV failure to stop at 2454 Crossing when tracks are not clear Railroad xing, CMV failure to stop 2455 Railroad xing, CMV failure to drive 2456 completely through crossing w/out stopping Railroad xing, CMV failure to negotiate 2457 crossing-insufficient undercarriage clearance Ran yellow or amber light 2440 Ran red light 2440 Ran stop sign 2400 Rearview mirror, defective/none 3400 Rearview mirror, objects from 3400 Rear window, sign in 3400 Reckless driving 1800 Reckless driving, less than 2300 Reckless driving Causing Serious 1715 Impairment of a Body Function Reckless driving Causing Death 1720 Red light, enter intersection on 2440 Red light, left(right)turn thru 2440 Red light, ran 2440 Red lights, fail stop flashing 2440 Refuse preliminary breath test 1350 by driver under 21 Refuse prelim breath test in CMV 1310 Refuse prelim breath test 1320 in non-CMV Registration, new, applications by 9180 holder of assigned plates Registration, cert not valid 3500 Registration, alter 3600 Registration, fail to sign 3500 Registration, forge/falsify 3600 Registration, no address change 3620 Registration, none 3500 Registration/plate violations 3500 Render aid, fail to after accident 1669 Residential area speeding 2000 Restraint law for child violation 3300 Restricted lic, violated DI 3060 Restricted lic, violated Dist Court 3060 Restricted lic, violated DLAD 3060 Restricted lic, violated Circuit Court 3060 Restrictions, violated license 3050 Revoked, drove while license 3200 Revoked license, display 3250 Right of way, fail to yield 2600 Right, pass on 2 lane hwy 2430 Right turn, fail to signal 2650

Michigan Department of State Court Manual SECTION VI Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations 10 August, 2015 Right turn from wrong lane 2820 Right turn, improper 2820 Right turn, no 2810 Right turn on red after stop, no 2810 Right turn only lane, drove thru 2840 Right turn only sign, ignore 2500 Right turn, prohibited/illegal 2810 Right turn through red light 2440 Right turn, wide 2820 Right, truck/moped fail to keep 2840 Road shoulder, passing on 2430 Rolling stop at sign 2400 Safety belt law, violation 3290 Safety chains missing 3400 Scales, bypass truck 3700 School bus, fail to stop for 2410 School bus, fail to use flashers 2700 when unloading School bus, improper operation 2700 School bus, improperly marked 2700 School bus, receive/discharge 2700 when vision obstructed School bus speeding 2000 School crossing guard, no stop 2420 School zone speeding 2000 Seat belt law, violation 3290 Seat, too many in front 2870 Shoulder of road, passing on 2430 Show altered license 3260 Show fictitious license 3250 Sidewalk, drove moped on 2900 Sign, disobey stop 2400 Sign, disobey traffic 2500 Sign, fail to stop for stop 2400 Sign in rear window of veh (rev.

4/97) 3400 Sign, railroad crossing stop 2450 Signal, disobey police officer 2510 Signal, disobey traffic 2440 Signal, failed to 2650 Signal, no stop for traffic 2440 Siren, improper use 2720 Siren, unauthorized 2720 Slow moving vehicle emblem 3400 Slow vehicle fail to keep right 2840 Smoke, excessive from muffler 3400 Snowmobile – OUIL 7000 Snowmobile – UBAC 7010 Snowmobile – Combined OUIL/UBAC 7020 Snowmobile – OUIL causing death 7030 Snowmobile – OUIL causing serious 7040 impairment Snowmobile – OUID 7100 Snowmobile – Combined OUIL/OUID 7110 Snowmobile – OUID causing death 7120 Snowmobile – OUID causing 7130 serious impairment Snowmobile – Operated while Impaired 7200 Snowmobile – OWI Controlled Substance 7210 Snowmoble – Combined Operated while 7220 Impaired/controlled substance Snowmobile – Person Under 21 with BAC 7230 Snowmobile – Child Endangerment 7240 Snowmobile – Felony/Snowmobile Used 7300 Snowmobile – Operated while ordered 7400 not to operate Snowmobile – Allowed Person under 7450 Influence alcohol/controlled substance to operate Sold/Furnished Alcoholic Liquor 1355 to a person under 21 Special attachments, drove w/o 3050 Special equipment, drove w/o 3050 Speed, excessive 2000 Speed, excessive for conditions 2300 Speed, fail to drive minimum 2330 Speed greater than conditions 2300 Speed, imprudent 2300 Speed law, violation of basic 2300 Speed restrictions 2300 Speeding 2000 Speeding, energy 2200 Speeding, estimated 2300 Speeding in construction zone 2105 Speeding in mobile home park 2000 Speeding in residential area 2000 Speeding in school bus 2000 Speeding in school zone 2000 Speeding, limited access hwy 2100 Speeding while towing vehicle 2000 Spilling load on highway 3710 State civil infraction, FCJ 9300 Steering, defective/missing 3400 Steering knob, drove w/o 3050 Stolen plate, possession of 3610 Stop, fail stop at intersection 2400 Stop, fail to and weigh truck 3700 Stop, fail to signal for 2650 Stop, no right turn on red 2810 Stop, none for through street 2400 Stop sign, disobey 2400 Stop sign, fail to stop for 2400 Stop sign, fail to yield at 2600 Stop sign, railroad crossing 2450 Stop sign, ran 2400 Street, no stop for through 2400 Striking unattended vehicle 1630 Student driver unaccompanied 3040 Subject to temporary registration - 9170 transfer to person not subject to use tax Suspended, drove while license 3200 Suspended license, display 3250 Suspension for drug crime 9200 T endorsement, drove w/o 3020 Tailgating 2800 Texting While Operating a CMV 3296