OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago

     MONDAY 8 MAY 2017

       0800 762 786   0800 80 80 98

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago
Dunedin is New Zealand’s student capital and one of the
country’s best centres of learning. It’s home to 25,000 students
– approximately 20% of the city’s population.
A lively and vibrant city, Dunedin has something for everyone.
There’s great shopping, awesome gigs, heritage architecture,
theatres, art galleries and museums, along with plenty of cafés,
bars and restaurants. Dunedin regularly hosts national and
international sporting and music events. And, if you want to
escape city living for the day, it’s surrounded by spectacular
scenery and sandy beaches, and is home to some of the world’s
rarest wildlife.
The University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic sit
alongside one another, making for a greater campus area, just
minutes’ walk from the city centre. You are likely to live within
walking distance of your classrooms, libraries and gyms, and
your neighbours are probably students too, so it’s easy to make
friends. Dunedin Tertiary Open Day gives you the chance to
explore these campuses and experience first-hand what the
tertiary environment is like.

5     Student Services
13    Academic Programme
30    Map centrefold
33    University at a glance – what’s on when
                                                                    Love is in the Air by Polish artist Natalia Rak, courtesy of               OtagoUniversity                           Dunedin Street Art.

OTAGO POLYTECHNIC                                                   The purpose of the Dunedin Tertiary Open Day programme
40    Student Support Services                                      is to enable you to observe first-hand what the tertiary
44    Academic Seminars                                             environment is like. You are invited to visit special displays
                                                                    and presentations and explore the various facilities students
58    Map
                                                                    use (e.g. The University Union, University of Otago Student
                                                                    Centres, Unipol Recreation Centre, Recreation Services, OUSA                  OtagoPoly                                 Clubs and Societies Centre, the libraries and Polytechnic).

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago
Parents                                                                Undergraduate Prospectus

                                                                                                                                                     University of Otago
If you are travelling to Dunedin with your son or                      Pick up a copy of the new 2018 University of Otago Undergraduate
daughter for the Dunedin Tertiary Open Day –                           Prospectus at the Expo.
this is for you!

Professor Harlene Hayne
                                                                       Venue capacities
The Vice-Chancellor’s Address to Parents
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Harlene Hayne, warmly invites
                                                                       Health and Safety considerations
parents to attend a presentation about her vision for the University   Every room on the University of Otago campus has a maximum
of Otago and the way it supports new students, including Student       capacity, to allow for the safe entry and exit of people from the room in
Health, Student Support Services, the Residential Colleges, Library    the event of an emergency. Fire evacuation regulations dictate that at
Facilities, and the Gymnasium. At the end of the presentation,         no time is the University to breach these, as this places the safety of our
Professor Hayne will be available to answer questions or to chat       students, staff and guests at risk.
about your young person’s future university studies at Otago.          For this reason, Health and Safety Officers will be monitoring guest
Time:      1.00pm – 1.50pm                                             entry to ensure that venues do not exceed capacity. We apologise in
Venue:     University College Refectory                                advance if you are unable to gain access to a session for this reason. In
Map ref:   G6                                                          the event that you are not able to gain access to a session, please contact
                                                                       us to request any information that may have been missed and we will
                                                                       make our best attempts to provide this for you.

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago
If you miss a presentation, or need further information, don’t despair, come to the Expo. You can discuss subjects and
courses with representatives from Humanities, Sciences, Business, and the full range of Health Sciences options. If
you need information about the student enrolment process or student services, then come and talk to our friendly
Academic and Student Services staff.

Expo is open from: 9.30am - 3.30pm                                         The Dunedin Tent
Venue:             The LINK, ISB Building                                  Find out about all things Dunedin by visiting the Dunedin Tent. Check
Map ref:           F4.58 (East Campus)
                                                                           out why it is the best city in the country to visit/study/live/play. Pop
University Union and OUSA Sausage Sizzle                                   in and say hi to the Dunedin team. You can sign up on the spot to
Time:      12.00pm                                                         receive updates about events, competitions and so much more. Looking
Venue:     The LINK courtyard                                              forward to seeing you there.
           (near the Career Development Centre)                            Time:      9.30am – 3.30pm
Map ref:   F5.143                                                          Venue:     The LINK courtyard
                                                                           Map ref:   F5.143
A representative from StudyLink will be on hand to answer your
questions on student loans and allowances.

If you get lost
If you are lost, then go to the HELP TENT located outside the
University Union Building - LINK Courtyard where there will be
someone on hand to help you, or look for the students in the distinctive
‘ARE YOU LOST’ T-shirts.

Campus Watch Campus Tours
There will be orientation tours of the University of Otago Campus.
A member of Campus Watch will meet those interested. Allow three
quarters of an hour for this tour. A great way to get orientated!
Time:      Every 30mins commencing at 11am
           (last tour will depart 1.30pm)
Venue:     Assemble outside the Castle Lecture Theatre complex
Map ref:   F5.57

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago
Student Services

                                                                                                                                                           University of Otago
The University of Otago makes a significant commitment to providing a wide range of services to enable all students
to develop their full potential and to reach their educational goals. Find out what services are available, ask questions
and pick up some information at the Student Support Services stand at the expo in the LINK, ISB Building (Map ref.
F4.58). If you want to visit some of the services, see below for addresses. Check out the website too:

Career Development Centre                                                   If you’re interested, they can also help you find the right Church, group
 • How do I make my time at University really pay off when I                or faith community to belong to or they can help by just listening
    graduate?                                                               confidentially and supporting you when sad or difficult things are
 • What can I do with a degree in………….?                                     happening in your life. You are warmly invited to meet with some of the
 • How can I make myself stand out from the crowd when I am                 following members of the University Chaplaincy team – Greg Hughson,
    looking for employment?                                                 Mike Wright, Mark Chamberlain or Lyn Meinders.
 • When do I need to start thinking about my career?                        Time:       1.00pm – 4.00pm
The answer to these and many other career related questions can be          Venue:      The Upper Room, mezzanine floor (eastern end) in
answered at the Career Development Centre. We have decades of                           University Union Building
experience dealing with students in every discipline, from accounting       Map ref:    F4.146
to languages to zoology, and graduate recruiters in every field. We work    Disability Information and Support
with students to help them to effectively progress their careers while at   The staff at Disability Information and Support welcomes you to the
University from first year to graduation. It is never too early to come     University of Otago. We provide learning support, advice, advocacy
in and see us! We run seminars and workshops throughout the year,           and information for students who have a disability, impairment,
invite a wide range of employers onto campus to meet with students,         injury or medical condition. Our vision is to work in partnership to
advertise job vacancies via OtagoCareerHub and offer individual career      promote an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, promotes
appointments to students. So come in and talk to us, look online at our     comprehensive academic support, and empowers individuals with
website or give us a call.                                                  impairments to reach and achieve their full potential. The support we
Time:      9.00am – 5.00pm                                                  provide is varied and may include: access to specialised equipment,
Venue:     Information Services Building (Central Library), ground          quiet study rooms, note taking, tutoring, reformatting of course
           floor, northeast corner                                          materials, and alternative examination arrangements.
Map ref:   F5.143                                                           Being prepared and planning ahead are important aspects of making
                                                                            the transition from school to university more successful. Our student
Chaplaincy                                                                  advisers are available to help with this transition and will work
Chaplains are on campus to provide care, information, spiritual support     collaboratively to put together a support plan. Feel free to drop in and
and encouragement to help you reach your potential as a person. They        meet the team.
are available to help you explore issues of faith and meaning in life at    Time:       9.00am – 3.00pm
your own pace.                                                              Venue:      Information Services Building (Central Library), ground
                                                                                        floor, southwest corner
                                                                            Map ref:    F4.58

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago
Māori Centre – Te Huka Mātauraka                                               Contact: Tofilau Nina Kirifi-Alai (Manager) or
Nau mai, haere mai, tauti mai.                                                          Christine Anesone (Community Liaison Officer)
                                                                               Time:    8.30am – 5.00pm
Te Huka Mātauraka is here to support iwi Māori students. Our staff
                                                                               Tel:     03 479 8278
provide services that include: supplementary tutorials, mentoring, study
                                                                               Venue:   1 Leithbank (Cnr Leithbank & Clyde St - opposite
groups, counselling/advocacy, course advice, scholarship and grant                      Commerce Building)
information, whānau and departmental support, health and welfare               Web:
services, links to iwi networks, school visits and campus tours. We are        Map ref: F7.23
here to support you to achieve your academic goals for the duration of
your time at Otago. So come on in and meet the friendly kaimahi (staff)
at Te Huka Mātauraka. Pick up our flyers and check the website out for
further information.
Time:        8.30am – 5.00pm
Venue:       515/519 and 523 Castle Street North
Map ref:    H5.84 & H5.85

Pacific Islands Centre
Warm Pacific Greetings from Otago. The Pacific Islands Centre is here
to assist Pacific students achieve to the best of their ability while at
Otago. We provide free workshops and tutorials as well as an academic
mentoring programme and events throughout the year to ensure
students stay on track with their studies.
Our knowledgeable staff provide guidance and support in most things,
from course advice and pastoral care to links to the local community
and nearest Churches. The Centre is a place where students can meet
up, keep warm and have access to free wireless internet, computers,
study rooms, a common room, tea, coffee and milo, and feel part of a
large family away from home.
Christine Anesone, our Pacific Islands Community Liaison officer is
also available to assist you any time with information on University
entrance, course advice, scholarships etc… and can come visit you and
your parents at your school or community. So please don’t hesitate to
drop in for a chat and hot drink, pick up a leaflet at the expo or visit our
website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago

                                                                                                                                                         University of Otago
The Proctor leads a team that has responsibility to positively influence    The University keeps in touch with students in a fortnightly
student behaviour and safety. The Proctor is also responsible for student   e-newsletter – – which is full of useful information about
discipline. The Proctor works closely with the local community, the         what’s happening on campus. The University will email you on your
local Police, landlords and the Dunedin City Council to make life on or     own student email address each fortnight when the latest edition is
near campus pleasant for everyone. The University Calendar provides         released.
the full regulations governing student conduct and disciplinary matters.    If you want to see what’s been happening on campus during 2016 and
Campus Watch operate from the Proctor’s Office and are an easily            2017 check out the website.
identifiable team who provide 24/7 support to students and security on      Web:
campus and across north Dunedin.
Venue:     St David Street Lecture Theatre complex                          Student Health Services
Web:                              Student Health Services is an on-site campus primary health team
Map ref:   G4.78                                                            dedicated to your health and well-being. We provide medical, nursing,
                                                                            counselling and psychiatric advice and treatment for all students who
Recreation                                                                  have paid the University of Otago Student Services Fee. For more
A wide variety of recreational activities are offered to students and
                                                                            information please go to our website or follow us on Facebook.
staff at Otago. A comprehensive recreation programme is offered from
                                                                            Venue:     Cnr Walsh and Albany Streets, opposite the Museum
Unipol Recreation Services and the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre
who are in the serious business of helping students and staff maintain      Web:
healthy lifestyles while having fun. There are outdoor adventures, group    Map ref:   E3.115
fitness classes, events, competitions, social sport, sports clubs and
societies to cater for every need that you may have in the leisure area.    University Volunteer Centre and Unicrew
Unipol Recreation Services offers full weights and cardio studios           Otago provides a multitude of volunteering opportunities for you to
through to basketball and badminton courts where you and your               give back to the community, enhance your CV, learn leadership skills,
friends can participate in a wide range of campus activities. A range       learn something new, follow your passions, hobbies or interests while
of outdoor equipment can be hired for other recreational activities in      meeting new people. While you’re here, visit the team at UniCrew
your own time. Pick up a Healthy Campus Recreation magazine, your           Volunteers to learn about what students are doing in their communities.
comprehensive campus recreation guide, when you arrive.                     You can find them at the Career Development Centre between 9am and
Unipol Recreation Services                                                  5pm.
Venue:    University Plaza Building One 130 Anzac Avenue                    Web:
Tel:      03 479 5888                                                       Map ref:   F5.143
Facebook: Unipol Recreation Services
Map ref: University Plaza F.11
OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre
Venue:    84 Albany St
Tel:      03 479 5960
Facebook: OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre
Map ref: E5.55

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago
Other Services                                                                  • live more healthily or handle difficult relationships better
                                                                                • become more assertive, handle criticism well or get along better
Course advice                                                                      with your fellow students.
Course advice – there’s more to it than you think. Set yourself up, and        Tel:       03 479 8461
start right from your first year to your second, third, fourth, fifth…         Email:
Whether you know what you want to take for your course of study or
not, course advice is an opportunity to discuss your choices with the          Student Learning Development
experts.                                                                       Offers a wide range of services to students at all levels of study,
They can look at your 2018 course of study, and ensure that it is setting      including:
you up so you can complete your qualification in a timely manner. They           • Interactive workshops for undergraduates and postgraduates on a
can make sure your study fits with your career aspirations and will get            wide range of topics
you where you want to go.                                                        • Individual appointments for students to receive practical guidance
                                                                                   and advice on study-related concerns
It’s also an opportunity to find out about other services that are available
                                                                                 • Online study guides and tutorials
at the University to allow you to finish your qualification with the skills,
                                                                                 • Peer assisted study sessions (PASS)
knowledge and confidence to tackle life’s challenges.
                                                                                 • Undergraduate and postgraduate peer learning and writing support
Course advice is available throughout the year, and at any time during           • A student leadership and mentoring programme
your studies.                                                                    • A transition support programme for first year students not living in
Talk to one of our Liaison team or, once you are on campus, book an                residential colleges
appointment with a member of the University Course Advice Service.               • A student leadership programme
Web:                                           Time:      9.00am – 4.30pm
                                                                               Venue:     Ground floor, Information Services Building, (main foyer,
Enrolment at Otago                                                                        Albany Street entrance)
How do I apply? What do I need to provide? Find out everything you             Map ref:   F4.58
need to know about gaining admission and enrolling at the University
of Otago. The Admissions, Enrolment and the University Information             University Information Centre
Centre stand has all the information you need at the Expo.                     The University Information Centre (UIC), just inside the Cumberland
                                                                               Street entrance of the Information Services Building (which also houses
Venue:      The LINK, ISB Building
Map ref:    F4.58
                                                                               the Central Library), can help you with information and directions
                                                                               during the Open Day and throughout your university career.
Personal Performance Coaching                                                  When you are a student, it should be your starting point for enquiries
Personal Performance Coaching is practical and action based, enabling          about enrolment, examinations, graduation, academic transcripts, key
you to examine your current challenges and find the means to manage            dates, changing your course, and any other administrative matters
and overcome whatever it is that is holding you back from achieving            regarding study at Otago.
your goals.
Coaching can assist you to:                                                    Venue:     The LINK, ISB Building
 • maximise your learning and make the most of your time at                    Map ref:   F4.58
   university and build the future you want
 • manage procrastination
 • focus on getting the right life/study/work balance

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago
University Union                                                              Meeting point:        Stop 1 Student Accommodation Centre

                                                                                                                                                           University of Otago
The Union is the hub of student social life at the University. In the         		                    However, you may board the shuttle or end your
                                                                                                    tour at any of the college stops.
Union and LINK areas as well as in other locations around campus,
                                                                              End point:		          Stop 1 Student Accommodation Centre
you will find a variety of food and beverage outlets, shops and places
                                                                              Map ref:		            H5.81
to sit and catch up with your friends. The Union is home to the Otago
University Students’ Association and Radio 1.                                 On Foot
Web:                       Colleges that are within very close proximity to the campus are:
Map ref:    F4.58                                                             Arana College               (Clyde Street – Map ref: H6)
                                                                              Cumberland College          (Cumberland Street – Map ref: D4)
                                                                              Hayward College             (Frederick Street – Map ref: D4)
Accommodation                                                                 St Margaret’s College       (Leith Street – Map ref: G6)
                                                                              Selwyn College              (Castle Street – Map ref: H4)
Come and hear about student accommodation and the world-class                 Studholme College           (Clyde Street – Map ref: H7)
residential college life at the University of Otago. Our colleges are         University College          (Leith Street – Map ref: G6)
vibrant, dynamic communities of scholars where exceptional support            Please remember that you are welcome to visit residential colleges at
in all aspects of residential life is provided by experienced, professional   any time.
collegiate staff. This presentation will outline the essence of life in
Otago’s residential colleges. As well as an overview presentation             Locals
of Otago’s unique housing system you will have the chance to                  The Locals Programme is for first year University of Otago students
mix and mingle with the college heads and staff from the Student              who are living in the local Dunedin community. These students are
Accommodation Centre.                                                         living at home, flatting or boarding and they can be school leavers, gap-
Times:      10.00am – 10.50am and 2.00pm – 2.50pm                             year students or mature students.
Venue:      University College Refectory                                      The programme is designed to create an enjoyable and supportive
Map ref:    G6                                                                environment for a successful first year at the University of Otago. We
University Residential Colleges                                               provide Locals events for orientation week to help students settle in
There are 14 University residential colleges for undergraduate students.      and then provide academic, social, sporting and community-based
Colleges will welcome visits from students at any time of the day.            opportunities throughout their first year.
                                                                              For more information visit, FB:
Residential Colleges Hop On, Hop Off Shuttle Bus                              or email
                                                                              Or visit us at the Expo.
For those students wishing to visit the more outlying residential colleges
(i.e. Aquinas, Carrington, City College, Knox, Salmond, Te Rangi Hiroa        Time:    All day
                                                                              Venue: The LINK, ISB Building
and Toroa), there will be a Hop On, Hop Off Shuttle Bus Tour leaving
                                                                              Map ref: F4.58
from outside the Student Accommodation Centre, St David Street
(Map ref: H5.81).
Shuttle bus times: First bus departs Stop 1 at 10.15am, with the
                   final tour departing Stop 1 at 3.00pm. Buses will
                   depart every 10 minutes.

OPEN DAY - MONDAY 8 MAY 2017 - University of Otago
Otago Global Student Exchange                                              University of Otago Foundation Year

Can’t wait to travel overseas but feel you should get your degree          The University of Otago Foundation Year is recognised by all
completed before you go? Why not do both at the same time?                 universities in New Zealand as meeting, or partially meeting, their
The Otago Global Student Exchange programme allows you to study for        entrance requirements. Foundation Year is taught in the newest
one or two semesters at an internationally recognised partner university   building on campus at the University Plaza right beside Forsyth Barr
in one of more than 30 countries around the globe. The courses you         Stadium.
take are then credited back to your Otago qualification so you take no     Five streams of study are offered, each designed to prepare for your
longer to complete your degree than if you’d stayed in Dunedin. When       intended degree at university. Successful completion of Foundation
you go on exchange you will not pay international fees. You are eligible   Year gives guaranteed entry into first year of all Otago undergraduate
for StudyLink and there are a large number of grants and scholarships      degrees. This course is open to both New Zealand and international
available. Become a global citizen.                                        students and has three intakes; February, June and October.
Find out more.                                                             Our partner division, the University of Otago Language Centre, offers
Presentation:                                                              a variety of courses to help students improve or gain required English
Time:     12.00pm – 12.30pm                                                levels for successful tertiary study. Our flagship course is English for
Venue:    Mark Parker Seminar Room, University College,                    Otago, which if passed, allows international students to meet English
          315 Leith Walk                                                   Language Requirements for University Entrance.
Map ref: G6
                                                                           We look forward to speaking with all interested international and
Want to know more? Come and talk to us at the Exchange Programme           domestic students at our seminar.
display in the Expo and find out about this exciting study option.         Time:       12.30pm – 1.00pm
Time:    All day                                                           Venue:      Mark Parker Seminar Room, University College,
Venue: The LINK, ISB Building                                                          315 Leith Walk
Map ref: F4.58                                                             Map ref:    G6

International Students                                                     Scholarships
International students are invited to attend an information session,       A staff member from the University’s Undergraduate Entrance
which will include information on availability of programmes, entrance     Scholarships Office will be available at the Open Day Expo to talk about
requirements, tuition fees, and services provided by the International     funding opportunities for new first-year students.
Office (including international admissions, student support, the           Time:    9.30am – 3.30pm
friendship network, student visa renewal, and medical and travel           Venue: The LINK, ISB Building
insurance arrangements).                                                   Map ref: F4.58
Time:       12.00pm – 12.45pm
Venue:      International Office (Archway West Building), International
            Meeting Room on the 1st floor.
Map ref:    G5.144
Note:       If you are unable to attend the above presentation, you
            are welcome to visit the International Office (Archway West
            Building, G5.144), at any time throughout the day.

Become Resilient: A practical workshop to help

                                                                           University of Otago
strengthen your resiliency levels

“Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from adversity”
(Milstein & Henry, 2008)
Why might you need to consider strengthening your resiliency levels?
The transition from high school to university can be challenging. There
will be many temptations, distractions and opportunities. Give yourself
the best chance to succeed at university and create self-discipline from
the start.
This practical workshop will assist you to implement strategies to
achieve your goals and remain robust and healthy throughout your
study at Otago.
Workshop facilitator: Brian Johnston, Personal Performance Coach,
University of Otago.
Time:       10.30am – 11.15am
Venue:      Mark Parker Seminar Room, University College,
            315 Leith Walk
Map ref:    G6


Library Visits (self-guided)
You are welcome to visit and browse the Library facilities and resources
at any time. Please ask our friendly staff if you have any questions.
Explore our website to discover what the Library has to offer:

Central Library, Cnr Albany & Cumberland Street (F4.58)
Health Sciences Library, 1st floor Sayers Building, 290 Great
King Street opposite Hospital (D2.128)

Law Library, 8th floor, Richardson Building (F5.59)
Science Library, Science III Building, 730 Cumberland Street (G4.76)
The Robertson Library (Education), 135 Union Street East

Hocken Collections, 90 Anzac Ave (E9.3)

Otago University Students’ Association                                       You may also be eligible for grants setup to assist individuals and clubs,
                                                                             or if you’re a high achiever, you may find yourself on the podium at the
The Otago University Students’ Association (OUSA) serves and                 prestigious Blues and Golds Awards. Swing by for a visit or head to the
represents students of the University of Otago – all of whom are             website to get familiar with everything on offer.
automatically members of the OUSA.                                           Tel:        03 479 596
Providing a diverse range of social events, recreational courses, clubs
                                                                             Venue:      84 Albany St
and societies to join and an amazing student support service to help
                                                                             Map ref:    E5.55
keep your life as trouble-free as possible, they’ve got you covered.
The OUSA Student Executive are committed to representing student             OUSA Student Support Centre
interests, causes, and to provide a wide range of key welfare services. If   The OUSA Student Support Centre exists to make sure your student
you have any questions, concerns or comments please drop in to see us        experience is as great as it can be. We offer a free, confidential service
at the Main Office, call or email                      to help with any issues: academic, flatting, hardship, ethical behaviour
Tel:        03 479 5332                                                      concerns, or anything else. We also have a queer resource library, a
Email: (general enquiries)                             foodbank and a peer support programme. If anything at all is bothering
Web:                                                      you, drop in to see us. If we can’t help, we’ll know who can!
Venue:      640 Cumberland Street                                            Tel:        03 479 5448
Map ref:    F4.61                                                            Email:
                                                                             Venue:      5 Ethel Benjamin Place, behind the Clubs & Societies
OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre                                                          Centre
The OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre offers a range of fantastic
                                                                             Map ref:    E5.56
facilities such as meeting/study rooms, pianos, dance and exercise
studios, a sauna, $3 lunches and great value frozen meals. There are
also 120 clubs and societies to choose from (sports, political, cultural,
spiritual and academic) and a vast selection of courses running each
semester. Try something new and meet new people at Clubs and Socs.

Academic Programme

                                                                                                                                                        University of Otago
Please note that these are listed under the following general headings: Business, Health Sciences, Humanities and

What makes studying business at Otago different?
Find out why our graduates have an excellent reputation for their skills, learning and development, and why studying at Otago will help you excel in
the business world. We’ll give you an overview about the degrees we offer, required papers, what majors you can study and more. If you are interested
in the following areas, come and see us.

Accountancy                                                                   Management, International Business and
If you’re new to accounting or are already doing it at school, this session   Human Resource Management (HRM)
outlines accounting at Otago. Learn about producing, planning, and            Learn how excellent management and leadership knowledge and skills
monitoring financial information.                                             can help you succeed in the workplaces of tomorrow. Management,
Time:       10.25am – 10.40am                                                 International Business, HRM, Entrepreneurship and Socially
Venue:      Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum                                      Responsible Leadership explore different aspects of how modern
Map ref:    F3                                                                organisations operate, and equip you with the skills you’ll need to be
                                                                              a successful part of these, or ultimately lead them, whether in New
Economics                                                                     Zealand or throughout the world.
Our resources are limited, but our wants are not. We must use what we
have wisely and do the best we can with what we’ve got. Economics is a        Time:      11.40am - 12.10pm
                                                                              Venue:     Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum
multi-disciplinary subject where you learn how people allocate scarce
                                                                              Map ref:   F3
resources, how these choices impact individuals and their communities,
and how to create strategies that improve the wellbeing of yourself and       Marketing
others.                                                                       Explore the ways that our consumer society works and the roles that
Time:       9.25am – 9.40am                                                   marketing plays in the development of relationships that result in the
Venue:      Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum                                      creation of value for the betterment of society. We look across the whole
Map ref:    F3                                                                spectrum of business from market research to pricing, from promotion
                                                                              to services and from new product development to social networking
Finance                                                                       and branding in local, national and international contexts.
Learn how to manage money and capital in the real world through
the study of portfolio theory, investments and corporate financial            Time:      9.50am – 10.15am
                                                                              Venue:     Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum
                                                                              Map ref:   F3
Time:       9.00am – 9.15am
Venue:      Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum                                      Tourism and Hospitality
Map ref:    F3                                                                The diversity of tourism and hospitality – small business development
                                                                              to sustainable destination management. Challenges and opportunities
Information Science                                                           in a changing global world.
Our society cannot function without information and communication
technologies. Information Scientists are an integral part of our              Time:      11.15am – 11.30am
                                                                              Venue:     Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum
economy, life and everything around us. Learn how they analyse,
                                                                              Map ref:   F3
design, build and validate information systems and processes for our
digital present and future.                                                   Expo
Time:       10.50am – 11.05am                                                 All Bachelor of Commerce majors will have a presence at the Expo in
Venue:      Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum                                      The LINK.
Map ref:    F3                                                                Time:      9.30am – 3.30pm
                                                                              Venue:     The LINK, ISB Building
                                                                              Map ref:   F4.58

Health Sciences

                                                                                                                                                          University of Otago
Dental Blue, Gowland and Red Lecture Theatres                             Gowland Lecture Theatre                                 Map ref: D2.130
These lecture theatres are located within the Health Sciences precinct    This lecture theatre is located on the second floor of the Lindo Ferguson
and can be a little bit tricky to find. Refer to the area on the map –    Building, Great King Street, opposite the Dunedin Public Hospital.
South Campus.                                                             Red Lecture Theatre                                     Map ref: D2.131
How to gain access to:                                                    Access to this lecture theatre is at the back of the Scott Building, via
Dental Blue Lecture Theatre                             Map ref: E2.124   an alley that runs between the Lindo Ferguson Building and the Scott
This lecture theatre is located in the Dental School building and is      Building, Great King Street.
accessed from Frederick Street.

Health Sciences First Year
So you want to be a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, physiotherapist or medical laboratory scientist?
The Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) is the first step on the path to those careers or medical research. It is the only first year university programme
that enables you to apply for admission into the Health Sciences professional programmes, and counts as the first year of the Dentistry, Medical
Laboratory Science, Medicine, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy programmes. It is also an excellent way to begin a degree in Biomedical Science or
any of the broad range of biological sciences at Otago. HSFY is great preparation for those seeking admission to the degree programmes in Dental
Technology; Oral Health; and Radiation Therapy. If you are interested in any Health Sciences degree you should attend one of the introductory
Time: 9.00am – 9.15am                  Venue: Union Hall, University Union                            Map ref: F4.146
Time: 1.00pm – 1.15pm                  Venue: St David Lecture Theatre                                Map ref: G4.78
Representatives from the Health Sciences Admissions Office will be available at the Open Day Expo, The LINK, ISB Building.

Pacific Islands Research and Student Support Unit
Warm Pacific greetings from the team at the Pacific Islands Research and Student Support Unit (PIRSSU). We are here to assist Pacific students
studying courses and programmes within the Division of Health Sciences. We work closely with the Pacific Islands Centre and support staff in
PIRSSU offers an enhanced evidence-based first year transition programme (Pacific Orientation at Otago – ‘POPO’) to assist students reach their
career goals and aspirations. The POPO Programme includes mentoring led by senior Pacific health sciences students, an enhanced academic
programme and an early orientation camp. These programmes enable you to meet relevant staff, fantastic mentors, your peers and assist you to thrive
in this new learning environment.
Our experienced staff provide guidance on academic courses, available scholarships, health workforce opportunities, and how best to transition to
university life. We provide a Pacific friendly space where students drop by for a chat, relax or focus on their studies. As part of your journey, we are
keen to connect you to our alumni (graduates) and potential employers in the health sector.
Malia Lameta is our Programmes Lead and she coordinates the POPO Programme. Please feel free to contact her ( or 03 479
8493) or just stop by our office for a chat. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Head of unit:
          Faumuina A/P Faafetai Sopoaga (Division Associate Dean Pacific)
Time:     All day
Venue:    71 Frederick Street
Map ref: E3.122

Anatomy (Bachelor of Science)                                               Bioethics

                                                                                                                                                             University of Otago
How we begin life and how we develop; how we move and how we                Is it right to use animals in scientific experiments? Should health
function; how we remember and how we forget; and how human                  professionals always tell patients the truth, even if the patient doesn’t
populations have adapted and developed.                                     want this? Should experiments be conducted on people who cannot
Within our Department, there are four key subject areas that explore        consent to it?
different aspects of Anatomy through teaching and research:                 Bioethics is the consideration of issues such as these arising from health
 • Biological Anthropology studies human populations from the               care and the life sciences.
    past to understand human origins, adaptation, health, growth and        If you enjoy thinking about not only what science and health care can
    development.                                                            do, but also what they ought to do and how they should be used, then
 • Clinical Anatomy examines structures within the body to better           bioethics is for you! Find out how bioethics can enhance your degree.
    understand the anatomy of healthy individuals and factors that          Time:       10.30am – 11.00am
    contribute to disease or dysfunction within these structures.           Venue:      71 Frederick Street, Room G10
                                                                            Map ref:    E3.122
 • Neuroscience studies brain health, disease and repair in relation to
    neurological disorders and brain function.                              Biomedical Science (Bachelor of)
 • Reproduction, Genomics and Development looks at the many                 If you want to study human biology from a broad perspective,
    different aspects of development from fertilisation and cell division   understand the scientific basis for human health and disease and keep
    through to adulthood.                                                   up with the latest in biomedical research then this is the degree for you.
                                                                            This presentation will give you an overview of the breadth of subjects
By doing a BSc in Anatomy you can explore all of these areas, or
                                                                            on offer. Come and hear about the exciting range of options available
concentrate on just one or two, picking up many skills along the way.
                                                                            and potential career opportunities open to you in Biomedical Sciences.
Anatomy is also an excellent pathway for graduate entry into health
                                                                            Time:       1.00pm – 1.30pm
professional programmes.                                                    Venue:      Dental Blue Lecture Theatre, Frederick Street
Come and visit our Anatomy Museum and talk to us about what you             Map ref:    E2.124
can do with a degree in Anatomy.
                                                                            Faculty of Dentistry
Time:      12.15pm – 1.00pm
                                                                            Dental Surgery (Bachelor of) – Not just teeth- so so much more.
Venue:     Anatomy Museum, 2nd floor, Lindo Ferguson Building,
           Great King Street                                                Come to find more about this challenging and rewarding profession.
Map ref:   D2.130                                                           Dental Technology (Bachelor of) – Are you interested in the art
                                                                            and science behind a perfect smile? This is your chance to see what’s
Biochemistry (Bachelor of Science)
                                                                            happening in the exciting world of Dental Technology.
If you’ve ever wondered how living things work, where they get their
energy from, how they make the components they need or what it is           Oral Health (Bachelor of) – The window to the body’s health.
that your genes do, then biochemistry is for you.                           Discover how you can acquire the skills and knowledge to become an
                                                                            oral therapist.
Visit the Department of Biochemistry and discover how biochemistry
affects your day-to-day life. You’ll also find out about studying           Time:       11.00am – 11.45am
Biochemistry at Otago and the career opportunities that will open up        Venue:      Gowland Lecture Theatre, 2nd floor Lindo Ferguson
                                                                                        Building, Great King Street
for you.
                                                                            Map ref:    D2.130
Times:     11.00am – 11.30am and 1.30pm – 2.00pm
Venue:     Assemble in the foyer of the Biochemistry Building
Map ref:   G4.74

Dental Technology (Bachelor of)                                             Microbiology and Immunology (Bachelor of Science)
Time:       All day                                                         Microorganisms are everywhere – in our bodies, our food, the air, soil,
Venue:      The LINK, ISB Building                                          and water. Because they’re everywhere, they’re involved in almost every
Map ref:    F4.58                                                           aspect of our lives.
Genetics (Bachelor of Science)                                              Microbiology involves the study of the many types of viruses, bacteria,
Presentation, discussion and display. This is your chance to see what’s     fungi and protozoa that impact upon our health, our environment and
happening in the wonderfully exciting world of Genetics. Find out what      our productivity. How do viruses and bacteria cause disease? How do
is involved in a Genetics degree and where it can take you. Academic        our bodies fight them off, and what happens if they don’t? How are
staff and current students will be available to discuss options with you.   ‘good’ microbes used to generate food or improve our environment?
Times:      11.30am – 12.00pm and 12.00pm – 12.30pm                         How can microorganisms be used to develop new and innovative
Venue:      Genetics 300-level laboratory, Room G09, ground floor,          technologies? Visit the Department of Microbiology and Immunology
            Biochemistry Building                                           and you’ll understand why what can’t be seen matters.
Map ref:    G4.74                                                           Time:    All day      Presentation:
                                                                            Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     2.00pm – 2.30pm
Medical Laboratory Science (Bachelor of)                                             ISB Building Venue:    Assemble on the 2nd
Does this woman have cancer? Is this unborn child developing                			                             floor of the
normally? What was the cause of this man’s death?                           			Microbiology Building
With over 70% of clinical decisions based on the results of laboratory      Map ref: F4.58        Map ref: G4.77
testing, medical laboratory scientists are the backbone of modern
                                                                            Neuroscience (Bachelor of Science)
medicine. This multi-disciplinary field is diverse, involving the
                                                                            The human brain is the single most complex structure in the universe.
smallest fragments of DNA, to gross human anatomy. Our graduates
                                                                            Neuroscientists are its explorers.
work around the world in a variety of careers, including hospital
and community laboratories, veterinary diagnostic pathology,                Neuroscience research attempts to understand how the brain works, in
biotechnology and industry, sales and support, forensics and research.      health, and in disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
                                                                            Neuroscience is a rapidly growing area of science operating at the
Find out what the BMLSc degree involves and learn more about
                                                                            cutting edge of current knowledge. Apart from pushing back the
exciting career opportunities by attending a short talk and interactive
                                                                            frontiers of knowledge, neuroscientists contribute to understanding
                                                                            disorders of the brain and develop new treatments.
Times:      10.00am – 10.30am and 11.30am – 12.00pm
Venue:      Room G16, Hercus Building, Great King Street                    Otago offers a unique Neuroscience Programme including BSc,
Map ref:    D2.132                                                          Honours and postgraduate study. Come and talk to us about why and
                                                                            how to study Neuroscience at Otago.
Medicine and Surgery (Bachelors of)                                         Time:    All day      Presentation:
Discover what a medical degree involves and find out about the              Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     11.00am – 11.30am
rewarding career opportunities it presents at the Otago Medical School’s             ISB Building Venue:    71 Frederick Street,
presentation.                                                               Map ref: F4.58		                Room G10
Time:       9.15am – 9.45am    Time:             1.15pm – 1.45pm            		                    Map ref: E3.122
Venue:      Union Hall,        Venue:            St David Lecture
            University Union 		                  Theatre
Map ref:    F4.146             Map ref:          G4.78

Pharmacology and Toxicology (Bachelor of Science)                         Physiotherapy (Bachelor of)

                                                                                                                                                      University of Otago
Discover how a career in pharmacology and toxicology can take you         Looking for an exciting, rewarding and challenging career? If so, check
to the forefront of medicine – designing, developing and testing drugs    out what the Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree has to offer. Come and
for human and animal diseases, and understanding the harmful effects      join us at the School of Physiotherapy for a short presentation to learn
drugs can have on biological systems.                                     about what the degree involves and where it takes you. Then enjoy a
Time:    All day               Presentation:                              tour of the School’s state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories
Venue:   The LINK,             Time:       10.00am – 10.30am              and clinics.
         ISB Building          Venue:      Gowland Lecture                Time:    All day                 Presentation:
Map ref: F4.58		                           Theatre, 2nd floor Lindo       Venue:   The LINK,               Time:       1.00pm – 1.30pm
			                                        Ferguson Building,                      ISB Building            Venue:      Red Lecture Theatre,
			                                        Great King Street              Map ref: F4.58		                             Scott Building,
		                             Map ref: D2.130                            			                                          Great King Street
Tour:                                                                     		                               Map ref: D2.131
Time:    11.30am – 12.00pm and 3.00pm – 3.30pm                            Tour:
Venue:   Assemble in the courtyard outside the Adams Building             Time:    2.30pm – 3.00pm
Map ref: D2.129                                                           Venue:   Assemble on the 1st floor, School of Physiotherapy,
                                                                                   Great King Street
Pharmacy (Bachelor of)                                                    Map ref: E3.116
Pharmacists are among society’s most trusted and accessible healthcare
professionals and are the experts on medicines in the community and       Public Health
provide pharmaceutical care to the local community. Listen to a short     Explore the possibilities in health that focus on the health of the
talk on what a degree in pharmacy involves and what exciting career       community as a whole. Find out what study in Public Health has to
opportunities it presents.                                                offer from understanding the distribution of health and disease in
Time:    All day      Presentation:                                       populations to the analysis of health policy-making processes.
Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     10.30am – 11.00am                         Time:       All day
         ISB Building Venue:    Gowland Lecture                           Venue:      The LINK, ISB Building
Map ref: F4.58		                Theatre, 2nd floor Lindo                  Map ref:    F4.58
			                             Ferguson Building,
			                             Great King Street                         Radiation Therapy (Bachelor of)
		                    Map ref: D2.130                                     Technology Meets Caring

Physiology (Bachelor of Science)                                          Radiation therapy offers a challenging, rewarding and life-long career
What could be more exciting than discovering how your body works?         for people who are attracted to a scientific discipline; yet wish to work
Physiologists do just that! Find out all you need to know about what a    with patients as part of a team of skilled health care professionals.
degree in physiology involves and where it can take you by visiting the   Radiation Therapists use high tech equipment to plan and deliver
Physiology Department. Listen to a short talk and explore your own        radiation therapy treatments to mainly cancer patients. This three-year
physiology with a few fun experiments.                                    degree programme is based in Wellington at the University of Otago,
                                                                          Wellington. Clinical placements are arranged at Radiation Oncology
Time:      2.00pm – 2.30pm
                                                                          Departments throughout New Zealand.
Venue:     Assemble in the foyer of the Lindo Ferguson Building,
           Great King Street                                              Time:    All day      Presentation:
Map ref:   D2.130                                                         Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     1.30pm – 2.00pm
                                                                                   ISB Building Venue:    Dental Blue Lecture
                                                                          Map ref: F4.58 		               Theatre, Frederick Street
                                                                          		                    Map ref: E2.124


Degree Overviews

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
What is a BA and why should you do one? What courses should you choose? Is a BA the right degree for you? What about double degrees? Will a
BA give you good employment prospects?
Time: 11.30am – 11.50am              Venue: Union Hall, University Union                         Map ref: F4.146
Time: 12.30pm – 12.50pm              Venue: Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum                         Map ref: F3

Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc)
Find out how you can combine your love of both Arts and Science in a single four-year degree. Employers are looking for graduates with knowledge in
science and technology, who understand the impact of these developments on people and society. Otago’s new BASc degree can give you these skills.
Time: 1.30pm – 1.50pm                Venue: Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum                         Map ref: F3
Time: 2.30pm – 2.50pm                Venue: Union Hall, University Union                         Map ref: F4.146

Humanities General Enquiries – visit our stand in the LINK in               Classical Studies, Latin and Greek

                                                                                                                                                         University of Otago
the ISB Building (Map ref: F4.58)                                           Art and archaeology, murder and mythology, gods and gladiators.
                                                                            Come to this presentation offering an insight into the fascinating world
                                                                            of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Learn about your options studying
Presentations, Activities and Drop-In Times                                 Classics at Otago, and how Classics papers complement other university
Anthropology and Archaeology                                                Time:    All day      Presentation:
Social Anthropology – Learn about people, their societies and ways
                                                                            Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     10.00am – 10.25am
of living. Join us for this introduction to Social Anthropology with Dr              ISB Building Venue:    Mark Parker
Susan Wardell and Dr Greg Rawlings.                                         Map ref: F4.58		                Seminar Room,
Archaeology – What can you find out by digging up the past? Join            			University College
us for this introduction to Archaeology with Associate Professor Ian        			315 Leith Walk
Barber.                                                                     		                    Map ref: G6
Time:    All day                     Presentation:                          Classics – drop in
Venue:   The LINK,                   Time:     12.00pm – 12.50pm            Staff and postgraduate students welcome you to visit the department to
         ISB Building                Venue:    Burns 7, ground floor,
                                                                            share some refreshments. Have your questions about studying Classics
Map ref: F4.58                                 Arts Building
                                                                            at Otago answered, and view the study resources available in the
		                                   Map ref: F5.52
                                                                            Classics library.
Anthropology and Archaeology Department – lab tours                         Time:      11.00am – 12.00pm
Join us for a 40 minute guided tour of the archaeology labs with our Lab    Venue:     Room 5N7, 5th floor, Arts Building
Managers. Note: a maximum of 20 students per lab tour.                      Map ref:   F5.52
Time:       11.00am or 2.00pm
                                                                            College of Education
Venue:      Meet in the foyer (by the lifts) of the ground floor of
                                                                            Learn more about our Early Childhood, Primary, Primary Bicultural,
            Richardson Building
                                                                            or Secondary teaching degrees and how they will prepare you for a
Map ref:    F5.59
                                                                            rewarding and challenging career in teaching. You’ll also learn about
Art History and Visual Culture                                              Education as a subject option for the Bachelor of Arts (BA), and hear
Our world is increasingly visual, and the ability to make sense of images   from current students.
is a valued skill in contemporary culture. Addressing both high art and     Time:    All day                    Presentation:
popular culture, this degree programme assists students in raising their    Venue:   The LINK,                  Time:     11.00am – 11.20am
visual literacy and developing historical understanding of artworks                  ISB Building               Venue:    Union Hall,
and images. Come and learn about our first year courses, further study      Map ref: F4.58                                University Union
options and career paths.                                                   		                                  Map ref: F4.146
Time:    All day      Presentation:                                         Criminology – drop in
Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     10.00am – 10.20am
                                                                            At Otago you can take a criminology minor as part of your degree.
         ISB Building Venue:    Rooms 120 & 121,
                                                                            This drop in session will explore options for criminology at Otago and
Map ref: F4.58                  1st floor, Hunter Centre,
			Corner Frederick and                                                     within the Department of Sociology, Gender and Social Work.
			                             Great King Streets                          Time:      1.00pm – 1.50pm
		                    Map ref: E3.123                                       Venue:     Burns 1, ground floor, Arts Building
                                                                            Map ref:   F5.52

English                                                                     Geographers interpret our world through these sciences, but also make
Join us to learn about how you can continue your love of reading and        connections between physical and human processes to help understand
writing at Otago. Hear about our new offerings and ways you can shape       our planet and our impact on it. Understanding these connections is
an English major to suit a wide range of career options.                    critical to addressing pressing environmental problems that shape our
Time:    All day      Presentation:
                                                                            world, from local to global problems. Geographers seek not only to
Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     11.30am – 11.50am                           study our planet but to find solutions to these problems and shape its
         ISB Building Venue:    Mark Parker                                 future.
Map ref: F4.58		                Seminar Room,                               Time:    All day      Presentation:
			University College,                                                      Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     2.00pm – 2.50pm
			                             315 Leith Walk                                       ISB Building Venue:    Castle 1 Lecture Theatre,
		                    Map ref: G6                                           Map ref: F4.58		                Castle Lecture Theatre
English – drop in                                                           		                    Map ref: F5.57
Drop in to the department and chat with staff over refreshments about
your interests, and feel free to ask any questions you might have about     History
English at Otago.                                                           History never repeats – or does it? If you’ve enjoyed History at school,
Time:       12.00pm – 12.30pm                                               or want to learn more about how history shapes both our present and
Venue:      English and Linguistics Reception Area, 1st floor,              the future come to this presentation. First-year History papers cover
            Arts Building                                                   topics including New Zealand history, war and conflict in the 20th
Map ref:    F5.52                                                           Century, Asia and the Mongol empire, or the Middle Ages and the
                                                                            Black Death.
English – special hand-printing demonstration
                                                                            Time:    All day      Presentation:
Come along to discover the mysteries of the black art, with a chance to
                                                                            Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     10.30am – 10.50am
try your hand at printing. The Centre for the Book is sponsoring this                ISB Building Venue:    RGS1, Te Paparewa,
hand-printing demonstration.                                                Map ref: F4.58		                ground floor, Te Tumu
Time:       2.00pm – 3.00pm                                                 		                    Map ref: F5.60
Venue:      Otakou Press, 1st floor, west end, Central Library
Map ref:    F4.58                                                           Languages and Cultures
                                                                            Learning another language and getting to know different cultures can
Gender Studies – drop in                                                    be exciting, and opens you up to many opportunities to explore the
Meet and chat with Gender Studies’ staff and students.                      world. Did you know that Language skills and cultural understanding
Time:       1.00pm – 1.30pm                                                 are actively sought by many employers? Come and listen to a short
Venue:      Sociology, Gender and Social Work, Staff Meeting Room,          presentation on becoming a global graduate. We can offer you Chinese,
            262 Leith Street                                                French, German, Japanese and Spanish language and culture papers and
Map ref:    F5.51                                                           qualifications.
Geography                                                                   Time:    All day      Presentation:
Geographers study planet Earth. They study the physical processes           Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     1.00pm – 1.25pm
that shape the surface of the earth, the social and cultural patterns and            ISB Building Venue:    Quad 4
                                                                            Map ref: F4.58		                Lecture Theatre,
activities of people, and the impact of people on the planet. Geography
                                                                            			Geology Building
comprises a collection of physical and social sciences – cultural
                                                                            		                    Map ref: G5.70
geography, geomorphology, urban geography, climatology, health
geography and hydrology (to name just a few).

Languages and Cultures – drop in                                          Media, Film and Communication

                                                                                                                                                     University of Otago
Our award-winning teaching staff and enthusiastic students invite         Dr Catherine Fowler and Dr Rosemary Overell will talk about film and
you to come and visit us, and ask any questions you may have about        journalism, and students can hear about the study options in Media,
studying our language and culture papers, career options and exchange     Film and Communication.
opportunities.                                                            Time:    All day      Presentation:
Time:      12.00pm – 12.30pm                                              Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     12.00pm – 12.30pm
Venue:     Room A3N7, Department of Languages and Cultures,                        ISB Building Venue:    Union Hall,
           3rd floor, Arts Building                                       Map ref: F4.58		                University Union
Map ref:   F5.52                                                          		                    Map ref: F4.146

Faculty of Law                                                            Music – Taonga Puoro workshop      (Māori musical instruments)
This presentation will include the dramatisation of a court case,         Your chance to play the Taonga puoro, with Dr Jen Cattermole.
information on the LLB at Otago and a chance to hear from some of         Time:      3.00pm – 3.50pm
our current students, who will share their experiences studying Law at    Venue:     Marama Hall
Otago.                                                                    Map ref:   G5.65
Time:    All day      Presentation:                                       Music and Performing Arts – Showcases with staff and
Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     2.00pm – 2.50pm                           student performers
         ISB Building Venue:    St David                                  Time:       All day                 1.Showcasing Classical Music
Map ref: F4.58		                Lecture Theatre                           Venue:      The LINK,               Time:    11.00am – 11.50am
		                    Map ref: G4.78                                                  ISB Building            Venue:   Marama Hall
                                                                          Map ref: F4.58                      Map ref: G5.65
Come along to our presentation to learn about what Linguistics is         		                                  2. Showcasing Contemporary
about, how you can do a major or minor in Linguistics, and hear about     		                                  Music, Music Theatre, and
                                                                          		                                  Performing Arts
the Teaching English as a Second Language minor.
                                                                          		                                  Time:     1.00pm – 1.50pm
Time:    All day      Presentation:                                       		                                  Venue:    Marama Hall
Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     11.00am – 11.20am                         		                                  Map ref: G5.65
         ISB Building Venue:    Quad 1
			Lecture Theatre,                                                       Philosophy
Map ref: F4.58		                Geology Building                          What is it to live a good life? What is right and wrong? What are minds?
		                    Map ref: G5.70                                      What is the difference between opinions, beliefs, facts, and proof?
Linguistics – drop in                                                     What, if anything, is true?
Drop in to the department and chat with staff over refreshments about     Philosophy is fun and challenging – and provides sought-after skills in
your interests, and feel free to ask any questions you might have about   analytical thinking, problem solving and collaborative reasoning.
Linguistics at Otago.                                                     Socrates said that knowing more about your life makes your life better.
Time:      12.00pm – 1.00pm                                               Was he right? Find out more.
Venue:     English and Linguistics Reception Area, 1st floor, 		          Time:    All day      Presentation:
           Arts Building                                                  Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     2.30pm – 2.50pm
Map ref:   F5.52                                                                   ISB Building Venue:    Hutton Theatre,
                                                                          Map ref: F4.58		                Otago Museum
                                                                          		                    Map ref: F3

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PhPE) – drop in                         Politics
In Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PhPE) we prepare students to         The election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States
solve the world’s problems by combining the analytical reasoning of         has raised a number of critical political issues, particularly for New
philosophers, the social insight of politics, and the methodical rigour     Zealanders to consider in relation to their 2017 elections. These include:
of economists. Come and talk with some of our current students and          are morality and security compatible foreign policy objectives; under
staff about the programme and the opportunities it can offer. For a taste   what circumstances does the media work for and/or against the people
of PhPE lectures head along to POLS 213, PHIL 101, and ECON 318 –           in a democracy; if there is incompatibility between the USA and the
details in open lecture section.                                            UN agendas, which side should New Zealand support? Check out our
Time:    All day        Time:                   3.00pm – 4.00pm             presentation to hear more!
Venue:   The LINK,      Venue:                  Department of		             Time:    All day      Presentation:
         ISB Building 		                        Philosophy,                 Venue:   The LINK,    Time:     9.30am – 9.50am
Map ref: F4.58		                                117 Union Street East                ISB Building Venue:    Castle 1 Lecture Theatre,
		                      Map ref:                F7.24                       Map ref: F4.58		                Castle Lecture Theatre
                                                                            		                    Map ref: F5.57

You can also read