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Five reasons why you should choose us            4

What you need to get started                      5

Learn in a way that suits you                     6

What you can study                                7

Boost your confidence with an Access module       8

How you build your qualification                 10

How long your qualification will take            12

Why study for an Open qualification?             13

When and how you can pay                         14

BA or BSc (Hons) Open (QD)                       18

Diploma of Higher Education Open (W34)           18

Certificate of Higher Education Open (T09)       18

BSc (Hons) Combined STEM (R28)                   24

MA or MSc Open Masters (F81)                     26

Other useful information                         31

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                                                                                                        EXPLORE THE OU
your horizons and learning new skills.
Explore new possibilities, create your
own path and find your passion.
We’re here to help you succeed.

We’re pioneers in distance learning, and since we
were founded have helped more than two million
people realise their potential. Our unique approach
to learning means you don’t have to put your life
on hold to get the qualification you want.
                                                                         of FTSE 100 companies
                                                                         have sponsored employees
WE WILL:                          YOU CAN EXPECT:                        on OU courses
–– help you get a qualification   –– materials that are
   to suit you and your goals        designed with you in mind
–– provide you with the           –– continuous innovation – we’ve
   teaching and learning             been leading the way in distance
   resources you’ll need             learning for nearly 50 years,
–– offer a flexible learning         ensuring education is accessible,
   experience based around           whatever your circumstances
   you and your life              –– access to world-class resources,
–– use technology and teaching       whenever you need them
   methods that enhance your      –– qualifications that are respected
   study experience                  by employers the world over.
–– be there to support you
   every step of the way.

         WHY YOU                 1.
          SHOULD                 We’re open to you –
                                 we make learning
       CHOOSE US                 available to all,
                                 regardless of
                                 background, age
                                 or additional
                                 learning needs.

      You can study
                                 We guarantee
      around your existing       outstanding value
      commitments – we’re        and a high-quality
      experts in helping         education at a
      people fit their studies   competitive price.
      around their busy lives.

      We’ve designed
                                 You get more than
      our qualifications         a highly respected
      to enable you to put       qualification – you’ll
      what you learn into        be able to show you’re
      practice immediately.      dedicated and committed,
                                 skills that are valued in
                                 the workplace.

Where you start in life            YOU CAN DO IT                           WHAT YOU NEED
shouldn’t limit where you          The main reason we’re called            There are just a couple
                                   The Open University is that we’re       of things that you’ll need
go. If you’re determined to
                                   open to everyone. Every year, we        to be able to study with us.
succeed and prepared to            help thousands of people achieve        –– A computer with internet
work hard then we can              extraordinary things.                      access. But don’t worry if you
help you get started.              –– There are no formal                     haven’t got access to one right
                                      academic entry requirements             now – you could receive help
It’s easy to begin studying with      at undergraduate level.                 to buy a computer.
us. The next few pages will tell   –– We helped around 22,000              –– A good grasp of the English
you more about how studying           students with disabilities and          language. Our courses are
with The Open University works,       additional needs last year alone.       taught in English, so if you’re
the courses we offer, how you                                                 unsure whether your English
                                   –– Our students are diverse.
pay, and how long your                                                        is at the right level, go to
                                      30% of new undergraduate
qualification will take.                                            
                                      students are under 25 and
                                      our oldest students are in              englishlanguage for
                                      their nineties.                         help and guidance.

                                      HAVE YOU STUDIED BEFORE?
                                      If you’ve studied at higher education level before, it might
                                      count towards your OU qualification, cutting down the modules
                                      you’ll need to study as well as saving you time and money.
                                      If you tell us what you’ve done, we’ll do the rest.
                                      Go to

    You’ll have the flexibility to         PIONEERING TECHNOLOGY            STUDENTS ASSOCIATION
    fit study around the other             We’ve been using innovative      You’ll gain automatic
                                           technology to connect with       entry to our active students
    things going on in your life,
                                           our students since we first      association when you register –
    whatever they may be.                  started. We’ll make sure that    you can help influence University
                                           you always have what you         decisions, meet fellow students
    SUPPORTED OPEN LEARNING                need and feel connected.         and develop new skills.
    We have designed our learning                                           Find out more at
    experience to combine flexibility      CONNECT WITH
    and regular contact, ensuring you      OTHER STUDENTS
    get the help you need to learn in      You can use our module           DO YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL
    the best possible way. You’ll get      discussion groups to talk        STUDY NEEDS?
    regular support from tutors and        about subjects or study          We’re committed to helping
    access to all the materials and        methods, or you could            students with disabilities and
    resources essential to your course.    follow us on social media.       additional needs. We’ll give
    You’ll also have access to a student   Join the conversation on         you the tools to help overcome
    support team who will be there to          obstacles that could stand in
    help you on your learning journey.           the way of your learning –
                                      whatever your needs may be.
                                           Or you could join one of         For more information go to page
                                           the many informal Facebook       31, call us on 0300 303 5303 or go
                                           groups set up by the students.   to

We offer nearly 200 highly respected qualifications.
Decide which type of qualification is best for you.
                                                                    To find out more
                                                                    about how you
–– A degree in a named subject       –– Masters degree              BUILD YOUR
   Complete modules in               –– Postgraduate diploma        QUALIFICATION
   a particular subject to                                          and how long it takes,
                                     –– Postgraduate certificate
   earn an honours degree.                                          see pages 10–12
                                     Whatever you
–– An Open degree
                                     choose, we’ll give you:
   Design an honours degree
   from across a number              –– the flexibility to fit
   of subjects to meet your             postgraduate study around
   own needs and interests.             your other commitments
–– Diploma of higher education       –– the opportunity to
   Expand your knowledge                improve your career
   and improve your skillset.        –– freedom to follow
   A diploma of higher education        your passions in depth.
   is equivalent to two-thirds
   of an honours degree.
–– Certificate of higher education
   Get a general grounding
   in a subject. A certificate
   of higher education is
   equivalent to one-third
   of an honours degree.

    If you don’t have much                    You don’t have to do one, but you        WHAT DO YOU
    experience of university-                 might find it useful if you’d like to:   NEED TO BEGIN?
                                              –– improve your confidence
    level study or haven’t                                                             You can start Access modules
                                              –– get a taste of a subject area
    studied in a while, you                                                            in February and October.
                                                 you’re thinking of studying
    could benefit from starting                  in more detail
                                                                                       You’ll need:
    your studies with one of                  –– brush up on your study skills.
                                                                                       –– access to a phone
    our Access modules.                       Each module includes a selection
                                                                                       –– equipment that plays DVDs
                                              of materials, online quizzes, and        –– the use of a computer
    They offer a great introduction           assignments that you complete               with internet access –
    to a range of subjects and act as         over 30 weeks. It takes around              you don’t need to buy
    a taster to see if you want to delve      nine hours of study each week.              one though, the use of
    deeper. Students who choose to                                                        one at a public library
                                              You’ll get:
    start with an Access module do                                                        will be fine.
    better on their next module, so it’s      –– a personal tutor providing
    a great way to start your chosen             regular feedback with one-
    qualification. You might even                to-one telephone tutorials
    qualify for a free Access module.         –– further support from
                                                 a dedicated team
                                                 throughout your study
                                              –– detailed written feedback.

       WHAT YOU CAN STUDY                       People, work and society                Science, technology and
                                                Access module (Y032)                    maths Access module (Y033)
       Arts and languages
                                                This is a multi-disciplinary module     This module introduces you
       Access module (Y031)
                                                – you’ll be getting compelling          to a technically oriented range
       This fascinating module explores         insights into a wide range of areas,    of subjects, including science;
       a wide range of subjects –               including childhood and youth           engineering and design;
       including art history, English           studies; social science; psychology;    environment; mathematics;
       language and English literature,         health; business and law. This          and computing and IT. As the
       and creative writing; it touches on      will allow you to improve your          foundation for further studies
       modern languages, history, and           subject knowledge in those areas        in these fields, this is the ideal
       religious studies too. It’s ideal if     particularly, but also prepare          module to build your confidence
       you want to explore your creative        you for further study on a wide         and prepare you for further study.
       side, have an interest in language,      variety of qualifications.
       and want to start honing your
       study skills.

You can study an Access              HOW MUCH DOES AN                          Students who prepare
module for free if you:              ACCESS MODULE COST?                       by taking an Access module
–– live in the UK (excludes          If you don’t qualify to study             are more likely to be
   Channel Islands and Isle          for free, the cost depends
                                     on where you live.
   of Man) or have a British                                                   in their future studies
   Forces Post Office address        –– In England, the Channel Islands
–– are studying the module to           and the Isle of Man it’s £732.
   prepare for an OU qualification   –– In Northern Ireland, Scotland
   (this doesn’t apply if you live      and Wales it’s £246.
   in Scotland)
                                     Pay up front by debit or credit
–– have a household income (or,      card, or by bank transfer.
   in Scotland, a personal income)   Or spread the cost with an
   of £25,000 or less, or you’re     Open University Student              NEXT STEPS
   receiving qualifying benefits     Budget Account – see page 15         Order an Access
–– have completed no more            for more information.                Modules Prospectus
   than one year of a full-time      If you’re studying an Access         at
   undergraduate programme at        module in preparation for            ug-access or speak to our
   NQF level 4/SCQF level 7 or       an OU qualification and you          Student Recruitment team
   above, and not completed 30       live in England or Wales, you        on 0300 303 0069.
   credits or more of OU study.      could cover the cost with a
                                     student loan – see page 14
                                     for more information.


                                                                        ACCESS MODULE
     You’ll need to build up a set                                  An optional module to build
                                                                    your confidence and prepare
     number of credits to gain your                                    you for further study.
     qualification. Here’s how it works.

     WHAT ARE STAGES, CREDITS                                        To complete Stage 1, you’ll
     AND MODULES?                                                need 120 credits, studying modules
                                                                       worth 30 or 60 credits.
                                                       STAGE 1
     –– You must complete three stages
        to gain an honours degree, two stages                              120 CREDITS
        for a diploma of higher education and one
        stage for a certificate of higher education.
     –– To complete each stage you must                          Certificate of higher education
        build up a set number of credits…

     –– You need 120 credits                                        To complete Stage 2, you’ll
        to complete each stage.                                  need a further 120 credits, studying
     –– You need 360 credits to gain a degree.                    modules worth 30 or 60 credits.
                                                       STAGE 2

     –– Most students study 60 credits a year.
     –– You gain credits by successfully
                                                                          240 CREDITS
        completing modules…

                                                                   Diploma of higher education
     –– With each module you successfully
        complete, you’ll earn a set number
        of credits, usually 30 or 60.
     –– Modules are selected from
                                                                    To complete Stage 3, you’ll
        a choice of options.
                                                                 need a further 120 credits, studying
     –– You choose the modules you                                modules worth 30 or 60 credits.
                                                       STAGE 3

        want to study, year by year.

                                                                          360 CREDITS

                                                                          Honours degree

You’ll gain a MA or MSc
degree by building up
a set number of credits...
–– You need 180 credits to
   gain a masters degree.
–– You gain credits by successfully
   completing modules…

–– With each module you successfully
   complete, you’ll earn a set number
   of credits, usually 30 or 60.
–– Modules are selected
   from a choice of options.
–– You choose the modules you
   want to study, year by year.

                                         I’d definitely recommend
All you need to do is choose and
register on a module that counts
                                         OU study to anyone
towards your qualification. You          considering it. OU study
can find out more about the Open         is flexible, it moulds itself
masters degree on page 26.               to your lifestyle and to
For information on how long your         your learning style.
qualification will take – see page 12.
                                         Alexis Redwood,
                                         MA in Childhood and
                                         Youth Studies student

                Exactly how long it will take to get your qualification depends on how many
                credits you study each year and which qualification you’re working towards.
                Most of our students study part time. The way we work gives you the flexibility
                to get the qualification you want in a timeframe that’s right for you. If you want
                to study full time, you’ll need to plan your studies carefully.

                  PART TIME | 60 CREDITS A YEAR | 16–18 STUDY HOURS A WEEK

                      CERTIFICATE OF HIGHER
                     EDUCATION (120 CREDITS)

                         DIPLOMA OF HIGHER
                     EDUCATION (240 CREDITS)

                    BA OR BSc (HONS) DEGREE
                                (360 CREDITS)

                                                         0               1               2              3               4    5   6

                                                                                             YEARS TO COMPLETE

                   FULL TIME | 120 CREDITS A YEAR | 32–36 STUDY HOURS A WEEK

                      CERTIFICATE OF HIGHER
                     EDUCATION (120 CREDITS)

                         DIPLOMA OF HIGHER
                     EDUCATION (240 CREDITS)

                    BA OR BSc (HONS) DEGREE
                                (360 CREDITS)

                                                         0               1               2              3               4    5   6

                                                                                             YEARS TO COMPLETE

                   PART TIME | 60 CREDITS A YEAR | 16–20 STUDY HOURS A WEEK

                              MA OR MSc DEGREE
                                  (180 CREDITS)

                                                         0                               1                              2        3

                                                                                             YEARS TO COMPLETE

                Some qualifications follow a different pattern of study. See individual descriptions for more information.


                                                                                                             EXPLORE THE OU
Would you like to tailor your own qualification,
studying subjects that interest you? Then our
Open qualifications are for you.

You’ll be able to:                    DIPLOMA OF HIGHER                     I chose the Open degree
–– design a personalised              EDUCATION OPEN                        because it allowed me to
   qualification to suit your needs   Design your own qualification         choose from a wide range
–– choose modules from a              to expand your knowledge              of modules to suit my
   wide range of subject areas        and improve your skillset.            personal and professional
–– change direction to fit            CERTIFICATE OF HIGHER
                                                                            needs and aspirations.
   your career ambitions              EDUCATION OPEN                        Adam Chandler,
   or personal interests                                                    BA (Hons) Open
                                      Design your own qualification
–– improve your                       to get a general grounding
   employment prospects               in one or more subject(s).
–– count previous university study    Find out more about our
   towards your qualification.        Certificate and Diploma
                                      of Higher Education Open
BA OR BSc (HONS) OPEN                 on page 18.
Design an honours degree
from across a range of different      MA OR MSc
subjects to meet your own             OPEN MASTERS
needs and interests. In addition      Expand your subject-specific
to gaining valuable skills that       knowledge and design a masters
you might need for today’s            degree to match your employment
competitive job market – you’ll       needs and professional aspirations.
be able to prove to employers         You’ll also have the flexibility
that you’re flexible and adaptable.   to fit postgraduate study around
Find out more about our BA or         your other commitments.
BSc (Hons) Open on page 18.           Find out more about our
                                      MA or MSc Open Masters
BSc (HONS)                            on page 26.
Tailor an honours degree
to your needs and interests
across a range of Science,
Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics (STEM) modules
(including psychology and sports
science), or focus on one or two
specific areas. If you already
hold a degree, you could still be
eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan
towards this qualification.              LOOKING FOR A
Find out more about our                  SPECIFIC SUBJECT?
BSc (Hons) Combined
                                         If you’re searching for a
STEM degree on page 24.
                                         qualification in a particular
                                         subject like BA (Hons) History
                                         or BSc (Hons) Psychology,
                                         go to

     We offer great value                        FUNDING – ENGLAND                      –– Welsh Government Learning
                                                 AND WALES                                 Grant – a non-means tested
     for money, giving you
                                                 If you live in England or Wales           maintenance grant of up to £750
     an excellent standard
                                                 the best way to fund your studies,     –– Special Support Grant – a means
     of teaching at a highly                     regardless of age or income,              tested maintenance grant of up
     competitive price. And                      might be with a student loan              to £3,750. This is in addition to
     we’ll always help you find                  from Student Finance England              the non-means tested grant.
                                                 or Student Finance Wales. It’s
     a way of paying that suits                  the most popular way to pay and        ALREADY HAVE A DEGREE?
     your circumstances.                         you only start paying it back when     You might still qualify for a student
                                                 you earn more than the income          loan. You need to be living in
     FOR UNDERGRADUATE                           threshold (currently £25,000).         England or Wales and looking
                                                                                        to study an eligible qualification.
     You’ll pay on a module-by-module
                                                 EXAMPLE REPAYMENT AMOUNTS
     basis, rather than for your whole                                                  For more information go to
     qualification at the start. See              INCOME EACH            MONTHLY
                                                  YEAR BEFORE TAX        REPAYMENT
     below to get an idea of costs.
                                                  Up to £25,000          £0             FUNDING – NORTHERN IRELAND
          LIVING IN ENGLAND                                                             If you live in Northern Ireland you
                                                  £27,000                £15
          CREDITS                   COST
                                                                                        could be eligible for a Part-Time
          EACH YEAR                 PER YEAR 1    £34,000                £67.50         Fee Grant of up to £1,230 to help
                                                                                        towards your fees. The amount
          30.                       £1,464        £49,000                £180
                                                                                        depends on how much you earn
          60.                       £2,928                                              and your study intensity (the
                                                 To qualify for a loan you need to be
                                                                                        number of credits you study).
          120.                      £5,856       studying at least one module worth
                                                                                        If you’re not eligible for a Part-Time
                                                 30 credits or more and be registered
      2018/19 prices; fees normally increase                                            Fee Grant or if your Part-Time Fee
                                                 to study for a qualification.
      annually in line with inflation and the                                           Grant does not cover the full
      University’s strategic approach to fees.   If you get a loan:                     cost of your tuition fees, you can
     In England, the cost for a 360-credit       –– you won’t have to pay anything      apply for a Part-Time Tuition Fee
     honours degree based on today’s                back for up to four years           Loan. See our website for more
     prices is £17,568.                          –– repayments are based on what        information or call 028 9032 3722.
                                                    you earn, not what you owe
                                                                                        FUNDING – SCOTLAND
                                                 –– payments are deducted
          SCOTLAND OR WALES                                                             If you live in Scotland and your
                                                    automatically from your salary
                                                                                        personal income is £25,000 or
          CREDITS                   COST
                                                 –– you can pay off the loan            less, or you’re on certain benefits,
          EACH YEAR                 PER YEAR 2
                                                    early without any penalties         and you’re studying at least 30
          30.                       £492                                                credits, you could qualify for a
                                                 –– any balance outstanding after
          60.                       £984            30 years will be written off.       Part-Time Fee Grant to cover all
                                                                                        of your course fees. It isn’t a loan
          120.                      £1,968       ADDITIONAL SUPPORT – WALES             and you won’t need to repay it.
      2018/19 prices (exceptions apply); fees    From September 2018, new
      normally increase annually in line with    students studying part time can        STUDY SUPPORT AND
      inflation and the University’s strategic
                                                 also apply for financial support
                                                                                        DISCRETIONARY FUNDS
      approach to fees.
                                                 to help with living costs. There       If your annual income is less
     In Northern Ireland, Scotland               are two new grants available           than £25,000, you might be
     and Wales, the cost for a typical           and both are non-repayable:            eligible for additional means-
     360-credit honours degree based                                                    tested funding for study-related
     on today’s prices is £5,904.                                                       costs, such as travel, childcare
                                                                                        and internet access.

SELF-FUNDED STUDY                        –– be studying a masters degree        If you get a loan:
It’s easy to pay for your studies           which can be completed in           –– you’ll start repaying your
using a debit or credit card or             no more than three years               loan the April after you’ve
by bank transfer. Or spread the          –– not currently have a masters           graduated or left the course
cost with an Open University                degree or equivalent                –– repayments are based on what
Student Budget Account – see             –– be studying your qualification         you earn, not what you owe. You
below for more information.                 from the beginning.                    only start paying it back when
                                         If you get a loan:                        you earn more than the income
GET SPONSORED                                                                      threshold (currently £17,775)
See whether your company                 –– you’ll start repaying your
                                            loan the April after you’ve         –– payments are deducted
or organisation would want                                                         automatically from your salary.
to help you learn and develop,              graduated or left the course
it’s always worth asking.                –– repayments are based on what        SELF-FUNDED STUDY
                                            you earn, not what you owe. You
                                                                                It’s easy to pay for your studies
                                            only start paying it back when
FOR POSTGRADUATE                            you earn more than the income
                                                                                using a debit or credit card or
                                                                                by bank transfer. Or spread the
You pay for postgraduate                    threshold (currently £21,000)
                                                                                cost with an Open University
qualifications module by module.         –– payments are deducted               Student Budget Account – see
Please go to our website to see             automatically from your salary      below for more information.
the fee listed for your qualification.
                                         –– any balance outstanding after
                                            30 years will be written off.       GET SPONSORED
AND WALES                                                                       See whether your company
                                         FUNDING – NORTHERN                     or organisation would want
If you live in England or Wales you      IRELAND AND SCOTLAND                   to help you learn and develop,
could be eligible for a maintenance
                                         If you live in Northern Ireland or     it’s always worth asking.
loan of up to £10,609 from Student
                                         Scotland you could be eligible for
Finance England or up to £13,000
                                         a fee loan of up to £5,500 towards
from Student Finance Wales.
                                         the fees of your qualification
To be eligible you must:                 from Student Finance Northern
–– be under 60 years old                 Ireland or the Student Awards
                                         Agency Scotland.
–– be resident in England or                                                    MORE ONLINE
   Wales (although some EU               To be eligible you must:
                                                                                To find out more about
   students may be eligible)             –– be resident in Northern             fees and funding, go to
                                            Ireland or Scotland       
                                         –– be studying for an eligible         or
                                            postgraduate qualification.         or call an OU adviser on
                                                                                0300 303 5303.

   OPEN UNIVERSITY                         OUSBA will pay your fees to           case, interest does apply.
   STUDENT BUDGET                          The Open University, and you          The interest rate is fixed for the
   ACCOUNTS LTD                            repay OUSBA either in a single        duration of the course (current
   (OUSBA)                                 sum or in monthly instalments.        representative APR of 5.1%).
                                           You may repay OUSBA at any            As a responsible lender, every
   When you enrol with                     time before the course begins.        application made to OUSBA
   us, you’ll be offered the               In this case, there’s no interest.    undergoes a credit and
   opportunity to pay your                                                       affordability check.
   fees through a loan                     Alternatively, you may repay
   from OUSBA.                             OUSBA in monthly instalments          Find out more about OUSBA
                                           payable over up to a year. In this    at

You can register for the 2018/2019             BA or BSc (Hons) Open (QD)                   18
academic year for undergraduate
qualifications from 21 March 2018.             Diploma of Higher Education Open (W34)       18

We’ve based the qualification                  Certificate of Higher Education Open (T09)   18
start dates on the first applicable            BSc (Hons) Combined STEM (R28)               24
module(s) you can study as part
of your qualification.
Modules listed in this prospectus are those
that are currently available for study – the
exact selection may change over time.

     With a BA or BSc (Hons) Open, you can study
     modules from any of the subjects listed below, in any
     combination. So you might combine, for example,                              TO LEARN
     computing and engineering modules with modules                               Our Open degree
                                                                                  means you can study
     from other disciplines, such as the humanities                               at your own pace, and
     or business and management.                                                  choose the modules
                                                                                  that interest you most
     –– Arts and humanities              –– Health and wellbeing
     –– Business and management          –– Languages
     –– Computing and IT                 –– Law
     –– Design                           –– Mathematics and statistics
     –– Education, childhood and youth   –– Psychology and counselling
     –– Engineering                      –– Science
     –– Environment and development      –– Social sciences
     –– Health and social care           –– Sport and fitness

        RELATED                            If you’re keen to experience       These can take less time
        QUALIFICATIONS                     university study but are not       to study as they require
                                           ready to commit to a degree,       fewer credits but still
        DIPLOMA OF HIGHER                  we also offer you the option       offer you the opportunity
        EDUCATION OPEN (W34)               to study for a diploma or          to design a flexible and           certificate of higher education.   personalised qualification.
                                           The diploma follows the same       You can also progress to
                                           structure as Stages 1 and 2        a degree at a later date,
        EDUCATION OPEN (T09)
                                           of the Open degree and the         if you decide that’s
                                           certificate follows the same       what you want to do.
                                           structure as Stage 1.

The BA/BSc (Hons) Open has three stages,                                   AT A GLANCE
each comprising 120 credits. Stage 1 provides the                          COURSE CODE            QD
underpinning knowledge and skills needed for more
                                                                           TOTAL CREDITS          360
advanced study at Stages 2 and 3. Throughout the
degree you will be fully supported by our team of                          START DATES
advisers, who will help you make the best choice                           Oct 2018
                                                                           Register by 13 Sep 2018
of modules.
                                                                           Feb 2019
On successful completion of           Many students focus broadly          Register by 10 Jan 2019
360 credits you will be awarded       on one discipline, such as
                                                                           ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or     science or the humanities –
                                                                           No specific requirements
Bachelor of Science (BSc) honours     but there’s nothing to stop
degree. Whether you qualify for a     you studying modules from            ASSESSMENT
BA or a BSc (Hons) Open will be       entirely different subject areas.    Depending on the

                                                                                                              UNDERGRADUATE COURSES
determined by the number of                                                modules you choose
credits you have from modules         STAGE 2                              to study, you may be
suitable for a BA or for a BSc.       120 CREDITS REQUIRED                 assessed in any or all
                                                                           of the following ways:
                                      Study 120 credits of free
OPTIONAL ACCESS MODULE                                                     –– Tutor-marked
                                      choice from a wide range                assignments
Access modules are designed to        of OU level 2 modules.               –– Interactive computer-
build your confidence and prepare     Having completed Stage 1,               marked assignments
you for further study. To find out    you may have formed some             –– End-of-module
more about starting your Open         ideas about the direction you           assessments
degree with an Access module,         want to follow – if so, you can      –– Examinations
see pages 8–9.                        start to focus on one or two
                                                                           STUDY DURATION
                                      subject areas and explore
STAGE 1                               some of the topics you will
                                                                           Part time: 6 years
120 CREDITS REQUIRED                                                       Full time: 3 years
                                      have encountered at Stage 1
You’ll start with 60 credits          in more depth.                       MODE OF STUDY
from a wide and varied choice                                              As the BA or BSc (Hons)
                                      Equally, you can continue to
of key introductory modules.                                               Open can be made up
                                      be inspired by different subjects
                                                                           of a range of different
Key introductory OU level 1           especially if you have previous      modules, the learning
modules, worth 30 or 60 credits,      knowledge or experience. Either      materials provided, use
have been specially selected to       way, at the end of Stage 2, you      of online forums and
develop your subject knowledge        will have enhanced your critical     inclusion of collaborative
and study skills in preparation       thinking and analytical skills.      work will depend on the
for OU level 2 study.                                                      modules you choose
                                                                           to study
Although this first module will       STAGE 3
provide the foundation for your       120 CREDITS REQUIRED
qualification, having some basic      Study 120 credits of free choice
skills before you begin can help      from a wide range of OU level 3
you get the best from your studies.   modules that, ideally, build on
If, for example, you choose one of    your OU level 2 study.
our science, maths or engineering     Stage 3 is focused on the study
modules, we recommend that            of specialist topics and issues.
you check with us that your IT        During this stage you will develop
and mathematical skills are at        significantly as an independent
an appropriate level.                 learner and acquire high-level
Next, you’ll choose 60 credits        thinking skills in preparation for
of free choice from a wide range      graduate-level employment or
of OU level 1 modules across          postgraduate study.
different subject areas.
                                                                           MORE ONLINE
                                                                           To find out more about this
                                                                           course, fees and funding
                                                                           and how to register, go to
                                                                           or call 0300 303 5303
     Each year, around 300 different modules across
     a wide range of subject areas are studied by students
     on our BA or BSc (Hons) Open. We recognise that
     with so much choice available, you may need some
     help deciding which modules to choose.

     Before you start considering         –– how much time you                My employers were
     which modules to register for,          have available to study          fascinated by the
     think about:                         –– when you want to                 flexibility of my degree,
     –– the subjects that interest you       start studying.                  and the ability to study
     –– the skills you already have       For some subject areas,             alongside work was
     –– the subjects and/or skills        we offer online tools to help       something they were
                                          you decide if you’re ready, or
        that will help you fulfil your                                        really impressed with.
        career or personal ambitions      if you could do with some extra
                                          preparation. For more information   Claire Proctor,
     –– subjects you may
                                          go to      BSc (Hons) Open
        have studied before

     This module allows you to count study from open educational
     resources (such as OpenLearn) towards one of our undergraduate
     Open qualifications. This 30-credit module explores what you’ve
     learnt as part of your previous learning and helps you choose
     additional free learning courses to complete the required
     amount of study for the module. Which subjects you’ll
     study is entirely up to you.
     Find out more at

We have developed over 40 suggested routes through different
subjects to help you navigate through the options available.

                                                                                                                  UNDERGRADUATE COURSES
These optional routes bring together coherent combinations of modules that make sense
if you want to focus on one or two specific subjects as part of your Open degree. The routes
recommend 60 credits of study at OU levels 1, 2 and 3 in a particular subject. They’re not
fixed – you’re still free to choose other modules if you feel they better suit your interests.


                                           Combination of different
 1.  Select from a wide range              subjects (360 credits)
        of modules at each stage
        in different subject areas.
                                                   STAGE 1

                                                   STAGE 2

                                                   STAGE 3

                                                 Subject one                      Combination of different
 2.    Specialise in one subject
                                                 (180 credits)                     subjects (180 credits)
        by following one of our
        suggested routes through
                                                   STAGE 1                 +               STAGE 1
        the degree and combine it
        with your own choice of                    STAGE 2                 +              STAGE 2
        modules at each stage.
                                                   STAGE 3                 +              STAGE 3

                                                 Subject one                             Subject two
 3.     Specialise in two
                                                 (180 credits)                           (180 credits)
        subjects by studying
        two suggested routes
                                                   STAGE 1                 +               STAGE 1
        through the degree.
                                                   STAGE 2                 +              STAGE 2

                                                   STAGE 3                 +              STAGE 3

 Following a suggested subject route, or combining two together, can be particularly beneficial
 if you’re keen to develop a specialism in a particular subject(s). However, please be aware that the
 subject(s) you study won’t be included on your degree certificate or in the name of your degree.

     If you’re interested in studying particular subjects as part of your
     BA or BSc (Hons) Open, here are some examples of modules that you
     could choose to combine. Each subject route below totals 180 credits,
     the equivalent of half a degree. These are provided just to give you
     a few ideas, other subjects and module choices are available.

       Key introductory OU level 1 module   OU level 2 module      OU level 3 module

                                                                                            BUSINESS AND
              ART HISTORY                                BIOLOGY

                                                                                           An introduction to
        The arts past and present            Science: concepts and practice
                                                                                       business and management
          (AA100) – 60 credits                     (S112)* – 60 credits
                                                                                          (B100) – 60 credits

                                                  The biology of survival
               Exploring art                        (S295) – 30 credits                    Shaping business
             and visual culture                                                             opportunities
            (A226) – 60 credits                        Cell biology                       (B207) – 60 credits
                                                    (S294) – 30 credits

             Renaissance art                        Biological science:                     Making sense
              reconsidered                        from genes to species                      of strategy
           (AA315) – 60 credits                     (S317) – 60 credits                   (B301) – 60 credits

                 180 credits                             180 credits                          180 credits

            CHILDHOOD AND
                                                  COMPUTER SCIENCE                              DESIGN
            YOUTH STUDIES

                                               Introduction to computing
              Introduction to                 and information technology 1
                                                   (TM111) – 30 credits                Design thinking: creativity
             childhood studies
                                                                                          for the 21st century
           and child psychology                Introduction to computing                   (U101) – 60 credits
            (E102) – 60 credits               and information technology 2
                                                   (TM112) – 30 credits

                                                   Object-oriented Java
                Childhood                          (M250) – 30 credits                     Design essentials
            (E212) – 60 credits                Algorithms, data structures                (T217) – 60 credits
                                                   and computability
                                                  (M269) – 30 credits

                                                    Data management
                                                       and analysis
          Issues in research with                  (TM351) – 30 credits                       Innovation:
        children and young people                                                        designing for change
            (EK313) – 60 credits                   Interaction design                     (T317) – 60 credits
                                                 and the user experience
                                                  (TM356) – 30 credits

                 180 credits                             180 credits                          180 credits

ECONOMICS                                      ENGINEERING                                    ENVIRONMENT

                                                  Engineering: origins, methods,
                                                    context (T192) – 30 credits                        Environment: journeys
   Investigating the social world
                                                      Engineering: framework,                        through a changing world
       (DD103)* – 60 credits
                                                        analysis, production                             (U116) – 60 credits
                                                         (T193) – 30 credits

                                                         Core engineering A                          Energy and sustainability
        Running the economy                               (T271) 30 credits                             (T213) – 30 credits
        (DD209) – 60 credits                         Energy and sustainability                    Environmental management 1
                                                         (T213) 30 credits                             (T219) – 30 credits

                                                          Renewable energy
                                                                                                         Renewable energy
     Doing economics: people,                             (T313) – 30 credits
                                                                                                         (T313) – 30 credits
        markets and policy                          Engineering small worlds:
       (DD309) – 60 credits                                                                       Environmental management 2
                                                   micro and nano technologies
                                                                                                        (T319) – 30 credits

                                                                                                                                    UNDERGRADUATE COURSES
                                                       (T356) – 30 credits

               180 credits                                    180 credits                                     180 credits

                FRENCH                            HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE                                          LAW

      Bon départ: beginners’
     French (L192) – 30 credits                         An introduction to
                                                                                                       An introduction to law
  French studies 1: language and                       health and social care
                                                                                                        (W101) – 60 credits
  culture of the French-speaking                        (K101) – 60 credits
      world (L112) – 30 credits

  French studies 2: language and                          Critical issues in
                                                                                                    Public law and criminal law
  culture of the French-speaking                        health and wellbeing
                                                                                                       (W203) – 60 credits
     world (L222) – 60 credits                           (K219) – 60 credits

                                                                                                        European Union law
            Mises au point:                        Leadership and management                            (W330) – 30 credits
           advanced French                           in health and social care
          (L310) – 60 credits                           (K313) – 60 credits                           Law, society and culture
                                                                                                        (W340) – 30 credits

               180 credits                                    180 credits                                     180 credits

           MATHEMATICS                                    PSYCHOLOGY
                                                                                                       SPORT AND FITNESS
          AND STATISTICS                                AND COUNSELLING

      Discovering mathematics
        (MU123) – 30 credits                                Investigating                                   Introduction to
                                                            psychology 1                                   sport and fitness
       Essential mathematics 1                          (DE100)* – 60 credits                             (E117) – 60 credits
        (MST124) – 30 credits

       Mathematical methods
       (MST224) – 30 credits                        Living psychology: from the                       Sport and conditioning
                                                   everyday to the extraordinary                       science into practice
           Analysing data                               (DD210) – 60 credits                            (E217) – 60 credits
         (M248) – 30 credits

     Applications of probability
        (M343) – 30 credits                                 Advancing                                Exploring psychological
                                                         social psychology                       aspects of athletic development
    Linear statistical modelling                        (DD317) – 60 credits                           (E313) – 60 credits
        (M346) – 30 credits

               180 credits                                    180 credits                                     180 credits

* S112, DE100 and DD103 are not key introductory modules. Students are required to complete 60 credits of key introductory
  modules in another subject prior to study of the biology, economics or psychology and counselling routes above.
                                                                                                               COURSE CODE            R28

                                                                                                               TOTAL CREDITS          360

                                                                                                               START DATES
                                                                                                               Oct 2018
                                                                                                               Register by 13 Sep 2018

                                                                                                               Feb 2019
                                                                                                               Register by 10 Jan 2019

                                                                                                               ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

     BSc (HONS)                                                                                                No specific requirements

     COMBINED STEM                                                                                             ASSESSMENT
                                                                                                               Depending on the
                                                                                                               modules you choose
                                                                                                               to study, you may be
     STEM stands for science,                                QUALIFICATION                                     assessed in any or all
                                                                                                               of the following ways:
     technology, engineering                                 STRUCTURE                                         –– Tutor-marked
     and mathematics. The                                                                                         assignments
     flexibility of our BSc (Hons)                                                                             –– Interactive computer-
                                       STAGE 1 120 CREDITS

                                                               Choose 60 credits from a wide                      marked assignments
     Combined STEM degree                                      range of OU level 1 key introductory            –– End-of-module
     allows you to build your                                  STEM modules                                       assessments
                                                                                                               –– Examinations
     own degree from a wide
     range of STEM modules                                                                                     STUDY DURATION
     and study routes, including                               Choose 60 credits from a wide                   Part time: 6 years
                                                               range of OU level 1 modules                     Full time: 3 years
     psychology and sports
                                                                                                               MODE OF STUDY
     science – this means you
                                                                                                               As the BSc (Hons)
     can build a qualification                                                                                 Combined STEM degree
     that’s unique to you.                                                                                     can be made up of a range
                                       STAGE 2 120 CREDITS

                                                                                                               of different modules,
                                                                                                               the learning materials
                                                               Choose 60 credits from a wide
     LOANS FOR DEGREE                                                                                          provided, use of online
                                                               range of OU level 2 STEM modules
     HOLDERS IN ENGLAND                                                                                        forums and inclusion of
                                                                                                               collaborative work will
     If you already hold an                                                                                    depend on the modules
     honours degree (or higher-                                                                                you choose to study
     level qualification) and you’re
                                                               Choose 60 credits from a wide
     looking to re-skill or up-skill                           range of OU level 2 modules
     in STEM subjects, you could
     still be eligible for a student
     loan to fund this degree.
     For more information go to
                                       STAGE 3 120 CREDITS

         Option modules

                                                               Choose 120 credits from a wide
         Awarded qualification
                                                               range of OU level 3 STEM modules

                                                                                                               MORE ONLINE
                                                              BSc (HONS) COMBINED STEM
                                                                                                               To find out more about this
                                                                                                               course, fees and funding
                                                             Qualification delivery, module availability and   and how to register, go to
                                                             qualification structure are subject to change.
                                                                                                               or call 0300 303 5303
To work towards a                        MA or MSc Open Masters (F81)   26
postgraduate qualification,
you first need to choose and
register on a module that counts
towards that qualification.
Modules featured in this prospectus
are those that are currently available
for study – the exact selection may
change over time.

     This masters degree allows you to create a personalised
     qualification across a range of disciplines. You’ll expand
     your discipline-related knowledge at masters level, gain
     broader subject-specific knowledge and pursue further
     professional development in areas that align with your
     employment needs and professional aspirations.

                                  Studying with the OU has
                                  given me a remarkable
                                  amount of confidence in
                                  my own ability and opened
                                  so many doors for me.
                                  Jane Williams,
                                  MSc Advancing
                                  Healthcare Practice

There are two routes through                                                           COURSE CODE            F81
this 180-credit qualification:
                                                                                       TOTAL CREDITS          180
                                                                                       START DATES
You can study 180 credits and specialise within
                                                                                       Oct 2018
one of the following broadly related study areas:
                                                                                       Nov 2018
–– Arts, Humanities, Music and Language                                                Feb 2019
                                                                                       May 2019
–– Education, Psychology, Health Science and Healthcare
–– Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics                                    ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
–– Business, Finance, Human Resources and Law.                                         Entry to this qualification
                                                                                       will typically require a
                                                                                       bachelors degree or
                                                                                       equivalent qualification
You can choose to study 120 credits, specialising within                               relevant to your intended
one of the study areas (as above) and take up to 60 credits                            specialist area of study.

                                                                                                                       POSTGRADUATE COURSE
from any of the other study areas, with the addition of:                               If you have other study
                                                                                       or experience that you
–– Further professional development modules.                                           believe equips you to take
                                                                                       this qualification you can
                                                                                       still apply, but must supply
                                                                                       evidence of your study
                       QUALIFICATION STRUCTURE                                         or experience.

                                                                                       STUDY DURATION
       ROUTE ONE                                    ROUTE TWO                          Part time: 3 years

                                                                  PLUS 60 credits
      Study 180 credits             Study 120 credits,         from any other study
specialising within one of the       within one study              area (including
following broad study areas:               area:
                                                          +     Further professional
                                                              development modules):

                                                                Arts, Humanities,
     Arts, Humanities,             Arts, Humanities,           Music and Language
    Music and Language            Music and Language

                                                              Education, Psychology,
                                                               Health Science and
   Education, Psychology,        Education, Psychology,            Healthcare
    Health Science and            Health Science and
        Healthcare                    Healthcare
                                                               Science, Technology,
                                                                 Engineering and
    Science, Technology,          Science, Technology,
      Engineering and               Engineering and
        Mathematics                   Mathematics               Business, Finance,
                                                                Human Resources
                                                                    and Law

     Business, Finance,             Business, Finance,
     Human Resources                Human Resources            Further professional
         and Law                        and Law               development modules

        MA OR MSc                                     MA OR MSc
      OPEN MASTERS                                  OPEN MASTERS

MA OR MSc OPEN                         ARTS, HUMANITIES, MUSIC                  SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY,
                                            AND LANGUAGE MODULES                     ENGINEERING AND
     MASTERS MODULES                                                                 MATHEMATICS MODULES
                                            MODULE                 CREDITS CODE
                                                                                     MODULE                 CREDITS CODE
     PLANNING YOUR STUDIES                  MA Art History part 1      60    A843
     Some restrictions or pre-requisites                                             Information security      30   M811
                                            MA Classical
     may apply to certain modules                                      60    A863
                                            Studies part 1.                          Digital forensics         30   M812
     within this qualification. You
                                            MA Creative                              Software development      30   M813
     should refer to individual module                                 60    A802
                                            Writing part 1.
     entry requirements and module                                                   Data management           30   M816
     descriptions to ensure that you        MA English part 1          120   A815
                                                                                     Analytic number
     are adequately prepared before         MA History part 1          120   A825                              30   M823
                                                                                     theory 1.
     you register for this qualification.
                                            MA Music part 1            60    A873    Applied complex
     To help you plan your studies                                                   variables
                                                                                                               30   M828
     on this qualification we strongly      MA Philosophy part 1       60    A853
     advise that you use our study plan                                              Advanced
                                            Introduction to                          mathematical              30   M833
     available from      translation theory         60    L801    methods
     uk/f81 – to map a route through        and practice
     the qualification that best suits                                               Molecules in medicine     60   S807
     your educational and career
                                                                                     Earth science: a
     objectives and study duration.         EDUCATION, PSYCHOLOGY,                                             60   S808
                                                                                     systems approach
     Advisors can provide support and       HEALTH SCIENCE AND
     offer you advice to help you make      HEALTHCARE MODULES                       Space science             60   S818
     an informed decision about your                                                 Finite element
                                            MODULE                 CREDITS CODE
     education and future career.                                                    analysis: basic
                                                                                                               30   T804
                                            Children and young                       principles and
                                            people’s worlds:                         applications
                                                                       60    E807
                                            frameworks for
                                            integrated practice                      Manufacture
                                                                                                               30   T805
                                                                                     materials design
                                            leadership: agency,                      Advanced routing
                                                                       60    EE811                             30   T824
                                            professional learning                    –CCNP 1 .
                                            and change
                                                                                     Network security          30   T828
                                            Addressing inequality
                                            and difference in          60    EE814   Environmental
                                            educational practice                     monitoring                30   T868
                                                                                     and protection
                                            Applied linguistics and
                                                                       60    EE817   Making environmental
                                            English language                                                   30   T891
                                            learning: foundations      60    H880
                                            and futures

                                            Openness and
                                                                       60    H817
                                            innovation in elearning

                                            Leading healthcare
                                                                       60    K827

                                            Introduction to mental
                                                                       60    S826
                                            health science

                                            Principles of social and
                                                                       60    DD801
                                            psychological inquiry

                                        Management beyond
HUMAN RESOURCES                         the mainstream
                                                                     15     BB847
                                        Leadership and
MODULE                 CREDITS CODE    management in                15     BB848
                                        intercultural contexts
Introduction to
                          30   B858
corporate finance

                                                                                                                   POSTGRADUATE COURSE
                                        The critical
Financial strategy:                     educational                  30      H819
valuation, governance     30   B859     technology
and ethics                              in practice
Research methods                        Project management           30      M815
                          30   B860
for finance
The human                               technological                30      T848
                          30   B863
resource professional                   innovation
Managing research                      Strategic capabilities
                          30   B865
in the workplace                       for technological             30      T849
relations and                          Managing for
                          30   B866                                  30      T867
employee                               sustainability
Workplace learning                                                   30      T877
                                       context and practice
with coaching             30   B867
and mentoring                          Capacities
                                       for managing                  30      T878
Exploring                              development
                          30   W820
legal meaning
                                       Conflict and
Exploring the                                                        30      T879
boundaries of             30   W821
international law                      Thinking strategically:
                                       systems tools for             30     TU811
                                       managing change
FURTHER PROFESSIONAL                   Managing systemic
DEVELOPMENT MODULES                    change: inquiry,              30     TU812
                                       action and interaction
MODULE                 CREDITS CODE
Investment                                                           30     TU872
and portfolio             30   B861
management                             Continuing
Derivatives and                                                      30      U810
                          30   B862    development
risk management                        in practice
Sustainable creative                   Module availability is subject to change.
                          15   BB842

Marketing in
                          15   BB844
the 21st century
                                                                                    MORE ONLINE
                                                                                    To find out more about this
                                                                                    course, fees and funding
                                                                                    and how to register, go to
                                                                                    or call 0300 303 5303
STUDY FROM                          DATA PROTECTION                       DISABLED STUDENTS’
OUTSIDE THE UK                      We record your personal               ALLOWANCE (DSA) –
Find out more by visiting           information when you contact us.      UK STUDENTS ONLY or call          We use this to manage enquiries,      A DSA can help you with
+44 (0)300 303 0266.                registration, study, examination      study costs that result directly
                                    and other services. Calls may be      from your disability or specific
EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY              recorded to help us improve our       learning difficulty. DSAs are
We’re committed to creating an      service to you. When you contact      not means-tested. They may
inclusive university community      us, we’ll tell you more about how     go towards specialist equipment
where everyone is treated with      we treat your personal information.   (such as an adapted computer),
dignity and respect. We challenge                                         non-medical study support
inequality, and anticipate and      CONTACT US IN WRITING                 (e.g. a dyslexia support worker)
respond positively to different     Write to us at:                       or other related expenses.
needs so that everyone can                                                You can also apply for help with
                                    Student Recruitment
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                                    The Open University
                                                                          result directly from your disability.
Find out more by visiting           PO Box 197      Milton Keynes                         For more information go to
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                                                                                                                       BEFORE YOU GO
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Contact us on 0300 303 5303         whether you have a physical or
if you’d like to apply.             mental health disability, health
                                    condition, or specific learning
                                    difficulty (such as dyslexia) that
                                    may affect your study. If you
                                    do, we’ll give you more detailed
                                    information about how we might
                                    be able to help.

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