Pacific Regional Dressage Championships October 4th to 6th, 2019 -

Pacific Regional Dressage Championships October 4th to 6th, 2019 -
Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

                       Pacific Regional Dressage Championships
                                October 4th to 6th, 2019
                        Thunderbird Show Park, Langley, B.C.
         Judges      Hilda Gurney, FEI 4*(ret) USE “S” Senior Dressage, Moorpark, CA. USA
                     Sandra Hotz, FEI 4* Dressage, USE “S” Senior Dressage, Erie, CO. USA
                     Cesar Torrente, FEI 4* Dressage, USE “S” Senior Dressage, Bogota, COL
                  Lorraine MacDonald, FEI 4*(ret) EC “S” Senior Dressage, Terra Cotta, ON. CAN

Competition Manager                  Ali Buchanan, Competition Manager, Langley, BC
                            Cell 778-928-5300

Entry Secretary                     Sarah Dunn, Entry Secretary, Chilliwack, BC
                           Cell 1-604-816-7223

Equestrian Canada Stewards:          Karen Ashby, FEI L2, EC Senior Dressage Steward, Vancouver, BC
                                     Pat Dunn, EC Basic Dressage Steward, Chilliwack, BC
                                     Terry Johnson, EC R2 DR Steward, Langley, BC

Show Veterinarian (on call)          Joanne Hawkins, DVM, Langley, BC
                                    (On Call) 604- 834-1211 / 604-882-019
Announcers                           Steven James, Surrey, BC
                                     Dave Johnston, Maple Ridge, BC
Awards Show Office                  Marilyn Connolly, Chilliwack, BC
Hospitality                         Thunderbird Show Park
Medic                               Alex Foster, Maple Ridge, BC
Video                                Carousel Video Productions, Cathy Rose
Sponsors, Volunteers                Contact Ali Buchanan, Email
Food Services                        Canter Inn (On Site)

              Entry Closing Date; Sunday, September 22, 2019.
Entries must be received by 9pm on closing date. Deliver all entries to Sarah Dunn, Chilliwack, B.C.
Email Entry forms attached to email to; Entry Inquiries, Volunteers, Vendors,
Sponsors, or other inquiries Contact Ali Buchanan @

Venue Address:      Thunderbird Show Park, 24550 72 Ave., Langley, B.C. V1M 3N5 604-888-4585
                              $ 7000.00 Cash Prize Money !

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

The Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2018 Is an Equestrian Canada Gold and Bronze Sanctioned
Competition # 190192 and is governed by the Rules and Regulations of Equestrian Canada, 308 Legget Drive,
Suite 100, Ottawa ON K2K 1Y6 EC (A602)

Every class offered herein is covered by the rules and specifications of Equestrian Canada, the national equestrian
federation for Canada, and judged in accordance with the current EC Dressage Rule Book, Section E. (Art A602.2)
Knowledge of the EC rules is the responsibility of the competitor. Please direct any questions regarding rules to
the show stewards on the grounds at the competition. (Art. A801) Every entry at an EC-sanctioned competition
shall constitute an agreement by the person responsible, that includes the horse owner, lessee, trainer, manager,
agent, coach, driver or rider, and the horse, shall be subject to the Equestrian Canada (EC) rules and regulations,
and any additional rules specified by the competition herein the Official Prize List. It is the responsibility of all
individuals participating in any capacity in EC-sanctioned competitions to be knowledgeable regarding the EC
constitution and Dressage Rules for this Regional Championship competition. Do not participate in this EC
sanctioned competition in any capacity, if you do not consent to be bound by the constitution and rules of EC and
any additional rules imposed by the competition. (A602.7)

Equestrian Canada supports adherence to the humane treatment of horses in all competitions under EC
jurisdiction. Equestrian Canada is committed to:
Upholding the welfare of horses, regardless of value, as a primary consideration in all activities;
Requiring that horses be treated with kindness, respect and the compassion that they deserve and that them
never be subjected to mistreatment;
Ensuring that owners, trainers, exhibitors and the agents use responsible care in the handling, treatment and
transportation of their horses as well as horses placed in their care for any purpose;
Providing for the continuous well-being of horses by encouraging routine inspection and consultation with health
care professionals and competition officials to achieve the highest possible standards of nutrition, health, comfort,
sanitation and safety as a matter of standard operation procedure;
Continuing to support scientific studies on equine health and welfare;
Increasing education in training and horsemanship practices;
Requiring owners, trainers and exhibitors to know and follow their sanctioning organization’s rules and to work
within the industry regulations in all equestrian competitions; and
Reviewing, revising and developing competition rules and regulations that protect the welfare of horses.
The standard by which conduct or treatment will be measured is that which a reasonable person, informed and
experienced in generally accepted equine training and exhibition procedures, would determine to be neither cruel,
abusive, nor inhumane.

Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019             General Rules
Every class offered herein is governed by the rules and specifications of the current Equestrian Canada Rule Books
Section E Dressage; and Section A General Regulations. Equestrian Canada Rule Books may be downloaded from
the website

All riders and competitors are required to wear proper fitting, approved headgear protection, with the safety
harness correctly secured, at all times while mounted on the competition grounds. Approved headgear that meets
the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) safety standard and displays the SEI (Safety Equipment
Institute) seal or the British Safety Standard (BSI) seal of approval.

Any horse entered in any class at the competition may be selected for equine medication control testing while at
the event location. Equine Medication control fees are mandatory for Equestrian Canada competitions and must
be included with entry fees. “Any horse entered in any class at a competition may, while on the competition
grounds be selected for equine medication control testing. (A1008)
Neither Thunderbird Show Park nor any member of the organizing committee will be held responsible in any way

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

for damage, injury or loss to persons, horses or property of spectators, owners, trainers, riders or grooms.
Thunderbird Show Park and or Pacific Regional Dressage Championship organizing committee, reserve the right to
limit the number of entries, refuse any entry for any reason, to split, cancel, combine, and or adjust any class or
awards presentation in accordance with the rules stated herein the competition Prize List. The organizing
committee reserves the right to govern all conditions of the classes offered at the competition, and to make
decisions on matters not specified in Equestrian Canada rule books, in consultation with the Official Stewards.

The maximum number of dressage tests per horse, per day is four, regardless of the number of competition
levels, categories, and or horse / rider combinations entered in the competition. Any horse/ rider combination
may compete in two consecutive dressage levels at the same competition.

Competition numbers assigned by the show office must be worn by the horse or rider/ handler at all times when
horse is outside of the stall. Failure to display the number may result in a warning, and multiple offenses may
result in disqualification. Please do not compete with any other type of number on horse other than the number
provided by show worn on the back or saddle pad.

Payment is required by the Entry Closing date by way of credit card detail authorization on entry form, or paid by
cheque, received on or before closing date of Sunday, September 2, 2019. After the closing date entries may
be accepted at the discretion of the organizing committee with an additional late fee of $25.00 + GST on entry.

Foreign Riders must provide copies of their National Federation Association membership cards on arrival at
competition. Foreign owned horses entered by owner, rider or agent, must complete the EC Foreign Horse
Affidavit when checking in at the Show Office on arrival.

EC Horse Identification is required for all horses in the Gold Division, or competitor must complete an EC
Temporary Horse License form and pay $45.00 fee on entry form. Horse Identification registration can be
completed online with Equestrian Canada through your sport license account with EC when logged in at Owners may contact Equestrian Canada for assistance to purchase a new Horse ID number,
or transfer an existing horse passport number to a Horse ID Number. Contact Tracey for assistance at Equestrian
Canada at Toll Free @ 1-866-282-8395 ext. 114. Bronze division horses are not required to have an EC Horse
Identification number. (A602.4)

All Gold and Bronze Division competitors are required to hold a minimum of a current Equestrian Canada Gold
or Bronze Sport License (or proof of purchase), and current Horse Council BC membership that will both be
verified. Both of these can be purchased online at and/or Stall deposit for
$30.00 is due on arrival at Thunderbird Show Park grounds when checking in at the Office. Cash or Credit card
deposit on file will be accepted.

Equine Medications Control Drug testing fee of $7.00 Gold or $3.50 Bronze per horse is mandatory for EC
competitions and must be included on Entry forms. Riders in the EC Gold division must be members of Dressage
Canada and noted on their membership cards. Amateur Status must also be noted on EC membership cards to
compete in the amateur division classes. (A602.5)

Late Entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee and pay a late fee of $25.00.
One Entry Form for each horse / rider combination. Parents or guardians of youth exhibitors must sign all forms
as person responsible for the youth competitor. Show management reserves the right to refuse any entry.

Email entries will be accepted with entry forms attached to email with both pages a completed, a signed entry
agreement, with credit card deposit and all signatures required. Declined or incomplete credit card information
may be charged a $15.00 handling fee. Please print all numbers clearly and carefully on entry forms.

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

All Gold / Bronze Division entries to be received by 9 pm, on Sunday, September 22, 2019.
Mail, email, or Fax entries to Sarah Dunn, Entry Secretary, 4150 Stewart Road, Chilliwack, BC V2R 5G6
Email entries must be sent to: to ensure received and processed prior to closing date.
Email inquiries to Sarah Dunn at above email address or text message to 604-816-7223

It is the competitor’s responsibility to submit entries correctly and confirm entries received prior to closing date.
Entries requiring a signature on delivery will not be accepted. Entry Confirmation links are emailed for all entries
accepted prior to the closing date.

Please check Entry Confirmations closely ensuring your entry is correct as registered for the competition.
Contact Sarah Dunn if any errors are noted when email confirmations are received.

Horse Substitution may be accepted not later than noon on Thursday received in the show office.

Ride Times will be posted on Fox Village Ride Times & Results at ( and emailed to
competitors prior to the competition. Check day sheets posted at the show office daily for updates.

Combining Classes; if there are fewer than three entries in any category of an Open class, entries may be
combined into one Open category for that class, and placed as one open class at the discretion of the Organizing
Committee. Categories with 3 or more entries will be split and awarded accordingly for all classes and

Freestyle Music must be submitted when registering at the show office. All music is to be submitted on audio
formatted compact disk (CD) only. Please bring a second CD for back up. Check that your name is on the CD as well
as the on the CD- case. A sound check will be scheduled for Friday morning. Confirm time with the show office.

Competition & Warm-up Rings will be designated. Gold / Bronze competition rings will be available for schooling
from 1pm – 8pm on Thursday. Warm-Up Rings will remain open for the duration of the competition. The
Competition rings will be closed for schooling after the start of the competition.

Stabling and Tack Stalls will be located in the permanent Cupola Barn and or International Barn for all Bronze
and Gold Division horses stabled on grounds for a cost of $175.00 for the competition including warm up day.
Bedding is provided. Tack Stalls for a cost of $175.00 reserved on entry form. Horses may HAUL IN to the
designated Parking lot and pay a haul in fee of $25.00 for each day on the grounds including warm up day and fees
payable on entry form. Stalls may be occupied after 12 noon on Thursday prior to the start of competition. Please
do not arrive before NOON on Thursday unless prior approval of competition manager confirmed by email in
advance. Early arrivals are permitted with stabling cost an additional $25.00 per day payable on entry forms or at
check in Thursday. Warm –Up Arenas will be designated for competitors arriving early

Preferred Stabling is available for an additional charge of $100.00 per stall as available, and assigned at the sole
discretion of the stable manager in the order entries are received. Preferred stabling rubber matted stalls either
12’ x 12’ in the Cupola Barn, International Barn or FEI Barn. No refund will be paid for stalls not occupied once
they have been assigned, bedded or occupied after the Closing Date.

Awards for First Place with ribbons awarded to sixth place in all classes. Ribbons will be provided with dressage
tests and must be signed for when picking up at awards desk. Prize money checks will be mailed to competitors
within 30 days following the competition.

FEI Test of Choice (TOC) classes may include all FEI tests with exception of Freestyles. FEI Young Horse Tests will
be placed separately in FEI TOC Classes. Include name of test on entry form for all Test of Choice (TOC) classes.
Current FEI tests will be used and can be downloaded from the FEI website at

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

Para Equestrian TOC classes include all of the current FEI para-equestrian tests. Include name of test, with class
number, Para classification with Dispensation letter with entries.

Schooling Horses - Entries for non-competition horses are permitted at cost of $90.00 Schooling Fee for warm up
and competition days and are subject to follow the general rules of the EC competition. Bronze Sport License, Drug
Fees, Levy fees are not applicable for schooling horses. Horse Council BC current membership is required for all
riders on grounds.

Tack Checks are the responsibility of the exhibitor to present themselves to the Steward for tack check
immediately following their test ride. Failure to do so may incur elimination. Competitors must report to the ring
steward 10 minutes prior to their ride time and remain in the holding warm up rings.

Test Callers are permitted in all open non championship classes. Callers are provided by the competitor.
All FEI Tests must be performed by memory. All “C” Championship Classes must be ridden by memory with no
whips at Regional Championship competitions.

Whips may be to a maximum length of 1.20m (1.10m for ponies) and are permitted in all open or TOC classes.
No whips may be carried in any “C” Championship Classes. No Test Callers are permitted in any designated “C”
Championship Class under penalty of elimination.

At all Provincial and Regional Dressage Championship Competitions, no other person may ride any horse
entered in the competition from the time the horse arrives on competition grounds, to the end of competition,
except the rider entered on the horse in the Championship competition. Penalty is disqualification from the
competition and horse / rider combination is not eligible to receive any Regional Championship Awards.

Lunging is permitted in designated areas only. No lunging at any time in the silica sand rings.

RV Parking hookups are available and must be reserved and paid on Entry form for the competition for cost of
$120.00 for the four days competition. Dry Camping is permitted on the grounds at no cost in designated areas.

Haul-in Parking is only permitted in the Haul in Parking lots designated. There are permanent washrooms and
showers available on the grounds.

Trailer Parking is permitted in designated trailer parking area only. All trailers must be parked in approved trailer
parking area. Please DO NOT leave trailer parked unattended at any time in RV Parking area or elsewhere on
grounds. Trailers parked in unauthorized areas will be towed immediately at the expense of owner

Hors Concours entries will not be accepted at the Pacific Regional Dressage Championships as per EC Rules.

Show Schedule will try to accommodate each horse rider combination as best as possible to allow for suitable
warm up time for all tests entered. A minimum of 45 minutes between start of ride times will be scheduled. When
this is not possible with scheduling conflicts the competitor will be refunded the entry fee.

Show Office will be open for check in on Thursday, from 3pm to 7 pm. The Show Office will open each morning 45
minutes before the start of the first scheduled ride time each day.

Each horse may be ridden in a maximum of four classes per day including Freestyles for all levels.

Classes may be divided into junior, amateur and open after closing date where 3 or more entries per category
exist within the Class. Where there are not 3 entries per category the class is placed as one Open Class

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

One Test only may be entered in all Test of Choice classes. Test of Choice classes are placed on total percentages.

Classes may be scheduled at any time or order on the day listed in the class schedule. Ride times may be changed
in the case of any error, overlapping times, or to facilitate the running of the show. Current Day Sheets will be
posted on the Scoreboard daily.

Categories Youth /Adult Amateur/ Open: Refer to EC Rulebook for requirements. All entries must include a
photocopy of current EC card showing rider status or will be permitted to enter in Open category.

Protests; A protest at an EC sanctioned competition other than those specific matters covered in division rules
must comply with the following provisions: a) a protest is eligible only if made by an officiating judge, and owner,
lessee, trainer, coach competitor or authorized agent, in the division in which the question arises; b) a protest
must be made in writing and addressed to the Show Secretary; c) must be signed; and d) must be accompanied by
a deposit of $100 in cash. For full details see rule A1206 Gen. Regulations.

Vet Out / Scratch Entries
    •    Refunds
         Cancellations before the closing date, with or without veterinary or medical certificates will have all fees
         less the Administration fee refunded.
    •    Cancellations after the official closing date and before the start of competition that are received by the
         show secretary in writing and with a veterinary or medical certificate will be refunded 50% of Class fees,
         Stall if not occupied, Drug and Levy fees, and GST. Administration fees are non-refundable.
    •    Cancellations after the start of competition will receive no refunds.

Miscellaneous Classes & Non-EC Classes
Youth Competitors that qualified throughout the season at various competitions will be invited to compete in the
RISING STARS EQUITATION SERIES – FINAL to be held on Sunday, October 6th, 2019. Borrowed horses
may be used for the FINAL and do not require EC Horse ID registration. Riders must hold current Bronze or Gold
Sport License. Administration and all competition entry fees per each horse rider combination are applicable. All
qualified riders invited to participate must complete an entry form and waiver which must be received by the
Show Secretary by the Entry closing date.

CLASS 510 - $1,000.00 – COSTUME FREESTYLE CHALLENGE - feature class (NON-EC CLASS)
ENTRY FEE $55.00
Competitors must perform a dressage freestyle in a costume theme, time not to exceed 5 minutes total allowed.
Freestyles may be performed by an Individual entry or pair Pas de Due entry. Any Dressage Freestyle level may be
performed; however, Name of freestyle must be stated on entry form for Class 507. National or International
Freestyle score sheet requirements will be used as a guideline for the Technical Judge’s total score. Two Judges
will judge the class together at C and B. One of the two judges will be appointed a “Celebrity Judge” by organizer.
The Celebrity judge will provide one total score from 1 – 10 points for entertainment, creative and artistic value as
a public spectator. The Celebrity Judge Score will be added to the Technical Judge score with the combined points
overall to determine the top four placings and prize money awards in the costume freestyle class. Results will be
posted. Ties will be broken by the Celebrity Judge. Prize Money will be divided as follows: 1st – $500.00
2nd - $300.00 3rd – $200.00 Ribbons will be awarded to 6th place. Prize Money will be mailed to competitors
within 30 days after the competition.

        Pacific Regional Dressage Championship Awards and Prize Money Distribution.
                Thank you to all our Pacific Regional Dressage Championship Sponsors.

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

Gold Division Championship Criteria –Championship Awards presented at all dressage levels and rider
categories as specified in the EC Dressage Rule Book for Regional Championships. Prize Money will be awarded to
the two highest horse rider combinations for each dressage level, with all rider categories combined for prize
money distribution as follows: Champions ($300.) and Reserve Champions ($200.) Refer to list below.
Scores to count will be from the “C” Championship class results, with the highest average of two combined
percentage scores determining the Champions and Reserve Champions at all dressage levels and categories.
Combined scores must achieve a minimum of 60.0 % to be eligible to receive Championship and Reserve
Championship awards. A horse rider combination may compete at two consecutive dressage levels, however, will
be eligible to receive Championship or Reserve Championship awards for only one of the consecutive dressage
levels entered.

$500.00 Training Level (Open / Adult Amateur/ Youth - combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 First Level (Open / Adult Amateur/ Youth - combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 Second Level (Open / Adult Amateur/ Youth - combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 Third Level (Open / Junior/ Adult Amateur/ Youth – combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 Fourth Level (Open / Adult Amateur - combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 FEI Youth (All FEI Youth divisions combined - combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 FEI Small Tour Amateur (PSG/ INT I) - combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 FEI Small Tour Open (PSG/ INT I) - combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 FEI Medium Tour Open (Intermediate a & Intermediate B) - combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 FEI Grand Prix Tour Open (Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special) combined “C” classes to count)
$500.00 FEI Young Horse (4yr, 5yr, 6yr, 7yr age groups will be offered and combined where
     there are less than 3 entries per age group. FEI Young Horse “C” classes– Finale – test scores to count)
$500.00 Champion Foreign Horse and Reserve Champions. All Dressage Levels are eligible competing on
foreign owned horses. Results to be determined by the total combined scores of the two “C” Championship
Classes of each level.
FEI Para Equestrian Open – (All FEI Grades combined – “C” classes to count)
High Score Freestyle Award –Training to FEI freestyle class scores combined eligible for award.

Pacific Regional Dressage Championship Criteria – Gold Division
All Championships will be determined by averaging the total percentage scores awarded in the 2 “C”
Championship Classes for each horse/rider combination. The competitor with the highest total points from the two
“C” classes of the level shall be declared the Champion and the competitor with the second highest total points
shall be declared the Reserve Champion. In the event of a tie, the competitor with the highest total percentage in
the “C” Test 3 will be declared the winner. Championship awards will be presented for all rider categories where a
minimum of 3 or more exhibitors compete in the Championship Classes for the category. Where 3 entries per
category do not exist competitors may be placed in the Open Championship for the level. Competitors must enter
a minimum of 3 tests of the dressage level including freestyles during the competition to be eligible for
championship awards.

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

                                   Gold Dressage Division – Class List
   Friday, October 4, 2019            Saturday, October 5, 2019        Sunday, October 6, 2019
        Gold Division                       Gold Division                  Gold Division
INTRO & TRAINING & FIRST LEVELS – Open / Adult Amateur/ Youth - $45.00
001 Introductory – TOC      002 Introductory Test 2 – C 003 Introductory Test 3 – C
                                                        100 Rising Stars – C – FINAL
105 Training Level – TOC    205 Training – TOC          305 Training Level – TOC
102 Training Level – Test 2 202 Training –Test 2 – C    303 Training – Test 3 – C

115 First Level – TOC               215 First Level – TOC                315 First Level - TOC
112 First Level Test 2              212 First Level Test 2 – C           313 First Level Test 3 – C
SECOND / THIRD / FOURTH LEVELS – Open /Adult Amateur/ Youth - $50.00
125 Second Level – TOC    225 Second Level – TOC        325 Second Level – TOC
122 Second Level Test 2   222 Second Level Test 2 – C   323 Second Level Test 3 – C

135 Third Level – TOC               235 Third Level – TOC                335 Third Level – TOC
132 Third Level – Test 2            232 Third Level Test 2 – C           333 Third Level Test 3 – C

145 Fourth Level – TOC              245 Fourth Level – TOC               345 Fourth Level TOC
142 Fourth Level Test 2             242 Fourth Level Test 2 – C          343 Fourth Level Test 3 – C

FEI CLASSES                              Open / Adult Amateur             Class Fees - $55.00
155 FEI Para Equestrian – TOC       255 FEI Para Team Test – C           355 FEI Para – Individual – C
156 FEI Youth – TOC                 256 FEI Youth Team Test – C          356 FEI Youth Individual – C
157 FEI Advanced AA – TOC           257 FEI Prix St George AA – C        357 FEI Inter I AA – C
158 FEI Advanced Open – TOC         258 FEI Prix St George Open – C      358 FEI Inter I Open – C
160 FEI Intermediate – TOC          260 FEI Intermediate – C             360 FEI Intermediate B – C
161 FEI Grand Prix Level - TOC      261 FEI Grand Prix – C               361 FEI GP Special – C
170 FEI YH – 4yr /5yr /6yr/ 7yr     270 FEI Young Horse – C              370 FEI Young Horse – C
171 FEI Test of Choice – Open       271 FEI Test of Choice Open          371 FEI Test of Choice Open
         Any Test                            Any Test                            Any Test
  Friday Freestyle Classes            Saturday Freestyle Classes
505 Para Equestrian Freestyle       500 Training Level Freestyle
506 FEI Youth Freestyle             501 First Level Freestyle
507 FEI Intermediate I Freestyle    502 Second Level Freestyle
508 FEI Medium Freestyle            503 Third Level Freestyle
509 FEI Grand Prix Freestyle        504 Fourth Level Freestyle
                                    510 Open Costume Freestyle

 GOLD Division Class Fees;     C = Championship Classes
 Rising Stars Equitation Final - Youth / Introductory Level - $45.00
 Training / First Levels - Open/Adult Amateur/ Youth - $45.00
 Second / Third, / Fourth Levels - Open/Adult Amateur/ Youth - $50.00
 All FEI Levels – Open/ Adult Amateur/ Youth/ Young Horse/ Para – $55.00
 ALL Freestyles - $55.00

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

EC Bronze Division – Open to Youth and Adult Amateur Competitors only.
All EC Dressage rules and General rules of the Prize list herein apply to the Bronze Dressage Division. Current EC
Bronze Sport License and HCBC Memberships are required. Horse ID numbers are not required. Competitors with
a Gold Sport License may compete in the Bronze division classes, however, may not cross enter in both Gold and
Bronze divisions at the Pacific Regional Dressage Championships. Junior and Amateur status must be listed on the
Equestrian Canada Sport Licenses.

Championship Criteria – Bronze Division

Training and First Level Junior and Adult Amateur Riders must compete in the respective Dressage Seat
Equitation class with the final % score achieved combined with the Test 2 C and Test 3 C percentage scores which
will determine Champions and Reserve Champions. The highest total average percentage of the three “C” classes
will determine the Bronze Division Champion and Reserve Champion for Youth and Adult Amateur rider categories.
Competitors must compete in all “C” classes achieving a minimum overall combined score of 60.0%, to be eligible
for Bronze Division Championship Awards.

Championship and Reserve Championships awards may be picked up at the awards table once results are posted
on scoreboard. Competitors leaving grounds prior to awards posted may designate another individual to collect
awards on their behalf or will forfeit all awards if not picked up by the end of competition.

Introductory Level and Open Western Dressage Championship and Reserve Champion will be determined by the
total average percentages of the two “C” classes. One Championship and Reserve Champion will be declared for all
levels of western dressage combined where less than 3 entries compete at each Western Dressage level. Western
Dressage Division will be governed by Horse Council BC 2019 Rule Book and are Non-EC recognized classes.

                               Bronze Division Class List
          Bronze Division Class Fees; $40.00 Dressage Equitation Classes $30.00

                                      Classes will be split or combined subject to entries
                                                  “C” = Championship Classes
    Bronze Division Class Fees – $ 40.00                       Dressage Seat Equitation Class Fee - $30.00
     FRIDAY – October 4, 2019                  SATURDAY – October 5, 2019                       SUNDAY – October 6, 2019

 Class B002 – Introductory – Test 2          Class B202 – Introductory Test 2 C             Class B303 – Introductory Test 3 “C”
 Class B005 – Introductory – TOC             Class B205 – Introductory – TOC                Class B305 – Introductory – TOC

 Class B102 – Training Level Test 2          Class B222 – Training Level Test 2 C           Class B323 - Training Level Test 3 C
 Class B105 – Training Level - TOC           Class B225 – Training Level – TOC              Class B325 - Training Level – TOC

 Class B112 – First Level Test 2             Class B212 – First Level Test 2 C              Class B313 – First Level Test 3 C
 Class B115 – First Level – TOC              Class B215 – First Level – TOC                 Class B315 – First Level – TOC

 Class WD12 – Western Dressage               Class WD22– Western Dressage                   Class B3YT Dressage Eq – Youth – C
 TOC                                         Test 2 – C                                     Class B3AA Dressage Eq – AA – C
 Class WD15 – Western Dressage               Class WD25 – Western Dressage                  Class WD33 – Western Dressage
 TOC                                         TOC                                            Test 3 – C
                                                                                            Class WD35 – Western Dressage
     (Specify WD Level & Test of Choice)        (Specify WD Level – Test 2 C of WD Level)   TOC (Specify WD Level – Test 3 of WD Level)
            (Non-EC Classes)                            ( Non-EC Classes)                            (Non-EC Classes)

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

Riders Name:                                                                                           Date of Birth:
                                                                                                       Entry #

City:                                                                  Province:                       Postal Code:

Phone:                                 EC or USE#                      HCBC#          Email:

Owners Name:


City:                                                                  Province:                       Postal Code:

Phone:                                 EC or USE#                      HCBC#          Email:

Horse Name:                                                                           Horse ID # (if any)

Breed:                                 Sire:                           Dam:                                             Color:
Sex:              Breeder:                                                            Height:                           Year of Birth:

        Class #              Description of Class         Status - JR/ AA/ Open                Test Name and Number                      Class Fee



I authorize Entry charges to my Credit Card:             Class Fees – Total Class Fees                                             $
                                                                 Stabling or Tack # stalls____________@ $175.00                    $
Credit Card: Visa_________ MC_________
                                                                 RV Parking Spot @ $120.00 for show (4 days)                       $
Number:______________________________________________            Administration Fee (Mandatory per entry)                                  $ 45.00
Print Clearly                                                    Horse Fees: Haul In $25 day / Schooling Horse $90                 $

Expiry Date: _____/ _____      CVV _______                       Other Fees (Late Entry fee/ EC Temp fee/ Add Days)                $
                                                                 Preferred Sponsor Stabling – Additional $100.00 Per Stall         $
Stall Deposit on arrival - $30.00 or $31.25 on VISA              Exhibitors Dinner - Sat #_______tickets x $20. each               $
                                                                 Subtotal $____________ x .05% = Total GST                         $
Signature_________________________________                       EC EQ Med fee; Bronze Fee $3.50 Gold Fee $7.00                    $
                                                                 EC Dressage Levy fee: $ 10.00 per Entry                                  $ 10.00
Stable with Name (of group)                                      Check one:                               TOTAL                    $
                                                                 Bronze Entry_________ Gold Entry_________
                                                                                    (No Cross Entry)
                                                                 Email Address

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

                              Gold and Bronze Division Entry Agreement
                                         (One horse/rider per entry form)

“I hereby certify that every horse, rider and/or driver is eligible as entered and agree for myself and my
representatives to be bound by the Constitution and rules of Equestrian Canada at this competition. It is hereby
recognized that all equestrian sports involve inherent risk and that no helmet or protective equipment can protect
against all foreseeable injury. I hereby accept this risk and hold harmless EC, the competition, their officials,
organizers, agents, employees and their representatives. The person responsible (PR) agrees to the release of any
information on the entry form to EC.” (A802.4)

I, the exhibitor/competitor do hereby acknowledge having read a copy of your official prize list and do hereby
certify that all animals listed on the entry form on the reverse competition, are strictly in accordance with the rules
and regulations in the Equestrian Canada Rule Book. I hereby certify that every horse and rider is eligible as
entered and agree for myself and my representatives to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of Equestrian
Canada at this competition.

It is hereby recognized that all equestrian sports involve inherent risk and that no helmet or protective equipment
can protect against all foreseeable injury. I further acknowledge the risks in riding and working around horses and
that these risks can include bodily injury to both horse and rider resulting from normal use, competition and

In consideration of being allowed to participate in this event, I hereby assume all risks and release and absolve the
Organizing Committee of Thunderbird Show Park, Horse, employees and the owners of the land upon which the
competition is held of all responsibilities, liabilities or claims of any nature and kind which I may have arising from
participation in the event. I hereby declare that in making this entry that I have read and fully understand and
agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and that it is binding upon my executors, heirs, and assigns.

Signature of Person Responsible: __________________________________ EC#_______________________

Print Rider Name ______________________________________________ EC #_______________________

Signature of Rider: ______________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Print Owner Name ______________________________________________ EC #_______________________

Signature of Owner/Agent: _______________________________________ Date: ______________________

“In the event that _____________________________participates in an Equestrian Canada sanctioned competition
where protective headgear is required for juniors, he/she will wear properly fitted and fastened approved
headgear at all times while riding or driving at the event location. It is understood that juniors not meeting this
requirement will not be allowed to compete at these competitions.” (A802.6)

I, (Print Name)___________________________________________________ agree that I, as the Parent or Guardian
of the above named Junior Competitor understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and
assume full responsibility and inherent all risk of injury and for the conduct of the Junior rider listed as above. I
have read the Competition Prize List and agree with the terms and conditions stated and accept the rules and
regulations of the federation as evidenced by my signature below:

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________ Date: _______________________

Official Prize List – Pacific Regional Dressage Championships 2019

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