Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS

Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
Play2Live and
                   Level Up Coin
            The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now.

                        Alexey Burdyko
                        CEO and founder

STARTUP X                                              1
Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
                    What do these perspective technologies and markets have in common?

                                                            Cloud computing
                                                AI            and storage

                                 E-commerce                                 Big Data

                                   Chatbots                 VR

                                                AD                          Gaming

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Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
Gaming and Esports Market
 By 2018, the revenue of gaming industry will have reached $115Bn, in 2020 it will become close to $130Bn. **
                    Esports is the most rapidly developing segment of the gaming industry

                                                                                       Revenues of the Esports industry
                                                                                       according to conservative forecasts, $ Bn           1,5
                              • $22Bn revenue                                                                                       1,2
North America                 • 338M gamers
• $27Bn revenue                                                                                                            1,1
• 200M gamers

                                                             • $45Bn revenue
                                                             • 912M gamers

Latin America
• $4Bn revenue
• 191M gamers                      Middle East and
                                  • $2Bn revenue
                                  • 237M gamers
                                                                                             2013     2014 2015          2016      2017   2020

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  Play2Live               *Newzoo Global Games Market Report **Global Games Market Forecast
Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
Games Streaming Market
                         2017 is the year of opportunities for a new player at the games streaming market

• According to Newzoo Global Games Market report,                  •   According to Superdata report, gaming content on live and on-demand video sites
  Esports major events have more viewers than                          will generate $4.6 billion in revenues in 2017
  traditional ones. By 2019, the audience will have                •   Twitch was acquired by Amazon for $ 970 million.
  reached 330 million people (increase by 120 million).

           Audience of separate sports                                 Gaming LIVE and VOD content                                   Twitch
           events in 2015, millions viewers                                 market $4.6 billion                                      80% streaming platform market share
                                                                                                                                     (excluding China and Asia)
                                                                                                                                     YouTube Gaming
 Stanley                                                                                              80%
  Cup                                                                                                                                The platform was launched in
  2015                                                                                                                               2015 as a competitor to
                                                                                                        Gaming                       Hitbox Azubu
                          League of
            114          Legends WC                                                                       18%                        Azubu project has been closed to join
            Super           Final                                                                                                    together with Hitbox and launch a
            Bowl                                                                                                                     new project. The launch date is
                            2015                                                                                                     unknown.
                                                                                                        Hitbox,                      Experiment on LIVE broadcasting,
                    36      NBA                                                                         Azubu                        including gaming.
                            final   Champions                                                             3%
                                     League                             Others
                                       Final                             1%                Facebook                                 Others
                                                                                              3%                                    Other players’ share is insignificant.

   Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                                         4
                                    *Newzoo Global Games Market Report   **SuperData Report
Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
53% of Esports enthusiasts are 21-35 age
                         Major gaming and Esports audience is the generation of millennials

                        Male audience prevails in general                     Despite the popular belief, the share of
                        and particularly in esports                           female gamers is considerable. Most of
                        segment: about 95% of fans are                        all, in the mobile gaming segment.

  10-20 age                21-35 age            36-65 age
    20%                      37%                  12%



                                                                                                  21-35 age
10-20   21-35   36-65
 age     age     are
 7%     16%      8%

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Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
Entertainment field for transformation and disruption

                             The Industry worth
                               of $115 Bn is
                             ready to adapt the

Level Up Coin and                                                6
Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
2017 is the year of cryptocurrency peak prosperity
Over the past year, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased from $6 billion (January, 2016) up to %
                                              $143 billion (at the moment)

          •  $18.4 mln from the start of ICO                                                                                                Bitcoin
  •       The platform to create decentralized
                                                                                                                              •      In 2017, Bitcoin became more
          online-services based on blockchain.                                                                                    02valuable than an ounce of gold.
                                                                                                                                  • The first and most valuable
                                                                                                                                   cryptocurrency in the world. The
                                                                                                                                   current price of 1 BTC is $3252.

      •       Current market capitalization is $6.8Bn
              • Ripple protocol is built upon a
                 distributed open source Internet
              protocol, consensus ledger and native
                  currency called XRP (ripples).

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          Play2Live                                     *Find the latest data on capitalization here
Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
Modern-Day Gamer
                                 What does a typical gamer / Esports enthusiast do nowadays?

     He communicates in the chat
                                                                                           He plays games
On the streaming platforms. VOD and LIVE
                                                                                           PC, consoles, mobile games
          gaming market equals to $4.6 bn

                                                                                                                          He watches LIVE broadcasts
       He buys games
                                                                                                                         LIVE broadcasts of esports disciplines,
  Gaming market share is                                                                                                 Let`s Plays, etc. The market share is $4.5
                $100 bn                                                                                                  bln
                                                                                                                                          He upgrades
            He places bets                                                                                                                his PC / console
          On esports events.                                                                                                             Purchase of new PC/ console
  The market share is $7.5 bn

            He subscribes                                                                                                                     He buys products
    He subscribes for favorite                                                                                                                Like other usual
        channels/streamers.                                                                                                                   Internet users

                                 He donates
        He donates to his favorite streamers.                                                   $210 per month
             The market share is ~$100 mln                                                      AVERAGE BILL

Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                                                8
Play2Live                        *Average monthly expenses of the gamer in the USA are presented. According to researches by Paypal Inc, Twitch, Streamlabs
Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
What are the longing for?
We were pondering over how we can address the shortfalls of steaming platforms and enable gamers to earn money.
    The solution has been found in uniting two technologies: blockchain and streaming/ LIVE content delivery.

                 Blockchain                                                                   Blockchain

                        Problem                                                               Solution
      Within the current eco-system, a gamer is destined to spend         The solution is found in the blockchain technology as well as in the
     money. Likewise, various services (exchange or sell of in-game           fact that thanks to the broad set of features offered by our
   items, donation to streamers, etc.) are provided via intermediaries.     platform, we will be able to provide a user with a new level of
   The features of the streaming platforms at the market is extremely        interaction during streams broadcasting and watching. The
   obsolete. While gamers are longing for more interaction and willing     platform will be a cutting-edge media service with a single entry
         to actively engage in the development of the platform.                                 point for other services.

    Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                9
Play2Live and Level Up Coin - The Future of Gaming and Esports is Now. Alexey Burdyko CEO and founder - ICOS
Play2Live is the First Blockchain Streaming Platform!
Synergy of both assets – Play2Live streaming platform for gamers and Level Up Coin cryptocurrency – is a new cycle
                                   of development of gaming services in general

           Play2Live will become a                                               In such a way, we will generate stable
     comprehensive market place with                                              demand for cryptocurrency due to in-
       LUCs as payroll units. Besides                                           platform transactions that will be able to
       streaming service, more than 7                                                     made only for LUCs.
     additional integrated services will be

      Level Up Coin cryptocurrency will be             m                     Implementing a new set of features will allow
     implemented as an internal means of                                     us to scale interaction between a user and a
    payment on Play2Live platform with its                                      platform during streams. Content voting
   additional services. Afterwards, it will be                                system built off the economy of SteemIT will
     implemented on off-site services as a                                     allow streamers and active users to earn
   separate means of payment (services on                                     additional cryptocurrency by contributing to
    games sale, in-game payments, etc.).                                             the development of a platform.

    Level Up Coin and                                                                                             10
Gamer Will Earn Money On the Platform
    We will provide a gamer with an opportunity to follow his usual routine and EARN money at the same time.

% of advertising profit of                                                           Voting for the content
                                                     +LUC                           We will provide for the users of the
      the platform
 Platform users will get bonuses if                                                 blockchain and cryptocurrency an
   they watch ad spots and other                                                      opportunity to make money by
advertising materials by consent to
                                                                   +LUC              creating streams or voting for the
provide their personal data. Due to                                                   streams as SteemIt does. The
that, we avoid bots on the platform.                                                reward will be transferred in coins.
  The same feature is used in the
          Brave browser.

  Tasks from streamers                 +LUC
  The users of the platform will be
     able to perform the tasks
suggested by the streamers. If the
 tasks are performed successfully,
the users will be rewarded with the

   Level Up Coin and                                                                                               11
Gamer will achieve a new interactive level of
                            experience within the platform
We will provide the gamer the opportunity to become a part of the platform and to manage the content on the platform
and even to conduct his own show-matches and esports tournaments. Due to a new functionality based on blockchain
           technology, the users will obtain new ways of interacting with the streamers and with each other.

                                                                                                                           Tasks to streamers
                                                                                                                      The users of the platform will have an
  Crowdfunding as a tool of                                                                                         option to set up tasks for the streamers by
     content generation                                                                                             voting with the coins. Streamer will accept
   The users of the platform will be                                                                                    the tasks and performs them. The
    voting for the content they are                                                                                   checking process will be done by the
 choosing on their own. Token-based                                                                                                    users.
   voting system will allow to chose                                                                                 Examples of tasks: to perform a stream
  games, teams, tournament format                                                                                      for 10 hours, to pass the level with a
     and any other activities. With                                                                                    maximum complexity, to collect 100
 assistance of tournaments operators,                                                                                         artefacts per hour, etc.
   Play2Live platform will be able to
         provide any content.

                                                       Esports tournaments totalizator
                                            We will provide users with the option to place bets during the esports
                                        tournament. It will increase the interactivity of the platform. The users of the
                                          platform will be able to make bets using the other coins ( like Skincoins),
                                                            however converted to LUC in advance.
      Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                             12
And Will Keep On Spending It
All platform transaction will be made in LUCs that will generate stable demand. Due to that, the rate of our currency will

                   On esports matches. We will aggregate
                                                                                                              Premium subscriptions of several types for
                  information about bet coefficients from all            ±LUC                                channels of streamers that have a wide range
             partnership betting offices. The user will be able to
                                                                                                               of advantages: special emoticons in chat,
             place bets in express mode. There will be an open                                                  separate chat in silent mode and other
                totalizer on any event in LIVE mode as well.                                                                  interactives.

                                                                                                                                Betting pool with
                                                                                                                             In real-time mode, they vote by
     Purchase of Games
    A user will be able to purchase
   games for LUCs in partners’ and
               our shops
                                                                                                                         Fees for participation in
                                                                                                                       The gamer will be able to participate in
                    Donation                                                                                            tournaments on any games on off-site
                                                                                                                         platforms and win/lose LUCs. Due to
       Users will donate in LIVE mode only by
                                                                                                                     direct integration, it will be possible to start
         LUCs. The streamer can set certain                          On the platform, the user will
                                                                                                                                 playing immediately.
        goals to achieve and after that he will                      be able to buy LUCs through
          be obliged to take some actions.                              any available payment

     Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                                           13
Or Will Trade LUCs at Cryptocurrency Exchanges
   As with any cryptocurrency, LUCs will be involved in stock market trading. The more high-demand and successful
Play2Live is, the higher is the rate of our cryptocurrency. The platform will receive the most part of emission and mining
                                 that will maintain regular functions and currency stability.

                                                                           The cryptocurrency will be available at
                                                                             all top cryptocurrency exchanges.
                                                                            LUCs will be able to be exchanged,
                                                                             including for fiat currencies (EUR,

     Level Up Coin and                                                                                         14
Key Message to the audience
 We are determined to use the experience of SteemIT platform that utilized the benefits of the blockchain technology
and had a high-grade unit economy in order to create an amazing experience for its users all over the world. StreemIT
showed that users are able not only to earn money but to make their contribution to the content generation. Our goal is
                                to extrapolate the same experience on our platform.
                                                                                          Become a part of the community
We will increase the global audience of the
           cryptocurrency users                                                          Due to the advanced crowdfunding system
                                                                                        of the esports content generation, we will be
   Gamers will become the cryptocurrency users                                           able to provide our users with the option to
 extremely fast by testing out and recognizing the                                          assemble the content as a kit. The
main benefits of blockchain-based gaming platform. If                                   streamers and the esports operators will be
 we achieve at least 10% of the streaming platform                                      responsible for its distribution. By voting the
market share, we will be able to increase a number of                                   users of the platform will be able to organize
         cryptowallets by 20% in the world.                                               Espoers Championship on their own!

             A new level of interactivity

   Gamers will achieve a new level of interactivity within              
   the platform by the opportunity to set up tasks for the
     streamers, make bets during esports tournaments
                                                                                 We will provide an opportunity to make
         and receving tasks from streamers as well.                                              money

                                                                                  Only our platform will provide the opportunity to
                                                                                 the users to make money by performing activities
                                                                                            and leasing the equipment.
      Level Up Coin and                                                                                                   15
Basic Income Drivers
Some of the platform features will serve as income and audience growth drivers on their own given that fact that other
                            market solutions do not offer such a broad range of features

                    Advertising profit
                    CPM from pre-roll, mid-roll and banner and context
                    advertising, special placements for publishers, special
                    projects, work of advertising-sponsorship agency.

        Partnership programs
        Rev Share model of cooperation with platforms that sell games, with
        betting offices, game of skills services, cashback models for some
        services, etc.

  In-platform transactions
  Fee-based subscription for the channel, Premium accounts, income
  from PC leasing, from cryptocurrency mining by users and streamers,
  income from sharing Internet-channels, totalizer with streamers

    Level Up Coin and                                                                                       16
14 Revenue Streams = 14 LUC Sources of Demand
Twitch has 4 main revenue steams: advertising income (Pre Rolls and Mid Rolls), paid subscription, Bids crystals for
                              sale. Play2Live in turn will have 14 revenue streams:

                                                               Advertising revenue streams
                                                                Pre Roll, Mid Roll, Post Roll - CPM model
                                                                Banners
                                                                Branding of the main page

                                                                Betting in bookmakers via rev-share model
                                                                Games purchasing
                                                                Duel / betting amid the users
                                                                An internal prize exchange

                                                               Microtransactions and interactives
                                                                Subscription to the streamers channel
                                                                Donations
                                                                Tasks from a streamer to viewers
                                                                Tasks to viewers from streamers
                                                                Content generation
                                                                Promotion of a separate streamer
                                                                Cybersport matches totalizator
                                                                Crowdfunding platform designed for Esports Events organizers, who are
                                                                 obliged to stream on the platform.
                                                                Like / Unlike system in order to evaluate the content
   Level Up Coin and                                                                                                        17
Basic Drivers of Audience Growth
Based on principles of any blockchain projects, Play2Live streaming platform will offer its audience a wide range
                        of unique features that will increase users’ LTV and their ARPU

                 Analogues of quests in RPG games: a streamer generates his quest by distributing tasks: visit 5 streams of
                 friends, place a bet, etc. Users are rewarded by LUCs. It can be used as a feature to promote new streamers.

                              Content purchasing: users vote every month/week for the content they would like to watch. The
                              advertising-sponsorship agency will implement that.

                                       Bets on streamers’ actions, esports matches.

                                               Cybersports totalizator built on blockchain technology

                                       Adding of elements of social networks

                              Advisory service to integrate into websites. It recommends specific broadcasts on

                  Blockchain-related features of the platform: fast transactions , rewards for sharing personal data and content voting

  Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                       18
Implementation Stages and Financial Indicators
Play2Live platform and Level Up Coin cryptocurrency are launched as components of one project. Still, Level Up Coin
    might become a separate asset with an option to be sold at exchanges or as a means of value accumulation.

                    1     4      7     10   13   16   19     22       25      28       31      34
   2,5                                                                                                            $0.5   Investment at the initial stage


                                                                                                                         Receiving of the first income

                                                                                                               22.       Reach of breakeven point
   -0,5                                                                                                       month

   -1,5                                                                                                        3.        Return of initial investment from
                                                                                                              month      project ICO
          $, mln.

                     Stage 0-1       Stage 1-2   Stage 2-3    Stage 3-4              Stage 4-5

     Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                               19
                                                                  * Excluding income from stock trading of LUCs
Stages of Project Implementation
  The distinctive feature of the project is investor’s risk hedging through several factors: granting investments return
from ICO proceeds or from operations of advertising-sponsorship agency or from performance of Play2Live platform.
                                                                        Stage 2-3
                                                                         Launch of the project
                                               Stage 1-2                 first version, investment                 Stage 5-6
                                               Development of            in marketing, purchase                   First profit
                                               the first version of      of rights for esports                                        -
                                               the project and           content broadcasting
                         Stage 0-1             sub-projects,
        Recruitment of the primary             drafting of
             team, development of              marketing                                 $0.0               +$14.4
         prototype of ICO platform,            strategy
           marketing and audience
                                                                                         mln                 mln
         research, focus group and
                work with the most
              professional experts,         -$2.6                     -$10                    Growth stage and reach
       expenses for ICO marketing                                                             of breakeven point
                            and PR           mln                      mln
                                                                                               Stage 3-4
      Only the initial stage is   -$1.0
      required to be financed
         by the investor.          mln           These stages will be
                                              financed via ICO proceeds
                                              (initial emission of project

     Level Up Coin and                                                                                                           20
What is an ICO?
      An ICO standing for Initial Coin Offering is an event in which a new cryptocurrency project sells part of its
  cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for money today. In other words, those who
support the project financially, receive a certain part of new cryptocurrency emission. As distinct from traditional IPO,
  at the ICO stage the project investors and founders don’t face interest dilution as we don’t sell a share but project
coins issued in advance. Revenue earned during ICO is spent for development, marketing and project development.

                                                                                                      COIN X



    Level Up Coin and                                                                                           21
Project ICO
ICO is an initial coin offering of Level Up Coin (its initial emission). 100% of funds, received from investors / users who
                                            bought LUCs, flow into the project.

                                      Examples of successful ICOs of the last year

               $5.5 mln                         $42 mln                    $ 3,3 mln                        $ 53 mln
               during15                          during                     during                          during 3
               seconds                            ICO                       1 week                           weeks

        Cryptocurrency trivalent cart (LUC,                                       Exchanged to fiat currencies and
     Bitcoin, Ethereum) to distribute rewards                                      reserved for project marketing
    among the users of the platform after the        30%          25%

     Exchanged to fiat currencies and is                                          Exchanged to fiat currencies and
     reserved for the development of the              20%        25%             reserved for purchase of rights for
     project and back-office maintenance                                         broadcasting of top esports events

    Level Up Coin and                                                                                                22
ICO Success Factors

    Deficiency                                                              Facility of Access
    Even after a quick analysis, a                              Besides cryptocurrency investors,
    deficit of gaming and esports                            ICO of our project will be focused on
    start-ups at the cryptocurrency                            usual users and gamers to give an
    market can be revealed. In fact,                          opportunity to each to buy Level Up
    the only significant example is                               Coin during the initial emission. that had a huge
    success ($5.5M over 15 seconds
    of ICO)                                                         Celebrities and partners
                                                                     World leading streamers and
    Prospects                                                   esports operators will be involved.
    Prospects of esports segment                                         After passing of a certain
    and current success of                                         threshold of ICO compendium,                                                            they will have contractual
                                                                      obligations to hold streams.

    Unique concept
    There was no similar concept in                                                 Experience
    esports and gaming as we provide                          We provide a wide range of already
    an opportunity to earn money by                            completed projects and invaluable
    watching broadcasts and other                        experience of project founders as well as
    capabilities.                                                      advanced Advisory Board

Level Up Coin and                                                                                23
                      Cryptocurrency Market                                                Market of Streaming Platforms
      GameCredits and MobileGo                                                                        Twitch
                        project                                                                       Due to the above-mentioned
  They are not competitors to our project as                                                          functional, Play2Live will attract
    they are focused exclusively on mobile                                                            Twitch audience.
   games and setup of mobile games shop
             where users will buy games for
     GameCredits. From this point, we can
become partners as afterwards we can hold                                                             YouTube Gaming
         stream-broadcasts of their games.                                                            The activity increase on the platform has
                                                                               become substantial over the last months.
       Successful ICO gave to the project                                                             For 2.5 years, the project market share
           resources for the development.                                                             was 1-2%.
Nevertheless, the project is at Alfa stage. It
  doesn’t compete with our project but can
               become a potential partner.
    Multi-purpose cryptocurrency based on
                                                                                                      The Platform was introduced 1,5 month ago,
   Ethereum. Used for trade operations for
                                                                                                      however, major differences from Azubu
  CS: GO, Dota 2 and bets within different
                                                                                                      haven’t been detached.
                        cybersports events.
    Potentially, this market player could be
  considered as a partner for our company
                               in the furture.                                                         Facebook
                                                                                                       On Facebook, game streaming is a tool
               At the stage 2-3, the main competition will be concentrated around market               to bring diversity into the platform
                            leader and partly with Youtube Gaming.

     Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                     24
Why Will the Project Be a Success?
Our strategy is based on a) deep expertise of esports and cryptocurrency markets, b) practical experience in
                        cooperation with streaming platforms and cryptocurrencies
             INFRASTRUCTURE                                                          TECHNOLOGIES
 The problem of any cryptocurrency projects is                           Blockchain technologies implemented in the
that a new cryptocurrency is offered but not the                            project, make our platform useful and
developed infrastructure for it. The initial goal of                                 interesting for users.
    Play2Live platform launch is to generate
  demand for Level Up Coin due to developed                                          PROJECT TEAM
            system on the platform.
                                                                         Experts who are esports pioneers in different
                                                                        regions and leading experts in cryptocurrency
               PROJECT ICO                                             and blockchain industry. The project founder has
  >50 esports celebrities, esports operators                            unprecedented experience: organic audience
   will be involved from all over the world.                               traffic to, (at the start,
          Advanced Advisory Board.                                      audience traffic equaled zero), (held
                                                                        broadcasts with record-breaking results: > 137
                                                                                       000 Peak CCU), etc.
                                                                                OPPORTUNITY TO EARN
  Apart from undisputable leadership,
cannot offer those technical novelties that can be                        For gamers, we provide an opportunity to
 provided by our project. Gamers are the most                            earn money just following their usual routine
advanced and ready to new technologies users.                            of many years due to blockchain technology
                                                                             and Level Up Coin cryptocurrency.

Level Up Coin and                                                                                              25
Mockup Of the Platform Webpage
   Play2Live webpage with LIVE broadcasting. This version is provided to look into the project functional.
                               The final webpage will differ significantly.

Level Up Coin and                                                                                       26
Project Team is a Key To Success
  We consider our team as one of the key success factor. Each member has a huge experience in esports, gaming,
                           cryptocurrency, marketing and promotion of gaming projects.

  Peidy Hung         Kedar Iyer       Orkhanbay Zeynalli             Alexey Burdyko              Vitaliy Znachonak     Maria            Arseniy
     E-sports          Full-Stack               СTO                                                                    Mavreh
                                                                    CEO and founder                   DevOps                           Strizhenok
 marketing lead        Developer        Blockchain expert.                                                             Head Of
                                                                                                     >15 years of                       Blockchain
    >7 years of       Engineer and    As a technical director      10 years in esports and                              Digital
                                                                                                  experience in IT                      Marketing
  experience in     Blockchain Tech      realized complex        gaming. Founder of leading                           > 10 years of
                                                                                                   industry. Ex IT                      Specialist
 cybersport. Full     Consultant.      technical projects at    esports project in Russia and                        management
                                                                                                     Director of                        >5 years of
market experience                       the American and        CIS – Game Show. Company            Wargaming.       experience in    experience in IT
for China, Taiwan                       European markets.       valuation is equal to $36.8M                          digital and        industry.
   and Korean
                                                                (confirmed by Ernst and Young)                       media industry
     Level Up Coin and                                                                                                                   27
Level Up Coin and

Back-up slides
Below there are detailed descriptions
of background pf project founders
and their previous achievements in
esports, streaming platforms and
cryptocurrency industries.

Level Up Coin and                       28
Founder of Level Up Coin and
                         Play2Live projects
                  • Experience of establishing and developing from scratch of advertising and PR
                    agency for IT clients. The revenue is > $20М over the last 5 years.
                  • Creation from scratch of the largest tournament esports operator in 2010-2015 -
                    Game Show company
                  • >7 years of experience, industry pioneer in Russia and CIS, 30 offline and
                    online events have been held within Game Show company
                  • Game Show valuation is 36.8М USD, 6-year revenue is > $15М. The only
                    profitable esports project in Russia and CIS. The net profit was equal to ~$1,0M
                    in 2014.
                  • Working experience with all existing streaming platforms -,,
           – from the point of audience attraction to the platform. On
                    and, the peak of 137 000 viewers at the same time has been reached
                    during game Show events.
                  • Unprecedented experience in esports. The widest business network in the
                  Esports and Gaming
                  Digital and streaming platforms
                  Advertising industry
 Alexey Burdyko                                                                             95%
STARTUP X          Business network in the industry                                       29
Alexey Burdyko is a CEO and founder of Game Show project
     In July 2016, the independent company valuation at $36.8 mln was confirmed by Ernst and Young.
                                         Game Show company (Game Show and TECHLABS CUP trademarks) is the first and largest
                                     1   esports tournament operator in Russia and CIS that held > 30 esports events visited by 500
                                         000 over the last 6 years.

                                         Game Show company was the first in Russia and CIS to buy a franchise of the world biggest
                                     2   esports festival DreamHack. Both events were held in Moscow and attended by 14 000
                                     3   The esports tournament online platform GSL.TV has become the largest online resource in
                                         Russia and CIS: > 1200 tournaments have been held with > 130 000 registered users

                                         Company has cooperated with all existing streaming platforms (Twitch, Azubu, Hitbox, Games
                                     4   DailyMotion, Youtube Gaming, Dingit). We have produced 27 million man hours of the content
                                         for 31 million unique viewers who generated 108 million views. The peak CCU on of
                                         one tournament reached 137 000 viewers (broadcasting in Russian).

                                     5   Game Show TV channel is the first esports channel in Russia and CIS as well as in the world.
                                         Having been launched in 2016, it is a leader at the Russian and CIS market with 35 million
                                         subscribers and > 50 000 hours of premiere content.

                                     6   Among the Esports companies in Russia and CIS, Game Show has the highest financial
                                         results: 7-year revenue is equal to $15 million, the net income was $1 million in 2014.

                                     7   Game Show company joins top-10 largest esports companies in the world according to 1)
                                         independent valuation of the company by Ernst and Young audit company which is equal to
                                         $36.8 million; 2) scope of esports activities held by the company (media, tournaments,
                                         broadcasts, etc.)
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