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Police Crime Bulletin
                 Crime Prevention Bureau
 26000 Evergreen Road, Southfield, Michigan (248) 796-5500
              February 15, 2021 – February 21, 2021

                       Chief of Police
                       Elvin Barren
                                                             Prepared by
                                                             Mark Malott
                                                             Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Commercial Burglaries:
        Date/Time               Address (block range)               Method of Entry                        Description/Suspect Information
None Reported:
   ❖ Do not display valuable items in windows when closed for business
   ❖ Contact the Southfield Police Crime Prevention Bureau for a free security inspection (248) 796-5409

Home Invasion:
        Date/Time               Address (block range)               Method of Entry                        Description/Suspect Information
From: 02/17/2021              24000 Sunnypoint Dr.                Rear French Doors R/P (homeowner) and agent for Real Estate Company
2:30pm                                                            were forced open. discovered the Home Invasion. The house is currently
To: 02/18/2021                                                                      unoccupied and up for sale.
9:00am                                                                              Sometime between 02/17/2021 2:30pm- 02/18/2021
                                                                                    9:00am someone forced entry through the rear French
                                                                                    Doors. There was a single set of fresh shoe prints in
                                                                                    the snow leading from the driveway around the north
                                                                                    side of the home to the rear French Doors.
                                                                                    A Kenmore Elite Washer & Dryer were taken from the
                                                                                    Laundry Room. There was evidence indicating a Dolly
                                                                                    was used to take the items. No further information.
                                                                                    Note: A neighbor spoke to B/M driver of an Unknown
                                                                                    Make White SUV between 12:00pm and 12:35pm on
                                                                                    Wednesday 02/17/2021. The subject inquired about
                                                                                    the home being for sale. (No signs posted yet)
                                                                                    On 02/18/2021 at 6:00am, the same neighbor was
                                                                                    taking his garbage out when he saw an Unknown
                                                                                    White SUV/Van, like vehicle he saw the day prior,
                                                                                    backed into the driveway of residence in question.
                                                                                    He didn’t see the occupant(s) of the vehicle or any
activity at the residence.
                                                                                             Last Name
                                                                                             DOB (Age)
                                                                                             Medium Brown

   ❖ Let trusted neighbors know if you are not going to be at home
   ❖ Be cautious about who you let in your home for service and repairs
   ❖ Contact the Southfield Police Crime Prevention Bureau for a free home security inspection (248) 796-5409
Automobile Thefts:
      Date/Time       Address (block range)   Year, Make, Model                             Details
From: 02/16/2021   29000 Southfield Rd.       S - Stolen             Victim states he parked his 2013 Black Ford F-150
1:16pm             (Commercial- Home          Manufacturer
                                                                     at the business in the 29000 Block of Southfield
To: 02/16/2021     Improvement)               Model                  Rd. While he was in the store he realized he didn’t
2:21pm                                        Color                  have the keys to his truck. When he went outside
                                              BLK - Black
                                              Vehicle Year           he discovered that his truck had been taken.
                                              Body Style
                                                                     Victim isn’t sure how he lost his keys?
                                              PK - Pickup Truck      There were several electrical & plumbing tools in
                                              MI                     the truck.
                                              License Year
                                              2021                   Surveillance video from business shows victim
                                              Black 2013 Ford F150
                                                                     arrived at business at 1:16pm and entered the
                                                                     store at 1:21pm. At 2:08pm, a Dark Colored GMC
                                                                     Pick-Up Truck arrived and parked next to victim’s
                                                                     vehicle. The driver of the GMC truck got out of his
                                                                     vehicle and entered victim’s vehicle and left s/b in
                                                                     the parking lot. At 2:21pm, the suspect arrived
                                                                     back to his GMC Truck on foot and entered the
                                                                     vehicle and left. A Dark Colored Dodge Ram
                                                                     appeared to have been involved in the incident as
                                                                     well. The Dodge Ram was parked next to the GMC
                                                                     Truck and followed victim’s vehicle after it was
                                                                     stolen. Officers were not able to observe the
                                                                     license plates on either of the suspect vehicles.
                                                                     Suspect Description: Appeared to be wearing a
                                                                     Black winter hat, Surgical Mask, White Hoodie,
                                                                     Denim Jacket, & Dark colored pants.
                                                                     Suspect Vehicle Descriptions:
                                                                     1)Dark Colored GMC Pick Up Truck
                                                                     2) Dark Colored Dodge Ram Pick Up Truck
02/16/2021         W Ten Mile Rd. &   I – Recovered Stolen     Officer was on routine patrol when he ran plate
9:01pm             Telegraph Rd.      Manufacturer
                                                               on Maroon Chrysler Pacifica. The plate returned
                                      Model                    as a Stolen Vehicle out of Wayne County Airport.
                                      Color                    The vehicle pulled into the Gas Station at 10 Mile
                                      MAR -
                                      Maroon or
                                                               & Telegraph Rd.
                                      Burgundy                 Contact was made with the driver of the vehicle.
                                      Vehicle Year
                                      2020                     He was unaware that the vehicle had been
                                      Body Style State
                                                               reported stolen. He stated his brother rented the
                                      License Year             vehicle. This information was confirmed. The
                                      Description              vehicle was recovered and the driver was RPI’d.
                                      2020 Chrysler Pacifica

From: 02/15/2021   20000 Lahser Rd.   S - Stolen               Victim states she last saw her vehicle on
8:00pm             (Apartments)       Manufacturer
                                                               02/15/2021 between 8:00pm- 8:30pm.
To: 02/16/2021                        Model                    She noticed it missing the following day on
                                      RAM 1500
11:00am                               Color                    02/16/2021 at approx. 11:00pm.
                                      BGE - Beige
                                      Vehicle Year             No suspect information.
                                      Body Style
                                      PK - Pickup Truck
                                      License Year
                                      Contained scarves and
02/17/2021   26000 Telegraph Rd.   R - Recovered Only     Officer located an unoccupied stolen vehicle
6:00pm       (Hotel)               Forgery/Counterfeit/   parked at Hotel in the 26000 Block of Telegraph
                                   Stolen Property
                                   Manufacturer           Rd. A second Officer responded to location and
                                   DODGE                  they set up in the area to see if the vehicle would
                                                          become occupied.
                                   BLK - Black            Officer observed the vehicle become remotely
                                   Vehicle Year
                                   2020                   started. After a short period of time someone
                                   Body Style
                                   4D - 4 Door
                                                          entered the vehicle and it was moving.
                                   State                  Officers drove towards the vehicle and initiated
                                   License Year           their overhead lights to attempt to stop the
                                   Description            vehicle. The vehicle attempted to flee officers in
                                   4D 2020 DODGE          the parking lot. Officer used his patrol vehicle to
                                   Recovered Date/Time    block the only exit of the parking lot to prevent
                                   02/17/2021 6:40pm
                                   Location               suspect from fleeing. The suspect deliberately
                                   26000 Block of
                                   Telegraph (Hotel)
                                                          drove his vehicle into the front of Officers vehicle
                                                          to flee from Officers. Officer then contacted the
                                                          suspect vehicle to end the pursuit. Suspect got
                                                          out of the vehicle and fled on foot eastbound
                                                          towards Telegraph. Suspect disregarded several
                                                          commands to stop and get on the ground. Suspect
                                                          ran around the front of the hotel and ran into the
                                                          front door of the lobby. Suspect turned around
                                                          and ran towards Telegraph again. Suspect
                                                          continued to disregard verbal commands running
                                                          in different directions on Telegraph Rd. Suspect
                                                          ran northbound on Telegraph Rd. where he was
                                                          met by another fully marked patrol vehicle.
                                                          Suspect ran into the entrance of a nearby Office
                                                          building and gave himself up by laying on the
                                                          ground and spreading his arms and legs out.
                                                          Note: After the suspect was taken into custody
Officers searched the path that suspect fled on
foot. Officers located a set of 2- Key Fobs in the
snow. They were a match for the stolen vehicle.
Further investigation Officers contacted reporting
jurisdiction for stolen vehicle. It was reported that
the vehicle was taken fraudulent by suspect using
a fake Wisconsin Driver’s License. A copy of the
driver’s license was sent to Officers for their
investigation. Officers discovered that the driver’s
license had a picture of the suspect with an alias
name attached.
The suspect was arrested for R&C Motor Vehicle
& Fleeing & Eluding.
The reporting jurisdiction was advised of the
recovery and arrest.
From: 02/20/2021              18000 South Dr.                   S - Stolen           Victim states she parked her 2018 Gray Dodge
2:00am                        (Apartments)                      Manufacturer
                                                                                     Durango at her Apartment Complex.
To: 02/20/2021                                                  Model                Sometime on 02/20/2021 between 2:00am-
9:00am                                                          Color                9:00am someone stole the vehicle.
                                                                GRY - Gray
                                                                Vehicle Year         No suspect information.
                                                                Body Style
                                                                4D - 4 Door
                                                                License Year
                                                                2018 Dodge Durango

   ❖ Never leave your vehicle running unattended
   ❖ Park in areas where your vehicle is viewable if possible
   ❖ Use commercially available security devices

    Date/Time      Address (block range)                 Item Taken                                 Details

From: 02/17/2021   17000 Violet Dr.        S - Stolen                         Victim states sometime between 02/17/2021
6:00pm                                     Description
                                           Cash & Misc. Fishing Equipment
                                                                              6:00pm- 02/18/2021 9:30am someone entered
To: 02/18/2021                             were Taken.                        his 2020 Dodge Ram P.U. and took an undisclosed
9:30am                                                                        amount of cash and several misc. fishing
                                           Citizens should never leave
                                                                              equipment items. No suspect information.
                                           anything of value in their
                                           vehicles, especially cash!

From: 02/18/2021   28000 Ranchwood Dr.     S - Stolen                         Officers were dispatched to the 28000 Block of
2:00am                                     Description
                                           Cash, Michigan Driver’s License,
                                                                              Ranchwood Dr. for a Panic Alarm. Officers were
To: 02/18/2021                             Credit Card, Galaxy S21 Cell       advised that the alarm company reported that a
7:00am                                     Phone were taken.                  male at the residence told them that a female
                                                                              stole his phone.
                                                                              Officers arrived on scene and met with the R/P.
                                                                              R/P stated that a female friend of his stole his
                                                                              cellphone, driver’s license, credit card, and cash.
                                                                              The suspect came over on the evening of
                                                                              02/18/2021. R/P fell asleep at 2:00am and when
                                                                              he woke up at 7:00am, he noticed his female
                                                                              friend was gone and several items of his including
                                                                              cash, driver’s license, credit card and his cell
                                                                              phone were missing.
                                                                              The suspect has been identified and incident is
                                                                              under investigation.
02/20/2021                   28000 Northwestern             S - Stolen                       Victim states he left the hotel that he was staying
1:02pm                       (Hotel)                        Description
                                                                                             at on 01/20/2021.When he returned to the hotel
                                                            Undisclosed amount of cash was
                                                            taken.                           on 02/17/2021 he discovered that cash that he
                                                                                             had left behind was missing.
                                                                                             The manager for hotel stated that some of
                                                                                             subject’s items were placed in a storage facility
                                                                                             due to subject’s absence from the hotel. No
                                                                                             explanation as to why the R/P vacated the room
                                                                                             for nearly a month? The hotel has a policy that
                                                                                             once the items are deemed abandoned they are
                                                                                             taken to a storage facility. The manager was
                                                                                             unaware of any cash being taken from the room.
                                                                                             No suspect information.

    ❖ Ensure your vehicle is locked always and valuables are out of sight.
    ❖ Thieves wait for the right time and will move quickly
    ❖ Even if playing sports at a park ensure your vehicle is locked
Armed Robbery:
    Date/Time    Address (block range)             Item Taken                                Details
02/21/2021      16000 Cumberland Rd.     S - Stolen                   Victim stated that he met the suspects in the 16000
6:18pm          (Apartments)             Description
                                                                      Block of Cumberland (Apartment Complex) to sell
                                         Generic Brown Wallet
                                         Containing Cash,             them some marijuana. Victim states that one of the
                                         1 Chase Debit Card,          suspects was armed with a handgun and robbed him
                                         1 Cash App Debit Card,
                                         1-MI Driver’s License,       of his marijuana and wallet. The suspects fled in a
                                         1-SSN Card,                  White 2007 -2014 Chevy Tahoe or Yukon with tinted
                                         1-MI Bridge Card
                                                                      windows. When the victim attempted to follow the
                                                                      suspects, they fired shots at his vehicle. Neither the
                                                                      victim or his vehicle were struck. The suspects &
                                         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         victim are acquaintances but the victim didn’t know
                                         Citizens that are involved   their names and could only described suspects.
                                         in this type of activity
                                                                      Suspect#1 B/M 30 years old
                                         always run the risk of
                                         something like this          Suspect#2 B/M, 17 years old.
                                         happening!!!                 Further investigation by Officers and Detectives, two
                                         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>        suspects were developed and two photo shows were
                                                                      shown to victim. The two suspects were immediately
                                                                      picked out by victim.
                                                                      On 02/22/2021 at approx.4:30pm, Southfield Officers
                                                                      were looking for suspects and located one of them
                                                                      exiting Apartment Complex on Providence Dr. in a
                                                                      Blue Nissan Rogue.
                                                                      Officers pulled up next to the Nissan Rogue and
                                                                      observed suspect in the passenger seat. The vehicle
                                                                      turned into the Gas Station at 9 Mile and Greenfield.
                                                                      Suspect exited the vehicle and went inside the Gas
                                                                      Station. Officers boxed the vehicle in at the gas
                                                                      pumps while other Officers entered the gas station.
                                                                      The suspect was located and taken into custody w/o
incident. The driver of the vehicle was identified and
                                                                                           released on scene. The second suspect involved in
                                                                                           this Robbery was not located during this incident.

   ❖ Always be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious incidents or persons to your local police.
   ❖ If something doesn’t appear right or someone looks like they are up to no good, call the police immediately
   ❖ Trust your intuition

Unarmed Robbery:
None Reported:

   ❖ Always be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious incidents or persons to your local police
Be on the Look Out Highlights:                            Arrests by SPD Officers:
Be on the Lookout/ Special Attention:                     OWI= Operate While Impaired
Retail Fraud                                              OUIN= Operate Under Influence Narcotics
02/15/2021 5:58pm                                         LFA= Larceny from Auto
28400 Telegraph Rd.                                       R&C= Receiving & Concealing Stolen Property
(Commercial- Electronics)                                 DWLS= Driving with Suspended License
Lost Prevention Officer observed suspect concealing       A&B= Assault & Battery
several Ring Door Bell products in a Shopping Bag.        CSC= Criminal Sexual Conduct
When the suspect attempted to leave the store R/P         CCW/CPL= Carrying Concealed Weapon
asked him for a receipt. The suspect ignored him and      NOLOP= No Operator License on Person
left the store w/o paying for merchandise.                R/A= Robbery Armed
The suspect was observed getting into the passenger       RNA= Robbery Not Armed
seat of a Gold Chevrolet Classic. The driver of the       PWID= Possession with Intent to Deliver
vehicle was wearing a maroon jacket.                      PPO= Personal Protection Order
No further description on driver.                         PBT= Preliminary Breath Test
Suspect Description:                                      R/P= Reporting Party
B/M, 40-50, 5'10", around 225lbs, wearing a Blue hat,     VCSA= Violation Controlled Substance Act
Black reading style glasses, a White surgical mask, a
Blue coat, and possibly Blue or Black pants.
Suspect Vehicle:
Gold Chevrolet Classic/ Officers did obtain the license
plate on the suspect vehicle and incident is under
Special Attention:                                       Aggravated Felonious Assault-            1- Arrest
A.O.D.- Accident Crash/ Shooting                         From: 02/15/2021 1:45am
02/21/2021 12:43am                                       To: 02/15/2021 2:08am
23000 Block of W 8 Mile Rd.                              15000 Block of Town Ctr.
(Gas Station)                                            (Hotel)
Several Southfield Officers were dispatched to the area Officers were dispatched to the 15000 Block of Town Ctr. (Hotel) for
of W Eight Mile and Sherman Ave. to assist DPD with an a reported Domestic Assault. The R/P was the front desk clerk and
Accident Crash/ Shooting.                                she stated there was a female in the hotel lobby with a baby and
Dispatch advised DPD was called out to investigate       she was saying she had been assaulted by a male in her room.
accident and discovered the driver involved in the crash Officers arrived on scene and contacted the female R/P.
had been shot. The victim was being transported to       As they were talking to the female, the male was observed leaving
Hospital.                                                the hotel.
Upon arrival, Southfield Officers contacted Officers     Officers contacted the male and requested he come back inside the
from DPD. Officers advised that they responded to an     hotel so they could talk to him. He complied.
accident and discovered the driver had been shot.        Officers investigation revealed that the male half was upset because
The suspect vehicle was possibly a White Newer Model he looked at the female’s phone and saw that she was talking to
Dodge Charger. (Info from DPD) Victim was transported another male. They got into a verbal argument that escalated to the
to hospital by Detroit's Life Unit #4 before Officers    point that the male slapped her several times in the face and then
arrival. It appeared that the incident and accident      choked her until she felt dizzy. The female had redness and
occurred in Southfield.                                  scratches on her face and neck consistent with what she told
Officers and Southfield Detectives responded to the      Officers. The male was taken into custody for Domestic Assault.
scene and discovered that there was evidence to          A Southfield Police Evidence Technician took photos of the victim’s
suggest that the shooting took place on E/B Eight Mile   injuries. Suspect was transported to the Southfield Jail.
Rd. in Detroit and the driver then drove across the
center median and crashed into a pole at Gas Station in
Detectives interviewed the victim at the hospital and
confirmed that the shooting took place on E/B Eight
Mile Rd. in Detroit.
The victim believes he was shot by a B/M that was
driving next to him in a Tan & Brown Sedan. Victim
provided no motive for the shooting. No further           Retail Fraud -       1- Arrest
description.                                              02/18/2021 8:33pm
DPD was later notified that the shooting occurred in      28000 Block of Telegraph Rd
their city. The investigation was turned over to them.    (Commercial- Home Goods & Groceries)
                                                          Officers were dispatched to the 28000 Block of Telegraph Rd for a
                                                          Retail Fraud that just occurred. The suspect, a B/F wearing a red
Special Attention/ Be on the Lookout:                     coat and grey pants with a suitcase left business and was last seen
Peeping Tom                                               walking south through the parking lot and entered a nearby
25000 Block of W Twelve Mile Rd.                          restaurant.
(Apartment Complex 12 Mile/ Northwestern)                 Officers arrived on scene and located the suspect standing inside
                                                          the restaurant. Officers also observed a suitcase and multiple
                                                          business products in grocery bags tucked behind a bush on the east
Incident#1                                                side of restaurant.
Victim in apartment reported confronting a unknown        Officers contacted the suspect and questioned her about the
male looking into her window at approx. 5:48am on         suitcase and the items from business in question.
02/12/2021. She was unable to describe the subject        The suspect first stated that she bought the items but later recanted
other than wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. Subject      that statement and made admissions that she stole the suitcase and
ran e/b to the parking lot and got into a unknown         approx. 70% of the items in the suitcase.
vehicle that was already running and fled the area.       The female was taken into custody for Retail Fraud 2nd Degree.
                                                          The suitcase and all the clothing with business tags was recovered.

Victim reported on 02/13/2021 unknown male looking
through her windows. Victim in apartment caught a
subject peering into her window beteeen 4:53am-
5:06am. Subject was described as a hispanic male, 5'7,
black hat, black pants wearing a reflective light green
jacket. Subject was confronted by the victim and he
stated he was looking for his friend, then walked away.
Special Attention:                                       Special Attention: Larceny from Vehicles
Larceny of Packages that were ordered and                How to prevent this from happening to you!
delivered via Common Carrier.
How to prevent this from happening to you!               -Citizens should never leave anything of value inside their vehicle.
Recently several citizens have had packages that were    (Especially Handguns, Purses, Wallets, Cash & Cell Phones!)
delivered to their residences and apartments stolen
prior to them retrieving the packages.                   - If you have a garage you should park your vehicle in the garage and
Citizens can prevent this from happening by scheduling   lock the garage.
a specific time to have the package delivered and be
waiting for the package.                                 - Wheel Locks are a deterrent but don’t leave the wheel lock key in
Citizen can also schedule the package to be picked up    the interior of your vehicle, especially the center console or glove
by themselves at the common carrier facility.            box. This is the first place they will look for the wheel lock.

                                                         -After parking your vehicle turn your wheels all the way to the right
                                                         or the left. This will make it difficult to get the lug nuts off the front

                                                         -If you don’t have a garage, try to park your vehicle as close to your
                                                         residence as possible.

                                                         -If you here any loud noises near where your vehicle is parked,
                                                         especially during the late night or early
                                                         morning hours, attempt to look outside without
                                                         alerting anyone and if someone is tampering with
                                                         your vehicle immediately call 911, (Do Not Approach
                                                         or Scare the Suspects Away) give Police Dispatchers
                                                         as much information about the suspect(s) and suspect vehicles as
                                                         you can. Stay on the phone with Dispatchers until the Police arrive.

                                                         -Lots of lighting around the area(s) that you park your vehicles is
also very beneficial. Criminals don’t like to work in well lighted
areas. They prefer to work in darkness because it’s difficult to see
You can also read