ReMCoWG Meeting Minutes
Date:             4th November 2020       Time & Location     13:00 Conference Call

Chair:            Lindsay Sharpe – ReMCoDS
Attendees:        Name                                                        Location

                  Alice Mooney, Catherine Keane                               ReMCoDS
                  Lisa Fahy, Oisin O’Sullivan (Observers)                     CRU
                  John Bracken, Alan Keegan, Emer Corcoran,
                  Catherine Leen
                  Gemma McHale, Joan-Edel Smith                               NIE Networks
                  Sarah Fuller                                                Gemserv
                  Mark Phelan, Sean Doolin                                    Electric Ireland
                  Andrew McKinnon                                             Flogas
                  Eoin McGurk                                                 BGE
                  Megan Nolan                                                 Naturgy
                  Aaron Currie                                                SSE Airtricity
                  Niall Kelly                                                 Click Energy
                  Roisin McCann, Cian Fitzgerald                              Energia
Status            Draft

    1.    Introduction
    2.    ReMCoSG Meeting Feedback
    3.    Actions from Previous ReMCoWG
    4.    Actions – New ReMCoWG Actions
    5.    Retail Market Design Update
    6.    De-harmonisation Update
    7.    ESBN/NIE Networks Update
    8.    CRU SMART Metering Update
    9.    Next Steps & AOB

1. Introduction

L Sharpe enquired if everyone was happy to sign off and approve the Minutes of the last Working Group
on 2nd September 2020.

All Agreed.

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Minutes Approved.

ReMCoDS issued a link with the meeting details for MPs to see the slides.

2. ReMCoSG Meeting Feedback

L Sharpe presented the ReMCoSG Meeting Update.

There has been no ReMCoSG Meetings since the last ReMCoWG on 2nd September 2020.

Refer to slide for full details.

The next ReMCoSG Meeting is scheduled for 18th November 2020.

3. Actions – Previous ReMCoWG

L Sharpe provided the Action Items Update.

There are no open ReMCoWG Actions.

4. Actions – New ReMCoWG Actions

No new Actions were logged at this meeting.

5. Retail Market Design Update

L Sharpe provided the Retail Market Design Update.

V13.00.00 Market Release - Update

L Sharpe presented slides on the V13.00.00 Market Release.

She presented slides on Scope, the Plan, Market Release Plan, MM345 Smart HH Cumulative Register
Readings (Import) and V13.00.00 Market Release Documents (This release was also discussed at the IGG
which preceded this forum).

Refer to slides for full details.

L Sharpe reported that v13.00.00 is coming up and we are getting close to the December cutover.

All seven MCRs in scope for the release are on track. With regard to the plan on the page, we are coming
to the end of the plan. For market assurance in ROI, we are in IPT at the moment.

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The final version of the Schema will be released in December with Go Live on 21st December 2020 and
Smart Enablement on 4th January 2021.

This week on Friday 6th November 2020, ReMCoDS will be sharing the detailed Cutover Execution Plan.
The detailed Cutover Plan will advise all MPs for the dates for activities and deliverables for cutover from
v12.00.00 to v13.00.00 Schema.

MM345 Smart HH Cumulative Register Readings (Import)

As communicated by ReMCoDS via email on 22nd October 2020, ESBN has confirmed that the draft
v13.00.00 Schema will not be changed at this time and the draft v13.00.00 Data Processing Market
Message Guide will be aligned with the draft CoBL and the draft Schema. ReMCoDS asked for MPs
preference on this, and this is the decision that has been made. The amended Market Message Guide will
be shared with MPs after IPT has concluded and in advance of Cutover as part of the final draft issue of the
v13.00.00 Market Release Documentation.

V13.00.00 Market Release Documents

ESBN confirm that following completion of IPT and in advance of the v13.00.00 Market Release Go Live, it
will release the final Draft v13.00.00 Market Documentation.

A summary of any final amendments since the last MCR Re-Versioning activity, which was approved at the
ReMCoWG on 2nd September 2020 will be issued to MPs along with the final draft documentation.

DR1211 – Bluetooth Keypad Freedom Unit - Technical

Refer to slide for details.

L Sharpe sought approval for the DR as NI Specific.

DR1211 Classified as NI Specific.

Forum Dates 2021

L Sharpe reported that the forum dates for 2021 will be available on the RMDS Website in November.
RMDS has kept to the schedule of Dublin and Belfast but for the beginning of 2021 the meetings will
continue to be held remotely.


    •   There are no outages scheduled for November as of yet.
    •   Full outage details are available, as usual, on the RMDS Website.

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6. De-harmonisation Update

L Sharpe reported that she doesn’t have an update on de-harmonisation.

7. ESBN/NIE Networks Update

G McHale presented the ESBN/NIE Networks Update.

TIBCO Outages

Refer to slides for details.

G McHale reported there was an increase in the number of unplanned outages in September. NIE
Networks/ESBN will be looking into these in more detail to try and work out if there are any trends in terms
of the reason for the increase. There are quite a lot of network outages that are happening at the moment. If
there are any further updates, NIE Networks/ESBN will reach out to individual Suppliers.

There were thirty-five unplanned Supplier outages in September and four planned outages. Suppliers are
reminded to keeping using the planned outage notification option that is available in webforms. Suppliers
should continue to let NIE Networks/ESBN know when there is a planned outage as this ensures that
EMMAs come back online more easily whenever the outage is complete.

G McHale reminded Suppliers of the general housekeeping reminder in terms of all the activities that they
should be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly and six-monthly basis e.g. database re-orgs which keep
EMMAs running more efficiently. Suppliers should be keeping up to date with the Digital Certificates and the
expiry date of these. Suppliers should consider both the production EMMA and the Test EMMA certificates.
Test EMMAs are not used as often and when NIE Networks/ESBN actually goes to access the Test EMMA,
it is finding the Digital Certifications have expired. Suppliers should be checking their Test EMMA
Certificates as well and making sure that they are kept up to date.

Secure Meters DR Test

G McHale presented a slide on the Secure Meters DR Test.

Refer to slide for details.

The Secure Meters Site Switch was successfully completed on 26/27 th September 2020. There was good
engagement from all participants in the lead up to the site switch and no issues were identified during the
site switch itself. NIE Networks/ESBN thanks Suppliers who participated and engaged during the site switch
itself. NIE Networks/ESBN is planning the next site switch for 2021 and will provide more details closer to
the time.

NIE Networks/ESBN asked MPs to consider that an issue arose in the days prior to the site switch,
probably on the Thursday where it was identified that changes to IT systems to facilitate remote working
were impacting a Supplier’s ability to complete the site switch. There was a lot of work that had to be
delivered by that Supplier in a short period of time just to make sure that their Customers were going to be
able to vend successfully following the site switch itself. While the issue was resolved, any infrastructure
changes or application changes or changes due to internal or external factors such as a pandemic or a
change in working practises internally, Suppliers should consider the Liberty Client in the Secure Meters

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Contingency plans should also be reviewed and up to date and reflected with the changes made internally.
This makes it easier when someone else is coming along behind you that the changes in processes are all
up to date rather than leaving it until a couple of days before the site switch takes place on deciding that
there are potential issues.

TIBCO Hub Performance Issues

G McHale presented slides on TIBCO Hub Performance Issues.

Refer to slides for details.

Over the last number of weeks, there has been some performance issues experienced within the TIBCO
Hub itself. The first issue was on 19th September 2020 for around seven hours. The next issue was
between 30th September and 16th October 2020 which were intermittent issues during this period, and there
wasn’t necessarily an issue every day. The HUB itself was operational during this period it just meant that
at certain times Market Messages were processing very slowly.

On the 17th September 2020, the root cause was found to be a replication job on the VxRail environment
which was causing network contention and Market Messages were running slowly from 6am – 3pm. The
system processed expected levels of Market Messages after 3pm. The backlog of market messages was
cleared during the evening.

From 30th September 2020 to 16th October 2020 network errors on the VxRail environment caused network
contention at key periods which was a slightly different issue which was experienced in September. It was
also identified that the buffer size was too low to allow traffic to be buffered sufficiently prior to transmitting
and it slowed the whole process down.

Detailed monitoring took place on the HUB and network environments during this period to try to identify the
root cause of the issues. NIE Networks/ESBN has completed a number of actions. It has made a change to
the buffer size to allow more traffic to flow through it more easily. There was also implementation of a
performance zone specifically for TIBCO to ensure that it has enough resources in place to send the Market
Messages at the rate that we would expect throughout the day.

The system has remained stable since 16th October 2020. Residual actions are ongoing to ensure
continued optimum performance of the solution. The HUB itself and the application did not actually
experience any issues it was more related to the infrastructure that it resides on and the ability to transfer
the Market Messages at the normal speed.

8. CRU Smart Metering Update

L Fahy provided a SMART Metering update.

•   Deployment of Smart Meters is continuing through Covid-19 restrictions. ESBN is contacting Customers
    before trying to replace indoor Meters.
•   IPT in ROI is ongoing.

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9. Next Steps & AOB

E Corcoran introduced Catherine Leen on the conference call, who will be taking up the Smart
IGG/ReMCoWG role from December onwards as Emer is heading off on maternity leave. She thanked
MPs for their support over the last year and a half.

MPs thanked E Corcoran for her contribution to the ReMCoWG.

Next ReMCoWG:

•   Wednesday 13th January 2021 in Dublin (subject to change)

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