School Guide 2019-2020 - SBO Petraschool

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School Guide 2019-2020 - SBO Petraschool
Sch o o l G u i d e
                                                              SBO Petraschool
                                               43 09 70
                       KN Eindhoven • T 040-2
Faunuslaan 19 • 5631                      hoo l.n l
                     l • I www.sbopetrasc
E petraschool@skpo.n
                                                                                             im ar y ed uc at io n
                                                                  Sc ho ol fo r sp ec ial pr
                                                                                      ta rget ed su pp or t
                                                             De ve lo pm ent throug h
Dear parent(s) and/or guardian(s),                                                                           The following key success factors are instrumental in achieving this:
Please find enclosed our school guide and annual calendar, which briefly describe our objectives and         Faith:           We have faith in each child’s ability to develop its own talents.
philosophy, and highlight holidays, events and activities in our 2019 - 2020 annual programme.               Strength:	We are critical of our own approach, work purposefully and look positively at new
If you require more information about Petraschool than provided here, please contact the school to make      Contemporaneity: We constantly update our professional expertise and apply educational innovations.
an appointment for a visit or telephone discussion. You can also visit our website or use our App. We        Unity:	We act based on a shared vision and are sincerely interested in colleagues, pupils and
wish you and your child a pleasant school year!                                                                               parents.
                                                                                                             Professionalism: We embrace our responsibilities and hold others to account.
Your Petraschool team                                                                                        Creativity:      We are flexible and creatively resolve support issues.
                                                                                                             Audacity:        We have high expectations.
PETRASCHOOL                                                                                                  Ambition:	We use the Development Perspective to implement an effective pedagogical and
Petraschool is a school for special primary education. ‘Special’ means that we have the resources for                         didactic action plan.
providing greater support, care and attention for our pupils compared to mainstream primary schools.
This additional support may be required in any of the following areas:                                       During the coming school year, we will continue to fill in the details of our new mission and vision as the
• social and emotional development (the child’s behaviour)                                                   basis for the new 2020 - 2025 school plan.
• intellectual development (speed of learning)
• didactic development (the acquisition of learning skills).                                                 THE SCHOOL BOARD
                                                                                                             SBO Petraschool falls under the authority of Stichting Katholiek en Protestants-Christelijk Onderwijs
We identify what kind of support each individual child requires. Our school aims to meet our pupils’ needs   e.o. (SKPO). SKPO has four general primary schools in Son en Breugel, the other schools are located in
for extra support to the greatest possible extent.                                                           Eindhoven. The schools in Eindhoven are either part of a SPIL centre or an Integral Child Centre.
Our guiding principle is that education is a specific activity, which must contribute positively to each     Our schools collaborate with the child day care provider to stimulate ongoing development of children
child’s upbringing and development.                                                                          from 0 to 12 years old. Thirty-three SKPO schools focus on mainstream primary education and 2 schools
So our definition of good education is education that contributes to positive development of the pupil’s     offer Special Primary Education. SKPO also runs “De Wereldwijzer”, a primary school for newcomers. This
personality.                                                                                                 school focuses specifically on children of parents who have only recently moved to the Netherlands and
                                                                                                             who do not yet have a good command of the Dutch language.
Petraschool’s Mission and Vision
                                                                                                             The SKPO schools are much more than an administrative unit. They form a clearly identifiable group of
                                               Professional                                                  schools for primary education that share the same ambition and values. That shared ambition is reflected
                                                Expertise                                                    in the objectives for the pupils, staff, partners and organization and gives direction to our actions.
                                             Talent-oriented                                                 We feel it important to ensure that our goals and motivation are visible throughout the entire
                                             Result-oriented                                                 organisation. Because we share the same basic attitude and approach, we are connected to each other
                                                Ambitious                                                    and support each other.

MISSION                                                                                                      We make every possible effort to guide the children who attend our schools as optimally as possible
Petraschool offers education for a broad group of pupils who have specific support issues and needs.         towards a bright future. Every child has the right to a good education. Sometimes children need that
The pupils are offered self-development opportunities in an innovative and contemporary learning             little bit extra. We tailor our education to suit each child every day so that together they can confidently
environment. The ultimate goal is to ensure that they can function autonomously in a constantly              take responsibility for a good future. We achieve this through our own highly motivated professionals and
changing society.                                                                                            collaboration with partners. Our approach is always based on our core values: development, individuality,
                                                                                                             responsibility and connection. However, the ways in which individual schools achieve this ambition
VISION                                                                                                       will differ.
Petraschool’s objective in 2020 is to achieve a 70% success rate in preparing its pupils for preparatory
intermediate vocational education (VMBO). In addition, the school is a wide-ranging expertise centre
for support issues for other schools and partners within the SamenWerkingsVerband Passend Onderwijs
Eindhoven (a partnership of schools and organisations that promote adequate education for special-needs
children in Eindhoven). Petraschool can provide adequate solutions for 90% of pupils’ special support

                                                                                                                                                         SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                            Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                      ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                     school guide 2                                                    De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                                target ed sup po rt
QUALITY ASSURANCE WITHIN SKPO                                                                               CLASS ROSTER, 2019 - 2020 SCHOOL YEAR
SKPO is an ambitious organisation. We have faith in children and in each other, and our work is shaped      This information can be found on the website ( and in the school schedule.
by a shared ambition. We are committed to open dialogue, both internally and externally. This requires
objectives that are widely shared and communicated, a strong base and the courage of our convictions in     SCHOOL ORGANISATION
some cases.
For us, a happy child who visibly enjoys learning is proof that our education is of high quality.           MANAGEMENT TEAM
                                                                                                            Shool Principal::               Rita van Leeuwen (Mon-Tue-Wed-Fri) (
SKPO has a professional culture:
In everything we do, we ask ourselves whether those actions contribute to achieving our ambition:           INTERNAL SUPPORT COORDINATORS
“Every child has the right to a good education”.                                                            For groups B-C-D/E (gr. 4) Sigrid Maier (Tue-Wed-Thu)                 (
For us, a professional culture means having a clearly defined ambition, being capable of communicating      For groups D/E (gr. 5) F-G Lonneke van de Ven (Mon-Tue-Thu)           (
that ambition and making appropriate choices.                                                               For groups H-I-J-K         Nicole Zewald (Tue-Thu-Fri)                (
As a result, SKPO’s ambition is visible in all layers of the organization.
                                                                                                            ONDERWIJZEND PERSONEEL
Each school analyses its educational development every year based on 10 quality indicators. These reflect   Group B                     Saskia Hermans                            (
our objectives in terms of our pupils, staff, partners and organisation.                                    Group C                     Cindy Heffels (Mon + Tue)                 (
The indicators give us valuable information that allows us to continuously engage in a dialogue about                                   Cindy Koenraads (Wed through Fri)         (
high-quality education and the school’s progress down the development path to which it has committed        Group D                     Amber van Nieuwburg                       (
itself. If you would like to read more about this, please refer to our website.                             Group E                     Anneriek v.d. Linden (Mon)                (
                                                                                                                                        Simone Janssen (Tue through Fri)          (
THE EDUCATIONAL OFFER                                                                                       Group F                     Marleen Verhallen (Mon through Wed)       (
The educational offer focuses on intellectual and emotional development, acquiring knowledge,                                           Anneriek v.d. Linden (Thu-Fri)            (
developing creativity and acquiring physical, social and cultural skills.                                   Group G                     Karin Peters (Mon-Wed-Thu-Fri)            (
The educational offer is geared to the individual pupil’s development potential and latent talents.                                     Hanke Bertram (Tue)                       (
The key goals for primary education are the guidelines for the offer.                                       Group H                     José Hafkenscheid (Mon-Tue-Wed-Fri)       (
For the different subjects, we use methods that have been developed for primary education. When                                         Hanke Bertram (Thu)                       (
choosing a new method, we apply clear criteria, such as a structured build-up, an uncluttered layout,       Group I                     Kimberly Salman (Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri)         (
unambiguous questions, possibilities for differentiation, working formats and the use of ICT.                                           Hanke Bertram (Wed)                       (
Our new methods match the school’s key goals and vision. During the day, we focus on talent                 Group J                     Lisa Brands                               (
development in various areas.                                                                               Group K                     Sven Klinckenberg                         (

WEBSITE & APP                                                                                               TEACHING ASSISTANT
All communication that is important to everyone takes place via our website and the associated school       Yesim Sahin 		                                                        (
app. Information on the latest school-related developments and news items are always available in the       Trudie Ruiter		                                                       (
news section. We communicate school-related news via the website and the app.
A newsletter is also published via the website several times a year (generally prior to a holiday). This    REMEDIAL TEACHING
newsletter can also be found on the website and in the app.                                                 Elly van Staalduinen (Mon through Thu)		(
You can also use the app to report your child sick or absent.
                                                                                                            QUALIFIED PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER (GYMNASTICS)
                                                                                                            Thijs Wesenbeek (ma-di-do-vrij)		(
                   The School App can be downloaded from App Store or Playstore:
                      “Basisschool App” and select/search for SBO Petraschool.                              SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY
                             The website URL is                                       Saskia Renders (Wed-Thu)		       (
                                                                                                            Monique Teurlings (Mon–Wed–Fri)		(

                                                                                                                                                     SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                        Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                  ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                      school guide 3                                               De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                            target ed sup po rt
SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION                                                                                     The PC consists of the following persons:
Brigitta Verhoeven             (
She works every day from 8.30am to 1.30pm.                                                                representing the parents:                     Jorn Amesz (father of Tobias and Charlotte Amesz)
                                                                                                          			                                           Bjorn Fredriks (father of Jaimy Fredriks)
JANITOR                                                                                                   			                                           Tim Renes (father of Noud Renes)
Bert Nauta   (
                                                                                                          representing the staff:                       Karin Peters (secretary)
SOCIAL WORKER                                                                                             			                                           José Hafkenscheid
Els Ramakers (Mon-Tue-Thu)       (                                                     			                                           Elly van Staalduinen
                                                                                                          			                                           Anneriek v.d. Linden
Fleur de Groot (Mon–Tue–Thu)     (                                                      representing the board:                       Rita van Leeuwen, school principal, advisory role.

MEDICAL SUPPORT                                                                                           The dates of the participation council meetings are noted in the calendar. (See PC meeting)
GGD Brabant-Zuidoost
PO Box 8684 / Clausplein 10                                                                               The SKPO Foundation also has a Joint Participation Council (the JPC). Each SKPO school has a
5605 KR Eindhoven / 5611 XP Eindhoven                                                                     representative on this council.
Temporary contact: Jessica Prinsen                                                                        The JPC discusses policy issues whose impact extends beyond the individual schools.
Telephone: +31 (0)88 0031 129
Email:                                                                         PARENT ASSOCIATION
Website                                                                                     The parent association (PA) acts to ensure an optimum relationship between school management, the
                                                                                                          parents and the board. The association is also responsible for collecting and spending school fund money,
More information about youth healthcare can be found on the last page of this brochure.                   in consultation with the school.
                                                                                                          Only parents are permitted to be members of the parent association! The parent association meets at
SCHOOL BOARD                                                                                              least 7 times per school year.
Address: Executive Board SKPO Vonderweg 12                                                                One team member (Saskia Hermans) attends the parent association meetings. The parent association was
5616 RM Eindhoven                                                                             formed in 2004.

EDUCATION INSPECTORATE                                                                                    A set of regulations have been drawn up for the parent association. These regulations accurately describe
If you have education-related questions, you can contact the Inspectorate on                              the purpose and tasks for interested parents.
telephone number +31 (0)800 - 8051 (free of charge).                                                      In practice, this mainly involves:
Or via the website:, or by email:                                • putting forward views on all kinds of practical school-related matters, especially when parents are
PARTICIPATION COUNCIL                                                                                     • helping with indoor and outdoor activities (through active participation),
The school has a Participation Council (PC).                                                              • helping to organise and set up parents’ evenings, parties, etc.
This council can influence the decisions made by the school and the board. The PC includes representa-    Parent association activities are announced in the newsletter.
tives of the parents and staff.
The council meets about 7 times a year to discuss policy and developments in relation to the school,      The dates on which the parent association meets are noted in the calendar. (See PA meetings).
parents or board. The council forms an opinion and advises or communicates a decision to the school,      When vacancies arise in the PC and/or PA (because the children of the parents concerned have left the
parents or board.                                                                                         school or because a member is due to step down), action is taken to recruit new members.
In some cases, the PC will solicit advice from the parent association or the school’s management before   Information in this respect is provided during the information evening.
coming to a decision.

                                                                                                                                                    SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                       Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                 ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                    school guide 4                                                De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                           target ed sup po rt
SCHOOL HOURS                                                                                                    Obviously, we will also invite you to visit us if we have a good reason for doing so.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8.25am to 2.45 pm Wednesday from: 8.25 am to 12.15pm                      If you would like to discuss something yourself, you can make an appointment with your child’s teacher,
                                                                                                                or one of our support staff/mentors who has contact with your child.
BREAKS:                                                                                                         We look forward to seeing and talking to you!
10 to 10.15am               :B-C-D-E
10.15 to 10.30am            :F-G-H-I-J-K                                                                        PRIVACY LEGISLATION
                                                                                                                The General Data Protection Regulation (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming/AVG) came into
Midday to 12.30pm           :B-C-D-E                                                                            force on 25 May 2018. This legislation regulates the protection of personal data more effectively than
12.30pm to 1pm              :F-G-H-I-J-K                                                                        the previous Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens/WBP). All institutions and
                                                                                                                associations must comply with this new legislation, including our school.
APPOINTMENTS                                                                                                    Obtaining your permission, as parent(s)/guardian(s), to use specific items of personal data and images of
If you would like to speak to the school principal, you can make an appointment by telephone from               your child or children is one of the matters that needs to be addressed.
8.30am to 1.30pm. The number to call is +31 (0)40-243 09 70.                                                    The privacy statement of SKPO and SBO Petraschool is available on the website. Each year, we will send
The group teachers maintain contact with parents via the parents’ evening and the informal visiting             you a new request asking you to grant us your permission to use specific items of data and/or image
period every week, walk-in evenings, by telephone, via the App and/or by email. In exceptional cases,           material.
written correspondence is exchanged.                                                                            Photos and video recordings for educational purposes:
If you would like to talk to the group teacher about your child at any other time, you can always call the      Petraschool is an accredited training school that offers training positions for various educational courses.
school for an appointment, preferably after 2.45pm.                                                             Every year, students from these courses complete internships at our school. They may have to take
You can also call in on the teacher personally during the informal visiting period.                             photographs or produce video recordings for educational purposes. This is only allowed after consultation
If you have any questions for our school social worker, you can call in on Mondays from 2pm onwards             with the mentor/internship supervisor. The resulting images may only be used for their assignments.
without making an appointment.
                                                                                                                ANNUAL PARENTS’ EVENING
INFORMAL VISITS                                                                                                 THE GENERAL PARENT INFORMATION SESSION FOR THIS SCHOOL YEAR WILL BE HELD DURING THE
You can call in to talk to your child’s teacher without a prior appointment between 2.45pm and 3.15pm           EVENING OF MONDAY 26 AUGUST 2019.
on Mondays.                                                                                                     The teacher will tell you more about the approach in the group and the lesson plan for your child’s group.
                                                                                                                As a parent, we expect you to attend this information evening.
All the children and teachers stay on at school 4 times a week. They eat together in the classroom (under       INFORMATION EVENING FOR SCHOOL LEAVERS/11-to-12-YEAR OLDS:
the supervision of and together with the group teacher). You are required to prepare a packed lunch             We prepare the transition to secondary education together with your child and you. All kinds of activities
(sandwiches) for your child to take to school. The school provides fruit for your child every day, at a cost    have been set up and planned for this purpose during your child’s last school year.
of €10 per school year. The school is also responsible for providing drinks. We offer water and/or tea.         More information will be provided for the parents concerned during the general parents’ evening on
So your child does not have to take fruit and drinks for lunch to school.                                       Monday 26 August 2019.

COMMUNICATION WITH PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN(S)                                                                        WALK-IN EVENINGS
As a school, we attach great importance to establishing and maintaining contact with you as a parent.           There are two walk-in evenings for the whole school.
We are aware that a transfer to Petraschool in the case of most children means that going to school and         The children can show the school to anyone they wish on these evenings; parents, grandparents, brothers
particularly learning has been difficult for them in all kinds of areas. Just like you, we want your child to   and sisters and other guests. The following dates have been set: Tuesday 19 November 2019 and Monday
thrive and flourish. So collaborating and keeping each other well informed and up-to-date is extremely          8 June 2020 from 6.45 to 7.30pm. You will receive a letter beforehand on each occasion.
We always welcome any information you wish to share if and when specific issues arise in your child’s           MEETING WITH PARENTS TO DISCUSS YOUR CHILD’S WELL-BEING AND AGREE THE DPP
home environment.                                                                                               We talk to you about your child’s well-being once a year.
We also like to talk openly with you about your child and the concerns you have, the stories you hear at        This is the ZIEN meeting. The meeting lasts 15 minutes and we discuss our view on your child’s
home about activities in the group or your child’s development.                                                 development based on one skill and one development theme. This is also an opportunity to agree the
We will invite you to visit us on a number of occasions per year in order to inform you about general           Development Potential Plan (DPP). These meetings are scheduled for the week of 28 October.
matters and your child’s social and emotional development (ZIEN interview) and his/her learning
progress: these dates are noted in the calendar.

                                                                                                                                                           SBO Petraschool
Obviously, we also look forward to meeting you at other times, such as the informal visiting period on
Monday afternoon each week.
                                                                                                                                                                                        ma ry edu cat ion
                                                                                                                                                              Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                        school guide 5                                                   De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                                  target ed sup po rt
DPP MEETINGS AND REPORTS                                                                                     HOLIDAYS
At Petraschool, we hold a development potential plan (DPP) meeting twice a year. We expect you to come       We adhere to the advice provided each year by the Eindhoven Holiday Roster Committee (Commissie
to the school on those dates so that we can discuss your child’s development with you. You receive the       Vakantierooster) when setting the dates for school holidays to ensure that all schools close for holiday at
DPP on the Friday prior to these meetings so that you can make preparations. If you have any questions,      the same time.
you can ask them during the meeting.
We plan a 15-minute meeting for each pupil. We feel it important that you visit the school for these mee-    STUDY DAYS		                    : Thu 3 October 2019 and Fri 4 October 2019
tings, without your children, in order to discuss the total development of your child with the teacher.      CONTINUOUS ROSTER               : Friday 11 October 2019, school ends at 1pm in the afternoon
Please note the dates in your diary:                                                                         AUTUMN HOLIDAY                  : Mon 14 October to Fri 18 October 2019
the DPP meetings take place in the week of 11 February and 22 June 2020.                                     SAINT NICHOLAS DAY              : Fri 6 December 2019
The child report will be discussed with your child the day after the interview and he/she will be given a    CONTINUOUS ROSTER               : Fri 20 December 2019, school ends at 1pm
copy.                                                                                                        CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY               : Mon 23 December 2019 to Fri 3 January 2020
                                                                                                             STUDY DAY		                     : Mon 3 February and Tue 4 February 2020
SCHOOL TRANSPORT                                                                                             CONTINUOUS ROSTER               : Fri 21 February 2020, school ends at 1pm
If you live in Eindhoven and the distance from your home to the school exceeds 6 km, you can contact         SPRING HOLIDAY                  : Mon 24 February to Fri 28 February 2020
the school transport unit for information about how your child can travel to and from school: (www.          EASTER		                        : Mon 13 April 2020                                                                                 STUDY DAY		                     : Tue 14 April 2020
If you live outside Eindhoven, you will need to contact the municipality where you live for information      CONTINUOUS ROSTER               : Fri 24 April 2020, school ends at 1pm
about school transport.                                                                                      MAY HOLIDAY		                   : Mon 27 April to Fri 8 May 2020
The municipality of Eindhoven always asks the school for advice regarding adapted transport (minivan         (incl. King’s Day)
service), supervised public transport (city bus) or non-supervised public transport (city bus) or permis-    ASCENSION		                     : Thu 21 May and Fri 22 May 2020
sion to cycle to and from school (with/without supervision).                                                 WHITSUN		                       : Mon 1 June 2020
The municipality of Son en Breugel requests advice from an external medical advisor (Treve Advies).          STUDY DAY		                     : Wednesday 17 June 2020
                                                                                                             CONTINUOUS ROSTER               : Friday 10 July 2020, school ends at 1pm
                                                                                                             The first school day for the 2020/2021 school year starts at 8.25am on Monday 24 August 2020.
If your child is ill or cannot use the minivan service for any other reason, you must inform the transport
company accordingly yourself.                                                                                PHYSICAL EDUCATION (GYMNASTICS) AND GYM CLOTHING
                                                                                                             All pupils participate in gymnastics classes in our gymnasium twice a week.
For Eindhoven:                                                                                               Gymnastics clothing is mandatory for these classes!
please contact Connexxion, tel.: +31 (0)40-215 50 25.                                                        The following clothing is required: training shoes (with a white sole), shorts and a T-shirt, possibly bath
                                                                                                             slippers for use in the shower. No jewellery may be worn during the gym class, earrings and/or piercings
For Son and Breugel:                                                                                         must also be removed.
please contact Van Helvoort, tel.: +31 (0)492-36 11 11.                                                      If parents wish to object to this, they must do so in writing.
                                                                                                             In doing so, they accept responsibility for the consequences of wearing piercings and jewellery during
For Best:                                                                                                    sports classes. The pupils always shower afterwards.
please contact Van Driel, tel.: +31 (0)412-67 69 00.                                                         The school has purchased linen bags printed with the name of the school and your child’s name that can
                                                                                                             be used to carry the gym clothes and towels to school. A free bag is issued to each child.
For Nuenen:                                                                                                  If the bag is lost or mislaid, you have to pay €2 to the school for a new one.
please contact Taxibedrijf v.d. Zanden Regie, tel.: +31 (0)492-511517                                        Please give your child a clearly recognizable towel, preferably the same one each time, to take to school
                                                                                                             and a plastic bag for the wet towel so that it can be taken home again in the linen bag.
                                                                                                             Do not give your child shampoo, soap or shower gel, however deodorant (roll-on) is permitted.

                                                                                                                                                        SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                           Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                     ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                       school guide 6                                                 De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                               target ed sup po rt
After each class, the gym clothes are taken back home so that they can be washed, but you and your             Freerunning                                                                                      Na ied
child must remember to take them to school for the next gym class.                                             When          : every Wednesday afternoon immediately after school, 12.30 - 1.30pm               u er s
Our school also collaborates closely with ‘Sportformule’. They organise all kinds of activities during and     Where         : Petraschool’s gymnasium                                                          Onze
after school hours. Our gym teacher, Thijs Wesenbeek, coordinates this on behalf of our school.                For whom      : all the children at Petraschool from the age of 8                                schoo
                                                                                                               Class teacher: Resa Samangun
KING’S DAY GAMES/SPORTS DAY                                                                                    Cost		        : €20.00 each month                                                                KONI
Our physical education teacher organises the annual King’s Day Games, which coincide with the sports           Email         :                                                           Onze
day this year.                                                                                                 Telephone     : +31 (0)6 48 51 49 33                                                             dag.
This event will take place on Friday 24 April 2020.                                                                                                                                                             Dit ev
This is a continuous roster day and all the children are free from 1pm onwards!                                Football Steven Bergwijn football academy                                                        Op de
Nearer the time, parents will be asked to help organise the day via the parent association.                    When         : every Monday afternoon immediately after school, 2.45 - 4pm                       Voor h
                                                                                                               Where        : Petraschool’s gymnasium
GYM ROSTER, 2019 - 2020 SCHOOL YEAR                                                                            For whom     : all the children at Petraschool from 8 to 12 years old                            GYMR
Monday        : groups B - C - D - E - F - G                                                                   Trainer      : Jerril Purperhart                                                                 Monda
Tuesday       : groups H - I - J - K                                                                           Cost		       : TBA                                                                               Tuesd
Thursday      : groups B - C - D - E - F - G                                                                   Email        :                                                            Thursd
Friday        : groups H - I - J - K                                                                                                                                                                            Friday
JEWELLERY AND OTHER VALUABLES                                                                                  When          : every Friday afternoon immediately after school, 2.45 - 3.45pm                   SIERA
Please make sure that your child does not wear valuable jewellery when attending school. This is because       Where         : Petraschool’s gymnasium                                                          Wilt u
the school cannot be held liable if jewellery or valuable items are lost or mislaid.                           For whom      : all the children at Petraschool from the age of 8 Class teacher: Resa Samangun   aansp
Jewellery must be removed or taped up during gym classes.                                                      Cost		        : €15.00 each month                                                                Tijden
The teacher takes possession of these items and keeps them safe for the children but is not responsible        Email         :                                                           De lee
for possible damage or loss.                                                                                   Telephone     : +31 (0)6 48 51 49 33                                                             besch
Obviously, this also applies to other valuables.                                                                                                                                                                Dit ge
Mobile phones must be switched off in the school yard and handed in. They are returned at the end of           After-school music lessons                                                                       Mobie
the day. They are kept in a locked drawer.                                                                     When          : every Monday afternoon after school, 2.45 - 3.45pm                               terugg
                                                                                                               Where         : Petraschool’s music room
AFTER-SCHOOL EXERCISE ACTIVITIES                                                                               For whom      : all the children at Petraschool from the age of 8                                NASC
At Petraschool, we offer after-school exercise classes for our pupils on most days. These after-school clas-   Class teacher : Ruud van der Meulen                                                              Op de
ses always take place immediately after school hours in Petraschool’s gymnasium.                               Cost		        : €4 per lesson (minimum of 8 pupils)                                              Deze
We feel it important that our pupils can play sports in a safe and familiar environment, under the             The school also contributes and pays most of the costs                                           Wij vi
supervision of expert instructors. The summary below details which activities we offer. If you have any        Email         :                                                        leidin
questions about the classes shown below, please contact the instructor directly.                                                                                                                                Voor v
                                                                                                               After-school visual arts and crafts lessons                                                      betref
Multi Action (judo/self-defence/rock&water)                                                                    When          : every Tuesday afternoon after school, 2.45 - 3.45pm
When          : Tuesday afternoon immediately after school, 2.45 - 3.45pm                                      Where         : Petraschool’s handicraft room                                                    Multi
Where         : Petraschool’s gymnasium                                                                        For whom      : all the children at Petraschool from 4 to 8 years old                            Wanne
For whom      : all the children at Petraschool Class teacher: Annemarie de Wit                                Class teacher : Marian Bakens                                                                    Waar
Cost : €16.50 each month                                                                                       Cost		        : €4 per lesson (minimum of 8 pupils)                                              Voor w
Email         :                                                                                 The school also contributes and pays most of the costs                                           De les
Telephone     : +31 (0)6 23 19 89 32                                                                           Email         :                                                        Koste

                                                                                                                                                          SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                             Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                       ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                        school guide 7                                                  De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                                 target ed sup po rt
CLOTHING                                                                                                       3. The healthy short-break snack
Wearing caps in the school is not allowed. Crop tops (a shirt or jersey that exposes the lower part of the     We eat a healthy snack during the short break. This snack consists of vegetables, fruit, an extra sandwich
abdomen) are also not permitted. In addition, items of clothing that cover the face may not be worn at         and/or nuts. In other words, no biscuits or cake.
our school for the following reasons:
• At our school, communication is an essential element of effective learning. Communication takes place       4. Drinking at school
   throughout the day in all kinds of different situations between the pupils themselves, between pupils       The children are allowed to drink water in the classroom during the school day. During the long break, we
   and teachers and between employees. We feel that clear perception of a pupil’s and/or employee’s            provide tea for all our pupils. If your child does not drink water or tea, he or she may bring semi-skim-
   facial expression and utterances during communication is key to being able to react appropriately to        med milk to school in a sealed drinking cup (not in a Tetra Pak for environmental reasons).
   the other person.
• The school (principal) is responsible for the safety of all pupils, employees, parents and external         HEAD LICE CHECK
   persons in the school building or the school yard. This means that the school must also be able to          The first week after each school holiday (lasting one or more weeks), all children are checked for head
   establish the identity of all the people who are in the building/school yard.                               lice. The teaching assistants perform this inspection.

HEALTHY SCHOOL                                                                                                 SMOKING POLICY
We work structurally to improve health at our school and were awarded Healthy School accreditation for         Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the school grounds or in the building.
nutrition, sports and exercise during the last school year. The Healthy School accreditation scheme recog-     We also prefer parents not to smoke in the vicinity of the school yard, so they should avoid smoking at
nises schools that work structurally to improve the health of their pupils and staff. The school applied for   the gate or in front of the school on the pavement.
this accreditation to show pupils and their parents the importance it attaches to the health of its pupils
and teachers. Our work to improve health at school pays off in many ways. It contributes to better school      DESTRUCTION OF SCHOOL PROPERTY
performance, reduces absenteeism and promotes a healthier lifestyle.                                           All pupils receive new pencils, pens and notebooks and other study materials at the beginning of the
Our approach ensures active and healthy pupils, a safe school environment, a clean and fresh climate and       school year. If these items are deliberately destroyed, we make the pupils pay for them, preferably from
we focus strongly on the personal and social development of our pupils.                                        their own savings.
                                                                                                               The amounts are reasonable.
Our nutrition policy
1. Healthy treats for birthdays and national holidays                                                          SCHOOL DIARY
For inspiration: visit If your child still wants to give his or her          In groups H - I - J - K, all children are given a school diary, which is only issued once. This diary has to
classmates something unhealthy as a birthday treat (i.e. a bag of crisps), this is permitted, however the      be taken to school every day and we use it for noting grades and homework assignments. This helps the
item must be taken home by the children. This approach ensures that you, as the parent, retain control         children get used to some of the challenges they will face in secondary education. We also communicate
of what your child eats during the day.                                                                        the homework assignments via the Petraschool app. This keeps parents well informed so that they can
                                                                                                               support their children.
2. The healthy lunch
Wholemeal bread and brown bread are the healthiest choices. Both have a high fibre content.                    ARGUING AND FIGHTING IN THE SCHOOL YARD
Fibre improves digestion and helps keep the digestive tract flowing. Wholemeal bread has the highest           We apply the following rules in the event of undesirable behaviour and/or serious incidents in the
fibre content. The following are healthy food pyramid choices for the sandwich filling: halvarine or           school yard:
margarine from a tub on each sandwich. Savoury low-fat fillings, such as 20+ and 30+ cheese, 20+ or            1. Punishment for the first offence is a written caution and detention during the long break.
30+ cheese spread with reduced salt, fresh goat’s cheese, egg, cottage cheese and a light dairy spread.        2. Punishment for the second offence is a further written caution and detention during two long breaks.
Nut paste and peanut butter with 100% peanuts or nuts, without added salt or sugar. Hummus without             3. Punishment for the third offence takes the form of in-school suspension on the next day. (This means
salt. Fish such as mackerel, herring, salmon, halibut and sardines. Fruit and vegetables, such as tomato,          that the pupil has to do his/her schoolwork in a group other than his/her own class the next day).
cucumber, bell pepper, avocado, banana, apple and strawberry.                                                      The parent(s)/guardian(s) is/are informed after each offence. After the third offence, a meeting is set
Other sandwich fillings that your child may eat once a day include: vegetarian meat spreads, meat pro-             up between the teacher and parent(s)/guardian(s) in order to prevent further repetition. If this does
ducts such as chicken breast, lean Frankfurter sausage or a slice of ham. Salads on bread such as cucum-           not have the desired effect, the next offence is again punished by in-school suspension. The school
ber salad and coleslaw. Apple syrup, low-calorie jam and honey, fruit sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles.              may decide to resort to out-of-school suspension (working from home for one or more days) or expel
Try to use a product that contains less sugar such as low-calorie jam.                                             the child from school.

                                                                                                                                                           SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                              Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                        ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                       school guide 8                                                    De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                                  target ed sup po rt
HOMEWORK                                                                                                      SCHOOL ABSENTEEISM/REQUESTS FOR LEAVE
The pupils in groups H and I are given homework every week. This can take the form of learning or             If your child is unable to attend school due to illness or for other reasons, you must inform the school
writing assignments.                                                                                          accordingly by telephone, between 8.00 and 8.45am.
The homework is course material that has already been studied in the classroom at school. Pupils are          You can use our Petraschool app to report your child sick - please do so before 8.25am.
given the opportunity of reviewing this material again at home. We expect all children to hand in this
homework every week. If they fail to hand in their homework on three occasions, we apply the following        Under normal circumstances, parents are not legally permitted to take their children out of school for
rule: ‘You will do your homework at some other time during school hours’.                                     extra free days or a holiday, however there are some exceptions:
                                                                                                              1. When a wedding takes place in the family (proof in the form of a card/invitation).
The pupils in groups J and K are given homework twice every week. Homework is assigned on specific            2. When a family member is buried/cremated (proof in the form of a card).
days at the beginning of the school year. After the Christmas holidays, the homework days and the dates       3.	If, due to the situation at work, either of the parents can only take leave outside the normal holiday
on which homework has to be handed in vary. This approach prepares the children for the transition to              periods (employer’s confirmation required as proof).
secondary education.                                                                                          4. Doctor’s certificate.
If the pupils do not hand in their homework, we apply the following rules:                                    5. For both the Sugar Feast and the Feast of Sacrifice: 1 day.
1. You will do your homework at some other time during school hours.
2. You will do and hand in your homework after school.                                                        No other reasons for taking extra holiday will be accepted.
                                                                                                              Requests for leave lasting more than 10 days must be sent to the municipality’s school attendance de-
SCHOOL CAMP FOR SCHOOL LEAVERS                                                                                partment well in advance.
Like every school year, we will organise a school camp for our school leavers this year. In addition to the
school leavers in groups J and K, the other pupils in groups J and K will visit for a day to get a taste of   All applications for less than 10 days must be submitted in writing to the school principal’s office for as-
the atmosphere at the camp.                                                                                   sessment, at least 3 days before the day on which leave will actually be taken!
                                                                                                              Forms to apply for this leave can be obtained from the school administration department, downloaded
Location          : Klein Frankrijk (Leenderstrijp) campsite.                                                 from the website or completed using the school app.
Date              : Thursday 19 & Friday 20 September 2019.
Groups J + K      : Thursday 19 September 9am to Friday 20 September 3.30pm.                                  Because the pupils need explanations and instruction, it would be helpful if you ensure that your child
Groups H + I      : Thursday 19th September 9am to 4pm (familiarisation).                                     attends school as much as possible.
The day ends at 4pm for groups H and I and they will eat lunch at the location.
Friday 20 September is a normal school day for them.                                                          If your child does not report sick on time or is absent for no reason, or you cannot be contacted, we
                                                                                                              have a legal duty to register this as unlawful school absenteeism and to inform the school attendance
DISPENSING MEDICATION                                                                                         officer.
We require a signed parental consent form in order to give our pupils medication. This form can               A complete version of the guidelines for leave of absence from school (issued by the municipality of
be obtained from the school’s administration department or downloaded from our website (www.                  Eindhoven’s school attendance department) is available on the website.
                                                                                                              SCHOOL TRIP
SOCIAL MEDIA                                                                                                  A school trip will take place in June 2020 this school year, however we have not yet set the exact date.
The parents and the school have a joint responsibility regarding how we want children to use social           All the pupils at the school will travel to the same location.
media. So please regularly ask your child to show you what it receives and sends via social media.            The school pays for the school trip from its own funds.
Always report inappropriate messages to your child’s teacher and discuss them personally with your child.

                                                                                                                                                          SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                             Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                       ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                      school guide 9                                                    De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                                 target ed sup po rt
Before school:                                                                                               Secondary school         2016/2017 2017/2018                                                2018/2019
The school yard is supervised from 8.10am. In order to guarantee the children’s safety, you may only         Stedelijk College        8 pupils  5 pupils                                                 4 pupils
leave them in the school yard after this time.                                                               Praktijkschool           4 pupils  1 pupil                                                  12 pupils
All the children gather in the school yard. The taxis drop the children off at the front entrance            Antoon Schellens College 3 pupils  1 pupils                                                 4 pupils
(Faunuslaan) and the children walk in an orderly manner through the hall to the school yard.                 Rooi Pannen 		           1 pupil   1 pupil                                                  4 pupils
Some parents bring their children to school themselves. They too can gather in the school yard at the        Nuenens College          2 pupils  2 pupils                                                 3 pupils
back of the school (Odysseuslaan). Please park your cars at the side of the school (Orpheuslaan) in order    Vakcollege 		            1 pupil   1 pupil                                                  1 pupil
to minimise inconvenience for neighbourhood residents.                                                       Frits Philips College    1 pupil		                                                          1 pupil
                                                                                                             VSO Koorenaer            1 pupil   1 pupil                                                  1 pupil
After school:                                                                                                VSO MBS		                1 pupil   1 pupil                                                  1 pupil
In the afternoon, the children who are to be picked up by taxis (or minibuses) for the trip home leave       Elde College 		          1 pupil		                                                          1 pupil
the school through the front entrance on Faunuslaan. The children who come to school by bicycle leave        Baanderherencollege      1 pupil
via the back entrance.                                                                                       VSO Berkenschutse		                2 pupils
Parents who pick up their own child are expected to meet them at the back of the school, on                  Helicon 			                        1 pupil                                                  1 pupil
Odysseuslaan. This improves safety on Faunuslaan where the taxis stop. Please park your cars at the side     Sondervick college			                                                                       1 pupil
of the school (Orpheuslaan) in order to minimise inconvenience for the neighbourhood residents.
                                                                                                             You can also refer to “Vensters PO” for more information. This utility compares specific data to national
If you have to pick up your child during school hours, please report to the administration department at     averages (
the front of the school (Faunuslaan). If nobody is present, please speak to one of the other colleagues.
You are requested to wait in the hall while your child is collected from the classroom.                      NUMBER OF PUPILS PER SCHOOL YEAR: (on 1 October)
                                                                                                             Schoolyear 2013/2014                           :   156 pupils
The door on Odysseuslaan opens every morning at 8.10 am. Parents who want to come into the building          Schoolyear 2014/2015                           :   154 pupils
briefly before school starts can enter via the back door without having to ring the bell.                    Schoolyear 2015/2016                           :   165 pupils
                                                                                                             Schoolyear 2016/2017                           :   163 pupils
SUBSTITUTE TEACHER WHEN THE GROUP TEACHER IS SICK                                                            Schoolyear 2017/2018                           :   171 pupils
If the group teacher is sick, we will try to arrange a replacement for the class in question as soon as      Schoolyear 2018/2019                           :   154 pupils
If we do not succeed in finding one on that day, we will try to resolve the situation internally.                                       Reading                Reading                                       Numeracy/
If no replacement is available, we may split the class up. Unfortunately, due to the scarcity of teachers,   Schoolyear                                                               Spelling %
                                                                                                                                      technique %          comprehension %                                    maths %
this is increasingly the case.
                                                                                                             2018-2019                    123                       114                   141                      115
SCHOOL CONTRIBUTION                                                                                          2017-2018                    161                       119                   137                      125
The School Fund is intended to cover expenditure that is not refunded by the Municipality                    2016-2017                    136                       130                   151                      120
or the Executive Board/central government such as: Saint Nicholas Day, the Christmas party, games day,       2015-2016                    176                       112                   153                      102
excursions, parents’ evenings, decorative items for the school yard, puzzles/games for use in the lunch      2014-2015                    155                       115                   136                      108
break (when it rains).                                                                                       2013-2014                    138                       125                   132                      112
Costs: €20 for the whole school year, this parental contribution is voluntary! This money goes directly to   2012-2013                    134                       116                   107                      95
the parent association.

You can pay by settling the invoice sent to you (autumn 2016) or in instalments if you have agreed
phased payment with the parent association’s treasurer.
The school’s parent association’s IBAN number is NL56 RABO 0131 85

                                                                                                                                                        SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                           Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                     ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                      school guide 10                                                 De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                               target ed sup po rt
QUALITY                                                                                                           We always try to respond as effectively as possible to the support requirements of our pupils. Sometimes
Our school aims to provide high-quality education.                                                                though, we are unable to offer adequate assistance and provide suitable support for a number of reasons.
We evaluate our achievements twice yearly and initiate improvement actions based on these results. We
include these in our annual plan.                                                                                 In these cases, we look for a suitable place at another school that is capable of responding adequately to
Every year, we also send questionnaires to pupils regarding their well-being and social safety. Last school       the support needs. In extreme cases, we may expel the pupil.
year, we sent questionnaires on a number of themes to parents, pupils and teachers.
We have included these results and areas requiring improvement in our new school plan for 2019 - 2022.            The following are reasons for expulsion:
                                                                                                                  •	Misconduct on the part of the pupil that causes unrest, disturbs orderly procedure or endangers
CITIZENSHIP                                                                                                            safety at school.
We attach importance to how we treat each other and address bad behaviour: fairness, dignity, tolerance           For example, physical and/or verbal violence in respect of another pupil and/or teachers.
and freedom are the key words here.                                                                               • Parental misconduct that causes unrest, disturbs orderly procedure or endangers safety at school
                                                                                                                  • Inability to cope on the part of the school.
APPROPRIATE EDUCATION                                                                                             •	A pupil has to repeat the same class twice and there is no other suitable arrangement within
The SKPO Foundation is a member of the Samenwerkingsverband Passend Onderwijs PO Eindhoven (a                          the school.
partnership of schools and organisations that promote adequate education for special-needs children in            • A pupil does not comply with the dress code (see the section on clothing).
Eindhoven). This partnership coordinates collaboration between primary schools, special primary schools           • The pupil or parents act contrary to the founding principles of the school.
(SBO) and special-needs schools (SO) in Eindhoven, Best and Son and Breugel.
Under the Appropriate Education Act (Wet op Passend Onderwijs) each school has a duty to put the                  Our school support profile is available on the school’s website:
educational needs of each child first and adapt the education it offers to those needs to the greatest
possible extent. Collaboration with other schools or other institutions may support achievement of this           INCOME SUPPORT FOR PARENTS
objective and create opportunities.                                                                               More and more parents are unable to pay the costs of extra activities for their children, e.g. sports, music
                                                                                                                  or dance lessons, the hobby club, etc. In some cases, they are even unable to pay normal school costs,
Information about Appropriate Education in our region and the affiliated school boards and schools is             such as school supplies, school trips and excursions.
available on the partnership’s website:                                                      Stichting Leergeld is a foundation that makes it possible for the children of parents/guardians who are
                                                                                                                  in a difficult financial situation to take part in activities organised by the school or in sports, exercise,
If a pupil has an educational need that requires a place within special (primary) education, a declaration        music, dance, etc.
of admissibility is required (TLV). The primary school, parents and special school send the application for       The foundation can also help pay for a bicycle, a computer, or extra school supplies. (The tuition fee does
this TLV declaration to the partnership. The coordinator reviews the application according to the esta-           not cover direct educational expenses, such as books, course fees, examination fees, etc.).
blished procedure. If the application criteria are met, the TLV declaration is drawn up and subsequently          Stichting Leergeld is staffed by volunteers. They visit families at home to discuss all the possible options
issued. The school of the pupil in question consults the parents before the TLV declaration is issued. If         and the applicant’s requirements. Parents/guardians can contact Stichting Leergeld directly, or other
the school and parents decide to apply for a TLV declaration (i.e. refer the child to a special school), a        parties can do this for them. During the home visit, the foundation’s representatives also determine
meeting is arranged between the referring school, the parents, the school that will admit the child for           eligibility for municipal schemes (see above) and can help with the applications if required. If Stichting
special (primary) education and, if necessary, external experts. The purpose of this discussion is to jointly     Leergeld receives applications related to sports or culture, it ensures further handling by the foundations
determine the duration and content of the declaration of admissibility.                                           named below. Stichting Leergeld handles all applications with strict confidentiality.
At the end of the agreed period, further discussion must take place on each occasion to decide what is            In many cases, families can apply to the municipality for special assistance, or make use of other support
best for your child: primary education - special primary education - special-needs education.                     schemes.
Obviously, we want to discuss this with you/manage this process conscientiously.
                                                                                                                  Parents living in Eindhoven:
Within the legislative framework of Appropriate Education, schools have a duty of care for pupils with            Please contact Stichting Leergeld Eindhoven, Zernikstraat 11, 5612 HZ Eindhoven.
extra support needs. This means that the primary school where a child is registered has a duty to find a          Tel. no. +31 (0)40-213 11 41 (open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9am
place with a suitable educational institute if the school itself is unable or insufficiently able to fulfil the   to noon). Email:
child’s support needs.                                                                                            Information is also available on the

                                                                                                                  Parents living in Best and Son en Breughel:
                                                                                                                  Kapelaan J.H. Heerenstraat 31, 5683 ED Best, email:

                                                                                                                                                              SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                                 Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                           ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                         school guide 11                                                    De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                                     target ed sup po rt
HAPPY AND HEALTHY CHILDREN                              Additional information
CONFIDENTIAL ADVISER (INTERNAL) AND BULLYING PREVENTION                                                      What can the Youth Health team do for you and
                                                                                                                                                                     Reliable and up-to-date information about growing
COORDINATOR                                                                                                  your child?                                             up and parenting is available here: www.informa-
Ms Els Ramakers (the school social worker) is the internal confidential adviser (for the teachers) and the   Growing (up) healthily and safely is the normal si- This information has been compiled
bullying prevention coordinator for Petraschool +31 (0)6-30186276).                                          tuation for most children. As a parent or guardian,     by Stichting in collaboration with
Nicole Zewald is the internal confidential adviser for the pupils.                                           you want the best for your child to ensure that         scientists and experts in the field, and vetted by
                                                                                                             he or she can grow up in a safe and stimulating         parents.
OTHER IMPORTANT ADDRESSES                                                                                    environment. Primary school children develop
Executive Board of SKPO:                                                                                     very quickly. And that sometimes leads to doubts,       Vaccinations
Managing Director: Mr Peter Tijs                                                                             questions or concerns. The Youth Health team can        In the year when your child turns 9, he or she
Address for visitors: Vonderweg 12 5616 RM Eindhoven.                                                        help with these issues.                                 will be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus and
Telephone number: +31 (0)40-2595336                                                                                                                                  polio (DTP vaccination) and mumps, measles and
                                                                                                             Youth Health                                            rubella (BMR vaccination). Vaccination against
External Confidential Adviser SKPO                                                                           Our school collaborates with the Youth Health           cervical cancer (HPV) is offered for girls in the year
Ms Irene Kersten                                                                                             team of the municipal health service (GGD               when they turn 13. The GGD sends the invitations
Website:                                                                         Brabant-Zuidoost). The team consists of a paedi-        and vaccinates the children at a number of central
Email:                                                                         atrician, paediatric nurse, assistant and a health      locations in the region. More info is available here:
Mobile phone: +31 (0)6-11396901                                                                              improvement officer. They work closely with beha-, and
                                                                                                             vioural scientists within the GGD. The Youth Health
WIJ Eindhoven                                                                                                department is an active partner in the school’s
For all support issues of parents living in Eindhoven. There is a contact for each district WIJ team         healthcare structure.                                   Always welcome
(10 district teams active in Eindhoven)                                                                                                                              If you have questions, or would like to make an
+31 (0)40-238 89 98                                                                      What can they do for you and your child?                appointment for a health check-up or a meeting,
                                                                                                             During the school period, you and your child will       you can contact the Youth Health team at any
Lumens Group Eindhoven                                                                                       receive an invitation from the Youth Health team.       time.
Address:         Don Boscostraat 4, 5611 KW Eindhoven.                                                       The team members analyse each pupil’s physi-            • Go to and click “Ik heb
Telephone:       +31 (0)40-2193344                                                                           cal, psychological and social development. For             een vraag” to ask your question online.
Email:                                                                          example; growth, motor skills, lifestyle, speech        • Or you can contact GGD Brabant-Zuidoost by
                                                                                                             and language, but also school absenteeism and              telephone: +31 (0)88-0031414, 8.30am to 5pm
GGD Eindhoven (Brabant Zuid-Oost)                                                                            behaviour.                                                 from Monday to Friday.
Address: Gebouw de Witte Dame, Clausplein 10, 5611 XP Eindhoven                                              If you have any questions of your own, you can
Telephone: +31 (0)88-0031100                                                                                 ask them during the examination.                        The GGD is also active in other areas:
Central email address:                                                                                                                                • The GGD helps schools set up projects on obe-
                                                                                                              Talking helps...                                          sity, stimulants, bullying and sexuality.
Stichting MEE                                                                                                 My daughter is in group 3, but still wets herself      • GGD employees check whether the school is
Address for visitors: Laan van Diepenvoorde 37-43 Waalre                                                      sometimes. My 9-year-old son finds it difficult to        clean and safe and advise us during these visits.
Telephone number: +31 (0)40-2140404                                                                           play with other children. My child is a troubleso-     • They organise information meetings and courses
Email address:                                                                     me eater at mealtimes. Are my child’s tantrums            for parents, schools and children.
                                                                                                              normal and what is the best way of reacting to         • They support schools to prevent and combat
Veilig Thuis Zuidoost-Brabant                                                                                 them? Please contact the Youth Health team                head lice.
Sobrietasplein 102, 5701 MJ Helmond                                                                           for questions of this nature. Talking to a Youth       • Every 4 years, the GGD conducts a major survey
Telephone number: +31 (0)800-2000                                                                             Health expert often gives you new and                     of the health of all children from 0 to 11 years
Email:                                                                     helpful information. They listen attentively and          old and from 12 to 17 years old. Municipalities,
                                                                                                              provide assistance, advice and useful informa-            schools and others use the results of these sur-
Address for official complaints                                                                               tion. If necessary, they refer you to a specialist.       veys to shape their policies and activities.
Onderwijsgeschillen PO Box 85191
3508 AD Utrecht

                                                                                                                                                         SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                                            Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                                                      ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                      school guide 12                                                  De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                                                target ed sup po rt

You can ask the school’s confidential adviser to support you during steps 1 to 4 of the procedure

      1        You are a parent and have a complaint.                                                       If you are unable to agree a solution with the school, you can submit your
                                                                                                            complaint to SKPO’s Executive Board. The Executive Board will hear your case
                                                                                                      5     and may decide to support you in further discussion of your complaint with the
                                                                                                            school’s management, so that a solution can ultimately be found.

               In the first instance, discuss the matter with the group teacher and
      2        try to find a solution.
                                                                                                            If all the above steps have not solved your problem, you can contact
                                                                                                            the independent confidential advisor. She will hear your case and
                                                                                                      6     provide guidance in possible official procedures involving the complaints
               If you are unable to resolve your complaint after discussion with the group                  committee.
      3        teacher, you can obviously ask the school’s management to intervene on
               your behalf.

                                   Is it an individual problem?
                                                                                                            If all the above steps have not resulted in a solution to your problem,
                                                                                                      7     you can submit an official complaint to the complaints committee.
                           Yes                                       No

                                                                                                      These arrows indicate the desired sequence of actions to be taken if you have a complaint
               If the previous meetings did not lead to the desired result, you can choose
                                                                                                      about your child’s school.
               to submit your complaint to the PC. The members of the PC can support you
      4        in your discussions with the school principal, or advise you to submit your
               complaint to SKPO’s Executive Board.
                                                                                                      We strive to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level. The green lines indicate the
                                                                                                      path for finding a solution, with the support of the persons or bodies named in each case.

                                                                                                                                  SBO Petraschool
                                                                                                                                     Sch ool for spe cia l pri
                                                                                                                                                               ma ry edu cat ion

                                                                                    school guide 13                             De vel op me nt throu gh
                                                                                                                                                         target ed sup po rt
You can also read