School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset

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School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
School service
level agreements
School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
School Service Level Agreements 2019/20


Introduction                                   3
Learning Partnership                           4
Head Teacher Performance Management            5
Govenor Support Line                           6
School Library Service                         7
Tri-borough Music Hub                          10
Educational Psychology Service                 13
SENCO Consultancy Service                      18
Specialist Dyslexia, Literacy & Numeracy
Support Service                                19
School Health, Safety and
Business Continuity                            22
Family Support                                 26
Human Resouces (HR)
Advisory, Administration
& Occupational Health Services                 28

School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset

           Dear colleagues,
           I am pleased to introduce you         you to access the best services
           to Hammersmith & Fulham’s             in an efficient and effective way,
           new portfolio of traded               to work together to achieve our
           services for 2019-2020.               aim to improve outcomes for all
                                                 children. We are certain that our
           Now that H&F’s sovereign              new portfolio of services and
           education service has been            delivery and support models
           established and embedded, we          will further strengthen the
           are offering an innovative and        excellent relationships, productive
           wider range of services. We have      partnerships and collaborations
           developed our wider offer with        which are already established.
           schools, and would like to take
           this opportunity to thank you for     My colleagues and I look forward
           your collaboration on this exciting   to working with you over the
           journey. Thanks to this hard work     next year as we work together to
           we are now in a position to accept    continue the exemplary education
           memberships for the inaugural         offered for children. Please register
           year of the Learning Partnership.     your interest in any services with
           This will be an umbrella              the named provider (at the end of
           membership group delivering           each service offer). For our services
           bespoke services dedicated to the     to have sufficient time to plan for
           needs of the individual school,       next year’s delivery, we are asking
           with peer to peer support at          you to email back completed
           the heart of the model: CPD,          submissions by May 10th 2019.
           workforce reform, teaching and        You will be billed in the early
           learning developments.                Autumn term. If this timeframe
                                                 presents your school with any
           We endeavour to deliver the           difficulties, do not hesitate to
           highest quality and best value        contact us.
           services to schools, we are
           working tirelessly with you to
           adapt to the continual changes
           within the education sector           Best wishes,
           including the notable financial
           challenges facing schools and
           local authorities. Enclosed is our
           offer for a range of cost effective   Jan Parnell
           and responsive services to support    Assistant Director, Education
           you to deliver the best education     Children Services
           to your pupils. We are confident
           that the arrangements enable          April 2019

School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

    Learning Partnership SLA 2019-2020
The Hammersmith and Fulham Learning
Partnership (HFLP) is in its inaugural year, it’s a
collaboration between schools and the wider
community, including cultural and business
interests. The partnership aims to support
schools to deliver an education that is inspiring,
challenging and innovative. All primary schools
within the borough are welcome to join.
The key benefits of being part of our partnership
•   Recruitment and retention                             •   Strategic governor advice and support:
    -- Access to experienced Schools HR team                  -- Chairs of governor’s forum
       who will promote H&F schools to future
       NQTs at recruitment fairs; co-ordinate                 -- Ofsted updates for governors
       events to encourage those returning                •   Subsidised access for any school that
       to teaching and foster and improve                     purchases the Bi-Borough NQT SLA. The
       wellbeing of existing teachers.                        Learning Partnership will be offering
•   Peer to peer school review                                additional NQT sessions to all members.
    -- Facilitate school groupings that enable            •   Free place on annual learning partnership
       schools to work collaboratively and learn              conference
       from each other sharing best practice.             •   Wellbeing and mental health support
    -- Support peer reviews with an                           including the promotion of workload
       experienced advisor.                                   reduction and work-life balance for school
    -- Develop SLT capacity to monitor, evaluate
       and review.                                        •   Marketing advice and toolkit to showcase
                                                              your school. Learning Partnership website
•   Continual professional development for all                which promotes living and working within
    -- Tailor made CPD for teachers at every                  the borough.
       stage of their career:                             •   Learning Partnership members will be part
       -- NQTs                                                of a collective collaborating with third parties
       -- Recently qualified teachers                         and businesses across the borough including
                                                              the Lyric Theatre, National History Museum,
       -- Subject Leaders good practice network               Imperial, V&A and LAMBDA.
       -- Middle Leaders
                                                          The price for primary schools will be £2k per year
       -- Senior Leaders                                  for one form entry schools and £3k per year for
       -- Safeguarding Lead Supervision                   two form entry schools.
       -- Deputy Networks
       -- Teaching Assistants                             Contact
                                                          Jan Parnell
       -- School administration staff
                                                          Assisstant Director Education
       -- Head teachers                                   Telephone:       07787 666 856
    -- All sessions will be led by experienced            Email:
       consultants and practitioners.
    -- Bespoke training sessions can be added
       where there is demand.

School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
Head Teacher Performance Management
Governors need to be confident they are             Our Advisers will provide guidance and support
receiving good advice when they are carrying        to the Governor’s Review Committee by:
out their statutory role in regard to Headteacher   •      Guiding the Panel in preparing for the
performance management on an annual basis.                 Appraisal process, advising on Headteacher
Headteachers need to be content that Advisers              standards, procedures, setting objectives
really understand the workloads and pressures              and assessing performance
school leadership brings. We have a team who
have themselves been Heads, OfSTED Inspectors       •      Advising on guidance and clarification of
and held leadership roles in LAs who fully                 statutory advice regarding procedures for HT
understand the processes and documentation                 pay remuneration
associated with the process. We have staff who      •      Advising on the process for collection,
have acted as Advisers to Governors in this                collation and gathering of relevant
capacity for LAs, for ASCL (Association of School          supportive evidence to demonstrate meeting
and College Leaders) and for Academy chains.               previous objectives
                                                    •      Providing a professional dialogue about the
                                                           Headteacher’s overall performance
                                                    •      Discussing received and future CPD for
                                                           Headteachers appropriate CPD (continuing
                                                           professional development) opportunities
                                                    •      Attending the Formal Review and Objective
                                                           Setting meeting
                                                    •      Reading through the documentation
                                                           drafted by governors checking decisions
                                                           are recorded appropriately and formal
                                                           documentation is completed/signed

                                                        The cost of this service is £600 which is one day
                                                        of adviser time.

                                                    Dr. Keith Tysoe
                                                    Principal Adviser Inclusion and SEND
                                                    Telephone:      0755 789 6529

School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

   Governor Support Line

Being a Chair of Governors (CoG) is a highly          For Governor’s training please refer to the Bi-
responsible role. You may receive a lot of support    Borough SLA offer
and training or have access to on-line materials
but there are times when you just want to check       Additional education advice:
something, need a bit of confidential advice          •   Ofsted preparation visit for schools that are
or might want to talk something over with a               due inspection’
real professional - hence, for this strategic or      •   A ‘Health check’ for school websites
coaching advice we wold work with H&F to                  compliance
service a support line.
                                                      •   Early Years support, advice and guidance
We have a team of experienced professionals           •   14-19 support, advice and guidance
(all of whom have worked with Governors and               developing Post 16 study programmes and
Governing Bodies) who will support your school            IAG
and answer your governance concerns.
                                                      •   Facilitated school to school support via the
For Governor’s training please refer to the Bi-           pilot projects
Borough SLA offer                                     •   Safeguarding advice & training (to be
                                                          outlined once Safeguarding & LADO lead
Contact                                                   appointed early summer 2018)
Bob Anderson
Email:                Contact
Linda Prince                                          Jan Parnell
Email:              Email:

School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
School Library Service

Introduction                                           Core offer
The Schools Library Service believes that pupils       •   Project Loan Service: delivering topic
and school staff should have access to relevant,           based loans for classes and teacher, which
attractive and up to date resources and offers             can be on various topics and can contain
schools a cost effective, professional service. This       both fiction and non-fiction resources.
saves on staff -time and provides resources for        •   Reading for Pleasure Loans: specially
classes and libraries, whether these are loaned to         selected to encourage a love of reading,
the school or purchased at a discount!                     containing mainly fiction books, but also
                                                           recreational non-fiction, jokes and poetry.
Additionally, schools often need professional
assistance in developing their own school              •   School Library Best Practise Meetings:
libraries & classroom collections, so the Schools          these networking meetings, run by
Library Service has developed a consultancy                Westminster Schools Library Service, are free
service that offers professional advice and                for Tri-borough school staff to attend.
practical support to schools, who wish to              •   Discounted Book Purchase Service:
provide the best for their pupils and staff in an          WSLS can advise and purchase new stock for
efficient and cost effective manner.                       schools.
Westminster Schools Library Service operates           •   Consultancy and Practical support: for
across all three authorities.                              schools to develop their own libraries and
This year schools working with the service can
benefit from:
•   Fresh resource collections each term, for
    every year group for under £1000 a year.
•   The book purchase scheme – at a discount
    of up to 32% off new books.
•   Enrol the school or individual classes or year
    groups to the Public Library.

School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

   School Library Service

Traded Offer                                                   resources. Resources can be selected by teachers
                                                               or by SLS librarians, and can be delivered and
                                                               collected to and from schools. All schools who
Our Loan Services provides a comprehensive
range of quality resources to support the delivery             subscribe to the standard and plus options will
of literacy, the curriculum, and reading for                   be offered one free place on SLS Training Days.
                                                               •   Standard
Our resources are suitable for EYFS and Primary                    -- An allocation of 60 items per class per
Schools, but we can cater for Yr7 Secondary.                          term.
All options are based on a three term academic
year and all loans are for one term and supplied                   -- The entitlement includes 10 Big Books
within 10 working days of receipt of order.                           and six sets of six Group Readers per loan.
                                                                   -- An extra two loans of 60 items for the
Service                             Cost                              second half of term per form of entry.
Project Loan Standard               £15.50 per FTE pupil       •   Plus
(60 items per class)                                               -- All qualified teachers (including Head
Project Loan Plus                   £19.75 per FTE pupil              Teachers, Deputies, part-time and
(60 items per teacher)                                                specialist teachers) have an allocation of
Project Loan Mini                   £7.15 per FTE pupil               60 items per term.
(30 items per class)
                                                                   -- The entitlement includes 10 Big Books
Project Loan Pay as You Go          £71.50 per loan
(30 item loans)                                                       and 6 sets of 6 Group Readers per loan.
Project Loan Pay as You Go          £122.40 per loan               -- All Class teachers can also receive an extra
(60 item loans)                                                       30 item loan for the 2nd half of term.
Reading for Pleasure Collections    £6.90 per FTE pupil        •   Mini
(60 items per class)
                                                                   -- An allocation of 30 items per class per
Reading for Pleasure Collections    £45.90 per loan                   term.
Pay as You Go (30 item loans)
Reading for Pleasure Collections    £76.20 per loan                -- The entitlement includes five Big Books
Pay as You Go (60 item loans)                                         and three sets of six Group Readers per
Professional Support and Training   Contact SLS                       loan.
The Schools Bookshop                Contact SLS                •   Pay As You Go:
Training and Courses                Contact SLS                    -- Any staff member may request a 30 or
SLS School Library Award            Contact SLS                       60 item loan. Loans will be delivered and
                                                                      collected as per above.
Artefacts and Costume Loans         Contact SLS
                                                               Reading for Pleasure Collections
                                                               •   These collections are specifically put
Project Loan Service                                               together to encourage a love of reading.
                                                                   Mainly fiction based, they also include some
Teachers can request loans on as many subjects                     poetry and recreational non-fiction books.
as they wish and they can include fiction as well
                                                               •   We can modify these collections to meet
as non-fiction books. Loans can also include
                                                                   specific needs, such as Talented and Gifted,
Group Reading Sets, Big Books, Posters, Audio
                                                                   High Interest Low Ability, boys or girls
Books and DVDs. The loans are especially
                                                                   reading, etc, but cannot relate them to topic
compiled by specialist SLS staff from a dedicated
collection of over 70,000 books and other

School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
•   An allocation of 60 items per class per term.      •   All schools who subscribe to Project Loan
•   Pay as you Go also available.                          Service options standard and plus will be
                                                           offered one free place on SLS Training Days.
Professional Support and Training
                                                       SLS School Library Award
•   Practical support in library re-organisation,
    including editing and classifying stock,           •   Is a self-assessment audit of 20 key activities.
    library layout, guiding and stock profile. SLS     •   An award is made to a school where the
    will visit the school to assess and discuss the        library is achieving 10 or more separate
    support required.                                      activities/services in the ‘establishing’ and/or
•   Library Automation: Cataloguing the                    ‘enhancing’ category.
    school stock onto an appropriate Library           •   An award is made for 15 or more services in
    Management System.                                     the Gold ‘enhancing’ category only.
•   Staff and Volunteer training on matters
    concerning School Libraries and their              Artefacts and Costume Loans
    resources.                                         •   Westminster SLS are working in partnership
                                                           with Islington Education Library Service to
Public Library Membership                                  enable schools in Tri-borough to access
•   Schools can enrol their pupils to the Public           their excellent collections of artefacts and
    Library Service across Tri-borough either as a         costumes. Please contact Westminster SLS
    school or in individual classes or year groups.        for more details.
•   Parents are given the option to opt out.           Westminster Schools Library Service is currently
•   Pupil data is downloaded from the school’s         reviewing and looking at developing and
    administration system (e.g. SIMS) and              improving its service offer and the services listed
    transferred securely to the library system.        might change during the financial year 2019-20.
                                                       However, schools should be confident that any
Book Purchasing for Schools                            services that they sign up to be will be provided
                                                       as per the Traded Services offer and they will
•   SLS can advise and purchase new stock              be consulted if any of the changes affect them.
    for schools and can acquire high levels of         Please contact Nick Fuller on 020 7641 4321 or
    discount, now normally 32%.                        email for further
•   Compiling Stock Reports.                           information.
•   Ordering stock for schools from web-sites,
    lists or by visiting library suppliers on behalf   Contact
    of or with school staff.                           Nicholas Fuller
                                                       Tri-borough Libraries Children Coordinator
Training and Courses                                   Phone: 020 7641 4320
•   SLS staff can deliver inset training to groups     Phone: 020 7641 4321
    or individual members of staff on running          Email:
    a school library, using Library Management
    Software, etc.
•   SLS also organizes regular courses on school
    libraries, reading and books, etc. These are
    advertised via the school bulletins and library

School service level agreements 2019/20 - Lilla Huset
School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

   Music Hub Service Level Agreement,
   2019-20 Academic Year

We are launching our revised SLA to schools             TBMH supports the strategic development of
for the 2019-20 academic year. Please see the           music education in, and out, of schools through
handbook for details of the services offered;           a range of world-class partnerships that offer
the terms and conditions that accompany the             an extensive programme of musical learning
handbook; and the new online booking system             working with schools, pupils, the workforce and
for all SLA requests.                                   the community.
Handbook: This details the services we provide          The TBMH works with schools:
including becoming a School Music Partner, and
all costs.                                              •   By supporting the curation of the
                                                            school’s own curriculum through a
Terms and conditions: This details all the                  varied programme of termly workforce
terms & conditions of entering into a SLA with              development and bespoke advice on in-
Tri-Borough Music Hub (TBMH).                               school programmes;
Online booking: This is how you apply for our           •   By providing a varied programme of large-
services and submit all requests for provision              scale performance and playing/singing
from September 2019.                                        events;
                                                        •   By providing links to quality-assured partner
Benefits of working with the                                organisation opportunities;
Tri-borough Music Hub                                   •   By providing pupil progression pathways
                                                            beyond school;
The Tri-Borough Music Hub (TBMH) offers a
high-quality and inclusive music education
service with a proven track-record over the past
7-years since its formation in August 2012. The

•   By offering a traded service for instrumental,      with schools. It does not cover the purchasing
    vocal, curriculum or ensemble tuition;              and maintaining the instrument stock. We
•   By facilitating peer to peer learning networks      understand that this is still a real cost increase
    between schools.                                    to schools, and have kept the increase as low as
The TBMH provides a professional                        This is not a decision taken lightly, however, it is
service:                                                important to ensure that the Music Hub remains
•   By ensuring that all tutors are quality-            able to offer subsidised rates to schools in the
    assured; undergo a rigorous interview               future by maintaining its financial viability now.
    and selection process and enhanced DBS              The Music Hub remains strongly committed to
    checks; receive termly bespoke continuing           working with schools to provide high-quality
    professional development; receive annually          music education.
    updated Safeguarding and Child Protection
    training; and are part of a quality, high-
    profile music network.
                                                        Become a School Music Partner for
                                                        enhanced access to our services:
•   By co-ordinating all aspects of management
    in relation to tutor employment                     Cost per annum: £150. You will receive a
    (administration of pay claims, payment, tax,        £50 rebate/credit note for our services upon
    National Insurance, pension, IR35).                 completion of the 2018-19 Arts Council data
•   By managing and administrating all                  return.
    instrumental stock.                                 •   Our full curriculum CPD programme for free
•   By providing discounts including those                  (unlimited number of teachers from your
    available through the School Music Partner              school)
    programme, giving access to a wide range of         •   No charge to participate in some events (e.g.
    services provided by the TBMH. Discounted               Strings Day, Guitar Day, Vocal Showcase)
    services, using core-finding from DfE and           •   Discounted participation in performance
    Arts Council, include access to a full CPD              events (e.g. Christmas Festivals, Secondary
    programme, performance opportunities,                   Showcase, Infant Voices)
    pupil premium subsidies, and whole class
    instrumental programme offers.                      •   Priority access to partner events
                                                        •   Entitlement to discounted tutor provision
Note and rationale about increased charges to
                                                            under the Pupil Premium Access Scheme
schools from September 2019
                                                            and KS2 Whole Class Discount Scheme
Due to significant increases in employer                •   Discounted access to Quality and Standards
contributions to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme,              advice
and after a single 2.5% increase in the previous
                                                        •   School membership of Music Mark which
seven years, the Tri-borough Music Hub (TBMH)
                                                            usually costs £50 and includes benefits such
is reluctantly increasing its charges to schools for
                                                            as discounted Music Mark CPD, music sector
each hour booked to £44ph from September
                                                            updates and access to a library of resources
                                                        •   By becoming a School Music Partner, this is
The TBMH will still be subsidising costs to schools         also a pledge that your school supports the
by using its DfE/Arts Council funding. The new              work of the Music Hub and the values access
hourly rate excludes the tens of thousands of               to high quality music education for your
pounds spent each year training, observing and              pupils
administering the pool of Tutors and the SLAs

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

  Music Hub Service Level Agreement,
  2019-20 Academic Year Educational
Service Full CPD programme                 Cost to School MusicTwitter:
                                                               Partners         @TBMHmusic
                                                                                    Cost to all other schools
• Conferences
• Twilights                                                                             • Half day / twilight £40,
• Full-day                                                                              • Full day £80
• Primary, SEND, Secondary, All-through

 Performance events:                       1   /3 discount charged-for events           Full price for all charged-for events
• Christmas Festivals                      • £55                                        • £80
• Battle of Bands                          • Free                                       • Free
• Secondary Showcase                       • £55                                        • £80
• All Playing Days                         • Free                                       • £30
• Primary Vocal Showcase                   • Free                                       • £30
• Infant Voices Festival                   • £55                                        • £80
• TBC GnP Day                              • Free                                       • £30

Quality and Standards                      Cost                                         Cost
bespoke school curriculum review           £400 per day (or pro rata)                   £500 per day (or pro rata)

Whole day Music Curriculum Teaching Traded Service                Cost
Instrumental, Vocal, Ensemble, Enrichment teaching                £294 per day
                                                                  £44 per hour
                                                                  (individual, paired, small group teaching; whole class
                                                                  instrumental learning; ensemble and enrichment)

Whole Class Instrumental Learning          Cost
Pupil Premium subsidy
                                           50% discount off the third term for one      No discount
                                           year group (KS2 only)
                                           50% discount for PPG pupils following        No discount
                                           WCIL learning the previous year

Instrument Hire                                                   Cost
When using TBMH tutors for delivery                               £10 per instrument per term
                                                                  £100 per class per set per term
If not using TBMH tutors for delivery                             £20 per instrument per term
                                                                  £300 per class set per term

Stuart Whatmore
Tri-borough Music Hub Manager
Phone: 020 3745 6024

Psychology Service

Introduction                                           Statutory and Core Offer:
Educational Psychologists are available to schools
                                                       Tier 1 and Tier 2
and partner organisations via the Educational
                                                       The local authority’s Special Educational Needs
Psychology Service. Educational Psychologists
                                                       Service provides a free core service to meet
have expertise in education, learning, child
                                                       statutory requirements and SEN commissions. In
development (e.g., including behaviour and
                                                       addition, Children’s Services provide a number
social-emotional needs) and the application of
                                                       of additional Educational Psychologist (EP)
psychology to improve the learning and well-
                                                       liaison visits over the academic year to all publicly
being/mental health of children and young
                                                       funded schools within H&F (including Free
people up to the age of 25 years. Educational
                                                       Schools and Academies).
Psychologist offer Consultation, Assessment,
Intervention, Training and Research in relation to
all these areas. They have an understanding of
                                                       Summary of the Tier 1 Educational
the legal framework for the education of children      Psychology Services Offered:
and young people with special educational              •   Tier 1a: SEN commissioned work (e.g.
needs and disabilities with strong links to the            Statutory and related functions).
local authority’s Special Educational Needs and        •   Tier 1b: Children’s Services commissioned
Disability Service. The Educational Psychology             work (e.g. Critical Incidents).
Service also has strong and positive relationships
with schools and with other council and partner        •   Tier 2: LA Allocated Liaison Visits to schools
agencies, children’s and adult’s social care and           (e.g. to support the LA in carrying out
health, as examples. The advice and support                some of its core statutory duties and to
the service is able to offer is therefore very well        support strategic planning). This core offer
integrated into the broader systems of support             is currently up to three sessions (3 half days)
for vulnerable children and young people and               per academic year, or up to 9 hours.
those with SEND and their families.

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

    Psychology Service

Traded offer: EP                                          •   A planned protected service that you know
                                                              is in place for your school without the need
Consultation - Tier 3                                         for further commissioning.
                                                          •   Services that make use of a detailed
Tier 3: Traded EP Consultation Visits (e.g., the              knowledge of your school and context,
provision of generic developmental packages                   including the wider community and Local
of EP sessions) commissioned and funded by                    Authority.
the schools. This can include Consultation,
assessment, intervention, training and research.          •   Improved staff confidence, knowledge
(see Table 1)                                                 and skills for assessment and intervention
                                                              programmes and practical strategies that
Our EP team is skilled in using and applying                  we know work (e.g. up to date evidenced
Consultation - a psychological evidence-based                 based/informed approaches). School
approach which offers preventative, creative and              development work that fits your particular
effective ways of working together with schools               requirements and time scales.
to find solutions to school-based concerns.               •   Project work that engages a wide range of
Consultation works at the individual level, group             multi-agency partners and resources with
level and organisational level, helping schools to            academic rigour to maximise outcomes.
make assessments and interventions at the three
levels and to make links between them (NB. For            •   Specialist Mindfulness work with pupils and
Consultation to be more effective, this would                 or teachers in your school
usually require a minimum package of 6 days)              •   NEW for 2018/19! We are delighted to let
                                                              you know that we now have several Video
Please refer to the ‘What is Consultation’ leaflet            Interaction GuidanceTM (VIG) practitioners
for further information or contact your link EP               as part of the EP team who can offer VIG to
The benefits that you will see as a result of                 school settings.
purchasing additional EP visits over and above
your statutory and LA Liaison visits include:

Traded Services packages which you might want to purchase:
Table 1 – EP Traded Services Packages

Packages                                                          State-funded schools and   Independent and out
                                                                  settings in LBHF           of borough schools and
3 Days per academic year         A 3 day package will deliver a   £1,800                     £2,070
(or 18 hours/6 sessions)         generic and developmental
                                 package of EP sessions to
                                 schools over the course of
                                 the academic year.
                                 • A typical day would usually
                                   involve 2 sessions: 3 hours
                                   direct school based delivery
                                   and a further 3 hours
                                   ‘off-site’ (e.g., planning,
                                   preparation, recording and
                                   writing tasks).
                                 • The school and the link
                                   psychologist will jointly
                                   negotiate how this time will
                                   be best used (including time
                                   for both functions direct
                                   delivery and recording).
6 Days per academic year (or     Purchasing a minimum 6           £3,600                     £4,140
36 hours/12 sessions)            day package would enable
                                 the psychologist to offer an
9 Days per academic year (or     evidence based Consultation      £5,400                     £6,210
54 hours/18 sessions)            approach (see Traded Offer on
12 Days per academic year        previous page)                   £7,200                     £8,280
(72 hours/24 sessions)
NB. Multiples of 3 EP days
work best for spreading across
and academic year. However,
please discuss with your EP
if you would like a different
EP days for Video Interaction    A psychologist could carry out £600 per VIG intervention    £690 per VIG intervention
Guidance (VIG) - See following   an entire VIG intervention in
page                             your school with a parent or
                                 professional if you purchase
                                 the equivalent of 1 additional
                                 day per academic year. The
                                 intervention would be carried
                                 out across a period of 1 to 2
                                 terms and include at least 3 x
                                 30 min VIG films and 3 x 1 hour
                                 VIG Shared Reviews.

There may be additional services that relate to child and educational psychology that you would like
for your school. You may also like to join with other schools to buy in traded time around a particular
topic such as transitions, early years, high functioning ASD pupils or a particular aspect of research. In
either case, please discuss this with your link psychologist or member of the EPS Senior Management

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

   Psychology Service

The following is a list of possible additional input:              ‘attuned’ interactions that enhance
1. Pupil focused consultation, assessment,                         communication within the relationship
    planning and review.                                        -- engaging the client in a process of
2. Interventions with children and young                           change based on what they would
    people either individually or in small/ class                  like to be better or different in their
    groups:                                                        relationships.
    --   CBT.                                             3. Services to support and develop staff
                                                             confidence and competence:
    --   Solution focused interviews.
                                                             -- Work around a whole class group of
    --   The Friends programme.                                 pupils or year group.
    --   Anxiety management.                                 -- Work discussion groups to talk about the
    --   Circle of Friends.                                     challenges posed by working with a child
    --   Mindfulness for pupils and or teachers.                or young person and explore possible
    --   VIG: This is an intervention through which
         a VIG practitioner and client (parent/carer/        -- ‘Drop ins’ sometimes called surgeries:
         professional) reflect together on video                time to hold short consultations with
         clips of their own successful interactions.            individual staff on issues of concern
         VIG is based on theories of attachment,                about particular children and young
         cooperative ‘Inter-subjectivity’                       people.Support for groups of staff (e.g.
         (developing shared understanding) and                  SENCos, LSAs/TAs).
         mediated learning and is recommended             4. Parent Workshops:
         as an evidence based Intervention by                 -- Understanding child development and
         Public Health England (2015) and NICE                   the needs of children/young people with
         Guidelines (2015) It works by:                          Special Educational Needs.
         -- increasing the client’s awareness of their        -- Supporting your child with their learning.

specialist Emotional Literacy Support
                                                              Assistants (ELSA).
                                                         --   Emotional health and well-being in Early
                                                              Years – moving from Bronze to Silver in
                                                              the Healthy Schools Award
                                                         --   Training in mental health, bereavement,
                                                              loss and separation, and coping well with
                                                              traumatic incidents
                                                         --   Zones of regulation training and support
                                                              for implementation.
                                                         --   Understanding ‘attachment’ and building
                                                         --   Specific training on supporting children
                                                              and young people with aspects of their
                                                              learning (e.g., memory skills, attention,
                                                              meta-cognition, growth mind-sets,
                                                              mediated learning, self-esteem, Blanks
                                                              levels of questioning, differentiation, the
                                                              importance of play)
                                                         --   How to support teaching assistants, given
   -- Multi-family groups with parents/carers                 the Institute of Education’s research and
      and children with emotional difficulties                guidance.
      and/or challenging behaviour.
                                                         --   Peer-learning and peer support
5. CPD:                                                       programmes.
    -- Child development: an understanding               --   Solution Focused Practice, a powerful
       of the stages of child and adolescent                  set of interviewing practices which can
       development (e.g. with specific reference              be used for problem solving with staff or
       to learning and emotional needs).                      for therapeutic intervention with children
    -- Specific Literacy Difficulties/Dyslexia:               and young people and their parents/
       identifying children with SpLD and                     carers.
       numeracy /dyscalculia needs and
       planning classroom strategies and
       approaches.                                   Contact
    -- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy                 Please discuss your requirements with your
       Approaches, managing staff anxiety,           current Link EP and/or a member of the
       stress and worries, helping children/         Educational Psychology Service Management
       young people manage their worries             Team:
       and get the best out of life and their
       education.                                    Principal EP:
                                                     Dr Satwinder Saraon
    -- ASD and social communication (e.g.
       Social Stories, Comic Strip Conversations,
       sensory processing needs).                    Assistant PEP:
                                                     Dr Felicity Record
    -- Emotional health and well-being: training     Email:
       LSA’s to become nationally recognised

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

   SENCO Consultancy Service

Introduction                                              Traded Offer
This is a consultancy service which provides              SENCOs who require individualised advice and
advice and support to SENCOs. The SEN                     support regarding their practice for pupils with
Practitioner Manager has been a practicing                SEN can access a personalised consultancy
SENCO, holds the National Award for SENCO                 service. This addresses the needs of SENCOs
Accreditation and has a higher level qualification        who are new in post or are new to the area
in teaching and assessing pupils with specific            and ensures that SENCos are informed of
learning difficulties. The SEN Practitioner               developments in the area of SEN. Policy and
Manager is accredited to deliver an Early Years           procedures, assessment and provision mapping
SENCO Award programme, a project run in                   are some of the areas where support can be
association with the National Association for             targeted.
Special Educational Needs (NASEN). Attendance
at regular training courses and at the SEN Panel                      State Funded   Independent Schools
ensures that the service keeps up to date with                        Schools
current developments and good practice in SEN             Half Day    £275           Prices upon application
locally and has knowledge of wider national               Full Day    £550           Prices upon application

Statutory and Core Offer                                  Alison Leao
                                                          SEN Specialist Practitioner Manager:
This is a specialist service, which is available          SENCO and Inclusion
to SENCOs and other professionals. It can                 Email:
be purchased by state maintained schools,
academies, free schools, PVIs and schools from            Sandra Peyton
the independent sector.                                   Phone: 07768 301 838
                                                          Ameenah Darbar
                                                          Phone: 07776 672 597

Specialist Dyslexia, Literacy & Numeracy
Support Service

Introduction                                              Children and Families Act 2014 ensuring the
                                                          achievement of excellent outcomes for children
                                                          and young people.
“The quality of the assessment data we now have for
all our students is phenomenal… It has been by far the    Head Teachers and Governors have a
most useful thing we have invested in as an SEN team      responsibility to provide for the individual
(if not as a School)…”                                    educational needs of the children in our
Secondary School, SENCO                                   schools and to report on the impact of external
                                                          support. In order to ensure that all children
The SDLNS Service is a team of Hammersmith
                                                          have full access to the curriculum and can
and Fulham teachers who all have higher level
                                                          achieve their potential it is important to ensure
qualifications in teaching and assessing pupils
                                                          sound literacy and numeracy skills. Our team
with specific learning difficulties. The team
                                                          supports the delivery of quality first teaching,
are also trained in Reading Recovery and can
                                                          together with personalised, targeted provision
support and advise in this area.
                                                          which is planned and implemented on a flexible
The team have wide teaching experience in                 individual school and pupil level.
mainstream schools. They work with schools
                                                          Early identification and the effective
providing support for children with literacy/
                                                          implementation of targeted support is at the
numeracy difficulties and also in carrying
                                                          core of ensuring meaningful and sustained
out diagnostic assessments and providing
                                                          progress. The package of assessments, planning
recommendations to accelerate learning in
                                                          and specialist teaching on offer will support
order to inform the assess, plan, do, review
                                                          schools to facilitate closing the gap between
cycle. A bespoke service is provided to match
                                                          identified pupils and their peers. As such,
individual schools’ needs and capacity. We work
                                                          evaluations of our interventions evidence a high
closely with a school together with teachers,
                                                          impact of Pupil Premium spend.
parents and Governors to provide continuity
and coherence in the provision and support for            The service leads on the LA dyslexia strategy and
pupils.                                                   has active links with specialist voluntary groups.
                                                          This service will provide part of schools targeted
The service aims to adopt a flexible, sustainable
                                                          local offer provision.
approach to identifying a school’s area of need
and matching this to our professional specialist
service. The team can support schools to fulfil
their statutory obligations in line with the

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

   Specialist Dyslexia, Literacy & Numeracy
   Support Service
Statutory and Core Offer                                  Traded Offer
The service supports the statutory functions of           Level of Service    LBHF state-       Independent
the SEN and vulnerable children’s department                                  funded schools/   and out of
in delivering specialist assessment advice and                                organisations     borough schools
interventions. We also participate in the weekly          Hourly rate with a  £75 per hour      Prices on
SEN panels for resourcing, contingency funding            minimum purchase                      application
and applications for Education Health and Care            of 2.5 hours weekly
                                                          for an academic
Needs Assessments. Close collaboration with               year
schools, parent groups and the third sector
                                                          Full assessment per £500              Prices on
supports our drive for creative opportunities to          day                                   application
maximise the outcomes for children and young
                                                          School Based        Prices on
people with SEN in local provisions.                      Training            application
Where a pupil has a specialist dyslexia teacher
identified in their education, health and care            The service provided can be
plan, the service is able to provide this support.        targeted at a whole school, group
Schools are required to ensure that appropriate           or individual level and offers the
access arrangements for examinations are made             following:
for students. The service is well qualified to
support this process and is able to evidence the          •   Diagnostic standardised assessments and
additional qualifications required for inspection             teaching of pupils with specific learning
by the JCQ examination authorities. A number                  difficulties (dyslexia).
of secondary schools buy into this facility. Traded       •   Literacy/numeracy assessment reports.
Offer                                                     •   Direct teaching for individual pupils or small
                                                          •   Contribute to annual reviews.
                                                          •   Advice on planning individual evidence
                                                              based intervention programmes.
                                                          •   Baseline assessment, target setting, tracking
                                                              and evaluation of pupil’s progress.
                                                          •   Advice on good practice for pupils with
                                                              specific learning difficulties as well as
                                                              collaborative working with schools to
                                                              support curriculum access for pupils with
                                                              dyslexia, literacy and numeracy difficulties.
                                                          •   Assessments for exam access arrangements
                                                              including GCSE and A Level.
                                                          •   Training for teachers and support staff
                                                              through school based INSETS and borough
                                                              wide events.

Diagnostic standardised                             SDLNSS teachers’ time is bought back in a
assessments provided include the                    minimum of two-hour blocks per week for a
following areas:
•   Reading – comprehension accuracy, fluency/      Schools are requested to buy in the support for a
    reading rate.                                   full academic year. In the case that the provision
                                                    is no longer required, the school must give one
•   Processing speed.                               term’s notice.
•   Spelling.
                                                    Specialist teachers will agree a yearly Service
•   Phonological awareness.                         Delivery Plan (SDP) with the school and send the
•   Working memory.                                 headteacher a copy by half term.
•   Auditory comprehension.                         Within two weeks of the beginning of term,
•   Numeracy assessments.                           specialist teachers will provide agreements which
•   Visual-Motor Integration.                       specify the number of teaching hours per week
                                                    and the number of teaching weeks for the term.
•   Dyslexia screening.
                                                    Specialist teachers will attend at the times
Flexible INSET for teachers and LSAs                negotiated with the school. Where a teacher
is available on a variety of topics                 is unable to attend, e.g. through illness, the
including:                                          school will be informed immediately. Specialist
                                                    teachers will provide where appropriate an initial
•   Development of whole school specialist          assessment and termly progress reports for the
    teaching skills.                                pupils they teach.
•   Developing dyslexia friendly schools.
                                                    Outcomes of work undertaken will be discussed
•   Assessments of early literacy.                  annually to inform future practice and to ensure
•   Use and analysis of running records for         that expectations from schools are clearly met
    reading.                                        and evaluated.
•   The reading process – individual, shared
    and guided reading at Key Stage 1 and           Contact
    Key Stage 2.
                                                    Please identify within your application a staff
•   The writing process – individual, shared        member for us to liaise with to ensure we
    and guided writing at Key Stage 1 and           are responsive to your request. For further
    Key Stage 2.                                    information please contact:
•   Supporting pupils with spelling, reading and    Gabrielle Nyman
    writing difficulties.                           Head of Inclusion and Specialist Intervention
•   Identifying and supporting pupils with          Email:
    dyscalculia.                                    Alison Leao
•   What is dyslexia?                               Senior Specialist Practitioner Manager:
                                                    SENCO and Inclusion
•   Assessments of early literacy.
                                                    Sandra Peyton:
                                                    Phone: 07768 301 838
                                                    Ameenah Darbar:
                                                    Phone: 07776 672 597

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

   School Health, Safety
   and Business Continuity

The following is an introduction to the key
details and benefits of the LBHF Health,
Safety and Business Continuity SLA                        These elements of the service specification are
provided by LBHF (for the full SLA please                 free to all Hammersmith & Fulham educational
get in contact with Mike Sopp).                           establishments, no matter the funding status:
                                                          •   School Staff Zone: The provision and use
Introduction                                                  of the guidance and templates provided on
                                                              the Health & Safety pages of School Staff
Hammersmith & Fulham Council wishes to                        Zone.
provide schools in the borough with high quality          •   Forums and Workshops: The attendance
health and safety support, advice, guidance and               of a member of the H&S team at school
training through the provision of well trained                related and/or school managed forums
and informed professional staff.                              including Heads Forum, Primary and
In addition to health and safety management,                  Secondary Business Managers meetings and
the service will include fire safety, emergency               any other ad hoc workshops.
planning and business continuity.                         •   Newsletter and School
                                                              Communications: Provision of a H&S
The SLA consists of a combination of free-to-all,             Newsletter and other communications
Dedicated School Grant funded and charged                     relating to health and safety matters.
services. The provision of services to each school
will be dependent on the schools employment               Dedicated School Grant Funded
status and funding arrangements.                          Service
For core buy-back services there would be a               The following services are available free to
set fee for a set period of time. Charges for             schools that are funded via the Dedicated School
training and other additional work will be based          Grant (Community*, Voluntary Aided, Trust and
upon the actual training or service provided but          Foundation):
indicative costs are included.

•   Contact Visits: Regular contact visits to            complaints from parents, staff or Trades
    support and enable schools to successfully           Union Representatives etc.
    self-manage health and safety on a day-to-       •   Contractors: General support, advice and
    day basis.                                           guidance on the selection of competent
•   Email and Telephone Advice: The                      contractors.
    provision of advice and guidance to school-      •   Construction Work: General support,
    based staff members.                                 advice and guidance on the meeting of
•   CLEAPSS: Access to CLEAPPS guidance,                 clients duties under CDM Regulations.
    Newsletters, Telephone Helpline etc              •   Educational Visits: Access to the EVOLVE
•   Accident Reporting: Access to LBHF                   system and approval process for any school
    accident reporting system. Review of                 trips undertaken as part of the learning
    accident details by competent person and             outside the classroom agenda.
    statutory reporting of incidents to the          •   Emergency Planning/Business
    Health and Safety Executive under RIDDOR             Continuity: Support and advice on the
    requirements.                                        development of school plans and testing of
•   Accident Investigation: Undertaking                  such plans.
    of accident/incident investigations by a         •   H&S Audit*: Evaluation of H&S compliance
    competent person and generation of report            through a supportive assurance programme
    with recommendations for remedial action.            of audits and site visits.
•   Enforcing Authority: Support, advice
                                                     *These elements are compulsory for Community
    and guidance during formal investigations,
                                                     schools so as to ensure the Council meets its
    inspections and visits by enforcing
                                                     legal obligations and LBHF may prioritize the
    authorities (OfSTED, HSE and LFB).
                                                     areas of review.
•   Staff Issues, Complaints and Claims:
    Support, advice and guidance for specific
    staff related issues as well as civil claims,

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

    School Health, Safety
    and Business Continuity
Traded Services                                      Fees
Core Buy-Back                                        The following are indicative costs. For further
                                                     details please contact the relevant persons
Academy, Free and Private schools may buy-back       below.
into the service offered by the Corporate Safety
Team to DSG funded schools as a core buy-back        Buy-Back        Nursery         Primary         Secondary
for a set period of time.                            Dedicated       £600            £1,200          £2,400
                                                     School Grant    per annum       per annum       per annum
Where schools wish to buy-back into the core         service level
services, a Service Level Agreement will be drawn
                                                     Chargeable      Nursery         Primary         Secondary
up between Hammersmith & Fulham Council              services
and the school.
                                                     Training        Each course will be quoted individually but
Further details can be obtained from the LBHF        (ALSS)          indicative costs are £60 for half-day and
                                                                     £120 for a full-day
School Health, Safety and Business Continuity
Adviser.                                             Other           The rate per day will be £100 per hour or
                                                     Services        £500 for a day (8 hours)
                                                     (Fire Risk
Ad-Hoc Chargeable Services
The following are available:                         Contacts
•   Training (Adult Learning and Skills              Mike Sopp
    Service): A comprehensive range of learning      Phone: 020 8753 3728
    and development opportunities are offered        Email:
    via the ALSS in conjunction with the School      Corporate Safety:
    Health, Safety and Business Continuity           Phone: 020 8753 4681
    Adviser. Schools will be made aware of the       Email:
    courses available at the commencement of         Training Adult Learning and Skills
    the autumn term                                  Lisa Lamb
•   Fire Risk Assessment: Fire risk assessments      Phone: 020 8753 6335
    can be completed and reviewed for schools        Email:
    by a specialist fire safety expert               Fire Risk Assessment
                                                     David Nimmo
                                                     Phone: 020 8753 1891

Business Intelligence

Introduction                                          Enhanced BI Offer
The Business Intelligence (BI) Service at LBHF
Council consists of a wide range of experienced           Primary               £500 per annum
analysts who deliver analytical products across           Secondary             £1000 per annum
the Council and for Schools. Using the latest
technology, the service brings together a wide        Schools benefit from a number of products
range of data sources to identify patterns, trends    including:
and performance related issues. The Service
currently completes all statutory returns for the     •     FFT Aspire Subscription (same as the
local authority including:                                  basic offer)
•   The October, January and May School               •     School Profile (same as the basic offer)
    Census                                            •     Pupil Premium Product – By analysing
•   The Early Years Census                                  historical data the BI Service is able to
                                                            identify pupils who are entitled to Pupil
•   Attainment up to KS5 and Assessment                     Premium but are currently not receiving
    Submissions                                             it. In December, the Service will generate
•   The Alternative Provision Census                        individual lists for each school allowing
•   The School Workforce Census                             schools to contact parents and ensure all
                                                            available pupil premium is claimed. This
The service has two offers for schools – a Basic            allows schools to make any necessary
and Enhanced offer.                                         changes before the January School Census
                                                            closes which is used by the Government to
                                                            calculate school pupil premium allocations.
Basic BI Offer
                                                      •     School Census Dashboard - Two licenses
The basic offer is free and covers the following            to access an interactive School Census
products:                                                   Dashboard that allows schools to interrogate
                                                            School Census data for the last 6 years.
•   Fischer Family Trust Aspire Tool. This tool
    allows schools to evaluate performance via 8
    easy to understand reports. Utilising a range
    of simple gauges, charts and tables, the          Contact
    dashboards allow you to quickly compare           Duncan Smith
    your attainment and progress to both              Head of Business Intelligence
    national and similar schools.                     Phone: 020 8753 2551
•   School Profile (September) A detailed
    school profile containing all statistics for
    each school including attainment, roll
    and workforce information. This profile
    contains attainment broken down by
    various characteristics such as FSM, SEND
    and ethnicity. All data where possible is
    benchmarked to national data sources.
    This customised profile will be available to
    individual schools in September.

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

  Family Support

                                               Traded offer
                                               The benefits of investing in our traded offer:
                                               •   A systemically trained practitioner based
                                                   in your school and working as part of the
                                                   school team to support the whole school
                                                   population, including pupils that live out of
                                                   the borough
                                               •   A practitioner trained in brain development
                                                   and the potential impact of early life trauma
                                                   on children and young people
                                               •   Greater flexibility in tailoring practitioner
                                                   time to the needs of the school
                                               •   Easy access to consultation and advice, and
                                                   individual casework with young people and
                                                   their families, using interventions that are
                                                   shown to make a difference.
                                               •   A practitioner who has strong links with
                                                   the social work teams and can access
                                                   these services, including access to the
                                                   local authority case management system,
                                                   providing more timely and improved
                                                   information sharing.
                                               •   Management & supervision provided by
                                                   Family Support, along with a comprehensive
                                                   skills development programme.
                                               Our local Family Support offer is delivered
                                               by Family Support (
                                      Family Support was established by
                                               Hammersmith and Fulham Council in April 2018
                                               as a Local Authority Trading Company with the
                                               mission of supporting local families to give their
                                               children the best start in life.
                                               Family Support delivers services that aim to
                                               reduce the potentially damaging impact of
                                               early life toxic stress. Reducing the impact of
                                               toxic stress caused by early life trauma (often
                                               called Adverse Childhood Experiences) is the key
                                               determinant in maximising the chances of good
                                               physical, mental and emotional health. Many of
                                               the behavioural issues that children exhibit are a
                                               direct result of this early life trauma; managing
                                               this has to involve a trauma based approach not
                                               just behaviour management.

Family Support will work
with pupils, staff, parents
and carers
Annual and Term Time Offer:
Term Time        1 day per week:     £9,471
38 weeks at                          (plus VAT)
Full Time        1 day per week:     £12,495
52 weeks at                          (plus VAT)
Pay as You Go    £130 per half day   £260 per day
                                     (plus VAT)

Independent and out-of-borough schools – price
on application

School Service Level Agreements 2019/20

   Human Resources (HR)
About us                                                 “The advice we receive from our consultant is
                                                         invaluable. We really benefit from her detailed
Our dedicated and experienced team of School             knowledge, exemplary professionalism and vast
HR experts has more than 20 years’ experience            experience. What we appreciate the most is that she
of providing HR consultancy to schools within            consistently goes the extra mile in terms of employee
the London Borough of Hammersmith &                      relationships, swiftly gaining the trust of all staff she
Fulham.                                                  deals with.”
This makes us uniquely placed to understand              H&F Head Teacher
the borough’s schools and the increasingly
challenging environment that school leaders are
                                                         What our customers say
working in.                                              We want to work with you to make a difference
                                                         in education and deliver the best possible
We know that you need prompt and effective
                                                         outcomes for children. We care about schools
support in dealing with difficult HR issues,
                                                         and aim to deliver a consistently excellent service.
freeing your time to focus on the demands of
                                                         But don’t take our word for it, read what our
running a busy school.
                                                         customers say about us.
Our service to you                                       “As Head of School, I have total confidence that my HR
                                                         needs will be met and that I will receive consistent and
We offer unlimited access to telephone, email or
                                                         high-quality advice and support. I do not hesitate in
onsite HR support, Monday to Friday, 8.30am-
                                                         highly recommending them to other schools.”
                                                         H&F Head of School
We will visit you at your school at your request         “The advice, guidance and support we receive
and learn about your school’s culture and                from HR services are always of the highest calibre.
objectives to ensure that we provide the support         Our HR colleagues take time to make strong and
you need.                                                very productive professional relationships to the
We have very strong working relationship with            benefit of our work in school. I have no hesitation
experts in Education and Schools Finance so that         in recommending this team to other schools and
we can provide joined-up support when you                settings.”
need it.                                                 WCC Head Teacher

We provide you with updates to ensure that you           “As a Headteacher, it is essential for me to know that
are informed about the latest legal and HR issues        I can trust the adviser and the advice implicitly and
facing schools.                                          build up a rapport. We are fortunate to have that
                                                         relationship and I value it enormously.”
We offer a DBS checking service, recruitment             H&F Head Teacher
advertising service, occupational health service,
contracts of employment and variation letters.
We provide training that is relevant and tailored
to your needs, as well as regular HR surgeries
and an annual employment law conference.

Our packages                                          “We have had lots of support from Schools HR over the
                                                      past year and the advice and support given has been
We offer two service options – an All-Inclusive       fantastic”
package and an Entry package – so that you can        H&F Head Teacher
choose the service that best meets your needs.        £130 Per employee per year
There are no hidden costs, so you can budget
effectively.                                          Entry package
All-Inclusive package                                 For essential support when you need it.
                                                      Our Entry package provides HR consultancy
Unlimited service for peace of mind                   support, access to your own dedicated HR
The All-Inclusive package includes all your HR        Consultant and the other members of the
needs:                                                School’s HR team – but with a fixed amount of
                                                      time provided annually to the school.
•   Our All-Inclusive package provides you with
    comprehensive.                                    The Entry package includes an annual fixed
•   Competitively priced at £130 per employee         amount of HR support to be used as you wish as
    per year.                                         follows:
•   Unlimited HR consultancy and administrative           School size              Allowance              Cost
                                                          Very small schools (up   9 days consultancy a   £2,340 pa
•   Unlimited advice, visits, attendance at               to 25 employees)         year (63 hours)
    meetings, tailored to the needs of your               Small schools (less      12 days consultancy a £3,100 pa
    school, so you can concentrate including              than 50 employees)       year (84 hours)
    formal hearings and appeals, hands on                 Medium schools (up to 24 days consultancy a £6,200 pa
    support on the things that really matter. at          90 employees)         year (168 hours)
    misconduct and grievance investigations.              Large schools (more      36 days consultancy a £9,300 pa
•   You will have access to your own dedicated            than 90 employees)       year (273 hours)
    HR Consultant.
•    Unlimited assistance with drafting reports       The Entry package includes:
    and letters. supported and the other              •       Advice, visits, attendance at meetings,
    members of the School’s HR.                               including formal hearings and appeals,
•   Support in managing relationships with the                hands on support at misconduct and
    trade unions. team, who will be available to              grievance investigations.
    guide you through all your queries from start     •       Assistance with drafting reports and letters.
    to finish.                                        •       Support in managing relationships with the
•   Administrative support service i.e. issuing of            trade unions.
    employment contracts and variation letters.
                                                      Additional services that can be purchased to
•   Attendance at regular HR briefings on             enhance the Entry package include:
    relevant topics such as SCR training.
                                                      •       Additional days can be purchased at a daily
•   Attendance at the annual employment law                   rate of £325 as and when required.
                                                      •       The administrative support service i.e. issuing
                                                              of employment contracts and variation
                                                              letters which can be purchased at a cost of
                                                              £13.75 per employee per year.

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