2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE

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2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
Hyde Park Central School District

      2019 - 2020
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
HPCSD - Mission Statement                                                                            HPCSD - Vision Statement
  The Hyde Park Central School District empowers our                                                              We are confident, curious
   community to strive for excellence and embrace the                                                                        and
                                                                                                               courageous learners who change
     opportunities of our globally connected world.                                                                      the world.

       Hyde Park Central School District
             Administrative Offices                                                                                            (845) 229-4000
                 11 Boice Road
                                                        Dr. Greer Rychcik, Superintendent of Schools (above)                 Fax: (845) 229-4056
                 P. O. Box 2033
                                                                Aviva Kafka, Deputy Superintendent                             www.hpcsd.org
             Hyde Park, NY 12538
                                                          Linda Steinberg, School Business Administrator

September 2019

Dear Hyde Park Community,
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. We are pleased to once again provide this informative calendar and guide. (Updates to this calen-
dar are done on-line.) Please utilize this document to assist in family scheduling and to get involved in our learning community.
The HPCSD Profile of a Graduate states that our students will be responsible individuals and critical thinkers. We believe that “responsible
individuals who respect themselves and others” contribute greatly to a positive learning environment. We also believe that “critical thinkers
who anticipate, identify and evaluate issues and use multiple resources to solve problems” will experience success in school and in all their
future endeavors. We continue to plan initiatives and programs that are designed to support student growth in both academic and
social/emotional learning.
We look forward to the return of approximately 3,500 students, along with all the personnel charged with the care and education of our stu-
A special thank you to all summer staff for enriching the lives of so many students and for making our schools safe and welcoming.
Please be sure to visit our website, join us on Facebook, and check out our calendar to learn how to enjoy, visit, and/or volunteer in our
learning community. Let’s keep that Hyde Park pride going and growing!


Greer Rychcik, Ed.D.

Greer Rychcik, Ed.D.
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
September 2019
     Sun           Mon                      Tue                   Wed                   Thu               Fri        Sat

1          2                       3                     4                      5                    6          7
                                                         FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
                                                         (Grades UPre-K-12)
               NO SCHOOL                NO SCHOOL
                                                         Fall Modified Sports
                                       Opening Day for
                Labor Day                Staff / TTD

8          9                       10                    11                     12                   13         14
                                   FDR Meet the Staff    NPE PTA - 6:00 pm
                                   6:30 pm
                                   VAS PTA - 5:30 pm
                                                         PTSA Meeting
                                   NES PTA - 7:00 pm     7:00 pm (FDR)          BOE Meeting
                                   RRS PTA - 7:00 pm                            7:00 pm (DO)

15         16                      17                    18                     19                   20         21
                                                         Hyde Park Education    HMS Meet the Staff
                                                         Foundation             6:30 pm
                                                         10:00 am (DO)

22         23                      24                    25                     26                   27         28
           HMS PTA                 6th Grade Pictures    7th Grade Pictures     8th Grade Pictures
           6:30 pm (HMS Library)   (HMS)                 (HMS)                  (HMS)
                                                         FDR Pictures
           3-5 Meet the Staff      FDR Pictures
                                                         K-2 Meet the Staff     BOE Meeting
           6:30 pm (All Elem)
                                                         6:30 pm (All Elem)     7:00 pm (DO)

29         30
             (Rosh Hashanah)
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
October 2019
     Sun          Mon                      Tue                  Wed                 Thu               Fri                  Sat

           =                       1                     2                   3               4                     5
                                                         PTSA Meeting                        Go Home Early Drill   SATs - 8:00 am (FDR)
                                                         7:00 pm (FDR)                       Homecoming Game       Homecoming Dance
                                                                                             7:00 pm (FDR)         7:00 pm (FDR)
                                                                                             5-Week Progress

6          7                       8                     9                   10              11                    12
           PTA Council Meeting     NO EVENING EVENTS
           7:00 pm (HMS Library)       (Yom Kippur)          NO SCHOOL
                                                             (Yom Kippur)
                                                                             BOE Meeting
                                                                             7:00 pm (DO)

13         14                      15                    16                  17              18                    19
                                   VAS PTA - 5:30 pm     NPE PTA - 6:00 pm
                                   NES PTA - 7:00 pm
               NO SCHOOL           RRS PTA - 7:00 pm     DLT
               Columbus Day        Hyde Park Education   6:30 pm (DO)
                                   6:00 pm (HMS)

20         21                      22                    23                  24              25                    26
           HMS PTA
           6:30 pm (HMS Library)

                                                                             BOE Meeting
                                                                             7:00 pm (NPE)

27         28                      29                    30                  31
           Picture Retakes                               Harvest Pops
           (HMS)                                         Concert
                                                         7:00 pm (FDR)
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
November 2019
     Sun           Mon                        Tue                  Wed                    Thu                   Fri                 Sat
                                                                                                        1                   2
                                                                                                                            SATs - 8:00 am (FDR)

3          4                         5                      6                     7                     8                   9
           Winter Sports BEGIN                              PTSA Meeting          End of 1st Quarter    Picture Retakes
                                          NO SCHOOL         7:00 pm (FDR)                               (FDR)
                                         Conference Day

10         11                        12                     13                    14                    15                  16
                                     VAS PTA - 5:30 pm      NPE PTA - 4:00 pm
               NO SCHOOL             NES PTA - 7:00 pm                                                       Fall Drama          Fall Drama
               Veterans Day                                                                                 7:00 pm (FDR)       2:00 pm (FDR)
                                     RRS PTA - 7:00 pm                            BOE Meeting
                                                                                  7:00 pm (VAS)

17         18                        19                     20                    21                    22                  23
           HMS PTA                   FDR Parent/Teacher     Hyde Park Education   HMS Parent/Teacher
           6:30 pm (HMS Library)     Conferences            Foundation            Evening Conferences
                                     6:30 - 8:30 pm (FDR)   10:00 am (DO)         6:30 pm (HMS)

24         25                        26                     27                    28                    29                  30
           K-5 Early Release         K-12 Early Release
                   and               Parent/Teacher
           Evening Parent/ Teacher   Conferences
           Conferences                                                 NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Recess
           6:00-8:00 pm (Elem)
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
December 2019
     Sun          Mon                     Tue                   Wed                  Thu              Fri            Sat

1          2                       3                     4                    5               6                 7
                                   HMS Concert #1        HMS Concert #2                       5-Week Progress
                                   7:00 pm (HMS)         7:00 pm (HMS)                        Report
                                                         PTSA Meeting
                                                         7:00 pm (FDR)
                                                         DLT - 6:30 pm (DO)

8          9                       10                    11                   12              13                14
           HMS Concert #3          VAS PTA - 5:30 pm     NPE PTA - 6:00 pm
           7:00 pm (HMS)           NES PTA - 7:00 pm
                                   RRS PTA - 7: 00 pm                         BOE Meeting
                                                                              7:00 pm (HMS)

15         16                      17                    18                   19              20                21
           HMS PTA                 NES Winter Concert    VAS Winter Concert
           6:30 pm (HMS Library)   7:00 pm (FDR)         7:00 pm (VAS)
                                   Hyde Park Education
                                   6:00 pm (HMS)

22         23                      24                    25                   26              27                28

                                                    NO SCHOOL - Winter Recess

29         30                      31

               NO SCHOOL - Winter Recess
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
January 2020
     Sun          Mon                      Tue                    Wed                    Thu                   Fri                   Sat

                                                          1                       2                    3                        4

                                                              NO SCHOOL
                                                              New Year’s Day
                                                                                      NO SCHOOL - Winter Recess

5          6                       7                      8                       9                    10                       11
           SCHOOL REOPENS                                 NPE PTA - 4:00 pm

           PTA Council Meeting                            PTSA Meeting
           7:00 pm (HMS Library)                          7:00 pm (FDR)           BOE Meeting
                                                                                  7:00 pm (RRS)

12         13                      14                     15                      16                   17                       18
           8th Grade Scheduling    VAS PTA - 5:30 pm      PRISMS Concert          NPE Winter Concert   K-12 Early Release
           Orientation             NES PTA - 7:00 pm      7:00 pm (FDR)           7:00 pm (FDR)        (Supt. Conference Day)
           6:30 pm (FDR)           RRS PTA - 7: 00 pm
                                   8th Grade Scheduling

19         20                      21                     22                      23                   24                       25
                                   RRS Winter Concert     Hyde Park Education     BOE Meeting          End of 2nd Quarter
               NO SCHOOL           7:00 pm (FDR)          Foundation              7:00 pm (DO)
               Martin Luther                              10:00 am (DO)
                King Jr. Day
                                                                                Regents Exams

26         27                      28                     29                      30                   31
           HMS PTA
           6:30 pm (HMS Library)
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
February 2020
     Sun           Mon                     Tue                  Wed                   Thu                     Fri                Sat


2          3                       4                     5                     6                    7                       8
           VAS STEM Fair           RRS STEM Fair         DLT - 6:30 pm (DO)    NPE STEM Fair        A Capella Fest
           6:30 pm                 6:30 pm               NES STEM Fair         6:30 pm              7:00 pm (FDR)
                                                         6:30 pm
                                                         PTSA Mtg. - 7:00 pm

9          10                      11                    12                    13                   14                      15
           6th Grade Spring        7th Grade Spring      8th Grade Spring      K-12 Early Release
                                   Pictures (HMS)
           Pictures (HMS)                                Pictures (HMS)        (Supt. Conf. Day)
                                   VAS PTA - 5:30 pm
                                                         NPE PTA - 6:00 pm                              NO SCHOOL
                                   NES PTA - 7:00 pm                           BOE Meeting
                                   RRS PTA - 7: 00 pm                          7:00 pm (DO)

16         17                      18                    19                    20                   21                      22
                                   Hyde Park Education
               NO SCHOOL           6:00 pm (HMS)
               Presidents’ Day

23         24                      25                    26                    27                   28                      29
           HMS PTA                 HMS Pops Concert                                                 District STEAM
           6:30 pm (HMS Library)                                                                    Expo / Science Fair -
                                   7:00 pm (HMS)
                                                                               BOE Meeting          4-6 pm (FDR)
                                                                               7:00 pm (DO)         5-Week Progress
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
March 2020
       Sun                 Mon                       Tue                 Wed                    Thu                   Fri                    Sat

1                   2                        3                    4                     5                    6                       7
                    Spring Sports BEGIN                           PTSA Meeting
                                                                  7:00 pm (FDR)

8                   9                        10                   11                    12                   13                      14
                    PTA Council Meeting      VAS PTA - 5:30 pm    NPE PTA - 6:00 pm                             NO SCHOOL
                    7:00 pm (HMS Library)    NES PTA - 7:00 pm                                               Teacher Training Day

                    Spring Modified Sports   RRS PTA - 7: 00 pm
                                                                                        BOE Meeting                               FDR Spring Musical
                    BEGIN                                                               7:00 pm (NES)                               7:00 pm (FDR)

15                  16                       17                   18                    19                   20                      21
                    HMS PTA                                       Hyde Park Education   K-12 Early Release
     FDR Spring     6:30 pm (HMS Library)                         Foundation            Parent/Teacher              RRS Play               RRS Play
       Musical                                                    10:00 am (DO)         Conferences               7:00 pm (RRS)          2:00 pm (RRS)
    2:00 pm (FDR)

22                  23                       24                   25                    26                   27                      28
                                                                                        BOE Meeting
                                                                                        7:00 pm (DO)             HMS Spring              HMS Spring
                                                                                                                 Play 7:00 pm            Play 3:00 pm
                                                                                                                    (HMS)                   (HMS)
                                                 ELA Computer & Paper Based Test - Grades 3-8

29                  30                       31

                        ELA Computer & Paper Based Test
                                 Grades 3-8
2019 2020 Hyde Park Central School District CALENDAR and GUIDE
April 2020
     Sun          Mon                     Tue                   Wed                  Thu               Fri              Sat

                                                        1                     2               3                    4
                                                        PTSA Meeting                          End of 3rd Quarter
                                                        7:00 pm (FDR)

5          6                       7                    8                     9               10                   11

                                                   NO SCHOOL - Spring Recess

12         13                      14                   15                    16              17                   18
                                   SCHOOL REOPENS       NPE PTA - 4:00 pm
                  NO               VAS PTA - 5:30 pm    DLT - 6:30 pm (DO)
                SCHOOL             NES PTA - 7:00 pm    Hyde Park Education
               Spring Recess                            Foundation            BOE Meeting
                                   RRS PTA - 7:00 pm
                                                        6:00 pm (HMS)         7:00 pm (FDR)

19         20                      21                   22                    23              24                   25
           HMS PTA                                                            Top 20 Dinner
           6:30 pm (HMS Library)                                              6:00 pm (FDR)

                                        Math Computer & Paper Based Test - Gr. 3-8

26         27                      28                   29                    30
           3rd Grade Meet the                           Jazz Cabaret          BOE Meeting
           Instruments                                  7:00 pm (FDR)         7:00 pm (DO)
           7:00 pm (FDR)           BOE Meeting &
                                   BOCES Vote
                                   8:00 am (DO)
May 2020
         Sun                        Mon                          Tue                    Wed                   Thu                       Fri               Sat

                                                                                                                                1                 2
                                                                                                                                Junior Prom       SATs
                                                                                                                                                  8:00 am (FDR)

3                        4                               5                       6                     7                        8                 9
District Arts Festival   PTA Council Meeting             HMS Spring Concert #1 FDR Spring Concert #1   National Honor Society
and FDR Senior Art       7:00 pm (HMS Library)           7:00 pm (HMS)         7 pm (FDR)              Induction
Show                                                                             PTSA Meeting          6:30 pm (FDR)
1:00 - 4:00 pm (FDR)                                                             6:00 pm (FDR)

10                       11                              12                      13                    14                       15                16
                         HMS Spring Concert #2           VAS PTA - 5:30 pm       DLT - 6:30 pm (DO)                             5-Week Progress
                         7:00 pm (HMS)                   NES PTA - 7:00 pm       NPE PTA - 6:00 pm                              Report
                                                         RRS PTA - 7:00 pm       NES Spring Concert    BOE Meeting
                                                                                 7:00 pm (FDR)         7:00 pm (DO)

17                       18                              19                      20                    21                       22                23
                         FDR Spring Concert #2           BUDGET VOTE             Hyde Park Education   NPE Spring Concert
                         7 pm (FDR)                      BOE ELECTION            Foundation
                         HMS PTA - 6:30 pm (Library)     6 am - 9 pm (HMS)                             7:00 pm (FDR)
                                                                                 10:00 am (DO)
                             Science Performance Tests   HMS Spring Concert #3
                                   Grades 4 & 8          7:00 pm (HMS)

24                       25                              26                      27                    28                       29                30
                              NO SCHOOL                                          FDR Award Night
                              Memorial Day                                       7:00 pm (FDR)
                               Observed                                                                BOE Meeting
                                                                                                       7:00 pm (DO)

June 2020
     Sun            Mon                         Tue                     Wed                    Thu                        Fri                Sat

           1                          2                         3                      4                        5                    6
           PTA Council Meeting                                  Concert in the Park    RRS Student Expo         Senior Prom          SATs
           7:00 pm (HMS Library)                                7:00 pm (Vanderbilt)   6:00 pm (RRS)                                 8:00 am (FDR)
                                          U.S. History & Gov.
                                                                                       VAS Spring Concert
               Science Written Test
                 Grades 4 & 8 &                 Regents                                7:00 pm (VAS)

7          8                          9                         10                     11                       12                   13
           RRS Spring Concert         VAS PTA - 5:30 pm         NPE PTA - 6:00 pm
           7:00 pm (FDR)              NES PTA - 7:00 pm
                                      RRS PTA - 7: 00 pm        PTSA Meeting
                                                                7:00 pm (FDR)          BOE Meeting
                                                                                       7:00 pm (DO)

14         15                         16                        17                     18                       19                   20
           HMS PTA                    Hyde Park Education
           6:30 pm (HMS Library)      Foundation
                                      6:00 pm (HMS)

                                                                              Regents Exams

21         22                         23                        24                     25                       26                   27
                                                                K-5 Early Release      K-8 Early Release        End of 4th Quarter
                                                                NES/VAS Moving Up      NPE/RRS Moving Up Day    K-8 Early Release
                                                                                       HMS Moving Up Day        Gr. 9-12—No School
                                                                                        BOE Meeting - 7:00 pm          FDR
                                          Regents Exams                                                (DO)         GRADUATION

28         29                         30
July 2020
     Sun           Mon                        Tue                  Wed                   Thu                   Fri        Sat
                                                             1                  2 BOE Reorg.              3          4
                                                                                    Meeting - 6:00 (DO)

5          6 Summer Bridge &         7                       8                  9                         10         11
           Haviland Prog. BEGIN

12         13                        14                      15                 16                        17         18

19         20                        21                      22                 23                        24         25

26         27                        28                      29 Haviland Summer 30 Gen Ed Summer          31
                                                                  Prog. ENDS           Bridge ENDS

                                                August 2020
     Sun           Mon                       Tue                  Wed                    Thu                   Fri        Sat

2          3                         4                       5                 6                          7          8

9          10                        11                      12                13                         14         15

16         17                        18                      19                20                         21         22

23         24   6th Gr. Parent/      25   Freshman           26                27                         28         29
           Student Orien.- 6:30 pm   Orientation - 6:30 pm

30         31
Administrative Offices and Central Office Staff
                                              Greer Rychcik, Ed.D.                 Superintendent of Schools                (845) 229-4005
          (845) 229-4000
                                                                                   Secretary to the Superintendent /
            11 Boice Road                     Lucille Wasilewski / Joanne Mikula                                            (845) 229-4005
                                                                                   District Clerk
         Hyde Park, NY 12538
          Mailing Address:                    Aviva Kafka                          Deputy Superintendent                    (845) 229-4008
           P. O. Box 2033
         Hyde Park, NY 12538                  Josephine Perrino                    Administrative Secretary (Instruction)   (845) 229-4000 ext. 1201

                                              Linda Steinberg                      School Business Administrator            (845) 229-4009

                                              Donna Kuklis                         Administrative Secretary (Bus. Office)   ((845) 229-4009 option 7

                                              Barbara Sparacino                    Treasurer                                (845) 229-4009

                                              Terri Scott                          Payroll – Non-Teaching                   (845) 229-4009

                                              Christine Tompkins                   Payroll – Teaching                       (845) 229-4009

                                              Joan Powers                          Administrative Secretary (Registrar)      (845) 229-4000 ext. 1601

                                              Elliot Garcia                        Director of Human Resources              (845) 229-4000
SchoolMessenger                               Cheryl Clark                         Personnel Assistant                      (845) 229-4000 ext. 1901
The District uses SchoolMessenger for         Riane Benson                         Secretary                                (845) 229-4000 ext. 1902
parental outreach, emergency broadcasts,                                           Director of Facilities and
                                              Elliot Sheldon                                                                (845) 229-4064
student attendance and other educational                                           Operations
communications. Families of District                                               Assistant Director of Facilities
                                              TBD                                                                           (845) 229-4064
                                                                                   and Operations`
students should verify their contact infor-
                                              Ann Fadgen                           Administrative Secretary                 (845) 229-4000 ext. 1301
mation with their child’s school building
staff. Community members are welcome                                               Supervisor of School Lunch
                                              TBD                                                                           (845) 229-4006
to sign up for Districtwide communications
                                                                                   Assistant Supervisor of School
at the following site:                        Linda Fadden                                                                  (845) 229-4000 ext. 1511
                                                                                   Lunch Program
http://bit.ly/hpcsd_notify.                   George Treadwell                     Supervisor of Transportation             (845) 229-4070

                                              Lisa Jacoby                          Secretary                                (845) 229-4070 ext. 1702
School Directories                                            Academic Directors and Coordinators
Netherwood Elementary • (845) 229-4055                             Jennifer Criser-Eighmy                        Kim Knisell
648 Netherwood Rd., PO Box 724, Hyde Park 12538                    (Director of Humanities)                      (Director of Math/Science)
     James Daley                       Principal
     Deborah Keck                      Secretary
                                                                   (845) 229-4000 Ext. 1810                      (845) 229-4000 Ext. 1811
North Park Elementary • (845) 229-4040                                                                           Joanna Murphy
1593 Rt. 9G, PO Box 722, Hyde Park 12538                           Heather Chadwell-Dennis
                                                                                                                 (Special Education Coordinator)
     Lynnette Williams                   Principal                 (Director of Special Education)
     Deborah Shepherd                    Secretary                                                               (845) 229-4050 Ext. 1613
                                                                   (845) 229-4050 Ext. 1611
Ralph R. Smith Elementary • (845) 229-4060                                                                       TBD
16 Smith Ct., PO Box 725, Hyde Park 12538                          Thomas Cunningham                             (Special Education Coordinator)
     Melissa Lawson                      Principal                 (Director of Physical Education, Health       (845) 229-4050 Ext. 1612
     Gillian Rush                        Secretary                 and Athletics)
Violet Avenue Elementary • (845) 486-4499                          (845) 229-4020 Ext. 6881                      Rick Wert
191 Violet Ave., Poughkeepsie 12601; PO Box 723, Hyde Park 12538                                                 (Director of Technology)
      Deanna Gonzalez                    Principal                 Melinda DiMaio                                (845) 229-4000 Ext. 1411
      Sandra D’Addona                    Secretary                 (Director of Fine and Performing Arts)
Haviland Middle School • (845) 229-4030                            (845) 229-4000 Ext. 1812                      (845) 229-4000 Ext. 1030
23 Haviland Rd., PO Box 721, Hyde Park 12538
     Eric Shaw                           Principal
     Teresa Hein                         Secretary
     Paul Fazziola                       Assistant Principal
     Jennifer Kaufman                    Secretary                    2019-2020 Board of Education Members
     Joseph Sullivan                     Assistant Principal
     Elizabeth Phillips                  Secretary
     Guidance Department                 (845) 229-4030
     Linda Del Biondo                    Secretary                        President - Jeffrey B. Danielson                     (845) 625-7861
                                                                          Vice President - Denise R. Biery                     (845) 464-6091
F. D. Roosevelt High School • (845) 229-4020
156 South Cross Rd., PO Box 2032, Hyde Park 12538
     Rick Pardy                         Principal
     Deidra Fox                         Secretary                         Douglas H. Hieter                                    (845) 235-4100
     Dan Cowan                          Assistant Principal               Perry G. Sheldon                                     (845) 475-6142
     Meredith Kaflowitz                 Secretary                         Edward A. Spence                                     (845) 233-5026
     Michael Ruella                     Assistant Principal               Carl J. Tomik                                        (845) 453-9065
     Jena Thomas                        Assistant Principal
     Kathleen Craft                     Secretary
                                                                          Michael C. Zagorski                                  (845) 797-6526
     Marie Gilman                       Main Office Secretary             Rachel Perri, Student BOE Member
     Guidance Department                (845) 229-4025
     Estelle Boskus                     Secretary
                                                                          District Clerk - Joanne “Jay” Mikula                 (845) 229-4000
                                                                                                                                  Ext. 1001
Opening Day Schedules                                                                                    F.D.R                       HMS
                                                              PTA Presidents                           Schedule                     Schedule
  On Wednesday, September 4th, Grades
  UPreK-12 will follow the regular full-day                           PTA Council
                                                                    Bobbie Goodman
  schedule at all schools. Lunch will be served
                                                              bobbiegoodmanpta@gmail.com      Warning Bell 7:26             Homeroom . 8:12-8:17
  at all schools. Faculty members will begin
  the new school year with staff meetings on                      Netherwood Elementary       Homeroom . 7:30-7:38          Period 1     8:17-8:58
  September 3rd.                                                       Kelly Felipe
                                                               (Netherwoodespta@gmail.com     Period 1       7:38-8:24      Period 2     9:02-9:43
                                                                   North Park Elementary
Emergency Day Formula                                               Holly Bezembinder
                                                                                              Period 2       8:28-9:14      Period 3 .   9:47-10:28
                                                                 (teamnpepta@gmail.com)       Period 3 .     9:18-10:04     Period 4     10:32-11:12
Five emergency days are built into the 2019-2020                Ralph R. Smith Elementary
                                                                     Kerri Palermo            Period 4       10:08-10:54 Period 5        11:16-11:56
school year calendar.
Give Back Days - If fewer than five (5) emergency days                                        Period 5       10:58-11:44 Period 6        12:00-12:40
                                                                 Violet Avenue Elementary
are used:
                                                                    Christine Percopo         Period 6       11:48-12:34 Period 7        12:44-1:24
 1 Give Back                          If 4 emergency days         Haviland Middle School      Period 7       12:38-1:24     Period 8     1:28-2:09
    Day:                 5/22         are used
                                                                       Robin Peek
 2 Give Back                          If 3 emergency days        (Havmidpta@gmail.com)        Period 8       1:28-2:14      Period 9     2:13-2:54
    Days              5/22, 5/21      are used
                                                                F. D. Roosevelt High School
 3 Give Back                          If 2 emergency days
    Days            5/22, 5/21, 5/1   are used
                                                                       Tracy Farrell                           Building Schedules
 4 Give Back        5/22, 5/21, 5/1   If 1 emergency day is                                                                           Early Dismissal
    Days                 4/30         used                                                    School       Class Times    Buses Leave    Schedule
 5 Give Back        5/22, 5/21, 5/1   If 0 emergency days
    Days              4/30, 4/14      are used                                                  FDR         7:30-2:14        2:22          10:38
Make Up Days - If more than five (5) emergency days are
needed:                                                                                         HAV         8:12-2:54        3:02          11:17
If 6 days needed     3/13 (decision made by 3/2/20)
If 7 days needed     3/13, 4/13                                                                 NES         9:40-3:40        3:55          12:40
If 8 days needed     3/13, 4/13, 4/6
If 9 days needed     3/13, 4/13, 4/6, 4/7                                                       NPE         9:25-3:25        3:45          12:25
If 10 days needed    3/13, 4/13, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8
                                                                                                RRS         9:40-3:40        3:55          12:40
If additional dates are needed, a determination
will be made.
                                                                                                VAS         9:40-3:40        3:55          12:40
Admission to                                  Alcohol/Drug                                 Photographs                                have been closed in the past. The su-
                                                                                                                                      perintendent has the final responsibility
School                                        Policy                                       Throughout the school year, photo-
                                                                                           graphs may be taken of students for
                                                                                                                                      for closing a school.
Children who will reach the age of five       Drinking alcohol and/or the possession       use in district-produced publications,
years on or before December 1, 2019                                                                                                   When schools close prior to the opening
                                              of open containers of alcoholic bever-       website or by the news media. In addi-
are eligible for kindergarten admission.                                                                                              of the school day, all activities and
                                              ages on school district grounds are          tion, the local TV stations also vide-
Children transferring from other districts                                                                                            events for that day and evening are also
                                              prohibited by law and will be strictly       otape students during the school year
will be placed in accordance with their                                                                                               cancelled. When schools are closed
                                              enforced by the Dutchess County              for telecasts on their local news pro-
prior school records and the judgment                                                                                                 during the school day, after school and
                                              Sheriff ’s Department and the Hyde           grams.
of the principal of their new school.                                                                                                 evening activities are cancelled for the
                                              Park Police. This also includes the use
                                                                                                                                      balance of that day. Scheduled athletic
                                              of or possession of unlawful                 If you DO NOT wish your child(ren) to
All new students are required to submit                                                                                               events are also cancelled unless other-
                                              drugs/paraphernalia. The law covers          be photographed or videotaped,
proof of age (birth certificate or pass-                                                                                              wise announced.
                                              not only hours schools are in session        please indicate so IN WRITING to
port) and residency (deed, lease, land-       but also evenings, weekends and va-          each child’s school as soon as possi-
lord’s affidavit, or tax bill that verifies                                                                                           To ensure that your child will be proper-
                                              cation periods. If you see an infraction     ble.
residence in the Hyde Park Central                                                                                                    ly cared for in the event that schools are
                                              of this law, please call the police.
School District). Students must attend                                                                                                dismissed early and no one is at home,
the school within their attendance zone.      All Hyde Park school property has            Visitors                                   please make arrangements with a few
                                                                                                                                      neighbors at the beginning of the school
                                              been designated as “Drug Free School         Visitors are always welcome at Hyde
Also, as required by law, each child                                                                                                  year so your child will be assured of
                                              Zones.” The zones extend 1,000 feet          Park schools. However, please use
entering school must bring proof of                                                                                                   shelter when arriving home. Please be
                                              from the property lines surrounding          the main doors and report directly to
immunization against polio, measles,                                                                                                  sure to carefully explain all of these ar-
                                              each school. Under a 1966 state law,         the main office when entering the
rubella, diphtheria and mumps. The                                                                                                    rangements to your child.
                                              anyone convicted of making available         building. All visitors must sign in and
only exceptions to this law are a physi-      or selling a controlled substance to a       wear an identifying visitor’s badge.
cian’s statement that immunization may                                                                                                A two-hour delay in the start of morning
                                              person under age 19 in this area faces       This will reduce classroom interrup-
be detrimental to the child’s health or                                                                                               classes may be announced if weather
                                              stiffer penalties. The law upgrades the      tions, and also, comply with state law.
unless the parents testify in writing that                                                                                            reports indicate that early morning snow
                                              crime from Class C to a Class B felony       Classroom visits must be arranged
they are members of a recognized reli-                                                                                                or ice will change to rain or that addi-
                                              and boosts the maximum prison sen-
                                                                                           in advance.                                tional time will enable road crews to
gious group whose teaching prohibits          tence from 15 years to 25 years.
                                                                                                                                      clear the roads. Announcements about
                                              Based on state and federal regulations
                                                                                           Emergency                                  school closings, delays and unexpected
                                              and school district policy, use or pos-
                                              session of tobacco products, drugs
                                                                                           School                                     early dismissals are carried on all local
                                                                                                                                      radio stations, on our Website or on our
                                              and weapons is prohibited on buses           Closings                                   weather/information line at
                                                                                                                                      (845) 229-4000.
                                              and on all District property. This prohi-    Although emergency school closings
                                              bition is in the interest of safety of all   most likely occur during winter months
                                              individuals who utilize our schools.         due to snow and icy road conditions,
                                              Violation of this prohibition will be sub-   school can close in individual buildings
                                              ject to the appropriate disciplinary pro-    at any time. Boiler trouble, lack of wa-
                                              cedures.                                     ter and electrical power failure are
                                                                                           among the reasons why district schools
Notification of                               Additional information regarding the
  Pupil Services
                                                                                                                                     Upon request, the school discloses
                                                                                        hearing procedures will be provided to       education records without consent to
                                          Rights for Elemen-                            the parent or eligible student when noti-    officials of another school district in
                                          tary and Secondary                            fied of the right to a hearing.              which a student seeks or intends to
Student Records                           Schools and Certain                           Hearing procedures will be provided to       enroll
The District keeps a cumulative, con-
fidential file on your child. The file    Provisions of FERPA                           the parent or eligible student when noti-
                                                                                        fied of the right to a hearing.
                                                                                                                                           4. file a complaint with the U.S.
                                                                                                                                     Department of Education concerning
contains a transcript of secondary        and NCLB                                                                                   alleged failures by the school to comply
school grades, final grades for each      I. FERPA                                             3. consent to disclosures of per-     with the requirements of FERPA. The
subject, SAT and ACT test results,                                                      sonally identifiable information con-        name and address of the office that
                                          The Family Educational Rights and Pri-
competency and other standardized                                                       tained in the student’s education rec-       administers FERPA are:
                                          vacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and
test scores, an attendance record,                                                      ords except to the extent that FERPA
                                          students over 18 years of age (“eligible
family background information, health                                                   authorizes disclosure without consent.
                                          students”) certain rights with respect to                                                        Family Policy Compliance Office
information, basic data (date of birth,                                                 One exception which permits disclosure
                                          the student’s education records. These                                                           U.S. Department of Education
height, weight) and discipline rec-                                                     without consent is disclosure to school
                                          rights are the right to:                                                                         600 Independence Avenue SW
ords.                                                                                   officials with legitimate educational in-
                                                 1. inspect and review the stu-         terests or an authorized representative.           Washington, DC 20202-4605
                                          dent’s education records within 45 days       A school official is a person employed
Student records and any material
contained therein which are personal-
                                          of the request for access. Parents or         by the school as an administrator, su-       II. Armed Forces
ly identifiable are confidential and
                                          eligible students should submit to the
                                          school principal (or appropriate school
                                                                                        pervisor, instructor or support staff        Recruiters Access
                                                                                        member (including health or medical
may not be released or made availa-       official) a written request that identifies   staff and law enforcement unit person-       to Student Recruit-
ble to persons other than the parent
or the student without the written
                                          the record(s) they wish to inspect. The       nel), a person serving on the school         ing Information
                                          school official will make arrangements        board, a person or company with whom
consent of the parent or the student.     for access and notify the parent or eligi-    the school has contracted to perform a       The school district is required by feder-
Exceptions to this rule include school    ble student of the time and place where       special task (such as an attorney, audi-     al law to provide the name, address,
employees and officials and certain       the records may be inspected.                 tor, medical consultant or therapist), or    and telephone number of secondary
state and federal officials who have a           2. request the amendment of the        a parent or student serving on an official   school students to armed forces re-
legitimate educational need for ac-       student’s education records that the          committee such as a disciplinary or          cruiters requesting such information.
cess to records.                          parent or eligible student believe are        grievance committee, or assisting an-        However, as a parent of a secondary
                                          inaccurate or misleading. They should         other school official in performing his or   student, you have the right to “opt out”
The confidential student records of-      write the school principal (or appropriate    her tasks. A school official has a legiti-   of such disclosure. Unless we receive
ficer for the District is the Deputy      official), clearly identify the part of the   mate educational interest if the official    a written request from you in the high
Superintendent, Aviva Kafka, HPCSD        record they want changed, and specify         needs to review an education record in       school guidance office within 21 days
Deputy Superintendent, 11 Boice           why it is inaccurate or misleading. If the    order to fulfill his or her professional     after mailing of this notification request-
Road, Hyde Park, NY 12538, phone          school decides not to amend the record        responsibility. An authorized repre-         ing to “opt out” of such disclosure, we
(845) 229-4008.                           as requested by the parent or eligible        sentative is any individual or entity des-
                                                                                                                                     will be obliged to provide such infor-
                                          student, the school will notify the parent    ignated by a state or local educational
                                                                                                                                     mation to armed forces recruiters upon
This official will provide information    or eligible student of the decision and       authority or a Federal agency headed
                                                                                        by the Secretary, the Comptroller Gen-       request.
regarding rights and procedures.          advise them of their right to a hearing
                                          regarding the request for amendment.          eral or the Attorney General to carry out
                                                                                        audits, evaluations or enforcement or
                                                                                        compliance activities relating to educa-
                                                                                        tional programs.
Pupil Services                                            g. religious practices, affili-
                                                 ations or beliefs of your child or your-       However, the HPCSD may disclose
                                                                                                                                           If you do not want the HPCSD to dis-
                                                                                                                                           close directory information from your
                                                 self; and                                      appropriately designated “directory        child’s education records without your
III. Notification Re-                                         h. income (other than that        information” without written consent,      prior written consent, you must notify
garding Parental Rights                          required by law to determine eligibility       unless you have advised the District to    the District in writing by
                                                                                                the contrary in accordance with District
to “Opt Out” of Par-                             for participation in a program or for
                                                                                                procedures. The following information
                                                                                                                                           September 16, 2019.
ticipation in Certain                            receiving financial assistance under
                                                                                                shall be considered directory infor-
                                                 such program).
School Activities                                                                               mation: student’s name, address, tele-
Under federal law, you have the right,
                                                        3. any non-emergency, invasive
                                                 physical examination or screening              phone number, e-mail address, photo-       Immunizations
as the parent, to “opt out” (remove your                                                        graph, date and place of birth, major      New York State public health law states
                                                 that is:
child) from participation in the following:                                                     field of study, grade level, enrollment    that no child shall be admitted to school,
                                                              a. required as a condition
       1. activities involving the collec-                                                      status, dates of attendance, participa-    or allowed to attend school, in excess of
                                                 of attendance;
tion, disclosure, or use of personal infor-                                                     tion in officially recognized activities   fourteen (14) days unless a person in
                                                              b. administered by the
mation collected from students for the                                                          and sports, weight and height of mem-      parental relations to the child furnishes
                                                 school and
purpose of marketing, selling the infor-                                                        bers of athletic teams, degrees, hon-      the school with proof that the child has
                                                              c. not necessary to protect
mation, or otherwise providing that infor-                                                      ors and awards received, the most          been immunized against diphtheria,
                                                 the immediate health and safety of
mation to others for that purpose. Our                                                          recent educational agency or institu-      tetanus, polio, measles, chickenpox ,
                                                 your child or of other students.
school district does not engage in such                                                         tion attended.                             mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B.
activities at the present. However, in the       Invasive physical examination in this
                                                 context means any medical examina-             The primary purpose of directory infor-
event that such activities were sched-                                                                                                     Students entering grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4,
                                                 tion that involves the exposure of pri-        mation is to allow the HPCSD to in-
uled, we would notify you of the approxi-                                                                                                  and 5
                                                 vate body parts or any act during such         clude this type of information from your
mate dates when these activities might                                                                                                     * 4 or 5 doses of DTap
                                                 examination that includes incision,            child’s education records in certain
be scheduled.                                                                                                                              ** 3 or 4 doses of Polio
                                                 insertion or injection into the body but       school publications. Examples include
       2. the administration of any third-                                                                                                 2 doses of MMR
                                                 does not include a hearing, vision, or         but are not limited to:
party (non-Department of Education                                                                                                         2 doses of VZV (chickenpox)
                                                 scoliosis screening. This law does not                • a playbill showing your child’s
funded) survey concerning the following                                                                                                    3 doses of Hepatitis B
                                                 apply to any physical examination or           role in a drama production;
eight items:
                                                 screening that is permitted or required               • the annual yearbook;
              a. political affiliations or be-                                                                                             *If the 4th DTap dose was received at 4
                                                 by New York State law, including such                 • honor roll or other recognition
liefs of your child or of yourself;                                                                                                        years of age or older (otherwise a 5th
                                                 examinations or screenings permitted           lists;
              b. mental and psychological                                                                                                  dose is needed)
                                                 without parental information.                         • graduation programs; and
problems of your child or your child’s                                                                                                     **If the 3rd Polio dose was received at 4
                                                                                                       • sports activity sheets, such as
family;                                                                                                                                    years of age or older (otherwise a 4th
              c. sex behavior or attitudes;      Notice for Direc-                              for wrestling, showing weight and
                                                                                                height of team members.
              d. illegal antisocial, self-       tory Information
incriminating or demeaning behavior;                                                            Directory information can also be dis-
                                                 The Family Educational Rights and
              e. critical appraisals of other                                                   closed to outside organizations without
                                                 Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law,
individuals with whom your child has                                                            a parent’s prior written consent. Out-
                                                 requires that the HPCSD, with certain
close family relationships;                                                                     side organizations include, but are not
                                                 exceptions, obtain your written con-
              f. legally recognized privi-                                                      limited to, companies that manufacture
                                                 sent prior to the disclosure of person-
leged or analogous relationships such                                                           class rings or publish yearbooks.
                                                 ally identifiable information from your
as those of lawyers, physicians and
                                                 child’s education records.
Immunizations                                                     Pupil Services                                        Use of Pesticides
Students entering grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11                                                                          New York State Education Law Section 409H, effec-
3 doses of DTap                                                                                                         tive July 1, 2001, requires public and nonpublic ele-
*1 dose of Tdap (administered at 11 years of age)          Section 504 Officer                                          mentary and secondary schools to provide written
**3 or 4 doses of Polio                                    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is the         notification to all persons in parental relation, faculty
2 doses of MMR                                             nation’s first law to protect the civil rights of people     and staff regarding the potential use of pesticides
3 doses of Hepatitis B                                     with disabilities and provides that: No otherwise quali-     periodically throughout the school year.
2 doses of VZV (chickenpox)                                fied individual shall solely by reason of his/her disabil-
1 dose of Meningococcal conjugate vaccine - For                                                                         The Hyde Park School District is required to maintain
                                                           ity be excluded from the participation in, be denied the
Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10                                                                                                   a list of persons in parental relation, faculty and staff
                                                           benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under
*Ten-year-old students who are entering 6th grade will                                                                  who wish to receive 48-hour prior written notification
                                                           any program activity receiving federal financial assis-
be required to receive the Tdap within two weeks of                                                                     of certain pesticide applications. The following pesti-
                                                           tance. Section 504 includes specific prohibitions
their 11th birthday                                                                                                     cide applications are not subject to prior notification
                                                           against discrimination based on disability in areas
**If the 3rd Polio dose was received at 4 years of age                                                                  requirements:
                                                           related to employment and program accessibility as                  • any application where a school remains
or older (otherwise a 4th dose is needed)                  well as student programs, activities and services.           unoccupied for 72 hours straight following the procedure
Students entering grade 12                                                                                                     • anti-microbial products
3 doses of DTap                                            The Section 504 Coordinators for each building are                  • nonvolatile rodenticides in tamper-resistant bait
1 dose of Tdap                                             the Building Principals. The Section 504 officer for         stations in areas inaccessible to children
3 doses of Polio                                           the District is Deputy Superintendent , Aviva Kafka,                • nonvolatile insecticidal baits in tamper resistant
2 doses of MMR                                             HPCSD, Administration Offices, P.O. Box 2033,                       bait stations in areas inaccessible to children
3 doses of Hepatitis B                                     Hyde Park, NY 12538. Please call (845) 229-4008                     • silica gels and other nonvolatile ready-to-use
1 dose of VZV (chickenpox)                                 for information on rights and procedures under               pastes, foams, or gels in areas inaccessible to children
                                                           Section 504.                                                        • boric acid and disodium oetaborate tetrahydrate
*1 or 2 doses of Meningococcal                                                                                                 • the application of EPA designated biopesticides
conjugate vaccine;
 2 doses or 1 dose if the dose was received at 16          Title IX Disclosure                                                 • the application of EPA designated exempt materi-
                                                                                                                        als under 40CFR152.25
years or older.                                            In compliance with Title IX, Educational Amend-              ervic• the use of aerosol products with a directed spray in
Health Examination                                         ments of 1972, the Hyde Park Central School Dis-
                                                           trict does not discriminate on the basis of gender,
                                                                                                                        containers of 18 fluid ounces or less when licensed and
                                                                                                                        used to protect individuals from an imminent threat from
Requirement                                                race, color, national origin, disability, or sexual ori-     stinging and biting insects including venomous spiders,
Any student new to the District and every student in       entation. This policy includes the following areas:
                                                                                                                        In the event of an emergency application necessary to
grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 must have a physical       recruitment and appointment of employees; employ-
                                                                                                                        protect against an imminent threat to human health, a
within the past 12 months on file. A copy of this          ment pay and benefits; counseling services for stu-
                                                                                                                        good faith effort will be made to supply written notifica-
physical signed by the medical doctor must be pro-         dents; access by students to educational programs,
                                                                                                                        tion to those on the 48-hour prior notification list. If you
vided to your child’s school. If a student does not        course offerings, and student activities.
                                                                                                                        would like to receive 48-hour prior notification of pesti-
have a medical doctor, the district can provide the        The Title IX coordinator for students for the District       cide applications that are scheduled to occur at your
services of our Board of Education appointed medical       is the Deputy Superintendent, Aviva Kafka, HPCSD             school, please contact Elliot Sheldon, Hyde Park
doctor, Dr. Steven Ritter, or the District Nurse Practi-   Administration Offices, P.O. Box 2033, Hyde Park,            Central School Pesticide Representative, P.O. Box
tioner, Patricia McCarthy-Freeman. It is preferred         NY 12538; phone: (845) 229-4008. This official will          2033, Hyde Park, NY 12538; telephone: (845) 229-
you use your own medical doctor since he/she can           provide information including complaint procedures           4064, fax: (845) 229-4033.
provide a more thorough exam and is more familiar          to any student or employee who feels that his/her
with your child’s medical history and home environ-        rights under Title IX may have been violated.
ment. If you choose to have the District MD or NP
perform the exam, please contact your child’s school.
Use of Facilities                                                 Dismissal Procedures                                              • district-wide equity in all subject areas;
The school district encourages use of school facilities,                • Parents must provide advance notice in writing            • increased direct instructional time in daily aca-
including gyms and ball fields by citizens, civic groups and      for student pickup. In the event of a change in plans,      demics; and
other non-profit community organizations. Such use can-           parents are strongly urged to contact the office no later         • the ability to share k-12 certified staff district-
not interfere with school programs. School functions have         than an hour before dismissal, except in the case of an     wide in an equitable manner.
precedence over other agencies. Groups not affiliated             emergency.
directly with the District may be charged a fee.                                                                              If you are new to Hyde Park, it may take some adjust-
                                                                        • Parents should continue to arrive no more than      ment before a level of comfort sets in, but students catch
Applications for the use of the facilities (available at all      ten minutes prior to student dismissal using the desig-
schools, the administration office, and online at                                                                             on quickly. Students may now tell you they have a band
                                                                  nated entrance for dismissal.                               rehearsal every “B” day, or that they need their sneakers
hpcsd.org). Building use applications should be submitted
no less than 30 days in advance, preferably as soon as                                                                        for physical education on “A” and “C” days. As you adjust
possible.                                                         Homework Policy                                             to the change, it is important to realize the value of every
                                                                                                                              child having an equal number of learning opportunities in
A District custodian will open and close the building and         Work assigned to students for completion outside the        all the content areas throughout the year. The first day of
have authority to act in the best interest of the District. The   classroom is a valid part of the instructional program.     school is an “A” day for all students throughout the dis-
organization will be billed for custodial services outside
                                                                  The amount of homework necessary depends on the             trict.
normally scheduled custodial hours (e.g., weekends).
If police service is required by the District for an activity     subject, type of class, the individual and many other       Each building administrator can provide additional infor-
(e.g., traffic control), the organization using the facilities    factors. Parents can assist by:                             mation and answer any further questions you may have
will be billed for that service.                                        • providing a satisfactory place to work free         regarding the six-day schedule.
                                                                  from distractions;
Kitchen use must be arranged at least two weeks in ad-
vance through the food service department and an addi-
                                                                        • establishing a time scheduled for homework;         New York State
tional cost will apply. A kitchen staff member must be                  • showing an interest in the homework to be           Assessment System
present. For more information on charges and require-             done; and
                                                                        • seeing that it is completed satisfactorily.         Students in New York State are required to participate in
ments, please call the School Lunch Department at
                                                                                                                              a number of State assessments beginning in third grade.
(845) 229-4006.                                                   It is expected that teachers will:
                                                                                                                              The following is a list of assessments given at each
                                                                          • not use homework as a means of punishment;
                                                                                                                              grade level. Information from these assessments assists
Instructional Program                                                     • carefully evaluate all homework assignments;
                                                                          • return graded homework in a timely way ;
                                                                                                                              the District in identifying students in need of additional
                                                                                                                              academic support, evaluating program and curricular
The Hyde Park Central School District strives to provide                  • base the number, frequency, and degree of
                                                                                                                              needs, and determining the District’s status as compared
a quality comprehensive educational program for its               difficulty of homework assignments on the ability and
                                                                                                                              to others across New York State.
students.                                                         needs of the pupil; and
                                                                                                                                 Grade 3: English Language Arts (ELA) and math
                                                                          • take into account classroom and other school
Attendance                                                        activities which make a legitimate claim on the pupil’s        Grade 4: ELA, math and science
                                                                                                                                 Grade 5: ELA and math
Regular daily attendance is essential for all students.           after school time.
                                                                                                                                 Grade 6: ELA and math
Children whose attendance is irregular lose the im-
portant continuity of instruction and are hindered in             Six Day Schedule                                               Grade 7: ELA and math
                                                                                                                                 Grade 8: ELA, math and science
learning.                                                         All schools operate on a six-day cycle. This means that     The dates for grade 3-8 assessments are on the district
It is also expected that family vacations will be scheduled       all buildings have a six-day cycle (A-B-C-D-E-F) instead    website. Each school will notify parents when assess-
during school recesses so that the students will not miss         of a five (5) day week (Monday through Friday). The         ment information is known.
regularly scheduled school days. The HPCSD compre-                benefits are:
hensive attendance policy explains this fully. A summary                                                                      At the high school level, Regents/Competency exams are
                                                                         • continuity of programs in special area subjects,
of this policy is available in every school building. The                                                                     taken in English, math, social studies, science, foreign
                                                                  since no letter day is ever lost or skipped due to holi-
complete policy is also on the District’s Website.                                                                            languages.
                                                                  days, snow days, etc.;
School Lunch Program                                          MySchoolBucks                                             Taxes, Assessment,
The benefit of a school breakfast and lunch on a
child’s health and education is a known fact. School
                                                              MySchoolBucks is an online payment service that           School Aid
                                                              provides parents the ability to securely pay for meals,   Public schools in New York State receive their finan-
lunch fulfills one-third of a child’s requirements for        monitor student cafeteria purchases, and receive
calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals. These nutri-                                                                 cial support from two principal sources: a tax on the
                                                              email notifications for low account balances. You will    local level and state aid. State aid is broader and pro-
ents, in combination with the meals the child eats at         be able to access MySchoolBucks.com free of
home, will satisfy a typical child’s daily needs.                                                                       vides assistance to local districts for a variety of pro-
                                                              charge to monitor transactions and receive low bal-       grams, such as standard operating aid, transportation,
The School Lunch Program is certified by the United           ance notifications. Payments made to MySchool-
States Department of Agriculture for providing meals                                                                    gifted and talented, BOCES aid, and software/library
                                                              Bucks.com take up to 72 hours to deposit into your        aid.
that meet the dietary guidelines of the Healthy, Hun-         account at the cafeteria line. All payments made
ger Free Child Act. A variety of lunches and break-           through MySchoolBucks will charge a $2.49 service
fasts are offered at all District locations and St. Peter’s   fee. However, there is still the option to pay by cash    State aid is based on a complicated formula and
Parochial School.                                             or check to the student’s school.                         changes annually based on average daily student at-
To provide the students with a satisfying school                                                                        tendance as well as other factors such as the value of
breakfast and lunch, the Food Service Department is                                                                     the District’s taxable property and average income.
staffed by 30 paid employees working from three to
eight hours a day. On an average day, 1,900 student              2019-2020 Meal Prices                                  The school tax rate is established by subtracting the
                                                                                                                        estimated receipts from state aid and all other sources
lunches and 800 breakfasts are served.                                                                                  from the amount which the Board estimates will be
A monthly menu lists the daily lunch and breakfast               Student Breakfast (ALL locations)   $2.85              needed for the operation of the schools. A ratio is then
offerings, which include a choice of protein entrees,                                                                   computed at which the real estate of the District would
vegetables, one-half pint of milk, whole grains and              Reduced Breakfast ( ALL locations) $0.00               have to be taxed to raise the balance. Each May, qual-
fruit. The menu is sent home monthly, is available in                                                                   ified voters are asked to authorize the expenditure of
                                                                 Adult Breakfast (ALL locations)     $2.25 + tax
all schools, and posted on the district’s Website at                                                                    funds at the annual election and budget vote, set for
www.hpcsd.org.                                                   ----------------------------------------------         May 21, 2019. Detailed information about these ex-
Free and reduced price lunches and breakfasts are                                                                       penditures is mailed to each District home prior to the
                                                                 Elementary Lunch & St. Peter’s      $2.85              vote.
available in all schools. Each family is encouraged to
complete an application. Applications will be mailed to          Middle School Lunch & St. Peter’s   $3.10
households in August and will be sent home with chil-                                                                   Income Tax Code Number
dren on the first day of school. Applications are avail-         High School Lunch                   $3.35
                                                                                                                        is 293.
able all year on-line. Free and reduced price meals              Reduced Lunch (ALL locations)       $0.00
can be applied for any time during the course of the                                                                    The school code for Hyde Park School District resi-
school year.                                                     Adult Lunch (ALL locations)         $4.50 + tax        dents to enter on their state income tax returns is 293.
                                                                                                                        Residency is determined as of December 31st. State
                                                                                                                        distribution of financial aid to school districts is based
                                                                                                                        on school code data reported by taxpayers.
                                                              Free/Reduced Meal applications are available on-
                                                              line, in each school office or through the school
                                                              nurse. All information is considered confidential. If
                                                              you have any questions or wish to obtain additional
                                                              information, please contact the Food Service Depart-
                                                              ment at (845) 229-4006.
Reporting to Parents                                                 4. Students should plan to be at their assigned      Bus Accident Policy
Report cards at Haviland and Roosevelt are issued
                                                              bus stop five to ten minutes before the scheduled           Regulations
                                                              time. If students miss the bus, it is their parent’s
four times each year at 10-week intervals. In addition        responsibility to arrange to get them to school.            The Board of Education’s bus policy related to
to the four scheduled reports, teachers are expected                 5. Parents are responsible for the safety of         bus accidents states that bus drivers are responsible
to notify you if your child is failing to complete as-        their children while walking or riding in vehicles other    for the safety of their riders. The policy requires drivers
signed lessons or is showing that he/she is not work-         than school buses between home and school or                to rigorously observe all motor vehicle laws and regu-
ing up to his/her level of ability.                           home and authorized bus stop.                               lations for the proper operation of their vehicle. In es-
                                                                     6. Bus routes are established over the most          tablishing this policy, the Board also adopted a District
Formal progress reports are also issued at mid-term           direct roads practical for bus travel. As much as           set of rules and regulations that each driver is ex-
intervals; i.e., five weeks after each 10-week term           possible, routes will be laid out so as to make full        pected to follow in the event of a bus accident. Briefly
begins. If your child is failing a class, you must receive    use of the carrying capacity of each bus.                   stated, if a bus is involved in an accident, all children
a progress report; however, many teachers issue                                                                           will be transported to a hospital either by ambulance or
them each term for many students. Elementary report                  7. Special transportation is provided for eligible   in a vehicle driven by the school authorities.
cards are issued four times a year with the first parent-     students with disabilities.
                                                                     8. Transportation will be provided for each          Because of New York State’s no-fault insurance laws,
teacher conference scheduled for November, and the                                                                        any injury that your child incurs during a school bus
second conference scheduled for April.                        resident child attending a private or parochial school
                                                              when such transportation is required by state law           accident must be claimed on your automobile insur-
                                                                                                                          ance, not the school district’s insurance.
                                                              and in accordance with the Hyde Park School Dis-
                                                              trict calendar. Transportation arrangements will be         The complete policy and set of regulations is available
                                                              the same as for children attending the public schools       in any school office, the transportation department,
Bus Routes/Stops                                              of the District. Requests for transportation to private     and the superintendent’s office.
                                                              and parochial schools of the District must be filed
It is the policy of the District to provide bus transporta-
                                                              with the transportation department, by law, annually
tion between designated bus stops and schools the
                                                              prior to April 1st for the following September.
students attend. For most students, this means walk-
ing to a bus stop located some distance from home.                   9. Parents will be notified by letter in August
The District does not provide door-to-door transporta-        regarding bus route information. Bus routes will also
tion.                                                         be published in area newspapers prior to the open-
        1. In establishing bus routes and pick-up points,     ing of school.
safety is the primary concern. However, efficiency and               10. Unless specifically noted, students will ride    Items Prohibited on School
                                                              the same bus route number home as they do in the
economy are also factors which must be considered.
        2. Bus routes will be established so that an au-      morning.                                                    Buses
thorized bus stop is available within a reasonable                   11. If your child requires transportation to and     Large musical instruments are permitted on buses
walking distance of the home of every pupil entitled to       from a daycare location, please fill out a daycare          when there is room. Clearly allowed are instruments
transportation service.                                       request form. Forms are available in the transporta-        small enough to fit comfortably on the lap or to stand
        3. Authorized bus stops are located at conven-        tion office or your child’s school building.                between the legs of a student, as long as the instru-
ient intervals in places where pupils can be loaded                  12. If you have specific questions that are not      ment does not interfere with other passengers on the
and unloaded, cross roadways, and await arrival of            answered by the individual bus route listings, please       bus seat.
buses with the utmost safety permitted by roadway             call the Transportation Office, (845) 229-4070.             Additionally, for safety reasons, other large packages
conditions.                                                                                                               and parcels, glass containers and live animals are not
                                                                                                                          allowed on school buses.
Hyde Park Central School District

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