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                                 ST PETER'S SCHOOL

                 SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN 2020 – 2024

3 key improvement priorities:
Behaviour for Learning (Disadvantaged boys) (L2/L3)
Consistent high quality teaching from year 7 to 13 (HPA Focus Year 7 - 13)(L5/A1)
Exemplary communication with all stakeholders (E2)

                              Our Vision Statement:
              To be the Secondary School of Choice in Huntingdonshire
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                                                                             School Improvement Plan (summary) March 2021

                                    LEARN                                                                                   ASPIRE                                                                                           EXCEED
                                                                                Quality assurance – leadership to be 40% outstanding, 80% good (March)                                    Retention - KS 5 recruitment 55% of all and all the top 20 year 11 students
Curriculum:                                                                                                                                                                               indicating to remain at St Peter’s School into Yr 12 (Jan)
- KS3 ‘boys’ (June)                                                             Primaries - effective working relationships with Thongsley and Hartford
- Personal Development KS3-5 (June)                                             primaries (March)                                                                                         Students - embed a ‘prefect’ style leadership system for students (Nov)
- Beyond the classroom (June)
- STRICVE KS3 towards 20+ hours on site (June)                                  Post 16- all lessons rated as leading to expected progress (March)                                        Parental liaison - 90% parents state this is effective (March)

SEND:                                                                           Assessment – Year 11 intervention programme in place (Jan)
                                                                                                                                                                                          Attendance - 96% (year 7 – 13) - revised procedure instigated PA 16% (March)
- Student details to be linked to student profiles (March)                                                                                                                                Disadvantaged 93.4 % (93.2 national, 94.8 national all) (Dec)
                                                                                Post 16 A level: - Average per entry 33 to be positive
Student Profiles: - Reviewed for identified students (Disadvantaged students)                                                                                                             Exclusions - fixed term exclusions reduced to 20 days for the term (March)
                                                                                Post 16 vocational: - Average per entry 33
for years 7-13 (March)                                                                                                                                                                    Disadvantaged (10 days - 60% of all recorded poor behaviour)
                                                                                Disadvantaged: - overall -0.2 (Dec)
Teaching and Learning: - Science/Maths 90% effective (March)                                  - boys -0.6                                                                                 NEET=1% - Destinations of disadvantaged students tracked Year 11-13

Homework: - that is appropriately challenging consistently set – (March)                         En/Ma   Eb    A8    P8     Dis    Ad    SEND   EAL     B      G     High   Vul    YC
                                                                                                                                                                                          Anti bullying: - incidents reduced to 20 for the term (March)
                                                                                                  (5+)   (%)
KS3 teaching: - quality of teaching and learning to be 80% effective (Dec)           Year 11       47     4    3.7   -0.2   -0.6   0.0   -0.6   +0.1   -0.4   -0.1   0.1    -0.4   -0.7   Racist incidents: - to be reduced to 7 for the term (March)
                                                                                     Year 11      60     8     4.1   0.1     0     0.2   0.2    +0.4   0.1    0.2    0.3    0.1    0.2
Student work monitoring – overt progress                                             targets

Disadvantaged 80% March
Other 80%

Teaching – 95% meets expectations (March)
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                                             Long term – 3 years (2024) - To be the secondary school of choice in Huntingdonshire

                                  LEARN                                                                       ASPIRE                                                                          EXCEED
Curriculum - Promotes academic, technical, skills, wellbeing and SMSC        Leaders - All to have a deep understanding of the school’s effectiveness,      Communication – parents value guidance on how to support their child
(PD/RE)development through a combination of the taught and extra-            taking responsibility for driving forward standards in their subject area,
curricular opportunities                                                     ensuring all students make outstanding progress (progress 8 is +0.5 and Post    Attendance – 96% (year 7 – 13)
                                                                                                                                                             - no group is disadvantaged with low attendee’s attendance/equal to national
                                                                             16 A level and Applied General value added is +0.5)
Immersed curriculum - with embedded collaborative learning to all top sets
                                                                                                                                                            - persistent absence is 1% below the national average
Years 7-11                                                                   NPQML / SL - centre for the delivery of
                                                                                                                                                            Attitude to learning is high across all subjects / year groups
Premises - Develop the school premises and facilities to address growth in   DET /DOT – Delivery centre                                                     Students are actively engaged in their learning
Year 7 intake and future post 16 numbers to support high quality extended
school and community provision                                               Literacy and numeracy – embedded across the curriculum including tutor         Behaviour - Outside of lessons is impeccable with students being punctual
MAT - proved to be value added                                                                                                                              and self-disciplined. Incidences of low level disruption are rare.
                                                                             Student numbers – to be oversubscribed
100% - teaching leading to above / expected progress                                                                                                        Careers advice – Gatsby benchmark is achieved
                                                                             Specialism – 5 core curriculum areas linked with identified employers
Teachers – question effectively to identify and rapidly address                                                                                             Safety- Students feel safe and promote the safety of others rapidly rising
misconceptions                                                               Information Technology - to be embedded in the whole curriculum delivery       (even online)

Intervention – students who fall behind are supported and catch up within                                                                                   SMSC – Students are caring and active citizens in school and the wider society
two weeks (Year 8-9 Maths, English, Year 11 Core subjects)
                                                                                                                                                            Continuity - of curriculum and pastoral care within local Trust primary and
Progress 8 is +0.5
                                                                                                                                                            secondary schools
Progress - Across all subject areas, year groups and identified groups of
students is rapid
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                       Where are the Ofsted targets addressed in our School Improvement Plan?

                                                          Ofsted target                     Where addressed in our Plan

Continue to raise the achievement of disadvantaged pupils, especially boys, so that it is
securely good, by:
– continuing to secure high-quality teaching through key stages 3 and 4, which plugs                    L3
gaps in pupils’ knowledge from their previous weaker teaching and/or lower
starting points

Continue to raise the achievement of disadvantaged pupils, especially boys, so that it is
securely good, by:
sharpening the monitoring, intervention and support for pupils at key stage 3, so                     L1/L3
that it has maximum impact on their achievement

Ensure that staff receive precise guidance about how to meet the needs of, and raise
standards for, specific pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities but
do not have an education, health and care (EHC) plan

Further develop the positive communication with parents, especially those parents who
have concerns, so that they are clearer about what the school is doing to support their
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                                                                Progress towards achieving Ofsted targets (March 2017)
               Target (March 2017 Inspection)                                            How                                                        Impact
Continue to raise the achievement of disadvantaged        • Allocation of staff to be checked as the new 18/19           Quality of teaching and learning at KS3 90% meeting
pupils, especially boys, so that it is securely good, by:   timetables produced. Student recognition events to           expectations (November 2019)
– continuing to secure high-quality teaching through        be continually developed.
key stages 3 and 4, which plugs gaps in pupils’           • Students curriculum experience to be deepened e.g.
knowledge from their previous weaker teaching and/or        Year 7 triple E/ St peter’s Promise
lower starting points
Continue to raise the achievement of disadvantaged          • Schemes of work to be rewritten linked to                  Disadvantaged girls progress was -0.4 in 2019 with
pupils, especially boys, so that it is securely good, by:     assessments. Staffing made available to promptly           boys being -1.0
sharpening the monitoring, intervention and support           support students’ progress as gaps are identified
for pupils at key stage 3, so that it has maximum             (KS3, 4 and 5 intervention).
impact on their achievement

Ensure that staff receive precise guidance about how        • IEPs to be written for ‘K’ students at KS4 along with      Student profiles written
to meet the needs of, and raise standards for, specific       student profiles
pupils who have special educational needs and/or            • SENDCo conducts learning walks to ascertain staffs
disabilities but do not have an education, health and         developmental needs in order to support E/K
care (EHC) plan                                               students appropriately
Students curriculum experienced is altered as required      • Students timetable adjusted as appropriate to
e.g. Nurture                                                  ensure the requirements of EHCPs are addressed

Further develop the positive communication with             • Survey parents using an external consultant on their       Student profiles communicated to parents via GFS.
parents, especially those parents who have concerns,          experience of communicating with St Peter’s School         436 communications home on 11th June 2019
so that they are clearer about what the school is doing     • Parent panel developed to take an active role in the       Parent Partnership group established and meeting
to support their child                                        school                                                     regularly. Parents state that the school is ‘good’ at
                                                            • Positive comments file maintained                          communicating with parents (survey January 2019)
                                                            • Quality assurance phone calls made and outcomes            with 98% of Year 11 parents (January 2020)
                                                              logged with further developments implemented               recommending St Peter’s School to another parent.
                                                            • Number of communications per day recorded
                                                              (emails sent /phone calls)
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                                                                                             SEF September 2020 - Quality of Education (Grade 2)
                               Learn (Grade 2)                                                                   Aspire (Grade 2)                                                                  Exceed (Grade 2)
How do we develop staff? (EB)                                                    What is the impact of our leadership? (CB)                                         Are our students safeguarded?
•   88% (November 2020) of teaching reaches our expectations - We know           •    88% of teaching meets our expectations (November 2019)                        •     600 student 56% (83% of Disadvantaged) have a safeguarding file
    this because: (Progress 8 score of ‘other’ students is +0 2)                 •    92% leadership meets our expectations                                          •   Pupils say they feel safe. 73% February 2019 Pupils say that school
•   Performance management process focused upon staff                            •    Balanced budget delivered in 2018/19 and 2019/20                                   teaches them how to be safe online and in the community and they
    development/contributes to the whole school e.g. all teaching staff will     •    Fully staffed                                                                      have confidence in staff to support them.
    have an action research target                                               •    Increased student numbers (+100 in one year)                                   •   Regular audits (records available) internally and externally of the
•   Due to the Triangulation development for all staff have been identified.     •    Actively seek links both within and beyond the Trust e.g. peer / focused           safeguarding arrangements, Child Protection files, SCR
    This is then addressed through bespoke CPD e.g. Triads / breakfast CPD            reviews                                                                        •   Trust (Autumn 2019)/LA (December 2019) audits both positive with
    / subject specific knowledge enhancement.                                    •    Roles and responsibilities of all leaders are clearly defined with clear           outcomes acted upon.
•   A range of opportunities are available for staff at all levels e.g. NQTs,         accountability including budgetary responsibility/student progress             •   All staff have received training to identify extremist behaviour with the
    RQT, Middle leaders, Senior leaders.                                         •    Governors through regular professional development hold senior                     training being part of our new staff induction process.
•   Internal quality assurance team of middle leaders created to e.g.                 leaders to account for all aspects of the school’s performance as              •   Monthly whole staff safeguarding briefings including annul retraining
    support departmental peer reviews/pupil experience activities.                    evidenced in minutes/visit reports with an emphasis on safeguarding                e.g. KCSIE19 (September 2019)
•   Teaching that does not reach our expectations is challenged by the                (overseen by a designated Governor)                                            •   Safeguarding is embedded in the culture of the school through the
    Improving Teacher Support programme (ITSP) conjunction with the              •    The performance management process is rigorous. Specific targets for               creation of a safeguarding team with administrative support.
    performance management policy.                                                    TLR/UPS holders are set with staff on UPS 3 allocated specific                 •   All students have been trained in E Safety through the personal
•   The UPS staff along with the best practitioners are delivering CPD and            responsibilities                                                                   development programme and Computer Science lessons with parents
    disseminating to all staff examples of effective practice as monitored       •    Development of the senior and middle leadership team is a growing                  receiving updates on current e safety issues. E.g. Digital Leaders/Parent
    through performance management.                                                   strength. Middle leaders conduct regular walks/ work scrutiny to                   E Safety group
•   A team of ‘coaches’ have been identified and trained who work with                identify effective practice/ areas of development. These are then              •   Students have a strong sense of right and wrong e.g. bullying
    identified staff.                                                                 immediately acted upon by the middle leader. Identified middle leaders         •   Students at Post 16 participate in activities designed to help keep them
•   Coaching for Success programme is available for teaching staff. All new           form an internal quality assurance team, staff are developed through to            safe e.g. Breck Foundation / CASUS / DriveIQ
    staff are assigned a coach as part of their induction.                            NPQ ML/SL/H, with roles as SLEs developed
•   T & L briefing is used to share ideas update staff knowledge/present         •    A risk register that includes the current and future financial positions is   How are our students developed? (MG)
    research findings.                                                                now regularly updated by senior leaders and governors together                •   Student leadership is becoming stronger. This area is led by an Assistant
•   A CPD plan has been developed offering up to four training sessions per      •    Internal quality assurance team of middle leaders created to e.g.                 Headteacher with a diary of events that students are involved in has
    week. The training is delivered either internally or externally using a           support departmental peer reviews/ pupil experience activities.                   been created. e.g. leading Student Council/Charity events.
    variety of quality sources e.g. CAM Trust for science.                            Outcomes feedback to staff via staff briefings. This includes monitoring      •   Student leaders are being trained in Mental Health First Aid so that they
•   Leadership CPD and succession planning crucial to staff development.              staff workload.                                                                   can support younger students with low level mental health concerns.
                                                                                                                                                                    •   SMSC, promoting British values and preparing students for life in
Is our curriculum suitable? (EB)                                                 We have achieved this by:                                                              modern Britain is led by a senior leader mapped across all year groups
 ▪    Extended writing is a focus. All formal assessments now require            •    Proactively using internal data to:                                               and externally reviewed.
      extended written answers. Extended oral answers are required from all           •     Pastoral – employ additional staff who support underperforming          •   Post 16 students participate in a comprehensive series of activities
      students when questioned. This is monitored during learning walks /                   students - Year 6/7 transition                                              including CEIAG / how to keep safe.
      student voice / marking scrutiny.                                                                - Disadvantaged
 ▪    Action is taken to ensure all students catch up and then make                                    - Post 16                                                    How positive are students’ attitudes to learning? (MG)
      accelerated progress in Literacy and Numeracy. E.g. a primary teacher is        •     Attendance – employment of an EWO across the Trust who will             •   Fixed term/more than one exclusion below national averages (IDSR
      employed focusing on Year 7 catch up/specific training given to                       work with identified families                                               2018)
      identified staff                                                                •     Academic – interventions within/beyond the classroom e.g. Year 7        •   0% permanent exclusions (2014-20)
 ▪    Reading standards are rapidly improving despite being very low on entry               Literacy, Year 8 English/Maths, Year 11/13 subject specific             •   Rewards to sanctions given in the ratio 6:1 February 2020
      e.g. year 11 - 9.5 years on entry                                          •    Valuing the contribution made by all staff e.g. teaching and learning         •   14% against 25% nationally students within our Alternative provision
 ▪    Maths teaching practices of SEND students amended, with regular                 briefings                                                                         Unit SEND (E) (September 2020)
      observations/ supportive monitoring occurring.                             •    Clear accountability with support available                                   •   Disadvantaged students received a fixed term exclusion compared to
 ▪    The curriculum from year 7 – 11 is broad and balanced leading to           •    Quality Assurance cycle lead by trained middle leaders                            their 3.3: 1 compared to national ratio of 4:1
      significantly more students (currently 96% year 11 students) following 8   •    Trust staff, Governors, students, parents, external stakeholders              •   Attendance (currently 93.3 Feb 2020). There are clear, rigorous and
      courses counting towards Progress 8                                        •    Rigorous performance management focused on staff’s contribution to                robust attendance systems in place.
 ▪    Assessment data is robustly challenged using full GCSE papers which are         the school e.g. action research
      externally moderated with uplifted boundary marks in years 10 -13
                                                                                 •    Allocating specific responsibilities to SLT / TLR holders with job            What is our impact on students’ progression beyond St Peter’s School? (AM)
 ▪    The curriculum at Post 16 meets the needs of students allowing them to                                                                                        •   A clear Career Strategy enables the careers team to ensure that the
      access HE and apprenticeships. In 2018 all but 2 students went onto a
                                                                                 •    Clear accountability with the expenditure of delegated budgets e.g. PP,           needs of all students are being met (only 2 Year 13 students NEET Sept
      valuable destination.                                                                                                                                             2020)
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Disadvantaged students (SEW)                                                     •   All year 13 leavers had a progression route (2019) – 78% went onto HE
▪    Pupil Premium is overseen by a designated Governor and led by a                 and the rest secured apprenticeships and employment. Those that left
     dedicated Associate Assistant Head Teacher.                                     at the end of year 12 went onto apprenticeships or other FE colleges.
▪    Profiles written for ‘K’/Disadvantaged students incorporating               •   The destinations of all year 11 students/year 12 & 13 students are
     aspirations (Ofsted target)                                                     monitored and tracked, with extra support given if needed
▪    Year 11 gap between school Disadvantaged and national other widened         •   Close work with external agencies and the LA to ensure that those
     for 2018/19 due to the lower attainment of multiple Disadvantaged               students at risk of being NEET have extra support.
     boys who all faced significant personal challenges. Projected               •   The use of alumni is developing across the school showing students
     Disadvantaged progress 8 in 2020 = -0.4                                         what they can achieve in the future. This has been supported by our
                                                                                     work with Future First
Narrowing this gap will be achieved by:
▪    Consistently higher quality teaching from year 7 onwards with specific
     effective T & L practices to increase the progress of Disadvantaged
     students have been developed, communicated to staff and monitored
     for their impact
▪    Consistent application of rigorous assessment procedures – identify
     gaps in learning which are promptly addressed
▪    Middle leaders consistently held to account for student outcomes by
     SLT and performance management
▪    Revised schemes of work with greater academic challenge
▪    Identified students (e.g. Disadvantaged/ High Prior Attaining/ boys)
     allocated to a key worker for student profile/ pastoral support plans
     incorporating tighter liaison with parents
▪    Assistant Head Teacher for Disadvantaged students
▪    At Post 16 disadvantaged students (-0.32) are predicted to make better
     progress than non-disadvantaged students (-0.57) in A level
     qualifications. This is in line with the 2018 results, when disadvantaged
     students achieved 28.54 compared to the overall of 25.88.
▪    The percentage of disadvantaged students who go onto university is
     above the National Average.
▪    The three-year trend for GCSE English and Maths resit at post 16, shows
     that progress is significantly above the national average. Timetabled
     lessons and subject specialists support this.


                                E/M (%)        Ebacc (%)
                P8            4+     5+                      A8    NEET
 19/20          0.0           61          27   54     6      4.0     -
 18/19          -0.1          57          40   38     12     4.1    3

 Year 11                                            2018
                          2019 actual                                Gap
 Disadvantaged                     -0.8              -0.3           Wider
 Boys Dis                          -1.0              -1.0           Same
 Boys all                          -0.4              -0.4           Same
 HPA                               -0.5               0.0           Wider

 Year 13
 A level               -0.7
 Applied               0.0
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                                                                                                                      Year 11
                                                                                                 Strengths                              Concerns
                                                                                    English                                Art and Design
                                                                                    Maths                                  Drama

                                                                                                                      Year 13
                                                                                                Strengths                               Concerns
                                                                                    Vocational subjects                    Economics
                                                                                    Business                               Maths
                                                                                    PE                                     History
                                                                                    IT                                     Psychology

                                                                                   Actions to address these concerns are being/have been taken

                                                                                          How will we improve the quality of students’ education? (CB)

                        KEY AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT                                                          KEY AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT                                                    KEY AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT
1. Literacy for learning – students to reach their chronological reading           1. High prior attaining (especially disadvantaged) students to be             1. Develop a stronger series of rewards/ extra-curricular activities in
   age by using assessment outcomes to inform intervention                             consistently challenged to make greater than national expected               conjunction with the Student Council (E7) (SEW)
   strategies (L6)                                                                     (>+0.1)levels of progress from Year 7 (L1) (SEW)                          2. Safeguarding to be judged to be at least meeting expectations in the next
2. To further improve the quality of teaching and learning across all              2. Using the 2019 examination outcomes to enhance the accuracy of our            Section 5 Ofsted inspection (E1) (AM)
   departments (ensure that teaching and learning is a focus in line                   renewed assessment procedures to ensure they are within +/-5% of the      3. Parental engagement to be a strength of the school (E2) (JEB)
   management meetings, during CPD sessions and in meetings with HoDs,                 actual outcomes (A3) (EB)
   and that structured and rigorous intervention is built into timetables) to be   3. 80% of middle leadership to be externally recognised as outstanding
   at least 90% good and outstanding (L5) (EB)                                         (A2) (EB)
3. Students school experience is broadened through additional activities in        4. Heads of Year to consistently monitor and track academic progress in
   PD / RE / SMSC / CEIAG/ extra-curricular e.g. Duke of Edinburgh/ National          their year groups (MG)
   Citizen Service (A6/L3 SEW/JEB)                                                 5. Intervention strategies to support students to make greater progress
                                                                                      within two weeks of the assessment point focused upon these groups of
                                                                                      students : (EB overall)
                                                                                   • Disadvantaged - especially boys (SEW)
                                                                                   • Higher prior attaining (especially disadvantaged) (SEW) especially in the
                                                                                      following subjects:
                                                                                      Year 11 DT/ Drama/ Sports Studies
                                                                                      Year 13 History/ Psychology/ Sociology/ Geography
                                                                                   6. To increase the post 16 VA to be A Level >-03 Vo c >0.0 (A2) (AM)
                                                                                   7. Tutoring to further improve to consistently take advantage of the
                                                                                       vertical tutor groups Year 11 tutor groups (A5) (MG)
                                                                                   8. Further develop the effectiveness of tutor time (95% to meet
                                                                                       expectations) (A5) (MG)
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                          How is St Peter’s School giving effect to the CAM Academy Trust values?
              Principle                                                    Action                                                             Impact
The excellence principle (TP1)(E10)     •    Proactive in comparing ourselves to other education providers e.g.          •   Good Ofsted judgement
SIP ref L1, L2, A1                           organising a unique series of peer reviews to moderate our own              •   90% of teaching and learning meets our
                                             perception of our own effectiveness and to ascertain examples of best           expectations (February 2020)
Education must be of the very highest        practice from other providers                                               •   St Peter’s school is fully staffed
standard                                •    Ensuring staff development is a high priority                               •   Overall progress Year 11 in 2019
                                            - Classroom teachers (Trust CPD-DET, informal CPD - Triad groups)                +0.2 girls
                                            - Associate staff - have the knowledge and skills to support students            +0.3 other
                                                 and staff                                                                   +0.3 English (all)
                                            - Leaders - developed through NPQML/NPQSL with opportunities to                  +0.2 Maths (all)
                                                 acquire whole school leadership responsibilities                            +0.6 English (0ther)
                                        •    Work within other Trust secondary schools                                   •   Quality of Alternative Provision recognised
                                        •    Recruitment of high quality teaching staff through embracing close              by Local Authority
                                             working relationships with providers
                                        •    Instigate the Early Career Framework from Sept 2020 instead of Sept
                                        •   Through developing a meaningful careers programme all students
                                            progress onto meaningful destinations
                                        •   CEIAG strategy ensures appropriate events to raise the aspirations of all
                                        •   September 2019
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                                       •   Safeguarding is a strength of the school and is recognised as best
                                           practice – we are open in sharing our expertise with other schools
                                       •  Staff are encouraged to take risks in the classroom planning exciting and
                                          engaging lessons that enable knowledge to grow deep roots. We have a
                                          rigorous Teaching and Learning framework that identifies staff in need of
                                          further support to improve their teaching
                                       • Student leadership opportunities encourage students to contribute to
                                          the school and local community
                                                                         Next steps                                  •   Monitor the progress of students and the
                                        • Develop the quality of teaching to ensure students make expected               impact of the support and intervention for
                                          progress: (SIP ref L4)                                                         students.
                                          o KS4
                                          - Drama
                                          - Product Design
                                          - Geography
                                          - PE
                                          o KS5 A Levels
                                          - Further Maths
                                          - Sociology
                                          - Applied Science
The comprehensive principle (TP2)      • Students of all abilities are catered for within our comprehensive          •   STRIVE - for students who find mainstream
SIP ref Outcomes L1, L2, L4, L5, A1,      curriculum, notably                                                            education a challenge. Positive Ofsted
A7                                        - Disadvantaged especially boys (how we meet our equal opportunity             comments and Trust report monthly impact
                                              objectives are monitored on a monthly basis)                               reports) All students passed the
Education must be for all types and       - Internal Alternative Provision                                               examinations sat in years 10 and 11 with 4
abilities of pupils                       - Hub                                                                          out of 5 of year 11s progressing to a high
                                          - Cabin – enhanced provision for students with an EHCP for autism              quality destination.
                                          - SEND                                                                     •   Quality of provision noted by Local
                                          - Most vulnerable                                                              Authority (January 2020)
                                          - High Prior Attaining                                                     •   SEND provision noted by Local Authority
                                          - LAC
                                       • Development of the Mental Health Champion’s role                           •    Students speak 29 different home languages
                                       • Student’s personal development is enhanced by                              •    Staff/students to be appropriately trained
                                          o Leadership opportunities (Student leadership team)                           with the CHATBar opened and promoted
                                          o Students working in partnership with:
                                          - Duke of Edinburgh
                                          - National Citizen Service
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                                           - Combined Cadet Force
                                      •    Personal , Social, Health Education/RE/SMSC provision is growing
                                      •    Co-ordinated overview KS3-5
                                      •    Continue to implement the Trust IT strategy                             •   IPad trial due Autumn 2020

                                                                          Next steps
                                      •    Further develop our provision for the most challenging through
                                           enhancing our STRIVE unit (SIP ref L3G)
                                      •    High Prior Attaining students to make expected progress from KS4 (SIP
                                           ref L3C)
                                      •    Develop the leadership capacity of the SEND team
                                      •    External review of our Pupil Premium strategy
                                      •    Develop our Post 16 collaboration
                                      •    Develop cross phase joint working relationships
The community principle (TP3)          •   Local community links continue to be developed:                         • Support both the Year 12 Business students
SIP ref E2, E8,E10                     •   Business mentors                                                          and identified students for CIEAG
                                       •   ‘WOW Wednesdays’ use the Alumni community to help raise aspirations
Every Academy must be at the heart         amongst students
of its local community and serve it   •    Police officer working part time from SPS                               • Police now recruit now working with SPS
                                      • Music School                                                               • 36 students from St Peter’s School and local
                                                                                                                     primary schools regularly attend
                                                                                                                   • Charitable donation being used to promote
                                                                                                                     music from primary school upwards
                                      • Close working relationships with                                           • Close working relationships are resulting in
                                        o Further Education providers                                                2% NEET in Year 11 September (2020)
                                        o Universities (NEACO support)                                               >4% NEET in Year 13 (September 2020)
                                        o Business                                                                   (National 13 % FSR June 2020)
                                      • Primary schools                                                            • Programme of teaching opportunities in
                                        o Specific role within Head of Year responsibilities                         other schools in place
                                        o Staff time/resources allocated to support cross phase working e.g.       • Support for pastoral provision ongoing in
                                            CPD, lesson delivery, extra-curricular provision                         primary schools
                                      • Governing body supports both St Peter’s and Thongsley Fields
                                      • Use of facilities                                                          • School facilities are used by over 20
                                                                                                                     community groups
                                      • Business – 40 businesses and local FE/HE providers are happy to give       • Working with 40 businesses
                                        their time to attend CEIAG events such as the Annual Careers Fair
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                                        • Parent Panel group provides a useful venue for dialogue                      • Issues addressed e.g. home/school contact
                                                                                                                         e.g. 439 contacts on June11th 2019
                                        • Electively Home Educated (EHE) students are encouraged to use St             • Young people are engaged to participate in
                                          Peter’s School as an examination centre for GCSE exams                         full time education at the next level e.g.
                                                                                                                         progression to 6th form
                                                                                                                       • Greater numbers of students applying for
                                                                                                                         Year 11 leadership positions (32 in 2019)
                                        • Student leadership activities (paired reading, mentoring, charity work
                                                                                                                       • Post 16 students using relevant experiences
                                          etc.) encourage a strong whole school community
                                                                                                                         to support university applications

                                                                       Next steps                                      • Measure the impact of the redeployment of
                                        • Further develop effective cross phase working practices focused on              staff to these primary schools
                                          Thongsley and Hartford Junior (SIP ref E8)                                      - Pastoral (SSM/ Family Worker)
                                                                                                                          - Teachers – Science and French
The partnership principle (TP4)         We continue to develop partnership working practices with:                     SPS staff have supported:
SIP ref E5, E8                          • Locality - wider social issues/ safeguarding/ NEET                           • Delivery of Music - Melbourn
                                        • Trust - staff development and quality assurance                              • Two whole school peer reviews
Each Academy must seek to work          • Teaching School Alliance - staff development (NPQ M/S/QL)                     • HoDs leading curriculum groups across the
positively in partnership with others   • Primary schools – increasing number of applications                              Trust
for mutual benefit                      • Extra-curricular events - Grafham Water, Business mentors, Arkwright,         • School Business Manager leading upon the
                                           Villiers Park, Duke of Edinburgh, National Citizens Service, Combined           implementation of GDPR
                                           Cadet Force in conjunction with Kimbolton private school                     • SPS hosting an SLT placement
                                        • CEIAG – The Skills Service, NEACO, Hogan Lovells                              • Supporting LA SEMH/AP steering groups
                                                                                                                        • Working with the Oxmoor action group
                                        • There is a joint Governing Body for St Peter’s and Thongsley Fields. This    • Staff have been allocated time within their
                                          is ensuring that a developing joint curricular provision is emerging along      allocation to support cross phase working:
                                          with cost saving measures                                                             - CPD e.g. Science/History
                                        • ITT provision – Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire/Cambridge                                 - Pastoral support
                                          Partnerships/CTSN/ TeachFirst/NowTeach/SEP                                            - SENDCo support
                                                                                                                                - Premises management
                                                                                                                                - HR support
                                                                       Next steps
                                        • Increase of work with external organisations e.g. Centre 33 regarding
                                          Young Carers (SIP ref E8)
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The international principle (TP5)         • We actively participate in Trust wide projects                            • The CATalogue is an example of how St
SIP ref L3e, E9                                                                                                         Peter’s School is supporting the Trust wide
                                                                                                                        IT strategy
The curriculum inside and outside the     • Close working relationships with the twinning association facilitating    • International Award Intermediate level to
classroom must have a clear                 visits to European destinations                                             be applied for
international dimension                   • Celebration of diversity amongst our own staff/ student population        • All KS3 students are taught French in each of
                                          • Increased MFL staffing supports a broader curricular delivery of French     years 7, 8 and 9
                                                                                                                      • We have the capacity to deliver French to
                                                                                                                        75% of KS4 students
                                                                          Next steps                                  • Further develop our ‘international’ work to
                                                                                                                        convert our bronze international award into
                                           • Identify where the academic curriculum develops student’s                  the silver
                                              ‘international’ awareness
The Broad Education principle (TP6)       - Personal Development Learning Skills (PD) (inc Healthy Schools)
SIP ref L3g, A6, E6                       - Religious Education (RE/RSE)
                                          - Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG)
Education in all of our schools will be   - Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC)
broadly based. The Arts, Sport,           - STRIVE – additional capacity added to the team
Physical Education and technological         - contact hours increased
Education will be provided. The well-        - PD/careers contact increased provision
being and personal development of           - Online provider/provision received
every pupil is core to all educational         February – SMSC tracking complete
provision.                                  - STRIVE – curriculum developed to overtly include:
                                               • Personal Development
                                               • RE
                                               • Computer Science
                                                                              Next steps                              • Monitor the effectiveness of the revised
                                           • RE/PD assessments written                                                  RE/PD arrangements/ delivery
                                           • Healthy Schools mark achieved
                                           • Enhance curriculum provision KS3-5 (including Post 16 enrichment
                                              afternoon) (SIP ref L3g)
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                                                                                 School Improvement Plan 2020/21

             Target                                          Actions                                       Monitoring Point                              Monitoring Notes   Who   Cost £              Outcomes
                                                                                                      th                th
                                                                                                 11 Dec             19 Mar               16th Jul





L1                                  All schemes of work revised to include:                                                                                                 EB             Students achieve target grades
Progress (7-11)                     - Careers information
Progress of identified sub groups   - HPA Literacy development
to be improved to be at least in    - Numeracy
line with national standards        Disadvantaged                                                                                                                           SEW
(Trust Principle 1 and 2)                                                              Year 7
                                                                                       Year 8                                                  >-0.3
                                                                                       Year 9                                                  >-0.3
                                                                                      Year 10                                                  >-0.3
                                                                                      Year 11                                                  >-0.3
                                    High Prior Attaining                                                                                                                    SEW
                                                                                        Year 7
                                                                                        Year 8                                                 >+0.1
                                                                                        Year 9                                                 >+0.1
                                                                                       Year 10                                                 >+0.1
                                                                                       Year 11                                                 >+0.1
L2                                  Disadvantaged (Academic)                          Year 13                                                                               AM             Students achieve target grades
Value Added (12-13)                 (all students)
Attainment of Disadvantaged
students to be improved to be at
least in line with national
                                    Disadvantaged (General Applied)                   Year 13                                                                               AM
standards (VA=0)
(Trust Principle 1 and 2)
L3                                  External pupil premium review conducted to support the                                                                                  SEW 286,000    Gap in progress 8 figure
Curriculum                          evaluation of the school’s approach to instigating changes                                                                                  (incl      between St Peter’s
Maximise the potential of our       to the provision for disadvantaged students                                                                                                 Catch      Disadvantaged and national
Year 11 students through            CAT supporting the review                                                                                                                   Up)        other to decrease by at least 0.5
narrowing the progress gap          After assessments rearranged                                                                                                                           per element
between                             Interventions delivered in                                                                                                                             Disadvantaged
                                    - Lesson time                                                                                                                                          Progress 8
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                                  - Tutor time                                                                 All 0.0
                                  - After school                                                               Boys -0.3
                                  Monitoring by:                                                         SEW
a) Disadvantaged/ other           - Learning walks, work scrutiny, student voice,                              Other
students                             assessments, weekly meeting between HoD                                   Progress 8
                                     English/Maths                                                             All +0.2
- whole school                    - Focus of all line management meetings
- specified in English, Maths and - Additional resources deployed                                              High Prior Attaining >+0.1
Science for all year groups          o PP tutor group
                                     o PP specific parents evening
(Trust principle 1)                  o More in depth CEIAG
b) Disadvantaged                  Focus on disadvantaged boys:                                           SEW   Students achieve target grades
                                  Individual Student profiles written/ASPIRE students
                                  CAT supporting progress of boys whole school
                                  Gap in Year 11 progress 8 to be broadly in line with the
                                  national (see separate section for subject and headline
                                  performance measures)
                                  Overall                                                         +0.3   SEW
                                  English                                                         0.0    SEW
                                  Maths                                                           +0.6   SEW
                                  EBacc                                                           +0.4   SEW
                                  Open                                                            +0.1   SEW
c) High Prior Attaining           CAT supporting progress of HPA in English                                    Students achieve target grades
                                  Overall                                                         +0.2   SEW
                                  English                                                         +0.1   SEW
                                  Maths                                                           +0.6   SEW
                                  EBacc                                                           +0.2   SEW
                                  Open                                                            +0.2   SEW
d) Develop the curriculum         Yr 10/11 instigated June 2021                                          SEW   Open element Progress 8 to be
provision for open element        Curriculum review completed                                                 >0.0
subjects at KS4                   Open element subjects/ qualifications commissioned          
e) MFL provision to be enhanced Develop the coherence of the KS2-3 MFL progress for                      AM    Progress made towards 90%
(Trust Principle 5)               students via allocating resources                                            student studying the Ebacc
                                  Solidify our plan to work towards 75% of Year 10 students              AM/
                                  studying the Ebacc by 2022 and 90% by 2025                              EB
                                  Identify where the academic curriculum develops
                                  students ‘international’ awareness
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f) Curriculum review (KS2-5) to     To work with primary Head Teachers, Trust Education                                 CB    Effective cross phase work
be completed                        Director and school representatives
(Trust Principle 6)
                                    Review of identified subjects:
                                    Product Design KS 4/5                                        
                                    Computer Science KS4                                         

                                    Drama KS4/5 – KS4 current Yr 10 change to BTEC, next Yr      
                                    10 BTEC
                                    Food Technology KS4                                          
                                    Science KS5                                                  
g) Curriculum development in        - Personal Development (PD) (inc Healthy Schools)                 Paul Lawrence     JEB   Curriculum meets statutory and
identified areas (across years 7-   - Religious and Sex Education (RE)                               meeting – update   JEB   needs of our students
13)                                 - Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG)           curriculum maps    AM
(Trust Principle 6)                 - Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC)                                        JEB
                                    - KS4 Develop the additional provision required to meet
                                        the Computer Science aspect of the National
                                        Curriculum                                                                      AD
                                    - STRIVE – additional capacity added to the team             
                                        - contact hours increased
                                        - PD/careers contact increased provision                 
                                       - Online provider/provision received
                                         February – SMSC tracking complete                       
                                       - STRIVE – curriculum developed to overtly include
                                         • Personal development                                  
                                         • RE
                                         • Computer Science
h) High Prior Attaining student     Year 7 HPA (Exceed) curriculum developing for September                             SEW
curriculum programme                2020
developed                           FPQ (Yr 7)

                                    Stretch and Challenge (KS3) amended to be included
                                    during the school day
                                    PA3 use (AB NPQSL project)
                                    Pastoral provision (AB NPQSL project)
                                    ASPIRE support plan
                                    Work with LJ re potential careers event (university trip?)
                                    Incorporate a significant online learning element
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i) Children in need of help and    Subject specific targets entered into Edukey                                                  EB    Progress to improve between
    protection (Vulnerable                                                                                                             Year 11 mocks/actual outcomes
    learners) progress             Tracked as a separate cohort
    tracked/with intervention to
    improve outcomes
j) Develop our cross phase         Reinforce successful cross phase work                                                        CB
working relationships                  • Curriculum Science/French/ Art                         
                                       • Pastoral – Student Support Manager/ Pastoral           
                                            worker                                                                              CB
                                   Seek to appoint a TLR holder to support transitions work     
                                   to work with the Heads working group to identify other
                                   areas of mutual benefit
k) Develop our post 16             Develop a way forward for closer working relationships                                       CB
collaboration                      with Comberton/Cambourne
                                To develop a meaningful Trust wide collaborative
                                approach to support provision from September 2021
                                     • Computer Studies
                                     • Geography
                                     • French
                                     • Economics
                                     • Assessments
                                     • Quality assurance processes
l) Broaden students experience  Develop a post 16 enrichment afternoon:                                                         AM
beyond the classroom            Programme developed                                             
                                Programme initiated                                                 
                                Develop a SPS pathway
                                Seek to appoint a TLR for outdoor education                                 October- appointed SEW
L4                              Subjects identified:                                                                                   All departments are making the
Subjects whose examination      • Key students identified                                                                             expected progress in line with
outcomes were relatively        • Individual Student Profiles written (ASPIRE students) - -                                            national contextualised
negative compared to the school    -    Boys                                                                                           standards (Targets are based on
average to receive additional      -    Disadvantaged HPA                                                                              2016 data)
support focussing upon Year 11 • Staffing appropriately deployed
and Year 13 students            CAT colleagues/ Teaching School Alliance will support as        
                                KS4: Grade 4+ projected/target
                                PE (GCSE)                                                               100
                                Information Technology (BTEC)                                           84
                                Geography (GCSE)                                                        68
                                Product Design (GCSE)                                                   43
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                                 Maths (GCSE)                                                       71
                                 History (GCSE)                                                     57
                                 Drama (GCSE)                                                       88
                                 KS5: projected/target value added difference
                                 Applied Science
                                 Further Maths
                                 Actions being taken:
                                 Schemes of Work re written
                                 Stronger links formed with Comberton post 16
                                 ‘Aspire’ students intervened from September
                                 Staff training to support HPA students
                                 Working towards increasing teaching hours
                                 Withdrawing significantly underperforming subjects
                                 Increase pastoral support within the post 16 team
L5                                                          Quality of teaching and learning   80   90                  90% of students make at least
90% of lessons to result in                                                     Outstanding    20   20                  expected progress across all
students making at least                                                               Good    75   75                  subject areas to close the gap
expected progress over one year                                      Requires Improvement      5    5                   between the expected progress
leading to an outstanding Ofsted                                                 Inadequate    -    -                   between disadvantaged and
judgement                                             Overt progress in students’ book work                             advantaged to the national
                                                                              Disadvantaged    80                       average
                                                                                         Non   80                       English 17%
                                                            Good or better Post 16 teaching    75   90   EB             Maths 23% (2015 data)
                                                                                     Science             EB            Staff delivering engaging
                                                                                  KS3 Maths              EB            learning activities through ‘risk
                                                                                                                       taking’ in a supportive
L6                                   Monitored through learning walks and work scrutiny                       Literacy All marking includes support for
Literacy is a focus for the school   • Schedule of SLT work scrutiny determined                                catch developing literacy
to support students ability to       • Audit departments –how are the literacy skills of HPA                     up    Students reach their
learn independently                     students being developed                                                       chronological reading age

                                     Students achieve chronological reading age
                                     SoW written to include academic challenge
                                     Appoint TLR holder to lead upon ‘Literacy’                     
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Reading ages    Year 7
                 Year 8
                 Year 9
               Year 10
               Year 11
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                                                                                  School Improvement Plan 2020/21
           Target                                    Actions                                                                                     Monitoring notes       Who    Cost £             Outcomes
                                                                                         11th Dec             19th Mar         16th Jul





A1                             Middle Leaders, working with CAT colleagues, lead                80                 85                100                                 EB     Cost      Middle leaders to be
Develop the skills of Middle   the reviews of their subject areas: Framework to                                                                                                 from      graded
leaders to enable them to      demonstrate student/ departmental progress                                                                                                       dept      60% exceeding
be able to identify, plan,     against set targets to include:                                                                                                                 budgets    expectations 100% meeting
action and evaluate whole                                                                                                                                                                 expectations (July 2020)
school priorities for          Two Associate positions within SLT developed                                                                                                             The recommendations
development through a                                                                                                                                                                    made from focused reviews
quality assurance cycle        Middle leaders supported to prepare for Ofsted                                                                                            EB              lead to specific action plans
developmental priorities,      inspection 2021                                                                                                                                           with sources of support
supported by                                                                                                                                                                            delivered. This leads to an
                                                               Curriculum reviewed
internal/external partners                                                                                                                                                               increase in the number of
                                                                Meeting preparation                                                                                                     students making progress.
                                                                 Succession planning                                                                                   CB
                                                                 NPQs being studied                                                                                     EB
                               Middle leaders to receive training through CAT                                                                                           SLT
                               support in the expectations of the new Ofsted
                               inspection framework:
                               • Lesson observations
                               • Schemes of Work (7-13) reviewed
                               • Articulation of their curriculums
A2                             Three year plans maintained for                                                                                 September                CD        -      Maintenance of accurate
Three year finance and              Finance -to achieve 3% reserve                                                                             Reserves not currently                    financial planning resulting
premises plan updated for           Premises                                                                                                   being accumulated                         in a 3 year plan being
2022/2023                       CAT support incorporated into planning                                                                         due to school                             completed
                                External sources of finance sought                                                                             expansion                 CD
                                    • SCA                                                                                                                               Team
                                    • Charitable donations
                                    • Bids for identified activities
                                    • Plan with the Trust/LA – development of
                                         our facilities to address increased roll
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A3                            Trackers completed                                                                       EB     Commonality in assessment
Review impact of the          Progress reports for all years                                                                  procedures for all depts
tracking procedures to        Disadvantaged students tracked by HoY
ensure projections are +/-    Post 16
5% of actual outcomes
A4                            Establish revised process for identifying academic                                      EB     All LAC, SEND and ‘K’
Review and amend the          targets using GFS/schools assessment process                                                    students have targets which
process for setting and       LAC students                                                                                   are monitored/amended
monitoring the academic       Year 10 Disadvantaged                                                                          every half term
targets and personal goals    Year 12 cause concern students                                                                  Year 12 assessment
given to LAC, SEND,           Vulnerable                                                                               EB     rigorously tracked in line
vulnerable and ‘K’ students                                                                                            AM     with the monitoring
A5                            Pastoral CPD (inc coaching)                                         Training 5th November MG/   85% of tutor time to be at
95% of Tutor time to be       Tutors trained to deliver PDLS/SMSC/ British                                              JEB   least good
used effectively              values/daily activities as appropriate
                              Guild Competition                                                                         JR
                              Tutor time resources                                                                     MC/
                                     % Tutor sessions meeting our expectations     85   95   95                        MG
                                                                        Year 11                                        AB
                                                                         Brooke    6    8    8                         AB
                                                                          Cavell   7    8    8                         AC
                                                                        Newton     8    8    8                         JH
                                                                           Scott   6    8    8                         LC
                               Evaluate the value added by tutor time and make                                         MG     Evaluation complete with
                                                recommendations for its future:                                               recommendations
                                                            Planning completed
A6                           Student Leadership team planned for then                                                  AM     Students further develop
Develop leadership           implemented with calendar of activities published                                                such skills as organisational,
opportunities for students   • Student leadership team (AM)                                                                   communication and
to enhance their position as • Kick Ash (AM)                                                                                  resilience
role models for younger      • Grafham Water (SEW)
students                     • CCF (SEW) (SR)
(Trust Principle 6)          • D of E (SEW) (JR)
                             • NCS (SEW) (JR)
                             • CHATBAR (AM)
                             • Year 6/7 Transition (AC)
                             • Sports Leaders
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A7                           KS5 resources shared through ‘Trust staff                     AD    Ipad technology proved to
To lead in the development   resources’ folder                                                    have a positive impact
of Trust ICT strategy to     Staff to save work in department folders within        
enhance student progress     the Catalogue                                                        To learn the pros and cons
(within identified sub groupsCAT support with developing IT infrastructure/                 AD    of instigating a school wide
of students)                 working practices                                                    ipad for all policy
                             Homework policy adopted to state tasks set             
                             through Teams
                             Year 7 HPA Exceed curriculum to incorporate a              
                             significant online element
                             Teams to support the STRIVE curriculum delivery        
                             Copy ‘K’, ‘G’ and ‘S’ drive content to the CATalogue
A8                           Building upon the impact of the research within                SLT   90% of students to know
To maximise their potential, the English department.                                              their target grade and next
all students to know their   Each faculty to instigate own processes for                          steps in their learning
target grades and the next   ensuring students know their target grade and
steps required to achieve    next learning steps
that grade                   English
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                                                                                      School Improvement Plan 2020/21
       Target                                Actions                                                                                 Monitoring Notes   When Who                   Outcomes
                                                                               11th Dec             19th Mar          16th Jul





E1                     Safeguarding induction of new staff has been                                                                                          AM           Safeguarding to be an
Safeguarding           rescheduled with tracking sheets amended                                                                                                           outstanding feature of St
Implement learning                                                                                                                                                        Peter’s School
from latest            Schedule of internal/external audits followed
ons/examples of
best practice to
ensure safeguarding    Ensure non attenders for medical needs receive a
practices and impact   daily phone call
is exemplary
E2                     Participation at parents evening                                                                                                      MG           Increased performance
Increased parental     (Parents of disadvantaged students in brackets)                                                                                                    (attainment and progress) of
engagement by 10%      Parents receive individualised invites                                                                                                             students whose parents now
                                                                         7                                 85                                                AC           engage with the school –
(Trust principle 3)                                                                                       (75)                                                            lower absence rate
                                                                         8                                                   85                              AB
                                                                         9              85                                                                   JH
                                                                       10                                  85                                                LC
                                                                       11               85                                                                   MC
                                                                       12                                  85                                               LMK
                                                                       13               85                                                                  LMK
                       Response to questionnaires (%)                                   60                 60               60                               JEB
                       Monitor daily contact with parents                              450                450               450                              JEB
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E3                      Implement further strategies to enhance                                                         AM        A reduction in the number of
Resilience              students resilience/ well-being (Years 7-13)                                                              fixed term exclusions,
a) Improve                                                      Tutor time                                                        isolations, bullying, racial
  behaviour for                                           Pastoral support                                                        incidents, lateness and
  learning by           Number of days of :                                                                                       absence
  supporting                                         Fixed term exclusions       22      32      42                     MG    -
  students to                                           Disadvantaged in ()     (10)    (20)    (30)
  develop their                                        Disadvantaged Boys        (8)    (14)    (20)
  resilience                                                                     330     620     900
                                                                   Isolations                                           MG    -
                                                                                (200)   (400)   (550)
(Trust principle 2)
                                                          Bullying incidents     20      40     60 28 - 10th November   MG    -
                          Student voice – bullying is effectively dealt with     95     100     100                     MG
                                                            (87% nationally)
                            46% nationally state being bullied NSPCC Sept
                                                             Racial incidents    10      20      30 17 – 3rd November   MG    -
                                                    Lateness to Tutor time       2%     1%       1%                     MG    -
                             Student voice – low level disruption in lesson     90%     95%     95%                     MG    -
                                         Incidents of low level disruption      5000    9000    12000                   MG
                           Number of different students involved in extra        45      45      45                     SEW
                                                           curricular events
                             % Disadvantaged students taking part in trips      40%     40%     40%
                                                             extra-curricular   40%     40%     40%                     SEW
b) Mental health       Additional resources to be provided:                                                             AM
   To provide training Mental Health champions (staff/student)
   to support the      Trained/Highlighted
   mental health of CAT support incorporated into planning
   the members of
   our school
E4                     Persistent absence to decrease (%)                       10.5    10.5    10.5                    MG        Persistent absence 11.0%
Attendance to be       (disadvantaged in brackets)                              (19)    (19)    (19)
96% for Y7 -13         Attendance of students                                    96      96      96                     MG
                       Disadvantaged                                             93      93      93
                       Vulnerable                                                80      80      80
                       Early intervention with students who are or at                                                   MG        No groups of students are
                       risk of becoming PA-procedures externally                                                                  disadvantaged by low
                       checked                                                                                                    attendance
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                      Raise profile of “good” attendance in school via                   MG    National average PP 93.2
                      weekly attendance updates in planners and                                                 All 94.8
                      through updates in assemblies
                      Visit/communicate with 3 schools with good data     1    1    1
                      for academic year 2018/19
E5                    Number of businesses                                29   30   30   AM    16-18 NEET figure
NEET Year 13
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E7                      Student voice – what is a meaningful               70   80   90   SEW       90% students to be stating
Rewards and             reward/recognition                                                          they receive sufficient
recognition             Year/department recognition                                       SEW       recognition
reviewed/amended        Competitions                                                      SEW
                        Whole school                                                      SEW
                        Inter Guild competitive events (each department)                  SEW
                        Events calendarised                                               SEW

E8                      Primary                                                           AC    -   By working with organisations
Develop a wider         Curriculum continuity enhanced in:                                         within/ outside of the Trust
range of effective      Science (Hartford/Thongsley)                                               professional contact is
partnership             French (Thongsley)                                                          maintained to ensure staff
(Trust principle 4)     Pastoral contribution enhanced in Hartford/                                 have access to high quality
                        Thongsley                                                                   unbiased support and advice
                        Year 5 liaison strengthened
                            • Library visits
                            • Music Hub
                            • PE work (summer term)
                            • Student leaders/HoY to attend parents
                            • Parental liaison enhanced
                        CAT PR person to work with appropriate staff
                        Athene marketing agency to be engaged with

                        Appoint link middle leader member

                        Post 16
                        To consider collaborative working arrangements
                            • Comberton
                            • Cambourne (2023)
                            • Other agencies
                            o Centre 33 – Young carers                          
E9                      Work in conjunction with Rachel Hawkes                            AM        To celebrate the work we
To achieve the silver                                                                               already complete and identify
International Award                                                                                 how we can improve our
(Trust principle 5)
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E10                   2021/22 School Direct places confirmed           MG    An increase to 90% of
SPS to be fully                                                                teaching that fully meets the
staffed by            October identification of recruitment              CB    2014 teaching standards
appropriately         requirements for 2019/2020
qualified personnel   Early Career Programme developed                   LZH
(Trust principle 3)   Appoint professional tutor                     
                      SPS/Trust surveys outcomes acted upon to
                      demonstrate impact                                 CB
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