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2021 Enrolment Handbook
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2      Our Approach
3      Our Values
3      Student Pathways
4      Code of Conduct
7      Mobile Phones
7      Dress Code
9      Student Internet and Computer Use
10     Assessment Policy - overview
11     College Charges
11     College Hours
12     Transport
12     Visitors to the College
12     Information privacy and security
13     Use of TAFE, ECU and Other Local Facilities
13     Physical Education Classes
13     Stay in touch with Manea Senior College

adults, and it is this belief that informs each
OUR APPROACH                                           facet of our daily practice.
Manea Senior College (Manea) is an                     Our students are coached, encouraged and
independent public school in Bunbury,                  supported to make pro-active adult choices,
specialising in senior schooling in the South          take ownership and responsibility for their
West Region of Western Australia. Our goal is          decision making and how it affects their
to develop young adults who are ‘capable and           future.
connected’ to the world around them.
                                                       Our approach is based on a professional
Manea has an established reputation for                workplace culture. All students are regarded
offering Year 11 and 12 students an education          as young adults and develop working
that enables our young adults to achieve to            relationships with staff based on trust and
the best of their ability and to transition into       respect. We expect our students to make
life beyond College. Our students achieve              adult choices and to be responsible for those
outstanding results through a learning                 choices. Everyone at Manea interacts on a first
environment built on the foundations of                name basis in an environment where positive
strong relationships, trust, respect, support          and productive behaviours are acknowledged,
and individual accountability.                         valued and celebrated.
Each year we welcome around 250 new                    Students are treated more like employees in
students to Manea. Year 11 in particular is a          that they have access to all parts of the
year of opportunity, a chance for students to          College, its facilities, staff, academic support
explore what we have to offer and for                  and equipment such that they too can do their
students to determine their pathway into Year          ‘job’. For our students this means being
12 and beyond.                                         responsible and accountable for their actions
Our students undertake many different                  in all facets of College life including
pathways or ‘jobs’ so that they use their final        completing their courses (ATAR and/or
years of senior school to create post school           VET/Training) to the best of their ability;
opportunities for themselves. Students at              actively participating in their learning;
Manea can access ATAR and general courses,             completing and submitting ALL work/tasks as
professional learning opportunities, as well as        indicated by their managers (teachers/staff);
and      nationally    recognised      training        adhering to our workplace expectations in
qualifications, and are extended financial             terms of attendance, dress and conduct; as
support to access these qualifications. We             well as seeking support and assistance when
have a strong moral purpose to provide                 required. Students, like staff, are involved in
students with both quality teaching and                performance review meetings, goal setting,
learning opportunities, as well as life                surveys and professional learning as a part of
experiences that enable them to transition             their ‘job’ at Manea. As a team, staff and
into the adult world.                                  students are expected to uphold the
                                                       corporate image of Manea by wearing our
So what makes Manea different? At Manea                uniform.
we are ‘preparing students for life’. Central to
our understanding of supporting young                  All our staff have an important role or ‘job’ to
people to transition to the adult world is the         play; we want to be positive role models and
belief that our students are treated as young          make a difference to the lives of young
                                                       people. This means knowing our students,

individually and collectively; knowing the
content and how to teach it; and providing
                                                       STUDENT PATHWAYS
opportunities for all students to grow and             MSC is a young adult work environment with
learn, academically, socially and emotionally.         professional workplace standards. Our aim is
Our staff participate in surveys and self-             for students to choose to enrol in a course that
reflective practices to gain feedback on their         best suits their interests, abilities and future
performance. We value feedback from all                pathways.      Students      past      academic
members of the College community and                   performances will be used in determining
recognise that education is a partnership that         appropriate course selections, which requires
requires input from parents, the community,            students to provide their Year 9 NAPLAN
as well as students. As such our staff are             results and most recent school report.
provided with the resources, support,                  Although Manea Senior College will make
environment and training to do their job.              every effort to accommodate each student’s
Importantly, we seek to balance the increased          course choices, insufficient students selecting
expectations we have of our young adults with          a course may result in students having to re-
increased quality in the delivery of our               select, or use alternative delivery methods.
services, and increased support to assist              (eg: online learning).
students in upholding their end of the bargain.        University Entry Pathway (ATAR)
In this way, we hold ourselves accountable to          Students undertaking a university entry
a higher standard to enable our young people           pathway at Manea are required to study 6
to hold themselves to a higher standard. This          courses in Year 11 of which at least 4 must be
quality assurance, ‘something for something’           WACE examinable courses in Year 12 (5 is the
arrangement ensures that it is clear to both           recommended number of WACE examinable
students and staff what is expected and                courses). External examinations are held for
required of them, and allows our students to           ATAR courses. Students in this pathway are
become the young adults they imagine                   expected to undertake a minimum of 2-3
themselves to be.                                      hours of home based study per ATAR course
At Manea, we are ‘preparing students for life’.        per week.

                                                       To remain in their selected pathway, students
OUR VALUES                                             should attain a minimum score of a C grade
Every student enrolling at Manea has the trust         across (at least) 4 ATAR courses at the end of
of the Manea Senior College staff. It is               Year 11 to be successful in their pathway for
expected that the trust given to the students          Year 12. If this is not achieved, a student may
will assist them in meeting the four core              need to consider one of the following:
values guiding the cultural practices at Manea.           •       Repeat Year 11
These values are reflective of what students              •       Change to a more appropriate
will be expected to uphold in society as adults.                  course/s or Vocational Pathway
•      Choice                                                     (where available)

•      Respect                                         Training Pathway
                                                       Students choosing a training pathway will
•      Responsibility                                  generally spend 2 days studying at their
•      Success                                         training organisation and the other 3 days at

MSC studying four courses. Students in this                        days of their training program and
pathway are expected to undertake 1-2 hours                        are required to be responsible for
of home based study per WACE course per                            catching up on lessons.
week. This pathway also involves students                  •       Students are expected to take
participating in work placement as part of                         responsibility for organising their
their training and some circumstances may                          work     placements      and     for
require students to complete work                                  communicating with their training
placements on weekends, during holidays and                        organisation and Manea VET
after school hours.                                                Coordinator.
                                                           •       Workplace Learning is linked to
At Manea Senior College students have access
                                                                   VET Pathways and may occur
to the following training pathway options:
                                                                   during school holiday periods if not
   •       Manea Training Pathways (MSC) –                         accessible during the school week.
           this arrangement involves Manea                 •       Students who are not satisfactorily
           students      accessing     training                    progressing towards their WACE
           pathways      that    have     been                     may need to repeat Year 11.
           negotiated independently by                     •       Students who do not complete
           Manea Senior College with                               their chosen vocational course
           external training organisations (1-2                    may not achieve the WACE at the
           days per week). Students may also                       end of Year 12.
           enrol in a recognised training
           qualification not established by             Mature Age Students
           Manea and discuss with us the                We also provide opportunities for mature age
           possibility of how this would fit            students to participate in classes with school
           into our timetable.                          aged Year 11 and 12 students where space
                                                        exists. Relevant background and police checks
   •       Pre-Apprenticeship in Schools                are required.
           Program (PAIS) and VET in Schools
           - South Regional TAFE, and                   CODE OF CONDUCT
           Bunbury Regional Trade Training              The following information relating to the Code
           Centres (BRTTC): 1 - 2 days per              of Conduct is provided for the Manea Senior
           week. These programs are                     College Community.
           accessible to all secondary
           students across the Greater                  All staff and students at Manea Senior College
           Bunbury area, including Manea                are part of the Manea Team.
           students.                                    The Manea Senior College environment is
Points to note:                                         based upon the key principles of Choice,
   •       Pathways are eagerly sought                  Respect Responsibility and Success. These
           after and places limited. There              principles inform all of our interactions and
           are set entry requirements for               the choices we make.
           courses and as such students will            Manea Senior College is a workplace and
           need to meet the required                    therefore the Code of Conduct reflects the
           standards.                                   expectations,    rights,  responsibilities,
   •       In some instances, students may
           miss a class or two as a result of the
consequences and requirements to be self-            underpinned by the Department of Education
directed members of the team.                        policies.

Student Induction                                    CODE OF CONDUCT - GENERAL
In line with standard workplace practice,            INFORMATION
the College implements a comprehensive
induction process for all newly enrolled             Our students have the privilege of studying in
students. The induction allows for students to       a young adult learning environment. This
familiarise themselves with key expectations         means that students have the trust of the
and the finer operational details of their           staff, more freedom, and in return, high
College experience. (It is compulsory for all        expectations and responsibility for their own
students to complete an induction, upon              actions.
commencement of their enrolment).                    While the College has a young adult ethos and
Rights and Responsibilities                          approach to education, there are Department
                                                     of Education policies that all schools are
We all have the right to:                            required to follow and implement.
• Be trusted                                         Appointments/Leaving College Grounds
• Be treated with care and respect                   If a student needs to be absent from classes
• Learn and work in a professional, safe and         during the day for reasons such as medical
clean environment                                    appointments,       contact      from      a
                                                     parent/guardian is required. This can be via
• Be engaged, challenged and supported in            SMS, email, phone or written note.
pursuing our chosen pathways
                                                     Students who are out of College grounds
                                                     without authorisation will be considered to be
We all have the responsibility to                    in breach of the College Code of Conduct.
demonstrate:                                         Attendance
• Care and Respect for self                          It is a legal requirement that any absence
• Care and Respect for others                        needs to be explained and for those students
                                                     under the age of 18 this needs to be provided
• Care and Respect for the College                   by a parent/guardian. The explanation should
• Care and Respect for the community                 include the full name of the student, the exact
                                                     date(s) of absence, a valid reason for the
Students who choose to join Manea Senior             absence and the parent or caregiver’s
College have been selected on the basis of           authority. A valid reason for absence means
their future pathways and willingness to             illness or other unavoidable circumstance.
commit to all expectations of the College            Any written explanations should be handed in
workplace.                                           on the day of return to College or at the latest,
In developing the Manea Senior College Code          within three days of return. For absences of
                                                     three consecutive days or more, the College
of Conduct, we have worked collaboratively
and aligned our approaches with those from           requires a medical certificate. Please note that
the South Regional TAFE and Edith Cowan              absences for family vacations constitute an
                                                     unapproved absence.
University. All policies and approaches are

A phone call, note or email to the College or         reason will have the absence recorded as
communication from the parent/caregiver is            unexplained on their attendance record.
acceptable as an explanation of absence.
                                                      Bullying, Violence, Harassment and Assault
Details to verify the person communicating
will be requested.                                    Manea Senior College works collaboratively to
                                                      maintain a workplace free of conflict. All work
Students are expected to meet a 93%
                                                      places, including Manea Senior College,
attendance rate at Manea Senior College.
                                                      require that the working environment for
SMS Notification                                      students and staff should be safe and free
                                                      from bullying, harassment and violence.
Manea Senior College implements a system
that uses mobile phone Short Message Service          All forms of bullying and harassment, verbal,
(SMS) to send text messages to parents/care           physical, racial or sexual and the
givers to notify them of unexplained absences         inappropriate use of technology is
each day.                                             unacceptable and consequences will be
                                                      imposed. This may include suspension.
Attendance at Training Organisations (VET)
                                                      Incidences of violence will not be tolerated
Our associated training providers aim to              and serious consequences will be enforced.
prepare students for the workplace.                   Videoing any form of physical altercation will
Accordingly, if they are unable to attend             attract similar penalties. Refer to the College
classes, students are expected to notify their        Bullying, Harassment and Violence Policy for
lecturer of any absence. This is not only             further information.
considered good manners, but also promotes
                                                      Dangerous or illegal implements
good relations and protects your interests.
Attendance is recorded in every class and             Students may not bring dangerous, potentially
details forwarded to Manea Senior College.            hazardous or illegal implements to the
The VET Coordinators monitor both                     College. Staff are authorised to ask any
attendance and subsequent level of                    student with these implements to hand such
participation and achievement.                        items over to them and are required to
                                                      immediately refer the student to the College
Attendance at Work Placement
                                                      Administration or Student Services. Police
Should students have work placement and not           contact will be made in situations involving
be able to attend, both the workplace and             prohibited or controlled weapons.
College is to be advised and an explanation
                                                      Smoking, alcohol, drugs
provided as per normal attendance
procedures.                                           The College has obligations to implement safe
                                                      systems of work to prevent persons from
                                                      being exposed to hazards.
Students are expected to arrive on time for all
                                                      Similar to any workplace, students are not
appointments and classes. Students arriving
                                                      permitted to be under the influence of alcohol
late on College days are required to provide an
                                                      or other substances while on the College
explanation and sign in at the front office.
                                                      grounds or attending any College activity.
They will then be issued a late note to be
admitted to class. Students arriving late             Students are not permitted to bring
without an appropriate explanation and valid          cigarettes, alcohol or drugs or any associated
                                                      implements onto College premises or to any
College activity. Such actions will result in
consequences being imposed. This may
                                                      MOBILE PHONES
include suspension and police involvement.            We recognise that mobile phones have
Refer to the College Substance Misuse Policy          become an integral part of everyday life and
for further information.                              are a great asset if used appropriately. The use
Please note that our students are governed by         of mobile phones is governed by DoE policy,
Department policy in relation to smoking. This        which essentially states that mobile phones
includes students at ECU, TAFE or on work             are to be off and away during class and only
placement.                                            used at break times (with permission) to check
                                                      College communications. Whilst we allow
Theft and vandalism                                   students to have their phones at the College
Theft and vandalism of College or private             any use that impacts classes, causes
property is     unacceptable.     Offending           distraction, affects productivity and/or
students will be required to pay restitution          breaches the Code of Conduct will be treated
and may face further consequences.                    seriously. The use of phones and other
                                                      electronic devices in class is only permitted
Extra-curricular activities                           with staff permission. Off and away is the
Students are encouraged to maintain a 90+%            expectation.
attendance rate, plus uphold the College Code         Manea Senior College strongly recommends
of Conduct at all times, in order to be invited       that valuable personal items are not brought
to events such as the College Ball, Country           to the College, as the College cannot accept
Week, and other non-curriculum related                responsibility for lost or stolen items.
activities such as the Leavers Dinner and
Cadet Camps. Students will not be invited             DRESS CODE
where there is evidence of attendance, dress
code or conduct issues. All appeals must be           TOTALLY WORKWEAR are the sole suppliers
made through Student Services or the                  of the College Uniform.
Principal.                                            Their contact details are:
Students ‘On Notice’                                  103 Forrest Avenue, Bunbury WA 6230
Students who regularly breach the College             Phone: 9721 1061
Code of Conduct will be placed ‘On Notice’
and their parents/care givers notified. The           Purpose
College uses the term ‘On Notice’ which is            A dress code allows all students to be equal;
equivalent to the DoE term ‘Loss of Good              there is no demand on any student to keep up
Standing’. Such situations will result in             with the fashions or to show membership of a
individual plans being established, privileges        particular group.
removed and very close monitoring of
students by staff, with a view to improving           We aim to prepare our students for the next
overall performance at the College.                   step in their lives, that of work and further
                                                      education. In doing so, our dress code has
                                                      been developed to reflect and promote a
                                                      corporate      image, one designed around
                                                      workplace     requirements.     The    smart,
                                                      corporate image also seeks to enhance the
College reputation and standing in the                Bottoms: Black dress pants, dress standard
community.                                            shorts or skirt (knee length).

As members of this community, it is necessary         Footwear: Enclosed BLACK footwear MUST
to have a sense of belonging and identity. The        be worn.
way in which we support our dress code tells
                                                      Physical Education: (Note: students must
others in the wider community how we feel
                                                      change for Physical Education) black shorts,
about ourselves and the College we belong to.
                                                      College PE shirt with logo, joggers.
It also allows staff to ensure security of
students in their care through an effective           NB: The College logo is the only dominant
means of identification both within and               marking allowed.
external to the College.
                                                      Denim/Jeans: The Department of Education
Process                                               stipulates through legislation that:
The Dress Code has been developed by the              “Denim items must be excluded from all
College Administration through consultation           school dress codes and uniforms except
with students and parents and has been                where a school has been granted a general
ratified by the College Board. The College            exemption...”
Board approves the dress code and any
changes in the future. Parents will be notified       Make-up and Jewellery
in writing of any changes.                            Make-up and jewellery must be appropriate
Lastly, a senior college is like any workplace        to a workplace environment.
environment. A workplace is likely to have            Camps/Excursions
high standards of its personnel in regards to
dress and expectations. The same applies here         Students attending camps and/or excursions
at Manea Senior College, we expect once a             are expected to wear College dress, where
student has agreed to meet the College                appropriate.
requirements when enrolled, that they have            Occupational Health and Safety
the maturity and responsibility to meet these
obligations. Our dress code adheres to the            At all times in all areas of the College and its
Department of Education policy and                    boundaries, Occupational Health and Safety
legislation pertaining to student dress and is        rules apply.      Some areas have specific
found on their website for further reference.         requirements, including Physical Education,
                                                      Science and all TAFE and vocational training
The College Dress Code                                courses. Requirements in these areas include:
The dress code requires students to comply               •       Hair: must be tied back or covered
with the following:                                              appropriately for the area as
Colours: White College shirt, black bottoms                      indicated by staff.
and black footwear                                       •       Hats: recommended for all
                                                                 outdoor activities.
College Logo: Bottle green, gold, ice blue &             •       Jewellery: no rings, bracelets,
red                                                              necklaces or dangling earrings
Tops: White, collared button up shirt with                       that can become caught in
logo, College jacket, jumper, cardigan.                          machinery. Body jewellery must
                                                                 be removed during PE classes.
•      Shoes: must be completely
                                                     STUDENT INTERNET AND
    •      Protective Equipment, Safety              COMPUTER USE
           Glasses and masks: TAFE students
           will be required to supply their          At Manea Senior College, computing
           own. For students undertaking             resources are used to educate, inform, assist
           Manea SC courses these will be            and communicate. The Bring Your Own
           supplied by the College.                  Device (BYOD) Program encourages students
                                                     to bring their own portable computing device
    •      Students not adhering to these            to College every day. The aim is to support
           requirements will be prevented            students and enhance their learning
           from attending classes in these           experiences both in and outside of the
           areas.                                    classroom. Mobile technology devices, so
TAFE/Training Provider Classes                       prevalent today, have increasingly become
                                                     everyday teaching and learning tools used by
Students are required to dress according to          both teachers and students. BYOD has
specific training provider requirements.             transformed the classroom by creating new
Where specific requirements are not                  opportunities, flexibility for learning that
indicated, students are to wear normal               ensures richer, more collaborative learning
College dress.                                       experiences.
Changes to the Dress Code                            All    workplaces      are   governed      by
Any suggestions to change the Dress Code             Telecommunication Laws relating to internet
must be submitted in writing to the College          and computer usage. The Manea Senior
Board.                                               College Student Internet and Computer Use
                                                     Policy, establishes technology use guidelines
Non-compliance with the Dress Code                   and secures a commitment for best use
If a student does not comply with the Dress          practices.
Code and has not been granted exemption,             Use of College resources
then the Principal can:
                                                     The use of computing resources is a privilege,
•       Prevent the student from attending           not a right, and inappropriate use may result
        any activity in respect of which the         in a cancellation of these privileges. It is
        student would have been                      important that students are aware of their
        representing the College; or                 responsibilities to other users and providers of
•       Prevent the student from                     services. Accordingly, they must use the
        attending or participating in any            resources in a responsible manner, and must
        College activity which, in the opinion       respect the integrity of computer systems,
        of the Principal, is not part of the         networks, and data to which they have access.
        essential educational program of the         The Internet is an excellent resource for
        College.                                     research and communication. However, there
In exceptional circumstances where a student         is material on the Internet that is not
has been unable to adhere to the dress code,         appropriate or fitting for use within an
they must report to Student Services and a           educational institution. For this reason, this
suitable change of clothing may be provided.         policy contains rules and guidelines so that all

Manea team members use the internet in an                 •       Interfering with the setup of the
acceptable manner.                                                computers.
                                                          •       Harassing, insulting, or attacking
Responsible use of ICT (including the internet
                                                                  others; this includes non-contact
and personally owned devices) is expected
                                                                  hours at the College.
from all students for the duration of their
enrolment at Manea Senior College. The                 Any student who engages in the harassment,
Internet is provided to students who agree to          intimidation or bullying of a member of the
act in a responsible and considerate manner.           College Community through any means,
General College rules for conduct and                  including the use of the internet or mobile or
communication always apply.                            BYOD devices, will be dealt with according to
                                                       the College Code of Conduct, regardless of the
The Department of Education requires
                                                       time of the offence.
parental permission for students under the
age of 18 to use the College Network and the           Manea Senior College and the Department of
Internet. Students 18 and over may sign their          Education randomly monitor information sent
own form.                                              across the network, and where appropriate
                                                       will take steps to make users accountable for
All staff and students are accessing the
                                                       inappropriate use. Misuse of internet and
Department of Education System and are
                                                       computing resources is a breach of the College
bound by Department of Education rules of
                                                       Code of Conduct and consequences will be
use. The following is a sample of unacceptable
computer and internet activities:
                                                       Manea Senior College reserves the right to
   •       Allowing others to use your
                                                       inspect any and all files stored on the network
           network account.
                                                       and within workspaces. All internet traffic and
   •       Revealing your password to
                                                       all saved data is subject to investigation and
           anyone for any reason.
   •       Accessing pornographic            or
           unacceptable material.
   •       Downloading files, games, video
                                                       ASSESSMENT POLICY -
           clips, or programs not considered           OVERVIEW
           part of the educational program of
           the College.                                Manea Senior College is responsible for
   •       Using personal storage facilities           implementing and managing procedures to
           (cd’s, memory sticks, removable             allow students a fair and equitable
           HDD’s etc) inappropriately.                 opportunity to complete your chosen
   •       Divulging personal information              subjects. At the beginning of the year students
           (name, address, phone number                will be inducted into the College, whereby our
           etc) across the internet.                   Assessment Policy is explained in detail. You
   •       Using obscene, threatening or               and your parent/guardian will always have
           disrespectful language.                     access to the Assessment Policy through
   •       Violating copyright laws.                   Moodle. You may print a copy of the
   •       Engaging in any illegal activity.           Assessment Policy on the understanding that
   •       Employing the College resources             only the policy found live in Moodle will be
           for any commercial purpose.                 used by teachers to make determinations
                                                       about assessments.

We have highlighted a few key areas below             parents and guardians holding one of the
from our policy for you to understand what            following:
we expect of you as a young adult:
                                                      • Pensioner Concession Card.
5.0     Absent from scheduled assessment
                                                      • Family Health Care Card.
tasks (ie. tests)
                                                      • Department of Veteran Affairs Pensioner
The first assessment task missed by you for
                                                      Concession Card (Blue card only).
each course can be covered by a
parent/guardian phone call or email
explaining your absence. The second, and all
                                                      COLLEGE HOURS
subsequent missed assessment tasks for that           The strategic location of Manea Senior College
course, will need to be covered with a Medical        provides students with the opportunity to
Certificate.                                          combine their College program with
6.3    Failure to submit work                         certificate or university studies by accessing
                                                      pathways provided by South Regional TAFE
Non-submission of assessments is not                  and ECU.
accepted at Manea. If you are absent on the
day an assessment is due, you are still               To enable such programs to operate, Manea
required to email your teacher to provide             Senior College has a flexible timetable with
evidence that you have completed the                  students generally expected to be on site at
assessment. Without a medical certificate you         8:40am and finishing at 3:10pm. However,
will be required to submit the assessments in         depending on the course students have
order to complete your Clearance Form, but            selected (including training courses), the
no marks will be awarded for this.                    hours of the day will vary and in some cases,
‘Completion’ will be determined by the                may include evening classes. Information
teacher and will require you to make a                regarding specific courses, their hours and
‘genuine attempt’. This is a non-negotiable           days can be obtained by making contact with
requirement.                                          the College. It is important that students and
                                                      parents investigate transport arrangements
COLLEGE CHARGES                                       thoroughly prior to enrolling.
                                                      The flexible timetable at Manea Senior
All Western Australian senior secondary
                                                      College also means that many students will
schools and colleges charge for course costs,
                                                      spend some of their time at the College not in
the provision of additional texts and
                                                      classes. During such times, students may
resources, the provision of technology and
                                                      choose to work in areas throughout the
consumables such as photocopying. An
                                                      College such as Student Central or computer
individual invoice, detailing the course
                                                      rooms, or may meet and talk with other
charges, will be issued to each student on or
                                                      students in the College grounds.
before December 1st. To support students
and parents, payment plans can be negotiated          There is no formal supervision or surveillance
through the Manager Corporate Services.               of students who are not in classrooms.
EFTPOS facilities are available. Parents and          However, staff constantly move around the
students will be advised of the date the              College in the normal course of their duties
College will be open for payments of charges.         and exercise their duty of care. They are
Government assistance may be available to             available to students if needed. Further
                                                      security for students on the College grounds is
provided by students wearing uniform and               students travelling from outside the Public
College identification.                                Transport network.
                                                       Apply online at www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au
                                                       Be sure to make arrangements for bus travel
Driving and Parking                                    early or you may miss out.
Parking across our Education Precinct is
limited but cannot be guaranteed – up to 15
                                                       VISITORS TO THE COLLEGE
bays for Year 12 students onsite.                      While visitors and invited guests are welcome,
Subsequently students are encouraged to use            they must report to Administration, sign in
public transport to access the College.                and wait to be met by the relevant person.
Parking is monitored by the City of Bunbury            Generally, students are not permitted to have
and infringement notices/fines are issued to           visitors at the College. All visitors are required
those parking without permits or parking               to wear identity badges.
                                                       INFORMATION PRIVACY
School Bus Services
                                                       AND SECURITY
                                                       Permission to use student photographs, video
Green and White Buses                                  footage, digital images and names.
TransRegional (services provide by Swan                At Manea Senior College we intend to
Transit) - Phone: 9796 9500                            promote the great work and achievement of
The Public Transport network provides                  our students and staff. This may involve the
services in the following areas: Australind,           publication of students names, pictures and
Millbridge, Eaton, Clifton Park, Pelican Point,        work samples in the College newsletter
Vittoria Heights, Glen Iris, Bunbury, East             (Student Express), Yearbook, Website,
Bunbury, South Bunbury, Carey Park, Withers,           Facebook page, Snapchat, Local and State
Usher, College Grove, Dalyellup and Gelorup.           newspapers, as well as on CDs/Videos
                                                       produced by the College. In addition, video
Visit www.transregional.wa.gov.au                      footage/images of students in classes may be
ORANGE SCHOOL BUS SERVICE                              used for the purpose of posting online lessons
                                                       for students to access.
For students travelling from outside the Public
Transport Network                                      The College will request your permission to
                                                       use any images and work of your
Students intending to travel via School Bus            son/daughter at the time of enrolment. You
Services (Orange Bus Services) will need to            are of course at liberty to withdraw your
apply online. If you currently travel on an            consent at any time by contacting the College
Orange Bus you will need to update your                in writing.
details and advise that your new school is
Manea Senior College.

Please note that Orange School Bus Services
provide transport or transport assistance for

Students are required to travel with the class
USE of TAFE, ECU and                                   even when excused from participating.
OTHER LOCAL FACILITIES                                 PE Attire required – shoes, sporting attire
Manea Senior College students have the                 including college sports shirt.
opportunity to combine their school programs           Students must be changed before and after
with a wide range of training courses, up to a         classes in normal college uniform (except
Certificate IV, or in certain circumstances,           before 1st period and after last period).
Diploma level. Students are able to access the
pathways provided by the South Regional                Medical details are required to be updated as
TAFE, Bunbury Regional Trade Training                  required by parent/guardian.
Centres (BRTTC), various other private                 Certificate III Sport and Recreation - students
training organisations, and Edith Cowan                enrolled in this training course will be
University (ECU).                                      participating in swimming activities at SWSC
Students will use the facilities available at          and/or Koombana Bay and it is a requirement
South Regional TAFE and ECU Bunbury. As                of the course to participate in ALL lessons.
these venues are combined with Manea in the            Students enrolled in this course need to be
same precinct, students will be able to walk to        competent swimmers and able to swim at
these facilities. This privilege is extended to        least 50 -200m in a recognised stroke without
students based on the premise that the code            stopping.
of conduct will be upheld across the precinct
and continued use of TAFE and ECU facilities
remains at the discretion of both partners.

Training courses that are not conducted in the
Manea precinct will require students to
organise their own transport to and from
these venues. This includes transport to their
work placement sites.

Physical Education students will make use of
the local facilities and will be transported by        STAY IN TOUCH
bus driven by the class teacher. Facilities
accessed include:                                      E: manea.sc@education.wa.edu.au

   •   Southwest Sports centre (SWSC)
   •   Bunbury Tennis Club
   •   Hay Park grounds
   •   Bunbury Indoor Beach Volleyball
   •   Local primary schools – St Joseph’s             Web: www.maneasc.wa.edu.au/Home.aspx
       CPS, St Mary’s CPS, South Bunbury PS,
                                                       Ph: (08) 9721 0600
       Bunbury PS and Bunbury Baptist
   •   Koombana Bay
                                                                                 Updated: July 2020
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