Start of School Guide 2018-2019 - Canadian International School of Hong Kong

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Start of School Guide 2018-2019 - Canadian International School of Hong Kong
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Start of School Guide 2018-2019 - Canadian International School of Hong Kong

     02   Welcome to the Lower School
          What Happens on the First Day of School?
          Start of School for Pre Reception and Reception
          • Arrival and Hours of Operation
          • Washroom
          • School Bag
          • Snack
          • Music and Movement Classes
          • Personal Items
          • Toys and Money
          • Communication
          • Staggered Entry
          Start of School for Preparatory
          • Communication
          • Staggered Start
          Start of School for Grade 1 to Grade 6
          Lower School Open House and New Parent Orientation on Friday, August 17
     06   Welcome to the Upper School
          Grade 7 Supply List
          Course Selection and Registration
          Athletics, Clubs and Activities
          Grade 11 IB DP Retreat
          Experience Week
          Upper School New Student and Parent Orientation on Wednesday, August 15
          First Day of School
     08   School Uniform
     09   School Bus Registration
     10   School Fee Structure (2018/2019)
     11   1:1 MacBook and iPad Programme

Start of School Guide 2018-2019 - Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Welcome to the Lower School

Moving schools is a big deal for children and parents too! For some it can be an intimidating
experience. Together, we can ease any insecurities your child(ren) may have about starting at CDNIS
by ensuring there are support structures in place on the first day.

Before the first day of school, there are some strategies you can put in place early on at home:

Involve them in the Process
Empowering your child by including them in the process will alleviate any anxiety they may be feeling
about the change. If possible attend Open House on August 17 together. Older children might
appreciate the opportunity to follow their schedule and young ones may just need to see their new
environment with their own eyes.

Seek New Knowledge Together
Seek the positive about the change. Visit the website for facts and photographs, lists of interesting
classes, extracurricular activities and sports activities, and have a look at past publications such as
the yearbook, school prospectus and Red & White magazine.

Meet Future Friends
Start socializing early on. Make contact with other students in the year group and invite someone over
for a playdate. Socializing at home one-on-one can be less threatening for children. Future friends are
everywhere. Sign your child up for summer camps and classes at CDNIS. They’ll feel less nervous on
the first day if they see some familiar faces. Young children may need help meeting new friends, so
through role-play rehearse the dialogue your child may need when engaging with new friends.

Remind your children about other “firsts” they have experienced in their lives and how well they
handled them. Find opportunities to talk about successes they have experienced and the advantages
of taking that first step — like meeting a new friend or learning a new skill. This will build confidence
and remind them that taking risks can pay off.

Start of School Guide 2018-2019 - Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Welcome to the Lower School

Be patient. Children are extremely adaptable, but it may take a period of time for the transition to
happen, to the point where they are settled and comfortable. If there is concern about your child’s
transition to CDNIS, please speak to one of our school counsellors; however, odds are he or she will
adjust just fine.

Whether your child is worried about making new friends, losing touch with old ones, you can help. Be
an active communicator by asking questions and listening.

Get Involved in the School
There are many ways to get involved in the school. If you’re able to volunteer in the classroom, you’ll
get to know the teacher and your child’s classmates. Networking with other parents can be a great
way to meet other kids, too, and to feel a part of the CDNIS community.

What Happens on the First Day of School?

   • In order to identify new students in Prep to Grade 2, a nametag will be provided during Open
     House. Please ensure your child wears his or her nametag for the first day. Pre Reception and
     Reception students will not require a nametag as the bus mothers and/or parents will escort
     them directly to their homerooms.

   • Lower School teachers will greet new students upon arrival on the 7/F and 9/F with grade
     level signs. Students should find the teacher holding their grade level sign. Teachers will
     escort new student groups to their respective playground. When it’s time for classes to begin,
     teachers will escort the students to their homerooms.

   • Throughout the week, teachers will ensure new students are familiar with key areas including
     the cafeterias, play areas, single subject classes, school nurse, etc. They will also visit
     emergency evacuation routes and exit points.

   • Homeroom teachers will match new students with a ‘buddy’ who will spend free time with
     them and show them around the school. New students will attend a welcome session during
     the first full week of school with guidance counsellors, at which they are welcome to bring a

   • For morning and lunch breaks, all students will be taken to their respective cafeterias where
     routines will be modeled.

   • At the conclusion of the school day our class teachers, educational assistants and bus moms
     will assist all students to find their buses or meet parents/helpers who have private pick up

Start of School for Pre Reception and Reception
We are an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Our Primary Years Programme (PYP) in
the Early Years blends the IB philosophy of a constructivist view of learning with inspiration from
the globally renowned early childhood schools of Reggio Emilia. Learning is based on innovative
strategies and is influenced by our image of young children as intelligent, capable, creative and
resourceful. We create a learning community comprised of students, their parents and teachers who
collaborate and develop knowledge by listening carefully to each other.

There are opportunities for parents to be partners in their child’s learning through parent observation
sessions, Learning Conversations, parent workshops, Curriculum Day and more. We encourage you
to participate and become involved in the school community. Event dates are provided on our school
website and through class announcements.

The Early Years are often a child’s first experience of school and we want our youngest students to
know first and foremost that learning is fun. It is through play that children learn about their world.
Research shows that play helps children learn how to work with others and solve problems. Play

Start of School Guide 2018-2019 - Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Welcome to the Lower School

promotes executive functioning, imagination, independence and creativity. Children gain confidence
and learn about risk-taking.

Relationships are at the heart of our programme. Children need to feel safe, secure and cared about
in order to achieve their full learning potential. We spend a lot of time getting to know children.
Conversations take place all day, every day, in multiple languages and all situations; we truly value
the time we spend with our students.

In spite of reading all this, the first day of school can be an anxious time for parents. Try not to let
your anxiety show, as your child will pick up on this. Please be assured that the school staff is very
experienced and will provide comprehensive support for your child. The following are some guidelines
to help start the school year positively and to make the transition easier for you all:

Pre Reception and Reception Arrival and Hours of Operation:
Children traveling to school by car should be brought to their classrooms on the 9/F by the parent/
helper (after 7:30am or 11:30am). Children taking the school bus will be brought to the classroom
by the bus mother. Name tags will be given to the children upon arrival in the classroom.

Your child will be required to use the toilet independently. Please work on this at home in the weeks
preceding the start of school. We understand that accidents may happen, so please send a clean
change of clothes, including underwear and socks, all clearly named, in a plastic bag inside your
child’s school bag.

School Bag
A student school bag or backpack should be large enough to hold a plastic zip pouch and easy
enough for your child to open and close independently. A small backpack is available for purchase
through the uniform shop. Please do not send in large ‘suitcase-type’ bags with wheels, as they
do not fit in our cubbies. Zips are easier to manage than buckles. Please ensure that your child’s
belongings are all clearly named.

Please send a nutritious snack to school. We strongly discourage packaged, processed foods.
Sandwiches, crackers, fruit, vegetables and sushi are examples of nutritious snacks that help little
minds and bodies to function at their peak. Please ensure that your child’s snack containers are
easy for them to open and close independently. A small, easy-to-open water bottle should also be
included. Again, please ensure that your child’s name is clearly written on their snack container/s and
water bottle.

Music and Movement Classes
The Early Years have the opportunity to have PE and Performing Arts combined into a class called
Music and Movement. Twice a week students will attend this class, which focuses on active, creative,
age-appropriate learning experiences through music and movement. On Music and Movement class
days, students wear their house shirt and black school shorts/sweatpants (school PE uniform). Once
school has started, your child will be assigned to a “house” and will wear the designated house t-shirt.
Siblings will be placed in the same house.

Personal Items
Please label all items of clothing and personal belongings with your child’s full name and class.

Toys and Money
Children are discouraged from bringing toys and jewellery to school unless requested by the teacher.
Your child may need to bring money to school from time to time. Please make sure it is in an
envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class and placed in the zipper pouch provided by
the school.

Communication between teacher and parents will be through email, Seesaw and the class website.
Class announcements will be posted weekly via Seesaw or the website. Please check these regularly.

Start of School Guide 2018-2019 - Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Welcome to the Lower School

Staggered Entry
CDNIS uses a staggered entry transition for all Pre Reception and Reception students. Staggered
entry starts on Monday, August 20, when only half of each Pre Reception and Reception class
attends school at a time. Why do we use a staggered entry? It allows for students to settle into
school as part of a smaller group during the first week, which helps them to be able to foster
meaningful relationships with their teachers and peers. Staggered entry respects the different
needs and experiences of all children and families beginning school. It also allows teachers a better
opportunity to recognize any children that may need help adjusting to the transition and provide
them with ample reassurance and support.

During staggered entry, children will be organized into two groups. In early August you will receive
an email advising you of your child’s assigned staggered entry group.

Please be advised that children will not be marked absent for days on which they are not at school in
the first week. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office at
2525 7088.

Start of School for Preparatory Classes
Communication between teacher and parents will be through email, Seesaw and the class website.
Class announcements will be posted weekly via Seesaw or the website. Please check these regularly.

Staggered Start
For many students, the Prep programme is their first full-day school experience. To support the
transition from the half day to a full day programme, Prep students will come to school in the morning
and depart at 11:30am each day for the first week of school beginning Monday, August 20. The full
day programme for Prep students will start the week of August 27-31.

In our experience, a half-day entry on return to school has proven to be a highly successful approach
in supporting young children with transition and change. Adjusting to a full day at school can be very
tiring at first. The half days for the first week therefore provide a ‘soft opening’ for Prep students. It
allows them sufficient time to make the adjustment comfortably and without stress. Should you have
any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office at 2525 7088.

Start of School for Grade 1 to Grade 6

Lower School Open House and New Parent Orientation on Friday,
August 17
The Open House visit is the first part of the settling-in process. All students and parents are strongly
encouraged to attend and meet the teachers, have a look around the classroom and meet some
classmates. Please join us for the Open House on Friday, August 17, anytime between 8am and
11am. The New Parent Orientation will be from 10am-11am on Friday, August 17 so new families
should plan to come to Open House before 10am. All parents who will attend the New Parent
Orientation are asked to sign up via this link no later than Monday, August 13.

Parents of Pre Reception and new Reception and Preparatory students are kindly requested to make
arrangements for child-minding during this time (10am-11am). Please contact the school if you
need assistance with this. New Grade 1 to Grade 6 students will take the Chinese Placement tests at
this time.

Lower School Mandarin Placement Assessment (Friday, August 17, 10am–11am at Chinese Culture
Centre). Questions about the Mandarin Programme can be sent to Director of Chinese Studies,
Ms Penny Pan at

IF you have any questions about the Lower School, please contact Winnie McCarthy.

Start of School Guide 2018-2019 - Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Welcome to the Upper School

All Grade 7 students are technically “new” to the Upper School and the Middle Years Programme, and
CDNIS takes great care to also induct students that are new to the school as a whole. Dozens of new
students will join CDNIS this fall in Grades 7 to 11 and parents can expect tremendous support in
this transition from classroom teachers, guidance counsellors, and student leaders.

Grade 7 Supply List
Please refer to this list of materials that students joining Grade 7 should acquire before the start of

Course Selections and Registration Grade 9-12
The Course Sequencing Chart on the Upper School website provides a listing of current courses,
including descriptions and prerequisites. Students unfamiliar with the courses and requirements
should consult the chart prior to registering for courses. Guidance counsellors are available from
August 13 (by appointment only) to discuss course choices. Please call Elsa Fung at 2240 6317 to
arrange an appointment.

The Upper School website also provides information about timetables, resources, policies, awards
and activities, and leadership team contacts.

Athletics, Clubs and Activities
New students are encouraged to get involved in the many activities and teams on offer at CDNIS as
this is an ideal way to meet other students with common interests. Season 1 Athletics tryouts are
held in the second week of school. Students can find details about try-outs in the Upper School and
can learn more about the Athletics programme through the Timberwolves website.

In early September, CDNIS will hold a Clubs Fair to introduce new students to the wide variety of
school clubs and activities.

Welcome to the Upper School

Grade 11 IB Diploma Programme Retreat
At the start of the two-year IB Diploma Programme, students have a two-day retreat at the beginning
of the school year to build a sense of community and shared vision amongst Grade 11 students. They
will also be introduced to the importance of goal setting, year-long planning, study skills and other
aspects pertinent to the DP such as the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge course.

Grade 9-12 Experience Week
All students in Grade 9–12 will participate in Experience Week Trips in the week of November 12-16.
New students will have to register for an Experience Week trip. Details and additional contact
information can be found via the Experience Week website. All trips combine students in grade 9-12.

Grade 7-8 Experience Week
All students in Grade 7-8 will participate in Experience Week Trips in the week of March 18-22, 2019.
The registration for these trips will occur in November.

Upper School New Student & Parent Orientation on Wednesday,
August 15
Parents and students will meet in the LLAC Lobby by 9:30am. Student Ambassadors will then
take new students to their Mandarin placement assessments in the Chinese Cultural Centre while
members of the Senior Leadership Team and other Upper School staff meet with the parents. Please
complete the CDNIS Upper School New Parent/Student Orientation – Online Registration Form by
Friday, July 27 if you wish to attend.

New students in Grades 7-11 who will take Chinese in this academic year have need to take a
Mandarin class placement assessment at CDNIS in the Chinese Cultural Centre. Information on the
different streams and levels can be found via this link or visit the Chinese Studies website. Students
who are new to Chinese or not taking it at all will receive an orientation by the student.

Students will also participate in the Learning & Teaching Technology (LTT) Orientation from
12:45pm-2:00pm in Room 706. Please ensure you have ordered the appropriate laptop and bring
it with you if you have received it. A leaner laptop will be provided to students that have not yet
received their laptop. Please see “MacBook and iPad programme” on page 10 regarding Upper School
laptop requirements. Students will be introduced to the use of Apple laptops and software for school

Contact John Turner at if you will not be in Hong Kong for this orientation
or if you have any technology-related questions.

First Day of School
All Upper School students will find their Homeroom posted in the 6/F cafeteria and will proceed to
that classroom for 7:45am. All will spend the first Block in Homeroom, then proceed to the large
gym for a Welcome Assembly at 9:10am.

If you have any questions about the Upper School, please contact Dilip Sandhu.

School Uniform

  We have new uniforms this school year. For the 2018-19 school year, the new and
  old uniforms can be worn for this year of transition.

All students are required to wear the school uniform supplied by Uniform Station, the school uniform
supplier. The on-campus shop will open according to the following schedule:

August 13, 14, 15 (10am–4pm)
The CDNIS Uniform Shop relocates all services to the 3/F small gym for the week before school
starts. Students will be able to try on and purchase items in the small gym during this time period.
Payment can only be made by cash, cheque or EPS (Hong Kong debit cards).

August 16, 17 (8am–4pm)
Parents/students can go to the 3/F small gym to try on and purchase uniforms. Payments can only
be made by cash, cheque or EPS (Hong Kong debit cards).

August 20, 21, 22 (8am–4pm)
Purchases can be made at the Uniform Shop, located in Room 502 on the 5/F, accessible by Elevator 1.
Regular opening hours from August 23 onwards (8am–4pm)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday (open) Tuesday and Thursday (closed)
Uniforms should be worn in compliance with the School Uniform Policy. Skirts must not be shorter
than 10cm (4”) above the knee. Students are required to wear 50% BLACK shoes except during
physical education classes or scheduled recess periods.
School Uniform Shop on-campus, Room 502. Telephone: 2240 6388 Payment by cash, cheque and EPS
The Jordan shop will be open for the whole month of August from Monday to Saturday 10am–6pm,
and Sunday 11am–6pm.
Normal trading days and hours at Jordan are Monday to Saturday 10am–6pm, closed on Sunday and
resume as of Friday, September 1.

Uniform Station
2/F, Will Strong Development Building 59 Parkes Street, Jordan, Kowloon
Telephone: 2523 2517    |   Fax: 2526 4455

School Bus Registration

Registration for the school bus service for new and existing students, via the Kwoon Chung (KCM)
webpage should be completed by Friday, May 18 to ensure service is arranged for your child(ren)
on the first day of school. KCM will continue to accept registrations throughout the year provided
there is space on the route requested.

Consult the route list for pick-up locations and prices. Families new to the school should create a
login account and register on the KCM webpage no later than the due date.

All bus service enquiries should be directed to KCM. Telephone: 2979 8798 or by email at

   Please be reminded that there is no parking available at the school. Parent volunteers are
   welcome to use the school bus service if seating is available but MUST sign-up for a volunteer
   bus pass from the school office and register with KCM at least two working days in advance.

NOTE: Priority for seating is given to students, staff and volunteers. Parents who are not volunteering
must find alternate transportation to the school if seating is not available on the bus.

Parental changes to bus drop off or car pick up
Please note that any change made by parents to your child’s bus schedule or pick up must be
communicated ONE DAY PRIOR to the bus company and your child’s teacher or educational assistant
by email or phone.

School Fee Structure (2018/2019)

Tuition fees for the first term and the Capital Levy are due on Friday, June 29. We ask that you
settle any outstanding fees as soon as possible. All students must be covered by the Annual Capital
Levy or Capital Debenture.

Invoices and Statements
CDNIS has moved to a more eco-friendly approach in invoicing and account statements by placing
them in your NetClassroom account in the Parent Portal. Please remember to login and check your
statements frequently to stay current on charges, payments, and account balances for your children.
New parents will receive their invoice by mail.

For those who must have a paper copy of your invoices/statements, please notify the Accounts
Department. By default, these documents will be posted to your online account, from where they can
also be printed or even downloaded to your own computer.

MacBook and iPad Programme

CDNIS is an Apple school. The use of an iPad and MacBook is a core feature of our school’s learning
and teaching experience. All students in Grades 1 to 3 will use their own iPad, while students in
Grades 4 to 12 will use their own MacBook.

The iPad and MacBook is purchased individually by parents through a partner supplier (Senco-
Masslink) to ensure personal ownership and high levels of systematic support; both key factors in
ensuring such a programme achieves the highest learning outcomes possible.

The academic year sees the recommendation of the following Apple iPad or MacBook device for students:

iPad (2018 6th-generation) 128GB

MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.3GHz dual-core Intel i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage (Space Gray)

The required AppleCare Services is essential to ensuring the continual educational experience by
extending the default 1-year coverage to 3-years. MacBook repair services are provided at the
MacHub (an on-site MacBook service center). Additionally, with the cooperation of Zurich Insurance,
additional insurance can be acquired to further protect your investment. This has to be completed
within the first three weeks of acquiring a new MacBook.

Detailed information of the 1:1 iPad and MacBook programmes and online ordering procedures can
be found via this link on the OneDoor website. (

Please note that we do not accept home iPads in the programme. All iPads have to be purchased thru
Senco-Masslink to meet the school management requirement. At this stage it is intended for security
and balance reasons that the iPad will not go home everyday. It will be sent home in the summer
holiday. MacBook in Grade 4-6 will be kept securely at school and be sent home in long holidays.

Parents of new students who plan to order a iPad/MacBook with our vendor (Senco-Masslink) should
make their purchase before July 16, 2018 to ensure the iPad/MacBook orders are processed,
software is added, and are delivered in time for the commencement of the new school year. The
summer months are also the time where everyone in the region is ordering. Ordering through
a reseller will guarantee that you will get the latest model. If you have any questions regarding
ordering, please use Senco Masslink’s contact information provided on the online ordering portal.
Please note that Senco-Masslink cannot guarantee that orders received after July 16, 2018 can be
processed before the start of the school term.

Families who plan to use a pre-owned Macbook need to contact OneDoor at 2240 6328 or via email
at with their model and purchase year to confirm the compatibility of the
hardware and software. If approved, students can bring their Macbook to OneDoor at the beginning
of the new academic year for re-imaging. The 3-year AppleCare Protection Programme coverage
will be required for those who have their MacBooks for less than 12-months. Pre-owners need to
purchase this special coverage and the MacBook plastic hardcover (G4-G6) at Senco-MassLink. This
is required to be able to use the Senco-MassLink run MacHub Support Centre services.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school's Learning and Teaching Technologies
Department at for more information at anytime.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong
36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2525 7088		 Fax: (852) 2525 7579
Email: Web:
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