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                           1 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
“Did someone say Multi-Award winners?!
 That’s right, Student Life has just won its second prestigious
 award, this time for ‘Excellence in Collaboration’ at the
 Raising the Bar Awards 2018, hosted by Suffolk County
 Council. We are extremely proud of our achievements and
 feel honoured that our hard work has been recognised
 within the local community! The Student Life team had a
 fantastic time at the awards night which was held at Trinity
 Park, networking and celebrating among some inspirational
 individuals and organisations. We are so grateful to have
 been considered.
 This award accompanies the first one we received at the
 beginning of the year at the Suffolk Coastal Business and
 Community Awards 2018. Thank you to all who have been
 involved in our journey so far. This is just the beginning!
 In this month’s edition of Student Life, we continue to
 share tips, tricks and life hacks in our My Life supplement,               CONTACT US
 including articles on ‘How to survive your first week at                  01473 35 35 12
 University’ and ‘Attending University as a ‘mature’ student’.
 In addition, we are continuing to develop our anti-bullying
 supplement and campaign - more news on this to follow!                   FB: @studentlifeips
 We hope you are enjoying your Summer holiday and                 Instagram: @studentlifeips
 making the most of this rare British sun! Why not let                Twitter: @studentlifeips
 us know what you’re up to? Whether you are off on your
 travels or exploring what Suffolk has to offer. Tweet us at @
 studentlifeips we’d love to know!
 Best wishes,
 Rachel Gilbey
STUDENT STYLE 		                   4-7         MY LIFE     		                         31-35
STUDENT BEAUTY		                   8-11        STUDENT TECH		                         36-37
STUDENT TRAVEL 		                  12          STUDENT CAREERS		                      35
WHAT THE FOOD 		                   17-22       SEXUAL HEALTH		                        40-41
ENTERTAINMENT 		                   23-27       MENTAL HEALTH 		                       43-64

                           2 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
MY Life
                                                  learning difficulties, I also have a diagnosis
                                                  of Angiosarcoma, a rare type of cancer,
                                                  so making sure I was eating healthy and
                                                  exercising was a must.

     WHERE ARE                                    I graduated with a 2:1 degree, which just
                                                  shows that with the right support and
                                                  determination you can aim high and achieve.
     THEY NOW?                                    Two of my main highlights of my time at Uni
                                                  were being voted the course rep and I had
 Student Life catches                             the great honour of delivering the Vote of
                                                  Thanks speech at graduation.
     up with the                                  Since leaving university I started working
                                                  for a private company helping people break
 University’s Alumni                              down barriers and gaining employment.
                                                  I have worked with individuals who
   WRITTEN BY KAYLEIGH NORRIS                     have needed housing support, help with
                                                  addictions, employability skills and more.
Kayleigh is 29 years old and                      I am also currently undergoing training to
graduated from the University of                  become a Mental Health First Aid Instructor,
Suffolk this year, having studied                 which is an incredible course and I am so
                                                  lucky my company are investing in me. I am
Special Educational Needs and
                                                  working on a few projects within this to help
Disability (SEND) studies. Kayleigh               change the stigma that surrounds mental
decided to get involved with Student              health disorders. I work for a very inspiring
Life to share her experience of how               company and this would not have been
she navigated university, whilst living           possible without my degree.
with cancer and having learning
                                                  University also gave me the confidence to
                                                  start my personal health & wellbeing blog
I went to university to help me to develop in     and built my confidence to let others read
my career. Starting later in life was scary but   my writing. This has also led to me writing
I just knew it was something I wanted to do.      my first book that should be published early
The first year was very difficult due to having   next year.

                                           MY LIFE
                             3 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
                SUPPORTED BY

Festivals are the ultimate style event,
the number one occasion you can
wear what you want, how you want.                       WRITTEN BY OUR
                                                   FASHION EDITOR PAM DAVIS
From the tassled hems to the ultra
bright prints and shorts. Toss your
heels and best shoes aside and bring          this festival season. Boho, hippy or grunge?
out those wellies to get knee deep into       Whatever your festival vibe, welcome to the
                                              ultimate guide.
fun festival fashion.
Festival dressing is all experimenting with   Will it be raining? or scorching hot? UK
your personal style, so step outside that     Festivals or Abroad?
comfort zone and experiment with prints,
slogans, textures and festival accessories    Festival Outfit must haves for everyone...

                             4 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
A festival look? Without
denim shorts? Unthinkable.
But sportswear-
inspired styles are more
comfortable. Style with a
simple t-shirt, waterproof
bomber jacket and thick-
soled boots, or trainers.

2017 saw the return of
hats. Not only is one of
these bad boys going to
look super cool with your
outfit but it’s going to keep
the sun out of your eyes
when you’re grooving and
chilling to your favourite
artist. Perfect! You can
pretty much pair a hat with
just about any outfit.

                                    S TUDENT
                          5 • A UG UST  2018 •S TSYLE
                                                  TUDENT LIFE
                                                    A must-have item on your festival checklist, a
                                                    bum bag is an essential for keeping valuables
                                                    safe in style when you’re partying. Leather
                                                    bum bags are ideal for all weathers, great if
                                                    you’re heading somewhere like Glastonbury
                                                    with a potential for heavy mud. Printed bum
                                                    bags can add a fun element to your festival
                                                    look, jazzing up your simpler outfits - wear
                                                    with plain fitted t-shirts, denim shorts and
                                                    festival wellies and let your bright and bold
                                                    bum bag be the focus of your outfit.

                                                    Don’t misconstrue the word ‘comfortable’
THE STATEMENT SUNGLASSES                            for ‘dowdy’. Festival or not, shoes always
So be fashionable and practical with a funky        need to be stylish so be conscious of what
pair of sunnies!                                    you are wearing on your feet for the long
Style the look: The best part about this outfit     day ahead. White sneakers have emerged
is that you can literally pair anything you         as the essential casual shoe and are perfect
want with a funky pair of sunglasses!               for versatility and comfort. Festivals can get
                                                    messy so if it’s a pair you love, buy another
There is something celebratory about a pair         in case they get super dirty. Boots can also
of mirrored sunglasses. They’re a brighter          be great, and work well in rusty browns and
choice for eyewear, and a festival is a perfect     black colours. Boots are also the perfect
venue to experiment with colour. There are          accompaniment to an outfit that may be
a bunch of different styles that work well          slightly more bohemian-inspired. All in all,
with mirrored lenses. Wayfarers and aviators        ensure you have a pair that is comfortable
typically are the most obvious choices, but         and will withstand all your festival
our recommendation is to opt for a great            expeditions.
pair of round mirrored sunglasses. Round
sunnies will lend a little classicism to your
festival get-up, not to mention they are a
flattering choice for most face shapes.

If you’re ever going to rock these, a festival is
where it’s at!
Style the look: If you really can’t afford a
whole new outfit, pair these body jewels with
a simple outfit like a black bodysuit and
some denim shorts! Dress it up with some
glitter and presto! You’re festival ready.

                               6 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
I would like to invite all of our
readers to send me suggestions
for anything you would like me
to feature in future issues. Any
budding fashionistas who need
fashion advice, please feel free to
get in touch. Follow me on social
media for all the latest news.

Facebook: Fashion Candy Style
Twitter: @pammystyles
Instagram: @fashion_candy_style
Fashion Candy Style
M: 07713 095355

                                 S TUDENT
                       7 • A UG UST  2018 •S TSYLE
                                               TUDENT LIFE
                 SUPPORTED BY

Summertime brings a lot of warmth                           WRITTEN BY OUR
and happiness to the country.                           BEAUTY EDITOR ROSIE MAY
However this heat can get in the way
of keeping the perfect make-up all day.           prevent it and I find just using some roll-on
I’ve conjured up my 5 top tips on how             over my upper lip helps to keep my foundation
                                                  stuck for a lot longer! I use my moisturiser
to stay fresh and looking good, despite           first and then the deodorant before applying
the heat and sun.                                 the foundation.

SULA ALERT!                                       COLD SETTING SPRAY
Now if you’re like me and one of the              Now as the day goes on and the sun is shining
unfortunate people that suffers from a SULA       down, I find myself searching for the nearest
(sweaty upper lip alert), then you will know it   fan or air con to stand in front of to cool
makes it near impossible to keep foundation,      myself down. Since discovering this tip, I no
powder or even concealer from going patchy        longer need to! Placing setting spray in the
on the upper lip. Just the tiniest bit of sweat   fridge helps me hugely throughout the day.
will separate the formula and leave me with       For starters, it is a lush spritz of cold mist for
a lovely white ‘moustache’. My top tip to help    my face when I’m getting hot and bothered,
prevent this is roll-on deodorant. Now even       but at the same time it is keeping my make-up
though deodorant doesn’t stop you from            locked into place! It’s the perfect remedy.
sweating altogether, it does help slightly

                              8 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
TONE DOWN THE HIGHLIGHT                            from breaking out and makes me feel more
Now this may seem an obvious one, but one          comfortable in the weather conditions.
thing I’ve learnt is to definitely tone down
the highlight in the hot months. Your face is      POWDER UP THAT NOSE!
naturally going to become a little oilier and      I suffer from a very oily T-zone so powdering
sweatier throughout the day, so having tons        my nose is a routine for me anyway. However
of highlight on is just going to enhance these     in this weather it is even more essential. One
factors. Use a smaller amount in the morning       reason because of getting oily and sweaty
and as you get oilier and sweatier throughout      around the nose, and secondly to prevent
the day, it will even itself out without looking   leaving sunglasses marks on your nose! In the
cakey.                                             morning I apply a very generous amount of
                                                   powder and this helps to last all day.
NATURAL IS THE WAY FORWARD                         So here are my top tips. A lot of days in this
When it gets really hot outside, it causes your    heat I just go bare faced, as I can’t handle the
pores to open. This always causes my skin to       summer heat and a face of products. However
break out, because it’s allowing my oils and       on the days I do decide to brave the full face,
foundation to seep into my skin. One thing I       these are the best methods I’ve found to
do to prevent this is try and make my makeup       ensure I stay looking my best throughout the
as natural as possible. It keeps my skin           whole day.

                              9 • A UG S TUDENT
                                       UST      BEAUT
                                           2018 • S TUDENT
                                                      Y    LIFE
STUDENT Beauty                         you’ll need to separate your hair into a
                                                  middle parting, I’d recommend you have wet
                SUPPORTED BY
                                                  hair for this as well. Next, you need to grab
                                                  either the left or right section of hair and
                                                  split the section into three strands. Cross the
                                                  right strand under the middle strand, the left
                                                  strand under the middle strand. Now add
                                                  more hair to the right strand before crossing
                                                  it under the middle strand. Repeat this until

        EASY                                      you reach to the end of your hair.

      SUMMER                                                     TOP KNOT BUN
                                                  A top knot bun is probably one the easiest

        HAIR                                      hairstyles and is perfect for the summer
                                                  as it keeps you cool and you don’t have to
                                                  worry about your hair throughout the day.
      WRITTEN BY CARA FOLLON                      Firstly, you need to tie your hair up in a high
                                                  ponytail and make sure it’s secure. Start
                SPACE BUNS                        to twist your hair around and then wrap it
This hairstyle is a popular one, especially       around your hair band. To keep it in your
for festivals and it’s really easy to create!     bun, you can either use pins or another
It also looks very cute, especially if you        hair band. Once you have your bun, you can
throw in some hair glitter and use some           either keep it tight or to make it a messy bun,
scrunchies. For this hairstyle, I’d recommend     start to slightly pull at it.
you washing your hair beforehand, so your
hair is light and fluffy. The easiest way to
create this look, is to separate your hair with
a middle parting, and depending on the
thickness and length of your hair you can
either put all your hair up into the buns or
separate it, so you have a half-up half-down
look. For me, I have quite thick, long hair so
it’s easy for me to just put the top half of my
hair in the buns. After separating your hair,
pull back the right amount of hair into a
ponytail using either an elastic band or hair
band, then twist your ponytail around until
it forms a bun. Depending on how tight you
want your bun, you can either pin it or use
another hair band to keep it in place.

              DUTCH BRAID
Braids are a great way to keep yourself cool
and keep your hair out of the way. The Dutch
braid is one of my favourites. Once again,

                             10 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
HOT Make-Up
                               WRITTEN BY CARA FOLLON

During the summer, it becomes                    makes them more prominent in my make-
increasingly difficult to have a light,          up look. I’d advise anyone who wants a look
                                                 that brings out their freckles, to use a lighter
fresh make-up look that stays on all
                                                 foundation, perhaps a BB cream like the BB
day. Sometimes I scrap having any                Cream Golden Glow, or a tinted moisturiser.
make-up on, purely because of the
scorching heat. However, if you would            SHEER TONES
still like to have a make-up routine             Instead of using quite heavy, dark toned
                                                 blusher, foundation or concealer, I’d
– here are a few tips and tricks for
                                                 recommend products that have ‘’sheer’’ in
looking fabulous in the hotter weather!          their name as they are more likely to have a
                                                 lighter and thinner consistency. This means
                                                 that although they do provide coverage, it
As always, it’s vital that you look after your
                                                 won’t melt off during the day and will make
skin when wearing make-up, especially in
                                                 your skin feel quite light. I’d recommend the
the summer. When it is hot, I’m prone to
                                                 bareMinerals Original Foundation, which
developing oily skin and acne so I make sure
                                                 includes SPF15.
that I moisturise before putting any product
on. I’m currently using Nivea’s Soft Lotion,
alongside Nivea’s Visage 2 in 1 Cleanser/        SWAP FOUNDATION
Toner. Both products have really helped my       FOR CONCEALER
skin stay healthy and fresh!                     Although you still want full coverage during
                                                 the summer, swapping your foundation for
GO FOR A NATURAL LOOK                            concealer will do wonders for a summer
Sometimes the best way to have a natural         make-up look. Lighter based concealers
make-up look, is to go quite natural! I’m        will still cover blemishes, spots and any
not saying don’t wear any make-up all, but       unwanted marks without being too hot and
as someone who has freckles I really love a      heavy on your skin. Any light concealer can
natural look that emphasizes my freckles and     be used for this kind of look.

                            11 • A UGSUST
                                          2018 BEAUT
                                               • S TUDENT
                                                     Y    LIFE

     live it up in

There’s nothing I love more than a city
break, so when I had the opportunity
to travel with a couple of friends
last March, Lisbon, the capital of
Portugal was top of the list for a 4-day
We stayed in a little apartment situated
in Santa Apolonia, which overlooked the
River Tiber and was just on the outskirts of
the main town. On our first full day we hit     tale’ excursion to Sintra. We had pre-booked
all the tourist spots around Lisbon, made       this through Viator and it included being
easier with a CitySightseeing Hop-on Hop-off    picked up from our apartment and taken on
tour bus. Sights included Torre de Belem,       an adventure by a local tour guide. On route
Padrao dos Descobrimentos and Jeronimos         we visited Cascais, Guincho Beach, Cabo da
Monastery. The first two attractions we         Roca and Pena Palace. It was an incredible
viewed from the outside, taking in the          road trip through the mountains and local
amazing architecture and history. For           villages, being told the history of the area as
Jeronimos Monastery, we paid 10 euros to        we went. This trip definitely added something
visit inside, which I highly recommend. There   magical to our stay.
is so much culture and history and I found
myself immersed, imagining back to the time     Our last day in Lisbon saw us explore the city
monks walked the long corridors.                by foot and hunt for the hidden treasures.
During the evening, we visited the famous       We visited Castelo de S.Jorge for 8.50 euros
Time Out Market where we had dinner and         each and the views around the castle walls
tasted local dishes such as Bacalhau and the    were breathtaking. The grounds are home to
famous Pastel de Nata. Much of the local food   a number of peacocks which freely roamed
on offer included fish dishes and salmon was    about, displaying their colourful feathers.
my ‘go to’.                                     There is a lot to see and do in Lisbon and
                                                I wish we had had more time to explore.
The following day we took a 5-hour ‘fairy-      Hopefully in the future, I’ll be back!

                            12 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
MY Life


One of the distinctive features of my job is
that it’s a split role: besides being a ‘regular
vicar’ to the Waterfront parishes, I’m also
Anglican chaplain to what some people call
‘the Education Quarter’; by which they mean
the University of Suffolk, which perches
on the Waterfront and Suffolk New College,
set slightly further back from the marina.
                                                   all committed to supporting the staff and
Geographically, it makes a lot of sense -
                                                   students of the Education Quarter, whether
after all, the Education Quarter I serve as
                                                   or not they have a religious faith. Our role
chaplain is located in the Waterfront area
                                                   is partly as ambassadors for the faiths
where I’m vicar.
                                                   we represent, but also to be a supportive
A chaplain is really a faith representative        presence on campus, listening to people
who works within a particular community.           who want to talk and helping them in
My role is an acknowledgement on the               whatever way we can.
part of my employer (the diocese of St
                                                   For example, this year we conducted a
Edmundsbury and Ipswich) that there are
                                                   survey at Suffolk New College. We asked 500
two particular communities within our
                                                   students one simple question - what hurts
Waterfront area, both formed around
                                                   you the most? It was a way of finding out
learning and the provision of learning,
                                                   (anonymously) what young people, studying
which are large enough to warrant the
                                                   in our patch, find hardest to handle in
presence of an ordained minister on-site.
                                                   life. Next term a display will be installed in
It allows me to meet and work with people
                                                   the atrium showing the results. Our job at
from outside our Waterfront area. That’s
                                                   chaplaincy will then be to work with Student
because many of those who work and study
                                                   Support and other agencies, to provide the
are non-resident, people who come in from
                                                   students whatever help we can to meet the
outside Ipswich (or even Suffolk!)
                                                   needs they’ve identified. Young people may
The chaplaincy is ‘multi-faith’. That means        be hurting in all kinds of ways; but getting
I work alongside chaplains of other faiths.        alongside them on campus is the first step
We don’t pretend to share the same                 to pointing them to light at the end of the
beliefs; we’re not expected to. But we’re          tunnel.

                                           MY LIFE
                             13 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
              SUPPORTED BY

KEO Staying Safe Online project              and an ability to commit during school
Volunteering Matters, through the KEO        hours to support this project. Volunteers
family project, delivers online safety       will receive relevant training during the
                                             summer, ready for a start in September.
sessions to children in school years 5
and 6 and will enable them to share          KEO Project
with their parents the knowledge             The KEO programme is aimed at migrant
                                             parents with primary school aged
gained through the programme.                children. The programme will support
The KEO family team, which is well           parents in: understanding how to
established in its work with families and    create the right conditions for learning,
migrant families, facilitates each group     understanding the school system,
to become aware of online risks of abuse     understanding the host community,
and helps students design and deliver        increasing parental engagement with
presentations about internet safety to       schools & enabling parents to support
parents. The project has successfully        their children’s reading and writing. In
delivered 9 programmes in 3 primary          addition, the KEO project also delivers
schools, with another 3 schools starting     English Conversational Classes twice a
in September.                                week based at our office.
The KEO Staying Safe Online project is       The KEO project needs volunteers
looking for volunteers with an interest in   who are interested in education and
education & young people, safeguarding       understand issues relating to being new

                          14 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE

to the community - such as having a
limited knowledge of English and/or any
other issues which might create barriers
to inclusion and communication.
Volunteers will receive relevant training
during the summer, ready for a start in
The KEO project offers a great
opportunity to anyone wanting to gain
valuable skills and experience working
with young people and families.

Sara Caravelas
T: 01473 418035

                                        MY LIFE
                          15 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
STUDENT Careers                      Being able to identify large, current
              SUPPORTED BY                   employers will enable you to look for
                                             work experience opportunities as these
                                             companies are likely to take on part-time
                                             and inexperienced staff. Some of the
                                             largest employers in Ipswich are Suffolk
                                             County Council, Ipswich Hospital, AXA
                                             and BT.
   WRITTEN BY SIAN ROBERTSON                 Understanding the sectors that are
                                             growing and declining will allow you to
    LOCAL LABOUR                             think smartly about where job vacancies
                                             are likely to occur in the future. Training
       MARKET                                to enter into a sector that is declining
    INFORMATION                              could mean having to re-train or change
                                             your career path in a few years’ time.
      Using it to make                       Being aware of skills gaps and job
                                             shortages will also support you in
      informed career                        your decision making – training and
           choices                           becoming skilled in areas that are
                                             highly sought after, for example Science,
                                             Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
This month I will be helping you
                                             (STEM) industries, will likely mean a
to understand what Labour Market
                                             well-paid career in a growing industry.
Information (LMI) is and why awareness
                                             Although understanding the labour
of it can support you in deciding what
                                             market and being aware of what’s
to study at sixth form/college/university
                                             happening locally is good, in next
and where to go next.
                                             month’s issue we will be looking at
LMI is derived from data and statistics      how technology and globalisation are
that assess current - and predict            changing our world in a way that we
future - trends in employment. It is the     can’t predict and why studying a higher
information that can help us to answer       education qualification can help to
the following questions:                     prepare you for this.
• Which sectors/industries/job roles are
growing both locally and nationally?
• What skills are employers looking for in
future employees?                                  TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CAREER
                                                    READY AND ALL THAT WE DO TO
• What education levels will be needed in           SUPPORT YOUNG PEOPLE, VISIT
the future?
                                                             Career Ready
• Which employers are looking to move                     Tel: 020 7986 5494
into the local area?                         
• Which sectors/industries/job roles are 
decreasing locally and nationally?      
•Which sectors/industries have a high    
ageing workforce?

                          16 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
                                              W H AT T H E F OO D

Cover photo by RACHEL JAMES

                       17 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE


  FOOD DAY                                        Sweet & Spicy
                                                  Now spices don’t just have to be in savoury
August sees us still languishing in the           food. A lot of crazy people out there enjoy a
heat (maybe not always in England!),              little spice in their desserts and sweet dishes.
and what better way to celebrate than to          A lot of sweet ingredients such as cocoa and
                                                  milk based dishes actually complement the
match that heat in our food. No I’m not
                                                  hint of spice and heat.
talking about temperature, I’m talking
spices, chillies and hot sauce! Spicy foods       The first interesting dish is Jalapeño
are my absolute favourite and August              Cheesecake Ice Cream. Now this may sound
brings us a special day to celebrate.             strange, but the jalapeño and the ice cream
                                                  work together really nicely. The dairy in the
August 19th is National Hot and Spicy             dish helps to counteract the jalapeno spice,
Food Day, and I definitely know I will be         so instead of leaving you gasping for air it is
celebrating in style! This is a US national       leaving you with the fresh jalapeño taste. The
day, however I feel like there is no reason       cheesecake adds a sweet cakey texture and all
why us Brits can’t celebrate alongside them!      these components create a unique and tasty
Now not to get confused between the ‘Hot’         dessert!
and ‘Spicy’ parts of the day – they class items
such as wasabi and horseradish as ‘Hot’, and      Mexican brownies are another favourite of
peppers an chillies as ‘Spicy’.                   mine. The spice and chocolate combination

                             18 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
    • Chilli peppers are actually good for you! They contain a high number of vitamins
    and are also proven to help lower cholesterol. Now that is worth the numb tongue

    • Chilli peppers can also help you lose some pounds, by boosting metabolism rates
    and dismissing your cravings for fatty foods!

    • Although they don’t seem it; hot mustard, horseradish and some mustards are in
    the same category of hot and spicy food. Though they may not have the same impact
    as a jalapeño!

    • The most effective way of easing the burn of a spicy food is with cold milk or
    yoghurt. People mistakenly drink water, which won’t mix with the oil and will cause the
    heat to move to other parts of your mouth instead.

    • The chemical that is found in peppers that causes them to be hot, Capsaicin, isn’t
    found in any other plant and is so distinct that humans could identify it, even if it
    were in a concentration as little as one part per million.

is tickling to the senses. Adding red chillies
to your usual brownies adds the perfect kick             WRITTEN BY ROSIE MAY
and touch of flavour. It is an old Mexican
tradition to combine cocoa with spice and
heat, so these Mexican brownies are a great
Now if you’re a peanut fan, this one may
appease you! Chocolate-Covered Habanero
Peanut Brittle is a great little snack with a big
flavour. Again, the chocolate and habanero
work hand-in-hand, alongside the touch of
peanut. Brittle is a great snack to pick at and
is equally as tasty!
There are so many sweet dishes that you
can add a touch of spice or heat to, and it
transforms it into a whole new flavour. How
about you try it and celebrate National Hot
and Spicy Food Day in style! A touch of chilli
here and a drop of spice there and you can
have your tastebuds tingling.

                              19 • A UGWHAT  THE•F OOD
                                       UST 2018    S TUDENT LIFE


                             WHY IS
                           SPICY FOOD
Now if we’re going to get very scientific, there   and then dispose of them all over the
are some interesting facts as to why spicy         ground. The seeds then grow in a new place.
food is actually spicy.                            But when bugs eat the peppers, they leave
                                                   little holes in the fruit. Fungi enter the holes
That tingling, hot feeling that usually comes
                                                   and eat the seeds, stopping them from
from chilli peppers, but sometimes from
                                                   growing. Capsaicin protects the seeds from
horseradish (a root) or mustard. There is a
                                                   the fungi. Meaning they can grow and grow!
secret ingredient hiding in the shadows, that
                                                   However this does mean creating a spicy,
is causing this feeling.
                                                   tingling taste when we eat the delicious food.
                                                   A lot of people think a little burn makes food
Their seeds have capsaicin (cap-SAY-uh-
                                                   taste better. But a lot of others don’t. Eating
sin), which is an irritant to us. We feel
                                                   food that’s too spicy for you can hurt your
this irritation like a burn. That is what we
                                                   mouth and your stomach. So it’s important
associate with a ‘spicy’ feeling!
                                                   to know your peppers before you eat them.
Pepper plants are trying to protect                The Scoville Scale orders chilli peppers from
themselves—and make more pepper plants.            hottest to mildest. The hottest peppers can be
This is where Capsaicin has it’s shining           more than 2 million times spicier than the
moment. Birds and animals eat the peppers          mildest. Now that’s hot!

                             20 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
                                          I think this is a classic when it comes to
                                          battling a fiery tongue. Milk is excellent
                                          for relieving the effects of spicy foods, as it
                                          contains ingredients that help break down
                                          the spicy components of chillis and peppers.
                                          2. ACIDIC JUICE
                                          Now this is one that isn’t as popular, however
                                          taking a big swig of lemon, tomato or orange
                                          juice can help neutralise the pH level of the
                                          spicy food you’re eating, helping to cool off
                                          the burn!

                                          3. A SPRINKLE OF SUGAR OR HONEY
                                          Although this may sound strange, sprinkling
                                          a drizzle of honey or sugar onto your tongue

                                          after feeling the heat can help to neutralise
                                          the spiciness as well. Alongside helping
                                          to soothe the heat, it also leaves a rather
                                          pleasant sweet taste in your mouth!
                                          4. OLIVE OIL
        WRITTEN BY ROSIE MAY              As disgusting as this sounds, apparently
                                          swallowing a teaspoon of olive oil helps to
Now, I’m sure we’ve all been there when   tackle the spiciness of the foods. I can’t say
we’ve bitten off a bit more than we can   I’ve ever personally tried this technique,
chew, especially when it comes to spicy   however the combination of fat and oil helps
food. I, for one, have always thought I   to soothe the burn.
can handle a lot of heat and spice but    5. PEANUT BUTTER
sometimes I push it too far! Here are     If you really can’t stand the thought of the
the best ways to soothe the burn after    olive oil, then peanut butter has similar
getting a mouthful of too much spice.     qualities and can work as a good substitute!

                         21 • A UGWHAT  THE•F OOD
                                  UST 2018    S TUDENT LIFE

Chicken                                     METHOD

                                            •   Coat the chopped chicken with the cumin,
                                                turmeric and coriander. Leave to marinate in
                                                the fridge for 20 minutes.
                                            •   Fry the onion and garlic together with the
Prep 10 mins – Cook 1 hour
                                                green chilli and some black pepper. Do this
                                                for 5 minutes until the onion has browned.
INGREDIENTS                                     Add 300ml water, and leave to simmer for
FOR THE SAUCE;                                  around 20 minutes.
•   ½ large onion, chopped                  •   Place the plum tomatoes in a food processer
•   1 tsp turmeric                              and mix until it presents as a smooth consist-
•   1 tbsp ground coriander                     ency. Fry the coriander, cumin and turmeric in
•   400g can plum tomatoes                      some oil and then add the tomatoes, ready
•   1 green chilli, chopped                     to simmer for 10 minutes.
•   1 tbsp ground cumin                     •   Process the onion mixture and add to the
                                                tomato sauce. Simmer for 20 minutes.
                                            •   Fry the marinated chicken and stir con-
                                                tinuously. Turn down the heat after a few
•   2-3 chicken breasts
                                                minutes and add the other half of the onion,
•   ½ large onion
                                                the red pepper and the chillis. Stir until the
•   1 red pepper
                                                chicken is cooked.
•   2 red chillies
                                            •   Mix the chicken with the sauce and simmer
•   1 tsp ground coriander
                                                all the contents for 10-20 more minutes.
•   Any other spices that you enjoy
                                                Season and serve with cooked pilau rice and
•   Cooked rice and naan bread to serve
                                                a side of naan bread. Now this is a way to
                                                celebrate National Hot and Spicy Food Day.

                             22 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
STUDENT Entertainment

                 Wireless     FESTIVAL
                          WRITTEN BY CHANEL McKENZIE

As some of you may know from my                  blown away. The night ended with Stormzy
previous articles, Wireless Festival has         performing his single ‘Blinded By Your Grace’
always been a festival I continuously look       with a live orchestra and fireworks adding
forward to every year. Although I have           the lasting touch.
been to the festival every year for five         On Sunday morning, everyone was awoken
years, I have never done the full weekend        by the news that the headline act, DJ Khaled,
of three days, so this year was a first!         will no longer be performing. We had no idea
                                                 of a replacement, so we were left in suspense
To describe is quite swiftly… What a weekend!
                                                 all day. Until… the OVO flag unveiled as a
Many talented artists performed across the
                                                 backdrop at the end of Giggs’s performance.
whole weekend including, J Cole, Stormzy,
                                                 DRAKE was DJ Khaled’s replacement and
Giggs and Partynextdoor. For me, out of all
                                                 the crowd went crazy. For me, this will be a
the days, Saturday was definitely one that
                                                 moment I will remember forever. Everyone
stood out. The day began with the England vs
                                                 in the audience was taken by such surprise!
Sweden World Cup quarter final match and
                                                 The weekend in itself was very tiring, a
what a great start that was! Wireless Festival
                                                 festival for three days is not an easy task!
created the biggest crowd to be watching the
                                                 Despite the tiredness we all felt at the end,
England game in the UK. The atmosphere
                                                 it was a weekend we will remember forever.
was electric and especially when England
                                                 Every single artist I watched really made the
finished at 2-0. Around 9pm on the Saturday
                                                 Wireless stages their own.
evening, UK’s grime sensation Stormzy
took to the main stage. I have never been so     I look forward to more music events this
mesmerised during a performance. It was          year, let me know where you guys are going!
so capturing and everyone was quite simply

                            23 •SATUDENT  ENTERTAINMENT
                                   UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
Top Tunes

Welcome to our monthly feature!
I’m so passionate about music and
I’m always listening to it or singing
(probably badly!) something. I usually
write articles in the Mental Health
sub-section so this is a bit different!
So, each month I will be sharing my
fave songs with you (that have been on
repeat constantly) and their meaning,
for you to either relate to….or for you
to discover new songs and artists.

ARIANA GRANDE                             Rise has been the most on repeat this month
                                          for me. I was never really a big fan of Jack
JUST MY TYPE                              & Jack’s music but this collab with Jonas
THE VAMPS                                 Blue makes for a really good tune. The
                                          piano chords throughout make the song
JUMPSUIT /                                very catchy and so upbeat! The story behind
NICO AND THE NINERS                       this song is mainly based on teenagers not
TWENTY ONE PILOTS                         wanting and refusing to grow up and take on
                                          responsibilities (I can definitely relate!). After
IN MY FEELINGS                            hearing Jack & Jack on a radio interview,
DRAKE *EXPLICIT*                          Jonas Blue approached them for this, now
                                          very popular, summer hit. Turns out this was
                                          the right decision as it sounds great!

                       24 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
Just My Type is an example of how much
                                                  The Vamps have changed their music -
                                                  definitely for the better. Compared with
                                                  their old songs from a few years ago, well,
                                                  it’s not comparable. The bassline during the
                                                  song makes it what it is. It’s about falling for
                                                  someone you know you shouldn’t or isn’t
                                                  good for you, however, realising that this
                                                  kind of person is your ‘type’ as they are all
                                                  you ever fall for! The Vamps used to be for
                                                  younger teenage girls, but as they’ve grown
                                                  up, so has their music so I would encourage
                                                  you have a listen to this!

                                                  Along with Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners
                                                  were released this month to give us a taste
                                                  of TØPs new album, Trench, coming out
                                                  later this year. Both of these songs have
                                                  definitely made me excited for the whole
                                                  album release. Despite seeming to have a
                                                  darker meaning, they both have an upbeat
                                                  tempo, which actually goes for a lot of their
                                                  songs. Although, Jumpsuit has such a more
                                                  rock feel to it – the guitar riffs are just
                                                  amazing and the music video is insane!!
                                                  There are a lot of hidden meanings in this
                                                  video that makes it an even better watch.

                                                  And finally, which seems to be the most
                                                  popular from new album Scorpion, In My
                                                  Feelings. This song has such a good vibe
                                                  to it and is a song, if played, would get me
God is a Woman, as you can certainly tell,
                                                  feeling good/happy. The basis of this song
is really focused on female liberation. The
                                                  is Drake just firing out names of people
video is especially great to watch and gets
                                                  he has a crush on, had a thing for, or been
that message across to the viewer. In multiple
                                                  with in the past. Another great thing about
scenes she’s sitting on top of the world,
                                                  this song is all of the vocal samples used
makes herself bigger than her haters and
                                                  throughout, including Lollipop by Lil Wayne
recreating the Creation of Adam, but, using
                                                  and Smoking Gun by Magnolia Shorty.
all women for this. The song also shows
                                                  In My Feelings is such a great track and
how she doesn’t care what people think and
                                                  absolutely one of my top favourites of this
especially about her new relationship. It’s
definitely a bop and I have been listening to
it since I came out. Despite listening to it so
much it hasn’t got boring at all!

                            25 •SATUDENT  ENTERTAINMENT
                                   UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
                       WRITTEN BY VICTORIA REYTON


         Tory’s Rating:

Director: Ol Parker          Run Time: 1 hour 54           Certificate: PG

                      26 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
After 10 years, the band is back together.
Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Julie Walters, Christine Baranski, Pierce Brosnan,
 Stellan Skarsgard, Colin Firth and Dominic Cooper return for another round of
     Abba’s greatest hits as well as singing some of their lesser-known songs.
The 2008 film Mamma Mia! was widely mocked when it was released, with Brosnan
    on the receiving end of most of the scorn for his singing ability which was
 described as appalling. It looks like the Bond star may have taken the criticism to
  heart, only sing-talking a few lines of Knowing Me Knowing You in this sequel.
    Whereas Mamma Mia! lacked much of a storyline, here director Ol Parker
 follows two narratives throughout the film. In the present day, Sophie (Seyfried)
 is preparing to open her boutique hotel, the Bella Donna on the Greek island of
 The hotel manager Fernando (Andy Garcia) — cue “can you hear the drums” — is
  doing his best to get everything ready in time for the grand opening party and
   one of her dads, Sam (Brosnan), is doing his best to reassure Sophie. But her
   relationship with Sky (Cooper) is going through a rough patch and just about
          everything that can go wrong does in the lead-up to the big day.
In flashbacks, the story of how a young Donna (Lily James) ended up in Greece and
                         meeting Sophie’s three dads is told.
   Goddess of pop Cher has a small role as Sophie’s grandmother who has been
 largely absent in both her and Donna’s lives. We know she can sing and perhaps
 was cast to make up for the lack of musical ability the first time around, however,
                 viewers get only a small taste of her vocal prowess.
The film lacks some of the big song and dance numbers of the original, but it does
                                have its moments.
  Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is not going to win any awards but neither did
the first film and it went on to gross $144.1 million in the US and a total of $615.7
                                  million worldwide.
It’s purely light entertainment wrapped up in toe-tapping music that plays homage
                     to the Swedish super group’s timeless tunes.
And, like the first film, the all-in final number — Super Trouper kickstarted by Cher
 — featuring sparkling jumpsuit- clad Firth, Brosnan and Skarsgard alongside the
 old and new trio of Donna and the Dynamos, will have movie-goers saying I Do, I
                                 Do, I Do, I Do want more.

                      27 •SATUDENT  ENTERTAINMENT
                             UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
STUDENT Safety                             social media profile or to buy that product.
                                                    The truth of the matter is that over the years,
                                                    the majority of us have always valued the
                                                    product or service significantly more than
                                                    the personal data that we are giving them, so
                                                    that trade is easy and effortless.
    …WE’VE                                          The difficulty with that though comes from

   UPDATED                                          the fact, that with data breaches seemingly
                                                    in the news every week, like Ticketmaster
                                                    losing personal and financial information
  OUR PRIVACY                                       of its account holders, and Timehop, the
                                                    popular nostalgia based social media addon,
    POLICY                                          losing personal data of 21 million accounts
                                                    and that is just in the past month. We then
                                                    see the impact on the people whose data
                                                    has been lost. Targeted by scams, exploited
      WRITTEN BY PAUL MASKALL                       or at increased risk from fraud, that trade
                                                    is going to become harder to do, once more
                                                    of us become aware of the consequences.
At the end of May, our email inboxes took
                                                    So where is the accountability to these
an absolute beating. Notification after
                                                    companies who hold our data?
notification of companies and organisations
bombarding us with emails and popups                Brought about by the European Union, the
stating, ‘We’ve updated our Privacy Policy’         new General Data Protection Regulations
or ‘We take your Privacy seriously’. For the        (GDPR) was put into action on the 25th
majority of us, it was definitely easier to click   May and this is the reason for the emails
‘I agree’ or to delete the email altogether.        and the updated policies. Part of the new
If you are terrible at deleting emails like         requirements of these new regulations is for
myself or are feeling particularly bored, it        companies to inform their customers how
is worth going back and seeing the sheer            your data is handled and who by, but also
amount of companies that have your data             how you can go about deleting or moving it.
in some form or another. Of course, I had
                                                    This is not just a flash in the pan, as the
companies that I regularly buy from or
                                                    GDPR brings with it a lot more accountability
interact with regularly, but also had random
                                                    and a welcome move towards a world where
companies email me that I hadn’t even
                                                    we take greater care over how our data is
contacted or had an account with for years.
                                                    treated. You may not realise it, but your data
The very fact that my data is stored in the
                                                    is important, as the impact on you if it is
darkest and deepest recesses of the internet
                                                    lost, mistreated or exploited can have a huge
is alarming, as we underestimate how far our
                                                    consequence on your wellbeing.
digital footprint really does go.
                                                    It is about valuing your data, the same way
There is a reason for this though, we are so        you would do something that you value
accustomed to trading our personal data for         physically. For instance, have you ever
a product or service. The immediate form to         thought how easy it is to spend money using
fill in is second nature to us if you want that     contactless, but find it harder to hand over

                              28 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
physical cash for the same thing? By no means
am I saying stop sharing your data, but it’s        YOU HAVE TEN
about understanding your rights and knowing      FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS:
that you have a say over how it is used.
                                                 • Your right to be informed if your
It’s about making an informed choice of who      personal data is being used by an
you give your data to, how it’s handled and      organisation
who it’s handled by. If you want some more
information about your rights, check out the     • Your right to obtain copies to see
‘Your Data Matters’ campaign introduced          exactly what data is held by that
by the Information Commissioners Officer         organisation
(ICO)      • Your right to correct as it is important
                                                 that your data is accurate
                                                 • Your right to delete and request for
                                                 your personal data to be removed
                                                 • Your right to limit the way they use
                                                 your data and for what purpose
                                                 • Your right to data portability
                                                 and to move your data to another
                                                 • Your right to object to how
                                                 your data is being used in some
                                                 • Your rights in automated decisions
                                                 and to query those made without
                                                 human involvement
                                                 • Your right to access information held
                                                 by you from a public body
                                                 • Your right to raise concern if you
                                                 have issue as to how your data is being

                            29 • A UGSUST
                                          2018 SAFET
                                               • S TUDENT
                                                     Y    LIFE

       Wildfires                              IN SUFFOLK
This year has seen a significant increase in wildfires across Suffolk. The
weather conditions have left areas of grassland, forest and cropped areas
particularly vulnerable to fire.

A large forest fire or crop fire can impact hugely on Fire and Rescue
resources and is very hard work to extinguish. Crews, control room staff and
landowners would like to ensure that the risk of wildfires are kept as low as
possible by following some simple steps.

1.   Avoid throwing cigarettes and matches from vehicles or whilst out and
2.   Have the difficult conversations with your children about the dangers
     and consequences of playing with fire outdoors
3.   Avoid BBQs in areas of woodland and near grassland. Keep them off the
     ground when you do use them and dispose of them properly when fully
4.   Avoid leaving glass products in full sun as this can concentrate the sun’s
     rays to create a hot spot

Enjoy this period of hot weather but please help us reduce fire risk.

                      30 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
MY Life
    We are delighted to bring yet another new
section to Life! Co-ed Rachel will be heading up
all things ‘My Life’ in a supplement that focuses
  on tips, life hacks and advice on a variety of
 subjects. A one-stop shop for the inside scoop
  on starting your next adventure - written by
 students who have been there, done it. My Life
 will also include articles and support for ‘non-
traditional’ students; such as mature students,
   international students and those who have
               caring responsibilities.

                          • S TUDENT LIFE
                     MY LIFE
       31 • A UG UST 2018
MY Life
                                                 accommodation. One of the worst things is
                                                 when you’re arranging how you want your
                                                 room to look and none of your electronics
                                                 can be plugged in because the leads are way

                                                 too small. I’ve used extension leads for so
                                                 many of my electronic items and it’s been so

                                                 4. FULL-SIZED MIRROR
WRITTEN BY CARA FOLLON                           Although many student accommodations
                                                 do supply a mirror, usually in the ensuite
Moving out and moving into student               or shared bathroom, a full-sized mirror that
accommodation or into a student house can        you can hang over your door or just have in
be really scary and confusing. You suddenly      your room is a great item to have. There have
have to buy so many different things and         been many times where I have desperately
many things I can guarantee you will NEVER       wanted a full-size mirror to check that my
use. However, there are certain items that       outfit was on point.
I know you cannot live without while at
University.                                      5. EARPLUGS
                                                 I absolutely love noise-cancelling earplugs.
1. A DOOR-STOP                                   Living in student accommodation can be
A door-stop is a great way to allow you          extremely noisy at times and during exam
to make friends when you first move to           season you need a good night’s sleep. I
University. By having one under your             usually wear earplugs every night, just in
door, you’re making it clear to your new         case.
housemates or flat mates that you’re an
inviting person who doesn’t mind people
coming into your room for a chat or to watch
some films. However, always remember to
take it out of your door so you can lock your
door at night, just in case!
Although a pretty easy item to remember, I
know SO many people who seemingly forgot
to pack hangers when they first moved in.
It’s so important to bring them, especially if
you’re like me who in my first year decided
to pack the whole entirety of my wardrobe.
Even if you don’t want to bring hangers from
home, most supermarkets have some great,
sturdy hangers for a reasonable price, so I
advise you to snap them up!
Extension leads have been my saviour
these past few years living in student

                            32 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE

Harriet is twenty-one years old and
has just completed her degree in BA
(Hons) Digital Film Production. She              at a reasonable cost of just one pound per
will be graduating with a 2:1 Harriet            session and help students to meet new
got involved with Student Life because           students.
she enjoys writing and wants to                  Secondly, the Students’ Union societies only
continue this skill.                             cost one pound per year and featured over
                                                 twenty active societies. These are a great
The first week of University can be daunting,    way to join a friendly community and attend
especially if you are leaving home for           enjoyable events where you can meet new
the first time. It’s difficult to adjust with    people and make friends.
moving away from home and into student
accommodation, but by surrounding yourself       From my experience, there are a wide range
with good friends and coursemates it makes       of student bars and restaurants around
everything less intimidating. One of the best    Ipswich waterfront, which are great places
pieces of advice that I learnt during my first   to relax with friends and for attending
few weeks is that everyone is in the same        social events. There are also weekly quizzes
boat. The majority of my coursemates had         at Revolution Ipswich every Monday night,
also moved out of home which made me feel        which are beneficial to meet new people and
more comfortable and relaxed.                    friends of friends. Once or twice a month,
                                                 my flatmates and I would usually order a
Firstly, there are several different ways to     takeaway at weekends to catch up and take a
get involved in activities at University of      break from our studies.
Suffolk and improve the overall experience
by meeting new people. I discovered most of      To conclude, I would advise any new students
the University’s activities from social media    to follow the advice above to appreciate
and from the Freshers and Re-Freshers’           their time at University. It’s important to get
Fairs. I learnt about the Students’ Union        involved with numerous University related
Most Active Students sessions and regularly      events. Moreover, I would suggest hanging
attended a wide variety of sessions including    out with coursemates and flatmates to make
- Zumba, Pilates, Insanity and Self Defence.     your first week and University experience
These weekly sessions are vital for students     less overwhelming and more pleasant.

                                          MY LIFE
                            33 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
MY Life

                                                 the weekend then lab time or study during
Penny is 30, from Woodbridge and is              the week, without any long commutes.
in her second year of a foundation
                                                 On the subject of stress, I won’t be attending
degree in Bioscience. She decided to
                                                 any group crying sessions, but it happens on
get involved to encourage others who             occasion and I choose to blame my keenness
need a change to consider mature                 rather than admit to being ridiculously soft
study.                                           and sometimes painfully stubborn! Snacks
                                                 and exercise help keep the angst at bay.
I can’t imagine me ten years ago, away
                                                 The former train my bum into a rounder,
from home, committing to my studies while
                                                 squashier shape just right for hours of
negotiating new surroundings and building a
                                                 comfortable sitting and reading while the
new social life because for me studying right
                                                 exercise prevents this squishiness from
now and right here near my friends and
                                                 getting out of hand in times of sedentary
family, just fits.
                                                 exam and assignment writing.
With few serious commitments, uni is my
                                                 The world of work taught me that there’s a
priority and my life for the time being and
                                                 lot of competition out there, so I know I need
I take it very seriously, a quality that some
                                                 a high degree. To me resilience will be as
I’m sure find a touch irritating. I see my age
                                                 important in achieving this as ability, and I
and seemingly late start as an advantage that
                                                 find I do well when, no matter what, I just get
has gifted me focus, clarity and a sense of
                                                 on with it. Sometimes that means being an
                                                 absent friend, studying while ill or freshly
Perhaps it is fortunate that I’ve not had the    out of hospital when I just want to wallow,
delightful experience of midweek nights out      or missing out socially due to money and
leading to painful crawls into 9 am lectures     workload. However, when on insanely good
and my social life still revolves around my      days I imagine people addressing me as
long-term friends from whom I receive            Dr and on more grounded days see myself
amazing support. However, I do feel very         working in the field glamorously taking
student-like and I love flitting between the     samples of animal leavings, I know I am
two worlds, from a wedding with friends at       doing the right thing at the right time for me.

                            34 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
DECIDING                                            but you really shouldn’t put off the idea until
                                                    you’ve had a look. I was on the fence about

TO GO TO                                            university (another four years of education?
                                                    Umm no thanks!) but having explored UCAS,

                                                    I couldn’t be happier with my choice to apply.
                                                    The hardest part of applying is definitely
                                                    choosing the courses you want to apply to, as
                                                    there are so many! But, you can apply for up
By far and away the biggest step I have             to five, so this leaves room for debate over
taken in my life is making the decision to          which ones you want to apply for. Filling out
go to university. In September 2018 I will be       and submitting your application is a doddle,
starting a four year psychology course at my        UCAS offer step-by-step videos on how to
top choice of university, the University of         do this. By this point, it was December 2017,
Surrey. But before we get ahead of ourselves,       and my application was all sent off. The best
let’s back track a little to the beginning of the   advice I can give you is get started on your
journey, which means getting in our time            application early, and do as many drafts as
capsule and going back to 2016 when I first         possible of your personal statement; it’s the
began looking at universities.                      key element to your application. Again, UCAS
                                                    and The Student Room offer brilliant advice
Even if you aren’t 100% sure you want to go         on writing the perfect personal statement.
to university, I highly recommend hopping           Then, I’m afraid it’s just a waiting game!
onto UCAS and having a rummage around
all the courses available. By getting a look        The sooner you send off your application,
at everything available, you’re more likely         the earlier you are likely to hear back from
to come across something you want to do,            the universities on whether they want to
or are interested in. Many of us may be put         offer you a place. However, don’t rush your
off the idea of university due to the cost, or      application for this sake! Take your time, get
because by this point 13 years of education         it right, and don’t give up hope!
is enough to have driven any of us insane,

                                            MY LIFE
                              35 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
                SUPPORTED BY


As part of our partnership with                  Of course, Loxone can be added to so it
                                                 can help with other aspects of life, such as
Hughes, each month we will be
                                                 automatically heating a home pool for you,
reviewing an exciting and innovative             or being able to turn-off all the lights and
product for your home. This month, we            electrics in your house, just by giving the
test the Loxone Smart Home - Building            sensor pad a triple tap. However, even its
Management System.                               core features can be of incredible use. If
As someone who is not wholly articulate          you’re someone who often worries whether
when it comes to technology, I assumed the       they locked the door before leaving home
Loxone System would be a highly complex          or feeling anxious that you left an electrical
device. Claiming to be capable of helping        appliance on, the Loxone system can verify
the buyer to ‘Save 50,000 tasks’ by carrying     this for you by giving a sign when you close
them out for them, I was blown away by the       the front door, such as a red light from the
system’s simplicity.                             sensors, that confirms everything is turned
                                                 off, giving you peace of mind and saving you
Loxone is designed to make life easier, by       time.
carrying out a multitude of features such as
temperature regulation, control over lighting    It also has great security benefits too, as it
and voice-activation, simply by installing a     can use special technology when unlocking
set of motion sensors and detectors in your      the door, or trying to gain access, to let you
home. The system is very simple to install; a    know who has tried to contact you when you
case of mounting the brackets on to the wall,    aren’t home, or if anyone has attempted an
no bigger than a traditional light-switch, and   unauthorised entrance. So, not only does it
then placing the battery-operated sensors        make life more convenient, it makes it safer
inside; that’s it!                               and more secure.

                            36 • A UG UST 2018 • S TUDENT LIFE
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