TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District

TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
Te Puna Community Plan   December 2017

                                         CO M MUN ITY PLAN
                                                  TE PUNA
TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
TE PUNA        Contents

                                   4    1. Introduction                                           3.8 — Our landscape, trees and views
1. Introduction

                                        1.1 — Purpose of the Te Puna Community Plan               3.9 — Our energy
                                        1.2 — Coverage map                                        3.10 — Environmental stewardship
                                        1.3 — Plan development process and structure
                                                                                             34   4. Economy, Access and Infrastructure
                                   8    2. Our People, Our Community                              4.1 — Our economy (our people, our businesses,
                                        and Our Way of Life                                             our production, our tourism, our volunteers)
                                                                                                  4.2 — Access and connectedness
                                        2.1 —   The people and community
                                                                                                  4.3 — Our resilience
                                        2.2 —   Cultural identity and values
                                                                                                  4.4 — Economic challenges and opportunities
                                        2.3 —   Our character
                                        2.4 —   Our social services and places                    5. Our Future Places
                                        2.5 —   Future opportunities
                                        2.6 —   Our housing                                       5.1 — Looking forward
                                        2.7 —   Our sense of place                                5.2 — Future land use
                                        2.8 —   Our celebrations
                                                                                             46   6. On-going Relationships
                                   22   3. The Environment
                                                                                             48   7. Appendices
Te Puna Community Plan

                                        3.1 —   Environmental maps
                                        3.2 —   Our special spaces                                7.1 —   Te Puna Community Plan connectors
                                        3.3 —   Topography and geology                            7.2 —   Acknowledgements
                                        3.4 —   Non natural hazards                               7.3 —   List of resources used to guide this Plan
                                        3.5 —   Natural hazards                                   7.4 —   Glossary of terms
                                        3.6 —   Ecology – biodiversity and pest management
                                        3.7 —   Our water-Te wai o Pirirakau                 50   8. Timetable of Actions
TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi.
                           The old net is cast aside – the new net goes fishing.
                           This is the new 2017 Te Puna Community Plan, expressing our community’s
                           views on their place and their sense of identity.

The woven whiri design used signifies the construction
    of Kete throughout this plan and symbolises the

 basis of gathering and holding everything together.
TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
1. Introduction

                         What is it when we talk about community?                Why have a Community Plan?                               How are we going to do this?
1. Introduction

                         A community is a network of people and                  Having a Plan enables groups and individuals to take     Creating the sustainable community outlined in this
                         organisations bound together by such factors as:        responsibility for actions recorded here, knowing        Plan involves considering future generations, wider
                                                                                 the community has already agreed to them. A              links and influences, and recognising present and
                         •   Shared identity, culture and/or whakapapa           Plan also provides the platform and impetus to           future inter-relationships.
                         •   Common geography, locality or sense of place        establish partnerships with local government and
                         •   Administration or political arrangements            to involve other external agencies with confidence.      There is a greater likelihood of achieving the Plan’s
                         •   Similar interests or kaupapa e.g. a voluntary       A Community Plan provides a sound basis for              goals if within the community there is:
                             or Māori organisation.                              individuals and groups to make submissions to
                                                                                 councils and other processes.                            •   A sense of shared identity and values
                         So, it is a collection of various parts. It is more                                                              •   Skilled leaders and capable organisations
                         than a group defined by a particular geographical       By developing shared goals, and a Plan in which          •   Strong social capital
                         area. Te Puna is a part of a broader picture – the      everybody can see their part, collective community       •   Access to resources and services
                         western Kaimai, the western Bay of Plenty sub-region.   energy can be harnessed to protect the things they       •   Access to information and technology
                         It is closely linked to the life and services of        treasure. It gives strength to those who undertake,      •   Essential public and social infrastructure
                         Tauranga City to the east. Te Puna is a complex         and advocate for, projects that increase wellbeing and   •   The will to improve and change the regulatory
                         community made up of a diverse population               enhance the local environment.                               environment.
Te Puna Community Plan

                         with widely different aspirations.
                                                                                                                                          A Community Plan is a living document. For best
                                                                                                                                          outcomes, the community will regularly need to
                                                                                                                                          reconfirm and report on the actions, share the
                                                                                                                                          thinking with new members of the community, and,
                                                                                                                                          when necessary, be prepared to build the capacity
                                                                                                                                          of the residents and organisations.
TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
1.1 Purpose of the Te Puna
Community Plan
This Plan seeks to offer the people of Te Puna:

•   An insight in to the community aspirations and a
    roadmap as to how they may be achieved
•   An opportunity to test the concept and the
    framework for identifying, maintaining and
    protecting the area’s ‘rural character’ from a
    community perspective
•   A guide to developing a strong community and to
    identify significant dates and events for the next
    10 years
•   The basis for ongoing relationships and co-created

TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
                                                                                                KATIKATI /
                                                                                                WAIHI BEACH WARD

                         1.2 Coverage map                                                           TE PUNA
                                                                                                              TAURANGA                                                      URUPĀ
                         The Te Puna community is generally known as the area                                 CITY                                                                      URUPĀ

                         bounded by the harbour, the Wairoa River, the Te Puna                                                                                                                   URUPĀ
                         Stream and Te Rangituanehu (Minden ridge), including                                                                     MARAE

                         Motuhoa Island. The area covers four natural waterway
                                                                                                                                              KOHANGA REO
                         catchments (Ohourere, Te Puna Stream, Oturu, and the                                                                                                              MARAE
                                                                                                                                                                                            KOHANGA REO
                         Wairoa River). The rural community extending beyond                                                            COMMUNITY CENTER
                         the Minden ridge is also included, but there is no precise                  MAKETU /                                     SPORTSGROUND
                         definition of the southern boundary. Starting from the                      TE PUKE WARD
1. Introduction

                                                                                      KAIMAI WARD                                                                                      PRE-SCHOOL
                         Te Puna peninsula between the Te Puna Stream and the                                                                                                          LIBRARY
                         Wairoa River, the map continues to the south beyond                                                                      URUPĀ
                         State Highway 2, over the Minden hills and finishes
                         approximately 3.3km from the state highway. The area


                                                                                                                                                                            na Rd
                         takes in Quarry Road, Minden Road, Junction Road and

                         most of Crawford Road.

                                                                                                                                                                       Te Pu
                         This geography broadly aligns with Tangata Whenua

                                                                                                                                   SH              HALL
                         interests although the Pirirakau rohe extends beyond                                                           No

                         it. From 10km north of Tauranga City the rohe contains

                         the areas of Te Puna, Te Rangituanehu/Minden, Poripori,                                                              PRE-SCHOOL

                         Whakamarama, Huharua/Plummers Point, Omokoroa,
                                                                                                                                   TE PUNA
                         and Pahoia with extended interests to Aongatete. Most                                                     QUARRY PARK

                         of the 7616 ha of Māori freehold land within the Pirirakau

                         rohe is on the northwest of the Te Puna peninsula.

                                                                                                                               Minden Rd

                                                                                                                                                  MINDEN LOOKOUT
Te Puna Community Plan

                                                                                                                                                                a   wf
TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
1.3 Plan development process                           for the wider community and local environment.
and structure                                          The cultural values of Pirirakau are incorporated in
                                                       acknowledgement of their status as Tangata Whenua:
Local initiatives promoting an update of the Te Puna
Plan 2007 have been supported by Western Bay of        Kia mau ai mo ake tonu ake te manaakitanga,
Plenty District Council (WBoPDC) who provided          te tīakitanga, te whanaungatanga me to aroha ki
the funding and in-kind support for an independent     te tangata.
coordinator to collate and produce a consultative
draft Plan for public response. It has been a non-     To ensure that the principles of manaakitanga,
technical process, drawing heavily information         tīakitanga, whanaungatanga and aroha are observed
gathered from numerous community engagements, on       within the hapū.
existing reports and research and the Pirirakau Hapū
Management Plan (2017) (PHMP) and over the last
four years. Elsewhere, the draft is heavily based on   The Te Puna Community Plan (TPCP) is 10 year
local perception and experiences.                      plan with 3x3x3 year structure. This structure aligns
                                                       with Council processes and allows the community
This has been a community rather than Council driven
                                                       to maximise its opportunity for early input into the
process, affected by time and budget constraints. It
                                                       development of the WBoPDC and the Bay of Plenty
identifies and prioritises actions to be driven, and
                                                       Regional Council Long Term Plans (2018-2021), (2022-
advocated for, by the community and Pirirakau hapū
                                                       2025), (2026-2029). It is intended that in 2020 and
(the hapū). Those involved hope and expect that the
                                                       2024 the Te Puna Community Plan will be reviewed,
final agreed actions will be supported and advocated
                                                       tweaked and reported back to the community and
for by everyone, including commercial and volunteer
                                                       relationship partners, with a full update and rewrite
organisations, and local and central government,
                                                       of the TPCP in 2028.
to achieve community goals for the Te Puna of the
future. It puts most emphasis and detail on things     A glossary of terms is included as an Appendix.
that are not managed through other processes such
as the Resource Management Act (RMA), or the New       The timing of the proposed actions is indicated in the
Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).                       Action Tables and summarised in Appendix 1.

The timely adoption of the PHMP has provided
deeper meaning and enabled an insight into the
aspirations of the hapū as Tangata Whenua and also

TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
2. Our People, Our Community and Our Way of Life

                                                                            2.1 The people and community                              •
2. Our People, Our Community and Our Way of Life

                                                                                                                                          There is a significant proportion of ageing residents,
                                                                                                                                          many of whom would like to age in place rather than
                                                                            Te Puna is made up of many different communities              move away from their community
                                                                            with lots of interwoven relationships and                 •   The numbers of very young and school-aged
                                                                            connections, an area with a range of economic                 children and their families appear to be in broad
                                                                            relationships and interdependences. Its mixture of            alignment with the range of social services available.
                                                                            Māori, French and other European settlement gives a           This is not so for older cohorts of late-teenage
                                                                            unique quality to its history.                                youth and twenty-somethings, who, however, form a
                                                                                                                                          significantly smaller group of the population.
                                                                            Statistics and community profile

                                                                            Statistics have been taken from the Te Puna Census        The Plan provides opportunities for all these people
                                                                            Area Unit and a proportion of the Minden CAU at a         to connect and feel part of the future.
                                                                            mesh block level as at the 2013 Census.

                                                                            What does the census tell us?

                                                                            In summary:
Te Puna Community Plan

                                                                            •   Many residents travel out of the area for schooling
                                                                                and work on a daily basis
                                                                            •   With the continuing development of the Minden
                                                                                Lifestyle Zone there are a number of new residents
TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
        VISION                                     KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                   WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

2.1.1   We feel connected to Te Puna and           • Extend, encourage and promote participation in local social     2018-2021            Neighbours, Facebook friends, Te Puna sports
        each other                                   media                                                                                and social clubs, marae committees, service
                                                                                                                                          organisations, Pirirakau Hauora, Pirirakau Inc.,

2.1.2   New people to the area are welcomed        • Investigate simple things that everyone can do. Ask residents   2018-2021            Neighbours, Facebook volunteers,
        and feel connected                           (old and new) to share ideas and experiences                                         Te Puna News, Western Bay of Plenty District
                                                   • Engage with the Welcoming Communities programme by                                   Council

2.1.3   Youth and ageing residents have suitable   • Provide facilities and events that offer enjoyable,             2018-2021            Sports and social clubs, v committees, service
        places to join up with others like them      age-appropriate experiences                                                          organisations, Pirirakau Hauora

TE PUNA COMMUNITY PLAN - Western Bay of Plenty District
2.2 Mauriora - cultural identity                           Pirirakau are noted as being a Māori and French              Cultural associations with natural resources
                                                   and values                                                 Community, we take pride in our dual heritage. This
                                                                                                              information is relayed through whakairo (carvings) in        Pirirakau traditional management systems are
                                                   Pirirakau are the principal hapū of their tribal area in   our wharenui, the whare tupuna of Pirirakau marae, in        instituted in the oral traditions and recorded phases
                                                   the Te Puna area                                           our church, sports clubs, education centres and in our       of what is known to Māori as “Te Orokohanga”
                                                                                                              oral tradition and whakapapa. It is a unique feature of      or The Creation. These management systems
                                                                                                              Pirirakau that represents who we are.                        incorporate the Pirirakau world view. Cultural values
                                                                                                                                                                           and the underpinning principals derived from such
                                                             KO TAKITIMU TE WAKA                              Cultural and historic heritage                               traditional management systems acknowledge the
                                                                       |                                                                                                   relationship between people and the environment.
2. Our People, Our Community and Our Way of Life

                                                              TAMATEA ARIKINUI                                Kia mau ki nga hua me nga taonga a nga Matua                 This relationship must be maintained to sustain a
                                                                                                              Tupuna Hei oranga mo tatou katoa, hei oranga hoki            critical balance between the needs and demands
                                                                                                              mo nga uri whakaheke.                                        of humans, both spiritually and physically, and the
                                                                                                                                                                           natural environment.
                                                                       |                                      The maintenance, protection and restoration of
                                                      TAMATEAPOKAIWHENUA = IHUPARAPARA                        Pirirakau taonga for present and future generations.         Cultural recognition
                                                                                                              Pirirakau seek to encourage its hapū members to              While not always understood, or recognised by
                                                                  RANGINUI                                    retain our cultural baselines. This is achieved through      others, Pirirakau tikanga continues to be practiced.
                                                                       |                                      the retention of our heritage consisting of whakapapa,       Tikanga (protocols and etiquette) is our foundational
                                                                 TUTEREINGA                                   oral tradition, historic events, tribal area occupation,     belief system which guides our relationship with the
                                                                                                              recorded in written and art forms of whakairo                natural world and all people. As the foundation of
                                                                                                              carvings and tukutuku woven panels. Strengthening our        our cultural traditions we seek to share with others
                                                                                                              traditional worldviews and respecting our past navigators.   our past stories and notable events. We wish for our
                                                                                                              Remembering the ancestral teachings of our people so         culture to be recognised, accepted and viewed as
                                                                                                              we retain our mana and fulfil our aspirations. Pirirakau     a feature of Pirirakau which embellishes greatness
                                                                                                              are the legacy and future of a powerful whakapapa. As        and beauty. Where our culture and values are
                                                                                                              kaitiaki guardians, passed down by our ancestors we are
Te Puna Community Plan

                                                                                                                                                                           respected there is a provision of elevation to an
                                                                                                              the receivers of an inherent responsibility to protect       event or organisation. Combined with any plan we
                                                                                                              manage and nurture our taonga for present and future         are stronger and balanced in unity.
                                                                                                              generations in the same ways our forebears have. Equally
                                                                                                              we desire to maintain our relationship with our ancestral
                                                                                                              lands and waters. We affirm our tikanga within our rohe
                                                                                                              and within forums that affect the interests of our people.
PAHOIA                                            WAIHURI



                              MANGAWHAI PA
                                                                                                                                                    CULTURAL MAP
                                                     HUHARUA                                                                     MAUAO
 WAIPAPA            MANGAWHAI                                                                  EPIHA
  RIVER              ESTUARY                                      RAROPUA
                         PA                                                                                KARETI
                                        KOTUKU             WAIKARAKA



                                                                   OTURU STREAM

                                                                                  na Rd



                                                                                 Te Pu
            TAWHITINUI                                                                 PUKEWHANAKE



                                                                   TE PUNA


                                                              2                                                     WAIROA


WAIRERE FALLS                                                                                                                    Rd

                                               Minden Rd
                                                                                                                                                    Many important landscapes

                                                 TE RANGITUANEHU

                                                                                                                                                    and waterscapes can be
                                                                                           d                                                        found in the Pirirakau rohe

                                                                           aw                         R
       WHAKAMARAMA                                                      Cr             OH
                                                                                               U   RE
2.3 Our character                                          Marae                                                    Faith-based institutions and organisations

Identified in every early SmartGrowth document             Pirirakau hapū host four marae stemming from classical   The only permanent church in Te Puna is St Joseph’s
as a ‘Green Wedge” between Tauranga city and               period tupuna (ancestors) to contemporary tupuna. The    Church at the end of Te Puna Road. The Parish of St
Omokoroa, the Te Puna way of life has long been            four marae, known as Tutereinga Marae, Poututerangi      Thomas Aquinas is in charge of the complex and the
characterised by farming and horticulture activities       Marae, Paparoa Marae and Tawhitinui Marae, are           services it offers. The local Conference of the Society of
and a rural-residential lifestyle which is strongly        located within the Te Puna and Whakamarama areas.        St Vincent de Paul, offering support, practical assistance
supported by the community. As the population              They are the nucleus of Pirirakau, a complex of          and help to those struggling to cope with life’s challenges,
of the sub-region continues to grow, however,              components which blend to care and nurture the hapū’s    is affiliated with St Joseph’s. Other church groups have
pressure to accommodate more people and provide            spiritual and physical needs.                            limited options for public gathering points in the district,
more intensified housing has resulted in planning                                                                   although the Te Puna Memorial Hall was frequently used
measures such as the Minden Structure Plan,                                                                         for such purposes. It is expected that the rebuilt Hall
created in 2012.                                                                           Tawhitinui Marae         could again be a venue for those who wish to follow their
                                                                                           Old Waihi Road,
                                                                                                                    preferred forms of worship together in Te Puna.

                                                                                                                    Te Puna Memorial Hall
2.4 Our Social Services and Places
                                                                                                                    It is the present intention of the Te Puna Hall
These are where organisations and community                                                Paparoa Marae            Committee to build a modern Hall, to replace
groups meet form our social infrastructure - health                                        Paparoa Road, Te Puna    the structure built in 1922 on the site of the SH2
services, leisure and recreational activities. They play                                                            roundabout, and to house the memorial plaques of
an important role in the resilience and connectivity                                                                those who served in the two World Wars.
of our community especially in times when the
community wishes, or needs to get together:                                                                         Te Puna School
                                                                                           Tutereinga Marae
celebrations, commemorations, and in
                                                                                           Tangitu Road, Te Puna    Since 1896 Te Puna School has been a focal point in
civil emergencies.
                                                                                                                    the community and it has a proud and strong heritage.
The residents also use social infrastructure outside                                                                The school offers the best of 21st Century teaching and
of the area. They have to go elsewhere for things                                                                   learning opportunities in a beautiful semi-rural setting.
like swimming pools, specialist sports fields and                                                                   It is well known for its strengths in the arts and offers
                                                                                           Poututerangi Marae
some cultural pursuits. The proposed active                                                                         Level 1 Maori Immersion classes. The School presently
                                                                                           Pitua Rd, Te Puna
reserve in close-by Bethlehem (Parau Farms) may                                                                     has 300 pupils and has the capacity for growth into the
have implications for further developments at                                                                       foreseeable future. It plays a pivotal role in connecting
Maramatanga Park.                                                                                                   the Te Puna community and is often the venue for

                                                                                                                    community meetings and events.
Health services:                                        Our Commercial areas:

                                                   Pirirakau Hauora is a successful social provider        These areas are extremely important for our
                                                   and an organisation that continues to listen            local resilience (provision of food, services and
                                                   and observe the needs of our people. The                resources). There are two main commercial centres:
                                                   Hauora is competent and complimentary to the            Te Puna Junction where Te Puna Rd, Minden Rd
                                                   requirements of all ages of Pirirakau. It provides      and SH2 intersect and Village @ 7, situated next to
                                                   medical, adolescent mental health, youth                SH2 on the way to Bethlehem. These centres are
                                                   development, and kaumātua programmes, social            likely to be affected by the removal of traffic and
                                                   wrap around support services, mirimiri (massage         therefore customers when the Tauranga Northern
2. Our People, Our Community and Our Way of Life

                                                   therapy), school holiday programmes, drug and           Link eventuates.
                                                   alcohol support links and kaumātua housing. The
                                                   Hauora is widely accessed by Pirirakau whānau           The Bethlehem Village, being a larger commercial
                                                   with services always increasing to provide care         area that has a supermarket, also plays an important
                                                   for the wellbeing of our hapū. Hauora services are      role to the people and the businesses of Te Puna.
                                                   available to non-hapū members although many
                                                   people also access health services outside Te           Industrial Areas:
                                                   Puna. A defibrillator is available at the Hauora.
                                                                                                           Some 27h of land straddling Te Puna Station Road
                                                   Waipuna Hospice provides specialist medical care        and adjoining the East Coast Main Trunk railway
                                                   for patients living with a life-limiting illness, and   is zoned for industrial purposes. With new zones
                                                   support services for them and their families. An        proposed for Waihi, Omokoroa and, to the east,
                                                   important sub-regional service providing ‘Hospice       Paengaroa, the amount of industrial land available
                                                   at Home’ services and a nine-bed Inpatient Unit         in Te Puna is expected to be sufficient for the
                                                   and a Day Services Clinic situated on Te Puna           foreseeable future.
                                                   Station Road.
                                                                                                           Newnham Park is a privately-owned agricultural
                                                                                                           business park where a number of horticultural
Te Puna Community Plan

                                                   Emergency Services:                                     companies have their base.
                                                   Te Puna people are serviced by all the traditional      Neighbourhood Support:
                                                   services (e.g. ambulance, fire, police) from Tauranga
                                                   bases. Fire and Emergency NZ are reviewing              Community groups focusing on crime prevention and
                                                   the positioning of existing and new stations to         promoting safety and care within a neighbourhood
                                                   accommodate the growth of the sub-region.               operate in some, very localised, parts of Te Puna
        VISION                                       KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                   WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

2.4.1   Maximise the opportunities for participation • Keep a watching brief on the development of active reserves     2018-2021            Sports clubs, Community Complex Committee,
        in sports and healthy lifestyles for all ages  and social infrastructure in neighbouring areas (e.g. Parau                          WBoPDC, NZTA
                                                       Farm Sport Fields)
                                                     • Support the development of pwthways for active recretion
                                                       and community connectivity
2.4.2   We can see ourselves reflected in the        • Identify opportunities to provide cultural, art and history     2018-2021            Pirirakau Inc., Te Puna Heartlands, Te Puna
        environment                                    in new developments such as the Memorial Hall and the                                School, Te Puna Hall Committee, Te Puna
                                                       roundabout, as well as in existing places such as the Te Puna                        Quarry Park Committee, Western Bay of Plenty
                                                       Quarry Park and Borell Road                                                          District Council, arts community

2.4.3   The Rugby Clubrooms are fit for purpose      • Support the proposed upgrade for publically accessible          2018-2021            Te Puna Rugby Club and supporters
                                                       ablution block and improved lighting

2.4.4   The community maximises its opportunities    • The business community to engage with NZTA to achieve the       2018-2021            Local business people, Pirirakau Inc.,
        from the development of the Tauranga           best outcomes for local businesses                                                   Te Puna Heartlands, WBoPDC
        Northern Link                                • Support and encourage participation in consultation
                                                       processes with relevant transport agencies to achieve good
                                                       outcomes for connections and amenity values
2.4.5   Te Puna is a safe place                      • Residents are encouraged to support the Neighbourhood           2018-2021            Tauranga Police, volunteers, Te Puna
                                                       Support group for their area                                                         Neighbourhood Support
                                                     • Promote and encourage CPTED principles in new and
                                                       renewing developments

2.4.6   Our parks and active reserves cater to       • Council to provide for future expansion of Maramatanga          2018-2021            Western Bay of Plenty District Council
        community needs                                Park as the need arises

2.4.7   We have tourist destinations that we are     • The Minden Lookout is upgraded with the provision of lighting, 2018-2021             Western Bay of Plenty District Council,
        proud of and are fit for purpose               toilets, security and ongoing maintenance and beautification                         Bethlehem/Te Puna Lions club, volunteers,
                                                     • Establish a Minden Lookout improvement and care group                                Tourism Bay of Plenty
                                                     • Identify sites for better public amenities, such as water
2.4.8   The replacement Te Puna Memorial Hall is     • Support and encourage the Te Puna Hall Committee’s efforts      2018-2021            Te Puna Hall Committee, WBoPDC, Lotteries
        built to meet community needs now and          to fund a future-proofed Hall                                                        Commission
        into the funture

2.5 Future Opportunities                                A cultural hub could include:

                                                   Areas for improvement of social services:               •   Pirirakau planning, administration and
                                                                                                               head quarters
                                                   •   Improved and coordinated health shuttle service,    •   The creation, training and display of cultural arts
                                                   •   More defibrillators available and people know       •   Food and hospitality training
                                                       where to access them                                •   Trade training
                                                   •   More services concentrated on youth and             •   Community sentence works base
                                                       older people                                        •   Facilities for clubs
                                                                                                           •   Tourism initiatives such as a Māori cultural
2. Our People, Our Community and Our Way of Life

                                                   Te Puna Community Centre/ Pirirakau                         tourism centre
                                                   Cultural Hub                                            •   Environmental sustainability training
                                                                                                           •   Youth development
                                                   Many Te Puna residents have identified that a           •   Supporting unemployed and Work and Income
                                                   ‘community hub’ would be an asset to the area.              New Zealand engagement
                                                   This aligns with the hapū’s wish to create a cultural   •   Social opportunities to gather
                                                   hub which promotes collaboration amongst our
                                                   people. Discussion amongst our people is required       Assistance and collaboration with WBoPDC’s
                                                   to identify a suitable area and building, preferably    Community team is required to explore this initiative
                                                   amongst the current Pirirakau activities.               and identify potential partners.

                                                                                                           Te Oturu Oranga: This wing of the Hauora service
                                                                                                           could be developed as a facility and drop-in centre
                                                                                                           for older residents.

                                                                                                           Community Skate Park: There is strong support for
                                                                                                           the establishment of a well-supervised skate park.
Te Puna Community Plan

                                                                                                           Library Services: An incorporated society runs a
                                                                                                           community library from the school. This service is
                                                                                                           funded through Council rates and is an established
                                                                                                           facility with long-term intentions
        VISION                                      KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                    WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

2.5.1   Improved and coordinated health             • Local health organisations explore possible collaborations       2018-2021            Hospice, Hauora, maybe Te Puna School
        shuttle service

2.5.2   More defibrillators are available and the   • Encourage more places to invest in defibrillators                2018-2021            Local businesses
        people know where to access them            • Put signs out indicating their availability

2.5.3   More services concentrated on youth         • Investigate potential for developing Te Oturu Oranga as a        2022-2025            Pirirakau Inc., volunteers, WBOPDC,
        and older people                              facility for older residents                                                          Te Puna Hall Committee, local social and
                                                    • Investigate the feasibility of facilities such as a safe and                          service clubs
                                                      well-sited skate park and petanque court
                                                    • Offer at-large social occasions for new and older residents

2.5.4   Te Puna has a ‘Community and                • Investigate the possibility of a co-creation project - Te Puna   2026-2029            Pirirakau Inc., Te Puna Community Centre
        Cultural Centre’                              Community Centre/Pirirakau Cultural Hub                                               Committee, St Thomas Aquinas Parish Council,
                                                                                                                                            Te Puna Hall Committee

2.5.5   Library services grow and flourish          • Take steps to ensure the library continues to modernise and      2018-2021            Te Puna Community Library Inc., Te Puna
                                                      meet the needs of the community                                                       Hall Committee
                                                    • Support investiagation into establishing a local archive as
                                                      provided in the Plan for the new Te Puna Hall

2.6 Our Housing                                              low environmental-impact sewerage and wastewater               Emergency Housing:
                                                                                                                disposal systems. As our residents age it is important
                                                   Most Te Puna houses are thought to be fit for                they are able to maintain their social connections,            Pirirakau marae seek assistance to develop emergency
                                                   purpose. But they are not always the right size and          stay near family and age in their community. Specific          housing opportunities for their people. This
                                                   many were built without insulation and modern                needs include papakainga housing and a local rest              would require resourcing of funds, assistance with
                                                   heating. Others have been improvised from sheds              home facility for older residents. More generally,             building permits and human resources. Appropriate
                                                   and garages and do not meet current building                 there is a strong community desire to develop                  management would be required, including access to
                                                   standards. This has a direct effect on the health of         and upgrade housing stock so it is comfortable,                external agency support, to ensure welfare needs are
                                                   the people who live in them. We need more one- and           modernised, eco-friendly, of a good standard and               met for potential participants.
                                                   two-bedroom homes, properly insulated and with               affordable.
2. Our People, Our Community and Our Way of Life

                                                   2.6 OUR HOUSING
                                                            VISION                                KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                  WHEN WILL WE DO IT      WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

                                                    2.6.1   Safe and healthy homes that are fit   • Engage with the Healthy Whare Project and other initatives     2018-2021               WBoPDC, Pirirakau Inc.,
                                                            for purpose                             to assist with identifying and remediation of housing                                  other social services and support groups
                                                                                                    requirements, plumbing, insulation, electrical and leaks
                                                                                                  • Work with Council on ways to manage non-complying
                                                                                                    buildings to bring them in line with compliance standards

                                                    2.6.2   Our older people can age in place     • Use existing zoning to enable more 1 and 2 bedroom homes       2022-2025               Pirirakau Inc., other social services and support
                                                                                                    to be built to modern environmental specifications                                     groups
                                                                                                  • Investigate the provision of a variety of housing typologies
                                                                                                    to allow ageing in the community
Te Puna Community Plan

                                                    2.6.3   Emergency and transition housing      • Create a small purpose-built complex with shared facilities    2022-2025               Social agencies such as Pirirakau Hauora, Te
                                                                                                                                                                                           Manu Toroa, The Ministry of Social Development,
                                                                                                                                                                                           Accessible Properties New Zealand Limited,
                                                                                                                                                                                           Housing New Zealand, Te Puni Kokiri Māori
                                                                                                                                                                                           Housing Network and He Whare Āhuru He
                                                                                                                                                                                           Oranga Tāngata - the Māori Housing Strategy
2.7 Our Sense of Place                                2.8 Our Celebrations
                                                   Te Puna is recognised as having a special character   Te Puna community celebrations have a long
                                                   through its combined Māori, French and European       and honourable history, from regular socials
                                                   history and culture and its attractive, often         and concerts at the Te Puna Memorial Hall to
                                                   landscaped road frontages. Themed signage and         the school’s annual Country Fair, descended
                                                   a rural village market to promote local crafts and    from earlier Calf Club Days. Pirirakau actively
                                                   produce have been suggested as ways to mark           seeks opportunities to celebrate their culture,
                                                   and celebrate its key characteristics. Preservation   achievements and to support local events. This
                                                   and interpretation of landmarks and places of         Plan offers a framework for more events and
2. Our People, Our Community and Our Way of Life

                                                   significance, both ancient (Rangituanehu (Minden)     opportunities to bring people together, to share and
                                                   ridge) and modern (Te Puna Junction/Village) will     create local, memorable markers for the enjoyment
                                                   help people to recognise and identify Te Puna.        of life in Te Puna.

                                                                                                         For instance, in 2019 the Te Puna Rugby Club
                                                                                                         celebrates 100 years of existence. A large community
                                                                                                         celebration is planned. It is envisaged that the event
                                                                                                         will include the involvement of Te Puna’s fraternal
                                                                                                         connections with two French rugby clubs: Puyloubier
                                                                                                         and Herouville. This is an important opportunity to
                                                                                                         note Te Puna’s sporting and cultural history and to
                                                                                                         form a basis for lasting and beneficial relationships
                                                                                                         with French communities.

                                                                                                         Within the time-scale of this Plan, the Te Puna
                                                                                                         Memorial Hall will be re-built and the Te Puna
                                                                                                         Quarry Park will reach its 30-year anniversary. The
Te Puna Community Plan

                                                                                                         Northern Link Highway will be commissioned and a
                                                                                                         cycle link across the Wairoa River will be opened.
                                                                                                         The annual Anzac Day hikoi will continue, as will the
                                                                                                         school fair and the Te Puna Quarry Fests. There will
                                                                                                         be many other ways and means in which groups of
                                                                                                         locals will seek to bring Te Puna alive in pursuit of
                                                                                                         a good time.
        VISION                                         KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                    WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

2.7.1   Te Puna is recognised as having a special      • Develop a theme or brand for Te Puna based on the following      2022-2025            Pirirakau Inc., Heartlands,
        character through its combined Māori,            key characteristics:                                                                  Wider business community
        French and European history and culture,           • The French influence on Te Puna’s history
        its attractive landscaped roads, themed            • A village/market concept to promote local arts, crafts and
        signage and rural village markets and stalls         produce around Village 7 (Clarke Road) and Pitua Rd area
        to promote local crafts and produce
                                                           • Planting street trees to provide variety and interest
                                                             throughout the rural community
                                                           • Signs that reflect the theme and are unique to Te Puna

                                                       • The commercial area at the roundabout establishes an             2018-2021            Business community at the roundabout
                                                         recognisable name e.g. Te Puna Junction/Village

                                                       • Identify, recognise and preserve ‘landmarks’ and places of       2022-2025            Relevant care groups eg Waikaraka Estuary
                                                         significance, including Motuhoa Island, that will enhance                             Managers, Te Puna Quarry Park Society,
                                                         community character                                                                   Volunteers
                                                       • Form a community working group of interested residents to
                                                         further develop the Te Puna theme

                                                       • The people of Pirirakau, their identity and culture to be        2018-2021            Pirirakau Inc., Te Puna School
                                                         promoted amongst all people as the mana whenua, tribal
                                                         hapū of the area

        VISION                                         KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                    WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

2.8.1   The Rugby Club centenary is celebrated         • Provide community French lessons                                 2018-2021            Francophone volunteers, Local historians
        and supported by the community                 • Offer wananga, lecture series and similar opportunities for
        and Council                                      the community to understand our sporting and cultural history

2.8.2   Local events and developments are used         • Maintain traditions such as school fairs and annual              2018-2021            School, Relevant agencies such as NZTA
        as opportunities for community engagement        commemorations
        and involvement                                • Adapt other development milestones (new buildings, roads
                                                         and bridges) so as to include the community

3. The Environment – Te Taiao

                                3.1 Environmental Maps
3. Te Taiao – The Environment

                                              I a au i te tihi o Mauao                           I sit on the crest of Mauao

                                   Ka titiro te pae tawhiti, ki a Waianuanu, ki a            Where I look toward Waianuanu,
                                  Whakamarama, ki a Te Aroaro a Paretapu, ki a             Whakamarama, Te Aroaro a Paretapu,
                                                  Ngatamahinerua                                 and Ngatamahinerua

                                    Ki Te Wairere, te ara tawhito o oku Tupuna      To the Wairere the ancient pathway of my ancestors

                                       Ka kitea ki Te Rere, ki Ngakautuakina,            I look toward Te Rere, Ngakautuakina,
                                   ki Omokoroa, ki Huharua, ki Parewhataroa, ki        Omokoroa, Huharua, Parewhataroa, Raropua,
                                        Raropua, ki Epeha, ki Poututerangi                         Epeha, Poututerangi

                                                 Ki Pukewhanake                                      And Pukewhanake
DRAFT Te Puna Community Plan

                                   Ki Tahataharoa te moenga tapu o Tutereinga       To Tahataharoa the sacred resting place of Tutereinga

                                     Whakawhiti atu ki Oikimoke te nohonga                From there I see Oikimoke the stronghold
                                            tuturu o oku Tupuna                                        of my ancestors


        Te Puna Study Area

        Community Conservation Groups

        Enviro Schools

        Marae Locations

        BOPRC Monitoring Site


        BOPRC Land Management Agreements (private land)

        Consented Mangrove Removal Areas

        QEII National Trust Covenant

        BOPRC High Value Ecological Sites

        Western BOP District Council Significant Natural Areas

        Railway Centreline

        State Highway


3.2 Wāhi Tapu – Our Special Spaces                        3.4 Non Natural Hazards
                                Many historic sites within the Te Puna area are           Non-natural hazards to health and the
                                ancestral lands and Wāhi tapu (sacred sites). Both        environment include:
                                spiritual and physical events will have occurred
                                through occupation over time. The significance            •   Degraded air quality due to agrichemical use,
                                of these sites is not specific to landscapes and              industrial processes and home fires (due to
                                includes waterscapes and varieties of taonga. Wāhi            functioning poorly functioning as well as burning
                                tapu is maintained through oral traditions, stories           treated wood)
                                and history. Mostly wāhi tapu are created through         •   Chemical trespass from agriculture (sprays
3. Te Taiao – The Environment

                                an event related to death or a sacred event. It is            and fertilizer) and industrial activities that may
                                always of a serious nature to Pirirakau when wāhi             enter waterways and the inner harbour. Some
                                tapu are disturbed.                                           of these chemicals are harmful to human health
                                                                                              although the effects are not clearly established
                                Tahataharoa                                                   and research is required to develop a sound
                                                                                              knowledge of these hazards.
                                With understanding and respect from local
                                landowners, as well as informed community support, it
                                may be possible eventually to negotiate the return of     3.5 Natural Hazards
                                some prominent cultural sites to Pirirakau, re-defining
                                them as publicly accessible cultural reserves with        •   Loss of versatile soils through storm runoff and
                                associated ecological restoration.                            the erosion of stream banks, which will contribute
                                                                                              to greater inner harbour sedimentation and the
                                3.3 Topography and Geology                                    associated loss of available kai moana (seafood)
                                                                                          •   Sea level rise, storms and sea surge, flooding
                                The area is blessed with versatile soils, a scarce            and drought are predicted to increase in both
                                resource needing protection and sustainable                   intensity and frequency. These events are likely
Te Puna Community Plan

                                management. There is signifcant geographical variation        to increase erosion
                                within the short distance from the Minden hills to the    •   Sensitive erosion management and conservation
                                harbour edge.                                                 efforts at urupā and pā sites will lessen the
                                                                                              cultural impact of harsh weather events and
                                                                                              avoid adding to inner harbour sedimentation and
                                                                                              cultural impacts.
        VISION                                        KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                  WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

3.4.1   Clean air with very little to no              • Project to update home heating where applicable and            2022-2025            WBoPDC, Reginal Council, BOPRC
        harmful content                                 undertake ‘good wood’ education
                                                      • Work constructively with local industry and Councils

3.4.2   A precautionary approach is taken to          • Advocate to relevant authorities for establishment of buffer   2018-2021            Relevant environmental care groups,
        minimise exposure and associated risks of       zones and integrated management systems to prevent or at                            Te Puna Heartlands, BOPRC, WBoPDC
        contamination of air and waterways              least limit chemical trespass, e.g.:
                                                          • Community submissions to the BOP Regional Council Air
                                                            Plan Review (2018)
                                                          • Submissions to BOP Regional Council Coast Care Plan
                                                            Review 2019

3.4.3   Minimise the effects on human and harbour     • Research on agrichemical discharge and effects on human,       2018-2021            BOPRC. Relevant environmental care groups
        health from agrichemical and industrial use     soil and harbour health                                                             Growers’ organisations and horticultural
                                                      • Encourage integrated spray management and promote                                   product suppliers
                                                        alternatives, including roadsides, rail corridors, reserves
                                                      • Create educational opportunities for landowners to
                                                        understand better the impact of sprays

        VISION                                        KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                  WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

3.5.1   The effects of predicted increase in          • Keep the community informed regarding such things as           2018-2021            Relevant environmental care groups, local
        intensity of weather events are understood      current predictions of sea level rise and recommended                               landowners, Civil Defense Emergency
        and adapted to                                  adaptations                                                                         Management
                                                      • Undertake preventative erosion control e.g. planting of
                                                        stream banks and integrated catchment plans

3.6 Ecology – Biodiversity and                            Pest management
                                Pest Management
                                                                                          Pest plant and animals have a negative impact
                                Biodiversity                                              on the environment. In particular the area has
                                                                                          substantial infestations of woolly nightshade
                                Te Puna has a number of public reserves and               (tobacco weed), moth plant, pampas grass, privet,
                                protected areas on private land with significant          rats, possums, and mustelids. It is not always easy
                                native vegetation. The owners (public or private)         for landowners to get on top of large infestations
                                often need help to maintain and enhance the habitat       and if the areas in public ownership are not dealt
                                of these areas. This Plan supports the BOPRC              with at the same time re-infestation can occur. A
3. Te Taiao – The Environment

                                initiative to create ‘mountains to sea’ ecological        whole-of-community response is required if we
                                corridors to allow native birds and lizards to move       are to clear our area of the major pest plants. This
                                from one habitat to another. Similarly, the creation of   includes working proactively with NZ Rail (rail
                                pollination pathways and tree-plantings to meet the       corridor), NZTA (roadsides), WBoPDC (roadsides
                                needs of native birds                                     and reserves) and BOPRC.

                                The Te Puna Quarry Park, I’Anson and Ainsworth            With the recent progression of Kauri Dieback
                                Reserves all play an important role in protecting         disease and Myrtle Rust in the wider area, many
                                our biodiversity and educating about nature.              of our native tree species and some fruit trees are
                                For example, there may be a native bat nursery            threatened. Vigilance and prompt reporting to the
                                on the Minden Hill. If so, it provides the area           Ministry of Primary Industries is required.
                                an opportunity to celebrate and protect this
                                endangered species.

                                The Te Puna area contains a variety of ecosystems
                                and habitats including significant indigenous
                                flora and fauna. Naturalised areas within Council
Te Puna Community Plan

                                ownership are obvious targets for restoration.
                                So is riparian management and planting waterway
                                margins with native species appropriate for the
                                area. Restoration and enhancement of culturally
                                significant landscapes and all waterscapes are
                                important to Pirirakau.
        VISION                                   KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                      WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

3.6.1   Our indigenous flora and fauna are       • Seek opportunities to create an ecological corridor and            2018-2021            Relevant environmental care groups,
        enhanced, protected and celebrated         support the BOPRC Mountains to Sea initiative                                           WBoPDC, BOPRC, Landowners, volunteers
                                                 • Encourage planting pollinator pathways and food trees
                                                   for native birds
                                                 • Undertake a citizens monitoring programme to identify
                                                   at-risk species and their habitat e.g. any other short-tail
                                                   bat nurseries

3.6.2   Develop small Council reserves as        • Investigate suitable sites for biodiversity opportunities within   2018-2021            WBoPDC, Te Puna Heartlands, Te Puna
        biodiversity hotspots and food forests     the reserve network                                                                     Quarry Park Committee, Te Puna Hall
                                                 • Investigate suitable sites for public fruit trees/ food forests                         Committee, Pirirakau Incorporated’s MPL
                                                                                                                                           training monitors

3.6.3   Pest free Te Puna                        • Seek the resources to hold an annual ‘Pestival’ (a one month       2022-2025            BOPRC, WBoPDC, Landowners, Kiwi Rail,
                                                   concentrated effort to remove pest plants with assistance                               Pirirakau Inc., local environmental care groups
                                                   and incentives)
                                                 • Formulate an overview of pest sites and form a strategy
                                                   to implement a collective action response of eradication/

3.6.4   Our area is free of unwanted organisms   • Use local media to raise awareness of biosecurity threats          2018-2021            Te Puna News, social media, Bay Times, Sunlive,
                                                   such as Myrtle Rust, PSA, Kauri Dieback                                                 KK Advertiser, radio

3.7 Our water - Te wai o Pirirakau                       Water supply                                             The community can play their part through good
                                                                                                                                                  environmental practice, vigilant observation and
                                The Te Puna community advocates for premium water        Water, our most important natural resource, requires     reporting any pollution as soon as possible.
                                quality. Water’s mauri, life-supporting capacity is an   careful management to preserve supply for future
                                important factor, essential for supporting ongoing       generations. Te Puna’s water needs are presently         The sea has always provided an important food
                                traditional sources of kai. Our interests include the    met through a combination of reticulated council         source for the local Tangata Whenua. Kai moana
                                following waterways:                                     supply from Whakamarama, private bores and               is a fundamental food source although noticeably
                                                                                         rainwater collection. Horticultural and industrial use   depleting stocks make it hard to maintain this tradition.
                                •   Wairoa River and tributaries                         is managed through consented water takes.
                                •   Hakao stream
3. Te Taiao – The Environment

                                •   Oharere stream                                       Pollution and stormwater management
                                •   Oturu stream
                                •   Te Puna stream                                       Most stormwater from our roads, commercial and
                                •   Waipapa River                                        industrial areas is discharged untreated into our
                                •   Tauranga inner harbour and estuaries                 waterways and harbour. This negatively affects the
                                •   Waterways and springs on private and whanau land     water quality in the many waterways, the harbour
                                •   Esturaries and saltmarshes                           and eventually the ocean. Human activities related to
                                                                                         agriculture and horticulture also contribute to water
                                Wetlands, saltmarshes and river margins                  quality degradation through sediment runoff and
                                                                                         agrichemical/fertiliser applications. Poor-performing
                                The Wairoa River and its tributaries are subject to      septic tanks can also have serious health effects.
                                pressure from a growing population and as such           Construction of the Te Puna West Community
                                the cultural protection and ecological restoration of    Wastewater Scheme in 2017/18 will address this issue
                                key areas must be carefully planned in association       in the Te Puna West area but elsewhere in Te Puna,
                                with the development of outdoor activities, tourism      where there are older homes, outdated septic tanks
                                and other riparian public reserve development.           will require upgrading. Te Puna West is identified
                                Sustainable estuarine wetland and saltmarsh              as an area requiring septic tanks to be upgraded in
Te Puna Community Plan

                                reserves are essential for maintaining biodiversity      accordance with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s
                                and contribute positively to water quality. It is        On-Site Effluent Treatment (OSET) Regional Plan
                                noted that the wetlands and saltmarshes of the           (2006). The purpose of the OSET Plan is to ensure
                                lower Wairoa River are some of the last remnants         that wastewater is discharged safely and that the
                                of this land type in the Western Bay and as such are     effects are managed.
                                significant and require special attention.
        VISION                                       KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                      WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

3.7.1   The Wairoa River and its margins are well    • Continue efforts to preserve the ecology and appearance            2018-2021            Relevant environmental care groups,
        managed and meet diverse, agreed, long-        of the area                                                                             Pirirakau Inc., WBoPDC,
        term ecological, cultural and recreational   • Focus scientific and educational efforts on this particular area                        BOPRC, DOC
                                                     • Explore the feasibility of interpretative signage and support
                                                       information to enhance the value placed on the wildlife and
                                                       biodynamics of the river and the estuary
                                                     • The large remaining wetlands on the Wairoa River and its
                                                       mouth area at Oikimoke is reinstated

3.7.2   Our water quality is the best it can be      • Create a Plan that identifies all water bodies, their state of     2018-2021            Relevant environmental care groups,
                                                       health, and investigates their surroundings with actions to                             Pirirakau Inc., BOPRC
                                                       address issues
                                                     • Partner with the Te Puna Community Plan Connectors and
                                                       the Kaimai Mamaku Catchment Plan to outline cultural effects
                                                       and remediation outcomes

3.7.3   The Oturu stream catchment is protected      • Develop a stormwater system for the Oturu stream catchment 2022-2025                    WBoPDC, BOPRC
        from the effects of increased hard             that limits extreme variations in stream speeds, includes silt
        surface areas                                  runoff ponds, re-developed wetlands, and riparian planting as
                                                       well as an educational/incentives programme to discourage
                                                       the use of hard surface areas

3.7.4   Continue to address the legacy issue of      • Education on updated regulations and the impact of                 2018-2021            Home owners, BOPRC, WBoPDC
        non-performing septic tanks                    non-performance of old systems
                                                     • Raise awareness of the detrimental effects of some household
                                                       chemicals on the proper functioning of a septic tank

3.8 Our Landscape, Trees and Views                      3.9 Our Energy                                        3.10 Environmental Stewardship –
                                Like most of New Zealand, Te Puna is a highly           Encouraging people to adopt and install
                                modified landscape with severely decreased              household and horticultural systems based on          There are currently a number of care groups within
                                natural bush areas. Its presently predominant           renewable energy has long-term benefits as well       the Te Puna area that protect and enhance the
                                orchards make up a grid of tree rows within a           as an immediately lightening their environmental      wetlands, riparian margins, estuaries and ultimately
                                larger grid of shelterbelts. Throughout the District    footprint. Reduced fuel consumption, lower            the harbour foreshore and the harbour itself. The
                                there are opportunities to plant ‘the correct plant     dependency on fossil fuels, and generally becoming    Pirirakau hapū Management Plan 2017 and the
                                in the right place’, and to provide important habitat   more resilient and adaptable in a changing climate,   Wairoa River Strategy also provide valuable policy
                                for native insects and reptiles.                        are all worthwhile contributions to Te Puna’s
3. Te Taiao – The Environment

                                                                                                                                              and initiatives promoting environmental stewardship.
                                                                                        continued status as a ‘Green Wedge’ as well as        These groups need support and co-ordination to
                                The Minden Structure Plan attempts to ensure            adding value to its produce and local economy.        achieve their objectives more effectively.
                                that the eastern portion of the summit areas and
                                skyline are protected from development so the
                                natural character of the summit continues its visual
                                relationship to the lowlands and the four marae.

                                The short distance from the Minden to the
                                harbour edge is the ‘green wedge’ backbone
                                to rural Te Puna. The challenge is to link these
                                elements into a continuous corridor, available
                                for passive as well as active recreation and
                                promoting biodiversity.
Te Puna Community Plan
        VISION                                        KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                   WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

3.8.1   Te Puna remains a ‘green wedge’ between       • Develop a “mountains to the sea” corridor to enhance            2018-2021            WBoPDC, Department of Conservation,
        Tauranga City and urban development             biodiversity, natural character and active and passive                               BOPRC and Landcare Trust NZ, as well
        in Omokoroa                                     recreational opportunities.                                                          as landowners

3.8.2   Improve, maintain and develop existing        • Make submissions to all relevant agencies to achieve the        2018-2021            Relevant environmental care groups,
        reserves including the recreational potential   protection of the remaining wetlands including lobbying QE11                         Pirirakau Inc., Te Puna Heartlands
        of the Waitui, I’Anson Park, Minden Reserve,    Trust and the Councils and investigating protection under the
        Te Houtu Reserve (Lindoch Avenue),              waahi tapu process
        Minden Lookout, Wairoa River margins and
        the Ohourere Stream at Crawford Road

3.8.3   Land owners consider the future impacts of    • Create and use opportunities for education regarding            2018-2021            Volunteers, Growers’ organisations and local
        their tree planting                             the scale and choice of tree plantings, their responsible                            plant nurseries
                                                        management and the desirability of a bio-diverse habitat
                                                      • Public workshop involving relevant experts

3.8.4   Monitor and support planning controls on      • Continue to support, for example, existing provisions in the    2018-2021            Te Puna Heartlands
        ridgelines and viewshafts                       Minden Structure Plan. Encourage similar controls for new

3.8.5   Our trees are natural cultural and            • Acknowledgement and protection of existing ‘trees of            2018-2021            Te Puna Quarry Park Society, Marae,
        historical markers                              significance’ continues                                                              Landowners, Te Puna School,
                                                      • The planting of trees on special occasions and to mark events                        Te Puna Hall Committee
                                                        is encouraged

                                        VISION                                       KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                   WHEN WILL WE DO IT             WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

                                3.9.1   Te Puna avoids energy waste, and is          • Encourage the adoption and installation of household and        2022–2025                      BOPRC, WBoPDC, Construction and
                                        resilient and adaptable as climate change      horticultural systems based on renewable energy                                                horticultural product suppliers
                                        and reduced use of fossil fuels impact on
                                        its energy needs
3. Te Taiao – The Environment


                                Waikaraka Estuary Managers Inc                Reclaiming open waters from mangroves, removing large amounts of rubbish (old car bodies, tyres, and garden waste), planting riparian margins, weed and
                                                                              pest control, all the time liaising with local authorities and the scientific communities

                                Te Puna Estuary Managers                      Reclaiming the estuary from the mangroves and, planting margins to encourage native birds. Encouraging the large wetland adjacent to Jess Road and
                                                                              regenerating the historic Pukemanu Pa site as well as other amenity planting in their area and undertaking weed and pest control measures

                                Nga Tahatai O Te Puna Group                   Recently formed to restore the Te Puna foreshore from Rarapua all the way to the Wairoa River and including Motuhoa Island

                                Te Puna Quarry Park                           Now a well-established community group reshaping the old Quarry site into a spectacular botanical and recreational park
Te Puna Community Plan

                                Upper Waikaraka Streamcare Group              Formed to enhance and protect the Upper Waikaraka Stream. This steam flows under the road from the Minden near the Te Puna Store and curves round
                                (previously Oturu Stream Care Group).         the front of Armstrong Road properties to merge with the Oturu Stream which flows from the Quarry Park, through I’Anson Reserve and ultimately into
                                                                              the Waikaraka Estuary

                                Other groups/initiatives                      “Adopt a roadside” activities (plantings on, for example, Clarke Road, James Road and Borell Road).
                                                                              “By-the-way” activities such as rubbish removal by walking groups
       VISION                                          KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                                    WHEN WILL WE DO IT   WHO WILL BE INVOLVED

3.10.1 The historic abundance of harbour,              • Greater recognition of kaitiakitanga principles                  2022–2025            Pirirakau Inc., WBoPDC, BOPDC
       waterways and ngahere (forests) is restored     • Identifying opportunities to apply them

3.10.2 Environmental stewardship is a fundamental • Support recommendations of the Wairoa River Strategy to               2022–2025            Relevant environmental care groups,
       value for Te Puna residents                  protect and enhance adjoining margins, small reserves and                                  Recreational users of waterways,
                                                    boat ramps within the Te Puna area                                                         Te Puna Heartlands, Kiwi Rail
                                                       • Acknowledge and celebrate efforts to protect and enhance
                                                         wetlands, riparian margins, significant landscapes and to take
                                                         natural environment ‘opportunities’

3.10.3 Environmental care groups and individuals       • Established ‘umbrella’ organisations extend their functions to   2018-2021            All environmental care groups,
       that seek to make a difference are supported.     make effective use of scarce resources especially in seeking                          Te Puna Heartlands,
                                                         additional funding                                                                    Pirirakau Inc.

3.10.4 Environmental action is encouraged,             • Scope the need and opportunities (existing and new) for a        2018-2021            WBoPDC, Te Puna Heartlands
       supported and coordinated                         local environmental broker position
                                                       • If deemed feasible, identify an appropriate managing
                                                         organisation and seek the necessary resources

3.10.5 Litter free Te Puna                             • Install roadside reminders                                       2018-2021            Volunteers, WBoPDC
                                                       • Create ‘adopt your road’ groups for regular clean-ups

3.10.6 Environmental education and engagement          • Support environmental education in the early childhood           2018-2021            Te Puna Quarry Park Society, Pirirakau Inc.,
                                                         centres and the school                                                                Te Puna School, Kura, Kindergarten and Play
                                                       • Targeted youth programmes                                                             Centre
                                                       • Host environmental speakers and films
                                                       • Community open days with a landscape focus led by relevant

                                                         community groups
4. Economy, Access and Infrastructure

                                        4.1 Our economy (our people, our                                     economy of the area.More generally, the 2013                  This Plan assumes that the current controls are retained,
4. Economy, Access and Infrastructure

                                        businesses, our production, our tourism,                             Census shows Te Puna’s wage and salary earners                and that opportunities to establish further businesses
                                        our volunteers)                                                      working in the following industries:                          are controlled in case they create a nuisance or impact
                                                                                                                                                                           adversely on safety, accessibility or local amenity.
                                        The main basis for Te Puna’s present local economy                   •   Education
                                        is farming and horticulture. There is, however, some                 •   Health and Community Services                             As Māori continue to grow and contribute to the
                                        provision for commercial and retail activities, mostly               •   Tourism                                                   global economy, so will Pirirakau seek to broaden their
                                        focussing on local services. A growing trend towards                 •   Horticulture                                              economic horizon, although it will take some time to
                                        home-based business is evident.                                      •   Construction                                              complete their Treaty Settlement process. This is a
                                                                                                             •   Self employed                                             fast-expanding area of Māori economic activity, likely
                                        There are obvious community benefits from having a                   •   Not for profit                                            to be a developing economic situation throughout
                                        diverse range of work opportunities available locally,                                                                             New Zealand for some time, as the settlement process
                                        and having a large range of small scale businesses                   Under the current District Plan, home enterprises and         is completed and as settled hapū and iwi organise
                                        operating within Te Puna adds to the vitality and                    small scale education and tourism are permitted activities.   their own commercial operations.

                                        4.1 OUR ECONOMY
                                                VISION                                         KEY ACTIONS - HOW WE WILL DO IT                               WHEN WILL WE DO IT         WHO WILL BE INVOLVED
Te Puna Community Plan

                                        4.1.1   Te Puna residents earn their living in a       • Retain and monitor current District Plan controls on        2018-2021                  WBoPDC
                                                variety of ways, both within and outside         home-based businesses
                                                the area. There is room alongside farming
                                                and horticulture for commercial, retail, and   • Conduct a survey to accurately measure the scale and type   2022-2025                  WBoPDC, Priority One, SmartGrowth
                                                home-based businesses                            of business enterprises based in Te Puna
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