Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014

Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014

Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014

The Catalogue 2014

Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014
  • 02/ Welcome 04/
  • Our New Store 06/ Royal Asscher 12/ The Hettich collection 16/
  • Hans D. Krieger 24/ Great Jewellery looks even better on! 46/ Watch Review 1/ Genuine tax-free prices and GST refunds available for visiting shoppers. Our prices are always VAT-free. And if you’re visiting Jersey, don’t forget to ask about our GST Refund Scheme and find out how you can claim back the Island’s 5% Goods and Services Tax. ttic ime
  • We believe in giving our customers care and attention to ensure shopping is always a pleasure. Hon esty
  • We offer genuine VAT-free prices with GST refunds available for visiting shoppers. S er vic e
  • We strive to ensure our customer service is as exceptional as the precious items we are renowned for. Loyalty
  • We are proud to be the jeweller of choice for generations of discerning shoppers, and we pledge to maintain the same extremely high standards which set us apart. All prices shown may be subject to fluctuations but are correct at time of going to press in November 2013 and include GST at 5%. All items are subject to stock availability and may not be shown actual size. Hettich Jewellers Ltd, 1 King Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4WF Telephone: +44(0) 1534 734491 Facsimile: +44(0) 1534 759853 www.hettich.co.uk email: info@hettich.co.uk Business hours: 9.30am - 5pm (Monday - Saturday) flex’it eka collection.
Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014

Over a century of fine watches and jewellery to cherish 2/ 3/ tt At Hettich we believe that our people are just as valuable as the precious jewellery we sell. Familiar faces, with many years of service, our team make the Hettich welcome so special. That’s why we’re pleased to invest in our team by ensuring our training and professional development is kept at an extremely high standard. From the moment a new member of staff arrives at Hettich, they embark on the Jewellers’ Training Scheme in association with the National Association of Goldsmiths. This two-year course gives our team a high level of education when it comes to jewellery, and ensures they can always give our customers the best expert advice when it comes to all aspects of jewellery purchasing.

From members of the team who are Fellows of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain to qualified diamond graders, our expertise sets us apart when it comes to delivering a reliable and rewarding retail experience for our customers. This year we’ve welcomed a number of new faces to the Hettich family. We’ve also celebrated several of our staff reaching retirement, and whilst they’ll be missed, we wish them all the very best. As the shape of retail changes, we’re proud to be able to offer the Hettich values which have remained unchanged for 114 years. Care, time and attention are our watchwords and we are determined to make your shopping experience as exceptional as our fine jewellery and watches.

Our brand new showroom is a fitting showcase for some of the world’s best luxury watches and jewellery. Carefully planned and crafted from the finest materials, the new showroom has been custom-designed to create a luxurious and elegant environment where you can explore our ranges of precious gifts. We understand the true value of the jewellery we sell. Far more than ‘just’ a watch or a diamond, our exquisite jewellery symbolises a declaration, a significant commitment or a precious memory. This year’s catalogue presents some really great jewellery with stunning diamonds, beautiful coloured stones and outstanding pearls.

We have brought them all to life with our model shoot which starts on page 24. Our watch collections go from strength to strength and our highlights start on page 46. Of course our catalogue only tells you a part of our story, so please visit us soon; you will be very welcome. Tim Booley Director Jeffrey Chinn Managing Director Jeffrey Chinn Managing Director Nicholas Sue Stuart Gary Bob Alison Sylwia Annie David

Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014

4/ st o r e Planning a sympathetic refinement process to update Hettich without compromising its unique character was the first step. With the help of a team of expert craftsmen, we embarked on a seven-week refurbishment of the Hettich shop, restructuring the space to reveal a lighter, brighter showroom better suited to our customers’ needs. Working with the finest materials and the latest lighting technology, our team of craftsmen created an elegant new shop interior to dazzle and delight. And as a final touch, a custom-built crystal chandelier now hangs in pride of place in the centre of the new shop.

Keeping anything precious in perfect condition requires expert care and attention. So when it was time for our King Street shop to undergo a refurbishment, it was important to ensure our new showroom would reflect our values and retain the air of elegance Hettich is known for. “We think we’ve created a modern antique. Undeniably elegant and unmistakably Hettich, discover our new contemporary showroom for yourself.” After Before Which is why the leading watchmakers of the world have introduced a whole array of exciting new timepieces for 2014. From reinventions of classic models to contemporary new designs at the vanguard of technology, discover this year’s brand new watches at Hettich.

See page 46. Gents Patek Philippe split second chronograph grand complication manual wind watch in platinum (5951P) 5/ Welcome to the future. st a nds st i l l

Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014
  • 6/ 7/ b/
  • Single stone round brilliant cut Royal Asscher diamond ring 0.71ct F/VS2, 18ct white gold setting £5,047 (003 10003741006) c/
  • Single stone round brilliant cut Royal Asscher diamond ring 0.48ct F/VS1, 18ct platinum setting £2,500 (410 00350342MT) a/ b/ c/ The Royal Asscher Diamond Company is one of the best diamond cutters of all time. Whether it is a Royal Asscher cut or a Royal Asscher brilliant, each stone is meticulously crafted into an outstanding and very special gem. We think they’re the best you can buy and will be delighted to show you how good they are. Round brilliant cut Royal Asscher diamond pendant 1.12ct F/VS1, 18ct white gold setting £19,970 (003 APPPWBR1) a/
  • Single stone round brilliant cut Royal Asscher diamond ring 1.01ct H/VS2, platinum setting £11,250 (003 11024560001)
Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014
  • b/ 8/ 9/ c/ d/ a/
  • Single stone round brilliant cut Royal Asscher diamond ring 1.52ct E/VS1, platinum setting £24,950 (003 14476773) a/
  • Royal Asscher cut diamond ring 3.06ct H/VS2, baguette diamond shoulders 0.70ct platinum setting £49,500 (003 803549) b/
  • Three stone Royal Asscher cut diamond ring 3.04ct platinum setting £14,250 (003 1122923/st) c/
  • Single stone Royal Asscher cut diamond ring 0.61ct F/VS 2, platinum setting £3,175 (003 112152) d/
  • Single stone Royal Asscher cut diamond ring 0.51ct G/VS1, platinum setting £2,875 (003 112157) b/
  • Single stone round brilliant cut Royal Asscher diamond ring 0.55ct E/VS2, platinum setting £4,250 (003 110203092986) c/
  • Single stone round brilliant cut Royal Asscher diamond ring 0.59ct G/VS2, platinum setting £4,750 (003 11021655002) d/
  • Three Royal Asscher cut diamonds in a pendant 2.07ct 18ct white gold setting chain £14,950 (00335) a/ b/ c/ d/ a/
  • Royal Asscher Shining Star rings in white and black ceramic with white, yellow or rose gold finish and 0.50ct of floating diamonds from £1,650
Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014
  • d/ Three stone blue sapphire and diamond ring, featuring one cushion shaped blue sapphire 1.74ct natural and unheated and two cushion shaped diamonds 1.03ct (D Colour) with a platinum setting £13,500 (367 001888) Blue sapphire ring with trapeze diamond shoulders, featuring a cushion shaped 3.11ct natural and unheated blue sapphire and two trapeze shaped diamond 0.53ct, with a platinum setting £29,500 (367 002160) Sapphires have some of the widest colour ranges of any gemstone. But did you know most stones are heat-treated to enhance their colour and this is a well established and permanent process. However it's estimated that only around one percent of sapphires discovered are of gem quality without treatment, making natural untreated sapphires the most rare and valuable. An untreated sapphire has the power to captivate not only with its natural colour and clarity, but also with its uniqueness. Set into jewellery, a rare gem becomes a cherished treasure, reflecting the individual character of its wearer. Valuable in every sense, rare natural sapphires make an excellent and very special purchase and Hettich has a number of authentic and independently certified untreated sapphires to treasure as jewellery. Please contact us to discover more. d/
  • Diamond 3.32ct and blue sapphire 2.52ct pendant 18ct white gold setting and chain £6,195 (065 P2 P65BZFM03) e/
  • Sapphire 5.64ct and diamond bracelet 18ct white gold setting £9,500 (252 2323751032) c/
  • Sapphire 7.08ct and diamond 3.02ct cluster platinum setting £23,500 (00276383) b /
  • Tanzanite and diamond ring featuring one cushion shape Tanzanite 4.38ct and two fancy cut diamonds 0.37ct with 18ct white gold setting £3,755 (465T524) a/
  • Blue sapphire and diamond ring sapphire 4.08ct, diamond 1.43ct, platinum setting £13,875 (465 20170P29) a/ b/ c/ e/ 13/ 12/ ns .
Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014
  • 14/ 15/ d/
  • Step cut emerald 1.53ct and heart shaped diamonds 1.03ct ring with platinum setting £15,130 (252 3124534074) a/
  • Ruby and diamond pendant. Ruby 1.17ct, diamond 4.68ct with 18ct white gold setting and chain £11,150 (470 6B36324R) b/
  • Oval pink sapphire 1.73ct and round brilliant cut diamonds 0.63ct three stone ring with 18ct white and yellow gold setting £3,195 (465 62380R1) c/
  • Pink sapphire and diamond cluster ring, featuring one oval brilliant cut sapphire 1.20ct and round brilliant cut diamonds 0.24ct with 18ct white gold setting £2,146 (465 6475OT1) e/
  • Green garnet 1.11ct and diamond 0.17ct frog bracelet £1,755 (369 B104GU) Ruby and diamond pendant. Ruby 1.00ct, diamonds 0.59ct with 18ct white gold setting and chain £2,513 (414AX951) Ruby and diamond ring featuring seven step cut rubies 2.64ct and round brilliant cut diamonds 1.39ct, with white gold setting £3,848 (465 T29) Emerald diamond ring featuring five step cut emeralds 1.89ct and round brilliant cut diamonds 0.33ct with 18ct white gold setting £4,875 (465 T26) Sapphire and diamond ring featuring six french cut sapphires 3.15ct and round brilliant cut diamonds 0.22ct with 18ct white setting £2,575 (465 R149) Sapphire and diamond pendant. Sapphire 1.00ct, diamond 0.47ct with white gold setting and chain £3,675 (414 AX931) a/ b/ c/ d/ e/ F a nc y a l i tt ?
Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014
  • KRIEGER www.kriegernet.com www.kriegernet.com a/
  • Diamond drop earrings with champagne diamonds 0.52ct and diamonds 0.30ct, 18ct white and rose gold setting £1,270 (252 4113911025) b/
  • Diamond pendant with champagne diamonds 0.70ct and diamonds 0.79ct, 18ct white and rose gold setting £2,550 (252 1113911297) d/
  • Five stone Asscher cut ring 1.31ct H/VVS, 18ct white gold setting £3,295 (2523124430325) c/
  • Asscher cut diamond bracelet 11.92ct H/IF/VVS, 18ct white gold setting £23,950 (252 APP2123741432) a/ b/ c/ d/ 16/
  • 19/ b/
  • Diamond drop earrings 2.20ct, 18ct white gold setting £19,950 (252 4125671113) a/
  • Pear shaped diamond pendant 2.25ct F/SI1, 18ct white gold setting and chain £25,600 (380251334C1) c/
  • Brilliant cut diamond line bracelet 3.58ct 18ct white gold setting £4,615 (465P1122) Brilliant cut diamond ring 4.20ct J/SI1 £57,500 (380 219475) Radiant cut diamond ring 2.03ct, Platinum setting £12,975 (480 1Y58A0020R205) Single stone round brilliant cut Royal Asscher stud earrings 1.42ct G/VS2 18ct white gold setting £8,950 (03308017719024) a/ a/ b/ c/ b/ a/
  • Diamond pendant 1.07ct, 18ct white gold setting and chain £3,910 (480 Y96A0020P107) b/
  • Fancy diamond drop earrings 2.30ct £2,820 (480 Y96A0020E049)
  • Princess cut diamond ring 1.70ct F/SI, platinum diamond setting 0.2ct £18,500 (380301757)
  • Diamond cluster 4.48ct, platinum setting £23,550 (003 11024560001) H e tt nds 18/ Three stone brilliant cut diamond ring 4.06ct, platinum setting £29,950 (46510160P1)
  • 20/ Half eternity ring, baguette and princess cut diamonds 1.00ct F/G VS, 18ct white gold setting £2,415 (152 HET990) Round brilliant cut two row diamond half eternity ring 0.75ct F/G VS, 18ct white gold setting £1,800 (152 HET1017) Half eternity baguette diamonds 0.55ct F/GVS, 18ct white gold setting £1,620 (152 HET1079) Round brilliant cut half eternity diamond ring 0.25ct F/G VS, 18ct white gold setting £745 (152 HET1240) Princess and baguette cut diamond half eternity 1.20ct F/G VS, 18ct white gold setting £2,440 (152 HET1514) Round brilliant cut half eternity diamond ring 0.12ct F/G VS, 18ct white gold setting £555 (152 HET1549) a/ b/ c/ e/ f/ g/ d/ e/
  • Full eternity round brilliant cut diamond ring 0.92ct, 18ct white gold setting £1,675 (252 3124534074) f/
  • Diamond full eternity ring 2.30ct G/SI 1, 18ct white gold setting £3,815 (252 3124420087) g/
  • Full eternity round brilliant cut diamond ring 1.18ct G/IF, platinum setting £2,195 (252 3107519186) nd ett ic h diamonds a/
  • Three stone emerald cut diamond ring 1.59ct with platinum setting £6,520 (46512678N8) b/
  • Single stone round brilliant diamond ring 1.51ct K/SI1, platinum setting £9,995 (465 18304R5) d/
  • Single stone round brilliant cut diamond ring 0.50ct D/SI1, platinum setting £2,460 (465 16717R7) c/
  • Single stone round brilliant cut diamond ring 0.91ct G/SI1, platinum setting £5,890 (465 18267N6) 21/

24/ 25/ ks tt Tahitian cultured pearl necklace 11-11.8mm, 18ct white gold bajonette clasp / £6,195 (065 P2 P65BZFM03) // Tahitian cultured drop earrings, featuring pear shape and marquise diamonds 1.17ct, 18ct white gold setting / £5,260 (009VJAIOL) // Tahitian cultured pearl bracelets 10-11.6mm / prices from £1,193 // Tahitian cultured pearl and diamond ring featuring pearl 13-14mm with pavé diamond shoulders 1.42ct / £5,373 (413 1558913) 18ct white gold round brilliant cut diamond necklace 11.29ct / £17,076 (3502090C1) // 18ct white gold brilliant cut diamond earrings 3.51ct / £4,995 (350209001) // Diamond line bracelet featuring 25 round brilliant cut diamonds 6.25 with 18ct white gold setting / £8,770 (46517213R2) // Single stone cushion diamond ring 5.52ct trilliant diamond shoulders 0.96ct / £85,000 (121060)

27/ 26/ Diamond set hoop earrings 1.84ct, 18ct white gold setting / £2,366 (15113193) // Georg Jensen silver and black agate regtize necklace / £1,531 (2453532955) // Georg Jensen silver and black agate moonlight grapes ring / £381 (2453559026) Blue sapphire and diamond cluster earrings, featuring oval brilliant cut sapphires 2.53ct and round brilliant cut diamonds 1.53ct, with 18ct white gold setting and yellow fittings / £4,550 (46529893) // Diamond and sapphire swirl pendant, featuring round brilliant cut diamonds 3.83ct and graduated blue sapphire, with diamond set double chain / £18,950 (351C1249B2) // Blue sapphire and diamond line bracelet, featuring square cut blue sapphires 5.64ct and baguette cut diamonds 3.32ct / £9,500 (2522323751032) // Blue sapphire and diamond cluster ring, featuring oval brilliant cut diamonds 3.02ct, with platinum setting / £23,500 (00276383)

28/ 29/ Fancy diamond pendant 8.63ct, with 18ct rose gold setting and chain / £9,950 (065P2P67RBM003) // Fancy diamond drop earrings 6.24ct, with 18ct rose gold setting / £6,895 (065P2071RBM002) // Cartier 18ct yellow gold Tank Americaine pavé set diamond case / £23,450 (041WB7072K2) Fancyrubyanddiamonddropearrings,featuringovalbrilliant cut rubies 0.14ct and round brilliant cut diamonds 0.73ct, 18ct white gold setting and fittings / £2,085 (414Y1051) // Ruby and diamond pendant featuring round brilliant cut rubies 1.17ct and diamonds 4.68ct, with 18ct white gold setting and triple chain / £11,150 (470GB36324R) // Ruby and diamond bracelet featuring 16 oval brilliant cut rubies 3.52ct and 48 round brilliant cut diamonds 2.18ct, with 18ct white gold claw setting / £5,695 ( 2522222093013) // Ruby and diamond cluster ring with diamond shoulders, featuring one oval brilliant cut ruby 0.75ct and 36 round brilliant cut diamonds 0.23ct / £2,495 (2523222663146) // Patek Philippe Lady’s Twenty-4 watch in stainless steel/ £7,683 (3634910/10A-010)

  • 30/ 31/
  • Diamond pear shape drop earrings 2.20ct, with 18ct white gold setting / £19,950 (2524125671113) // Yellow and white diamond necklace, featuring 53 yellow diamonds 11.18ct and 55 diamonds 11.22ct with fancy light yellow pear shape diamond pendant 6.50ct, 18ct yellow and white gold setting / P .O.A (2521112020020011) Fancy diamond set pendant with diamond set chain 4.94ct, with 18ct white gold setting / £11,950 (331C791) // Round brilliant cut pavé set bangle 6.04ct, 18ct white gold / £9,574 (1517375W) // Round brilliant cut diamond earrings 3.49ct, with 18ct white gold pavé setting and fittings / £7,495 (470BB37040) // Fancy diamond cluster ring featuring one cushion shape diamond in the centre 1.01ct D/VS2, surrounded by cushion and pear shape diamonds 2.93ct, platinum setting / £23,550 (2523101001118) MODEL/ Tunde // CLOTHES/ Marc Cain and Renaissance // HAIR/ Esther at Blades // MAKE-UP/ Decia at Kiss & Make-Up

BREITLING.COM John Travolta is not only an exceptional pilot with over 7,000 flight hours behind him and qualifications on ten different aircraft types. He is also passionately interested in everything embodying the authentic aeronautical spirit – such as Breitling instruments for professionals. On his wrist is a Navitimer chronograph with its famous aviation slide rule, a cult-watch for all devotees of the conquest of the skies, and equipped like all Breitling models with a movement chronometer-certified by the COSC – the highest official benchmark in terms of reliability and precision. Welcome to the Breitling world.


  • 34/ 31/ lighting collection www.baccar at.com a/
  • Fancy colour diamond pendant 7.62ct 18ct rose gold setting and chain £10,950 (065 P1P04RNXFV3) b/
  • Fancy colour diamond earrings 1.49ct 18ct rose gold setting £3,595 (065 P1P05RNXFY0) c/
  • Fancy colour diamond ring 1.61ct 18ct rose and white gold setting £3,395 (065 POA44DBMX02) d/
  • 18ct white gold diamond ring 0.36ct £3,195 (065 POA49BB0000) a/ b/ c/ d/ nt ct i o n .

  • 36/ 33/ jewellery collection www.baccarat.com b/
  • Pink sapphire 5.62ct and diamond 3.19ct bracelet 18ct white gold setting £8,950 (252 2323751067) e/
  • Blue topaz bracelet 29.70ct 18ct white gold setting £4,850 (252 2623950103) a/
  • Emerald 4.47ct and diamond 1.22ct bracelet 18ct yellow gold setting £6,500 (252 2412036053) d/
  • Ruby line bracelet 11.13ct 18ct yellow gold setting £7,950 (252 2213930391) c/
  • Sapphire 5.84ct and diamond 1.15ct bracelet 18ct yellow and white gold setting £4,750 (252 2312036060) f/
  • Citrine, amethyst, quartz and topaz bracelet 83.9ct,18ct yellow gold setting £3,595 (473Y0617MX.B1) a/ b/ c/ d/ e/ f/ It ts !
  • 38/ 39/ a/
  • Yellow diamond 0.92ct and diamond 0.52ct pendant 18ct white gold setting and chain £2,990 (414AX1030) b/
  • White and yellow diamond bracelet 8.06ct 18ct yellow and white gold setting £16,500 (252 2412036053) c/
  • Yellow diamond ring 2.13ct, diamond shoulders 0.44ct, 18ct white gold setting £19,950 (252 3123727111) d/
  • Radiant cut fancy yellow diamond ring 6.88ct, 1.11ct triangle cut diamond shoulders P .O.A e/
  • Diamond set harem ring 1.02ct 18ct yellow and white gold setting £3,180 (252 3118513958) a/ c/ d/ e/ b/ Citrine, amethyst 21.5ct and diamond 0.34ct ring 18ct white gold setting £2,460 (473Y1102AFP .R2) Amethyst 12.60ct and diamond 0.20ct ring 18ct yellow gold setting £1,615 (473Y1102AMT.R3) Ruby 2.12ct and diamond 0.65ct three stone ring 18ct yellow and white gold setting £4,220 (46532380J2) A unique variation in pink and white diamonds by Palmeiro. Diamonds 5.89ct and sapphires 3.28ct pendant, diamond set chain, 18ct rose gold setting £24,950 (351 CT7275R) Fasc in ati n g colour s a nd beautiful jewellery

40/ 41/ Happy Spirit 18ct rose and white gold pendant with 1.20ct diamonds £7,796 (795425-9001) Happy Spirit 18ct rose and white gold ring 0.68ct diamonds £5,390 (825422-9110) Happy Spirit 18ct rose and white gold earrings 0.20ct diamonds £3,929 (845405-9001) 36/ Imperiale 18ct white gold and amethyst earrings £1,767 (839225-1001) Imperiale 18ct white gold and amethyst ring £1,339 (829225-1010) Imperiale 18ct white gold pendant with amethyst £1,584 (819225-1001)

39/ 2008 - 2012, Roberto Demeglio: five years of International Awards www.robertodemeglio.it www.fattoamanoinitalia.it Domino collection byMG/FI

  • 44/ a/
  • Tahitian, South Sea and freshwater pearl long necklace and amethyst £2,620 (4131702019) b/
  • South Sea cultured pearl necklace with sapphire and diamond clasp £14,500 (413169854DSCV) c/
  • i. Tahitian cultured pearl necklace 12-15.2mm diamond set clasp 18ct gold white gold £8,864 (4131394696) c/
  • ii. South Sea cultured pearl necklace 11-14.1mm 18ct white gold diamond set clasp £10,190 (4131394696) c/
  • iii. Freshwater pearl necklace 11-13.5mm 18ct white gold diamond set clasp £4,287 (4131664638) d/
  • Tahitian and South Sea cultured pearl and diamond earrings £2,539 (4131005370) a/ b/ d/ c/i,ii,iii y. 1. ff m
  • Patek Philippe has been creating some of the finest watches in the world since 1839. An independent familyowned watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe is globally renowned for its tradition of innovation and artistry in producing exceptionally high-quality timepieces, and 2014 marks the company’s 175th anniversary. Hettich is extremely proud to be the sole Channel Islands' authorised retailer for Patek Philippe watches. ss wn »
  • Calatrava 5227 in rose gold One of the most iconic of Patek Philippe’s creations, the elegant Calatrava 5227 dress watch was finessed with a perfectly integrated dust cover, which reveals the beautiful movement within. «
  • ‘Diamond Ribbon’ 4968 in white gold with diamonds Featuring a spiral of perfect diamonds around the bezel, inspired by the grace and fluidity of a gymnast’s silk ribbon, this exquisite and intricate timepiece teams beauty and precision to create a dazzling classic.
  • 5130J Worldtime in yellow gold With its signature complication of a superb double disc based world-time function, this attractive timepiece teams aesthetic and technical perfection to create a classic globetrotter’s watch. 46/ 47/ »
  • 5200G Gondolo Power Reserve in white gold with blue sunburst dial Elegant Art Deco styling combined with innovative horological technology made this timepiece the one to watch at Baselworld when it was released last year. An eight-day power reserve ensures the Gondolo keeps perfect time and the sunburst dial features calendar date and day display which, with true Patek Philippe precision, switches at midnight within three milliseconds.
  • T ss st Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in platinum The legendary Rolex chronograph celebrates its 50th birthday in style with this striking new model, entirely in platinum and featuring a ceramic Cerachrom bezel in brown with an ice blue dial. »
  • Rolex Day-Date Rolex updates its iconic Day-Date with a splash of colour this year, releasing a series of six different colours across three different gold cases. Each model colour has a matching leather strap to accentuate the dial colour and offers a fun and youthful take on this classic Rolex design. «
  • Rolex Day-Date ‘Sertie’ with gem set bezel Time becomes even more precious with the new range of Rolex Day-Date ‘Sertie’ diamond watches. Indulgent and innovative, the sparkling watch range is available in 18ct yellow, white or Everose gold and features a sophisticated dial with baguette-cut diamond bezel.
  • 48/ 49/ pp e a l One of the best-known brands in the world, Rolex has crafted classic luxury watches for more than a century. A symbol of prestige and achievement, Rolex watches are globally renowned for their superb craftsmanship, unrivalled performance and consistent reliability. Here at Hettich, we are proud to be an official Rolex retailer in Jersey, enabling us to offer a high level of service and an absolute guarantee to our customers. »
  • GMT-Master II Speed, precision and style. The enhanced GMTMaster II features a ceramic black and blue bezel to symbolise night and day as well as ultra-high grade stainless steel casing to produce one of the most highly anticipated new watches from Rolex.
  • From classic styles to couture-inspired gem-set designs, Cartier has a century-old tradition of creating watches imbued with a natural air of French charm and confidence. With an aura of elegance and style which sets them apart, the Cartier style is instantly recognisable, and eternally covetable. Discover the Cartier range for yourself at Hettich. »
  • Cartier Tank Anglaise Designed in 1917, the art deco lines of the Cartier Tank Anglaise have been seen on all the right wrists, making it a watch to watch out for. Elegant, poised and stylish, the Tank is a timeless choice. Setting precision records and re-defining state-of-the-art mechanical watchmaking, Omega watches are at the heart of a revolution in the industry. Innovative new mechanical movements create efficiency and more stable precision, and constant aesthetic refinements ensure the forward-thinking brand goes from strength to strength.
  • Omega Dark Side of the Moon Speedmaster The all-black ceramic ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Speedmaster was one of the most talked-about new arrivals at Baselworld this year for its bold styling and polished good looks. Constructed almost completely in ceramic from bezel to buckle, the dark and moody Speedmaster is a striking watch which feels as good to wear as it does to hold in your hands. ns nc h st y l e a nd st nd a sp nn 50/

Established over 40 years > Access to over 90 pre-owned boats for immediate delivery > Extensive network covering 7 countries > Visit our website to see our wide selection > www.princess.co.uk For over 40 years we have dedicated ourselves to understanding our customers requirements and the practicalities of enjoyable motor yacht ownership.

During this period we have always been proud to represent the Princess brand. With Princess Motor Yacht Sales you will enjoy the security of the world’s largest network of agents spanning seven countries, giving you total peace of mind and most importantly the experience you would expect from the world’s largest distributor of Princess luxury motor yachts. The current Princess range extends from the V39 Sports Cruiser up to the new 40 metre tri-deck super yacht. Princess Motor Yacht Sales ThE WOrlD’S lArgEST PrinCESS MOTOr YAChT DEAlEr uk mainland: +44 (0)1489 557755 sales@princess.co.uk www.princess.co.uk : Princess Motor Yacht Sales Office/Agent Channel islands: +44 (0)7797 729629 nick@quay-boats.com For enquiries contact: » TAG Heuer Carrera Honorary TAG Heuer Chairman and Icon Jack Heuer is spectacularly celebrated with this timepiece, inspired by the 'Heuer' stopwatches once used on pro racing circuits around the world.

With its crown and stoppers exquisitely placed at the top of the watch face, rather than the traditional right side, the idea is that the watch is meant to appear like the stopwatches of old. Made from steel and titanium, this piece also boasts a screw-in caseback featuring the Heuer Coat of Arms. nt tc 52/ Known for its highly technical and reliable timepieces, Breitling is a world leader in the construction of chronograph watches. Famous for its innovative light chronograph watches specifically designed for pilots, Breitling has always been the choice for aviators who demand the highest standards.

H nc e i nst r u m e nts Breitling Emergency III The world’s first wristwatch with a built-in personal locator beacon, the Breitling Emergency II marks a major innovation in the field of personal security. With highly advanced technology, the Emergency II has a dual frequency transmitter to both alert and guide search and rescue missions. This high-tech gem is created in titanium, ensuring it’s strong enough to never let you down.

  • 54/ This year marks the 20 year anniversary of Chopard's classic Happy Sport watch featuring floating diamonds within the dial. To celebrate the anniversary; this is the first watch to be equipped with automatic movement. The message? Time is precious. Appealing as jewellery as well as highly-engineered timepieces, the Happy Sport collection is a fun and playful take on the concept of diamond watches. »
  • Chopard Happy Sport in rose gold automatic sapphire case back A sporty watch featuring sparkling diamonds spinning across the dial – when the Happy Sport was first presented twenty years ago, it was an instant global hit. Since then, the classic has been released in an array of shades and designs, but still retains its iconic appeal. «
  • Chopard Mille Miglia 2013 Collection Engineered to celebrate the spirit of one of the world’s most famous road races, the Mille Miglia collection features detailing inspired by the design of classic vintage sports cars to create aesthetically stunning timepieces.

S st ns N

56/ 57/ From glittering jewellery launches to exclusive new watch previews, Hettich hosts many sparkling events. If you are not already on our invitation list and would like to be included please email us at info@hettich.co.uk to register your interest. H e tt nts LOVE HE From declarations to celebrating achievements, we are proud to have shared your special moments for the last century. To tell us your own Hettich Love Story, visit our website www.hettich.co.uk/lovehettich ‘My husband and I live in the UK and have been coming to Jersey annually for the last 13 years.

After seven years together we decided to get engaged and where better to have our proposal than Jersey? We also knew immediately where we wanted to buy our engagement and wedding rings from - Hettich Jewellers in St Helier. We arranged a weekend away and our first stop was a trip to Hettich where we chose an engagement ring. Robert proposed to me later that weekend on the beach in front of our hotel. Of course, I said Yes’! We returned for a two-week holiday later that year and decided to visit Hettich again to purchase our wedding rings. We came away with two lovely classic gold bands and had a wonderful holiday in Jersey.

Every time we look at our rings we remember Jersey and it makes them all the more special to us that they came from a jeweller that we have come to know, like and trust on an island that we adore.’ Laura and Robert Morton Mr and Mrs Morton photographed during a recent trip to Jersey. The couple are pictured on St Clement’s beach where Mr Morton proposed.

As a business at the heart of the island, Hettich is pleased to be able to support the local community with a number of initiatives and events, from gifts and donations to the Band of Jersey, Jersey Air Display, Jersey’s Battle of Flowers, the Jersey Hospice, as well as our floral displays and garlands to mark key island events. Keep up to date with the latest Hettich news at www.facebook.com/hettichjewellers tt nc e With the increase of internet retail, people often ask us - why shop on the high street for jewellery and watches? The answer is clear. As well as the expertise, guarantees and peace of mind Hettich can offer, we believe shopping for jewellery is a unique experience.

Choosing a piece you'll treasure, trying it on and seeing it sparkle against your skin is part of the pleasure of indulging in fine jewellery and watches. At Hettich, you'll discover a luxurious environment which makes shopping special, from the very first glimpse of a sparkling diamond to the joy of owning something precious.

To have and to hold. To treasure forever.

  • HOME & CONTENTS | PRIVATE COLLECTIONS | MOTOR | YACHT | TRAVEL INSURANCE As part of the only Chartered Insurance Broker in Jersey, Rossborough Private Clients is delighted to partner with AIG to ensure the highest level of cover no matter what the unexpected circumstance may be. After an assessment of your needs, our team can set up policies that will offer superior cover for you and your valuable possessions. For more information, please call Mark Vautier, Manager of Rossborough Private Clients, on 01534 500614 or email mvautier@rossboroughgroup.co.uk R.A. Rossborough (Insurance Brokers) Limited PO Box 28, 41 La Motte Street St Helier, Jersey, JE4 8NS t: +44 (0) 1534 500693 (Private Clients) f: +44 (0) 1534 767806 w: www.rossborough.co.uk R A Rossborough (Insurance Brokers) Limited is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Registered in Jersey No. 1944. Registered Office: 41 La Motte Street. Home and Contents
  • All risks buildings & worldwide contents cover
  • Guaranteed rebuilding costs for your home
  • Worldwide personal liability with generous limits Private Collections of Art, Jewellery and Other Fine Collectables
  • Worldwide cover, which automatically extends to newly acquired items
  • Agreed values on specified items
  • Market appreciation, covering up to 150% of the amount insured
  • Death of an artist with up to 200% of the amount insured
  • Pairs or sets covered even if just one item suffers loss Yacht
  • Broad cover for virtually all types of risk
  • Worldwide navigational limits
  • High hull values or high protection and indemnity limits for larger vessels or super yachts
  • Cover for tenders, fine art, personal property and other furnishings Motor
  • 24 month new car replacement
  • Comprehensive driving any other vehicle for both insured & spouse
  • Agreed value regardless of market depreciation
  • Classic car and European cover including breakdown
  • Your choice of repairer Risk Management Services A holistic approach that anticipates and prevents potential losses allows AIG to offer more than just insurance protection. By tapping into unique but complimentary risk management services, AIG helps you manage risk. The resulting loss prevention can help translate this into long-term savings for you and your family.

In partnership with Rossborough Private Clients, AIG Private Client Group is dedicated to serving the needs of high net worth clients. Together, we understand the distinctive lifestyle and complex needs of successful individuals. The luxury assets you have amassed over the years require unique protection and special attention as they, like diamonds, reflect your individuality. AIG Private Client Group offers an extensive range of customised insurance solutions especially designed for individuals with considerable wealth: Like diamonds, your needs are unique. Explore bespoke insurance solutions tailor made for you.

PRIVATE CLIENT GROUP Exceptional Insurance for Extraordinary Assets T HE HE RO EL S T ORY In 2012, Hettich launched a remarkable challenge. To design a unique piece of jewellery to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which would then be created and produced by Hettich and auctioned in aid of Jersey Hospice Care. With more than 30 entries received, from professional designers to amateur artists, it was a difficult decision for the judges, who included Mike Asscher, Vice President of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, as well as Lynsey Beahan from Jersey Hospice Care and Hettich Director Jeffrey Chinn.

Finally though, it was the design of Rebecca Russ which caught the judges’ eyes. Simple, effective and emblematic, her heart-shaped pendant set with diamonds evoked the shape of a crown as well as the Jersey Hospice logo, symbolising self-sacrificing care alongside sixty years of Her Majesty’s reign. Rebecca saw her design brought to life, from the first sketch to the finished piece, created by our London workshop. Created in 18k white gold and set with a glittering array of brilliant-cut and Asscher-cut Royal Asscher diamonds, the Hettich Crown Jewel was a piece fit for a queen. It was sold in aid of Jersey Hospice Care with the entire total donated to support the charity.

Visit www.hettich.co.uk/news for more about our charity news and events.

Precious jewellery fit for a queen. 58/

Quilter Cheviot Limited is registered in England with number 01923571, registered office at St Helen’s, 1 Undershaft, London EC3A 8BB. Quilter Cheviot Limited is a member of the London Stock Exchange and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and regulated under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 by the Jersey Financial Services Commission for the conduct of investment business in Jersey and by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission under the Protection of Investors (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1987 to carry on investment business in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Gold standard award winners for disCretionarY Portfolio ManaGeMent 2012 Contact Tim Childe, Head of Jersey Office on +44 (0)1534 506 070 or visit quiltercheviot.com The value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up. You may not recover what you invest. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Caring for precious things takes attention to detail... Ensuring your valuable watches and jewellery stay in perfect condition demands expertise and precision. We are proud to be the official service agents for Patek Philippe and Rolex, with the assurance that our services come with a secure guarantee.

As good as new Watch servicing To keep your watch in perfect working order, we recommend a specialist service every five years. Every watch is registered before the service begins, so we can keep track of its history and ‘health record’. The watch is dismantled in our workshop, and all the components cleaned, checked and lubricated. Any faulty parts are replaced. Once painstakingly reassembled, the movement’s function is checked and timed. When the watchmaker is satisfied, the final pieces are assembled and the movement is re-cased securely in a dust-free environment. In a final quality control, the watchmaker will monitor the watch’s performance over a period of days to ensure the watch is performing perfectly.

Stuart McCourt Watchmaker at Hettich Stuart began his career in watchmaking with a Saturday job in a jewellers. Fascinated by watches, he studied horology in Dublin’s Irish Swiss institute of Horology, and is trained to some of the highest levels available for watchmakers.

How long does it take to train? Three years initially, but in my opinion, you’d have to invest at least another three years of experience before you’re up to speed. st How long does a watch service take? It really varies from watch to watch. Our customers would be amazed if they knew all the work that went into their watch service. What are the challenges of watchmaking? Experience is everything with most technical trades, but the watch manufacturers I work with have extremely high requirements to ensure we work in the correct way on their timepieces.

Is it rewarding to see a watch back in top notch condition? If a watch hasn’t been serviced for a while, and you need to adjust and repair faults as you go, it’s very satisfying to see it working again.

The ethos behind all of our watch servicing is that when we’ve finished, the watch movement should be repaired, adjusted and lubricated so that it’s back to the condition it was in when it was first made. What’s the key quality for a watchmaker? Patience, definitely! Guaranteed peace of mind Jewellery care Over time, jewellery can accumulate dust and dirt, dulling the sparkle of your diamonds. Without proper care, precious metals can also oxidise and lose some of their shine. A simple jewellery clean and polish at Hettich can ensure your jewellery looks as good as the day you first received it.

From gem cleaning to pearl re-stringing and jewellery repair, Hettich has the expertise and experience to ensure your jewellery is cared for and can be cherished for years to come. 60/

Hettich Jewelry Catalogue 2014