The Future of Corporate Travel Payments - How - AirPlus

The Future of Corporate Travel Payments - How - AirPlus
The Future of Corporate
Travel Payments –
How New-Generation Digital
Payments Will Transform
Managed Travel
The Future of Corporate Travel Payments - How - AirPlus

    How do end-to-end and seamless process                      Contents
    approaches find their way into travel manage-
    ment? How can sharing economy approaches
    be integrated into regular travel payment pro-
    cesses? What impact will Apple and Google
    Pay have on managed travel payment? And
    finally: why will manual expenses become                    Summary                                       Digital Payments – What Are They?
                                                                  04 A brief overview                          12 1 – Virtual payments
    obsolete?                                                                                                  14 2 – Mobile payments
                                                                Introduction                                   18 3 – Invisible payments

                                                                  06 Digital Payments Will Transform          How Digital Payments Will Change
    This AirPlus white paper delivers visionary                      Managed Travel
                                                                                                              Managed Travel
                                                                  06 Three new payment trends combine
    answers based on research and predictions                      6 Business travelers and employers alike
                                                                     will benefit
                                                                                                               20 A CBA is better than a bank account
                                                                                                               20 End-to-end (including case study)
    for future payment scenarios. The white                       07 The three mutual opportunities of
                                                                     digital payments
                                                                                                               21 Open booking

    paper will give readers a clearer idea of what                                                            Potential Roadblocks to
                                                                Future Payment Scenario –                     Digital Payment
    should be in their personal focus, and finally              A Typical Business Trip
    will enable them to create their own vision                   08 Before, during and after the trip
                                                                  09 The perfect trip
                                                                                                              Planning a Payments Future
                                                                                                               25 DATEV eG
    of digitally based travel payment that will                 Corporate Travel Is Changing –                Conclusion
    meet the needs and requirements of their                    Corporate Payments Are Changing
                                                                                                               27 Payments will matter

                                                                With It
    company.                                                      10 Supplier fragmentation
                                                                  10 Distribution fragmentation
                                                                  10 What a managed travel program
                                                                     could look like in future


    A brief overview
    > Three payment trends – virtual payment, mobile
      payment and invisible payment – are merging to
      create what we call digital payments.

    > Digital payments are the biggest change to corpo-
      rate travel payments since plastic credit cards were
      invented in the 1950s.

    > Centrally billed accounts, from which lodge card
      payments are taken today, will also be used to
      settle digital payments.

    > Centrally billed accounts will therefore be capable
      of paying, and capturing data, for all travel-related
      transactions. We call this CBA 2.0.

    > CBA 2.0 has the potential to become the heart of
      managed travel strategies. It works for both end-to-
      end and open booking programs.

    > Expense reporting and reimbursement – even on-
      line – could become obsolete.

    The three mutual opportunities of digital payments

    Opportunity 1
    User experience (especially flexibility) for travelers
    will improve massively AND so too will corporate
    compliance of those travelers.

    Opportunity 2
    As payments become invisible, they will become
    more powerful – and more central to travel manage-
    ment. The less you see, the more convenient it is.

    Opportunity 3
    The new world of digital payments will be based on
    one of the most established concepts in corporate
    payments: the centrally billed account will be the
    compliance backbone.
6   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                                                                   7   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.


    Digital Payments Will Transform                                                                 last few years. They will become increasingly impor-
    Managed Travel                                                                                  tant, often in conjunction with mobile payments.                                                     5552 0000 0000 5632

    Ten – perhaps even five – years ago, corporate travel                                           On top of those two technologies will come invisible                                                                       Digital Payment
    payment options were almost the same as they had                                                payments, where travelers don’t have to stop to pay at
    been for the previous 20 years. Now, in 2016, every-                                            all. Whether riding in a cab, driving out of a car park or
    thing looks very different. Having lagged behind the                                            eating in a restaurant, payment automatically happens
    digital revolution, suddenly payments are right at the                                          without the traveler having to show a piece of plastic                                 Virtual                                                   Mobile                              Invisible
    heart of it. FinTech (financial technology) has become                                          or wave their mobile phone over an electronic reader.

    a major buzzword in the business world, and accord-
    ing to consulting firm McKinsey, 35 percent of Fin-                                             Virtual, mobile and invisible payments have begun to
    Tech companies offer services connected with pay-                                               combine. Together, in this white paper, we call these
    ments.                                                                                          processes digital payment.

    Three new payment trends combine                                                                Business travelers and employers                                                           Hotel
                                                                                                                                                                                              Payment                                Restaurants
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Transport                  Flight     Taxi

    The catalyst has been mobile technology. AirPlus In-                                            alike will benefit
    ternational was an early investor in mobile payments                                            All this could lead eventually to the near-elimination
    – the earliest in the corporate travel market – as far                                          of the expense report – including online ones – and
    back as 2012. Initial uptake was slow. But now that                                             reimbursement process. Instead, expenses will be                        The three mutual opportunities                                         Opportunity 3
    tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Google are offer-                                           automatically, inherently approved and reported at                      of digital payments                                                    The new world of digital payments will be based on
    ing mobile payments to the consumer market, the                                                 time of payment, so there will be no need to waste                                                                                             one of the most established concepts in corporate
    pressure for an equally compelling experience among                                             the time of travelers, line managers or accounting de-                  Opportunity 1                                                          payments: the centrally billed account will be the
    corporate users will soon become unstoppable.                                                   partments by going through an expense management                        User experience (especially flexibility) for travelers                 compliance backbone.
                                                                                                    process as well.                                                        will improve massively AND so too will corporate
    We believe business travelers will increasingly use                                                                                                                     compliance of those travelers.                                         This white paper will explain how digital payment will
    mobile phones instead of plastic cards to make pay-                                             But all of this adds up to so much more than conve-                                                                                            make travel management much more effective thanks
    ments. But that is just the beginning. Single-use vir-                                          nient ways for your travelers to pay and account for                    Opportunity 2                                                          to better data and better control. Digital payments will
    tual card numbers have been the fastest-growing                                                 their expenses. There are several extraordinary op-                     As payments become invisible, they will become                         put payments right at the heart of travel management.
    product not only for AirPlus International but many                                             portunities coming along, underpinning the future of                    more powerful – and more central to travel manage-
    other corporate travel payment providers over the                                               corporate travel payments:                                              ment. The less you see, the more convenient it is.

        Investopedia, Investopedia’s Top 10 Terms of 2015, December 7, 2015
        McKinsey & Company, Global Payments 2015: A Healthy Industry Confronts Disruption, October 2015
        Travolution, Knowledge of mobile payments lacking in industry, finds study, May 25, 2012
8   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                       9   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

    Future Payments Scenario –
    A Typical Business Trip

    All payments made in this scenario are settled          During the trip
    through the centrally billed account (CBA) of the       Claudia parks her car at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
    traveler’s company.                                     How payment is made: Claudia’s vehicle is automati-
                                                            cally recognized when she enters and leaves the car
                                                            park. Payment is automatically deducted from XYZ
    Name of traveler: Claudia                               Holdings’ CBA.
    Name of company: XYZ Holdings
    Trip: Amsterdam to Stockholm                            Claudia’s flight arrives in Stockholm and she orders a
                                                            taxi ride through a mobile app.
                                                            How payment is made: Claudia taps the taxi mobile
     Before                                      During     app on arrival at her apartment.
     the trip                                    the trip
                                                            Claudia eats dinner at a restaurant.
                                                            How payment is made: Claudia orders her meal from
                                                            the waiter, who sends details of the order through to               Perfect trip for the traveler                Perfect trip for the travel manager
                                                            a special dining payment app on her phone. When
                                                            she finishes eating, she simply taps the app and

                                                            Claudia buys an in-flight WiFi access code for her re-                                                                              100%
                                                            turn flight.                                                                Use                                                     compliant
                                                            How payment is made: Claudia orders the access                              smartphone              Before        During
                                             After          code through a phone app, which asks her if the                                                     the trip      the trip
                                             the trip       same form of payment should be used as for the orig-
                                                            inal ticket purchase. She says yes. Since the flight
                                                            was bought through her company’s CBA, the WiFi is
    Before travel                                           also paid for through the CBA, and the flight and WiFi
    Claudia books her flight through XYZ Holdings’ online   access purchase data can be tied together to provide                                                                                 Data delivery
    booking tool.                                           a total cost of trip.                                                                                                                to expense
    How payment is made: through a lodge card em-                                                                                   No admin                                                     management
    bedded with XYZ Holdings’ travel management com-        After the trip                                                                                                                       tool
    pany. The lodge card invoice is settled through XYZ     Claudia has no need to complete an expense claim.
    Holdings’ CBA with the same issuer.                     All payments were accepted as policy-compliant
                                                            when she made them. Claudia has not used a plastic                                                             After
    Claudia books an apartment through a sharing econ-      corporate card at any point during her trip and pay-                                                           the trip
    omy accommodation mobile app.                           ments are settled centrally.
    How payment is made: XYZ Holdings’ CBA details are
    registered on the sharing economy provider’s app on                                                                                                                                     100%
                                                                                                                                                     Familiar UX                            transaction
    Claudia’s phone. The supplier is paid as soon as she
    clicks her booking confirmation.                                                                                                                                                        data quality
10   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                             11   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

     Corporate Travel Is Changing – Corporate
     Payments Are Changing With It

     Until the mobile revolution, business travelers booked     tant breakthrough for travel managers. Since Airbnb
     a relatively limited range of travel options through a     and Uber cannot be booked through corporate online
     limited number of distribution channels. But now this      booking tools, or via the global distribution systems
     model is becoming much more complex. What travel-          used by travel management companies, reservations
     ers book is fragmenting, and so too is how they book it.   today often go uncaptured. That means no data for
                                                                procurement, finance or risk management. Using an
     Yet whatever and however travelers book, one com-          official payment channel like a CBA brings the data
     mon thread makes all these different options the           into the managed program.
     same. At the end, payment is always needed. There-
     fore, payments can bring all the dispersed data back       Distribution fragmentation
     together, playing an essential role for travel managers.
                                                                As discussed above, sharing economy suppliers
     Supplier fragmentation                                     usually only sell directly. In future, conventional sup-
                                                                pliers such as airlines are less likely to sell all their
     Examples of new types of supplier content include:         seats or hotel rooms through established managed
                                                                travel channels such as GDSs. They may sell some
     Personalized offers                                        inventory instead through direct apps/websites or
     Hotels, restaurants and others are bypassing corpor-       other third parties.                                                    (using a lodge card, for example) with what is booked     In our scenario of using price-capped virtual cards
     ate travel programs to target special prices or special                                                                            elsewhere (through digital payments).                     (ultimately settled through the CBA), expense control
     incentives (such as free WiFi) directly at travelers.      Once again, this evolution means service providers                                                                                moves from post-trip to the point of sale. Not only
     Offers of this kind make it increasingly hard for travel   such as TMCs may struggle to gather all the neces-                      Managing the maverick traveler                            does that remove the need for expense reporting
     managers to direct travelers to use a limited group of     sary reporting for their corporate clients. In contrast,                In this scenario, travelers who book unofficial sup-      later on, it also forces travelers to think about the
     preferred suppliers.                                       payment providers will be able to service and capture                   pliers or through unofficial channels would no longer     cost of the trip before payment is confirmed.
                                                                all transactions, no matter how they are made.                          be considered non-compliant. So long as they use the
     Sharing economy                                                                                                                    approved payment method, the booking is part of the
     Travelers are increasingly using the assets of private                                                                             official program. Price caps could be built into sup-     “We could move from corporate cards to virtual cards
                                                                What a managed travel program
     individuals, whether staying in their properties                                                                                   plier apps, or via single-use virtual card numbers (see   generated and used for payment on a mobile device
     (e.g. Airbnb) or being driven in one of their vehicles     could look like in future                                               next section), to ensure compliance with policy rules,    and then settled through a central account. We are
     (e.g. Uber, Lyft). Concerns about issues like security     What we present here is an extreme vision. Not all                      like not exceeding the maximum allowed for a night’s      already seeing more clients asking for virtual cards
     and insurance liability mean some companies forbid         travel programs will move this way, or not so rad-                      accommodation.                                            when we book travel for them. However, true wider
     their travelers to use sharing economy providers. But      ically, but this is what could potentially happen.                                                                                use of virtual payments will come when it is not just
     some do allow it, and employees are putting pressure                                                                               Moving control up-front                                   travel management companies using them as a form
     on those employers that don’t, because they want the       Payments will move to the center of the travel program                  Setting limits on payments changes the point at which     of payment for hotels and low-cost carriers but they
     same suppliers they already use successfully in their      Until now, the central service provider around which                    controls are applied to a trip. Today, companies often    are also accepted by taxis and restaurants.”
     private lives.                                             travel programs have been built has been the TMC,                       have some kind of pre-trip approval, but this is time-
                                                                usually in partnership with an online booking tool. In                  consuming for travelers and their line managers. The      Clive Cornelius, CWT
     At the time of writing, AirPlus International is negoti-   future, fewer bookings are expected through the con-                    alternative is to check travelers’ expense reports and
     ating with leading sharing economy suppliers Airbnb        ventional TMC/OBT channel. TMCs will remain im-                         either approve or deny reimbursement when they re-
     and Uber to accept its CBA product AirPlus Company         portant, but payments will take center stage because                    turn from a trip. Once again, this is time-consuming
     Account through their apps. This would be an impor-        they can merge what is booked through the TMC/OBT                       and the money has already been spent.
12   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                            13   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

     Digital Payments – What Are They?

                                                  Three emerging concepts are playing a critical role in               tifier for that particular transaction. Therefore booked   How virtual cards could develop
                                                  shaping the future of corporate travel payments:                     data and billed data are the same thing, saving many       Arguably, virtual payments are still in the first of three
                                                                                                                       hours of manual data matching.                             phases of development:
                                                  > virtual payments
                                                  > mobile payments                                                    Enhanced data                                              Phase 1
                                                  > invisible payments                                                 Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of virtual cards       Today
                                                                                                                       is the superior data they offer to plastic credit cards.   Paying for bookings (mainly hotel but also low-cost air
                                                  Together, we call them digital payments.                             They provide the same level of detail as lodge cards,      and car rental) through TMCs for travelers who don’t
                                                                                                                       including the ability to add employee information to       have their own plastic corporate card
                                                  1 – Virtual payments                                                 each transaction, such as employee number or proj-
                                                                                                                       ect code. For the first time, therefore, corporate         Phase 2
                                                  What is a virtual payment?                                           clients can source as much data about what travelers       Next three years
                                                  There are different kinds of virtual payment, but in                 buy during a trip as about what when they book pre-        Paying for TMC bookings for all travelers
                                                  this white paper we mean paying through virtual card                 trip with a lodge card.
                                                  numbers like AirPlus International’s own A.I.D.A.                                                                               Phase 3
                                                  product – one of the first to market in 2006. A 16-                  Note: In the case of AirPlus International, lodge card     Next three to five years
                                                  digit card number is generated automatically and is                  and virtual card data are fully integrated because         Moving beyond TMC-based transactions to on-trip
                                                  subject to uniquely specified controls, including:                   both are settled through the same centrally billed Air-    payments, for example restaurants and taxis. This will
                                                                                                                       Plus Company Account. Other issuers do not roll up         be achieved mainly through mobile payments (see
                                                  >   how many times it is used (usually only once)                    their lodge and virtual offerings into the same ac-        below).
                                                  >   how much can be spent through it                                 count, so the benefits are considerably weaker.
                                                  >   which merchant(s) can accept it
                                                  >   when it can be used                                              Virtual payments today                                     Whole-trip virtual cards
                                                                                                                       Virtual card number issuers generally report that this
                                                  The benefits of virtual credit cards                                 is their fastest-growing commercial payments prod-         One concept we think will grow is using one virtual
                                                  Convenience                                                          uct. AirPlus International is no exception. Issuing vol-   card to cover an entire trip. Today, a virtual card nor-
                                                  Virtual cards can pay for hotels and other travel                    ume through A.I.D.A. has grown around 30 percent           mally pays for one transaction only, such as the hotel.
                                                  needs for workers who don’t have their own plastic                   annually since the beginning of the decade. In the UK,     In 2015, AirPlus International introduced A.I.D.A. Flex,
                                                  corporate card, e.g. contractors, new hires, interns,                A.I.D.A. accounts for 20 percent of our total issuing      which covers a specified repeat transaction with the
                                                  low-paid employees.                                                  volume.                                                    same supplier, for example all four quarterly meetings
                                                                                                                                                                                  in a year at the same conference venue.
                                                  Compliance/security                                                  However, the technology has potential to grow even
                                                  Virtual cards cannot be misused because they are                     faster, especially by replacing more of the transac-       The next step could be to issue a virtual card number
                                                  usually created for only one purpose, e.g. a room                    tions business travelers pay for today through plastic     covering the life span of a trip, from booking air and
                                                  night in a specified hotel. Unlike plastic cards, they               corporate or personal cards. And still not everyone        hotel to covering taxis and meals. It would allow travel
                                                  cannot be stolen either.                                             has woken up to the potential of virtual payments.         managers, line managers and travelers themselves to
                                                                                                                       Some card schemes and issuers are not promoting            understand the full cost of a trip at a glance without
                                                  Data matching                                                        the products fully, and many TMCs and travel sup-          having to go through a post-trip expense management
                                                  Since the card number is used only once (or a strictly               pliers (especially hotels) have not yet adopted the        process.
                                                  limited number of times), it can act as a unique iden-               technology either.
14   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                                                                                                      15   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

     2 – Mobile Payment                                                                                          4
                                                                                                        2012 , we suggested six groups of potential benefits                                                     lined in our vision in the 2012 white paper. Online ex-                                   The same study forecasts that usage will grow steeply:
     What is mobile payment?                                                                            for corporate travel:                                                                                    pense tools remain very important but we think they
     A mobile payment is any payment made through a                                                                                                                                                              may start to decline in relevance. Travelers will pay for                                 US Proximity Mobile Payment Transaction Value,
     mobile device. Once again, there are several different                                             Linking to the expense management system –                                                               most of their needs with tightly controlled virtual or                                    32014–2019
     types of mobile payment, including banking apps that                                               traveler benefits                                                                                        invisible payments through centrally billed accounts.                                     billions and % change

     allow customers to transfer funds directly from their                                              Example: On-the-spot compliance checking – the                                                           That will mean little need to reclaim expenses incurred
     bank accounts.                                                                                     expense tool can indicate at point of sale if a trans-                                                   through a plastic card or cash payments. Expenses will                                                                     210.7%

                                                                                                        action is inside or outside policy.                                                                      automatically be settled at time of payment and the data
     Our focus in this paper is on mobile card payment.                                                                                                                                                          will already be there for travel and other managers.                                                                                                                  210,45$
     This can either be a digitized version of a “real”                                                 Linking to the expense management system –                                                                                                                                                                     136.8%
     plastic corporate or personal card, or it can be an                                                travel manager benefits                                                                                  Mobile payments today – and tomorrow                                                                                                           128.3%
     automatically generated virtual card – see previous                                                Example: Faster data capture – real-time payment                                                         There are several reasons for the slower-than-antici-                                                                                               114,63$
     section. A range of different payment options,                                                     data capture enables faster decision making.                                                             pated development of point-of-sale mobile payments.                                                                                      61,75$
     including both virtual cards and digitized “real”                                                                                                                                                           Until recently, many phones (especially Apple iPhones)                                                                     27,05$                        85.6%          83.6%
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               3,68$          8,71$
     cards, can be stored on the same mobile device in                                                  Other data improvements                                                                                  lacked NFC capability, while few merchants had NFC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2014           2015           2016           2017           2018           2019
     what is called a mobile wallet.                                                                    Example: Hotel, restaurant and filling station identi-                                                   scanners on their payment terminals. Promotional
                                                                                                        fication – accurate identification of the merchant                                                       activity was limited.                                                                          Proximity mobile payment transaction value
     How a mobile payment is made                                                                       through GPS positioning.                                                                                                                                                                                % change
     Near Field Communication is a form of contactless                                                                                                                                                           However, since 2014 Apple (Apple Pay), Samsung (Sam-                                      Note: point-of-sale (POS) transactions made by using a mobile device as a payment method;
     communication for mobile devices using very short-                                                 Smarter payment choices                                                                                  sung Pay) and Google (Android Pay) have all swung be-                                     includes scanning, tapping, swiping or checking in with a mobile device at the POS to com-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           plete transaction; excludes purchases of digital goods on mobile devices, purchases made
     distance radio signals (just a few centimeters). When                                              Example: Multiple limited-use cards – ability to use                                                     hind NFC-based mobile payments. As a result, mobile                                       remotely on mobile devices that are delivered later on, and transactions made via tablets
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Source: eMarketer, Oct 2015
     a mobile device is waved over an NFC reader, pay-                                                  different virtual card numbers for different projects.                                                   is now the preferred payment method for one in 20 con-
     ment is transmitted in one direction while – crucially                                                                                                                                                      sumers, according to one survey – although respon-
     – transaction data is transmitted in the other direc-                                              New areas of spend                                                                                       dents were all “business and IT professionals”, who                                       According to eMarketer, reasons for the anticipated
     tion. Other forms of communication can also be used,                                               Example: Public transportation – easier to pay and                                                       might be expected to be early adopters of IT innovation:                                  acceleration in 2016 are better merchant acceptance,
     such as barcodes and QR codes.                                                                     reclaim, leading to cost and environmental savings.                                                                                                                                                a growing user base and higher average transaction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Preferred Payment Method for Personal Purchases
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           values as confidence in mobile payments grows.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 According to Business and IT Professionals World-
     The benefits of mobile payments                                                                    Traveler tracking
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 wide, Aug 2015
     Paying with a mobile device is like having a card with                                             Real-time logging of transaction data makes it faster                                                                                                                                              One big question is how quickly, and to what extent,
     a mini-computer attached, including:                                                               to track travelers’ locations by their payment history.                                                                                                                              1% Check      mobile payments will replace plastic card payments.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        5% Mobile Payment                                                     1% Other     One factor that could prove very important is the
     >    a display                                                                                     Have those benefits become a reality?                                                                           9% Cash                                                                            digitization of everything else in consumers’ pockets.
     >    a keyboard                                                                                    The development of mobile payments was slow until                                                                                                                                                  Some countries are rapidly moving cashless. It has
     >    the ability to both send and receive information                                              2015, so most of these potential benefits for the cor-                                                                                                                                             been reported that only 6 percent of payments in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        24% Debit Card
     >    the ability to geo-locate and time-locate                                                     porate sector do not yet exist in practice. However, all                                                                                                                                           Scandinavia are made with cash. Mobile payment
     >    the ability to talk to other functions such as a                                              of them still make sense in theory and could happen                                                                                                                                                apps are growing very fast in the region. Nearly 40
          mobile trip itinerary.                                                                        over the next few years.                                                                                                                                                                           percent of the paying population in Denmark uses
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     59% Credit Card       the Danske Bank app MobilePay. It seems that when
     When AirPlus International published the first-ever                                                We have changed our mind on one issue, though: the                                                                                                                                                 consumers leave their cash at home, they leave their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note: n=899; numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding
     white paper on corporate travel mobile payment in                                                  prominent role of expense management systems out-                                                        Source: ISACA, *2015 Payment Security Study: Global Results, *Sep 24, 2015                plastic at home too.5

     4                                                                                                                                                                                                           5
         AirPlus International, Mobile Payment – How It Will Transform Corporate Travel and Expense Management, 2012. The paper contains many more examples of each of the six groups of benefits.                   Digital Trends, Burn your bills: Denmark wants to go cashless by 2016, June 4, 2015
16   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                                                                   17   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

                                                                                                       > the benefits outlined above make mobile payment
     A leapfrog technology                                                                               a win-win for travelers and their employers.

     Mobile payments are proving very successful in                                                    > the evolution of invisible payments (see next sec-
     markets where plastic cards have not yet become                                                     tion) will take mobile payments to the next level of
     well-established. In China, Alipay has 300 million                                                  popularity.
     users. In an interview with Fortune, Jingming Li,
     president of Alipay’s US parent, Ant Financial
     Americas, said: “With Alipay, you could leave the                                                 Wearables – the next frontier?
     house with just your cell phone and no cash or                                                    Smart watches could make mobile payment even
     cards, and chances are you will survive. ” However,                                               easier. Users would no longer even have to pull their
     key differences are that payments through these                                                   phones out of their pockets. Some forecasters be-
     Chinese mega-apps are rarely connected to either                                                  lieve payments through wearables will grow rapidly
     physical or virtual card numbers. Payments made                                                   for the rest of the decade.
     at point of sale usually deduct cash directly from
     the user’s bank account.                                                                          However, to put these figures in context, $500 billion
                                                                                                       of payments in 2020 would still represent less than
                                                                                                       1 percent of the total cashless payments market,
     How corporate mobile payments could develop                                                       although it would account for 20 percent of mobile
     Twenty years ago, corporate technology was ahead of                                               payments.
     consumer technology: there was more innovation in
     the office than the home. Today, the opposite is true.                                            Wearable Payment Transaction Volume,
     Corporate versions of consumer products struggle to                                               World Markets: 2015–2020
     combine excellent user experience with built-in con-
     trols and greater data-gathering demands.                                                         600,000

     There is progress. In October 2015, MasterCard an-
                                                                                                       500,000                                                                  Business travelers
     nounced it was starting to digitize plastic corporate
     cards for mobile devices using tokenization technol-                                              300,000
                                                                                                                                                                                will demand the
     ogy – storing a dummy 16-digit number in the phone
     as a token for the real card number, which, for secur-

                                                                                                                                                                                same experiences
     ity purposes, is not stored.
                                                                                                                   2015        2016   2017   2018   2019   2020
                                                                                                                                                                                they enjoy as con-
     We believe corporate mobile payments will grow
     much faster now that consumer mobile payments are
                                                                                                                          Million $
     taking off:
                                                                                                       Source: Tractica
     > business travelers will demand the same experi-
       ences they enjoy as consumers.

         NFC World, KFC China restaurants to accept Alipay mobile payments next month, June 30, 2015
         Fortune, Alipay’s US chief talks expansion, Uber China partnership and more, June 19, 2015
18   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                                                                 19   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

     3 – Invisible payment                                                                           simply drive into and out of the car park. Their vehicle
     What is invisible payment?                                                                      is recognized, by its registration number, for example,
     Today, most card payments are visible. Whether pre-                                             and the relevant payment is deducted from their com-
     senting plastic or even using a mobile device with a                                            pany’s centrally billed account.
     virtual card number displayed on it, providing and ac-
     cepting a card are part of the experience of buying a                                           Refueling
     product or service.                                                                             Similar to the parking concept, drivers refuel their
                                                                                                     cars at a forecourt and then drive off without paying
     In future, the card will be invisible: neither the buyer                                        because their vehicle has been registered and recog-
     nor the seller will need to see a card number. In fact,                                         nized. The cost of the fuel is automatically charged to
     the future is already here, because invisible payment                                           their card and the bill sent to their mobile. SAP Ve-
     is being used today. Here are some examples.                                                    hicles Network and Samsung Pay are working to-
                                                                                                     gether on this idea.
     Once a consumer has registered a card with Amazon,                                              The benefits of invisible payments
     they can order a book with one click, with no need to                                           Travelers benefit mainly because both the payment
     enter or even reconfirm their payment number.                                                   and expense process take little or no time.

     Road tolls                                                                                      Travel managers can benefit partly because they have
     Electronic toll systems such as E-ZPass in the US are                                           happy travelers, who are therefore more likely to be
     already invisible. Drivers’ accounts are debited auto-                                          compliant travelers. Complete automation of the pay-
     matically as they pass through tollgates.                                                       ment process also means they have instant access to
                                                                                                     detailed billing and invoice data.
     Similarly, customers register their card number with                                            But, once again, perhaps the biggest benefit is that
     companies like Uber and do not need to enter or re-                                             invisible payments are only used in situations that
     confirm the number each time they order a taxi.                                                 cannot be abused by the traveler and are therefore
                                                                                                     inherently compliant. That means payment can be
     Restaurants                                                                                     taken directly from the central account and there is
     On average, it takes diners 10–12 minutes from de-                                              no need for the traveler to go through a post-trip ex-
     ciding they want a bill to finishing paying and leav-                                           pense management process for approval, data collec-
     ing. Several apps have appeared in recent months to                                             tion or reimbursement.
     speed up this process. Typically, the app sends
     diners’ orders to their phones. Diners confirm their                                            Suppliers/merchants also benefit because they save
     order is correct and payment is taken automatically.                                            time by eliminating handling of payments.
     AirPlus International is working on a pilot with the
     dining payment app provider Orderbird.

     AirPlus is also piloting invisible airport parking pay-
     ment with Frankfurt Airport owner Fraport. Drivers

         The Guardian, Eat, swipe and leave – the new smartphone apps for diners, January 16, 2016
20   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                             21   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

     How Digital Payment Will Change Managed
     Travel Programs by Creating CBA 2.0

     We believe digital payment will place the centrally         > a powerful accompanying management information                       Case study – major multinational                             Potential pitfalls
     billed account at the heart of corporate travel pro-          system                                                               manufacturing company                                        Although attractive in theory, we realize that this so-
     grams. We call it CBA 2.0.                                  > greater security of paying through a third party than                AirPlus International is already part of an end-to-end       lution could face some barriers in practice.
                                                                   allowing outside parties direct access to a company                  solution for one of its largest clients, which has
     CBA 2.0 will be the fund that pays for:                       bank account                                                         developed a mobile app that completes the booking            Autonomous company culture
     > pre-trip bookings made by lodge card or virtual           > risk and fraud prevention mechanisms                                 of air, hotel and car rental in just three clicks. Because   Companies will need a culture of trusting their em-
       credit card                                               > insurance protection (e.g. transport accident                        all offerings in this enclosed environment are com-          ployees to buy travel responsibly instead of going
     > on-trip transactions using virtual, mobile or invisible     insurance)                                                           pliant, the traveler has no involvement in the payment,      through complicated pre-trip approval or post-trip ex-
       payments                                                                                                                         which is charged to the company’s CBA. The process           pense processes.
                                                                 Two approaches to travel management                                    is ultra user-friendly, which means travelers use it be-
     Benefits will include:                                      There are two prevailing philosophies of travel man-                   cause they want to, not just because they have to.           Payment method compliance
     > a simple or even non-existent payment process for         agement. Although they are polar opposites in many                                                                                  Another question is whether travelers who book
       the traveler                                              ways, we believe CBA 2.0 would suit both of them.                                                                                   where and what they want would be willing to use a
     > accurate payment                                                                                                                                                                              single mandatory payment provider. If the payment is
     > accurate data collection. Payment data is always
                                                                                                                                        Open booking                                                 invisible, as described here, payment channel com-
                                                                 End-to-end travel management
       the most accurate kind of data, because it shows                                                                                 CBA 2.0 can also underpin the opposite vision of the         pliance would be less of a problem.
       how much was really spent. It is the one and only         In this scenario, travelers book a carefully controlled                future, which is open booking: allowing travelers to
       proof of spend, so it is the key to understanding the     group of preferred suppliers through mandatory                         book what they like through any channel they like.           Traveler security
       true cost of travel.                                      booking channels.                                                                                                                   The biggest worry about the open booking principle is
     > policy-compliant payments, removing the need for                                                                                 The challenge – loss of data                                 that most security-led traveler tracking systems rely on
       post-trip expense management                              The challenge – keeping travelers inside                               When travelers book anything anywhere, it is almost          booking data held by the travel management company.
                                                                 the program                                                            impossible to monitor whether they are spending rea-         If travelers book through non-TMC channels, alter-
                                                                 The end-to-end model requires travelers to be very                     sonably, or how much their company is spending with          native ways may be needed to locate them in an
     “Centrally billed accounts will be the backbone of          disciplined by adhering to the mandated program                        different suppliers to help with corporate deal negoti-      emergency, such as GPS tracking of their phones. But
     digital corporate payment processes. They will also         while ignoring the many alternative booking channels                   ations. It is also hard to track travelers for risk man-     traveler tracking based exclusively on TMC-routed
     play a key role in program compliance.”                     and consumer offers also on the market.                                agement purposes.                                            bookings is not wholly reliable anyway because, even
                                                                                                                                                                                                     in supposedly heavily managed programs, travelers
     Clive Cornelius, CWT                                        The solution – CBA 2.0 makes travel seamless                           The solution – CBA 2.0 gathers the data                      often book non-compliantly through independent chan-
                                                                 A strongly controlling corporate culture may not be                    Companies could allow travelers open booking but             nels, especially for accommodation.
                                                                 enough to keep travelers compliant in future. The                      make one rule that must be followed: all bookings must
     A CBA is better than                                        managed travel process will have to be so user-                        be paid for through the same authorized payments pro-
                                                                 friendly that travelers would not be interested in look-               vider. That would allow data to be captured and consoli-     “Payment is always key to understanding the true
     a bank account                                              ing at alternative booking options. CBA 2.0 would                      dated no matter where the reservation is made.               cost of travel. Payment will enable all companies’
     Since, in this vision, all payments are ultimately          provide that user-friendliness by making the travel                                                                                 access to travel data end-to-end, whether they follow
     settled from a central source, why not settle directly      process much shorter: making payments invisible                        This scenario will become much more realistic as invis-      a heavily managed or open booking travel policy.
     from the company’s bank account instead of through          and eliminating most expense management duties                         ible payment accounts become embedded in apps used           Mobile payments will be a very good way to drive some
     a CBA? The answer is that a CBA has several advan-          as explained above.                                                    by travelers. It will be possible to create a payment pro-   policy control, even when travelers use open booking.”
     tages, including:                                                                                                                  file in the mobile device that automatically becomes the
     > a credit facility                                                                                                                default payment method when new booking apps are             Clive Cornelius, CWT
     > one payment covering all expenses                                                                                                added to the device.
…we need a custom-tailored
travel management vision
that we always keep our
sights on.
24   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                                                                                 25   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

     Potential Roadblocks to Digital Payment

     This white paper has set out a vision of how various                                               We believe the reality is that mobile payment is                                    Corporate skepticism                                   Robustness
     kinds of digitization (virtual, mobile and invisible) will                                         safer than other payment forms. For example, while                                  Employers may be wary of digital payment, and will     Travelers will need reassurance that digital payments
     transform corporate travel payments over the next                                                  cash and cards can be misused as soon as they are                                   want to ensure products comply with the policies of    are as reliable as cash or plastic. What happens, for
     few years. However, there are barriers that could slow                                             stolen, it would be harder to misuse a phone for                                    departments such as IT, security and finance. How-     example, if their phone dies?
     or even halt the transformation of that vision into                                                payment. Corporate card numbers are tokenized,                                      ever, companies increasingly understand they need to
     reality.                                                                                           while virtual card numbers are even more secure                                     embrace the mobile world instead of shutting it out.   Data privacy
                                                                                                        because of the controls on where and when they                                                                                             This topic has received little attention so far from
     Security                                                                                           are used, and for how much. There are also usually                                                                                         payment professionals but could become more im-
     Perhaps the biggest show-stopper is the perception                                                 added layers of security, such as thumbprint-                                       Will payment methods such as Apple Pay have an         portant. Digital payments will capture more data
     that mobile payments are less safe than other forms                                                recognition activation.                                                             effect on corporate payment processes?                 about the transaction and the buyer than ever before.
     of payment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Is that acceptable? It seems that consumers gen-
                                                                                                        But even if security is only a perception problem, it                                                                                      erally are willing to allow more data about themselves
                                                                                                        needs to be addressed with better communication                                                                                            to be collected in return for more personalized ser-
     Extent to Which Select Payment Methods Are                                                         that mobile payment is safe.                                                                       Traveler               Travel Manager   vice, but in the workspace this could be tested by in-
     Secure According to Business and IT Professionals                                                                                                                                                                                             dividual employees or workers’ councils. Businesses
     Worldwide, Aug 2015                                                                                Traveler skepticism                                                                                                                        will likely have to demonstrate that employees benefit
     % of respondents                                                                                   Invisible payments look set to be very successful be-                               84%                                                    from digital data capture and that all data captured is
                                                                                                        cause the payer has little or no work to complete                                                                                          for a relevant, legitimate purpose.
          89            47             46             42            37             14
                                                                                                        the payment. But what about mobile payments – is
                                                                                                        paying with a number displayed on a phone easier                                                                                           Planning a Payments Future
                                                                                                        than using a plastic card? The answer is yes, if only                                                                            Yes
                                                                                                        because it means travelers don’t have to carry a
                                                                                                        wallet any more – and smart watches are even more                                   Source: AirPlus ITMS 2016                              We at DATEV want to proactively shape the future
                                                                                                        convenient than phones.                                                                                                                    of travel management and the relevant processes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   at our company. But to do that, we need a custom-
                                                                                                        However, not everyone is convinced. An Accenture                                                                                           tailored travel management vision that we always
          Cash          Credit         Money          Debit         Check          Mobile               study in July 2014 found that 37 percent of respon-                                 “Mobile payments have been slower than expected        keep our sights on. The safe and responsible way
                        Card           Order          Card                         Payment              dents who had never made a mobile payment felt                                      to take off, but now they have been introduced into    to reach that point is to stay open towards new
                                                                                                        more traditional payment methods were just as con-                                  the consumer market they will grow quickly.”           developments and have the dynamism to pilot partial
               Secure                                                                                           11
                                                                                                        venient. Travel managers will have to communicate                                                                                          solutions at an early stage. Important experience
     Note: n=899; numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding                                        strongly the benefits of paying via mobile, both for                                Clive Cornelius, CWT                                   is gained in the process that paves the way to
     Source: ISACA, *2015 Payment Security Study: Global Results, *Sep 24, 2015
                                                                                                        the traveler and the company, and to treat business                                                                                        achieving the target vision.
     According to eMarketer, “the security vulnerabilities                                              travelers like consumers. One option may be to add
     typically associated with mobile payments are likely                                               incentives such as discount or offer coupons for rel-                                                                                      Inge Pirner, DATEV eG
     holding back adoption. Nearly nine in 10 respondents                                               evant, approved suppliers. The 2015 version of the                                  Compatibility
     (87%) expected to see an increase in mobile payment                                                Accenture study found that 79 percent of respon-                                    There are some concerns as big players like Apple
     data breaches over the next 12 months, and almost                                                  dents would make more mobile payments if offered                                    and Google get involved about whether they will use
     half indicated lost or stolen devices and the use of                                               discount pricing and/or coupons based on past pur-                                  compatible standards. A new version of the VHS/Be-
     public Wi-Fi as a significant security risk when it                                                chasing behaviors.                                                                  tamax video format war of the 1970s would be un-
     comes to mobile payments.”10                                                                                                                                                           helpful.

          ISACA, 2015 Payment Security Study: Global Results, quoted in eMarketer, US Proximity Mobile Payment Transactions to Reach $8.71 Billion in 2015, November 30, 2015
          Accenture 2014 North America consumer payments survey, July 2014
          Accenture, 2015 North America Consumer Digital Payments Survey, July 2015
26   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.                                                                            27   AIRPLUS. WHAT TRAVEL PAYMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

                                                                        Cultural               Environ-
                                                                        impacts                mental

                                                                      Design                       Political
                                                                      trends                       impacts
                                                                       Technical            Global
                                                                       achievements         development

     The company’s view on the future                                                                                                                                                                     Conclusion
                                                                                                                                                                                                          We started by saying that after years of almost no
                                                                                                                                                                                                          change in the world of payments, digital payments
                                                                                                          Sociocultural                                                                                   are now evolving very fast. As a result, we think travel
                                                                                                             impact                                                                                       managers and others responsible for travel payments
                                                                                                                                                Focus                                                     within their business will spend more time following
                                                                                                                                             on the entity                                                this subject than in the past.
            Market                                                                                                                                                                                        Even the language will change. Today, we talk about vir-
           research Currentness                                                                                                                                                                           tual cards. But really that phrase is inaccurate, because
                                                                                                                                                                                                          single-use card numbers are unique – they aren’t virtual
                                                                                                                                                                                                          versions of a plastic card. So, in future, they will be
                                                                                                                                                                                                          renamed virtual payments. But in time we think that
                                                                                                                                                                                                          phrase will disappear too because all payments will be
                                                                                                                                                                                                          virtual, or digitized. There will no longer be virtual pay-
            Today        Product                                R&D                                Future                                                                                                 ments or digital payments, just payments.
                        management                                                                 cases                                                        prototypes
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Those payments are going to be smarter, both for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                          traveler and their company. Travelers will have less
                                                                                                                                                                                                          work to complete a payment, and no expenses to
                                                                                                                                                                                                          worry about. Travel managers will have better control
                                                                                                                                                                                                          and better data. Payments will become the bedrock
                                                                                                                                                                                                          on which the entire travel program is based. Payments
                                                                                                                                                                                                          will matter.

     Here is a graphic we use at AirPlus International to     > 100-percent compliance (which could be achieved                                                                                           Acknowledgements
     help us develop our strategic thinking and create new      either through a strictly centralized policy or a light-
     product ideas:                                             touch policy with few rules to break)                                                                                                     AirPlus International would like to thank
     We think this model could also be useful for corpor-     > intelligent payments – travelers’ phones select the                                                                                       DATEV eG
     ate clients creating their travel payment strategies       most appropriate payment method within the mo-                                                                                            Inge Pirner
     and understanding how payments will reshape their          bile wallet
     managed travel program as a whole. We suggest            > joined-up access across all apps to user and profile                                                                                      Carlson Wagonlit Travel
     sketching out a few bullet points of what you want         data                                                                                                                                      Clive Cornelius
     your payments and travel strategy to look like within    > strong commitment to ensuring data privacy while
     the next few years. It can then act as a target vision     collecting more data across connected profiles                                                                                            AirPlus International
     on which to build your decision-making. An example       > 100 percent of expenses dealt with up-front in the                                                                                        Uli Danz
     might look like this:                                      booking and/or payment process – no post-trip ex-                                                                                         Thorsten Wenger
                                                                                                                                Credits: iStockphoto/NI QIN (p. 1), Fotolia/vege (p. 4/5), Fotolia/
                                                                pense reporting                                                                                                                           Mario Zorn
                                                                                                                                adimas (p. 6/7), Fotolia/tunedin (p. 9), Fotolia/vege (p. 11), Fotolia/
     > strong focus on user experience: convenience and                                                                         vege (p. 12), Fotolia/Monkey Business (p. 17), Fotolia/Sergey Nivens
       flexibility                                                                                                              (p. 19), Fotolia/shock (p.19), Shutterstock/Fernando Cortes (p. 22/23)    for contributing their insights to this white paper.
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