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utu The OPtimist Edition 12 / Autumn 2018 PRAYER STUDY COMMUNITY SERVICE Blackfriars Priory School News & Highlights

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2 Blackfriars Priory School 17 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082 PO Box 86, Prospect SA 5082 T: +61 8 8169 3900 E: CRICOS: 02485B Published by: Blackfriars Priory School Submissions: To make a submission to the next edition of The OPtimist, please forward details to the Development Office via email: Changing address? A reminder when changing address to please advise the Development Office so you can continue to receive your copy of The OPtimist. Not getting The OPtimist? If you know of any Old Scholars not receiving The OPtimist, please direct them to the Development Office.

Cover: Principal, Mr Simon Cobiac, discusses the new Master Plan with Year 10 student leaders, Frank Snelling, Adriano Caiazza and Daniel Bui. The Blackfriars Priory School Master Plan: A Bold, Innovative Vision for the Future Blackfriars Priory School has launched Stage 1 of our new Master Plan. Construction of Stage 1 will provide a specialist Year 12 Centre, specialised STEM facilities, general learning areas and staff facilities. The Stage 1 project, to be constructed during 2019, will be situated at the front of the school, in the south-western corner and along Highbury Street. This exciting development will reshape the image and landscape of the school for the first time in many decades.

The concept of Blackfriars’ new Master Plan was developed by architects, Swanbury Penglase: Architects of human space, through a process of investigation, collaboration and consultation with staff, parents and students throughout 2017 and with reference to the school’s Strategic Plan 16-20. The Master Plan sets out a flexible framework for the development of the campus over the coming decades. The Blackfriars School Board recently appointed Swanbury Penglase to continue working with the school to design Stages 1, 4 and 5 of the Master Plan in collaboration with the Blackfriars Executive Team and with considerable input from teaching staff. Swanbury Penglase is highly recognised in the education sector having designed and supervised iconic buildings at St Peter’s Girls College, Christian Brothers College, St Dominic’s Priory College and the new Catholic Primary School at Hove among many other significant developments. Stages 1, 4 and 5 of the Master Plan respond to the needs of contemporary educational thinking and research for tailored personalised learning in fit-for-purpose learning spaces. The spaces created will enable teachers to focus on the development of innovative learning methods to prepare students to take their place in a modern, flexible, problem solving and creative work-study environment. The spacious, flexible and environmentally sustainable building will inspire senior students to deeply engage in the four pillars of Dominican life - Prayer, Study, Community and Service - and encourage students to see themselves as lifelong learners.

Modern teaching focuses on the development of creative thinking, collaboration, critical thinking and ICT rich learning, rather than traditional pedagogy that emphasised the accumulation of content knowledge and expansion of predetermined skills. While educational research suggests the most important factor in effective education is the quality and work of educators and the quality of relationship between teacher and learner, well-designed and innovative environments significantly support their efforts.

Our Master Plan will deliver state-of-the-art, 21st Century facilities, ensuring students and staff at Blackfriars have access to contemporary learning environments. Mr Simon Cobiac Principal From the Principal 2018 Head Prefect, Sebastian Deluca, School Principal, Mr Simon Cobiac and Phi An Tran.

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3 PRAYER | STUDY | COMMUNITY | SERVICE 2020 V I S I O N New Master Plan Developing a campus to reflect the needs of contemporary educational thinking and research. Master Plan Above: The Blackfriars Master Plan overview produced by Swanbury Penglase. Left: 2020 VISION branding developed to accompany the launch of the Master Plan. Below: Conceptual mapping of the structure of Blackfriars to fit in with the Master Plan.

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4 Student Wellbeing Student Leadership The senior student leaders for 2018 were selected through an intense process in the latter part of 2017. There were 12 Prefects (Year12), 8 House Captains (Year12), 8 House Vice Captains (Year 11) and 8 House Deputy Vice Captains (Year 10) selected. These students then took part in a two-day leadership camp coordinated by Blackfriars leadership team staff and YLead, an organisation experienced in the formation of young leaders. The leadership groups have been meeting regularly throughout the 2018 school year discussing and implementing a range of initiatives across the school. The House Captains have also been making consistent and valuable contributions within their Houses, supporting the Heads of House. Some of the initiatives include the Captains committing to the Bite Back Mental Fitness Challenge by The Black Dog Institute. This is a free online positive psychology program that is targeted to adolescents aged 12-18 years, with a particular focus for 13 to 16 year olds. The program is evidenced based and is a six-week challenge that covers gratitude, mindfulness, social connections and identifying strengths, meaning and purpose.

The Prefects have been in consultation with other schools to arrange charity events. One of these was a netball match with St Mary’s College. Our Prefects played a competitive game against the girls with a huge crowd on hand to watch. The Middle Years leadership positions were elected in classes through the early part of Term 1. Students in these positions have attended their own formation opportunities. The Year 8 and 9 students attended the Halogen Secondary Leaders day and the Year 9 students attended the YLead Altitude Day in June. Both days allowed students to network with other students and also hear from a range of inspiring speakers. Students in Middle School leadership positions will also play a lead role in their classes and attend senior student leader meetings for experience and to provide input into important issues across the school. Camps Year 7 students went on their camp to Douglas Scrub on 23 May for three full days of activities. Students had an information session presented by Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures prior to their departure and also a range of conversations in class that supported their preparation. The camp was a challenging and rewarding experience and a great opportunity to strengthen relationships with peers and staff. Students participated in orienteering, a high ropes course, hiking, trangia cooking and a range of other team based activities. Fortunately, the weather was relatively kind and a successful week was had by all students and staff.

The Year 8 students travelled to Kangaroo Island for their camps in two separate groups on 20 February and 27 February. Each camp went for four days. Students had an early start, departing Blackfriars at 6.30am to reach the Cape Jervis Ferry and make their way across Backstairs Passage to Penneshaw. Students participated in activities in their Key Class to develop skills in teamwork, mateship, leadership, outdoor education and resilience throughout the four days. The students and staff spent the first two nights at a caravan park near Flinders Chase National Park and the final night at a camp with minimal amenities at Antechamber Bay. Throughout the camp all students represented the school with complete respect when interacting with members of the public. The Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures staff coordinated activities on the camp and supported students with their preparation. Key teachers and a range of other staff also attended and put in a tireless amount of work to prepare students for the camp, to support them in having an enjoyable and rewarding experience on Kangaroo Island.

For the second year in a row the Year 9 camp was held at Port Elliot and Victor Harbor, with a focus on outdoor aquatic and beach based activities and cycling. The whole Year 9 cohort went on 6 March for four days. Students had the opportunity to participate in kayaking, surfing, raft building, bike riding and a range of team based games. The weather was very kind and the location again was stunning. The Year 9 boys have really engaged strongly in the new camp format at Port Elliot and the activities provided by Surf and Sun, based in Middleton, have been an excellent

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5 Student Wellbeing experience. We had many boys who learnt to surf, kayak or bike ride for the first time. The Cyber Bully On Wednesday 23 May, all Year 8 and 9 students watched Cyber Bully presented by Starrs Productions. This is a play that presents realistic issues for adolescents on cyber bullying. Students left with a range of thoughts about the impacts of cyber bullying and how easily it can occur in contemporary times with so many adolescents using such a range of communication and social media applications. Starrs Productions has been working on these types of plays for students in schools for approximately 20 years at schools across the country.

RAA Street Smart All Year 11 students attended RAA Street Smart at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Tuesday 10 April. This is an annual road safety education event hosted by RAA in conjunction with the Motor Accident Commission. The program aims to reduce the state’s shocking youth road toll. Road crashes are one of the leading causes of death for young people under the age of 25, and Street Smart aims to demonstrate the devastating reality of road trauma to South Australian high school students. The program has been very popular in the past, and we see the value in ensuring our Year 11 students are provided with an opportunity to attend this worthwhile learning experience. RAA Street Smart High featured a realistic crash scene reenactment involving vehicles, emergency services and actors. The aim of this re-enactment is to be as close as possible to a real life crash. Our Year 11 students walked away with an acute understanding of the ramifications that can occur when not treating the road with respect.

Mother’s Day Buddies Through our Pastoral Care program, a popular element of recent years has been our buddy programs that occur across the school. Again, this year our buddies got together, particularly our Year 9 and 10 students with our Primary boys and created Mother’s Day cards and messages for special women in their lives. It was great to see boys from the Primary and Secondary schools coming together to talk about and create cards for the influential women in their lives. Mr Brett Knowles Assistant Deputy Principal Wellbeing (7-12)

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6 Year 12 Results & Curriculum Development Congratulations to the Year 12 cohort of 2017, with 99% of students gaining successful SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) completion! Thank you to our teaching staff and support staff, who have been co-educators with our families. As with many staff members, I recall January 2013 and the first day of Year 8 for the graduating class of 2017. The blessing of seeing these boys mature into fine young men is a gift of our profession. For Mrs Hoendervanger, this gift extends back to our first Reception class in 2005.

Our students continue to achieve outstanding results with over twenty students achieving an ATAR above 90 and Merits in the subject areas of Religion Studies, English and Mathematics. The Class of 2017 Laureate Assembly, held on Monday 19 February, was an auspicious celebration of the Dominican Four Pillars at Blackfriars Priory School. Students from Years 7 to 11 were also acknowledged for their academic, pastoral, religious and sporting achievements. The assembly recognised the 2017 graduates who achieved an ATAR of 90 or above and culminated in the awarding of the Magnus Medal and Nicholas Altman Book Prize to Minh Tam Vu Tran, who achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.25. Tam will be studying a double degree in Civil Engineering and Mathematics and Computer Science at Adelaide University.

A Dominican education focuses on the formation of the whole person and honours gifted diversity. The variety of gifts present in the Class of 2017 is reflected by the wide- ranging pathways chosen by the boys. Future optometrists, pilots, teachers, pharmacists, nurses, engineers, writers, medical professionals, accountants, tradesmen and businessmen to name just a few of the areas chosen by our boys. Regardless of their ATAR, job title or salary, we pray that these young men will reflect the Four Pillars of Dominican Life throughout their life and in all they do.

So, it is with great joy that we welcome this new cohort (’17) of Blacks boys to the ranks of Old Scholars! As an old scholar, it is a privilege to be a teacher at Blacks. To share in the delight of seeing these young men graduate is a wonderful experience. We are all part of the same unbroken bond of old scholars whose stories traverse generations as we unite under the maxim, “Once a Blacks boy…always a Blacks boy.” Ax Program The ‘Ax ’ program is exciting enrichment program for Year 10 students who wish to further extend their learning. It offers students a broad range of problem solving and project-based activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and enables highly motivated students to extend themselves, collaborate with other like-minded students and excel. The “Ax ” program supplements the Year 10 academic curriculum as a weekly commitment.

“Ax ” has three major components • Project based in-school and after- school STEM extension activities; • Mentoring by industry experts; and • Opportunity to participate in local and international STEM experiences If your industry or business would like to support the Ax program, please contact Director of Development & Community Relations, Mr Patrick Kelly, or me. Mr David Ruggiero (BPS’92) Deputy Principal (Acting) - Secondary (7-12) Above: Laureate Assembly MC, Deputy Principal (Acting), Mr David Ruggiero, with Deputy Head Prefect, Dyson Hilder and Head Prefect, Sebastian Deluca.

Left: Principal, Mr Simon Cobiac, presents Class of 2017 School Dux, Minh Tam Vu Tran, with the Magnus Medal. Right: Mark Michael (BPS’97) speaks with Ax students about his successful career in Cybersecurity.

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7 Class of 2017 Laureate Assembly Above: Class of 2017 90+ ATAR recipients with Mr Cobiac and Blackfriars Board Chair, Mr David O’Loughlin. Clockwise below: Mr Cobiac addresses the Laureate Assembly. Mr Stanborough and Ms Graziano present Adam Nguyen with the House Shield for Overall Excellence in 2017. Mr Panzarino and Miss De Souza present Christian Apolloni with the St Albert the Great Shield for Academic Excellence. School Chaplain, Fr Matthew Boland OP. 2017 School Dux, Minh Tam Vu Tran. Miss Reppucci with Antony Macolino on saxophone.

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8 Extra Special Graduates As the Jacaranda tree on the front lawn of Blackfriars displays its lilac flowers in November and the Advent Term concludes, our thoughts as a community turn to our Year 12 students who are graduating. Over the years, that journey has been a ten year one, for those in Years 3 -12. Or for Generations In Jazz 2018 Left: Carlo Armiento and Liam Meegan on the back oval as part of the first Reception class in 2005. Right: Carlo and Liam together again 13 years later as Year 12 graduates. those joining us in the secondary school it has been a five year sojourn.

2017 however marked the Graduation of an extra special group of students who were the first to make the journey from Reception to Year 12, a tenure of 13 years at 17 Prospect Road. In 2005 Blackfriars opened its doors for Reception students to commence, creating a pathway of junior primary, primary, middle and secondary school for the first time. The first Reception class teacher was Mrs Tanya Hoendervanger, so it seemed appropriate for the Year 12 boys who started with her in 2005 to visit their Reception classroom and meet the new Receptions of 2017.

To add to the 2017 graduation celebrations, Dr Paul Hine, who was Principal at Blackfriars in 2005, kept his promise to the first Reception boys and attended the 2017 Graduation ceremony at Bonython Hall. Thank you to Mrs Hoendervanger, Dr Hine and of course all members of the Reception Class of 2005 for the significant part you have played in the history of Blackfriars Priory School. You are “Extra Special” graduates indeed! Mr Jon Harmer Community Liaison Officer Images from this year’s Generations in Jazz festival in Mt Gambier. For more photos, visit our Facebook page.

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9 Religious Identity & Mission Term 1 of 2018 was punctuated by a series of reflection days. Years 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 attended themed reflection days that enhanced relationships, provided opportunities for spiritual growth and were directed towards strengthened personal relationships with God. This year several of the days were conducted by external agencies. Year 6 The Year 6 reflection day was led by staff members and was held at the North Adelaide Football Club. The boys were engaged and demonstrated leadership in their approach to activities, which was fitting given that the theme of the day was ‘Leadership’. Students looked at successful leaders across several domains through time and sought to replicate their qualities in making personal leadership pledges. Meditations also provided time for students to reflect on the spiritual gifts they possess that enable courageous leadership.

Year 7 The Year 7 reflection day was also led by staff members and held at the North Adelaide Football Club. The theme was ‘Balance’ and students considered the St Catherine of Siena concept of the Power of Two Feet in a metaphoric way. Students considered the direction their feet had taken so far and the balance they provided. They explored their personal gifts and imagined the direction their feet would take them and these gifts into the future. They also considered the Dominican Four Pillars as a balanced approach to life, in particular the contemplative effect of prayer and study on the action components of being in community and providing service.

Years 8 and 9 The Year 8 and 9 reflection days were conducted by the National Evangelistic Team (NET) Ministries. This group of 12 young men and women provided a highly engaging, entertaining, spiritual and prayerful approach to the themes of ‘Agents of Change’ (for the Year of Youth) and ‘The Reach’ (social justice). The days were again held at the North Adelaide Football Club. The students were outstanding in their approach to the day, and while the style of presentation was energetic and very different to their usual experience, they embraced opportunities to allow their lights to shine. The NET team was expert in their ability to quickly form positive relationships with our boys, and this was most evident in the way they led individuals through paired personal prayer. Year 11 The Year 11 Reflection Day was held at the Village Well at Aldgate and was conducted by RealTalk, an evangelistic team that presents on the issues of masculinity, relationships and sexuality. The presenters dealt with the topics in a sensitive manner and were truthful and accurate to Church teachings. Our young men were excellent in the manner in which they approached the day and the presenters were very impressed. Matthew Crisanti (Acting) Assistant Deputy Principal: Religious Identity and Mission (APRIM) Anthony Truong, Nathan Sewart, Jackson Puddy and Noah Snigg at the Year 7 Retreat day.

Mr Parrella ‘supports’ Mrs Carmody during one of the group activities at the Year 7 Retreat day. Right and below: Various activities at the North Adelaide Football Club and the adjacent Memorial Gardens during this year’s retreats.

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10 Welcome Back to Blacks! Once a Blacks Boy... Members of the wider Blackfriars community are quite possibly aware that several current members of staff are Old Scholars. However, did you know that in fact no fewer than ten current members of staff traversed through the gates of 17 Prospect Road during their formative years. Ironically, the presence of so many “old boys” on staff is not only a compliment to them but also to the school in its role in educating these young men to a point where they are indeed fine role models to current students and the ethos of Blackfriars and the Dominican Order. It thus seemed appropriate to have them gather together for a photograph in The Parlour of St Catharines, for old time’s sake. It also seemed very appropriate to have Br Brendan join them, given hat he taught all of them during his 59 years at Blackfriars! Congratulations “boys” for your considerable tenure at Blackfriars and your ongoing contribution to our community. The following Old Scholars have also been staff members at Blackfriars in the past - Stan Astachnowicz (‘79), Paul Atkin (‘79), Matthew Baluyot (‘97), Paul Belton (‘75), Cameron Brealey (‘09), Danny Clifford (‘69), Jason Cosgrove (‘93), Royce Davey (‘66), Harry Davis (‘59), John De Nicholo Frank Ali & Patrick Kelly with primary students in the newly developed Primary playground space. The boys pictured are all sons of Old Scholars who attended the primary school during Mr Ali’s previous tenure as Head of Primary at Blackfriars. L–R: Oliver Glen-Holmes (Yr 4 / Father – Anthony Glen-Holmes), Anton Renna (Yr 6 / Vince Renna), Oliver Saint (Yr 6 / Richard Saint), Alex Battistella (Yr 5 / Paul Battistella) and in front, Athanasios Stavliotis (Yr 1 / Christos Stavliotis). NB - Not only did Patrick utilise the space in his days as a primary student but the adjacent plane trees were planted by Frank himself in the year before he left Blackfriars in the 90s.

Br Brendan (centre) pictured with current Old Scholar staff members (L-R seated): Garth Starrs (‘91), John Niedzwiecki (‘80), Ernie Luongo (‘82), Patrick Kelly (‘90); (L-R standing): Henry Vo (‘09), Corey Leditschke (‘05), David Ruggiero (‘92), Michael Parrella (‘08) and Sam Budden (‘11). Absent - Phillip Alderson (‘84), Mitchell Brealey (‘12) (‘95), Peter Dunn (‘72), Gordon Grieve (‘86), Hugh Haskett (‘99), Michael Heath (‘07), Sam Horsell (‘06), Stephen Kilcoyne (‘77), Elijah Kopsaftis (‘09), Mario Madonna (‘84), Christian Martino (‘03), Brian Mooney (‘80), Frank Moylan (‘76), Ray Murphy (‘73), Heath Patience (‘93), Paul Pattison (‘80), Luke Rinaldi (‘07), Rene Schinkel (‘67), Brenton Stewart (‘75), Lee Swiderski (‘90), Daniel Quinlivan (‘03), Fr Joseph Vnuk OP (‘78), Andrew Wald (‘69), Martin Wald and John Zandona (‘76).

Mr Jon Harmer Community Liaison Officer 2018 has seen quite a few new members of staff arriving at Blackfriars but some not quite as “new” as others! Two particularly well-known faces have re-appeared. Old Scholar, Mr Patrick Kelly (‘90), has returned as Director of Development and Community Relations. Patrick was a well- known student during the 1980s being a Prefect, First XI cricketer, Open basketballer and recipient of the 1990 School Spirit award. On returning to “Blacks”, Patrick brings with him a wealth of experience in the areas of Marketing, Communications, Fundraising and Community Development in the education domain.

The second returnee is Mr Frank Ali. Frank is fondly remembered by a generation of families involved in the Blackfriars Primary School from 1981 to 1998. Frank subsequently spent a total of 19 years as Principal of the Junior Schools at both Mercedes College and St Johns Grammar School. Roll on to 2018 and Frank has returned in the role of Head of the Primary School. It’s wonderful to have Frank back and to once again benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the role. On behalf of all at Blackfriars a heartfelt welcome back to Patrick and Frank.

11 Overseas Student Program For many years, Blackfriars has welcomed students from across the globe who wish to study in Australia. Our Overseas Students Program adds an extra dimension to life at Blackfriars enabling local and international students to think beyond boundaries, form lasting global friendships and develop an informed perspective of the world. Our current cohort of full-time overseas students includes boys from China, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Korea. For Term 2 they have been joined by a Year 10 student from France. In previous years Blackfriars has hosted students from Hong Kong, India, The Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Japan and many European nations. Blackfriars is registered to host a maximum of 50 overseas students at any one time. These students can be enrolled on either long-term (minimum one year) or short-term (1 -4 term) programs. Typically, the students are enrolled in the Secondary School, however, when accompanied by a guardian, overseas students can enrol in our Primary School.

When studying at Blackfriars, our overseas students live with a carefully matched local family in a homestay arrangement. Along with the overseas student, the homestay family becomes an integral part of the Blackfriars community and provides the opportunity for our visiting students to be fully immersed in Australian culture. Unlike overseas students who attend schools with boarding facilities, our overseas students experience day-to-day Australian family life and hospitality while receiving the support they would expect at home in a safe and encouraging environment.

Blackfriars is currently exploring ways we can enhance our Overseas Students Program. Internally, we are about to establish an Overseas Student Teaching and Learning Team. This will comprise teachers from key curriculum areas to act as ‘first responders’ to assist our overseas students with subject support. This will complement the pastoral assistance already provided for the students and their homestay families by our Overseas Student Liaison Officer. To introduce prospective Overseas Students to Blackfriars, we are establishing a formal study tour format, particularly designed to support families in China, Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong exploring the opportunity Adelaide provides for their son’s secondary schooling. These tours will be 2-3 weeks in duration and occur during the early part of Term 3, lining up with the Asian nations’ summer school break.

The tours will include cultural as well as educational immersion opportunities and will enhance our own domestic students’ teaching and learning program in the Australian Curriculum priority area “Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia”. Adelaide International Schools Alliance In a broader context, Blackfriars is also a foundation member of a new state-wide initiative designed to attract overseas students to study in South Australia. The Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance (AISA) is comprised of 11 non-government schools, each with a common goal to make Adelaide an international education destination of choice for families.

The AISA schools are working together to enrich the overall experience for students who come to Adelaide by offering joint extra-curricular programs to complement the students’ time spent at school as well as social opportunities. Blackfriars is the only member of the Alliance offering an all boys option for interested families. AISA was formally launched earlier this year at events in Shanghai (China) 13-14 April and Hanoi (Vietnam) on 15-16 April with Blackfriars represented at both. The first day of each launch was dedicated to meeting with Chinese and Vietnamese based education agents who work with families to identify suitable schools for their child, while the second day was an opportunity for interested families to learn more about each of the individual schools represented. Over the course of the launches, Blackfriars was introduced to around 60 international agents and over 100 families looking for information about studying in South Australia. Participation in these events has already resulted in a number of formal enrolment queries.

With these initiatives being developed we are looking forward to our Overseas Student Program continuing to enrich the diversity of our Blackfriars community. If you are interested in learning more about the program, or even in becoming a part of it as a homestay family, please contact the school to learn more, including the financial incentives available. Mr Patrick Kelly (BPS’90) Director of Development & Community Relations Above: Principal, Mr Simon Cobiac, with Mr Oh-Jang Kwon from the North Chungcheong Province Education Authority, Korea. Below: Blackfriars Director of Development, Mr Patrick Kelly, with Adelaide school representatives and education agents at the Hanoi launch of AISA.

12 Focus on Drama In last year’s second edition of “The OPtimist”, the opening of the new Fr James O’ Doherty Performing Arts Theatre was featured. The creative possibilities that have opened up with the advent of this theatre are quite exciting. It was the setting for the promotional video for the Fringe Festival performance of TRUTH that we shot early in the year. We took the bold step into unchartered waters and invited a professional theatre critic to our Fringe Performance and were pleasantly surprised to be given 4.5 stars by the Adelaide Theatre Guide.

An Evening with John Schumann, a Blackfriars old scholar, featured a performance of the play “Forever 19”, that was work-shopped by the Stage 2 Drama class of 2017, using the lyrics of Schumann’s “I Was Only 19” to tell the story of post-traumatic stress suffered by our Vietnam War veterans. It garnered significant interest not only among our old scholars but also the wider community. The sell-out audience was equally impressed with the performances as with the potential that the theatre offered.

It was a pleasure to see one of the local legends of the South Australian theatre scene, Peter Dunn (‘72) at this performance enthusing about the work of our old scholars. Peter was a scholar and teacher at Blackfriars who went on to forge a career as an actor with the Red Shed and State Theatre Company, as well as director and theatre educator for many years at AC Arts. His photo adorns the walls of the State Theatre Company alongside luminaries like Geoffrey Rush. It is always a pleasure to expose our Drama students to old scholars who have made a career in the performing and media arts. During the course of this year our students listened to the education officer from Rising Sun Pictures and were told of the incredible work that old scholar, John Toth, is doing there in the field of digital manipulation and computer graphics for many Hollywood movies like the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, Thor Ragnuk, to name a few. Later this term, the year 8 Drama classes will be having an acting workshop with Stephen Noonan whose CV as an artist spans Circus, Magic, Physical Theatre, Dance and Children’s Theatre.

The Stage 2 Drama class are busy preparing their Performance which is basically their external exam. Their play, AHXFI, written by Karen Sierp (the author of last year’s successful performance, TRUTH) is a departure from previous offerings. This is a play which goes behind the scenes of Reality TV, and will feature farcical slapstick comedy, singing, dancing and magic. Again, it is such a pleasure to see old scholars do well. Michael Girdler who works in production at Channel 9 will be hosting our Stage 2 Drama class at the Channel 9 studios to give them an insight into the real life goings on behind the scenes of a live-to- air show. AHXFI will be performed in term 3 in the Father James O’ Doherty Performing Arts Theatre. You will need to see the show to find out what the acronym stands for.

Mr Robert Becker Senior Drama Teacher The cast of “Forever 19’: Daniel Jarmyn, Brock Murray, Benedict Gbala, Connor Watson and Harry Mears, with Blackfriars Old Scholar, John Schumann (‘65) and Mr Robert Becker.

13 Focus on Drama Top left: Former Blackfriars Drama colleagues, Mr Peter Dunn (’72) and Mr Robert Becker reunite as fellow past colleagues, Mr Cobiac and Mr Harmer look on. Top right: Cast members, Daniel Jarmyn and Brock Murray meeting John Schumann after their performance. Middle Left: Messrs Harmer, Schumann and Becker and cast at the post- performance Q&A session. Middle right: Old Scholar, Stephen Noonan (‘86), passing on advice to mem- bers of the Year 8 Drama class. Bottom left: Members of the Stage 2 Drama class, Carlos Garcia, Christian Apolloni and Adam Nguyen with, Michael Girdler (‘85), at Channel 9. Bottom right: Witness, Lorenzo Ravida, with Barrister, Brock Murray, during the performance of ‘TRUTH’.

Right: Old Scholar, Harrison Gilbertson (‘11) shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in the film industry with Middle School Drama students.

14 Co-Curricular Achievements Senior A Water Polo Congratulations to the Senior A Water Polo team on winning the Sports Association for Adelaide Schools (SAAS) Grand Final. They defeated St Peter’s College 6 – 3. The team went undefeated throughout the entire competition! Well done to coach Jon Harmer and all members of the team – Brayden Addison (Co-Captain), Jesse Taylor (Co-Captain), Ben Richmond, Dyson Hilder, Lachlan Fowler, Zen Zaccara, James Wiebrecht, Jack Slaven and Declan Hillman. Catholic Secondary Schools Academy Cup On Wednesday 11 April, Blackfriars Priory School competed against Nazareth Catholic College and Cardijn College in the Catholic Secondary Schools Academy Cup. This is an annual event between each school where a selected squad of Year 8 and Year 9 students from each Schools’ Soccer Academy compete and showcase their soccer talents. Blackfriars finished runner-up. First XI Cricket Congratulations to six students making their debut in the First XI Cricket team – Gurender Singh, James Smith, Oscar Gray, Cooper O’Leary, Ryan Ross and Julian Cornish. The captains for 2018 are Hamish Ralph and Alexander Koutroulis-Duke.

Student Achievements Isaiah Lee (Year 8) Isaiah was awarded the Jim Aufderheide Trophy and Max Medwell Trophy from Table Tennis South Australia (TTSA) for his performances at State, National and International levels throughout 2017. He has also been selected in the 2018 Australian Junior Table Tennis squad. Isaiah will be competing in multiple international table tennis events held in the Cook Islands: the ITTF Oceania Elevate Performance Camp, ITTF Oceania Junior Championships and ITTF World Junior Championships. Noah Caton (Year 9) Noah has been selected in the South Australian team for the School Sports Australia Swimming Championships to be held in Tasmania this July. Jesse Taylor (Year 11) Jesse has been selected in the Australian-born 2001 team for the Pan-Pacific Youth Water Polo Tournament. He is also the co- captain of the Senior A Water Polo team and part of the winning team in the inaugural SAAS Senior A Water Polo Grand Final. Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio (Year 11) Luis has been selected to represent School Sport South Australia at the upcoming School Sport Australia National Football (Soccer) Championships. The championship will be held in Shepparton, Victoria, from 25 to 31 August 2018.

Lorenzo Ravida (Year 12) Congratulations to Lorenzo Ravida for being selected to appear in the 2018 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. He will be performing in The Class of Cabaret which has been a regular fixture of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival for the past nine years and is a showcase of the most talented secondary school singers, dancers and actors in Adelaide. This is an opportunity for them to share their personal stories through a musical performance on the Festival Theatre stage. Vince Ravida (Year 11) Vince Ravida was named as lead trumpet for the Generations in Jazz Division 3 Superband from among 50 bands / schools in the division.

SA Water Polo Representatives Congratulations to Ben Taylor (Year 7), Declan Hillman (Year 8), Jack Slaven (Year 8) and Lachlan Zurcher (Year 9) for being selected in the State 14-and-under Water Polo team. Jesse Taylor - national water polo representative State 14-and-under Water Polo representatives (L-R): Declan Hillman, Jack Slaven, Ben Taylor and Lachlan Turner. Isaiah Lee Lorenzo Ravida with Mr Becker Vince Ravida with Miss Repucci Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio Noah Caton with Mr Cobiac

15 Many students! Many activities! Many talents! UN Youth Voice National Final During the last week of the Term 1 holidays I attended the Voice National Final in Brisbane. These five days consisted of workshops, public speaking and interacting with like-minded people. I was selected as a result of passing the preliminary rounds and winning the state final in South Australia. In this competition we had to pitch solutions to worldwide issues that remain unsolved. The twenty people in my division, from around Australia, presented innovative ideas to fix global problems. The two topics I discussed were: “How can we increase access to medicine in the developing world?” and “How can we ensure the benefits of globalisation are realised around the world?” Unfortunately, I was not selected in the top five places to speak at the Supreme Court of Brisbane, however this five-day adventure was an excellent opportunity to not only talk with like-minded students and learn skills in public speaking, but also to represent the young people of Australia with feasible and creative solutions to humanitarian crises.

Frank Snelling Year 10 Senior A water polo team (L-R back): Dyson Hilder, Brayden Addison (co-capt), Zen Zaccara, Lachlan Fowler, James Wiebrecht. (L-R front): Jesse Taylor (co-capt), Declan Hillman, Ben Taylor, Jack Slaven. Swimming and Athletics Carnivals 2018 Our annual Blackfriars Swimming and Athletics Carnivals provide an opportunity for students to come together as a community and compete in numerous events. Images from carnival presentations can be found on following pages. Athletics Carnival Results Thursday 22 March, SA Athletics Stadium, Mile End 1st Denifle / Jarrett 2573 points 2nd Burke / Lacordaire 2532.5 points 3rd Aquinas / Horten 2015.5 points 4th DeVittoria / Lagrange 1857.5 points Athletics Carnival Age Champions Open Dyson Hilder Denifle / Jarrett U16 Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio Aquinas / Horten U15 Lewis Saint DeVittoria / Lagrange U14 Kelsey Rypstra Denifle / Jarrett U13 Nicolas Pamula Denifle / Jarrett First XI cricket débutantes: (L-R): Gurender Singh, James Smith, Oscar Gray, Cooper O’Leary, Ryan Ross and Julian Cornish Swimming Carnival Results Friday 16 February, Adelaide Aquatics Centre, North Adelaide 1st Denifle / Jarrett 795 points 2nd Burke / Lacordaire 784 points 3rd DeVittoria / Lagrange 735 points 4th Aquinas / Horten 506 points Swimming Carnival Age Champions Open Jesse Taylor DeVittoria / Lagrange U16 Victor Lim Denifle / Jarrett U15 Lachlan Sewart Burke / Lacordaire U14 Noah Caton Burke / Lacordaire U13 Ben Taylor DeVittoria / Lagrange Swimming Records U14 50m Freestyle Noah Caton 28.28 (NEW) 29.06 (OLD) Mr Michael Parrella (BPS’08) Secondary Co-Curricular Coordinator

16 2018 started brightly for our Reception to Year 6 boys and our ELC boys and girls. Only a few changes to staffing meant the year started smoothly for all. We welcomed Liz Rowley this year in her role as replacement teacher in Year 1 and other Primary staff were all on board last year (except for me!). I will introduce myself and a give brief history of my background. I started my teaching career here at Blackfriars in 1981 and became Head of Primary here in 1987 until 1998. I then had two Primary Principal stints at Mercedes College and St John’s Grammar School. I was fortunate late last year in winning the position of Head of Primary back here so started afresh at the beginning of the year. My son attended the Secondary school here in the 90s so I have a fond regard and the highest respect for this Dominican school. It is a very strange coming back after a 20 year absence. Much has changed - as I will allude to - but much of the charm of Blackfriars is still here. Seeing Brother Brendan still active in the community was one of my greatest joys; a man who has dedicated so much of his life to this school and the Dominicans and still working as hard as ever. Working with past colleagues like Mrs Rita Purvis, Mrs Claire Holland and Mr John Niedzwiecki in the Primary school is eerie but delightful. Mr Jon Harmer, Mr Chris Packer and others I have kept up with during my absence in social occasions; and to be work colleagues again makes it easy and enjoyable to come to work. I even worked briefly (an age ago) with Simon Cobiac, when he was here teaching in the eighties. Again I love the fact that I have reacquainted myself with quite a number of old scholars who are now dads here and who are quick to remind me of the discipline regime that has mellowed so much in current times. There are two staff members, Mr David Ruggiero and Mr Patrick Kelly who were star pupils of mine. There are some wonderful advantages to getting old!

The school over the last few years has seen some significant changes including the establishment of a beautiful and excellently run Early Learning Centre for 3 and 4 year old boys and girls. Physical improvements are also evident with the development of the Primary School play space including the St Martin de Porres Quadrangle which was a concrete quad in my earlier days. (Jon Harmer did start the beautification of the area in my last year here planting the beautiful plane trees we see flourishing in the area). Many other additions have added to the ambiance and facilities that the boys use so regularly and with glee, including Frassati Hall. There have been some wonderful occasions already this year that our boys and the wider community have been able to enjoy. These include our annual Sports Day and Swimming Carnival. I have particularly loved the way that participation is so strongly encouraged, even having our ELC children join the older boys for Sports Day Our Beautiful Mothers Day Liturgy run by our Reception classes was so meaningful and so poignantly presented that there were a few tears in the huge crowd that came to support the liturgy and morning tea.

The other event / excursion that showed how strong our community is was the walk down to Murrati Cakes & Gateaux with our ELC children. 21 in fact, along with their teachers, ESOs and parents accompanied us on the journey. Old Scholars, Michael (‘99) and James Parris (‘00), welcomed us and showed the children their baking facilities. Then they were treated to one of their famous cakes and a biscuit to take home - all gratis! On the way back, Mrs Karen McEntee and I dropped in to Schinella’s to organise flowers for the children to make their mums lovely cards. There were nine bunches we required and again the generosity shown to us by another great old scholar family was touching with all those flowers delivered to our doorstep at no charge. The children were so well behaved on their trek and not one complaint about the distance traveled – love the resilience!

The Four Pillars of Dominican Life at Blackfriars are touted as the cornerstone of our culture and community and, in the short time I have been back, I can attest that they are not just rhetoric but are truly lived out by the boys and all members of the community. Mr Frank Ali Head of Primary Primary News

17 During the April school holidays, from 11 to 27 April, 14 students from Blackfriars took part in an exchange program to Japan. After a week of sightseeing in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Himeji, the Blackfriars group was warmly welcomed by their host families from Nagoya Otani High School, our sister school. The week long homestay and school exchange was the most memorable part of the trip for the students. At our sister school, the boys attended classes with their host brothers and sisters and learned about Japanese culture by participating in a traditional calligraphy class and green tea ceremony. They also had an opportunity to make Japanese traditional lanterns with a professional craftsman.

At home, the boys practiced speaking Japanese with their host families and experienced Japanese home life first hand. It was nerve racking at first, however, thanks to the hospitality of our host families, the nervousness dissolved very quickly. The boys will cherish the friendships they developed with their host families and Nagoya Otani students in addition to their learning experience for the years to come. Ms Chikako Oguma Coordinator - Languages 2018 Japan Exchange

18 Community News Staff Farewells 2017 In the cut and thrust of any academic year it is not unusual to farewell staff as they move into different phases of their lives. However 2017 was particularly notable with our community bidding farewell to the following staff, whose tenure has been significant, at the end of Term 4. In order of tenure we thank the following staff for the wonderful service they given to Blackfriars. Their collective efforts have been an integral part of our community for a combined 176 years!

Mr Olev Harm (39 years) Mr Charli Holoubek (36 years) Mrs Pam Gervasi (26 years) Mr Amedeo Penna (19 years) Ms Smantha Slee (16 years) Mrs Cara Oosterbaan (12 years) Mr Jarrod Meers (12 years) Miss Vicki Dent (11 years) Mrs Anna Mirasgentis (5 years) Welcome back Mark Birchmore (‘78) It was with great pleasure that we welcomed back Old Scholar Mark Birchmore to present the Fr John Neill Cup to the winners of this year’s (49Th ) Annual Swimming Carnival at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre on February 16. Mark, who coincidentally is assisting with the organising of his graduation year’s 40th Anniversary reunion this year, presented the cup to Denifle / Jarrett House captains, Xavier Preece and Alexander Koutroulis- Duke.

As students, Mark and his older brother Wayne were very well known for their sporting prowess, representing Blackfriars at Football, Swimming and Water Polo with distinction in the 1970s. Presenting the Fr Neill Cup bought back strong memories for Mark, as he himself was in Xavier and Alexander’s shoes when he was presented with the winner’s cup as Swimming Captain of Cussen (White ) House 40 years ago in 1978. Thank you for joining us again Mark. It was greatly appreciated. Rene Schinkel (‘67) This year’s Blackfriars Athletics carnival marked the 64th anniversary of this important event on the school calendar. Commencing on the school’s back oval in 1954 to now being at the SA Athletics Stadium at Mile End, the annual carnival continues to be a highlight for many of our students. Over the years many, many, past students, parents and staff have enjoyed the fun and frustration, excitement and exasperation that true athletic competition and some markedly more novel events can provide.

Notwithstanding the above, some individuals do stand out when chronicling the history of Athletics at Blackfriars. Old Scholar Rene Schinkel is one such person. 50 years ago, Rene Schinkel had already established a wonderful reputation in South Australian athletics as an outstanding long distance runner. Rene is not only an Old Scholar but also one of only a few people, to also be a former staff member and parent. As a member of the school athletics team he continued a fine reputation that Blackfriars had in the 1960s by dominating events at the Catholic Combined Sports at Norwood Oval. As some Blackfriars Old Scholars fondly remember, the entire school was bused to Norwood Oval, the stands were packed and when Rene rounded the final bend to win the 800m and 1500m events, the hundreds of Blackfriars boys in the stands would chant “Schin - kel! Schin - kel!” over and over again as Rene crossed the line first.

But it was to be 51 years ago, almost to the day of this year’s Athletics Carnival, that Rene Schinkel’s star shone brightest! It was a weekend in March, 1967. On the Saturday Rene set two South Australian Schoolboy records in the Open 800m and 1500m which in itself was fantastic! But then, on the following day, - Rene broke three Blackfriars records in the 440 yards, 880 yards and mile as a proud captain of Cussen (White) House. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Rene, as one of THE finest athletes in Blackfriars’ 65 year history, to present the winner’s trophy at this year’s carnival. Mr Charli Holoubek ‘makes a point’ of his 36 year tenure as recorded on the Blackfriars staff honour board, acknowledging 20+ years of service.

Retiring staff members, Mr Amedeo Penna and Mr Olev Harm, together at the 2017 staff farewell. House captains, (L) Xavier Preece (Jarrett) and (R) Alexander Koutroulis-Duke (Denifle), receiving the winners’ cups at the Swimming Carnival from Mark Birchmore (‘78) and the Athletics Carnival Rene Schinkel (‘67).

19 Old Scholars Gary Mavrinac – Still going strong ! The year was 1979. As a very slightly framed Year 9 student, Gary Mavrinac, had just chosen Water Polo as his activity of choice in the Blackfriars co – curricular program. Whether it was Gary’s Croatian heritage or even the fact that his older brother, Larry, was already playing, young Gary battled manfully with the rigorous demands that Water Polo can present to newcomers. Roll on 1980 and his coach, Mr Harmer, decided those long limbs and natural egg- beater kick could be put to better use by Gary being a goalkeeper - THE most important position in the team. The rest, as they say, is history.

“Mavo“, as Gary has been affectionately known since his school days, thrived in goals! In the space of a few years he was playing club and state water polo, captaining the Open A team for two years before graduating in 1983. However, Gary’s water polo career was far from finished, both in and out of the water! He went on to represent South Australia at the senior men’s level and was a board member of SA Water Polo over a 20 year period, including ten years as Finance Cycle 4 Sam Mr Martin Roberts taught at Blackfriars for 13 years between 1996 and 2008. The popular Head of Middle School taught Physical Education, SOSE, Outdoor Education and Religion.

Of course, he also conveyed his passion and expertise for the sport of hockey via coaching numerous teams in the Blackfriars co- curricular program. “Marty”, as Mr Roberts was fondly known by his colleagues, may have left Blackfriars ten years ago but his memory lives on in a truly wonderful way. Whilst teaching at Blackfriars, Marty learned that his 2 year old son, Sam, suffered from a very rare neurological degenerative disease called Niemann-Pick Disease Type C, for which there is no cure. There are only 500 known cases of this disease worldwide. Sam fought very bravely for the five years of his young life but passed away in 2005. In 2018 and some 13 years after Sam’s brave battle ended, Marty, with ongoing support from family, friends and colleagues, continues to raise money via the Sam Roberts Family Fund which supports families in South Australia who have children battling rare diseases.

In 2018, the Tour of the Eyre Peninsula raised $70,000 for the WHC Paediatric Palliative Care service to make a grand total of $720,000 from the 12 years since the fund commenced. The fund has also supported projects such as the Sam Roberts Family Unit at the WCH, the Art Therapy program, Director, culminating in being awarded Life Membership in 2003. More amazingly, as a member of the largely Blackfriars Old Scholars club, the Adelaide Vikings Water Polo Club, Gary, some 35 years after finishing at Blackfriars and aged in his mid-50s, STILL plays !

Ever the “keeper of the goals“, Gary took great delight in being a key member of the AVWPC B Grade team , which took out the Water Polo SA Premiership earlier this year. With the ages of fellow old scholars in the team spanning his 35 years since graduation, including graduates of 2017, Gary is very much the grandfather figure, but still performs at a very high standard. Congratulations “Mavo”! Your enthusiasm, perseverance, exemplary sportsmanship and athletic longevity, are an inspiration to us all!. Mr Jon Harmer Community Liaison Officer and the Siblings, Fathers and Mothers Bereavement Groups.

From all at Blackfriars, congratulations to Mr Roberts, his family and friends for the wonderful work they do in loving memory of Sam. Long may it continue! Gary Mavrinac (Red Cap) pictured with his victorious team mates after their 2018 Grand Final win. Clockwise Front Left: Jamie Histed (‘05), Liam Rowland (‘17), Shaun Curtis (’04), Chris Macolino (‘12), Dylan Baker (‘11), Conor Rowland (‘17), Mark Parrish (‘04) and Luke Curtis (‘08). L–R: Former staff member Marcus Trimboli, Marty O’Connor (‘87), Martin Roberts, Patrick Stewart (17) and Frankie Roberts (both support crew) pictured on the Pt Lincoln jetty celebrating the end of the 1,000 km long Cycle4Sam#7 Tour of the Eyre Peninsula.

20 Blackfriars Old Scholars Association Soccer Club 2018 is an extra special year for BOSA Soccer Club as we celebrate 20 years since he establishment of our club. A significant milestone which will be highlighted throughout the year with major events to celebrate. In Season 2018 BOSASC continues to field four senior men’s teams in the South Australian Amateur Soccer League Saturday Divisions as well as a women’s team in the FFSA competition, all with a strong leadership team in coaches and captains. All five teams have started the year off in fine form currently sitting in great positions on their respective ladders. Special mention to the women’s side, who have had a great start to the season being undefeated so far. The girls took part in a very tough pre- season to build from on their first season in the competition which was an unsuccessful campaign. They continue to go from strength to strength each week proving they’re the team to watch this season!

In other highlights so far this year, amateur league affiliated clubs, for the first time in history, were able to enter into the FFA Cup competition. Our Premier A side was successful in getting through the preliminary round beating Federation State League club Adelaide Victory, 5-0. With this, BOSASC progressed through to the final 32 and competed in Round 1 where we were successful in beating Federation State League club, Mount Barker 5-0. After progressing to the round of 16 our FFA Cup journey came to an end losing 1-5 to National Premier League outfit, Adelaide Olympic, in front of a record crowd at Charles Cane Reserve on Anzac Day.

The boys were proud of their efforts though as they put up a gallant performance against a team ranked three divisions above them. A huge thank you to all our players, sponsors, members and supporters who were at the games cheering from the sidelines, it’s that kind of support we need each and every week! The Premier B side created history this year winning the club’s first ever Reserves Cichanowski Shield. The game is played each year between the previous year’s Sunday Division 1 Premier B Champions and Saturday Division 1 Premier B Champions. After a tight contest between the teams, BOSASC managed to overcome a determined Elizabeth Downs to prevail 2-1 winners and become the champion of champions! Off-field we have a huge year planned for our 20th anniversary with our annual quiz night and end of year gala / presentation night a few of the highlights. Our monthly Best on Ground Awards nights are also proving to be a huge success with a fantastic new venue this year as we welcome The Jarmer Room at Jarmer’s Kitchen who have come on board to host the events.

None of our success is possible without the support from our sponsors, so we’d like to extend a heart-felt thank you for their commitment again this season. Their generous contributions help make our visions a reality and as we continue to grow as a club, partnerships with our sponsors are vital to our success on and off the field: Schinella’s, Buildtec, Century 21 (City Inner North, Prospect), ODV Lending, Above: BOSA Soccer Premier B - Cichanowski Shield Champions Below: BOSA Premier A v NPL side, Adelaide Olympic - FFA Cup, Anzac Day 2018 Clipsal by Schneider Electric, Trio, Body Fit Physiotherapy, Terry Howe Printing Services, SJ Electric, Romaldi Constructions, Occupational Therapy For Children, Perry’s Bakery, Marianne Grasso, JS Sports, Pizza in Giro and Blackfriars Priory School. Keep in touch with BOSA SC news via our website, email us – info@ and follow us on social media – Facebook @bosasoccerclub, Twitter/ Instagram @bosasc.

Ralph Armiento (BPS’88) Secretary General BOSASC

21 Blackfriars Old Scholars Football Club The A Grade team in pink Ladies Day / Mary Potter guernseys pre-match vs Smithfield. Back row: Coach - Nathan Grainger, Adam Pearce (‘98), Shaun King, Patrick Harmer (‘05), Ryan McCulloch (‘14), Daniel Covino (‘11), Matthew Rivett (‘06), Jon Bugeja, Tom Hogan (‘06), Adrian Porcaro (‘03), Matthew Brincat (c) (‘06), Brad Hillman (‘04), Antonio Scaffidi – Mouta (‘09). Front row: Sam Horsell (‘06), Travis Hillman (‘00), Aaron Smith, Theo Markou (‘11), Simon Grgic (‘11), Andrew Daziani (‘02), Luke Bortolotti (‘07), Matthew Milne (‘12) Michael Spry. At the end of 2017 BOSFC received the news that our long-standing head coach, Alex Bojanic, was stepping down. An extensive search for a replacement began. In what is widely considered to be a great coup for the club, the search ended with the appointment of Nathan Grainger.

BOSFC is pleased to welcome Nathan who has brought a wealth of football knowledge and experience having coaching at a variety of levels, including Division 1 and SANFL Reserves. So far this year, under his guidance, the Hounds have built on the success of previous years and currently hold a 6-2 win-loss record. John Belton (‘85) continues as the Reserves coach for 2018. The Reserves have welcomed a number of new (and young) faces into the team and are currently sitting at 4 wins and 4 losses, with improvements in the team’s skills and structures evident from week to week.

Now in its 13th year the Blackfriars Old Scholars Football Club continues to be a great destination for schoolmates to continue playing together as Hounds after their graduation. The club welcomes all new players but is extremely proud to be able to announce that the 2018 season has seen one of the largest groups of Blackfriars Old Scholars joining the club. It’s great to have the experience and leadership qualities of the older blokes, but what’s really exciting is seeing recent graduates enjoying their footy, and by all accounts loving the atmosphere around the club and being part of the BOSFC family. It is the young players like the group shown, and their mates, that are the future of our club. For the club to continue to grow each season, support from the community is key. There are a variety of membership options available on our website, with members receiving discounts from selected sponsors as well as other benefits. The club is holding a 100/100 raffle (100 tickets/$100 each) again in 2018 with plenty of great CASH prizes up for grabs. Tickets are available online through the BOSFC website from: New this season BOSFC has partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation which allows tax deductible donations by individual supporters directly to BOSFC. Donations can be made through the ASF website or through the BOSFC website.

BOSFC’s sponsors are pivotal to the club’s success. We’re fortunate enough to have the support of a wide variety of top quality sponsors without which we simply wouldn’t be able to survive. We would like to thank our 2018 sponsors: Blackfriars Priory School, The Wellington Hotel, My Local Butcher, Bakery on O’Connell, All Fresh Fruit and Veg, Signclass, JS Sports, Palace Nova Cinemas Prospect, The Carrington Function Centre, HMV Engineering, Fasta Pasta Sefton Park, 50-Sixone Prospect, Bakers Delight Welland, Body Fit Physiotherapy, Dulux Acratex, Fyfe and Dellamalva Dental.

For the latest club news check out the club’s website and social media pages: Website: Facebook: Instagram: The club also has a weekly newsletter that you can sign up to by emailing the club - The season is shaping up well and BOSFC looks forward to many members of the Blackfriars and Blackfriars Old Scholars communities becoming regular faces in our loyal supporter group in 2018. Michael Clarke President Blackfriars Old Scholars Football Club New A grade coach Nathan Grainger addressing the team during the 2018 Ladies Day / Mary Potter Foundation Day. BOSFC defeated Smithfield Football Club by 6 points to cap off a great day.

New to the club this year we welcome Old Scholars from left Stefan Cortazzo (‘12), Jack Spencer (‘17), Jackson Ball (‘17), Mitch Spencer (‘14), William Dayman (‘11), Cameron Richards (‘14), Cameron Den Dekker (‘14) and Loui Loprete (‘17). Photo taken after the round 7 Reserves match versus Pulteney Old Scholars. Not pictured are Theodore Markou (‘11) and Adam Pearce (‘98) who played A grade and Lachlan Dietrich (‘17) who was away. BOSFC ladies enjoying the football and raising funds for The Mary Potter Foundation at our round 8 Ladies Day vs Smithfield.

22 Old Scholars – Class of 1967 | 50 Year Reunion Ray Moss, John Saint, Chris Balkwill, Rene Schinkel, Greg Congdon, Phil Mannion, Dave Zimmerman, Mark Thompson, Bill Ruth, John Delaney, Mike Davison (others obscured) gather round Br Brendan in the staffroom. L to R: The Class of ‘67 fifty years on. Row 1 – Dave Zimmerman, Br Brendan, John Delaney, Row 2 – Rene Schinkel, John Saint, Shayne Callaghan, Mike Davison, Richard Moloney, Row 3 – Phil Mannion, Chris Balkwill, Mike Jennings, Greg Congdon, Row 4 – Bill Ruth, Mark Thompson, Ray Moss, Laurie Fittock Rene Schinkel, Dave Zimmerman and Greg Congdon (The Gawler Boys).

A few 1st XVIII footy boys from the 60’s reunite at The Wellington Hotel. Ray Moss (Captain ‘68), John Delaney (‘67), Rene Schinkel (‘67), Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson (‘66), Greg Congdon (Captain ‘67) and Bill Ruth (Captain ‘66). The Blackfriars Old Scholars reunion program continues to be very well supported by every decade of students to attend Blacks. With the addition of a Melbourne Reunion in 2018 it continues to grow. Please spread the word to old classmates.

A full list of 2018 reunions, including the contact details of organisers, can be found on the back cover of The OPtimist. Details are also on the Blackfriars website and include links to register to attend all reunions. Online registration also puts you in the running to take home a voucher from Peter Shearer Menswear! If you know of any Old Scholars who are not receiving The OPtimist, please advise them to contact the Blackfriars Development Office. Mr Jon Harmer Community Liaison Officer

23 Old Scholars - Christmas Reunion Above left (L to R): Matthew Brincat (‘06), Matthew Milne (‘12) and Tom Zed (‘95) draw the BOSFC Christmas raffle. Above - Danny (‘69) and Joe Clifford (‘73). Left (L to R): Chris Packer, Scott Boyd-Turner (‘86) and Scott Harmer (‘87). Class of 2017 | 1 Year Reunion Clockwise from top left: Mr Cobiac welcomes back the Class of 2017 - Old Scholars for the first time. Mr Owen Stanborough catching up with his former students. The sausage sizzle - always a reunion hit! Mr Brett Knowles and Mr David Ruggiero with BPS quiz winners Michael Rugari and Connor Watson.

24 John Brennan John William Brennan (‘63). Born in Adelaide, South Australia on September 5, 1946. Passed away peacefully at the Royal Adelaide Hospital on February 6, 2018. Aged 71 years. Loyal and loving husband of Mary. Proud and loving father and father-in-law of Lucy, Damian and Rachel. Youngest son of the late Jack and Dorothea Brennan. Loved brother of Catherine, Mary Anne, Fr. Michael and Dorothea Anne (deceased). ‘Fold him in Your arms Heavenly Father and let him now be a messenger of love between our hearts and Yours’ Our sincere thanks to all the staff at Bupa Aged Care Enfield for their love and care.

Fr Peter Galvin OP (12 December 1938 – 5 January 2018) Peter Galvin did his primary schooling under the Dominican Sisters at Semaphore, winning a scholarship to Rostrevor College where he completed his secondary education. Joining the Dominican Friars at East Camberwell in Melbourne, he was professed in February 1958, studying for the priesthood in the Province’s House of Studies both there and in Sydney, and was ordained in January 1964 at St Francis Xavier Cathedral by Bishop Gleeson. Fr Joseph “Joe” Wilson OP (3 January 1929 – 16 March 2018) Dominican Friar, Fr Joseph Wilson OP, passed away in Brisbane on Friday 16 March. Fr Joe worked at Blackfriars from 1955-1961, and then from 1970-1977. Since then he had spent a significant amount of time living and working at Our Lady of Graces parish, in Carina, Brisbane.

At his passing, members of our Prospect- North Adelaide Dominican community recalled Fr Joe’s amusing stories about his efforts to teach Latin at Blackfriars! In December 2013, Fr Joe spoke to journalist, Emilie Ng of The Catholic Leader (Brisbane) on the meaning of thanksgiving and life as a Dominican. For around 66 years, Fr Wilson has set his heart on following the footsteps and shadows of St Dominic. The 85-year-old priest recently celebrated 60 years as a priest, and 66 years as a member of the Order of Preachers or the Dominicans.

The gentle priest has lived what he called an “itinerant life” living in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Brisbane. Fr Wilson felt the calling to religious life at the end of primary school but had no idea where to pursue his vocation. The moment he met a Dominican priest, he knew he was called to the order. “I knew nothing about the Dominicans, but when I heard him and saw him and was deeply impressed by what he had to say, I said, ‘Oh well, this is the order I’ve been looking for’,” Fr Wilson said. “And so I came to learn about the Dominicans not by reading about them but by experience,” he said.

Reflecting on giving thanks for 60 years as a priest, Fr Wilson said his homily would draw on the highest form of thanksgiving for Catholics, the Eucharist. “[My homily was] focused on our thanksgiving because Eucharist means thanksgiving,” he said. “In tossing this around as you do on these occasions, what on earth am I going to say, I received confirmation in the psalms of giving thanks to God. Fr Wilson said his favourite moments as a priest were his pastoral care work in the various parishes over the last six decades. He lectured in Philosophy at the Dominican House of Studies in Melbourne before being assigned to teach at Blackfriars from 1966 to 1971.

In 1972 he was elected provincial of the Dominican Order of Australia, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands. At the age of 33, he was the youngest provincial the province ever. He was re-elected in 1976 and completed his double term of office in 1980. The Master General of the order, Fr Vincent de Couesnongle, must have seen the potential of Fr Peter and brought him to Rome in the role of Assistant to the Master General with responsibility for the Asia- Pacific region. The next Master General, Fr Damien Byrne, reappointed Fr Peter to the same role for the next four years. After the years of heavy responsibilities Fr Peter returned to Australia in 1986 and undertook pastoral work in Canberra and Brisbane, and finally in Adelaide. He lived and worked at Hesed Christian Community at Magill for a number of years, where his tolerant and inclusive style was much appreciated; born undoubtedly of wide and difficult life experiences.

From Hesed he attended the regular monthly St Laurence’s Community meetings. He was also given the task of introducing postulants (first-stage vocations) joining the province to its constitutions, customs and way of life as preachers, spiced with notable characters from the past. During the first term of each year when they lived at St Laurence’s he had weekly sessions with them, which they valued greatly. Fr Peter had a significant influence upon Dominican life and work in this region In 2016 he returned to live at St Laurence’s, preaching and continuing to offer Mass for various groups.

Seriously deteriorating health, borne with great patience and without complaint, saw him hospitalised and in rehabilitation from mid-2017 until his transfer to The Pines early this year where he died peacefully within 24 hours of his arrival. Fr Peter had great capacity to help others in their suffering. A retired Salvation Army Officer who had met him when both were posted to Brisbane wrote: “In my service I found Peter to be a beautiful Christian gentleman with such an ability to get alongside his fellow man to care and encourage them.” Excerpts have been reproduced with the permission and assistance of The Southern Cross.


25 World Class In early May, when claiming the maglia rosa (pink jersey) as leader of the Giro d’Italia, Blackfriars Old Scholar, Rohan Dennis (‘07) joined an elite group of just 21 riders to have worn the race leader’s jersey in all three of cycling’s Grand Tours. Rohan wore the yellow jersey after winning the first stage of the 2015 Tour de France and last year lead the Vuelta a Espana. This is the latest in a long list of achievements in Rohan’s illustrious cycling career that has included national and world championships at junior and senior levels, representing Australia at the London Olympic Games, multiple wins in stage races and the world hour record that he set in 2015. We wish Rohan and his BMC Racing team all the very best for the upcoming Tour de France which gets underway on 7 July. Old Scholar News (L-R): Roger Bernau (‘64), Paul Varsanyi (‘64), Patrick Regan (‘64), Mike Lyons (‘64), Jens von Brasch (‘64).

The“Canberra Chapter” At a time in the school’s history when acronyms such as BOSFC and BOSASC abound, very little is known about the BOSCC! Whilst a relatively small group of old scholars, there is no doubting the collective school spirit and enthusiasm of the Blackfriars Old Scholars “Canberra Chapter”. Whilst living in our national capital has them further away than most old scholars, the five core members of the BOSCC keep in touch regularly and, under the leadership of Paul Varsanyi, have provided the template for fellow 50 year reunion groups, after their highly successful Class of ‘64 reunion back in 2014. The Class of ‘67 - a 50 Year Reunion with 50/50 Vision As apparent via pictures in this edition, the Blackfriars Class of 1967 had a very nostalgic trip down memory lane at their 50 Year reunion last year. As does happen on such occasions, favourite old stories were told and retold, embellished and academic and sporting feats magnified significantly. ”Why wasn’t I a Prefect?” or “How come I wasn’t selected in the 1st XVIII Br Brendan? ” were questions posed on the night.

However, what was particularly amusing was when Old Scholar, John Saint, produced an orange coloured folder from his bag to show to his old classmates. The front cover of the folder (pictured left) stated that it had the signatures of ALL 27 members of their Matriculation class. Indeed it did. But more amazingly, the date it was signed was Friday 17 November. As coincidence would have it, despite the tongue-in-cheek assertions of the event’s organisers that it was deliberate, the reunion was also held on Friday 17 November, 50 years later!

Forget 20/20 vision, only the Class of ‘67 could have had 50/50 vision! Well done gentlemen!

26 Owen Hender (‘03) married Laura Spagnuolo (St Dominics ‘04) on December 17, 2017. The ceremony at Grand Lodge of the Freemasons North Terrace followed by a reception at the Adelaide Town Hall. Owen’s groomsmen were brother, Blake Hender (‘04), Best Man, Matt Turner (‘03), Ethan Hender (‘10) and Nathan Cini (‘03). Owen’s other brother Drew (‘06) was absent due to Air Force service in the Middle East. Congratulations Owen and Laura! Luke McEntee (‘04) married Kristy Willcox on Friday 24 November 2017 in a garden wedding followed by a reception at Al-Ru Farm, Sampson Flat. The wedding party consisted of Kristy’s school friends and Luke was joined by long time friend Ryan Frick, his brother James and old scholar Stuart Frost (’04). Congratulations Luke and Kristy!

Old Scholar Weddings Our community loves to hear where classmates and fellow old scholars are and what they’re up to! So, if you’ve recently celebrated a wedding or a birth in the family, have caught up with some old scholar mates, or have something interesting to share, please send through your photos and some brief information for publication in the next issue of The OPtimist. The best email address for your submissions is Let us know what’s happening...

27 Old Scholar Babies Tom Kurzel (‘03) married Morgan Moroney on Friday 9 February 2018 at Corinium Villa in the Inman Valley where both the ceremony and reception took place. Tom’s groomsmen were his brother Nick (‘01), who flew back from London for the wedding, old scholars Michael Weldon (‘03) and Matt DeGaris (‘03) as well as Joel Dry, Tim Haslam, Cohen Sulicich and Tom’s cousin Liam Flanagan. Congratulations Tom and Morgan. Shaun Curtis (‘04) Congratulations to Shaun Curtis (‘04) and his wife Alison Cookesley on the arrival of their son Angus George Curtis on 24/10/2017. L-R: Grace Terese Holland with proud dad Ben and her big brother, William (22-months). Thomas Edward Henry Holland with proud dad, Luke. “Close cousins” - Grace on left and Thomas on the right Old Scholar Weddings Shaun Curtis (04) with son, Angus, at the recent BOSFC Ladies Day event. Proud dad Shaun is BOSFC B Grade Captain, a two-time Best & Fairest Winner and Premiership player. Ben & Luke Holland (‘94) Brothers Luke and Ben Holland have always been close. The twins, who graduated from Blackfriars in 1994 were very well known during their school days as exceptional sportsmen and excellent students. Post school, the boys have established themselves professionally with Ben a director and senior podiatrist at The Victorian Podiatry Group, and Luke as one of SA’s foremost Workplace lawyers.

However, that well known competition between the twins at school came to the fore once again earlier this year. With Ben’s wife, Kiera, and Luke’s wife, Danielle, both due to give birth in February, proud grandparents and Blackfriars stalwarts, Tess and John Holland, waited anxiously for news. On 1 February, Kiera gave birth to Grace, and only 18 days later, Danielle gave birth to Thomas. With the twins now having six children between them and, Tess and John now having a total of 22 grandchildren from their seven children, there are certainly plenty of babysitting opportunities amongst the Hollands.

Congratulations to the proud Holland parents and grandparents. The dinner table is certainly in need of extending at Christmas time in the Holland household. Grace Terese Holland was born in the Sandringham Hospital in Melbourne on 1 February 2018. Thomas Edward Henry Holland, born in the Ashford Hospital on 19 February 2018, is little brother to Alexandra (7), Charlotte (5) and Georgia (3). Mr Jon Harmer Community Liaison Officer

28 2018 Calendar Middle Years Showcase - Monday 6 August, 6:30 - 8:30pm St Dominic’s Day Celebrations - Wednesday 8 August Community Quiz Night - Friday 17 August Blackfriars v CBC Intercol Week - 19-26 August Primary School Grandfriends Day - Friday 21 September Reunions Class of 1998 | 20 Year Reunion - Friday 29 June Contact Matthew Heath on or Simon Lewis on Melbourne Reunion - Friday 6 July @ The Precinct Hotel, 60 Swan Street, Richmond Class of 1988 | 30 Year Reunion - Friday 10 August Contact Tony Sellan on; or Jamie Sullivan on; Class of 1978 | 40 Year Reunion - Friday 19 October Contact Mark Birchmore on or Steve von der Borch on Class of 1968 | 50 Year Reunion - Friday 23 November Contact Jon Harmer on Annual Christmas Reunion Both Old Scholars and past staff of Blackfriars are warmly invited to our annual Christmas Reunion at The Caledonian Hotel. Keep an eye on our web and Facebook pages for date and time details closer to Christmas. All are very welcome, particularly those who have travelled home to Adelaide from overseas or interstate for Christmas.

We’re headed east for our first interstate reunion! INAUGURAL MELBOURNE REUNION Friday 6 July, 12:30-3:30pm The Precinct Hotel 60 Swan Street, Richmond $50 per person includes two-course meal Online bookings via TryBooking at: Blackfriars recently launched the school’s 2018 Annual Appeal. This year’s project is the upgrade of an iconic Blackfriars facility - the Fr John Neill OP Gymnasium. Did you know that between 1978 and 1980, the Blackfriars community donated $105,000 towards the cost of constructing the gym This amounted to over 30% of the total build cost. When the “multipurpose physical education building” opened on Sunday 16 November 1980, it was the premier school facility of its type in the state.

Details of the project and how you can support the 2018 Annual Appeal are available on our website and the insert with this issue of The OPtimist.