ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex

ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex

  Undergraduate Prospectus 2019
ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex
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ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex
Rated                            15th
                                                                                                              for the most
                                                                                 Gold                        international
                                                                                                          student community
                                                                                 Teaching Excellence      Times Higher Education World
                                                                                   Framework 2017           University Rankings 2017

THIS IS US                                                                      Top 15                              4th
                                                                                                            in the UK for

                                                                             for overall student
                                                                                                          spend on services
                                                                                                            and facilities
                                                                               National Student Survey,

                                                                               2017 English mainstream       Times Good University
                                                                                     universities                 Guide 2018

STATISTICS                                                                           25th
                                                                                in the UK for
                                                                                                             Top 25
                                                                                                              in the Times
                                                                              research quality

                                                                                Times Good University        Times Good University
                                                                                     Guide 2018                   Guide 2018

    What the stats tell you is that at Essex we put equal emphasis on
    teaching and research. Our academics are daring, visionary thinkers
    who participate in internationally recognised research. They teach our
    students everything they learn because they want to inspire a new
                                                                             But what are the stories behind
    generation of experts – your generation.                                 the statistics?
2                                                                                                                                        3
ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex
YOUR ESSEX, YOUR WAY                                                                         WELCOME HOME
    Breaking news is                                 Clothing with a                             Colchester Campus 42                      Our Students’ Union 54
    making me 8                                      conscience 14
    Lauren Dorling, BA Multimedia Journalism,        Fashion-fan Aaron Jones on being an         Southend Campus 46                        Essex living 56
    on why studying a subject she loves makes        ethical entrepreneur                                                                  Alex Maxam, BA Multimedia Journalism,
    all the difference                                                                           Your new home 50                          on his favourite things to do around Essex
                                                     The appliance of science 16                 Find out about University accommodation
    Be who you are 10                                Read how Salma Alarefi made the grade
    Essex graduate Jamie Raines talks about          from Year 0 to PhD
    life at the University as a transgender
    student                                          Fancy a byte? 18                            MAKE IT HAPPEN
                                                     Alumnus Ankit Mehrotra on life at Essex
    Acting up 12                                     and the launch of his own app               Open Days 60                              Fees and funding 66
    East 15 graduate Robyn Grant shares how
    she made it into the limelight                                                               Apply to us 62

    IT’S ALL HERE FOR YOU                                                                        OUR COURSES
    Our facilities 22                                Think about it 30                           All our courses 68                        Our UK partners 176
    Discover our brand new labs, sports              Get involved with research and topical
    facilities and more                              debate with the THINK series                Essex Pathways 168                        Our great location 178
                                                                                                 Our Year 0 courses
    Library view 24                                  Go to work 32                                                                         Important information 180
    Will Whitehead, BA American Studies, on          Employability at Essex; earn money, build   Enough about us, we’d love to
    how he learns at Essex                           your CV and kickstart your career           hear from you 174                         Index, credits and contact
                                                                                                                                           details 182
    Make something 25                                Your support 34
    Perry James, BA Drama, on getting creative       How we can help

    Goal digging 26                                  World class 36
    Go for gold or just get off the sofa – there’s   International students at Essex
    something sporty for everyone at Essex
                                                     And when it’s all over 38
    Dive in 28                                       Essex forever; graduation and beyond
    Travel and learn new languages the
    Essex way

              Our towers by night.
4                                                                                                                                                                                       5
              Photo credit: Andrew Watkinson, @ajrwphotographer. Essex student.
ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex

At Essex you’re more                                                Our students make us what we are. When we say Essex dares
                                                                    to be different we can only make this claim because our students

than a student, you’re
                                                                    consistently choose to live life their own way.

                                                                    Choose Essex for an education that’s focused on you. Study here for

a member. Someone
                                                                    more than a great degree. Learn to value opinions that differ and
                                                                    develop the confidence to make your own decisions.

with genuine licence                                                See through our students’ eyes. Read their own stories about life at
                                                                    Essex and meet the alumni we think of as inspirational. These are
                                                                    the people who defy convention, stop to ask why and never give up.

to shape what we do.                                                Read on and perhaps you’ll start to see how you can make our Essex,
                                                                    your Essex.

    Studying at Essex. Dreaming of making a difference.
6                                                                                                                                          7
    Photo credit: Michael Tsangaris, @michael_ts_. Essex student.
ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex
Lauren Dorling spent her summer working
at the BBC. She tells us about how her
degree has changed her life.
“I write as effortlessly as I breathe, but ask   “Few moments will come close and I doubt
me how journalism makes me feel and I’ll         even fewer will bring such clarity; for the day
be at a loss for words. I fell in love with it   I stepped into Broadcasting House, I knew
during the most difficult period of my life      I would be back as an employee – for no
and though it made the days no easier, it
made each and every one worth it. Little
                                                 other reason than I would make sure of it.
did I know when I enrolled at the University
of Essex that I would be on a course that
                                                 “The BA Multimedia Journalism did a lot
                                                 for me as a person and as a journalist, but
                                                                                                                                            journalism gave
would make me fall deeper in love every          I am most thankful to it and the lecturers                                               me a second home,
day. Studying multimedia journalism gave         for making me, the shy first year with no
me a second home, a sense of identity and,       self-confidence, believe in myself.”                                                      a sense of identity
perhaps most importantly of all, it showed
me a side of myself I didn’t know existed.       Find out more about how Essex can help
                                                                                                                                           and showed me a
Building my career
                                                 you find work placements and support you
                                                 throughout your career on pages 32-33.
                                                                                                                                         side of myself I didn’t
“In my final year, I got the chance to intern                                                                                                know existed.”
for BBC HARDtalk. I assisted in and              For more inspirational stories from our
co-produced a series of shows and got            students visit
to experience life as an insider at the
UK’s most renowned media organisation.

                                                                                                                                      NEWS IS
                                                                                                   Lauren at work in the news room.
   8                                                                                                                                                           9
ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex
Jamie Raines came out as transgender when he
was 17, and began documenting his female-to-male
transition by taking a selfie every day for three years
and through vlogging on his YouTube channel.

Jamie saw no reason to tell his peers          Among a range of other merchandise with
about his transition when he started his       pronouns, TRUE TO ME also has a blog
BSc Psychology course at Essex, until a        and an advice forum to help members of
TV company asked him to take part in a         the community and aims to move the focus
documentary Born in the Wrong Body.            away from ‘sex changes’ and ‘surgery’ which
They created a time-lapse video from the
photos, which was viewed more than
                                               dominates the media – and towards the
                                               acceptance of who you are.                        “Everybody was
8.5 million times. Jamie said: “After the
documentary, everybody was incredibly          Giving back                                    incredibly supportive,
supportive, which shows how progressive
Essex is – and it’s trying to learn more.”
                                               The couple donate 20% of everything they
                                               make back into the transgender community         which shows how
Shaping the future
                                               to support those that are going through a
                                               transition. Jamie has recently started a PhD    progressive Essex is
As an advocate for transgender rights, Jamie
along with his fiancée Shaaba, created
                                               in Psychology at Essex.
                                                                                                – and it’s trying to
TRUE TO ME – a lifestyle brand for the
LGBT+ community. Launched at an event
                                               You can visit, subscribe to
                                               Jamie’s Youtube channel Jammidodger and             learn more.”
hosted by our Vice-Chancellor, the couple      follow him on Twitter @jammi_dodger94
were overwhelmed by the positive response
and support at Essex. In an interview Shaaba
explained: “We had the idea of creating
wristbands with pronouns on, so people
could wear the pronouns they want their
friends or colleagues to use.”

  10              Jamie Raines, vlogger and campaigner.                                                                11
ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex

                                 Meet Robyn Grant. She runs Fat Rascal
                                 Theatre and is an East 15 graduate. Here’s
                                 how Essex made the difference for her.

                                                                           “Fat Rascal is a company run by women; we     “Whilst being on the course we worked
                                                                           challenge the constraints of being a female   with a lot of different artists and creatives.
                                                                           within the industry. Since leaving East 15    So many doors were opened within the
                                                                           we have not stopped making work.              world of theatre making. You learn by doing

                                Image from Tom and Bunny Save the World,
                                                                                                                         in this industry. I didn’t leave drama school
                                                                           Turning a dream into reality                  with a headshot, I left with a show and a
     “You learn by doing in

                                Robyn Grant, centre, wielding guitar
                                                                           “I knew that I wanted to be an actor but I    theatre company.
                                                                           also wanted to make my own work. After
      this industry. I didn’t                                              researching drama school courses and          Raising support
                                                                           feeling like I’d have to settle with either   “We used the University of Essex’s brilliant
      leave drama school                                                   doing acting or directing, the BA in Acting   Click crowdfunding platform to raise money
     with a headshot, I left                                               and Contemporary Theatre jumped out at
                                                                           me as the perfect solution.
                                                                                                                         to take Buzz to the Edinburgh Fringe
                                                                                                                         in 2016. There’s so little money in this

                                Fat Rascal Theatre.
       with a show and a                                                   Sharing creativity
                                                                                                                         business, having that first push can go a
                                                                                                                         huge way!”
       theatre company.”                                                   “The writing element of the course was
                                                                           something completely new to me and I          Click supports Essex student and graduate
                                                                           absolutely loved it. Working with East 15     entrepreneurs, having funded over 130
                                                                           alumna and established playwright Charlotte   projects. Have a look at what’s currently
                                                                           Josephine was such a brilliant experience.    looking for funding here
                                                                           She was massively inspirational and coached
                                                                           me on writing my musical Buzz.

12                                                                                                                                                               13
ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex
Aaron Jones, BSc International Enterprise and
Business Development, is the style star behind
a truly inspirational fashion line.

It was while volunteering in Cambodia that    Royal recognition
Aaron was shocked into making a stand.        In 2016 Aaron received a British Empire
He noticed many children missed out on        Medal (BEM) in the Queen’s Birthday
school, working to contribute to the family   Honours for his services to ethical fashion.
income instead. He knew he had to act.        He comments: “Being an entrepreneur
                                              is about being bold, tenacious and
Making a contribution                         challenging the norm. None of this would
On his return to Essex Business School        have been possible without the support
he dipped into his student overdraft to the   of our customers and the support of the
tune of £600 and launched Fikay Fashion.      University of Essex.”
Fikay supplied those Cambodian families
with sewing machines and employed the         If you want to make a difference while
parents to make their designs. A portion      you’re at Essex, you can volunteer with the
of all Fikay’s profits was donated to the     Students’ Union vTeam. Find out more here
Fikay Foundation, which contributed to the
building of a school.

From entrepreneur to                                                                          “Being an entrepreneur is
Aaron’s passion for fashion is unstoppable                                                   about being bold, tenacious
and he has now launched See Fashion,
an analytics firm which uses AI to track                                                      and challenging the norm.”
customer journeys, helping them find the
clothes they really want.

                  Aaron Jones, BEM.
  14                                                                                                                       15
                  Founder of Fikay Fashion and all-round nice guy.
ESSEX Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 - University of Essex
“My passion for
     engineering was
      born and bred
        at Essex.”
                       Salma Alarefi came to Essex as a Year 0
                       undergraduate student. Through hard work and
                       dedication, she’s now a PhD student – and was
                       recently shortlisted at the prestigious STEM for

                       Britain awards. This is her journey.

                                                             Salma came to Essex from Gharyan, Libya          from time management, organisational skills
                                                             with a place on the Year 0 course for BEng       to leadership which will help me excel in my
                                                             Telecommunication Engineering. She spent         future career,” explains Salma.
                                                             her first year honing her English language
                                                             skills, learning the basic theories which        Influential research

                                                             would be the building blocks of her degree       At the moment, Salma is continuing her
                                                             and forging a deep bond with the University.     studies, on her way to completing a PhD
                                                             “My passion for engineering was born and         in renewable energy technologies. Her
                                                             bred at Essex.”                                  research has been recognised by STEM for
                                                                                                              Britain, an annual competition which invites
                                                             Paving the way for a successful                  young scientists to present their work at the
                                                             career path

                        Salma Alarefi. At home in the lab.
                                                                                                              Palace of Westminster.
                                                             “I always loved studying maths and physics.
                                                             During my foundation year I was given            Salma comments “[It] was a truly enjoyable
                                                             the opportunity to witness the application       event. I had a marvellous opportunity to
                                                             of mathematics theory to the solution of         discuss my research with MPs, academics
                                                             practical engineering problems. It was all       and like-minded researchers, who in turn
                                                             I ever wanted to do.”                            showed a great interest in my project and
                                                                                                              highlighted the positive contribution of my
                                                             Salma also took part in the Big Essex            studies towards the future management of
                                                             Employability Awards. These awards               the UK’s natural resources.”
                                                             recognise extracurricular achievement
                                                             and are verified by the Higher Education         Already thinking of postgraduate life?
                                                             Achievement Report (HEAR). The HEAR              As an Essex graduate you may be entitled
                                                             is recognised by all employers as a true         to a discount on your studies. See here
                                                             account of a student’s whole experience
                                                             at university. “I developed key skills ranging

16                                                                                                                                                   17
Dineout is a little restaurant reservation
app – which has helped over three million
diners find a table. Co-founder and BEng
Computers and Telecommunications
Engineering graduate Ankit Mehrotra
tells us how it happened.
Having established a successful investment       Providing the foundations
banking career in the City, Ankit decided to     for success
leave the nine-to-five behind and return to      Ankit credits Essex with honing his business
India. After the launch of Top Table, the UK     acumen. Not only did the flexible degree
restaurant reservation website, he spotted an    structure allow him to take optional
opportunity to launch a similar service in his   modules on finance, but the learning style
home country. He knew it was a risk, but his     was completely different to his previous
Essex degree had given him the self-belief       experiences. “School in India was all about
he needed to make the leap.                      reading books and cramming. At Essex,
                                                 I learnt to question everything and find out
Building an empire                               the answers for myself. I worked for the
Dineout was launched across eight cities         Students’ Union, joined the gliding society
in India in 2012. The company expanded           and the cricket club too and made friends      “School in India was all about
into Dubai and Singapore and in 2014             from all over the world. Studying at Essex
was acquired by Times Internet Ltd. Ankit        is about your whole life experience.”          reading books and cramming.
remains at the helm, overseeing a team of
around 400 employees.                            Find out more about how Essex can support
                                                                                                 At Essex, I learnt to question
                                                 your career plans while you study and even
                                                 after you graduate
                                                                                                  everything and find out the
                                                                   answers for myself.”

                   Ankit Mehrotra is top of the table.
  18                                                                                                                              19
                   Be his guest, be his guest, put his service to the test.
Lecture halls.
Robot arenas.
Cats*.                                                                               Our facilities offer you the opportunity to pursue your interests
                                                                                     and meet people from across the University. Want to make

Let’s show                                                                           films? We have professional-grade studios and editing suites.
                                                                                     Want to pump iron? Take advantage of our first-class gym.
                                                                                     Want to take some time out? Watch the tropical fish swimming

you around.                                                                          around our coral reef (also the site of important research, you
                                                                                     understand). Check out what’s on our campuses and if you have
                                                                                     any questions, email us at But before you ask –
                                                                                     he’s called Pebbles and he does live on our Colchester Campus.
*okay, only one cat.                                                                 Follow his adventures at

       Campus Cat tolerates hugs but prefers it if you keep a respectful distance.
20                                                                                                                                                        21
       Photo credit: Andrea Welsh, @dandy_does.
OUR FACILITIES                                                                   Our campuses are growing and making more room
                                                                                 for you. Here’s a mere snapshot of what we offer.

 The latest addition to the Colchester                                             Our brand new £12m Essex
 Campus is our new £13.2m STEM                                                     Sport Arena has 1,655 seats
 building. It will include a 180-seat                                              and international standard facilities
 wet lab for Biological Sciences                                                   suitable for staging televised sporting
 and a 150-seat IT-rich exploratory                                                events. The Arena contains eight
 learning space to enable collaboration                                            badminton courts, three basketball
 between students across the Faculty                                               courts, three netball courts, five
 of Science and Health.                                                            volleyball courts and two futsal courts.

                                          The Silberrad Student Centre                                                        We have state-of-the-art teaching
                                          offers 24/7 access to a combination                                                 facilities for healthcare students,
                                          of IT-rich areas and study pods                                                     including a functioning hospital ward
                                          for group work. The Centre is also                                                  with robot patients that can simulate a
                                          home to our Student Services Hub                                                    range of medical conditions. The new
                                          – your one-stop-shop for finance and                                                space also includes six consultancy
                                          support services.                                                                   rooms which are equipped with
                                                                                                                              cameras to be used for practice

 Reflecting our commitment to                                                      Our Albert Sloman library in
 responsible business practice in                                                  Colchester overlooks the lakes and
 both teaching and research, Essex                                                 houses some of the UK’s finest
 Business School in Colchester is                                                  collections, providing fascinating
 a zero carbon building. It features                                               insight into Latin America, Russia
 a winter garden, café and lots of                                                 and Eastern Europe. At Southend,
 breakout spaces for post-lecture                                                  the Forum library is a vibrant,
 discussions.                                                                      contemporary space with outstanding
                                                                                   learning facilities.

22                                                                                                                                                                  23
Will Whitehead, BA American Studies
“Essex’s Albert Sloman library is, without a       “It also has an astonishing collection of books.
doubt, my favourite study spot on campus.          Novels and textbooks I’ve never been able to
Studying in the striking Brutalist building        find at any local libraries or bookshops are
(which is home to one of only two paternoster      everywhere at the University’s library, so if

                                                                                                       @daydreamer_sagnik. Essex student.
                                                                                                       Across the lake from the library.
lifts left in the UK) makes you feel like a part   you’re a bibliophile, this is the place for you.
of something truly significant, thanks to its                                                                                                                                                                           “During my time at

                                                                                                       Photo credit: Sagnik Banerjee,
impressive design and enormous presence            “If I have a deadline coming up, some reading
on campus.                                         to do, or just fancy some quiet time, the library                                                                                                                     Essex I’ve acted,
“Something about being surrounded by books
                                                   is my go-to spot. Plus if you get bored you
                                                   can ride the paternoster for a bit.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       produced and written
is amazingly calming, and the enormous                                                                                                                                                                                 shows at the theatre.”
windows provide an incredible view of the          However you want to study, you’ll find the
whole campus. That’s one of my favourite           right spot at Essex. Book a campus tour,
things about the library: no matter where you      or visit us virtually
sit, you look out onto something inspiring.

            “One of my favourite                                                                                                                                              Perry James, BA Drama
               things about the
              library: no matter                                                                                                                                              “As a drama student, the Lakeside Theatre is     Work experience in a theatre is often hard
                                                                                                                                                                              like a second home! Whether it’s taking part     to find so this was an amazing opportunity.”
                where you sit,

                                                                                                                                            In performance at The Lakeside.
                                                                                                                                                                              in a student show or watching a professional
             you look out onto                                                                                                                                                show, the Lakeside is always a hive of           The Lakeside Theatre, Colchester and the
                                                                                                                                                                              theatrical activity.                             Clifftown Theatre, Southend showcase
            something inspiring.”                                                                                                                                                                                              student and professional productions,
                                                                                                                                                                              “During my time at Essex I’ve acted, produced    while the Art Exchange and Hex galleries
                                                                                                                                                                              and written shows. One of my highlights was      host touring exhibitions. For students who

                                                                                                                                            Perry is on the right.
                                                                                                                                                                              when I collaborated with my classmates to        want to write and perform there are further
                                                                                                                                                                              produce A Number by Caryl Churchill. It was      opportunities through the Students’ Union
                                                                                                                                                                              my job to make sure the show ran smoothly.       media outlet, Rebel. If you have a creative
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               muscle, flex it at Essex.
                                                                                                                                                                              “I’ve also been lucky enough to take part in a
                                                                                                                                                                              marketing internship there over the summer.      More at
                                                                                                                                                                              This was part of the Frontrunners scheme
                                                                                                                                                                              where students get the chance to work in
                                                                                                                                                                              an area of the University that suits them.

  24                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 25

                                                                             Whether you’re a keep-fit newbie
                                                                             or a wannabe Olympian, the sports
                                                                             facilities at Essex will help you
                                                                             reach your full potential.

                                                                             The Essex Sport Gym is the most popular           Top of your game
                                                                             sporting facility on campus, offering 160         Participating in sport at Essex is a great
                                                                             workout stations and 60 fitness classes           way to boost your employability. We can
                                                                             a week, while the new £12m Essex Sport            support your personal development in
                                                                             Arena offers even more room for running           sport, offering coaching opportunities in
                                                                             around.                                           an official or volunteer capacity. There are
                                                                                                                               work placements within Essex Sport, while
                                                                             Try something new,                                our partnerships with sports organisations
                                                                             we dare you                                       and strong links with numerous national
                                                                             If you want to try a new sport but don’t want     governing bodies means we can give you
                                                                             to join a team, Active Sessions are open to all   the practical experiences that will make
                                                                             and free for Essex Sport members. Allowing        your CV stand out.
                                                                             you to try a new sport without committing
                                                                             to regular training, Active Sessions are a        If your sporting dreams involve Olympic glory,

                                         Hockey-and-bobble-hat enthusiast.
                                                                             great way to have fun. The SU’s Just Play         we are an accredited Sport England Talented
                                                                             scheme offers drop-in sport sessions each         Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) centre,
                                                                             week, massive one-off events and ‘Learn To’       able to offer an annual package of support
                                                                             courses to get you started.                       and funding worth £2,750 for athletes
                                                                                                                               nominated by their National Governing

                                         Olivia Burns, centre.
                                                                             For those who want more, our Students’            Body in around 25 sports. Undergraduates
     “I’ve never considered myself a                                         Union is home to the Essex Blades – 44            can also receive sports bursaries worth up
                                                                             sports clubs who compete locally and              to £3,000 per year, aimed at those looking
     particularly sporty person but in                                       nationally. Olivia Burns (pictured) is a BA       to combine education with the pursuit of a
                                                                             Psychology student. “I’ve never considered        sporting career following graduation.
     my second year I decided to try                                         myself a particularly sporty person but in
                                                                             my second year I decided to try out hockey        Visit for more on
      out hockey and I stuck with it.”                                       and I stuck with it. It’s such a laugh training   keeping fit at Essex.
                                                                             and playing games with the girls and we’ve
                                                                             even been able to play on the Olympic pitch!”

26                                                                                                                                                                     27
Study or work abroad, learn a new
language – enjoy a world of opportunity
at Essex.
You’re going to get really good at packing        It’s more than just a degree
your suitcase. At Essex, you can study or         “Get the most you can from your university
work abroad as part of your degree. Emma          experience,” advises Emma. Immersing
Ward is a BSc Marine Biology student.             yourself in another culture is certainly one
She has spent time in Indonesia, taking
part in a study on tropical seagrass beds
                                                  way of making your time at Essex more
                                                  memorable. And there’s no doubt that
                                                                                                 “Get the most you can
and their interaction with tidal cycles. But
her globetrotting didn’t stop there. “For my
                                                  someone who shows they’re willing to try
                                                  something new will always stand out from
                                                                                                  from your university
placement year, I chose to head to the island
of Samos, Greece, to join the Archipelagos
                                                  the crowd when it comes to job hunting. So
                                                  come to Essex – and then leave us behind.
conservation team.” In Samos Emma took            We won’t mind *sniff*.
part in a number of conservation activities,
collecting data on turtle populations and         If you’re interested in work placements in
dolphin strandings.                               the UK, turn to page 32.

A helping hand from Essex                         Find out more about opportunities for
For Emma, her placement year was “an              travel at
exceptional experience” and one she               study-abroad and for language study at
would highly recommend. Every year Essex
students receive various scholarships and
grants to support their overseas (or indeed,
under-seas) adventures. You can study for

                                                                                                                         Emma Ward underwater in Indonesia.
a term or full year at a partner university and
choose to undertake a language teaching
assistantship or opt for a work placement.

Find your language
Emma also took the opportunity to learn
Greek during her year abroad, but if you’re
more of an armchair traveller, you can learn
a new language from the comfort of the
campus. Our innovative Languages for
All programme gives Essex students the
opportunity to learn a language alongside
their degree, at no extra cost, for one year.

  28                                                                                                                     29

                         Go where your curiosity leads you.
                         Get involved in current research or
                         share your views at our THINK series
                         of debates.

                                                              THINK series                                     first major UK exhibition. I was able to
                                                              Throughout the year the THINK series of          research all aspects of Gee Vaucher’s work,
                                                              debates engages with the issues that matter      its roots and the impact that it had. I explored
                                                              today. Open to all, each debate welcomes a       past events which inspired her work, such
                                                              guest speaker to introduce a topic before the    as the Aberfan mining disaster and also
                                                              floor is opened for discussion. From sex work    looked into the reactions to her artwork for
                                                              to Brexit and mansplainers to rogue traders,     1970s punk rock band CRASS. My research
                                                              nothing is off limits. Having won the Guardian   contributed to the content of an exhibition at
                                                              University Award for Student Experience          a gallery in Colchester and provided further
                                                              in 2016, the THINK series continues to           understanding of Gee Vaucher’s motivations.”
                                                              challenge convention at every opportunity.
        “It was great                                                                                          Looking to the future
                                                              Undergraduate Research                           Keith found the project satisfying on both
         to have the                                          Opportunities Programme                          personal and academic levels. “Punk art is
                                                              (UROP)                                           currently an area that isn’t widely researched,
       opportunity to

                         Find out more about what you like.
                                                              For those who are interested in earning          and it’s also an area of significant personal
                                                              money while honing their research skills,        interest to me, so it was great to have
     explore a subject                                        Essex offers you the opportunity to get          the opportunity to explore this area in
                                                              involved in current projects through our         more depth. Engaging with punk art is
      in more depth.”                                         Undergraduate Research Opportunities             an exciting experience and delving into
                         See more clearly.                    Programme (UROP).                                the dark recesses of the punk past was
                                                                                                               a tremendously rewarding process. I can
                                                              Punk art                                         now use my research findings to underpin
                                                              BA Films Studies and Art History student         my future essays or a dissertation or thesis.”
                                                              Keith Salter participated in research into
                                                              punk artist Gee Vaucher. “The objective          If you want to know more about UROP visit
                                                              of the project was to bring together Gee and find out what’s the
                                                              Vaucher’s work and understand the events         next THINK subject under discussion at
                                                              that influenced her in order to present her

30                                                                                                                                                       31
GO TO WORK                                Finding work after graduation can be
                                          tough. So at Essex we do everything we
                                          can to make your dream career happen.

                                                       Frontrunners and Internships                    employability modules. You can also highlight
                                                       Essex students can take part in three extra-    your extracrurriular activities on your Higher
                                                       curricular work experience schemes. Essex       Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
                                                       Interns will help you find a paid internship    through the Big Essex Award. The Big Essex
                                                       over the vacations. UROP (Undergraduate         Award helps you identify and sell the skills
                                                       Research Opportunities Programme) allows        employers look for and loads of different
                                                       you to gain paid research experience on         activities can count, from part-time work, to
                                                       campus. Frontrunners is our award winning       volunteering and contributing to SU societies.
                                                       short-term placement scheme that offers         Your HEAR is recognised by employers
                                                       you the opportunity to undertake paid, career   across the country and is the perfect way
                                                       relevant employment within the University       to showcase your unique experiences and
                                                       while you study. Take the chance to develop     qualities.
                                                       the skills that will make you stand out from
                                                       the competition once you graduate.              Continued support
                                                                                                       Essex students benefit from other unique
                                                       Placements                                      opportunities, such as our Click crowdfunding
                                                       Most of our degrees offer an option for a       platform, career mentoring programme, and
                                                       placement year, giving you the opportunity      start-ups programme while our graduates
                                                       to gain relevant, real-world experience. The    have access to support from the Employability
                                                       Essex Employability and Careers Centre and      and Careers Centre for three years after
                                                       online CareerHub+ is our on-campus job          graduation. Forget the career ladder, as an
                                                       shop, which offers advice on improving CVs,     Essex graduate you’ll simply soar above the
                                                       careers fairs, internships and much more.       competition.

                                                       Employability skills                            For everything you need to know about
                                                       We ensure employability skills are embedded     careers, employability and placements visit
                  “One of the things                   throughout your studies with many degrees
                                                       offering the option of placement and
                   I really appreciate
                  at Essex is that it’s    “One of the things I really appreciate at Essex is that it’s given me a chance to get a
                 given me a chance to      wide range of work experiences. There are plenty of flexible jobs on our campuses,
                                           created for students.
                  get a wide range of
                                           “During the first year I worked in the kitchen at Blues, a food outlet on campus. It was
                  work experiences.”       great fun...I will never forget our serenades over the carbonara sauce! In the second
                                           year I got promoted to Student Supervisor, which gave me a chance to gain experience
                                           managing a small team. It was challenging but I definitely learned a lot.

                                           “Now I’m in my final year and I’m working as a Student Recruitment Marketing Frontrunner.
                                           It’s a creative role with a variety of tasks I can get involved with, including blogging,
                                           social media, photography and interviewing students!”

                                           Ania Romankiewicz, BA Modern Languages

     Ania Romankiewicz.
32                                                                                                                                             33
     Student worker extraordinaire.
YOUR SUPPORT                                                                                                                “When I first visited
                                                                                                                             Essex and saw the
Whether you’re a full-time or part-time                                                                                   beautiful, open campus,
student, live on campus or further afield                                                                                  met the kind staff and
                                                                                                                           students, and saw my
– whenever and wherever you need help,                                                                                     department I realised
we’re here for you.                                                                                                         I would really enjoy
                                                                                                                          myself here, and I have.”
Student services                                 Disability
Our Student Service Hub is a one-stop shop       If you have a disability, medical condition or
for practical advice or confidential guidance,   specific learning difficulty an adviser will be
on everything from IT services to how to cope    on hand to talk you through alternative exam
with homesickness. We provide support if you     arrangements, lecture recordings, assistive
are experiencing mental health difficulties      software, access and more. You’ll also have a
and have a specialist team available to help     specific contact within your department and
you. We also offer a Peer Mentor Scheme,         SU Disabled Students’ Officer to represent
where we can match you up with another           you within sports and societies.
undergraduate who’s been there, done that
and can help you settle into University life.    Commuting students
                                                 If you travel to one of our campuses to study,
Mature students                                  socialise and play sport, you’re not alone. We
Around 37% of our student body are mature        have many students living in the local area
students, so we have a real understanding of     and beyond who make that regular daily trip,
the challenges that come when combining          and it’s important to know that everything
studies with other responsibilities. Mature      on campus is for you too. We have many
students are automatically enrolled into the     facilities to make sure you’re able to join in
Mature Students Network, with free access        with University life to the full.
to a range of social, welfare and academic
support networks. We also have a day nursery     To see the full range of services we offer
on our Colchester Campus which offers a          visit
discounted rate to students with little ones.

    “When I first visited and saw the beautiful, open campus, met the kind staff and students,
    and saw my department – I realised I would really enjoy myself here, and I have.

    “At Essex the atmosphere is very positive and welcoming, and the University makes it
    clear that it cares about its students’ success in every aspect, including education and
    wellbeing. It keeps students engaged and offers countless opportunities for students to
    get involved in uni and in the community which I think is extremely important.”

   Kimia Aghasoleimani, BSc Biomedical Science

                                                                                                   Kimia can help.
  34                                                                                                                                              35
                                                                                                   Her t-shirt says so.
WORLD CLASS                                           At Essex you join a global learning community.
                                                      Study an internationally relevant curriculum
                                                      taught by academics whose research has
                                                      international impact.
                               “I hang around with
                              people from different                Support with your studies                         Well-connected
                              regions of the world,                We help you get the most out of your studies
                                                                   by providing a range of tailored support,
                                                                                                                     Essex is awesome, but we understand you
                                                                                                                     may want to explore a little further whilst

                             and sometimes I get to                including academic skills and English
                                                                   language classes. Our academic departments
                                                                                                                     you’re here. We have excellent road and rail
                                                                                                                     links to London, with frequent trains from

                             sing French songs with                also provide support services, with most
                                                                   offering one-to-one tutorials with lecturers
                                                                                                                     both Colchester and Southend and a journey
                                                                                                                     time of under an hour.

                             my French mates too!”                 and running student mentoring schemes.
                                                                                                                     All three campuses are within two hours
                                                                   Welfare and community                             of London Heathrow, London Gatwick and
                                                                   Our Student Services Hub is on hand to offer      London Stansted airports and are served
                                                                   advice on funding, immigration, housing and       by frequent airport transfer coach services.
                                                                   healthcare. We provide facilities for religious   Southend Airport flies to a number of popular
                                                                   worship on campus and will do all that we         European destinations.
                                                                   can to make Essex feel like home.
                                                                                                                     Essex family
                                                                   As a member of our Students’ Union you’ll         Drawn from around 140 countries, we think
                                                                   discover our growing number of societies,         of our 95,000 alumni as family. So we like
                                                                   including nearly 40 international societies       keeping in touch. We organise professional
                                                                   that celebrate the culture of our global          networking events and reunions all over the
                                                                   community.                                        world and will always want to hear your news.

                                                                                                                     Get in touch
                                                                                                                     Visit or email us
                                                                                                                     your questions about being an international
                                                                                                                     student to

                                                       “I’m currently in my second year of my degree and loving every bit of it. Coming to Essex
                                                       from India, it was one big challenge but I’ve been overwhelmed with support from my
                                                       tutors and friends.

                                                       “Computers are my first love, although I also love travelling, writing poems and meeting
                                                       new people. I hang around with people from different regions of the world, and sometimes
                                                       I get to sing French songs with my French mates too!

                                                       “In my first year I was paired with a peer mentor because I didn’t know where to go when
                                                       I had problems. She helped me get through my assignments and got me more involved
                                                       in my department. I wanted to help students facing similar issues. So I thought why not
                                                       help people and volunteer to be a peer mentor myself? It makes me really happy to get
                                                       people on track.”

                                                       Nupoor Singh, BSc Computer Science

     Nupoor Singh.
36                                                                                                                                                          37
     From India to Essex – and loving it!
                             You’ll be one of a 95,000-strong alumni community that stays in touch
                             and meets regularly all over the world. You’ll also have free access to
                             the CareerHub+ after graduation, free access to academic journals and
                             discounts on further study. Take a look at what our alumni are up to

38                                                                                                     39
     Proud Essex graduate.

Lifelong friendships
will most definitely
                                      Pancake brunches. Board game marathons. Assignment all-nighters.
                                      Your new flatmates will be with you for every moment of your new
                                      student life – there to celebrate the good times and pick up the pieces

be made. But your
                                      on the not-so-great days (quite literally if they break your mug). Have a
                                      look at our student accommodation and start packing for moving day.

favourite mug might                   If you’re going to live away from home for the first time, you couldn’t
                                      choose a better place than Essex. There’s plenty to do on our
                                      campuses, lots of places to explore nearby – and London is just down

get broken.                           the road. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make yourself
                                      at home.

40   Come and have a cuppa with us.                                                                               41

                                                                                    “My favourite night on campus has to be
                                                                                    Milk It on Mondays; karaoke and cheesy
                                                                                      tunes, what more could you want?”

                                                                 Guess they weren’t playing Despacito.
                                                                                                         Ellie Matthews, BA Sociology
                                                                                                         “Our Colchester Campus is so varied that         “My favourite night on campus has to be Milk

                                                                 The dancefloor is filled.
                                                                                                         students are never bored. There’s always         It on Mondays in the SU bar; karaoke and
                                                                                                         something happening, like the weekly street      cheesy tunes, what more could you want?
                                                                                                         market on Thursdays where I love buying          I still haven’t had the courage to sing yet, but
                                                                                                         cake from the bakery stall. Or in the evenings   who knows? This year might be it!
                                                                                                         my friends and I often go to Cine10 where
                                                                                                         we can watch the latest films for a fraction     “And for those who want to add a little bit
                                                                                                         of the cost of the cinema.                       of culture to their lives, there’s always the
                                                                                                                                                          Hex which has weekly art and music classes,
                                                                                                         “During the week, I love treating myself for     or Lakeside Theatre where you can watch
                                                                                                         lunch to the grilled halloumi burger from        fellow students performing plays. Every year
                                                                                                         Fusion or one of the pies from the NO.64         I watch the pantomime that the students put
                                                                                                         bus café which overlooks the lakes.              on at Christmas!”

     Top deck. Top pies. Enjoy lunch on board the NO.64.
42                                                                                                                                                                                                  43
     Photo credit: Dominic Bashford, @dom_bash. Essex student.
1   North-west campus

                                                 nn University Quays accommodation
                                                    (10-minute walk from central

                                                 nn The Meadows accommodation
                                                    (5-minute walk from central
                                                 nn Essex Business School
                                                 nn Day Nursery
                                                 nn Knowledge Gateway

     1       2
                                             2   North campus
                                                    North Towers accommodation
                                                      The Houses accommodation
                                                 nn Health Centre
                                   7             nn Tony Rich Teaching Centre
                                                 nn The North Teaching Centre

                                             3   Central campus
                                                    Lecture Theatre Building 
                                                    Academic departments
                                                 nn Lecture and seminar rooms
                     5                           nn Students’ Union
                                                 nn Bars, cafés and restaurants
                                                 nn Shops, banks and Post Office
                 3                               nn Information Centre

                                             4   South campus
                                                    South Towers accommodation
                                                    South Courts accommodation
                                                 nn Brand new STEM building

                                             5   East campus
                                                     Crewe Lecture Hall
                                                    Silberrad Student Centre and SU
                                                    Creative Studios
                                                 nn Albert Sloman Library
                                                 nn Lakeside Theatre and Café
                                                 nn Art Exchange
                                                 nn Waterstones bookshop
                                                 nn Parkland and lakes

                                             6   South-east campus
                                                    Tennis courts
                                                    Synthetic turf pitch
                                                 nn Sports Centre
                                                 nn Evolve Gym
                                                 nn Brand new Sports Arena

                                             7   Wivenhoe Park
                                                    Wivenhoe House Hotel
                                                    Edge Hotel School
                                                 nn ESCALA Space
                         New Sports Arena        nn Campus allotment
                         New STEM building       nn Sports pitches and
44                                                  parkland                    45

                                                                                                          Ernest Nyarko,
                                                                                                          Students’ Union Vice-President Southend
                                                                                                          “Southend-on-Sea might seem a quiet              “The SU Lounge – our own venue/café –
                                                                                                          seaside town, but you’ll be surprised at how     is exclusively for Essex students and our
                                                                                                          much happens here! With the longest pier in      friends, with super low prices on food and
                                                                                                          the world and a massive funfair memorable        drinks, comfy sofas, game consoles and a
                                                                                                          moments are guaranteed.                          whole host of board games. It’s our hub, our
                                                                                                                                                           place to meet up every day and I always love
                                                                                                          “During my time here, Southend has offered       spending time there.
                                                                                                          opportunities to learn and excel academically
                                                                                                          and professionally – as well as a great          “Throughout the year we have BBQs,

                                                                       No spinning. You know the rules.
                                                                                                          student experience. With a small and diverse     parties, fireworks, cultural celebrations, live
                                                                                                          student community of just over 1,300             entertainment, inspirational guest speakers

                                                                       Are you up for foosball?
                                                                                                          students it is easy to get to know each other,   and competitions. Without any doubt, I’d
                                                                                                          access support services and meet with your       recommend Southend as your place of study.”

                                                                                                          “Our town is equipped with two fantastic
                                                                                                          theatres, great nightlife and a vibrant high
                                                                                                          street that caters for everyone. You’ll have
                                                                                                          access to a variety of restaurants with
                                                                                                          cuisines from all over the world on your
                                                                                                          doorstep. Of course, plenty of grocery
                                                                                                          stores are nearby for those who prefer to
                                                                                                          cook at home.

     Student life in Southend.
46                                                                                                                                                                                                  47
     Like a rollercoaster ride. With 100% more assignment deadlines.
                                                                                         1   Seafront
                                                                                                Southend Pier
                                                                                                Adventure Island amusement
                                                                                             nn Beach and promenade

                                                                                         2   The Forum
                                                                                             nn 24/7 access to The Learning
                                                                                             nn Student Services
1 Southend Pier                                                                              nn Public and academic library
                                                 6                                           nn Lecture and seminar rooms

                                                                                         3   The Gateway Building
                                                                                                Academic departments
                                                                                                In-house doctor and dentist
                                                                                             nn Lecture and seminar rooms
                                                                                             nn Southend Central train station

                                 3                                                              (50 minutes to London)

3 The Gateway Building
                                                                                         4   University Square
                                                                                                University Square accommodation
                                                                                             nn International shops

                                                     6 Prittlewell Square gardens
                                                                                             Southend High Street
                                                                                             nn Cinema
                                                                                             nn Cafés and restaurants
                                                                                             nn Post Office
                             5                                                               nn Chain stores and independent
5 Southend High Street

                                                                                         6   Clifftown
                                                                                                Clifftown Theatre and Studios
                                                                                                Prittlewell Square gardens
                                                     2 The Forum                             nn The Railway Hotel music venue

                                             4                                           7   Victoria Gateway
                                                                                             nn   Southend Victoria train station
                                                                                                  for travel to Colchester, London,
                                                                                                  and Southend Airport for flights
                                                                                                  all over Europe

48                       7                           4 University Square accommodation                                          49
New memories.
New adventures.
Living on campus
Moving away, possibly for the first time,
can feel daunting. But don’t worry, we offer
a variety of University accommodation so
that you can find the perfect one for you.

Included in your rent is wifi, heating, hot
water, contents insurance, electricity and
the cleaning of communal areas (such as
                                                  Living nearby
                                                  The Students’ Union offers a free house-
                                                  finding service from our Colchester Campus.
                                                  They provide support for everyone moving
                                                  off campus, complete property and landlord
                                                  checks to ensure your safety, and help you
                                                  find your ideal rented properties, all free
                                                  of charge.
kitchens) – so no need to argue about whose
turn it is to hoover! Rooms are normally

let for the full academic year from late
September to the end of June, which means
that even if you’re away from the University
during the winter and spring vacations,
you don’t have to remove your things from
your room.

Most flats are mixed-gender, although
single-gender flats are available, and we
offer some single-occupancy adapted rooms.
We have a limited amount of self-contained
accommodation which is suitable for either
single or double occupancy. We cannot
guarantee accommodation for first year                Before pretty bare.

students who are accompanied by a partner,
but we’ll do our very best to help. Just make
sure you get in touch as early as you can
if you think you need to talk about any of
this with us.

Guaranteed accommodation
You are guaranteed accommodation for your
first year of study – just make sure you’ve had
your place confirmed, your accommodation
application is received by the published
deadline, and you accept your offer of study.

                                                      After bare pretty.

  50                                                                                            Settle in, get cozy and fire up Netflix.   51
South Courts                                                                                 University Quays
           Size: 1,218 rooms                                                                                Size: 766 rooms
     Cost per week: £144.13-146.23                                                                   Cost per week: £133.49-159.18
      Location: Colchester Campus                                                                     Location: Colchester Campus

      4-12 rooms per flat, en suite                                                                         7-8 rooms per flat,
        facilities, some adapted                                                                             en suite facilities
             rooms available

                                                                          The Towers                                                                                        The Houses
                                                                       Size: 1,142 rooms                                                                                 Size: 267 rooms
                                                                  Cost per week: £81.83-93.87                                                                     Cost per week: £130.55-133.49
                                                                  Location: Colchester Campus                                                                      Location: Colchester Campus

                                                                       13-16 rooms per flat,                                                                         4-6 rooms per flat, en suite
                                                                    shared showers and toilets                                                                        facilities, some adapted
                                                                                                                                                                           rooms available

           The Meadows                                                                                  University Square
        Size: 228 townhouse rooms                                                                   Size: 497 rooms and 64 studio flats
     plus 420 flats with en suite rooms                                                              Cost per week: £143.92-177.59
     Cost per week: £140.63-147.63                                                                     Location: Southend Campus
       Location: Colchester Campus
                                                                                                       11 rooms per flat, en suite
      12 rooms per townhouse with                                                                      facilities, studio flats have
     lounge/kitchen. 5-7 rooms per                                                                       own kitchenette, some
         flat with shared kitchen                                                                       adapted rooms available

                                                                                                        Settling in
        These figures show the current cost per week of our accommodation. It’s likely that our         Our Residence Life team helps to create       opportunities to get involved in University
        rental charges for 2019-20 will increase from these current prices. We’ll publish the new       a welcoming and friendly community            life and social activities, and provide support
        prices on our website as soon as they are available.                                            for you to live and learn in. You’ll have a   outside of office hours. We offer a safe
                                                                                                        Residents’ Assistant based in your area of    and secure living environment with support                                                                       accommodation who’ll meet you soon after      available 24-hours a day.
                                                                                                        you arrive. They’ll make sure that you have   E
52                                                                                                                                                                                                      53
OUR STUDENTS’                                   Studying at the University of Essex
                                                means being part of our award-winning
UNION                                           Students’ Union. Here’s what makes it
                                                stand out.

                                                             Our SU run an entire student town on our         Get involved
                                                             Colchester Campus, complete with shops,          At Essex, we want you to challenge
                                                             cafés, bars, a nightclub, restaurants and even   everything and push yourself, but why stop
                                                             a hair salon. If you’re based in Southend you    in the classroom? Our Students’ Union offers
                                                             can grab a coffee, play Xbox or PlayStation      membership to over 100 societies, catering
                                                             and chill out between lectures at our new        to every taste. We even have a Harry Potter
                                                             SU Lounge.                                       society. Plus, if we really don’t have a group
                                                                                                              for you, we’ll help you set-up your own.
                                                             When you join our Students’ Union you’ll         Stay active
                                                             receive your customisable Heirloom               Sport more your thing? We have over 40
                                                             charm. Each Heirloom is inscribed with a         teams, from those you might expect like
                                                             number, which is passed on from alumni to        football, rugby and netball plus some sports
                                                             undergraduate. That shared number shows          you may have never tried before. From
                                                             that Essex students are a community, united      fencing to MMA, we’ve got plenty to keep
                                                             by their desire to make a difference.            you busy.

                                                             Shape everything                                 What’s on
                                                             Students run the SU. You decide what gets        University shouldn’t be all work. We’ll make
                                                             stocked in our stores, what drinks we serve in   sure you’re never bored at Essex with
                                                             our bars, and what we campaign for together.     activities day and night to keep you occupied.
                                                             Whatever you want to do, we’re here to make      Our cinema shows the latest films, we have
                                                             it happen. Nothing is too big or too small.      quizzes in the SU Bar, open forums for heated
                                                                                                              debates and so much more.

                                                                                                              Read the Students’ Union pledges at

                                                 “The Students’ Union is one big family. You can pretty much do anything with your time
                                                 here: join a society, volunteer, get a part-time job...even have a radio show!

                                                 “SU Change Week puts control into students’ hands and encourages us to think about
                                                 how we can make a difference. A group of students did a 24-Hour Hackathon to work out
                                                 the best way to make those changes happen. The work everyone did was so impressive.

                                                 “In my first year I became a member of Student Media, and then became Editor-In-Chief
                                                 of Rebel, the student magazine, in my second year. If you join a society the chances are
                                                 you’ll find like-minded people and make loads of friends, and then they’ll introduce you
                                                 to other societies…the possibilities are endless!”

                                                 Rowena Field-Carter, BA History

     Giant red foam finger.
54                                                                                                                                                    55
     A strange side effect of joining our SU.
ESSEX LIVING                             Alex Maxam, BA Multimedia Journalism,
                                         shows us some of the best bits of Essex.

                                                                              “Living in Colchester is a unique experience.      to do – whether you’re burning through 2ps
                                                                              It’s a quirky town with lots going on. From        in the arcade or smashing into others on
                                                                              Colchester Zoo to Tenpin to gigs and comedy        the dodgems. Crabbing off the jetty in West
                                                                              nights at Colchester Arts Centre, there are        Mersea is also an absolute must on a warm
                                                                              plenty of things to do if you’ve got a free day.   summer evening.

                                        The seaside at West Mersea.
                                        This is genuinely how pretty the
                                                                              “There’s the town centre, with its range of        “But it’s not only the seaside nearby – London
                                                                              shops and restaurants that’s constantly            itself is only an hour on the train. You’re close
                                                                              growing. Outside of that there’s a whole host      enough to have a full day out there while
                                                                              of places, Jump Street being a stand-out           not having to worry about the cost of living
                                                                              choice. If you love trampolines, dodgeball         in London. From Shoreditch to Central, the

                                        beach huts are.
                                                                              and all-round fun, then that’s the place to go.    city is your oyster.”

                                                                              “Living here means you’re also really close to
                                                                              the seaside; Clacton, Walton and Southend
                                                                              are just a short train ride away, with Mersea
                                                                              Island not far by bus. Although Walton pier
                                                                              was an early favourite for me, Clacton’s pier
                                                                              has really grown on me. There’s just so much

                                                                              “Living here means
                                                                           you’re really close to the
                                                                           seaside; Clacton, Walton
                                                                            and Southend are just
                                                                            a short train ride away,
                                                                            with Mersea Island not
                                                                                   far by bus.”

     Music at Colchester Arts Centre.
56                                                                                                                                                                          57
     For when you want to go out-out.

So you’re up
for the challenge?      Of course you are – that’s why you’re still reading this.

Ready to start asking   Here’s the nuts-and-bolts information you need about our Open Days,
                        financing your studies and making an application to study at Essex.

difficult questions?    And if you’re ready to sign on the dotted line, head to

To fight for change?
     Target in sight.
58                                                                                            59
     Punch it!
                                        We all know what an open day is, right?
                                        Your chance to meet your department,
                                        look around campus, find out about student
                                        finance. You probably think an Essex Open Day
                                        is just the same. Of course, we’ll show you
                                        all the important stuff, but why stop there?
                                        You don’t know open days until you’ve
                                        experienced an Essex Open Day.

                                        Meet world-class academics and like-minded             Colchester
                                        students. Laugh with family. Find your new
                                        home. Experience taster lectures. Get out of            Campus
                                        your comfort zone and try something new.
                                        Drink tea and eat cake, copious amounts                  23 June 2018
                                        of cake. Hear other people’s stories and
                                        start yours. Experience an Essex Open Day.
                                                                                              15 September 2018
                                                                                               27 October 2018

                                                                                       Can’t make an Open Day?
                                                 Southend                              Don’t worry – contact us and we can arrange
                                                                                       a campus tour for a date that suits you.

                                                  Campus                               Or, if you can’t visit, you can take a 360º tour
                                                                                       online to get a taste of life at Essex.

                                                 20 October 2018                       E

     Come and say hi.
     And sit on the giant deck chair.                                                           61
How do I apply?                                   you around. Weekday tours can be booked

                                                                      Applications for the majority of our courses      through our website. Alternatively, you can
                                                                      should be made online via UCAS. See subject       take a look online at our 360° campus tours.
                                                                      pages for exceptions:                   
                                                                      nn Hotel management and events          
                                                                         management with hospitality, Page 118          E
                                                                      nn Therapeutic care foundation degree,
                                                                         Page 152                                       Confirming your place
                                                                                                      If your offer is conditional and you go on to
                                                                                                                        meet the conditions specified in the offer,
                                                                      When should I apply?                              we’ll confirm your place. If your results
                                                                      If you’re applying from the UK or EU for          don’t quite meet the conditions, we may
                                                                      October 2019 entry, you should send your          still confirm your place, but this depends on
                                                                      application to UCAS by 15 January 2019,           the results and the availability of places. If
                                                                      although we normally consider applications        you don’t meet the conditions of your offer
                                                                      after this date, subject to the availability of   and don’t secure a place on your chosen
                                                                      places on the relevant course. If you live        course, you may be offered an alternative
                                                                      outside the EU, you should aim to send            course. You also may be offered a Year 0
                                                                      your application to UCAS by 30 June 2019.         Essex Pathways degree (see page 168). Our
                                                                                                                        decision is usually made within a few days,
                                                                      Next steps                                        once we have received all the information
                                                                      Once we receive your application from             we need, and you’ll be notified by UCAS.
                                                                      UCAS it is considered by our Admissions
                                                                      Team. When making a decision on your              Deferred entry
                                                                      application, we take into account a range         The majority of our courses enable you to
                                                                      of factors, including GCSE performance,           take a gap year. You can apply in the normal
                                                                      AS-level results (if taken), subjects taken at    way during 2018-19, but should indicate
                                                                      A-level, BTEC (or equivalent qualifications),     your year of entry as 2020 on your UCAS
                                                                      predicted grades, your personal statement         application. Applications for deferred entry
                                                                      and your academic reference.                      will be considered on the same basis as
                                                                                                                        those for entry in October 2019.
                                                                      UCAS will officially inform you when a
                                                                      decision has been made on your application.       Second-year entry
                                                                      You’ll also receive information from us if we     We’re happy to consider applications for entry
                                                                      make you an offer. Once you’ve received a         to the second year of study for most of our
                                                                      decision from all your choices, UCAS will         courses. For direct entry to the second year,
                                                                      ask you to accept one offer as your firm          we would normally expect you to achieve
                                                                      (first) choice and one offer as your insurance    at least 55-60% overall in your first year
                                                                      (second) choice via UCAS Track.                   modules of a comparable course at another
                                                                                                                        institution. Contact our Undergraduate
Applying to Essex is                                                  Applicant Days                                    Admissions Office for further information.
                                                                      If you’re based in the UK, you’ll have the        E
straightforward. We make                                              opportunity to visit us during an Applicant
                                                                      Day. These days offer you the chance to           Other things to consider
things as easy for you as                                             find out more about your course, meet our         Some courses require you to undergo a
                                                                      staff and students and have a look around         Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS),
possible, so you can get on                                           our campuses. Some of our departments             when working with children and/or vulnerable
                                                                      interview their applicants during an Applicant    adults, and a Work Health Assessment.
with the important business                                           Day. These interviews can take different
                                                                      formats depending on your subject, and            When you apply you can declare whether you
of planning your Essex                                                are an opportunity for us to find out more        have a disability or health issues so we can
                                                                      about you and vice versa. We’ll send you          provide support. We have a team of disability
experience.                                                           all the information you need beforehand. If       and wellbeing advisers, dyslexia tutors, and
                                                                      you’re not resident in the UK but would like      other specialist staff.
                                                                      to visit our campuses, we would love to show
      Towering above. Join Essex and the sky’s the limit.
62                                                                                                                                                              63
      Photo credit: Michael Tsangaris, @michael_ts_. Essex student.
Entry requirements                                                                                  ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS

UK STUDENTS                                        EU AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                    Point of entry                    Course(s)                                          IELTS (academic version)
Typical entry requirements are described           If you’re from outside the UK, we are more
on each subject page of this prospectus.           than happy to make offers based on EU            Pre degree                        Cert HE courses*                                   5.0
Visit our online Course Finder for additional      and international qualifications that are        (Home and EU only)                Courses with a Year 0 pathway                      5.5
information.                                       considered equivalent to our standard
                                                                                                                                                     †                               A-level offer. Contact our Undergraduate         First year                        All courses*                                       6.0
                                                   Admissions Office for more information on                                                         †
                                                                                                    Second year                       All courses*                                       6.5
The wide range of qualifications that we           specific qualifications.
consider include the following:                    E                              * Note that students who need a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK must meet the UK Home Office Visas and Immigration’s minimum English language
nn A-levels                                                                                         requirements, including component requirements.
                                                                                                      Note that BA Multimedia Journalism, BSc Nursing, BSc Physiotherapy, BSc Occupational Therapy, BSc Speech and Language Therapy and
nn BTEC qualifications                             Up-to-date information is also available on      BA Social Work have different English language requirements. See relevant subject pages for further details.
nn International Baccalaureate Diploma             our online Course Finder.
   and Diploma Programmes                
nn QAA-approved Access to HE Diplomas
nn Open University courses                         IMMIGRATION AND APPLYING FOR                                                                 Further information
nn Professional qualifications                     A VISA                                                                  (for EU/EEA/Non-Tier 4 applicants)                          For information about the University’s
                                                   If you’re applying from outside the European                                                                                        Undergraduate Admissions Policy visit our
Our typical offer will require specific grades     Economic Area and require a visa to study                               Contact our Undergraduate Admissions                        website.
in three A-levels (or equivalent) for most         in the UK, you’ll need to apply under Tier                              Office for further information about these and    
courses, although we consider additional           4 of the UK Government’s Points Based                                   other English language tests that we accept.
qualifications. For example, if your results       Immigration System (PBIS).                                              E
fall short of the offer level by a small margin,                                                                                                                                       Undergraduate Admissions
your result in the Extended Project or an          We are required to ensure compliance with                                                                                           Office
additional AS-level will be taken into account.    UK Home Office regulations as a Tier 4                                  Pre-sessional and English                                   E
We want you to stand the best chance of            Sponsor. In some circumstances, we may                                  language courses                                            T +44 (0)1206 873666
benefiting from an Essex education. We will        be unable to make an offer or issue a                                   We offer pre-sessional English language
also consider your application if you are re-      CAS if an applicant is unable to meet all                               courses at the University of Essex
taking one or more exams.                          Tier 4 requirements, including when there                               International College (in partnership with
                                                   have been changes to these requirements                                 Kaplan) which can be taken before your
This applies to students taking modular            made by the UK Home Office. Refer to our                                degree if you are an EU student and
A-level examinations and those taking the          webpage for information about immigration                               do not meet our English language entry
reformed linear A-level examinations. For          and applying for a visa.                                                requirements. Our courses will help you
further information on our policy regarding                                                 improve your English. Upon successful
qualifications reform, visit our website.                                                                                  completion of the pre-sessional you will be                   ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS                                           able to proceed on to your degree course
                                                   You are required to have GCSE English at                                without having to retake IELTS. To find out
GCSE REQUIREMENTS                                  grade C/4 or above (or equivalent). You can                             which is the best pathway for you visit our
Our general entrance requirements are a            demonstrate your level of English language                              website.
minimum of two full A-levels and five GCSEs        by achieving a specified score in IELTS or                    
at grade C/4 or above, including English, or       another equivalent test that we accept.
equivalent. Some courses also have additional      You don’t need to achieve this level before
GCSE subject requirements which you’ll find        making your application, but it will be one                             East 15 Acting School
on the relevant subject pages. If you don’t        of the conditions of your offer. See the table                          If you apply for a course at East 15 Acting
currently meet our GCSE requirements,              opposite as a guide.                                                    School, you must apply directly to East 15
contact our Undergraduate Admissions                                                                                       as well as UCAS. Most courses require you
Office for advice.                                 For full details of our University’s English                            to attend an audition, interview or technical
E                                language requirements, including UK Visas                               theatre assessment.
                                                   and Immigration minimum component                             
                                                   scores, visit:
                                                   (for applicants who require a Tier 4 visa)

  64                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     65
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