SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 2012 Handbook - Boston University

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 2012 Handbook - Boston University
2012 Handbook
SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 2012 Handbook - Boston University
BU in Sydney
                                               1    Getting Ready to Go                15   Money Matters
                                                    Culture Shock                           Program Fees
                                                    Survival Tips                           Currency
Dear Student:                                       Helpful Websites                        Cash for Move-in and the First
                                                    Recommended Reading                         Week
Welcome to Sydney! We hope your journey             Recommended Movies                      Purchasing Textbooks
to this expansive continent will be the                                                     Banking
beginning of an experience unlike any other.   4    Program Administration                  Transferring Funds
                                                                                            Cash for Departure
Your decision to learn about Australia and     6    Academics
be part of its community will ensure a              Faculty                            17   Arrival
                                                    Libraries                               Arrival Day
valuable and meaningful educational
                                                    Courses                                 Group Flights
adventure, with people, places and events to
                                                    Academic Policies and                   Transportation
be cherished and remembered.                            Procedures                          Check-in
                                                    Balancing Academic
Our most important goal is to offer                     Commitment with Travel         18   Housing
opportunities for your self-development                 Plans                               Accommodations
and personal growth. Throughout the                                                         Room Assignments
program, we will focus on this objective in    8    Sydney Internship Programs              Linen
the following areas:                                Preparations Before You Leave           Electricity
                                                       Upon your Arrival in Sydney          Residential Policies
•   personal commitment and reflection              Benefits of Working with Smaller        Securing Your Room
•   educational growth
                                                    Australian Companies               20   Staying in Touch
•   cultural understanding
                                                    Internship Placement Process            Telephone Services
•   workplace experiences
                                                    The Internship                          Laptops
•   environmental discovery                                                                 E-mail
•   social interaction with Australians        11   Sydney SED Program                      Mail
                                                    Registration for Your Semester          Faxes
You will encounter many exciting challenges            Abroad
in this cosmopolitan country. With the              Student Teaching Placements        22   Life in Sydney
guidance and assistance of the Sydney staff         Semester Schedule                       Dining at Home
and faculty, we will ensure that you will           Supplies                                Dining Out
return home with a “swag” (Aussie slang for                                                 Shopping
‘a whole bunch’) of unique experiences!        11   Sydney SMG Program                      Movie Theaters
                                                    Overview                                Museums/Galleries
                                                    Visas                                   Beaches
— Mark Connellan,
                                                    Arrival                                 Local Media
  Sydney Program Director
                                                    Orientation                             Travel
  and the Sydney program staff                      Budgeting for the Semester
                                                    The University of Sydney           24   Helpful Tips from Former
                                                    Courses                                 Students
                                                    Grading System
                                                                                       27   Names and Numbers
                                               13   What to Bring
                                                    Sydney Handbook and Student
                                                    School Supplies
                                                    Other Items
                                                    Prescription and Drug Store
SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 2012 Handbook - Boston University
the barbie;" two expressions which are seldom used.
Getting Ready to Go                                                Australians often expect that outsiders understand the
                                                                   meaning of "arvo," "capsicum," "middie," "cossie," "brolly,"
                                                                   and "whinge." These words are often strung together into
If you envision Sydney as a rustic outpost with swaggering         entire conversations, which are almost incomprehensible to
cowboys, kangaroos running amok, and colorful characters           an outsider. You will be surprised by how quickly you adopt
straight out of Crocodile Dundee, prepare to be pleasantly
                                                                   Aussie slang and use such expressions as "daggy," "reckon,"
surprised. Sydney is a cosmopolitan city; a Pacific hub of the
                                                                   "shout," "flog," "heaps," "schooner," "on ya," "muck around,"
Southern Hemisphere with world-class dining, a vibrant arts
community, and a mix of urban sophistication and surf              "spot on," "no worries," and "straightaway." While you will
culture.                                                           recognize "lift," "paddock," "serviettes," and other terms
                                                                   from Australia’s colonial past, some phrases have no clear
Although Sydney blends British traditions and customs with         meaning.
Asian and American influences, it remains uniquely
Australian with its own sense of style and culture. During         One of your goals for the semester should be to meet and
your semester in Sydney you will have the unique opportu-          interact with Australians. An internship will provide some
nity to live, work, and study in one of the most culturally rich   wonderful opportunities to mix and mingle with the locals.
cities in the world. As you prepare for your term in Australia,    Your culture shock will fade as you become familiar with
you will undoubtedly feel a mixture of emotions: excitement,       Australia’s celebrities in sports, entertainment, and politics.
anxiety, and curiosity chief among them.                           In the US, football, baseball, basketball, and hockey rule. In
                                                                   Australia, cricket, "footy," netball, horseracing, and tennis
Whatever you may be feeling, you are probably not                  are center stage. In Oz, celebrities much in the news include
expecting to experience "culture shock." For many                  footballers like Barry Hall (AFL), Lote Tuquiri (Rugby) and
Americans, our knowledge of Australia is based on reruns of        Sonny Bill Williams (NRL), cricketers Ricky Ponting and
The Crocodile Hunter or episodes of Summer Heights High on         Andrew Symonds, singers Missy Higgins and Kylie Minogue,
HBO. When we think of Australia’s most well known                  actors Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and
symbols—koalas, Qantas Airways, the Sydney Opera House,            Geoffrey Rush, and children’s television stars The Wiggles.
the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Ayers Rock usually come to          In politics, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader
mind. Without a clear understanding of the country, it is          Tony Abbott will become familiar names to you.
common to view Australia as a vast frontier wilderness
struggling to move beyond its colonial past. On closer             Australian dining has a few oddities of its own. In Oz,
examination, you will find that Australia is a young, vibrant      appetizers are referred to as entrees, entrees as mains, and
country focused on its future. Reconciling these perceptions       paper napkins as serviettes. Australians do not understand
with the realities of contemporary Australian society is an        the American obsession with cholesterol and prefer butter,
important step in moving beyond culture shock towards a            cream, and heavy yogurt to low-calorie products. Every
more genuine understanding of the culture.                         culture has its unique foods, which, in some cases, only the
                                                                   locals can appreciate. Fruitcake, considered the worst of all
As the southernmost continent and the last stop before             holiday gifts in the States, is popular with Australians,
Antarctica, you might think Australians take little interest in    especially as wedding cakes and Christmas desserts. Meat
world affairs when, in fact, they are often more knowledge-        pies and sausage rolls, traditional Aussie fare, are available
able about international issues than most Americans.               at most take-away restaurants. Vegemite, a favorite among
Australians are intensely interested in world affairs. Like        Aussie school kids, and beetroot are acquired tastes for
most nations, Australia is under increasing pressure to            most Americans. For a true Aussie dessert experience try
accept large numbers of immigrants and to adopt a larger           sticky date pudding (which is actually a cake), Lamingtons,
presence as peacekeeper in Indonesia and other trouble             Anzac biscuits, or Pavlova.
spots. Although proud of its history of welcoming migrants
from Greece, Italy, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and      The seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere,
Malaysia, the country also struggles with acknowledging its        which can be a bit disconcerting especially during holiday
history of treating its Aboriginal population poorly.              seasons. Easter in Australia falls at the start of Autumn. If
Aboriginal land rights issues remain prominent as the              you attend the Royal Easter Show, Sydney’s version of a
country wrestles with both redressing past injustices and          sprawling country fair, you will find chocolate Easter eggs
planning its future.                                               displayed next to pumpkins and other traditional Autumn
                                                                   symbols. Students in the fall program might find it strange to
If you think Australians and Americans speak a similar             learn that Christmas in Australia signals the start of the
language, you are in for a surprise. For most Americans, our       summer holiday season and is usually celebrated at the
understanding of the Australian language is limited to the         beach. Halloween, a heavily hyped US holiday, is not
curious phrases "fair dinkum" and "throw another shrimp on         celebrated in Australia, nor is Thanksgiving.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 2012 Handbook - Boston University
What may seem strange initially will soon become familiar.         programs, skills developed in the workplace. Responding to
    In a few short weeks you will be comfortable using the             the challenges and frustrations you are likely to encounter
    terms mobile, kilo, surname, notes instead of dollar bills, and    during your initial weeks in Australia will require flexibility, a
    diary instead of appointment book. Terms, which seem odd           positive attitude, persistence, and a sense of humor. If you
    initially—lift, petrol, queue, and boot—will soon become part      approach your study abroad experience with the attitude
    of your everyday vocabulary. You will be surprised by how          that cultural differences are wrong or inferior you will have a
    quickly you become accustomed to traffic on the left.              difficult time in Australia. If, however, you view Australia’s
    Gravitating to the left whenever you climb the stairs or take      unique culture as both different and interesting, you will
    the escalator will also become routine.                            have the time of your life. We are confident that you have
                                                                       the skills to handle each new challenge and encourage you
    COPING WITH CULTURE SHOCK                                          to reach out to the Sydney staff and faculty if you need
    Emotional highs and lows are characteristic of the study           assistance.
    abroad experience and the inherent challenges of living and
    studying in a new culture. Although your feelings of excite-
    ment and awe are likely to stretch over the initial weeks,         SURVIVAL TIPS
    your mood may shift as you settle into your new surround-          If you Choose to Drink Alcohol, Drink Responsibly
    ings, begin coursework, and struggle with occasional               Australian beer and wine are much stronger than the liquor
    feelings of homesickness and loneliness. How you adjust            available in the US. Even if you have a high tolerance for
    and adapt to new challenges can differentiate a successful         alcohol, you are likely to find that you exceed your usual
    and productive experience from one fraught with illness and        limit quickly. Whether you have had little experience with
    disappointment. Setting goals for your semester abroad is          alcohol or drink alcohol regularly, you will find that
    one of the best strategies to combat the effects of "culture       Australian alcohol packs a powerful punch, especially when
    shock." Establish some general academic, personal, and             you are jet-lagged or sleep deprived. You may feel pressured
    professional goals before you leave and try to keep them in        to drink to excess when socializing with your Aussie mates
    mind throughout the semester. Think carefully about what           or with other students in the program. Some Aussies think it
    you hope to accomplish during your three months abroad             is amusing to get Americans embarrassingly drunk.
    and how you might achieve these goals.                             Although the desire to fit in may be strong, resist the
                                                                       pressure to keep up with everyone else. Drinking to excess
    Some simple coping strategies will help you to fend off            could impair your judgment, especially when crossing
    illness and maintain a positive attitude. Whether you like to      Sydney’s busy streets, and jeopardize your personal safety. If
    start your day with a brisk jog, a steaming cup of coffee, or      you frequent Sydney’s pubs and drink to excess, your class
    by checking your e-mail messages, establish routines that          work is likely to suffer and you may become more suscep-
    work for you. These routines will help you to regain a sense       tible to illness. Most Australians have been raised to drink
    of control. To manage stress, exercise and get sufficient          responsibly from a young age so there is less tolerance of
    sleep. Maintain a proper diet and limit your alcohol intake.       loud and drunken behavior. Alcohol is not the “forbidden
    Find solitary time away from your student residence for            fruit” that it is for many young Americans.
    relaxation and reflection. Venturing off by yourself for an
    afternoon alone can help to renew your spirit. Stay in touch       Obey Traffic Signals
    with friends and family, but do not feel guilty if you fall        Wait for the traffic signal and look right, then left, then right
    behind; you will have ample time to share your adventures          again before you cross the street. Never step off the curb
    when you return home. Keep an open mind, cultivate a               until it is safe to do so. Australian drivers hug the curb and
    sense of discovery, and, above all, maintain your sense of         leave little margin for error. Sydney bus drivers are trained to
    humor.                                                             drive three to four inches from the curb and, because they
                                                                       drive so close to the sidewalk, have been known to smash
    Focusing on all that Australia has to offer, rather than what it   the occasional rear view mirror against street signs.
    lacks, will help in your adjustment to culture shock. In Oz,       Australians have little patience for slow pedestrians and
    you will not find real New York-style bagels or buffalo wings.     typically slam on the gas when the traffic signal turns green.
    You will find a wide variety of fresh seafood, fine wines,         Whenever you step into the crosswalk, be sure to move
    ballet, opera, theatre, top-ranked beaches, Tim Tams, and          quickly. If you think the light may be about to turn green,
    strong, delicious coffee. You will also find bus drivers who       wait until the next light. In Drivers Education, every
    make change, Akubra hats, Arnott’s biscuits, smoothies, and        American learns that a driver should leave at least eight feet
    over 200 varieties of Eucalyptus trees.                            between his car and the one in front of him. The safe
                                                                       distance between cars is a foreign concept to most
    The Sydney Program’s study abroad experience is the                Australian drivers. Exercise caution when crossing the street
    compilation of classroom learning, the self-confidence and         and remember that pedestrians do not always have the right
    personal growth that come from mastering the challenge of          of way in Australia.
    living and studying abroad and, in the case of the internship

2   Boston University Study Abroad Sydney
SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 2012 Handbook - Boston University
Keep a Close Eye on Your Backpack                                   • The Sydney Morning Herald (newspaper)
Sydney’s affordable youth hostels, pubs, and Internet cafés  
are popular with European backpackers and international             • Time Out Sydney
students. Pickpockets frequent these gathering places as     
well as the central business district, or "CBD," in search of       • Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
unsuspecting tourists. If you slip into vacation mode and    
forget to exercise street smarts, you may discover that your         • The University of Sydney
wallet has "gone missing." Loud conversations in pubs or     
cafés will identify you as an American and may catch the            • The Art Gallery of New South Wales
attention of a pickpocket eager to separate you from your    
money. A backpack or handbag left unattended is irresistible        • Historic Housing Trusts: Museum of Sydney
and easy prey to a bag snatcher. To guard your possessions   
and protect yourself against theft be sure to:

• Watch your possessions at all times. Do not leave your
                                                                    RECOMMENDED READING
  backpack or purse unattended even for a few minutes.              • In a Sunburnt Country, by Bill Bryson
• Do not carry your passport or a large amount of cash.             • The Timeless Land, by Eleanor Dark
• Wrap bag straps around a chair or table legs to thwart a          • Asian Godfathers, by Bruce Cumings (Duke University
  would-be thief.                                                     Press, 1999)
• Stay alert in crowds or queues.                                   • Choosing Australian Wines, by Jeni Port
• In movie theatres, leave your bag or purse in your lap.           • Seven Little Australians, by Ethel Turner
  Bags left on the seat next to you or on the floor are             • A Concise History of Australia, by Stuart Macintyre
  vulnerable to theft.                                                (Cambridge, 2004); This is a history written specifically
• Carry the Emergency Contact Card, which you will                    for non-Australians (perhaps one or both of the last two
  receive upon arrival, in your wallet.                               chapters)
                                                                    • The Harp in the South, by Ruth Park
This card will assist the police if your wallet is lost or stolen   • Aussiewood: Australia’s leading actors and directors tell how
and later recovered.                                                  they conquered Hollywood, by Michaela Boland & Michael
                                                                      Bodey (Allen & Unwin, 2004)
A Little Research Can Go A Long Way                                 • Water Under the Bridge, by Sumner Locke Elliott (Picador,
Balancing your academics and internship requirements with             1997)
travel plans is manageable if you plan ahead. There are             • 30 Days in Sydney, by Peter Carey (Bloomsbury, 2001)
dozens of travel agencies to choose from in Sydney. When            • A Town Like Alice, by Neville Shute
making your travel plans, shop around and surf the Internet         • Women of the Outback, by Sue Williams (Penguin Books,
for inexpensive flights. It is a smart idea to conduct some           2008)
research before you leave the US. One suggestion is to              • My Place, by Sally Morgan
select two destinations and investigate airfares, hotel prices,     • History of Australian Sport, by Maxwell Howell & Reet
and area attractions for each. Traditionally, students begin          Howell
with a trip to the Blue Mountains, a two-hour train ride, and       • A Game of Their Own, by Geoffrey Blainey
then expand their travel excursions to destinations further
away. Cairns and Ayers Rock (better known as Uluru) are
popular destinations during mid-semester break. Weekend
                                                                    RECOMMENDED MOVIES
trips often include Byron Bay, Tasmania (or "Tassie"),              • Baz Luhrmann’s Australia (2008)
Melbourne, and the Great Ocean Road. Fraser Island,                 • SBS TV - “Sideways-commercial” & “The Wine Lover’s
Darwin, and Perth often appeal to the more adventurous                Guide to Australian Wines”
types. Students who choose to travel after the program ends         • Phil Noyce’s Rabbit Proof Fence (2002)
often travel outside of Australia to New Zealand or Fiji.           • Bliss (1985), Ray Lawrence (Director)
                                                                    • Chris Lily’s Summer Heights High
                                                                    • ABC’s Chaser’s War on Everything
HELPFUL WEBSITES                                                    • Heath Ledger in Two Hands or Candy or Ned Kelly
• New South Wales Official Tourism Site for Sydney                  • Gallipoli (1981)                                                   • The Shiralee (1957)
• Tourism Australia                                                 • Dead Heart (1986)                                                • The Man From Snowy River (1982)
• Department of Immigration and Citizenship                         • One Night the Moon (2001)                                                   • Shine (1996)
                                                                    • Romulus, My Father (2007)

•   The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)                           Daryl Mildenhall, was formerly Course Coordinator and
    •   Sunday Too Far Away (1975)                                   Senior Lecturer in the Television Production degree at
    •   The Sum of Us (1994)                                         Charles Sturt University. He has a Master of Arts Degree in
    •   Bud Greenspan’s Sydney 2000                                  Television Production and a Fine Art Degree (RCAE). As well
    •   Ten Canoes (2006)                                            as teaching at CSU, he has taught at the University of
    •   Phar Lap (1983)                                              Southern California’s School of Cinema and Television. He
                                                                     has been a practicing professional in the area of film and
                                                                     television production and was awarded several grants for
                                                                     original work. He has worked extensively through Australia,
    Program Administration                                           New Zealand, Europe and North America and has been
                                                                     awarded the Television Society of Australia Award for
                                                                     excellence on two occasions, once for Best Television
                                                                     Documentary Film and the other for Best Corporate Video
    MARK CONNELLAN                                                   production. He has been a finalist at the American Film
    Program Director; Course Coordinator: Australian Culture         Festival (New York) and has represented Australia on
    and Society (AN368); Coordinator: School of Education            numerous occasions at international film and television
    Sydney Practicum                                                 festivals including the renowned John Grierson award for
                                                                     Documentary Film (New York).
    Mark Connellan has taught the Australian Culture and
    Society program since its inception in 1992. He has also
    coordinated the Boston University School of Education            DR. SHARON CLARKE
    Sydney Practicum since 1993. Commencing in August, 2003          Associate Director (Academics); Course Coordinator for
    Mark joined the Program staff as a full-time employee,           Australian Literature (EN383); Program Coordinator (Travel
    taking responsibility as an Associate Director of the Sydney     Writing in Australia (summer only))
    Internship Program with oversight of budgetary and financial
    matters and also external relations. From January 1, 2004,       Sharon Clarke joined the Sydney Program in 1998 to teach
    he has been the Program Director. Mark is a graduate of the      the Australian Literature course. She has been a member of
    University of Sydney with First Class Honours and the            the full-time internship placement staff as an Assistant
    University Medal in Education. His research interests and        Director since 2000 and was appointed to the position of
    publications are in the areas of youth cultures, sports and      Associate Director (Academics) in 2004. In 2007 she
    leisure, gender and masculinities, and Australian identity. He   introduced the summer program, Travel Writing in Australia,
    has taught at the University of Sydney in Social and Policy      which she continues to coordinate and teach. Sharon Clarke
    studies, Human Movement and also as a guest lecturer in          has a First-Class Honours Degree and received her
    Gender Studies.                                                  Doctorate in English in 1996 from the University of
                                                                     Wollongong where she lectured and tutored in the English
    He has served on many committees at the University of            Department for over 10 years. She has been a specialist
    Sydney including the Faculty of Education Advisory               teacher in Australian Literature, Fantasy, 20th Century
    Committee, for nine years as the Executive Vice-President of     Women Writers, Children’s Literature, Text and Gender,
    SUSport and as Chair of the Scholarship and History              Creative Arts, and Creative Writing courses. Her doctoral
    Committees of SUSport.                   study of Australian novelist and playwright, Sumner Locke
                                                                     Elliott, was published as the critical biography Sumner Locke
                                                                     Elliott: Writing Life (Allen & Unwin: Sydney, 1996) and was
    DARYL MILDENHALL                                                 short-listed for Australia’s inaugural National Biography
    Associate Director (Internships); Course Coordinator, Mass       Award. She is also the author of eleven children’s books and
    Media in Australia (CO350); Program Coordinator (Sydney          numerous critical articles and creative pieces published in
    Entertainment Promotion & Film Studies (summer only)             academic journals. Her current projects include the memoir
                                                                     of a Hitchcock writer with a focus on old Hollywood from
    Daryl joined the Sydney Program staff on a full-time basis in    the 1930s – 1950s; and an ongoing biographical novel based
    1999. He has taught the Mass Media in Australia class since      on the life of Helena Sumner Locke, mother of Sumner Locke
    1995 and has held a variety of management positions              Elliott.
    including a two-year stint as Acting Director. He has been
    the Director of Internships since 2004. Since 2005 Daryl
    has also developed and co-ordinated an annual summer
    program based around the Sydney Film Festival and
    entertainment promotion.

4   Boston University Study Abroad Sydney
CAROLINE HARTEVELT                                                 Pascal is a proud resident of the local suburb of Newtown
Assistant Director, Program Operations and Student Well-           and enjoys regaling students about the bohemian charms of
being.                                                             the area. Pascal’s e-mail is:

Caroline joined the BU Sydney staff in the Fall 2009
semester. Her responsibilities with the Sydney Program
                                                                   CALEB HAWK
include overseeing the operations and information manage-          Communication, Events, & Marketing Manager; Program
ment of the Program; acting as the chief liaison person            Assistant (Travel Writing in Australia (summer only))
between the Study Abroad office in Boston and the Sydney           “Cal” joined BU Sydney in January of 2007 after having
office; and working with other BU Sydney Program staff and         graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University’s
the Resident/Program Assistants to promote student                 College of Communication in May 2006 with a Bachelor of
wellbeing.                                                         Science in Advertising and Minor in Art History. He’s
                                                                   designed and launched various program publications since
She has worked for Boston University since September 2005          joining the staff, and he is also responsible for the creation
- first as a coordinator for the University Professors’            and distribution of the SydneySider Quay every week. He
Program, and then, starting in May 2007, as a Program              currently works on media, marketing, and managing the
Manager for the Study Abroad office in Boston. She was             program events and major field trips. In addition, Cal has
responsible for managing admissions and pre-departure              been assisting with the coordination of the Travel Writing in
administration of the Sydney, Auckland, and part of the            Australia program during the summer session since its
London Programs in her role as Program Manager.                    inaugural run in 2007.

Caroline has spent the majority of her life abroad; growing        Cal attended the London Liberal Arts Programme in Summer
up in the Netherlands, and also living in Singapore, Russia,       2004 and then the Sydney Internship Program in Fall 2005.
and Ireland. Caroline received an undergraduate degree in          During his time in Sydney, Cal did his internship in graphic
Psychology from Wheaton College in MA; attending the               design and photography with Gentil Eckersley. Since gradua-
Boston University London Internship Program (Psychology            tion he has worked as a freelance graphic designer and
and Social Policy) in Fall 2001 while she was a student there.     photographer for Conventures, Inc. in Boston and the New
She obtained a Master’s Degree from Boston University              South Wales Department of Corrective Services at Brush
School of Education in Policy, Planning and Administration in      Farm Academy. He has traveled to Great Britain, France, Fiji
May 2007. Caroline’s e-mail is:                    and New Zealand during his study abroad experiences
                                                                   before returning to Sydney in 2006.

                                                                   LORRAINE LEES
Residential and Property Manager
Pascal has worked for the BU Sydney Program since late
2001, initially as an administrative assistant with special        Lorraine is the newest member of staff, joining BU Sydney in
responsibility for the upkeep of the Program’s Regent Street       the 1’11 semester. Lorraine’s experience as a librarian has
facility. He played a major role in the last two relocations the   been gained from work in libraries in New Zealand and in
program has undergone and was responsible for the                  London, England. In New Zealand she worked in public, high
refurbishment and set-up of the Boston University Sydney           school, and academic libraries.
Centre (BUSC).
                                                                   Lorraine lived and worked in London from 2003 to 2009,
Pascal’s current role includes oversight of all matters relating   spending some time travelling in Europe, in between working
to student housing as well as the Operation of the BU              as a temporary librarian for a London library recruitment
Sydney Centre (BUSC). Pascal also works in Program                 agency. She then took up the role of Local History Librarian
Operations and Student Life and is responsible for Protocols       in the Archives and History Centre of the London Borough of
relating to Emergency procedures.                                  Islington libraries, a job which allowed her to learn much of
                                                                   the fascinating history of the settlement of London. She
Pascal began his career by working and completing a four           corresponded with many international researchers in the
year Apprentice Training Program with “Energy Australia”. In       role, and regularly delved into the archival collections to
this high tech industry he gained valuable experience in           source specific information, all the while learning and being
project management and logistics. He has since worked in a         drawn into London’s history.
variety of industries, primarily in customer service roles, and
has also run his own business. Pascal worked for The               The offer of a permanent position as librarian with BU in
University of Sydney Sports Union, managing a busy sports          London then presented itself, and she spent 18 months
facility for 5 years.                                              operating the library in the depths of Harrington Gardens,
                                                                   her first experience working with American students. A

move to Australia in late 2009 brought her to Sydney, and         library, in addition to the hard-copy resources. The Library
    again to BU, to help in planning a library for the new building   will also endeavour to locate other specific sources of
    and to begin work as the librarian.                               information where it is necessary and/or feasible.

    Lorraine has a BA degree in English and History from              The BU Sydney library has a quiet study area, and
    Massey University of New Zealand as well as a New                 computers for student use for assignment purposes.
    Zealand Library Studies diploma from Wellington Teachers’
    College in New Zealand.                                           In addition to the program’s small library, students are
                                                                      welcome to use the library facilities at nearby Sydney
    She has family scattered in several different countries,          University, the City of Sydney Library and the State Library
    making difficult to know where her home is, but the pull of       of New South Wales. Boston University students do not
    Sydney and Australia is strong.                have borrowing privileges (except by arrangement at the
                                                                      City of Sydney Library), but are welcome to use the libraries’
                                                                      reference works and general collections. Information about
                                                                      specialized area libraries and operating hours will be
    Academics                                                         provided during the on-site orientation.

    The following information applies to students enrolled in the
    internship program. Program-specific information for SED,         Internship, elective classes, and AN368: Australian Culture
    SMG, and ENG students appears after the section entitled          and Society, the required core course* for all School of
    "Sydney Internship Program."                                      Education, School of Management, College of Engineering,
                                                                      and Internship students, meet in Boston University Sydney
                                                                      Academic Center. School of Management and College of
    FACULTY                                                           Engineering students enroll directly in the University of
    The Sydney Program faculty are drawn from Australian              Sydney and attend class on the university’s main campus in
    universities or are specialists in their chosen fields. You       Camperdown.
    should expect that your Australian professors will have
    some different teaching styles to professors on your home         *This does not apply to summer semester students.
    campus. In the Australian classroom, students are expected
    to engage in class discussions. Your professors will expect       Course Requirements:
    you to come prepared for class discussions and take greater       Spring and Fall Internship Semesters
    ownership of your learning.                                       Students enrolled in the Sydney Internship Program must
                                                                      register for three courses and an internship for a total of 16
                                                                      credits. Students may not carry less than 16 credits for this
    BLACKBOARD                                                        semester.
    The Boston University Sydney Program uses the Blackboard
    system for readings and resources for each of it's courses.       During the first six weeks, students complete the required
    You will need to know your BU Login Name and Kerberos             Australian Culture and Society course (AN368) and one
    Password to access these. If you have any difficulty in           elective. The required course is designed to provide students
    setting up your account or have forgotten your password,          with a common base of knowledge in a Australian context
    please contact Melissa Ormsbee at BU Study Abroad:                and is integral to students’ preparation for the internship.
                                                                      During the final seven weeks of the program, students
    LIBRARIES                                                         undertake internships four days per week while completing
    The program’s reference library is open during classroom          a second elective* course. During the internship there will
    hours. Books may only be borrowed for short periods to            also be an academic component, which students are
    ensure that all students have access to the materials.            required to complete.
    Although the library holdings are limited, you will find a
    good selection for all BU Sydney courses.                         *The current elective offerings include: Australian Art and
                                                                      Architecture, Sports Management in Australia and the Asia
    Additionally, students can access the online resources of         Pacific Region, Film Production Using Video, Australian
    their home library, or of the BU Library in Boston as long as     Cinema, Australian Political System, Australian Social Policy,
    they have their password and login details. Further online        The Pacific Rim: Economic and Political Orders, Mass Media,
    resources for information regarding the Australian perspec-       Brand Advertising and Promotion, Australian Literature, and
    tive of various subjects is available from the BU Sydney          the Australia Wine Industry.

6   Boston University Study Abroad Sydney
Course Requirements:                                             Add/Drop
Summer Semester Internship Program                               Subject to availability students may change courses during
Students enrolled in the Sydney Internship Summer Program        the on-site brief add/drop period. Some classes may be full
must register for one course and an internship, for a total of   to capacity and the Sydney Program cannot guarantee that
8 semester credits. Students may not carry less than 8           all electives will be open.
credits for this semester.
                                                                 Transfer of Credits
Students must consult pre-departure material to determine        Before the start of the program, please ensure that your
what electives are running. In the recent past the electives     credits will transfer to your home university. Approving
have been: Australian Cinema and The Australian Political        transfer credit is, ultimately, your home institution’s
System. Should numbers dictate a further course may be           decision. Once in Sydney, if you are considering enrolling in
offered. Final registration takes place in Sydney.               courses different from those approved by your academic
                                                                 advisor, you should first obtain approval from your home
Course Requirements:                                             campus. If you complete a course without your advisor’s
Summer Semester Film Studies and the Travel Writing              approval, you run the risk of not receiving academic credit
in Australia Program                                             for the course.
Students enrolled in the Sydney Summer Programs in Film
Studies or Travel Writing undertake two compulsory courses       Dean's List
which support their respective out-of-classroom experi-          Students studying abroad should be aware that differences
ences. The two courses represent a total of 8 semester           in the academic calendar at Boston University and at your
credits. Students may not carry less than 8 credits for this     international program site may mean that grades from your
semester.                                                        semester abroad are reported after the computations for the
                                                                 Dean's List have been made. As the semester abroad may
Course Requirements:                                             end later than the semester on the home campus, grades for
SED/ENG (Fall) and SMG/ENG (Spring)                              some programs may not arrive in time to be counted
Students in all of these programs will undertake the course      towards the Dean's List. In this case, students are advised to
AN368.                                                           notify the office of Student Records or the Dean of Students
                                                                 office in order to request that grades earned on a BU
For SED students the balance of their credits (12) will come     international program be counted towards the Dean's List. It
from their 15 week practicum placement.                          is the student's responsibility to bring this to the attention of
                                                                 the student records office.
For SMG students the other 12 credits will be gained by their
internship and direct enrolment in three approved elective
courses in their discipline at the University of Sydney.         BALANCING ACADEMIC COMMITMENTS
                                                                 WITH TRAVEL PLANS
For Engineering students the other 12 credits will be gained     While exploring the host country is a benefit of any study
by direct enrolment in the required number of approved           abroad experience, the focus of your time in Sydney should
elective courses in their discipline at the University of        be on fulfilling academic requirements. You will need to
Sydney.                                                          make many decisions during your stay, chief of which is
                                                                 determining the sites you can realistically visit given time
                                                                 constraints. You may be surprised by the sheer distance
ACADEMIC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES                                 between destinations. Australia covers a land mass roughly
You will receive more detailed information about academic        equivalent to the US. Australia’s most popular attractions
policies during on-site orientation. Students are expected to    are not compressed into a narrow eastern corridor, but
be familiar with Boston University regulations as outlined in    spread across the continent. Some students arrive hoping to
the University’s Code of Student Responsibilities and College    squeeze in trips to Uluru (Ayers Rock), Darwin, Adelaide,
of Arts and Sciences Academic Conduct Code.                      Perth, and Cairns during the mid-semester break and quickly
                                                                 discover that this trip is not feasible. Whether you have a
Registration for Your Semester Abroad                            limited or substantial travel budget for the semester, you will
You will register for your courses and receive information       need to make careful, informed decisions about how to
about add/drop procedures and other academic policies            successfully balance your academic commitments with
during on-site orientation. You are advised to gain home         travel plans.
campus advisor approval for multiple courses in case you
miss your first choice because of availability or shifting       When planning your travel excursions, you are encouraged
circumstances.                                                   to cluster many of your shorter trips during the pre intern-
                                                                 ship teaching period. This first teaching period is structured
                                                                 to allow every student a couple of three-day weekends

during the first six weeks of the semester. With careful         refine your interests. He or she may ask that you read
    planning, you should have little difficulty balancing academic   information on file with the Sydney office to gain a greater
    requirements with some weekend travel. Although travel           understanding of a particular company or specialty area.
    during the internship phase is possible, balancing full-time     Students will have at least one internship meeting with a
    internship requirements with academic work can be more           member of the Internship Placement Team before meeting
    challenging, especially around key assignment deadlines.         with a prospective internship provider. During this initial
                                                                     meeting, print, media, and advertising students should bring
    Exploring Australia is an important goal, but one that should    their portfolios or samples of their work. In choosing
    not come at the expense of your academic commitments.            samples, try to select those which best demonstrate your
    Your travel excursions should be in strict compliance with       skills and abilities. The work you select will assist the on-site
    scheduled class breaks and must not conflict with your           staff in identifying suitable placements. The samples will
    academic requirements, required class field trips or your        also assist prospective internship providers in determining
    internship. You may not miss class or any mid-term or final      your preparation and readiness for an internship with heavy
    exams due to travel arrangements. If you miss the scheduled      writing or design responsibilities.
    exams due to travel arrangements you risk receiving a failing
    grade for the course. There will be no exceptions to this
    policy.                                                          THE BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH SMALLER
                                                                     AUSTRALIAN COMPANIES
                                                                     Placements with smaller Australian-owned companies often
                                                                     include significantly more involvement and breadth of
    Sydney Internship Program                                        experience than widely-known corporations. If you lack the
                                                                     grades, academic prerequisites, work experience, or training
                                                                     to qualify for an internship with a major corporation, you
                                                                     should consider obtaining the experience you seek in a
    PREPARATIONS BEFORE YOU LEAVE                                    parallel but lower profile firm. Lower profile internships in
    All students are asked to submit internship questionnaires       finance and journalism often provide greater responsibility
    and résumés electronically. Instructions for completing the      and challenge. For example, you might work with a small
    on-line forms and résumés in the Australian-style are            investment firm to develop such skills as analyzing
    included with the pre-departure paperwork along with             corporate and economic data, interpreting balance sheets,
    appropriate Web and e-mail addresses. This information will      reviewing and critiquing annual reports, completing on-site
    assist the Sydney Placement Team in understanding your           investigation of companies, and researching industry
    background and experience, and serves as a guide in              sectors. Journalism majors might gain greater writing
    determining preliminary placements as well as advisor            experience producing a newsletter for a non-profit associa-
    allocation. Although the Sydney staff will review this           tion than from one of Australia’s largest leading publica-
    information carefully and you may have some forward              tions.
    contact via e-mail and telephone, the placement process
    does not begin in earnest until you arrive in Sydney. If you
    have not submitted the internship questionnaire or an            INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT PROCESS
    electronic copy of your résumé to the Sydney Office, please      Trust the Placement Team:
    do so immediately.                                               Do Not Arrange an Internship on Your Own
                                                                     If you have your own internship contact, please share this
    While we encourage you to set ambitious goals for your           information with your internship advisor so that he or she
    internship abroad, please be mindful that the internship may     may explore this placement on your behalf. A friend or
    or may not turn out to be integral to your career plans. For     family member with professional connections in Sydney may
    some students, the internship experience has a profound          urge you to pursue a suggested internship. Though well-
    impact on their chosen career. For the vast majority of          intentioned, the friend or relative is unlikely to know whether
    students, however, the internship affords an opportunity to      the company is within a reasonable commuting distance of
    develop new skills, experience a different culture, and gain     the BU student residence, is downsizing or experiencing a
    greater exposure to the world beyond the classroom.              difficult transition, or whether the company is reluctant to
                                                                     host an intern. With their knowledge of Sydney’s changing
                                                                     business climate, the Sydney Placement Team is in the best
    UPON YOUR ARRIVAL IN SYDNEY                                      position to determine whether a prospective internship will
    During week one of the program, you will be required to          satisfy academic requirements and provide an appropriate
    meet with a member of the Internship Placement Team to           level of challenge. Arranging an internship on your own is
    discuss your interests and goals for the internship experi-      not permitted; please follow protocol and let the Sydney
    ence. The staff member will work with you to narrow and          staff do what they do best. As in the US, Australian

8   Boston University Study Abroad Sydney
managers generally prefer to discuss the arrangements with
a University representative before speaking with prospective           In Short
interns.                                                               Understanding workplace priorities,
                                                                       demonstrating initiative, and assisting
Although you may believe securing an internship on your                wherever possible are key ingredients to a
own is a demonstration of your enthusiasm, self-confidence,
                                                                       successful internship. As an intern, you may
and initiative, prospective supervisors may perceive your
                                                                       feel overlooked on occasion as busy staff focus
behavior as brash and aggressive. To their chagrin and
embarrassment, some former overly-enthusiastic interns
                                                                       on their work priorities. A proactive, self-
who tried to arrange internships on their own not only lost            directed approach will win your supervisor’s
their desired placements, but damaged the Sydney staff’s               favor and may lead to new opportunities.
rapport with area companies.                                           Assert yourself in a positive and facilitatory
                                                                       manner. Take responsibility for your internship
The Interview                                                          and volunteer for projects. Your supervisor will
The focus of the interview is to determine whether the                 appreciate it.
placement will be a good fit for the student and provider
alike. To prepare, research the organization and familiarize
yourself with company literature available through the              information you need if you approach the brief interview
Sydney Office. Anticipate questions about your interests and        relaxed and attentive with clearly defined goals and a short
experience, and, if you are nervous, role-play the interview        list of questions.
with a roommate or friend. Role playing and anticipating
possible questions can help you to feel more self-confident         After the Interview
and relaxed. Confirm the interview date, time, and location         When considering the offer, be sure to calculate your daily
with your internship advisor. To ensure that you arrive on          travel expenses and the commuting time before you accept.
time, plan your travel route and allow sufficient time for any      Although the costs and time involved are important consid-
delays. Pay attention to neatness and personal grooming.            erations, you should also focus on the value of the internship
Business attire is appropriate for interviews, even for those       to your professional goals. Some internship placements have
who interview with companies with casual dress codes.               fairly long commutes, but offer extraordinary opportunities
Although your advisor will forward a copy of your résumé to         not available in a site closer to the Boston University Sydney
prospective internship providers, it is your responsibility to      Academic Center. The opportunity to have significant
bring a copy with you to the interview. To help you prepare         responsibility in your chosen field may outweigh concerns
for the interview, the Sydney Placement Team will provide           over commuting time, travel expenses, and other practical
more detailed information about what to expect during on-           considerations. Average commuting expenses are in the
site orientation.                                                   range of $30 to $45 per week.

Prospective internship providers will ask to see a copy of          Finalizing Your Placement: Patience Please
your résumé and, in some cases, your portfolio. Résumés are         The placement process can take as little as two weeks or up
helpful tools in ascertaining your interests, related experi-       to six weeks to complete. The Sydney Placement Advisors
ence, and skill level. Most supervisors are curious to know         are focused on matching your interests and skills with a
about your interests and work experience beyond the                 suitable placement. Placing interns in a competitive work
résumé. A prospective internship provider will want to learn        environment requires both a thorough assessment of
more about why this internship is of interest to you. He or         students’ interests and skills and an understanding of
she will also be curious to know how this internship relates        Sydney’s changing job market. The Sydney staff ask that you
to your course of study, career plans, and interests.               remain patient as they work to secure a placement that will
Additionally, the provider will want to know what you can           best utilize your talents and fulfill your internship goals.
contribute to the agency or company and whether you bring
any volunteer experience, related work experience, or
special skills to the job. Striking the right balance between       THE INTERNSHIP
self-promotion and inquisitiveness is key to your success. A        First Weeks on the Job
nonchalant attitude and failure to ask questions may                Workplace culture, habits, and attitudes in most Australian
suggest disinterest. Similarly, avoiding eye contact may be         organizations can be radically different from that which you
interpreted as tentativeness and lack of confidence. A              may be accustomed to in the US. Frequent coffee breaks and
"know-it-all" attitude or overusing such fillers as "um," "like,"   social activity—two behaviors discouraged in the US—may
and "you know" can be equally damaging. In 15-20 minutes,           be acceptable at your Australian placement. Whether you
you and your prospective internship provider should be able         find these differences endearing or exasperating will depend
to exchange enough information to satisfy both your needs.          on your ability to accept these work values as simply
You can communicate your interests and obtain the

different and not right or wrong. The highest success           It is common for students to envision their internship
     indicator in any workplace is cultural fit and no amount of     placements as exciting and glamorous. Although you may
     ability or intelligence can surmount the need for you to be     experience moments of excitement and challenge, long
     perceived as a team player and a good fit for the organiza-     hours, mundane tasks, and record-keeping figure
     tion’s work culture.                                            prominently in most work settings. In addition to developing
                                                                     new skills, the internship provides opportunities to learn
     Meeting your internship objectives is unlikely during your      about organizational dynamics and the skills needed to
     first and second week on the job. Like any new job, it will     succeed in busy office environments. Your internship will
     take time for you to feel comfortable and confident in your     provide a greater understanding of the work world and will
     new role. Adjusting to the work schedule and daily commute      serve you well as you move into your professional field.
     may be more difficult than you imagined. You may experi-
     ence moments when you feel overwhelmed or underutilized.        If Problems Arise
     You may discover that the work setting occasionally fails to    If you are dissatisfied or unhappy in your internship
     hold your interest. All of these emotions and challenges        placement, your best course of action is to bring these
     contribute to the learning curve during your first weeks on-    concerns to your supervisor’s attention. Without feedback
     the-job. With patience, flexibility, enthusiasm, and observa-   from you, your supervisor may assume incorrectly that you
     tion during these initial weeks, you are likely to find your    are happy with your assigned tasks. If you are uncertain how
     niche in the organization and receive greater challenges.       to approach your supervisor, your internship advisor will be
                                                                     glad to role play the conversation. If, after speaking with
     Establishing a rapport with your supervisor should be one of    your supervisor, you cannot resolve the issue or agree upon
     your first priorities. Although your supervisor may recognize   an acceptable compromise, your next step should be to
     the importance of assigning meaningful work and providing       speak with your internship advisor. The majority of concerns
     ongoing feedback, meeting deadlines and other job priorities    can be addressed by communicating clearly and appropri-
     may limit his or her ability to provide coaching and support.   ately as soon as they arise.
     If you are accustomed to a more structured work environ-
     ment, you may need to demonstrate a bit more initiative and     Attendance
     self-direction than you have in the past. Your supervisor is    When you are absent from your internship due to illness, it
     likely to recognize and appreciate your efforts to take on      is your responsibility to notify your supervisor. You MUST
     additional work. Finding your niche in work environments        also notify your BU internship advisor by leaving a voicemail
     where staff are extremely busy or overworked may require        message by 9:00 a.m. Absences from your internship
     some initiative on your part. Coworkers may welcome you         because you are unhappy with the placement, because the
     and include you in their social activities. Others may be       credits do not transfer back to your home institution, or
     friendly, but have little time to include you in their social   because it is not what you expected are unacceptable.
     activities or answer your questions.                            Unexcused absences will be reflected in your grade for the
                                                                     course. Frequent unexcused absences may result in a failing
     With downsizing and restructuring, today’s organizations        grade and expulsion from the program. Evenings will be set
     are often understaffed. Rolling up your sleeves and             aside for seminars that reflect on various aspects of the
     contributing wherever you can will win your coworkers’ trust    internship and these form an important part of the academic
     and support. During this introductory period, you may be        component. You are also required to attend the scheduled
     assigned fairly non-challenging tasks to gauge both your        individual meetings with your assigned advisor. Failure to
     attitude and ability to handle simple projects. Although you    attend these mandatory seminars/meetings will result in a
     may be disappointed to receive easy tasks—and have              lower final grade for the internship course.
     doubts about traveling all the way to Sydney for what
     initially appears to be menial responsibilities—complete the    Appropriate Attire
     assignments cheerfully and with as much effort as you           Standards of acceptable appearance and demeanor vary
     would for more challenging projects. Successfully               dramatically from country to country, and even from
     completing minor projects demonstrates your competence          business to business. Students seeking to participate in a
     and capability and is likely to result in more challenging      Boston University Internship, Community Placement, or
     assignments.                                                    Teaching Practicum Program must understand that they are
                                                                     emissaries of the university and the United States.
     During this period, you may also find that your coworkers       Enrollment constitutes an agreement that they will attempt
     tease you a bit or what they describe as "taking the mickey     to live and work within the framework of local custom. Some
     out of you." This teasing is a form of acceptance and an        personal choice of dress, hairstyle/color, body ornamenta-
     indication that you are beginning to fit in. During your time   tion, etc. that may be acceptable on most US campuses may
     in Sydney, you will learn more about "the tall poppy            make an internship placement in a foreign country difficult,
     syndrome" and Australians’ aversion to status-seeking.          if not impossible.
     Australians’ love for nicknames and teasing carries over into
     the workplace and helps to promote a collegial atmosphere.

10   Boston University Study Abroad Sydney
By enrolling in the program, students agree to make every          STUDENT TEACHING PLACEMENTS
       effort to adapt their personal appearance to the generally
                                                                          Students enrolled in the SED Program will usually be
       accepted norms of the business community of the host
                                                                          assigned to one of four schools in the Sydney area: the
       country, and understand that failure to do so may make
                                                                          Arden Anglican School, Trinity Grammar School, Claremont
       placement impossible and result in a failing grade. Where
                                                                          College, or the International Grammar School. Placements
       dress, hairstyle, and body ornamentation are dictated by an
                                                                          are determined based on responses to placement question-
       individual’s religion, race, national origin or ethnicity, every
                                                                          naires, past experiences, and areas of interest. Established in
       effort will be made to accommodate those needs consistent
                                                                          1922, the Arden Anglican School is located in the suburb of
       with our status as guests in a foreign country.
                                                                          Beecroft and is a private coeducational school covering pre-
                                                                          school levels to Year 6. The Trinity Grammar School founded
       Since you will not know where you will be working until after
                                                                          in 1913, with grade levels from pre-school up to Year 12, is a
       you arrive, it is difficult to anticipate exactly what clothing
                                                                          private school for Boys in Summer Hill. Claremont College
       you will need for the workplace. You should dress conserva-
                                                                          was founded in 1882 and has approximately 250 students
       tively for your internship interview and bring business
                                                                          from Kindergarten to Year 6. The International Grammar
       clothing for the occasional special event. Men should bring
                                                                          School is the newest of the schools that we use having been
       slacks, blazers or sport coats, and several ties. Dresses,
                                                                          founded in 1984 and it is non-denominational and has
       skirts, and dressy trousers are fine for women. Business,
                                                                          classes from pre-school up to Year 12.
       marketing, and legal interns of both sexes should expect to
       dress for a business setting and should bring at least one
       dark suit. Arts, journalism, psychology, and advertising           SEMESTER SCHEDULE
       internships tend to be more casual and, as such, jeans and
                                                                          Students enrolled in the School of Education’s Program
       casual clothing may be suitable. Students in physical therapy
                                                                          complete the four-credit core course, AN368: Australian
       placements will need to bring white tops, blue bottoms to
                                                                          Culture and Society, during the first six weeks of the
       wear as "uniforms" as well as sensible and safe footwear.
                                                                          semester while completing a 12-credit teaching practicum in
                                                                          a Sydney-area school.

       Sydney School of                                                   SUPPLIES
                                                                          Students in the SED Program may wish to pack special
       Education Program                                                  school supplies, such as Boston University pens, pencils, or
                                                                          stickers, to distribute to their students. Other items you
                                                                          might consider bringing are postcards or photos of your
       REGISTRATION FOR YOUR SEMESTER ABROAD                              hometown, home state, and Boston. You might also wish to
                                                                          bring a book to donate to the class or to the school library;
       You will register for your courses and receive information
                                                                          books with a Boston theme or about your hometown or
       about add/drop procedures and other academic policies
                                                                          state are especially welcome.
       during on-site orientation. SED students are required to
       complete a portfolio and unit assignment to fulfill the
       practicum requirements, and are advised to speak with their
       Boston advisors about this requirement prior to the start of
       the program. SED students should contact Jennifer Bryson           Sydney Management
       for instructions and registration forms prior to leaving
       Boston. Professor Jenkins will provide advice on course            Internship Program
       selections for the semester abroad and pre-registration for
       the return semester.
                                                                          The School of Management Program allows its students to
                                                                          take full advantage of the courses and services available
"I haven’t seen such an emphasis on book work in                          through the University of Sydney (in Australia commonly
the USA. Here, the students have to put all of their                      referred to as Sydney Uni) and Boston University. The
work in subject books."                                                   program is tailored for management students who are eager
                                                                          for a more comprehensive cultural immersion experience,
                                                                          and have both the maturity and self-confidence to make a
— Alyssa Aferiat                                                          quick adjustment with limited support.

  Arden Anglican School, SED Student

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