COMMUNITY EDUCATION SPRING 2021 Register & pay online at - Community College of Allegheny County

COMMUNITY EDUCATION SPRING 2021 Register & pay online at - Community College of Allegheny County

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COMMUNITY EDUCATION SPRING 2021 Register & pay online at - Community College of Allegheny County
CONTENTS                                                                                              LOCATIONS
Academic Preparation.....................................................................1            ALLEGHENY CAMPUS                SOUTH CAMPUS
Arts & Crafts....................................................................................1    CCAC Allegheny Campus           CCAC South Campus
                                                                                                      412.237.2525                    412.469.1100
Business & Entrepreneur.................................................................4                                             1750 Clairton Road
                                                                                                      808 Ridge Avenue
Computer Software & Technology..................................................6                     Pittsburgh, PA 15212            (Route 885)
Dance...........................................................................................10    (North Shore)                   West Mifflin, PA 15122
Driver Education.............................................................................9        CCAC Homewood-Brushton          CCAC Washington County
Finance.........................................................................................10    Center                          724.223.1012
                                                                                                      412.371.1600                    Washington Crown Center
Fitness.......................................................................................12                                      1500 West Chestnut Street
                                                                                                      701 North Homewood Avenue
Food.............................................................................................14   Pittsburgh, PA 15208            Washington, PA 15301
General Interest............................................................................15
                                                                                                      BOYCE CAMPUS
Health..........................................................................................16    CCAC Boyce Campus               Hartwood Acres
Hiking/Walking/Biking................................................................17               412.371.8651 or                 215 Saxonburg Boulevard
Home & Garden............................................................................18           724.327.1327                    Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Languages....................................................................................20       595 Beatty Road                 Montour Woods Conservation
                                                                                                      Monroeville, PA 15146           Main parking area/trailhead
Mind & Spirit.................................................................................23
                                                                                                      CCAC Braddock Hills Center      Hassam Road
Music............................................................................................24   412.271.0201                    Paragon Studios
Online Courses & Programs...........................................................26                250 Yost Boulevard              8130 Perry Highway
Pets............................................................................................31    Pittsburgh, PA 15221            Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Photography...........................................................................31              (Forest Hills)
                                                                                                                                      Piecing It Together
Sports & Recreation.......................................................................32          NORTH CAMPUS                    3458 Babcock Boulevard
Writing......................................................................................33       CCAC North Campus               Pittsburgh, PA 15237 (Ross Twp.)
Youth...........................................................................................34                                    Scally’s Golf Course
                                                                                                      8701 Perry Highway
                                                                                                      Pittsburgh, PA 15237            265 Hookstown Grade Road
REGISTRATION INFORMATION &                                                                                                            Moon Twp., PA 15108
                                                                                                      CCAC West Hills Center
REGISTRATION FORM                                                                                     412.788.7500
Easy Ways to Register.............................................Inside Back Cover                   1000 McKee Road
                                                                                                      Oakdale, PA 15071
Drops, Refunds & Cancellations..............................Inside Back Cover

  About the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)                                               CCAC’S RESPONSE TO COVID–19
  Since its founding in 1966, CCAC has flourished, becoming the                                        During the COVID–19 pandemic, CCAC is committed to
  educational powerhouse it is today—a nationally renowned two-
  year college dedicated to serving all members of the community.                                      safeguarding the health and well-being of the college
  From groundbreaking student success initiatives to top-ranked                                        and wider community, while ensuring that students have
  academic and career-based programs, CCAC continues to be                                             the information and resources they need to achieve their
  the college of choice for nearly one out of every three adults in                                    academic goals. contains valuable
  Allegheny County.                                                                                    information, including regular updates on how CCAC is
  Each year, more than 25,000 students enroll at CCAC, taking                                          responding to the pandemic. It also contains a link to a
  advantage of nearly 160 degree, certificate, diploma and transfer                                    number of resources for both incoming and current students.
  programs while thousands more access noncredit and workforce                                         Because the COVID–19 situation continues to evolve, new
  development courses. Comprising four campuses and four
  neighborhood centers, CCAC is honored to have one of the largest
                                                                                                       information will be added as it becomes available.
  veteran student populations in the state and takes pride in ranking
  among the nation’s top community colleges for the number of
  individuals graduating in nursing and the health-related professions.
  CCAC graduates have transferred to the nation’s most prestigious
                                                                                                               online Zoom class
  colleges and universities, have obtained the most academically
  challenging and competitive degrees, and can be found at leading
  companies, organizations and institutions throughout the country.                                            class will meet in person
  CCAC alumni are actively engaged in every sector of society,
  providing leadership to scores of economic, scientific, civic and
  philanthropic entities both in the Pittsburgh region and around                                              online, self-paced class
  the world. Visit to learn more.
COMMUNITY EDUCATION SPRING 2021 Register & pay online at - Community College of Allegheny County

ACADEMIC PREPARATION                                            SAT/ACT PREP COURSE—PART 2
                                                                Master the math questions on the ACT and SAT. The
INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGY                                         ACT math tests your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra,
Are you interested in learning more about living things, or     geometry, trigonometry and basic statistics. In addition to
perhaps beginning to train for a career in the healthcare or    reviewing arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and
medical professions? This course will help you understand       basic statistics, you will also examine functions and other
the structure and function of the human body at the level       algebra II subjects that are now tested on the SAT.
of your tiniest living components—your cells. You’ll also       Textbooks are required and not included in the cost of the
learn about DNA—what it is, what it does and even a             course. Please purchase the latest versions of “The Official
little about how forensic scientists use it to solve crimes.    SAT Study Guide” and “The Official ACT Prep Guide.”
    Online Course       YOL-254-1308 $139    6 Weeks                 Online Course       YOL-304-1309 $139    6 Weeks
    Self-paced          MTWRF        2/10/21 Faculty                 Self-paced          MTWRF        3/17/21 Faculty

INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY                                       SAT PREP 2-DAY WORKSHOP
Even if chemistry tormented you in high school or college,      This 12-hour, two-day workshop provides a guided review
you can master its principles! In this course, you’ll gain a    of the math and verbal skills for the Scholastic Aptitude
solid foundation in the basics of chemistry. Along the way,     Test (SAT). The course includes careful analysis for
you’ll learn how everything that goes on in your body           completion of the sections on evidence-based reading and
depends on a chemical reaction.                                 writing, writing strategies and tips for the optional essay,
    Online Course       YOL-255-1309 $139    6 Weeks            and a comprehensive review of algebra and advanced math
    Self-paced          MTWRF        3/17/21 Faculty            with and without the use of a calculator. Test-taking
                                                                techniques and strategies are also discussed. This workshop
                                                                is taught at an accelerated, concentrated pace. Students
Math can be incredibly useful—but only if you
                                                                should bring a calculator. A textbook is required and is not
understand how and when to apply it in your everyday
                                                                included in the cost of the course. Textbook is: “Barron’s
life. This course will show you how to use math to your
                                                                SAT Prep” Thirtieth edition (July 16, 2019) ISBN-13:
advantage. You will learn how to calculate percentages,
                                                                978-1506258027; ISBN-10: 1506258026.
including the proper amount to pay in tips, commissions,
                                                                     Online Live Zoom    YOU-635-1215 $109    2 Sessions
taxes and discounts. You will find out how to calculate              9:00AM–4:00PM       S            2/27/21 Ruhe
interest rates and you will develop a better understanding
                                                                     South Campus        YOU-635-1540 $109    2 Sessions
of mortgages, credit cards and other types of loans.                 9:00AM–4:00PM       S            3/13/21 Ruhe
    Online Course       YOL-267-1311 $139    6 Weeks
    Self-paced          MTWRF        5/12/21 Faculty
                                                                ARTS & CRAFTS
Master the reading, writing, English and science questions      ACRYLIC PAINTING TECHNIQUES
on the ACT and SAT. Prepare for specific question types         This class is for all levels of experience, including beginners.
on both exams. This course will give you pointers in time       Acrylic paint is great for artists just getting started—its
management, anxiety relief, scoring and general                 quick drying application and ability to overlap make it very
standardized test-taking. Textbooks are required and not        forgiving to use. Whether you are interested in abstract or
included in the cost of the course. Please purchase the         realistic techniques, we will cover it all—paint application,
latest versions of “The Official SAT Study Guide” and           color mixing, blending, value, surfaces and more!
“The Official ACT Prep Guide.”                                       Online Live Zoom    YDA-025-1215 $79          6 Sessions
    Online Course       YOL-303-1308 $139    6 Weeks                 7:00PM–9:00PM       R            3/4/21       Palermo
    Self-paced          MTWRF        2/10/21 Faculty
                                                                 PARKING ON CAMPUS
 NEW TO ZOOM?                                                    CCAC provides free parking to its students. Please be sure
 Join a free demonstration and tutorial, see ZOOM FOR            to display your parking permit on your car dash the dates
 CCAC on page 12 for dates.                                      you attend class. Your parking permit will be printed on
                                                                 your registration confirmation statement you will receive
                                                                 in the mail. If you do not receive a parking pass please
                                                                 call 412.788.7507.

                      Register & pay online at or by phone at 412.788.7546.                               1
COMMUNITY EDUCATION SPRING 2021 Register & pay online at - Community College of Allegheny County

    ACTING—BASIC SKILLS FOR STAGE & FILM                              DRAWING BASICS
    Improve and expand your presentation skills, public speaking      This fundamental drawing course includes the topics of
    ability and ways to express yourself while you explore the        shape, light, line, value and perspective. With graphite and
    fundamentals of the craft in a relaxed and supportive             ink for its working media, this course is recommended for
    setting. Topics include physical and vocal techniques,            the beginner or anyone wanting to improve drawing skills.
    method acting, improvisation, on-camera skills, audition          This course is a stepping stone in preparation for more
    technique and ways to express spontaneous personal                advanced drawing classes. For the first class, students will
    feelings. No previous acting course or experience required.       need an 11x14" sketch pad, assortment of drawing pencils
    Paragon Studios          YDD-101-1430 $79           6 Sessions    6B-4H, vinyl and kneaded erasers, blending stump and
    7:00PM–9:00PM            R            3/4/21        Metzger       photo (front view at least 3x5"). Other materials will be
                                                                      discussed at the first class.
    BEGINNER PERSPECTIVE & ARCHITECTURE DRAWING                           North Campus        YDA-914-1450 $89     6 Sessions
    Learn some basics for beginners or drawing perspective,               6:30PM–9:30PM       W            2/17/21 Faculty
    2 and 3 point perspective with some buildings. This will              South Campus        YDA-914-1540 $69     6 Sessions
    be helpful for all your painting and artistic endeavors.              6:30PM–8:30PM       T            2/23/21 McDonald
    We will also use ink pens in some of our art as well.
        Online Live Zoom     YDA-937-1215 $59           3 Sessions    FLORISTRY TRAINING NONCREDIT CERTIFICATE
        5:30PM–8:30PM        T            2/9/21        Kirk          Do you love flowers? Consider a career in the floral
                                                                      industry! This intensive 10-week entry level program will
    COLOR THEORY                                                      prepare you for the ever-growing, ever-exciting field of
    This class is designed as a lecture to teach the basic            floral design. Students will learn the practices, concepts
    principles of color theory, which can be applied to all types     and applications used in the floral industry in order to
    of work where color is used, such as floral design, knitting,     obtain the acquired knowledge and skills needed to ensure
    paintings and home decorating. The main goal is to gain           accessibility of employment within the floristry arena.
    an understanding of how colors work together. After               Students will earn a Certificate of Attendance. Cost of
    becoming familiar with the basics of the primary,                 materials is extra and will be discussed at the first class.
    secondary, tertiary and neutral colors, students will learn           North Campus        YBB-005-1450 $249    10 Sessions
    the various types of color harmonies and how to use these             6:30PM–9:30PM       T            2/16/21 Connors
    harmonies to their advantage.
        Online Live Zoom     YDA-326-1215 $39     1 Session           FLORAL DESIGN
        6:30PM–9:30PM        W            2/24/21 Hartman             Students will learn floral design concepts, color
                                                                      coordination of silk, dried and fresh flowers. Go home
    COLOR THEORY—ADVANCED                                             with beautiful projects such as table centerpieces, wall and
    This advanced color theory course is designed as a lecture/       door decorations, swags, wreaths, etc. This informative
    workshop series intended to go well beyond the basics of          hands-on training course may enable you to gain entry-
    color mixing. We will learn how to apply the principles of        level employment in a floral related job. Cost of extra
    intensity, value, shading, tinting and temperature to             materials will be discussed at the first class.
    achieve proper keying, lighting, depth and mood. We will              North Campus        YGA-332-1450 $89     6 Sessions
    learn how to apply these principles to a limited palette              6:30PM–9:30PM       T            2/16/21 Connors
    and different types of media. Color Theory is required
    as a prerequisite.                                                HOME FLORAL ARRANGING
        Online Live Zoom     YDA-327-1215 $39           1 Session     Arranging flowers can be intimidating. Learn how simple
        6:30PM–9:30PM        W            3/3/21        Hartman       it really is to make your own floral arrangements at home.
                                                                      We’ll cover some basic tips and where to best find your
     DOES YOUR EMPLOYER PROVIDE                                       materials so you can easily add fresh flowers to your decor.
     TUITION ASSISTANCE?                                              In the class, you’ll make an arrangement from home along
     Many do! Your organization may encourage furthering              with the instructor. For a list of suggested supplies to get
     your education by offering full or partial tuition assistance.   prior to class, call 412.788.7507.
     Check with your Benefits Office today.                               Online Live Zoom    YDA-366-1215 $29     1 Session
                                                                          7:00PM–9:00PM       R            3/11/21 Monahan

2    For Community Education questions, call 412.788.7507.
COMMUNITY EDUCATION SPRING 2021 Register & pay online at - Community College of Allegheny County

With the proper basic techniques, you’ll be painting              Let’s paint the ocean, sky, rocks, beach, and seascapes
with watercolors in no time. This workshop will show              on canvases of your choice! In this course, you’ll need
you what supplies you’ll need to get started. We will             bottled acrylic craft paint or tube acrylic paint (if you
teach foundational skills so that you can enjoy the art           want thicker texture), a variety of brushes, palette/foam
of painting with watercolors in your own home.                    plate, cup, paper towels.
    Online Live Zoom    YDA-367-1215 $29     1 Session                Online Live Zoom    YDA-703-1215 $59     3 Sessions
    5:30PM–8:30PM       M            3/29/21 Kirk                     5:30PM–8:30PM       T            3/23/21 Kirk

OF KNITTING!                                                      Learn basic drawing, composition, color, theory and
Learn the basics of knitting and discover a relaxing hobby        techniques. Preparation of painting surfaces and glazing
you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Students will learn how to hold      may be included in the course. Cost of materials is extra
the knitting needles and learn about yarn and how to care         and will be discussed at the first class.
for different yarn. This class progresses you through all the
                                                                      South Campus        YDA-005-1540 $79        6 Sessions
knitting basics such as, casting on, the knit stitch, the purl        1:00PM–3:00PM       W            3/3/21     Estes
stitch, binding off and combinations of both stitches. This
class is taught in English-style knitting. Step-by-step, you      PAINTING WITH WATERCOLOR
will learn to build skills to learn how to confidently knit       Explore techniques that can bring watercolors to life
any beginner-level pattern. Class projects may include easy       through practice in the classroom. All skill levels are
dishcloth samples, a scarf, wrist warmers or a coffee cup         welcome. Supplies needed for the course will be discussed
cozy. Projects will be using basic stitch patterns and simple     at the first meeting.
color changes. Bring size US 8/5.0 mm Knitting Needles                North Campus        YDA-096-1450 $99     8 Sessions
and Worsted Weight Cotton yarn.                                       9:00AM–12:00PM      F            2/19/21 Hall
    North Campus  YBC-218-1450 $69     4 Sessions                     North Campus        YDA-096-1451 $99     8 Sessions
    6:00PM–9:00PM W            2/24/21 Maguire-                       6:30PM–9:30PM       R            2/18/21 Faculty
    			Haught                                                         Online Live Zoom    YDA-096-1215 $79     6 Sessions
    South Campus  YBC-218-1540 $69     4 Sessions                     12:00PM–3:00PM      S            3/13/21 McDonald
    6:00PM–9:00PM R            2/25/21 Maguire-
    			Haught                                                     PAINTING IN OIL & ACRYLICS
                                                                  This class is for the student who wants flexibility in
MODERN CALLIGRAPHY & LETTERING 1                                  individual projects ranging from oil painting to watercolors.
This course teaches the art of modern calligraphy using a         The instructor works with each student based on the
pointed pen. Students will learn about the tools and how          medium chosen.
to use them. We will learn basic strokes and progress to a
                                                                      North Campus        YDA-010-1450 $99     8 Sessions
full alphabet. We will also look at decorative elements to            9:00AM–12:00PM      T            2/16/21 Hall
enhance your lettering and ways of applying your new skill            Online Live Zoom    YDA-010-1215 $99     8 Sessions
to various projects. You will not need much equipment to              6:30PM–9:30PM       W            3/10/21 Hartman
create beautiful lettering and a detailed shopping list will
be emailed to students prior to the first class. Some             SEWING MACHINE BASICS
materials include a bottle of black ink, a pen holder and         This course will cover all the basics of sewing machine
hunt 22 nib. Additional supplies will be discussed at the         usage, including how to: thread the machine and wind the
first class. Items can be purchased at most local arts and        bobbin, use different stitches and feet, sew seams, straight
craft stores and online.                                          and curved lines, and how to backstitch. The course is
    Allegheny Campus YDA-904-1210 $79     6 Sessions              great for the beginner, or the person who hasn’t sewn in
    6:30PM–8:30PM    W            2/10/21 Browne                  years and needs a refresher. Student should have a
    North Campus        YDA-904-1450 $79     6 Sessions           machine, needle, thread and fabric at their disposal.
    6:30PM–8:30PM       M            2/15/21 Constantinides           Online Live Zoom    YCE-163-1215 $29     1 Session
                                                                      6:00PM–7:00PM       W            2/24/21 Sewchok

                       Register & pay online at or by phone at 412.788.7546.                             3

    A PATTERN                                                         TRAIN FOR A NEW CAREER IN AS LITTLE
    Do you have a project you want to complete, but don’t             AS EIGHT WEEKS
                                                                      CCAC’s curriculum prepares students to pass the CDL Class
    know how to start? In this course, we will look at sewing
                                                                      A knowledge and practical tests, and gives students the
    patterns and how to read them. We will look at sizing,            skills needed to succeed as an entry level driver earning a
    instructions, symbols, laying out fabric/patterns, and            family sustaining wage in a stable career as a local,
    completion. A specific pattern is not required, but would         regional, or over-the-road driver. Class a CDL drivers are in
    be helpful!                                                       high demand. Companies need and are hiring men and
         Online Live Zoom   YCE-162-1215 $29         1 Session        women of all ages now. CDL classes begin monthly at
         6:00PM–7:00PM      W            3/3/21      Sewchok          CCAC’s Boyce Campus and Washington Crown Center. For
                                                                      more information and to get started on your road to
    SEWING—BEGINNING                                                  success, contact Darius Markham at
    Learn how to use a sewing machine and attachments,                or 724.325.6834.
    adapt patterns and use various sewing techniques.
    Students complete at least one garment. Cost of materials
    is extra and will be discussed at the first class.
                                                                     BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEUR
    Piecing It Together     YCF-013-1410    $99     6 Sessions       ACCOUNTING FUNDAMENTALS
    6:30PM–9:00PM           R               2/18/21 Jones            Learn the basics of double-entry bookkeeping, as well as
         South Campus       YCF-013-1540    $79      4 Sessions      how to analyze and record financial transactions. You will
         6:30PM–9:00PM      R               2/4/21   Sewchok         get hands-on experience with handling accounts
                                                                     receivable, accounts payable, payroll procedures, sales taxes
    SEWING—INTERMEDIATE                                              and various common banking activities. Accounting
    Enhance your sewing skills with this Intermediate Sewing         Fundamentals covers all the bases, from writing checks to
    Class. A great course for those who know the basics of           preparing an income statement and closing out accounts
    utilizing patterns and garment construction, but want to         at the end of each fiscal period.
    work on more advanced skills such as zippers, buttons,
                                                                         Online Course        YOL-430-1308 $139    6 Weeks
    darts, etc. Students will supply their own machine and               Self-paced           MTWRF        3/17/21 Faculty
    materials for the course and supplies needed will be
    discussed at the first class.                                    BUYING & SELLING ON FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE
         South Campus       YCF-018-1540    $99     6 Sessions       Have you ever wanted to try Facebook Marketplace but
         6:30PM–9:00PM      R               3/11/20 Sewchok          haven’t known where to start? Learn about the safe way to
                                                                     reach more people to sell your items. We’ll also give you
    WATERCOLOR PAINTING W/PEN & INK                                  best practices when purchasing an item from the
    Create some beautiful art by mixing watercolor painting          marketplace.
    with pen and ink from micron pens. You will need hot
                                                                         Online Live Zoom     YAI-027-1215    $39     1 Session
    pressed/smooth watercolor paper and micron pens of                   7:00PM–9:00PM        W               2/17/21 Kay
    various sizes/thicknesses, only a few different sizes are
    needed. You can also, in a pinch, use an ultra-fine tip          EVENT PLANNING
    sharpie, but there are not a variety of sizes of these. You’ll   Discover the world of event planning. Learn the skills
    need drawing pencils, white eraser, ruler, foam or plastic       needed to become a successful event planner. Planning
    plate/palette, watercolor paints a variety of paint brushes,     details of various types of events will be explored and
    small to large, flat and round, a cup for water, paper           students will have the opportunity to present their mock
    towels, newspaper to cover your surface, and a smock/shirt.      event for the class. The class will also go over budgets,
         Online Live Zoom   YDA-702-1215 $59         3 Sessions      project management, building customer relationships and
         5:30PM–8:30PM      M            3/1/21      Kirk            so much more. This class will also show you how to create
                                                                     your own event planning business and do the marketing
                                                                     for it. Learn from a certified event planner.
                                                                         Online Live Zoom     YEB-380-1215 $79         5 Sessions
                                                                         6:00PM–8:00PM        W            3/3/21      Monahan

4    For Community Education questions, call 412.788.7507.

HOW TO BECOME A LIFE COACH                                          HOW TO START A SMALL BUSINESS
A Life Coach helps a person identify where a person is in           In this 15-hour overview course students will learn the
various areas of life (e.g., family, relationships, career,         basics of what it takes to start a small business. Practical
finances, spirituality, etc.) and then utilizes a specific skill    topics include the fundamentals of financing, laws and
set and a structured conversation to close the gap between          legal structures, marketing, selling skills, insurance, taxes
where they are and where they want to be. This course is            and record keeping. Students will also learn about the
designed to teach the basics of life coaching and the steps         personality of the successfully self-employed and gain links
to starting your own Life Coaching business. Upon                   to resources that help small businesses succeed.
completion of the course the student will have a solid                  Online Live Zoom    XGA-121-1215 $119    5 Sessions
understanding of what coaching is (and is not), a working               6:30PM–9:30PM       R            2/11/21 Mitchell
knowledge of the core coaching skills, hands-on coaching
practice, continuing education options, and practical ways          I HAVE AN IDEA, NOW WHAT?
to market a coaching business.                                      Turn your idea into reality. Using real life examples a
     Online Live Zoom    YEB-376-1451 $69          6 Sessions       patent attorney with over 25 years of experience will give
     7:00PM–9:00PM       T            3/2/21       Gohn             students an overview of patents, trademarks and copyrights
                                                                    and how to protect their idea. If you are serious about moving
HOW TO FINANCE REAL ESTATE PURCHASES                                forward with an idea of your own, this course is for you.
This course will explain various methods of funding single              Online Live Zoom    YAI-083-1215    $29     1 Session
and multi-family real estate transactions and will be useful            6:30PM–8:30PM       T               2/16/21 Porcelli
for both first-time home buyers and real estate investors.
Students will learn about traditional and creative strategies       INTERVIEW SKILLS—HOW TO UTILIZE YOUR SPEECH,
for financing real estate. Also covered will be borrowing           BODY LANGUAGE & RESUME TO YOUR BENEFIT
requirements, avoiding common mistakes, spotting rate               Are you looking for a new job or hoping to apply for a
trends and explanations of finance as it pertains to                promotion? Did you recently get a job in which you are
borrowing. Students who take this class will gain valuable          interviewing candidates for your company? This course
insights that will be helpful whether the intent is to buy a        will work on how to gain skills for both interviewers and
home to live in or to buy for investment purposes.                  interviewees. It will apply how to utilize your voice and
     North Campus        YGA-639-1450 $39          1 Session        body language to your benefit, while remaining concise
     7:00PM–8:00PM       W            4/7/21       Suchy            and confident, whether in person or on Zoom. Mock
     Online Live Zoom    YGA-639-1215 $39          1 Session        interviews will be held during the course as well as resume
     7:00PM–8:00PM       W            3/3/21       Suchy            writing and/or reviewing.
                                                                        Online Live Zoom    YGA-183-1215 $29     1 Session
HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER                                  6:00PM–7:30PM       W            2/10/20 Sewchok
Learn how to develop your passion for organizing into a
career. In this workshop, learn the steps required and skills        PROJECT MANAGEMENT
needed to become a professional organizer.                           Project Management Certification is changing in 2021.
     Online Live Zoom    YGA-605-1215 $29          1 Session         People, Process, Business Environment. With focus on Agile!
     6:30PM–7:30PM       R            3/4/21       Eisner            Join our 2021 Virtual PM Boot Camp January 30, 2021,
                                                                     Saturdays. Search for Project Management!
HOW TO START INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE                                Qualify for PMP® Certification Exam with CCAC.
This course will introduce students to real estate investing         New criteria to schedule exam.
and will cover how to buy, rehab, rent and sell. Students            • A four-year degree
will learn the main strategies for getting into real estate          • 36 months leading projects
investing for rehab or for rent. Also covered will be the            • 35 hours of project management education/training
fundamentals of financing, property selection, maintenance,             or CAPM® Certification
                                                                     — OR —
marketing, area consideration, building types, tenants and
                                                                     • A high school diploma or an associate degree (or global
contractors. Students who take this class will gain valuable            equivalent)
insights that will help prevent costly mistakes.                     • 60 months leading projects
     North Campus        YGA-624-1450 $39     1 Session              • 35 hours of project management education/training or
     7:00PM–8:00PM       W            3/31/21 Suchy                     CAPM® Certification
     Online Live Zoom    YGA-624-1215 $39     1 Session
     7:00PM–8:00PM       W            2/24/21 Suchy

                        Register & pay online at or by phone at 412.788.7546.                               5

     PROFESSIONAL CONTINUING                                              CASINO DEALER SCHOOL
     EDUCATION FOR ACCOUNTANTS &                                          So you think you want to work in a casino? CCAC is
     ATTORNEYS                                                            pleased to offer casino dealer training classes through a
                                                                          partnership with Rivers Casino. Classes are available in
     Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Evening Classes
                                                                          both the daytime and evening. For more information
     on Zoom starting February 2021
                                                                          contact Jen Russell at
     Email or call 412.788.7534.
     Public Accountant, Enrolled Agent & Other Tax Practitioner
     Evening Classes on Zoom starting January 2021                       VOICEOVER ACTING
     Email or call 412.788.7534.                       Learn about voiceovers and their many applications in
                                                                         radio, television, films, documentaries, audio books,
     Accountant & Attorney Continuing Education Day Seminars
     on Zoom Spring 2021                                                 training and educational materials, etc. Topics include
     Check or call Sylvia Elsayed 412.788.7534.                 various types of voiceover narration, vocal improvement
                                                                         techniques, pronunciation and enunciation, reading lines
                                                                         and scripts, accent and character voices, and commercial
                                                                         voiceover opportunities. The process of making demo
    Learn about the rights and responsibilities of renting and
                                                                         recordings and finding casting agents will also be discussed.
    managing property. Students will explore legal topics that
                                                                             Allegheny Campus YGA-029-1210 $139    5 Sessions
    directly affect the management of residential or commercial
                                                                             6:30PM–9:30PM    T            1/19/21 Caye
    properties. Topics covered include contracts, leases, rent
    collection, eviction, liability and safety, landlord tenant
    rights and notification of changes in services.                      COMPUTER SOFTWARE &
        Online Live Zoom
                              YGA-127-1215 $119
                                                   6 Sessions
                                           2/23/21 Chupinka
                                                                         ACCESS WORKSHOP 1
    HOW TO SELECT HIGH QUALITY TENANTS & REDUCE                          In this six-hour course learn the basics of Microsoft
    LANDLORD STRESS                                                      Access, including creating a database, entering data,
    This course will teach present and future landlords how to           editing data, saving and printing a database. Topics will
    reduce the risks of leasing rental units on their own and            include basic creation, editing and navigating of records,
    minimize the stress that comes from being a landlord and a           basic users of tables, queries, forms, reports and a basic
    property manager. Students will learn how to screen rental           introduction to database structure.
    applicants, how to properly review credit reports, how to                North Campus        YAI-401-1450     $99     2 Sessions
    encourage the strongest applicant to apply, how to increase              6:30PM–9:30PM       T                4/13/21 Kay
    the pool of applicants for each unit, how to resolve conflicts
    and how to reduce the stress of property management.                 ADOBE LIGHTROOM FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS
        North Campus          YGA-608-1450 $39     1 Session             This course is geared towards the photographer just
        7:00PM–8:00PM         W            3/17/21 Suchy                 beginning to use Lightroom and its workflow from import
        Online Live Zoom      YGA-608-1215 $39     1 Session             to print. Once you have completed this course, you should
        7:00PM–8:00PM         W            2/17/21 Suchy                 expect to feel comfortable importing photos from your
                                                                         camera, organizing them, developing and exporting them
     REAL ESTATE FUNDAMENTALS &                                          for print, slideshow and book formats. Students should
     PRACTICE                                                            have Adobe Lightroom on their personal computers to
     This 75-hour course will provide instruction to individuals         participate with hands on in class.
     who intend to become real estate agents or those interested             Online Live Zoom    YAI-150-1215     $89     5 Sessions
     in gaining general knowledge in the field of real estate. The           6:30PM–9:30PM       M                3/15/21 Haritan
     text “Modern Real Estate Practice in Pennsylvania” 14th
     Edition, Bellaris is required for class, but not included. Please
     bring a business calculator to class. For more information
     email or call 412.788.7534.

6    For Community Education questions, call 412.788.7507.

Learn how to plan and create your very own blog and              Learn the basics of auctioning those items you have wanted
podcast. Through hands-on exercises, you will discover the       to sell using scanned or digital pictures in this workshop.
benefits of using free web tools like Blogger, WordPress,        Topics include: setting up an eBay Sellers Account;
Audacity and YouTube. First, you will learn how to               uploading and downloading images; working with digital
develop a plan for the content, setup, maintenance and           images; using search terms to optimize your sales; basic eBay
how to use free blogging software like Blogger and               policies; item pricing and bidding; auction optimization
WordPress to put that plan into action. After that, learn        strategies; and more. Because you will actually auction and
how to record a professional-sounding audio podcast with         bid on items, you must have an internet account, email
a very simple recording tool you already have. You will          address and an active eBay registration.
edit the file with another free software program, add music          North Campus        YAI-063-1450    $99      1 Session
to it and then post it online for others to enjoy. Finally,          9:30AM–4:00PM       F               3/5/21   Ray
you will find out how to record a video podcast. You will
edit, add special effects, drop in a podcasting-safe music       EXCEL WORKSHOP 1
file and then publish it online.                                 In this six-hour course learn the basics of Microsoft Excel,
    Online Course       YOL-246-1308 $139    6 Weeks             including creating, editing, saving and printing spreadsheets.
    Self-paced          MTWRF        2/10/21 Faculty             Topics include formatting labels, values, formulas, functions,
                                                                 relative and absolute cell references, formatting and charts.
COMPUTER ESSENTIALS FOR THE WORKPLACE                                North Campus        YAI-306-1450    $99     2 Sessions
Efficient use of the PC requires basic knowledge in several          6:30PM–9:30PM       T               2/16/21 Kay
areas: the operating system, software applications                   Online Live Zoom    YAI-306-1215    $99     1 Session
(Microsoft Office), and the Internet. In this class, you will        9:30AM–4:00PM       S               2/20/21 Harmon
learn about the Windows operating system and its tools,              South Campus        YAI-306-1540    $99     1 Session
and how to manage software, files, and folders. We will              9:00AM–4:00PM       S               3/21/20 Faculty
explore basic word processing using Word, learn about
                                                                 EXCEL WORKSHOP 2
spreadsheets with Excel, and look briefly at PowerPoint.
                                                                 Now that you know the basics of Excel, learn some of the
Finally, we will examine the Internet with a popular web
                                                                 more advanced features, including creating and using
browser and discuss issues such as internet access and
                                                                 pivot tables and excel macros in spreadsheets; linking
different types of internet services. This hands-on course
                                                                 formulas and working with multiple worksheets; creating
is for beginners.
                                                                 and using databases and outlines; and using data analysis
    North Campus        YAI-136-1450     $99      4 Sessions
    6:30PM–9:30PM       W                3/3/21   Kay            tools, 3-D cell references and tracing formulas.
    Online Live Zoom    YAI-136-1215     $99      4 Sessions         Online Live Zoom    YAI-160-1216    $99     1 Session
    6:30PM–9:30PM       R                3/4/21   Meador             9:00AM–4:00PM       S               4/10/21 Sharp

This course is designed to provide the fundamental               In this workshop, learn how to use Excel pivot tables. This
computer skills you need to survive and prosper in today’s       useful feature will help you to summarize, analyze and
fast-changing workplace. Students will learn Outlook,            present your data.
Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and how to put your                  Online Live Zoom    YAI-825-1215    $39     1 Session
                                                                     6:30PM–9:30PM       W               3/17/21 Harmon
skills to work to find a new job or get a promotion.
Student must have Microsoft Office on their computer.            EXCEL EXTRA
    Online Course       YOL-005-1307 $139    6 Weeks             In this class students will learn some of the more advanced
    Self-paced          MTWRF        2/10/21
                                                                 features of Excel including creating and using pivot tables
                                                                 and excel macros in spreadsheets; linking formulas and
 ENROLL EARLY!                                                   working with multiple worksheets; creating and using
 The decision to offer a class is based upon enrollment          databases and outlines; and using data analysis tools, 3-D
 approximately one week prior to the start of class.             cell references, and tracing formulas.
 Don’t let your class be canceled.
                                                                     Online Live Zoom    YAI-131-1215    $119    4 Sessions
                                                                     9:30AM–12:30PM      S               2/27/21 Janosko

                       Register & pay online at or by phone at 412.788.7546.                             7

                                                                    MICROSOFT OFFICE
     ABOUT OUR COMPUTER LABS                                        This 15-hour course will introduce the main features of
     Our labs use the Windows Operating System and Office
                                                                    the Microsoft Office suite and how they can be used
     2016. The skills taught in these classes are also applicable
     for users of older Office Suite versions though a few          together for enhanced performance. Learn to create, copy,
     features may not be available in the older applications.       save, edit, and format documents in Word; create formulas
     Students are encouraged to use USB-style flash or thumb        and functions, format, build and edit worksheets, and
     drives in our computer labs as a method of saving or           work with charts in Excel; and create, format, modify, and
     backing up their work.                                         enhance PowerPoint presentations. This course will also
                                                                    introduce online functionality with OneDrive, Teams,
                                                                    Forms, OneNote, and SharePoint.
                                                                        North Campus        XAI-944-1450    $149    6 Sessions
    What is Google Drive? Learn how to use all of the
                                                                        6:30PM–9:00PM       M               2/22/21 Kay
    functionality that Google Drive has to offer. In this class
    you will learn how to use Google Docs for document              PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS WORKSHOP
    creation and editing as well as online file storage.            In this six-hour workshop, learn how computer images
        Online Live Zoom     YAI-805-1215     $39     1 Session     are created, modified and prepared for primary use in
        9:00AM–12:00PM       S                2/27/21 Pollock
                                                                    multimedia, graphics arts and print applications. Students
                                                                    will create, capture, manipulate and combine images, as
                                                                    well as create stunning effects with a variety of filters.
    QuickBooks Online will teach you how to manage your
                                                                        North Campus        YAI-279-1450    $99     1 Session
    business finances with QuickBooks Online, the cloud-
                                                                        9:30AM–4:00PM       F               3/12/21 Ray
    based software program. Learn to use key features of
    QuickBooks Online and gain hands-on experience                  POWERPOINT WORKSHOP 1
    creating invoices, receipts and statements; track payables,     In this six-hour workshop learn the basics of Microsoft
    inventory and receivables; generating reports; and more.        PowerPoint presentation software. Create, edit, enhance
    When your course starts, you will be directed to access and     and customize presentations. Topics include adding and
    utilize the free QuickBooks Online practice site to             formatting text and graphics, use of design templates,
    complete the lesson and assignment steps. You do not            working with slides and their various views and various
    need to purchase a subscription or additional software to       ways to print the presentation.
    complete this course. However, please note that this course         North Campus        YAI-501-1450    $99     2 Sessions
    is suitable only for the QuickBooks Online version. The             6:30PM–9:30PM       R               2/18/21 Kay
    desktop versions of QuickBooks are not compatible with
    this course and should not be used. If you have the             2018 QUICKBOOKS WORKSHOP
    desktop version, you should consider registering for the        This six-hour workshop will provide an introduction to
    course specifically designed for your version.                  QuickBooks. It includes setting up a new company,
        Online Course        YOL-390-1308 $139    6 Weeks           working with a chart of accounts and business forms,
        Self-paced           MTWRF        3/17/21                   banking and billing activities, generating reports, creating
                                                                    budgets and protecting your data.
    MICROSOFT EXCEL                                                     Online Live Zoom    YAI-612-1215    $99      1 Session
    This 15-hour course will introduce the student to Excel             9:00AM–4:00PM       S               2/6/21   Meador
    (electronic spreadsheets) terminology, creating worksheets
    and workbooks, entering data, saving files, printing files,     WORD & EXCEL—LEVEL 1
    labels, the use of formulas and functions, copying              Need to learn Word and Excel for work? Do you just
    formulas and functions, and formatting text, numbers,           want to use great looking documents for your home use
    rows and columns. Topics will also include creating             or calculate your household expenses? Find the most
    formatting and using charts and creating, sorting and           useful aspects of both Word and Excel, including adding
    entering data lists.                                            formulas, graphics, photos, formatting, sorting, how to
        North Campus         XAI-940-1450     $149     6 Sessions   use them with email and the Internet and much more.
        6:30PM–9:00PM        T                3/2/21   Kay              Online Live Zoom    YAI-827-1215    $69      3 Sessions
                                                                        6:30PM–8:30PM       R               3/4/21   Harmon

8    For Community Education questions, call 412.788.7507.

DRIVER EDUCATION                                                         CLASS SCHEDULE BY LOCATION
Successful completion of the course may result in a short-term           CCAC NORTH CAMPUS
benefit of reduced insurance premium. The long-term benefit is           8701 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, Pa 15237
the development of safe driving habits that will last a lifetime.        Driving Instruction (in the car) six hours behind the wheel/
                                                                         by appointment
INTERNET THEORY COURSE                                                   YOU-030-1450           2/1/21–2/26/21              $425
Online—Classroom Theory Instruction via                                  YOU-030-1451           3/1/21–3/31/21              $425
CCAC Blackboard                                                          YOU-030-1452           4/1/21–4/30/21              $425
Course will include skills and applications, projects, video,            YOU-030-1453           5/3/21–5/28/21              $425
chapter, unit and final exam. Registrants will receive login             Driving Instruction (in the car) six hours behind the wheel/
information prior to start date. If you do not receive your login        by appointment plus the operator driver’s licensing exam*
information call 412.788.7507. Students will have 24/7 access            YOU-294-1450           2/1/21–2/26/21              $529
to the course via CCAC website via blackboard. A textbook is             YOU-294-1451           3/1/21–3/31/21              $529
required for this course. Please call 412.788.7507 for textbook          YOU-294-1452           4/1/21–4/30/21              $529
                                                                         YOU-294-1453           5/3/21–5/28/21              $529
information. Cost of the textbook is in addition to tuition and
should be purchased prior to the first session. Students do not          CCAC SOUTH CAMPUS
need to purchase the workbook. Students do not need to be                1750 Clairton Road, West Mifflin, Pa 15122
online at a specific time but all course work must be                    Driving Instruction (in the car) six hours behind the wheel/
completed by the last day of scheduled class.                            by appointment
YOU-820-1400             2/1/21–2/26/21                $99               YOU-030-1540           2/1/21–2/26/21              $425
YOU-820-1451             3/1/21–3/31/21                $99               YOU-030-1541           3/1/21–3/31/21              $425
                                                                         YOU-030-1542           4/1/21–4/30/21              $425
PRACTICE DRIVING                                                         YOU-030-1543           5/3/21–5/28/21              $425
You will be contacted by a Rogers School of Driving instructor           Driving Instruction (in the car) six hours behind the wheel/
approximately one week to ten days after the session start               by appointment plus the operator driver’s licensing exam*
date to schedule the six hours of instruction behind the wheel.          YOU-294-1540           2/1/21–2/26/21              $529
Student will meet the driving instructor at the campus location          YOU-294-1541           3/1/21–3/31/21              $529
they register for. Student must have a valid permit. Under 18            YOU-294-1542           4/1/21–4/30/21              $529
                                                                         YOU-294-1543           5/3/21–5/28/21              $529
years of age must have parent/guardian authorization.
*Those students taking the operator driver’s licensing exam must         CCAC ALLEGHENY CAMPUS
take the exam at Rogers School of Driving, 4590 McKnight Road,           800 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa 15233
Pgh, PA 15237. Student must make arrangements themselves to              Driving Instruction (in the car) six hours behind the wheel/
get to Rogers School of Diving for licensing exam.                       by appointment
**If you need to cancel your driving appointment, you must call          YOU-030-1210           2/1/21–2/26/21              $425
412.931.9000 at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment.           YOU-030-1211           3/1/21–3/31/21              $425
Any cancellation without 48 hours’ notice is subject to a $35            YOU-030-1212           4/1/21–4/30/21              $425
cancellation fee. Rogers School of Driving office is closed on           YOU-030-1213           5/3/21–5/28/21              $425
Saturday and Sunday, weekends are excluded.                              Driving Instruction (in the car) six hours behind the wheel/
REQUIREMENTS Satisfactory completion of a driver education               by appointment plus the operator driver’s licensing exam*
program requires a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction          YOU-294-1210           2/1/21–2/26/21              $529
and six hours of practice driving. Students should register for both     YOU-294-1211           3/1/21–3/31/21              $529
the classroom and practice driving instruction. However, a student       YOU-294-1212           4/1/21–4/30/21              $529
may register for only the classroom instruction or practice              YOU-294-1213           5/3/21–5/28/21              $529
driving instruction if he/she desires.
ELIGIBILITY Students must secure a learner’s permit                      CCAC BOYCE CAMPUS
issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during classroom              595 Beatty Road, Monroeville, Pa 15146
instruction before they will be permitted to participate in the          Driving Instruction (in the car) six hours behind the wheel/
driving components of the program. CCAC will not be responsible          by appointment
for tuition refunds if students do not secure a learner’s permit         YOU-030-1280           2/1/21–2/26/21              $425
during the semester in which they are registered.                        YOU-030-1281           3/1/21–3/31/21              $425
SATISFACTORY COMPLETION Students will receive a certificate              YOU-030-1282           4/1/21–4/30/21              $425
from the college to verify satisfactory completion of the driver         YOU-030-1283           5/3/21–5/28/21              $425
education program.
                                                                         Driving Instruction (in the car) six hours behind the wheel/
                                                                         by appointment plus the operator driver’s licensing exam*
                                                                         YOU-294-1280           2/1/21–2/26/21              $529
                                                                         YOU-294-1281           3/1/21–3/31/21              $529
                                                                         YOU-294-1282           4/1/21–4/30/21              $529
                                                                         YOU-294-1283           5/3/21–5/28/21              $529

                         Register & pay online at or by phone at 412.788.7546.                                 9

     DANCE                                                           FINANCE
     BALLROOM—BEGINNING                                              ANNUITIES—HOW THEY REALLY WORK
     Ballroom dancing is elegant, beautiful and dramatic, each       Most people are introduced to annuities by a salesperson.
     dance with its characteristic style. Learn the waltz, the       Find out how they work in a non-sales environment. Gain
     granddaddy of all ballroom dances; the foxtrot, the dance       an overview and the ability to analyze the pros and cons of
     of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; the tango, a fiery and       the various types of annuities.
     dramatic dance; the Viennese waltz, a whirling, thrilling           Online Live Zoom    YCH-302-1450 $39        1 Session
     dance dating back to the early 1700s in Europe; and finally,        6:30PM–8:30PM       W            4/7/21     Hill
     the ever popular Swing. Dances may vary by location.
         North Campus        YDB-101-1440 $79     8 Sessions         ESTATE PLANNING, SINCE YOU CAN’T TAKE IT
         7:00PM–8:30PM       F            2/19/21 Milligan           WITH YOU
                                                                     Learn about important estate planning documents such as
     DANCING AT WEDDINGS & PARTIES                                   a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney,
     Learn wedding dances such as the macarena, polka, electric      and Health Care Power of Attorney, and why every adult
     slide, hully gully, basic swing, basic cha-cha and other        should have these documents. Discuss strategies for
     dance steps. Pull a mate off the couch or out of the kitchen    advance planning to relieve your survivors of estate
     or bring a friend. Come have fun and get ready to dance.        distribution burdens, conflict, delays and unnecessary
         North Campus        YDB-104-1440 $79     8 Sessions         expenses. Discuss the importance of estate planning to
         8:30PM–10:00PM      F            2/19/21 Milligan           provide yourself and your family with peace of mind.
                                                                         Online Live Zoom    YCH-066-1215 $39     1 Session
     HOW TO DANCE ANYWHERE, TO ANY MUSIC                                 6:00PM–8:30PM       M            3/15/21 Derby
     This course will teach students how to dance in
     nightclubs, at formal events and anywhere else there is         GUIDE TO RETIREMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE
     music. Learn the foundational steps, techniques, body           INCOME IN RETIREMENT
     isolations and musicality of dancing that can be used           The guide to Retirement course is designed to help those
     across 30+ styles of partner dancing, as well as solo           planning for retirement and those already retired learn the
     freestyle and line dancing. Nearly all of the content will be   various pitfalls one may face in retirement and strategies to
     suitable both for dancing alone or dancing with a partner       help you better go through and prepare for retirement. The
     and students will rotate partners as is common in social        good news is that many are entering retirement with
     dancing. No partner necessary for this dance class.             substantial monies in investments and retirement accounts.
         North Campus        YDB-316-1450 $29     1 Session          The bad news is that the rules associated with how to take
         7:00PM–8:30PM       F            5/14/21 Suchy              distributions from those accounts are complex and not well
                                                                     understood. We will discuss the four phases of retirement
     INTRODUCTION TO TAP DANCE                                       and how to effectively plan for each, what you need to
     This beginning tap dance class will focus on the                know about your retirement accounts and how distribution
     fundamentals of tap: developing student’s coordination,         planning for retirement is different from accumulating for
     sense of time, rhythm and basic tap dancing vocabulary.         retirement. Join us to learn various ways to help prepare for
     The emphasis will be on proper tap technique, producing         a retirement life free from financial concerns.
     clear tap sounds and having fun!                                    Online Live Zoom    YCH-017-1215 $39        3 Sessions
         Online Live Zoom    YDB-138-1215 $49         5 Sessions         6:30PM–8:00PM       T            3/9/21     Canella
         6:00PM–7:00PM       T            2/2/21      Sewchok
         Online Live Zoom    YDB-138-1216 $49         5 Sessions     LEMONS TO LEMONADE—HOW TO BUY A USED CAR
         6:00PM–7:00PM       T            3/9/21      Sewchok        This course, taught by an experienced mechanic, helps
                                                                     buyers learn what to look for and what to avoid when
      CCAC DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PARTNER                              buying a pre-owned car.
      FOR ANY OF OUR DANCE CLASSES.                                      West Hills Center   YCA-409-1290 $29        1 Session
                                                                         6:30PM–8:30PM       M            3/8/21     Koch

10    For Community Education questions, call 412.788.7507.

MEDICARE—WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW                                     ROTH, IRA, 401K, OH MY...
Consumer advocates note that Medicare eligibles get a              There are many different types of retirement accounts to
much better deal if they know the facts. In this class,            put your hard earned money into. Should you be investing
participants will learn about the Medicare and Medicare            in a Roth IRA, an IRA, a 401k or other types of accounts?
Advantage programs, supplement plans, and how to                   What are the rules when you put money in? What are the
choose the correct Medicare plan. Topics include the four          rules when you take money out? What is an RMD? What
parts of Medicare (Parts A-D); enrollment periods and              are Roth Conversions? When does it make sense to do
how to enroll; the most recent Medicare updates; eligibility       Roth Conversions? This class will answer all of the above
requirements for the Medicare Extra Help Program; and              questions and give you the right questions to ask when
community resources available to Medicare eligibles. This          making retirement decisions!
course will help participants currently receiving Medicare             Online Live Zoom    YCH-303-1450 $39        1 Session
as well as those preparing for the future.                             6:30PM–8:30PM       M            4/5/21     Hill
    North Campus          YEB-250-1451 $39     1 Session
    6:00PM–8:00PM         T            4/13/21 Johnstone           SOCIAL SECURITY—WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
    Online Live Zoom      YEB-250-1450 $39     1 Session           Boomers close to retirement need to know, now more than
    6:00PM–8:00PM         R            3/25/21 Johnstone           ever, about Social Security. There is so much more than
                                                                   deciding whether to take benefits at 62 or 66. This ‘safety
RETIREMENT PLANNING                                                net’ is a guaranteed, inflation-protected source of income
In this course you’ll learn how to manage investment risks,        in retirement, and boomers should know how it works
use new tax laws to your advantage, make informed                  and how it fits into their future retirement income
decisions about your company retirement plan and adjust            streams. In this informative seminar they will learn about
your estate plan to function properly under the new laws.          the role of social security in your overall retirement plan.
However, money is only one aspect of retirement                    Topics include how it works, boosting benefits by
planning. This course blends financial education with life         increasing current earnings, strategies for maximizing
planning to help you build wealth, align your money with           lifetime benefits, coordinating spousal benefits, special
your values and achieve your retirement lifestyle goals.           issues for women, taxes on benefits, Medicare and
This course includes a 225-page illustrated textbook.              long-term care, related programs and the mechanics,
Couples may attend together for a single registration fee.         history and financing of the Social Security system.
    North Campus          YCH-029-1450 $49           2 Sessions        North Campus        YEB-300-1450 $39        1 Session
    6:30PM–9:30PM         R            3/4/21        Tiche             6:30PM–8:00PM       R            4/8/21     Canella
    South Campus          YCH-029-1540 $49     2 Sessions              South Campus        YEB-300-1540 $39        1 Session
    6:30PM–9:30PM         R            3/18/21 McConnell               6:30PM–8:00PM       T            3/2/21     Canella
    Online Live Zoom      YCH-029-1451 $49     2 Sessions              Online Live Zoom    YEB-300-1215 $39        1 Session
    9:00AM–12:00PM        S            3/20/21 Tiche                   6:30PM–8:00PM       W            2/3/21     Canella

 FIVE WAYS TO GET YOUR COMPANY TO                                  THE ABCS OF INVESTING
                                                                   Would you like to learn about investing and a practical
                                                                   approach to building wealth, but don’t know where to
 •A  sk. A verbal request is often all it takes. A written        start? We will demystify investment jargon and empower
   memo even better.
                                                                   you to manage your money safely and effectively. We’ll
 • S how the catalog. Get them to read it. Attach it to           start by examining money market accounts, certificates of
   your memo.                                                      deposit, savings accounts, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
 • S tress the benefits. Workshops can help you stay              You will master practical investment skills such as spotting
   fired up and ready for new challenges.                          high fees on account statements and in mutual fund
 • Emphasize the convenience.                                      prospectuses, and building a balanced portfolio. Find out
 •C  ompare the price. Your supervisor will be pleased            what really matters when you pick mutual funds (hint: it’s
   to know they are paying a little and getting a lot.             not the number of stars). Learn how to protect yourself
                                                                   from salespeople and speculators, and how to use the
                                                                   financial services industry to your best advantage.
                                                                       Online Live Zoom    YCH-014-1215 $49     2 Sessions
                                                                       6:30PM–8:00PM       W            2/17/21 Canella

                        Register & pay online at or by phone at 412.788.7546.                            11

     WANT TO RETIRE EARLY & DON’T KNOW WHAT TO                        FITNESS
     Voluntarily walking away from a productive career                20/20/20—BEGINNING
     presents early retirees with a number of weighty                 This class offers something for everyone. Enjoy 20 minute
     considerations. One of the first: health insurance. For          intervals of Pilates, cardio workout and strength training
     Individuals who retire prior to age 65, when Medicare            that will give a great full body workout for all fitness levels.
     eligibility begins, need to find alternate options to cover      Please bring a mat, weights and water to class.
     medical, hospitalization and prescription drug costs.                 North Campus        YFA-161-1450     $79     10 Sessions
     Health insurance premiums can chew up a considerable                  7:30PM–8:30PM       W                2/17/21 Overly
     chunk of post-retirement income. Consequently, retirees               Online Live Zoom    YFA-161-1215     $79     10 Sessions
                                                                           7:00PM–8:00PM       M                1/25/21 Taylor
     under the age of 65 must examine all reasonable outlets for
     coverage, balancing cost with benefits, provider networks
                                                                      BEGINNER TRIPLE PLAY
     and plan design. The good news is you have options.
                                                                      If you haven’t been off the couch in a while, this is a great
     Discover some health care options that may work for you!
                                                                      class to start with. In Triple Play we hit three aspects of
         Online Live Zoom     YCH-028-1450 $39     1 Session
                                                                      fitness: cardiovascular work, strength and flexibility. All
         6:30PM–8:30PM        R            3/18/21 Johnstone
                                                                      exercises are done in a non-threatening atmosphere
         North Campus         YCH-028-1451 $39          1 Session
         6:30PM–8:30PM        T            4/6/21       Johnstone
                                                                      designed for beginners or those who haven’t worked out in
                                                                      a while. The class starts off slowly with gentle and
     WRITING YOUR WILL, FINANCIAL POWER OF                            motivating moves designed to ease you back into exercise.
     ATTORNEY & HEALTHCARE POWER OF ATTORNEY                          Bring light weights, a mat and water to class.
     Learn about the essential elements of creating these                  North Campus        YFA-361-1450     $79      10 Sessions
     important documents. We’ll discuss estate planning                    6:15PM–7:15PM       M                2/8/21   Overly
     essentials such as wills, financial power of attorney,                South Campus        YFA-361-1541     $79     10 Sessions
                                                                           9:30AM–10:30AM      T                1/26/21 Taylor
     healthcare power of attorney, advanced directives,
     guardianships, and estate and inheritance taxes.
         Online Live Zoom     YCH-024-1215 $39          1 Session
                                                                      Get started on a better-looking body with this all-in-one
         6:30PM–9:00PM        M            3/8/21       Ott
                                                                      class whose purpose is to help minimize the dimply
                                                                      appearance of cellulite, burn fat and tone, smooth and
      NEW! ZOOM FOR CCAC                                              firm your muscles.
      Are you taking a class with us this semester and unsure              North Campus        YFA-110-1451     $79      10 Sessions
      how Zoom classes will work with CCAC? Join us in this free           5:30PM–6:30PM       T                2/9/21   Overly
      class to test it out before your class. Those not taking CCAC
                                                                           Online Live Zoom    YFA-110-1215     $79     10 Sessions
      classes are welcome to join to have your basic Zoom                  6:00PM–7:00PM       M                1/25/21 Taylor
      questions answered.
      Online Live Zoom    YAI-172-1215       FREE      1 Session      CARDIO DANCE FITNESS
      6:00PM–7:00PM       M                  2/1/21    Faculty
                                                                      This cardio dance class will get your heart racing! A
      Online Live Zoom    YAI-172-1216       FREE      1 Session      combination of easy-to-follow dance moves and fitness
      6:00PM–7:00PM       M                  3/1/21    Faculty
                                                                      moves in both fast and slow rhythms will work the full
                                                                      body. No prior dance experience is necessary, all levels of
                                                                      fitness are welcome and encouraged. This class will over
                                                                      a warm-up, cool down and stretching section also.
                                                                           Online Live Zoom    YFA-018-1215     $49      5 Sessions
                                                                           7:15PM–8:15PM       T                2/2/20   Sewchok
                                                                           Online Live Zoom    YFA-018-1216     $49      5 Sessions
                                                                           7:15PM–8:15PM       T                3/9/20   Sewchok

                                                                       ENROLL EARLY!
                                                                       Popular classes fill quickly and classes with low enrollment
                                                                       may be canceled.

12    For Community Education questions, call 412.788.7507.
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