Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University

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Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
The Winning Habit
The numbers speak for themselves — NTU’s been the
UK’s most popular university for four years in a row.
Here’s just a few reasons why:

    Recently added

      #2              uni
               in the UK
    (as voted for by students in UniCompare’s
            top 100 rankings, 2021/22)

    Re-imagined classics

                                                of our courses include
                                                 work-like experience

    Because we think you’ll like

      Top 55
     global student city
          (QS Best Student Cities 2022)

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Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
Discover NTU

    of the ‘Outstanding Support
         for Students’ award
        (Times Higher Education Awards 2020)

                                                Over         200
                                                professionally accredited
                                                   undergrad courses

         Top 15
     for campus and facilities
        (StudentCrowd University Awards 2021)

Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
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    Arkwright Building, City Campus
Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
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Joining Forces                                   4

Your City                                        6
A Place to Call Home                             8

Your Campuses                                  12
City Campus                                    14
Clifton Campus                                 16
Brackenhurst Campus                            18
NTU in Mansfield                               20
Confetti Campus                                22
Accommodation                                  24

Your Experience                                26
Teaching, Learning and Living                  28
Support at Every Stage                         30
Your Journey, Your Voice, Your Terms           32
Employability Matters                          34
The Voices of Our Community                    36

Life Outside Lectures                          38
NTU Sport                                      40
Nottingham Trent Students’ Union               42
Curated & Created                              44
A Global University                            46
Volunteering                                   47

Research                                 48
Advice for Parents, Carers and Guardians 50

Your Courses                                   53
Directory                                    245
Open Days                                    256

Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
Joining Forces

We talked to Vice-Chancellor Edward Peck
and Students’ Union President Conor
Naughton about NTU’s mission, their top
tips on settling into university life, and
what makes Nottingham so special.

NTU has a mission: to be bold, to       Throughout the University, we’re
change lives, and to do the right       committed to providing everyone
thing. How are you bringing those       with equal access to all our
values to life in your owns areas       opportunities. Tell us about the work
of work?                                you’re doing to ensure that happens.
                                                                                Edward Peck
 EP When I first arrived, I was          EP For me, a lot of that work
      really clear on one thing:              has been based around our
that every NTU student should           ‘Success For All’ plan; each one of
have assessed work experience           our Academic Schools has been
as a part of their degree. It was a     given a framework to guarantee
massive undertaking, but a very         that every student has an equal
important one — and something           opportunity to succeed in their
I’m proud to say we’ve succeeded        studies.
in. Today, everybody has an in-work
opportunity embedded in their            CN There’s our Race Equality
studies. I’m delighted that we were           Action Plan, too. It ensures we
able to put that principle right into   have really good training in place to
action.                                 make sure everybody respects each
                                        other when they first arrive — and
 CN There’s been some amazing           if anything ever does go awry we
      work around social mobility       know exactly what to do to make
too, and a lot of our students          sure it never happens again. As a
have benefited from it. We’re           University, we’re very proactive in
leading the sector on that front,       our commitment to equality, dignity
and the University is changing          and respect — we’re committed to
so many lives. Personally — and         ensuring that every NTU student
echoing what Edward’s just said         feels comfortable here, and a
— I benefited from my own work          valued part of our community.
placement and I got the chance to
volunteer internationally. And in
terms of NTU’s mission, I should        ”We’re really
also mention the Students’ Union;
the opportunities we provide are
                                         committed to
some of the very best in the UK.         ensuring every
                                         student at NTU feels
                                         comfortable and part
                                         of our community.”
                                         Edward Peck, Vice-Chancellor

Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
Watch the full interview

                      It’s been a challenging couple of         CN I’d agree with Edward. I know
                      years, but NTU has continued to                it’s a bit of a cliché, but from
                      achieve great things. What have          my own experience you should jump
                      you learned in that time about the       into every opportunity you get. You
                      University and our community?            get three or four years at university,
                                                               so make the most of them. If you try
                       EP What’s really shone through          a few things outside of your comfort
                            for me is the commitment           zone, making friends will be so easy
                      of our staff to giving students          — you’ll look back fondly on all the
                      the best possible experience —           great memories you’ve made, and
                      regardless of the circumstances          you’ll have them for life.
                      we find ourselves in. The response
                      to the pandemic has been a good
                      example of our underlying values;        How would you sum up
                      even when things were at their           Nottingham — and what’s your
Conor Naughton        most difficult, NTU managed to           favourite thing about it?
       SU President   provide more in-person teaching
                      and support than most other               EP Nottingham’s a great place.
                      universities.                                   It’s a major world city, but one
                                                               that you can walk around in just
                       CN Personally, I’ve been impressed      fifteen minutes — from the famous
                            by the resilience and              castle, right across town to our very
                      generosity that every student has        own live music venue, Metronome.
                      shown — and continues to show —          It’s unusual in that regard, but the
                      in the face of some truly unparalleled   compactness is a real plus. Take
                      challenges. Our students have            a stroll through Nottingham and
                      gone above and beyond for each           you’ll see the whole world in just a
                      other, and that shows why so many        short walk.
                      people feel happy to call NTU home.
                      The Students’ Union has worked            CN I agree. It’s a unique, very
                      closely with the University to ensure          creative, very vibrant city,
                      we’re continuing to provide the          and it’s absolute full of students —
                      educational and social standards         there are over 60,000 of us here,
                      that everyone studying here              which is about 20% of Nottingham’s
                      deserves.                                population. Like Edward said,
                                                               everything’s next to everything
                                                               else — you’ve got fantastic street
                      What tips would you give                 food shoulder to shoulder with
                      new students on settling into            the galleries in the Lace Market,
                      university life?                         and world-class sports stadiums a
                                                               short hop from iconic live venues
                       EP First and foremost, just get         like Rock City, which is known all
                            involved. Do something             around the world. Everything’s on
                      different and challenge yourself.        offer here — so enjoy it!
                      Go off campus — explore the city
                      and all its fantastic opportunities.
                      There’s sport, art, music, food;
                      something for absolutely everyone.
                      Within the University there are
                      over 150 clubs and societies to join,
                      which can be a great icebreaker
                      when you’ve just arrived.

Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
Your City

Cobden Place, Nottingham

Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
A melting pot for the old and
the new. The perfect student city,
blending the grand with the cosy.
A place to live, and not just study.

Welcome to Nottingham.

              student city
              Nottingham has a
              better ‘student mix’
              rating than Paris
              (2022 QS Best Student Cities Index)
Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 - Nottingham Trent University
A Place to Call Home

A Place to
Call Home
Ranked ahead of cities like Rome,
Athens, Lisbon, Washington DC and
Dubai, Nottingham has been voted one
of the world’s top student destinations1.                                 It’s a music mecca
What makes it such a great place to live?                                 You’ll find everything here, from
And why do so many of our students                                        festivals like Dot to Dot, Beat the
                                                                          Streets and Splendour, to huge
stay here once they’ve graduated?                                         arena gigs at the Motorpoint Arena,
                                                                          to some truly iconic indie venues
                                                                          — places like the Rescue Rooms,
Nottingham’s biggest strength is its versatility. It’s a friendly, fun-
                                                                          Bodega, Rough Trade, and the
packed place that ticks every box. It’s perfectly located in the middle
                                                                          legendary Rock City. If there’s an act
of the country, meaning home is never too far away; it’s conveniently
                                                                          or tour worth seeing, it’ll be landing
compact, with a genuine sense of community and character; and it’s
                                                                          in Notts.
safe, with 12 consecutive ‘Purple Flag’ awards recognising the city’s
diversity, entertainment, and security. Best of all, it’s easy on your
wallet; Nottingham’s been ranked as the UK’s second-cheapest city         It’s a shopper’s
for student life, ahead of the likes of Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield,
Leeds, Liverpool, London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh2.                        paradise
In short, this is a great city to study in. It’s a different place to     Nottingham is one of the UK’s go-to
different people — and here’s just a taste of what that could mean        destinations for a spot of retail
for you.                                                                  therapy: a place where the cream
                                                                          of the high street (Paul Smith, Ted
                                                                          Baker, Vivienne Westwood, Hugo
                                                                          Boss, and of course Primark) sits
                                                                          shoulder to shoulder with boho,
                                                                          budget-friendly vintage treasure
                                                                          troves like WILD, Hopkinson and
                                                                          COW. Nottingham’s relatively small
                                                                          size means that everything’s next to
                                                                          everything else — something our
                                                                          students have always loved when it

                     Welcome to                                           comes to getting around.


                                                                              2022 QS Best Student Cities Index
                                                                              ‘Most Affordable Student Towns’,

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#cafeculture                                                #hiddennottingham

                              Rough Trade #nowspinning

#nottscontemporary                                          Vintage finds #slowfashion


Wild Clothing #vintagefinds                                 Legendary #robinhood


                                                                  Be part of
                                                               something bigger
                                                                   NTU on social


                              Plant shopping #urbanjungle
A place to call home

     Castle Wharf, Nottingham

It’s the scoring, skating,                                It’s got caves, a castle, and a whole
slaloming home of sport                                   lot of history
Three of the UK’s most iconic stadia sit by the river     Nottingham’s past is dripping in revolution and political
— the City Ground (home of two-time Champions             intrigue. Things may have calmed down over the past
League winners Nottingham Forest), Meadow                 few centuries, but those memories remain. Whether it’s
Lane (home to Notts County, the world’s oldest            the old mill buildings that line the trendy Lace Market
professional football club), and Trent Bridge (the        and nod to Nottingham’s industrial past, Standard Hill
world-renowned cricket ground, beloved from               (which is where the English Civil War officially kicked
Melbourne to Mumbai). And if you’re more of an            off), the maze of sandstone caves and tunnels that
athlete than an audience-member, there are enough         wind beneath the city’s streets, or the world-famous
sports, health and fitness activities to shake a          Nottingham Castle (centre stage of the Robin Hood
(lacrosse stick) at: Some of our local gems include the   legend), these things aren’t just legends: they’re all
National Ice Centre (with its Olympic-size rink), the     living, breathing parts of our daily life, and places you’ll
National Watersports Centre (for rowing, canoeing,        need to tick off your Notts bucket list
sailing and white-water rafting), an internationally
recognised tennis centre, and four different roller
derby teams. If you can play it or do it, we’ve got it.   It’s a foodie’s dream
                                                          There’s something for every taste and budget here.
It’s a UNESCO World City                                  There are cheap and cheerful street-food stalls, pizza
                                                          that’s baked by the metre, and swanky Michelin-starred
of Literature                                             eateries like Hart’s, World Service, and Sat Bains —
                                                          which has just been named the UK’s best restaurant.
Nottingham is is a cornerstone of Britain’s literary
                                                          From Venice to Vietnam, we’ve got it all — and again,
heritage — the home of Byron, DH Lawrence, and
                                                          the city’s compact size is a real blessing when it comes
Alan Sillitoe (plus many, many more). It’s a historic
                                                          to finding the perfect meal. We also recommend a five-
city that’s chock-full of voices and stories. Throw in
                                                          minute wander to Sneinton Market, which is a weekend
two renowned theatres (the Royal Concert Hall and
                                                          pop-up paradise; here, you can get everything from
Nottingham Playhouse), a nationally famous gallery
                                                          artisanal pretzels and high-piled burgers to the county’s
and a whole host of cinemas — including Broadway,
                                                          finest grilled cheese sandwiches.
which was voted by Total Film magazine as one of
the world’s best independents — and you’ve got a
true haven for culture vultures.

A Place to Call Home

It’s more than just a city centre
Looking to stretch your legs and grab a breather from
city life? Jump on a bus (or pile into a car) and you’ve
got these gems right on your doorstep:
10 minutes — Wollaton Park. This sprawling, deer-filled
estate sits just to the west of the city centre. The perfect
place for a summer’s twilight picnic or some sledging in
the snow, it’s also where you’ll find Wollaton Hall (aka
Wayne Manor in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films).
20 minutes — East Midlands Airport. As if Nottingham’s
not enough, you’ve also got an international airport
nearby. From EMA, you can fly direct to Barcelona,
Berlin, Ibiza, Kos, Rhodes, Reykjavik, Prague or
New York City — plus over 70 other international
30 minutes — Newstead Abbey. The jaw-dropping
ancestral home of Lord Byron, one of Britain’s most
celebrated Romantic-era writers. His estate includes
a man-made lake with cannon emplacements, where
Byron would stage his own naval battles and flex over
his poet pals.
40 minutes — Sherwood Pines. Nottinghamshire’s most
tranquil attraction, lose yourself amongst a vast forest
of soaring pine trees, dappled sunshine and constant,
ankle-high mist. It’s also a only a short jump from the
world-famous Sherwood Forest.
50 minutes — the Peak District. OK, so it’s technically
Derbyshire, but the Peaks are still within easy reach for
a weekend trip. Visit Bakewell and Buxton, or roam the
same bare and rolling hills that inspired Wordsworth,
Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. A lovely day out.
                                                                 Nottingham Castle

                                                               Most of all, it’s an experience
                                                               Nottingham’s a rebel city, with a proud and exciting
                                                               history of people doing things their own way —
                                                               from makers and thinkers to artists and athletes.
                                                               It’s old and new; it’s grass and glass; it’s big and
                                                               small. It’s a place that rewards the curious: a city
                                                               you truly need to see — and feel — for yourself.
                                                               Head to our website for the inside track on the
                                                               city’s very best bars, pubs and clubs, underground
                                                               cinemas, hidden coffee shops, board game
                                                               speakeasys, kitty cafés, escape rooms, and a whole
                                                               host of other amazing secrets!

  Nottingham’s Old Market Square
                                                                                       See it for yourself


A bustling city-centre site; a stunning
countryside estate; a tailor-made, self-
contained learning space to call your own.
Whatever you’re studying, our campuses
capture the spirit of your subject, bringing
your learning into the real world.

                            Arkwright Building, City Campus

City Campus
     Newton foyer, City Campus

There’s something at the City Campus for
everyone — from lawyers, journalists and
psychologists to entrepreneurs, artists,

                                                                                   Boots Library rooftop garden, City Campus
and architects. This is NTU’s home for
business; it’s also a place for poets, product
designers, sociologists, and everyone else
in between. Six of our Academic Schools
are based here — Arts and Humanities,
Law, Business, Social Sciences, Art &
Design, and Architecture, Design and the
Built Environment — giving the campus a
whole lot of excitement and energy! You’re
also just a few steps from the centre of       “There’s always so much
                                                happening at the City
Nottingham, which means leisure with your Campus! From bouncy
lectures, shopping with your seminars, and      castles and TGI Fridays to
a great life to go alongside your learning.     bands playing at The Level,
                                                    it’s perfect for socialising
                                                    with friends and going out
                                                    for lunch, as it’s right in
                                                    the city centre.”
                                                    Tanisha Pearson, BSc (Hons)
                                                    Psychology (Mental Health)

City Campus

                                                               Living Wall, City Campus

Bright lights, big ideas
Our teaching philosophy’s always been the same. We
know that real learning goes far beyond the classroom,
and that’s why we’ve invested millions in providing
you with the same equipment used by professionals all
around the world. Learning means doing at NTU, and
we’re committed to bringing theory off the page and
into the real world. Whatever you’re studying, you can
count on industry-standard facilities and the support of
experts: NTU’s places, spaces and facilities have been
designed with careers in mind, and not just degrees.
We couldn’t begin to capture everything that makes
the City Campus so special, but some of the highlights
include the Boots Library and its stunning rooftop
garden; the award-winning Legal Advice Centre, where
law students can work with real clients on real cases; the
Centre for Broadcasting & Journalism, with its industry-
spec studios; our £35 million Art & Design Centre, which
is opening in 2023; a whole host of dedicated workshops
and studios for our engineering and design courses; the
Music Centre, with a host of beautiful rehearsal spaces
and instruments for hire; the Dryden Enterprise Centre,
which could help bring your entrepreneurial dreams
to life; and our stylish Student Union building, which
includes a multi-level gym, a live venue, a bar, and the
pick of the campus’ chill-out spaces.
Check out our online tour at virtualtour.ntu.ac.uk for an
in-depth, course-by-course breakdown.

                                                             Our campus is defined by its diversity. With six
                                                             academic schools on site, the mix of students here
                                                             is big, bold, and exciting. This is a home for artists
                                                             and architects, psychologists and social workers,
                                                             economists and entrepreneurs, and everyone
                                                             in between. Journalists, designers, sociologists,
                                                             accountants — they’re all here, doing their thing.
                                                             And that’s important, because university’s not just about
                                                             studying your own subject; it’s about all the other things
                                                             you’ll pick up along the way. It’s about the new people
                                                             and random conversations that open different doors.
                                                             Your NTU journey can take turns you never anticipated,
                                                             and a quick chat about something new could blossom
                                                             into the passion of a lifetime.

                                                                                          See it for yourself

Clifton Campus
     The Pavilion building, Clifton Campus

Teachers, historians, scientists, engineers
and athletes — just a handful of the
people who are proud to call this self-
contained student paradise home. You’ll
love life on this chic, stylish, community-
driven campus. It’s a serene place to call                                      It’s easy being green
your own, but with all of Nottingham to                                         We’ve invested over £20 million at
                                                                                Clifton Campus to ensure you’ve
explore nearby.                                                                 got the perfect living and learning
                                                                                space. What’s more, the facilities
Clifton Campus is community. It’s convenience. It’s an ecosystem of its         we’ve developed don’t just look
own, with everything you could need in one place. If you’re lucky enough        good — as part of our commitment
to live and study here, you’ll find accommodation that’s minutes from           to sustainability, they’re helping
lectures, lectures that are next door to some incredible sports and leisure     the environment too. You can see
facilities, and a whole host of shops, bars and cafés.                          it in our landscaped gardens; our
                                                                                sprawling ‘green zones’; the water
With a community of over 8,000 students, Clifton is the definition of           and CO2-saving panels installed
campus life — a place with its own spirit and character, and somewhere          in our accommodation; and the
you’ll be proud to live and learn. Located just four miles south of             award-winning, carbon-negative
Nottingham city centre, it gives you the best of both worlds: your own          Pavilion building.
place and space, with one of Britain’s great student cities on your doorstep.
                                                                                Check out our online tour at
                                                                                virtualtour.ntu.ac.uk for an
                                                                                in-depth, course-by-course
                                                                                breakdown of what’s on offer here:
                                                                                from our specialist laboratories,
                                                                                on-site observatory and crime
                                                                                scene training facility, to The Point
                                                                                — the epicentre of student life at
                                                                                Clifton Campus.

Clifton Campus

                                      The Pavilion building, Clifton Campus

This sporting life
You’ll get out of your university
experience what you put into it. We
want you to have stories, and we
want you to challenge yourself —
and sport at NTU has made a lot of
memories for a lot of people.
If you’re fortunate enough to be
based at Clifton Campus, our
renowned Sports Village is just
a hop, skip and jump away. It
includes indoor and outdoor
pitches, multipurpose sports halls,
fitness and performance suites, and                        We’ve invested over

                                              £20                     million
a whole range of clubs and classes.

                                                             at Clifton Campus

                                                                              “Clifton Campus has
                                                                               so much to offer, and
                                                                               everything’s excellently
                                                                               maintained. I can spend my
                                                                               entire day on campus, and
                                                                               there’s always something
                                                                               to do — whether that’s the
                                                                               amazing sports facilities,
                                                                               the labs where I can
                                                                               develop my practical skills,
                                                                               the Global Lounge where I
                                                                               can meet new people from
                                                                               different backgrounds, or
                                                                               the library where I can get
                                                                               all my coursework done.”
                                                                               Rakshith Bangalore Kumaraswamy,
                                                                               BEng (Hons) Mechanical
  Students’ Union, Clifton Campus

                                                                                  See it for yourself

     Brackenhurst Hall

Vets, biologists, geographers, food             One campus, plenty
scientists and horticulturalists rejoice.       of purpose — the
Welcome to your ultimate classroom — the        many faces of Brack
500 acres of greenery, woodlands and water      Brackenhurst is a working
                                                farm and a wildlife haven. It’s
that are home to NTU’s School of Animal,        a stunning countryside estate.
                                                It’s a huge outdoor classroom,
Rural and Environmental Sciences. Enjoy         and home to some of the most
the outdoor life by day, and then picture-      dynamic and innovative work
                                                in the field of animal, rural and
perfect Southwell by night. Brackenhurst is     environmental sciences. It’s a
                                                flagship for conservation and
more than just a campus — it’s a way of life.   sustainability, and it offers some
                                                of the most picturesque university
                                                accommodation in the UK.
                                                But most of all, it’s a community
                                                — from our students, to our staff,
                                                to the animals themselves. And
                                                that makes our Brackenhurst
                                                Campus a living and learning
                                                experience unlike any other.

Brackenhurst Campus

                                                      Get connected —
                                                      Brack, Southwell and
                                                      Not many students get to wake
  Lyth Building, Brackenhurst Campus                  up to cockerels, cows and rolling
                                                      fields. It’s incredibly serene — but
                                                      we know that you can’t live on
                                                      great views and fresh air alone. As
                                                      well as Brack Bar (the base for our
                                                      Students’ Union, and the social
                                                      hub of Brackenhurst) you’ll find
                                                      the beautiful town of Southwell on
                                                      your doorstep. It’s home to some
                                                      of the county’s finest shops, pubs,
                                                      restaurants and markets.
                                                      Where you choose to live is entirely
                                                      up to you — but if you’re based out
                                                      at Brackenhurst and itching for the
                                                      bright lights of Nottingham, NCT’s
                                                      reliable buses (which all come
                                                      complete with free WiFi) will quickly
                                                      get you into the heart of the action.

                                                     ”Brack was great. Just
                                                      fantastic. The location was
                                                      perfect, the facilities were
                                                      superb, and the sense of
                                                      community was wonderful.
                                                      It all combined to help me
                                                      do my very best work.”
                                                      Kyle Frith, BSc (Hons) Geography

Show-stopping facilities in the
great outdoors
The Brackenhurst philosophy is simple but strong
— it’s all about the cultivation and application
of relevant, real-world skills. We bring learning
off the page and into the great outdoors, with
facilities including polytunnels and a glasshouse
complex, an equestrian centre, and a veterinary
nursing centre. For more details, check out
We’re also happy to announce the recent opening
of the multimillion-pound Lyth building, which is
the brand-new heart of our Brackenhurst Campus.
It’s a world-class teaching, learning and research
space for our geography, environmental science,
ecology and conservation courses, and it includes
a stylish refectory, a 200-seat lecture theatre,          See it for yourself
state-of-the art labs and dedicated groupwork
rooms, and some incredible exhibition spaces.             ntu.ac.uk/brackenhurst

NTU in
If you’re looking for a different and more
convenient route into higher education,
NTU in Mansfield could be the answer.
Our campus is based at Vision West
Nottinghamshire College — about 14 miles      Get qualified on
north of Nottingham — and it’s perfect        your own terms
for students who are living and working       We offer professional courses,
                                              foundation and top-up degrees
in the surrounding area. You can earn a       to Bachelors level in: nursing;
foundation or degree-level qualification on   paramedicine; education; criminal
                                              justice; business; sport science;
your own doorstep, without interrupting       and working with children, young
                                              people and families.
your other commitments.                       Designed and delivered with the
                                              local job market in mind, we’ve
                                              worked with the region’s employers
                                              to ensure these courses give you
                                              the specific skills and experience
                                              they’re expecting to see. Maybe
                                              you’re moving on from college-
                                              level learning, or you’re a mature
                                              student returning to higher
                                              education; alternatively, you might
                                              have care or career commitments
                                              that limit your availability to travel.
                                              Either way, NTU in Mansfield brings
                                              intermediate higher education and
                                              university-level qualifications that
                                              little bit closer to home.

NTU in Mansfield

                                           Be part of a
                                           bigger community
                                           Study at your own convenience
                                           in Mansfield, and you’ll have
                                           access to the wider opportunities,
                                           expertise and benefits of NTU
                                           — one of the UK’s most popular
                                           universities. That includes all of the
                                           key facilities across our City, Clifton
                                           and Brackenhust campuses (such
                                           as our award-winning sports and
                                           social venues), plus representation
                                           from Nottingham Trent Students’
                                           Union (NTSU). You’ll also have
                                           access to our award-winning range
                                           of support services, which are all in
                                           place to ensure your time studying
                                           with us is as comfortable, secure
                                           and rewarding as possible.
                                           To view all Mansfield courses,
                                           see page 224.

  3D projection screen

Great equipment, tech
and learning spaces
Our staff and student community is
based at the £6.5 million University
Centre — a self-contained hub that
includes cutting-edge teaching and
learning facilities, a range of stylish
social spaces, a comprehensive
library, a fleet of open-access PCs,
and a number of dedicated study
areas. Our subject-specific facilities
include the Institute of Health and
Allied Professions, which contains
clinical skills areas and a VR wall
conveying virtual reality emergency
scenarios. For sport science
students, there’s a high-end sport        Find out more at
science laboratory.                       ntu.ac.uk/mansfield

                                       Confetti HQ, teaching space

Based in the heart of
Nottingham’s Creative Quarter,
Confetti is a nationally
renowned hub for digital,
artistic and creative talent. It’s
home to some of the brightest
up-and-comers in film and
television; music business,
performance and production;
event management; esports;
and video game design — and
                                     Confetti HQ
it could be the launchpad for
                                     The award-winning Confetti HQ is a purpose-built
your own creative career.            digital media hub with state-of-the-art facilities, modern
                                     teaching spaces, and plenty of room to collaborate and
                                     relax. You’ll have access to industry-standard studios,
                                     labs and classrooms, a learning resource centre, a
                                     stylish café, and a courtyard terrace.
                                     It’s also home to our motion-capture facility, which
                                     houses 32 Optitrack cameras — enabling full-body
                                     motion tracking (with props) for up to four actors.

Confetti Campus

    Esports production gallery                                      Metronome Studio 1 Control Room

    Oh Wonder, performing at Metronome        Broadcast Studio, Space2                    Confetti X main stage, artist’s impression

Metronome                                Space2                                       Confetti X
Metronome’s production facilities        Developed to the highest                     Work with the very best tools and
and performance spaces are truly         professional standards, Space2               tech in esports production and
outstanding. Study here, and you’ll      is an exceptional production                 other emerging digital platforms.
be getting hands-on with world-          facility, equipped with the same             The facilities you’ll have access to
class equipment in a professional        equipment and software that                  include:
setting. This place simulates to a tee   come as standard in the industry.
the standards and practices of real-                                                  •   a 100-seat, 370m2 multi-event
                                         These include:                                   venue and content studio
world industry. Our studios were
designed by White Mark Ltd, the          •    a media production lab running          •   4k broadcast and content
same company that created studios             Avid and Adobe Creative Cloud               creation infrastructure
for the likes of Abbey Road, Damon                                                        high-spec broadcast gallery
                                         •    a 25-seat screening room with           •
Albarn and Jay-Z. The key facilities
                                              Dolby Atmos audio facilities            •   virtual live productions with
at Metronome include:
                                         •    a green screen studio with VFX              Unreal Engine
•   a 400-capacity commercial-facing          infinity curve screen                   •   10m x 4m 4k LED video wall with
    venue                                                                                 LED wings
                                         •    a 144m2 television studio
•   10 recording studios                                                                  multiple shoutcaster and analyst
                                              space with broadcast-standard           •
•   20 rehearsal spaces                       digital video cameras, plus full            rooms
•   two live-event production                 lighting rig                            •   green screen studio for virtual sets.
    workspaces                           •    a dedicated gallery with 4k
•   mastering, surround sound and             production facilities.
    post-production studios
•   a synth room: a dedicated shrine
    to the synthesiser
                                                                                    Find out more at
To view all Confetti courses, see page 232.

Your Home Away from Home: Accommodation

Your Home Away
from Home:
Wherever you choose to stay
at NTU, it’ll be a big part of
your first-year experience.
You’ll make new friends and
                                                               Booking your accommodation
great memories as you enjoy
                                                               You can book your accommodation online, giving you
the freedom and opportunities                                  complete control of choice over the residence, flat or
of independent living. You’ll                                  room that you want (subject to availability).

have our friendly Welcome reps
                                                               Contract info
on hand to help you settle into
university life, plus the support                              Contracts run throughout the academic year and
                                                               include the Christmas and Easter breaks, so you can
of wardens throughout the year.                                stay in your room during these holidays. Most of our
                                                               accommodation contracts are 44 weeks, but we do offer
                                                               some 51-week contracts for students who want to arrive
                                                               early or stay over the summer.
                                                               All our accommodation is self-catered. Our catering
                                                               outlets are open Monday to Friday across the City,
      Here’s a selection of the                                Clifton and Brackenhurst campuses, serving hot meals
      accommodation you could be                               and a wide range of sandwiches, drinks and snacks.
      lucky enough to call home:

Byron residence                                                Hampden
Location: City, on campus   Gill Street North                  Location: City, on campus   Blenheim
Rooms: 559                                                     Rooms: 168
                            Location: City, on campus                                      Location: City, 1 mile
Flat size: 4–10 people                                         Flat size: 6 people
                            Rooms: 446                                                     Rooms: 177
En suite: Yes                                                  En suite: No
                            Flat size: 4–8 people, or studio                               Flat size: 4–10 people
Disabled access: Yes        En suite: Yes                      Disabled access: No         En suite: Yes
ntu.ac.uk/byron             Disabled access: Yes               ntu.ac.uk/hampden           Disabled access: Yes
                            ntu.ac.uk/gillst                                               ntu.ac.uk/blenheim

Staying in NTU
                                                                                   you can count on

                                                                                                safety and securit

                                                                                               a choice of en suite
                                                                                               or shared facilities

                                                                                               great locations
                                                                                               on — or close to —
  Byron residence shared space

                                                                                            free Wi-Fi, and yo
Choices, choices, choices                                                                  utility bills include
                                                                                           in your rent
To fit your budget, we offer accommodation at
a range of prices. Our halls are all purpose-built                                         easy access to
or professionally refurbished; they’re specifically
                                                                                           all our support
designed with students’ needs in mind, and offered
on a self-catered basis.                                                                   services.
You can check out our website for the full list of NTU’s
halls of residence, using the ‘campus’ and ‘facilities’
filters to help find the perfect fit for your own needs.

                                                                                                  For more guidance on booking,
                                                                                                  prices and contracts, and all our
                                                                                                  other accommodation — including
                                                                                                  private halls and shared housing
                                                                                                  — visit ntu.ac.uk/accommodation

Norton Court                                                         The Maltings
Location: City, 2 miles          New Hall                            Location: City, 2 miles          Brackenhurst
Rooms: 312                                                           Rooms: 266
                                 Location: Clifton, on campus                                         Location: Brackenhurst,
Flat size: 6 people                                                  Flat size: 5–10 people           on campus
                                 Rooms: 727
En suite: Yes                                                        En suite: No                     Rooms: 491
                                 Flat size: 1–10 people, or studio
Disabled access: No              En suite: Yes                       Disabled access: No              Flat size: 4–6 people
ntu.ac.uk/norton                 Disabled access: Yes                ntu.ac.uk/maltings               En suite: Yes
                                 ntu.ac.uk/newhall                                                    Disabled access: Yes


NTU life isn’t about being ‘a student’ at
‘a university’. It’s about you: your journey,
your specific needs, and your individual
goals. From mentoring opportunities and
personalised learning to award-winning
student support, we’ve got you covered.

                              NTSU, City Campus

Teaching, Learning and Living


                                                                           Business Hub, City Campus
           and Living
           There’s an army of people behind the scenes
           here — hundreds of advisers, administrators,
           coaches and mentors, all committed to
           making your time at NTU as comfortable,
           happy and productive as it can be.

           We want you to feel supported, we want you
           to feel empowered, and we want your journey
           to be about you — whatever that journey
           might look like, and wherever it may take you.

                                         The NTU way
                                         What makes a degree?
                                         To us, it’s about that perfect balance between theory
                                         and hands-on practice. It’s about our teachers having
                                         the knowledge and experience to support your vision
                                         and enthusiasm. It’s about encouragement, in and
                                         outside of the classroom; the freedom to decide your
                                         own journey; and the expertise to help you reach your
                                         It’s about opportunities and connections — whether
                                         that’s a year-long placement with a major global
                                         brand, a collaborative project with our own award-
                                         winning researchers, work-like experience embedded
                                         as standard into each of our courses, or the specialist
                                         business knowledge that can help bring your
                                         entrepreneurial ideas to life.
     Lecture hall, Clifton Campus
                                         It’s about a shared sense of confidence, purpose and
                                         belief — things you’ll find deeply embedded in our
                                         approach to teaching and learning.

NOW: your virtual
                                                           learning environment
                                                           The Nottingham Trent University
                                                           Online Workspace (NOW) has
                                                           been designed with your needs in
                                                           mind: it’s a handy tool that makes
                                                           learning here more flexible, focused
                                                           and accessible than ever before.
                                                           With NOW, you can keep up to
                                                           date with your timetable; access
                                                           teaching sessions, course materials
                                                           and other key resources; save
                                                           your assignments; store files; and
                                                           communicate with your tutors and
                                                           fellow students.
                                                           We’ve also answered our students’
                                                           calls by introducing lecture capture
                                                           and other digital learning tools that
                                                           allow you to revisit your teaching
                                                           sessions and review anything you
                                                           feel you might have missed.

The NTU Student
Learning at a new level, managing      Newton builiding study space
your own workload, juggling
deadlines — there’s no denying that
university life has its challenges.
To ease the transition, we’ve
developed the Student Dashboard,
an award-winning online tool for
our staff and students. It helps you
manage your own learning, making
sure your studies stay on track.
The higher your engagement,
the better your likely degree
result; the Dashboard illustrates
that engagement and helps you
measure your own progress. It’s a
great indicator of how you’re doing
— and how you could be doing
even better.

Support at
Every Stage

     There’s no denying it — uni life can take some adjusting
     to. It’s probably your first time living away from home,
     and while independence is just what you’ve been
     waiting for, it comes with its own challenges.
     Our job is simple: to make sure you can complete your NTU journey in comfort and with
     confidence. Sometimes, life gets in the way — so if you hit any bumps in the road, just know
     that we’ve got your back. From award-winning student support and easy-access wellbeing
     provisions to our intuitive student mentoring scheme, we’re here to make sure that every one
     of our students get the same crack at success.

Support at Every Stage

Student Support
Our reputation for student
satisfaction isn’t based on great
teaching and learning alone — it
comes from treating you as an
individual, and we’re especially
proud of our dedicated support
We’re committed to providing the
support you need to enhance your
university experience and maximise
your chances of success, both in
and outside the classroom.
If you have a disability — including
a specific learning difficulty (such as
dyslexia), mental health condition,           Event space, City Campus
autism spectrum or a long-term
health condition — it’s important
to tell us when you apply. This
information will help us to ensure
the appropriate support is in place
once you’ve started at NTU.

                                                                                Learn from a CERT
                                                                                Student Mentor — and
                                                                                then become one
                                                                                We’re big on peer-to-peer support.
                                                                                There’s something uniquely helpful
                                                                                about students helping students,
                                                                                and that’s the goal of our mentoring
                                                                                scheme: to pair every one of our
NTU health and                            Empowerment that                      first-year students with a second- or
wellbeing services                        counts                                final-year colleague from their own
                                                                                course. It’s our way of making your
Mental health and wellbeing are           As a part of our Success for All      transition into university life that
key to your happiness and success         mandate, we want to ensure that       little bit simpler.
at university. Our award-winning          everyone at NTU gets equal access     These mentors are recruited by
resources and teams can help              to our life-changing opportunities.   our Collaborative Engagement and
you to stay in the best possible          We’re continually delivering          Retention Team (CERT). Through
shape, and cope with the various          new initiatives to help support       their own experiences, your mentor
challenges of student life.               our at-risk, under-represented        knows what NTU’s all about — and
                                          and disadvantaged student             they’ll use that knowledge to help
You’ll have easy, flexible access
                                          communities; projects like the        you answer any early questions.
to support and information,
                                          Black Leadership Programme,           From additional support services to
including health and wellbeing
campaigns that run throughout             which has been designed to help       the great opportunities on offer in
the year; online information and          our undergraduates develop            and outside the classroom, they’ll
advice; drop-in sessions and              new leadership skills through         give you the full lowdown on life
one-to-one appointments; and              workshops, networking events, and     at NTU.
SilverCloud, an online portal that        even international exchange trips.
                                                                                As you progress through your
provides support with wellbeing           Relevant, meaningful support isn’t    course, you can then ‘pay it
and mental health issues.                 a one-size arrangement. It’s about    forwards’ by becoming a mentor
                                          nuance, context, and addressing       yourself — supporting new students
                                          real-world barriers and obstacles.    with your own skills, insights and
                                          At NTU, you can count on the kind     perspectives. It’s a chance to give
                                          of mentoring and encouragement        something back, to add valuable
                                          that matters — whoever you are,       experience to your CV, and to earn
                                          and whatever your background.         some money in the process.

Your Journey, Your Voice, Your Terms

Your Journey, Your
Voice, Your Terms
Personalisation at NTU
Lots of universities                   For us, it’s about choice.
                                       Personalisation isn’t just a
                                                                             Our philosophy is simple: you’re
                                                                             the experts on being students, not
talk the talk                          buzzword to throw around; it’s a      us. We pride ourselves on being
                                       key part of our culture. We work      responsive, so if you’ve got a
when it comes to                       hard to ensure your journey here is   request — an initiative, opportunity
‘personalisation’ —                    as focused, relevant and satisfying   or change that could improve life
                                                                             for you, your coursemates, or even
                                       as possible. Learning tools like
but what exactly                       NOW and the Student Dashboard         the whole University — we want
                                                                             you to tell us.
does it mean?                          will help you keep on top of your
                                       own progress — especially in the      This is your time, on your terms;
                                       classroom — but there’s still much    your personal university experience,
                                       more to personalisation than that.    and something to call your own.

•   Our Volunteering team has
                                           introduced the Community
                                           Engaged Learning scheme –
                                           meaning that voluntary work can
Your voice has value                       now count towards your studies.
                                           If you’re looking to volunteer but
Change is happening all the time           don’t have the time outside your
at NTU. It’s driven by the voices of       studies, it’s a great solution.
our students, speaking up to make
                                       •   We’ve expanded our Alumni
sure their university experience is
                                           Fellowship Scheme, bringing
what they want, need and deserve
                                           alumni into the classroom to
it to be.
                                           explain the secrets of their
Ultimately, it’s about dialogue: a         success. Who better to get
conversation between you and               personal guidance, inspiration
us. Your voice has value at NTU.           and support from than someone
Here’s a small sample of those             who’s recently graduated from
conversations, as well as the ideas        the same course as you?
they encouraged, and the results
                                       •   To make sure we’re flexible
they’ve achieved — all in the name
                                           enough to support your
of personalisation.
                                           commitments and needs, we’re
                                           regularly reviewing our study
                                           facilities and how our support
                                           services are delivered, while
                                           providing more technical support
                                           — meaning you’re not bound by
                                           timetables and can work when
                                           you need to.
                                       •   We’ve increased the amount
                                           of funding available for travel
                                           scholarships, to support students
                                           who see international work or
                                           study as a key part of their journey.
                                       All these changes have
                                       personalisation at their heart,
                                       and they all came from student
                                       feedback. At NTU, we’ll continue to
                                       make sure the living and learning
                                       experience works for the person
                                       that matters most — you.

Employability Matters

Employability Matters
Putting your future first
An NTU qualification isn’t
about finding work — it’s
about finding the kind of highly
skilled, life-changing work that
you and your degree deserve.
And that’s where our Employability team comes
in: with their friendly, one-to-one expertise, plus
the hundreds of part-time, placement and graduate
opportunities that are available, you’ll develop the
perfect profile of skills, experience, and market
knowledge at NTU. It’s a key part of our ‘Success for
All’ ethos, and something we’re proud of.
As the saying goes: “to be employed is to be at risk;
to be employable is to be secure.” We don’t make
promises for your future, but we guarantee we’ll send
you into it hungry and ready for success. By making
the most of our support opportunities, you won’t just
be an option for employers — you’ll be a priority.                Job fair, City Campus

How we can help                          •   Like the job fairs, our employer         •   Through our widening
                                             sessions give you the inside                 participation programme,
From your very first day at NTU              track on what recruiters expect              Women’s Development
to the years following graduation,           to see, while our employability              Programme, and other targeted
we’ve got you covered. Here’s                workshops guide you through                  initiatives, we’re committed to
just a taste of the opportunities,           the recruitment process, helping             ensuring that every one of our
programmes, and events you’ll                you to identify new professional             students has equal access to the
have access to.                              pathways.                                    best professional opportunities.
                                         •   Programmes like JobShop and              •   NTU Enterprise is our centre
•   We’ll support you with your self-        Unitemps are great ways of                   for entrepreneurship and self-
    marketing — that’s everything            finding part-time work in and                employment, and it’s helped to
    from your CV, LinkedIn profile           around the city, and across our              create over 500 new businesses
    and professional portfolio to            campuses. Build up your work                 since 2001 — with over 85% of
    job applications and interview           experience while getting some                them surviving for more than
    practice. We’ll be here to help          precious funds on board!                     three years. Come to us with an
    you through every stage of the                                                        idea, and we can help you get it
    job-hunting and career-building      •   Employability sessions are                   ready for market!
    process.                                 embedded into your course:
                                             the team will help you plan and          •   We’ll still be here to help after
•   NTU’s jobs fairs are held                plot a career path, and get you              you’ve graduated — supporting
    throughout the year, giving you          primed for life after graduation.            your career development as
    the chance to meet with leading                                                       you build up your professional
    companies and organisations          •   You can gain Employability                   networks.
    from around the world.                   awards that enhance your CV
                                             by recognising your hard work
                                             outside of the classroom — from
                                             volunteering and work experience
                                             to Students’ Union activities.

Employability Matters

  Professional placements
  All our courses come with embedded work-like
  experience — things like live projects, briefs, and
  professional competitions. Whatever the subject,
  we work closely with industry leaders to ensure
  that what you’re learning is what employers
  expect to see.
  But some things can’t be taught — and the real
  world 9–5 experience of your dream job is one of
  them. That’s where a year-long placement can add
  so much value to your degree. If the course you’re     Discover
  interested in has a four-year ‘sandwich’ option,
  you’ll have the chance to work with real businesses
  on their own turf during your third year. And that
  can make a huge difference to your prospects.
                                                        Here’s just a few of our placement
  Each of our Academic Schools has a dedicated
  employability adviser, armed with the specialist
                                                            and recruitment partners:
  knowledge of your chosen sector. They’ll help
  you find the perfect placement opportunity,
  ensuring you graduate with a precision balance of
  theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

”I can’t recommend NTU’s
 employability support highly enough.
 It’s just a very joined-up approach.
 My course was really hands-on, and
 I had lots of opportunities to get the
 kind of industry experience that’s
 so important. Working with the
 Employability team, I also got a great
 insight into how to prepare my CV
 and portfolio, and how to stand out in
 a competitive market. Alongside my
 lecturers, they got me thinking more
 widely about my career options. I’ve
 gone from quite a narrow idea of what
 I wanted do to, to things I’d never even                       Find out more at
 considered possible.”                                          ntu.ac.uk/employability
 David Thomas, BSc (Hons) Film Production
 Technology, 2018–2021

The Voices of Our Community

The Voices of
Our Community
                        Studying here isn’t just a three or four-year deal
                        — it’s an invitation to join a lifelong, worldwide
                        network of friends and family. Graduation is a
                        culmination, not an ending; being an NTU alumni
                        means staying connected, applying the lessons
                        you’ve learned in the job of your dreams, and
                        continuing to count on our award-winning support.

                   “I wouldn’t be where
                     I am today without NTU.
                     You can achieve anything if you work
                     hard enough, and I often think back
                     to the importance of my time and
                     training at university. With each step,
                     I got a better sense of what I wanted            Scan to hear from our
                     from life — and then I went and did it.”             students, staff
                     Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1 presenter —               and alumni at
                     Alumnus, BA (Hons) Broadcast Journalism (2014)    ntu.ac.uk/ourpeople

Graduation ceremony

Life Outside
     Blockbuster experiences

     Recommended for you

     Trending now

           40:00 / 60:00

Discover new experiences

NTU is a place for open minds and new
adventures — whatever you’re interested in,
we’ve got you covered. Here’s just a taste of
the opportunities outside of your studies.

NTU Sport: Let’s Get Physical

NTU Sport:
Let’s Get
                                               Gym facilities, Clifton Campus

With sports scholarships and success in      “Sport really brings
national competitions, plus a huge range      people together.
of clubs, classes and casual sessions, NTU    We want people
has never been in better shape. Whether       to click with
you’re an elite competitor or just looking    something brand
for a quick workout between classes, rest     new — and that
assured that we’ve got you covered.           means supporting
                                              everyone, whatever
                                              their level of ability.”
                                              Katy Teasdale, Head of Sport

[Page title here]

We support                              ... to the very best                Supporting athletic
everyone — from the                     We know what it takes to succeed
                                                                            excellence — check out
beginners…                              at the highest level, and we’re     our sport scholarships
                                        dedicated to nurturing athletic
Early-doors training sessions and       excellence. A number of our         We offer comprehensive support
weekends on the road aren’t for         graduates have gone on to win       packages for our highest-performing
everyone. At NTU, you’ll have the       medals at the Olympics and World    student athletes, including strength
facilities and support to keep fit on   Championships — so welcome to       and conditioning, physiotherapy,
your own terms. Alternatively, if       a new sporting standard, and your   complimentary gym access, and
you’re looking to get active in the     biggest challenge yet.              much, much more. These awards
company of friends, you can get                                             provide our top athletes with the
to grips with a new sport through                                           very best chance of achieving
our Play for Fun scheme — as the                                            academic and sporting success at
name implies, it’s a little more laid                                       NTU. Check out our website for
back, and as much of a challenge                                            more details.
as you want it to be.

                                                                                See it for yourself

Nottingham Trent Students’ Union

Nottingham Trent
Students’ Union
Once you’ve enrolled on your course, you’re officially a
member of Nottingham Trent Students’ Union (NTSU).

For generations of students, the Union has been a
huge part of the NTU experience. NTSU’s buildings are
places to relax, be heard, meet new people, and try new
things. Beyond the classroom, you’ll find lots of support
staff, mentors and elected reps, who are all dedicated
to making your time here the very best it can be.

     Students’ Union, City Campus

                                              “Here at NTSU, we’re
                                               committed to representing
                                               and celebrating our diverse
                                               student membership. No
                                               matter who you are, where
                                               you come from or where
                                               you want to go, we’ll work
                                               hard to make sure your
                                               voice is heard — and that
                                               you’ve got access to all the
                                               opportunities you need
                                               to succeed and get the
                                               most out of your time at
                                               Nottingham Trent.”
                                               Zoë Mallett, VP Community
                                               and Welfare

Nottingham Trent Students’
                                                                                                       [Page titleUnion

    City Campus NTSU #relax                                                           Nottingham #goodtimes

                                             #freshers #unilife

    Global Week #NTU                                                                  Clifton Campus NTSU

                                             #yogalife #wellbeing                     Connect with us






The warmth of the old                    •   a fantastic range of Give It a       •   tailored and personalised
                                             Go opportunities — including             support through our independent
and the thrill of the                        trips and tours around the               Information and Advice
new — be a part of                           UK, some great wellbeing and             Service — giving you free and
                                             self-care activities, and handy          confidential access to a team of
something more                               employability workshops                  friendly professionals and peers,
                                                                                      whenever you need to talk.
There’s so much to get involved          •   academic reps and executive
with through NTSU. You can pursue            officers, who’ll work hard to        Visit our website to find out more
one of your pre-uni passions, or             make sure your voice is heard        about NTSU’s venues, events,
try something completely different.          so that you get the best possible    representatives and opportunities.
Whichever campus you’re based at,            academic experience at NTU           We can’t wait to meet you.
we’ll give you access to:
•   one of the UK’s very best
    entertainment programmes
    — including a huge range of
    daytime activities, weekend trips,
    live music, and legendary club
•   over 120 diverse societies,
    student communities, networks
    and academic groups — from
    gaming to knitting, anime to                                                 Find out more at
    animals, chess to Chinese, and                                               trentstudents.org
    film to fashion

Curated & Created

 Curated & Created
 Welcome to NTU’s
 extracurricular arts programme
 Broaden your cultural horizons                         NTU Music
 with Curated & Created —                               NTU Music caters to all tastes — whether you’re an
                                                        absolute beginner or an expert musician. We have a
 your gateway to the incredible                         state-of-the-art Music Centre, as well as instrument
 range of cultural and creative                         hire, expert tuition, workshops, and a great range of
                                                        rehearsal and practice spaces.
 opportunities on offer at NTU.                         We invite you to join one of our many groups and
                                                        ensembles, which are always welcoming new
                                                        members — these include our friendly NTU Choir,
 This programme of activities,                          Gospel Choir and award-winning Chamber Choir;
 events, spaces and places will                         as well as our Brass, Concert and Big Bands; String
                                                        Sinfonia; and Drumline. If indie, rock and pop are more
 challenge and excite you in                            your cup of tea, sign up to our Brand Development
                                                        Programme to meet like-minded musicians — through
 ways you’ve never imagined.                            jam sessions and gig nights, you’ll get involved with
                                                        Nottingham’s grassroots music scene.
 Visit ntu.ac.uk/created for the
                                                        With all these opportunities — plus the promise of free
 full picture of what’s on offer                        music tuition if you secure an NTU Music Scholarship
 — and here’s just a taste to get                       — you’ll have every chance to develop your talents
                                                        and make great new friends alongside your studies.
 you started.

 WRAP — Writing, Reading
 and Pleasure
 WRAP celebrates words and voices, with writing
 workshops and book groups, meet-ups, masterclasses,
 and talks from readers and authors. Co-produced with
 our students, WRAP is about loving words, listening
 to new voices, reading for pleasure, and having the
 freedom and confidence to speak out.

“I really enjoy being part of the
 NTU Drumline — it greatly
 improves my skills as a musician,
 and the group of people I’ve
 gotten to know have really made
 me feel part of a community.”
 Tatenda Kanyere, NTU Music Scholarship

You can also read