ABSTRACT ........................................................................... 3
OVERVIEW ........................................................................... 4
PROBLEM OVERVIEW ........................................................... 8
MISSION STATEMENT ........................................................... 9
CORE OBJECTIVES ............................................................... 10
  Become the first user driven video sharing platform
  Improve the standard efficiency of data sharing
  Drive storage cost significantly lower
  Actively reward content creation
VTOS TECHNOLOGY               ........................................................... 11
COMPARATIVE TABLE ........................................................... 13
TOKEN DESCRIPTION .......................................................... 14
THE MASTERNODE SYSTEM ................................................... 15
VTOS SOCIAL NETWORK ECOSYSTEM ................................... 16
ICO            ........................................................................... 19
ROAD MAP ......................................................................... 21
THE TEAM ........................................................................... 22
Social networking has completely chan-               VTOS seeks to revolutionize the way con-
ged the way people interact and share                tent is generated and shared through the
knowledge. However, despite all the                  ethereum blockchain and WebTorrent
progress, the users who are vital for the            powered creation platform. VTOS is
growth of social media have not benefited            seeking to completely change the way
as they should have.                                 video and blog content is made by brin-
Large corporations continue to have the              ging the power of decentralization to
full benefits and control of the data and            benefit content creators and the general
content created by users of social media.            social media community.

VTOS utilizes the Ethereum ecosystem as its primary platform for transaction processing. By
encrypting communications on the blockchain platform, and allowing nodes to communicate
directly, VTOS will function as a decentralized platform for exchange of videos, and content.
Other contributors in terms of comments, likes and shares also earn rewards. Through
decentralization, content creators will have power and control over how their content is used by
others within the network. We have introduced VCT as a currency to power the VTOS platform.
Users progress to different levels thus gaining more rewards over time.

Additionally, the VTOS platform will have masternodes thus enabling users to rent out their
nodes and earn a yearly percentage of rewards. The VTOS platform will provide technology
which will offer a hybrid P2P and the traditional HTTP CDN video streaming solution. VTOS
platform will harness the power of the widely distributed networks so as to overcome the
challenge of delivering high quality Videos at scale. Through intelligently multi sourcing con-
tent delivery, VTOS will offer the most widely available and resilient Content delivery solutions.

This paper seeks to provide an overview of the VTOS platform and explain in detail the
underlying technology and functionality in detail. We explain in depth the application’s key
components, compare it with existing non blockchain file sharing platforms and thus show
VTOS unique approach to decentralized, contract driven incentivization and how it will
transform     the     blockchain       content      and       video      sharing     space.
It is estimated that about 2.5 billion people around the world participate in some form of social
networking. The internet came with the promise of ensuring people seamlessly connected
through sharing of information, knowledge, and/or interests. The major social media companies
such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and Quora have dominated the social
media landscape for the last decade; they have billions of users generating high volumes of
content and connecting people globally. As a result, of this explosive growth, market valuations
of major social media corporations have soared; mostly due to the ability to tap into and
commercialize user-generated content.
                   BILLION USERS



                                           2010   2013   2015   2017   2019        2020         2021

                                                                        Figure 1. Social media users (2010-2022)

Generating and sharing user content has                         vote on submissions in order to rank them
become the main growth driver for                               on the site. Both sites have in common
corporations such as Quora and Reddit.                          proprietary algorithms that rank relevant
Quora is a platform for sharing information                     content so that users are able to see most
predominantly related to Q&A where                              popular entries. In 2012, Quora attempted to
questions are posted, answered, and                             introduce Top Writers Program in order to
organized by users within the community.                        recognize and reward valuable content
Currently, Quora claims to have 190 million                     contributors on the platform. However,
unique visitors up from 100 million a year                      these platforms such as Quora, Reddit, and
earlier. Reddit (500 million monthly visitors)                  Stack Overflow have not been able to reward
focuses on aggregating social news,                             users for their true worth: there are still
discussions and web content. Entries are                        limitations in terms of user control over data
organized in terms of interests and users can                   and use of information on the site.

  4                    Decentralizedcdn
                      Decentralized  cdn&&social
Follow topics
                                                  Credible profiles
    Clean mobile interface                        Upvote features
    Community rules                               100m users
    Sponsored Links                               Allow images on feed
    243m users

                         User credibility
                         Easy navigation
                         Video sharing platform

                                                                                SERVER - BASED
                         Community support

                                                                         Peer-to-peer (P2P) network computing is a
                                                                         relative recent technology that has
YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate,                              transformed     the    computing    systems
share, comment videos, and subscribe to                                  industry. This is a distributed application
other users, but does not give rewards for                               architecture, which lets you split tasks
most of these actions. The amount and                                    among peers. Peers become the building
variety of videos offered on the platform                                blocks of the network in this distributed
range along a plethora of interests, which                               node system. The main idea behind peer to
includes movie trailers, documentaries, TV                               peer technology is to delegate the need for
show clips, music videos, live streams,                                  central coordination, allowing a P2P system
educational videos, etc.                                                 to share processing power, drive storage
                                                                         size and expand network bandwidth
One of the main ways YouTube earns                                       efficiently between those who supply and
revenue is from Google AdSense: an                                       those consume resources. P2P architecture
advertising program, which decides the type                              was introduced first with the arrival of
of ads shown according to site content and                               Napster.
audience.     Google’s    annual    revenue
generated     from    YouTube    is   about
$4,000,000,000 with an annual cost of
running and maintaining YouTube close to

YouTube uses a computational architecture
called content distribution network (CDN).
To provide high availability of services, this
system    partitions   network      resources
geographically with respect to end-users.
This network system functions as a direct
connection between servers and users of
the network.


5                              Decentralized cdn & social network
WebTorrent is an innovative technology that uses
the P2P architecture to facilitate browser-to-browser
data      transfer.    A        key    aspect        of
this technology is that as more users are actively
using a WebTorrent-powered website, the faster
and more resilient it becomes. WebTorrent
provides connections between different website
users forming a distributed, decentralized
browser-to-browser network, for efficient file transfer.

                                                     Blockchain technology provides a new and more
          BLOCK CHAIN                                efficient way of ensuring user-generated content is
                                                     valued correctly and rewards are distributed
                                                     appropriately. Blockchain will revolutionize the
                                                     content creation space in several ways:

                         The figure below shows how its plataform works.


6                  Decentralized cdn & social network
Public content database: blockchain works in such a manner that information stored through
a publicly distributed ledger is accessible by anyone within the network. Until recently, the
major usage of blockchain public ledger has been crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,
and Litecoin among others. The same attributes that make cryptocurrencies attractive work for
content, any shared content, and it automatically ranks higher. Through a blockchain ledger,
content creators are therefore getting rewarded promptly and unequivocally. This serves as a
motivation for people to share more high-quality content catapulting a virtuous circle for
content development.

Monetization: Since the user community controls the platform, information and content are
not manipulated by a third party. Through blockchain technology, users are able to monetize
content through digital tokens and drive their own experience.

Generally, the decentralized and the open source core features of the blockchain combined
with the high levels of encryption have excited businesses in many areas and in doing so they
have captivated many supporters. In the process, many innovators have been seeking to
implement blockchain technology into their products and processes.

One of the benefits of using blockchain             The major objective of this scenario is to
innovations has been in the case of digital         create an user-friendly content sharing
content distribution. As in the case of this        network that enables an effective, as well as
VTOS major aims, blockchain can be                  a hustle free method to upload, purchase
effectively used for wresting control of digital    and share content. In the past, the digital
content and data distribution over the inter-       content distribution has been a sector that
net back to the masses from the large corpo-        has highly been favored by the large
rations even though it is yet to be fully seen if   corporations who control large finances. This
blockchain can successfully change the              leaves the content creators with least or no
dominance of the big corporations.                  chance in the matters and therefore an
Blockchain can utilize these content                inadequate share of their revenues. This has
distribution platforms to revolutionize data        all technology which is set to once again
distribution on the internet.                       wrest control of content creation to all other
                                                    people who can create content from the
                                                    large corporations.

7                   Decentralized cdn & social network
Centralized video platform management: platform curators have sole discretion on selecting
the content shown to users; therefore "feeding" them what they believe is appropriate or, in
most cases, what drives higher profit. User experience is dictated by revenue maximizing
algorithms rather than user's interests, preferences and current mood.

Saturation: traditional video sharing websites frequently
concentrate their bandwidth capacity on centralized
locations limiting their latency and efficiency. An ever
expanding buffer for data transfer is becoming crucial for the
scalability of these platforms, and yet there currently exists
no readily available solution.

Storage cost: video and data content providers currently
face increasingly growing storage costs due to the
exponential growth in users on social network platforms.
Both on-site and cloud solutions have not been able to keep
up in cost effective manner to the growth of these platforms.

Demonetization: Despite the content generated, users do
not benefit or get rewarded; instead, the data generated is
monetized by corporations. Recently, a big controversy
shook the social network community which causes
demonetization of content on YouTube. For this reason,
some content creators have started to use other ways of
revenue such as patreon which allows them to offer a
subscription service for supporters.

8                 Decentralized cdn & social network

    VTOS aims to be the leading video and data sharing website. We
    want to decentralize video and blog content to give value to
    creators and contributors in a way that have not been done before.
    Furthermore, we will use VTOS technology that is self-engineered
    and powered by WebTorrent so others can use it to store data,
    video, and stream content.

    Using the underlying blockchain technology we want to be the first
    social content aggregator to unify these advanced technologies.
    The underlying VTOS technology is top-notch allowing almost free
    hosting of videos. We believe that we have the opportunity to
    connect people from all races, creeds, and backgrounds around
    the world, and improve their experiences, either as content
    creators or as users and reward them for it.

9         Decentralized cdn & social network
1.)   Become the first user driven video sharing platform

                           Democratize the way users and content creators interact by
                           eliminating central curation and allowing users to drive their own
                           customized      experience.    Consequently,     by    delayering
                           algorithms to final users we will provide a market place where
                           viewers, content creators and advertising purchasers will trade
                           for adspace.

2.)   Improve the standard efficiency of data sharing

                          Utilize P2P technology to provide a low latency expandable
                          buffer solution to the ever-increasing social network content
                          sharing needs. VTOS naturally scalable architecture assures that
                          through consistent peer relying users experience is never
                          compromised. VTOS platform will implement and work as a
                          peer to peer content delivery network. the content delivery
                          (CDN) will make use of a high value, high bandwidth
                          webcontent to any browser in the world. The content
                          delivery network will be able to deliver content from
                          browser to browser.

3.)   Drive storage cost significantly lower

                          Deliver low cost storage through users master node hosting in
                          exchange for rewards creating a virtuous circle with user

4.)   Actively reward content creation

                          We plan to drive content generation and incremental traffic to
                          our platform by immediately distributing value creation along the
                          user community. We plan to implement a patreon like system for
                          users to support their favorite content creators through
                          subscriptions and donations.

10            Decentralized cdn & social network
     VTOS is a decentralized social network built in an infrastructure which
     embraces the full application of blockchain technology. Other closely
     related technologies do not use blockchain. VTOS is low cost,
     decentralized, has native browser support, ANTI ISP, encryption, mobile
     support, SMART P2P upload control and CROSS platform P2P. The
     following aspects are under development: Client-side encryption, live
     streaming, IOS and Android SDK.

                                    We will give users a new significantly
                                    improved experience compared to those
                                    from Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and other
                                    video messaging services. By enhancing live
                                    streaming      video    calls  with    our
                                    WebTorrent      platform,     VTOS     will
                                    revolutionize the way users consume video

11         Decentralized cdn & social network
                        AND WEBTORRENT(P2P)
Our VTOS network will be the most elastic, distributed and resilient CDN/WebTorrent hybrid in
the world. A CDN consists of a group of servers or data centers, located in several
geographical areas to serve end users. Simply speaking, CDs helps deliver contents like web,
video or application to end users faster. For instance, end users are able to send their request
to the webserver and the webserver redirects this request to the CDNs. Then the CDNs makes
a decision to choose which server to use to serve this user.
In a CDN, the traffic comes from a CDN             WebTorrent is written in the JavaScript
servers to users (usually user's request goes      and internally uses the WebRTC for their true
to web server instead of CDN), while in a P2P      peer to peer communication. The flexibility
network, every peer is both server and client.     of the webtorrent client avoids the
Also, P2P network can be completely ad hoc,        requirements of the extensions or plugins in
in the sense there's no central server to help     your browser to be able to use it. The
find where the desired content is.                 browser      to    browser     communication
Furthermore, we are also using WebTorrent,         provided by Webtorrent cuts out the
a P2P network which provides browsers and          middle-man      and     allows   people    to
mobile     applications     with    Real-Time      communicate on their own terms.
Communications capabilities through
simple APIs.
Our platform will connect website users through a decentralized network of browsers for
transferring of files efficiently. We have been working on this project since 2015 in order to
ensure our platform is optimal to best serve the desired functionality. We have developed and
tested our own technology based on WebTorrent with private users for video conference but it
is now time to release it to the market. Our team has vast experience in WebTorrent and other
programming languages. We will continuously improve our platform to provide a cutting-edge
video conference experience unique to VTOS.

By unlocking the distributed computing power through viewers support, the VTOS platform will solve
some of the two biggest problems in streaming which are scalability and geographical

  12                Decentralized cdn & social network

                             VTOS      TORRENT       CDN    IPFS

      LOW COST



       ANTI ISP








   13                  Decentralized cdn & social network

                                              VTOS (TOKEN)
                                              This    token     will    govern  the   masternode
                                              ecosystem. It is an Ethereum ERC20 token based on a
                                              decentralized social network built on the
                                              blockchain platform. VTOS is the currency of
                                              the platform and the fundamental unit of
                                              account on the VTOS system. This is the
                                              currency that will be sold on the Initial Coin
                                              Offering as well as in exchanges and it will
                                              serve as a fundamental unit to run the VTOS
     decentralized cdn & social network
                                              master node which is the main power of the
                                              VTOS ecosystem.
                                              The smart contract will regulate all the
                                              transactions by overseeing that content and
                                              shared files are fully encrypted, verify proof
                                              of     ownership       of    that   content,   thus
                                              guaranteeing a seamless transfer of value
                                              for the users.

Is an Ethereum ERC20 token which will serve
as the community token and will be used
exclusively on the content platform as a
reward system. Once users join the platform
they will be able to win VCT every time they
post, like or share content on the
platform. The amount of rewards will depend
on the level of the user as well as the weekly
generated bounty. This token will help
maintain a subsystem of nodes that will
further support our platform. Furt hermore this
token will be used to acquire certain features
and services in the platform. The dependent in
the webminer system (see page 16).

   14                    Decentralized cdn & social network
 The MasterNode system is the heart of the social network and the storage service that VTOS
 will offer to the community. It is powered by to elements, the VTOS token and the CDN/P2P
 network DApp which efficiently fulfils an increasingly demand of download and
 upload requests.

 The VTOS Masternode ecosystem will offer users the ability to own a Mastenode or to rent
 one. Furthermore, Masternodes will help support the VTOS social network making the plat-
 form more efficient as well as sustainable through an efficient management of unused

 Users will be able to run their own master node and get rewards for it. This is a great incentive
 tool that will improve the functionality of the system. The user enjoys peace of mind by
 knowing that the VTOS tokens are secured in their personal account. If a user wants to run
 the VTOS Master node he will need 1000 VTOS. Users with Master nodes have more
 benefits. They get a monthly percentage of VTOS.

 Master nodes are a complete game changer in the social networking space. We have develo-
 ped our own master nodes with no setup needed, while other projects in the same space use
 weaker technology and therefore they need to charge for people to upload content in the
 social network, but for us, it will be free. Master nodes encourage ‘locking up’ so that users
 possess them for a longer period. The more users join the network, the more master nodes
 are locked up. There are strong incentives to have master nodes, so we believe that cryptos
 with master nodes will see more appreciation in value in the next few
 years than others without them.

15               Decentralized cdn & social network

Having a working product is important for the value of the token from both the content
creators’ perspective and the viewer’s perspective. We will not give away VCT for free. Instead,
both content creators and contributors will have to earn by engaging on the platform. We will
encourage people to produce highquality content and through that, they will rank highly. This
will further encourage holding the coin for longer periods of time. These actions will eventually
lead to the improved value of VTOS and avoid dilution.

Channel Subscriptions                               Leveling System
We’re     introducing    a    subscription   and    Different from other typical social network sites,
donating system for users to support their          our platform will rank users based on levels. The
favorite    content   creators   while    channel   more time spent on the platform creating quality
owners will be able to give their channel           content as well as contributing with the communi-
subscribers special rewards and content.            ty development of the platform, will move the
Users will have the option to follow as well as     users to the next level. Some notable examples of
to subscribe to their favorite content              social networks that contain certain elements
creators. Subscriptions will also provide a         which we plan to implement in our leveling system
regular monthly income to those who receive         model are StackOverflow and Bitcointalk.

The level system will be based on actions made on the platform. To be able to acquire VCT and
level up (LV), users will need to earn experience points (EXP). For example, if Peter joins VTOS
platform he will need to refer two friends to gain the first level and start earning experience
points (EXP) and VCT. Each time that users level up, the amount of required experience points
will increase.

The value given by a certain user level will be   linked directly to his earnings. This ad space will
cost more in higher level user pages, this will benefit those high-level users, giving them the
incentive to earn even more. Our algorithm will reflect an appropriate way of ensuring ranking
is based purely on individual efforts and contribution to the platform. We will limit coin issuance
to avoid dilution.

Reward System
For each action made on the platform, users will earn a determinate amount of experience
points(EXP) and VCT(VTOS COMMUNITY TOKEN). This amount will be directly proportional to
the quality of the action made and will motivate the content creator to produce more
high-quality videos and blogs; the more people react to it either through commenting, liking or
sharing, the more the creator earns.
One way for users to win VCT will be through the actions made by them every week, this will
depend on the weekly Bounty box and experiences points users earn that week. Therefore if
users want to continuously earn VCT and EXP usage activity will be the main factor.
Furthermore, just being on the platform watching videos and viewing blog content will make
you earn money through actions of likes, shares, and comments. This means that the content
creator will win for all actions received from the viewer. The viewer, on the other hand, will win
for actions made on the platform subscribing, comment,shares, and likes.

   16                Decentralized cdn & social network
Ad Marketplace
                                                  Within the VTOS system we plan to introduce
                                                  a decentralized ad system, this will empower
                                                  users and companies to buy and sell ads as
                                                  well as other services by using cryptocurrencies
                                                  that will be available in our exchange system.
                                                  Through this mechanism, VTOS platform users
                                                  and content creators will be able to sell their
                                                  available ad space in their individual video pages
                                                  as well as their subscription homepage.

VTOS COMMUNITY TOKEN - VCT Host Support (Webminer)
This system will help the platform through the sharing of network upload bandwidth and hard
drive space from the user, therefore users will have the ability to give support to the Webtorrent
network and in return, they will win VCT. This process will ensure that VCT is minted through a
mining process, therefore, controlling the remittance of the coin. A small amount of the VCT
generates will through this process go to the Bounty Box which will provide the base for the
rewards of the social network.

The webminer is independent of the masternode system, in other words it performs a similar func-
tion as the masternodes which supports the social network sustenance.
Furthermore to assure that the demand of the token always exceeds the supply, a algorithm will be
implemented which increases the difficulty in the production of the token.

Users will be able to open a web page to help the VCT Network using a Webtorrent web client
to automatically add videos and start seeding. We will measure the upload speed and the hard
drive space of the user to give them VCT in exchange for their resources which will incentivize
users to exchange their hard currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin for VCT and VTOS as well as
other currencies.

  17               Decentralized cdn & social network
Within the VTOS system we plan to
offer users the ability to purchase

services and ads at the platform. We
will create an exchange system
between parties, which will incentivi-
ze users to exchange hard
currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin
and VTOS as well as other currencies.

                                  Unique User Channel

        Users will have the ability to customize their experience by designing their home
        page, and purchase channel features through the VTOS blockchain. Creating
        unique experiences for our users will exponentiate the VTOS platform appeal vs.
        status    quo.    Through        this  same      mechanism,    users     will  be
        able to design their own avatar or use their photo as a way to add value to the
        way they present themselves in the social network community.

 18                Decentralized cdn & social network
                                           Name: VTOS
                                           Ticker: VTOS

                               Compliance: ETHEREUM ERC20
                            Total fixed supply: 600,000,000 VTOS
                              55% will be sold during the ICO.

                                    ICO: 330,000,000 VTOS
                                   ICO Start: April 16, 2018
                                    ICO End: June 30, 2018
                                   Accepting: ETH and BTC
                                     Starting at 0.15 usd

                                         ICO BONUS
                                     Stage 1 = 30% Bonus
                                     Stage 2 = 20% Bonus
                                     Stage 3 = 15% Bonus
                                     Stage 4 = 10% Bonus
                                     Stage 5 = 5% Bonus
                                     Stage 6 = 0% Bonus

     20% of the tokens will be reserved for master nodes rewards. This represents
     120,000,000.00. We will release a maximum of 1,200,000.00 VTOS each year. The max
     supply will be reached in 100 years or more.

     55% will be available for ICO therefore, backers of the project will be able to
     have a real valuable asset- VTOS Token.

     10% will be available for the development team, We will lock team tokens for 2 years.

     10% will be available for angel investors, people that help in investing, advisors etc.

     5% for bounty campaigns, charity and future AIRDROPS and marketing.

                                                     TEAM 10%

                                                              BOUNTIES 5%

                                                                   MASTERNODES 20%
                  ICO 55%

                                                          ADVISORS 10%

19              Decentralized cdn & social network
The funds raised at ICO will be
                     allocated as follows:

  60%: project development (servers, Masternodes, engineers, WebTorrent upgrade)

  20% payment for PR, marketing services done for ICO and expansion of the project

  10%: Operational costs, employees, office etc.

  5% Invest return for angel investors

  5% Legal compliance, paperwork

                  LEGAL COMPLIANCE 5%

            INVEST RETURN 5%


                                                                 VTOS DEVELOP 60%

20             Decentralized cdn & social network
       Q2 2018
          VTOS account creation
          Beta of VTOS platform
          Likes and dislikes for videos and blog
          Moderation and content report                     Q3 2018
          Masternodes                                          Beta of ios and android
                                                               Masternodes monetization
                                                               Web player
                                                               CDN and API
                                                               Friends and Followers

Q4 2018
   Level system
   VCT Ecosystem
   VTOS plataform monetization                     Q1 2019
                                                      VTOS Host support
                                                      Subscriptions and Donations
                                                      Avatar System

                     Q2 2019
                        Ad marketplace
                        App Market
                        P2P messages
                                                               Q3 2019
                                                                  VTOS video platform
                                                                  full release
                                                                  Live stream
                                                                  Live chat

        Create your own VTOS network
        Company Outsourcing

21            Decentralized cdn & social network
                                               DANIEL VALDEZ
Over 10 years of financial/investing experience and 8 years on Wall Stree-
t´s top performing Hedge Funds and Global Financial Institutions. Due to
his prior experience, Daniel has developed detailed ICO protocols and
processes with respect to Token Allocation and subsequently compensa-
tion plan for VTOS and VCT. Daniel has ample experience leading and
managing teams on both corporate and start up environments. Prior roles
include Co-Portfolio Manager for SAC Capital Mgmt., Senior Analyst at
Eton Park Capital Mgmt., Senior Analyst at Citadel´s Alternative Asset
Management Division and Investment Banking Associate at Morgan Stan-
ley. Daniel holds a BS in Engineering, from Stanford University and an
MBA from Harvard Business School.

                          JUAN CARLOS RUIZ
                      Over 15 years of experience in audit and risk management roles at various
                      financial institutions and consulting firms. Juan Carlos successfully mana-
                      ged operational, legal, and technological risks in two of Mexico’s largest
                      financial institutions (Grupo Financiero Banorte, Vector). Juan Carlos holds
                      a Business degree from Universidad de Monterrey, as well as a Risk Mana-
                      gement degree from EGADE Tec de Monterrey’s business school.

                                         ENRIQUE SANDOVAL
Enrique has over 18 years of work experience in the world class company
AVANTEL, furthermore he has an extensive expertise in data and voice
networks, he is an expert in videoconference network management and has
an ample knowledge of audio and video codes as well as in management
of high performance networks and technological enviroments. He has a
degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering by UANL, with a
MBA by Tecnológico de Monterrey. He believes that Blockchain technology
will revolutionize the way people interact with social networks.

22               Decentralized cdn & social network
                                           Head Of Risk Management
 Adrian has over 3 years of experience as a Financial Risk Analyst, mana-
 ging and developing market risk control methods for a top Latin American
 brokerage firm “Vector”. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics (UANL) with publi-
 shed research on the behavior of nuclear matter. As a cryptocurrency
 enthusiast, he has experience in the investment in crypto assets. Further-
 more, he has studied current disruptive technology and its applications to
 blockchain network ecosystems.

                           MIGUEL DE LA TORRE
                          Lead Developer
                    Miguel has over 15 years of coding experience in PHP, html5, JAVA, Android,
                    IOS, solidity, and JavaScript. He is the main developer behind the VTOS site
                    and platform. His technological background has enabled the VTOS IT team to
                    have a working Alpha version of our platform ICO.

                                           EDGARDO AGUIRRE
                                                     System Developer
Edgardo has ample experience working with web torrent, Linux, FFmpeg
(video encoder), Nginx, WebRTC, Java, and Ubuntu Linux scripting. He has
played a key role implementing Web Torrent for VTOS Node technology.
Edgardo's experience with private IT companies as an advisor for video con-
ferencing and mobile connections security are key for VTOS's cybersecurity.

                          RUIHE RUAN
                          Blockchain Developer
                        Blockchain consultant, has workend on Ethereum, NEO, platforms. He is a
                        solidity expert and has developed marketplaces using Sharetribe, React,
                        Ruby on Rails, AngularJS for last 3 years. Recently he has concentrated on
                        building marketplace dAPPsfor P2P Gambling, Insurance and Job Search.

 23                Decentralized cdn & social network
                                                   Blockchain Developer
Naveed is an experienced Developer with a demonstrated history of wor-
king in the information technology industry. Skilled in Java, j2EE, Spring
Framework, Spring Boot, Ethereum, Blockchain, Solidity,SQL and web3.js.
Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in
Information Technology from University of Sargodha. He considers
Blockchain as the greatest invention of Digital world.

                         ARTURO PLACENCIA
                         Marketing Specialist
                      Arturo started as a video producer 25 years ago, he specialized in training
                      video programs. He became a sales process enthusiast. Hosted his own TV
                      show for 2 years in which he spoke about the early Internet. He worked for
                      7 years as an insurance sales agent, to later become a senior partner on
                      that business, from which he got a deep expertise on sales process. On
                      2010 he founded his own marketing agency. Currently he´s a coach,
                      speaker and author for several mexican firms, specialized in digital adverti-
                      sing. He´s developing a sales lab in which they design sales funnels with
                      several contact sources such as whatsapp, messenger chatbots and phone
                      calls. On the next stage of this project the process will include
                      AI and Big Data.

                                                CECILIA CUELLAR
                                                    Community Manager
She is master degree in economics. She is an expert in financial accoun-
ting and has played a key role in developing the VTOS algorithm for the
compensation plan. Cecilia holds a International relations with foreign
trade orientation from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, and she
had five years experience in this area.

                         ROM SIQUIJOR
                      Rom has worked with several Fortune 500 companies as Chief Information
                      Security Officer, IT Director, and Datacenter manager. He is adept in
                      blockchain technologies, RPA (Robotics Process Automation), business
                      analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), network infrastructure, data center facili-
                      ties, hypercomputing, system management, database management, web,
                      and cloud technologies. He is als o published, author.

24                Decentralized cdn & social network
Emilio is a prominent businessman with significant experience in Angel
Investing both in and outside the Technology realm. Emilio´s involvement
with VTOS has allowed our initial VTOS team to develop key relationships.
His businesses include controlling stakes in mining companies, retail chains,
as well as professional sports teams.

                           CHRIS MUGENDI
                       Chris has worked with several blockchain startups by developing their
                       core technology. Complementary to his technical skill set, his experience
                       in content management has been instrumental for the development of
                       our Platform. He is the Co-Founder of, a blockchain
                       review, and a consultancy startup.

                                                ANGELO GARCÍA
Angelo has over17 years of experience in financial markets, with expertise
in Equity Research, Risk Management, Derivatives strategies and Portfolio
Management. Previous experience working at Vector, Morgan Stanley,
Banorte (Wealth Management) and MG Capital. Angelo holds a BS in
accounting from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monte-
rrey, Masters in Finance at EGADE Business School and Ph.D in Financial
Engineering at Claremont Graduate University.

                          SAMEEP SINGHANIA
                       Sameep is blockchain developer, based in Delhi (India). He specializes in
                       building smart contracts and distributed applications(dapps). Apart from
                       blockchain he also specializes in building small to large size scalable web
                       applications. He is a true blockchain enthusiast and proponent investing
                       ample amount of my time and energy investigating blockchain paradigm
                       and use cases which can be solved in much better and transparent way
                       using Blockchain.

25                Decentralized cdn & social network
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