We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...

We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...
We create

                  smart public
We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...

.4 Design something
.6 Bringing it all together
.8 Our team
.10 Moving the
    vision forward
.11 Planning for success
.12 Caring for the
.14 Safety matters
.16 Going from plan
    to reality
We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...
Playspace Design + Build


New Zealand’s next
generation of public
After years of working in the playground                   After assembling a team of some of New Zealand’s most
building industry, we were tired of hearing                experienced playspace construction professionals, we
                                                           set up shop in Parnell, Auckland. From there, we began
from councils who were frustrated with the
                                                           planning, designing, and installing playgrounds for
complicated process of designing and building              Councils, Schools, and Early Learning Centres all over the
public playgrounds.                                        country.
The standard process of building a playground involved     With consistency in the make-up of our team, we had
working with multiple partners. Partners like landscape    continuity from project to project, which meant we could
architects, construction companies, and equipment          learn from, and improve, the design and build process. As
suppliers. Often, these companies were siloed in           we grew, this enabled us to deliver simpler, faster, better
their own areas of expertise and unable to deliver the     project experiences to our clients.
complete playground package.
                                                           Our biggest mission when we set up Creo was to make
We decided the best way to fix this was to start our own   people as passionate about playground design as we are.
playground design company. A company that would            That is still our biggest mission today.
bring together the services of landscape architecture,
construction, and equipment selection, under one roof.
A specialised playground design service that could offer
scalable design and construction services, a simpler
customer experience, and ultimately, better play spaces.
Consequently, in February 2017, Creo was born.

                                                           Contact us on: 0800 000 334 or info@creospace.co.nz
We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...

We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...
Playspace Design + Build


How do you achieve
exceptional? How do you
take the ideas from your local
community and turn them
into something tangible?
How do you capture a vision
and make it a reality?

At Creo, we have an expert team of landscape architects,
project managers, and installers who can help you to do
just that. Our team has years of experience designing and
building public play spaces for councils and community
groups, so we understand the demands your outdoor
spaces must meet. It’s all about striking the right balance
between flow, practicality, and play. About making spaces
that are accessible and flexible, ensuring safety standards
are met, and making sure eco-friendliness is a priority.

We’ll work within your processes to produce expertly
crafted outdoor environments that are a joy to maintain
and play in. In doing this, we’ll turn your community’s
dreams into reality and continue our mission to deliver
exceptional play spaces to New Zealand’s towns and cities.
We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...

     it all
We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...
Playspace Design + Build

                                                            Building a new play
                                                            space requires design,
                                                            planning, procurement,
                                                            project management, and
                                                            construction expertise.
                                                            Until now, bringing these
                                                            services together involved
                                                            working with multiple
                                                            companies; each with their
                                                            own unique culture and ways
                                                            of doing things.

Working in the playground installation industry for the
past 20 years, we’ve seen first-hand how this approach
almost guarantees mistakes and budget blowouts.

With so many different parties working in one space,
it can be a communications nightmare.

With our full-service approach, we’ve solved the
communications problem and eliminated the stress
clients feel when creating a new play space. Our highly
qualified landscape architects work with you to match
design with your needs. Our experienced project
managers and playground construction teams work
alongside you to ensure your design is delivered as

By bringing all the necessary disciplines together under
one roof, Creo delivers better play spaces within shorter
time-frames. Best of all, Creo makes the process simple
and stress free.
We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...
Playspace Design + Build


     Our                                                              Lariss Moyle

                                                                      Senior Landscape Architect, BLA Reg NZILA

                                                                      Larissa has over 13 years’ experience as a landscape
                                                                      architect, working on a wide range of projects. At Creo
                                                                      she specialises in child-focused outdoor environments,
                                                                      ranging from Early Childhood and School play spaces
                                                                      through to Council parks.

                                                                      She has an interest in creating high-value play areas
                                                                      and an ability to work at all project stages including
                                                                      master planning, concept design, conceptual design,
                                                                      and detail design, tendering and design oversight
                                                                      during construction.

                                                                      Larissa is the mother of two boys and spends a lot of
                                                                      time visiting new play spaces and the outdoors.

     Craig Jones                                                      Ben Witty
     Senior Project Manager                                           Playspace Consultant

     Craig has spent 17 years in the civil construction               Ben joined Creo in 2018 in the client-facing, Playspace
     industry, working in the landscaping sector.                     Consultant, role. Since then, he has helped many Creo
                                                                      customers through the playspace ‘design and build’ journey,
     He has hands-on and managerial experience in
                                                                      delivering some of New Zealand’s most exciting playground
     hard and soft landscaping, concrete and paving
                                                                      projects. His favourite aspect of working in this role is
     construction, and the operation of landscape-based
                                                                      seeing the passion and excitement build in people as their
     plant, equipment and machinery.
                                                                      playspace comes to life.
     His management skills are extensive and have been
                                                                      As Ben puts it, “The sheer variety of size, palate, budget,
     honed over the past decade of project managing large-
                                                                      theme and setting that each playspace requires makes
     scale projects from ‘concept to completion’.
                                                                      every project special. There is no such thing as a ‘copy
     Craig has the proven ability to lead site teams, manage          and paste’ project, so the challenge to create something
     the programme, manage subcontractors, forecast                   distinctive each time is hugely motivating. I love working with
     project cash flow, and work with local stakeholders.             our clients through the design journey and understanding
     He has a clear understanding of NZS 3910:2003                    exactly what their vision is and delivering on it. People have a
     Conditions of Contract.                                          lot of passion when it comes to creating a playspace, so the
                                                                      whole process is incredibly rewarding.”
We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...
Playspace Design + Build


Mike Senior                                                  Grant Cottle
Operations Team Leader                                       Auckland Site Manager

Mike has been dreaming up and building play spaces           Grant has 20 years experience in construction
since he was 5 years old, albeit small projects for          management working in a diverse range of industries.
himself and his kids. It was only after taking on the Creo   He has worked in the playspace construction sector for
Operations Team Leader role that he was able to do it        a significant number of those years.
on a grand scale.
                                                             Grant brings excellent people skills to the Site Manager
In recent years, Mike has been involved in many large        role which enables him to comfortably work with
projects including Anderson Park in Napier and Royal         the various groups and individuals involved in the
Reserve in Auckland.                                         construction process.

Drawing on his varied experience in building, concrete       He has an excellent understanding of site management
work, hard and soft landscaping, site management and         and has the experience and skills to consistently
project management – he has been able to establish           achieve high-quality project outcomes.
a reputation for well-run job sites and excellent

Kelvin Smith                                                 Carn Parata
Wellington Site Manager                                      South Island Site Manager

Kelvin brings 17 years’ worth of experience in the           With 10 years’ worth of experience in the construction
playground construction industry. His knowledge and          industry, Carn Parata knows how to run a job site. Not
expertise in this area run wide and deep and include         only is he well versed in earthworks, landscaping and
skills in site management, play equipment installation,      drainage, but he also possesses a creative streak and a
surfacing, and base works.                                   love of big challenges.

These skills, paired with a natural ability for problem-     This mix of talents make Carn the perfect fit for
solving, enable Kelvin to quickly resolve issues on-site     playground construction where he enjoys the technical
and continuously improve through innovation.                 challenges of creating spaces that are safe, enjoyable
                                                             and, ultimately, fun.
Kelvin has worked on many major playground projects
over the years, too many to mention – but Anderson           Carn has been involved in the delivery of some large-
Park in Napier and Parliamentary Playground in               scale projects including, the Dunedin City Council
Wellington are two recent highlights.                        playgrounds revamp and the installation of the Cornwall
                                                             Park playground in Hastings.
We create smart public playspaces - Playground ...
Playspace Design + Build


      the vision

      You’ve listened to the community.               At this stage of the process, Creo can help you
                                                      take the ideas provided by the community and
                                                      turn them into a concept design that’s ready for
      You’ve gathered their ideas.                    presentation.

                                                      Working closely with your team, we will
                                                      develop an achievable playspace concept that
      You’re heading in the right direction.          resonates with your community, makes the
                                                      most of your available resources, and balances
                                                      the competing demands on the space.
      What comes next?                                As your playspace design takes shape, you’ll
                                                      feel the excitement and momentum build as
                                                      you begin to see and share the vision.
Playspace Design + Build


Planning   You’ve got your concept.

for        You know what you are
           going to build.

success    But how will you make it?

           This is where our construction detail team
           can help. With their extensive experience in
           detailed design, cost forecasting, and project
           programming, they will translate your concept into
           a set of detailed plans that are ready for the tender

           If required, Creo can help you select appropriate
           play equipment and materials and make detailed
           costings to ensure the overall project is kept
           within budget.

           Finally, Creo can provide design implementation
           oversight where required to ensure all aspects of
           your build are compliant with local and national
           standards and meet the standards set in the
           design phase.

      for the
Playspace Design + Build

When selecting materials, we      Our rubber safety surfacing products are made from
                                  renewable or recycled materials. The rubber is recycled
look for products that are fit    from waste vehicle tyres using a clean and efficient
                                  recycling process in New Zealand, Europe or Canada.
for purpose to ensure they
                                  Our dedication to reducing, recycling and reusing
don’t need replacing a few        ensures we minimise wastage as we maximize play
years later. We look to include   spaces. This is a company-wide mindset – our work is
                                  about creating smart, sustainable playspaces with the
permeable surfaces as             smallest footprint possible.

much as possible and slope        When selecting products, we also look at their longevity,

areas to drain into gardens       as the longer the product lasts, the better it is for the
                                  environment. We also factor in what happens to an item
where practical. As well as       at the end of its life; can it be reused, re-purposed or
this, we are committed to
                                  We try to avoid staining, painting, and powder coating to
environmentally friendly          eliminate the need for touch ups and recoating as they
products and sustainable          chip and wear over time. We select appropriate grasses
                                  and plantings that won’t need excessive watering and
manufacturing processes.          maintenance.

Playspace Design + Build


                                                               At Creo, we’re
                                                               constantly looking
                                                               at ways to improve
                                                               our health and safety

One of the ways we achieve this is through our
partnership with SiteWise. As a SiteWise Green Partner
we have demonstrated our ability to maintain quality
health and safety systems and processes.

We are committed to onsite safety and, as such, we know
the importance of thorough staff training in this area. All
our installation staff hold Site Safe Passports and our site
supervisors hold Site Safe Supervisor Passports and first
aid certificates.

In addition to our commitment to health and safety
training and processes, we believe in the importance
of looking after the well-being of our team. We seek to
support our staff with the provision of assistance and
training through EAP Services.
Playspace Design + Build


      from plan
      to reality

      Enough planning.
      It’s time to build.
      At Creo, we have a team of project managers, site
      managers and installers with years of building,
      construction, and landscaping experience behind them.
      It’s this experience that enables us to consistently finish
      projects on-time and as intended.

      The quality of your playspace is determined by the
      abilities of the installation team. Our site managers and
      installers are masters of their craft and specialists in
      playspace construction. Maybe more importantly, they
      are passionate about their work and take great pride in
      delivering exceptional playspaces.

      Throughout the build, our landscape architects are on
      hand to provide implementation oversight, ensuring
      that what goes in the ground is the same as what’s on
      the plan.

      “ The designer made the playground
        flow and look fantastic and the
        project manager took the stress
        off our organisation. We had
        to change a few plans during
        installation and Creo dealt really
        well with these changes.
        The communication was great -
        very organised and efficient.
       Amanda Reid - Greater Green Island Community Network
40 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga,
Auckland 1061
0800 000 334

No matter where you are in
New Zealand, Creo can work
with you. Our Designers can
meet you on site and our
local site managers provide
nationwide coverage.

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