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Webinar Notes, Chat and Polls
You will find the Power Point presentation and background information from the
February 16, 2021 webinar online (http://www.scwi.ca/scwi/tools.php /
http://iject.ca/iject/tools.php ) in the After SWAC and After Adult Dual Credit Resources
2020-21 section. This webinar was recorded and is available at:
https://code.adobeconnect.com/p44ztbpakcgf/ .

Chat Summary

David Armstrong: Is there a timing issue with OSAP approvals that might be delayed
and cause students not to accept their college admission offer?

Sammi Marriner: Possibly. Most likely if the student is applying as an independent
person (family breakdown)
      Lisa Castelhano: I agree Sammi.
      Sammi Marriner: Additionally, there are some students who get zero financial
      help for their parents/guardians/caregivers , however, their finances are still
      included in the calculation (they might not receive enough $)
      Val Oriet: That’s a great point.
      Lisa Castelhano: This is a HUGE barrier for students.

SCWI Vouchers
Val Oriet: I had a few students apply for the funded PSW program starting in June this
year. We could not use a voucher but covered the cost.
       David Armstrong: Since we are buying vouchers "in bulk", we have to aim at the
       entry that is most attractive.
       Val Oriet: I had the student change their password on OCAS then I logged in and
       paid for the application.
Lisa Castelhano: I call the OCAS 2 tier line [to provide the voucher number] 1-855-232-

SCWI Symposium
Diane Cowden SCWI Liaison Team: Registration for SCWI Symposium Workshops ad
Networking Sessions Opens April 22nd
Sammi Marriner: Thank you so very much!

SCWI/IJECT                            March 16, 2021                                        1
Terry Potts: As always .. very encouraging tone from this team. Thanks.
       Diane Cowden SCWI Liaison Team: Thank you!
       Loralee Fernandes: Thanks, great ideas

Poll Highlights

Laura Saraiva: Before ADC, some students never considered College as a reality, let
alone more than one Program. [which may explain why ADC students make fewer
program choices when they apply to college].

SCWI/IJECT                          March 16, 2021                                    2
College Advisor Break Out Group
Supporting Students at a Distance - Phil
Content and delivery of small group conversations
- St. Clair College - created a brief outline of a PP and used MS Teams; post secondary
planning meeting; work with SWAC and Adult SWAC with variety of After SWAC -
heading to work, ACE, opportunities for Apprenticeship, applying to college, OCAS,
searching for programs, Q and A, bursaries, financial budgeting workshop re OSAP
Q do you need the relationship first? Yes, I teach some of these students in online
class to develop rapport; not a Week 2 conversation, but wait a bit longer, but earlier in
Semester 2 than Semester 1; individual conversations as well, large group sessions too;
they may not think they could get to college; feedback from secondary school teachers
and college instructors, see success and possibilities!
Lisa C from Fanshawe - luxury of seeing students in person, multiple sites which has
been helpful; slow and steady introduction to conversations; 1:1 in fall; meet in
classroom because of physical distancing, also book zoom calls so they can be at home
without a mask; build rapport; smaller group conversations effective - presenting and Q
and A; will see how OSAP and applications fares with what has occurred; students
sometimes not committing to calls but reminders f2f is important
Sammi - similar luxury with F2F, but some might prefer an online chat for family reasons
perhaps; OCAS and OSAP applications in person and small groups; cover credentials,

SCWI/IJECT                            March 16, 2021                                     3
admission require. etc. but also take temp of room such as food insecurity issues and
provide workshops, also workshops in social-emotional
Phil - some want e-conversation for privacy and other safety reasons; apply when they
feel confident to move to Post-secondary, but time needs to be right
Impactful 1:1 conversations:
Sammi - work with teachers to do embedded assignments - student led, explain
services and find ways to connect with them; conversation will help connect them with
Val - door opens when student sees you are invested in them

Chat Summary
Val Oriet: Face to face is so valuable
Lisa Castelhano: absolutely Val
Val Oriet: Great ideas! If you don't address those issues you won't get a college
application submitted.
Sammi Marriner: Totally agree!
Val Oriet: once a student sees that you are invested in them as a person the door opens
to have other conversations
Laura Saraiva: I've let the students book the best time for them and let them choose
between phone or Teams.
Sammi Marriner: Great ideas

Chairs, Coordinators, SCWI, EDU Break Out Group
Notes and Chat
Transcript fees: ideas and solutions
OCAS Applicants who are not students of a board are being asked to pay a transcript
fee (set by individual boards) to have their OST electronically transferred. Although
SCWI is paying the OCAS fee, applicants will also need a credit card to pay this fee –
this has been identified as a barrier by one of the college advisors.
David Armstrong: Sonja: These charges are just for students who have left the
secondary school and then returned. Correct?
      David Armstrong: I bet this is true for international studnets too...?

SCWI/IJECT                               March 16, 2021                                  4
Karen Gauthier: I hadn't heard about this yet.

David Armstrong: So...how much might it cost if SCWI was to pick up these charges?

Lynn Grittani: ask 4 deferral? [since colleges will want a transcript prior to reviewing an
application, this may not be possible]

Terry Potts: Niagara College waived the transcript fee (if I remember right) but that
could be just for COVID,

Ken Harrison: These new fees total $10.00?

David Armstrong: I wonder what the response would be if tony was to take this issue to
Directors through CODE [Council of Ontario Directors of Education]?

David Armstrong: With college applications down at the minute, there may be an
opportunity to reach out to COP [Council of College Presidents] or OCAS for a solution

- what is the cost for SCWI to pick up the fee?
- could vary by board in terms of total cost
- defer the payment until a future date (more of a short-term thing)
- waiving the fee (Niagara College - perhaps a COVID strategy)
- could CODE discuss this with Directors, for board level solutions?

What can we learn from After SWAC / After ADC which can be applied elsewhere?

Janine Griffore: Importance of follow-up with students...even after they leave school.

Ken Harrison: College Advising available to all DC students?

Janine Griffore: Students feel supported when instructors are helping them solve

Terry Potts: Students are directed to program specific advisors from DCTs and profs on
a regular basis

David Armstrong: I think we can learn a great deal from the After SWAC/After ADC

SCWI/IJECT                             March 16, 2021                                         5
- application to wrap around programming
- re-engagement of students who leave DC before completion
- importance of follow up with students even after they leave school
- make college advising available to all DC students? What could this look like at
college (student success format?)
- students are directed to program specific advisors from DCTs and profs

How can we support College Advisors in their role?
Ken Harrison: A "catalogue" of College advising issues that typically arise?

SCWI/IJECT                            March 16, 2021                                 6
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