Welcome to the 2018-2019 DLA Scholarship Center

Welcome to the 2018-2019 DLA Scholarship Center
Welcome to the 2018-2019
                                                        DLA Scholarship Center
                                                      Want money for college? Want​ FREE​ money for
                                                      college? You have come to the right spot. The
                                                      Counseling Team has provided you with a full
                                                      list of scholarship resources. You may find the
                                                      scholarship process time consuming, but it will
                                                      be worth it when you don’t have to use your
                                                      money for college, or your parents money. Oh
                                                      yeah...your parents will love the idea of not
                                                      having to pay for you to go to college. So put in
                                                      the work and get a scholarship!

                                                       The scholarship links and details have been sent
                                                       to us and we are simply providing you with the
information in one place. Part of applying for scholarships is doing your research and making sure
you are a fit for the scholarship. ​DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Please review this document carefully.​ We have provided you with scholarship links and deadlines.
Make sure to pay attention to the deadlines and give yourself enough time to thoroughly fill out the

A quick tip,​ DO NOT ​pay to apply for a scholarship. No organization should charge you just to apply.
That is not FREE money, now is it? Please remember that if the scholarship application asks you to
pay any money, it is not for you!

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Karen Parker by phone at 760-291-2545 or by email at

    *If a listing has a​ STRIKETHROUGH,​ it means it is past the deadline or no longer available.

            **Thank you to Mrs. Rendon at SPHS for help establishing this document!**
Welcome to the 2018-2019 DLA Scholarship Center
Bienvenidos al Centro de Becas 2018-19
                                          ¿Quiere dinero para la universidad? ¿Quiere dinero ​gratuito
                                               para la universidad? ¡Esta en el lugar correcto! El
                                              departamento de Consejería les a proveído una lista
                                             completa de recursos para becas. Tal vez encuentre el
                                           proceso de aplicar por becas requiere mucho tiempo, pero
                                          va valer la pena cuando no tengas que usar tu propio dinero
                                           para pagar para la universidad, o el dinero de tus padres.
                                             Si…a tus padres les va encantar la idea de no tener que
                                           pagar para que tu vaya a la universidad. ¡Entonces haz el
                                                            esfuerzo y gana las becas!

                                           Simplemente hemos reunido los links y detalles para becas
   que nos han mandado, y ahora les estamos proveyendo esta información en un lugar. Parte del
proceso de aplicar por becas es hacer la investigación y asegurar que califiquen por los requisitos para
                                     cada beca. ​¡INVESTIGUEN!

 Favor de revisar este documento cuidadosamente.​ Les estamos proveyendo link y fecha de entrega
para cada beca. Aseguren de poner atención a cada fecha de entrega para darse bastante tiempo para
                                      completar la solicitud.

Un consejo, ​NO​ paguen para aplicar a una beca. No deberían cobrar la organización por solo aplicar.
Entonces no seria dinero gratuito, ¿verdad? Por favor consideren que, si una aplicación les pide pagar
                             por aplicar, ¡esta beca no es para ustedes!

    Si tiene preguntas, favor de comunicarse con Sra. Karen Parker al 760-291-2545 o por correo
                                  electrónico al ​kparker1@euhsd.org​.

  *Si es que una beca esta TACHADA, significa que ya ha pasado la fecha de entrega o ya no esta
Welcome to the 2018-2019 DLA Scholarship Center
General Scholarship Links and Websites
The San Diego Foundation: ​List of scholarships available through SDF and other organizations. It
uses one common application to many scholarships! Application opens Dec 1.

LendEDU: ​Guide to College Scholarships ​https://lendedu.com/blog/scholarships

Sallie Mae: ​Register to get free access to more than 5 million college scholarships.

FASTWEB: ​Create a profile of your personal interests, strengths and needs then let fastweb do the
work! ​http://www.fastweb.com/

Tuition Funding Source: ​Scholarship search engine. Free of charge.

Federal Student Aid: ​Great info on scholarships and links to scholarships.

San Diego County Office of Education: ​Great website for discovering local and national
scholarship links.

Cappex: ​https://www.cappex.com/scholarships/

College Board: ​https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search

I Can Afford College: ​Financial aid awareness site for California Community College system.

Scholarships 4 Students: ​Search by major, state, university, heritage, interests and activities.

www.StudentScholarships.org​: ​Comprehensive database for scholarships for students in CA

Hispanic Scholarship Fund: Scholarships with various deadlines.
Welcome to the 2018-2019 DLA Scholarship Center
Chegg.com: ​Chegg awards $1000 schloarships every month

CATCHING THE DREAM: ​Scholarship information for Native American students.

National Achievement Scholarship Program:

American Legion Scholarships

National College Resource Foundation

Varsity Tutors​: ​Holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students write an essay
in response to a monthly prompt. Visitors to the Varsity Tutors scholarship webpage are able to vote
via social media for submitted entries. The top five entries with the most votes are reviewed by Varsity
Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college
scholarship. Interested students can enter the contest here:

Weird Scholarships:​Scholarships are abundant for exceptional athletes, exceptional students and
those with proven leadership skills. What about average students? Minority students? Students with
talents not as much in-demand?
If you fall into some of the latter categories, you may have been out of luck at one time. But today
there are many scholarships for average students, minorities and those with other talents. In fact,
there are some just plain weird scholarships that can help you pay for college, just like those
scholarships awarded to athletes and over-achievers.

College Covered:

Foster Youth Scholarships
Undocumented Student Programs and Scholarships
OCIYU Scholarship: ​OCIYU fundraisers year round to provide one of the few nationwide
scholarship awards programs managed by undocumented youth for undocumented students. Our
scholarship awards range from $500 for continuing college, vocational and graduate students and
$250 for graduating high school and GED students attending college.

Dream Award 2019
Applications for the 2018-2019 Scholarship America Dream Award available October 2018
For the online application and more information, please visit​: ​www.scholarsapply.org/dreamaward/

THE DREAM.US​: ​A national scholarship fund for immigrant youth who have received DACA, who
want to obtain a college education and give back to their communities.

Educators For Fair Consideration (E4FC)-​Empowering undocumented young people to achieve
their educational and career goals.

MALDEF​:Since MALDEF's founding, the civil rights organization has supported the next generation
of civil rights advocates for the Latino community. MALDEF currently offers: a Scholarship Resource
Guide for high school, college, and graduate students; and a Law School Scholarship Program for law
Scholarships by deadlines

Scholarship Title   Link                      Description                            Deadline

WENDY’S HEISMAN     https://www.wendyshi      Maintain a GPA of 3.0 (B average) October
SCHOLARSHIP         ghschoolheisman.com        or better. Applicants also need to 17, 2018 at
                                              be proven leaders and role models 3pm
Wendy’s                                       within their school and community.
                                              And applicants must perform in at
                                               least one of the 43 school sports
                                                  recognized by the​ ​NFSHSA.

AES SCHOLARSHIP     http://www.aesenginee we are offering a $500 scholarship         October 6,
                    rs.com/scholarships.ht that will be awarded on the basis of      2018
AES Engineering     m                      character, as determined by
Solutions                                  evaluating the essays.

HAZ LA U            https://www.colgatepal    Colgate-Palmolive’s Haz La U           October
EDUCATIONAL         molive.com/en-us/core     program helps put Hispanic youth       15, 2018
GRANT               -values/community-res     on the track to college by providing
Hispanic Heritage   ponsibility/make-the-u    financial relief to via educational
Foundation                                    grants totaling ​$100,000.

SPOTLIGHT​,         http://www.musiccent      Spotlight is a scholarship and         October
                    er.org/education/Stude    training program, which                15, 2018
The Music Center    nts-at-the-Center/Spotl   encourages personal and artistic
                    ight/                     growth, while exploring new
                                              possibilities in the arts! Cash
                                              SCHOLARSHIPS up to $5,000

TUITION GIVEAWAY    http://www.drpeppert      Have a goal? Tell Dr. Pepper your      October
                    uition.com/               goal, get 50 nomination votes, film    17, 2018
Dr. Pepper                                    a video inspiring students, win
                                              100,000 in tuition money.

HORATIO ALGER       https://scholars.horati   Honors the achievements of          October
ASSOCIATION         oalger.org/               outstanding individuals in our      25, 2018
                                              society who have succeeded in spite
                                              of adversity and who are
                                              committed to supporting young
                                              people in pursuit of increased
                                              opportunities through education.
Coca Cola Scholars     http://www.coca-colas     Achievement-based scholarship        October
Foundation             cholarsfoundation.org/    awarded to seniors each year.        31, 2018
                       applicants/#programs      Students are recognized for their
Coca Cola Co.                                    capacity to lead and serve, and
                                                 their commitment to making a
                                                 significant impact on their schools
                                                 and communities. A minimum 3.00
                                                 GPA at the end of their junior year.

ACT STUDENT            www.act.org/readiness     ACT Student Champions receive a        October
CHAMPION               champions                 $500 non-renewable scholarship,        31, 2018
SCHOLARSHIP                                      certificate, plaque, and state-level
                                                 recognition. Criteria are: student
ACT.org                                          who has overcome challenges and
                                                 has education and career actions;
                                                 Students must have a composite
                                                 ACT score of a 22 on a single test
                                                 date or a 3.0 GPA; Preference given
                                                 to underrepresented or
                                                 first-generation college students.

STROKES                https://www.intelligen Seniors planning on majoring in           October
EDUCATIONAL            cecareers.gov/NSA/nsa computer science or computer or            31, 2018
SCHOLARSHIP            students.html          electrical engineering. As an NSA
PROGRAM ,                                     employee with the Stokes Program,
                                              you will attend college full-time,
NSA                                           receive up to $30,000 per year for
                                              tuition and mandatory fees, and
                                              work during the summers at NSA
                                              for 12 weeks. Year-round salary!


Scholarship Title      Link                      Description                            Deadline

PRUDENTIAL SPIRIT      https://spirit.prudenti   If you've made a difference by     November
OF COMMUNITY           al.com/about/program      volunteering in your community,    6, 2018
SERVICE AWARDS,        -overview                 you could win $1,000 and a trip to
                                                 Washington, D.C., by applying for
Prudential Financial                             a Prudential Spirit of Community
                                                 Award! You could win recognition
                                                 that might inspire other young
                                                 people to follow your example.

SACRAMENTO STATE http://www.csus.edu/c Various essay contests gets                      November
ESSAY CONTEST    alst/contests.html    students thinking critically about               17, 2018
                                       prominent policy topics in CA.
THE MOST            http://www.elks.org/s   The 2019 Most Valuable Student       November
VALUABLE STUDENT    cholars/scholarships/   scholarship contest is open to any   15, 2018
                    MVS.cfm                 high school senior who is a US
Elks National                               Citizen. Applicants will be judged
Foundation                                  on scholarship, leadership, and
                                            financial need.

SIXT SCHOLAR        https://www.sixt.com/   Sixt rent a car ​is pleased to offer November
AWARD               sixt-scholars/          five high school seniors             30, 2018
                                            graduating in ​2019 ​the
Sixt Rent a Car                             opportunity to receive a ​$5,000
                                            scholarship and become a Sixt
                                            scholar. The program assists
                                            students who plan to continue
                                            their education in college.

Scholarship Title   Link                          Description                    Deadline

TRUSTEE             www.bu.edu/admissions/tru     Earn a four year, full         December 1,
SCHOLARSHIP         stee                          tuition scholarship            2018

Boston University

SAN DIEGO           https://texasexes.academicw   The Texas Exes are a        December 1,
CHAPTER OF TEXAS    orks.com/                     national alumni association 2018
EXES                                              for the University of Texas
                                                  at Austin. Our primary
                                                  purpose is to provide
                                                  scholarships to students
                                                  from the San Diego area
                                                  who will be attending Texas
                                                  for college. Each year we
                                                  provide three scholarships
                                                  of up to $2500 to students
                                                  from San Diego County.

THE NHS             https://www.nhs.us/student    NASSP is committed to        December 7,
SCHOLARSHIP         s/the-nhs-scholarship         growing the NHS              2018
                                                  Scholarship program in
                                                  response to the dire need to
                                                  increase college access and
                                                  student success, providing
                                                  resources to help students
                                                  and families face the rising
                                                  costs of higher education.
AXA ACHIEVEMENT       https://us.axa.com/axa-foun   The AXA Achievements         December
SCHOLARSHIP           dation/AXA-achievement-sc     Scholarship provides over    14, 2018
                      holarship.html                $1.4 million in scholarships
                                                    to young people throughout
                                                    the nation. Students have
                                                    the opportunity to receive a
                                                    $2,500, $10,000 or
                                                    $25,000 scholarship.

BURGER KING           https://bkmclamorefoundati Scholarship grants range           December
SCHOLARSHIP           on.org/who-we-are/burger-k from $1,000 to $50,000             15, 2018
                      ing-scholars-program/      and are intended to help
                                                 students offset the cost of
                                                 attending college or
                                                 post-secondary technical
                                                 school. Recipients are
                                                 selected based on their
                                                 grade point average (GPA),
                                                 work experience,
                                                 extracurricular activities
                                                 and community service.

CALIFORNIA            http://www.caeop.org/schol    Provided to assist business     December
ASSOCIATION OF        arships/                      education students who          17, 2018
EDUCATIONAL                                         wishes to continue higher
OFFICE                                              education and pursue a
PROFESSIONALS                                       career in business admin or
(CAEOP)                                             education. $1,000 awards.

GEN AND KELLY         http://gkscholarship.com/     Merit-based program that        December
TANABE                                              helps students fulfill their    31,
SCHOLARSHIP                                         dreams of a higher ed.          2018


Scholarship Title     Link                    Description                           Deadline

THE EUGENE            http://www.utdallas.e   Valued at more than $250,000          January 3,
McDERMOTT             du/mcdermott/           (out of state) or $150,000 (in        2019
SCHOLARS                                      state), the scholarship includes
PROGRAM                                       tuition, stipend, study abroad and
University of Texas                           professional development funding.

GE-REAGAN             https://www.scholarsa   Roughly 20 Scholars will receive a    January 5,
FOUNDATION            pply.org/ge-reagan/     $10,000 scholarship that is           2019
SCHOLARSHIP                                   renewable and may be used over a
                                              period of six (6) consecutive years
                                              from the initial award date for a
                                              total award of $40,000.
DILLER TEEN         http://www.dillerteena ​The award celebrate Jewish teens         January 8,
TIKKUN OLAM         wards.org/apply/       who have shown remarkable                 2019
AWARD                                      leadership and are engaged in
                                           projects that embody the value of
                                           tikkun olam, “repairing the
                                           world.”Up to 15 recipients will be
                                           awarded $36,000 to further their
                                           vision for making the world better.

JOHN F. KENNEDY     https://www.jfklibrary     Essays must describe an act of        January 18,
COURAGE ESSAY       .org/Education/Profile     political courage by a U.S. elected   2019
CONTEST             -in-Courage-Essay-Con      official who served during or after
                    test.aspx                  1917, the year John F. Kennedy
                                               was born. The official may have
                                               addressed an issue at the local,
                                               state, or national level

THE COOLIDGE        https://coolidgeschola     JUNIORS ONLY ​ An annually            January 24,
SCHOLARSHIPS        rs.org/about/              awarded, full-ride, presidential      2019
                                               scholarship that covers a student’s
                                               tuition, room, board, and expenses
                                               for four years of undergraduate
                                               study. The Coolidge may be used
                                               by recipients at any accredited
                                               American college or university

NAVY ROTC           http://www.nrotc.navy Commit to 5 years active duty as a         January 31,
SCHOLARSHIP         .mil/apply.html       commissioned Naval officer after           2019
                                          college graduation; Marines and
                                          Nurses commit to 4 years active
                                          duty. Marine Corps option too.

THE PRINCETON       http://pprize.princeto     The Princeton Prize in Race           January 31,
PRIZE IN RACE       n.edu/                     Relations​ recognizes and rewards     2019
RELATIONS                                      high school students who have had
                                               a positive effect on race relations
                                               in their schools or communities
                                               through their volunteer efforts.


Scholarship Title   Link                       Description                           Deadline

COMMUNITY           https://www.sdfoundation   The San Diego Foundation              February 1,
SCHOLARSHIP         .org/students/community-   Community Scholarship program         2019
PROGRAM             scholarship-program/       provides scholarship opportunities
                                               for local students to help pursue
The San Diego                                  their educational goals and achieve
Foundation                                     their higher education dreams.
STEM SCHOLARS      http://www.gettysburg       First-Year students who intend to   February
PROGRAM            .edu/about/offices/pro      earn a bachelor’s degree in one of  1, 2019
                   vost/s-stem/index.dot?      the following STEM disciplines:
                   utm_source=Listrak&         Biology​,​ Biochemistry & Molecular
                   utm_medium=Email&           Biology​,​ Chemistry​,​ Computer
                   utm_term=http%3a%2          Science​,​ Math​, and​ Physics​.In
                   f%2fwww.gettysburg.e        selecting members of this cohort,
                   du%2fabout%2foffices        the college will take heightened
                   %2fprovost%2fs-stem         interest in academically-promising,
                   %2findex.dot&utm_ca         underrepresented minority, and
                   mpaign=STEM+Schola          first-generation students with
                   rship+Opportunity           demonstrated financial need.

AMY FOSTER         Can access scholarship      The Amy Foster Memorial              February 1,
MEMORIAL           through The San Diego       Scholarship is ONLY open to:         2019
SCHOLARSHIP        Foundation Common           • Graduating seniors attending a
                   Application.                high school in Escondido, CA who
                   https://www.sdfoundation    plan to attend full-time, an
                   .org/students/community-    accredited four-year college or
                   scholarship-program/        university in the United States
                                               • Students who attended Lincoln
                                               Elementary School in Escondido
                                               grades K-6 - US Citizens

CALIFORNIA STATE   http://capta.org/programs   $750 Volunteer Service               February 1,
PTA SCHOLARSHIPS   -events/scholarships/gra    Scholarship​ — This scholarship      2019
                   duating-high-school-seni    recognizes graduating seniors for
                   ors/                        their volunteer service in schools
                                               and communities, allowing them to
                                               register for courses at accredited
                                               colleges. ​$500 Dr. Ralph E.
                                               White Graduating Senior
                                               Scholarship​ – Honoring the
                                               volunteer and public-service legacy
                                               of Dr. Ralph E. White and his wife,
                                               Eleanor, this additional scholarship
                                               provides $500 each to two
                                               successful applicants who intend to
                                               pursue a career in a medical field.

COX SCHOLARSHIP    https://www.coxcharitiesc   Cox Charities awards college         February 1,
                   a.org/cox-scholars          scholarships to graduating high      2019
                                               school seniors across our California
                                               service areas, which includes San
                                               Diego. From science and
                                               engineering to business and the
                                               arts, these Cox Scholars are
                                               pursuing careers that incorporate
                                               their passion for giving back to
                                               their community.
THE JACKIE           http://www.jackierobinso     Through its Mentoring and              February 1,
ROBINSON AWARD       n.org/apply/applicants/      Leadership Development Program,        2019
                                                  the Jackie Robinson Foundation
                                                  provides scholarships of up to
                                                  $28,000/four years to minority
                                                  high school students showing
                                                  leadership potential and
                                                  demonstrating financial need to
                                                  attend an accredited 4-year college
                                                  or university of their choice.

ELKS LEGACY          http://www.elks.org/schol    Legacy Awards are $4,000               February 1,
SCHOLARSHIP          ars/scholarships/Legacy.     scholarships for children and          2019
                     cfm                          grandchildren of Elks members.
Elks National                                     The Foundation will offer a total of
Foundation                                        250 awards in the 2017 contest

TRUMAN D. PICARD     http://www.itcnet.org/abo    $2,000 scholarship for graduating      February 7,
SCHOLARSHIP          ut_us/scholarships.html      senior who is Native                   2019
                                                  American/Alaskan and pursuing
                                                  education in Natural Resources.

SALUTE TO            https://www.salutetoeduc     $1000 for San Diego County high        February
EDUCATION            ation.com/scholarship-gu     school graduating seniors. Must be     16, 2019
SCHOLARSHIP          ide/                         continuing education at a
                                                  technical/vocational school,
Ford Motor Company                                community college, or 4 year
                                                  college/university. Criteria based
                                                  on school and/or community
                                                  activities; personal character;
                                                  goals; faculty recommendation.

BRAD FROWLER         https://www.sdhoc.com/c      The Brad Fowler Memorial               February
MEMORIAL             ommunity/brad-fowler-m       Scholarship offers a $5,000            23, 2019
SCHOLARSHIP          emorial-scholarship          scholarship to five high school
                                                  seniors in San Diego County. The
                                                  nominee must demonstrate an
                                                  ability to overcome personal
                                                  obstacles with drugs or alcohol, a
                                                  commitment to athletics and a
                                                  desire to continue growth through
                                                  higher education. No minimum
                                                  GPA requirement, academic
                                                  growth will be considered.

FALLBROOK QUILT      http://www.fallbrookquiltg   Applicants must be a graduating        February
GUILD                uild.com/scholarship.html    senior in the area and plan to         23, 2019
SCHOLARSHIP                                       attend an accredited university or
                                                  college ​full time​ during the
                                                  2019-2020 academic year
WOMEN MARINES       https://www.womenmarin         (3) scholarships of $1000 for          February
ASSOCIATION         es.org/scholarships            students preparing to attend           28, 2019
                                                   accredited four-year colleges,
                                                   universities, or community
                                                   colleges. To qualify, the student
                                                   must demonstrate dependability,
                                                   leadership, and service in the
                                                   home, school, and community.


Scholarship Title   Link                            Description                           Deadline

THE MARINE CORPS    http://www.mcsf.org/apply       The Marine Corps Scholarship      March 1,
SCHOLARSHIP                                         Foundation provides scholarships 2019
FOUNDATION                                          to the children of Marines and
                                                    eligible Navy Corpsmen ensuring
                                                    their children have the
                                                    opportunity to pursue
                                                    post-secondary education. Our
                                                    scholarships are for children of
                                                    Marines and Navy Corpsmen
                                                    pursuing a post-secondary
                                                    education at any accredited
                                                    school—whether that be a trade
                                                    school, career training,
                                                    community college, or four-year
                                                    university. We’re not competitive
                                                    and we award scholarships to
                                                    every eligible applicant.

CHARLOTTE MOUSEL    http://www.cfrwsoutherndiv      Scholarship is only available to      March 1,
SCHOLARSHIP         ision.org/charlottemousels      seniors in Escondido. Theme of        2019
                    cholarship.htm                  the scholarship is “What the U.S.
                                                    Constitution Means to Me.”

SAN DIEGO COUNTY    http://sdccsf.org/applicants    Need-based scholarships to first      March 2,
CITIZENS’           /                               year, full-time college students in   2019
SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                    San Diego County. These types of
                                                    students are encouraged to apply:
                                                    Students from economically
                                                    disadvantaged backgrounds,
                                                    Students who have encountered
                                                    personal, familial, or educational
                                                    challenges. ​Students who would
                                                    not qualify for merit-based
                                                    scholarships. Students who will
                                                    be first-generation college

SAN DIEGO CHINESE     https://sdcwa.net/scholarsh 1,500 college scholarships open to March 2,
WOMEN’S               ips/                        male and female students           2019
ASSOCIATION                                           graduating by June 2018, with a
SCHOLARSHIP                                           minimum 3.0 weighted GPA. The
                                                      applicant must be at least
                                                      one-quarter Chinese descent

ART SCHOLARSHIP       https://www.escondidoarta       Graduating Seniors Enrolled in    March 4,
                      ssociation.com/high-school      any Escondido-based High School 2019
Escondido Art         -seniors-scholarships.html      FIRST PLACE: $500 and a 2-year
Association                                           membership to the Escondido Art
                                                      Association. Requirements are
                                                      application, letter of
                                                      recommendation, a typed essay,
                                                      and three pieces of your artwork.

MARTIN LUTHER KING,   http://www.mlkccsd.net/pdf      Grants typically ranging from        March 5,
JR COMMUNITY CHOIR    /mlkccsd_grant_2019.pdf         $1,500 - $3,500 are awarded to       2019
SAN DIEGO                                             high school seniors who plan to
                                                      major in a creative arts field in
                                                      college. Finalists are interviewed
                                                      to exhibit their work and/or

CalRTA SCHOLARSHIP    https://calrta.org/scholarshi   Seniors who will attend a            March 8,
                      ps/                             California public college, CSU, or   2019
                                                      UC. Students who wish to make a
                                                      career in the teaching profession.
                                                      Minimum of $1000.

NORTH COUNTY          http://www.northcountyitali     The North County Italian             March 9,
ITALIAN ASSOCIATION   anassociation.org/scholars      Association offers a $1,000          2019
SCHOLARSHIP           hips.htm                        scholarship to senior high school
                                                      students of Italian Heritage. Must
                                                      be of Italian Heritage, a
                                                      graduating senior, attend an four
                                                      year college or a community
                                                      college, 3.0 GPA, resident of
                                                      North County, be a U.S. Citizen.

LOCKHEAD MARTIN       https://lockheedmartin.com      Must be high school senior with     March 12,
STEM SCHOLARSHIP      /en-us/who-we-are/commu         3.5 GPA, a U.S. Citizen, planning 2019
                      nities/stem-education/lm-s      to attend a four-year college or
                      cholarship-program.html         university in the fall, with
                                                      financial aid. Could include a paid
                                                      internship with Lockhead Martin
                                                      and will be 200 scholarships of
                                                      $10,000, renewable for each year.
SUNFLOWER             https://chelseaslight.org/ac   Must be a high school senior,        March 12,
SCHOLARSHIP FUND      ademic-scholarship-applic      reside in San Diego County, must     2019
                      ation/                         have a minimum of 2.5 GPA, will
Chelsea’s Light                                      be attending a four-year college
Foundation                                           or university in the Fall of 2018,
                                                     actively involved in activities,
                                                     actively involved in community
                                                     service and/or civic involvement

CHAVEZ SCHOLARS       http://www.sdchavez.org/pr Prizes will be awarded for each          March 14,
HIGH SCHOOL           ograms/essay.htm           grade level, 9-12​, with an              2019
SCHOLARSHIP                                          additional grand prize of $1,000 +
                                                     laptop computer. Citizenship is
                                                     not required for participation

CABRILLO CIVIC        www.cabrillocivicclubs.org     Seniors of Portuguese descent are    March 15,
CLUBS OF CALIFORNIA                                  eligible. $500. GPA< leadership,     2019
                                                     extra-curricular activities are
                                                     considered for awards.

BE THE BOSS           https://www.goskills.com/S     Who is eligible? Any female       March 15,
SCHOLARSHIP           cholarship                     high-school or college student,   2019
                                                     who wants to start her own online
                                                     business. How much is each
                                                     scholarship worth? $2,000

CANERS FOUNDATION     http://www.cangc.org/cane      Scholarships for the benefit of     March 15,
SCHOLARSHIP           rs-foundation/                 students who are interested in      2019
                                                     pursuing an education and career
                                                     in horticulture to all 2 and 4 year
                                                     colleges from which a horticulture
                                                     degree can be obtained.

ROBERT MILLER         http://cawgfoundation.org/r    $500 OR $1000 Scholarships           March 16,
SCHOLARSHIP FOR       obert-miller-memorial-scho     awarded to students planning on      2019
VITICULTURE AND       larship/                       attending Cal Poly San Luis
ENOLOGY                                              Obispo and majoring in
                                                     Viticulture or Enology.

CAWG FOUNDATION       www.cawgfoundation.org         For high school seniors whose        March 16,
SCHOLARSHIP                                          parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are   2019
                                                     employees of a California Wine
                                                     Grape Grower. $8,000 for college
http://dondiegoscholarship.      Awards scholarships of $1,000 to March 18,
DON DIEGO                org/                             $5,000 to students residing in the 2019
SCHOLARSHIP                                               San Diego area who have
FOUNDATION                                                participated in the San Diego
                                                          County Fair and/or other
                                                          activities associated with the Del
                                                          Mar Fairgrounds. Recipients are
                                                          honored at a gala on June 15.

                         https://files.constantcontact    Awards $1,000 scholarships to     March 21,
NORTH ISLAND             .com/24a86362301/2b626f          college-bound high school seniors 2019
CREDIT UNION             c0-5c95-41e6-a44b-599a2          based on academics and
SCHOLARSHIP              b53ed7b.pdf                      community service.

                         http://tascholarshipfund.org Awards $5,000 scholarships to              March 27,
TAIWANESE                /2019-tasf-scholarship-ove high school seniors and first-year           2019
AMERICAN                 rview/                       college students of Taiwanese
SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                          decent.

CATHAY BANK              http://www.apcf.org/2019-c       Awards $1000 scholarships to high      March 28,
SCHOLARSHIP              athay-bank-scholarship-pr        school seniors planning to attend      2019
PROGRAM                  ogram/                           college as full-time student in Fall

POINT LOMA CREDIT        https://www.plcu.com/abou        PLCU will grant (3) $2,500             March 31,
UNION SCHOLARSHIP        t-us/scholarships                scholarships to high school seniors    2019
                                                          graduating in 2019.

ABWA IMPACT              http://www.abwa-soaringea Candidates must be women who:                 March 31,
SCHOLARSHIP              gles.org/news/scholarship/ (1) are citizens of the US (2) will          2019
                                                          be college Freshman in Aug.
                                                          2019; (3) are attending or have
American Business                                         been accepted at an accredited.
Women’s Association                                       college and(4) a GPA of 2.5
Soaring Eagles Chapter


Scholarship Title        Link                            Description                             Deadline

                         http://www.akasandiego.         Offers a variety of scholarships to     April 3,
Epsilon Xi Omega         com/scholarships                female African American or African      2019
Chapter San Diego                                        Diaspora high school seniors in San
                                                         Diego County who meet the various
                                                         eligibility requirements. Male
                                                         students are eligible for one of the
                                                         scholarships if they plan to attend a
historically black college or

U-T COMMUNITY         http://www.sandiegouniontri   Students will learn about new          April 6,
JOURNALISM            bune.com/journalismschola     journalism and civic engagement        2019
SCHOLARSHIP           rs/
                                                    and have the chance to have work
Union Tribune                                       published in the U-T. Applicants
                                                    who are the first generation to
                                                    enroll in college in the US will get
                                                    special consideration. Applicants
                                                    should demonstrate an interest in
                                                    journalism or civic leadership

CAL COAST CARES       https://www.calcoastcu.o      A total of $30,000 will be          April 7,
FOUNDATION            rg/news.htm#scholarship       distributed to eligible             2019
                                                    college-bound high school seniors
                                                    who are members of or related to a
                                                    member of Cal Coast Credit Union.
                                                    A separate program for foster youth
                                                    will distribute $30,000 to high
                                                    school seniors in the foster care
MTS LAPTOP            https://www.sdmts.com/insi    OPEN TO ALL GRADE LEVELS           April 8,
SCHOLARSHIP           de-mts/events/mts-coca-col    Develop an advertising campaign to 2019
                                                    promote MTS bus and trolley
                                                    transportation to potential rider.
                                                    Materials must include a summary
                                                    outlining the elements of ad
                                                    campaign and a poster ad design on
                                                    standard 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
FARM BUREAU           https://www.sdfarmbureau.     Student going to attend a 2-yr or      April 9,
SCHOLARSHIP           org/ag-in-the-classroom/sc    4-yr college or university, pursuing   2019
                                                    a course study in agriculture or a
                                                    closely related field, permanent
                                                    resident of San Diego County.
RESOURCE              http://rcdsandiego.org/cons   Be residents of San Diego County,      April 10,
CONSERVATION          ervation_scholarship.aspx     Have successfully completed three      2019
                                                    years of study at an accredited high
                                                    school. Maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or
                                                    better. Have received, a "notice of
                                                    intent" to enroll in college courses
                                                    of conservation or agriculture
ACSA/SDCSBA STUDENT   https://www.dropbox.com/s/    Our five $1,000 scholarships           April 15,
SCHOLARSHIPS          cte6livh7ufmbdk/2019%20       provide an award for four high         2019
                                                    school seniors who meet the
pl.pdf?dl=0                     following criteria: 1) show proven
                                                         academic success with at least a 3.3
                                                         grade point average; 2) are
                                                         involved in community service; 3)
                                                         who may not necessarily qualify for
                                                         other financial aid, ​and​ 4) are
                                                         pursuing a career in education as a
                                                         teacher or certificated employee.
CSEA CHAPTER 219         https://drive.google.com/file   Graduating senior with at least one        April 15,
SCHOLARSHIP              /d/1QPIk86v7gs3zNtQ93E          parent or guardian who is a                2019
                                                         member of CSEA Chapter 219
                                                         (EUHSD Classified Employee)

ROGER LEE                https://ccbasd.org/scholars     Qualifications:                            April 15,
SCHOLARSHIP              hips/                           - The applicant must have graduated        2019
                                                         from an accredited high school with a
                                                         minimum GPA 3.0 (weighted).
                                                         - Applicant shall have immediate plans
Chinese Consolidated                                     to enter 2-year or 4-year college
Benevolent Association                                   - Applicant must be able to submit proof
San Diego
                                                         of a high school diploma or a GED

RB CHORALE 2018 MUSIC    http://www.rbchorale.org/R      A total of ​$13,000​ will be given to April 21,
SCHOLARSHIP              BC/scholarship-application/     musically talented San Diego high     2019
                                                         school graduating students. Eligible
                                                         candidates are those that plan to
                                                         attend a college for education in
                                                         musical performing arts. Any field
                                                         of music is eligible: voice, string,
                                                         wind, percussion (no combos), or
                                                         any other solo instrument.

STUDENT-VIEW             http://student-view.com/        Complete a 15-20 minute application        April 22,
SCHOLARSHIP                                              survey about colleges in your area. A      2019
                                                         random drawing of completed
                                                         applications will be announced in May

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH        http://americanaddictionc       -High School graduate as of                April 30,
ACADEMY                  enters.org/behavioral-he        Summer 2019 -Open to full or               2019
SCHOLARSHIP              alth-academic-scholarshi        part-time college undergraduate or
                         p/                              graduate students -Enrolled or
                                                         entering an academic program in
                                                         nursing, counseling, psychology,
                                                         social work, marriage/family
                                                         therapy, or other curriculum that
                                                         focuses on treating mental health
                                                         and substance use disorders.
Scholarship Title           Link                         Description                                Deadline

CALSA STUDENT               http://live-calsa.pantheon   The CALSA scholarship program was          May 1,
SCHOLARSHIP                 .io/scholarships/2018-cal    established to recognize and support       2019
                            sa-student-scholarship/      Latino youth in their quest for higher
California Association of                                education. In its eight years of
Latino Superintendents                                   existence, over 150 scholarships have
and Administration                                       been awarded. Eleven (11) winners
                                                         will each be awarded $1000.

BEA GONZALES                https://www.sandiegounif     Award recipients will receive $750 for     May 11,
BILITERACY                  ied.org/seal-biliteracy      accredited two-year college or             2019
SCHOLARSHIP                                              four-year university. Scholarships will
                                                         be awarded to students
                                                         earning/eligible for the district and/or
                                                         State Seal of Biliteracy and
                                                         demonstrating high academic
                                                         achievement. Applications must
                                                         include online scholarship application,
                                                         a personal essay, two letters of
                                                         recommendation, and a student photo.

UNCF/KOCH                   https://www.uncf.org/pro     Eligibility:                               May 14,
SCHOLARSHIP                 grams/uncf-koch-scholar      Be African American, Be a citizen or       2018
                            s-program/pages/uncf-ko      permanent resident of the United
                            ch-scholarship-program-i     States, Be a high school senior
                            nformation                   Have a 3.0 cumulative GPA Apply to
                                                         or be admitted to, or enrolled in a
                                                         full-time four-year college Pursue one
                                                         of the seven eligible disciplines.
                                                         Willing to attend the UKSP summit

JAMES BEARD                 https://www.scholarsappl     Pool of scholarships, most of which        May 15,
CULINARY                    y.org/jamesbeard/            require an essay. ​Scholarships of up      2019
SCHOLARSHIPS                                             to $20,000 to candidates of talent who
                                                         community involvement, and
                                                         academic, and who aspire to
                                                         leadership roles in the culinary arts,
                                                         food studies, hospitality mgmt, etc.

OZ FOUNDATION               http://ozfoundation.com/      ​ he ideal candidate is someone
                                                           T                                May 26,
SCHOLARSHIP                                              who is presently attending high    2019
                                                         school or college and has
                                                         demonstrated that he or she is
                                                         capable of college/university work
                                                         but does not have the financial
                                                         resources to attend college. If
                                                         accepted, recipients must maintain
                                                         a 2.5 GPA per term and complete at
                                                         least 12 units each quarter or
semester while attending college to
                                                    remain eligible.

Scholarship Title    Link                             Description                             Deadline

ODENZA VACATION      http://www.odenzavacation        To be considered eligible for the       June 1, 2019
SCHOLARSHIP          sscholarships.com/vacation       Scholarship you must:
                     s/208/eligibility_odenza_va      1) Submit answer to the essay
                     cations_college_scholarshi       question, which can be found on
                     p.php                            the application page, prior to the
                                                      June 1st, 2018 deadline.
                                                      2) Have a GPA of 2.5 or greater.

AMN/HCC              https://hccsd.wildapricot.org    The title sponsor of the annual         June 10,
SCHOLARSHIP          /AMN/HCC-Scholarship             Finest Awards, high school seniors      2019
                                                      and college students currently
                                                      enrolled in SD schools who plan to
                                                      enter the field of health care upon
AMN Healthcare                                        graduation are invited to submit an
                                                      application for the opportunity to
                                                      win a ​$2,000 scholarship​,
                                                      courtesy of AMN Healthcare.

HORATIO ALGER        https://scholars.horatioalger    Receive up to $2,500 to pursue          June 15,
ASSOCIATION CAREER   .org/scholarships/about-our      a career or technical                   2019
& TECHNICAL          -scholarship-programs/tech       certificate/degree
SCHOLARSHIP          nical/

SELECTBLINDS.COM     https://www.selectblinds.co      $1000 SCHOLARSHIP                       June 15,
SCHOLARSHIP          m/scholarship.html               * Must be registered as a student       2019
                                                      at an accredited high school or
                                                      university within the United States
                                                      * Must have at least a 2.5 GPA
                                                      * Must be a citizen or legal resident
                                                      of the United States of America or
                                                      have a valid student visa

REVIEW IT            http://www.chiubeverlyhillsr     A​ student must:                        June 30,
SCHOLARSHIP          eviews.com/feedback.php          1) Be attending college no later        2019
                                                      than September of 2019.
                                                      2) Have achieved a GPA of 2.5
                                                      during their last academic year.
                                                      3) Be attending or planning to
                                                      attend a school in the US.
                                                      4) Submit answers to the essay
                                                      questions no later than 11:59
                                                      PM EST on the deadline.

DIGITAL PRIVACY      http://www.digitalresponsibil    $1000 Scholarship                       June 30,
SCHOLARSHIP          ity.org/digital-privacy-schola   Complete the application form           2019
rship                           including a 140-character
                                                       message about digital privacy.
                                                       The top 10 applications will be
                                                       selected as finalists. The
                                                       finalists will be asked to write a
                                                       full length 500- to 1,000-word
                                                       essay about digital privacy

DELETE                 http://endcyberbullying.squ                                          June 30,
CYBERBULLYING          arespace.com/scholarship/       $1000 scholarship                    2019
SCHOLARSHIP                                            Answer ONE of the following
                                                       questions in 500 words or less.
                                                       1: "Why is it important to work
                                                       to delete cyberbullying?"
                                                       2: "How has cyberbullying
                                                       personally affected you?"

Scholarship Title     Link                             Description                          Deadline
MICHAEL MOODY’S       http://www.michaelmoodyfitness   $1,500 awarded to a high            July 15, 2019
FITNESS SCHOLARSHIP   .com/student-scholarship-chica   school senior, who has shown
                                                       achievement, participation and
                                                       leadership in school activities
                                                       and work experience, and
                                                       interest in health & fitness field.

UEW Healthcare        https://www.uewhealth.com/       $1000. Applicant must plan to        July 31, 2019
EEOICPA Scholarship   eeoicpa-reca/#scholarship-ap     attend college by fall semester
                      plication                        2018. Must have a minimum
                                                       G.P.A. of 3.0

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