A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School

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A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School
Starting School 2020
       A Guide for Parents and Carers
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School

                                            Quick Reference Guide

School Contact Information
    School Office                Telephone (03) 9462 2711
                                 Email     kingsbury.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au
                                 Website www.kingsburyps.vic.edu.au

    Principal                                       Ms Christine Campbell
    Business Manager                                            Mrs Toula Athanasopoulos
    Student Welfare                                             Ms Christine Campbell and Mr Wayne Bolton
    Student Administration & International
    Student Program (ISP) Officer                               Ms Silvia Murray
Normal School Hours
    School Commences                                                  9:00am

    Morning Recess - Eating in Classroom                             10:50am - 11:00am

    Morning Recess                                                   11:00am - 11.30am

    Lunch - Eating in Classroom                                       1:30pm - 1:40pm

    Lunch Recess                                                      1:40pm - 2:30pm

    School Dismissal                                                  3:30pm

    Before School Care                                                7:00am - 8:45am

    After School Care                                                 3:30pm - 6.00pm
    Note: *The above school hours apply to Foundation students after their first week. *There is no school on Wednesdays during the
    month of February with the exception of scheduled Foundation Assessment Interviews. *Eating times may be adjusted according to
    student needs.

Out of School Hours Care (OSH Care)                            Telephone (03) 9462 2354

    Before School Care                                                7:00am - 8:45am

    After School Care                                                 3:30pm - 6.00pm

2020 School Term Dates
                             Years 1 to 6 start Wednesday 29th January, 2020
    Term 1
                             Foundation (Prep) Year start Thursday 30th January, 2020

    Term 2                    Tuesday 14th April 2020—Friday 26th June 2020

    Term 3                    Monday 13th July 2020—Friday 18th September 2020

    Term 4                     Monday 5th October 2020—Friday 18th December 2020
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School
Welcome to our school
The school motto “Aspire Aim Achieve” reflects a
commitment to an education setting in which
students are able to set high goals for themselves
and with a supportive classroom environment,
aim towards achieving their maximum potential.

Kingsbury Primary School Profile
Our values, vision and mission reflect this belief:
                                                        Protect — Child Safe Standards
VALUES                                                  Kingsbury Primary School is committed to the safety
Our students, parents and staff have chosen the         and wellbeing of all children and young people.
following values to underpin our learning, social and
working relationships.                                  The Child Safe Standards require our school to
                                                        consider all aspects of child safety and put measures in
     Safety                                            place to protect children from all forms of abuse,
                                                        including; sexual or grooming offences, physical
     Friendship                                        violence, serious emotional or psychological harm and
                                                        serious neglect. We implement the seven standards in
     Respect                                           all our school wide practices, ensuring that all students
                                                        are safe.
     Teamwork & Collaboration
     Learning
Kingsbury Primary School’s vision is to:
     Learn together.
     Create a better future for our community.
     Work in a clean, safe and happy environment.
     Treat each other as friends.
     Promote ongoing, open communication
      within our school community.
     For each of us to achieve our personal best.

MISSION                                                 *Please note - volunteers participating in activities involving students will
                                                        require a valid Working With Children Check. Clarification on requirements
                                                        and the application process may be sought through the school.
     To provide an inclusive, nurturing, and
      encouraging environment for students and staff.
     To offer high quality education programs to
      students across a wide spectrum of academic
     To engage students through the development of
      a strong sense of belonging, teamwork,
      resilience, and motivation.
     To equip students with the skills to adapt and
      manage in an ever changing world.
     To strive to develop curious learners.

                                                                KINGSBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL                                         3
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School

Preparing for and Starting School
Transition Statements

The Transition Learning and Development Statement’s        The Foundation Entry Assessment follows the
(the Transition Statement) design and purpose is for       guidelines and assessment tasks set by the
families and educators of children who have attended       Department of Education and Training. Your child’s
a Victorian Early Education Facility to share              teacher will work with your child to complete the
information and specific strategies to support each        assessment tasks.
child’s learning and development.
                                                           The data gathered from the assessment is used to
Your Early Childhood educators will collate the final      inform our teaching and learning programs and to
information with you to forward to school. Please          ensure we know your child’s academic starting point.
follow-up this documentation with your Early
Childhood Educators so as we can ensure your child’s       You will be invited to participate in a Parent Teacher
transition is a smooth and happy process.                  conference in February.         The purpose of this
                                                           conference is to share information about your child
Commencement Year Foundation                               and to discuss any concerns about how they have
Assessment                                                 settled into school.

Initial Foundation (Prep) Entry Assessments will be
held on each Wednesday of February/March as there
are no classes held these days. You will be notified of
your child’s assessment appointment time.

                                 School Hours for Foundation (Prep) Students
                     2020 Foundation Students begin school on Thursday, 30th January

           During the month of February, and the first part of March, Foundation students do not
                             attend school on Wednesday (6 weeks in total).

School Attendance

 Regular attendance is essential to your child’s           Early departures require completion of an ‘Early
   education, it is also a requirement by law.                Dismissal’ (yellow note) at the school office and
                                                              presentation to your child’s teacher.
 School absences due to illness or appointments
   require a telephone call to the school office, a         Extended holidays require advance notification in
   message sent via our Flexibuzz School App, or to           writing with intended dates of departure and
   the school email on the morning of the absence so          return. The Principal must approve any holidays
   we can inform your child’s teacher and followed up         that take place outside of school terms.
   by a parental written note of explanation.
                                                            No child will be permitted to go home alone during
 Late arrivals require completion of a ‘Late Pass’ (red      school hours. Please arrange to collect your child in
   note) at the school office.                                person or by a nominated authorised adult, if they
                                                              are required to leave early.
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School
Regular School Routines                                     What to bring to school daily
After school, children must be collected by an               A school bag—large enough to hold a lunchbox,
authorised adult, unless they have permission to walk         drink bottle, jumper and 335mm x 240mm size
home. If your child is to be collected by an adult other      book.
than yourself, you must notify the office or your child’s

Teachers provide supervision in the yard from 8.45am
to 9.00am, during morning and lunchtime recess, then
from 3.30pm until 3.45pm. Please be on time to pick
up your child as lateness can cause them to become
upset.                                                       Snack and lunch — containing healthy choices, ie.
                                                              fruit, vegetables, wraps, rolls, sandwiches, limited
Punctuality is important                                      pre-packaged treats plus a bottle of water.

                     To ensure your child is on time for
                     school, your arrival at 8.50am will
                     allow time for a toilet stop, drink
                     and greeting friends before the bell
                     rings. This assists in an orderly
                     and settled start to each day.

Late arrival is unsettling for your child and also
disruptive to teaching and other students. Late arrivals     A sun smart hat – broadbrim or legionnaire style,
need to report to the office for a late pass and these        available at the uniform shop. No baseball caps.
are recorded on attendance records.

When collecting students at the end of the day,
parents are requested to wait in the seating areas
provided outside their child’s classroom. Foundation
students will be brought outside by their teacher.
Student Uniform
At Kingsbury Primary School, the School Council has          Reading satchels—supplied by the school in
designated that it is compulsory for all students to          Foundation year. These are used to carry books
follow and adhere to the student school uniform dress         to and from school everyday and also to convey
code every day.                                               notices and information to parents.

                                                             An art smock.

                                                             Spare clothing (labelled), if you feel your child
Students are required to wear closed toe shoes; black         may require it.
school shoes/runners. Sandals or dress shoes are not
School uniform can be purchased from our on-site               Write your child’s name on all belongings.
Uniform Shop which operates 9.00am — 10.00am
Friday morning. Alternatively, orders can be placed
through the school office.

                                                                 KINGSBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL                        5
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School
6                   KINGBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL

Communication to Parents and Carers                                          Curriculum Overview
Interviews and Reporting to Parents
                                                                             The Victorian Curriculum sets out a single coherent
Our School values effective communication and its                            and comprehensive set of content descriptions and
importance in keeping all parents informed and up-to-                        associated achievement standards to enable
date with student progress, as well as learning                              teachers to plan, monitor, assess and report on the
programs. Parents are expected to support their                              learning achievement of every student.
child’s education by playing an active role in their
learning and through attendance at formal interviews
twice yearly. The first in late February; an initial three                   English
-way conference involving teacher, parent(s) and                             English incorporates Reading, Writing, Speaking and
student, then the second conference is held towards                          Listening. It is the key to all learning and to success in
the end of second term or early in third term.                               all areas of the curriculum.

                                                                             Mathematics is fundamental to participating
                                                                             effectively in our society. Our Mathematics Program is
                                                                             activity based, related to real life situations, and seeks
                                                                             to develop children’s abilities in problem solving,
At any point a meeting to discuss your child’s progress                      number skills, measurement, chance and data.
can be arranged for a mutually agreed time with a
                                                                                    creative thinking         critical thinking
class teacher or the Principal. However, to avoid
interruption to class teaching sessions, times are                                   communication            problem solving
arranged for before and after school. Alternatively
                                                                                      collaboration             investigation
you can call into the school office to request a
meeting.                                                                               curiousity                resilience

                                                                             Science (STEM)
                                                                             STEM incorporates the curriculum areas of Science,
                                                                             Technology, Engineering and Maths. We encourage
                                                                             our students to be curious inquirers with the capacity
                                                                             to explore the world around them and to manage the
                                                                             resources in the environment, including our Kitchen
                                                                             Garden Program. Students undertake formal science
                                                                             lessons and have the opportunity to learn specific
                                                                             computer skills in our purpose built computer lab.

                                                                             Health & Physical Education
                                                                             This incorporates physical, sport, health, outdoor,
                                                                             personal, swimming, and traffic education. Students
                                                                             learn personal and interpersonal skills through our
                                                                             Berry Street Education Model and Respectful
Year Levels 3 and 5 students are required to sit Naplan                      Relationships Program.
exams and will receive a Naplan report in September .                        Visual & Performing Arts
This details a student’s capabilities in Reading,                            The Arts provide a range of experiences for students
Writing, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and                                  essential to their overall development. Students are
Mathematics.                                                                 encouraged to develop skills and appreciation in visual
*Student reports reflect achievement at a point in time for each student’s
learning. The standard for reporting is two times a year.                    art, craft, graphic communication, media education,
                                                                             music, dance and drama.
Newsletters — Term and Weekly
A community calendar and a Year Level Term                                   All students undertake formal Indonesian lessons each
Newsletter detailing curriculum focus and specialist                         week with a qualified teacher. Students learn to
programs will be sent home at the beginning of each                          communicate in Indonesian as well as enjoy Indonesian
term. A weekly newsletter is available on the school                         culture; such as singing, games and dance. The new
website and is also distributed every Thursday to the                        skills learnt are reinforced in follow-up sessions
youngest child attending the school.                                         provided by the class teacher.
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School
English As An Additional Language (EAL)                      Parents may, if logistically practical, participate in and
                                                             assist with excursions and incursions, under the
The EAL program is designed to support students with         direction of teaching staff.
English as an Additional Language. EAL focuses on the
development and improvement of oral language skills-         Personal Property at School
speaking & listening and reading & writing skills to
assist students across all curriculum areas.                 We understand that some students have a
                                                             mobile phone for safety reasons when
Additional Curricula Activities                              travelling to and from school, however,
                                                             students are required to hand in mobile
Kingsbury Primary provides students opportunities to         phones at the school office upon arrival at
participate in various Sporting Clinics throughout the       school and they may be collected at the
year; such as hockey, tennis, basketball, football and       end of the day.
Pit Gym.       Students also participate weekly in                             We request that students do not bring
interschool sports.                                                            electronic      gaming     equipment,
                                                                               specifically those with multiple
Every year we offer a Year 3—6 Camp and “Big Day                               capabilities including photography; or
Out” for Year 1 students.                                                      expensive toys to school as the school
                                                                               will not cover any costs resulting from
Private music tuition is offered on site to students for                       loss or damage to personal property.
keyboard lessons by a qualified teacher.
                                                             Lost Property
Pupil Free Days (Curriculum Days)                            If your child has lost a piece of clothing or a belonging,
                                                             please check their classroom or with their classroom
The Department of Education allows schools to                teacher.
schedule pupil free days.
                                                             Staying Safe
Staff take part in professional learning activities, which
lead to improvements in knowledge, practice and              Riding Bikes and Scooters to School
curriculum. You will be notified of these days through
the school newsletter or website. The school is closed       Students may ride bikes and scooters to school provided:
with no students in attendance on curriculum days.            Students wear an approved safety helmet.
                                                              Students do not ride bikes and scooters in the yard,
Day care for your child can be arranged by completing           or through the car park.
a registration form with the Out of School Hours Care         Bikes and scooters are locked in the bike shed by
Program . The program operates on Pupil Free Days.              8.55am and collected by 3.40pm.
                                                             School Crossings
Excursions                                                   Foundation - Year 2 students will participate in Traffic
Excursions are an integral part of the                       Safety Instruction conducted by our Traffic Safety
school curriculum, with sound                                Officer.
educational objectives linked to                             School crossings located in Dunne Street, Green
preparatory and follow-up lessons in                         Avenue, Niblick Street and Maryborough Avenue are
the classroom.                                               attended by Crossing Supervisors from 8.00am to
Parents are forwarded a notice in advance of any             9.00am and 3.00pm to 4.00pm on school days.
excursion which contains; details of the intended            *Please note - a Crossing Supervisor can report traffic offences to
excursion, requires parental signature and advice of         relevant authorities; which can result in fines.
any student medical conditions.
                                                             Parking and School Car Park
Every effort is made to keep costs to families at a
minimum. If you are a pension or healthcare card             Parking within the school grounds is strictly for staff, and
holder you may be eligible for CSEF Funding. See             for delivery of goods and trades. For safety, walking
office staff for advice.                                     through the car park is prohibited for all students.
                                                             Please use the pedestrian entry points for the school.
As well as excursions, incursions are held on the school
site. These may be in the form of performing arts            Parents are not permitted to use the
groups, science or technology specialists, and other         car park for daily drop off or pick up of
curriculum related activities.                               students.
Activities are selected for their high educational value     The only exception is for parents
and links to the curriculum, therefore, it is important      who use the Out of School Hours
for all students to feel included and actively participate   Care Program before 8.45am and
in these events.                                             after 3.45pm.

                                                                    KINGSBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL                                7
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School

School Organisation and Administration                                   School Council
Parent Funded Materials & Services                                       The work of the School Council reflects the important
                                                                         relationship between the student, teacher and home.
Every year the School Council assesses and determines
the parent contribution to provide the requisites                        The School Council is an elected and legally
needed for student learning. This is calculated as the                   constituted body that has 15 members. This comprises
Parent Payment Contribution which all families are                       of seven elected parents, four elected staff members,
asked to pay at the beginning of each school year. This                  and two co-opted community members.
payment ensures a high quality education for each                        Our School Council is central for decision making on
student and the necessary resources for each                             overall school policies that comply within state wide
curriculum area.                                                         government guidelines. It has responsibility for:
Book Packs — The payment collected from parents                           Financial policy and planning.
provides each student with a pack of quality resources;
books and stationery plus ongoing resources they use                      Development      and maintenance           of   school
throughout the year.                                                        buildings and grounds.
                                                                          Promotion of Kingsbury Primary School in the
Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)
                                                                            community         and      building      community
This fund provides a payment of $125.00 per year for                        partnerships.
eligible primary school students to attend school
camps, sports and excursions. CSEF applications for                       Operations of the Uniform Shop.
2020 open from Term One.                                                  Operations of the Out of School Hours Care
CSEF payments are made directly to the school and                           Program.
are fixed to the nominated student.                                       Employment of all teachers, education support,
                                                                            and childcare staff plus ancillary staff, i.e.
                              Parents or legal guardians are                cleaners and gardeners.
                              required to submit a CSEF
                              application form to the school.            School Council members serve a two year term. Each
                              Families holding a valid means-            year, new members are elected from the parent body
                              tested concession card are                 and school staff. They meet twice per term at 7.00pm.
                              eligible to apply. A foster and
                              special consideration category             Parents & Friends
                              also exists.
                                                                         The Parents & Friends group plays an active and vital role
*For more information: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/   at Kingsbury Primary School.
                                                                         The group aims to:
Cash and Money Handling (including EFTPOS)
                                                                          Raise funds for the purpose of additional
From time to time it will be necessary to send money                        materials and resources for students, staff and
to the school for an event, excursion or incursion.                         parents.
Please enclose the correct amount of money requested
in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, year level,                   Stimulate   interest and foster co-operation
purpose for payment, return slip, and amount printed                        throughout the school and wider community.
clearly on the front of the envelope.
                                                                          Work in conjunction with the School Council and
You can obtain printed payment envelopes from the                           staff to support the best possible education for
school office. These will allow parents, in addition to                     our students.
cash payments, to fill in EFTPOS or credit card
payment details. We also have facilities for parents to                   Provide     resources and support for school
make EFTPOS or credit card payments at the school                           activities, sports days, excursions, reading and
office. All payments are issued with a receipt.                             Year 6 Graduation.
                                                                          Assist with fundraising.
Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)
                                                                          Create opportunities for families to connect
Many families require care for children before and after                    socially with the school community.
school. The operating hours are 7.00am—8.45am and
3.30pm - 6.00pm.                                                         Membership is open to parents and friends interested
                                                                         in making a valuable contribution to student wellbeing
Please obtain a brochure and enrolment form from the                     and education at Kingsbury Primary School. Contact
school office. Students must be enrolled and booked                      the school office for more information.
in, to utilise Out of School Hours Care.
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School
School Support Services                                    International Student Enrolment
The school is able to provide a range of specialised       All primary aged International
student services.      These can include; speech           students must live with a parent or
pathology, psychologists, social workers, English          legal    guardian while they are
Language Outpost placement. Please contact the             attending a Victorian Government
                                                           School and must hold a current
Principal or Welfare Officer with requests and referrals
                                                           (dependant) Visa.
or assistance.
                                                           Primary School is the learning place
                                                           for students from 5 to 12 years of age.
                                                           Students commence in Foundation (Prep) and must be 5
                                                           years of age on or before 30th April that year to be eligible.
                                                           Year 6 is the final year of primary school and students
                                                           usually turn 12 to 13 years of age, in that year.

                                                           Application for Leave (Holiday)
                                                           Should you wish to withdraw your child for extended leave,
                                                           (10 days or more and not during school holidays) a request
                                                           must be made in writing to the Principal; advising proposed
                                                           dates of travel and reason for travel. This will then be
                                                           forwarded to the International Education Division for their

                                                           Withdrawal from the International Student Program
School Nursing Service                                     If a parent/guardian wishes to withdraw their child/children
                                                           from the International Student Program (ISP) in order to
A school nurse provides a general health and medical       return to their home country, a completed Withdrawal Form
screening for Foundation students. Referrals for other     is required. This form must be given to the ISP Co-ordinator,
year levels can also be made. All medical information      who will notify the International Education Division of the
is treated as confidential and a parent’s permission is    withdrawal. The school and the parent/guardian will be
obtained prior to visits by a school nurse.                issued with a Cancellation of Enrolment letter.
                                                           Student Transfer
School Dental Service                                      If a parent/guardian wishes to withdraw their child/children
                                                           from the International Student Program and transfer to
Students will have the opportunity to have access to       another primary school, submission of a completed
a government funded dental check-up, treatment             Withdrawal Form (including attachment of all necessary
and ongoing dental plan. Providing the service             evidence), is required.
through schools makes it easy and convenient for           Changes to Visa Status
you to access the Federal Government’s Child
Dental Benefit Scheme.                                     If a parent/guardian is granted a permanent residency or a
                                                           temporary visa that no longer requires fee payment, they
If you child is ineligible for dental treatment under      will need to complete a Withdrawal Form and submit a copy
                                                           of their new visa or visa grant letter to the school’s ISP
the CDBS, Semper Dental will provide treatment at
                                                           Co-ordinator, who will notify the International Education
a significantly discounted price.                          Division of the withdrawal. These documents must state the
                                                           student’s name. The school and parents will be issued with a
For more information on the CDBS please visit              Cancellation of Enrolment letter.
medicare/child-dental-benefits-schedule.                   Deferral
                                                           Deferral will only be granted due to compassionate or
                                                           compelling circumstances such as illness, or bereavement.
Sun Smart                                                  Parents/guardians requesting a deferral of studies for the
Sun Smart activities and sun protection will form part     child/children must complete a Deferral Form and provide
                                                           supporting evidence of their compassionate or compelling
of the Health and Physical Education curriculum at all
                                                           reason such as a medical certificate. A deferral can only be
year levels.                                               granted for a maximum period of six (6) months and cannot
Students will be required to wear Anti-Cancer Council      be granted retrospectively.
uniform approved hats from September to April              If the student’s Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) must be
inclusive and when UV is 3 or more whenever they are       amended due to the period of deferral affecting the
outside.                                                   student’s course end date, the International Education
                                                           Division will issue an amended COE upon the student’s
Students can use a broad-spectrum water resistant          return to study.
sunscreen (SPF30+). Parent supplied sunscreen will be
                                                           For more information: http://www.study.vic.gov.au
applied by students according to the manufacturer’s
directions, under the supervision of teachers.
                                                                  KINGSBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL                            9
A Guide for Parents and Carers - Starting School 2020 - Kingsbury Primary School
10                     KINGBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL

Medical Information and Illness                                  Asthma
Emergency Information                                            A parent must supply the school with an Asthma
                                                                 Action Plan if their child suffers from asthma. The
Confidential emergency information is kept on file for           Asthma Action Plan is completed and signed at a visit
every child in the school. In the instance of accident or        to a medical doctor. This plan must be reviewed
illness we need this information to contact parents/             annually and renewed every year.
                                                                 Student Asthma Kit
   Parents are required to advise the school                     Where an enrolled student is diagnosed with asthma,
   immediately of any change in address or                       the child is required to bring their own prescribed
                                                                 reliever medication. This is stored in their asthma kit
   telephone number.                                             with a copy of their Asthma Action Plan and their
                                                                 spacer in the sickbay or if the child is of an age where
                                                                 they can manage their own medication, in their school
Please inform the school of any medical conditions               bag.
which may impact on your child’s wellbeing or
learning; i.e. asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, allergy, travel
sickness. All information is treated as confidential.

Medication at School

It is school policy that when it is necessary for a student
to take medication, the following guidelines apply:
 No medication will be dispensed unless the parent
   has contacted and provided requirements, in
   writing, with the classroom teacher and the
                                                                 Please be assured we are able to respond with first aid
                          No prescription medication will
                                                                 to students exhibiting symptoms for asthma.
                         be given unless it is provided in its
                         dispensed packaging, labelled with
                         the child’s name, time, dosage          The preferred blank Asthma Action Plan is provided in
                         amount, method of administration        our school enrolment kit and from the school office.
                         and storage requirements.
                                                                 Anaphylaxis (Severe Allergic Reaction)
 We ask parents to consider whether they can
   administer medication outside the school day.                 Upon enrolment parents meet with the Principal to
   Medication required three times a day is generally            discuss and develop the Anaphylaxis management
   not required during a school day; it can be taken             plan for their child. This plan will be reviewed and
   before and after school and before bed.                       renewed every year.
 All medication will be dispensed at the office and             Student Anaphylaxis Kit
   recorded by staff.
                                                                 Where a student is enrolled diagnosed with
Immunisation Certificates                                        Anaphylaxis, the child is required to bring their own
                                                                 prescribed Epipen medication. This is stored in their
Under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008,                  own Anaphylaxis kit, with a copy of their Anaphylaxis
primary schools are required to:                                 Action Plan (in sickbay and or classroom), depending
                                                                 on the requirements of the Action Plan.
 Request information from parents/carers on the
   immunisation status of their children prior to
 Take a copy of the sighted document and record
   information on the immunisation status of each
   enrolled child.
 In the event of an infectious disease outbreak,
   unimmunised children may be excluded from
   attending school until risk of infection has passed.
   *Usually parents are sent a certificate from the Australian
   Immunisation Register when their child turns five.
Allergy                                                                         Illness During School Operational Hours
What is the difference between an allergy and
anaphylaxis? Allergy occurs when a person's immune
system reacts to substances (allergens) in the
environment which are usually harmless (e.g. food                                                      Home is the best place for a child
proteins, pollen, dust mites). Anaphylaxis is the most                                                 with symptoms of illness, or is
severe form of allergic reaction and is potentially life-                                              feeling sick.
Parents must supply the school with an Allergy Plan if
their child suffers from Allergy. The Allergy Action
Plan is completed and signed at a visit to a medical                            If your child becomes sick or is injured at school, it is
doctor.                                                                         our policy to attend to any minor conditions and to
                                                                                place and observe your child in sickbay.

                                                                                In the event a child’s condition deteriorates we will
                                                                                make contact with the parent/emergency contact and
                                                                                request a pick-up for the child.

                                                                                For a student requiring medical treatment as deemed
                                                                                necessary by emergency medical assistance (i.e.
                                                                                ambulance) in the event of accident or illness, and it is
                                                                                impracticable to communicate with parent/emergency
                                                                                contact; any associated costs will be the responsibility
                                                                                of the family.
All staff receive mandated training on a regular basis in
First Aid Response, Anaphylaxis and Asthma .

  It is a requirement that Action Plans are
  renewed at the beginning of each school year.

   It is parental responsibility to ensure that the
  school is immediately informed when any
  Action Plans are updated or medical
  circumstances change.

Infectious Diseases
Students must be excluded from school if they have
contracted an infectious disease or a condition as listed
below. Check with your doctor regarding a medical
certificate and requirements before returning to
  Chicken Pox             Rubella                   Measles

  Head Lice *             Scabies                   Mumps

  Impetigo                Slapped Cheek             Whooping Cough
  (School Sores)          (Fifth Syndrome)          (Pertussis)
                                                                                The health and wellbeing of all students, staff
  Menningitis             Streptococcal Infections Poliomyelitis                and families at Kingsbury Primary School is of
  Measles                 Tuberculosis              Viral Hepatitis
                                                                                great importance, therefore your co-operation
                                                                                and understanding is essential.
For more information: https://www2.health.vic.gov.au/public-health/infectious

*Head Lice - General advice on treatment can be obtained from the school
office or a local pharmacist.

                                                                                   KINGSBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL                         11
Kingsbury Primary School
   1A Maryborough Avenue
   Kingsbury Victoria 3083

Telephone      (03) 9462 2711

Email: kingsbury.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au
 Website: www.kingsburyps.vic.edu.au
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