Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?

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Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
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Will our ecosystem help us
exploit benefits of smart automo ve?

Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
PG.2   | Smart Automotive | Sept - Oct 2016   www.telematicswire.net
Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
www.telematicswire.net   Sept - Oct 2016 | Smart Automotive |   PG.3
Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
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 06     Navigating through The Telematics Ecosystem Quagmire
 08     Transforming Ecosystem of Telematics                                             Lt. Col. M C Verma (Retd.)

 10     Automotive Telematics Ecosystem: An open system approach                         Dy. Director
                                                                                         Anuj Sinha
 12     Automotive Telematics Ecosystem
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 13     Improving Safety Outcomes and Enhancing Customer Experiences through             Shaivi Tyagi
        reliable Automotive Telematics
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 14     Automotive Telematics in India: Evolving an Organic Ecosystem                    Abhinav Mishra
                                                                                         Rewanshi Singh
 16     ECU Convergence: How it will change the shape of the automotive
        telematics and infotainment ecosystem                                            Content Support
                                                                                         Rudravir Singh
 18     Connected Vehicles and the Internet of Things that Really Matter
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  22    OEM connected car solutions: questions of creation and monetization
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 25     In Vehicle Connected Customer Experience that matters!                           Designer
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 34     Collaboration is a Key Strategy for Automotive Telematics Ecosystem
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PG.4 | Smart Automotive | Sept - Oct 2016                                                                           www.telematicswire.net
Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
   n next few years we will start getting data on the usage of        struggling with their request
   autonomous taxi which has started running in limited and           to create 3D maps, but we
   controlled manners in cities like - Singapore. Automotive          are yet to come with specific
majors would start rolling out autonomous cars in next 3-4 years,     instruction whether we are
conforming to SAE level 4, which would mark the beginning of a        going to allow creation of
new era in automotive.                                                such 3D maps for public use.
Is it an opportunity for India?                                       Industry players like Google,
Yes, it is if we look at some of the benefits we have been reading    MapmyIndia and others are
and talking which will come with autonomous vehicle:                  waiting for further clarity
                                                                      before they invest in 3D maps.
1. Reduce accidents
2. Increase mobility & reduce cost of mobility.                       Why do we need policy for autonomous vehicles?
3. Logistics and transport to see the lowering of cost in long        Although it has been often argued by the industry that new
   run                                                                technology segment should not have regulatory framework
4. Decreased insurance cost or it may lead to insurance in new        kicking-in from the beginning, but here its not about regulating
   avatar                                                             it, but more about removing impediments, which may prevent
5. Free urban space                                                   uncalled for hassle during test runof
6. Modular mobility may encourage more people to opt for              an autonomous vehicle.
   public transport                                                   Can driver assistance and active safety system be a stepping
However, the bigger question is if we are prepared to go              stone?
for autonomous vehicle? In terms of status of our roads &             The recent bill, Motor Vehicle(Amendment) Bill 2016, which has
highways; ‘eco-system on roads’ in urban areas, which springs         been approved by the cabinet and introduced in the Lok Sabha,
up with the city waking up; turf negotiation on clogged crossings     addresses many issues including those which concerns road safety.
or U-turns etc., we are different. Technically, I feel its a distant   From ‘passive safety’ point, it will add ‘sting’ in the form of steeper
story, but government can seed the process where technical            fines, to deter voluntary violators.
institutions and research centres can be encouraged to work           But the big question is- Can increased fine help reduce the
on autonomous vehicle. Govt. funding should be provided to            accidents and loss of lives?
test such vehicle in our environment and results/outcome be           No. Passive safety has its limitation. One needs to look into active
discussed and shared as common learning.                              safety measure which are already giving results in high income
Although it may not be easy to suggest a city or state which          countries.
will be suitable for test run of autonomous vehicles, which has       Semi-autonomous vehicles or those with assisted driving
so far had test run in North America or Europe or other high          technologies can help reduce the vehicle accidents by substantial
income economies, but we can have urban pockets or localities         percentage. This would mean saving of precious lives and also
which can be used for testing. Remote and sparsely populated          capital cost saving for the nation. Savings of lives, which mostly
regions may also be considered for pilot projects.                    are in the productive age. Road accidents accounts for the highest
Are there any impediments for autonomous vehicle in India?            loss of lives amongst the people aged 15–29 years (Source: World
There are many hurdles which needs to be cleared before the           Health Organization, Global Health Estimates, 2014); more than
vehicles run on road on their own. Sensors- LiDAR and optical         loss of lives due to HIV/AIDS, Diarrhoea, heart disease etc. in this
has to be permitted for use on vehicle which is also fitted           age group. Middle and low income countries have just 54% of
with positioning system. Because going by the recent draft            entire vehicular population, but account for 90% of road accident
Geospatial information and Regulatory Bill(issued by Ministry         death. (Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015). If we look at
of Home Affairs), such act may be prohibited. Even if they are         our own figure, accidents kills 400 people everyday leading to 3%
allowed, the data collected would need clearance from Ministry        of GDP loss, compared to 1.5% in other middle income countries.
of Defense. As any data which has geographical location along         High income countries have been able to reduce on an average
with photographic image or LiDAR profile will be considered a         of 54% accidents between 2000-2013, making a serious case for
geospatial data, requiring it to be cleared by the ‘data vetting      effort needed in ‘active safety’ space. Its time we move beyond
committee’ in MoD before it can be used. The regulatory               mandatory seat-belts or optional airbags to active safety features.
agencies may come up with specific guidelines for autonomous          Till the time we are able to bring down the loss of lives on roads,
vehicles, which can be permitted for government agencies and          someone will be morally held accountable for it.
research centres.
Vehicles need to be aware of the environment through
comprehensive and updated 3D maps. But in our context,
companies like Here(earlier Nokia) and other have been

       @telematicswire                                                                                              Maneesh Prasad

   www.telematicswire.net                                                                          Sept - Oct 2016 | Smart Automotive |   PG.5
Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
Navigating through The Telematics
 Ecosystem Quagmire
     t has been exactly a year since my last    one-year subscription charges. It offered      the fact that M&M is holding the entire
     interview on the Connected Vehicles        introductory features with location           responsibility of the solution through
     in “Smart Automotive” in Sept’2015         tracking and to some level integration        a factory fitted telematics hardware
 where I had spoken about the challenges        with service related features, more in the    (instead of a dongle or aftermarket
 towards the mass adoption of the               realm of convenience based features.          hardware) and orchestrating the entire
 connected vehicles solutions and also          On Aug 26th 2016, Mahindra& Mahindra          ecosystem by including various partners
 my personal view on the subject that it is     launched its homegrown Connected              (Bosch, TechMahindra, Vodafone, etc.to
 just a matter of time that the connected       Vehicles Platform “DiGiSENSE” becoming        name a few) and providing tailor made
 vehicles will become a mainstream in           the first OEM to leverage one integrated      solutions to suit the various customer
 India. I had mentioned that though there       technology platform for connected             segments/needs (Fleet Owner, Driver,
 are many aftermarket solution providers,       vehicles across a wide range of mobility      Dealer, Service Technician, etc.).
 it will take strategic call from the OEMs to   products, tractors and businesseswhich        This brings to the fore an important
 make telematics an integral offering in the     is multi-application and multi-product        point – as to what to consider as
 vehicles (especially commercial vehicles)      enabled. DiGiSENSE will initially be          the ecosystem in this domain. In my
 where it would not only benefit the            available in the Jeeto and Imperio in         view, a comprehensive telematics
 customer for bringing in more efficiency         the small commercial vehicles space;          solutionis impacted by the following
 but will also help the OEMs in a big way       the Arjun Novo in the tractor space; the      keyconsiderations which I term as
 through the insights (Data Analytics) that     Mahindra Blazo in the heavy commercial        the ABCs of the connected vehicles
 can be available to better the service         vehicles space; and the Earthmaster in        ecosystem:
 offerings & product designs and also            the construction equipment space and
 that we (Mahindra) are shortly going to                                                      A. Affiliate Ecosystem
                                                will eventually be available across the       B. Business Ecosystem
 introduce our own Connected Vehicles           entire line-up of Mahindra’s vehicles.
 solution in the market.                                                                      C. Customer Ecosystem
                                                Exclusive v/s Inclusive                       A. Affiliate Ecosystem
 I would restrict my views in this article      Unlike manyconnected vehicles solutions
 mainly from the lens of an OEM/                                                              The telematics solutionshave moved
                                                in the industry that are positioned as        away from just being a black and white
 consolidated player.In the last one            an exclusive offering in the passenger
 year we have seen a couple of market                                                         transactional offering to a more colorful
                                                cars space or closed telematics systems,      interplay of the entire spectrum of
 launches from the OEMsin India (Honda &        Mahindra has taken the strategy to make
 Mahindra) and some works are in pipeline                                                     technology affiliates/stakeholders. It is no
                                                it a more inclusivesolution. By inclusive I   more in the capability of a single solution
 from other OEMs.                               mean keeping in view the bottom of the        provider to be able to build it in entirety.
 Honda introduced their Connected               pyramid where such a solution will make       It has become imperative that it needs an
 Vehicles solution for their passenger          the maximum impact and including it in        orchestration of the complete ecosystem
 cars in Dec-2015 and created a lot of          the breadth of its mobility portfolio (CVs,   for a successful solution.
 initial buzz by pitting it as an exclusive     Off-road vehicles & Tractors), M&M has
 offering. Honda offered an OBD based             chosen to provide value to businesses first   One of the most critical player in the
 dongle and a mobile-app based solution         by addressing the direct customer needs       affiliate ecosystem is the Telecom
 at a discounted price for the initial few      impacting their businesses and bringing       service provider, who not only has the
 customers with a trial for one-month post      in the relevant features to address the       responsibility to provide highly reliable
 which the customer was expected to pay         need gap. The inclusivity also stems from     connectivity under all conditions

   OEM              Suppliers      Satellite      Mobile       Telecom          www/          VAS             Technology       Consumers
   • In-vehicle     • Electronic   Navigation     Devices      Services         Cloud         • Content       Enablers         • Individual
     Devices        • Devices      • Location     • Phone      Provider         • Services      Players       • Applications   • Enterprise
   • Infotainment   • Hardware                    • Tablets    • M2M            • Media       • Insurance     • OEM Portals    • Fleet
   • Telematics     • Software                    • Apps       • Connectivity   • Personal    • Advertisers   • User Portals
   • Clusters                                                                     Data        • 3rd Parties

                                                 The Complete Value Chain

PG.6 | Smart Automotive | Sept - Oct 2016                                                                             www.telematicswire.net
Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
& geographies, but also provide a             has to make sure that the data servers
comprehensive M2M platform (to                reside in the country of origin in order to
monitor the SIM and data usage & other        avoid any regulatory/compliances issues.
functions) that empowers the solution         The availability of 3rd party affiliates is
provider to offer most optimal solution        growing by the day – with many more
to the end customer. Compared to earlier      entities and startups coming up with
days, this is now fast changing in India      very innovative ideas and value added
with Vodafone leading the pack with a         services. The challenge is to provide an
home grown M2M platform and others            open platform where these services can
catching up through partnerships with         be easily plugged-in and convert them
established global players.                   into sustainable value propositions &
The other key players in the ecosystem        business models.
are the Technology enablers who have
a variety of choices available on hand to     The suppliers of the telematics hardware
provide the end-user applications (web/       solution have now matured are able to
mobile, etc.). There are umpteen choices      provide very robust hardware systems
available today in terms of the application   that the OEMs can rely upon and in
technologies and at times it is difficult       certain cases also provide grounds-up
to make a decision as to which one to         development from scratch to meet the
pick. The rate of obsolescence is so high     OEM’s requirements within acceptable
that by the time a solution is stabilized,                                                                          Sirish Batchu
the technology/version would have got         The issues of maintaining interoperability      Head of Infotronics Technology and
upgraded and the applications break           (IOP) and compatibilities with various
                                                                                              Advance Electronics Automotive &
down in backward compatibility. To add        mobile devices is always a challenge with
to the complexity, this is also marred with   the growing number of mobile device
                                                                                                                    Farm Sectors
the challenges of compatibility issues        manufacturers and variety of models                      Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
between various technologies (Java,           around. However, with the usage of the           He is responsible for the development & explora on of
.NET, ASP, etc.) at different interfaces.      standardized hardware configurations,            relevant technologies in advance of vehicle programs.
                                                                                                   He has been responsible for the crea on of M&M’s
The need of the hour is to choose an          this is slowly moving away from the
                                                                                                             Connected Vehicles Pla orm- DiGiSENSE
approach where the feature functions          limelight.
implementation and technologies are           B. Business Ecosystem                          activated to be able to provide a timely
loosely coupled so that they are not only     When a telematics solution comes as            response & resolution.
able to withstand the changes but also be     an offering from an OEM stable, then it
able to provide seamless upgrades to the                                                     The key lies in creating a compelling value
                                              is not enough to sit tight on the feature
customers without major impact on the                                                        proposition for the customers to use
                                              offerings without integrating with the
existing applications/business logic and                                                     the features on a sustainable basis. The
                                              business processes. For example, in case
avoid extra costs.                                                                           Connected Vehicle platforms can provide
                                              of a breakdown alert arising from the
                                                                                             exponential value through integrationof
The Cloud forms another important             system, the customer value proposition is
                                                                                             the entire business ecosystem namely
piece of the puzzle and thankfully there      not fulfilled until the entire service chain
                                                                                             the Service management systems, Dealer
are several cloud and IoT platforms           is not able to respond within a few hours
                                                                                             management, Spares management and
at disposal that offer a very good             with the right fix for the breakdown at
                                                                                             the Call centres, Customer databases,
performance and scalability. One just         the location. The entire chain had to be
                                                                                             Sales databases, etc. that can pipe into
                                                                                             one single CRM window for the OEM.
                                                                                             The OEMs can bring in tremendous value
                                                                                             by seamlessly integrating all the business
                                                                                             processes/systems, not only to the end
                                                                                             customers but to the various entities
                                                                                             within the organizations by being able
                                                                                             to provide lots of insights about their
                                                                                             vehicles and customers. Starting from
                                                                                             Product Planning, Marketing teams to
                                                                                             R&D teams and Service and Spares teams,
                                                                                             everyone can benefit from the insights
                                                                                             that the Telematics systems can provide.
                                                                                             Very often the OEM teams get bogged
                                                                                             down by the costs and investments
                                                                                             required for scaling this up and
                                                                                             understandably so since the Indian
                                                                                             market & customers are very cost
                                                                                             sensitive. However, the real potential of

  www.telematicswire.net                                                                        Sept - Oct 2016 | Smart Automotive |          PG.7
Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
a comprehensive telematics platform can
 be harnessed only through aseamless
 business ecosystem and this needs to be
                                                        to provide a platform that is
                                                        highly adaptable& flexible and
                                                        which gives full control to the
 backed by a value oriented thinking rather             customer in terms of defining

 than cost oriented thinking.                           and monitoring their specific         magine yourself a couple of years in the
                                                        business needs.                       future….you are driving yourself home, only
 C. Customer Ecosystem                                                                        you are not really driving, but you are steering
 The third and most critical aspect is the              The success of the telematics
                                                        business lies in being able       a car that is automatic, and is mostly driving itself.
 Customer Ecosystem. Though the core                                                      The gear shift is automatic, the speed is set to a
 elements of a telematics solutions remain              to positively impact the
                                                        bottom-line sensitivity of the    pre-determined level, and all you really need to do
 the same across, but the application and                                                 is steer gently.
 the context in which customers utilize                 customers and their impacting
 these vastly differ. There are a variety                touchpoints.                      As you get close to your apartment complex, the
 of applications where the telematics                   The customer should feel the      car sends out an automatic alert to the security
 solutions can be applied, be it fleet                  empowered and be able to          staff to allow you to enter, while your smart phone
 management of inter-city load carriers,                control the way their business    alerted by your GPS location automatically gets
 intra-city distribution, security vans,                gets enabled through a            the air-conditioning switched on. At this point
 e-commerce vendors, food-supplies,                     solution which can be fully       in time, it may seem a bit like a scene from Star
 logistics, school-buses, public/private                configurable.                     Wars, but in actual fact, the technology is in place,
 transportation, personal convenience, etc.             At M&M we have considered         and the expectations from automobiles, is far
 Each context has a unique requirement in               most of the above elements        more driven by electronics than mechanics. This
 terms of business needs and performance                while solutioningtheDiGiSENSE     is turn obviously has a huge impact on the eco
 parameters. The customers in these                     platform. The initial features    system that drives the industry. A clear parallel is
 business look for the specific enablement              available are just beginning      the IT industry, where Microsoft and other such
 of their needs and this is the reason why              of the journey that have been     major PC manufacturers are scrambling to find a
 you see so many scattered solutions                    carefully selected keeping the    place in a market that is evolving at a supersonic
 and players in the aftermarket. For a                  various customer needs in         pace. Physical storage space is no longer of any
 consolidated player to be able to meet                 mind.                             consequence, as storage has shifted to the cloud,
 this need, it is imperative that they have                                               and both business and shopping are now done by
                                                                                          smart phones. Like the Dinosaur, those that do not
                                                                                          evolve, perish.
                                                                                          Automobile companies are slowly awakening to
  DiGiSense: Mahindra & Mahindra’s technology                                             the fact that the manner in which cars are being
  platform                                                                                made is changing rapidly from the mechanical to
                                                                                          the digital. Where they are in for a rude awakening
                                                                                          is the fact that the way cars are being bought is
                                                                                          also changing rapidly. Car showrooms as they exist
                                                                                          today, would largely become distribution points
                  CCU       MOBILE NETWORK   MAHINDRA        MOBILE NERWORK    ADDED
                              PROVIDER        SERVER           PROVIDER       SERVICES    where people pick up vehicles that have been
                                                                                          researched, bought and paid for vide the internet.
                                                                                          It would make a lot of sense for car distribution
                                                              CUSTOMERS                   companies to move their heads out of the sand,
                                                                                          recognise this fact, and begin developing superior
                                                                                          websites and internet platforms and payment
                                                                                          gateways, rather than fancy showrooms.
                                                                                          To respond effectively to a changing market,
                                                                                          and stay ahead, traditional auto makers and
                                                                                          sellers will need many digital capabilities. These
 Mahindra & Mahindra’s DiGiSense connects M&M vehicles, tractors, trucks                  will include digital sales and marketing, multi-
 and construction equipment to the cloud. The integrated technology                       channel customer engagement, and the ability
 solution will empower Mahindra customers to digitally build knowledge                    to package and deliver digital products and
 24x7 about the performance and location of their mobility products and                   services. In the operations sphere, they’ll need
 tractors.                                                                                data and content management skills, along
 With DiGiSense, drivers can contact emergency breakdown services or                      with the ability to manage digital infrastructure,
 pull up a route planner at the touch of a button and fleet owners and                    protect customer identities, secure information
 dealers can track the location of their vehicles in real time. The remote                systems, and manage service-oriented technology,
 diagnostics and reports allow service teams to monitor the vehicle’s health              while overseeing a digital operating model and
 and productivity parameters on a real time basis. The solution will initially            numerous outside partnerships. To hold their own
 be available in the Jeeto and Imperio in the small commercial vehicles                   in the Internet of Things, auto makers will need
 space; the Arjun Novo in the tractor space; the Mahindra Blazo in the                    to manage sensors and connected devices, create
 heavy commercial vehicles space; and the Earthmaster in the construction                 mobile-to-mobile services, and analyse reams of
 equipment space.                                                                         data generated by autonomous vehicles.

PG.8 | Smart Automotive | Sept - Oct 2016                                                                                 www.telematicswire.net
Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
Ecosystem of Telematics
The most important change will be             features to the right customers in a way
cultural. The automotive industry             that integrates you into this new world
culture has always been supply-driven —       with affordable prices. They might look
companies push products into markets          to share the R&D burden with other
and try to persuade people to buy             companies through smart cooperatives.
them. The focus is on shaping buying          Other ways might include launching
behaviour to fall in line with what the       their own digital ventures, to unlock data
companies produce. On the other hand,         value. OEMs will have to find ways to
Digital companies cultures, respond to        remove bureaucratic blocks so they can
customer demand - their major spend is        unleash creativity and practice frugality
on advanced technology and analytics          at the same time. The ultimate goal will
to meet rising expectations. Marketing        have to be to shape and support mobility
spend is extremely low.                       ecosystems and design cars for the
                                              shared-vehicle drivers of today and the                           Markus Pfefferer
The other major change stems from the
                                              driverless passengers of tomorrow.                   Managing Director - Asia Pacific
fact that currently auto companies have
analog cultures. They have a slower           In the future, consumers will want the                           Ducker Worldwide
                                                                                                Ducker Worldwide, is a consul ng and research firm.
decision making process and multiple          flexibility to choose the best solution              It is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with offices
layers of hierarchical management. They       for a specific purpose, on demand and            around the world including Bangalore, Berlin, London,
are ruled by systems and processes,           via their smartphones. Therefore the              Paris and Shanghai. Founded by William H. Ducker in
                                                                                                   1961 Ducker celebrates over 55 years in business.
which in large measure have not changed       importance of private-car ownership will
much since the inception of the industry.     be declining. This is already obvious in the
To graduate to being more progressive,        USA where the share of young people (16        consumers demand — will flourish in the
auto companies would have to adopt a          to 24 years) who hold a driver’s license       digital era.
more digital culture, with flat hierarchies   has dropped from 76 percent in 2000            With this paradigm shift to mobility
that speed up decision making. The            to 71 percent in 2013, while there has         as a service, along with new entrants,
focus would have to shift to result over      been over 30 percent annual growth in          traditional car manufacturers will be
process, and workers would need to be         car-sharing users in North America and         ultimately forced to compete on multiple
empowered to innovate, knock down             Germany over the last five years.              fronts. Mobility providers (Uber, for
barriers, and achieve goals. The ideal        At the same time, the objective is not         example), tech giants (such as Apple,
worker would have vision, curiosity,          necessarily to be the company with the         Google), and specialty OEMs (Tesla, for
flexibility, and motivation. Collaboration    most cutting-edge connected car. Those         instance) increase the complexity of an
would become critical, with mixed teams       that are first to bring this technology        already competitive landscape. Traditional
from various functional specialties           to the market will need to balance             automotive players that are under
working together on projects. This reflects   their own R&D with cooperation- and            continuous pressure to reduce costs,
the dynamic tech industry, where change       platform-based innovation to avoid the         improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions,
is rapid and unpredictable, innovation        “winner’s curse” of ultimately losing out      and become more capital-efficient
essential to survival, and quick action       to competitors that improve upon the           will feel the squeeze, likely leading to
critical to victory.                          technology. Apple has rarely been the first    shifting market positions in the evolving
Obviously the key to staying ahead of         to innovate, but has a record of success       automotive and mobility industries,;
the pack would be to meet customer            in scaling up technology that others have      potentially leading to consolidation
demand in a way that is both unique           originated. Being best rather than first is    or new forms of partnerships among
and technologically advanced. Once            even more important when the product is        incumbent players.
the technology has been perfected, the        an automobile which carries people and         Therefore it’s not surprising that the
OEM would need to build the capabilities      puts their lives at stake.                     recent conflict between VW and one of
to create this type of vehicle at global      In a way the connected car is the leading      its suppliers which led to a production
scale, even if it means selling under         edge of disruptive technology as it is         stop at VW might been more than just
other brands (so long as you control the      changing not only the automobile, but          poor management.It could also be seen
arrangement), try a variety of digital        the nature of the automotive industry          as a sign of how relationships between
ventures that can unlock data value:          as whole. As connectivity paves the way        traditional suppliers and OEMs might
and most importantly, move from a             for autonomous driving, digital content        change and how disruptive new supply
transaction-based business model, selling     and services have become the industry’s        chain management processes can be.
cars, to a service-led setup in which         primary source of growth. More                 In fact in the future it is extremely likely
lifetime customer acquisition becomes         fundamentally, OEMs oriented to their          that suppliers from the telecom and IT
the primary goal.                             traditional role as product manufacturers      industries will ultimately change the
For volume auto makers, it would also         must embrace a new identity as service         way business is done in the automotive
be necessary to find a viable economic        providers. Those that can make this shift      industry.
equation: a way to offer the right digital     — while providing the security assurances

  www.telematicswire.net                                                                        Sept - Oct 2016 | Smart Automotive |          PG.9
Will our ecosystem help us exploit benefi ts of smart automo ve?
Automotive Telematics Ecosystem:
   An open system approach
                                                             With cars becoming more affordable            of a national highway can be analyzed
                                                             and limited road infrastructure, the         to suggest the best location to open a
                                                             urban transportation landscape is            restaurant on the highway. Depending
                                                             becoming more congested. Pollution           on the nature of traffic (commercial,
                                                             and associated social issues are             passenger), the nature and type of
                                                             taking a center stage. In this changing      restaurant can be different.
                                                             environment, it is becoming important        Similarly, select private data (only the
                                                             that the data collected by the connected     arrival/departure info and mileage)
                                                             system is not only used to improve           from a logistics provider can be shared
                                                             operational efficiencies, provide on time      with dealer service agency. The service
                                                             deliveries and safety services, but evolve   agency can monitor the arrivals of
                                                             new services and business models.            vehicles at hub locations and the mileage
                                                             It is also becoming clear that a single      clocked by a vehicle. This will reduce
                                                             operator or service provider will not        service costs and vehicle downtime
                                                             be able to understand the needs of the       for the logistics company. The same
                                                             complete ecosystem, let alone build all      private data (trip information + goods
  Ranjit Abhyankar                                           the required applications.                   manifest) can be used to optimize the
  Senior Technical Manager                                                                                transportation cost.
                                                             Today, most of the telematics players
  Delphi, India Technical center                             have a closed system. This puts the onus     The need of the hour is an open system
  He is Senior Technical Manager with Delphi India
  Technical Center. He works as technical consultant         of understanding and developing the          which allows various stakeholders
  in area related to driver assistance and infotainment      applications on the telematics service       to interact and utilize the data in a
  solu ons.                                                  provider (TSP) and/or customers. This        meaningful way, while maintaining
                                                             is not a viable option as many TSPs and      security and privacy; and at the same

      n the next few years, with                             customers may not understand all the         time providing flexibility to each of the
      advancement of connected systems                       requirements of a business.                  stakeholder to innovate and differentiate
      (embedded units, mobile based                                                                       services.
   and V2X), it will become increasingly                     The open framework approach will
   important to develop open systems to                      enable a host of third party application     Open Platform approach
   harness the full potential of connectivity.               developers to develop diverse application    Figure 1 depicts a framework for an open
   Open system architecture will define the                  which may not necessarily fall in the        architecture. The proposed architecture
   interface layer specifications enabling                   domain of the end customer or telematics     comprises a 3 Tier system of components.
   multiple ecosystem partners to interact                   service provider. For example,               The interfaces at each layer are defined
   seamlessly.                                               anonymous data from a particular section     and standardized.
                                                                                                          1. Tier 1: Data Collection Agent (DCA).
                                                                                                             The interface to the communication
                                                                                                             gateway can be an open standard.
      Third party                                Customer application server
                                                                                                             However, the data can be encrypted
                                                                                                             and secured for privacy. This will
                                     Telematics application server                                           allow multiple on-board-units (OBU)
                                                                                                             suppliers to talk to a particular server
                                          Anonymous data            Private data                             in a seamless fashion.
                                                                                                          The data collection agents may source
                                                          Data manager                          Tier-2    data from:
                Device provisioning                 Device database manager
                                                                                                          → OBU: For instance, a small
                                                      Data Collection Agent
                                                                                                             fleet operator who has installed
                                                                                                             aftermarket OBU can directly talk to
                                                                                                             the communication gateway and an
             Secondary data collection agent +                                                               OEM can have its own private server
             Device provisioning
                                                                                                Tier-1       to talk to the OBU.
                                                                                                          → Secondary data collection agent: An
                       OBU                                           OBU
                                                                                                            OEM can have its own private data
                                                                                                            collection agent to talk to the OEM
        Fig. 1: Automotive Telematics Ecosystem: Three Tier Open Architecture                               installed OBUs. The data collected

PG.10 | Smart Automotive | Sept - Oct 2016                                                                                      www.telematicswire.net
from the OBUs can be filtered (any         Infrastructure (PKI) scheme.                   platforms can operate with multiple
   vehicle specific private data) by the      3. Tier 3: Application Layer: Private and      different types of OBUs. However, the
   secondary data collection agent.              public data is processed to generate        real benefit will come when the Tier-2/
   The filtered data can be forwarded            various reports and other intelligence.     Tier-3 layer is made open.
   to the main telematics server. This           The data can be combined with other         The key challenges in implementing
   hierarchical approach allows for easy         customer data to generate various           an open system is primarily the
   data segregation and protection.              customer specific value added services      apprehension of customers about data
2. Tier 2: Data Storage and                      (e.g., stores can track the arrival of a    security and commercial interests (who
    Management Layer.                            particular part by integrating manifest     should make more money?application
Data coming from various sources                 with vehicle location).                     providers or data aggregator).
is archived in a uniform format in a          Similarly anonymous data can be utilized       With the development of ever present
central database. The archived data is        by various third party application             data connectivity (4G and beyond), and
segregated into:                              developers to serve niche markets.             penetration of connectivity components
→ Private data: Private data can be           Commercial models: The open                    in a vehicle,It is becoming increasingly
  accessed by specific customers who          frameworks allow for easy adaption of          important to design open systems
  have access rights. The data should         various commercial models. The data can        without compromising security and
  be further secured to address certain       be shared by customers based on various        privacy. An open system will allow
  sensitive applications (like data from      commercial models. In a simplistic             multiple players to interact seamlessly
  cash handling vehicles).                    model, a customer has the option of not        widening and improving the ecosystem.
→ Anonymous Data: Data from various           sharing his data (private data) and pay for    Connected vehicles will become a reality
  OBUs should be appropriately                all the services; or alternatively, he/she     very soon (with launch of V2X and smart
  mapped to generate anonymous data.          can share the data anonymously and get         city projects). The connectivity will
  The anonymous data can be used for          a discount.                                    drive a host of applications and services
  various third party applications.                                                          and will change the way the entire
                                              There are few open telematics
The format of data stored on anonymous        frameworks available, but most of them         mobility ecosystem works. There will
as well as private databases can be an        operate at Tier-1/Tier-2 interface layer.      be entry of new players and some of the
open format. The private data can be          For example, a number of telematics            existing players will have to change their
secured using any standard Public Key                                                        business and business models.


Delphi to begin testing robot taxis in Singapore
Delphi will begin testing autonomous autos in Singapore this year that may lead to robot taxis by the end of the decade.The project
has been introduced in partnership with the Singapore Land Transit Authority, where the company begin testing vehicles in order to
make them commercially viable in near future. The test rides will include six autonomous autos, starting with the modified Audi Q5.
Delphi’s vice president of engineering Glen DeVos said in a statement ‘that a cab ride in a dense urban area can cost $3 to 4 a mile.’
The company is trying its best to eliminate drivers from its vehicles and will develop software that lets commuters call them. Initially,
the cars will travel at slow speeds along predetermined loops of about 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometres), with a human driver ready to take
the wheel if needed .

  www.telematicswire.net                                                                         Sept - Oct 2016 | Smart Automotive |   PG.11
Automotive Telematics Ecosystem
                                                         passenger’s music taste to provide a          System can’t be successful. It is important
                                                         jukebox radio solution is creating new        to decide what type of data is necessary
                                                         market!Hence creating a product line of       for what application. Subscription based
                                                         devices with varying hardware capabilities    model could help in achieving this.
                                                         provides end applications (vehicles) select   Subscriptions can be defined based on the
                                                         the Telematics solution based on the          type of application the vehicle could be
                                                         market they intend to serve.                  put to, yet it should be scalable to define
                                                         Getting the data back                         new subscription as the system evolves to
                                                         Collecting and storing the data, is the       cater different market segments. It should
                                                         main part of the puzzle. Transferring         be noted that, design of on-board systems
                                                         the huge data collection from the             should take care of the subscription
                                                         machines to data centres can be done          strategy, including scalability to make the
                                                         through cellular, satellite network for the   final integration smooth.
                                                         automotive world. Offloading the data at        Archiving the data for long term usage
                                                         Wi-Fi hotspots could also be a solution for   is the next piece of the big puzzle. It
                                                         fleet applications like Taxi services. Data   involves selection of proper cloud service
   Bhuvan Anandakrishnan                                 transfer cost, overall load on the network    with storage solutions and accessibility to
   Director of Electronics Department                    and the gateway needs to be considered        develop different front solution and / or
   Caterpillar India                                     while designing the system. Data mulling      integration to custom ERP solution.
   Bhuvan has degree in Electronic Engineering from      using vehicle to vehicle communication        Putting it to use…
   Madras University and a Master’s in Business          could be an effective solution in terms of
   Administra on from Great Lakes Ins tute of
                                                         cost and load on the system.Another idea      Once the puzzle of getting the data and
   Management. He joined Caterpillar Inc. in 2002, and
   haserved in various leadership posi ons.              could be creating an off-board tool that       storing it is solved, next tough job is
                                                         can download the data from the vehicles       presenting the data and features to the
                                                         locally over wired or wireless (Wi-Fi or      customers, based on the application.
                                                                                                       Customers do not look for all the

          elematics has grown in the last                Bluetooth) mode, which can later be
                                                         uploaded to back office. Key to this would      technical details, but only the key points
          several years resulting in touching
                                                         be a proper design of the localized tool;     that could help them in their business
          almost every industry that we
                                                         customer should see the benefit in using      or usability. For example, a Taxi service
   know of. A technology of this magnitude
                                                         the tool and also in uploading the data       operator will look where are his/her
   goes through rapid evolution and
                                                         to OEM’s data centres. For example,           equipment, their health and a way to
   thereby resulting in rapid changes to
                                                         uploading the vehicle data to customer        disable them on theft. He doesn’t need
   its ecosystem. Putting together such an
                                                         should be through a cloud back-up             the Latitude, Longitude values butonly
   ecosystem for the automotive industry
                                                         service, in order for them to access across   needs to visualize the equipment on map.
   that is evolving at a similar pace can be
                                                         their multiple mobile devices at the cost     For an independent owner of the vehicle,
   seen as solving puzzle with no defined
                                                         of one subscription.                          front end solution could be a web service
                                                                                                       providing all the information about his

   On-Board Electronics                                                                                / her vehicle, like maintenance history,
   With electronics making its presence in                                                             service recommendations, and upgrade
   every part of the automobile industry,                   At the vehicle level,                      option for next car. Mobile application
                                                                                                       based solution would be best suited for
   the amount of data available from a
   vehicle is enormous. Handling such huge                 clear differen a on                          passenger automobiles, especially for
                                                                                                       requesting support during emergency.
   dataset requires some robust electronics;
   a box that could talk all languages with                  between the data                          Integration to service replacements, parts
   other controls on the vehicleand have                                                               sales and other aftermarket products/
   good storage space is essential. CAN,                   network and control                         solutions would improve the business
   Ethernet, Bluetooth andWi-Fi could all                                                              for OEM and also improve the user
   be supported, yet it is important to keep                     network could            “            experience for customers.
   the hardware modular enough to suit the                                                             Front end solution are not limited to
   different applications or market segments                 protect the vehicle.                       customers only. OEMs can create a data
   the vehicle would serve, by keeping                                                                 visualization service for their marketing
   the cost under control. For example,                                                                team to easily decipher the vehicle’s
   supporting satellite communication                                                                  usability; create marketing strategy
   on passenger vehicle is baseless;but                  Often, we are greedy to collect all the       and better sales pitch for the next car
   supporting Bluetooth to talk to On-                   data, but without proper strategy and         or upgrade for the user. Combining it
   board infotainment system to collect                  design on how to use the data both for        with analytics, engineering team could
                                                         OEM & Customers’ benefit, Telematics

PG.12 | Smart Automotive | Sept - Oct 2016                                                                                  www.telematicswire.net
improve their product design and add or
remove features.                                 Improving safety outcomes
Security, at every level…
With Internet of Things model being
first choice for most telematics systems,
                                                 and enhancing customer
protecting the data, vehicle and
customers from threats should also be
part of system design. Be it access to
                                                 experiences through reliable
on-board electronics or data servers at
the backend, there should be protection
at every level. At the vehicle level, clear
                                                 Automotive Telematics
differentiation between the data network
and control network could protect the

vehicle. Encryption, signatures on the                  he Indian auto industry is one of
data from the vehicle is needed to protect              the largest and most competitive
the customer, from their data (location,                industry in the world. A $74
usage preference) being misused.                 billion industry in 2015, the Indian
Access control at server level is essential      automotive sector accounted for 7.1 per
to protect both customer and OEM.                cent of the country’s Gross Domestic
For example, in order to make better             Product (GDP). By 2026, it is expected
products and to plan marketing strategy,         to achieve a turnover of $300 billion-
competitors look for OEM’s datasets              clocking a CAGR of ~ 15 percent (Society
and customers’ user preference to make           of Indian Automotive Manufacturers).
better products.                                 Driven by the consumer’s digital lifestyle
                                                 and enabled by the interconnectedness
Validating it all together…                      of everything; the Indian automotive
A well designed, developed Telematics            sector is also getting disrupted rapidly.
System could still fail at deployment if not     Automotive telematics, in simple
properly validated after integration of all
pieces. Also, every piece of the system          terms, is the integrated use of
should be tested for their maximum               telecommunications and informatics
capacity. Scalability tests using virtual        applied in the vehicles, providing
machines could be one of the many                required information while the vehicle                               Tushir Malik
solution to test the capacity. Such tests        is on the move. With the advent               Vice President – Sales and Business
provide insight on what the customer             of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled                                 Development
would experience from the front end              “connected car”, the vehicle turns                                     Aeris India
solutions. If the data reaches the system        into a hub for an entire ecosystem
                                                                                                 He has 22+ years in experience in Solu on Architect,
but does not load up on the webpage in           of connected services that offers                 Delivery, Business Development and hardcore sales
time, it is still a failure; failure in design   consumers a wealth of benefits.                 working with Global 500 Telecom & BFSI Orgs across
                                                 And this in turn has led to a creative           the globe. In his current func on he is working with
of data flow and usability. If the system                                                          the Government and regulatory bodies to increase
integrates with OEM’s other solutions            disruption between consumers and                         the M2M reach and usage in India & APAC.
like service booking, the integration and        automakers, consumers and vehicles
usability of those solutions from front end      and among the traditional and non-
                                                 traditional participants in automotive       usage based insurance, vehicle firmware
should also be validated.                                                                     upgrades, vehicle diagnosis for predictive
Finally, while designing a product we                                                         maintenance and infotainment etc. We
always look at requirements and failure          As a result, the in-vehicle telematics has   are also seeing a lot of traction by the
modes to get the best system in place,           now matured from being a luxurious           government in the area of intelligent
but I strongly encourage incorporating           option in the past to a bare minimum         transport systems in India with initiatives
a long term vision also as a design              customer expectation today. The              taken towards digitization of vehicular
aspect. Think beyond current capacity of         scope of telematics has surpassed            information to improve driver and
technology, and develop a system that            safety and security requirements as          passenger safety. All these developments
could last a decade; an achievement by           the automakers are now focusing on           are driving the telematics market upwards
itself in today’s world!                         meeting the consumer expectations            in India which is predicted to scale $113.7
                                                 by enabling telematics around hands-         million by 2018 (6Wresearch).
                                                 free calling, geo-fencing, turn-by-
                                                 turn navigation, mileage reporting,          The state-of-the-art telematics
                                                 accident recording, fuel economy,            tracking systems are helping manage

   www.telematicswire.net                                                                        Sept - Oct 2016 | Smart Automotive |           PG.13
Automotive T
                                                                the government and corporates. Cargo
                                                                tracking solutions have become customer
                                                                service engines. Driver monitoring

                                                                                                                  Evolving an
                                                                solutions have improved driver retention
                                                                and training programs. Geo-location of
                                                                commercial vehicles, teenage vehicle geo
                                                                fencing and public safety has improved
                                                                emergency response times.

                                                                                                                   rom the dawn of human civilisation,
                                                                However, the above benefits can only be            mankind’s predominant pursuit
                                                                realized once an advanced and secure               has been for connectivity. While
                                                                technology infrastructure to support         the dream for physical connectivity
                                                                Automotive Telematics is in place. That      dominated for thousands of years, the
                                                                is, ubiquitous connectivity with wide area   electromagnetism (EM) based connect
                                                                coverage and faster streaming capabilities   is a much more recent pursuit. Today
                                                                such the one provided by LTE/5G is           we have extensively connected systems,
                                                                essential. It also needs systems which can
   Shweta Berry                                                                                              generically called the Internet. In the
                                                                seamlessly manage a constant flow of         last decade or so, with the second
   Director of Marketing                                        data extracted from multiple sensors in
   Communications and CSR                                                                                    wave of internet, we have ubiquitous
                                                                the vehicle, send this data for processing   mobile devices now, greatly harnessing
   Program Manager                                              through a Cloud platform, and then to        on the potential of EM or wireless
   Aeris India                                                  the back-office for real-time analysis         communication. This perennial quest
   Shweta holds Masters in Interna onal Business                and relay of meaningful information to       for connectivity has brought us to a
   cer fica on from Grenoble Ecole de Management,               the end user. Aeris, being a pioneer in      juncture where we are ready to step up
   France. She is a Silver Medalist in the field of Marke ng,
   MBA from IILM, New Delhi. She has over sixteen years
                                                                machine to machine technology has a          to integrate and connect our vehicles to
   of experience working with mul ple MNC’s, mid- er and        flexible Telematics Services Platform with   the Internet. We have “smart cars”, that
   start-ups in India in various industry ver cals including    a modular architecture which allows
   Tech Mahindra, NIIT Ltd., MagnaQuest Technologies to                                                      communicate and collaborate with other
   name a few.                                                  for rapid and cost effective scaling. The     smart objects on the Internet. Vehicular
                                                                distributed processing architecture          Telematics is about this and much more.
   availability, access, and use of vehicles                    delivers speed and responsiveness for
                                                                delivering the best customer experience.     Telematics is infact a watershed for the
   for the large fleet operators in verticals                                                                developments that have taken place in
   such as logistics, distribution, mining,                     Aeris can work with any cloud-based
                                                                solution provider and ensure a fully         various disciplines and fields over the
   construction, and transportation. This                                                                    last few decades. Cloud Computing and
   is also benefiting the emerging vehicle                      integrated and scalable service delivery
                                                                platform that includes,                      Server Virtualization, Machine Learning
   rental model market players such as                                                                       and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data
   the Uber, Ola and others with the data                       → Complete account creation and              Analysis, Navigation Satellite Technology
   analysis which can dramatically help                           management services                        form critical subsystems in the telematics
   increase business efficiency as the system                     → Readily integrates and connects with       ecosystem. With the paradigms of
   uses telematics to capture data from                           vehicle                                    Connected Cars, the Advanced Driver
   moving vehicles and enable remote                                                                         Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Self
   operational control such as activating and                   → Smartphone application delivery
                                                                                                             Driving vehicles, we are seeing emerging
   accessing vehicles using Radio-frequency                     → Easily integrates with OEM
                                                                                                             metasystems or “system of systems” in
   identification (RFID) or a smartphone to                       CRM, marketing, portals, and
                                                                                                             the field of telematics.
   track and record journey data for ensuring                     communications systems
   passenger and goods safety and also                                                                       In the larger space of Internet of Things,
                                                                → Comprehensive customer care tools
   proper billing. Telematics also enables                                                                   Automotive or Vehicular Telematics leads
                                                                In conclusion, we see both Indian            the race. This is because the features that
   anti-theft features, tracking the location
                                                                consumers as well as the automotive          Telematics brings to the table, Safety,
   of the vehicle and an automated interface
                                                                giants leveraging the advanced               Security and Productivity, have found
   with law enforcement agencies reduces
                                                                technology and adopting automotive           their applications best in this domain. The
   the response time which eventually leads
                                                                telematics solutions at a faster pace        general public concerns like driver safety
   to reduction in vehicular theft numbers.
                                                                for reaping social benefits towards          and road accidents have strongly fuelled
   As connected vehicle management                              road safety and also improvements            the adoption of telematics solutions by
   solutions become more prevalent, both                        in economic efficiency. The scale and          automakers. And thus a sharp contrast
   the automakers and large fleet owners                        success will be largely defined by the       between the adoption in automotive vis-
   are finding ways to enhance their services                   technology in this field. Hence, it is       a-vis other sectors.
   to customers and generate new revenue                        imperative for the automakers to partner
   streams outside the original scope of                                                                     Telematics in general is marked by the
                                                                with experienced IoT solution providers
   their businesses. For example, certain                                                                    presence of several key stakeholders.
                                                                and invest carefully in the right fit
   solutions designed for delivery route                                                                     This is not surprising owing to the fact
                                                                automotive telematics platform.
   optimization have proven themselves as                                                                    that Telematics has emerged as a highly
   outstanding compliance engines for both                                                                   intersectoral technology. Some of the

PG.14 | Smart Automotive | Sept - Oct 2016                                                                                        www.telematicswire.net
Telematics in India:
n Organic Ecosystem
    natural stakeholders in this space,           a critical part in evolving an organic
    specifically pertaining to automotive, are:   ecosystem for telematics in India. The
    1.   Telecom Sector                           central and state governments in India
    2.   Navigation Satellite Systems             should promote and regulate the sector.
    3.   Automakers                               Currently, the Center for Development
    4.   OEMs and ODMs                            of Telematics functions as a wing in
                                                  the Telecom Technology Center in the
         → Automotive Component Suppliers         Government of India. Both empowerment
         → Independent Telematics Unit            and independence is needed for this body
           Suppliers                              on the lines of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory                                Vadiraj Katti
    5. Auto-repair Service Provider               Authority of India). The scope of its                 Founder & Managing Director
    6. Firmware Companies                         functions should expand to promotion,                    iTriangle Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
    7. Cloud Service/IT Infrastructure            regulation, and development of the                         He is involved in design, development and
        Providers                                 telematics sector. Though the telematics        manufacturing of products related to vehicle tracking,
    8. Web Mapping/GIS Service providers          sector is enabled by telecom, it has to           automo ve telema cs and enterprise solu ons. He
                                                                                                   has developed a GPS-GSM-RFID based Remote Data
    9. Automotive Software Providers              find its progress independently.                Acquisi on Pla orm with end to end solu ons in both
    10. Big Data Players                          GSM Network plays the most critical role                                      hardware and so ware.
    11. Content and Infotainment Providers        in connecting the Telematics Units with
    12. Insurance                                 Cloud. Even with a mobile subscriber          taken by its automobiles at the end of the
    13. Governments                               base of 240 million, the GSM network          day even if there were a poor or no GSM
    While the many critical subsystems of the     is often patchy in India. The coverage        network. All it needs to do is to capture
    telematics space bring great advantage        gap exceeds 50% in most North East and        the real time locations and store it
    to it, the challenge remains in evolving      Central Indian States. And even where         onboard and transmit it only when it finds
    cohesion between these players. This is       there is mobile network, poor signal and      a signal. The firmware players in India
    easier said than done. In this article, we    packet drops are a commonplace. This          now have these well tested solutions.
    will explore ways in which this synergy be    prevents governments to seamlessly            But most telematics solutions would
    achieved in the Indian context.               adopt telematics solutions as general         need real time processing of this data. An
                                                  policies. And businesses with operations      infotainment solution to access reviews
    The adoption and integration of                                                             on nearby hotels on your way back home
    telematics solutions have attained certain    in these areas too find difficulty in
                                                  adopting telematics solutions. This also      from office requires V2I (Vehicle-to-
    maturity in the West. We see a number                                                       Infrastructure) solutions delivered almost
    of B2B & B2C applications in this domain      discourages the automakers to adopt
                                                  pre-assembly telematics integrations in       immediately. In addition to contributing
    and a general adoption and acceptance                                                       to the expansion of mobile coverage, the
    by all the players involved including the     the Indian releases. It is unlikely that an
                                                  automaker would risk to lose the rural        Indian telecom companies have another
    end customer. For instance, Usage Based                                                     role to play. The nascent and mostly
    Insurance has become mainstream in            market in pursuit of a value addition
                                                  for the urban market. Needless to say,        urban telematics industry needs cost
    the West. In India, however, the concept                                                    effective M2M (Machine-to-Machine)
    of telematics is still at a nascent stage.    strong mobile coverage is a great enabler
                                                  for successful telematics solutions in        Data Solutions. With the largest cab
    It is mostly confined to Track-and-Trace                                                    aggregators in India adopting telematics
    and the applications are sold B2B. There      India. With Digital India and Broadband
                                                  Highways programs, we can expect              solutions, this makes business sense to all
    is no significant traction yet on the B2C                                                   stakeholders.
    front. For the Indian customer, telematics    significant improvement in the telecom
    solutions rank much lower in the wish         infrastructure in the coming years. The       India is no exception to another universal
    list of what they wish to see in their        Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF)      problem in telematics - the lack of
    automobiles. However, recent surveys          currently sources telecom infrastructure      standardisation in protocols. This greatly
    show a positive sentiment among the           in parts of the country where private         hinders interoperability. For all the
    Indian customers in the adoption of           players do not find operations profitable.    stakeholders to work in synergy towards a
    telematics solutions. In a 2014 consumer      Active contributions are needed by both       common objective, this is a prerequisite.
    survey conducted by Deloitte, over 48         private and public players to bridge the      The NGTP or the Next Generation
    % were willing to pay for telematics          coverage gaps.                                Telematics Protocol, claimed to be a
    solutions in their vehicle [1].               The poor or no mobile networks affects         technology neutral approach, needs to
                                                  most telematics solutions but not all. A      still find its ground among the huge base
    The key stakeholders have both the                                                          of stakeholders involved.
    advantage and responsibility to play          logistics company can replay the route

         www.telematicswire.net                                                                    Sept - Oct 2016 | Smart Automotive |           PG.15
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