Working with contractors and visitors

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Working with contractors and visitors
Working with contractors
and visitors
A practical guide for farmers and growers

Managing contractors and               In this guide, we’ll take you through the 4 simple
visitors can feel like a complicated   steps to managing contractors on your property:
process — especially on properties     1   Select

with lots of entry points and where    2   Induct
risks frequently change.               3   Monitor

                                       4   Evaluate
Working with contractors and visitors
1. How to select a contractor
When using contractors you’ll want the work
to be cost effective, completed efficiently and
of a high standard.                                          Add the risks contractors bring to your property to
You also need to be comfortable the job will be done         your Onside risk register so your team and other visitor
safely. If an incident occurs it wastes time, costs money    know what to watch out for when they’re on site.
and causes headaches on both sides, not to mention
someone could get hurt!

Here’s what to do:

All potential contractors need to provide evidence of
their safety plan, their ability to complete the work and
details of any risks they will create on your property.

This is what you need to ask for:

 Low risk work                High risk work
 •   Current health and       (e.g. construction)
     safety policy            •     Current health and
 •   Evidence of training           safety policy
     and competency           •     Evidence of
 •   Public or general              competency
     liability insurance      •     Public or general
 •   Any risks they are             liability insurance
     bringing                 •     Any risks they are

                              •     Site specific safety
                                    plan (SSSP)

Contractors who have robust safety systems in place
will already have this information on hand, so it won’t be
a big deal to provide it.                                                                                               Page 2
2. How to induct a contractor
Managing contractors is a two-way process.
You need to know about the risks they create              Tip
and they need to know about yours.                        Invite contractors to use the Onside mobile app so
                                                          they can self-induct when they arrive. This is quick,
An induction process communicates the risks you’ve
                                                          easy, won’t cost them anything, and they can use the
identified on your property and any information they
                                                          app on any property that uses Onside.
need to stay safe. It’s a good idea to keep a record of
contractors who’ve been inducted for future reference.
                                                          Add your team to your Onside account and make
                                                          sure they have the app on their phones so they’ll
                                                          receive alerts when contractors arrive.

                                                                                                            h      //

                                                                   Jim Smith
                                                                   All Seasons                                                                                        + Add

                                                                                         Name                         Email

                                                             Company                     Kelly Carter       
                                                           A2min                         Brent Mackintosa   


                                                                       Log off

                                                                                                                                     Birnjmook Stgtion

                                                                                                                      Checked-in 2:16 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                         Check out

                                                                                                                      Current Visitors

                                                                                                                               Gerry Jones
                                                                                                                      GJ       +64 21 125 5567

                                                          All of your team
                                                          members can                                                  H       +61 22 125 5523

                                                          access a list of                                                     Bruce Smith
                                                          who’s on the                                                         021 445 5535

                                                          property, their                                             BT       Barry Thomas
                                                                                                                               021 IG7 5556
                                                          details and how
                                                          long they stayed.                                            T       021 IG7 5556

                                                                                                                      Who’s here          Safety   Emergency   Chat                                                                                                                                                     Page 3
3. How to monitor a contractor
When contractors are on your property, you
want to be sure they’re working safely and                 Tip
that no one is at risk of injury.                          Use the ‘report an incident’ feature in the Onside app
If you or your team notice something unsafe, here’s what   to report and record unsafe situations as a near miss
you need to do:                                            to make them aware.

                                                                                                             h           //

          Discuss the issue with the contractor                                                                             Birchwood Station
                                                                  Jim Smith
                                                                  All Seasons          Incidents
                                                            All Properties             New incidents for review (1)

          Agree on a workable solution                       Teams                            No Injury - Near Miss                     Dave Moody | Employee         1 April 2021

                                                             Pro;ile                   Reviewed incidents

          Implement the solution and continue                                                 Fracture/ Break - Doctors Visit           Michael Williams | Employee   29 March 2021

          to monitor                                                                          No ÏnÍurÊ - Near Çiss                     Jacà Mills | Øisitor          2ì March 2021

                                                                        Log off

          Record the incident with photos if necessary

                                                                                                         Tuesday, 30th November

                                                                                                 Bob Smith, created an incident
                                                                                                 for Birchwood Station on
                                                                                                 29/03/2021 at 10:12am.
                                                                                                 Get in touch with them on
                                                                                                 0255534584                                                                                                                                                               Page 4
4. How to evaluate contractors’ work
When the job’s done or at the end of each
season it makes sense to evaluate the                      Tip
performance of your contractors.                           Use the Onside reporting feature once a month to
                                                           review any incidents involving contractors. This will
You want to always make sure:
                                                           highlight issues you need to address. You can also
                                                           download the visits history for your property.

                                                                                                               h            //

                                                                                       Property Reporting
                                                                  Jim Smith
                                                                  All Seasons          Please select properties to report onZ
                                                                                             Select all
          1   Timeframes were met                           All Properties
                                                                                             Birchwood Station

          2   The work was of a high standard                Company
                                                                                             Kowhai Vineyard
                                                             Pro;ile                         Sacred Tree Vineyard

          3   You got value for money                        Billing
                                                                                       Type o; report
                                                                                       From date               To date
          4   The job was conducted safely                                             28 Feb 2021             2¢ žarch 2021

                                                                        Log off

From a safety standpoint, the purpose of this evaluation
is to look for ways to improve, and to make sure that
risks have been well managed.                                                                                                                              Page 5
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