YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University

YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University


Massey University School of Aviation marks its 30th                                        Massey University is an Air New Zealand ‘Preferred
anniversary in 2017.                                                                       Flight Training Organisation’. Massey University Bachelor
The school commenced in 1987 with 28 students. There                                       of Aviation graduates can (if selected by Air NZ) enrol
are now more than 300 and about 10 per cent are                                            in the Air New Zealand ‘Airline Induction Course’.
international students.                                                                    Successful completion of the course will place you in
                                                                                           a ‘pool’ of preferred pilots for induction by Air New
                                                                                           Zealand. See page 2 for more information.

DEGREES                                         OTHER COURSES                                       CONTACT MASSEY
02   BACHELOR OF                                11     SHORT COURSE                                 16    CONTACT MASSEY FOR MORE
     AVIATION                                                                                             INFORMATION
                                                12     GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN AVIATION
                                                13     CERTIFICATE IN AVIATION STUDIES

                                                UPDATED MAY 2017
                                                Please note: The information contained in this publication is indicative of the offerings available in
                                                2018 and subsequent years. This information may be subject to change. While all reasonable efforts
                                                will be made to ensure listed programmes are offered and regulations are up to date, the University
                                                reserves the right to change the content or method of presentation, or to withdraw any qualification
                                                or part thereof, or impose limitations on enrolments. For the most up to date information please go to
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University

                                                                               BACHELOR OF
                                           KEY FACTS
                            AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
            EQUIVALENT TO 3 YEARS OF FULL-TIME STUDY                           BAv
          BECOME PART OF A NEW GENERATION OF PILOTS                                         >> Required Navigation Performance (RNP) The School of Aviation has
          Prepare for an industry that is growing by more than 5.5% per annum and              become the first flight-training organisation in New Zealand to receive
          which will require more than 500,000 new pilots in the next 20 years.                approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand to carry out
          Learn how to fly in Massey’s state-of-the-art training fleet, while gaining a        Required Navigation Performance (RNP) operations on its 12 Diamond
          qualification that sets you up for the aviation industry of the future.              DA 40 single-engine aircraft. RNP is part of the New Southern Sky
                                                                                               project being led by the CAA to transition the aerial navigation system
          WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                                                     from ground-based navigation aids to satellite navigation. It is a crucial
          Massey’s Bachelor of Aviation (Air Transport Pilot) will not just train              element of New Zealand’s aviation future.
          you to be a competent pilot, but to become a ‘flight deck manager’ with           >> Air New Zealand ‘Preferred Flight Training Organisation’. Massey
          a university education, and an in-depth understanding of the aviation                University BAv Graduates can (if selected by Air NZ) enrol in the Air
          industry.                                                                            New Zealand ‘Airline Induction Course’. Successful completion of the
          Why are we different? We lead the field in flight training in New Zealand.           course will place you in a ‘pool’ of preferred pilots for induction by Air
          >> The only professional aviation degree in New Zealand. The Bachelor                New Zealand.
             of Aviation (BAv) degree integrates the Professional Pilot licensing           >> Industry mentor. All new students are assigned an experienced aviation
             requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, and                  industry mentor to help guide them through the course and to give them
             graduates are issued with a Commercial Pilot’s Licence and a Multi-               the benefit of their industry experience and knowledge.
             Engine Instrument Rating.
          >> Equivalence Approval from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.            GRADUATE INSTRUCTOR SCHEME
             This is a unique agreement between Massey University and the                   >> Entry: Bachelor of Aviation Air Transport Pilot
             NZCAA. BAv students’ examination results are accepted in lieu of CAA           >> FIC Graduates: Performance based selection
             examinations, and flight examiners from the School are approved for            >> 4-6 per year
             conducting flight tests for issue of licences.                                 >> Employment: 2-year fixed-term
          >> ISO 9001-2008 certification – a worldwide standard that characterises          >> Salary + hourly rate of pay
             great management practices.                                                    >> Upgrade to B Cat Multi-engine IFR
          >> State-of-the-art Diamond DA 40 single-engine and DA 42 twin-engine             >> Potential for employment with Massey
             aircraft. Students train on a full fleet of technologically advanced
             aircraft fitted with Garmin 1000 cockpit displays incorporating digital        ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
             moving map displays, terrain awareness warning systems, and traffic            All applicants wishing to enrol in the BAv are required to meet the
             avoidance systems.                                                             undergraduate admission requirements. See for details.
          >> Real-world problem solving. Scenario-based flight training methodology         Furthermore as a Flight Training Partner with the Air New Zealand Aviation
             builds the ‘soft skills’ required to produce professional aviators (decision   Institute it is now a requirement that all prospective students complete the
             making, communication, judgement, conflict resolution, workload                ADAPT pilot pre-screening tool in the first instance (ie Stage One). This
             management, threat and error, management, ‘single pilot resource               test can be accessed on the ATTTO SkillsConnect website:
             management’ (SRM).                                                   
          >> Electronic Flight Bags. Massey is the only New Zealand flight training         Candidates should forward their results directly to the School of Aviation
             institution that uses Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs). These are now             immediately after they are advised by ATTTO. Candidates should meet a
             standard for almost every major international air carrier. Previously          satisfactory standard in this test in order to be invited to the subsequent
             pilots needed to have comprehensive documentation for each flight,             stage of the School of Aviation selection process (ie Stage Two).
             carried in the physical EFB. This has now mostly moved to a digital            Those scoring “AVERAGE”, “ABOVE AVERAGE” or “GOOD” on the ADAPT
             format. As a new Bachelor of Aviation (ATP) student you will be issued         test will proceed to the next stage of the selection process at Massey
             with an Apple iPad to be used as your EFB for the duration of your flight      University. Those scoring “BELOW AVERAGE” on the ADAPT test may be
             training practicum period.                                                     invited to proceed to the next stage of the selection process at Massey
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University
                                                                            STUDY A

University. Those scoring “POOR” on the ADAPT test will not proceed to
the next stage of the selection process.
To ensure students can have a reasonable expectation of satisfactorily
completing this degree, they must meet selection requirements including:
>> Pilot aptitude assessment tests
>> A selection interview
>> Writing tasks
   >> 1. English (short essay and vocabulary assessment): 30 minutes
   >> 2. Math/Physics assessment (short-answer problem-solving
      questions): 30 minutes
Interviews for the Semester One intake for 2018 will be held early in
December 2017. Interviews for Semester Two 2018 will be held in early
June 2018. Prospective students will be advised of the dates.
Students invited to appear for Stage Two of the selection process must
appear in person at the Massey University campus in Palmerston North,
New Zealand. It is preferred that students have passed maths (calculus),
and physics at NCEA Level 3/Year 13 level or equivalent.

                               APPLY ONLINE

 ADAPT TEST                                   UNIVERSIT Y ADMISSION
 Short online test.                           NCEA, IB, CIE or equivalent
                                              preferred subjects.

 > Held in PN at Massey University

   (M70: early December 2017).
 > Interview.
 > Pilot aptitude test (includes
   Flight Sim assessment).
 > Written tests.

 Medical must be pre-booked and
 take place before 16 December
 each year. Advise the School of
 Aviation of your appointment date.

                         COURSE COMMENCEMENT
                      Orientation – M70 (Mid-January).
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University

                           JANUARY COMMENCEMENT              JULY COMMENCEMENT            >> No more than one conviction for drink driving
                                                                                          >> An up-to-date Demerit Points and Suspension History Report (Traffic
                         Domestic      International     Domestic      International         Offence History) showing a maximum of 65 demerit points* (or
                         students        students        students        students            equivalent for international students) within the three years immediately
          APPLY         Due             Due                                                  prior to the date on which training will commence
                                                        Due 1 May       Due 1 April
          ONLINE        1 November      1 October                                         * Equivalent to two minor speeding offences (20 demerit points each) and
                        Due             Due                                                  a restricted driver carrying an unauthorised passenger (25 demerit points)
          ADAPT TEST                                    Due 1 May       Due 1 April
                        5 November      5 October
                                                                                          NOTE: A conviction for drink driving (or other serious offence or serial
          SELECTION     Early           Early                                             offending) while you are on the course breaches the fit and proper person
                                                        Early June      Early May
          BOARD         December        November                                          criteria, and your training may be terminated.
          NZCAA CLASS
          ONE MEDICAL Due start of January              Due start of July                 APPLICATION DEADLINES FOR THE BACHELOR OF AVIATION, AIR TRANSPORT PILOT
          CERTIFICATE                                                                     PROGRAMME
                        NCEA results published          Evidence of UE status must        Semester One intake: 1 November 2017
          UNIVERSITY                                                                      Semester Two intake: 1 May 2018
                        early January. ICE and IB       be submitted no later than
          ENTRANCE                                                                        If you are interested in applying for this programme, please contact
                        results released in January.    30 June.
                                                                                          Massey University on 0800 MASSEY (627 739) well before 1 November
          ORIENTATION   Mid-January                     Mid-July                          2017 or 1 May 2018 (for Semester Two) for information on how to meet
                                                                                          these special requirements.
          TRIAL FLIGHT                                                                    ENROLMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN JAN 2018
          In order that candidates are as well prepared as possible for their             (Please note the early starting date)
          Selection Board experience, all those candidates residing in New Zealand        Students enrolling for the first time in January 2018 in the Air Transport
          must have had at least one trial flight (or other flying experience) before     Pilot major will be enrolled in the following compulsory courses:
          they will be given an interview appointment for Selection Board, Stage 2.
          Evidence of this flight experience may be requested.                            PART 1
                                                                                          SEMESTER ONE – JANUARY 2018 (Intake: Massey 70)
          NZCAA CLASS ONE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE                                             (Exact start date TBA)
          Candidates must also obtain a New Zealand Class One Medical Certificate         190.104 Principles of Navigation I
          in accordance with CAANZ medical requirements prior to commencing this          190.107 Human Performance
          degree. Evidence of either a current Class One Medical Certificate, or the      190.110 Introduction to Flying
          date of the medical appointment, will be required for confirmation of the       190.112 Introduction to Flying II
          interview appointment (Stage Two).                                              190.118 Aeroscience I

          ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION                                                  PART 2
          As per the CAA Advisory Circular AC61-2 Rev 4 “Pilot Licences and               SEMESTER TWO – JULY 2018 (Intake: Massey 71) (Exact start date TBA)
          Ratings—Student Pilots” 14 February 2012, Rule 61.105(a)(3) requires a          190.119 Aeroscience II
          person to have sufficient ability in reading, speaking, understanding and       190.120 Aeronautical Legislation
          communicating in the English language to enable them to adequately carry        190.121 Aeronautical Meteorology
          out the responsibilities of a pilot-in-command of an aircraft before a flight   190.123 Aircraft Systems
          instructor can authorise the person to fly solo as a student pilot.             190.124 Aircraft Performance
          Students must have gained the literacy credits at NCEA Level 2 required         190.154 Principles of Navigation II
          for University Entrance. In addition Massey University requires that
          prospective domestic students successfully attain a minimum of 14 credits       NOTE: At the time of printing, this degree is subject to change, with
          (or equivalent) in a language-rich subject such as (but not limited to)         any such changes subject to approval by the Committee for University
          English, history, art history, geography, biology. This will enable students    Academic Programmes. Please contact Massey for more information.
          to advance their critical reading and writing skills in preparation for
          undertaking university-level assignments.
          International students must gain an IELTS score of 6.5 with no band lower
          than 6.0 – or pass an alternative approved English language test to an
          equivalent standard.

          In simple terms, anyone holding or applying for an aviation document, or
          anyone who has control over the exercise of the privileges of an aviation
          document, must satisfy the Director that they are a fit and proper person
          to do so. This is a requirement of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, Section 9.
          An aviation document includes, for example, a licence, a rating, or an air
          operator certificate.
          This process must be completed within six weeks of commencing your
          degree. Your instructor will advise you as to when to commence your
          application. You will be required to apply for:
          >> An up-to-date Criminal Convictions Report showing:
          >> A conviction-free period of at least three years prior to the date on
             which training will commence; and
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University
                                                                                                                                                          STUDY A

            YEAR 1                        YEAR 2                                            YEAR 3 (PART 5: 120 CREDITS)

                                                                        EITHER                          OR                             OR
Part 1: 90 credits and        Part 3: 90 credits and
Part 2: 90 credits            Part 4: 90 credits             Flight Instructor Course      Aviation Business
                                                                                                                           Aviation Human Factors
                                                             (by selection only)           Management
                                                                                           >> Elective courses to the      190.313 (Compulsory
190.104                       190.201                        190.301                          value of 120 credits         course)
Principles of Navigation      Aircraft Systems II (Part I)   Flight Instruction Human      >> Students must complete       Advanced Aviation Human
(15 credits)                  (15 credits)                   Factors (15 credits)             a minimum of 60 credits      Factors (15 credits)
                                                                                              from the courses
                                                                                           >> At least 15 credits at 300   Elective courses
190.107                       190.203                        An elective course of the        level must be from the       >> 105 credits selected from
Human Performance             Air Traffic Control/           student’s choice        courses                 the 190 prefix (Aviation)
(15 credits)                  Aviation Law (15 credits)      (15 credits)                  >> At least 75 credits must        and the 175 prefix
                                                                                              be at 300 level                 (Psychology)
                              190.204                                                      >> Elective courses may         >> At least 60 credits must
                                                             190.315                                                          be at the 300 level
                              Flight Planning and                                             be chosen from the
                                                             Flight Instruction
                              Advanced Navigation                                             following series:
                                                             Fundamentals (15 credits)
190.110                       (Part I) (15 credits)                                  Aviation
Introduction to Flying                                                               Accountancy
(30 credits)                                                                         Human Resource
                              190.205                        190.317
                              Crew Resource                  Evaluation Methods in              Management
                              Management (15 credits)        Aviation (15 credits)   Business
190.112                                                                              Dispute
                              190.206                                                           Resolution
Introduction to Flying II
                              Aerodynamics (15 credits)                              Business Law
(15 credits)
                                                             190.335                 Marketing
                                                             Flight Instruction      Information
                                                             (30 credits)                       Systems
190.118                       190.221
Aeroscience                   Advanced Support Studies                               Economics
(15 credits)                  (15 credits)                                           Business
                                                             AND EITHER
190.119                       190.237                        190.297                       NOTE: Many potential
Aeroscience II                Air Transport Cockpit          Aerobatic Aircraft Handling   combinations of courses
(15 credits)                  Systems (15 credits)           for Flight Instructors        in Aviation Business
                                                             (30 credits) OR               Management option may
                                                             190.298                       not be possible in one
190.120                       190.251                        Advanced Turbo-Prop and       year of study because of
Aeronautical Legislation      Aircraft Systems (Part II)     Jet Handling                  prerequisite requirements.
(15 credits)                  (15 credits)                   (30 credits)

190.121                       190.254
Aeronautical Meteorology      Flight Planning and Adv Nav
(15 credits)                  (Part II) (15 credits)

190.123                       190.256
Aircraft Systems              Aerodynamics (Part II)
(15 credits)                  (15 credits)

Aircraft Performance
(15 credits)                  190.288
                              Advanced Aircraft Handling
                              (30 credits)
Principles of Navigation II
(15 credits)
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University

                                                                  BACHELOR OF AVIATION
                                        KEY FACTS
                         AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                                    EQUIVALENT TO
                       3 YEARS OF FULL-TIME STUDY                 BAvMan
          MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES                                                      190.104 Principles of Navigation I*            P PHOS; C 190.110,
          This programme is aimed at those candidates entering the aviation                    Introduction to Flying*                P PHOS;
          industry or for those already employed in aviation (with or without          190.110
                                                                                               (30 credits)                           C 190.104
          professional licence) but with no previous tertiary qualifications.
                                                                                                                                      P PHoS and 190.110,
          The BAvMan evolved from the aviation management major in the Bachelor        190.112 Introduction to Flying II*
                                                                                                                                      C 190.104
          of Aviation and was first introduced in 2002.
                                                                                       190.210 Aviation Safety Management             P any 190.1xx course
          QUALIFICATION OVERVIEW                                                       190.211 Aviation Strategic Mgmt                P any 100-level course
          With your Bachelor of Aviation Management you’ll have a specialised                                                         P 190.102 or 190.110 or
          aviation qualification preparing you for a management role within an         190.215 Heavy Aeroplane Performance            190.111 or CPL; R 190.202 or
          organisation.                                                                                                               190.235 or 190.237 or 90.252
          If you’re already employed in the industry this programme is a great way                Instruction and Learning in         P 190.107 or 190.109 or
          to qualify yourself for career advancement. Some professional aviation       190.217
                                                                                                  Aviation                            190.117 or PHOS
          qualifications may be eligible for cross-credit into the degree.                                                            P 190.115 or 190.110 or
                                                                                       190.222 Basic Air Safety Investigation
                                                                                                                                      190.111 or CPL (A or H)
          REQUIREMENTS                                                                 190.240 Air Power                              P any 100-level course
                                                                                               Aircraft Maintenance
          Code       Title                               Requirements                  190.249                                        190.220 or 190.244 or AMEL
                                                                                               Management (30 credits)
          190.109 Aviation Studies                                                     190.299 Aviation Special Topic                 PHOS; R 190.291 and 190.292
                                                         R 190.110 or 190.111 or CPL   190.302 Check and Training for Airlines        P 190.235 or 190.237 or ATPL
          190.115 Introduction to Aeronautics
                                                         (A or H)
                  Introduction to Management                                           190.306 Airline Strategic Management           P 190.211
                  in Aviation                                                          190.307 Airport Planning                       P any 190.2xx course
          190.117 Introduction to Human Factors          R 190.107                     190.308 Airport Operational Mgmt               P any 190.2xx course
                                                         P 190.107 or 190.117;                 Design of Airways and Air
          190.216 Aviation Human Factors                                               190.309                                        P any 190.2xx course
                                                         R 190.205                             Traffic Systems
          190.220 Managing Aviation Systems              P Part II or P 190.116        190.313 Adv Aviation Human Factors            P 190.205 or 190.216
          190.224 Env Impacts of Aviation                P any 100-level course        190.314 Legal Issues in Aviation              P any 190.2xx course
                  Introduction to Research                                                                                           P 190.217, 190.225 or
          190.225                                        P any 190.1xx                  190.317 Evaluation Methods in Aviation
                  Methods in Aviation                                                                                                Part III ATP
          190.327 Managing Cultures in Aviation          P 190.205 or 190.216           190.320 Heavy Aeroplane Perf II              P 190.237 or 190.215 or PHOS
                  Contemporary Issues in                                                           Air Accident & Incident
          190.340                                        P any 200-level course         190.321                                      P 190.122 or 190.222
                  Aviation Security                                                                Investigation
                                                                                                   Aviation Management               15 credits at 200-level from
                                                                                                   Practicum                         190 prefix courses and PHOS
                                                                                        190.398 Special Topic                        PHOS; R 190.399
                                                                                        190.399 Aviation Special Topic               PHOS; R 190.398
                                                                                       * This is an integrated course.   # Not all courses are offered every year
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University
                                                                                                                                                             STUDY A

STRUCTURE                                                                        nnAMBER BRIERLY Bachelor of Aviation Management
Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Aviation Management shall                 Graduated in 2014, Franchising and Licensing Development at Signature
follow a flexible course of study, which shall consist of courses totalling at     Flight Support, Orlando, Florida, United States
least 360 credits, comprising:                                                     I have always been fascinated by airplanes and wanted to study aviation
(a) Not more than 135 credits at 100 level                                         since I was young.
(b) At least 75 credits at 300 level.                                              The Bachelor of Aviation Management gave me an insight into the
And including:                                                                     aviation industry including hands-on experience within the industry. I
(c) At least 270 credits from the Schedule to the Degree including at least        did an internship at Auckland International Airport working on airside
     75 credits at 300 level                                                       operations while doing a research course on performance measurement.
(d) All compulsory courses in the Schedule to the Degree                           For my final semester I studied at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
(e) Up to 90 credits from the schedules of other undergraduate degrees.            in Daytona Beach, Florida. I then did a research-based internship with
                                                                                   Embry-Riddle’s School of Air Traffic Management.
DELIVERY                                                                           I work in franchising and licensing development at Signature Flight
Most courses for the Bachelor of Aviation Management are available                 Support, a fixed-based operator based in Orlando, Florida. It provides
internally at the Manawatū campus in Palmerston North or by distance               flight support services such as fuelling, hanger space, ground handling
learning through the Singapore Aviation Academy in conjunction with                and airport maintenance at more than 100 airports worldwide.
Massey University. All courses for the degree are offered via distance             My role is to assist in expanding Signature’s business portfolio. This
learning in New Zealand.                                                           includes the Signature Select fixed-base operator licensing program and
                                                                                   the Signature Flight Support Hotel Booking Program.
SUGGESTIONS FOR YOUR FIRST YEAR                                                    I’m now working towards my Master of Aviation (Professional Practice)
                                                                                   via distance learning, and expect to graduate in 2018.
                                  Semester One

 190.116 Introduction to Management in Aviation
                                                                                 PATHWAYS TO POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                                                                 ENROL IN...

 190.117 Introduction to Human Factors
                                                                                                             Certificate in Aviation Studies [1 semester]
 100-level elective course (Business or other)

 100-level elective course (Business or other)                                                 Bachelor of Aviation Management [3 years]

        Semester Two (Option 1)                  Semester Two (Option 2)
 Any four of the following core          Any two of the following core                                 Master of Aviation [1.5 years]
 courses:190.109, 190.115,               courses:190.109, 190.115,
 190.220, 190.216, 190.224               190.220, 190.216, 190.224
                                                                                                  Doctor of Philosophy (Aviation) [3 years]
                                         BAvMan elective such as 190.240

                                         A non-Aviation 200-level elective
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University

                                                                                    MASTER OF
                                                KEY FACTS
                                 AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                     (THESIS MUST BE TAKEN INTERNALLY)
                         1 – 1.5 YEARS OF FULL-TIME STUDY                           MAv
          Massey University’s Master of Aviation is now a 180-credit Master’s        PART TWO (AT LEAST 60 CREDITS)
          qualification. The 180-credit Master’s offers a rigorous programme of       115.894     Research Report (Part 1)   30
          learning yet can be achieved in three semesters (one-and-a-half years).
          You may choose from two pathways: research or professional practice.        115.895     Research Report (Part 2)   30
                                                                                      190.890     Thesis (Part 1)            45
          RESEARCH PATHWAY                                                            190.891     Thesis (Part 2)            45    Corequisite: 190.890
          If you choose this pathway your study will include 60 credits of taught
          courses including a compulsory Research Methods course. Part Two will       190.892     Thesis (Part 1)            60
          incorporate a minimum of 60 credits of research.                            190.893     Thesis (Part 2)            60    Corequisite: 190.892
                                                                                      190.895     Research Report            60
                                                                                      190.898     Thesis                     90
          Those wanting a more practice-based qualification which reflects their
          industry experience should enrol in the Professional Practice option.       190.899     Thesis                     120
          This option includes two compulsory aviation management courses,
          elective aviation courses and culminates in a 60-credit ‘Professional      PROFESSIONAL PATHWAY
          Practice in Aviation’ course. Students who are already aviation            PART ONE (120 CREDITS)
          professionals may wish to draw on their current aviation role for the      Compulsory courses (60 credits):
          purpose of a case study.
                                                                                      190.703     Management in Aviation     30
          PART ONE (AT LEAST 60 CREDITS)                                              190.720     Aviation Strategic         30
          Compulsory courses:                                                                     Management
           Code        Title                                             Credits
           190.704     Research Methods in Aviation                         30       Subject courses (60 credits):
                                                                                      190.701     Human Factors for          30
          Subject courses:                                                                        Professional Aviation
                                                                                      190.721     Design and Management      30
           190.701     Human Factors for Professional Aviation              30
                                                                                                  of Airports
           190.703     Management in Aviation Systems                       30
                                                                                      190.790     Special Topic              30    Permission HoS
           190.720     Aviation Strategic Management                        30
                                                                                      190.791     Special Topic              30    Permission HoS
           190.790     Special Topic                                        30

                                                                                     PART TWO (60 CREDITS)
                                                                                      190.894     Professional Practice in   60
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO AVIATION - Massey University
                                                                                  STUDY A

  I started my Master of Aviation study in 2015, after completing a Bachelor
  of Aviation (Air Transport Pilot) and Graduate Diploma in Aviation (Flight
  Instruction). I chose Massey’s Master of Aviation degree as I wanted to
  further my knowledge in the wider aviation industry, particularly in airport
  and airline management. The degree’s structure enabled me to study
  these topics in depth.
  With the wide variety of interests and specialties of the lecturers and
  supervisors, the degree gave me the opportunity to conduct research into
  a range of aviation topics. I found the lecturers to be especially supportive
  throughout my study. They always made themselves available to address
  my questions and guide me in the right direction.
  I am currently a Graduate Flight Instructor at the School of Aviation where
  I can apply what I’ve learnt from the Master of Aviation degree in my
  instruction to students.

                                                                          DOCTOR OF
                                         KEY FACTS
                          AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
          EQUIVALENT TO 6 YEARS OF PART-TIME STUDY                        PhD
          THE ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT IN AVIATION AT TERTIARY LEVEL IS THE                nnTAHLIA FISHER Massey University Doctoral candidate
          DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY – AVIATION.                                               Tahlia is one of an increasing number of women flying the flag for women
          The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a prestigious research qualification         in aviation. Dr Fisher, (Massey 30 cohort), Massey Scholar and mother
          which is essential for a career in any research institution or university.     of two, graduated from the Massey University in 2001 with a Bachelor of
          The School of Aviation is active in research in several areas, including       Aviation majoring in flight crew development, completed a Postgraduate
          flight training devices, transference of learning, risk taking, accident       Diploma in Aviation with distinction and worked at the Massey University
          legislation, call-sign confusion, crew resource management, and the            Milson Flight Systems Centre training young pilots.
          effect of sleep deprivation. The School’s research outcomes contribute         During this time she became increasingly interested in aviation safety
          to enhancing safety and efficiency, and improving the body of aviation         and assisted the Transport Air Investigation Commission with accident
          knowledge in this dynamic industry.                                            investigations. Over the years, she has been involved in investigations
          The School also has an active programme of postgraduate research,              into the use of incorrect take-off performance data, a heavy landing
          with a number of students currently enrolled. Postgraduate students are        in Brisbane, an inadvertent slide deployment, a flight departing with
          encouraged to disseminate their work by publishing it in relevant peer-        insufficient fuel, and a high speed rejected take-off in Narita.
          reviewed journals or by presenting it at conferences.                          Tahlia joined Air New Zealand in 2007 where she is now Senior Safety
          University scholarships may also be available for students wishing to          Specialist, (Operational Integrity and Standards) based at Auckland
          undertake research at postgraduate level.                                      International Airport. She combined her career with PhD research at
                                                                                         Massey University into effective communication between pilots and
          ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                                             maintenance engineers and the way this affects airline operations.
          The doctoral programme is open to academically able students who have          In support of her contribution to aviation safety in New Zealand, Tahlia
          achieved First Class Honours or Distinction or Second Class Honours            was presented with the inaugural ‘Ian Diamond Award’ by the Royal
          (Division I) in a Master’s or Bachelor’s (Honours) programme. A PhD is         Aeronautical Society, in November 2011. This included a $3000 subsidy
          completed by thesis and is expected to take three years of full-time study     towards her doctoral study.
          or up to six years of part-time study.

          Your initial research proposal needs to include sufficient information for
          your prospective supervisor to be able to assess your current knowledge
          around your research topic. It will also be used by the School of Aviation
          to gauge whether there is a current staff member within the School who is
          able to supervise your research.
          Students are enrolled provisionally in the first year of PhD study, during
          which time your research proposal is developed. You are then confirmed
          into the doctoral degree.

          You cannot enrol directly into a doctoral programme – you need to apply
          to the Doctoral Research Committee (DRC) for admission. If you’re a
          New Zealand citizen or hold New Zealand permanent residency, you can
          download a DRC 2 Application Form for Provisional Registration as a PhD      Dr Tahlia Fisher PhD (Aviation) – Senior Safety Specialist Air
          candidate, which can be found on the Graduate Research School (GRS)          NZ with Massey University supervisors Dr Ross St George and
          website:                                                    Dr Ritchie deMontalk – and (in absentia) – Dr Richard Batt,
                                                                                       Australian Transportation Safety Board (ATSB)

                                        SHORT COURSE
                                        Remotely Piloted Aircraft
QUALIFICATION OVERVIEW                                                       ASSESSMENT
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are proving their capabilities      One week after completion of the two-day course an online test will
in the aviation marketplace as utility vehicles and – with increasing        be open through Massey’s “Stream” learning system. Upon successful
technology – are becoming a dominant force in many aviation sectors.         completion of the assessment (70% pass mark) candidates receive a
Aviation regulators around the world are grappling with how to integrate     Certificate of Completion. Successful completion of the FULL three-day
RPAS into existing aviation safety systems.                                  course will see candidates receive the “Massey University Certificate
Massey’s School of Aviation has designed a three-day course to meet CAA      of Competency – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems”. This certificate
requirements for people with little or no aviation experience, who want to   complies with the initial training requirements for Part 102 operators.
enter the industry. Successful outcomes from this course meet the initial    Day 1: Threats; regulations; visual navigation charts; aeronautical
training requirements for CAA Rule Part 102. The School is a CAA Rule Part   information publications; Notice to Airmen (NOTAM); meteorology; radio
141 certified provider for both piloted and non-piloted training.            wave propagation; transceivers; procedures and phraseology; call signs.
By the end of this course you will be able to:                               Day 2: Making and interpreting radio calls; safety management systems;
>> Interpret the various aviation documents and regulations and be able to   operation planning; airshare. Day Two includes a visit to Palmerston
   apply these to your operation                                             North Air Traffic Control Tower, and a practical demonstration of pre-flight
>> Understand the conduct required to operate an RPAS in accordance with     planning, regulations, and operator conduct.
   aviation best practice                                                    Day 3 (optional practicum day): A classroom overview, field work, and a
>> Identify threats to your operation and develop methods of mitigation      flight test examination.
>> Practice and comprehend radio telephony procedures
>> Submit as evidence of training from a Part 141-M6 training organisation   Contact the School of Aviation regarding course dates in 2017 and 2018.
   for an RPAS Part 102 Operator Certificate.                                You can register at

                                                                    GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN
                                    KEY FACTS
                     AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                 EQUIVALENT TO 1 YEAR OF FULL-
                                   TIME STUDY                       GDipAv
          QUALIFICATION OVERVIEW                                                          190.225 Intro Research Methods in Avi         Any 190.1xx course
          The Graduate Diploma in Aviation is for those already working in the
          aviation industry who want to expand their knowledge in areas that may          190.240 Air Power                             Any 100-level course
          enhance their industry experience and opportunities. It has been developed                Aircraft Maintenance
          from the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies. Two compulsory courses           190.249                                       190.220 or 190.244 or AMEL
                                                                                                    Management (30-credit course)
          in aviation management systems and human factors provide the core along
          with six elective courses – building a solid aviation qualification.            190.302 Check and Training for Airlines       190.202 or ATPL
                                                                                          190.306 Airline Strategic Mgmt                190.211
          To qualify for entry into this programme you need to hold a relevant            190.307 Airport Planning                      Any 190.2xx course
          undergraduate degree or be able to demonstrate relevant practical,              190.308 Airport Operational Mgmt              Any 190.2xxx course
          professional or scholarly experience equivalent to that of a graduate. You’ll
          need to satisfy the School of Aviation that you have the background and                   Design of Airways and Air Traffic
                                                                                          190.309                                     Any 190.2xx course
          experience to follow the programme with a reasonable chance of success.                   Systems
          NOTE: Candidates are deemed to have met the prerequisite requirements           190.313 Adv Aviation Human Factors            190.205 or 190.216
          for the 200-level courses listed in the following schedule when they’ve
          been admitted to the programme.                                                 190.314 Legal Issues in Aviation              Any 190.2xx course
                                                                                          190.317 Evaluation Methods in Aviation        190.217 or 190.225
          Students enrolling in this programme must successfully complete 75              190.320 Heavy Aeroplane Performance II        190.215
          credits at 300 level. You will need to follow an approved course of study of    190.321 Adv Air Safety Investigation          190.122 and 190.2xx course
          120 credits in one of the following endorsements as listed in the schedule.
                                                                                          190.327 Managing Cultures in Aviation         190.205 or 190.216
          1. AVIATION STUDIES                                                             190.340 Contemporary Aviation Security        Any 200-level course
          Compulsory courses:
          Code       Title                               Prerequisite
                                                                                          2. FLIGHT INSTRUCTION
          190.216 Aviation Human Factors                 190.107 or 190.117               NOTE: A Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) is a prerequisite for this
                                                                                          programme. An application to the Flight Instruction Course is required.
          190.220 Managing Aviation Systems              PART II or 190.116
                                                                                          Please contact the School for details.
          Plus 90 credits with at least 75 credits at 300-level from the following:       Compulsory courses:
          190.211 Aviation Strategic Mgmt                Any 100-level course             190.297 Aerobatic Aircraft Handling                  CPL. See note above
                                                         190.102 or 190.110 or            190.301 Flight Instruction Human Factors             CPL. See note above
          190.215 Heavy Aeroplane Performance I
                                                         190.111 or CPL
                                                                                          190.313 Advanced Aviation Human Factors              CPL. See note above
                  Instruction and Learning in            190.107 or 190.109 or
          190.217                                                                         190.315 Flight Instruction Fundamentals I            CPL. See note above
                  Aviation                               190.117 or permission HoS
                                                         190.115 or 190.110, or           190.317 Evaluation Methods in Aviation               CPL. See note above
          190.222 Basic Air Safety Investigation
                                                         190.111 or CPL(A OR h)
                                                                                          190.335 Flight Instruction                           CPL. See note above
          190.224 Env Impacts of Aviation                Any 100-level course
                                                                                          15 credits at 200 or 300 level from the 190 prefix

                                                                       CERTIFICATE IN
                                KEY FACTS
                 AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                                                                       AVIATION STUDIES
                                    STUDY                              CertAvStuds
QUALIFICATION OVERVIEW                                                         TRANSFER OF CREDIT
The Certificate of Aviation Studies is designed for students who want a        A candidate who has completed the requirements for the Certificate in
formal university qualification, but who may not want to undertake a full      Aviation Studies may apply to transfer the certificate courses towards an
undergraduate degree programme.                                                undergraduate diploma or degree of the University, provided that any such
It is ideal for students who wish to pursue a personal interest in aviation.   courses comply with the regulations for the diploma or degree in question.
This qualification will also appeal to those people in a mid-career role       A candidate who has been awarded a Certificate in Aviation Studies may
within the aviation industry who wish to complete a tertiary professional      apply to cross-credit up to 15 credits of certificate courses towards an
development qualification.                                                     undergraduate degree of the University, provided that such courses comply
Graduates may subsequently ‘staircase’ the Certificate in Aviation Studies     with the regulations for that degree. A candidate who wishes to credit
to a full undergraduate aviation degree if desired.                            courses totalling more than 15 credits in terms of this regulation will be
Admission to the Certificate in Aviation Studies requires that students        required to surrender the Certificate in Aviation Studies before transfer of
meet the University admission requirements as specified.                       credit will be granted.
The Certificate in Aviation Studies is taught at Massey’s Manawatū
campus. All courses may also be taken via distance learning.
Candidates for the Certificate in Aviation Studies follow a flexible course
of study, consisting of courses totalling at least 60 credits, including at
least 45 credits selected from Part A or Part B of the Schedule to the
Bachelor of Aviation Management (refer to the Bachelor of Aviation
Management on page 06).
Massey’s fleet includes 12 Diamond DA40
single-engine trainers, and two Diamond
DA42 twin-engine trainers (pictured).

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