2018 Exhibitor Guide

2018 Exhibitor Guide

2018 Exhibitor Guide

2018 Exhibitor Guide

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 2 Thank you for your continued support of the IES San Francisco Section’s Light! Design Expo ,The Bay Area’s Architectural Lighting and Design show. Last year’s 2017 Expo was the first year in the new venue, Pier 27 on San Francisco’s Embarcadero, was by all accounts a big success.We could not have done it without your wholehearted and enthusiastic support and participation.We are proud to produce this excellent show, and we are happy to take on the position of Chief Coordinators for the show.

In 2018 we will deliver a show that will be improved in many important ways, while keeping the unique accessible and intimate vibe for which Northern California’s only lighting design expo is so well known. We will be your main point persons for questions, assistance, and information about the show, so feel free to contact us any time. KatieWunder katie@lightdesignexpo.com 415 846-1422 MichelleWest michelle@lightdesignexpo.com 925 719-4277 Welcome to 2018 Light!

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 3 In 2017 after the show, we conducted extensive research and interviews with a representative sample of exhibitors and rep agencies and have used the insights we gathered in this effort to improve Light! in many ways.Thanks to all of you who took the time to provide us with this very valuable feedback! Here’s a summary of what we’re continuing to do, and the changes and improvements we’re making to the event: 1.We expect a minimum of 700-900+ attendees from the specification community: lighting designers, architects, interior designers, engineers, building owners, facilities and maintenance team, school districts, municipalities, contractors and more.We will be marketing heavily to the organizations where these specifiers are members, including AIA, IIDA, IALD, BOMA, ASID, ASLA, ASHRAE, and others.

2. Once again we will feature complimentary cuisine from local SF food truck stations and dessert carts which will be interspersed throughout the show floor. 3. There will be a full bar this time beginning at 4pm. A complementary drink ticket will be given to each attendee, and the ticket sales will be simplified. 4.We will continue to host four AIA/LU and IES/CEU accredited classes in a 3000 sq. ft. space. 5. Graphic images of local lighting projects featuring the collaborative work of local architects, designers and manufacturers will be on display throughout the event space.

6.The western windows will be draped in late afternoon.

7. Space Numbers will be issued so that Exhibitors will be able to post their location on social media. 8.We have pre-negotiated with a storage facility for early shipment and storage of exhibit materials. For an additional fee, exhibit materials can be accepted for delivery before the show and delivered the morning of the 27th. What’s New for Light! in 2018

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 1 Contents 2 Event Information Location & Directions Parking & PublicTransportation Food & Beverage Hotels & Lodging Educational Seminars 3 Required Exhibitor Documents 4 Important Exhibitor Deadlines 5 Exhibit Floor Plan 6 Exhibit Description & Space Requirements 7 Logistics Exhibitor Drop Off, Pickup, Shipping & Storage Setup and Breakdown 8 Exhibit Materials Delivery 9 Advanced Shipping 10 Exhibit Setup 11 Exhibit Breakdown 12 Marketing & Social Media 13 Light!Team Contacts

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 2 Event Information Location Pier 27, James R.

Herman Cruise Terminal, on the Embarcadero, San Francisco sfmetroevents.com/default.aspx Parking Impark Parking Lot · Embarcadero Pier 27,The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 90744 Phone: 415 227-0114 125 spaces. $20 flat rate 55 Francisco Parking Parking Garage 55 Francisco St 415 275-0170 One Lombard Street - Lot #57 Parking Lot 1 Lombard St 415 227-0114 Nearby Hotels Sheraton Fisherman’sWharf Hotel, 2500 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94133 sheratonatthewharf.com 415 362-5500 San Francisco Marriott Fisherman’sWharf 1250 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133 marriott.com 415 775-7555 Hyatt Centric Fisherman’sWharf San Francisco 555 North Point St, San Francisco, CA 94133 centric.hyatt.com 415 563-1234 PublicTransportation Take BART or MUNI to Embarcadero station, then: take 82X bus, or walk to Market & Embarcadero and take F line to Pier 27, Or walk (20 minutes) From FerryTerminal: take F line to Pier 27 Show Date &Time Thursday, June 28, 2018 12pm-8-pm

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 3 Required Exhibitor Documents As an Exhibitor at 2018 Light! Design Expo you must complete the following documents by March 30, and send them to your Agency Exhibitor Coordinator. These documents are available for download at http://iessf.org/2018-light-expo-exhibitor-information Exhibitor Agreement Each Exhibitor is required to complete and sign the Exhibitor Agreement, a contract between you as Exhibitor, and IES San Francisco Section, for rental of your exhibit space(s) at Light! Design Expo on June 28, 2018.

Exhibitor Entry Form Each Exhibitor is required to complete the Exhibitor Entry Form, which describer your exhibit and your requirements for your exhibit space including electricity , tables and chairs, and tablecloths, your logistics information: shipping, storage, setup, breakdown, and labeling.

Certificate of Insurance Each Exhibitor is required to complete a Certificate of Insurance before being legally allowed to exhibit in 2018 Light! Design Expo.

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 4 Important Exhibitor Deadlines March 31 Payment for Space Rental due to IES San Francisco April 30 Signed Exhibitor Agreement due April 30 Certificate of Insurance Due April 30 Exhibitor Entry Form Due June 27 Exhibit Material Delivery 8am-8pm June 27 Exhibit Setup 2pm-10pm ONLY June 28 Show Open to Public 12pm-8pm June 28 Exhibit Breakdown 8pm-10pm ONLY June 29 Pickup of shipments from lower floor of Pier 27 8am-4pm

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 5 Design Project Gallery Exhibit Spaces Food Bar Classroom Expo Floor Plan This layout is for general information purposes onlyexact layout may vary at the time of the event.

Exact location of exhibitor spaces and space numbers will be provided once all exhibitor details have been received. No requests can be taken for location preferences.

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 6 1. All exhibit spaces are located on the upper level. 2. Spaces are 8’WIDE x 6’ DEEP X 10’ HIGH open areas with no separations. 3. Max height for exhibits is 10’. 4,There is an option for a space to contain one (1) 30”x72” table with black linen at no extra charge. 5. Up to three (3) chairs to be provided at no extra charge. 6.Three (3) outlets on a power strip will be provided for each table. A total of 600WATTS PER EXHIBITOR IS ALLOCATED. If you need more power, please contact Michelle West.

Exhibit Description and Space Requirements 8’ 6’ 10’ Max.

Height Optional 30”x 72” table with tablecolth Optional chairs (up to 3) 3-plug outlet (600W standard)

2018 Exhibitor Guide

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 7 Please see below for all pertinent instructions and information regarding shipping, receiving, setup, breakdown, storage, labeling, and coordination. Event Day Thursday June 28th, 12pm-8pm. Exhibitors should arrive no earlier than 10:30 am on June 27th to prepare. Setup is not allowed on event day. Event Load in and Setup Wednesday June 28th 2pm-10pm ONLY. No exceptions will be made. Exhibit Materials Delivery Wednesday June 27th between 8am and 8pm. No exceptions will be made. If you need to have your delivery made beforeWed. June 27th, please contact Light! Design Chief Coordinator, Michelle West for local warehouse information.

Exhibit Breakdown 8pm-10pmThursday June 28th, 2018 ONLY. No exceptions can be made. All materials and equipment must be removed no later than 10 pm. For carrier pick-ups: items may be picked between 8pm and 10pm Thursday June 28th or they may be moved to a storage area at Pier 27 for pick up in Friday, June 29th between the hours of 8 am and 4pm only. Exhibitor Logistics Monday 6/25 & Tuesday 6/26 Early Show Storage 8am-5pm For an additional fee, exhibit materials can be accepted for delivery before the show at a local warehouse and delivered to Pier 27 for load-in the morning of 6/27.

Wednesday 6/27 Load in & Setup 2pm - 10pm only No exceptions to time window will be made.

Thursday 6/28 EVENT DAY Exhibitor Preparation 10:30am - 12pm Preparation only. No setup allowed. Event Opens 12 - 8pm Event open to attendees 12:15- 6pm Educational seminars Breakdown 8 - 10pm All materials and equipment must be removed by 10pm. For carrier pick-ups: items may be picked between 8 - 10pm 6/28 or they can be moved to a storage area at Pier 27 for Friday pick-up. Friday 6/29 Late Pick up 8 - 4pm All materials and equipment must be removed by 4pm.

Exhibitor Logistics Schedule

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 8 Exhibitors may drop off their exhibit materials on the “stringer” (see map below). Small packages can be brought in through the front entry of Pier 27. (Please see passenger drop off area and front entrance Indicated on map provided for Pier 27 Lower Level). See Delivery Map and Instructions Attached. Pallet Jacks will be made available but no forklifts. All deliveries and packages should be clearly labeled with exhibitor details. PLEASE NOTETHATTHERE IS NO LOADING DOCK ANDTRUCKS MUST HAVE A LIFT GATE AND MAN POWERTO UNLOAD.

PALLET JACKSWILL BE MADE AVAILABLE, BUT NOT FORK LIFTS. Directions to Pier 27Truck Delivery Loading/Unloading Area on the “Stringer” Entrance Enter through the driveway on right immediately after Pier 23 Cafe from the Embarcadero, before the lawn.

Drive along the water towards the back of Pier 27 through the first swing gate. At the second gate a security truck will be there to wave your truck through. Exit Exit the same way you entered. A security guard will be available to help you back up your truck Please note that there is no loading dock. Large deliveries will require a truck with a lift gate and pallet jack. If your truck is not equipped with these, please arrange for a forklift off-load with Impact Productions. Exhibit Materials Delivery


JUNE 27th AT 8 Am. If you need to ship materials to arrive in advance of June 28th, please contact Michelle West.We can arrange a local warehouse to receive and redeliver your shipment at a small expense or you can arrange to pick up from them alternatively.You will be responsible to handle payment and coordination with the local warehouse. Please be sure it does not need to arrive before Monday, June 25, 2018.

Advanced Shipping

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 10 EXHIBITOR SETUP ISWEDNESDAY, JUNE 27th, 2018 FROM 2pm - 10pm. ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE. NO SETUPWILL BE ALLOWED ONTHE DAY OFTHE EVENT (Thursday June 28) DELIVERIES & DROP-OFFSTO PIER 27 LOWER LEVELWILL ONLY BE PERMITTED ONWEDNESDAY, JUNE 27TH FROM 8Am-10pm - NO EXCEPTIONSWILL BE MADE. 1. Heavy Exhibits Over 100 Pounds Require DeliveryTruck with a Lift Gate and ManpowerTo Unload Exhibit. 2. Pier 27 Elevator dimensions – door opening 95”H X 53.5”W, inside dimension 8’5”L x 5’5”W x 8’6”H, inside elevator diagonally 9’.

3. All deliveries and packages should be clearly labeled with exhibitor details.

4.You can access the loading area at the side of Pier 27 (the stringer) (see attached map) for any items you will have in your personal vehicle. You will be allowed to drop off and a volunteer will greet you and assist you.You can then park your car in one of the designated lots or on the street. Please make sure everything is labeled. 5. Hand carts and pallet jacks will be available for use. Please note that you must bring in your own display products. 6.There is no staff at Pier 27 to unload your equipment but we will do everything to help where we can.

7.There are two elevators.There will be several pallet jacks.

8. 3 outlets on a power strip will be provided for each table. 600WATTS PER EXHIBITOR IS ALLOCATED. If you need more power, please contact MichelleWest. 9. Please remember to pack extra power strips. 10. Please take note that all exhibits need to be completely set up and tested prior to 10pm onWed, June 27th. No testing of equipment should be done on the day of the event as there will be no one available to assist if something is not working.

Exhibit Setup

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 11 1. Exhibit breakdown must be done on June 29, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm.This is the only time for breakdown, no exceptions. 2. Please break down your exhibit at the completion of Light! Design Expo and be out of the building by 10pm. Light! staff has put in a very long day and cannot leave until you are out of the building. Anything not removed from the upper level of Pier 27 by 10pm on June 29th will be disposed of at your own expense.This is strictly enforced by Pier 27. 3. Please note that you must bring you own packaging supplies if you are shipping items from Pier 27- Pier 27 does not provide packaging supplies.

All items for shipping out UPS/FED-EX must be packaged, labeled, and located at the designated storage area at Pier 27 by 10:00pmThursday June 28th, 2018.

4. Drivers will need to be advised to pick-up on Friday June 29th between 8am and 4pm. Skids must be labeled, shrink wrapped and the trucker must have been pre-notified of pick-up times. Please make sure that you have pre-printed labels. Delivery and pick-ups for skids will again be at the stringer where deliveries were made. A Light! Design Expo volunteer will be there to assist the trucker with pick up. 5.YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTACTINGYOUR SHIPPERTO ARRANGE FOR A PICK-UP AT PIER 27. Pier 27 strictly enforces that anything not picked up by 4pm on Friday June 29th will be disposed of at your own expense.


Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 12 Marketing & Social Media The success of Light! depends on all of us getting the word out and sharing as much information about the event as possible with our audience: architects, engineers, specifiers, designers, customers, manufacturers, and contractors.To this end, we will provide you with a full suite of marketing collateral to use to help attract a targeted architectural lighting market.

Light! Design Expo 2018 Exhibitor Guide 13 Contacts LIght Chief Coordinators Coordinator Agency email Phone KatieWunder Light! Design Expo katie@lightdesignexpo.com 415 846-1422 MichelleWest Light! Design Expo michelle@lightdesignexpo.com 925 719-4277 Agency Exhibitor Coordinators ALR LindsayWicks ALR lindsaywicks@alrinc.com 916 505-5536 Cal Lighting Cynthia Ubilluz Cal Lighting cynthia.ubilluz@cal.lighting 925 242-5536 Lighting Systems Nancy Ruiz Lighting Systems nancyr@ltgsys.com 510 982-3900 16500 Celine Marcipan 16500 cmarcipan@16500.com 510 645-2574 Archetype Amber Hohman Archetype amber@archetypelighting.com 415 355-9030 Healy Mattos Mike Mazzi Healy Mattos mikem@hmattos.com 510 295-9954 Wunder Lighting MikeWunder Wunder Lighting mike@wunderlc.com 925 817-0119