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college overview

    The College and all of our employees                                              MISSION
    are guided by a set of core values                               Mid-State Technical College transforms lives
    that have been part of Mid-State’s                               through the power of teaching and learning.
    past and will continue to be part of
    its future. We are convinced that
                                                                    Mid-State Technical College is the educational
    the key to creating a truly great
                                                                     provider of first choice for its communities.
    organization is an intense focus on
    the values that guide our actions.
    As members of the Mid-State Technical College
    community, we work diligently to weave our core            NEW EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS
    values into the fabric of everything we do to positively   In addition to specific job-related training, Mid-State
    impact those who seek our services. Mid-State              has identified a set of employability skills that are
    Technical College and its employees operate with           transferable and go beyond the content of a specific
    allegiance to the following core values.                   course. The College supports the following skills for all
    STUDENT CENTEREDNESS                                       graduates of Mid-State:
    We value and respect all students as unique individuals.   • Behave Responsibly—Both Individually and
    We assist students in identifying and realizing              Cooperatively
    their educational goals and work hard to create
    an accessible and dynamic learning environment.            • Communicate Effectively
    Providing students with a positive educational             • Demonstrate Effective Cultural, Social, and Global
    experience is of vital interest to each of us.               Awareness
    COMMITMENT                                                 • Demonstrate Effective Critical and Creative Thinking
    Our actions reflect our dedication to the people we
    serve and to the College. The success of Mid-State         • Use Appropriate Technology
    depends upon our skills and abilities to communicate,
    promote, and support our educational offerings, and to     ACCREDITATION
    meet the current and emerging needs of our students        Mid-State Technical College is accredited by the Higher
    and other stakeholders. We invest the time and energy      Learning Commission. Mid-State was first accredited by
    necessary to fulfill the mission of the College and to     the Higher Learning Commission in 1979 and has been
    provide a healthy and safe environment.                    continually accredited since that time.
    ACCOUNTABILITY                                             You may contact our accreditor at the Higher Learning
    We understand and value our individual roles in            Commission, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500,
    the College. We take responsibility for processes,         Chicago, Illinois 60604-1411 (Phone: 800.621.7440 /
    decisions, and outcomes within our scope of                312.263.0456, Fax: 312.263.7462, Website:
    influence. We work hard to communicate effectively         https://www.hlcommission.org).
    and apply our expertise to continuously improve our
    systems and strengthen organizational performance.         Accreditation means that Mid-State has been found
                                                               to meet the Commission’s requirements and criteria
    RESPECT                                                    and that there are reasonable grounds for believing
    We embrace individual differences and diverse opinions     that it will continue to do so. Accreditation provides
    and work together to create a mutually supportive          public certification of acceptable institutional quality
    environment. We treat each other with dignity and          and an opportunity and incentive for Mid-State to
    appreciate the contributions of all employees.             continuously improve.
    Our actions and words signal the institutional integrity
    of our college. We embrace honesty and base our
    decision making on a combination of high ethical
    standards and practical considerations.
    We create and improve relationships through positive
    interactions with others. United by a common purpose
    to support and improve learning, we collaborate to
    provide lifelong learning opportunities that enhance the
    well-being of individuals, businesses, and communities.

2                                                                 Mid-State Technical College 2018-2019 Student Handbook
college overview
  Mid-State Technical College is committed to complying with state and federal equal opportunity laws and
  regulations and does not discriminate in its services, employment programs, and/or its educational programs and
  activities. Discrimination and harassment by supervisors, co-workers, students, non-employees on the basis of
  race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or other protected class is prohibited by the
  College. This policy is intended to comply with all applicable state and federal laws, as well as express the College’s
  commitment to the principles of equal opportunity for all.
  The College will seek continuous compliance with the following laws: Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of
  1964 as amended; Equal Pay Act of 1963 as amended; Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and 1975;
  Title IX of Education Amendments of 1972; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Vocational Education
  Amendments of 1976; Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987; Civil Rights Act of 1991; Carl D. Perkins Vocational Career
  and Technical Education Act; Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 as amended; Wisconsin Fair Employment
  Law; Chapter 38.23 of the Wisconsin State Statutes; and the Office for Civil Rights Guidelines for the Elimination of
  Discrimination and Denial of Services on the Basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, and Handicap in Vocational
  Programs (34 CFR, Part 100, Appendix B).
  Inquiries regarding this equal opportunity/non-discrimination policy may be directed to:
  Karen Brzezinski, Equal Opportunity Officer
  Mid-State Technical College • 500 32nd Street North, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494 • 715.422.5325
  A copy of this policy is available online at https://www.mstc.edu/about-us/policies/administrative-policies or by
  contacting Human Resources.

                                     academic support services
ADVISING                                                           THE LINK
Academic advising at Mid-State Technical College                   We’re here to help! LiNK services are available at all
is required for all students. It provides academic,                Mid-State locations and can help you prepare for your
enrollment, and career advising from application                   future. Each location offers day and evening hours.
through graduation. It is a partnership—intentional                Hours of operation vary by location. LiNK services
and collaborative—between student and advisor that                 are tuition-free to individuals 18 and over. There are
empowers you to meet your educational and career                   no admission requirements or tuition costs for LiNK
goals. Your academic advisor will work with you to                 services. You decide when to begin, develop your own
develop an academic plan with specific goals and                   attendance schedule, and work at your own pace to
proactively support you in following it and staying on             reach your goals.
track to graduation.
                                                                   Pre-Program Preparation
See your academic advisor for:                                     If your goal is to enter a program at Mid-State, LiNK
• Career and program planning                                      instructors can help you develop your academic skills to
• Class scheduling                                                 meet program and entrance requirements.
• Program changes or additions                                     • Enroll in preparatory classes to improve math,
• Dropping a class                                                   communication, and reading skills.
• Academic struggles
                                                                   • Improve study skills, time management, and
Students who receive more individual academic                        test-taking skills.
advising are more likely to graduate on time with less             • Use free materials and resources in the LiNK labs.
college debt.
                                                                   • Continue to receive assistance with coursework in the
Your academic advisor is determined by your                          LiNK after you have enrolled in Mid-State courses.
degree program. To schedule an appointment, call
888.575.6782. Visit https://www.mstc.edu/about-us/
policies/administrative-policies for more information.

mstc.edu / 888.575.6782                                                                                                      3
academic support services
GED/HSED Preparation                                           LIBRARY SERVICES
LiNK instructors help you prepare for                          Students are encouraged to investigate and use the
GED/HSED testing.                                              many resources and services available in the Mid-State
• Use free study materials and computer resources              LiNK. Library services are available in the LiNK at each
  to prepare for the General Education Development             campus location. Services include a book collection,
  (GED®) Certificate or High School Equivalency                periodicals, online resources, and assistance from LiNK
  Diploma (HSED).                                              staff. Library resources support all program areas and
                                                               other community interests.
• Get help from instructors who guide you through the
  testing process.
• Learn job-seeking skills.                                    Mid-State offers several approaches to tutoring to
                                                               ensure that students have options that fit their learning
English Language Learner Classes                               needs. We offer tutor labs, peer tutoring, and small
English language learner (ELL) classes help individuals        tutor groups. Tutoring services are no cost to currently
learn English and how to navigate in American society.         registered students. To arrange tutoring, visit the LiNK
• Develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.    at your location.
• Gain skills to enter the workforce.
                                                               TESTING CENTER
• Receive assistance in preparing for the US                   The Testing Center, located in Room A109 on the
  citizenship exam.                                            Wisconsin Rapids Campus, provides a number of
• Get help entering college or a program.                      services on all campuses, including Accuplacer and
                                                               General Educational Development (GED®)/High School
Program Student Support                                        Equivalency Diploma (HSED) testing.
Have a problem with a paper for class? Don’t
understand the assignment? Need some additional help           Accuplacer is offered at each location. To schedule, stop
with math? The LiNK is here for you.                           by any Mid-State location or call 888.575.6782.
• Assistance with general academic tasks                       GED/HSED testing is available at each campus for
• Instruction in note-taking, summarizing, reference           individuals who wish to earn a General Educational
  skills, and time management                                  Development (GED) certificate or High School
• Help with résumés and job-seeking/employability skills       Equivalency Diploma (HSED). To learn more about GED
                                                               and HSED options, visit the LiNK for the mandatory
• Building basic computer skills                               orientation session. Once orientation is complete,
                                                               testing is scheduled at http://ged.com.
Career Awareness is a tuition-free, non-credit class           Free preparation assistance for Accuplacer and GED/
that allows adults the chance to explore a wide variety        HSED testing is available in the LiNK at each location.
of careers that match their personal and professional
                                                               Testing accommodation services are available on each
skills, interests, and values. This is an active and dynamic
                                                               campus for eligible students with disabilities referred
opportunity to participate in activities designed to help
                                                               by Disability Services. In Wisconsin Rapids, eligible
answer the questions:
                                                               students referred for testing with accommodations may
• Who am I?                                                    schedule appointments in the Testing Center by stopping
• Where am I going?                                            in or calling 715.422.5443, or they may work with their
                                                               instructors to set up testing appointments outside of
• How do I get there?                                          class. Testing accommodations at locations without a
Individual student results are matched with occupations        Testing Center are coordinated by the instructor, student,
and labor market research to assist the student in             and Disability Services on an individual basis.
determining a career path that is right for them. Career       Assistive technology services are available on each
Awareness is offered online continuously. To enroll,           campus for students with disabilities referred by
please contact the LiNK. You must be 18 years of age           Disability Services.
or older to participate unless special permission is
obtained. Special accommodations can be made for
students with disabilities.

4                                                                 Mid-State Technical College 2018-2019 Student Handbook
student handbook
  ACADEMIC INTEGRITY                        drop/add. Section changes done       in and programs they are no longer
  The Mid-State Board,                      after the first week of a course     interested in. Each student is allowed
  administration, faculty, and staff        must be approved by a dean or        a maximum of two active programs.
  believe that academic honesty             associate dean and the instructor.
                                                                                 Program changes can be submitted
  and integrity are fundamental to        • One hundred percent of tuition       at any time during a semester, but
  the mission of higher education.          and fees must be paid. If the        they are only processed for the next
  All students are expected to              reduction in tuition/fees for the    available term.
  maintain and promote the highest          dropped course exceeds the
  standards of personal honesty             fees for the added class, the
  and professional integrity. These         student is issued a refund. If
                                                                                 AGE REQUIREMENT FOR
  standards apply to all examinations,      the added course exceeds the         ENROLLMENT
  assigned work, and projects.              tuition/fees of the dropped class,   Mid-State complies with all
  Therefore, a student who is found         the student is required to pay       education statutes and policies
  to have been dishonest, fraudulent,       the additional amount owed at        regulated and promulgated by the
  or deceptive in the completion of         the time of registration. If the     Department of Public Instruction.
  work, is willing to help others to be     student is enrolled in a payment     Programs may possess age criteria
  so, or is found to have plagiarized       plan or is receiving financial       for admission based on licensing/
  (presented the work of others             aid, adjustments are made            certification requirements. All
  as his or her own) is subject to          accordingly.                         students who seek to enroll at
  disciplinary action up to and                                                  Mid-State are subject to the
                                          • Students who do not attend
  including suspension.                                                          course prerequisites and program
                                            the first class period without
                                                                                 admission requirements as outlined
                                            notifying the instructor or
  admissions and                            academic dean of their reason
                                                                                 in the program information guides.

  enrollment                                for non-attendance may be
                                            dropped from the class without
                                                                                 Under Age 18
                                                                                 Questions regarding under-age-18
  ADDING/DROPPING                           prior notification. The vacancy
                                                                                 attendance or home-schooled
                                            created by their drop may be
  COURSES                                   filled by other students seeking
                                                                                 students should be directed to the
  • Classes may be added through                                                 Student Services & Information
                                            to enroll in the class.
    the first week of class meetings.                                            Center at any Mid-State location.
    (Exceptions include summer                                                   • Public and private high school
                                          ADMISSION TO THE                         students age 18 and older may
    and winterim sessions.) Classes
    added after the first week require    COLLEGE                                  attend Mid-State courses and
    instructor/dean approval.             Mid-State maintains an open-door         programs at any time during
                                          admissions policy in alignment with      the day if they have met the
  • Classes dropped before 10             statutory requirements, Wisconsin
    percent of the class meetings                                                  applicable prerequisite or
                                          Technical College System policies,       program admission requirements.
    have occurred will not appear on      and licensing and accrediting
    the student’s transcript.                                                      Attendance during the school
                                          organizations. The College’s             day for students enrolled in
  • A grade of “W” (withdrawal) is        complete admissions policy can be        public/private schools must be
    issued if the class is dropped        found at https://www.mstc.edu/           done with the written permission
    after 10 percent but before 90        about-us/policies/admissions.            of the school principal and the
    percent of the class meetings                                                  parent/legal guardian.
    have occurred. The effective          Re-Admission to Mid-State
                                          The College will inactivate            • Public and private high school
    date of a drop is determined by                                                students ages 16–18 may attend
    the date the registrar’s office       a student’s enrollment and
                                          program status after a period of         undergraduate day classes
    receives the Drop/Add Form or                                                  with written consent from their
    phone call from the student, or       three consecutive semesters of
                                          nonattendance. The student may           parent/guardian and high school
    the date the student completes                                                 principal. Financial aid cannot be
    the drop transaction for class        reapply at any time.
                                                                                   awarded to high school students
    online. Grades and refunds are        Program Change/Limitation on             who have not graduated from
    calculated based on the effective     Number of Active Programs                high school.
    date of the class drop.               Students may elect to change the
  • An equivalent section is defined      program in which they are currently    Under Age 16
    as a course offered for the same      admitted. To do so they must           With parental consent, public
    credit value, is subject to the       meet with an academic advisor          or private high school students
    same dollar amount of student         to complete a Program Change           under the age of 16 may attend
    fees, and is at substantially         Form. The student must identify        postsecondary courses for
    the same point in the course          programs they want to remain active    which they meet prerequisites.
    curriculum at the time of the                                                Students under 16 years of age

mstc.edu / 888.575.6782                                                                                                   5
student handbook
    are not allowed to enroll in certain    instructors, responsible for making      by standardized examination;
    courses due to safety, certification,   up class work that is missed. Any        military occupational experiences/
    licensing, or policy requirements.      student deciding that he or she no       training; or other life experience
    Hazardous areas include use of          longer wishes to attend class must       and articulated high school credit.
    hoisting apparatus, logging, motor      officially drop the class. Students      Mid-State has agreements with
    vehicle drivers and outside helpers,    failing to drop a class remain           many area high schools to grant
    usage of firearms, manufacturing        responsible for class costs and are      advanced standing for select high
    or processing, and classes involving    issued a failing grade.                  school courses.
    hands-on applications for skill
                                            Students are expected to attend          Students are required to complete
    development in areas identified as
                                            the first class period or notify the     a minimum of 25 percent of
    hazardous in DWD 270.14 (3)
                                            class instructor. Students who do        the technical studies (associate
    Student Learner. Consult a
                                            not attend the first class period or     degree programs) or occupational-
    Mid-State academic advisor or
                                            provide appropriate notification         specific studies (technical diploma
    college outreach coordinator for
                                            may be administratively dropped          programs) at Mid-State. The
    information on courses for which the
                                            from the class.                          remaining 75 percent of coursework
    student under 16 may be eligible to
                                                                                     may be completed with the various
    enroll. The following conditions must
                                            CLASS CANCELLATION                       types of credit for prior learning.
    be met for students under the age of
    16 to enroll at Mid-State:              On occasion a class will be              Students must meet the
                                            canceled. Students will be               competencies of the specific course
    • The individual has the written
                                            contacted by the College to              for which they request credit for
      permission of his/her parent
                                            consider placement into another          prior learning. All students seeking
      or guardian. A signed and
                                            class. Mid-State reserves the            any form of credit for prior learning
      dated letter from the parent or
                                            right to cancel classes due to low       will begin the process with the
      guardian needs to accompany
                                            enrollment. Mid-State cannot             Student Services & Information
      the registration form.
                                            guarantee the refund of books            Center. Student Services will then
    • The individual will not be            purchased through a third-party          refer the request to the Credit for
      attending during the hours of the     for canceled classes.                    Prior Learning coordinator. After the
      normal school day established
                                                                                     evaluation is completed, the student
      under Wisconsin Compulsory
                                            COURSE NUMBERING                         will be notified in writing regarding
      Attendance laws.
                                            SYSTEM                                   the result of the evaluation. If
                                            The first two digits of the course       credits are granted, they will be
    Home-School Attendance                                                           entered on the student’s permanent
                                            number identify the degree level of
    Mid-State complies with all                                                      transcript record. An appeal of the
                                            the coursework.
    education statutes and policies as                                               final decision may be made through
    regulated and promulgated by the        • 10 – Associate degree level
                                              (e.g., 10809198)                       the Academic Appeals process.
    Department of Public Instruction.
    Students under 18 years of age must       Exception: catalog numbers with        Credit for Prior Learning
    also follow the age requirement           the 3rd and 4th digit equal to 83      Definitions
    guidelines noted above.                   are developmental courses (e.g.,       Articulated Credit–Advanced
    • Home-schooled students are not          10835103)                              placement for courses taken in
      eligible for federal financial aid    • 30, 31, 32 – Technical diploma         high school (AC)
      until completion of their high          level (e.g., 30543300, 31509309,       Through a cooperative program
      school degree.                          32404307)                              between area high schools and Mid-
    Questions regarding home-                                                        State, qualified students can receive
    schooled students should be             CREDIT FOR PRIOR                         credit at Mid-State for selected high
                                                                                     school courses. Students must have
    directed to admissions at any Mid-      LEARNING
    State location.                                                                  completed specific requirements
                                            Mid-State’s Credit for Prior Learning
                                                                                     in high school and have obtained a
                                            Policy provides an opportunity for
                                                                                     3.0 out of a 4.0 grade point average
    ATTENDANCE                              students to receive credit for their
                                                                                     (GPA) in the articulated coursework
    Class attendance is considered          knowledge and skills gained from
                                                                                     to receive technical college credit.
    essential to the learning process.      experience other than through
                                                                                     For more information, contact the
    Therefore, regular, punctual            course offerings at Mid-State in
                                                                                     Mid-State Credit for Prior Learning
    attendance is expected of all           order to accelerate the completion
    students. Students are responsible      of their degree, diploma, or
    for discussing absences with their      certificate. Credit for Prior Learning   Credit by Standardized
    instructors and, when permitted by      credits may include transfer of          Examination (CE)
                                            credits from regionally accredited,      Mid-State staff will review test
                                            postsecondary institutions; credit       results from the College-Level

6                                                                      Mid-State Technical College 2018-2019 Student Handbook
student handbook
  Examination Program (CLEP),             Transfer of Credits from Regionally    50-minute periods (or 900 minutes)
  subject examinations, Advanced          Accredited, Postsecondary              of instruction for each credit hour.
  Placement (AP) exams, and other         Institutions (TR)                      Student outside effort is two hours
  third-party administrators for          • Credit for courses may be            for each period of instruction, (or
  possible credit toward completion         accepted from regionally             1,800 minutes) for each credit hour.
  of a degree, diploma, or certificate.     accredited institutions of higher    The unique environment in online/
  Credit toward a credential will           education, provided the student      hybrid classes combines the
  be awarded only for courses               has received a letter grade of       instructor-to-student contact with
  that fulfill a published Mid-State        “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) recorded    the outside effort, so for each credit
  graduation requirement or that are        on an official transcript and the    hour of a class, you can expect to
  an acceptable degree elective at          course credit and content are        spend three hours of learning per
  Mid-State. College staff will use the     similar to the course content at     week* in the online environment.
  guidelines published by the testing       Mid-State.
  agencies to identify appropriate                                               1 Credit =  approximately
                                          • Students who plan to take
  test scores for credit recognition.                                                        3 hours per week*
                                            courses at another institution
  Students must provide Mid-State                                                2 Credits = approximately
                                            and transfer them to Mid-State
  with an official, sealed transcript                                                        6 hours per week*
                                            toward program requirements
  of test results from the testing                                               3 Credits = approximately
                                            are strongly encouraged to meet
  agency for a review to occur. Credit                                                       9 hours per week*
                                            with their academic advisor to
  awarded for successful performance
                                            review how the coursework from       *These numbers are based on a
  will appear on a Mid-State
                                            the other college/university         normal semester. Accelerated and
  transcript as “CE” for “Credit by
                                            would be applied to their Mid-       summer courses will be adjusted
  Examination.” This credit will not be
                                            State program.                       accordingly.
  part of a student’s GPA calculation.
  The appropriate academic dean is        • The student must provide an
  responsible for the final decision on     official transcript in a sealed      DISMISSAL/SUSPENSION
  the recognition of credit.                envelope or request that the         If there is reasonable cause to
                                            credit-awarding school send          believe a student has pursued
  For specific scores related to            it electronically to the Credit      a course of conduct requiring
  Mid-State courses, go to https://www.     for Prior Learning coordinator.      suspension or dismissal, the student
  mstc.edu/sites/default/files/2019-03/     Transcripts must include the         may be suspended or dismissed
  cplexaminationcredit.pdf.                 credits earned as well as an         by the class instructor, dean of
                                            official description of the          student support, campus dean, or
  Credit for Life Experience (EX)           courses(s) for which the credit is   school dean. The student will be
  Students initiate the process             requested.                           informed of the specific charges
  of applying for credit for life                                                in writing without unreasonable
                                          • The grade from the transferred
  experience (military, occupational,                                            delay. A student may be withdrawn
                                            course will not show on the Mid-
  or other life experience) with                                                 from a class or a program under
                                            State transcript. Courses that do
  the Credit for Prior Learning                                                  the following circumstances:
                                            not meet program requirements
  coordinator. Students are then                                                 disciplinary reasons, code of
                                            may be accepted by Mid-State
  referred to the dean/associate                                                 conduct violation, past-due financial
                                            for elective credit.
  dean for the evaluation of                                                     obligations, and failure or refusal to
  prior learning. Students must           • For credits earned at nationally
                                                                                 obtain professional help and/or to
  demonstrate proficiency in the            accredited institutions, please
                                                                                 accept professional advice.
  course competencies by methods            see guidelines for credit for life
  of evaluation that will be identified     experience.
  by the dean/associate dean. A prior
                                                                                 Program electives may be fulfilled
  learning assessment fee is required.    CREDIT HOURS                           by successfully completing a
  This fee is due from the student        Classroom presentations are
                                                                                 Mid-State associate degree-
  prior to determining the award          specifically planned learning
                                                                                 level course or through various
  of credit and is due regardless of      experiences based on identified
                                                                                 credit for prior learning options.
  whether credit is awarded. For          objectives, direct instructor
                                                                                 See Credit for Prior Learning for
  additional information about credit     involvement, and instructional
                                                                                 additional information. Pre-college
  for prior learning and credit for       delivery through physical or
                                                                                 courses may not be used to satisfy
  life experience, go to https://www.     electronic learning environments.
                                                                                 electives. Pre-college courses are
  mstc.edu/admissions/credit-for-         Instructor-to-student contact
                                                                                 those courses with an eight-digit
  prior-learning.                         including presentations, labs,
                                                                                 catalog number beginning with
                                          demonstrations, and discussion
                                                                                 1083 (example: Intro to Writing
                                          is the equivalent of eighteen

mstc.edu / 888.575.6782                                                                                                   7
student handbook
    ENROLLMENT STATUS                        documentation of required health      Grade                                                         GPA
    CLASSIFICATION                           work to Certified Background, a       A.............................................................4.00
    • Full-time student: A student           private vendor. Fees may vary.        A-.............................................................3.67
      who is enrolled in 12 or more        • Material fee: Varies with each        B+............................................................3.33
      undergraduate semester credits.        course and covers the cost of
                                                                                   B.............................................................. 3.00
    • Part-time student: A student           materials used by a student in
                                             each course.                          B-.............................................................2.67
      who is enrolled in less than 12
      undergraduate semester credits.      • Textbooks and supplies:               C+............................................................2.33
    • Undeclared: A student who is not       Textbook costs vary by book.          C............................................................. 2.00
      admitted into a degree, diploma,       Visit the Mid-State Bookstore         C-..............................................................1.67
      or certificate program but is          website for up-to-date
                                             information about books and           D+.............................................................1.33
      taking undergraduate classes.
                                             costs. Students are required to       D.............................................................. 1.00
    Although a student is considered         purchase their own textbooks          D-............................................................ 0.67
    full-time by carrying 12 semester        and supplies. In accordance
    credits, a semester course load of       with the Higher Education
    15–18 credits is typically needed        Opportunity Act (HEOA),               No credits or grade points are
    to complete a one-year program           students have access to the cost      awarded for the following grades:
    within one year, or a two-year           and, when applicable, the ISBN        AC............................. Articulated Course
    program within two years. Students       number for required textbooks          Advanced placement for courses taken in high school
    may choose to extend the length          and supplemental materials. This      AU.......................................... Audit Status
    of their program by taking a lighter     information is available on the
    course load.                                                                   CE....................... Credit by Examination
                                             students’ online Class Schedule.
                                                                                   EX..................................... Life Experience
                                           • Student ID: The first student
    FEES AND OTHER                           ID card is issued at no charge.       IC...............................................Incomplete
    EXPENSES                                 Should a replacement ID card          IP............................................... In-Progress
    Mid-State’s fee structure was            be required, there is a $5 fee        R.................................... Repeated Course
    established in accordance with the       for each additional card. IDs are
                                             available in campus LiNKs.            S...... Satisfactory (non-credit course)
    Wisconsin Technical College System
    and state statutes. Fees may                                                   SP......................... Satisfactory Progress
    vary annually and are subject to       GRADING                                 TR...................................... Transfer Credit
    change. Payment of fees is required    Grade Point Average                     U......Unsatisfactory (non-credit course)
    to complete the admission and          Grade point averages (GPAs)
    registration process. Refer to                                                 UP.................... Unsatisfactory Progress
                                           are figured on a 4.0 scale. When
    https://www.mstc.edu/tuition/          calculating the GPA, the sum of         W........................ Withdrawn from Class
    tuition-and-fees for more              all points awarded is divided by        Audit Status (AU)
    information.                           the total credits attempted. Grade      Audit (AU) status means the student
    • Tuition: Per credit is subject to    point averages are calculated on        attends class but does not receive
      change annually and is charged       a cumulative basis as well as for       a grade for the class. Only during
      for all associate, technical, and    the individual semester. Upon           the first 10 academic days for 16-
      apprenticeship credits. Visit        graduation from an associate            week courses (or within the first 10
      https://www.mstc.edu/tuition/        degree program or technical             percent of the class) may a student
      tuition-and-fees for more            diploma program, the program-           change from credit-to-audit or
      information on tuition and fees.     specific GPA is indicated on the        audit-to-credit status. Audit students
    • Activity fee: Six percent per        student’s official transcript. The      are required to pay the same tuition
      credit. Charged each semester        letter grading scale used at Mid-       and fees as credit students and a
      to help cover student activities,    State is as follows:                    permanent record is maintained.
      such as student government, and                                              Students are required to process
      to help support various clubs and                                            any change through the Student
      student activities.                                                          Services & Information Center. Audit
    • Online fees: $10 per credit.                                                 status is dependent upon instructor
      Charged for classes delivered                                                approval. Classes taken for audit
      online or in a hybrid model.                                                 are not applied toward enrollment
    • Criminal History Record check:                                               status, graduation, and/or financial
      For some programs, students                                                  aid eligibility.
      need to pay for a criminal
      background check and provide

8                                                                    Mid-State Technical College 2018-2019 Student Handbook
student handbook
  Incomplete (IC)                             Withdrawal (W)                          SERVICE MEMBER PRIORITY
  An incomplete grade may be                  The “W” grade will be applied to        REGISTRATION
  awarded when a student is                   a dropped class according to the        Wisconsin Act AB201
  unable to complete a course due             percent of class contact hours          Priority registration allows eligible
  to extenuating circumstances.               having met at the time the class is     service members to register for
  Incomplete grades must be made              dropped, as follows:                    Mid-State classes one day ahead of
  up before the end of the eighth             • 0–10 percent — No record of           the official open registration date
  week following the course end                 the class will appear on the          for any given semester. Eligible
  date for 16-week courses. For less            transcript.                           service members are those who
  than 16-week courses, an IC must                                                    have served, are serving, or are
                                              • 11–89 percent — “W” grade
  be made up within 50 percent of                                                     on active duty under honorable
                                                appears on transcript.
  the course length. Failure to do                                                    conditions in the US Armed Forces.
  so will convert the IC grade to “F.”        • 90–100 percent — Grade of “F”
                                                                                      Service members do not need to be
  Students are not allowed to register          appears on transcript.
                                                                                      using veteran benefits in order to
  for advance sequential courses              See https://www.mstc.edu/               be eligible for priority registration.
  until incompletes are made up in            registration-and-records.               Priority registration is extended
  preceding prerequisite.                                                             to service members only and not
  In-Progress (IP)                            HOLD                                    their spouses or dependents. To
  An in-progress grade is awarded             A hold is placed on a student’s         learn more about receiving service
  in cases where the end-date of the          account for any amount of tuition,      member priority registration,
  course follows the official end-date        fees, library fines, bookstore          visit https://www.mstc.edu/
  of the semester in which it was             charges, financial aid repayment, or    registration-and-records/service-
  offered (e.g., independent study,           any other outstanding balance due       member-priority-registration or call
  flexible online learning courses). If the   Mid-State until such charges have       888.575.6782.
  student fails to complete the class,        been satisfied. This status prevents
  the IP grade is converted to “F.”           the student from registering for        STUDENTS CALLED TO
                                              classes and prevents the release of,
  Repeated Course (R)                                                                 ACTIVE MILITARY
                                              and online access to, transcripts/
  Students may retake a course to                                                     Students who are ordered or
                                              grades and diplomas/degrees.
  improve a grade. The most recent                                                    inducted into active service in the
  grade a student has earned in a                                                     Armed Forces of the United States,
                                              NO-SHOW POLICY                          or requested to work for the federal
  course is the grade that is used to
                                              The No-Show Policy is instituted        government during a national
  calculate a student’s semester and
                                              during the first week of classes        emergency, or a limited national
  cumulative grade point averages.
                                              each semester. Faculty identify         emergency, shall be afforded one of
  Students must request a grade
                                              students who are appearing on           the options below:
  replacement through the Office
                                              their class rosters but not attending
  of the Registrar for the original                                                   • The student may withdraw from
                                              (in-person classes) or participating
  grade and a recalculation of their                                                    college receiving a 100 percent
                                              in an academically related activity
  GPA. Course catalog numbers for                                                       refund of tuition and fees upon
                                              (online classes). These students are
  the original and repeated courses                                                     presentation of a document
                                              referred to as No Show students.
  must match in order for a grade                                                       demonstrating a call to active
                                              An attempt will be made to contact
  replacement to occur (exceptions:                                                     duty to the registrar. The refund
                                              No Show students to determine
  some Microsoft Office and math                                                        will not include books. No grades
                                              if they will be attending classes.
  courses). The student’s most                                                          will be assigned to the classes.
                                              Classes will be dropped with
  recent course grade will appear on                                                    Students choosing this option
                                              all tuition charges removed for
  transcripts. Previous enrollments in                                                  may be readmitted to Mid-State
                                              those students who will not be
  the same course are listed with a                                                     at the start of the next term and
                                              attending or who were unable to
  grade of “R,” indicating repeat                                                       will be placed in the first spot of
                                              be contacted. Students who have
  of course.                                                                            any programs with waiting lists.
                                              received financial aid and failed to
                                              attend classes have not established     • The student may receive a grade
                                              eligibility to receive financial aid.     of IC (Incomplete) which will
                                              Therefore, No Show students must          allow the student to complete
                                              repay in full any funds received.         the coursework with instructional
                                              Besides complying with federal            support upon return from active
                                              financial aid regulation, the No Show     military duty. There is no refund
                                              Policy also helps prevent students        with this option.
                                              from accruing unwanted balances
                                              and possible collection activity as
                                              well as receiving final grades of “F”
                                              on their permanent records.

mstc.edu / 888.575.6782                                                                                                        9
student handbook
 The student must contact the           determined by the date that the         If the student and the division dean
 Financial Aid Office for advisement    registrar’s office receives the Drop/   are unable to reach an agreement,
 regarding the handling of financial    Add Form or the date the student        the student may appeal in writing
 aid processing and awards.             completes the drop transaction          to the vice president of Academics
                                        online. Grades and refunds are          within five school days after
 TUITION REFUND POLICY                  calculated based on the effective       meeting with the dean.
 Refunds are issued per the official    date of withdrawal from college.
                                                                                An Ad Hoc Appeals Committee
 refund schedule available at any       The student will receive a copy
                                                                                convened by the vice president
 Student Services & Information         of the completed, date-stamped
                                                                                of Academics will meet with the
 Center. Refund amounts are             Drop/Add Form; it is the student’s
                                                                                student. The vice president of
 determined by the Wisconsin            responsibility to retain a copy of
                                                                                Academics will inform the student
 Technical College System (WTCS)        the form.
                                                                                in writing of the decision of the Ad
 Refund Policy and federal financial                                            Hoc Appeals Committee within five
 aid regulations. Refunds will be       appeals                                 school days of the meeting. The
 issued to the student unless a                                                 decision of the Ad Hoc Appeals
 documented third-party sponsorship     APPEALS PROCESS                         Committee is the final decision, and
 or contract exists. In such cases      Mid-State seeks to ensure fair          no further appeals are available.
 the refund will be returned to the     and just treatment of students.
 sponsor or contracting party.          Opportunities are available to          Final Grade
                                        appeal academic and non-academic        If a student believes that the final
 The refund policy can be found at      decisions. Before an academic           grade in a course is inaccurate
 https://www.mstc.edu/registration-     appeal is filed, the student is         or unjustified, an appointment
 and-records/payment-and-refund-        required to contact the instructor      should be made with the instructor
 policies.                              or other staff member directly          to present the appeal in writing
 • 100 percent of student fees shall    involved with the decision to clarify   and discuss the reason(s) for the
   be refunded if a student applies     the issue(s). Every effort to resolve   appeal. Every effort to resolve the
   for a refund before the first        the issue(s) should be made at this     issue should be made at this level.
   class meeting that the student is    level. Opportunities for appeal are     The final grade appeal process
   scheduled to attend.                 detailed in the following policies      must occur within 90 days of the
 • 80 percent of all applicable         and procedures.                         issuance of the grade.
   student fees are to be refunded      Misconduct                              If the student and instructor are not
   if application for refund is made    Students who wish to appeal a           able to reach an agreement, the
   before or at the time 10 percent     decision pertaining to sanctions        student may request in writing, no
   of the course’s potential class      for classroom misconduct                later than five school days after the
   meetings of instruction have         (e.g., dismissal, suspension)           meeting with the instructor, that the
   been completed.                      may use the appeal process              school dean arrange a meeting. The
 • 60 percent of all applicable         outlined in the Student Code            school dean, the instructor, and the
   student fees are to be refunded      of Conduct. This process can            student will meet within five school
   if the application for refund        be found at https://www.mstc.           days of this request to attempt
   is made after 10 percent but         edu/sites/default/files/2019-01/        to resolve the issue. The student
   before more than 20 percent          StudentCodeofConduct_2.pdf.             will receive written notice of the
   of the course’s potential class                                              decision within five school days of
   meetings of instruction have         Credit for Prior Learning Appeal        the meeting.
   been completed.                      Students not satisfied with the
                                        decision regarding transfer credit,     If the issue is still unresolved, the
 • No refund is to be made if the       life experience credit, military or     student may appeal in writing to the
   application for refund is made       occupational experience credit,         vice president of Academics within
   after 20 percent of the course’s     or other credit for prior learning      five school days of receipt of the
   potential class meetings of          awarded may submit a formal             decision. The written appeal should
   instruction have been completed.     written appeal to the dean of the       describe in detail the events leading
                                        area where the decision was issued.     up to the appeal.
 WITHDRAWAL FROM                        The written request must be made        An Ad Hoc Appeals Committee
 COLLEGE                                no later than 10 school days after      consisting of the vice president of
 It is highly recommended that          receiving the decision and should       Academics, an academic dean, and
 students wishing to withdraw from      contain rationale for reconsideration   a faculty member will meet with
 the College meet with an academic      of the decision. A meeting with         the student to attempt to resolve
 advisor to discuss personal,           the school dean and student will        the issue. The vice president of
 financial, and grading implications    be held within five school days of      Academics will inform the student
 of this decision. The effective date   receipt of the request.                 in writing of the decision within ten
 of the withdrawal from college is

10                                                                Mid-State Technical College 2018-2019 Student Handbook
student handbook
  school days of the meeting. The           be completed by the student with       • To be assured confidentiality
  decision of the Ad Hoc Appeals            all supporting documentation             in accordance with the federal
  Committee is the final decision, and      attached and submitted:                  Family Education Rights and
  no further appeals are available.         • In person                              Privacy Act.
  Financial Aid Appeal                        Any Mid-State Student Services       The review process outlined in the
  If a student believes a financial           & Information Center                 Student Code of Conduct will be
  aid action is inaccurate, he or           • Mail                                 followed. Once completed, the
  she may file a written appeal to            Office of the Registrar              outcome will be communicated in
  the Financial Aid manager. The              Mid-State Technical College          writing to both parties involved
  appeal should include detailed              500 32nd Street North                within five school days. Any
  information on the inaccuracy or            Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494           disciplinary action will take effect
  extenuating circumstances along           • Fax                                  on the date of notification.
  with supporting documentation.              715.422.5561
                                                                                   For specific information on
                                              Attention: Student Records
  If a student and the Financial Aid                                               the appeal process, please
  manager are unable to reach an            The appeal will be reviewed by an      consult the Student Code of
  agreement, the student may appeal         Ad Hoc Student Account Appeals         Conduct at https://www.mstc.
  in writing within five school days of     Committee. Appeals are reviewed        edu/sites/default/files/2019-01/
  receiving notification to the dean        biweekly. The student will receive     StudentCodeofConduct_2.pdf.
  of Student Support. The dean of           written notification within two
  Student Support will meet with            weeks following the appeals            Complaint Procedure-Mid-State
  the student and the Financial Aid         meeting.                               Technical College (Mid-State)
  manager within five school days of                                               Mid-State is committed to
                                            Student Conduct Appeal
  receipt of the appeal. The student                                               providing a positive environment
  will be notified in writing of the                                               and educational experience for
                                            Whenever possible, alleged
  decision within five school days of                                              students. This environment includes
                                            misconduct issues should be
  the meeting.                                                                     incorporating feedback from
                                            resolved informally through a
                                                                                   students, employees, partners, and
  Graduation Requirements                   conference with the complainant
                                                                                   the public into College operations.
  Students who wish to appeal a             and the alleged student. The parties
                                                                                   Mid-State uses feedback to make
  decision pertaining to graduation         may ask a neutral party (e.g.,
                                                                                   continuous improvements.
  requirements may use the appeal           campus dean, dean of Student
                                                                                   Please use the following form to
  process outlined in the Credit for        Support) to act as a mediator.
                                                                                   submit a compliment, suggestion
  Prior Learning Appeal section.
                                            In the event that alleged              or concern: https://www.mstc.
                                            misconduct cannot be resolved          edu/form/student-complaint-
  Student Account Appeal
                                            informally, faculty/staff/             form. Completing this form with
  Students are responsible for
                                            administrator/student may initiate     a concern will initiate the first
  charges and payments to
                                            action by filing an incident report.   steps of the complaint procedures.
  their account. In extenuating
                                            Any faculty/staff/administrator/       Should you have a concern or
  circumstances a student may be
                                            student of the College community       problem, please discuss it with
  eligible for a refund or a reduction
                                            may charge a student with alleged      your instructor, counselor, advisor,
  in outstanding charges outside of
                                            acts of misconduct. The faculty/       or campus dean to attempt to
  the general tuition refund policy
                                            staff/administrator/student will       resolve the matter. If this action
  determined by the Wisconsin
                                            submit the incident report to the      does not resolve the problem, a
  Technical College System. Before a
                                            dean of Student Support or campus      formal complaint can be presented.
  student account appeal is filed, the
                                            dean and forward a copy to his/her     Typically, a formal complaint is a
  student should seek assistance from
                                            dean/supervisor.                       written allegation of an inequity.
  the Student Services & Information
                                                                                   An inequity may involve either the
  Center regarding charges and              Students accused of conduct            academic or the non-academic
  payments on their account.                violations are entitled to the         function of Mid-State. Students
                                            following protections:                 who believe that they have cause
  The student account appeals
  process must be initiated within 90       • To be informed of the charge and     to make a formal complaint should
  days of the charge being posted             relevant evidence.                   send a letter to:
  to the student’s account or within        • To respond to the charge.            Dean of Student Support
  90 days of the official semester          • To request that the dean of          Mid-State Technical College
  start date, whichever is later. To file     Student Support or campus dean       500 32nd Street North
  an appeal, the Student Account              resolve the case in an informal      Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
  Appeal Form (https://www.mstc.              disciplinary meeting.
  StudentAccountAppeals.pdf) must

mstc.edu / 888.575.6782                                                                                                   11
student handbook
     Complaint Procedure-Wisconsin          filing a complaint with DLAB, and         To be eligible for accommodations,
     Technical College System (WTCS)        the process to file a complaint           students are required to provide
     Students who attend a college          with DLAB, see DLAB’s student             documentation of a disability that
     that is part of the WTCS can file      complaint process at http://www.          substantially limits one or more
     complaints at the state level in       heab.state.wi.us/dlab/students.html.      major life activities, show a history of
     three categories defined by US                                                   such impairment, or be regarded as
     Department of Education:
                                            disability services                       having such an impairment. Reports
                                                                                      from medical doctors, licensed
     • Complaints that allege violations
       of Wisconsin consumer                It is the policy of Mid-State to          psychologists, the Division of
       protection laws, including, but      comply with Section 504 of the            Vocational Rehabilitation, a licensed
       not limited to, false advertising    Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the        social service agency, or high school
                                            Americans with Disabilities Act           exceptional education needs (EEN)
     • Complaints that allege violations
                                            (ADA). Individuals with disabilities      staff are examples of acceptable
       of Wisconsin laws related to
                                            are provided with reasonable and          documentation. When requested,
       the licensure of postsecondary
                                            effective accommodations, when            Mid-State Disability Services works
                                            requested, to afford equal access         in collaboration with community
     • Complaints relating to the quality   to educational opportunity at Mid-        agencies in coordinating services for
       of education or other state or       State. Services are provided to           students with disabilities.
       accreditation requirements           prospective and enrolled students
                                                                                      Students with questions about
     A student who reasonably believes      who are otherwise qualified with
                                                                                      availability of disability support
     that a violation has occurred in one   or without accommodations for
                                                                                      services or establishing eligibility for
     or more of these categories may        admission and participation in
                                                                                      services should contact Disability
     file a written complaint. Complaints   postsecondary education.
                                                                                      Services at the campus the student
     must be signed by the student and      To access reasonable and effective        attends. Mid-State does not provide
     submitted on the official Student      accommodations, students can self-        testing to diagnose disability but
     Complaint Form. Complaints must        identify their disability and directly    can refer students to appropriate
     be filed within one year from the      contact Disability Services for           agencies for testing. If a student
     date of the alleged violation or the   assistance. Personnel are available       suspects they have a disability,
     last recorded date of attendance,      on each campus and have offices           staff will discuss procedures for
     whichever is later. The WTCS           in Student Services. In addition to       getting evaluated. Provisional
     will review complaints only after      self-identification, an instructor can    accommodations may be provided
     students attempt to resolve the        make referrals to Disability Services     pending evaluation results.
     matter through applicable college      after a student has begun classes.
     appeals or complaint processes.                                                  Reasonable and effective
                                            Disability Services staff, the student,   accommodations are individually
     The Student Complaint Form can         and individual instructors together       determined and based on
     be found at https://wtcsystem.         determine what services and               disability. Disability Services
     edu/about-us/governance/system-        accommodations are needed and how         works with students, faculty,
     office/educational-services/student-   they are to be provided. Although         and staff to provide adjustments
     complaints.                            students can self-refer or be referred    and modifications within our
                                            at any time, adequate and reasonable      educational environment that
     Complaint Procedure-Distance           time is required to develop and           provide students with disabilities
     Education Conducted Across             provide appropriate accommodations,       an equal access to education and
     State Lines                            which are provided at no cost             the ability to participate. They are
     Mid-State Technical College            to the student. When possible,            not designed to give students with
     participates in the State              accommodations should be requested        disabilities an unfair advantage over
     Authorization Reciprocity              a semester before they are to be put      other students. Accommodations
     Agreement (SARA). As a member          in place. However, Disability Services    provide students with disabilities an
     of SARA, any current or former         will assist students at any time to       equal opportunity to demonstrate
     student of a distance education        provide services in a timely manner.      their abilities.
     program offered by Mid-State may       Students may use accommodations
     file a complaint with Wisconsin’s                                                Appeal Procedure: Please see
                                            starting the date they are approved.
     Distance Learning Authorization                                                  the Student Discrimination Policy.
                                            Coursework and exams that have
     Board (DLAB) for Mid-State                                                       A copy of this policy is available
                                            occurred prior to approval are
     distance education activity                                                      online at https://www.mstc.
                                            considered completed and are not
     conducted across state lines under                                               edu/about-us/policies/student-
                                            eligible for accommodations. Mid-
     specific and limited circumstances.                                              discrimination.
                                            State does not provide attendant care
     For more information on the            services. Students in need of personal
     types of complaints handled by         care are expected to make their own
     DLAB, steps to be taken before         arrangements for these needs.

12                                                                     Mid-State Technical College 2018-2019 Student Handbook
student handbook

  financial aid                             Wisconsin Grant
                                            State grant based on multiple
                                                                                    • Federal Direct Unsubsidized
                                                                                      Stafford Loan: This loan assists
  Financial aid is designed to              criteria including state of Wisconsin     students with their education
  supplement the resources of the           residency, a student’s Expected           if they are ineligible for a
  student and/or family to help             Family Contribution, availability         Subsidized Stafford Loan or
  students achieve their educational        of state funding, and the date of         in addition to the Subsidized
  and career goals. Every student in        FAFSA completion. Eligibility is          Loan. Conditions are the same
  an approved program is eligible           limited to 10 semesters.                  with one exception: interest
  to apply for financial aid. Student                                                 starts accruing immediately.
                                            Supplemental Education
  financial aid is based on financial                                                 The student has the choice to
                                            Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
  need. This need is established by                                                   pay the interest monthly while
                                            Federal need-based grant awarded
  an analysis of the Free Application                                                 in college or it can be deferred
                                            to students with the highest
  for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).                                                    and added to the principal of the
                                            financial need. Funds are limited
  Students complete the FAFSA                                                         loan. A student must complete
                                            and awarded based on a random
  every year to determine eligibility.                                                the FAFSA and be considered for
                                            selection of students who have
                                                                                      all types of financial aid prior to
  Financial aid is offered to students      completed a FAFSA file, are
                                                                                      receiving a Federal Unsubsidized
  only after they have been accepted        enrolled, are eligible for a Pell
  for admission into an eligible            Grant, and have a zero Expected
  program of study. Department              Family Contribution. Students are       • All loans will have a 30-day delay
  of Education regulations require          randomly awarded until funds are          in disbursement. Mid-State will
  courses funded by financial aid be        depleted.                                 disburse all loans 30 days after
  required toward graduation for that                                                 the first day of the semester. This
                                            College Work-Study (CWS)                  practice ensures that students
  program of study.
                                            Part-time jobs provided on campus         won’t have a loan to repay if they
                                            with faculty and staff or off campus      don’t begin classes or if they
  Application for Financial Aid
                                            at community service sites, such as       withdraw during the first 30 days
  To apply for federal aid, you must
                                            public libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs,     of classes.
  complete a Free Application for
                                            and Head Start. Worksites are also
  Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).                                                      • Double-Disbursement of
                                            established through elementary
  You can apply online at https://                                                    Loans: All student loans must
                                            and secondary schools for tutors
  studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa. Paper                                                   be paid to the student in two
                                            in math and reading as part of the
  FAFSA applications are available                                                    disbursements, one each
                                            America Reads program. Students
  by calling 1.800.4FED.AID or by                                                     semester. If a student is only
                                            are paid biweekly. Job postings and
  printing a PDF copy at https://                                                     enrolled for one semester, or
                                            information on how to apply can
  studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa/filling-                                                 has accepted a loan for one
                                            be found at https://www.mstc.edu/
  out#options. Students must have                                                     term, loans must be double
  a high school diploma, HSED,                                                        disbursed—half on the standard
  GED, or home school completion            Student Loans                             disbursement date and half at
  to be eligible for federal and state      • Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford      the mid-point of the semester.
  financial aid.                              Loan: A student may borrow up           Students must be enrolled
                                              to $3,500 for the first year and        and attending at least six
  Types of Financial Aid Available at                                                 credits at the time of each loan
  Mid-State                                   $4,500 for the second year if
                                              working towards an associate            disbursement. If tuition is still
  Pell Grant                                  degree, depending on need.              owed, it will be deferred until
  Federal grant based on financial            The federal government pays             loan funds are disbursed as long
  need. Grants are a form of “gift aid”       the interest while the student          as the student completes the
  that are not paid back. Eligibility         is enrolled at least half-time. In      Master Promissory Note and
  is based on a student’s Expected            addition, effective July 1, 2013,       Entrance Loan Counseling and is
  Family Contribution (obtained               the Department of Education is          enrolled and attending classes.
  by completing the FAFSA) and                monitoring all new borrowers or       • Private-Alternative Loans
  the student’s enrollment status. A          first-time borrowers’ loan periods.     for Education: All loans for
  student can receive Pell Grants up          If the borrower exceeds 150             education must be calculated
  to a 12-semester lifetime limit (or its     percent of the published length         as a resource towards meeting
  equivalent).                                of their academic program, the          the student cost of attendance
                                              borrower becomes ineligible             according to federal regulations.
                                              to receive additional Direct            Students are encouraged to
                                              Subsidized Loans and becomes            apply for federal and state
                                              responsible for accruing interest       grants and the federal loan
                                              during all periods as of the date       program prior to considering
                                              the borrower exceeds the 150            private-alternative loans due
                                              percent limit.                          to the repayment provisions

mstc.edu / 888.575.6782                                                                                                     13
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