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              ACACIA		 8
              ACER			          8
              AMELANCHIER      11
              APPLE			         40
              APPLE - STARLINE 49
              ARBUTUS		 11
              BETULA		 11
              BLACKBERRY		     64
              BLACKCURRANT     64
              BLUEBERRY		      64
              CARPINUS		       12
              CATALPA		 12
              CEANOTHUS		      13
              CERCIS		 13
              CHERRY		 52
              COTONEASTER      13
              CRATAEGUS		      14
              CYTISUS		 14
              DAMSON		 54
              EUCALYPTUS		     14
              EUONYMUS		       15
              EXOCHORDA		      15
              FAGUS			         15
              FICUS			         66
              GAGE			          55
              GINKGO		 15
              GLEDITSIA		      15
              GOOSEBERRY       66
              HOHERIA		 15
              ILEX			          15
              JUGLANS		 16
              KIWI FRUIT		     66
              LIQUIDAMBAR		    16
              LIRIODENDRON     16
              LOGANBERRY       66
              MAGNOLIA		       16
              MALUS		18
              MEDLAR		 56
              METASEQUOIA      22
              MORUS		 22
              PARROTIA		 23
              PEACH			         56
              PEAR			          58
              PHOTINIA		 23
              PLUM			          60
              PRUNUS		 23
              PYRUS			         30
              QUERCUS		 30
              QUINCE		 61
              RASPBERRY		      66
              REDCURRANT       67
              RHUBARB		 67
              ROBINIA		 30
              SALIX			         31
              SAMBUCUS		       32
              SORBUS		 32
              TAYBERRY		       67
              WHITECURRANT     67

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Ornamental Trees, Fruit Trees & Soft Fruit

                                             Welcome to our new tree buyers guide for the 2018-2019 season
                                             Our new style catalogue has been created and designed to provide your team with information and
                                             feature images on our extensive range of ornamental trees, fruit trees and soft fruit available to you
                                             for the 2018-19 season. Included is our reserve order form which details our entire range, enabling
                                             you to secure your requirements. The document shows cost prices, barcodes and columns for your
                                             retail prices. If you require this document electronically please let us know and we will be happy to
                                             email it to you.

                                             Our dedicated tree division has developed a reputation for producing exceptional quality trees,
                                             specifically selected for the continually changing retail market. Our passionate team are constantly
                                             looking to secure innovative products and genetics to complement our range of tried and tested
                                             favourites which have been consistent winners for many years.

                                             Look out for the new Malus Fruitilicious, a stunning Malus with extraordinary fruit.

                                             This year we are delighted to announce our partnership with J F Schmidt & Son, a global leader in
                                             ornamental tree production and breeding:

                                             “For 70 years, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. has been ‘Growing New Ideas.’ As originators of the Red
                                             Sunset® Maple and introducer or co-introducer of more than 50 other patented or trademarked
                                             cultivars, our company is known as a premier source of up-to-date deciduous tree cultivars and new
                                             introductions. More than 500 varieties and cultivars of deciduous trees are carefully grown on rich
                                             Willamette Valley soils in the heart of Oregon, The Nursery State.”

                                             We are in the early stages of partnership, trialling many of the exclusive and exciting genetics on our
                                             nurseries and are looking forward to launching them into the UK in the not too distant future!

                                             Watch out for our regular e-newsletters promoting what’s new and what’s looking good. Get in touch
                                             if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

                                             We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal custom and we look forward to
                                             continuing to develop our trading relationship.

                                             Delivery Conditions - Trees
                                             • All tree deliveries are supplied on pallets using a combination of our own and contracted transport
                                             • Minimum quantity 20 trees, maximum 25 trees per pallet
                                             • All orders received by 10.30am on a Wednesday can be delivered the same week in the UK

                                             Soft Fruit
                                             • Delivery is by contract transport on CC plated Danish Trolleys
                                             • 62 units per trolley

                                                   01798 873774              01798 300558




                                                   Newey, Pagham Road, Lagness, West Sussex, PO20 1LL

Ornamental Trees, Fruit Trees & Soft Fruit   Information

Plant Specification
                      Plant Specification
                      All of our trees are supplied in a 12 litre
                      container with a high quality bespoke picture

                      All our soft fruit plants are produced in 3 litre
                      containers apart from raspberries which are
                      produced in 4 litre containers with 5 canes.

Premium Labels
        We are happy to pre-price labels for you. If you would like us to do this, please supply us with your retail
        prices with your annual reserve order or alternatively, with each order you make. All trees are supplied with our
        own barcodes for your EPOS system, these are shown both on the plant information in the catalogue and also
        on the reserve order form.

        Ornamental Tree Label                                                                                 110mm

        * All trees are supplied with premium                                                  * Loaded with cultural information
        swing tag labels included
                                                                                               * High quality images to attract
        * Premium, large bespoke 4 sided                                                       the customer’s attention

        Fruit Tree Label                                                                                      110mm


        Soft Fruit Label
                                                * All soft fruit are supplied with
                                                swing tag labels included

                                                * Premium bespoke double sided

                                                * Loaded with cultural information

                                                * High quality images to attract the
                                                customer’s attention

                                                            Prunus Royal Burgundy
Ornamental Trees

                   Hoheria sexstylosa Snow White (P)        Sorbus Autumn Spire (P)

  6                    Plant Breeders Rights apply   Root Stock             Barcode   Height/Spread in 20 years
With over 40 years of experience at our
New Place Nurseries producing high quality
ornamental trees for the UK retail market,
we feel we have offered a bigger and more
improved range for 2019. The varieties have
and will continue to be selected to satisfy
the requirements of current gardens, with
more gardeners looking for trees suitable for
small to medium gardens. Look out for the
recommendations for trees to plant in small,
medium and large gardens at the end of this

Primarily produced from budding and grafting,
the three-year trees are produced in a 12 litre
rigid container.

With advanced husbandry techniques, our trees
are produced to a full but compact specification
with an overall height of 1.8 - 2.1 metres with side
branches retained where appropriate.

                                                       Ornamental Trees

Acacia, Acer
                   Acacia                                        Acer
                              Acacia dealbata                               Acer campestre                              Acer davidii

                               Gaulois Astier                                                                             Viper (P)

                               5038057003434          8m/4m                  5038057000020       12m/8m               5038057012863       7m/3m
                   An attractive evergreen tree for              The Field Maple - during the autumn      Eye-catching green and silvery white
                   sheltered gardens or planting against         the leaves turn shades of gold and       striated bark that resembles snake
                   a south facing wall. Fern-like silvery        red.                                     skin which makes for fantastic winter
                   green leaves complemented by                                                           appeal. Before then, the leaves
                   bobbly fragrant yellow flowers in late                                                 are dark green and turn orange for
                   winter and early spring.                                                               Autumn.

                             Acer platanoides                              Acer platanoides                          Acer platanoides

                               Crimson King                                 Crimson Sentry                              Drummondii

                               5038057000112          8m/5m                  5038057000013        6m/2m               5038057000143       6m/4m
                   Leaves are a deep crimson and                 A narrow, columnar tree with reddish-    Leaves carry a striking broad
                   purple colour. Flowers are yellow             purple leaves. Not as dark as            marginal creamy-white band.
                   with red tinges.                              Crimson King and more compact in

                             Acer platanoides                            Acer pseudoplatinus                       Acer pseudoplatinus
Ornamental Trees

                              Princeton Gold                                Brilliantissimum                       Simon Louis Fre’res

                               5038057000150          8m/5m                  5038057000167        4m/4m               5038057000181       5m/5m
                   A brilliant, golden leaved form of the        Leaves open a salmon pink colour,        Young leaves are marked with
                   adaptable Norway Maple. Resistant             later changing to yellow-green and       creamy-white and pink, maturing as
                   to sun scorch.                                finally green. 150cm stem.               pale green with white markings, the
                                                                                                          underside of the leaf remains green.

  8                                Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                 Barcode      Height/Spread in 20 years
Acer Princeton Gold
This Norway Maple shows striking, clear
yellow spring and summer foliage. One of the
very best for golden yellow leaf colour, it is
resistant to sun scorch and very hardy. Yellow
clusters of small flowers appear on the bare
branches in April, along with helicopter-like
seeds later in the year.

8m x 5m in 20 years.

                                                 Ornamental Trees

                   Amelanchier asiatica Ballerina
                   An award-winning small tree with a broad
                   crown worthy of a place in any sized garden.
                   Produces clusters of star shaped, large white
                   flowers borne in April.

                   Foliage unfurls a highly attractive bronze
                   colour in spring, before turning dark-green in
                   summer. The oval leaves, which have a fine
                   serration at the edges, are bronze when young
                   turning to a striking reddish-purple colour in
                   autumn for an incredible display. Small red
                   berries are produced which are popular with

                   4m x 4m in 20 years.
Ornamental Trees

  10                         Plant Breeders Rights apply   Root Stock   Barcode   Height/Spread in 20 years
Acer, Amelanchier, Arbutus, Betula
                               Acer                                                                    Amelanchier
             Acer rubrum                                Acer rubrum                          Amelanchier canadensis

            October Glory                               Summer Red

            5038057000211       7m/4m                  5038057010050       12m/4m                  5038057000310       5m/3m
Forms a dense round head, glossy           A stunning form of Acer rubrum.             Small, upright grower. Profusion of
green leaves turn a brilliant tone of      The new growth is crimson-red in            star-shaped white flowers in spring.
red in autumn. Holds onto its leaves       summer contrasting well with the            Vibrant autumn colours.
until quite late in the season.            older green leaves - excellent two
                                           tone autumn colours of crimson and

                                                    Amelanchier asiatica


                                                       5038057000297                                                   4m/4m
An award-winning small tree with a broad crown worthy of a place in any sized garden. Produces clusters of star
shaped, large white flowers borne in April. Foliage unfurls a highly attractive bronze colour in spring, before turning dark-
green in summer. The oval leaves, which have a fine serration at the edges, are bronze when young turning to a striking
reddish-purple colour in autumn for an incredible display. Small red berries are produced which are popular with birds.

                         Arbutus                                       Betula
           Arbutus unedo                            Betula albosinensis                           Betula pendula
                                                                                                                                Ornamental Trees

                                                         Fascination                                Dalecarlica

            5038057005230       5m/4m                  5038057010913        8m/4m                  5038057000389       7m/3m
Small evergreen tree with attractive       Chinese red barked Birch - this             Slender tree, drooping branches of
brown bark. Small white flowers and        selection has copper-orange bark            delicate and deeply cut leaves.
red strawberry-like fruit in autumn.       which peels away to reveal layers
Suitable for coastal planting and          of cream and creamy-pink coloured
tolerant of chalky soils.                  bark which turns white with age.
                                           Graceful, medium sized tree.

Betula, Carpinus, Catalpa
                                       Betula pendula                                Betula pendula                             Betula pendula

                                         Royal Frost                                       Youngii

                                       5038057008491           7m/5m                 5038057000426          4m/4m               5038057000372       7m/4m
                            A hybrid between Betula Crimson              A small to medium dome shaped tree         Silver Birch. Tall domed crown,
                            Frost and populifolia Whitespire with        with long branches weeping to the          pendulous branches develop with
                            rich burgundy leaves that contrast           floor. Typical shiny birch leaves then     age. Bright green diamond shaped
                            well against the white bark. Good            yellow-brown catkins followed by           leaves. White peeling bark develops
                            autumn colour when the leaves turn           warm yellow autumn colour.                 with age.

                                         Betula utilis                                   Betula utilis                               Betula

                                        Snow Queen                                 var. jacquemontii                          Grayswood Ghost

                                       5038057001829           7m/3.5m               5038057000341          6m/5m               5038057013259       8m/4m
                            Produces a brilliant white stem in two       The Himalayan Birch. Attractive            A slightly upright, rounded form
                            years and has good yellow autumn             ascending branches with ovate              with striking white bark. Large,
                            colour.                                      leaves that turn yellow in autumn.         polished green leaves turning yellow
                                                                         Catkins in early spring. The bark is a     in autumn. Yellow-brown catkins in
                                                                         striking white colour.                     spring.

                            Carpinus                                                                                Catalpa
                                      Carpinus betulus                             Carpinus betulus                         Catalpa bignonioides
Ornamental Trees

                                          Fastigiata                                                                                  Aurea

                                       5038057000471           7m/4m                 5038057000464         10m/6m               5038057000495       5m/4m
                            A medium sized tree of pyramidal             Common Hornbeam. Round headed              Golden Indian Bean Tree. Medium
                            habit which broadens with age.               tree with a grey, fluted trunk. The        sized, spreading tree with large oval
                            During autumn, the ovate deep green          prominently veined dark green leaves       yellow leaves when young which
                            ribbed leaves turn yellow and orange.        turn yellow and orange in autumn.          mature to green. White flowers
                                                                                                                    with yellow and purple markings in

    12                                     Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                   Barcode      Height/Spread in 20 years
Catalpa, Ceanothus, Cercis, Cotoneaster
                                                               Ceanothus                                          Cercis
        Catalpa erubescens                          Ceanothus arboreus                          Cercis canadensis

              Purpurea                                 Trewithen Blue                             Forest Pansy

           5038057000518        6m/5m                  5038057005162        5m/2m                 5038057003410       5m/4m
Large, heart-shaped leaves which,          An excellent large spreading shrub         A small round headed tree with heart
when young, are a deep glossy              or small tree with large ovate leaves.     shaped leaves which are a deep
purple, turning to shades of dark          Large panicles of slightly scented         reddish-purple colour. Small pink
green and chocolatey-purple as they        deep-blue flowers in April - May.          flowers are formed in April and May.
mature. Produces its foxglove-like         Suitable for most well drained soils
flowers even at a young age.               and coastal sites, avoid chalk.

         Cercis canadensis                            Cercis chinensis                         Cercis siliquastrum

            Ruby Falls (P)                                Avondale                                   Bodnant

           5038057010500        2.5/2.5m               5038057004196       2.5/2.5m               5038057009344       6m/4m
The result of a long breeding              A beautiful small tree. Shiny rich         The Judas Tree. A slow growing
programme; a superb weeping form           green leaves and profuse purple-pink       small to medium sized tree with
with large heart shaped leaves which       flowers in May on bare limbs.              rounded green leaves and an
are a deep reddish-purple colour.                                                     abundance of rosy-lilac flower
Small pink flowers are formed in April                                                clusters which are formed in early
and May on bare limbs.                                                                May on bare limbs.

       Cotoneaster x watereri                           Cotoneaster                                Cotoneaster
                                                                                                                                Ornamental Trees

                                                          Cornubia                             Hybridus Pendulus

           5038057004202        2.5/2.5m               5038057000549        8m/4m                 5038057000556       2m/1m
A small semi-evergreen tree with long      A semi-evergreen. The red bark             Striking small tree. Abundance of
leaves and heavy crops of red or           shows off the green leaves. White          brilliant red fruits through autumn and
orange-red fruits in autumn.               flowers are followed by a profusion        winter.
                                           of red fruits which will arch the longer

Cotoneaster, Crataegus, Cytisus, Eucalyptus
                                              Cotoneaster                                   Crataegus
                                                           Cotoneaster                               Crataegus laevigata                       Crataegus laevigata

                                                         Rothschildianus                                Crimson Cloud                              Paul’s Scarlet

                                                          5038057000570          8m/8m      mono        5038057000587        5m/4m    mono        5038057000594       5m/4m
                                              A semi-evergreen with striking green          Small tree, semi-weeping. Excellent       Small growing tree which produces
                                              bark. White flowers followed by large         show of dark red single flowers with      masses of double scarlet flowers.
                                              clusters of creamy-yellow fruits.             a pronounced white eye.                   The dark green, deeply lobed leaves
                                                                                                                                      which are slightly glossy, turn yellow-
                                                                                                                                      bronze in autumn.

                                                       Crataegus laevigata                           Crataegus laevigata                       Crataegus persimilis

                                                              Plena                                   Rosea Flore Pleno                               Prunifolia

                                              mono        5038057000600          5m/4m      mono        5038057000617        5m/4m                5038057000624       5m/4m
                                              A striking, snowy display in spring           Ideal for gardens with limited space      Glossy green leaves that turn shades
                                              when a mass of double white flowers           or difficult conditions as it will grow   of red and orange in the autumn with
                                              are produced. The foliage is dark,            in almost any position including,         persisting crimson fruits.
                                              polished green and deeply lobed               coastal, exposed, polluted or damp
                                              creating the perfect backdrop for the         sites. A mass of double pink flowers
                                              icy white flowers.                            produced in May.

                                              Cytisus                                       Eucalyptus
                                                       Cytisus battandieri                            Eucalyptus gunnii                         Eucalyptus gunnii
 Ornamental Trees

                                                                                                            Azura (P)                               Silverana (P)

                                                          5038057000648          4m/3m                  5038057004844        8m/6m                5038057013549       8m/6m
                                              Traditionally grown as a shrub but            A selection from a French breeding        This fast-growing evergreen tree
                                              lends itself very well to be grown as         programme. A compact tree which           can be planted in a large space as
                                              a small tree. Laburnum-like leaves            is hardier and branches more              a stand-alone specimen or kept to
                                              which are silvery-grey with a silky           extensively than the normal form.         smaller proportions using pruning
                                              sheen. Clusters of bright yellow              Evergreen silver-jade glaucous round      methods such as coppicing or
                                              flowers during July.                          foliage.                                  pollarding.

       14                                                     Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                 Barcode       Height/Spread in 20 years
Euonymus, Exochorda, Fagus, Ginko, Gleditsia
                                                            Euonymus                                 Exochorda
       Eucalyptus niphophila                    Euonymus europaeus                       Exochorda serratifolia

                                                    Red Cascade                               Snow White

           5038057001904        12m/6m              5038057004851      4m/2.5m               5038057003144        4m/3m
A broad spreading tree with large        A selected form of the common           Small tree with pure white flowers
leathery grey-green leaves and           Spindle with green stems and arching    which are formed in abundance
beautiful patterned bark. Evergreen.     branches. Rosy-red fruits are formed    in early spring. Ideal for the small
                                         during summer and the leaves turn a     garden.
                                         rich scarlet colour during autumn.

                            Fagus                                                                           Ginkgo
          Fagus sylvatica                          Fagus sylvatica                           Ginkgo biloba


           5038057000686        10m/6m              5038057000679      12m/8m                5038057000709        10m/4m
Magnificent specimen tree. The           The Common Beech. Forms a noble,        Dating back 270 million years and
leaves open as light red then deepen     broadly domed tree. Outstanding         surprisingly a conifer tree! The
to a dark purple.                        rich copper autumn foliage.             unusual fan shaped foliage is light
                                                                                 green, turning bright, clear yellow in
                                                                                 the autumn. The leaves are often split
                                                                                 in the centre into two lobes.

                      Gleditsia                                  Hoheria                                           Ilex
        Gleditsia triacanthos                     Hoheria sexstylosa                        Ilex altaclarensis
                                                                                                                           Ornamental Trees

              Sunburst                              Snow White (P)                            Golden King

           5038057000730        5m/3m               5038057010517      4m/2m                 5038057005346        4m/3m
A striking medium sized tree which       Bred by the late Graham Hutchins.       A large spreading evergreen shrub
has thornless stems and bright           Will thrive in the south and even       or small tree with leaves which are
golden-yellow young leaves that          further north if given a sheltered      green with a yellow margin. Female
contrast well with the older dark        position against a wall. Neat pyramid   clone producing red berries in winter.
green foliage.                           shape habit and masses of single        Suitable for planting in sun or shade
                                         white cherry-like flowers in June.      in most soils.

Ilex, Juglans, Liquidambar, Liriodendron, Magnolia
                                                                 Ilex aquifolium                               Ilex aquifolium                            Ilex aquifolium

                                                              Argentea Marginata                                   J.C. van Tol                            Madame Briot

                                                                 5038057005353          4m/4m                  5038057008507         8m/4m                5038057012887      12m/8m
                                                     A large spreading evergreen shrub             A large spreading evergreen shrub          A purple stemmed form with green
                                                     or small tree with white margined             or small tree with dark, shiny, almost     leaves, margined dark yellow with
                                                     leaves flushed pink on young growth.          spineless green leaves and large crop      spines all along the edge. Small
                                                     Female clone producing red berries            of red berries in winter. A self-fertile   white flowers followed by bright red
                                                     in winter. Suitable for planting in sun       clone. Suitable for planting in sun or     berries. A female form. Evergreen.
                                                     or shade in most soils.                       shade.

                                                     Juglans                                       Liquidambar
                                                                 Juglans regia                               Liquidambar styra.                         Liquidambar styra.

                                                                                                               Lane Roberts                                 Worplesdon

                                                                 5038057000747          8m/7m                  5038057004288        10m/6m                5038057000808      10m/6m
                                                     Common Walnut. Slow growing but               This is a sterile clone with reliable      Longer and more narrow leaf lobes
                                                     eventually a large tree. Attractive           autumn colour. The mid green leaves        than the species. Rich autumn tints
                                                     aromatic foliage. Yellowish-green             turn a rich black to crimson-red           in shades of orange and red.
                                                     catkins in late spring. Edible creamy-        colour. Unlike other cultivars, the
                                                     white nuts enclosed in smooth shells          bark remains fairly smooth.
                                                     in autumn.

                                                     Liriodendron                                  Magnolia
                                                             Liriodendron tulipifera                                Magnolia                                  Magnolia
 Ornamental Trees

                                                                                                                    Genie (P)                              Heaven Scent

                                                                 5038057000815         12m/8m                  5038057012917        4m/1.5m               5038057013266      12m/8m
                                                     Tulip tree. Eventually a large tree           Lightly scented tulip-shaped flowers       A vigorous small tree with dark
                                                     remarkable for its tulip shaped leaves        in late spring. The flowers start as       foliage. Cup-shaped flowers can
                                                     and bright yellow autumn colour.              a blackish-red bud and open to             reach 10cm in length, with nine rosy-
                                                                                                   display a rich maroon colour. They         pink tepals, soon fading to pale pink
                                                                                                   are frequently followed by a second        with a magenta central stripe on the
                                                                                                   round of flower in mid summer.             outside.

        16                                                           Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                  Barcode       Height/Spread in 20 years
Liquidambar styra. Worplesdon
A stunning sweet gum variety with leaves that
are longer and have narrow lobes, turning an
amazing shade of deep orange and yellow in
Autumn. It will also bear fruit in the UK.

10m x 6m in 20 years.

                                                Ornamental Trees

Magnolia, Malus
                   Magnolia                                                                               Malus
                                 Magnolia                                        Magnolia                            Malus x purpurea

                                 Star Wars                                       Yellow Bird                       Crimson Cascade (P)

                               5038057012924          4m/3m                  5038057012931       10m/6m   MM106       5038057012948         3m/2m
                   Prized for its tremendous flowers             In our opinion the best lemon yellow     An arching, weeping habit
                   which appear in March and often               flower colour of all the new yellow      and purplish foliage in spring,
                   display until May. The huge, satiny,          hybrid Magnolias. The flowers,           accompanied by crimson flowers.
                   tulip-shaped, pale pink blooms are            although not the largest, have a         Bronze-green foliage and reddish-
                   flushed with a shade of deep pink.            neat goblet shape and bloom in late      purple fruits in late summer to
                   Large, glossy green foliage.                  spring just as the leaves emerge.        autumn. Ideal for small gardens.

                             Malus floribunda                              Malus tschonoskii                         Malus x robusta


                   MM106       5038057000846          5m/4m      MM106       5038057000976        5m/4m   MM106       5038057012955         5m/4m
                   Arching habit, crimson buds open              Distinctive upright habit. Young         A improved form of Malus robusta
                   white or pale blush at the end of             foliage is silvery white in spring,      selected from stock on our own
                   March followed by small yellow fruits.        adopting a lush green colour in          nursery. Bright, large white flowers in
                                                                 summer before developing its             May are followed by the largest deep
                                                                 stunning intense orange, yellow, red     orange crab apples produced by a
                                                                 and purple autumn colours.               Malus variety.

                                   Malus                                           Malus                                    Malus
Ornamental Trees

                            Direktoer Moerland                                    Evereste                            Golden Hornet

                   MM106       5038057000822         12m/8m      MM106       5038057000839        5m/4m   MM106       5038057000853         5m/4m
                   A disease resistant variety, very             Free flowering with large soft pink to   Small tree with white flowers which
                   similar to Profusion but slightly more        white flowers in April and May. Small    are followed by large crop of bright
                   vigorous. Good autumn colour.                 red partially lobed leaves and yellow    yellow fruits that are retained late into
                                                                 fruits which last into winter months.    winter. This is one of the best crab
                                                                                                          apples for general planting.

  18                               Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                 Barcode      Height/Spread in 20 years
Malus x robusta Fruitilicious
A truly outstanding introduction from an
unknown source by New Place Nurseries.
Originating in Norfolk, this small to medium
sized tree has large, single white flowers
tinged pink that open in late April or early May.
These are followed in September by clusters
of huge deep red oval-shaped fruit which
persist well into December before the birds
can resist them no longer! Excellent for
making crab apple jelly and attracting both
bees and birds to gardens.

5m x 4m in 20 years.

                                                    Ornamental Trees

                                  Malus                                           Malus                                      Malus

                                Gorgeous                                        Harry Baker                             John Downie

                   MM106      5038057012955          5m/4m      MM106       5038057007623        5m/3m     MM106       5038057000860        5m/3m
                   Large, narrow white flowers with a           Very large, deep pink flowers with         Small tree with white flowers
                   star shaped appearance that burst            dark green-maroon leaves followed          which are followed by large conical
                   open from pink buds in spring. The           by large ruby red fruit with pink flesh,   bright orange and red fruits with a
                   flowers are followed by glossy, red-         borne on the tree well into October.       refreshing flavour. This is one of the
                   orange crab apple fruits produced in         Great variety for crab apple jelly.        most popular varieties for crab apple
                   abundance in autumn.                                                                    jelly.

                                  Malus                                           Malus                                      Malus

                             Neville Copeman                                    Pink Glow                                 Prairie Fire

                   MM106      5038057000877          5m/4m      MM106       5038057003878        5m/4m     MM106       5038057012979        5m/6m
                   Small tree with green leaves that are        Small tree with white flowers which        New to the range for this year. A
                   tinted purple in summer. The flowers         are followed by large, bright pink,        lovely, small, upright tree with vibrant
                   are light purple in colour and are           plum-like fruits.                          pink single flowers. Shiny, dark
                   followed by a mass of large conical                                                     purple-green narrow leaves with
                   orange-red fruits.                                                                      small purple fruit in autumn.

                                  Malus                                           Malus                                      Malus
Ornamental Trees

                                 Profusion                                       Red Jade                                Red Sentinel

                   MM106      5038057000891          5m/4m      MM106       5038057000907        3m/3m       M7        5038057000914        5m/4m
                   Coppery young foliage which is               A small tree with a weeping habit.         Medium sized tree. Single white
                   followed by a profusion of wine-red          Young leaves are bright green in           flowers appear in spring. The large
                   flowers and small deep red fruits.           colour. The flowers are white and          clusters of deep red fruits remain
                                                                pink, followed by small red fruits         throughout the winter, making this
                                                                which last late into the season.           variety one of the best for fruiting.

  20                              Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                 Barcode        Height/Spread in 20 years
Malus Wedding Bouquet
A beautiful variety with long, pointed, dark
green leaves and an abundance of shell-
shaped ivory flowers in May. One of the best
flowering Malus varieties. Clusters of small,
dark red fruits stay on the tree into the winter.

4m x 3m in 20 years.

                                                    Ornamental Trees

Malus, Metasequoia, Morus
                                           Malus                                           Malus                                      Malus

                                        Royal Beauty                                       Royalty                                  Sun Rival

                            MM106      5038057000938          3m/3m      MM106       5038057000945        4m/3m     MM106       5038057000952       3m/3m
                            Small, weeping tree with reddish-            Glossy purple-red leaves with              A disease resistant weeping tree.
                            purple young leaves, remaining               crimson flowers and wine-red fruits.       Flowers pink in bud opening to white,
                            purple beneath but maturing to dark                                                     followed by small bright red fruits.
                            green above. Wine-red fruits follow
                            purplish-red flowers.

                                           Malus                                           Malus                                      Malus

                                     Toringo Scarlett (P)                          Wedding Bouquet                                 White Star

                            MM106      5038057013273          4m/4m      MM106       5038057012658        4m/3m     MM106       5038057000990       6m/4m
                            Rich pink blossoms contrast                  A beautiful variety with long, pointed,    Compact, disease resistant tree.
                            perfectly with the new purple, deeply        dark green leaves and an abundance         Unusual star shaped white flowers,
                            lobed leaves. Leaves turn a bronze-          of shell-shaped ivory flowers in May.      followed by persistent golden fruits.
                            green colour in summer, then in              One of the best flowering Malus
                            autumn they produce a dazzling               varieties. Clusters of small, dark red
                            display of scarlet and purple tints.         fruits stay on the tree into the winter.

                            Metasequoia                                                                             Morus
                                    Metasequoia glypto.                                  Metasequoia                              Morus nigra
Ornamental Trees

                                          Goldrush                                  Amber Glow (P)                                 Wellington

                                       5038057003199          8m/4m                  5038057013280        5m/3m                 5038057001010      12m/8m
                            A lovely golden leaved form of               Bright golden foliage with hints of        Black Mulberry. A slow growing tree
                            the Dawn Redwood. The delicate               burgundy in spring and attractive          with wide-spreading head. Large,
                            leaves remain golden throughout              orange colour in autumn. The foliage       heart shaped leaves show off the
                            the summer before turning brilliant          holds up well in the heat and doesn’t      dark black-red edible fruits produced
                            orange with golden tints in autumn.          burn in full sun. Plants maintain a        in late summer.
                                                                         dense, pyramidal habit.

    22                                     Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                 Barcode        Height/Spread in 20 years
Parrotia, Photinia, Prunus
                         Parrotia                                   Photinia
            Parrotia persica                        Photinia x fraseri                       Photinia x fraseri

                                                       Louise (P)                               Red Robin

            5038057004318      6m/4m                 5038057010876       2m/1m                5038057001867       2m/1m
A large shrub or small tree with        Variegated young shoots with pink        Commonly produced as a shrub, we
wide-spreading habit and grey flaking   and rosy-red markings. Leaves            produce this variety as a tree with
bark. The large, green, oval leaves     mature to green, cream and purple-       a clear stem. Makes an evergreen
turn crimson and gold in autumn.        pink variegation. Provides all year      feature in the winter and shows
Delicate, almost inconspicious          round interest - more compact            its stunning, bright burgundy new
crimson flowers in late winter.         growing than Pink Marble.                growth in the spring.

             Prunus avium                           Prunus cerasifera                        Prunus cerasifera

                 Plena                               Pissardii Nigra                           Spring Glow

 Colt       5038057001072      8m/8m    Myro/St J    5038057001102       5m/4m   Myro/St J    5038057001126       5m/4m
Spreading habit. Masses of              Very dark purple leaves and stems        Clusters of large, single pink flowers
drooping, double white flowers in mid   with pale pink flowers in March and      against coppery-bronze foliage.
to late spring. Good autumn colour.     April.

             Prunus dulcis                           Prunus incisa                           Prunus kurilensis
                                                                                                                             Ornamental Trees

                                                       The Bride                                  Brilliant

Myro/St J   5038057003847      6m/6m       Colt      5038057012689       4m/4m     Colt       5038057004363       2.5/2.5m
The Common Almond. A small tree         A pure white profuse flowering Fuji      A compact, upright, large shrub or
with lanceolate pointed leaves. Large   Cherry tree. A lovely delicate, dense    small tree suitable for patio growing.
pink flowers produced during March.     and shrubby tree, perfect for small      Bright, showy white flowers produce
Can be susceptible to leaf curl.        gardens. Pale pink in bud. Bright        a stunning display in early April.
                                        red flower anthers stand out against
                                        white petals.

                               Prunus lusitanica                            Prunus lusitanica                             Prunus serrula


                                5038057004370         1.5/1.5m                5038057007647        1.5/1.5m     Colt      5038057001263       5m/4m
                   Smaller, slender leaves that the               The Portugal Laurel. A small to             Smooth reddish-brown bark that
                   species form, with a neat, conical,            medium sized evergreen tree with            peels away to leave rich colour
                   upright growing habit.                         ovate, dark green leaves which have         beneath. Small white flowers.
                                                                  reddish petioles. Scented small
                                                                  white flowers formed in long slender
                                                                  racemes in June and July.

                               Prunus subhirtella                           Prunus subhirtella                          Prunus subhirtella

                                  Autumnalis                                Autumnalis Rosea                              Pendula Rubra

                     Colt       5038057001317          4m/4m       Colt       5038057001324         4m/4m       Colt      5038057004738       3m/3m
                   A small tree with semi-double white            A small tree with semi-double,              Compact weeping tree with a
                   flowers from November to March on              pale pink flowers from November to          profusion of semi-double rose
                   the bare branches.                             March on the bare branches.                 coloured flowers.

                               Prunus x blireana                             Prunus x hillieri                         Prunus x yedoensis
Ornamental Trees

                                                                                  Spire                                  Shidare-yoshino

                   Myro/St J    5038057001089          5m/3m       Colt       5038057001157        10m/7m       Colt      5038057001393       4m/3m
                   Rich coppery-purple leaf colour                Excellent small tree. Leaves with           Weeping habit. Almond scented,
                   holds over the summer with double,             rich autumn tint and soft pink single       single blush-white flowers.
                   slightly fragrant, rose-pink flowers.          flowers.

  24                                Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                  Barcode        Height/Spread in 20 years
                Prunus                                   Prunus                                     Prunus

              Accolade                                Amanogawa                                 Chocolate Ice

 Colt       5038057001058        6m/4m    Colt       5038057001065        6m/2m       Colt      5038057004356        4m/4m
Profusion of rich pink, semi-double      A small tree of columnar habit which       An attractive small tree with an
flowers arranged in pendulous            is ideally suited for smaller gardens.     upright growing habit and deep
clusters in early spring.                Upright clusters of semi-double shell-     coppery-brown young leaves that
                                         pink flowers in mid to late season.        help to show off the large, single
                                                                                    blush-white flowers which form
                                                                                    during April.

                Prunus                                   Prunus                                     Prunus

           Fragrant Cloud                              Jacqueline                                  Kanzan

 Colt       5038057003809        6m/4m               5038057013440        6m/4m      Colt       5038057001171        3m/3m
A strong, upright growing variety        Stunning pink blossoms in April and        Stiffly ascending branches. Showy
with large clusters of richly scented,   outstanding autumn colour. With            large double pink flowers are in
semi-double white flowers which          its upright, graceful habit it will be     abundance in late April.
are formed during May and will turn      a feature in any medium to large
pinkish with age.                        garden.

                Prunus                                   Prunus                                     Prunus
                                                                                                                             Ornamental Trees

         Kiku-shidare Sakura             Kiku-shidare Sakura TW 150cm stem                          Kursar

  Colt      5038057001188        3m/3m     Colt      5038057001195       2.5/2.5m    Colt       5038057001201        3m/3m
A small tree with pendulous              As Kiku-shidare Sakura with 150cm          Reddish-bronze young leaves with
branches, very attractive when           stem top worked.                           rich, deep pink flowers and brilliant
covered with the clear, deep pink,                                                  orange leaves throughout autumn.
double flowers. The young leaves
are bronze-green turning to glossy

                   Prunus Jacqueline
                   A relatively new flowering cherry introduction
                   which features stunning pink blossoms in April
                   and outstanding autumn colours. With its
                   upright, graceful habit it will be a feature in any
                   medium to large garden.

                   6m x 4m in 20 years.
Ornamental Trees

  26                          Plant Breeders Rights apply   Root Stock   Barcode   Height/Spread in 20 years
               Prunus                                 Prunus                                   Prunus

               Okame                                 Pandora                               Pink Perfection

 Colt       5038057001218     4m/4m     Colt      5038057001225       5m/3m      Colt      5038057001232       3m/3m
Excellent small tree. Masses of        Upright habit, spreading with age.       Bronze young leaves. Double,
carmine-rose flowers throughout        Bronze young leaves, orange-red in       rose-pink flowers appearing in long
March. Very attractive autumn          autumn with single pink flowers.         clusters.

               Prunus                                 Prunus                                   Prunus

              Princess                           Royal Burgundy                           Royal Flame (P)

Myro/St J   5038057012672     3m/3m     Colt      5038057001249       5m/3m       Colt     5038057013556       5m/3m
The branches are covered in clusters   A purple sport of Prunus Kanzan.         Fully covered with pure white,
of pale pink flowers all through       Deep purple foliage during summer,       fragrant flowers in early spring and
spring. The oval-shaped green          turning a nice shade of bronze in        bronze-coloured young foliage which
leaves contrast with the smooth,       autumn. Double pink flowers in May.      matures to a bright green in summer.
glossy deep brown bark. It also has    Less vigorous than Kanzan.               Has upright growth with a pyramidal,
edible plums.                                                                   uniformly branched crown.

               Prunus                                 Prunus                                   Prunus
                                                                                                                       Ornamental Trees

             Shirofugen                              Shirotae                                Shogetsu

 Colt       5038057001287     6m/6m     Colt      5038057001294       4m/5m       Colt     5038057001270       4m/6m
Coppery young leaves. Flowers pink     Vigorous tree, slightly drooping         The ‘Blushing Bride’ has large, pure
in bud opening to double white and     branches. Distinctly fringed leaves.     white, double flowers, pink in bud.
then turning pink.                     Large, fragrant, single to semi-double   Stunning orange-red autumn colour.
                                       white flowers appear in long clusters.   Fantastic elegant spreading habit.

                   Prunus Princess
                   A truly pretty tree perfect for small to medium
                   gardens, the branches are covered in clusters
                   of pale pink flowers all through the spring.
                   The oval-shaped green leaves contrast with
                   the smooth, glossy deep brown bark. Lovely
                   autumn colour complimented by edible plums.

                   3m x 3m in 20 years.
Ornamental Trees

  28                         Plant Breeders Rights apply   Root Stock   Barcode   Height/Spread in 20 years
Prunus Snow Showers
(Hillings Weeping)
A beautiful small weeping tree suitable for
small gardens. Masses of single white flowers
clothe the pendulous branches in late March
and early April. Rich autumn foliage colour.
Very popular with bees!

3m x 3m in 20 years.

                                                Ornamental Trees

Prunus, Pyrus, Quercus, Robinia
                                                   Prunus                                         Prunus                                      Prunus

                                               Snow Showers                                       Tai Haku                                     Ukon

                                    Colt       5038057004394          3m/3m        Colt       5038057001355          6m/5m    Colt       5038057001386       5m/4m
                                  A beautiful small weeping tree                 Very large, single white flowers show       Spreading habit with semi-double
                                  suitable for small gardens. Masses             up well against the copper coloured         pale yellow-green flowers. The
                                  of single white flowers clothe the             young foliage in mid April.                 young foliage is a brownish-bronze.
                                  pendulous branches in late March
                                  and early April. Rich autumn foliage

                                  Pyrus                                                                                      Quercus
                                               Pyrus calleryana                               Pyrus salicifolia                            Quercus ilex

                                                 Chanticleer                                      Pendula

                                  Calleryana   5038057007654          5m/3m      Calleryana   5038057001409          4m/4m               5038057001416      10m/6m
                                  A narrow, pyramidal growing habit              The Weeping Pear. Silver, willow-           Evergreen Oak or Holm Oak. A large
                                  with glossy green leaves which turn            like leaves on pendulous branches.          but slow growing tree with attractive
                                  shades of purple and red during                Small white flowers produced in April       bark. Leathery, dark green glossy
                                  autumn. Masses of white flowers are            and May.                                    leaves. Thrives in coastal areas.
                                  formed during March and April.

                                                Quercus robur                                 Quercus rubra                          Robinia pseudoacacia
 Ornamental Trees


                                               5038057001423         10m/6m                   5038057001430         10m/8m               5038057001447       8m/4m
                                  Common or English Oak. A slow                  The Red Oak. Large, oval, lobed             A small to medium sized tree with
                                  growing, but ultimately large and              leaves turn red and finally brown           leaves that are a rich golden yellow
                                  long-lived tree. Leaves shallowly              before falling in autumn.                   from spring to autumn.
                                  lobed with numerous fruits or acorns
                                  in the autumn.

     30                                            Plant Breeders Rights apply       Root Stock                   Barcode      Height/Spread in 20 years
Robinia, Salix
        Robinia x margaretta                      Robinia x slavinii                            Salix alba

            Pink Cascade                               Hillieri                                 Britzensis

           5038057001942        7m/4m              5038057001454       6m/4m                 5038057001478       10m/8m
A small to medium sized tree with       Delicate green leaves with racemes        Most conspicuous in the winter when
leaves that are a rich golden yellow    of lilac-pink flowers which appear        the branches are brilliant scarlet-
from spring to autumn.                  in early summer and are slightly          orange and show up well.

            Salix caprea                            Salix caprea                            Salix chrysocoma

      Pendula TW 120cm stem                  Pendula TW 150cm stem

           5038057001492        2m/2m              5038057001485       2.5/2.5m              5038057001508       8m/6m
The Kilmarnock Willow. A small,         As the Pendula TW 120cm stem but          A beautiful medium sized, wide-
umbrella-like tree with stiffly         with a 150cm stem top worked.             spreading, weeping tree. The bark is
pendulous branches. Attractive                                                    a golden yellow colour and contrasts
silvery catkins studded with golden                                               well with the lime green leaves.
anthers in the late winter. Top                                                   Catkins appear with the leaves in late
worked onto a bare S. caprea stem.                                                April.

          Salix matsudana                          Salix purpurea                                 Salix
                                                                                                                           Ornamental Trees

              Tortuosa                       Pendula TW 150cm stem                           Erythroflexuosa

           5038057001522        6m/4m              5038057001553       3.5/2.5m              5038057001515       5m/3m
An unusual feathered form of tree       An attractive form with long,             A small tree with vigorous orange-
with branches which are both twisted    pendulous purple branches and             yellow shoots that are twisted and
and contorted. Ideal for damp           narrow blue-green leaves. 150cm           contorted, as are the narrow leaves.
conditions.                             stem top worked.

Salix, Sambucus, Sorbus
                          Salix                                                                                   Sambucus
                                          Salix                                           Salix                              Sambucus nigra

                                 Nishiki TW 120cm stem                        Nishiki TW 150cm stem                            Black Lace (P)

                                     5038057001546          2m/2m                  5038057001539       2.5/2.5m               5038057005414          1.5/1.5m
                          Top worked onto a 120cm stem. Red            As the Nishiki TW 120cm stem but           Deep burgundy-black, deeply
                          stems contrast against the cream             with a 150cm stem top worked.              dissected foliage from spring to
                          and pink variegated foliage.                                                            autumn with creamy-pink flower
                                                                                                                  buds that open to flat heads of small
                                                                                                                  creamy-pink flowers in early summer.
                                                                                                                  Purple-black berries follow.

                                    Sambucus nigra                                     Sorbus aria                          Sorbus aucuparia

                                    Golden Tower (P)                                   Lutescens                                Asplenifolia

                                     5038057013303         1.5m/1m                 5038057001560        6m/3m                 5038057001584          6m/3m
                          An elegant, narrow upright growth            ‘Whitebeam’. Upper surface of              An elegant tree with fern-like foliage
                          with showy, yellow-green foliage.            the leaves is covered by a dense           that turns bright red in autumn. Red
                          The leaves have a gorgeous, deeply           creamy-white tomentum, which               berries form in large bunches in
                          incised shape. Pretty white flower           becomes grey-green by late summer.         autumn.
                          clusters appear in summer.                   Deep red fruits are formed later in the

                                    Sorbus aucuparia                             Sorbus aucuparia                           Sorbus aucuparia
Ornamental Trees

                                     Cardinal Royal                                Chinese Lace                            Sheerwater Seedling

                                     5038057001591         15m/7m                  5038057001607        5m/4m                 5038057001614          6m/3m
                          Narrow, upright habit. Dark green            Upright habit. Deeply dissected            A compact, upright tree with
                          leaves, silvery beneath, changing to         leaves turning red-purple in autumn.       ascending branches and large
                          red in the autumn. Clusters of bright        Dark red fruits.                           clusters of orange-red fruits in
                          red fruits.                                                                             autumn.

   32                                    Plant Breeders Rights apply      Root Stock                 Barcode        Height/Spread in 20 years
Sorbus commixta Olympic Flame
A superb selection of Sorbus Dodong, with large
shiny green foliage which turns an amazing
brilliant orange-red colour in autumn. Creamy-
white flowers followed by orange-red berries.

6m x 4m in 20 years.

                                                  Ornamental Trees

                             Sorbus aucuparia                              Sorbus cashmiriana                      Sorbus commixta

                                                                                                                     Olympic Flame

                               5038057001577          6m/4m                   5038057001621      4m/3m               5038057010883       6m/4m
                   Small to medium sized native Rowan.           A slow growing, beautiful small tree    A superb selection of Sorbus
                   The mid green leaves turn yellow              with an open growing habit and dark     Dodong, with large shiny green
                   or red in autumn. Bright red fruits,          green leaves. Soft pink flowers in      foliage which turns an amazing
                   generally in large clusters, are formed       May and June, followed by pure          brilliant orange-red colour in autumn.
                   in autumn.                                    white berries which hang in drooping    Creamy-white flowers followed by
                                                                 clusters beneath the branches.          orange-red berries.

                            Sorbus hupehensis                              Sorbus hupehensis                        Sorbus vilmorinii

                               Pink Pagoda

                               5038057001652          6m/3m                   5038057001645      6m/4m               5038057001690       4m/4m
                   The delicate blue-green foliage turns         Compact head, open habit. Blue-         Small tree with arching branches
                   to red in autumn whilst the pink              green leaves turning red in autumn.     and deeply dissected foliage that
                   berries pale to white.                        White berries with pink tinge.          changes to red-purple in autumn.

                                                            Sorbus                                                        Sorbus
Ornamental Trees

                                                      Autumn Spire (P)                                                Joseph Rock

                                                        5038057001911                            4m/1m               5038057001669       6m/4m
                   Raised from a seedling of Joseph Rock. It has an upright habit and produces           Outstanding small tree, with excellent
                   yellow-orange berries in the autumn, which contrast well with beautiful autumn        autumn colour. The creamy-yellow
                   leaf colours.                                                                         fruits turn amber-yellow.

  34                               Plant Breeders Rights apply       Root Stock               Barcode      Height/Spread in 20 years
Sorbus Autumn Spire
Raised from a seedling of Joseph Rock. It has
an upright habit and produces yellow-orange
berries in the autumn, which contrast well with
beautiful autumn leaf colours.

4m x 1m in 20 years.

                                                  Ornamental Trees

Tree Size Guide
                   An easy guide to what we feel are the best trees for different garden sizes
                   Trees for the smaller garden                              Sorbus cashmiriana
                   Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissima                       Sorbus hupehensis
                   Amelanchier x grandiflora Ballerina                       Sorbus Joseph Rock
                   Arbutus unedo
                   Catalpa bignonoides Aurea                                 Trees for medium to large gardens
                   Catalpa erubescens Purpurea                               Acacia Gaulois Astier
                   Ceanothus Trewithen Blue                                  Acer campestre
                   Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy                            Acer davidii Viper
                   Cercis canadensis Ruby Falls                              Acer platanoides Crimson King
                   Cercis chinensis Avondale                                 Acer platanoides Crimson Sentry
                   Cercis siliquastrum Bodnant                               Acer platanoides Drummondii
                   Cotoneaster Cornubia                                      Acer platanoides Princeton Gold
                   Cotoneaster Hybridus Pendulus                             Acer rubrum Summer Red
                   Cotoneaster Rothschildianus                               Acer rubrum October Glory
                   Cotoneaster x watereri                                    Acer pseudoplatinus Simon Louis Fre’res
                   Crataegus laevigata Crimson Cloud                         Amelanchier canadensis October Flame
                   Crataegus laevigata Plena                                 Arbutus unedo Rubra
                   Crataegus laevigata Rosea Flora Plena                     Betula albosinensis Fascination
                   Crataegus persimilis Prunifolia                           Betula pendula
                   Crataegus Paul’s Scarlet                                  Betula pendula Dalecarlica
                   Crataegus Rosea Flore Pleno                               Betula pendula Youngii
                   Cytissus battandieri                                      Betula Royal Frost
                   Hoheria sexstylosa Snow White                             Betula Grayswood Ghost
                   Ilex altaclarensis Golden King                            Betula utilis var . Jacquemontii
                   Ilex aquifolium Argentia Marginata                        Betula utilis Snow Queen
                   Ilex aquifolium J.C. Van Tol                              Carpinus betulus Fastigiata
                   Ilex aquifolium Madame Briot                              Crataegus persimilis Prunifolia
                   Magnolia Genie                                            Eucalyptus niphophylla
                   Magnolia Heaven Scent                                     Eucalyptus gunnii Azura
                   Magnolia Star Wars                                        Eucalyptus gunnii Silverana
                   Magnolia Yellow Bird                                      Euonymus europaeus Red Cascade
                   Malus Crimson Cascade                                     Exochorda serratifolia Snow White
                   Malus Direktoer Moerland                                  Fagus sylvatica
                   Malus Evereste                                            Fagus sylvatica Purpurea
                   Malus floribunda                                          Ginkgo biloba
                   Malus Golden Hornet                                       Gleditsia triacanthos Sunburst
                   Malus Gorgeous                                            Juglans regia
                   Malus Harry Baker                                         Liriodendron tulipifera
                   Malus John Downie                                         Liquidambar Lane Roberts
                   Malus Neville Copeman                                     Liquidambar Worplesdon
                   Malus Pink Glow                                           Malus tschonoskii
                   Malus Prairie Fire                                        Metasequoia Amber Glow
                   Malus Profusion                                           Metasequoia glypto. Goldrush
                   Malus Red Jade                                            Morus nigra
                   Malus Red Sentinel                                        Prunus avium Plena
                   Malus Royal Beauty                                        Prunus cerasifer Pissardii Nigra
                   Malus Royalty                                             Prunus cerasifer Spring Glow
                   Malus Sun Rival                                           Prunus Brilliant
                   Malus Toringo Scarlet                                     Prunus dulcis
                   Malus Wedding Bouquet                                     Prunus Kanzan
                   Malus White Star                                          Prunus lusitanica
                   Malus x robusta Fruitilicious                             Prunus Myrtifolia
                   Parrotia persica                                          Prunus Pendula Rubra
Ornamental Trees

                   Photinia Red Robin                                        Prunus Royal Burgundy
                   Prunus Accolade                                           Prunus serrula
                   Prunus Amanogawa                                          Prunus Shirofugen
                   Prunus cerasifera Princess                                Prunus Shirotae
                   Prunus Kiku Shidare Sakura                                Prunus Tai Haku
                   Prunus Kursar                                             Prunus The Bride
                   Prunus lusitanica Myrtifolia                              Prunus Ukon
                   Prunus Okame                                              Quercus robur
                   Prunus Pink Perfection                                    Quercus rubra
                   Prunus Snow Showers                                       Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia
                   Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis                             Salix Britzensis
                   Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea                       Sorbus aria Lutescens
                   Pyrus salicifolia Pendula                                 Sorbus aucuparia
                   Robinia x slavinii Hillieri                               Sorbus aucuparia Asplenifolia
                   Sambucus nigra Black Lace                                 Sorbus aucuparia Sheerwater Seedling
                   Sambucus nigra Golden Tower
  36                              Plant Breeders Rights apply   Root Stock          Barcode        Height/Spread in 20 years
Tree Size Guide   Ornamental Trees


                                                      Apple Ellisons Orange
Fruit Trees

              Peach Me Red                            Plum Victoria

 38              Plant Breeders Rights apply   Root Stock              Barcode   Height
Fruit Trees
With over 40 years experience at our New
Place Nurseries site, we are proud to offer a
comprehensive range of high quality fruit trees
using certified stocks.

This Includes Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums and
Damsons. Look out for the amazing Peach Me
Red; its innovative rootstock ensures you can
enjoy a full crop of Peaches even when growing
in a container.

Our range now features many trees produced
on dwarf or semi-dwarfing rootstocks which
are more suited to small and medium gardens.
Keep an eye out for the M26 (semi-dwarf), M27
(very dwarf) rootstocks and the Starline range of
Apples which produces fruit on a Pillar tree.

                                                    Fruit Trees

              Apple Rootstocks and Pollination Guide
              MM106 - Semi Vigorous                                                         Pollination Group 1
              Suitable for most soils and exposed sites. Ultimate height                    Very early, pollinated by groups one and two.
              around 3.5m in ten years.
                                                                                            Pollination Group 2
              M26 - Semi Dwarf                                                              Pollinated by groups one, two and three.
              Good for restricted spaces, requires staking. Ultimate height
              2.5m in ten years.                                                            Pollination Group 3
                                                                                            Pollinated by groups two, three and four.
              M27 - Dwarf
              Ideal for small gardens or tub culture, requires staking. Ultimate            Pollination Group 4
              height less than 2m in ten years.                                             Pollinated by groups three, four and five.

              A2 - Very Dwarf                                                               Pollination Group 5
              Ideal for very small gardens and container growing trees.                     Pollinated by groups four, five and six.
              Ultimate height 1-2m in ten years.
                                                                                            Pollination Group 6
              Half Standard                                                                 Pollinated by groups five, six and seven.
              Usually grown on an MM106 rootstock, grown with a clear stem
              and formed head. Ultimate height 3.5-4m in 10 years.                          Pollination Group 7
                                                                                            Very late, pollinated by group six.

              Blenheim Orange
              Eater / cooker. Yellow-gold                     M26      5038057011187      2.5m
              with an orange flesh coloured
              fruit with a nutty flavour. Good
              dual-purpose apple with mid-                   MM106     5038057002000       4m
              season flowering. Harvest in

              Pollination group 3

              Eater / cooker. Pale green                      M26      5038057011194      2.5m
              to yellow fruits which are
              soft and juicy and give great
              dual purpose use. Ideal
Fruit Trees

                                                             MM106     5038057002017      3.5m
              for the smaller garden if
              Bramley is too large. Mid
              season flowering. Harvest in

              Pollination group 3

 40                            Plant Breeders Rights apply     Root Stock              Barcode                 Height
                                                    Apple Braeburn
 M26       5038057007722   2.5m             Eater. Red-striped fruit
                                       with a red blush on a yellow
                                     background. A New Zealand
MM106      5038057002949   3.5m         variety with crisp aromatic
                                        fruit. Requires a sheltered
                                              position. Mid-season
                                     flowering, harvest in October.


                                                   Bramley Seedling
MM106      5038057005537   3.5-4m       Cooker. Green to greenish-
                                    yellow coloured fruit. Probably
                                             the best known cooking
 M26       5038057002192    3m           apple around, with a strong
                                        tart flavour ideal for culinary
                                        uses and cider. Mid-season
 M27       5038057005513   2-3m      flowering. Harvest in October.

MM106      5038057002024   3.5m

                                         Cox’s Orange Pippin SF
MM106      5038057005698   3.5-4m        Eater. Orange flush over
                                    greenish-yellow coloured fruit.
                                    An outstanding tree producing
                                    the quality fruit that you would
                                                                          Fruit Trees

 M26       5038057002208   2.5-3m
                                    expect from a Cox. Harvest in
                                       October. Particularly good
 M27       5038057002277    2m                              for juice.

                                                 Pollination group 3
MM106      5038057002031   3.5-4m

              Eater. Bright scarlet-red                    M26      5038057002215      2.5m
              fruit. Crisp and juicy with a
              sweet flavour which slightly
              resembles strawberry. Early                 MM106     5038057002048      3-4m
              season flowering with
              good disease resistance.
              Particularly good for juice.
              Haverst in August.

              Pollination group 3

              Egremont Russet
              Eater. Golden russet with                    M26      5038057002222      2.5m
              creamy-yellow flesh. Has
              a firm texture with a sweet
              nutty flavour. Early season                  M27      5038057009399       2m
              flowering. Harvest in October.

              Pollination group 3                         MM106     5038057002055      3.5m

              Ellisons Orange
              Eater. Greenish-yellow striped               M26      5038057011200      2.5m
              red fruits, very juicy with a
              slight taste of aniseed after
              picking. Good resistance to
Fruit Trees

                                                          MM106     5038057004547      3.5m
              scab. Mid season flowering.
              Harvest in October.

              Pollination group 3

 42                         Plant Breeders Rights apply     Root Stock              Barcode   Height
                                                         Fiesta ®
 M26       5038057011217   2.5m         Eater. Cox-like fruit with
                                       a rich, sweet flavour. Mid
                                    season flowering. Harvest in
MM106      5038057002154   3.5m                          October.

                                              Pollination group 4

                                                 Golden Delicious
MM106      5038057005544   3.5-4m       Eater / cooker. Greenish-
                                      yellow fruit that turn golden
                                         as they ripen. Very crisp
 M26       5038057002239   2.5m     fruit with sweet flavour. Late
                                     season flowering, harvest in
MM106      5038057002062   3.5m
                                              Pollination group 4

                                                    James Grieve
MM106      5038057005551   3.5-4m   Eater / cooker. The fruit has
                                     red flush stripes over a pale
                                      green colour. Large, sweet
                                    and very juicy. A very heavy
                                                                      Fruit Trees

 M26       5038057002246   2.5m
                                        cropper with mid season
                                              flowering. Harvest
 M27       5038057002314    2m                      in September.

                                              Pollination group 3
MM106      5038057002086   3.5m

              Eater. A red fruit which is                  M26      5038057007739      2.5m
              flushed with golden-yellow.
              This is a large apple with a
              sweet, juicy flavour. Has a                 MM106     5038057002093      3.5m
              vigorous growing habit and
              requires two pollinators. Late
              season flowering. Harvest in

              Pollination group 4

              Jupiter ®
              Eater. Yellow and red striped                M26      5038057007746      2.5m
              fruit with a rich, sweet
              flavour, similar to Cox. A
              strong growing variety with                 MM106     5038057002109      3.5m
              heavy cropping. Mid season
              flowering. Harvest in October.

              Pollination group 4

              Eater. Bright scarlet-red                    M26      5038057011224      2.5m
              fruit. Very good flavour, often
              used for making apple juice.
              Produces a heavy crop.
Fruit Trees

                                                          MM106     5038057002116      3.5m

              Pollination group 3

 44                         Plant Breeders Rights apply     Root Stock              Barcode   Height
                                               Kidd’s Orange Red
 M26       5038057007753   2.5m     Eater. Yellow and red striped
                                     fruit. A crisp, aromatic apple
                                         with a sweet, juicy flavour
MM106      5038057002963   3.5m        perfect for juice. Has good
                                       disease resistance and well
                                    suited to northern areas. Mid
                                        season flowering. Harvest
                                                         in October.

                                               Pollination group 3

                                                 Laxton’s Superb
MM106      5038057005568    4m       Eater. The fruit has a purple
                                        flush and red stripes over
                                     greenish-yellow. Sweet and
 M26       5038057002857   2.5m     aromatic flavour. Crops very
                                       heavily, but often biennial.
                                           Late season flowering.
 M27       5038057002321   1.5-2m   Harvest in November. A very
                                              understated variety.

MM106      5038057002123   3.5m                Pollination group 4

 M26       5038057011231   2.5m     Eater. An excellent, compact,
                                          disease resistant variety.
                                       Heavy cropping, the fruit is
                                      yellow, crisp and refreshing,
                                                                       Fruit Trees

MM106      5038057004622   3.5m
                                       perfect for juice. Picked in
                                    September can be eaten until

                                               Pollination group 3

              Lord Lambourne
              Eater. Bright red fruit with                 M26      5038057007760      2.5m
              green-yellow stripes. A juicy
              and mellow flavour with a hint
              of strawberry, perfect for juice.           MM106     5038057002130      3.5m
              A reliable cropper, mid season
              flowering. Harvest in October.

              Pollination group 2

              Eater. Yellow with red stripes               M26      5038057007777      2.5m
              and orange-red flush. A heavy
              cropping, disease resistant
              variety with small apples which             MM106     5038057002987      3.5m
              are ideal for children. Mid to
              late season flowering. Harvest
              in October.

              Pollination group 4

              Red Devil
              Eater. Scarlet coloured fruit                M26      5038057007784      2.5m
              with red stained flesh when
              ripe. Has a sweet, fruity,
              strawberry-like taste and
Fruit Trees

                                                          MM106     5038057002147      3.5m
              makes a good pink coloured
              juice when pressed. Mid
              season flowering. Harvest in

              Pollination group 3

 46                         Plant Breeders Rights apply     Root Stock              Barcode   Height
                                                        Red Falstaff ®
 M26       5038057007791   2.5m             Eater. Red coloured fruit.
                                           A very heavy fruiting, self-
                                        fertile variety with good frost
 M27       5038057009993   1.5-2m   resistance and crisp, juicy, well
                                         flavoured fruit. Mid season
                                      flowering, harvest in October.
MM106      5038057002994   3.5m
                                                 Pollination group 3

                                                      Scrumptious ®
MM106      5038057005575   3-4m        Eater. A mid season variety
                                       that is disease resistant and
                                         self-fertile. Suitable for all
 M26       5038057007807   2.5m      areas of the UK. The fruit has
                                      excellent flavour, is crisp and
                                      sweet. Picked in September,
 M27       5038057010005   1.5-2m       can be eaten until October.

                                                 Pollination group 3
MM106      5038057004677   3.5m

 M26       5038057011248   2.5m     Eater. Dark plum-red coloured
                                       fruit. Crisp and juicy flavour
                                          wih white flesh. A reliable
                                        heavy cropper. Mid season
                                                                          Fruit Trees

MM106      5038057002161   3.5m
                                    flowering. Harvest in October.

                                                 Pollination group 3

              Apple Sunset
              Sunset is a popular Cox-style apple, which
              we recommend as one of the best alternatives
              to Cox’s Orange Pippin, as it is much easier
              to grow. The parentage is not known but it is
              almost certainly a seedling of Cox. Disease
              resistance is far better, cropping is reliable and
              it is self-fertile.

              The flavour is balanced and sweet, with
              many aromatic qualities. Sunset also has the
              attractive orange flush so characteristic of Cox
              and other traditional English apples. Harvest
              in mid September.
Fruit Trees

 48                      Plant Breeders Rights apply   Root Stock   Barcode   Height
 M26    5038057002253   2.5-3m   Eater. The fruit has red stripes
                                 and an orange flush over gold.
                                  Has a very crisp, rich flavour.
 M27    5038057009405   1.5-2m   Mid season flowering. Harvest
                                                   in September.

MM106   5038057002178   3.5-4m                Pollination group 3

                                            Worcester Pearmain
 M26    5038057011255   2.5m              Eater. Orange-red fruit
                                     and a juicy flesh which has
                                       a strawberry flavour. Mid
MM106   5038057002185   3.5m          season flowering, a heavy
                                                 cropping variety.

                                             Pollination group 3

                                         Apple - Starline
                                          Starline Blue Moon (P)
 A2     5038057010531    2m          Eater. Heavy cropping with
                                 attractive purple-blue fruit with
                                 a juicy crisp flesh and a sweet/
                                   sharp flavour. Self-fertile and
                                                                     Fruit Trees

                                   resistant to scab and mildew.
                                   Perfect for small gardens and
                                 large containers. Harvest from
                                           August to September.

              Apple Starline Blue Moon (P)
              Eater. Heavy cropping with attractive purple-
              blue fruit with a juicy crisp flesh and a sweet/
              sharp flavour. Self-fertile and resistant to
              scab and mildew. Perfect for small gardens
              and large containers. Harvest from August to

              Starline are a range of slender, compact
              columns that grow on average up to only 2
              metres tall, bearing heavy crops along the
              full length of the stem. Wonderful to see in
              blossom. Plant just 60cm apart.
Fruit Trees

              Starline can be grown in the garden border,
              planted to create a walk through, in rows in a
              mini orchard, as a hedge or in tubs on a patio.
              They are very easy to manage and picking is
              easy. The fruits ripen to perfection and have
              an excellent flavour which becomes stronger
              with more sunshine. Crops can be very heavy
              with an apple capable of producing 30 or
              more full sized fruits for years.

              Perfect for small gardens or large containers.

 50                      Plant Breeders Rights apply   Root Stock   Barcode   Height
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