250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo

250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo
February 9-11
    See Vern Yip of TLC’s
“Trading Spaces” Feb. 9 & 10   Music City Center

                                                   MORE THAN
                                              250 EXPERTS
                                              products and ideas - all
NashvilleHomeAndRemodelingExpo.com                to inspire you!
250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo
250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo

250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo
    WHEN:                    Friday, February 9 – Sunday, February 11
    WHERE:                   Music City Center, Downtown Nashville
                             201 5th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37203
    SHOW                     Friday                 February 9              10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
    TIMES:                   Saturday               February 10             10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
                             Sunday                 February 11             10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    TICKETS:                 $10 – Adult
                             FREE – Children 12 and under
    HERO DAY:                On Friday, Feb. 9 we invite all Active & Retired Military and First Responders to attend
                             the show free of charge with a valid ID at the box office. For your service and sacrifice,
                             we thank you.
    ONLINE:                  Buy online and save $3 with promo code: HOUSE. Online ticket discount courtesy
                             Hermitage Lighting Gallery

                                                      SOCIAL MEDIA
    HOME SHOW:                       Twitter: @HomeShowTN
                                     Facebook: facebook.com/homeandgardenevents
                                     Instagram: @HomeShows
                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 800.395.1350
                                                      OR VISIT

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                                                                                             AVI is your home for Marvin replacement win-
                                                                                             dows and doors. We've been a trusted window
                                                                                             and door resource since 2008, offering hassle-
                                                                                             free consultations, experienced installers and
                                                                                             peace of mind—you will understand your op-
                                                                                             tions and feel confident in your decision. Visit
                                                                                             our showroom in the Cool Springs Village
                                                                                             Shopping Center in Franklin or online at

    NASHVILLE HOME + REM O D EL IN G EXPO 2 0 1 8                           GREATER N A S HVIL L E HO US E & HOME & GARDEN™
250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo

     Fri., February 9                              Presentation Topic                                  Presented By
     12 PM                                           Ms. Cheap                                             Ms. Cheap
     1 PM                                          Love Your Home                                      Bohnne Jones
     2 PM                                             Pool Kings                                  Kyle & Justin Peek
     4 PM                                       ReStore with C'est Moi                           Habitat for Humanity
     5 PM                    What's Your Soul Style? The Key to Creating a Soulful Home            Marcelle Guilbeau
     6 PM                   Design Wise: Essential Elements to Make Your House a Home                         Vern Yip
     Sat., February 10                             Presentation Topic                                  Presented By
     11 AM                                     ReStore with C'est Moi                            Habitat for Humanity
     12 PM                                        Love Your Home                                       Bohnne Jones
     1 PM                   Design Wise: Essential Elements to Make Your House a Home                         Vern Yip
     3 PM                                 Oshi Florals Floral Demonstration                              Ethan Shane
     4 PM                   Design Wise: Essential Elements to Make Your House a Home                         Vern Yip
     6 PM                                            Pool Kings                                   Kyle & Justin Peek
     Sun., February 11                             Presentation Topic                                  Presented By
     11 AM                                           Pool Kings                                   Kyle & Justin Peek
     12 PM                                        Love Your Home                                       Bohnne Jones
     1 PM                                      ReStore with C'est Moi                            Habitat for Humanity
     2 PM                                 Oshi Florals Floral Demonstration                              Ethan Shane
     3 PM                    What's Your Soul Style? The Key to Creating a Soulful Home             Marcelle Gilbeau


GREATER NASHVILL E HO US E & HO M E & GA RD EN ™                             N A S HVIL L E HO M E + REM ODELING EXPO 2018
250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo

    Trading Questions for Answers: Q&A with Trading Spaces Vern Yip
        One room at a time,Vern Yip is designing his way across Amer-        to someone else’s standards
    ica, having knocked down walls and led countless home and                or that their home needs to
    restaurant makeovers during his four seasons on TLC's Trading            reflect the latest trends in the
    Spaces and his more than a decade as one of HGTV’s most recog-           market. That is simply not the
    nizable designers.                                                       case. In my opinion, the best
        In our interview with the well-known and respected interior de-      designed homes reflect the
    signer, we discovered many of Vern’s hidden passions, talents and        homeowner’s nuances, quirks,
    tricks for keeping your home organized and showcasing personal-          passions and differences.
    ity through design.                                                      In order to make your space
    1. What’s one thing we wouldn’t guess about you?                         unique to your personality,
    I am a huge tennis fan. I love watching the sport, playing the           budget and family dynamic,
    sport…really anything that involves the sport piques my interest. I      you must allow yourself the
    once spent the year going to all the grand slam events around the        complete freedom to feel secure about the space in which you are
    world – it was remarkable!                                               living.
    Oh, and I also have a big passion for fine art photography. I know       5. What are your best small space living hacks?
    everything that is happening in that world!                              My answer is two-fold:
    2. What’s are two common mistakes homeowners make                           1. From an aesthetic standpoint, buy the largest mirror you can
    when they take on a home improvement project them-                          possibly fit on the wall opposite your window wall. It makes a
    selves?                                                                     singular statement with double the view. The mirror adds space,
    First of all, homeowners often don’t take the time to plan out their        makes the room feel bigger and takes all that natural light and
    project. From measuring their space to calculating their budget, I          bounces it back into the room.
    find that many homeowners tackle a project before they have done            2. From a functional perspective, find furniture that is multi-pur-
    their research and due diligence. I understand and respect that it’s        pose. Open book shelves and end tables with long legs do not
    more fun to be impulsive or take                                            suit small spaces. Instead, look for drawers and doors. Small
    advantage of a big sale, but if you                                         spaces can’t handle visual clutter, so it’s best to find furniture
    don’t plan correctly, that sale re-                                         with tasteful, built-in storage.
    ally isn’t worth it. More times                                          6. What’s something that folks should watch out for when
    than not, I find that homeowners                                         working with a contractor or interior designer?
    end up asking themselves if they                                         I encourage homeowners to be cautious of someone who is going
    really saved any money in the                                            to charge them for the initial meeting and interview process – to
    long run when the project wasn’t                                         me that’s a red flag. I also recommend paying attention to how
    prepped accordingly.                                                     much talking the contractor or interior designer is doing versus
    Secondly, I often see homeown-                                           listening. People who are invested in you will ask all the right ques-
    ers tackling installation projects                                       tions while giving you the opportunity to speak the majority of the
    that require a great deal of                                             meeting.
    knowledge and expertise. My ad-                                          7. What décor items are worth splurging on?
    vice to my clients is to have a re-                                      Drapery – everyone should have it, and it should be done profes-
    alistic understanding of their                                           sionally and beautifully.
    skills and tools before setting out                                      A throw is also a must. From season-to-season, these functional
    to fix a problem. The last thing you want to do is put yourself fur-     items add a splash of color to
    ther behind on a project by making the issue worse.                      the room and are easy to change out throughout the year.
    3. What’s a must-have at any party you’re throwing?                      8. Could you live in a tiny home?
    I love filling a giant tub of ice with wine, beer, champagne, etc. and   While I fully support the tiny home lifestyle, I am probably not the
    letting those drinks chill throughout the party. This is an easy way     best candidate. I have a husband, two kids and multiple dogs, one of
    for your guests to serve themselves, and the presentation is effort-     which weighs 132 pounds…enough said!
    lessly decorative yet sophisticated.                                     9. What’s your best organization hack?
    On that note, it is so important to have multiple party elements         A beautiful, hinged-lid box at the front door that can hold keys,
    that allow your guests to relax and have fun while also making           mail, magazines, a dog leash and anything else that may end up on a
    your life easier. When the host is scrambling and not having a good      front table, adding visual stress when walking in the front door.
    time, everyone can sense it, and the vibe of the party can be            When hinged and easy to use, that box allows you to always know
    tainted. So, when hosting your next party, make sure to include ele-     where those items are “hidden.”
    ments that allow you to be both prepared and relaxed.                    10. What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Do you think
    4. What’s one thing you wish every homeowner knew?                       you’ll keep it?
    It’s ok to be yourself! So many people feel that they need to live up    Actually, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions! ◆
    NASHVILLE HOME + REM O D EL IN G EXPO 2 0 1 8                                        GREATER N A S HVIL L E HO US E & HOME & GARDEN™
250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo
Vern Yip Continued

                                                         GUEST CELEBRITIES

     King of the Backyard: Q&A with DIY Network’s Kyle Peek of Pool Kings
     Whether it's a backyard paradise or an over-the-top, show-stopper
     pool, audiences tune into the DIY Network's hit show, Pool Kings,
     each week to see what Kyle and Justin Peek have built for lucky
     Below are Kyle’s answers to some fun and intriguing personal and
     industry questions. In addition to Pool Kings, Kyle has been fea-
     tured on HGTV's Cool Pools and has co-hosted DIY Network's
     America's Most Desperate Landscapes.
     1. What's an easy DIY project homeowners can tackle to
     improve their space?
     It is not too difficult for homeowners to tackle their own outdoor
     space - it's amazing what sprucing up your landscaping and adding
     some outdoor lighting can do!
     2. If you had to move to another country, which would you
     pick and why?
     Australia. I absolutely love the water, and there you're surrounded
     by it.
     3. What's a common mistake homeowners make when
     they take on a home improvement project themselves?                       My constant go-to sites are Pinterest and Houzz. Both are great
     Many homeowners are not able to grasp the magnitude of the                resources for inspiration!
     project they are tackling. It’s easy to have great intentions, but then   8. What decor items are worth splurging on?
     quickly get in over your head.                                            From my perspective as a pool builder, outdoor lighting and water
     4. Fill in the blank:The three things I can't live without                features are worth the extra dollars. They're not always the biggest
     are...                                                                    part of the project, but they both take the outdoor space up a
         1. Faith                                                              notch.
         2. Family                                                             9. What would you rather upgrade: your closet, bathroom
         3. A good challenge                                                   or kitchen?
     5. What's a must-have at any party you're throwing?                       My outdoor kitchen - does that count?!
     Paper plates! You can't do without them...                                10. Which HGTV/DIY Network star would you most like
     6. What project have you been most proud to work on?                      to work with and why?
     We've been fortunate to work on several incredible projects, but          Chip and Joanna Gaines…because it's Chip and Joanna Gaines!
     there was one where we partnered with the Boys and Girls Club             They seem like they'd be fun to work and hang out with, and I
     of San Diego that was especially fulfilling.                              think Justin would have a great time with them as well. ◆
     7. Where do you go online to find inspiration?


    GREATER NASHVILL E HO US E & HO M E & GA RD EN ™                                            N A S HVIL L E HO M E + REM ODELING EXPO 2018
250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo

250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo
Mr Enclosure


250 EXPERTS products and ideas - all - February 9-11 Music City Center - Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo
10          Exhibitor Booth Numbers                Architectural Visions                 1027    Belgard Design Center             Belgard
     TN Box Beams                           1600   ARK Construction, LLC                 1503    Better Garden Tools                  1541
     365 Self-Defense                        850   Armistead Pressure Washing            1215    Bison Countertops                     659
     50 Floor                               1507   ARS Rescue Rooter                     1309    Blue Crystal Pools                   1403
     A-1 Concrete Leveling                   804   Ashbusters Chimney Service             821    BoAd Micro Villas               TinyHome
     Aaron’s Garage Doors                   1208   Baker Roofing Company                 1614    Bone Dry Roofing                     1221
     Absolute AV Consulting                 1141   Bath Fitter of Nashville              1014    Borgil Ent                           1501
     ADS Security                           1627   Beckler’s Carpet                       635    Cabinet Makeovers, Inc.               555
     ADT LLC                                1242                                                 Cabinets To Go                       1545
     Advanced Lawn Solutions                1350                                                 Cambria                               727
                                                               Music City Center                 CapTelOutreach                        620
     All Seasons Sunrooms                   1341
     Alpha Omega Construction Group, Inc    1020                February 9-11                    CDP Architecture                      722
                                                                                                 Centurion Stone & Exteriors           610
                                                           Friday:         10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
     Amazing EZ Screen Porch Windows, LLC   1418                   SHOW HOURS
                                                                                                 Champion Windows of Nashville        1103
                                                           Saturday:       10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
     American Home Design                    641
                                                                                                 Chocolate Moonshine of TN             922
                                                           Sunday:         10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
     American Louvered Roofs                 414
     America’s Home Place                   1318                                                 Classic Doors Inc                     927
     Aqua Pure Solutions, Inc               1447                                                 Click Heat Inc                        650

     NASHVILLE HOME + REM O D EL IN G EXPO 2 0 1 8                                      GREATER N A S HVIL L E HO US E & HOME & GARDEN™
Clinard Home Improvement                    1247   Kitchens Nashville                         1417        S & S Firepits                               1003
Complete Home Hardware                      1241   Kochy Insurance - Farmers Insurance        1320        Salus Saunas                                  550
Cook Portable Warehouses                     607   KY Tiny Homes                         TinyHome         Scentsy - Pages Scent Inc                    1646
Cooks Warehouse                             1219   L & L Flooring Company                      522        Seal Smart, LLC                              1050
Corlew & Perry, Inc.                        1639   LeafFilter North of Tennessee              1621        ShadeWorks                                    915
Countrywood Accents, Inc.                    501   Legacy Oaks Group LLC                       301        Shai Lee Enterprises                          544
Crain Lawn Care LLC                      Belgard   Little Giant Ladder Systems                1135        Shaub Remodeling LLC                          846
Creative Concrete Solutions                  810   Lowe’s Home Improvement                     315        Shine Essentials                              747
Creative Countertop Solutions, Inc.          827   Lynch Tree Service                         1121        Sir Grout                                    1445
Crossroads Chiropractic                      942   M & E Sales                         1115 & 1146        Sleep Number                                  935
Cutco Cutlery                                744   Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design          1345        Smokey Mountain Tops                          427
Dave’s Coffee Cakes                         1611   Markraft Cabinets Inc                      1147        Softub                                        440
David Price Center                          1019   Mattress Firm                              1423        Southern Green Landscaping                Belgard
Daystar Boutique & Gifts                    1619   Maynard Select                             1645        Southern Lovin                               1637
Decorating Den Interiors - Nashville        1604   Mid- TN Erosion Products, Inc.              622        Southern Luxury Construction                 1414
Dream Kitchen and Bath                      1506   Millner-Haufen Tool Co                     1500        Southern Maple Co.                            445
Durante Home Exteriors                 715 & 720   Miracle Method Refinishing                  547        Springfield Glass Company                    1122
Durham Farms                                1306   Miracles                             540 & 1315        SpringPure.com                               1206
Dynasty Rug Company                         1214   Miss Kitty’s Bed & Bath                     640        Steinway Piano                                814
Easy Living Products                         711   Mixing It Up                               1021        Stephen Davis Home Design                    1408
Elite Mobility                              1009   Modern Day Central Vacuum                  1419        Stover’s Liquidation                          408
Englert LeafGuard of Nashville              1207   Modern Spray Foam Insulators                604        Super Home Surplus                           1435
Enovative Technologies                      1222   Modern Tiny Living, LLC               TinyHome         Super Nano Pro                               1629
Epiphany Foam Insulation                    1515   Motivated Movers                            820        Tailored Living featuring
Essy’s Rug Gallery                          1022   Mr Enclosure Sunrooms                      1605        PremierGarage of Nashville                   1443
Euroshine USA, Inc.                   945 & 1407   Mr Roof of Nashville                        623        Tate Ornamental                              1335
Exit Realty The Mohr Group & Associates     1151   My Butterfly Pillow                         523        Tennessee Barn Doors                         1602
EZ Hang Chairs/Caesar Enterprises           1057   My Pillow, Inc                             1546        Tennessee Foundation Services                1603
Fabulous Living Solutions                   1252   Nashville Billiard & Patio          1127 & 1227        Tennessee Home Inspectors                    1610
Fancy Vents Inc.                            1401   Nashville Habitat for Humanity              743        Tennessee ReBath                              706
Farmers Insurance Group                     1347   Nashville House & Home & Garden Magazine 1346          The Louver Shop                              1314
First 2 Market Products                     1246   Nashville Pro Handyman & Remodeling         608        The Window Source, LLC                        951
Five Star Home Improvement                   705   Nashville Quality Granite                  1504        Tilina Marke Key Enterprises                  323
Floor & Decor                               1618   Needham’s Nursery                           903        Tip Top Home Solutions                        510
FloorMax                                    1109   Neighborhood Chimney Care                   551        TN Media/Tennessean                           652
Four Winds Spas                             1035   Norwex Independent Sales Consultant         415        Total Home Solutions                          409
Franklin Stone                               803   Novarus Communications                     1218        Touch of Purple                              1152
Fresh Coat of Franklin                      1344   Oshi Floral Design                          401        Trade Wind Acrylic Whirpools                  603
Frontier Basement Systems                   1617   Overhead Door Company of Nashville          835        Tuff Shed,Inc.                               1327
Go Green Environmental, Inc                  817   Pacific Concrete Resurfacing                514        U.S. Pest Protection                         1510
Good Wood Nashvill                          1444   Panelscapes                                1354        United Structural Systems                     423
Granite Garage Floor                        1502   Paradise Grilling Systems                   735        Universal Windows Direct                     1043
Granite Transformations Nashvill             723   Parker’s Safes & Vaults                    1542        US Jaclean                                    535
Grapes & Olives On Ta                       1518   Peek Pool Spas                              335        Van Kleef International                       614
GreenWorks Outdoor Living                    316   Pella Window & Door Showroom of Nashville 1623         Vesta Homes, LLC                             1508
Guardian Garage                             1051   Perma Seal USA                             1311        Visual Concepts                               527
HaloDips                                    1023   Pink Zebra                                 1120        Walnut Hill Woodworks                        1642
Hardwood Bargains                           1343   Pinnacle Home Improvements                 1640        Water Rejuvenation Products                   541
Harmony Tiny Homes                     TinyHome    Pioneer Log Systems                        1056        Webster Enterprises                311, 451, 750,
HavenLock Inc                               1107   Posh Photographs Modern Mediums             441                                     753, 853, 1158, 1514
Health Mate Sauna                            841   Power Home Technologies                     709        Weil Clocks                                  1223
Henley Supply Millwork                      1609   PowerLift Foundation Repair                1144        Westgate Resorts                             1137
Hermitage Lighting Gallery           1201 & 1205   Premium Products USA, Inc                   843        Window & Door Concepts                       1255
Hi-Dow International                         504   Quinta Contractors                          518        Window Depot                                 1441
Home Run Products                            511   R & S Flooring                             1015        World Champion Products                       954   11
Homecraft Gutter Protection                  808   Rain or Shine Homes LLC                     619        Wyndham Vacation Resorts                     1209
HonorGuard Pest Management Services          618   Rainbow Inc.                               1540        Xfinity                                       515
Hot Spring Spas                             1523   Rainsoft Promotions                        1123        YardDog Fence & Decks LLC                     615
Infinity Massage Chairs                     1234   Real Time Pain Relief                       923        Zerorez                                       647
Information Booth                            909   ReCreations Home                           1251
Install America                              703   Redfern Enterprises Ltd              1254 & 958
Integrity Audio & Video                     1308   Rejuvenate Flooring                        1257
Integrity Contracting                        447   Relax in Comfort                           1301
Invisible Fence of Middle Tennessee          921   Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning        1442
Iron Lion Entries, LLC                      1235   REM Sleep Solutions                         627
Jack Morton Worldwide                        351   Renewal by Andersen of Nashville            916
James Hardie                                1415   Rhino Shield                               1119
Kace Trailors                                752   Robertson Family Water                     1635
Kemp Outdoor Solutions                   Belgard   Roofing Renovations                        1519
Kirkpatrick Homes, Inc.                      420   Royal Prestige                              741
Kitchen Craft                               1044   RSU Contractors                            1310

GREATER NASHVILL E HO US E & HO M E & GA RD EN ™                                                     N A S HVIL L E HO M E + REM ODELING EXPO 2018
         In its second annual year, the Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo      company transforms ordinary yards into amazing works of art that
     offers thousands of products, decorating, construction, and remodel-     can be enjoyed both day and night. Southern Green specializes in a
     ing ideas for home enthusiasts. Additionally, the three-day event at     range of services such as hardscapes, landscaping, irrigation, and out-
     the Music City Center features celebrities, special guests, and ex-      door lighting.
     hibitors on the exhibition floor and the Fresh Ideas: Home Stage, de-        • Kemp Outdoor Solutions: Founded in 1995 by Williamson
     signed by Decorating Den. While each of the more than 200                County native Rusty Kemp, Kemp Outdoor Solutions’ mission is to
     exhibitors bring a fresh, unique perspective to the show, below is a     provide unique and creative outdoor solutions to Middle Tennessee
     list of must-see features at this year’s show!                           homeowners. Through his hands-on approach to the business and
                                                                              his team's passion, skill, hard work, dedication and integrity, Kemp
                                                                              has enhanced home value and transformed homeowner's outdoor
                                                                              living experience for hundreds of customers via beautiful landscapes,
                                                                              uniquely designed lighting systems, hardscapes and outdoor kitchens,
                                                                              and durable and reliable irrigation systems.
                                                                                  • Crain Lawn Care: With more than 17 years in business, Crain
                                                                              Lawn Care, LLC is a full-service landscaping company specializing in
                                                                              lawn care and landscaping services, irrigation installation and mainte-
                                                                              nance, grading, outdoor lighting and hardscape design, and installa-
                                                                              tion for residential and commercial properties. Based in Sumner
                                                                              County, Crain Lawn Care, LLC provides service across the Nashville
                                                                              area including Hendersonville, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, Brentwood,
                                                                              Franklin, Lebanon, and Mt. Juliet.

                                                                              HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
                                                                                  Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville helps low-income fam-
                                                                              ilies and individuals purchase
     BELGARD                                                                  homes in a four-county area. For
        Belgard sets the stage for landscape design and innovation with its   qualified applicants, Habitat’s
     remarkable level of quality and craftsmanship and their unrivaled        homeownership program in-
     natural aesthetic. Since 1995, the company’s locally-made and nation-    cludes 200 hours of education
     ally-backed products have transformed thousands of residential and       classes and working on the build
     commercial properties across North America. This year at the Out-        site to obtain a 0% APR mort-
     door Living Showdown, certified contractors and dealers will help        gage. Habitat of Greater
     visitors envision their creative journey and outdoor dreams includ-      Nashville helps approximately
     ing:                                                                     45-50 families a year find more
        • Southern Green: Founded in 2012 and based in Murfrees-              stability and self-reliance through
     boro, Southern Green was started on the principal of providing           homeownership. Habitat’s social retail enterprise, the ReStore, helps
     quality service and superior customer experience while maintaining       fund homes as well as diverts more than 800 tons of materials from
     competitive pricing. With a dedicated and highly-skilled team, the       city landfills annually.


     NASHVILLE HOME + REM O D EL IN G EXPO 2 0 1 8                                         GREATER N A S HVIL L E HO US E & HOME & GARDEN™
Marketplace Events has one again chosen Habitat for Humanity of        ater seating, kitchen & barstools, and superior customer service.
Greater Nashville as the 2018 non-profit partner. The show edu-            Don’t miss the company’s fun, interactive exhibit.
cates visitors about the mission and purpose of Habitat for Human-
ity, and also showcases the unique finds of Habitat’s ReStores, which      OSHi
are home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new                OSHi Floral Design is a full service, high-end florist located in the
and gently-used furniture, appliances, and home accessories at a frac-     heart of downtown Nashville.
tion of the retail price. Habitat’s large exhibit space at the show will   Known as one of the premiere
allow attendees to learn about volunteer opportunities, engage with        florists in Music City, OSHi’s ex-
Habitat members, and shop ReStore items.                                   traordinarily creative team culti-
                                                                           vates brilliant treasures and
MARCELLE GUILBEAU                                                          exceeds expectations. Designer
   Award-winning interior designer, Marcelle Guilbeau, creates soul-       Ethan Shane will be at the Home
ful designs that stir the senses.                                          Show on Feb. 10 and 11 demon-
Inspired by life and all its imper-                                        strating how to create beautiful
fections, Marcelle listens to the                                          arrangements, inspiring tablescapes, and breathtaking centerpieces.
heartbeat of a home and uses                                               Additionally, the OSHi Floral Market will feature a huge selection of
its rhythm to create livable                                               flowers to delight the senses.With Valentine’s Day right around the
spaces that redefine luxury. Her                                           corner, it’s the perfect time to grab a bunch or stem to brighten
award-winning designs have ap-                                             someone’s day. Don’t forget to take advantage of the OSHi Floral spe-
peared in Domino, Curbed, nFou-                                            cialists who will be on hand to assist visitors with their decisions. ◆
cus, StyleBlueprint, Apartment
Therapy, and DesignSponge. Mar-
celle will appear on the Fresh
Ideas: Home Stage on Friday, Feb. 9 at 5 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 11 at 3
p.m. to discuss “What’s Your Soul Style? The Key to Creating a Soul-
ful Home.” Visitors will come away from her talk with a clear focus
on their home design project and a way to move forward.

   Owner of Decorating Den Interiors, in Nashville, Bohnne Jones
says problem solving has been her passion and drive. From concept
to completion, Jones creates environ-
ments that bring joy to her customer's
world—with emphasis on convenience,
quality, service, and selection. “My goal
is 100% customer satisfaction—and
that is guaranteed!” she says. Specialties
include lifestyle decorating, space plan-
ning, sustainable design, lighting,
kitchens and baths, wall coverings, light-
ing, accessorizing, draperies, and other
window coverings. “My goal is to make
sure you love your home,” she says. She
is speaking at 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 9, and at noon on Saturday and Sun-
day, February 10 and 11.
   No matter your age, the interactive game room provided by
Nashville Billiard & Patio provides fun for all. From pool tables and
shuffleboards to comfortable
patio furniture, the game room
will be your one-stop-shop for
relaxation and rejuvenation.
Since 1953, Nashville Billiard &
Patio has been Middle Ten-
nessee's premiere family-owned
game room superstore, offering
quality pool tables, shuffleboard
tables, patio furniture, home the-

GREATER NASHVILL E HO US E & HO M E & GA RD EN ™                                              N A S HVIL L E HO M E + REM ODELING EXPO 2018
        Many ask,“What exactly is the meaning of a tiny home?” and “Where          flexible homeownership with all the accessories one would need to live
     are cities supposed to put them?” These small spaces are the topic of         comfortably.
     conversation across the nation, but the real question is: are they a fad or       At the first annual Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo last year, the
     the gateway to our future?                                                    Tiny Home Village stole the show,
        Tiny homes are often defined as a small space under 500 square feet        paving the way for this year’s Tiny
     with a portable aspect.The tiny house movement—also known as the              Home Village presented by Franklin
     “small house movement”—is a description for the architectural and so-         Stone—the official hardscaper and
     cial moment that advocates simple living. As real estate has skyrocketed,     landscaper of the exhibit.The vil-
     and many millennials have become dead set on becoming homeowners,             lage will be represented by tiny
     tiny homes are a great option.They are an affordable means of debt-free,      home builders like Harmony Tiny
                                                                                   Homes, BoAD Micro Villas, KY Tiny
                                                                                   Homes, and Modern Tiny Living.
                                                                                       Harmony Tiny Homes loves the
                                                                                   tiny house movement for the flexi-
                                                                                   bility and creativity it gives the
                                                                                   builder and the freedom it can pro-
                                                                                   vide to the homeowner. Harmony
                                                                                   works in a range of sizes and pric-
                                                                                   ing and can build from pre-existing
                                                                                   plans or custom, one-of-a-kind plans to meet a client’s specific needs.The
                                                                                   company’s mission is to build tiny homes that are mobile, energy efficient,
                                                                                   low maintenance, and storage-friendly.
                                                                                       In 2015, Scott Booster and Brandon Adomatis formed BoAd Micro Vil-
                                                                                   las to provide tiny home living options for individuals looking for a quality-
                                                                                   built structure to be used for a permanent home or recreational
                                                                                   purposes.They are best known for their Hunstman Cabin, which provides
                                                                                   comfortable shelter for hunters with the added benefit of mobility with-
                                                                                   out property tax. Scott and Brandon encourage creativity in each individ-
                                                                                   ual design, and working with customers to build their ideal structure.
                                                                                       At KY Tiny Homes, the philosophy is to build smarter. Whether cus-
                                                                                   tomers are going tiny for their primary home or a vacation retreat, the
                                                                                   company builds to accommodate plans and dreams.
                                                                                       Modern Tiny Living is the Midwest’s first fully-custom tiny house design
                                                                                   and construction company. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the company is
                                                                                   proud to be part of the movement and takes pride in creating the most
                                                                                   strikingly beautiful, architecturally sound, and livable tiny homes in the
                                                                                       Whether you are actively pursuing the tiny house lifestyle, simplifying
                                                                                   your life, or just curious to see what all the buzz is about, you need to
                                                                                   visit the Tiny Home Village presented by Franklin Stone at the Nashville
                                                                                   Home + Remodeling Expo. ◆


     NASHVILLE HOME + REM O D EL IN G EXPO 2 0 1 8                                              GREATER N A S HVIL L E HO US E & HOME & GARDEN™

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