2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia

2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
Design, Architecture and Building
Information Technology
International Studies
Transdisciplinary Innovation
2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
                                                         About UTS
                                                         03   UTS snapshot
                                                         04   You’re young and bright. So are we.
                                                         06   Not just any degree. Your degree
                                                         08   Leap into life at uni
                                                         10   In the heart of it all
                                                         12   Our campus
                                                         14   High-tech learning spaces
                                                         16   Global opportunities

                                                         Getting in
                                                         20   How to apply
                                                         22   Admission schemes
                                                         24   Admission pathways
                                                         25   Scholarships
                                                         26   Fees and financial assistance
                                                         27   Student accommodation

                                                         30   Areas of study
                                                         34   Undergraduate courses

                                                         44   Glossary

                                                         46   Key dates
                                                         47   Open Day

Acknowledgement of Country

UTS acknowledges the Gadigal People of the Eora
Nation and the Boorooberongal People of the Dharug
Nation upon whose ancestral lands our campuses
stand. We would also like to pay respect to the Elders
both past and present, acknowledging them as the
traditional custodians of knowledge for these Lands.

    QS Top 50 Under 50 2020
2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
UTS snapshot
Technology. Entrepreneurship. Sustainability. Social justice.
At UTS, we’re building a collaborative future, one student at a time.

    5-star ranking                              Over 40,000                           200,000+
    in Employability, Facilities,                  students enrolled                        alumni in
     Inclusiveness, Innovation,                         in 2019                           132 countries
Internationalisation and Research
    (QS Stars Rating System 2018–2021)


               180+                                      85%                      #5 in Australia
      undergraduate degrees                   of undergraduate students               for graduate outcomes
      across 11 areas of study                   undertake internships            (92.5% of students employed
                                                (or similar experiences)            full-time three years after
                                                 as part of their course                    graduation)
                                                                                   (2019 Graduate Outcomes Survey –

 #69 in the world                                      100%                                  160+
    for graduate employability               of UTS research benchmarked               clubs and societies
 (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020)     at world standard or above                  on campus
                                               (2018 Excellence in Research for
                                                     Australia evaluation)
2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
Undergraduate guide 2021

       and bright.
                                                 So are we.
                    Like you, we’re
                    We’re resourceful and
                    technology-driven. Our youth
                    makes us curious – but it doesn’t
                    limit our success. Need proof?
                    We’re Australia’s #1 young
                    university and #11 in the world*.
                    *QS Top 50 Under 50 2020

2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
About UTS

                                                Like you, we’re hands-on
                                                Nothing prepares you for the real world like
                                                industry experience. That’s why hands-
                                                on, practice-based learning experiences
                                                are key to our courses. Open the door to
                                                work placements, community and case-
                                                based projects, and real-life simulations
                                                – and make yourself highly sought after by
                                                employers worldwide.

Like you, we’re inspired
When you choose UTS, you’ll join community
of inspired – and inspiring – students,
academics and creative industry partners
on our vibrant and re-invented campus.
What’s more, we’re located right in the heart
of Sydney’s leading digital and creative
precinct, with countless opportunities right
on our doorstep.

                                                        Like you, we’re ready
                                                        to launch
                                                        We’re known for being the most industry-
                                                        focused of all Sydney metro unis*, and
                                                        that’s no accident – at UTS, our course
                                                        content and industry opportunities are a
                                                        launching pad for new ideas. No matter
                                                        what you study, we’ll support you to work
                                                        with creative techniques and innovative
                                                        solutions that push the boundaries of your
                                                        future profession.
                                                        *RepTrak Survey 2019

2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
Undergraduate guide 2021

    Not just any degree.
    Your degree.
    Ready to choose a uni degree?                                    The table below provides a few
    Figuring out how to transform                                    examples of where your interests
    what you love into a course – and                                can take you. The good news?
    then a career – can be a big ask.                                There are no pre-requisites
                                                                     for UTS courses, so you can
                                                                     pursue whatever it is you’re
                                                                     passionate about.

     Subjects that                                                    Example career
                                  I’d like to                                                           I could study
     interest me                                                      pathways

     – Business Studies           Deliver comprehensive               –   Accountant
     – Economics                  business solutions that push        –   Business analyst
     – Mathematics                traditional boundaries and build    –   Economist
     – Information Processes      connections between industry        –   Finance specialist                   Business
       and Technology             and the global community.
     – English
     – Legal Studies              Combine my capacity for             – Marketing manager
     – Sport, Lifestyle and       critical and creative thinking      – Events manager
       Recreation Studies         to deliver transformative           – Chief executive officer (CEO)
                                  consumer experiences.

     –   English                  Use my creativity and passion       – Political adviser
     –   History                  for storytelling to shape the       – Journalist
     –   Society and Culture      world around me.                    – Editor
     –   Design and Technology                                        – Copywriter
     –   Drama                                                        – Advertising account
     –   Music                                                          executive
     –   Photography, Video and                                       – Digital and social media
         Digital Imaging                                                specialist
                                                                      – Film producer
                                                                      – Music producer

     – Design and Technology      Work as a creator – of ideas,       –   Animator
     – Industrial Technology      images, objects or spaces –         –   Product designer
     – Photography, Video and     to deliver new perspectives         –   Graphic designer                     Design,
       Digital Imaging            on some of the world’s big          –   Fashion designer
     – Computing Applications     questions.                          –   Architect                          architecture
     – Textiles and Design                                                                                   and building
     – Visual Arts and Design

     – Business Studies                                               – Construction manager
     – Economics                                                      – Property developer
     – Mathematics                                                    – Property valuer

2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
About UTS

Subjects that                                                              Example career
                                    I’d like to                                                          I could study
interest me                                                                pathways

– Exploring Early Childhood        Shape the next generation of           – Primary or secondary
– Arts:                            leaders, creators, entrepreneurs         school teacher
  – Drama                          and thinkers.                          – Curriculum developer
  – Music                                                                 – Leadership positions in
  – Visual Arts and Design                                                  education
– Sciences:                                                               – Education consultant              Education
  – Biology
  – Chemistry
  – Physics
– Humanities and Social
  – Business Studies
  – Economics
  – Religion

– Engineering Studies              Design and build systems and           –   Mechanical engineer            Engineering
– Physics                          infrastructure that have the           –   Biomedical engineer
– Industrial Technology            power to advance how we live.          –   Software engineer
– Design and Technology                                                   –   Environmental engineer
– Mathematics                                                             –   Project manager
– Information Processes and
  Technology                                                              –   Business analyst
– Computing Applications                                                  –   Data scientist                  Information
– Software Design and                                                     –   Games developer                 technology
  Development                                                             –   IT consultant
                                                                          –   Software developer
                                                                          –   Software engineer
                                                                          –   Web developer

–   Biology                        Make a real difference to the health   –   Registered nurse
–   Chemistry                      of individuals, communities and        –   Registered midwife
–   Community and Family Studies   populations, anywhere in the world.    –   Exercise scientist                Health
–   Mathematics                                                           –   Physiotherapist
–   PDHPE                                                                 –   Sport marketer
–   Physics                                                               –   Health promotion officer
–   Society and Culture                                                   –   Health data analyst

– Earth and Environmental          Transform my passion for global        –   Marketing coordinator
  Science                          travel and the cultures of the         –   Brand strategist
– English                          world into a real and meaningful       –   Business manager                  studies
– Geography                        career.                                –   Paralegal
– History
– Languages
– Society and Culture

–   Legal Studies                  Increase access to legal services,     –   Solicitor
–   English                        tackle critical challenges of          –   Barrister
–   History                        social justice and use the law as
                                                                          –   Human rights advocate
–   Business Studies               a tool for good.                       –   In-house counsel
–   Languages                                                             –   Policy adviser
–   Society and Culture                                                   –   Politician
                                                                          –   Specialist lawyer

– Biology                          Come face to face with the             –   Chemist
– Chemistry                        foundations of life as we know         –   Forensic scientist
                                                                                                             Science and
– Earth and Environmental          it and drive new discoveries in        –   Marine biologist               mathematics
  Science                          health, data, technology and           –   Medical scientist
– Marine Studies                   the environment.                       –   Researcher
– Mathematics
– Physics

– Business Studies                 Use my entrepreneurial                 – Change manager
– Design and Technology            capabilities and passion for           – Innovation designer
– Earth and Environmental          innovation and creative thinking       – User experience researcher    Transdisciplinary
  Science                          to work beyond the limits of a           and designer                     innovation
– Industrial Technology            single profession and develop          – Design thinking consultant
– Society and Culture              solutions to some of the most          – Startup founder
– Software Design and              complex issues we face today           – Intrapreneuer
  Development                      and in the future.
– Visual Design

2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
Undergraduate guide 2021

    Leap into life at uni
    At UTS, we prepare you for life, not just a
    profession. Study aside, there’s a world of
    opportunity waiting for you on campus.

    Connect with industry while you study.
    Preview your collection at the UTS Fashion
    Show, build a business with UTS Startups,
    or travel to the University of Oxford to
    argue a point of law as part of the mooting
    competition program.

                                                  Unleash your inner entrepreneur.
                                                  Kick-start your journey with UTS Startups,
                                                  the home of student entrepreneurship at
                                                  UTS. No matter what degree you study, we’ll
                                                  inspire you with events, masterclasses,
                                                  internships, or the opportunity to join our
                                                  fast-growing startup community.

    Harness your leadership potential with
    the UTS BUILD (Beyond UTS International
    Leadership Development) program. You’ll
    gain local and global volunteering and
    internship experience, develop the ability
    to lead and inspire others, and emerge with
    the skills to create a better world.

2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
About UTS

                                               Get social at O’Day, Summerfest Music
                                               Festival and everything in between.
                                               ActivateUTS hosts more than 50+ major
                                               events each year – you could compete in the
                                               UTS Amazing Race; visit The Loft for stand-
                                               up comedy, trivia and gigs; or do some good
                                               deeds during Pay It Forward Week, to name
                                               a few.

Start planning a future. Turn your abilities
and experience into a meaningful career
with support from UTS Careers. With events,
workshops and a careers advice drop-in
service throughout the year, you’ll be ready
to land that dream job or internship in
no time.

                                               Join Team UTS. Whether you’re looking for
                                               competitive sports, a recreational game or
                                               to get fit in a supportive gym environment,
                                               UTS Sport can help your inner athlete shine.

Find your people. K-Pop fan? Passionate
about puzzles? Lover of food, dogs, robotics
or tennis? Whoever you are, whatever you’re
into, there’s a UTS club or society for you.

2021 Undergraduate Guide - UTS, Australia
Undergraduate guide 2021

          In the heart of it all

                                                Sydney CBD
                                                  Light rail,
                                                 train ride or
                                                  short walk

                           Darling Harbour
                                Light rail or
                                short walk


Located in Ultimo, in the centre of one of Sydney’s leading
digital and creative precincts, UTS is part of a truly global city.

                                                                      Moore Park
                                                                       20 minutes
                                                                        by public

             Central Station

                                 Central Park

Undergraduate guide 2021

     Our campus
     Interconnected. Embedded with technology. Focused on sustainability.
     Built for students. The UTS campus is one of a kind.

     The Broadway precinct
     Located in the heart of Sydney, the Broadway precinct is home to teaching facilities, student spaces and the
     stunning Alumni Green. Find yourself in the landmark UTS Tower, the technology-embedded Engineering and
     IT Building, or one of the world-beating labs in the Science and Graduate School of Health Building.

                                                                            Now open: UTS Central
                                                                            The newly-opened UTS Central building is a vibrant,
                                                                            student-centric environment that combines new
                                                                            innovations in learning, industry collaboration and
                                                                            sustainability. It’s home to the new UTS Library and
                                                                            scholarly reading room, the Faculty of Law, plus
                                                                            collaborative student and industry spaces and a
                                                                            thriving food court that opens out onto the Alumni
                                                                            Green. What’s more, it shares recycled water and
                                                                            cooling infrastructure with the neighbouring Central
                                                                            Park precinct – part of the UTS commitment to a
                                                                            more sustainable future.

     The iconic UTS Tower (left) and newest building, UTS Central (right)

     Faculty of Engineering and IT Building                                 Vicki Sara Science Building

About UTS

The Haymarket precinct                                 The Moore Park precinct
This historic district next to Sydney’s Chinatown      Moore Park is Sydney’s premier sporting precinct.
is rapidly transforming into a hub of creativity and   Co-located with Rugby Australia, it’s the first elite
entrepreneurship. It’s best known for the Frank-       sporting precinct in Australia to open its doors
Gehry-designed UTS Business School where               to university courses. Access training, research
dynamic learning, research and collaboration is the    spaces and high-performance labs and rub
name of the game.                                      shoulders with the national sporting elite, including
                                                       the Wallabies and Women’s Sevens rugby teams.

UTS Business School                                    UTS Rugby Australia Building

Undergraduate guide 2021

     learning spaces
     Study in award-winning labs and collaborative classrooms and work
     with the tools and technologies that are shaping your industry.

     Data Arena                                                           ProtoSpace
     Data comes to life in the interactive UTS Data Arena, a unique       This unique 900m² additive and advanced manufacturing
     3D environment for the exploration and visualisation of complex      facility is part of UTS’s commitment to next-generation
     information. Stereo, video and incredible picture clarity make for   manufacturing. With the latest in 3D technologies, software
     a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.                                and technical expertise, this lab is a learning experience that’s
                                                                          second to none.

     Clinical labs                                                        Sport and exercise facilities
     Prepare for real-world clinical practice in some of the most         Train in world-class sports facilities and high-performance
     advanced health learning spaces in Australia. Treat high-fidelity    laboratories; gain practical experience in the assessment,
     robotic patients in our tech-driven simulation and laboratory        prescription and delivery of exercise; and rub shoulders with
     spaces – just watch out for their (very life-like) bodily fluids!    some of Australia’s elite athletes. At the Moore Park sport and
                                                                          exercise precinct, you can work like a professional while you
                                                                          complete your degree.

About UTS

The Hive Superlab                                                     Communication studios
This world-class collaborative bioscience lab can accommodate         Whether you’re studying traditional or new media, our
up to 270 students in up to seven different classes, all at the       communication studios will give you access to the equipment
same time. With specialist audio-visual facilities, including         and spaces you need to get your assignments done – think
bone-conduction headphones that enable simultaneous                   sound and video editing suites, desktop publishing and web
teaching instruction and peer collaboration, the Superlab is like     design tools, as well as quiet spots to research and study.
nothing you’ve seen before.

Fashion studio                                                        Moot courts
This dedicated studio houses spaces for patternmaking, cutting,       Hone your advocacy and mooting skills in our purpose-built
construction and more. Throw in mannequins, industrial sewing         moot and trial courts, which have recently moved to the brand
machines and a range of fabrication equipment and you’ll have         new UTS Central building. These simulated facilities have been
everything you need to bring your first fashion collection to life.   designed to reflect the real-life experience of arguing the law in
                                                                      the NSW Supreme, district and local courts.

Undergraduate guide 2021

     At UTS, study isn’t something that just happens in the classroom.
     We want our students to think global, which is why you can choose
     from a wealth of international experiences as part of your degree.
     Engage with amazing opportunities and gain the professional
     competencies that will prepare you for a truly international career.

     Global Exchange – UTS is home to one of the            International Studies – Combine your degree with
     largest global opportunities programs in Australia.    the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and
     Apply for our Global Exchange Program and spend        spend a year immersing yourself in the culture and
     1-2 sessions at one of our 240 partner universities    language of another country.
     in more than 40 countries around the world.
                                                            Languages – Add a Diploma in Languages to
     Global Short Programs – Want a taste of                your degree. Choose from Chinese, French,
     international experience? Spend 2–6 weeks in           German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish and expand
     another country with our Global Short Programs.        your career opportunities in an increasingly
     They’re available across all UTS faculties, which      globalised world.
     means you’ll receive course credit while you travel       uts.edu.au/diploma-languages
     – and you can even apply for scholarships to help
     you get there.
                                                            Clubs and societies – Represent UTS at events
        uts.edu.au/globalshortprograms                      around the world when you join a club or society.
                                                            Compete in sporting events, attend conferences,
     BUILD Global Leadership – Gain a global mindset        build connections and engage with cultural
     and harness your leadership potential with a           experiences.
     program that exposes you to international issues          activateuts.com.au/clubs
     and ideas. Take part in interactive workshops,
     learn from inspiring speakers, and join field trips,
     community activities and much more. Add an
     immersive overseas experience and you’ll be ready
     to make a positive impact on the wider world.

About UTS

                                              Austria             Greece           Poland
                                              Belgium             Hungary          Portugal
                                              Czech Republic      Ireland          Russia
                                              Denmark             Italy            Slovenia
                                              Estonia             Israel           Spain
                                              Finland             Latvia           Sweden
                                              France              Netherlands      Switzerland
                                              Germany             Norway           United Kingdom

                  The                                          Asia/Oceania
                  Americas                                     Cambodia            Malaysia
                                                               China               Philippines
                                                               Fiji                Singapore
                                                               Hong Kong           Taiwan
                  Chile        Africa                          Indonesia           Thailand
                               South Africa                    India               Vietnam
                                                               Japan               Turkey
                  Costa Rica
                                                               Republic of Korea

                                         “Exchange has been the most
Student profile

                                          incredible experience of my life.
                                          I’ve fallen in love with Zurich, its
                                          nature, its people, its culture.
                                          Challenge yourself and go outside
                                          your comfort zone. Exchange will
                                          be the biggest and best growing
                                          experience you’ll have at university.”
                                          RICHARD HENG
                                          University of Zurich, Switzerland
                                          UTS Global Exchange Program
                                          Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Laws

Undergraduate guide 2021

     How to apply
                     Here’s what you need to know
                     about applying to study at UTS.

                     Getting in
                     When it comes to getting in to UTS, how we assess your
                     application depends on the type of applicant you are:
                     – If you’re a recent school leaver, we’ll look at your selection
                       rank (a combination of your ATAR/IB score plus any adjustment
                       points you receive.
                     – If you’re a non-recent school leaver, we’ll also look at your
                       selection rank, which may come from your ATAR/IB score
                       or post-school study, plus any relevant work experience or
                       additional selection criteria required for your course.
                     – If you’re an Indigenous student, you can apply to UTS
                       via the standard UAC process, or you can apply direct to
                       the UTS Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and
                       Research. The Jumbunna team will assess your application
                       and recommend either direct entry into a degree or a pathway
                       program that’s best suited to your experience.

                     Please note: This guide is not intended for international students.
                     Please visit uts.edu.au/international for more information on how
                     to apply.

                      NO PRE-REQUISITES
                      There are no pre-requisites for UTS courses, which means you
                      can apply for anything that takes your fancy. However, some
                      courses have an assumed knowledge component, so you’ll
                      need to brush up on the expected skills and expertise if you
                      want to do well in your studies. Need a bit of help? UTS offers
                      bridging courses in key areas to help you get the knowledge
                      you need.

Getting in

Applying is as easy as 1,2,3,4

                    Choose a course
       1            Choosing what to study is a big decision. Start
                    by checking out the course information pages of
                    this guide (pp 34-43), as well as the UTS website.
                    Got questions? Bring them to a UTS faculty event,
                    information session or to UTS Open Day (Saturday
                    29 August 2020) – it’s your best opportunity to
                    explore UTS courses, careers and our campus.

                    Check your eligibility
       2            Admission requirements and additional selection
                    criteria vary from course to course, so make
                    sure you understand what’s required for your
                    chosen degree. Don’t forget: UTS offers a range
                    of admission schemes (see page 22) if you need
                    a boost to meet your course requirements.
                    And, if you’re planning to apply for scholarships
                    (page 25) or student accommodation (page 27),
                    now’s a great time to check your eligibility – and
                    the closing dates – for these too!

                    Apply through UAC
       3            Lodge your application and any additional documents
                    via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). You can
                                                                                For more information, check out the UAC Guide or visit
                                                                                the UAC website to make sure you understand the
                    list up to five course preferences (make sure you use       application process and key application dates. Early bird
                    them all!), starting with the course you most want to       applications close at the end of September 2020*, so
                    study and working your way down. You can also change        don’t be late.
                    your preferences every offer round. Don’t forget to keep
                    UTS in your #1 spot – if you meet the entry requirements,
                    you may be eligible for an offer for the first course on
                    your list.

                    Accept your offer                                             Once you’re in…
      4             The majority of our offers are released during
                    December Round 2 via UAC on 21 December
                                                                                  You’re in! If you receive an offer to study at UTS,
                                                                                  keep the following dates in mind:
                    2020*. Your letter of offer will include instructions         8 - 19 February 2021:
                    on how to accept or defer your place. Check the               Orientation Autumn Session for new students.
                    UAC website for offer round dates.
                                                                                  22 February 2021:
                        uac.edu.au                                                Autumn Session begins.

*Correct at the time of printing. Visit uac.edu.au

Undergraduate guide 2021

     Boost your chances of receiving an offer from UTS with one of our
     admission schemes. When we assess your application, we’ll consider
     your ATAR plus other criteria, such as academic performance in certain
     HSC subjects, disadvantageous circumstances, or identification as
     Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

     Please note: Want to be considered for
     the admission schemes listed? Only the
                                                 Merit schemes                                ENGINEERING AND IT
     following schemes are automatically         YEAR 12 SUBJECT SCHEME                       This questionnaire explores your
     assessed if you meet the criteria:          The Year 12 Subject Scheme awards            motivation to pursue a degree in
     – Year 12 Subject Scheme                    additional points (called adjustment         engineering or IT. By demonstrating
                                                 points) towards your selection rank          genuine dedication to these fields, you
     – Women in Engineering, IT and                                                           could increase your chances of receiving
                                                 based on your high school performance in
       Construction Scheme                                                                    an offer to UTS, even if your selection
                                                 subjects relevant to your chosen course.
     For everything else, you’ll need to apply   All current HSC and IB students are          rank is 1-3 points below the minimum rank
     either direct to UTS or via UAC.            automatically assessed for this scheme.      required for your preferred course.

                                                 BUSINESS CADETSHIP SCHEME                    SCIENCE APTITUDE ASSESSMENT
                                                 Planning to apply for a UTS Business,        This assessment lets you showcase your
                                                 Economics or Management standalone           scientific potential and increase your
                                                 degree? Received a cadetship offer from      chances of receiving an offer to study
                                                 a company? With the Business Cadetship       science at UTS. As a general-knowledge-
                                                 Scheme, you could be eligible for an offer   based assessment, it’s designed to
                                                 to your preferred course.                    evaluate your analytical and critical
                                                                                              thinking skills without the need for
                                                 DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE                      dedicated study.
                                                 PORTFOLIO SCHEME
                                                 Non-current school leaver? Interested in
                                                 studying design or architecture at UTS?
                                                 This scheme lets you submit a portfolio
                                                 if you aren’t sure you’ll achieve the
                                                 academic results required for admission.
                                                 Conditions apply.

Getting in

Access schemes                                ELITE ATHLETES AND
                                              PERFORMERS SPECIAL
INPUTS                                        ADMISSIONS SCHEME
If you’ve experienced long-term               If you’re an elite athlete or performer
educational disadvantage as a                 and your commitments outside school
result of family, personal or financial       have impacted on your studies, our Elite
circumstances, you can apply for inpUTS,      Athletes and Performers Scheme can
our Educational Access Scheme (EAS).          give you 5 additional adjustments points
If you’re eligible, you may receive an        towards your selection rank.
adjustment of 10 points towards your
selection rank.                               JUMBUNNA PATHWAYS PROGRAM
                                              Are you an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait
SCHOOLS RECOMMENDATION                        Islander student? With the Jumbunna
SCHEME                                        Pathways Program, your application to
We’re dedicated to supporting students        UTS will be assessed based on a range
who have the potential to succeed at          of factors beyond just academic results.
university, even if they don’t receive        These include life skills and experience,
an offer based on their selection rank        education and work experience for
alone. To be eligible for our Schools         both HSC students and non-recent
Recommendation Scheme (SRS), you must         school leavers.
demonstrate financial hardship (F01A,
B, C or D), or have attended school in a      WOMEN IN ENGINEERING,
disadvantaged environment (S01C only),        IT AND CONSTRUCTION SCHEME
or be automatically eligible for geographic   We’re committed to supporting women
area disadvantage (AGO1), in addition to      in STEM – if you’re a female student
being recommended by your school. You’ll      applying for selected engineering, IT
also need to achieve a minimum ATAR of        or construction project management
69 (or 80 for Law). Other conditions apply.   courses, you’ll automatically receive
                                              10 adjustment points towards your
                                              selection rank.

  For application information or to see a full list of our admission schemes, visit

Undergraduate guide 2021

     Admission pathways
     Didn’t get the selection rank you were hoping for?
     Admission pathways are an alternative option for getting
     into your preferred course. UTS pathways include TAFE
     courses, diplomas and other formal qualifications that
     can get you where you want to go.

     UTS pathways                                   External pathways
     UTS UNDERGRADUATE DEGREES                      TAFE OR PRIVATE COLLEGE                                 COMPLETE A STAT TEST
     Start by choosing a different UTS              DIPLOMA                                                 The STAT multiple-choice test is accepted
     undergraduate degree – ideally, pick one       Completing an Australian Qualifications                 as an ATAR alternative for admission to
     with a lower selection rank that’s still       Framework Diploma at TAFE or a private                  many UTS courses. The requirements?
     similar to the course you want. After a year   college can prepare you to re-apply to                  You’ll need to have turned 20 by March
     of full-time study, you can re-apply via       your preferred UTS degree. The diploma                  2021 and have obtained your STAT results
     UAC to your preferred UTS course. You’ll be    can strengthen your application for                     within the three years prior to the year
     assessed on your highest rank, based on        the majority of UTS bachelor’s degrees                  you’re seeking admission to UTS.
     both your ATAR and the marks you earn in       – as long as you achieve good marks!
     your first year of study, and you could also                                                           OBTAIN A LIMITED ATAR
                                                    What’s more, you may also be eligible for
     receive recognition of prior learning.                                                                 A Limited ATAR is based on your best five
                                                    recognition of prior learning for certain
                                                                                                            units completed during the HSC, rather
     UTS INSEARCH DIPLOMAS                                                                                  than the 10 required for a standard ATAR.
     Fast-track your way into the second year       In some cases, you may be able to choose                UTS will accept a Limited ATAR for all
     of your chosen UTS degree* by completing       a graded diploma (where you get grades for              undergraduate courses except scholarship
     a higher education diploma at UTS              individual subjects, rather than pass/fail)             and accelerated nursing courses. You need
     Insearch. As the leading pathway provider      instead of a competency-based diploma                   to be at least 20 years of age in the year
     to UTS, UTS Insearch offers diplomas in        – this approach can make your application               you completed your HSC to be eligible.
     six disciplines: business, communication,      more competitive when it comes to UTS
     design and architecture, engineering,          courses with high selection ranks.
     information technology and science. These
     diplomas are designed in collaboration
     with UTS, so you’ll gain the same
     educational outcomes as a first-year UTS

     UTS JUMBUNNA UNISTART                            Visit our website to see a full list of our admission pathways.
     Jumbunna Unistart is a unique 12-month
     program for Aboriginal and/or Torres                 uts.edu.au/admission-pathways
     Strait Islander students. You’ll study at
     the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous
     Education and Research, building               *If you successfully complete a UTS Insearch diploma with the required grade
     confidence and basic academic skills in        point average (GPA), you’ll be guaranteed entry into a UTS degree. In most cases,
     writing, mathematics, and select subjects      you’ll also receive up to 48 credit points of recognition of prior learning. Applies
     from your chosen degree. Once you’ve           to domestic students only.
     completed the program, you’ll progress
     into your chosen UTS degree and receive
     recognition of prior learning.

Getting in

At UTS, we’re all about rewarding effort, supporting circumstance and sharing our
passion for education – which is why we offer millions of dollars in coursework
scholarships every year. As well as providing a financial boost, many of our
scholarships also include professional opportunities. Some scholarship
applications open as early as April 2020, so make sure you get in early!

Merit scholarships                           Access scholarships
Merit scholarships recognise your            Access scholarships are all about                Equality Agency for our efforts. We offer
achievements in life and study and support   recognising your potential and helping           several scholarships to encourage women
you to scale new heights. Here’s what        you take the leap towards success. Here’s        to undertake study in different areas.
we offer:                                    what we offer:
                                                                                              SCHOLARSHIPS FOR INDIGENOUS
ACADEMIC MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS                  FINANCIAL SUPPORT                                AUSTRALIANS
Academic achievement is worth                SCHOLARSHIPS                                     UTS is leading the way in breaking down the
celebrating – and our high achievers’        Our equity scholarships aim to overcome          barriers to Indigenous educational access.
scholarships do just that. Some              financial disadvantage in whatever form          That’s why we offer a wealth of scholarships
scholarships are awarded across all UTS      it takes. Whether you have a disability or       and prizes to support Aboriginal and Torres
undergraduate degrees, while others are      ongoing medical condition, a rural home          Strait Islander students.
offered at faculty level.                    address, a refugee background or carer’s
                                             responsibilities, these scholarships can         REFUGEE AND ASYLUM-SEEKER
INDUSTRY-SPONSORED                           help make university study possible.             SCHOLARSHIPS
SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                                  We also support commencing
Open the door to your chosen profession      SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WOMEN                           undergraduate students who hold asylum
with our industry-sponsored scholarships.    We pride ourselves on providing an               seeker bridging visas or temporary
These scholarships provide funding           inclusive work and study environment for         protection visas and who are unable to
to support your studies and industry         women – in fact, we’ve been consistently         access a Commonwealth Supported Place
experience to support your professional      recognised by the Workplace Gender               or student loan schemes.
– Bachelor of Accounting Co-operative
  Scholarship Program
– Bachelor of Information Technology
  Co-operative Scholarship Program           THE RIGHT SCHOLARSHIP FOR YOU
– Engineering industry-based merit           Find your scholarship in three simple steps:
– Design, Architecture and Building
  scholarships with industry placements                       FIND: Log onto uts.edu.au/future-students/scholarships and
– Law scholarships with internships                           use the scholarships search tool to filter results according to your
                                                              academic and personal circumstances.
You’ve given your life to your sport – now
let your sport give something back to you.                    REVIEW: Sort through your search results to see which
ActivateUTS assists students to combine                       scholarships are right for you. Check out the eligibility criteria to
high-performance sport with their studies.                    make sure you’re a match.
– Elite Athlete Program
– Emerging Athlete Program
– UTS High Performance Club
  Scholarship Program.                                        APPLY: Choose the scholarship/s you want to be considered for
                                                              and start writing your application/s. Make sure you submit before
   activateuts.com.au/sport                                   the closing date!

Undergraduate guide 2021

     Fees and financial
     Uni fees can be confusing – how much you pay depends
     on the uni you choose, the course you study and the
     subjects you enrol in. Here’s a quick guide to student
     fees at UTS.

     As a domestic student, you’ll study in a       STUDENT SERVICES AND                           UTS FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE
     Commonwealth Supported Place. This             AMENITIES FEE                                  SERVICE
     means the Australian Government funds          All UTS students pay a Student Services        The UTS Financial Assistance service
     some of the cost of your study while you       and Amenities Fee. This fee funds              can help you manage your financial
     pay a student contribution. The cost of        a range of social opportunities and            responsibilities while you’re at UTS. They
     your student contribution is based on          support services (including clubs and          can provide information on things like
     the subjects you enrol in each session.        societies; subsidised food, beverage and       Centrelink Student Support benefits, HECS
                                                    retail options; study skills; and health,      and FEE-HELP tuition loans, and budgeting
     HECS-HELP                                      counselling and advocacy services) that        and PAYG annual income tax returns. They
     With the HECS-HELP loan scheme, you can        are an important part of student life.         also offer short-term student loans and
     choose to defer your student contributions                                                    support equity-based programs, grants
     instead of paying upfront. Once your              uts.edu.au/student-services-and-
                                                                                                   and scholarships for students in financial
     income reaches the repayment threshold,            amenities-fee
                                                                                                   need. Conditions apply.
     which usually (but not always!) happens
                                                    GOVERNMENT INCOME SUPPORT                         uts.edu.au/financial-assistance
     after you finish uni, you’ll start to pay it
                                                    If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent
     back through the ATO.
                                                    resident, you may be eligible for a            INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
     HECS-HELP is available to Australian           Centrelink benefit. Visit the Department       This guide is not intended for international
     citizens, permanent humanitarian visa          of Human Services website for more             students. For information on fees for
     holders, and New Zealand citizens who          information.                                   international students, visit the UTS
     hold a SCV and meet the long-term                                                             International website.
     residency requirements (other New
     Zealand citizens may not be eligible).
     Interested? You can apply for a HECS-HELP
     loan during the UTS enrolment process –
     just make sure you’ve got a tax file number
     from the Australian Taxation Office before
     it’s time to apply.
     Don’t want to incur a HECS-HELP debt?
     You can pay your student contribution up
     front every session – just make sure you
     pay it by the due date.

Getting in

Live and study in Sydney with accommodation provided
by UTS Housing. Choose from a range of affordable and
convenient share apartments and studios on and around
the UTS campus, take part in weekly social events, and
become part of a diverse and vibrant local community
that can support your academic and personal growth.

Our residences
All our options are self-catered
and close to supermarkets,
restaurants and services. Choose
from a range of fully-furnished
styles to suit your requirements.

                                                         Take a look inside
                                                         Walk through our residences
                                                         using 3D video technology.

Undergraduate guide 2021

                                “I was attracted to the
                                 very high graduate
                                 employment rate of
                                 the degree. I felt it put
                                 me in a good position
                                 to find a job I’d enjoy
                                 in a company that
                                 was aligned with
                                 my values.”
                                 JANEDA ONG
                                 Bachelor of Information Technology, 2017


Undergraduate guide 2021

                      Business                                                 Communication
                      Learn where business happens with a degree               New technologies, new disciplines, new modes
                      that’s all about tackling the challenges of              of professional practice – our communication
                      tomorrow. UTS Business School is one of only a           degrees have been designed with the future
                      handful of institutions to be accredited by the          in mind. All our courses respond to the shifting
                      Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of             landscape of media and communications,
                      Business (AACSB), which means when you study             so you’ll build contemporary expertise and a
                      with us, you’ll join a school at the top of its global   professional portfolio that reflect changing
                      game. Gain fundamental and niche business                industry needs. And you won’t just do it in the
                      expertise, build connections with future                 classroom – thanks to our internship program,
                      employers from the get-go, and learn to respond          you can spend 80+ hours testing your skills in a
                      to the complex and undefined challenges                  professional workplace, building connections
                      shaping the future world of work.                        that could launch your future career. But don’t
                                                                               just take our word for it: UTS has the #1 overall
                                                                               employment rate in communication for NSW*.
                                                                               Why would you go anywhere else?
                                                                               *Graduate Outcomes Survey (2017–2019)

                      Design, Architecture                                     Education
                      and Building                                             Ready to shape the lives of the next generation?
                                                                               With a UTS Education degree, you can combine
                      Creative and critical thinking, strong                   passion and purpose in one. Our hands-on
                      professional networks, and addressing the                teacher education courses combine top-notch
                      big questions that shape the world we live               theoretical learning with 88 days of practical
                      in – that’s what a degree at one of Australia’s          teaching experience in some of our 400+ NSW
                      top art and design schools* is all about. Our            partner schools. What’s more, you’ll gain that
                      courses combine world-class teaching,                    professional experience from the first year of
                      hands-on practice and the latest in industry             your studies, preparing you for launch in one of
                      technologies, as well as opportunities to build          the top four growth industries of 2023*.
                      a truly international career. Travel the world
                                                                               * Australian Government Job Outlook 2019
                      with our Global Studios program, study under
                      the guidance of industry experts, and immerse
                      yourself in on-location learning with the likes of
                      Gehry Partners and Bauhaus Dessau.
                      *#2 in Australia, 2019 QS World University Rankings by
                      subject (Art and Design)


Engineering                                         Health
Engineering is a hands-on career – which is         Professional health experts + leading
why UTS engineering degrees are hands-on            academics + great connections with industry
qualifications. All our degrees are embedded        = what you get when you study a UTS Health
with extensive practical components, such as        degree. We’re a leader in nursing and midwifery
professional placements, hands-on studios           (in fact, we’re ranked #1 in Australia*), health
and a range of technical electives. Outside the     science and sport and exercise, and we’re
classroom you can gain unrivalled professional      known for our practice-based approach to
experience with a choice of more than 1,000         all things health. From classroom learning in
industry partners, building the sort of workplace   customised spaces – think clinical labs, scrub
knowledge that you can only get on the job.         rooms and our world-class sport and exercise
What’s more, with the Diploma in Professional       precinct at Moore Park – to professional
Engineering Practice, you can complete two          placements where you can put your learning
six-month placements with leading companies,        into action, you’ll be getting hands-on with your
all in a single degree.                             future profession from early in your studies.
                                                    What’s more, the health sector is Australia’s
                                                    largest employer, so a health career will keep
                                                    you earning and learning for life.
                                                    *QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017, 2018
                                                    and 2019.

Information Technology                              International Studies
Study at the forefront of technological change      Looking for a career that can (truly) take you
with an IT degree from UTS. All our courses are     anywhere? With an international studies
built on innovation, embedded with practical        qualification, your future starts now. Spend
learning, and taught in custom-built teaching       a year overseas with the Bachelor of Arts in
spaces and world-beating labs. They’re also         International Studies – choose from 29 course
strongly connected to industry – think internship   combinations, 14 countries, six languages and
opportunities in more than 1,000 partner            more than 100 overseas partner unis. Or, build
companies, as well as industry-informed             a degree that reflects your passions with the
curriculum that’ll teach you what you need          standalone Bachelor of Global Studies – with
to know. What’s more, when you choose a             five majors, internships and the option of
research-based honours degree, you’ll learn to      international study, you can explore the social,
use IT as a tool that has the potential to change   economic and political forces that shape the
the world.                                          world you live in.

Undergraduate guide 2021

                      Law                                                  Science and
                      Professional, adaptable and ready for change         Mathematics
                      – not only are we describing our law degrees,
                      we’re describing our graduates too. Our courses      From the beginnings of life to the secrets of the
                      combine traditional education with new               universe, science and maths are about tackling
                      technological practices – think hackathons,          the world’s great unknowns. At UTS, our courses
                      tech challenges and our Legal Futures and            combine world-class teaching, hands-on
                      Technology major. Beyond the classroom,              learning, and purpose-built spaces to maximise
                      engage with leadership and volunteering              your experience – think the new Hive Superlab,
                      programs that have social justice at their           our crime scene simulation facility, and a
                      core. And, when you pair your degree with our        microbial imaging lab where the invisible comes
                      Practical Legal Training program, you’ll be ready    to life. But learning doesn’t stop once you leave
                      for admission to practise law in NSW.                the classroom: take on industry placements,
                                                                           engage with on-campus research projects and
                                                                           build the technical and professional skills you
                                                                           need for a lasting career.

                      Transdisciplinary                                    Combined degrees
                      Innovation                                           Passionate about more than one study
                                                                           area? With a combined degree, you’ll get two
                      Curious thinker? Radical innovator? Change           qualifications in one. Combine similar course
                      maker? Our courses are designed for people           types to get ahead in your chosen field, or mix
                      like you. With a transdisciplinary degree, you’ll    and match to create something that’s uniquely
                      learn to apply diverse and creative perspectives     you. Whatever you choose, you’ll finish in less
                      to a range of complex challenges. Our courses        time than it takes to complete the two degrees
                      will connect you with industry experiences,          separately – and you’ll earn a qualification that
                      real-world briefs and meaningful professional        opens doors to a wide range of careers.
                      networks – in fact, 95% of our subjects have an
                      industry, government or not-for-profit partner.
                      What’s more, you’ll become adaptive, resilient,
                      creative and entrepreneurial – qualities that will
                      be highly valued in every field.


                                                             Alumni profile

                                                             MARK ISAACS
                                                             Writer, community worker and social
Student profile                                              justice campaigner
                                                             Bachelor of Arts in Communication
                                                             (Writing and Cultural Studies)*
                                                             Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, 2012

                                                             “I chose writing because for me,
                                                              the way to restore compassion
                                                              and empathy in the world is
                                                              through art.”
                                                             Mark is a writer, social worker, adventurer, campaigner
                                                             for social justice, and author of The Undesirables: Inside
                                                             Nauru. Since graduating from UTS, he has combined his
                                                             passions for writing and advocacy by documenting the
                                                             stories of refugee experiences, both in Australia and
LOUISE SAMIOS                                                internationally.
5th Year                                                     At great risk of personal persecution, Mark was among
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)                            the first to publicly shatter the veil of secrecy around
Biomedical major                                             Australia’s offshore immigration detention centres, giving
Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice                 his eyewitness account into the climate of fear and
                                                             suicidal despair for the detainees within.
“Securing an internship changed my                           Mark was subsequently commissioned by the Edmund
 whole perspective of learning. Now I can                    Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education to
 say that I’ll finish my degree with several                 travel to Afghanistan and document the plight of returned
 years of industry experience, and to me                     refugees. His experiences have featured in a wide range
 that’s priceless.                                           of international publications, including Foreign Policy, The
                                                             Guardian, New Matilda, New Internationalist, World Policy
For years I’ve wanted to help people with disabilities,      Journal, VICE and Pacific Standard.
which sparked my passion to be a biomedical engineer.
                                                             *This course is now titled Bachelor of Communication
My degree included two full-time, six-month internships.      (Creative Writing)
My first was at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, working on
smart, inclusive technology for physical disabilities. My
second was with Toshiba Medical Systems ANZ, working
with medical imaging technology including ultrasound, CT,
MRI and X-ray. I can attribute my growth as an engineer to
these experiences.”

Undergraduate guide 2021

     Undergraduate courses
      Course name                            Selection rank        Degree length   Career options


      Bachelor of Accounting                                                       Accountant, accounts officer, business analyst, business
                                             Selection is based    3 years FT      manager, financial controller, tax specialist, taxation
      (Co-operative Scholarship)             on a combination of                   manager/advisor.
                                             ATAR and interview.

      Bachelor of Business                   87.00                 3 years FT      Account manager, accountant, advertising officer/manager,
      Majors:                                                                      auditor, business manager, commercial analyst, data
                                                                                   analyst, economist, employee relations coordinator, financial
                                                                                   advisor, financial analyst, general manager, human resource
      Economics                                                                    coordinator/manager, management and change consultant,
      Finance                                                                      marketing coordinator/manager, market analyst, policymaker,
      Human Resource Management                                                    risk manager, social media advisor/manager, stockbroker,
      International Business                                                       tax specialist.
      Management                             91.70                 6 years PT
      Advertising and Marketing
      Information Technology*
      Business Law*

                                                                                   Economist, statistician, market analyst, policymaker,
      Bachelor of Economics                  82.10                 3 years FT      econometrician, finance manager, policy analyst, data
                                                                                   analyst, economic resource manager.

      Bachelor of Management                                                       Event manager; convention coordinator; festival organiser;
                                                                                   marketing manager for arts, leisure and event organisations;
                                                                                   sports marketing officer; sports administrator; sponsorship
      Majors:                                                                      manager; tourism marketing coordinator; tourist attraction
                                                                                   manager; or various roles in creative and digital enterprises.
      Digital Creative Enterprise            81.05                 3 years FT

      Events                                 80.15

      Sport Business                         80.00

      Tourism                                80.40

      * Can be studied as a second major only.


      Bachelor of Communication                                                    Writer, editor, screenwriter, researcher, journalist, marketing
                                                                                   and communications specialist, social media coordinator,
                                                                                   digital content/campaign producer, UI/UX designer, content
      Majors:                                                                      strategist, director, film editor, producer, cinematographer,
                                                                                   post-production specialist, sound designer, advertising
      Creative Writing                       74.10                                 executive, PR consultant, media liaison officer, political adviser,
                                                                                   advocate, policy analyst, depending on choice of major.
      Digital and Social Media               78.05                 3 years FT

      Journalism                             80.50

      Media Arts and Production              86.60

      Public Communication                   80.40

      Social and Political Sciences          74.15

      Bachelor of Music                                                            Electronic music composer, sound designer, music producer,
                                             71.15                 3 years FT
      and Sound Design                                                             audio engineer or music business professional.


 Course name                             Selection rank         Degree length         Career options


 Bachelor of Construction                                                             Construction manager, contract manager, cost engineer,
                                         90.45                  4 years FT            estimator, project manager, property developer, quantity
 Project Management                                                                   surveyor, site manager.

 Bachelor of Design in                                                                Director, concept artist, art director, character designer,
                                         96.25                  3 years FT
 Animation                                                                            animator, effects [FX] animator, animation script writer.

 Bachelor of Design in                                                                Architect, urban designer, educator, journalist, landscape
                                         91.45                  3 years FT            architect, researcher, policymaker, exhibition designer, urban
 Architecture                                                                         planner, construction project manager.

 Bachelor of Design in                                                                Fashion designer, textile designer, buyer, fashion editor,
                                         98.10                  3 years FT            illustrator, merchandiser, patternmaker, fashion stylist,
 Fashion and Textiles                                                                 fashion journalist.

 Bachelor of Design in                                                                Interior designer, event designer, exhibition designer, museum
                                         85.45                  3 years FT            and interaction designer, researcher, set designer, virtual
 Interior Architecture                                                                world designer.

 Bachelor of Design in                                                                Design consultant, corporate or in-house designer,
                                         91.95                  3 years FT            production designer or manager across industries, service
 Product Design                                                                       designer, package designer, specialist design consultant.

 Bachelor of Design in                                                                Graphic designer, illustrator, advertiser, animator, branding
                                         92.25                  3 years FT            designer, information designer, new media practitioner,
 Visual Communication                                                                 photographer, publisher.

 Bachelor of Landscape                                                                Landscape architect, urban designer, conservation or land
                                         80.00                  4 years FT            management officer, urban planner, designer, researcher,
 Architecture (Honours)                                                               policymaker, design specialist.

 Bachelor of Property                                                                 Real estate agent, property analyst, property and asset
                                         80.00                  3 years FT            manager, property developer, property finance manager,
 Economics                                                                            valuer.


 Bachelor of Arts Bachelor                                                            Primary teacher (Kindergarten to Year 6) specialising in
 of Education                                                                         mathematics, science and technology, English or creative
                                                                                      arts; secondary teacher (Years 7–12) in science, mathematics,
                                                                                      English, social sciences or Teaching English to Speakers
 Majors:                                                        4 years FT            of Other Languages (TESOL) in public or private schools in
                                                                                      Australia or overseas.
 Primary                                 70.65

 Secondary                               73.50

FT = full-time / PT = part-time.
Selection rank: Published ranks indicate the lowest selection rank (ATAR plus any adjustment points applied through eligible admission schemes)
to which an offer was made to a domestic current school leaver (Year 12) in the Autumn 2020 intake (for December Round 2 and January Round 1).

Undergraduate guide 2021

      Course name                            Selection rank         Degree length   Career options

      Bachelor of Engineering                                                       Engineer working in automotive, aviation, banking and finance,
                                                                                    big data, biomedical, biotech, construction, defence, energy
      (Honours), Diploma in                                                         and power generation, environmental, health, infrastructure,
      Professional Engineering                                                      manufacturing, medical research, project management,
      Practice                                                                      property development, robotics, telecommunications, tertiary
                                                                                    research, or transport organisations or consultancies,
      Majors:                                                                       depending on choice of major.

      Biomedical*                            85.70

      Civil                                  85.30

      Civil and Environmental**              85.50

      Civil (Construction)                   85.25

      Civil (Structures)                     87.15
                                                                    5 years FT
      Data                                   81.60

      Electrical                             81.40

      Electrical and Electronic**            82.10

      Electronic                             82.80

      Flexible (no specified major)          80.20

      Mechanical                             83.05

      Mechanical and Mechatronic**           86.15

      Mechatronic                            83.05

      Software                               83.00

      *Major not available in combined degrees with medical science and science.
      **Double major not available in combined degrees.

                                                                                    Health promotion officer, public health advocate, health
      Bachelor of Health Science             73.35                  3 years FT      educator, digital health coordinator, health service planner,
      Majors:                                                                       policymaker, researcher. This course also provides a pathway
      Digital Health and Analytics                                                  to graduate entry health degrees such as physiotherapy,
                                                                                    pharmacy, medicine, health services management, health
      Global Health
                                                                                    information management and public health.
      Human Structure and Function
                                             73.00°                 6 years PT
      No Major

                                                                                    Registered midwife in hospital, community, public and private
      Bachelor of Midwifery                  98.10                  3 years FT      settings; midwifery consultant, manager, educator, researcher,

                                             82.20                  3 years FT      Registered nurse in specialties such as community health,
      Bachelor of Nursing                                                           intensive care, critical care, aged care, mental health,
                                                                                    operating theatres, paediatrics.
                                             82.20°                 6 years PT

                                                                                    Registered nurse in specialties such as community health,
      Bachelor of Nursing                                                           intensive care, critical care, aged care, mental health,
      Accelerated                            N/A                                    operating theatres, paediatrics.
      Programs:                              Selection criteria
      Enrolled Nurse                         other than
      Graduate Entry                         selection rank         2 years FT
                                             used. Visit health.
      Please note: Accelerated programs      uts.edu.au/future
      for enrolled nurses and health
      graduates are not offered to Year 12


  Course name                            Selection rank         Degree length          Career options

                                                                                       Athlete manager, event manager, venue manager, high
  Bachelor of Sport and                                                                performance manager, sport marketer, development officer,
                                         77.15                  3 years FT
  Exercise Management                                                                  sports analyst, corporate fitness manager, health promoter,
                                                                                       policymaker, physiotherapist (pathway).

  Bachelor of Sport and
                                                                                       Exercise scientist, exercise physiologist (pathway), exercise
  Exercise Science                                                                     rehabilitation, sports scientist, strength and conditioning
  Majors:                                81.75                                         coach, sports coach, corporate health and wellness coach,
  Exercise Science                                              3 years FT             personal trainer, fitness instructor, sport and recreation
  No Major                                                                             officer, high performance manager, athlete development
                                                                                       manager, performance analyst, biomechanist, tertiary
                                                                                       lecturer, physiotherapist (pathway).
  Exercise Therapy                       98.75

  Bachelor of Computing                                                                Work in science, health, engineering, finance, transport and
                                                                                       telecommunications. Roles include data scientist, artificial
  Science (Honours)*
                                                                                       intelligence expert, machine learning specialist, software
  Majors:                                                                              designer, web developer, interface designer, information
  Artificial Intelligence and Data                                                     systems manager, network manager, systems engineer,
  Analytics                                                                            security operations specialist, professional computing
                                                                                       science researcher.
  Business Information Systems
  Cybersecurity and Privacy
                                         77.15                  4 years FT
  Enterprise Systems Development
  Interaction Design
  Mathematical Analysis
  Networking and Cybersecurity
  Operations Research
  Quantum Information Science

                                                                                       Work in energy, transport, smart cities, business, and
  Bachelor of Information                                                              government. Roles include business analyst, business process
                                         82.10                  3 years FT
  Systems                                                                              modeller, smart infrastructure professional, supply chain

  Bachelor of Information                Selection is based                            Roles include business analyst, systems analyst, information
  Technology (Co-operative               on a combination       3 years FT             systems manager, project manager, commercial manager and
  Scholarship)                           of ATAR and                                   social media/digital marketing professional.

                                                                                       Computer game developer, data analyst, game/interaction
  Bachelor of Science in                                                               designer, generalist programmer, graphics engine specialist,
                                         83.80                  3 years FT
  Games Development*                                                                   IT project manager, network specialist, software engineer, web

  Bachelor of Science in
  Information Technology,                                                              ICT business analyst, analyst/programmer, IT project manager,
                                         80.40                  4 years FT             network specialist, software developer, software engineer,
  Diploma in IT Professional                                                           systems analyst or web developer.

  *Add an extra year to complete the Diploma in IT Professional Practice.


  Bachelor of Global Studies                                                           Career options are generally based on your professional major
                                                                                       and may include work in the finance, hospitality, tourism,
  Majors:                                                                              digital media and not-for-profit sectors.
  Management                             69.10                  3 years FT
  Legal Studies

FT = full-time / PT = part-time.
Selection rank: Published ranks indicate the lowest selection rank (ATAR plus any adjustment points applied through eligible admission schemes)
to which an offer was made to a domestic current school leaver (Year 12) in the Autumn 2020 intake (for December Round 2 and January Round 1).

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