April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland

April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
April 2018

Community effort
Winton tackles air quality
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Plan decisions
Next steps for water quality
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April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
In this
Kids art for dog bins                      3
A guiding hand in Southland's              4

Community effort for air quality           6
                                                  About now, our Long-term                         This year, more than ever, we
Bringing real change to water              8      Plan 2018-2028 consultation                      want to engage in conversation
                                                  document will be landing in                      with Southlanders and work
Southern Field Days                      10       your mail box.                                   with people to make positive
                                                  It sets out the council’s priorities, work       changes on the ground.
Fiordland VHF network                    14       programmes and budgets for the next 10
expanded                                                                                           We know community expectations are
                                                  years with specific emphasis on the next         changing and that central government
                                                  three years. Managing the use of natural         expects us to move more quickly to
Breeding special bugs                    16       resources is a long-term business and we         implement change, particularly when
                                                  have looked much further ahead than              it comes to initiatives to improve
Updates                                  18       what we are required to do, to help us plan      freshwater quality.
                                                  wisely for the shorter term.
Time to think about...                   19                                                        This will affect all of us and the way we
                                                  As you will see, our key priorities include      live and work. That’s why we really need
                                                  water and community resilience. Meeting
Out in the field                         20       these challenges will require all of us to
                                                                                                   you involved in the process. We saw
                                                                                                   many people do just that at our site at
                                                  actively invest in Southland through our         the Southern Field Days at Waimumu
                                                  decisions and actions. For the council           in February, where we asked: what’s
                                                  it will mean working with you in your            important to you for Southland?
                                                  communities, in partnerships with others,
                                                  making efficiencies, and ensuring funding        The insights will be really helpful for
                                                  sources are fair and equitable. As a result      understanding our communities and
                                                  we have given our fees and charges an            we’ll be looking to engage even further
                                                  overhaul and a separate proposal outlining       during the year as the People, Water and
                                                  the changes is currently also out for public     Land programme gets into full swing.
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Cover                                             Nicol Horrell, Chairman, Environment Southland
Biocontrol contractor Jesse Bythell
with Bernie and Grant Weller,
who have established a green
thistle beetle nursery on
their Waimea Valley
property. (Story

                                                  Environment Southland
page 16)

                                                                         A vibrant organisation actively enhancing
                                                                             the experience of living and working in
                                                                                 a sustainable Southland.

      2      Envirosouth April 2018
April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
   Former Winton Kindergarten pupils Ashar Sinclair, 5 (left) and Isla Langford, 5 with a ‘doggy doo’ bin featuring their artwork.

Kindy art features on
dog bins
A group of Winton Kindergarten children are using art to remind dog
walkers to do the right thing with doggy doo.

     nvironment Southland engineering                The bins improve the facilities for users            Winton Kindergarten teacher Christina
     technician Robin Wilson sniffed                 and encourage less vigilant dog walkers              Vaughan says the kindy has a very strong
     out an opportunity for some young               to be responsible.                                   ecological and environmental focus.
Southlanders to get arty when four
                                                     Last year Kindergartens South senior                 “They’re the next generation of
new ‘doggy doo’ bins were installed
                                                     teacher Pam Wilson put out a call for                advocates.”
on the council’s Invercargill flood bank
                                                     kindergartens interested in producing art
walkways.                                                                                                 The bins were a great opportunity for the
                                                     for the bins.
                                                                                                          children to see their work included as part
The bins are a sign of how successful the
                                                     Winton Kindergarten put their hand                   of a proactive approach to supporting
flood bank walkways are, he says.
                                                     up, and four pupils set about creating a             dog walkers and others who use the
One resident near the Waihopai River                 masterpiece.                                         walkways.
walkway counted more than 200 people
                                                     Pam says the project fitted neatly with              Environment Southland owns and
coming and going along the flood bank in
                                                     Kindergartens South’s philosophies                   maintains flood protection schemes
an hour early one morning, Robin says.
                                                     around sustainability.                               across Southland, which are designed to
“The walkways are getting more and                                                                        protect property, lives and livelihoods.
                                                     The children – Isla Langford, Cody Turoa,
more recreational use with people
                                                     Ashar Sinclair and Luiza Frew – are all at
running, walking, biking and walking their
                                                     school now, and were delighted to hear
                                                     their art will feature on the bins.

April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
A guiding hand in

When Gary Morgan
                                   nvironment Southland’s                    Gary started out with the Southland
                                   longstanding principal land               Catchment Board, Environment
travels around                     sustainability officer retired in March   Southland’s predecessor, in 1974, as an
                             after a stellar career, which has helped        assistant soil conservator. He jumped the
Southland, he sees           shape the modern Southland region.              fence into the private sector for a while,
the landscape                 “One of the great things about this job is
                                                                             developing horticultural peat bogs, then
                                                                             grew tomatoes, before returning to the
through a slightly           that you can drive around Southland and
                                                                             Catchment Board in 1987.
                             say that you were involved in the plan
different lens to            for that farmer there, and now there are        “We did close to 800 soil erosion, wind-
most.                        these magnificent-looking trees growing,
                             and you know you have had a hand in it.
                                                                             break, tree planting plans, on properties
                                                                             on friable light soils in the northern parts
                             That’s a real buzz.”                            of Southland, which are prone to wind
                                                                             erosion under cultivation.”

4   Envirosouth April 2018
April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
 Retired Environment Southland principal
                                                                                              land sustainability officer Gary Morgan at one
                                                                                              of his favourite spots – the Waihopai Dam, near
                                                                                              Invercargill, with its flood protection banks,
                                                                                              native plantings and wetland areas.

                                                                                              “I’ve become very good
                                                                                              friends with a lot of
                                                                                              landowners and worked with
                                                                                              a lot of the agencies over
                                                                                              the years. It’s been a great
                                                                                              journey.” Gary Morgan

                                                                                              Gary says Southlanders are a good
                                                                                              bunch. No farm wants to lose their soil,
                                                                                              which is the capital of their business.
                                                                                              So, if you can provide some ideas and
                                                                                              suggestions about how to maintain soil
                                                                                              health and prevent it washing away, you
                                                                                              can have some influence.
                                                                                              He says he is most proud of the high
                                                                                              regard the land sustainability team is
                                                                                              held in by the rural sector.
                                                                                              When he’s not admiring Southland's
                                                                                              trees, you might bump into Gary on a
                                                                                              canal boat in Europe – looking at closed
                                                                                              canopy European forestry. Over there,
                                                                                              trees are of different ages, and they fell
                                                                                              them individually and cart them out.
Many of the trees in the Te Anau Basin,          A lot of his time has been spent working
                                                                                              He is looking forward to spending more
Five Rivers and through the Waimea               one-on-one with farmers, drawing
                                                                                              time with his wife Suzette, who retired
Plains were planned by council soil              up farm environmental plans, which
                                                                                              from her district nursing role last year,
conservators and Gary planted his fair           focus more and more on soil health
                                                                                              and their three children. He’ll have his
share of them.                                   and biodiversity, and particularly water
                                                                                              hands full looking after their five hectare
“I love Southland, and in this job you get                                                    lifestyle block, where he plans to grow
to know it well, in all its moods.               He’s been quite involved in the practical,   a few trees for community planting
                                                 on-the-ground aspects of the proposed        initiatives.
“I think it’s just about a love of the land. I
                                                 Southland Water and Land Plan.
was born in Southland and I’ve lived here                                                     Gary also has a small forestry block at
all my life, and it’s a pretty good place to     “I’ve become very good friends with a lot    Pourakino, which will keep him busy
be.”                                             of landowners and worked with a lot of       with some harvesting due in the next
                                                 the agencies over the years. It’s been a     few months. There might even be time
He refers to “putting a fence around the
                                                 great journey.”                              for some tramping, and getting to a few
Takitimu’s” as if it’s something achieved
                                                                                              music gigs.
on a quiet afternoon.

April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
Community effort
to improve air

   Winton Community Board chairman Brian Somerville checks out the air quality monitoring station at Centennial Park.

                                                  “It does annoy me a little bit because            Standards for Air Quality. If Winton did
Deb Wattes reckons                                we’ve done our best and then you get              breach the standards, then a potential
she wouldn’t                                      pollution you can’t control,” she says.           consequence could be new rules,
                                                                                                    such as those in place for Gore and
trade clean air for                               They are supportive of clean air
                                                  incentives – and say the investment is
anything.                                         more than worth it in terms of long-              In August, Winton residents were
                                                  term savings – financial, physical and            surveyed on air quality by the Southland

                                                  emotional.                                        District Council. The survey, which had
       he and husband Warren have
                                                                                                    207 respondents, found solid support for
       transformed their 1950s Winton             Deb, who has asthma and chronic pain,
                                                                                                    action to reduce smoke pollution.
       villa, taking out two fireplaces and       says the improvements they’ve made to
installing a heat pump and ventilation            their home have made a huge difference.           Three out of four respondents supported
system, double-glazing, plus underfloor,                                                            some action being taken to reduce
                                                  “You just press a button and it’s clean air.
ceiling and wall insulation.                                                                        smoke pollution in Winton.
                                                  I wouldn’t trade that for anything,” she
“We’re covered in a blanket,” Deb says.           says.                                             Environment Southland air quality
                                                                                                    scientist Owen West says while air
The couple, who moved to Winton in                Environment Southland monitoring has
                                                                                                    quality in Winton is fairly stable, no-one
2011 for the climate and lifestyle, say           shown that Winton has come close to
                                                                                                    wants it to get any worse.
smoke in winter is smelly and irritating.         breaching the National Environmental

 6      Envirosouth April 2018
April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
   Deb and Warren Wattes love the Winton lifestyle and climate.

“It’s good that the Community Board up                                                        district council’s free building consents
there has been fairly vocal and proactive.        “People don’t like breathing                for new wood burners in the Winton
It’s been very positive to see.”                  in unnecessary or excessive                 urban area, Somerville says.
Winton Community Board chairman                   smoke around their                          “It’s got to be teamwork, both Southland
Brian Somerville says the town’s climate          properties, or when out                     District Council and Environment
is very consistent but standards and              walking or running. The                     Southland have to have buy-in.”
expectations have changed and people              fact netball courts, rugby                  Environment Southland offers several
are not willing to put up with poor air
                                                  grounds, the skate park and                 clean air initiatives including the Good
                                                  schools are within one of the               Wood scheme for approved firewood
“Here we’ve got an opportunity to take            worst smoke affected areas                  sellers and Clean Air Loans to replace
action while we’re on the cusp.”                                                              non-compliant burners in the Invercargill
                                                  was another incentive to                    and Gore airsheds.
The air quality survey was excellent,             tackle the issue.” Brian Somerville
with a lot of positivity around suggested
initiatives, Brian says.
“It’s obviously important to people.
They get hacked off with smoke getting
                                                  grounds, the skate park and schools are
                                                  within one of the worst smoke affected         More info
through their washing on the line.”               areas was another incentive to tackle the
                                                                                                 More on clean air initiatives can be
People don’t like breathing in                    issue, he says.
                                                                                                 found at BreatheEasySouthland.co.nz
unnecessary or excessive smoke around             There were lots of options for people who
their properties, or when out walking or          wanted to take action, including advice
running. The fact netball courts, rugby           and assistance around insulation and the

April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
Achieving the best
for Southland
It’s the actions of Southlanders on the ground that’ll bring real change to
water quality. The proposed Southland Water and Land Plan was publicly
notified on 4 April, after Environment Southland councillors adopted the
hearing panel’s final recommendations.

 t’s been a three-year pathway of public   “We’ve been very aware that we need to         He is grateful to everybody who has
 engagement and statutory procedures       listen to people and take things on board.     been involved, whether it’s been through
 including 947 public submissions and 26   The input of many people through the           submitting, speaking to the panel or
days of public hearings.                   submissions process was a significant          coming to one of the drop-in sessions.
                                           factor in producing a clearer, more sensible
Environment Southland chairman Nicol                                                      The regulations in the new plan aim to
                                           and practical plan.”
Horrell says it has been a big process.                                                   halt any further decline in water quality

 8     Envirosouth April 2018
April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
by managing the activities we know            “We believe that the real gains will come
can have a negative impact, such as
land intensification, cultivation, urban
                                              from everyone playing a part, changing
                                              what they do and taking responsibility for   First steps:
discharges and the wintering of livestock.
It provides a platform in the continuing
                                              the decisions they make.”
                                                                                           What does the
                                                                                           plan mean for
                                              It’s here the rubber hits the road as we
journey to look after Southland’s water
                                              work to implement the plan. The plan
quality and quantity, but is only a first
step. It’s what comes next that’s crucial,
says Nicol.
                                              provides the regulatory foundation
                                              for Environment Southland’s wider            you?
                                              People, Water and Land programme.
                                                                                           Getting to grips with new ways of doing
“Doing things on the ground is hugely         People, Water and Land is an integrated
                                                                                           things takes time.
important because that’s what changes         programme of regulation (including
water quality. We appreciate that for         the setting of limits), and on-the-          Now is a good time to get to know
individuals, communities and businesses,      ground action that will require people,      your land and operations better and
changing the way you do things isn’t          businesses and organisations to              understand more about what you
easy.”                                        significantly change the way they manage     might need to do, as we implement
                                              land and water.                              the plan to improve Southland’s water
We’re keen to work alongside people
                                                                                           quality over the next few years.
to get things happening that’ll make a        Nicol says the overall goal is to harness
difference to water quality at all levels—    the combined resources, skills and           For a summary of what the proposed
individual, organisational, city and          knowledge of Southland’s people and          Southland Water and Land Plan
catchment, he says.                           industries, as together we look to the       policies and rules could mean for your
                                              future to improve Southland’s water          operation, download Exploring the
As we work together to improve
                                              quality.                                     New Plan from the website or pick up a
Southland’s water quality, the big
                                                                                           copy from our offices.
question we can all ask ourselves is,         “We’ve detected quite a mindset change
`what can I do now in my patch that’ll        as we’ve moved through this process.         On our website you’ll also find
make it easier and better for the future?’.   We’ve all got to understand more about       more in-depth information. This
                                              the issues facing Southland in relation to   includes information like what
Nicol says adopting good management
                                              water quality and water takes.”              physiographic zone your land is in,
practices is going to be important in
                                                                                           consent information, what a farm
getting the improvements in water             “I’m very conscious that we need to keep
                                                                                           management plan looks like, good
quality that we all want to see.              talking and listening to each other as we
                                                                                           farm management practices, and
                                              work together to improve water quality
                                                                                           details about plan policies and rules.
                                              and achieve a thriving Southland in the
                                              future.”                                     Contact the consents team at
                                                                                           Environment Southland on
                                                                                           0800 76 88 45 for more specific advice
                                                                                           on consent requirements.

April 2018 Community effort Plan decisions released - Winton tackles air quality Next steps for water quality - Environment Southland
Southern Field Days
Waimumu - Gore
In February, our councillors and staff joined thousands of others at the Southern
Field Days at Waimumu. It was a fantastic three days and our site was visited by
hundreds of people who took the opportunity to share their thoughts with us, ask
questions and have some great conversations.

          e were asking, “What’s important
          to you about Southland?” and
          we quickly discovered that the
answers to this question were extremely
varied, but there were many common
themes running through.
We really appreciated those who took
the time to share stories and ideas
for a thriving Southland. There will be
more opportunities to take part in the
discussion about how we address some
of the challenges of managing our natural
resources, so keep an eye out for details.
In the meantime, here’s a very small
selection of some of the postcard
comments we collected at Waimumu.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Seaward Downs is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         important to me because
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         that’s where family lives and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         where our farm is located.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Curio Bay is important to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         me because it is such a


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         unique area with awesome



                                                        portant to me beca
                                                                           use...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        landscape and the wildlife


                                         is im
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         is wonderful. It should be


                                                             ty is

                                          River water quali
           For now & our futu



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         protected and preserved.




                                          import an t to me





                                                               my fly

                                          I rely on it for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ☐ Subscribe to our

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Lochiel is important to me



                                                  g gu idi    bu

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         because we are moving



                                                                                    ______________         _____________________

                                             ______________   _____________________
                                                                                                                                 be used for any
                                                                                                            winners, it will not
                                                                                      contact competition                            nts about
                                                                 will only be used to                           etter. Your comme

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         to the family farm 5th
                                             Contact information                      subscribe to the e-newsl                      for their
                                                                   you have opted to                          Southlanders hold
                                             other purpose, unless                      insight on the values                   tion).
                                                               may be used to provide                      identifying informa
                                             what is important                         purposes (without
                                                    and  may be used for promotional

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         generation, and care about
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         the land and community.

10     Envirosouth April 2018
Pomona Island is
important to me because
volunteers are working to
make it pest-free.
Woodlands/Morton Mains
is important to me because
it is our home farm, we
love to keep our farm and
environment clean, green
and sustainable.

                               Aparima River, near
                               Nightcaps is important to
                               be because it is where most
                               of my memories of outdoor
                               recreation are, it is where
                               I learnt to hunt, fish and
                               where I still go to swim and
                               4WD with friends.
                               Oreti River is important
                               to be because it supplies
                               water for the city.
                               Waituna Lagoon is
                               important to me because
                               it is our opportunity to
                               prove environmental, Maori,
                               agriculture and community
                               values can all be protected

Bluecliffs, Waiau Mouth is
important to me because we
go floundering here. What
better way to harvest a nice
fish and be with nature.

Colac Bay Rocks is
                                                                                        important to me because
                                                                                        we collect our kai moana
                                                                                        Fortrose is important to me
                                                                                        because it is a food source
                                                                                        and a beautiful recreational
                                                                                        area. We holiday, ride, boat,
                                                                                        water ski, swim, fish, gather
                                                                                        kai moana there.
                                                                                        Riverton is important to me
                                                                                        because it’s where we have
                                                                                        family time and every day
                                                                                        the sea shows us something
                                                                                        new and amazing.

   Councillor Jeremy McPhail was a last-minute addition to the shearing competition.

12      Envirosouth April 2018
Southland/NZ is all
important to me because
it provides hunting,
fishing and a huge array of
opportunity for my family to
River water quality is
important to me because I
rely on it for my fly fishing
guiding business.

   The VHF channel 18 repeater site situated on Mt Clerke, Resolution Island, Dusky Sound.

VHF project vital link
for Fiordland boaties
Getting access to help in an emergency just got easier for boaties in
Fiordland, with the completion of the second stage of a VHF project.

       arbourmaster Lyndon Cleaver                    of a standalone transmitter on Mount        Unfortunately, while it is Mother Nature
       says communications in the most                Clerke, Resolution Island, Dusky Sound.     who is often the cause of boaties
       remote areas of Fiordland have                                                             requiring rescue, she also delayed the
                                                      The second stage involved installing a
always been difficult and expanding the                                                           commissioning of the latest stage of the
                                                      repeater site on Wednesday Peak and
VHF network has been a challenging                                                                project.
                                                      establishing a link back through to Mount
                                                      Clerke. Wednesday Peak involved a co-       “Mother Nature definitely had her say,
“Obviously we are trying to improve                   siting arrangement with the Southland       with a lightning strike doing some
communications in very remote areas,                  VHF Users Association, GNS Science and      damage to the Wednesday Peak site
but that also means getting equipment                 Maritime New Zealand which also has         and repairs were required before it was
and expertise to set things up into those             equipment in this spot.                     completely up and running.”
remote spots, which presents a number
                                                      “Linking up the Mount Clerke and            Lyndon says the project is a huge step
of challenges.”
                                                      Wednesday Peak sites provides almost        forward for such a remote area and could
The project, led by Environment                       complete cover from Mount Clerke            prove a lifesaver for those at sea in the
Southland, began in 2011 with the siting              to Bluff, which dramatically improves       area.
                                                      communication options for boaties.”

14      Envirosouth April 2018
 Harbourmaster Lyndon Cleaver and Bluff Fisherman's Radio operator Meri Leask are excited about the improved safety the expanded VHF network will
provide for remote areas of Fiordland.

                                                                                                   “While the initial intent was for this to be
                                                                                                   used for emergency communications,
                                                                                                   it can also be used for ship-to-ship
                                                                                                   communications, as long as people
                                                                                                   aren’t clogging it up with chat.”
                                                                                                   Bluff Fisherman’s Radio operator Meri
                                                                                                   Leask is the voice at the end of the radio
                                                                                                   for many boaties and she’s excited that
                                                                                                   the project has made it this far. She was
                                                                                                   involved right from the early stages, not
                                                                                                   just providing some of her local radio
                                                                                                   expertise, but even picking up a shovel
                                                                                                   and helping out after a helicopter flight
                                                                                                   to Mount Clerke.
                                                                                                   “There’s always been a gap, there are
                                                                                                   lots of private vessels that don’t have
                                                                                                   high-frequency radios and this is so
                                                                                                   important for the safety of life at sea,”
                                                                                                   she says.
                                                                                                   “It will be a huge asset to search and
                                                                                                   rescue and make a big difference for
                                                                                                   everyday communications.”
                                                                                                   Whether it’s boaties calling in to check if
                                                                                                   it’s safe for them to move from one area
                                                                                                   to another when weather is unsettled
                                                                                                   or reporting on their movements, the
                                                                                                   extended VHF network will provide a
                                                                                                   valuable link.

   Biocontrol contractor Jesse Bythell checks out the success of the Weller’s beetle stud farm in Waimea.

Breeding beetles to
battle thistles
A very different type of stud farm is taking shape in the Waimea Valley.

      ernie and Grant Weller have added a            and Supreme winners of the New Zealand                  Traditional thistle control of mowing or
      new species to their award-winning             Farm Environment Awards.                                spraying on flat land is not an option on
      farm in the form of two green thistle                                                                  their hill country farm, so they went in
                                                     Like many farmers, however, they battle
beetle nurseries – or 'stud farms' – to                                                                      search of alternative methods.
                                                     against the thistles that reduce pastoral
combat the persistent Californian thistle
                                                     productivity and are harmful to livestock,              Bernie heard about the beetles five years
                                                     especially lambs.                                       ago, and asked to go on Environment
 The Wellers are renowned for being                                                                          Southland’s waiting list. As demand was
                                                     A study by AgMARDT (Agricultural and
innovative farmers of their 890 hectare                                                                      outstripping supply, she decided to take
                                                     Marketing Research and Development
northern Southland sheep and beef                                                                            the beetle by the wings and give it a go
                                                     Trust) in 2003 estimated Californian thistle
property, as previous winners of both the                                                                    herself.
                                                     cost Otago/Southland farmers $27 million
Southland Farm Environment Awards
                                                     a year, and was rated the worst pastoral
                                                     weed by 50% of farmers.

16      Envirosouth April 2018
   A green thistle beetle.

At this point she met Environment
Southland’s biocontrol contractor Jesse
                                               Californian thistles were rated a top
                                               noxious weed for more than a century but        What is
Bythell who had taken some beetles
into her backyard and was supplying the
                                               with competing biocontrol priorities, the
                                               fight against them lost traction.
breeding stock for the region.                                                                  Biocontrol uses the natural
                                               In 1999, the Californian Thistle Action
Bernie thought, “why don’t we set up some      Group, including Environment Southland,         enemies of a weed to reduce the
stud farms” and a year on, the Wellers         was formed to look for a sustainable            damage it causes. The aim of
have two home-made beetle breeding             approach to managing the weed.                  biocontrol is to restore the balance
enclosures, with another two to be added.                                                      between weeds and the environment
                                               The group decided enough was enough
                                                                                               the weeds are impacting upon.
Grant has repurposed a couple of bale          and contracted Landcare Research to take
                                                                                               Biocontrol agents such as insects
feeders which were cut in half, put on their   another look at biocontrol options.
                                                                                               or fungi undergo rigorous testing
sides and covered in fine mesh to keep the
                                               Jesse is seeing promising signs on              before they are released into New
valuable breeding stock in place.
                                               farms where populations of beetles are          Zealand to make sure they only
“What I would like to envision is that by      munching through thistles, but it’s still too   damage their target weed. Approval
next year we have an enclosed population       early to assess how much impact they will       to release a biocontrol agent has
which we can start giving out to other         have on thistle growth.                         to be given by the Environmental
farmers,” Bernie says.                                                                         Protection Agency and the Ministry
                                               Environment Southland and AgResearch
                                                                                                for Primary Industries. The safety
She is keen for farmers to start their own     are doing new research into the best
                                                                                                     record for biocontrol of weeds is
'stud farms' to help spread populations        'stocking rates' for beetles and when and
                                                                                                         excellent and has provided
across Southland.                              where they can be most effective.
                                                                                                              many benefits to New
Jesse says the beetles are effective in        Grant says if farmers drive the process they                        Zealand.
stressing thistle growth and can give          will have far more success.
farmers another management tool, as they
                                               “Environmentally it’s a great story to tell,
have evolved to exclusively feed on the
                                               and we need that in farming,” he says.
                                               “It’s a war of attrition. Death by a thousand
This season’s hot, dry summer has been
                                               beetle bites,” Jesse says.
great for beetle breeding and Jesse has
been able to whittle down the waiting list,
but populations need to be widespread to
be effective on a wide scale.

                                      Home heating
                                      More than 110 Invercargill and Gore          For more information go to
                                      residents are already feeling the benefits   BreatheEasySouthland.co.nz or
                                      of the Clean Air Loan schemes, which         contact Awarua Synergy on
                                      have been set up to help people make         0800 WARM SOUTH (0800 927 676).
                                      the change to cleaner forms of heating.
                                      The schemes allow residents within
                                      the Invercargill and Gore airsheds to
                                      apply through Awarua Synergy for a
                                      five-year loan of up to $5,000 to replace
                                      their current non-compliant heating
                                      appliance with a compliant wood
                                      burner, pellet burner or heat pump and
                                      upgrade their insulation.
                                      As part of the application process, the
                                      team from Awarua Synergy will work

 Landscape                            with homeowners to establish the most
                                      efficient and effective form of clean
 study                                heating for their homes.

 Environment Southland, along
 with Gore District, Southland
 District and Invercargill City
 Councils, is funding a study that
                                      Clean Vessel Pass
 aims to capture the beauty and       Boaties heading into Fiordland
 special character of Southland.      have shown they understand
                                      and appreciate the value and
 Southland’s first Landscape and
                                      significance of the area, through their
 Natural Character Assessment
                                      commitment to the Fiordland Marine
 will explain the sensitivities and
                                      Regional Pathway Management Plan,
 values of our landscapes. It will
                                      which was launched last year.
 complement our first region
 wide biodiversity assessment,        Marine biosecurity officer Shaun
 which is being carried out. These    Cunningham says more than 200
 assessments help meet the            Clean Vessel Passes have been issued
 requirements of our Regional         and although some boats have still
 Policy Statement and also provide    been found without a Clean Vessel
 vital information that may be used   Pass, compliance with biofouling
 in numerous ways.                    standards in the plan has been very
 A Landscape and Natural Character
 Assessment for Stewart Island        The Pathway Plan sets out rules for          which is free to apply for and needs
 was completed in 2017, with          all vessels, regardless of size, entering    to be renewed annually.
 information, including photos,       within one nautical mile of the              Applying is a simple process that can
 available in an interactive map on   landward boundary of the Fiordland           be completed online at es.govt.nz or
 Environment Southland’s online       Marine Area. This includes ensuring          give us a call on 0800 76 88 45 and we
 mapping service Beacon.              all vessels hold a Clean Vessel Pass,        will send out a hard copy form.

18   Envirosouth April 2018
Down on
Time to                                                                                    the farm
think about...
    APRIL 2018
 Firewood                                      Velvetleaf                                By GARY MORGAN Environment Southland
                                                                                           principal land sustainability officer
If you haven’t got your firewood supplies      All farmers need to be checking their
sorted yet, you need to give it some           crops for any signs of this invasive        Reflecting on working alongside Southland
thought. Dry firewood is difficult to          weed. If you find it, contact MPI on        farmers in the soil conservation/land
source once winter hits so check out           0800 80 99 66.                              sustainability space, it seems to me that
our Good Wood approved suppliers at                                                        the on-farm advice, information and
BreatheEasySouthland.co.nz                                                                 good practice provided by Environment
                                                                                           Southland is as relevant now as it was 35
 Baleage wrap
                                                                                           years ago.
Think about how you will dispose of your
bale and silage wrap. Under the Regional                                                   Soil is still the most important resource
Air Plan you can no longer burn it, but                                                    you have on your farm. Managing soil
there are plenty of other ways to safely                                                   erosion through well planned tree planting,
get rid of it. Check out our website for                                                   maintaining good soil structure through
disposal options.                                                                          sustainable cultivation, grazing and drainage
                                                                                           and regularly monitoring your soil health is
                                                                                           more important than ever with intensifying
    MAY 2018                                                                              land use.

                                                                                           Healthy, well managed soils provide a
 Rabbits                                       Outdoor burning                           range of ecosystem services and are key to
Winter is the most effective time for rabbit   Outdoor burning is prohibited in the        maintaining and improving water quality.
control before they start breeding again       Invercargill and Gore airsheds from         The Visual Soil Assessment is a simple tool
in spring.                                     1 May until 31 August. Leisure activities   that all farmers should be using to monitor
                                               like barbecues, braziers, hangi and         their soil resource.
                                               fireworks are exempt from this rule.
                                                                                           Every farm should have a tree planting

    JUNE 2018                                                                             programme – windbreaks for shelter and
                                                                                           shade, woodlots, riparian plantings, trees for
                                                                                           the birds and bees, firewood and amenity
 Mustelids/rats                                Environmental enhancement                 values.
When you are out at your duck pond             fund
during duck shooting season, remember                                                      I encourage all Southland farmers to utilise
                                               Get your application in now. This fund
to set and check traps for mustelids and                                                   the skills and knowledge of the Environment
                                               can assist with projects to protect and
rats.                                                                                      Southland's land sustainability officers. They
                                               enhance indigenous biodiversity on
                                                                                           have the knowledge and skills to assist you
                                               private and community-owned land
                                                                                              with preparing farm environment plans
                                               in Southland. Visit es.govt.nz for more
                                                                                                  and can provide you with advice on
                                               information on how to apply.
                                                                                                       a range of good management
                                                                                                            practices that will help
                                                                                                                sustain your farming
                                                                                                                    operation into the

   For further advice           Pest plants or animals - www.es.govt.nz
   and information:             Air Plan rules - www.BreatheEasySouthland.co.nz

Out in the field
Our people are no strangers to extraordinary situations as they go about looking
after the region’s natural resources.

                                                                      Environmental technical officer Nathan Hughes carries out
                                                                    an assessment for algae at the Hedgehope Stream, as part of our
                                                                    regular monitoring programme.

  Compliance staff Graeme McKenzie and Rachel Batley clean           Summer biosecurity assistants Cheyanne Robertson-Carey and
and disinfect gumboots as part of biosecurity procedures which      Kate Morrison made it to some quite remote areas during their time
have been stepped up since the mycoplasma bovis outbreak.           at Environment Southland, as they carried out the annual weed
Processes have been put in place for all staff visiting rural       monitoring survey.
properties to reduce any potential spread.

                                                            Follow us on Facebook to get updates on the work
                                                             Environment Southland staff are doing in our region.
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