November 16 - 17, 2020 November 16 - 17, 2020
November 16 – 17, 2020 November 16 - 17, 2020

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Schedule at a Glance                    2

Pre-Conference Tasters                  4

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                           #CPLC2020 November 16 - 17, 2020
A Message
 Welcome to the 2020 Corwin Professional Learning Conference.

 It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the this year’s installment of the CPLC. Once again
 it promises to be a valuable opportunity to connect with and hear from experts, leaders and
 teachers from around the country and across the world. In a disrupted and unusual year we
 are thrilled to be able to bring you three days of learning and collaboration with some of the
 most renowned thought leaders and practitioners in the field. Our intention during this
 conference is to provide opportunities for you to think about and refine the impact you have
 every day on every student in your classroom, your school and your community.

 Over the course of this three-day event, each of you will take a deep dive into sessions and
 implementation approaches that are designed to develop students toward becoming their
 own teachers. Topics will include collective expertise, visible learning, school-led-change,
 student dialogue, leadership, collective teacher efficacy, examining our impact and the ‘new
 grammar of schooling’ in each of which the key goal is to have student learning front and

 The expertise and experience of our speaker line-up will provide an invaluable resource as
 you further your own journey into this exciting work. From Australian icons to globally
 renowned names as well as practitioners who live and breathe education every day, there
 will be a chance to hear from a wide range of perspectives. These sessions will provide you
 with practical new take-aways and strategies focused on moving learning forward within your
 own school communities. Excitingly, every session will be recorded and available for you to
 access for up to a month after the conference concludes, so you won’t miss a single session.

 Our hope is that over the course of this conference, you will have your thinking challenged,
 your imagination stirred and your sense of mission bolstered by the ideas and stories you
 hear. Take time in this virtual space to connect and collaborate with others and celebrate
 moving learning forward. As we collectively prepare for school-year 2021, let’s take some
 time together to consider the role we will each play in improving education, not by chance,
 but by design.


                               Chris Devling, Managing Director
                               Corwin, Australia                                                  1 November 16 - 17, 2020
Schedule at a Glance

Sunday, November 15, 2020
       TIME (AEDT)                         SESSION
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM   Pre-Conference Tasters - Round 1
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM   A taste of… Visible Learning for Literacy
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM   A taste of… Visible Learning+
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM   A taste of… Visible Learning for Mathematics
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM     Pre-Conference Tasters - Round 2
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM     A taste of… Visible Learning for Literacy
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM     A taste of… Visible Learning+
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM     A taste of… Visible Learning for Mathematics

Monday, November 16, 2020
       TIME (AEDT)                         SESSION

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM     Tune into our CPLC2020 DJ
9:00 AM – 9:15 AM     Conference Welcome & Acknowledgement of Country
9:15 AM – 10:45 AM    Keynote: Douglas Fisher
10:45 AM – 11:15 AM   Break - Tune into our CPLC2020 DJ
11:15 AM – 12:15 PM   Keynote: Viviane Robinsion
12:15 PM – 1:15 PM    Lunch - Tune into our CPLC2020 DJ
12:30 PM – 12:50 PM   Living Books: Concurrent Sessions
                      At 12:30 PM you are invited to join a Living Book to
                      connect with other educators and hear their stories
                      about how they moved learning forward through
                      effective implementation strategies.
1:15 PM – 2:30 PM     Insights into Implementation: Concurrent Sessions
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM     Keynote: Pasi Sahlberg
3:30 PM – 3:40 PM     Afternoon Break
3:40 PM – 4:40 PM     Keynote: John Hattie
4:40 PM – 5:15 PM     Happy Hour

                                                                             2 November 16 - 17, 2020
Schedule at a Glance

      Tuesday, November 17, 2020
                 TIME (AEDT)                                           SESSION

       8:30 AM – 9:00 AM                     Tune into our CPLC2020 DJ
       9:00 AM – 9:15 AM                     Conference Recap and Move Forward
       9:15 AM – 10:30 AM                    Authors in Action: Concurrent Sessions
      10:30 AM – 11:00 AM                    Break - Tune into our CPLC2020 DJ
       11:00 AM – 12:30 PM                   Insights into Implementation Sessions - Round 1
       11:00 AM – 12:30 PM                   Insights into Implementation: Concurrent Sessions
      12:30 PM – 1:30 PM                      Lunch - Tune into our CPLC2020 DJ

      1 2: 40 PM – 1:00 PM                   Living Books: Concurrent Sessions
                                             At 12:40 PM you are invited to join a Living Book to
                                             connect with other educators and hear their stories
                                             about how they moved learning forward through
                                             effective implementation strategies.
       1:30 PM – 3:00 PM                      Insights into Implementation Sessions - Round 2
       1:30 PM – 3:00 PM                     Insights into Implementation: Concurrent Sessions
      3:00 PM – 3:10 PM                       Afternoon Break
      3:10 PM – 4:30 PM                      Keynote: James Nottingham
      4:30 PM – 4:45 PM                      Conference Closing

NESA endorsed PD at CPLC 2020
Corwin is endorsed to provide NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered Professional Development for
teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher in NSW.
Successfully completing any of the CPLC 2020 sessions listed below will contribute the indicated hours and minutes of
NESA Registered PD addressing the listed Standard Descriptors from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Participation Requirements for CPLC 2020
In order to be eligible to receive the NESA Registered PD hours and have these recorded with NESA, delegates must
participate in the whole duration of each conference session. Participation will be tracked in the CPLC platform, and
participants will be required to provide their NESA number in a survey at the end of each session to demonstrate their
participation. Failure to complete this survey in each session will result in Corwin being unable to register those
professional learning hours with NESA. Corwin will validate attendance at each conference session, as shown by the
participants completed survey, in eTAMS within 30 days of the session date.
Endorsed sessions are listed below and you can – view the full program details here. November 16 - 17, 2020
Pre-Conference Tasters have been created to inform,

 Pre-Conference                                          challenge and inspire you as well as equip you with ideas,
                                                         tools and strategies to embed in your practice.

                                                         We are offering optional, complimentary Pre-Conference
                                                         Tasters on Sunday November 15 for CPLC2020 registered
                                                         participants. These will be offered at times that allow you
                                                         to attend one or more.

                                                         The purpose of these Tasters is for you to experience a
 Already registered for the conference and want to       ‘taste’ of Corwin’s professional learning by participating in a
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                                                         90 minute session with one of our Professional Learning
  using your email and confirmation number and
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   registration'. From there, choose your session.        • Concurrent Sessions
                                                          • All sessions are recorded
                                                          • Registration for sessions required

                  Pre-Conference Tasters

                                          A taste of… Visible Learning for Literacy
                                          Do you know what strategies work best at the surface, deep and transfer phases of
                                          learning? Sample high impact literacy strategies that, when implemented at the right
                                          time during the learning process, can maximise student learning.
                                          Speaker: Sam Rodgers | Professional Learning Consultant, Corwin

                                          Sunday 15 November
                                             • Session 1: 10:00am - 11:30pm AEDT
                                             • Session 2: 3:00pm - 4:30pm AEDT

                                           A taste of… Visible Learning+
                                           To what extent do you make learning visible to your learners? Sample the key
                                           messages of the Visible Learning research and consider the practices that best
                                           support 'teachers to see learning through the eyes of their students, and students
                                           who see themselves as their own teachers.'
                                           Speaker: Vania Tiatto | Director of Professional Learning, Corwin

                                           Sunday 15 November
                                             • Session 1: 10:00am - 11:30pm AEDT
                                             • Session 2: 3:00pm - 4:30pm AEDT

                                           A taste of… Visible Learning for Mathematics
                                           How do you make decisions in mathematics about what learning strategy to implement
                                           when? Sample a selection of key mathematics strategies and consider when these are
                                           best leveraged to maximise impact on EVERY student’s progress.
                                           Speaker: Lyn Coote | Professional Learning Leader, Corwin

                                           Sunday 15 November
                                              • Session 1: 10:00am - 11:30pm AEDT
                                              • Session 2: 3:00pm - 4:30pm AEDT                                                  4 November 16 - 17, 2020
Keynote Sessions
                               Keynote Speakers' topics support deep implementation of
                               key ideas and, teacher and leader practices that are essential
                               for student learning and progress.

                               Join our internationally renowned keynotes speakers to be
                               inspired and challenged to move learning forward.

                               • All sessions are recorded

    Keynote Sessions

                 Moving learning forward: From schools as a path to the
                 future to the future being in schools now
                 Speaker: John Hattie
                 Right now, we have the chance to move learning forward by learning from the
                 unplanned experiment of virtual learning and integrating the positives into 2021 and
                 beyond. The forced change of the Old Grammar of Schooling is a unique opportunity
                 to bring back better into a New Grammar of Schooling.

                 Yes, teaching in-class is so much richer, creates more possibilities, and seeing in the
                 eyes of the students is much easier. So what is the learning from the situation when
                 they are not always in front of us, where we have had to speed up the gradual release
                 of responsibility, and see some students who do not prosper in class flourish online,
                 and some in class flounder.

                 Now is the time to harness these insights, adopt a New Grammar of schooling – and
                 take the opportunity to consider how the messages from Visible Learning can be
                 implemented at a faster and deeper way into our schools.

                 Moving learning forward: From individual to collective
                 Speaker: Douglas Fisher
                 Keeping student learning at the forefront of professional learning communities (PLCs)
                 requires that we also recognise the vital role that teachers and leaders play in the
                 equation of teaching and learning. This means that PLCs must take on two additional
                 challenges: maximising individual expertise, while harnessing the power of
                 collaborative expertise that can be developed with peers. It is critical that we go
                 beyond the examination of student learning and examine teacher learning as well.

                 Building upon prevailing PLC methodology, the session is designed to consider ways
                 of refreshing current collaborative structures and support teachers’ decision making in
                 the context of individual and collective efficacy, expectations, equity, and the
                 activation of own learning.

                                                                                                           5 November 16 - 17, 2020
Keynote Sessions

             Moving learning forward: Reducing change to increase
             Speaker: Viviane Robinson
             Why is it that the change efforts of leaders and teachers too often do not deliver the
             intended improvement? In this presentation I discuss and illustrate ways that leaders at
             all levels of the system can increase the probability that their change efforts will result in
             improved teaching and learning. First, I discuss why it is so important to challenge the
             assumption that change and innovation are necessarily desirable. Second, I contrast
             what I call the bypass and the engage approach to leading change. In the bypass
             approach leaders jump from identifying a problem to suggesting or requesting
             strategies for solving it. This is the typical approach to change used by busy educational
             leaders and usually does not result in improvement because the solutions do not
             address the reasons why the problem persists. In the contrasting engage approach, the
             leader collaboratively inquires into and tests the likely causes of the problem, before
             coming up with possible solutions.

             This presentation will enable you to:
               • make a clear distinction between change and improvement
               • reflect on the extent to which you lead improvement through the bypass or
                   engage approach.
               • learn some engage strategies so you can undertake change in a way that is likely
                   to lead to improvement that is embedded and sustained.
               • increase the chance that you will build trust with those who are initially reluctant to
                   seek improvement

             Moving learning forward: From policy-driven reforms to
             school-led change
             Speaker: Pasi Sahlberg
             Most education system leaders and school principals are now thinking about what
             the future after the pandemic will look like. Schools that feature professionalism and
             flexibility and those who regularly engage in creative problem solving seem to find
             better ways to navigate through uncertainty than others. Most likely what is ahead for
             schools and entire systems can be best described as austerity, downsizing and
             alignment to new economic realities.

             In this presentation I argue that in the future we should learn to rely less on policy-
             driven education reforms and more on successful ideas that have worked in various
             cultural settings and powerful networks that are spreading them without the mandate
             of the authorities.

             This will include practical ideas for schools and evidence-inspired suggestions to
             change the policies to lead the change in post-pandemic for more engaged and
             authentic learning.

                                                                                                              6 November 16 - 17, 2020
Keynote Sessions

             Moving learning forward: Through student dialogue
             Speaker: James Nottingham
             Language is the foundation of learning but too often, interactions– whether online or in
             classrooms - are dominated by teacher talk. Indeed, Gad Yair found that teachers talk
             70-80% of lesson time; that the amount they talk increases as the year level rises and
             the numbers of students in each class decrease! (Yair, 2000)

             At its best, high-quality dialogue creates interaction and engagement with learning,
             providing opportunities for students to move from surface-level knowledge to deeper
             understanding. In the one meta-analysis that looks into classroom talk, the findings
             from 42 studies showed that classroom talk leads to significant improvements in text
             comprehension, and moderate improvements in students’ inferential comprehension,
             critical thinking and reasoning. (Murphy, Wilkinson, Soter & Hennessey, 2009).

             In his keynote, James Nottingham will cover:

               • How best to use dialogue to engage and motivate learners online as well as in
                 the classroom
               • The differences in quality and impact between cumulative, disputational, and
                 exploratory talk
               • The conditions necessary for exploratory talk to flourish in every classroom
               • Strategies for making lessons more active, meaningful, challenging and
                 collaborative through better use of dialogue

                                                                                                        7 November 16 - 17, 2020
Authors in
                                                       To move learning forward requires action. Our Authors in Action
                                                       are educators who will provide stories, research, practices and
                                                       insights which will both inspire and challenge you to take

                                                       actions that move learning forward.
                                                       Each author, through their work with educators in Australia and
                                                       internationally, comes with a wealth of knowledge and range of
                                                       experiences in ways of moving learning forward.
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                Authors in Action

                                          Moving learning forward through a model of interdependent
                                          Speaker: Pam Ryan
                                          We know that school leadership matters, but many of us also know that not all leadership
                                          results in the best outcomes for students or the most harmonious of school cultures.
                                          However, by recognising that leadership operates in complex and interdependent ways,
                                          we can understand where and how to intervene and so create and sustain healthy and
                                          high-functioning schools. The purpose of the presentation will be to share recent research
                                          and a model that facilitates that understanding. In the session we’ll be exploring moving
                                          learning forward through shared and deeply interconnected leadership.

                                          Moving learning forward by implementing what works best
                                          Speaker: John Almarode
                                          Knowing what works best is only part of the story. Implementation is a critical part of
                                          maximising and accelerating the impact educators have on students’ learning. The
                                          process of implementation involves turning good ideas into high-impact learning
                                          experiences that propel student learning.
                                          The process of implementation involves turning good ideas into high-impact learning
                                          experiences that propel student learning by:
                                            • knowing where our learners are in their learning journey
                                            • knowing what works best in teaching and learning, and
                                            • evaluating our impact on student learning.
                                          This highly-engaging and interactive presentation looks at the essential components of
                                          successful implementation to ensure we engage in great teaching, not by chance, but by

                                          Moving learning forward by fostering Collective Teacher
                                          Speaker: Jenni Donohoo
                                          Collective efficacy is about the overwhelming power that school teams have to impact
                                          change when they join together to solve problems. Collective teacher efficacy results in
                                          the confidence, resiliency, and persistence needed to overcome inequities and
                                          challenges. At a time when efficacy beliefs may be waning, it’s important to consider the
                                          role of collective efficacy in relation to building educator’s capacity to confront and adapt
                                          to the consequences of COVID-19. It’s ever so important to capitalise on the sources of         8
                                          efficacy so that we can shape learning environments in which everyone shares the belief
                                          that individually and collectively they have the capability to impact positive change.
Insights into
                                                             Join us for Insights into Implementation Sessions.
                                                             Informed by Research and Powered by Educators.

                                                             These sessions focus on celebrating the ways educators use
                                                             research to move learning forward. These interactive sessions
                                                             are a balance of the why, how and what of implementation and
                                                             are rich in practical examples and experiences of school
                                                             leaders, teachers and learners.

      Already registered for the conference and want         Please register for the sessions you would like to attend.
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                           sessions?                         Monday 16 November
     Log back into your account using your email and
                                                             Five concurrent sessions: 1:15pm - 2:30pm AEDT
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      registration' and click 'conference registration'.
              From there, choose your session.               Tuesday 17 November
    • Concurrent Sessions                                    Five concurrent sessions: 11:00am - 12:30pm AEDT and then
    • All sessions are recorded                              REPEATED at 1:40pm - 3:10pm
    • Registration for sessions required

                      Insights into Implementation - Monday, Nov 16

                                                 Moving learning forward by listening for impact
                                                 Listening to your students: evidence to inform decisions
                                                 Speaker: Shane Crawford | St Bernards School, VIC
                                                 How do you know what your impact is on student learning? How do you evaluate your
                                                 impact on student progress regularly and systematically? How do they know you are
                                                 actively listening?

                                                 This session aims to amplify the importance of listening to our students as sources of
                                                 evidence about our impact. During this session you will hear students talk about their
                                                 experiences as Visible Learners throughout their five year journey. Practical evidence
                                                 gathering tools that support the collection of student voice about learning, and ways to
                                                 analyse and take action as a result, will be shared.

                                                 Moving learning forward with learning dispositions
                                                 The WILL to learn: developing learning dispositions
                                                 Speaker: Ben Walsh | Bankstown Public School, NSW
                                                 Learning dispositions are habits of mind or tendencies to behave in a certain way and
                                                 can include perseverance and reflection. What learning dispositions do your learners
                                                 bring to their learning? How do you know? During this session you will look at ways to
                                                 deliberately develop and strengthen shared learning dispositions to move learning

                                                 You will leave this session with an insight into the research connected to learning
                                                 dispositions. Tools for determining current learning dispositions of your learner, and
                                                 ways to develop a shared language of learning across your school, will also be a key
6                                                                                                                                           9
Insights into Implementation

            Moving learning forward by developing assessment capability
            Letting our learners in on the secret: Developing Assessment
            Speaker: Jenny Sesta | Professional Learning Consultant, Corwin
            Learners who are unaware of their learning goals, how to be successful and their next
            steps have not been let into the secret of learning. To what extent can your learners
            answer the following three questions in their learning… Where am I going? How am I
            doing? Where to next? Students’ capacity to answer these questions is identified in
            John Hattie's Visible Learning research as having a powerful impact on their progress
            and achievement and is a central characteristic of assessment capability. The ability to
            answer these questions is to be in on the secret.

            During this session you will experience powerful strategies for developing student
            assessment capability including co-constructing success criteria with learners to support
            goal setting and making conversations about learning and progress a natural part of
            everyday practice.

            You will leave this session with highly transferable and practical ideas and strategies to
            support the development of your students’ assessment capability.

            Moving learning forward with leaders as evaluators
            Leaders as Evaluators: Through a microscope and a wide-angle lens
            Speakers: Rebecca Clements & Katherine Baird | Immanuel Primary
            School, SA
            Leaders as Evaluators know their impact. They evaluate the impact that they and
            teachers are having on student learning on an ongoing, regular basis, and have the
            mindframes to constantly question what needs to be improved and what evidence is
            needed. What systems and processes do you have in place to understand your impact
            and move learning forward? Are you looking through a microscope and/or a wide angle

            You will leave this session with an understanding of the literature related to mindframes
            that leaders need to adopt to move learning forward and know their impact.

            Participants will leave with practical examples, insights and strategies to reflect on and to
            use in their own practice.

            Moving learning forward with learner feedback
            Learner Feedback - Are you hearing it?
            Speaker: David Whitehead | Professional Learning Consultant, Corwin
            How do you regularly seek feedback from your learners? Is it clear to them how you act
            on it?

            Feedback is more powerful when it is sought by the teacher about their teaching than by
            the students about their learning. This session will provide opportunities to consider your
            current feedback culture and strategies to support seeking and receiving student
            feedback. It is not only how you are actively seeking and receiving it, but how you are
            visibly acting on it.
            You will leave this session with strategies for student to teacher feedback that moves
            learning forward and an insight into John Hattie's Visible Learning research.
Insights into Implementation - Tuesday, Nov 17

            Moving learning forward with quality implementation
            Quality Implementation
             • Vania Tiatto | Director of Professional Learning Corwin
             • Joanne Doherty | St Bernard’s School, VIC
             • Peter Roberts | Quirindi High School, NSW
             • Catherine Kimmorley | Toowoomba Catholic Schools, QLD

            How do you SCALE up, SUSTAIN and stay SANE when implementing improvement

            Outcomes of improvement efforts can be affected by a range of factors and influences.
            This has been no less apparent in recent times with changes to how we have known
            teaching and learning. Scaling up excellence, sustaining improvement and staying sane
            throughout the process of implementation are all core when considering our roles as
            educators involved in an improvement initiative.

            Join this session and consider what quality implementation entails through the lens of
            Visible Learning+. Visible Learning+ is a model of professional learning that takes the
            theory of John Hattie’s research and puts it into a practical model of inquiry. Find out how
            a teacher, a principal and a system leader have not only successfully shifted to new
            paradigms of thinking, doing and being but ultimately improved student learning in their
            contexts. The educators will share examples of specific implementation approaches and
            describe the key elements of their success; addressing what worked and did not work for
            them and what learnings that have emerged as a result.

            You will leave this session with practical examples of quality implementation to help move
            learning forward.

            Moving learning forward with effective classroom discussions
            ‘Effective talk, not just any talk’: Classroom discussions with impact
            Speaker: Sam Rodgers | Professional Learning Consultant, Corwin
            Classroom discussions can have a profound effect on shaping and transforming the
            understanding of a learner. They are a critical classroom tool with the potential to
            considerably accelerate learning. But not all discussions are created equal!

            What do discussions look like in your classrooms? How might you move more talk into the
            mouths of learners?

            During this session you will learn more about the key components of effective discussions
            and the role discussion plays in deepening thinking. The focus will be on exploring both
            teacher-led and student-led discussions, and equipping you with tools and strategies to
            use in your classroom to maximise learning.

            You will leave this session with an understanding of the research about effective
            discussions and practical ways that these can be implemented in your classroom through
            the lens of Visible Learning for Literacy. You will experience the use of some of these tools
            and have opportunities to collaborate with others.

Insights into Implementation

            Moving learning forward with teachers who are to
            D.I.I.E for
            Improve learning for all
                 •   Sue Bryen | Professional Learning Leader, Corwin
                 •   Sarah Bury | Quorn Area School, SA
                 •   Andrew Gilsenan-Reed | Quorn Area School, SA
                 •   Monique Griffiths | Quorn Area School, SA
                 •   Chris Bartlett | Mater Dei Primary School, QLD)
                 •   Angela Martlew | Mater Dei Primary School, QLD

            Are you clear about what your learners need to learn next and what strategies will work
            best to move learning forward? How do you implement strategies well and know the
            teaching practices you are implementing are having the desired impact on learning?

            In this session you will learn about the DIIE model, created by Professor John Hattie,
            which comprises four main phases to school improvement efforts: diagnosis, intervention,
            implementation, and evaluation. These focused and deliberate actions aim to move
            learning forward by maximising teacher impact on student learning and teachers' use of
            time and energy. You will also hear from guest panelists, educators who are ‘to D.I.I.E.
            for’, who will describe and reflect on how they have engaged in this framework.

            You will leave this session with a snapshot of the related research, a framework for
            reflection and consideration with examples of how this model is supporting educators in
            their practice. Practical tools and strategies will also be provided to use back in your
            setting to strengthen your practice of diagnosing, intervening, implementing and

            Moving learning forward with metacognition in mathematics
            Driving your own brain: metacognition in mathematics
            Speaker: Lyn Coote | Professional Learning Leader, Corwin

            Are your learners in the driver’s seat of their mathematics learning?
            When learners are thinking about their thinking they are being metacognitive.
            Metacognition enables learners to become aware of how they learn and to evaluate and
            adapt these skills to become increasingly effective at learning. How does this look in
            mathematics? How can we deliberately and explicitly teach metacognitive strategies?

            During this session you will consider when to take your foot off the pedal and hand over
            control to your learners, so they can move learning forward.

            You will leave this session with information about metacognitive strategies and practical
            ways they can be implemented in their mathematics classes as inspired and informed by
            Visible Learning for Mathematics. Participants will experience strategies and have
            opportunities to collaborate with others.

Insights into Implementation

           Moving learning forward with a focus on progress
           Talking Progress - A shared understanding of progress
             • Gilbert Halcrow | Professional Learning Leader, Corwin
             • Allison Bourke | Tarro Public School, NSW
             • Kelly O'Shea | Tarro Public School, NSW

           How regularly is student progress, as opposed to achievement, talked about and acted
           upon in your practice? How do you understand the progress of your learners? To what
           extent is this understanding shared across your school or organisation to support talking
           about progress?

           We need to think about our impact, not just in terms of achievement but also in terms of
           progress. There are many ways we can determine the progress of our students to move
           learning forward.   One of the most powerful ways to understand progress, and to engage
           in talk about individual, group and cohort progress of students, is through developing a
           shared understanding of what progress looks like.

           Another powerful tool to determine progress is to ask the students and hear what they
           have to say.

           During this session you will hear from guest educators who will describe and reflect on
           how they have developed and implemented tools and resources to establish a shared
           understanding of progress.

           You will leave this session with practical examples of how to build a shared understanding
           of progress. You will also experience tools and strategies to support students talking
           about their progress.

Interactive Audio Book with a Human Attached. You are invited

                Living                                 to borrow one or try the whole collection!

                                                       The Living Book Bibliotheca is a place where real people are on

                                                       loan to participants at the Conference. In the Living Book
                                                       Bibliotheca, you will connect with other educators and hear
                                                       their stories about how they moved learning forward through
                                                       effective implementation strategies.

                                                       Use the ideas from the Living Books to reflect on implications
                                                       for your own practice and context. All Living Books are happy
                                                       to answer questions so you can add new chapters to your own
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                                                       school’s story.
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                                                       • Concurrent Sessions
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                 Living Books

         Moving learning forward by starting small
         Too Big, Too Soon – Learnings of Implementation

         The heroes in this story are the students, parents and staff who have embraced the small steps of our
         journey to have a big impact.

         What the authors say:
         We started too big, too soon. After re-evaluating our goals as a whole school we created an approach
         to collectively build consistency in our Visible Learning implementation. This approach is more
         targeted and strategic.

         Chapters include:
              • Primary School, New South Wales, Sydney
              • What did we learn from starting too big?
              • Deciding where to start with Visible Learning
              • Promoting consistency in Visible Learning
              • Impact so far
                                                           Presented By:
                                                          • Megan Wan
                                                          • Amanda Abeni
                                                          • Diane Bambridge
                                                          Coogee Public School, NSW
Living Books

Moving learning forward whilst managing staff turn over
Keeping Course While Navigating Change

The heroes of this story are the Impact Coaches who have successfully navigated the change process and
challenge of high staff turn over to reach collective efficacy and clarity of the type of learners and
teachers we aspire to have in our school.

What the authors say:
Staff turn over can be seen as having a negative impact on a change process, such as
our implementation of Visible Learning, however we have found the benefits in it. Our
focus has been on carefully organising whole school practices and processes to
continually develop and review the capacity, skills and knowledge of all staff and
students in their Visible Learning journey.

    Chapters include:
        • Primary School, NSW
        • Creating a Visible Learning culture
                                                           Presented By:
        • Practice and processes to navigate
          change                                           • Lisa Larkin
                                                           • Claire Humphries
        • Learning from challenges along the way
                                                           Paddington Public School,

     Moving learning forward by taking action to move learning forward
     Success for every learner

     The heroes in this story are the staff, who understand and believe in our ‘Why’

     What the authors say:
     Our Taking Action Model has helped our teachers understand where every learner is at. Through this simple
     process, teachers know what each student needs to learn and what effective teaching strategies to use so
     that every child experiences success.

    Chapters include:
         • Primary School, Queensland, Toowoomba
         • Learning Impact Cycles using Taking Action
         • Operational and strategic planning to
           enhance the learning environment
         • Extending our Taking Action Model beyond
                                                                Presented By:
           the classroom
                                                                • Chris Bartlett
                                                                • Angela Martlew
                                                                 • Kellie Pritchard
                                                                 Mater Dei Primary School, QLD
Living Books

Moving learning forward through the power of working across schools
Creating an Effective Collective Change

The heroes of this story are the schools working together as a collective to build teacher capacity and student

What the authors say:
Harnessing the power of professionals working together is ambitious and not for the
faint-hearted. It requires capacity building and responsibility for student progress not
only within but across schools. There is much more to be done as we endeavour to
learn and grow together. This is our story so far.
                                                                                              Presented By:
                                                                                              • Andrea Richards
    Chapters include:
                                                                                                 St Margaret Mary’s School,
      • P-6 Primary Schools                                                                      VIC
      • Common professional learning
      • Sharing practice and experience                                                       • Robyn Kelly
      • Collaboratively designing resources                                                      Annunciation Catholic
      • Openly assessing and exchanging                                                          Primary School, VIC
        evidence of impact
      • Where to next?                                                                        • Dan Ryan
                                                                                                 St Martin de Porres School,

     Moving Learning Forward with Impactful Collaborative Learning
     Meeting the Challenge of Changing Practice

     The hero of this story is the teacher impact cycle which challenges and guides teachers to be better versions of
     themselves so that students can be the best learners that they can be. Using research, data and student voice,
     this story is about how impactful learning can be crafted with collaboration.

    What the authors say:
     If you knew that you had the ability to make a difference by changing your
     practice, would you take it? Our teachers have taken up this challenge and
     as a result are collaboratively improving learner outcomes by crafting
     impactful learning. Our teacher impact cycle, fueled by research and
     evidence, is the framework supporting this change.

    Chapters include:
       • P-12 School, Queensland, Stanthorpe
                                                                Presented By:
       • Our teacher impact cycle
                o Acknowledging the Reality                     • Sarah Yates
                o Researching the Intervention                  • Matthew Brown
                o Implementing for Improvement                  St Joseph’s School, QLD                                        16
                o Evaluating the Impact
       • Our Learning - Insights from our experience
Living Books

Moving learning forward by challenging long standing beliefs and
perceptions about learning
Every Child, Every Class, Every Day

The hero in this story is the staff who have moved past data literacy and into the realm of continuous improvement
cycles - connecting the needs of all individual learners, and site based and regional priorities.

What the authors say:
It’s about equipping all members of our school community with the skills and knowledge
to challenge their own and others' beliefs and perceptions about learning. We have
worked to achieve this through a transparent, collaborative process that focuses on
growth for every child, in every class, every day.

    Chapters include:
      • F-12 Area School, South Australia, Quorn
      • Strengthening a learning culture through
        collaboration and co-construction
                                                       Presented By:
      • Data literacy success - When the learner
        becomes the teacher
                                                       • Sarah Bury
                                                       • Monique Griffiths
      • Growing the champions amongst both
        learners and leaders of learning               • Andrew Gilsenan-Reed
                                                       Quorn Area School, SA

Moving learning forward by reflecting and acting on evidence
Using Everything We Have

The heroes in this story are teachers and students reflecting and acting on the data, feedback and impact
cycles to drive whole school goals.

What the authors say:
We have been on a long journey of professional learning to develop our knowledge and understanding of
Visible Learning. What is so exciting is being at a point of utilising all this information to determine what
works best for us and make informed next steps.

    Chapters include:
      • 7-12 Rural High School, NSW, Quirindi
      • Impact Cycles – Reflecting and Acting on
      • The Shared Professional Learning Project
      • Creating better opportunities for all staff
        to lead
                                                      Presented By:
                                                      • Jennifer Lees
                                                      • Andrew Harries
                                                      Quirindi High School, NSW                                      17
Living Books

Moving learning forward by building learner capabilities
Cross-School > Collaboration > Capabilities

The hero in this story is the cross-school collaboration to develop clear guidelines for effective implementation of
learner capabilities into the curriculum.

What the authors say:
Our challenge was to strengthen the development of learner capabilities and raise their status within
curriculum delivery. To meet this challenge, Elderslie and Blairmont Public Schools have
collaboratively developed a framework, supported by our work with Visible Learning, that provides
clear progressions to support the integration of capabilities into curriculum and build learner
                                                                                                Presented By:
Chapters include:                                                                               • Melissa Clarke
    • K-6 Primary Schools, NSW                                                                  • Kate Caruana
    • Connecting curriculum and Visible Learning                                                Elderslie Public School,
    • Framework development and
    • Making the integration visible to all                                                     • Greg Turnbull
                                                                                                • Rani Fairbairn
                                                                                                Blairmount Public School,

Ex tend
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                                           in your school. Corwin offers many opportunities to engage
                                           your team in learning how to effectively implement what
                                           you’ve learned here to boost your student learning.
      learning into
      your school                          Partner with our highly qualified and experienced Corwin
                                           Australia Education Team to begin your journey with us. We
                                           will help design powerful professional learning specifically
                                           for your school or network of schools. Contact us for more
     Bring our Corwin
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                                           answering any questions you may have.
     to your school!

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Learning, Corwin Australia        Leader, Corwin Australia    Leader, Corwin Australia   Leader, Corwin Australia

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 Leader, Corwin Australia


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  At Corwin, we believe ALL students learn not by chance, but by design


   based on
                                     300+ million
                                                       =            250+
                                                               factors that influence
meta-analyses       studies      students worldwide                  achievement

Visible Learningplus School Impact Process Outcomes

      Leaders have enhanced visibility and capacity to improve school progress
      and decision-making based on evidence.

      Teachers are adaptive learning experts who teach based on a clear
      understanding of what works best for raising student progress
      and achievement.


      Students demonstrate increased attendance, engagement, retention,
      progress, and achievement.

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Professional Learning
                   Synchronous live virtual
                   workshop with consultant

                                              Asynchronous 6-hour self-paced
                                              online course with consultant

                                                                   Face to face workshop with

Created in Partnership with
Professor John Hattie

Visible Learning+™ translates the research of Professor John Hattie into a practical roadmap for
implementation in the classroom and schoolwide. Rather than a one-day workshop or a one-size-fits-all
solution, the School Impact Process is a three-year evidence-based system/school wide improvement
process. Through ongoing cycles of evidence-gathering and knowledge-building, educators can focus on
the practices that maximise their time, energy, resources, and impact.

We are pleased to offer online self-paced courses for all staff as well as live virtual leadership sessions to
suit your school’s needs. The highlight of these professional learning courses is the learning content in all
staff courses and the leadership sessions is identical to a full day face to face professional learning course
with a consultant in your school.

Engage in face-to-face (F2F) one day workshops, select from our Synchronous Video Conferencing (SVC)             21
options or engage in Asynchronous, consultant facilitated 2-6 week 6-hour online courses (A6C).

                                Learn more at
Delivery Options for Blended Learning
There are multiple professional learning options you can choose, which include:

•      Face-to-face (F2F) one day workshops – pending Corwin’s ability to travel to you and/or lockdown restrictions

•      Synchronous video conferencing (SVC)

•      Asynchronous 6-hour self-paced online courses with consultant support (A6C)

Three-Year School Impact Model Instance (can be customised for each school)

    YEAR 1                                   YEAR 2                                 YEAR 3

                    Delivery Options                       Delivery Options                         Delivery Options

Foundations of Visible                      Impact Series: e.g.                      Impact Series or
Learning                                    Making Learning                          Foundation Series: e.g.
(whole staff)                               Visible: Learning                        Visible Learning into
                                            Intentions and Success                   Action for Teachers
                                            Criteria                                 (VLAT)1
                                            (whole staff)                            (whole staff) (2-3months
Evidence into Action 1
                                                                                     before VLAT Day 2)
(school leaders)
                                            Impact Coach 2
                                            (impact coaches/                        Impact Coach 3
                                            instructional leaders)                  (impact coaches/
                                                                                    instructional leaders)
    Impact Coach 1
    (impact coaches/                        Evidence into Action 3                   Leadership into Action
    instructional leaders)                  (school leaders)                         (school leaders)

    Evidence into Action 2
    (school leaders)

                                            Impact Series: e.g.                      Impact Series or
                                            How Students Learn                       Foundation Series: e.g.
                                            or SOLO Taxonomy or                      Visible Learning into
    Impact Series: e.g.
                                            Feedback That Makes                      Action for Teachers
    Developing Visible
                                            Learning Visible                         (VLAT) 2
                                            (whole staff)
    (whole staff)
                                                                                     School Capability
    Evaluation:                              Evaluation:
                                                                                     Assessment- school
    School Capability                        School Capability
                                                                                     visit Time 3
    Assessment- school                       Assessment- school
    visit Time 1                             visit Time 2
                                                                                     Mindframe Survey           Virtual
    Mindframe Survey          Virtual        Mindframe Survey                        Time 3                     link      22
    Time 1                    link           Time 2                   link

                                        Learn more at
What       does it take to create schools where all
students are learning—not by chance, but by design?
Professional learning is successful if—and only if—it has a measurable impact on
student learning. Corwin’s Visible Learning+ School Impact Process approaches
professional learning with a focus on evidence-based practices and implementation
support for long-term success for all learners.

                                   Understand what works
                                   Build a common understanding and language
                                   of learning across school around what works
                                   (and what doesn’t) to accelerate learning and
                                   monitor progress.

                   Develop your PD
                   plan with experts
                   Bring in the leading minds to help you formulate
                   a PD plan for long-term, measurable growth and
                   collaboration amongst team members.

                                        Collect and analyse
                                        your evidence
                                        Understand where you are now in implementing
                                        high-impact practices so you can chart where
                                        you want to go and how to get there.

Ready to get started?
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