The Forerunner - St John's College Preston

The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
Friday, 7 June 2019

                                   The Forerunner

       "There is no greater love than someone laying down their life for their neighbour. When you hear someone com-
       plaining and you struggle with yourself and do not answer them back with complaints; when you are hurt and
       bear it patiently, not looking for revenge; then you are laying down your life for your neighbour."
                                                                                                           Abba Poemen

                  Principal’s Message
                  The Danish writer, Hans Christian Anderson (1805-1875) said: “Where words fail, music speaks.” This
                  aphorism is so true in our world today where songs and music represent memories and, often more, our
                  identity with greater richness than mere words. The importance of music has never been so important to
                  us. And, for this reason, it is wonderful to acknowledge the renewal of Music and Performing Arts within
                  the College this year, and the important role this has in the life and growth of every student.

We are fortunate to have our new Music and Performing Arts teacher, Miss Exintaris, join us this year. Miss Exintaris along
with her team of music teachers, commit their time and skills to supporting students at all levels, as well as developing and
refining their own skills and knowledge. With so many of our students performing at our recent College Assembly, the Soi-
ree evening, outside the College with the Band and with many other events planned, the music program is moving in leaps
and bounds. Supported by our wonderful Parents’ Association, with their focus upon donating new equipment and instru-
ments to the College, our students have more opportunities than ever before in learning music and extending themselves in
performance and confidence.
Every student at our College has access to music throughout their education. While they may not choose to study music
after Year 8, we have co-curricular music groups and choirs. With many young people in our society not having access to
music programs, the evidence shows that this has a detrimental impact on their education, wellbeing and growth as people.
Not only does music enhance the development of our brains, it also provides us with opportunities to better understand our-
selves and our emotions.
With many reasons to suggest that music education is important, here are the top 6 that have the greatest impact:
       #1) Music stimulates brain development in children
       #2) Music is a way to connect with other people
       #3) Music integrates many different subject areas
       #4) Music teaches discipline
       #5) Music can relieve stress
       #6) Music connects us with our culture
This evidence of music’s extrinsic benefits make a strong case for music education, however, it should not overshadow the
sheer joy our students experience in making music.
As the College moves from strength to strength, we are grateful to those that bring music to our minds and hearts and ask
God to continually bless them and the College under the Patronage of St John the Forerunner.
Lance Ryan—Principal
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
Junior School News

                   YOU CAN DO IT PROGRAM

                   At St John’s College as part of our Pastoral Care program we are using the You Can Do It! pro-
                   gram which focuses on developing the social and emotional capabilities that all young people
                   need to acquire in order to be successful.

We believe that students should experience success not only in their learning, but in positive relationships,
developing a sense of well-being and being able to make a positive contribution to others and the community.

     The program focuses on five essential social and emotional foundations/ keys.
          •     Resilience
          •     Confidence
          •     Persistence
          •     Organisation
          •     Getting Along

In You Can Do It! Education, parents are encouraged to help develop the five essential social and emotional
foundations (‘keys”) all young people need to be successful and happy. By helping your children become more
aware of and use these keys at home and in school, you are helping develop their social, emotional and learning

Each of the five keys will be briefly described at school, including some ideas about what you can do at home
to support your child’s development.

                            Organisation means setting a goal to do your best in your schoolwork, listening careful-
                            ly to your teachers’ instructions and planning your time so that you are not rushed.

                            Some examples of how students can use the Organisation key include:

                            Having a goal to do your very best in school
                            Recording homework and nightly reading
                            Handing homework in on time
                            Making sure you understand the teacher’s instructions before beginning
                            Bringing to school important materials
                            Having a neat desk

In relation to the key Organisation, students can use the following Habits of the Mind:
Setting Goals.
Planning My Time.

Supporting Your Child At Home
Step 1. Have Conversations with Your Child about What it Means to be Organised
1.     Find a time to discuss with your child about how important it is to be organised in his/her approach to school
       and how disorganisation is a big blocker. Say: “I think it is important to understand what it means to be or-
       ganised and why organisation can help you to be successful in schoolwork and other activities. You see, if
       you are always losing things, not knowing what homework to do, running late, and forgetting to take things
       to school and from school to home, you will be extremely stressed and find it hard to do your best.”
2.     At the beginning of a school term, remind your child how important it is to be organised. Say: “When I start
       something new, I have found that if I have all my equipment ready for me for work, I get off to a flying start.
       Doing this helps me to be organised. Let’s see how organised your school materials are.”
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
3.    To prevent your child from getting behind in a school project or when he/she is running late, and thereby
      missing out on participating in an activity, say: “Let’s see if we can spend a bit of time working out a weekly
      schedule of things you have to do, how long they will take to get done and when you will do them.”
4.    It can be helpful to discuss with your child the goals he/she has for what he/she wants to achieve in the
      coming school year, term and in different classes or subjects. Say: “One of the reasons to be organised is
      that it helps you to achieve your goals. And a great goal to have is deciding to do the best you can rather
      than just to get by. When you achieve the goal of doing your best, you are successful. Let’s have a look at
      what your goals are for your different classes/subjects.”

Step 2. Describe Examples of Organised Behaviours to Practice
        Select two or three examples of confident behaviour that you want your child to practice being more or-
        Say: “Here are some different things you can do to become a bit more organised. Select two or three
        from the following list: Why not practice doing them this week, having all school supplies and homework
        ready to take to school, having a neat enough desk, locker and schoolbag to locate things when needed,
        record your teacher’s instructions for homework accurately, make a schedule ahead of time as to when
        he/she will do homework or study for exams, put things away in designated places in the bedroom, use a
        watch/clock to keep track of time and where he/she should be and what has to be done, write a list of
        things to be done for the coming week and assign priorities to them (1, 2, 3), use list to check off tasks
        that have been accomplished.

Step 3. Discuss Ways to Think that will Help Your Child to Be Organised
1.    When you learn from your child that he/she has an assignment due in a few days or weeks, say: “One way
      of thinking you can have that will make it harder for you to be successful is: “When is the very latest I can
      start.’ A more helpful way to think that helps get anyone to get organised or to get a job done on time is to
      think about how long the project will take to get done and to plan enough time to get it done.”
2.    When your child is about to begin a new project or task, say: “You know, setting a goal for what you want to
      achieve can help you to be successful. Think about what you want to learn and the level at which you want
      to achieve (e.g., mark, getting on a team, scoring goals).”

Step 4. Things to Say to Acknowledge Your Child’s Organisation
        When you catch your child being organised, say: “You are organised.” “Doesn’t it feel good to be organ-
        ised!” “Being organised is helping you to be successful” “You planned well. You finished on time!” “You
        really planned well” “When you are prepared, you do a good job.” “I bet it makes school easier when you
        have everything ready.” “You are really keeping your schoolbag/backpack clean and neat.” “I see you are
        planning ahead so that you do not need to rush your work at the last minute.”

Whole School Incursion
On Tuesday 4 June, students from Foundation – Year 12 took part in an incursion/workshop run by Values for Life.
Through a series of interactive games, anecdotes, stories, music and video clips, the workshops provided a lively
combination of information and learning outcomes that supported pro-social values, empathy and resilience.
The workshops addressed the following topics:

JUNIOR SCHOOL – Getting Along
The Junior School explored the importance of a good community and the need for real friends - friends who think
about others first, are wise with their actions and careful with their words. They discussed what friendship skills look
like and what qualities a good friend possesses.

SENIOR SCHOOL – Community Matters
The Senior School explored issues of self-worth, peer pressure, resilience, communication and friendship. Students
were encouraged to take ownership of creating a healthy community within their school. The workshop aimed to I
increase students' awareness of social isolation, appreciating the differences in one another and promoted being
proactive in seeking healthy friendships.

Mrs A Anamourlis
Director of Students, Years F - 6
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
Senior School News

                 On Friday 24 May many of our students received certificates for representing the College during several
                 significant community events.

Orthodox Christian Good Friday
         During Orthodox Easter our Marching Band performed at the Greek Orthodox Church, The Dormition of Our Lady,
         Altona, on Good Friday. The following students received Certificates of Participation.
         Archer Kozaris, Alexander Nastos, Ariana Athanasiadis, Georgia Mazloungas, Alexandra Stamatopoulos,
         Pantelis Stefanidis, Angelo Souris, Despoina Isari, Spriridoula Souris, Kayla Zarkos, Christopher Magiris,
         Steven Pace, Christian Psarakos, George Stavros, Agim Xibrraku, Stefanos Stefanidis, Bagdan Basher and
         Elih Gentikoglou.
I would like to extend a huge thank you to Mr Papadopoulos for supporting our students during this event

         ANZAC Day occurs on 25th April every year. On this day we honour all the men and women who have participated
         in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world, including the ANZACs (Australian and New Zea-
         land Army Corps) who fought at Gallipoli, in Turkey, during World War One.

         On Thursday 25 April, several of our students and teachers were invited to participate in the ANZAC Day March to
         the Shrine of Remembrance by the Hellenic RSL. It was an honour and privilege for our College to be invited and
         we extend a sincere thank you Mr Steve Kiritsis and the members of the Hellenic RSL for their thoughtful gesture.
Also, thank you to Mrs Papakonstantinou for liaising with the Hellenic RSL to confirm our participation.

The following students received Certificates of Participation.
Thalia Kondilis, Evangelia Eliades, George Kontovagios, George Simos, Dimitrios Tamvakis, Christian Psarakos,
George Stavros, Jamie Kondilis, Agim Xibrraku, Angelique Fardis, Annabel Fardis and Diahna Fardis.

On Thursday 2 May, our Senior College Debating team, consisting of Tia Triantafillou (Year 8), Pantelis Stefanidis (Year
7) and Sotirios Mastrogiannopoulos (Year 9), competed in the second round of the DAV 2019 D Grade (Year 9) debat-
ing competition against Doncaster Secondary College. The topic was, ‘That all political parties should have quotas for
female candidates’, and we were the negative team.
The debate was awarded to St John’s College on forfeit. Congratulations to all team members on a well-planned and cohe-
sive argument and thank you to the parents for supporting our students on the night.

National Sports Event – Adelaide
Thirty-two of our students represented our College in various sports and Creative Arts in the annual National Schools
Event in Adelaide. Our students were outstanding in both performance and attitude.
We placed 2nd in the boys basketball, girls & boys volleyball. 4th & 5th in the girls & boys indoor futsal & outdoor soccer.
They also performed well in the table tennis and netball.
The following students received their Certificates of Participation.
I would also like to thank Mr Sherwood, Ms Giannos, Ms Hodgson, Mrs Sarigianoglou and Mr Armenopoulos for their tire-
less efforts in supporting and preparing the students leading up to, and during, the event.

Senior College Band – Adelaide
Our College band, under the direction of Ms Giannos, was a standout at the
creative arts evening during the National Sports Event in Adelaide.
George Ragavanis spoke about the historical significance of the songs and
our students performed brilliantly in Adelaide and during our Assembly. The
following students received their Certificate of Appreciation for all their
Stavroula Thomopoulos, Harris Anamourlis, Elih Gentikoglou,
Konstantinos Kouklatzis, George Stavros, Christian Psarakos,
Athanasi Triantafillou and George Ragavanis.
Well done to all students who received certificates!
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
                           On Thursday 30 May our Senior College Debating team. consisting of Tia Triantafillou (Year 8),
                           Pantelis Stefanidis (Year 7) and Paul Ketikidis (Year 8), competed in the third round of the
                           DAV 2019 D Grade (Year 9) debating competition against Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar. The topic
                           was ‘We should abolish standardised testing (e.g. NAPLAN)’ and we were the negative
                           After an entertaining and high-quality debate, the debate was awarded to St John’s College, 224
                           to 223. Congratulations to all team members on a well-planned and cohesive argument and
thank you to the parents for supporting our students on the night.
A special thank you to Paul Ketikidis who stepped in for Sotiros Mastrogiannopoulos, who was unwell, at the last mi-
nute. Despite having little time to prepare, Paul performed exceptionally well and demonstrated excellent qualities reflect-
ing leadership and collegiality and helped his team to achieve an excellent result.

                                          Team                    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
                        Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 8            4 4 4           12
                        Kew High School 6                          4   4   4           12
                        Northcote High School 4                    4   4   4           12
                        Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 4             4   4   4           12
                        St John's Greek Orthodox College 1         4   4   4           12
                        Northcote High School 5                    4   4   2           10
                        Alphington Grammar School 2                2   4   4           10
                        Northcote High School 3                    4   2   4           10
                        Northcote High School 1                    2   4   4           10
                        Kew High School 4                          4   2   4           10
                        Northcote High School 6                    2   4   4           10
                        East Doncaster Secondary College 1         4   4   2           10
                        Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 6             4   2   4           10
                        Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 7             4   4   2           10
                        Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 2             4   2   4           10
                        Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 3             4   4   2           10
                        Santa Maria College 1                      4   2   2           8
                        Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 1             2   2   4           8
                        Marcellin College 1                        0   4   4           8
                        Doncaster Secondary College 2              2   4   2           8
                        Kew High School 3                          2   4   2           8
                        Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 5             2   4   2           8
                        Alphington Grammar School 1                4   2   2           8
                        Doncaster Secondary College 1              2   2   4           8
                        Santa Maria College 2                      2   2   2           6
                        Our Lady of Mercy College 2                4   0   2           6
                        Kew High School 2                          2   2   2           6
                        Northcote High School 2                    2   0   4           6
                        Kew High School 1                          2   2   2           6
                        Our Lady of Mercy College 1                2   0   2           4
                        Kew High School 5                          2   0   0           2

 Values for Life - Community Matters
 As part of the College’s Anti-Bullying and Wellbeing program, Senior College students participated in an incursion/
 workshop on Tuesday 4th of June, run by the Values for Life organisation.
 The Values for Life workshop aim is to empower students, provide learning outcomes that engender pro-social values,
 empathy and resilience through a lively combination of information and interaction. The workshop focused on
 Community Matters.
 The Senior School explored issues of self-worth, peer pressure, resilience, communication and friendship, and encour-
 aged students to take ownership of creating a healthy community within their school. It aimed to Increase students'
 awareness of social isolation and promoted being proactive in seeking healthy friendships and appreciating the differ-
 ences in one another.
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
As part of the ‘You Can Do It!’ program,
students have focused on anti-bullying
strategies to increase our students’ aware-
ness of issues related to bullying. Bullying
can come in many forms and can be very
hurtful to both the target and the bully. We
encourage you to talk with your child on
what is appropriate and what is not appro-
priate in the school setting and online chat
groups. Some parents have the view that
“kids will be kids” or “that’s the school’s
problem”. Unfortunately, those are the
wrong responses. It is the responsibility of
all of us (parents, children, educators and
the community) to teach our children the
importance of being kind and considerate
to others. These are life skills and, in our
new age of technology, are greatly need-
ed. Our students designed anti-bullying
posters to help create a positive school en-
vironment for everyone.

                                                   Poster created by Tia Triantafillou (Year 8),
                                               Vasiliki Kouro (Year 8) and Georgia Karidis (Year 8)

                Poster created by Ian Alcover (Year 8) and Jamie Haramis (Year 8)
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
General Achievement Test (GAT)
All St John’s College students enrolled in one or more VCE Units 3 and 4 sequences MUST sit
the 2019 GAT:
DATE: Wednesday 12th June 2019
TIME: 10.00am to 1.15pm – normal classes will continue after the GAT
VENUE: Room 18
Students may take an English and/or bilingual printed dictionary into the GAT, but NOT a thesaurus or a combined
thesaurus-dictionary. Electronic dictionaries and calculators are NOT permitted. They will need pens, pencils, sharp-
eners and an eraser to complete the GAT. They must use either a blue or black pen to complete the two writing tasks
and a pencil for the multiple-choice answer page.

Students are NOT permitted to bring into the examination room blank sheets of paper and/or whiteout liquid/tape. No
calculator is allowed in this examination and mobile phones or other electronic devices will be collected at
the beginning of the GAT and returned at the end.

All students are required to remain in the room until the end of the GAT. Copies of previous GAT papers are
available on the VCAA website at
What is the General Achievement Test (GAT)?
The General Achievement Test is a test of general knowledge and skills in:
•      Written communication
•      Mathematics, Science and Technology
•      Humanities, the Arts and Social Sciences.
These areas are very broad. Each represents a body of general knowledge and skills that students are likely to have
built up through their school years.
The GAT is a general test; no special study is required for the GAT. Students will already have done preparation for
the GAT in past study of subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and History, where they have built up general
knowledge and skills in writing, numeracy and reasoning. These are the knowledge and skills that will be tested.

Mr J Savopoulos
Director of Students, Years 7-12

If you have a love of reading, sharing reviews and are aged between 14-19 years, the Readings
Teen Advisory Board is seeking applications to join their team for the 2019/2020 period beginning
in July.
This opportunity offers a forum to talk about books and meet talented writers. The board meets on
the 3rd Monday of each month at 4.30 p.m. in Carlton.
To apply, explain why you would like to take part, the types of books you like to read and why you
love visiting bookshops.
Your application should be a single-page document of no more than 500 words, in either Word or
PDF format, addressing the points above and including your name, age and contact details.
Send it to by 5pm, Friday 21 June, 2019.

Additional details can be found at

Ms A Pastorelli
H.E.L.P Instructional Leader
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
On Tuesday 28th May, the Year            9/10
Coding Class and the VCE Computing students
attended a workshop at La Trobe University on
“Creating your own App”. Students were taken
through the process of what it takes to get an
app in the Android or Apple Store, how much it
would cost, the process involved and then the
software engineering that would be required.
Students were given time to think of an idea for
an app and to pitch that idea to a group of
‘would-be’ investors. They then storyboarded
their idea as a group in order to flesh out how
the app would actually work. Students came
back to the College with ideas for creating an
app and the resources to attempt to code their
app and test it in a virtual environment. Watch
this space! A fun and educational day was had by all.

Mrs J Manison
Digital Practice Coordinator
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
Thank you
Dear Yiayia Maria,

Thank you so much for demonstrating to all the Year 7 students how to bake the Prosforo – the Offertory
bread we take to church.
Thank you for going out of your way in order to teach us,
the younger generation, how to make this special bread. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Angelique Fardis
On behalf of all the Year 7 students

Music Soiree
The very first Music Soiree was held in the Music classroom on Wednesday 29 May. Students who were
involved were from Years 1-8. They showcased their talents on Piano, Guitar, Voice and Violin, and enter-
tained the audience who were impressed with their musicality. This was the start of many more soirees to
come in the near future!
Congratulations to our students who took part on Wednesday evening.

Year 1      Paris Ilias ,Leo Vogiagis, Jiayi Alexiou
Year 2      Andrea Nerouppos
Year 3      Stephanie Nastos, Christina Triantafillou
Year 5      Alexander Nastos, Eftychia Simou
Year 6      Alecos Triantafillou
Year 8      Constantia Triantafillou
The Forerunner - St John's College Preston
Last Friday, was a very special assembly. Our students showcased their talents with a variety of music
styles and performances.
Our two soloists were Constantia Triantafillou, who performed on Violin, sand Archer Kozaris on Piano.
Students from the classroom program included Year 1 students who sang and played the claves, Year 3 on
recorder and the Year 7 band students who performed the song What About Us by Pink. The Junior Choir
performed their favourite song, A million dreams, and our Junior Dance group delighted the audience by
dancing to The Twist by Chubby Checker.

Elizabeth Exintaris
Music Teacher
Orthodoxy Class

          During May, Fr. Leonidas visited the Years 11 and 12 Orthodoxy class in order to
          speak and address students' queries about matters of religion. This was the first of a
          series of lectures that Fr Leonidas will be delivering to the Senior School students as
          part of a wider pastoral care program.

Mrs A Papakonstantinou
Orthodoxy Teacher

College Events
Commemorating the Pontian Genocide
Our College Captains represented our school at the memorial service for the Pontian Genocide
that took place at St Eustathios Church on Sunday, 19 May.
We thank the parents, as well as the students, who were in attendance for this important occa-

                              List of students who attended:
  Evangelia Eliades, George Simos, Thalia Kondilis, George Kontovagios, Christos Stavrinidis,
                     Jamie Kondilis, Marina Stavrinidis, Ellie Constantinou.

Mrs A Papakonstantinou
Events Co-ordinator
Battle of Crete Celebrations 2019
On Sunday 26 May, our College Drummers, directed by Mr Stelios Tsiolas and as-
sisted by Mr Papadopoulos, participated at the march commemorating the 78 th Anni-
versary of the Battle of Crete at the Shrine of Remembrance. Year 12 students,
Evangelia Eliades and Dimitrios Tamvakis, laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame. Earlier
in the morning, our school leaders represented the College at the Doxology for the
Battle of Crete at St Eustathios Church where His Grace, Bishop Iakovos, dignitaries
from Cretan Asociations and the Consul General of Greece Mr Dimitrios Mihalopou-
los, honoured this significant event with their presence. This year, Vice Chief of Hel-
lenic National Defence General Staff, ( ΓΕΕΘΑ ) Vice Admiral Ioannis Paxivanakis
and Lieutenant Colonel Christos Anastasiadis represented the Hellenic Armed Forces at the Doxology and the
wreath laying ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance.
Το Κολλέγιο Άγιος Ιωάννης χαιρετίζει την 78η Επέτειο της Μάχης της Κρήτης. Τιμά τη θυσία και την
αυταπάρνηση των Ελλήνων μαχητών αλλά και των συμμάχων Αυστραλών, Νεοζηλανδών και Βρετανών που
πολέμησαν στη Μάχη της κρήτης.
                               The students who participated in this event are:
     Evangelia Eliades, Dimitrios Tamvakis, Anna Roussos, Monique Kolyvas, George Stavros, Athanasi
  Triantafillou, Stefanos Stefanidis, Peter Tsaltas, Tia Triantafillou, Panagiotis Roussos, Mikhail Ragavanis,
                  Archer Kozaris, Harris Anamourlis, Christos Stavrinidis and Marina Stavrinidis

A big thank you to our tireless and lovely parents who brought their child to this event, helped with the
flags, took photos and supported the students and teachers in their efforts to showcase our school in
                         the wider community. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we are coming into the winter months and we have experienced a number of cases of colds and flu across
the school, I thought I would take this time to remind parents of a few reasons why students should not attend
the school environment while they are unwell.

As we are aiming to build resilience with all of our students, we also want them to learn to cope with minor
health issues. We, as a school, have the responsibility to care for all students by preventing outbreaks of any
contagious illness. In doing this, we need students to remain at home when any of the following
have occurred:

If your child has vomited at home, please keep your child home from school for a full 24 hours from the last
vomit. This means if your child is sent home after vomiting at school we ask they are kept home the next day.
Many students are sent home after coming to school still unwell, and then also vomit in the classroom. This
spreads the germs and greatly disrupts the classroom and learning of other students. Please note the school
has a very strict protocol on the cleaning of vomit. This involves spreading antiseptic powder that covers the
liquid area, isolating that section of the classroom and then a clean up with disinfectant when the classroom is
clear. The section of the room remains isolated until our school cleaners follow up with another clean after

If you need to administer Nurofen or Panadol to your child in the morning before school, then your child is
not well enough for school. These drugs wear off around lunch time and often the student starts to feel unwell
again. These drugs camouflage underlining illnesses and the germs can still spread. Please be aware as per
Department guidelines, the school is not allowed to provide Panadol/Nurofen to students.

If your child has a hard persistent cough, this can disrupt other students in the classroom from learning due
to the sound of the persistent coughing and the child being unable to hear the teacher. If your child is coughing
persistently, this will also tire your child and they will not be at their peak to learn, due to being exhausted from
coughing. Furthermore, coughing spreads droplets of germs throughout the classroom and can be quickly
spread to the students and staff. Obviously, coughs can linger after having a cold, and it is reasonable for a
student to come back to school with the occasional cough. We remind students to do a 'safe cough' where they
cough into the crook of their elbow to stop germs spreading. We hope you can also encourage your child to
use this method.

No student should be at school if they have had diarrhoea within the last 24 hours. Click on the link below,
from the Department of Health guidelines, for the full fact sheet.

If your child has a temperature, 24 hours need to have elapsed once the temperature stops before returning
to school.

If your child is suffering from any other contagious disease or illness, please get your doctor’s approval
before attending school again. To help reduce the spread of illness, please take the time to discuss personal
hygiene with your child. Remind them to cover their mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze, dispose of
any tissues in the bin and wash their hands properly and regularly.

If your child has been prescribed antibiotics that are to be administered three times per day, these can be
administered at home. The first dose can be administered between 7am – 8.30am, the following dose can be
administered between 3.45pm – 4.30pm. Then the last dose can be given at 8pm or before bed. If your child
becomes unwell at school, you will be contacted and required to arrange for your child to be picked up within a
reasonable timeframe.

Whilst your child may still want to attend school, despite being unwell, please explain that they can not due to
them being too unwell and also explain the dangers of spreading germs to other students and staff.
Also, a child may feel better at home, but if they come back to school too early, they can quickly deteriorate
due to being exposed to a busy classroom environment, and recess and lunch time physical activities.
Thank you for supporting these procedures and for helping to contain illnesses within our school community.
Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) 2019
 LAST WEEKS to submit your application for the CSEF 2019 – applications close 21st June
 No late applications can be accepted.
 The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) is provided by the Victorian Government to as-
 sist eligible families to cover the cost of school excursions, camps and other educational sporting
 If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be
 eligible for CSEF.
 If you wish to apply, please complete a CSEF application form and return it to the Junior Recep-
 tion Office no later than 21st June 2019.
 For more information about the CSEF visit

                                       Diary Dates
Term 2

Friday 7 June                  Formal Assessments Commence for Years 10 and 11
Monday 10 June                 Queen’s Birthday, Public Holiday—School Closed
Tuesday 11 June                Formal Assessments Continue for Years 10 and 11
                               Axion Estin Feast Day
Wednesday 12 June              VCE GAT Exam
Friday 14 June                 Curriculum Day— No school for students
Monday 17 June                 Year 10 Work Experience Week
Friday 21 June                 Year 12 Formal
Friday 24 June                 Years 7 & 8 attending Camp—Coolamatong, from Monday
                               24—to Friday 28 June
Friday 28 June                 House Day
                               Casual Day
                               Term 2 Concludes for Years F-12
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