AUDITION PACK - Loreto and St Patrick's College Production 2020

AUDITION PACK - Loreto and St Patrick's College Production 2020
Loreto and St Patrick’s College Production 2020

                         AUDITION PACK
Matilda the Musical is a stage musical based on the 1988 children's novel of
the same name by Roald Dahl. It was adapted by Dennis Kelly, with music
and lyrics by Tim Minchin.
Matilda is the story of an extraordinary little girl with extraordinary powers.
The daughter of abusive parents, Matilda finds refuge in library books, which
she reads quickly and in creating her own stories. Things are no better at
school, where Matilda also must face a tyrannical and cruel headmistress,
Miss Trunchbull, who believes in Crunchem Hall’s motto: “Bambinatum est
Magitum,” or “Children are Maggots.” She finds companionship in her
teacher, Miss Honey, though well-intentioned, is shy and fragile. Brave little
Matilda knows she has to stand up against the adults in her world, and in
doing so, discovers her own remarkable powers. Matilda’s bravery teaches
Miss Honey and her classmates an important lesson -- that even though life
can be hard, “nobody but me is gonna change my story” so “sometimes you
have to be a little bit naughty.”
The Loreto/St Patrick’s performance of Matilda will make the clever comedic
writing, vibrant dance scenes, brilliant characters, magic and puppetry come
alive on stage for Ballarat audiences.

    1. You must be 100% committed to the whole rehearsal and performance project-
       this is how, together, we will get great results. Performances- Wednesday 13th
        May, Thursday 14th May, Friday 15th May (2 shows), Saturday 16th May, 2020.

          2. Fill out the attached audition form (PG 3 & 4 ONLY) and email it to
 or put into the audition box in your respective
               Performing Arts/Music Office by Monday 21st October 4pm.

      3. Your audition time will be emailed to you by Thursday 24th October and
                            posted in your music department.

     4. Auditions for chorus and main roles will be held on either Monday 28th Oct,
        Tues. 29th Oct, Wed. 30th Oct, Thurs. 31st Oct. or Mon. 4th Nov.(Yr 9 girls)
        3.50pm-6pm after school in the Loreto College Mary’s Mount Centre. If you
        have a preference for the date and time please put this on your audition form.

       5. All auditionees need to prepare to sing one of the songs on page 5, please
                   consider the acting/dancing in the song as well as vocals-
      *Please note that you will be considered for all roles regardless of the song you

      6. CALL BACKS- Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th November- 3.50-5.50pm TBA

      7. DANCE CALL –Wednesday 6th November- 3.50pm-5.50pm

8. Successful applicants will also be judged on their reliability, level of commitment,
willingness to learn and general behaviour as demonstrated in daily school life.

9. Cast announcement Friday 8th November.

      9. The first full cast rehearsal will be on Wednesday 13th November, 3.45pm-
     5.45pm in the Loreto College Mary’s Mount Centre, this year and rehearsals will
      start immediately after casting in Term 4 as there is a shorter rehearsal period.
    Rehearsals will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays Term 4 2019, Term 1 2020,
                          Term 2 2020 and Sunday rehearsals (TBC).

Please complete and email to or hand it into your respective
                                 music department.

Full Name (print clearly)_________________________________________________

Mentor Group/Homeroom:________________________

Year Level:_________________________

Email Address:______________________________________________

                          Preferred audition day (please circle)-

MON. 28th Oct. TUES 29th Oct. WED. 30th Oct. THURS. 31st Oct MON 4th Nov
(3.50-6.30pm)   (3.50-6.30pm)  (3.50-6.30pm (3.50-6.30pm)    (Yr 9 Girls)



QUESTIONS? : Contact Mrs Crowley-



                              I am interested in (please highlight)-

All characters use some form of British accent.

Matilda Wormwood - An imaginative girl who is clever and wise far beyond her years. She has a thirst
for learning that cannot be quenched. Likable and charismatic, not annoying or pretentious. Honest and
unassuming, but with a prankster streak and a strong sense of justice. Must be a very strong singer and
actress, equally
 Miss Agatha Trunchbull - Male or Female The tyrannical headmistress at Matilda's school who
despises children. Male in female clothing/makeup/hair, or female. A cruel and sadistic person, but not
a brute or brash - rather, sly and conniving, cunning and slinky. Above all, must be a strong actor with a
good sense of physicality and characterization.
Miss Jennifer Honey - Matilda's kindhearted teacher. She is tired of living in fear under Miss
Trunchbull. Sweet, honest, caring, and intelligent, Miss Honey is timid but willing to become brave and
stand up to bullies in order to protect her students. Must be a lovely, strong singer and a strong enough
actor to make the role truly compelling.
 Mr. Wormwood - Matilda's uncaring father. A slimy, greedy used-car salesman, unintentionally
hilarious. Must be a VERY strong actor and comedian; improv and dance skills preferred. Must also be a
relatively strong singer.
Mrs. Wormwood - Matilda's self-absorbed, negligent mother and an amateur ballroom dancer. Must be
a VERY strong comedic/character actress, dancer, and singer able to carry off a sizable comedic role.
 The Entertainer - The Entertainer is a sort of magical narrator for our story, playing a variety of roles
throughout the show and singing various songs including the opening number "Miracle." Must be a
strong character actor able to embody different roles using physicality and accent, as well as a VERY
strong singer.
Bruce - Matilda's classmate. He is subject to punishment by Miss Trunchbull. Bruce is a genuine, kind
boy with a fondness for sweets; his spirit is broken by the Trunchbull but he bounces back stronger than
ever. Must be a very strong actor and singer with monologues, scenes, and solos.
Lavender - Matilda's classmate and best friend. Lavender is squeaky and super-adorable, and what she
lacks in intelligence she makes up for in enthusiasm and friendliness. Must be a very strong actor and
singer with monologues, featured scenes, and solos throughout.
 Tommy, Eric, and Nigel - Matilda's boy classmates. Each has important lines and solos, and some have
featured dance moments as well. Strong singers, actors, and dancers required.
 Amanda, Alice, and Hortensia - Matilda's girl classmates. Each has important lines and solos, and
some have featured dance moments as well. Strong singers, actors, and dancers required.
 Michael Wormwood - Matilda's slightly older brother. He is a deadpan comedic character, with
various lines and “bits” throughout the show. Must be a strong comedic actor
Acrobat- A character in Matilda’s story..
Escapologist- A character in Matilda’s story..
Mums and Dads / Big Kids - Several performers will play the Mums and Dads in the opening number
"Miracle" and the Big Kids in all songs and large scenes at Matilda's school. These performers will also
double as various "adult" speaking and singing roles throughout the show. Including The Entertainer-
clown in Miracle.
         ● “Doctor” - The doctor who delivers Matilda. ● “Mrs. Phelps” - A kindly librarian and Matilda’s
         friend. many lines.. ● “Rudolpho” - Mrs. Wormwood’s dancing partner. ● “Competitive
         Dancers” - Mrs. Wormwood and Rudolpho’s dancing competition. ● “Judge” - The judge at Mrs.
         Wormwood and Rudolpho’s dancing tournament. ● “Cook” - The cook at Miss Trunchbull’s
         school. ● “Mechanic” - A mechanic who works for Mr. Wormwood at the used car lot. ● “Sergei”
         - A Russian mob boss who Mr. Wormwood rips off. ● “Henchmen/Henchwomen” - Sergei’s
         Russian associates who threaten the Wormwoods.
Dance Corps / Big Kids - Featured dancers in several choreography-heavy numbers. Must also have
strong acting skills

These are the backing tracks that will be used in the audition room.

Matilda Wormwood – Naughty (0-58secs)-

Miss Agatha Trunchbull – The Smell of Rebellion (2.40-3.15)

Miss Jennifer Honey – This Little Girl (0-2.00)

Mr. Wormwood – Telly (0-1:00)

Mrs. Wormwood – Loud (0-1:27)

The Entertainer - Miracle (1:21-1:47)

Bruce – Revolting Children (0:50secs )

Lavender - Miracle (2:00-2:11)

Tommy, Eric, Nigel - Miracle (0-1:21)

Amanda, Alice, Hortensia - Miracle (00-1:21)

Michael Wormwood - Telly (0-1:10)

Acrobat- Dancer

Escapologist- Dancer

Mums and Dads / Big Kids - Revolting Children (33sec-1:07secs )

Dance Corps / Big Kids – Dance Call Wednesday 6th November- 3.50pm-5.50pm
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