CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival

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CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
61  st


    presented by   February 5 - 14

CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
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CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival

DRAW DATE: Tuesday, February 16 @ 5:00 PM at
Vernon Winter Carnival (3401 35 Avenue, Vernon, BC)

TICKETS: $2.00 each
Can be purchased at the Vernon Winter Carnival Office or
throughout Carnival at most events!

1st Prize:                           2nd Prize:
1K Your Way                          Round Trip Tickets for
Valley First                         2 People anywhere
Put 1K towards an RESP, RRSP, your   Flair Airlines flies.
personal loan or your credit card!

3rd Prize:                           4th Prize:
$500 Gift Card                       Okanagan Wine Tour for 2
JC Bradley                           Cheers Okanagan
(Value $500)                         (Value $500)
                                                                *Winners consent to the release
                                                                of their names by the licensee.
                                                                *Chances are 1 in 4,000 to win a grand prize
                                                                BC Gaming Event Licence # 127271.
                                                                Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111.
                                                                                              Know your limit, play within it

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CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
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CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
Thanks to our Sponsors
• AKA Room Services        • Integral Accounting Inc.   • Secure Self Storage
• A&W Vernon               • JC Bradley                 • Subway - Kysa
• Canadian Tire            • Kim Heizmann of              Investment
• Cheers Okanagan Tours      Century 21                 • The Fig Bistro
• Corbett Office plus      • Kingfisher Boats           • The Stor-It Place
• Cotton’s Chocolates      • MHC Mortgage House         • Tillicum Electric
• Davidson Lawyers LLP     • Nixon Wenger               • Tim Hortons
• De Vine Vintners         • Okanagan Military          • Total Restoration
                             Tattoo                     • Vernon Dodge & Jeep
• District of Coldstream
                           • Regency Parkwood           • Vernon Teach and Learn
• Fabricland Vernon          Retirement Resort
• Greater Vernon                                        • Wayside Press
                           • Sandman Hotel
  Chamber of Commerce

• A Twist of Yarn          • H&L Glass Ltd              • Okanagan Traffic
• Acutruss                 • Modern PURAIR Vernon         Control
• Bertelsen Plumbing Ltd   • Mott’s Clamato             • Peter Wolgram Financial
• Bosley’s Pet                                          • Safeway
                           • Mum’s Okanagan Hot
• Butcher Boys               Sauce                      • Sproing Creative
• BX Press                 • Okanagan Event             • Village Green Shopping
• Creekside Landing          Planners                     Centre
  Retirement Home

                   Special Thank You to

 … for their assistance and guidance in an unprecedented year.

 Also a Special Thank You to the Community of Vernon for your
        continued support of Vernon’s Winter Traditions.
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CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
61ST Annual Vernon Winter Carnival

            presented by                          LAyOUt And desIGn by

                                                 OFFICIAL pHOtOGrApHer:
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for event additions and changes related
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               up to date!

       EVENT                                       Future
  on sale January 11, 2021 at 9:00 aM.
      in person, call or buy online.
                                                  February 4 - 13
     Vernon Winter CarniVal
         3401 - 35 avenue,                              2023
        Vernon, BC V1t 2t5                        February 3 - 12
          250-545-2236                      2024                      February 2 - 11
          oFFiCe HoUrS:
 Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
   January 4 - February 28, 2021
 open on Saturdays starting January 9,           Mark your Calendars
       2021 through to Carnival                   and plan your trip!
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CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
Vernon Winter Carnival Society would like to acknowledge that our festivities are taking place on the
      unceded territory of the Syilx/Okanagan peoples.
      We would like to express our gratitude to the beauty of this land and all of the gifts that it provides
      us with. We are committed to working with the original inhabitants of the North Okanagan, united
      through reconciliation, partnerships, and a sharing of knowledge to help build onto our community.
                                                                                                                               Wai Limlimt

       2021 Carnival at a Glance
FINAL – 2021                                       Monday, February 8                             Thursday, February 11
PRE-CARNIVAL EVENTS                                • #MyWildWest Photo Contest                    •   VWC Snowmobile Raffle
•   Celebration of Talent **Virtual Event**        • Chili Cook Off                               •   Winter Carnival Online Auction
•   Best Decorated Premises Contest, 48th Annual   • Downtown Vernon Gold Rush                    •   Celebration of Talent
•   School Poster Contest                          • Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt              •   Arrest the Best
•   Winter Carnival Online Auction                 • Igloo Ice Bar                                •   Vernon Winter Playground
•   Jopo Raffle                                    • Snow at Home                                 •   Jam Can Curling
•   Vernon Winter Carnival Snowmobile Raffle       • VWC Snowmobile Raffle                        •   Carnival Amazing Race
Friday, February 5                                 • Winter Carnival Online Auction               •   Neighbourhood Bonfires
• jopo Raffle                                      • Celebration of Talent **Virtual Event –      •   Vino with VPGA
                                                     Vote anytime**                               •   Powerhouse Theatre – Evening of One Acts
• #MyWildWest Photo Contest
                                                   • Arrest the Best
• Chili Cook Off                                                                                  • Friday, February 12
                                                   • Vernon Winter Playground
• Downtown Vernon Gold Rush                                                                       • jopo Raffle
                                                   • Carnival Amazing Race
• Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt                                                                 • #MyWildWest Photo Contest
• Igloo Ice Bar                                    Tuesday, February 9                            • Chili Cook Off
• Snow at Home                                     •   jopo Raffle                                  Downtown Vernon Gold Rush
• VWC Snowmobile Raffle                            •   #MyWildWest Photo Contest                  • Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt
• Winter Carnival Online Auction                   •   Chili Cook Off                             • Igloo Ice Bar
• Celebration of Talent **Virtual Event –          •   Downtown Vernon Gold Rush                  • Snow at Home
  Vote anytime**                                   •   Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt            • VWC Snowmobile Raffle
• Vernon Winter Playground                         •   Igloo Ice Bar                              • Winter Carnival Online Auction
• The Chocolate Express                            •   Snow at Home                               • Celebration of Talent
• Powerhouse Theatre – Evening of One Acts         •   VWC Snowmobile Raffle                      • Arrest the Best
Saturday, February 6                               •   Winter Carnival Online Auction             • Vernon Winter Playground
•   jopo Raffle                                    •   Celebration of Talent                      • Carnival Amazing Race
•   #MyWildWest Photo Contest                      •   Arrest the Best                            • Powerhouse Theatre – Evening of One Acts
•   Chili Cook Off                                 •   Vernon Winter Playground
                                                   •   Jam Can Curling
                                                                                                  Saturday, February 13
•   Downtown Vernon Gold Rush                                                                     •   jopo Raffle
•   Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt                •   Carnival Amazing Race
                                                                                                  •   #MyWildWest Photo Contest
•   Igloo Ice Bar                                  •   Total Fun Bed Races
                                                                                                  •   Downtown Vernon Gold Rush
•   Snow at Home                                   •   Online Wild West Story Time
                                                                                                  •   Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt
•   VWC Snowmobile Raffle                          •   Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch….
                                                                                                  •   Chili Cook Off
•   Winter Carnival Online Auction                 •   Neighbourhood Bonfires
                                                                                                  •   Igloo Ice Bar
•   Celebration of Talent **Virtual Event –        Wednesday, February 10                         •   Snow at Home
    Vote anytime**                                 •   jopo Raffle                                •   VWC Snowmobile Raffle
•   Beer Garden                                    •   #MyWildWest Photo Contest                  •   Winter Carnival Online Auction
•   Vernon Winter Carnival – REVERSE - Parade,     •   Chili Cook Off                             •   Celebration of Talent
    61st Annual                                    •   Downtown Vernon Gold Rush                  •   Snow Pitch Tournament
•   Vernon Winter Playground                       •   Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt            •   Vernon Winter Playground
•   The Chocolate Express                          •   Igloo Ice Bar
•   Powerhouse Theatre – Evening of One Acts                                                      •   “Frozen Inspired Tea Party”
                                                   •   Snow at Home                               •   Carnival Amazing Race
Sunday, February 7                                 •   VWC Snowmobile Raffle                      •   Powerhouse Theatre –
•   jopo Raffle                                    •   Winter Carnival Online Auction                 Evening of One Acts
•   #MyWildWest Photo Contest                      •   Celebration of Talent
•   Chili Cook Off
                                                                                                  Sunday, February 14
                                                   •   Arrest the Best                            •   jopo Raffle
•   Downtown Vernon Gold Rush                      •   Vernon Winter Playground                   •   #MyWildWest Photo Contest
•   Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt                •   Jam Can Curling                            •   Chili Cook Off
•   Igloo Ice Bar                                  •   Carnival Amazing Race                      •   Downtown Vernon Gold Rush
•   Snow at Home                                   •   Cowboy Story Time                          •   Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt
•   VWC Snowmobile Raffle                          •   The Chocolate Project                      •   Igloo Ice Bar
•   Winter Carnival Online Auction                 •   Neighbourhood Bonfires                     •   Snow at Home
•   Celebration of Talent **Virtual Event –        •   Powerhouse Theatre – Evening of One Acts
    Vote anytime**                                                                                •   VWC Snowmobile Raffle
•   Vernon Winter Playground                       Thursday, February 11                          •   Winter Carnival Online Auction
•   Superhero Party                                •   jopo Raffle                                •   Celebration of Talent
•   Vernon Snowmobile Association Poker Run        •   #MyWildWest Photo Contest                  •   Snow Pitch Tournament
•   Snogolf Tournament                             •   Chili Cook Off                             •   Vernon Winter Playground
•   Carnival of Chocolate                          •   Downtown Vernon Gold Rush                  •   Starting Block 10K Run
•   Powerhouse Theatre – Evening of One Acts       •   Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt            •   Frisbee Golf Tournament
                                                   •   Igloo Ice Bar                              •   Carnival Amazing Race
Monday, February 8                                 •   Snow at Home
• jopo Raffle
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CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
Jesse Ferguson Memorial Trophy
Annually the Vernon Winter Carnival Society       She was one of the most active senior citizens
presents prestigious awards to well deserving     in the community and was involved in at
recipients who have been instrumental in          least 8 different volunteer organizations. She
the growth of Carnival. The Jessie Ferguson       had, amongst other activities, put in more
Memorial Trophy is presented to a person or       than 3,000 hours as a Cherry Red volunteer
group in the community who has shown years        worker at Vernon Jubilee Hospital, served as
of dedication to Carnival through support of      president of the Canadian Legion Auxiliary
events and/or volunteerism.                       and worked as a blood donor clinic volunteer.
This Award was originally called the Chairman’s   She was named Good Citizen for 1973. Jessie
Trophy and was renamed in honour of Jessie        passed away August 15, 1977 10 days after her
Ferguson probably after her death in 1977 or      80th birthday. At her funeral, Carnival was
before Carnival in 1978 (exact year unknown).     represented by the Chairman, Bob Adshead,
Jessie and her husband, James, immigrated         and Jopo.
to Canada in 1927, moving to Vernon in 1947.

       Jessie Ferguson Memorial Trophy Recipients:
1967 Snowflake Presentation        1995 Jim Bailey                   2008 Herb Lee
1968 Terry Gower                   1996 Ed Forslund                  2009 Mary Anderson
1969 G. Preston                    1997 Carl Rigby                   2010 Debbie Antony
1970 J. Hutchinson                 1998 Sid Baker                    2011 Calvin Hoy
1971 Jock Henniker                 1999 VJH Hospital Auxiliary       2012 Bob Findley
1972 Wayne Hickson                 2000 Wayne McGrath                2013 Margaret Hogan
1973 Sis Arthur                    2001 Heather Rawsthorne           2014 June Rigby
1974 Doreen Brown                  2002                              2015 Coleen Noel
1975 Sue Nolan                     2003 Christel Cam                 2016 Joy Stafford
1976 Isabel Medynski               2004 Brenda Fletcher              2017 Ron Morgan
1977                               2005 Sharon MacKenzie             2018 Alvin Timm
1978 Dick File                     2006 Coldstream Women’s           2019 Cathy Sim Rigby
1979 Ed Flegel                           Institute
1980 Bob Ingersol                  2007 Brad Albrecht
1981 Stella Andrew
1982 Ken Little
1983 Lil-Ken Nistor
1984 Colleen Vollan
1985 Audrey King
1986 Patrick Nicol
1987 Jack Koch
1988 Al Skaley
1989 Jim Alverberg
1990 Ken Nistor
1991 George Zimmerman
1992 Claire Hart                             2020
1993 Carnival Cops                        Gerry Manley
1994 Bert Niehaus
                                            — 8 ­—
CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
The Order of JOPO
The Order of jopo award was established in 1974. The medal was originally awarded
to past Chairman, Dignitaries, Honoured cities, and long time Carnival workers.
In more recent years the medal is now awarded to one person each year. The
recipient is someone who has gone above and beyond in their support of Vernon
Winter Carnival. The award is considered the highest honour a supporter of Carnival
can receive.

Longtime Carnival Supporters
2020 Teresa Durning Harker    2006 Duaine Brown             1995    Ross Simpson
                                                                                                     2020 Order of Jopo Recipient,
2018 Margart Hogan *          2006 LeRoy Peterson           1994    Don Weglo                  Teresa Durning Harker being congratulated
2017 Feather Fanciers         2006 Carl Rigby               1992    Lil and Ken Nistor                 by Chairperson Deb White.
2016 Jack Gareb               2005 Claudia Brown            1990    June Rigby                 1980    Petie Kaulback (jointly)
2013 Mary Andersen            2004 Christel Cam             1988    Ken Little                 1976    Dorothy Sawicki
2012 Wayne Emde               2003 Lettie Maloney           1985    Fern Makarenko             1975    John Ladyman (jointly)
2010 Sandi LaFleche           2002 Ursula Gohmann           1983    George Zimmerman           1975    Evelyn Tebo (jointly)
2009 Dorothy Lindley          2000 Phyllis DeBoice          1982    Stella Andrews
2008 Brenda Fletcher          1999 N. Ok. Amtr Radio Club   1980    Stuart Fleming (jointly)

Past Chairman
2015 Calvin Hoy               1993   Bob Williamson         1982    Fernand Desroches          1974    Mike Kowaluk
2014 Dave Fletcher            1993   Carol Williams         1984    Patrick Nicol              1974    Vince Lilley
2007 Donna Hall               1991   Bill Martin            1981    Norm Stevenson             1974    Bill Oxley
2003 Glen Taylor              1989   Evelyn Lerose          1980    Sharon Shaw                1974    Bill Malcom
2000 Donna Mihalcheon         1987   Tom Fletcher           1978    Bob Adsched                1974    Frank Oliver
1995 Derek Hall               1986   Marie Morris           1977    Harold McDonald            1974    George Melvin

Order of Jopo Dignitaries & Honoured Cities include:
2019 The City of Vernon                                      1990    James H. Stuart, Mayor, Kelowna
2013 Sharel Shoff, Deputy Mayor of Drumheller, Alberta       1989    Cliff Branchflower, Alderman, Kamloops
2011 Paul Kuehn, President of Modesto,                       1988    Jack Hebner, Councillor, Spokane, Washington
     California Sister City Committee                        1987    Lyall Hanson, MLA & Past Mayor, Vernon and
2010 Wayne Lippert, Mayor, Vernon                                    Ralph Klein, Alderman, Calgary, Alberta
2009 Mayor Ken Melamed, Whistler                             1986    Michael Harcourt, Mayor, Vancouver
2008 George F. Ferguson, Mayor, Abbotsford                   1985    The Hon. Claude Richmond, Provincial Minister of Tourism
2007 City of New York                                        1984    Ethel Winger, Mayor, Williams Lake and
2006 David Perry, Mayor, Penticton                                   The Hon. Robert G. Rogers, Lieutenant-Governor of BC
2005 Ellen Woodsworth, Councillor, Vancouver                 1983    Charles Lakes, Mayor, Trail
2004 Ron McCrae, Mayor, Kimberely                            1982    Ed Schreyer, Governor General of Canada and
2003 David Laird, Mayor, City of Merrit                              Derrick Humphreys, Mayor, West Vancouver
2002 Glen Everitt, Mayor, Dawson City, Yukon                 1981    Andy Anderson, Mayor, Lethbridge, Alberta and
                                                                     Neil Davidson, Mayor, Vernon
2001 Brian Postill, Mayor, Coldstream
                                                             1980    Donald A. Ross, Mayor, Surrey
2000 Guy Boissy, Mayor, Saint-Lambert, Quebec
                                                             1979    The Hon. Henry Bell-Irving, Lieutenant-Governor of BC,
1998 Larry McNabb, Alderman, Nanaimo and                             George Furguson, Mayor, Abbotsford and
     Vancouver Firefighters Band                                     Bob Neil, Mayor, Vernon
1997 Jeff Griffen, Mayor, Reno, Nevada                       1978    Pierre E. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and
1996 Kathy Watson, Mayor, Whitehorse, Yukon and                      Ken Curle, Mayor, Red Deer, Alberta
     Garde Gardom, Lieutenant-Governor of BC                 1977    Michael Young, Mayor, Victoria
1995 Richard A. Lang, Mayor, Modesto, California             1976    Walter Owen, Lieutenant-Governor of BC and
1994 Stephen D. Wallace, Mayor, Quesnel                              Tom Constable, Mayor, Burnaby
1993 Rollie Rose, Mayor, Ladysmith                           1974    The Hon. George R. Pearkes, VC Lieutenant-Governor of BC,
1992 Wayne McGrath, Past Mayor, Vernon                               The Hon. David Barrett, Premier of BC,
1991 Anne Clarke, Past Mayor, Vernon,                                Muni Evers, Mayor, New Westminster,
     Pat Jordan, Past MLA and                                        Ron J. Morrier, CBC-TV Vancouver
     Geoff Battersby, Mayor, Revelstoke
                                                         — 9 ­—
CARNIVAL 61Annual - Vernon Winter Carnival
Carnival Event Winners from 2020
New Event                                             Senior Event
• Winner – Total Fun Bed Races                        • Winner – Bingo Marathon - Halina Centre
• 1st Runner Up – Remember the 60’s?                  • 1st Runner Up – Sixties Square Dance -
             Vernon Museum                                         Star Country Squares
Adult Event                                           Outdoor Event
• Winner – Dinner Theatre -                           • Winner – Vintage Snowmobile Poker Run
             Doesn’t Time Fly                         • 1st Runner Up – BeercanBeiner - Sovereign
• 1st Runner Up – Summer Of Love -                                 Lake Nordic Centre
                                                      Carnival Cop of the Year
Family Event                                            John Fawcett
• Winner - Mother Daughter Princess Tea -
             Village Green Hotel                      jopo/jopette of The Year
• 1st Runner Up – Pancake Breakfast                     Toshie Okada
             at Halina Centre
                                                      Christel Cam Memorial Award –
Junior Event                                          Best Parade Spirit
• Winner – Kids Karnival -                              Vernon Girls Trumpet Band
             Okanagan Boys and Girls Club
• 1st Runner Up – Tie-Dye Troubles                    Carnival Spirit Award
             - Okanagan Science Centre                  Home Building Centre

  Best Decorated Premises Winners 2020
  Performance/Costumes                                  Window Painting- Non Professional
  1st Place Tie: Home Building Center and               1st Place:     Fermco Party Shoppe
                 Little Miracles Preschool              1st Runner Up: Little Miracles Preschool
  1st Runner Up: Valley First - Fruit Union Plaza
                                                        Window Display
  Interior Decorations                                  1st Place:     RBC Village Green
  1st Place:     Valley First - Fruit Union Plaza       1st Runner up: Mary Ann’s Closet
  1st Runner Up: Mary Ann’s Closet
  Window Painting- Professional                         1st Place:     Home Building Centre
  1st Place:     Associate Environment/                 Runner Up:     Little Miracles Pre-School
                 Remax Commercial
  1st Runner Up: Vernon Volkswagen

     Past Vernon Winter Carnival Chairs
Erik Olesen 2021                    Carol Williams 1995, 1996, 1997     Bob Adsched 1977
Deb White 2016 - 2020               Bob Williamson 1991, 1992           Harold McDonald 1974, 1975, 1976
Doug Edgar 2015                     Bill Martin 1989, 1990              Mike Kowaluk 1968, 1969, 1973
Calvin Hoy 2014                     Evelyn Lerose 1987, 1988            Vince Lilley 1970, 1971, 1972
Dave Fletcher 2011, 2012, 2013      Tom Fletcher 1986                   Bill Oxley 1966, 1967
Derek Hall 1993, 1994, 2009, 2010   Marie Morris 1984, 1985             Bill Malcolm 1964, 1967
Ingrid Baron 2007, 2008             Fernand Desroches 1981, 1984        Frank Oliver 1963
Donna Hall 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006   Patrick Nicol 1982, 1983            George Melvin 1961, 1962
Glen Taylor 2000, 2001, 2002        Norm Stevenson 1980
Donna Mihalcheon 1998, 1999         Sharon Shaw 1978, 1979
                                             — 10 ­—
      Board Members 2020 - 2021

  ERIK “ROUND EM’                    laurell “chuck-                           BRIAN “CASH”                  ruth “pony up”
     UP” OLESEN                      wagon” cornell                              LANGNER                         hoyte
  Wanted for tightening the reins    Wanted for puttin’ a bee in a        Wanted for bitin’ a bulldog and   Wanted for a look that could kill
  and excessive use of the lasso        Greenhorn’s bonnet                       shavin’ a horse

 ROD “THE SHERIFF”                   paul “the bluff”                     LEAH “DEAD EYE”                     Natasha “aces
      KOENIG                             cousins                              MARTEL                          high” kositsin
    Wanted for excessive button       Wanted for not clearing the             Wanted for impersonating       Wanted for breakin’ the achy
             husslin’                    snow from the barn                          a cowgirl                     breaky hearts

  BORIS “RAWHIDE”                    JUSTINE “DANCIN’                     shelley “the                        josh “flappin’
      IVANOFF                        FOOL” MCPHERSON                    undertaker” ward                      jaw” winquist
  Wanted for wettin’ his whistle       Wanted for excessive line          Wanted for grave mistakes         Wanted for greasin’ the axel and
       with a city slicker             dancin’ at the hoedown                                                    shootin’ the breeze

caroline “cussin”                     kirbey “curly                           peter “horse                  amanda “Funny
     radics                          wolf” lockhart                           wrasslin” kaz                   gal” wilms
Wanted for havin’ a fowl talk with      Wanted for barkin’ up                 Wanted for bein’ in cahoots   Wanted for tellin’ inside jokes
           a chicken                      the wrong tree                            with a yokel                      outside

                                                                    — 11 ­—
On behalf of the Province of British Columbia I am delighted to extend
to everyone a warm welcome to Vernon’s 61st Annual Winter Carnival,
February 5-14, 2021. This popular occasion is Western Canada’s largest
Winter celebration. And, with this year’s theme being the “Wild West”
it is a perfect excuse to dust off and sport whatever costume you might
deem appropriate for the occasion.
The Winter Carnival Organizing Committee has once again put in
an incredible amount of time and effort for our enjoyment and we
thank them heartily for their hard work. They have lassoed a myriad
 of opportunities for participation meant to appeal to people of all
 ages and interests. Despite the challenges of this year, the effort put
 in by everyone involved in the planning process is a testament to the
 commitment of people in our community to keeping the spirit of the
 Carnival alive. Thank you for all your hard work.
Some of these amazing events have always involved crowds. However,
as a registered nurse with local, front line experience and now your
newly elected MLA, I must echo the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry. We
are all in this together. We mustn’t become complacent. So, wash
your hands, stay socially distanced and keep your pod small. If not for
yourself, think to protect the more vulnerable in our community and
always wear a mask in public. In addition, the health of small business
in our community is depending on us. Have a wonderful time, be kind
and stay safe.
 Yours truly,
 Harwinder Sandhu,
 MLA for Vernon-Monashee       Province of British Columbia

                                                              — 12 ­—
Oct 20, 2020                                                                                                                 Winter
                                                                                          ryone to the 61st annual Vernon
                 Oka   nag an   Ban  d  it give   s me   great pleasure to welcome eve
As chief of the
                                   theme of “The Wild West.”
Carnival featuring this year’s                                                                                        organizations
                                                                                      support of many people and
             rs pas t, Win  ter  Car  niva  l is  the culmination of the work and            it a succes s. We are so fortunate to
As with yea
                              ess  the   crea   tivit y and  ene rgy that goes into making
and it is inspiring to witn                                                    event.
                                       who throw their hearts into this
have people in our community                                                                                                     l
                                                                                                gral part of the Winter Carniva
                        nkfu  l tha t  Oka  nag    an  Ban d youth Justen Peters was an inte
This year we are tha                                                       tion.
                                      of our culture into the celebra
team and he brings elements                                                                                                 ity-
                                                                                         e of the generosity and commun
                    Win  ter  Car niva   l con   tinu  es to be a local tradition becaus
To the sponsors,
                                      trate through your support.
mindedness that you demons                                                                                              the
                                                                                       planning. Even in the midst of
                 ing  team  , I say   tha  nk  you    for your hard work and careful
 To the organiz                                                             tion.
                                       to put together a fine celebra
 pandemic you have managed
                                                       Limlemt | Thank you

                                                         Chief Byron Louis
                                                         Okanagan Indian Band

Welcome to the 61st Vernon Winter Carnival.
This year we are pleased to present to the community: Wild West
Last year we “Remembered the 60’s” as we celebrated being part
of the Vernon community for 60 years—an achievement only made
possible thanks to the countless volunteers and tremendous support
of the community. From the Board of Directors, I want to thank you all
for helping Carnival come alive.
Outgoing Chair, Deb White, decided to finish her 10-year tenure with
Carnival, (the last 5 years as Chair.) Deb’s dedication to Carnival and
the work she completed alongside the Board, made the last 10 years of
Carnival a huge success.
This year Carnival has undergone a big change with the departure
of Deb and the many other exceptional board directors who have
decided to move on to new adventures. I want to thank Deb and all the
outgoing board members for their time and commitment to Carnival,
but more importantly to their community.
As we enter year 61, I am truly honoured to have the opportunity to         showcasing the Indigenous culture and history at Carnival. Justen has
be the new Chair of Vernon Winter Carnival, and the youngest to ever        been working closely with Vicki, and Okanagan Indian Band to make
fill this role at 28 years of age. I know that this role comes with a big   this program a success for this year and the years to come.
expectation from our community and big shoes to fill. From our very
1st elected Chair, George Melvin, to our 27th elected Chair, Deb White,     Our two other grants have been awarded to Syd and Zac who will be
I am humbled to be included in such company.                                working together as two event coordinators to work alongside Vicki.
                                                                            This will allow Syd and Zac to learn the planning process of Carnival
I am also happy to say that this year we are welcoming eight new            while having opportunities to work directly with the public and at
directors to work alongside eight returning directors, which comprise       events.
a gender-balanced board of directors. The new Board comes with
excitement, lots of knowledge and new ideas that will continue to           2021 Carnival will look different this year with many indoor events
grow Carnival for many more years to come.                                  taking a break and some events moving outdoors. Carnival will be
                                                                            bringing back traditional events, adjusting events in a new way, and
The community, our local businesses, our friends, our families, and         creating over 15 exciting new events. We know that volunteers are the
our volunteers are going through challenging times with a pandemic          heart of our success and this year we will need over 600 volunteers.
on our doorsteps. This pandemic has made us all look at how we do           I encourage anyone who has been part of Carnival in the past or
things differently, how fast life can change but most importantly has       has always wanted to be part of Carnival to reach out and apply to
shown that during challenging times we are there for one another.           volunteer online.
As we all continue to support our community, our board of directors
are working extremely hard—along with the amazing work of our               We are very encouraged
Executive Director Vicki Proulx—to bring Carnival back in February,         by the support we are
showcasing how we can safely bring a community back together to             receiving from the
celebrate.                                                                  community this year
                                                                            and cannot wait to
We want to ensure everyone that the community’s safety is top               deliver an exceptional
of mind, and through the planning process we have been working              Carnival.
extensively with Interior Health, City of Vernon, and WorkSafe BC to
create a safe and healthy Carnival.                                         Enjoy Carnival Wild
                                                                            West and we will see
We are excited at Carnival to announce we have received three               you in February.
Community Workforce Response Grants from the Province to hire
youth aged 15-29 years old for three months to build skills and build       Erik Olesen, Chair
for their future careers.                                                   Vernon Winter Carnival
Our first grant has been awarded to an Indigenous youth in our
community, Justen Peters, to create Indigenous activities while also
                                                                      — 13 ­—
Retiring Royalty

          Megan Fowles                                                                 Piper Cahoon
  Queen Silver Star the 60th                                               Princess Silver Star the 60th
It has been an incredible experience to spend the past year          “Fear, uncertainty, and discomfort, are your compasses toward growth.” Over
as one of Vernons Ambassadors. There has been no better              my year and a half with the program, I felt fearful, I felt uncertain, and I felt
experience than this, and I am forever grateful for it. There        discomfort. All of these helped me grow and become who I am today. Because
are many people I would like to thank. To begin, thank you           I was fearful, I conquered public speaking. Because I was uncertain, I was able
to my sponsor Okanagan Restoration Services for giving               to take risks. Because I was uncomfortable, I was able to learn how to present
me the opportunity to become a part of this program. You             myself in any situation. In my year and a half with the program, I have learned
have been so supportive and caring throughout my whole               some of the most valuable skills and lessons that I could ever ask to learn,
journey. I have learned so much about myself, this city, and         and I had the honour to represent my city as Princess. It was challenging and
have gained so many new skills that I will use for the rest of       stressful, but the most fun I have had. I made the best memories and met some
my life. To Piper, Princess Silver Star, thank you for making        of my best friends. None of this would have been possible without my sponsor
this experience so much fun, I wouldn’t have been able to do         Sue Defeo at Johnston Meier Insurance, who sponsored me and supported me
this without you. I would like to thank the City of Vernon for       throughout my candidacy as well as during my time as Princess Silver Star. To
                                                                     the ones behind the scene to make the magic happen, Justine, Alley, Bridgette,
the opportunity to be an ambassador for our beautiful city.          and Celine on the Queen Silver Star Committee who plan, schedule, decorate,
Thank you to the Carnival Board for including us in so many          listen, and keep us in line; the Carnival Board for planning throughout the year
of your events. Thank you to our amazing committee, Celine,          to execute the Carnival, and adapting to continue the tradition that brightens
Alley, Justine and Bridgette, for always being there to help         our cold winter season every year. To others who supported us, Vernon
us with anything we need and supporting us throughout                Volkswagen for the vehicles during carnival to get us from event to event in
this journey, for all the laughs, and memories as well. Your         comfort and style, Krause Jewellers for keeping our crowns sparkling for every
hard work does not go unnoticed. Thank you to Vernon                 event, and for Centre Dry cleaners for making sure our dresses and banners
Volkswagen for providing us with transportation to get to            remain spotless. Megan, Queen Silver Star, my partner through this crazy
all of our events during carnival week. Thank you to Vernon          journey, I will forever remember the nights laughing in hotel rooms, getting
Winter Carnival for allowing us to participate in so many            ready together, and attending events to represent our city. To my mom, for
events throughout the week of Carnival.Thank you to Krause           dealing with the crazy schedule, and for agreeing to wake up at any hour of the
Jewellers for keeping our crowns sparkly and to Centre Dry           morning to help with my hair or help with my crown, and for encouraging me
Cleaners for keeping our banners and dresses clean.                  to seize this opportunity.
             With that, I am, and forever will be,                               I am honoured to say that I am, and forever will be,
          Queen Silver Star the 60th, Megan Fowles.                                   Princess Silver Star the 60th, Piper Cahoon.
                                                                 — 14 ­—
Queen Silver Star Society

Left to right:
Celine grosch, Chair
Bridgette Peterson, Secretary
Justine McPherson, Vice-Chair
Alley Perito, treasurer

            best decorated contest
                                                   Decorate your business for
                                                   the 61st Annual Vernon Winter
                                                   Carnival — Wild West Carnival.
                                                   • Window Painting
                                                    • Performance & Costumes
                                                    • Interior Decorations

                                                      Presented by

           Prizes for first and second in each        Sponsored by

                  Don’t miss out on the
                 Best Decorated Overall
                    GRAND PRIZE
            … an Advertising Package from
           Castanet or a Half Page ad in the
                 Vernon Morning star.


                                         — 15 ­—
Since 1961, Vernon Winter Carnival has been a highly anticipated winter attraction.
                                                    Dedicated to promoting Greater
                                                    Vernon as a world-class destination,
                                                    our 10-day winter festival fosters
                                                    community spirit while showcasing
                                                    the cultures, diversity and spirit of
                                                    the North Okanagan.

Each February, we look forward to our
community, and visitors, coming together to
enjoy the many winter events — no matter age
or income, there is something for everyone.
Whether you’re experiencing Vernon Winter Carn-
ival for the first time or the 61st time, we hope that
you take in all that our beautiful winter playground
has to offer and explore Vernon, BC!
This year more than ever, we all need something to
look forward to.

Where Carnival Began                                                Photo courtesy of Carousel Studios

The tradition of celebrating winter in the North Okanagan dates back to the earliest
inhabitants of the region.
In the days long ago, when the land we now call Vernon was referred to as nent’lmus’cn
                            by the Syilx Nation, the celebration of winter first began.
                             The people of the Okanagan First Nations would transition
                             from their nomadic lifestyle up in the mountains after
                             the warmer months had ended down into sedentary
                             villages composed of semi-underground circular dwellings
                             known as pit houses or qw’ci (kwa-chi) during the winter
                             months. When the snow began to fall, there would be
                             “winter dances” which would last for days or even weeks
                             at a time. At these winter dances, people would embark
                             in long-lasting dancing and prayer rituals and storytelling
                             to rejuvenate their spiritual powers that would help them
                             throughout the upcoming year.

                                         — 16 ­—
Where Carnival Began Continued
The winter dances played a pivotal role in the Syilx culture as it was a time for healing and
spiritual practices, but also a time for family and friends to reconnect with each other and
have fun.
Unfortunately, the potlatch ban was implemented by the Canadian federal government
in 1884 which made it illegal for First Nations to hold traditional ceremonies, so the winter
dances had to be practiced “underground” until the ban was lifted in 1951.
Winter dances are still held by some Okanagan First Nations families and are an important
event for cultural preservation.
                                                            As the years passed and the
                                                            population of our region grew,
                                                            so the winter celebrations grew
                                                            into annual traditions.
                                                            The first Winter Carnival was
                                                            held on the frozen surface of
                                                            Long Lake, now Kalamalka Lake,
                                                            February 23, 1893
                                                            Hundreds of people took part,
                                                            arriving by horse-drawn sleighs;
                                                            laughing, playing and enjoying
                                                            the ice rink that had been cleared
                                                            for the event.
It was believed by those who attended, this was the first affair of its kind to be held on ice
in the Province of British Columbia.
It wasn’t until 68 years later, the first official Vernon Winter Carnival — Carnival as we know
it today—was created. Held in 1961, it ran for 10 days from January 27 to February 5th. The
festival was in conjunction with the grand opening of Silver Star Mountain, with many of
the events from that year focused on the promotion of the new ski hill.
It’s estimated the first annual Vernon Winter Carnival brought hundreds of visitors to the
city and gave life to the community.
Traditions born from that first Vernon Winter Carnival have endured the progression of
time and remain mainstays in today’s celebrations including the beloved Vernon Winter
Carnival Parade — one of the only
Winter Parades in Canada.
All these years later, and winter is
still celebrated throughout the North
Okanagan, and Vernon is still at the
centre of those celebrations.
For generations, Vernon Winter
Carnival and the winter traditions
celebrated have provided people of all
ages something to look forward to in
the cold winter months.

                                           — 17 ­—
Wintertime Culture of the Okanagan People
The Vernon Winter Carnival Society would like to            The structure of a kekuli is domelike, with the base
acknowledge that we are on the unceded, traditional         of the building going underground and the ceiling
territory of the Okanagan/Syilx First                                       protruding upward above the ground.
Nations.                                                                    The villages were built close to the shores
The Indigenous people of the Okanagan                                       of lakes that were lower in altitude to
have a rich culture and history and it is a                                 avoid excess snow that would be falling
pleasure that we get to share with you                                      in higher areas, also ice fishing on the
a small piece of that culture and history                                   lakes was used as a food source.
this year.                                                                  During wintertime, ceremonial dances
Read below to learn about the traditional                                   were held that would last days if not
winter dwellings, the Okanagan Indian                                       weeks at a time. Winter was an important
Band’s wild west past, and a traditional                                    time for people to catch up with relatives
story about how Coyote made the first                                       and friends, tell stories and teach the
pithouse (kekuli).                                          young people the laws and structure of their culture
                                                            and society, and spiritually rejuvenate through rituals
When things start to cool down after a hot summer in        and prayer.
the Okanagan, it’s nice to find a warm place to wait out
the winter. This is true now and it was true in the past.   Indigenous people used kekulis to house their families
                                                            all over the interior of British Columbia and many First
Prior to European settlement in the Okanagan,               Nations have continued to construct them within their
sedentary villages were built along the shorelines          communities. They are formable.
of lakes and were populated mainly during the
wintertime. These villages were made up of kekulis,         Fun Fact: Kalmalka Lake used to have dozens of kekulis
also known as pit-houses or “qw-chi” (kwoo-chee) in         built along its shores and that’s where “Kekuli Bay” gets
the Okanagan language.                                      its name from.

  How Coyote and Mole Made the First Kekuli
                Written by Justen Peters                    “You’re all being tricked,” Senklip proclaimed “and I
The Okanagan/Syilx First Nations have an oral               should know, I’m a trickster myself and I know a scam
storytelling tradition called captikw (chap-teek-koo),      when I see one.”
which holds information about the history, culture, and     So, Senklip along with his wife Mole, headed north
laws of the Okanagan people.                                as everyone else headed south. The first day of their
Many of these stories feature Senklip (sin-kleep),          journey was sunny and warm. That night as they finished
coyote, a trickster who has been given special powers       setting up camp and were eating dinner, Senklip said
from the Creator but gets into difficult situations         to his wife “See? Nothing but superstition, everything
because of his mischievous character, and through           is fine. All those animals heading down south are fools
his mistakes or his cleverness, the audience can learn      and I’m going to have the entire north all to myself, just
important lessons about life.                               you watch and see.”
In this story, we learn about how Senklip and his family    Mole rolled her eyes and went to sleep.
created the first kekuli.                                   On the second day of their journey, it began to snow
Long ago, before there were human beings in this land,      lightly. “It’s normal for this to happen this time of year,
there was a horrific blizzard one winter. Before the        nothing to get worried about,” said Senklip, and they
blizzard occurred, there was a rumour that it was going     continued north.
to happen, so all of the animals migrated south to try to   On the third day of their journey, the snow had really
find somewhere warm to rest and avoid the cold storm        picked up and evolved into a harsh blizzard that
that was on its way.                                        Senklip was not prepared for. The wind was so intense
Senklip had heard of this rumour, but he didn’t believe     and the snowfall so mighty that it blinded Senklip, but
in it, he thought that with all the other animals going     being too far north and being too stubborn, he kept on
down south that there would be more food and space          walking in whatever direction it was he was going and
for himself up north.                                       he disappeared from Mole shortly after
He told everyone that they were all being tricked, that     Mole had much more fat on her body to keep herself
there was someone who wanted to hog up all the              warm and was able to dig herself a burrow after the
space up north for himself and that he was going to go      wrath of the blizzard became too much for her and she
up there to see who was pulling wool over everyone’s        thought she could never find Senklip in this weather.
eyes, even though it was him who wanted to take             She fell asleep in her hole and woke up when the storm
advantage of all the free space.                            had subsided to look for her missing husband.

                                                     — 18 ­—
She managed to find Senklip, but unfortunately, he had           this ritual. So, Senklip came back to life and looked
passed away in the storm. Heart-broken, Mole decided             around the room, saw his wife and barked “ah, why did
that she was going to give her husband a proper burial.          you wake me up from my nap?”
She picked up his body and brought it to the side of a           “You weren’t sleeping, you were dead.” She replied.
lake where she had dug the best hole she had ever dug in         “If I died, why am I alive then?” Senklip quipped back.
her life. There were poles to hold the structure up forever
and lots of space inside for Senklip’s spirit to enjoy. There    “Your brother Fox brought you back to life with his power.”
was an entrance on the top where she dropped Senklip’s           “Oh, thank you brother Fox,” exclaimed Senklip. “What
body from, and an entrance on the side that she used to          would I ever do without you?”
get it. She lit a fire to signal Senklip’s brother Fox to come   Senklip looked around at his surroundings and told his
to the burial site and to bring Senklip’s favourite things to    wife “I like what you did with the place. What inspired
bury Senklip with.                                               you to do this?”
Fox was familiar with Senklip’s antics and knew that his         “I thought you might have died for good this time, so I
brother was going to end up in trouble, so he had already        was going to bury you here.” She replied.
begun following Senklip’s trail after he heard he was
                                                                 “Bury me here? No, this place is too nice for that. I think
heading north, so Fox arrived shortly after Mole had set
                                                                 I’m going to live here instead. It warm, all my stuff is here,
out the smoke signal
                                                                 plus there is no one else around to bother me. Thank you,
Mole told Fox to put Senklip’s medicine bag on the north         my wife, you are a good, clever woman.”
part of the kekuli, then his hunting bow on the east, then
                                                                 From then on, Senklip would spend his winters in the
his snowshoes on the south, then his stick games set on
                                                                 home that his wife had built for him. Fox went and told
the west, and then his knife on the north, and so on and
                                                                 the other animal people about Mole’s invention which
so forth.
                                                                 helped them and future generations survive the winters
Doing this, Fox had walked around Senklip’s body 4 times,        and build safe communities.
and the Creator had gifted Senklip with the power to
                                                                 This is how the first kekuli was built.
come back from the dead if his brother were to perform

                                            Cowboy Culture
It may seem counterintuitive for some folks who visit the Okanagan Indian Band and see Indigenous people wearing
cowboy hats, hosting rodeos, and herding cattle. However, the Okanagan has a unique history; one not churned out
by show business, in spaghetti westerns, or John Wayne flicks. Here in the Okanagan, many of the “Indians” were the
cowboys — and good ones at that.
                                          Cattle ranching and horsemanship have played a large role in Okanagan/Syilx
                                          culture for hundreds of years.
                                          Having acquired horses and cattle through Indigenous trade networks from
                                          southern tribes, the Okanagan people became skilled at managing livestock,
                                          and an equestrian culture had been well developed long before the arrival of
                                          European settlers. There are legends told in the oral traditions of the Okanagan/
                                          Syilx people that mention the presence of horses dating back thousands of
                                          years ago, perhaps referencing the species of North American horses that went
                                          extinct during the last ice age.
                                          There are more recent legends who have come from the Okanagan First Nations
                                          — not the kind you may hear around a campfire at night, but the kind you see at
                                          the rodeo grounds.
                                          Kenny McClean of Okanagan/Syilx decent is considered by many to be Canada’s
                                          greatest rodeo cowboy.
                                          McClean won an array of world championships in
                                          rodeo and is the only rodeo cowboy inducted into
                                          the Order of Canada.
The talent doesn’t end just there: “The Louis brothers” from the Okanagan Indian Band — nine
in total — have also left their mark on the world of rodeo. For their talent and contributions
to the industry, the brothers were inducted into the B.C. Cowboy Hall of Fame.
The impact and importance that cattle ranching and rodeo has had on the Okanagan
people is tremendous, and the connection that the Syilx/Okanagan have with the horse is
nothing short of remarkable.
There has been a unique culture that has developed where the cowboy way of life has
grown side by side with the traditions of the Okanagan people, both breathing life into
each other and keeping this special culture alive.
Wai limlimt, partner.
Sources and Special thanks to Okangan Indian Band Elders & Members, Ken Mather, Curator Emeritus O’Keefe Ranch, Greater
Vernon Museum and Archives, and Vernon Winter Carnival Indigenous Youth Worker – Justen Peters.
2021 Pre-Carnival Events
Celebration of Talent **Virtual Event**                                         School Poster Contest
Location:       Online –                           Sponsored by: Vernon Teach & Learn and Vernon Winter Carnival Society
Local professional and amateur performers are invited to enter the              Deadline:        Fri. Jan. 22, 2021 (Posters displayed in YOUR school
Celebration of Talent Showcase! Musicians, Dancers and Performers of                             by Feb 3rd, 2021)
all kinds are encouraged to enter! Watch many of Vernon’s top award             Date:            Judging: Thursday Feb 4-Friday Feb 5, 2021
winning and multi-cultural performances online then vote for your choice        Time:            During School Hours
for best Amateur or Professional entry. Share the link and tell your friends!   Location:        Greater Vernon Elementary Schools
Winners will be announced Sunday Feb 14th!                                      Attention Schools – get your students showing their Carnival Spirit!
Deadline to for performers to submit their entry is Sunday Jan 17th.            All elementary school aged children from kindergarten to and including
                                                                                Grade 7 are eligible to enter a poster they create using Carnival’s
Best Decorated Premises Contest,                                                theme “Wild West Carnival”. Classes are asked to display their posters
48th Annual                                                                     at their school. Judging will take place at Thurs. Feb 4 - Fri. Feb. 5,
Presented by: Armstrong Regional Cooperative                                    2021. Prizes and ribbons will be provided for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Sponsored by: Castanet Vernon, Vernon Morning Star and                          in each grade. And teachers, remember, we have a draw for you too!
                Vernon Winter Carnival                                          Email to confirm your participation and
Deadline:       Sun. Jan. 24, 2021 (DEADLINE)                                   book your judging time.
Location:       Places of business around Vernon                                Contest Rules:
With multiple categories in the following 3 areas – Window Painting,            1. Poster must be on 11 x 17 white paper
Performance & Costumes and Interior Decorations – there is a way for every      2. Poster must be aligned so the short sides are the top and bottom
business and organization to get involved and show some community                  of the poster (portrait/vertical layout).
spirit! Decorate your business for the 61st Annual Vernon Winter Carnival       3. The title “Wild West Carnival” must be displayed on the front
– Wild West Carnival! All entries are judged (Feb 4th-5th) with awards             of the poster.
presented Wed. Feb. 10, 2021 for 1st and 2nd place in each category.            4. The students name, grade, as well as the teacher’s name and school
Plus don’t miss out on the BEST Decorated Overall Grand Prize! Your                of the entrant must be shown on the bottom right hand corner,
business or organization could win an Advertising Package from Castanet            on the FRONT of the poster.
or a half page ad in The Vernon Morning Star! If you would like to enter,       5. No parent assisted or computer generated posters please.
please get an entry form from the Winter Carnival Office or off our website     Note: Not following the contest rules will result in deduction of points
and submit by Sun. Jan. 24, 2021. Let your Carnival Spirit show!                       in the contest

           FOR 61 YEARS OF FUN!

                                                                       — 20 ­—
Winter Carnival Online Auction
Date:           Mon. Jan 25-Sun. Feb 14, 2021                                        Quality
Find amazing local items and experiences for a deal! Make your bid with the   Construction Products
Vernon Winter Carnival Online Auction! All money raised from the Auction
will go directly back into Vernon Winter Carnival, helping us expand and        for Over 50 Years
improve the festival for next year. Our new online platform allows for
instant updates if you’ve been outbid, ensuring you don’t miss out on the                Complete Line of
items you want to win!                                                              Engineered Wood Products
Auction opens Monday Jan 25th and closes Sunday Feb 14th!
                                                                                  Roof Trusses • LVL Beams • I Joists
  Events – On your Own time                                                          Commercial, Roof and Floors
            Running February 5-14, 2021                                             Metal Roofing • Glulam Beams
                                                                                    Complete Engineering Services
Vernon Winter Playground                                                        NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)
Sponsored by: Valley First, Silver Star Mountain Resort and
               Vernon Winter Carnival                                                 Pre-Fabricated Wall Panels
Dates:         Feb 5-14, 2021
A Winter Wonderland created to bring joy to our community just for Vernon
Winter Carnival! Stay tuned for more information!

#MyWildWest Photo Contest
Sponsored by: Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union
Date:           Feb 5-14, 2021
Location:       Online – Social Media                                           WINFIELD       PENTICTON        VERNON
Admission:      Free                                                           250-766-3331    250-493-3307   250-545-3215
The #MyWildWest Photo Contest is designed for attendees to share their          KELOWNA       WEST KELOWNA    KAMLOOPS -
Carnival experience with friends and family from anywhere - at the heart       250-860-6667    250-768-0700   250-372-3443
of the action or from the comfort of home! The contest is simple: use the
#MyWildWest Snapchat filter and save a photo of your Carnival experience,
post the photo to Facebook using the hashtag #MyWildWest and be             
entered to win—it’s that easy! Winners will be selected on February 15.        1-877-545-3215 •

                                                                    — 21 ­—
Chili Cook Off
Sponsored by:    Downtown Vernon Association
Date:            Feb 5-14, 2021
Time:            Various
Location:        Marten Brewing Co, The Kal, Station BBQ Smokehouse
                 & Ratio
Admission:       Order Chili from the Menu
Nothing says Wild West like Chili! We want you to decide which Saloon has
the best chili in town! The Chili Cook-off is back for its 12th year and is one
of Vernon’s hottest food tasting events, this year with a new twist! Head to
the participating restaurants in Downtown Vernon anytime during Vernon
Winter Carnival, buy their signature Chili and then rate your favourite! Be
sure to add your name and phone number to the ballot - participants will be
entered to win amazing prizes! Check for
participating Restaurants!

Downtown Vernon Gold Rush
Sponsored by: Downtown Vernon Association
Location:        Downtown Vernon – Various
Dates:           Feb 5-14, 2021
Times:           Various
Admission:       Visit for details
Vernonites will scour Downtown Vernon for clues with the first ever
Downtown Vernon Gold Rush! Purchase your treasure map from Vernon
Winter Carnival (which will contain your first clue) then head to Downtown
Vernon to search for the next clue! When you find the final piece of the
puzzle, put it together to find the GOLD! Join the Gold Rush anytime during
downtown business hours.

Early Inventions Scavenger Hunt
Location:       Okanagan Science Centre
Dates:          Feb 5-14, 2021
Times:          Regular Business Hours – details at
Admission:      Regular Admission Rates – details at
Gather up your young cowpokes and explore the Science Centre during
Winter Carnival. Uncover and discover early inventions hidden throughout
the centre to complete your scavenger hunt. All completed scavenger hunt
maps will be entered in for an amazing OSC prize package suitable for all

jopo Raffle
BC Gaming Event License #127271
Adult Only – Must be 19+ to purchase
Dates:           Nov 27, 2020-Feb 14, 2021
Admission:       Tickets $2.00 each
Buy a ticket and enter to win with the Annual Vernon Winter Carnival jopo
Raffle! You could one of 4 amazing prizes from Valley First, Flair Airlines,
Cheers Okanagan Tours or JC Bradley Jewellers!
*Winners consent to the release of their names by the licensee *Chances
are 1 in 4,000 to win a grand prize
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111 -Know your limit, play within it

                                 ARMSTRONG                          phone: 1-888-535-2667   • email:
       ■ Gas Bars in Salmon Arm, Armstrong
         & Vernon
       ■ Cardlocks in Armstrong, Canoe
         & Scotch Creek
       ■ Bulk Delivery Plants in Armstrong & Canoe
      To maximize your winter enjoyment, see us for all your fuel and oil needs.
                                                                        — 22 —
Drop off your entry
by Friday, February 12
at the Vernon Winter Carnival Office,
3401 35 Avenue, Vernon.
Please write your name and phone
number on the back of this page.

                                        *A Random picture will be drawn to
                                        win a Winter Carnival Gift Basket.
                                        Draw date: February 16, 2021.

With thanks to
our sponsors:
Snow at Home
Sponsored by: The Co-operators Bracken Insurance Group
Date:            Feb 5-14, 2021
Location:        At your Home & Online – Vernon Winter Carnival
                 Facebook & Instagram
We want you to enjoy the Snow at Home! Get your creative juices going
with the whole family and build a Snow Sculpture in your own backyard
or front yard!! Try out the Wild West theme or create something from your
own imagination! Post a picture of your creation to Instagram or Facebook
with the #vwcsnow and tag @Vernonwintercarnival
A Random Winner will be picked to win an amazing family Gift Basket
from Vernon Winter Carnival! Entry deadline is Feb 14, 2021. Winner will be
announced on Family Day - Monday Feb 15th.

VWC Snowmobile Raffle
BC Gaming Event License # 127327. Adult Only – Must be 19+ to purchase
Dates:           Nov 27, 2020-Feb 14, 2021
Admission:       Tickets $20.00 each
Buy a ticket and enter to win with the 1st Annual Vernon Winter Carnival
Snowmobile Raffle! You could win The Grand Prize - 2019 800 Pro-RMK
Polaris Snowmobile PLUS $1,000 in gear from BDM Motorsports – Valued
at $16,000!
*Winners consent to the release of their names by the licensee *Chances
are 1 in 5,000 to win a grand prize
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111 -Know your limit, play within it

Winter Carnival Online Auction
Date:           Mon. Jan 25-Sun. Feb 14, 2021
Find amazing local items and experiences for a deal! Make your bid with
the Vernon Winter Carnival Online Auction! All money raised from the
Auction will go directly back into Vernon Winter Carnival, helping us
expand and improve the festival for next year. Our new online platform
allows for instant updates if you’ve been outbid, ensuring you don’t miss
out on the items you want to win!
Auction opens Monday Jan 25th and closes Sunday Feb 14th!

      Quit horsing
       around and
       secure your
      stuff with us!

              4325 25th Avenue
             Vernon, BC V1T 1P5

                                                                     — 24 ­—
Virtual Events
Celebration of Talent **Virtual Event – Vote
Location:       Online –
Vote for your favourite local performer with the Virtual Celebration of Talent
showcasing performers, music and dance. Watch many of Vernon’s top
award winning and multi-cultural performances online then vote for your
choice for best Amateur or Professional entry. Share the link and tell your
friends! Voting ends Saturday Feb 13th! Winners will be announced Sunday
Feb 14th.
Deadline to for performers to submit their entry is Sunday Jan 17th.

Online Wild West Story Time **Virtual Event
– Pre Register**
Sponsored by: Okanagan Regional Library
Location:        Online via Zoom – Register at
Date & Time: Feb 9, 2021 - 3:30pm
Hi Kids! Join the ORL in having a rootin’ tootin’ good time at our Wild West
Story Time. Register online to receive your Zoom link! Space is limited!

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch….**Virtual
Sponsored by: Greater Vernon Museum & Archives
Date:           Tues. Feb. 9, 2021
Time:           TBA
Location:       Greater Vernon Museum & Archives
Admission:      TBA

Take a trip back in time through the Wild West and ranchlands of the North
Okanagan. Interpretive guides in historical garb will tell tales of life back
on the early ranches of the valley. Learn more about the early relationships
between the settlers and the Syilx Indigenous First Nation. Find out about
the Syilx and settler women who made this place home, and the fur                CAUFIELDSMEMORIALS.COM
brigadiers, gold rushers, cowboys, and bank robbers who made this place
wild. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

                    BDM MOTORSPORTS
                                                                     NEXT TO DOLLAR TREE
                                                                       ON 43RD AVENUE
                                                                     VERNON • 250-549-3730

                                                                       — 25 ­—
Vino with VPAG **Ticketed Virtual Event**
Sponsored by:    Vernon Public Art Gallery                                           • Sheet Metal
Date:            Thurs. Feb. 11, 2021                                                 • PluMbing
Time:            7:00-9:00PM
Location:        Online – Virtual Event                                                • heating
Admission:       $25- $50 per person -                                           • air Conditioning
                 See ticket options at

Get ready for a Virtual Vino with VPAG evening! Follow along with a guided
painting project all through an online format! Our popular wine and paint
night has moved to a virtual format due to COVID-19, but don’t worry, we are                                        • Balloon Bar
excited to offer this fun event in the comfort of your own home! Get inspired                                   • Celebration in a Box

                                                                                 PLUMBING LTD.
by a local artist and enjoy your hand-painted masterpiece afterward! Be
able to interact with the instructor and staff if you have any questions along                                • Wedding & Event Planner
the way. If you would like to enjoy a fun evening with a couple close friends
we have some packages for groups that come with a red or white bottle of         Serving Vernon since

wine! Pricing information is listed below, if you have any questions please
feel free to reach out to us at

Superhero Party **Virtual Event**
Sponsored by: Okanagan Event Planners,
                Sherpa Group Events,
                Remix Productions and Flash and Frame
Date:           Sunday February 7, 2021
Time:           10 am, 11.30 am, and 1 pm (each session is one hour)
Admission:      $25 plus GST per household login and includes
                one Superhero Party Box **Extra Superhero Party Boxes              3302 - 29 Street,
                can be purchased for additional children.                            Vernon, bC
Calling all Superheroes! Grab your favourite Superhero costume, your
digital device and join us for some fun! You will receive a Superhero Party
Box delivered straight to your door, that will include treats and supplies -
                                                                                 250-542-4153                 2905 33 Street, Vernon, BC
everything you need for the party. Visit with other Superheroes (including a
surprise special guest appearance), play games, do crafts and capture the
memory with our digital photo booth.

                      Proud sponsor of
        Vernon Winter Carnival

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