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Welcome to the seventh season of the Cashmere High School Netball Club. It is run
voluntarily by staff and supporters of Cashmere High School.

This booklet aims to provide all the information necessary for current members or those
considering playing for the club. Throughout the season further information will be
communicated via our new website,

                           IMPORTANT INFORMATION
In recent years the coaching capacity in the Cashmere High School Netball Club
has been stretched to an unsustainable level. The extent to which we have had
to rely and draw upon the student coaches is out of alignment with other school
netball programmes. The need for adult coaches and managers is critical. All
players and parents are advised that, unless volunteers come forward to coach
and manage teams, the club will be limited in the amount of teams that we can
enter. This may result in students being unable to participate in a team.


Cashmere High School Netball Club teams play in the Christchurch Netball Centre Winter
Competition. Games are played on Saturdays at Hagley Park. The season schedule has yet
to be released by the Christchurch Netball Centre. Once they have confirmed the dates we
will upload them to the CHS Netball website,
With the increase in number of teams, the variety of venues at which games are played and
a lack of adult supervisors, teams will not automatically be entered the Wednesday
competition. A team will only be entered into the Wednesday competition if they
can provide a committed adult(s) who will supervise at all Wednesday games
(or be willing to organise a roster with other parents). These games aim to start at
3:15pm and be finished by 4pm. The school is still willing to organise and arrange transport
to and from venues for players.
All intending players must purchase their own dress and pay respective subs before being
allowed to play. See following information.


In order to play for the club, students must trial. The purpose of trials are to place players
in teams appropriate to their skill level and experience. To register for trials, your child
must complete the online registration form on the sport website- . Trial Registrations close on the 15th
of February for Senior A team trials and the 5th March for all other senior teams.

Inevitably some positions are oversubscribed and all players must be prepared to trial / play
in more than one position.

Every year teams and players are considered afresh. Therefore playing for a particular team
one year has no bearing on selection for the next year.

Selectors are neutral and impartial, as such their decision is final. Every endeavor is made to
ensure that each player is given an equal opportunity to display their skills. All intending
players must attend every trial in order to be properly considered.

2019 Trial dates:

   Senior A trials:

Sunday 17th Feb - 10.00am – 1.00pm                      Gym 1
Students elected from this trial will be invited to attend the following two trainings from which a final team
will be selected.

    Trainings for selected players -
     Thurs 21st Feb– 5.30pm – 7.00pm                 Gym 1
     Thurs 28th Feb – 5.30pm – 7.00pm                Gym 1

   Other Senior Team Trials:

Wednesday 6th March – 7.00pm – 9pm                    Gym 1
Sunday 10th March – 9.00am – 12noon                   Gym 1

A decision will then be made as to whether further trials will be needed. If so trialists will be told on
the day and notices placed in the school notices with the date, time and venue.

              If you cannot make any of the senior trials please email Mrs. Fenemor

   Year9 and Year 10 trials:

NOTE - Year 9 and Year 10 students will trial separately and be split into Year 9 and Year 10

Sunday 24th March 8.30am – 12.00 noon          HAGLEY NETBALL COURTS
Tuesday 26th March 3.30pm – 5.30pm                     School Netball Courts
Thursday 28th March – 3.30pm -5.30pm           School Netball Courts

           If you cannot make any of the Year 9 or 10 trials please email Mrs Newton.


Team lists will be posted in the Gym foyer approximately 48 hours after completion of
Parents are asked to encourage their child to commit to the team for which they are
selected. However, if a player wishes to withdraw from the Cashmere High Netball
programme they must inform Mrs Newton, via email only (
This must be done within 48 hours of the team announcements.
In recent years late withdrawals have caused a collapse of some teams, leaving many players
disappointed. If a player withdraws after the 48 hour time period, their commitment may be
called into question if trialling in 2020.


Players are expected to attend all trainings. If they are ill or injured it is expected that they
contact their coach to explain. This must be done as soon as possible to allow the coach
time to adjust their training session if necessary. It is important that players do not book
Doctor or Dentist appointments during scheduled training slots. Missing a training affects
the whole team. Players who miss training sessions cannot expect to play full games.
Trainings are generally held on the school netball courts after school on a Monday or
Tuesday. However, times or days are not confirmed until teams have been selected and a
meeting with all team members has been held. All efforts are made to accommodate
individual after school commitments but at times a compromise may have to be made. All
teams can expect at least one training session per week.


Female players will need to purchase a dress. A new dress can be purchased from the
School Uniform Shop located in the payment Centre at a cost of $115.00. This amount can
be paid at any time to the Payment Centre, It is acknowledged that the cost of each dress is
relatively high however, they are of good quality and therefore can be sold on in future

years should your child grow out of it or leave school. We encourage a second hand
market. Second hand options are sometimes available from the second-hand uniform shop
(see school web site for opening hours) or on Trademe.
If your child is male please see Mrs Lightfoot in the Sports Coordinator office for a uniform.
There will be a uniform hire charge.
The school also has optional garments such as sports tees and hoodies that can be worn to
trainings and games. These are not compulsory items and not part of the netball uniform


These are dependent on the fees that we, as a club are required to pay for entry into the
Christchurch Netball Centre Winter Competition. Teams in lower grades have a reduced
entry fee; hence the subs are less for these teams. Included in these fees are costs
associated with maintaining and updating equipment, reimbursing coaches and prize-giving.
Subs are as follows:
U14 (Year 9 teams)               $155
U15 (Year 10 teams)              $165
U17 (Seniors)                    $170
U19 (Senior B & C teams)         $170
Senior 1 (Senior A team)         $195

If your child’s team plays in the Wednesday Secondary Schools Competition (see
General Information for further detail) there is an additional cost of $55.00** to cover
transport. Please add this amount to the applicable subs above.
e.g. Total cost for a Year 9 student for the season (including Wednesday Netball) with new dress =
$155 Subs + $55 Wednesday Transport (not applicable to everyone**) + $115 New Dress (not applicable
to everyone) = $325.00

Total cost for a SNR B player who already owns a dress and whose team is not entered into the
Wednesday competition = $170.00

Payments must be made when your child completes the official registration form online (the
official registration form will be uploaded to the website once trials are completed and all
teams have been named.) If you would like to pay by regular automatic payments, please see Mrs
Lightfoot in the Sports Coordinators office to arrange this. This must be arranged BEFORE the first
game of the season.

IMPORTANT - Your child will not be able to play unless subs have been paid in full
 or a regular automatic payment plan has been arranged with Mrs Lightfoot by the
                     first game of the season (27th April 2019).


As the years have progressed we have found it increasingly difficult to find and hold onto
enthusiastic, skilled and knowledgeable coaches. Currently we have confirmed coaches for
the Senior A, Senior B, Year 10A, Year 10B and Year 9A teams. We are continually trying
to recruit qualified coaches by advertising through the University of Canterbury Physical
Education and Sports Coaching programme, NZIS as well as approaching past pupils and
others in the community.
Whilst we will be able to get student coaches for the majority of the junior teams we will
need some adult coaches to fill other spots. If you may be interested in coaching for the
club please contact Mrs Newton ( All volunteer coaches will be
supported in their roles and the club will pay for you to attend an appropriate coaching
course (dependant on your coaching experience) e.g. NNZ Starting Out in Coaching course
run by the Christchurch Netball Centre. As a club we are fully committed to help you
upskill and develop your confidence as a coach - to ensure that you enjoy the experience
and that you are confident in the knowledge that you share with your team.
Student coaches are fully supported and given the guidance needed to support a junior
team. All student coaches go through a coaching course run by the Christchurch Netball
Centre and will also go through a coaching program facilitated by Sport Canterbury.
Coaches will also be given access to resources to help them in their role. It is essential that
parents positively support the student coaches and recognise the time and effort they have
generously volunteered to coach your child and help the club.
Please remember the Coach(es) make the final decision as to who takes the court, what position
they play and the amount of game time they get. As parents and supporters you MUST respect this.
The Cashmere High School Netball Club will stand by the coach and the decisions they make if it is
in the best interest of the team. The Club will not interfere with the coach’s decision as to who to
play and where to play them.
As stated on page 1, we can only accommodate as many teams as we have
coaches for. If your child is put in a team and a coach or manager cannot be
found, the team will not be entered. If this does occur your child will be encouraged to
contact other clubs in the community to see if they have spaces available.


Managers are an essential part of a team. Every team must have a Manager attached to it.
Many teams in our club are coached by a senior student. This is when the position of
manager becomes very important as they may require support in their role.

The role of Manager would involve –

      Attending Saturday games
      Taking the place of the coach if the coach is absent
      Keeping score
      Supporting the student coach when required.

If you think you would be able to assist us in filling this role, or if you are willing to share
this role with another adult please email Mrs. Newton (


Year 9 teams will have to supply their own umpires for their Saturday games. The school
has set up an Umpiring Club and we hope that these girls will be able to cover these games.
Teams entered in the Under 19 grades and above will also have to provide two umpires for
the round after their games (with U19 only being used if needed). Before the first game of
the season these girls are required to sit and pass the NNZ online Centre Theory
examination unless they hold a current umpire qualification of Centre Badge or above. This
assessment can be accessed through the Christchurch Netball Centre website.
All teams that enter and play in the Wednesday Secondary Schools Competition will also
have to provide their own umpire. Each individual team will be responsible for finding their
own umpire.


The Cashmere High School Netball Club follows the Complaints Procedures of Cashmere
High School. These can be found on the school website at under
the tab Quick Links.
To summarise these procedures, you are asked to please try to resolve the issue by
communicating with the person whose actions have given rise to the complaint. If after a
direct approach the problem remains unresolved, then contact with the person who is
responsible for the person whose actions have given rise to the complaint is made.

       Issues with players should be addressed to the Coach
       Issues with the Coach or Manager should be addressed to the Sports Co-ordinator
        at Cashmere High School, Mrs Kellie Lightfoot (

If the complaint can be resolved at that point the Sports Co-ordinator will take appropriate
action (if any) as required. The Sports Co-ordinator may report to the Sports Director, or
the Principal on the resolution of the complaint and actions taken if deemed necessary.
If the matter remains unresolved after contact with the Sports Co-ordinator/Sports
Director, then a written complaint may be made to the Deputy Principal with responsibility
for Sport, Mr Blair Johnson (
Where an initial concern is considered very serious the complainant should lodge a
complaint directly in writing to the Deputy Principal in charge of Sports, Mr Blair Johnson.


Saturday competition draws come out in 5 week blocks. It is the responsibility of each
player to know when they are playing. Draws will be posted on the school sport website - . A physical copy will also
be put up on the Netball Notice board at school. They can also be accessed through the
Christchurch Netball Centre website (
results/season-draws). Wednesday draws will be posted on the Cashmere High School
Sports website as well as on the sports noticeboard outside the Sports Coordinators office.


Under 14 Development Tournament: late August
Christchurch Netball Centre Representative teams – Tournaments in July
Under 15, Under 16, Under 17, Under 19.
If you are looking to trial for Christchurch Netball representative teams in 2019 it is strongly
recommended that you register for an Emerging Athletes programme run by the Netball
Center. Follow this link to register - CNC Emerging-Athlete-Programme


South Island Secondary Schools Junior Tournament (9A & 10A Teams only): 8th – 10th
July 2019 (in Christchurch)
South Island Secondary Schools Winter Tournament (Senior A Team): 2nd – 5th
September 2019 (in Nelson)


As a club it has been decided that there will be no general club fundraising. However if your
child plays for the Senior A team they me required to participate in some fundraising
activities to help subsidise the cost associated with attending their respective tournaments.
The Senior A netball team sell Entertainment Books to fundraise for South Island tournament. If
you wish to order one of these please use the link on the school website to order. This year you can
get either a digital or hard copy of the book. If you would like to order a copy please email Ms
Fenemor (


Cashmere High School Netball Club Website -
Cashmere High School Sports website –
Cashmere High School Netball Club Facebook Page -

The Christchurch Netball Centre website is great for draws, results, statistics and playing
days - .
The Netball New Zealand site has up to date news and information on the Silver Ferns and
regional netball teams in New Zealand. It also has excellent coaching resources.
ACC and Netball New Zealand have developed several resources for coaches, players and
umpires that are designed to help enhance performance and prevent injury.

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