CISCO INTEGRATED SERVICES ROUTER - Intelligent Network Services for Medium-sized Companies and Large Enterprises - IT MARKETING COMPANY

CISCO INTEGRATED SERVICES ROUTER - Intelligent Network Services for Medium-sized Companies and Large Enterprises - IT MARKETING COMPANY

Intelligent Network Services for
Medium-sized Companies and Large Enterprises
CISCO INTEGRATED SERVICES ROUTER - Intelligent Network Services for Medium-sized Companies and Large Enterprises - IT MARKETING COMPANY

Integrated network services with
Cisco Integrated Services routers               3

Cisco Integrated Services routers for small
to medium companies                              5
Teleworker solution with the Cisco 800 series
and IP Communicator                              5

Cisco Integrated Services routers for
connecting branch offices                        6
Intelligent services in the Cisco routers
• Security                                       9
• IP telephony                                  10
• VPN                                           12
• Standardized management                       13
Cisco routers overview                          14

CISCO INTEGRATED SERVICES ROUTER - Intelligent Network Services for Medium-sized Companies and Large Enterprises - IT MARKETING COMPANY

Cisco Integrated Services routers offer a wide range of intelligent services
that provide much more than a simple data link between company headquar-
ters, branch offices and the Internet. Medium-sized companies and branch
offices of large enterprises use an increasing number of applications to com-
municate with partner companies, mobile staff and other stand alone offices.

This level of communication calls for a more stringent network requirements
profile with regard to security, performance, scalability, and availability.

Our goal is to deliver all mission-critical applications plus the same level of
performance and security to all users across the network – from company
headquarters through branch offices and home offices to mobile staff.

Network-based applications for medium-sized and large-scale enterprises have become
both complex and extensive. Older (legacy) programs operate simultaneously with
modern client/server software and new web applications. The entire spectrum of
communications, from data (e-mail and Internet) to voice (IP telephony) and video
(e-learning and e-conferencing) also runs via the network. On top of this, security and
administration tools demand bandwidth and computing power. Add to this the need
to link branch offices, partner companies and staff via WAN or VPN connections for
communication with headquarters.

The network product manufacturers and application vendors involved are as varied
as the products themselves. Integrating products from different manufacturers is a
complex process; management and administration are time-consuming.

Problems and friction losses related to compatibility, functional interoperability and
integrated management of products from different manufacturers frequently occur
when implementing network extensions in order to incorporate additional IT security
features, new services, and features (such as unified messaging or IP telephony).
Operating two separate networks (data and telephone networks) calls for at least two
vendors and support organizations, which generates higher costs and places a greater
burden on support services. If these networks also house single products from differ-
ent providers, the time and expense incurred by installation, configuration and main-
tenance can rise at an exponential rate. And should an additional service or new tech-
nology also need to be included (such as extended virus protection), the extent of the
problem will grow still further.

CISCO INTEGRATED SERVICES ROUTER - Intelligent Network Services for Medium-sized Companies and Large Enterprises - IT MARKETING COMPANY


                                         PSTN                                PBX

                                                                           Vendor 1

                                                                            Router         Firewall
                                                                           Vendor 2        Vendor 3

                                        Internet                                                                          Switch
                                                                                                                         Vendor 4

Figure 1
Multivendor network

                              A reduction of network products from various manufacturers serves to reduce
                              management and operative complexity and helps to reduce both ongoing and future
                              costs. The progressive integration of services (including firewall, VPN, intrusion pre-
                              vention and telephony) in a device such as one of the new Cisco routers ensures stan-
                              dardized management of all functions from a single point. And don’t underestimate
                              the fact that a single manufacturer or partner will be a reliable and competent source
                              of updates and extensions. IT administrators save time and expense by managing a
                              single Cisco router for all services.

                              New services and functions mean that a router must be capable of handling growing
                              demands. And that is precisely the strength of the new Cisco 1800, 2800 and 3800
                              Integrated Services router series: enhanced performance to handle increasing data
                              transmission rates while continuing to provide all router services (including VPN
                              encryption, firewalling, unified messaging, and IP telephony) to the highest standards.
                              Medium-sized businesses and branch offices can thus enjoy security of investment
                              for years to come.


                                                                                      Catalyst 3560 Switch

                                                            Cisco 2801
                                                          + CallManager                               Cisco 7905G
                                                            Express                                   Cisco 7960G
                                                          + IOS Firewall                                IP Phone
                                                                               IP         IP                        IP
                                                          + VPN
                                                          + VoiceMail
Figure 2
Integrated Services router
network from Cisco

CISCO INTEGRATED SERVICES ROUTER - Intelligent Network Services for Medium-sized Companies and Large Enterprises - IT MARKETING COMPANY
Cisco Integrated Services routers for small to medium companies
                                             Companies can connect to the Internet using a Cisco Integrated Services router which
                                             supports all communication standards including ISDN, ADSL, SHDSL, Cable, Frame
                                             Relay, ATM, and Ethernet. The implementation of a firewall to prevent unauthorized
                                             access from the Internet to your private network is imperative. Cisco IOS router soft-
                                             ware enables this without installing additional hardware. A local-area network (LAN)
                                             is set up to connect workstations with the router and servers. Cisco Catalyst switches
                                             provide a next-generation solution for this purpose. Intelligent switching does more
                                             than transporting data from A to B. Data can also be assigned quality ratings and,
                                             with the help of Quality of Service (QoS), preferential treatment. In this way, switch-
                                             ing modules can be integrated directly in the routers. Using Power over Ethernet
                                             (PoE), the Cisco Catalyst switches also provide power for equipment such as WLAN
                                             access points, IP telephones or monitoring cameras.

                                             Supplying all functions for setting up an IP telephone network, Cisco CallManager
                                             Express is the ideal solution for telephony in small to medium companies using up to
                                             240 telephones. The advantage of this solution is that the PBX operates in the router
                                             itself and can be configured and managed from a web browser using a graphical user
                                             interface. And the fact that the only hardware required is an Ethernet Category 5 data
                                             cable helps to reduce the cost of new installations and office expansions in particular.
                                             The router thus becomes the primary PBX in your company. It also connects you to
                                             the public network via Basic Rate Interfaces (BRI) or Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI) –
                                             see also figure 2. As an option voicemail and unified messaging functions can be
                                             integrated in the router via a network module or an advanced integrated module
                                             running Cisco Unity Express.

                                             Teleworker solution with the Cisco 800 series, IP Communicator
                                             and VPN (max. 10 sites)
Figure 3
Home workstation scenario – all work-        The following scenario demonstrates how the Integrated Services router network for
places can be equipped with Cisco IP         small to medium sized networks can be expanded to include home workstations to
Communicator software. In this way
the home PC can be used as an IP phone
                                             enable data access and corporate communication for teleworkers. Teleworkers can
without the need of a seperate phone line.   access the same applications and services as if they were connected to the internal

                   Cisco                     PSTN
                    831                  public switched
                                        telephon network


                    Cisco                                                                          Catalyst 3560 Switch
                                                                            Cisco 2801
                                                                          + CallManager                         Cisco 7905G
                                                                            Express                             Cisco 7960G
                   Cisco          data                                                                            IP Phone
                                                                          + IOS Firewall     IP        IP                     IP
                    837        voice                                      + VPN
                            IPsec tunnel                                  + VoiceMail

Cisco IP Communicator

CISCO INTEGRATED SERVICES ROUTER - Intelligent Network Services for Medium-sized Companies and Large Enterprises - IT MARKETING COMPANY
company network. The home workstation is connected to the Internet via ADSL
                                                          using a Cisco 831 or Cisco 837 router. A VPN connection is set up between the
                                                          company headquarters and the Cisco 831/837 router. As with all Cisco routers, an
                                                          integrated firewall on the Cisco 831/837 protects teleworkers against Internet
                                                          hackers. Therefore, it is not necessary to install a separate firewall on each home PC.

                                                          Instead of phoning via the public network (as was previously the case), the teleworker
                                                          now communicates via ADSL line using the Cisco IP Communicator. In the case of an
                                                          ADSL fixed-rate connection, for example, this would incur no additional phone charges.

                                                          In this network scenario, up to 10 home workstations are supported for telephony
                                                          with the Cisco CallManager Express. Cisco’s IOS V3PN (integrated in the routers)
                                                          controls prioritization between data and voice packages over a single line.

                                                          The Cisco 831/837 router for home offices can be managed from company

                                                          Cisco Integrated Services routers for connecting branch offices
                                                          The modularity of the Cisco Integrated Services routers enables linking branch offices
                                                          to company headquarters with a range of different WAN interface cards. The Cisco
                                                          1760, 1800, 2600XM, 2800, 3700 and 3800 series routers can be expanded using
                                                          additional interface cards. The hardware architecture of the new Cisco 1800, 2800,
                                                          3800 Integrated Services routers was designed in such a way as to ensure that all
                                                          services – such as encryption, telephony, firewalls, and packet transport – could be
                                                          provided simultaneously and to the same high level of performance. Confidential data
                                                          are transmitted between a branch office and company headquarters via VPN (virtual

Figure 4
                                                                                                                                          Branch office A
Scenario describing branch office link with                                                                                                           72 User
Integrated Services router. VPN connections
for exchanging data, voice and video are set                                                            Fax
up via the Internet.

                                                                                                                          Catalyst 3560 Switch

                                                                                                     Cisco 2851
                                                                                                   + CallManager                       Cisco 7905G
                                                                                                     Express                           Cisco 7960G
                                                                           PSTN                    + IOS Firewall
                                                                                                                    IP        IP                       IP
                                                                                                   + VPN
                                                                                                   + VoiceMail

  240 User                                                                                                                                Branch office B
                                                                                                                                                      24 User

                                             Cisco 3845
                                                                                                                         Catalyst 2950T-24 Switch
                  Catalyst 4500                                         Internet
                     Switch                                            WAN/VPN
                                             + CallManager
                                               Express                                               Cisco 2801
                                             + IOS Firewall                                                                             Cisco 7905G
                                                                                                   + CallManager                        Cisco 7960G
                                             + IDS                                                   Express                   IP
                      Cisco 7905G                                                                                   IP                                 IP
                                             + VPN                                                                                        IP Phone
                      Cisco 7960G                                                                  + IOS Firewall
 IP          IP                         IP   + NAC                                                 + VPN
                        IP Phone             + VoiceMail                                           + VoiceMail
                                             + automated

Cisco 2801

                                         private network) which protects transmissions from external unauthorized access.
                                         The VPN also enables you to transport convergent data, i.e. video and voice, with
                                         higher priority.

                                         Cisco offers a number of options for setting up VPNs. A dedicated software solution
                                         is available (Cisco VPN Client), for example, mobile workers seeking to connect to
                                         a branch office or company headquarters. The Cisco VPN-capable routers are ideally
                                         suited for branch offices and smaller setups.

                                         The CallManager Express (Cisco 1760, 2600XM, 2800, 3700 and 3800 series) is
                                         deployed for telephony in branch offices or standalone offices. This removes the need
                                         to purchase, configure and manage a separate PBX in a branch office. CallManager
                                         Express enables telephony management and administration from company headquar-
                                         ters, thus reducing ongoing operating costs.

                                         The high purchase costs of PBX systems also no longer apply since CallManager
                                         Express operates as a service in the Cisco router.

                                         The Cisco 3845 router permits simultaneous operation of up to 240 telephones.

                                         Cisco Integrated Services routers overview
                                         The table on page 14 shows new features contained in the Cisco 1800, 2800, and
                                         3800 router series.

New Cisco 1800, 2800, 3800 Integrated
Services router series (left to right)


High security levels, effortless communication and simple management –
all thanks to Cisco Integrated Services routers. Here is a description of the
full range of functions available:

Enhanced security with Cisco routers
There are enough products on the market that promise to make your life easier.
Numerous manufacturers offer stand alone solutions for each security problem. Yet
by installing several different products from different providers, both in your company
headquarters and in branch offices, you may improve your security but you’re also
likely to lose your overview. Where do attacks take place? Which attacks should be
reported to the administrator? What measures must be implemented immediately?

It makes sense to receive security solutions from a single source, from a single provider,
possibly even from a single product. This allows universal security policies to be defined
with fewer complications, thus significantly easing the daily workload of administrators
– be it during installation, maintenance, troubleshooting or installing new applications.

Cisco’s Integrated Services routers bring together Internet access, dynamic routing
functions, firewall, intrusion detection, VPN operation, encryption, comprehensive
QoS, as well as secure transfer of voice and video.

Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set – This software integrates a stateful inspection firewall
in the router that also monitors data traffic at application level. The applications
monitored by Context-Based Access Control (CBAC) include both TCP and UDP
applications, HTTP (Java blocking), SMTP, FTP, TFTP as well as multimedia such as
SIP, SCCP (Skinny), H.323, RTSP, RealAudio and other voice/video applications.

Intrusion detection – Cisco IDS identifies more than one hundred of the most infamous
methods of attack. It does this using signatures that analyze data flow for patterns
and is able to detect attack attempts at an early stage. If suspicious activities are
identified, Cisco IDS blocks the attack before it reaches the network and sends an
alarm message to the management console.

Data encryption – Employing either software or dedicated hardware modules, Cisco
routers encrypt VPN communication using the 56-bit Data Encryption Standard
(DES), 128-bit Triple DES (3DES) or 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
Encryption is also possible via an X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Network Admission Control (NAC) – Based on the Cisco Trust Agent (CTA) software
which is installed on desktop systems and on servers, information on security compli-
ance and operating system versions is collated from the desktop or server. CTA can
report information that is supplied by antivirus software from vendors such as Trend
Micro and forwarded to Cisco network components which then assess whether or not
network access should be permitted.

URL filtering – URL filters can be employed should a company want to prevent
                                                              staff from accessing websites not related to their job descriptions. This ensures that
                                                              network resources and bandwidth are not squandered on unnecessary surfing. Using
                                                              an URL database of more than 20 million addresses subdivided into 60 categories
                                                              administrators can prevent staff from accessing inappropriate web content.

                                                              Telephony with Cisco routers
                                                              Voice communication using IP networks (Voice over IP) is becoming the medium of
                                                              choice for a growing number of companies. More than two million users already
                                                              enjoy the benefits of Cisco IP phones worldwide. IP telephony has established itself
                                                              as a practical and cost-effective solution – particularly for companies operating with
                                                              branch offices or subsidiaries. As well as lowering the cost of internal calls, i.e.
                                                              between headquarters and branch offices, the maintenance and management of only a
                                                              single communication network – rather than two networks – also reduces outlay and
                                                              ongoing costs. Scalability in a more simple way, i.e. uncomplicated addition of new
                                                              phone users and PC workstations, is another key argument in favour of IP telephony.

Figure 5
                                        Business              Site-to-Site             PSTN               Unified               Enhanced
                                     Phone Services              Voice                 Access          Communications          IP Services

                                                                     Service Provider Infrastructure

          M                V                             V                                                         V                             IAD
  M               M

      M       M

              IP           IP        IP        IP        IP          IP      IP            IP     IP

                       Managed                 Remote IP Phones                     Managed                   Managed VoIP Router            Managed VoIP Router
                      Cisco IP-PBX             with hosted IP-PBX                  Cisco IP-PBX                 with TDM-PBX                   with TDM-PBX
                                               with SRST failover                 on IOS Router

                                                              Figure 5 describes the implementation of a Cisco Integrated Services router in a
                                                              customer location and at a service provider. The Cisco router provides the following
                                                              range of functions:

                                                              • independent IP telephone network with unlimited number of users via
                                                                 Cisco CallManager
                                                              • independent IP telephone network with up to 240 users via
                                                                Cisco CallManager Express
                                                              • IP telephone network hosted by service provider
                                                              • independent telephone network with conventional PBX linked to a Cisco router
                                                              • independent telephone network with analog devices linked directly to Cisco router
                                                              As part of the Integrated Services router, the Cisco CallManager Express and Cisco
                                                              Unity Express vastly simplify the process of setting up a convergent network for
                                                              companies and branch offices. All you need is the following:

Cisco access router – The Cisco 1760 and the 2600XM, 2800, 3700 and 3800 series
                                        models are fully equipped for IP telephony. Excellent quality-of-service functions
                                        prioritize voice and data traffic, monitor bandwidth in the network and ensure
                                        optimum voice quality.

                                        Cisco IP telephones – Cisco offers a broad selection of different IP telephones: from
                                        simple devices without a display (such as the Cisco 7905G IP telephone, which covers
                                        all basic functions), through the Cisco 7970G (managing multiple lines and equipped
                                        with an coloured XML-controlled display) to the wireless Cisco 7920G IP phone.

                                        Public phone line – A phone line must be available to connect the Cisco router to
                                        the public phone network (PSTN) via BRI or PRI. Cisco CallManager Express sets
                                        up functions typical for PBX systems on the Cisco router platform.

                                        Cisco Unity Express – Installed via module in the router, the Cisco Unity Express
                                        is used for voicemail applications and automatic call forwarding. Delivers a range
                                        of voicemail functions and automatic forwarding of incoming calls.

                                        Less work and lower costs. Instead of running two separate networks (PBX and data
                                        network), the Integrated Services router routes telephone and data traffic over a single
                                        infrastructure. This eliminates the cost of maintaining the TC network and servicing
                                        support contracts, and reduces administration and configuration expenses.

                                        Reduced relocation costs – Users can change desks within the company simply by
                                        plugging in their Cisco IP telephone. They then receive their user-specific profile and
                                        telephone number. Cisco CallManager Express automatically recognizes the user and
                                        updates the database accordingly. And that’s it – without any IT support.

                                        Reduced total cost of network ownership – The combination of voice and data in
                                        a single IP network simplifies network architecture and administration – and all
                                        support is now provided by a single source.

Cisco IP Phones: 7902G, 7905G, 7912G,
7940G, 7960G with 7914 Expansion
Module, the 7970G, and the Cisco
Wireless IP Phone 7920

Rapid connections – This all-inclusive solution can standardise, simplify and acceler-
     ate voice and data connections from subsidiaries and branch offices. Script generation
     options in Cisco CallManager Express facilitate the simultaneous administration of
     multiple satellite offices and, at the same time, speed up installation.

     Increased productivity – In a survey of 100 companies using IP telephony, almost
     half of those interviewed confirmed an increase in productivity of branch office staff
     within the first six months.

     Virtual private networks with Cisco routers
     VPNs can be implemented both for connecting two locations and for linking
     individual workstations. The advantages offered by VPNs in comparison to
     Frame Relay or ATM connections are:

     • lower line costs

     • greater geographical availability or coverage

     • more simple connection of individual workstations, for example, for teleworkers
       or mobile staff

     • more secure data transfer with automatic encryption

     • uncomplicated and rapid scalability

     • better utilization of available bandwidths

     • lower hardware costs

     • more flexible and simple configuration of additional or new connections

     • IT service outsourcing using the Internet Service Provider´s managed services

     Cisco offers a range of options for setting up VPNs. This includes a software-based
     solution for mobile staff, for example. For smaller installations such as small branch
     offices Cisco offers VPN-compliant routers and switches that support not only
     dynamic routing but also QoS and IP multicast data traffic. For larger installations,
     on the other hand, Cisco offers special VPN equipment such as VPN concentrators.

The VPN functions Easy VPN and Dynamic Multipoint VPN are new from Cisco.
                                           Using Easy VPN in combination with the Cisco Unity Client protocol can reduce
                                           configuration expenses for VPN connections. Remote-installation routers inherit their
                                           configuration from a central VPN 3000 concentrator which operates as an IPsec server.

                                           Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) can be used to configure multiple VPN
                                           connections without the central router having to save individual configuration
                                           data for all connected routers.

                                           Standardized management with Cisco Integrated Services routers
                                           Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM) for graphic configuration

                                           SDM is available for all access routers from the Cisco 800 series to the Cisco 3800
                                           series and offers branch offices and stand alone offices in particular a browser-based
                                           graphic tool for secure router configuration. SDM supports LAN/WAN, firewall and
                                           VPN configurations based on the Cisco IOS software. SDM also provides security
                                           audit functions which are used to check router configuration and suggests ways to
                                           improve the level of protection in accordance with the recommendations of ICSA
                                           Labs. SDM enables users to employ all security features offered by the Cisco access
                                           router in a simple and cost-effective manner and configures the router without
                                           extended external support.

Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM)
allows the administraton of most of
the Cisco applications including VPN,
security, etc. within one graphical user


 Product Name        Modular Slots                                    LAN (fixed)                                         WAN
                     Slots for WIC   Slots for NM    AIM Modules      Ethernet          Fast Ethernet   Token Ring        ISDN   ADSL           serial
 SOHO 91                                                                                4
 SOHO 96                                                                                4                                 1      1
 Cisco 801                                                            1                                                   1
 Cisco 803                                                            4                                                   1
 Cisco 805                                                            1                                                                         1
 Cisco 831                                                                              4
 Cisco 836                                                                              4                                 1      1
 Cisco 1712                                          1                                  5                                 1
 Cisco 1721          2                               1                                  1                                 2      2              4
 Cisco 1751          3                               1                                  1                                 2      2              4
 Cisco 1760          4                               1                                  1                                 2      2              4
 Cisco 2610XM/11XM   2               1               1                                  12                                10     2              12
 Cisco 2612          2               1               1                1                                 1                 10     2              12
 Cisco 2620XM/21XM   2               1               1                                  12                                10     2              12
 Cisco 2650XM/51XM   2               1               1                                  12                                10     2              12
 Cisco 2691          3               1               2                                  2                                 12     3              14
 Cisco 3725          3               2               2                                  2                                 19     7              24
 Cisco 3745          3               4               2                                  2                                 35     11             38

General router overview, interfaces selection, number of ports for WAN, LAN, security, voice etc.dul

 Product Name        On-board        On-board         On-board                          Optional        Slots for                Slots for
                     Hardware        DSP Slots        Ethernet                          Power           Interface                Network
                     Encryption                       Ports                             over            Cards                    Modules
 Cisco 1841          14 Mb/s         -                2 FE                              -               2 HWIC/VWIC/             –
                                                                                                        WIC (data only)
 Cisco 2801          14 Mb/s         2                2 FE                              120 W           2 HWIC/VWIC/             –
                                                                                                        1 VWIC/WIC/VIC
                                                                                                        1 VWIC/VIC
                                                                                                        (voice only)
 Cisco 2811          20 Mb/s         2                2 FE                              160 W           4 HWIC                   1    NME
 Cisco 2821          30 Mb/s         3                2 GE (10/100/1000)                240 W           4 HWIC                   1    NME
                                                                                                                                 1    EVM
 Cisco 2851          50 Mb/s         3                2 GE (10/100/1000)                360 W           4 HWIC                   1    NMED
                                                                                                                                 1    EVM
 Cisco 3825          80 Mb/s         4                2 GE (10/100/1000) + 1 SFP        360 W           4 HWIC                   1    NME/EVM
                                                                                                        1 NMED/EVM
 Cisco 3845          100 Mb/s        4                2 GE (10/100/1000) + 1 SFP        360 W           4 HWIC                   4 NME/EVM

NEW: Cisco 1841
                                                                                                        NEW: Cisco 3825

                                                    NEW: Cisco 2801, 2811, 2821, 2851

Cisco SOHO 91                      Cisco 831                Cisco 1712

    Ethernet       Integrated Services               CallManager         Cisco
    ETTx           IDS              Firewall   VPN   Express             Unity
    1                               ■
                                    ■                                            Cisco 1760
                                    ■          ■
                                    ■          ■
                                    ■          ■
    1                               ■          ■
                                    ■          ■
    1              ■                ■          ■
    2              ■                ■          ■
                                                                                 Cisco 2600XM Serie
    2              ■                ■          ■
    2              ■                ■          ■     max. Tel. 24
    4              ■                ■          ■     max. Tel. 24        ■
    4              ■                ■          ■
    4              ■                ■          ■     max.   Tel.   36    ■
    4              ■                ■          ■     max.   Tel.   48    ■
    4              ■                ■          ■     max.   Tel.   48    ■
    11             ■                ■          ■     max.   Tel.   72    ■
    19             ■                ■          ■     max.   Tel.   120   ■
                                                                                 Cisco 2651 and 2691

    Slots for      Integrated Services
    Advanced       IDS              Firewall   VPN   CallManager         Cisco
    Integration                                      Express             Unity
    1 AIM          ■                ■          ■     no                  no      Cisco 3725

    2 AIM          ■                ■          ■     max. Tel. 24        ■

    2 AIM          ■                ■          ■     max. Tel. 36        ■
    2 AIM          ■                ■          ■     max. Tel. 48        ■
                                                                                 Cisco 3745
    2 AIM          ■                ■          ■     max. Tel. 96        ■

    2 AIM          ■                ■          ■     max. Tel. 168       ■

    2 AIM          ■                ■          ■     max. Tel. 240       ■

 NEW: Cisco 3845

UK Headquarters                           London (City)                              Manchester                                Ireland                                   Scotland (Bellshill)

Cisco Systems                             Cisco Systems                              Cisco Systems                             Cisco Systems                             Cisco Systems
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Middlesex                                 Tower 42                                   Didsbury                                  Ireland                                   Bellshill
TW14 8HA                                  Old Broad Street                           Manchester                                                                          ML4 3HB
                                          London                                     M20 2JE                                   Tel: +353 (1)819 2700
Tel: +44 (0)20 8824 1000                  EC2 1HQ                                                                              Sales: 00800 99990522                     Tel: +44 (0)1698 847 000
Sales: 00800 99990522                                                                Tel: +44 (0)161 249 5700                                                            Sales: 00800 99990522
                                          Tel: +44 (0)20 7496 3700                   Sales: 00800 99990522
                                          Sales: 00800 99990522

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