Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)

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Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
Congregation Tifereth Israel

  120th Anniversary 2021/5781

       Sara Bloom
     Congregation Honoree
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
We congratulate Vice President Sara Bloom
                                 for this well-deserved honor,
                    recognizing her many years of service and contributions
                 toward the ongoing wellbeing of Congregation Tifereth Israel.

                We also send Sara our love as a wonderful and gracious friend.
                           We wish you many blessings in the future.

                       With confidence, we send our best wishes as always
                    to the new Board of Directors and to Rabbi Gadi Capela
                                    as they steer us through
                                 the challenges of 2021-2022

                                  In loving memory of our parents,
                                   Norma Robinson Panepinto ‫ע”ה‬
                                       and Paul Panepinto ‫ע”ה‬


                                      Jean Ansell Birman ‫ע”ה‬
                                       and Max Birman ‫ע”ה‬

Congregation Tifereth Israel                     2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
                                  Lechayim! To life! Our shul is 120 years old. For Jews,
                                 120 is a special number that symbolizes completion, a
                                 complete life. Scripture tells us that Moses, our greatest
                                 rabbi, lived 120 years. “Moses was a hundred and twenty
                                 years old when he died; his eyes were undimmed and his
                                 vigor unabated.” (Duet. 34:7) According to Rashi, “his
                                 vigor unabated” means the life-sap that was in him did
                                 not depart, and the appearance of his face had not
                                 changed. (Sifrei Devarim 357:35).

 Photo: Elllen Jaffe

The connection between Moses’s lifespan and completion is not accidental. In order to
mitigate man’s propensity to sin and become corrupted, God decided to limit the life of a
person to 120 years. The Lord said, “My breath shall not abide in man forever, since he too
is flesh; let the days allowed him be one hundred and twenty years.” (Gen. 6:3) Onkelos,
echoed by other commentators, explains that God set a time for mankind to repent. Ramban
expands: “...The purport is to state that ‘God made man upright’ (Ecclesiastes 7:29) to be
like the ministering angels by virtue of the soul He gave him. But he was drawn after the
flesh and corporeal desires; ‘he is like the beasts that perish’ (Psalms 49:13), and therefore
the spirit of God will no longer be sheathed in him for he is corporeal and not godly.
However, He will prolong for them if they repent.”

 Before departing at 120 years, Moses summarizes the 42 journeys in the 40 years the
People of Israel spent in the desert. “Moses recorded the starting points of their various
marches as directed by the Lord. Their marches, by starting points…” (Num 33:2) At first
glance, it is clear that the people endured much. However, Moses reminded them where
they had begun, and that their difficulties are actually their future’s building blocks that
imbued the experience with a value that endured, much like Moses himself.
 Similar to the People of Israel, Congregation Tifereth Israel has experienced many different
stops in time. We can look back at the amazing journey and see how far we’ve come. Like
Moses, CTI is still in full vigor — an ode to the past 120 years and prayers for 120 more.

                                  Rabbi Gadi Capela

    Congregation Tifereth Israel                               2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
                                           It has been a ground breaking
                                           year for our venerable 120 year
                                           old synagogue. Congratulations
                                           to Tifereth Israel. And mazel tov
                                           to our 2021 honoree, Sara
                                           Bloom -- the inimitable Sara
                                           who has worn so many hats
                                           with such dedication for more
                                           than 20 years, our Scribe of
                                           Shul life.

Let us denote our 120th anniversary with a crown for our Virtual Year, the Zoom
Year. The year that was infused with strength and dedication from our Board and
Congregation, to step up and step out and re-envision our traditions and
programs. Rabbi Gadi became our spiritual media star with virtual services and
joyous holiday observances. The skills and talents of our members were
showcased in 52 weeks of Zoom Lunch & Learn programs. We will continue to
sing and dance and laugh with the videos and images of the weekly Shul
Schmooze, and to applaud our award winning newsletter, the Shofar. Few
institutions can match Scribe Bloom’s long running monthly success. And of
course, we thank our amazing tech wizard and dedicated Office Manager,
Andrea Blaga, for her skills and expertise that make us look so good.

As we celebrate our community and our spiritual home, let us think about what
our leap of faith has meant this year. A 20 percent growth in membership. A
stable operating budget. A cohesive community despite the isolation of the
pandemic. And now, anticipation for our re-opening this summer with hybrid
services for Shabbat and the High Holidays.

Let us join together to commemorate our spiritual home that has provided
comfort and community. Kol Hakavod!

                              Judith K. Weiner

    Congregation Tifereth Israel                        2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
                             What would a synagogue be without its Sisterhood?

                             Largely, the responsibilities of the Sisterhood involve
                             organizing or preparing food for Onegs and Kaddishim, the
                             break-the-fast Yom Kippur meal, and other in-person
                             activities. At all Sisterhood events, we invite participants to
                             share in the warmth and friendship of our Sisterhood
                             group. As more of the Covid restrictions are lifted, we look
                             forward to resuming this in-person time.

Nevertheless, Sisterhood has not been idle during Covid. We have worked with the
shul’s Tikkun Olam committee to supply food and personal care products to CAST, and
we will be joining the back-to-school project to collect supplies for youngsters as they
return to their classrooms.

In addition, the sale of our Sunshine Cards continued at a rapid pace. These cards
display photographs of our beloved sanctuary on the front, with blank spaces inside for
your personal sentiments. Your purchase is a meaningful message of caring for each
recipient and, in addition, provides financial support for our shul. We thank all those
who have turned from Hallmark cards to Sunshine cards, and we encourage members
and friends to choose this Sisterhood fundraiser to reach out with a personal message.
You can order Sunshine Cards by visiting the shul’s website at

In keeping with the success of the Sunshine Cards project, Sisterhood initiated
Hanukkah cards this year, featuring a choice of three photos of our beautiful shul.
These cards, too, brought smiles to the faces of the recipients.

Looking ahead, we are planning to co-sponsor programs with the Men’s Club in a joint
effort to introduce culture and entertainment to our shul members as well as our
neighboring communities. We invite you to join us.

                        Adrianne Greenberg, Sisterhood President

    Congregation Tifereth Israel                           2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
                                         With the reopening of our beloved
                                         synagogue, the Men’s Club is looking
                                         forward to a year filled with service,
                                         camaraderie, and support for our
                                         congregation and the community at large.

                                         Our thanks to Dr. Micah Kaplan for his
                                         selfless work on behalf of the Men’s Club
                                         for countless years. Thank you, Micah, for
                                         serving as a role model with the energy you
                                         expended during your tenure as president.

The board of the Men’s Club is investigating new programs to offer this year,
including lectures, luncheon meetings, and fundraising events. Of course, we will
continue the annual Men’s Club traditions by sponsoring the barbeque and building
the Sukkah.

Once again this year, we presented a scholarship award to a graduating senior at
Greenport High School who had demonstrated dedication to service of others in the

In spite of restrictions imposed by global pandemic during the past year, the newly-
elected board of directors and members of the Men’s Club are energized and
committed to serving our shul in the coming year.

                         Tom Byrne, PhD, Men’s Club President

  Congregation Tifereth Israel                            2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
                                                   This could be tricky… For the past 10 years or so,
                                                  I have been privileged to interview the many
                                                  individuals chosen annually by the Journal Dinner-
                                                  Dance Committee as event honorees. As I glance
                                                  over the names of those who have graciously
                                                  submitted to a one-on-one with me, I am grateful
                                                  for the trust they conferred upon this writer to tell
                                                  their stories with accuracy and compassion.
                                                   But now, with deep gratitude to shul president
                                                  Judith Weiner and to this year’s Journal Dinner-
                                                  Dance Committee, I find myself the honoree,
                                                  humbled to be sure, and faced with the daunting
                                                  task to reveal my own story. Is this an awkward
                                                  situation, or perhaps an opportunity to reflect on
                                                  how I came to be who I am?

        How, then, should I approach this assignment? In the memoir-writing class I’ve led the last 17
years for Southold Town, I often talk about setting — where the story takes place, the precise names
and details that make the whereabouts unique, the sense memory — what we see and hear, taste or
touch, or maybe catch a scent of in the air — all to help the storyteller transport the reader or listener
to that place that makes the experience so memorable.
        With your indulgence, then, I shall begin my own story with the setting. For 30 years, my
husband and I and our children lived in a bucolic village in Westchester County, where Bruce
commuted daily on the notoriously unreliable Metro-North Railroad to the advertising agency he
headed in Manhattan. I, on the other hand, worked locally as feature editor of The Scarsdale Inquirer
and contributor to its sister newspapers, The Enterprise that serves the Hudson River Towns, and the
Record Review of Bedford and Pound Ridge in Westchester’s exclusive horse country.
        In the year 2000, our children off on their own, we traded one bucolic village for another,
moving full-time into a summer house we had purchased in Southold some 20 years earlier. After
much hammering and banging and a procession of trades moving daily through the place, we had
transformed our little house by the side of the road into one with spaces that responded to our
individual pursuits. For Bruce, a small art studio where he could paint; for me, an office with a glorious
12 linear feet of counter space for desk and accessories, ample shelving for a collection of books too
dear to leave behind, and plenty of natural light to offset the immeasurable hours writers these days
spend glued to a computer screen.

          Congregation Tifereth Israel                                2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
Mementos and reminders

                                                      And it is from that modest office space,
                                                     crammed with the mementos of a life story,
                                                     that my account of it can begin. For as I look
                                                     around this room — small, intimate,
                                                     welcoming — I am surrounded by reminders
                                                     of the passing decades that I have saved
                                                     and savored these many years. On the
                                                     walls, awards from a 50-year odyssey of
                                                     written work; sprinkled about are the
                                                     cherished souvenirs, mugs and comical
                                                     paper flowers from students in my writing
                                                     classes; and within easy reach, shelving
                                                     overflowing with books about the principles
                                                     of good writing — clearly the trappings that
                                                     have defined me from childhood scribblings
                                                     through newspaper and magazine editing,
                                                     my second career as a teacher, and my
                                                     writing and editing services business — each
                                                     client’s project assigned to a file folder in
                                                     overstuffed cabinet drawers or, whatever is
                                                     current, piled high on the desktop.

        Always current these days are projects for Congregation Tifereth Israel. Even before we
settled here in Southold, I discovered that small synagogue, so reminiscent of the one in which
I grew up that I think I must have joined within minutes of my first visit. And for the better part of
the last 20 years, I have joyously served as an officer and director, also opened a synagogue
gift shop, brought state and federal historic recognition to our century-old building, produced
press releases, flyers, letters, a Lunch and Learn program on Zoom and, yes, The Shofar, the
monthly newsletter of activities and events I have edited for the last 12 years with idiosyncratic
rules of my own making that, luckily for me, congregants have accepted with nary an objection.
        What else do I see here in this room? Prized in every niche, of course, are keepsakes
from a loving, 58-year marriage to a special man, who indulged my eccentricities and
supported the bevy of women in his family — wife, two daughters and, later, two
granddaughters — all with formidable voices as well as girlish emotional gushes. “Even the cat
is female,” Bruce often joked, until an eagle-eyed vet at North Fork Animal Hospital announced
that the shelter in Southold where, several years before, we had rescued our young feline, had
misread the cat’s parts, necessitating an immediate name change from Lady Kate to Jimmy.

      Congregation Tifereth Israel                                   2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
        And there’s more. A photo of my college classmates at Arcadia University, a small
academic institution in Glenside, Pennsylvania, where, as an English major, I swooned to the
cadence of Dr. Belle Matheson’s drawled Blanche Dubois, and where as a sophomore in a
class of senior majors, I survived the elusiveness of the modern poetry course with the ever-
stern Miss Margaret Green.
        And over there, photos of my parents, my big brother, our house on Stevens Drive in
Burlington, one of a series of historic New Jersey towns that front the scenic Delaware River,
and where my father, a jeweler, had opened a store on a downtown commercial street. I often
think about the innocence of small-town life there in Burlington, the principled way my parents
always conducted their lives and instilled “important life lessons,” as my father would point out,
peering conspiratorially at me and my brother over his spectacles. But most of all, perhaps,
when I think about those foundational years, I think about our house on Stevens Drive, and I
know that whatever I am in life emanated from the influence of all that occurred in that house at
that time in that setting.

      Congregation Tifereth Israel                               2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel 120th Anniversary 2021/5781 - Congregation Honoree - Congregation Tifereth Israel (Greenport)
My house, a foundation for life

        It was a two-story house, white shingles with green shutters, and it must have seemed
castle-like to me after living in our five-room apartment on High Street. Finally, at age 6, I had
my own bedroom, and from the front windows, I could look down from the second floor and see
all the activity on our street, mostly kids on bicycles and the occasional passing car.
        From the west window of my bedroom, I could see the house where my friends Judy
and Sandy lived. We would send messages to each other on a makeshift walkie-talkie made
with two paper cups and a long length of string. Also on the west wall was a dressing table that
was part of the blond bedroom suite my parents had purchased for me. I didn’t want a dressing
table; I wanted a desk. But my mother convinced me I could pretend it was a desk, which is
what I did. No fancy bottles and lotions for me. I arranged pads and pencils, notebooks and
erasers on top and in all the drawers. I’d sit there every morning before school, drawing and
writing stories as my mother stood behind me, brushing and combing my hair into long, tubular
        My parents had the big bedroom — the master — with big furniture, including a huge
three-drawer dresser where my mother kept her clothing, so carefully folded and stacked. It
was black walnut with burled wood insets and teardrop drawer pulls that tapped against
decorative metal plates mounted beneath. Of interest to me was the narrow secret drawer at
the top, where she stored her jewelry. I would paw through that drawer, trying on fancy rings
and stylishly-fashioned gold necklaces and bracelets. It was fun for dress-up, but I never
coveted any of it for myself. My father understood that I wanted a tangible remembrance of her,
so he pried several small diamonds from one of her charms and made a necklace for me,
connecting the stones on a fine gold chain that I wear to this day.
        The house had a sizeable dining room, where my mother kept her fine linens and
various sets of silver and dishes to maintain a kosher home. The living room, rarely used, was
more museum than comfort zone, mostly saved for special occasions or for company. What I
remember most about the living room was my mother’s piano. She had come from a musical
family of singers and instrumentalists, and she was quite gifted herself. She would often play in
the late afternoons before starting dinner for the family.

       Congregation Tifereth Israel                               2021 Virtual Journal
A kitchen table

                                       Our lives revolved around the kitchen table, a, grey-speckled
                                      Formica top with chrome trim. Amid the clatter of dishes and
                                      cooking pots, the whirring of the electric mixer for my
                                      mother’s daily baking, and the rumbling of the washing
                                      machine she insisted be installed in the kitchen rather than in
                                      the utility room behind it, I did my homework, there on that
                                      table, and talked to my friends on the dial-up telephone
                                      nearby, state of the art at the time.

       My mother served meals on that table, folded the laundry there, displayed her home-baked
cookies and pies there, the spicy aromas wafting throughout the place, tempting nibbles and snacks
when they were still hot to the touch. My father paid the bills there. Our various cats were chased
from sitting there. We ate all our meals there, the dinner conversation inevitably turning to the
synagogue. You see, at one point during my growing-up years, my father was president of the shul,
and my mother was president of the Sisterhood. No matter what cataclysmic event may have
surfaced in the previous 24 hours, Temple B’Nai Israel always took precedence at the dinner table.
Except, of course, for dealing with my brother, who was often scolded there for not doing his
homework, not coming home in time for dinner, not doing his chores like cutting the grass and
sweeping the porch, and for the time he captured a small water snake from the riverfront of the
Delaware and scared his little sister, who cried and had bad dreams for weeks after.

         Congregation Tifereth Israel                             2021 Virtual Journal
A basement playroom contained my toys and games and my brother’s trains, which
I played with more than he did. The garage was fine for the Pontiac sedan, but was too
short for bigger cars that came later — a sleek Oldsmobile 98 and a Buick Le Sabre that
extended into the driveway so that the garage door couldn’t close. I learned to drive in those
big, lumbering tanks, endlessly moving forward and reverse up and down that long
driveway. I’d throw my arm over the back of the seat, stare out the rear window, just as my
father did, and gun the engine. My mother, who was afraid to drive, would watch fearfully
from the kitchen windows, sure I would one day stray from the path and end up next door in
Mr. Wilson’s yard.
       The house had ample rear property, where my brother and I played Badminton
endlessly, and where he taught me to fire a rifle. Lessons ended abruptly when my mother
got wind of that.
        A large front porch sat vacant most of the time, my parents preferring the privacy and
quiet of the screened back porch. When I think of them, I see my father there, poring over
the daily paper, and my mother involved with her books from the Best Sellers’ List, saved for
her at the circulation desk at our local library.

      It was an idyllic time for me, growing up on Stevens Drive. I felt safe there, loved, and
trouble free. I always pictured myself returning there to live, but I never did. I visited often,
but having lived away for so long, I felt like a guest as I sat in the living room with my
husband and our children, my parents catching us up on the neighborhood news.
       When our parents died, my brother and I sold the house. I never went back to
Stevens Drive to see how the new people had treated our place. I wanted to remember it
the way I’d lived it.
       I extend heartfelt thanks to Congregation Tifereth Israel for this honor and for the
opportunity to reflect on the many influences that have brought me to this moment.

                                           Sara Bloom

                                     Photos: Judith K. Weiner

    Congregation Tifereth Israel                                 2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
Mazel Tov,

                With admiration,
                Ken and Nancy
Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
Celebrating Your 120th Year &
          Honoring Sara Bloom

Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
Your presence is our good fortune.
 Thank you for the many ways you
         enrich our congregation.

                               Ann Hurwitz

Congregation Tifereth Israel    2021 Virtual Journal
In Honor of Sara Bloom
and the Bloom family

Sara, I don’t know if you know it, but Bruce J. Bloom,
Inc., Advertising and Public Relations, was my first
“real” business client when I started my accounting
practice in 1982.
(Is it really coming on to 40 years?!)

Bruce, (a"h), was a tough businessman who
demanded perfection, and that has taught me how to
conduct my business. To this day, I respect and thank
him for that.
But, he was a softie at heart!

Knowing you all these years, I understand why you
have dedicated so much of your time and energy
toward your shul. May you continue in your noble
work for many more healthy years.

Your friends at

Cywiak & Company, LLP, CPAs
19 West 44th Street, Suite 510
New York, NY 10036

    Congregation Tifereth Israel    2021 Virtual Journal
Congratulations Sara for your years of
dedicated service
thanks to everyone for strengthening our
synagogue during these challenging times.

Rochelle & Alan Garmise

   Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
       Congregation Tifereth Israel
           on your 120th year
       and best wishes to this year’s
             Sara M. Bloom
                 JOSEPH M. DUVA M.D., F.A.C.G.
                Board Certified Gastroenterology

             KATHLEEN T. BROWN R.N., A.N.P
      Practice Limited to Digestive and Liver Diseases
       Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Colonoscopy
                  Colon Cancer Screening

887 Old Country Road                (631) 727-6122
Suite A
Riverhead, New York 11901

    Congregation Tifereth Israel         2021 Virtual Journal
We couldn’t be more proud of Sara Bloom!

Editor-in-chief of our daily family doings; Impresario of our family gatherings;
Publicist of our successes; and Manager of our busy family tree. For all our lives,
  we have called Sara Bloom our President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary,
                             Vice president, and rock.

         We are so happy that the shul sees a glimpse of all that we see.

  You are extraordinary, Mom & Grandma. Thank you for all that you do for us,
                            and the Community.

                        Love, Mimi, Jenny, Vika and Georgia

         Congregation Tifereth Israel                2021 Virtual Journal
In Loving
                               Ed Prager

Congregation Tifereth Israel       2021 Virtual Journal
During the pandemic the shul building was closed. But
the congregation was OPEN.

Thanks to Zoom we:
   never missed a minyan at Shabbat services
   held Passover seders and High Holy Day services
   held Hebrew classes, Bar Mitzvahs and Board and
   Congregation meetings.
   held the Rabbi’s Jewish history course.

We even introduced a new shul program---
Sara Bloom’s varied and popular Lunch and Learn
every Monday at noon.

Congratulations to CTI and Zoom for keeping us
together as a congregation during this terrible

Adrianne Greenberg and Miriam Gabriel

  Congregation Tifereth Israel    2021 Virtual Journal
We celebrate our extraordinary 2021
honoree…..the inimitable Sara Bloom.
In one electronic moment, we mark two
auspicious occasions: the crowning of
Sara Bloom and the 120th birthday of
                     Tifereth Israel.

                   Judith K. Weiner

Congregation Tifereth Israel            2021 Virtual Journal
In loving memory
                        of our

                   ARTHUR A. LEVIN ‫ע”ה‬
                    EMMA R. LEVIN ‫ע”ה‬

                          CAROL LEVIN



                  MICHAEL LEVIN RUSSO


   Congregation Tifereth Israel         2021 Virtual Journal
Congratulations, Sara,
                         our award-winning Shofar editor and
                                    Lunch and Learn creator.

                       Your Shofar and your Lunch and Learn
                                 kept our members laughing,
                          discovering and connecting to each
                        other through the long year of Covid.

                                                      Thank you.

                      Miriam Gabriel and Adrianne Greenberg

Congregation Tifereth Israel            2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
In loving memory of
                               Esther (Red) Harris ‫ע”ה‬
                                    Danny Harris ‫ע”ה‬

  The Harris + Zarin Families
Congregation Tifereth Israel            2021 Virtual Journal
In loving memory of my
              beloved wife
         Agnes Ehrenreich ‫ע”ה‬

Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
For all that you do,
                    We thank you Sara!

We also thank Rabbi Gadi for his leadership

     Bill Packard and Charles Ihlenfeld

    Congregation Tifereth Israel     2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
To Zisa
         Yasher Koach!

           Yitta + Feivel

         In loving memory of our dear friend
                       Audrey Rothman.
We miss you every day and keep you in our hearts.

                 Major congratulations to
                            Sara Bloom

                    Tom and Betty Doolan

  Congregation Tifereth Israel           2021 Virtual Journal
In memory of
                           Sheldon H. Pitkin ‫ע”ה‬

                       August 1, 1928 - May 30, 2019

Congregation Tifereth Israel        2021 Virtual Journal
Francis and Paul
            Send best wishes to
        Congregation Tifereth Israel
For its warm and welcoming congregation

   Congregation Tifereth Israel    2021 Virtual Journal
Congratulations Sara.
Writer, teacher, editor, publicist,
 maestro of Lunch and Learn.
    Our best wishes to you.
        Ellen, Elana & Ella.

Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel   2020 Virtual Journal



                LARRY KOTIK and TIM MUELLER

      Congregation Tifereth Israel            2021   Virtual Journal
Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
Congratulations Sara
from two of your biggest fans.

               Gayle and Micah

Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
In fond memory of my friends
                 Jed Clauss ‫ע”ה‬
                  Jack Levin ‫ע”ה‬
                 Sy Brittman ‫ע”ה‬
                 Arthur Levin ‫ע”ה‬
                Bruce Bloom ‫ע”ה‬
                Aaron Novick ‫ע”ה‬
                Stanley Rubin ‫ע”ה‬
               Charlie Millman ‫ע”ה‬

  May their memories be blessings to all.
              Paul S. Birman

Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
Mazel Tov to
                                   Sara Bloom
                                and thank you for
                                   keeping us
                                  all connected.

                               Michael & Lynn Simon

Congregation Tifereth Israel       2021 Virtual Journal
In Honor of
   Rabbi Gadi Capela
 Scholar, teacher, friend
   and so much more.
Thank you for being you.

Elizabeth & Menachem

                                      Our Congratulations to Sara Bloom
                                       Editor, Advocate and Friend to
        In Loving                       Congregation Tifereth Israel

        Memory of                      Veronica Kaliski and Tom Byrne

    Dr. Nathaniel ‫ע”ה‬
  Esther L. Sperling ‫ע”ה‬

   Jonathan, Alexandra,
        & Victoria

       Congregation Tifereth Israel          2021 Virtual Journal
Mazel tov Sara

      A mere six months
    Since we met on zoom                  Congratulations Sara,
   The talented unstoppable            thank you for everything you
          Sara Bloom                       have done and are
  Fair of face and full of grace
                                           continuing to do for
        Not hard to see
                                       Congregation Tifereth Israel!
   Why she is our honoree.

  Elizabeth and Menachem                Susan and Stephen Meshover

                                                    Dear Sara
            Thank you
                                       Congratulations to you as you have
           Sara Bloom                   given so much of yourself to this
For All You Do for CTI                synogogue. You really helped keep it
                                            alive with your monthly
                                       newsletters and all else that you do.
       Nancy and Daniel
                                                  Best Regards
                                           Rena and Barry Wiseman

       Congregation Tifereth Israel            2021 Virtual Journal
Congratulations to Sara and
                                      best wishes to all our fellow

Well deserved congratulations              Steve Brumberg
and thanks for all that you do.                  and
          The Nadel Family                   Carol Ingall

                                       Abundant, giving Heart.
                                        Radiant, bright Spirit.
   Thank you, Sara,                       Tireless, inspiring,
for everything that you                    dynamic Leader.
           do                          Congratulations Honoree
                                      Extraordinaire Sara Bloom!
  for our community.
                                      We are ever grateful for you.

                                              Much love,
                                         Beth and Joe Brittman

       Congregation Tifereth Israel        2021 Virtual Journal
In Honor                         In loving
         of our
Beloved Aunt and Uncle
                                        memory of
   Elaine and Philip                 Linda Livni ‫ע”ה‬

Karen and James Speyer                      Carol Levin

                                     Congratulations to our 2021 honoree Sara Bloom,
                                    the 120th Anniversary of Tifereth Israel Synagogue,
                                      and our very own Dylan Ellant on his upcoming
                                                  Bar Mitzvah on 8.21.21.

                                     Sending our congratulations and sincere wishes to
                                      you, Dylan, that your Bar Mitzvah bring you every
                                     joy and many blessings! May the Torah’s teachings
To Sara the Incomparable,           influence you and inspire you to live a fulfilling and
                                        happy life. Know that you fill your family with
Sara the Unforgettable and          pride and joy and we couldn’t be more proud of the
   Sara the Indomitable,              young man that you have grown to be. Mazel Tov!

    congratulations on                        Devi, Jon, Bram and Haley Ellant
     being recognized
   as all that and more.

Saul and Susan Rosenstreich

     Congregation Tifereth Israel                2021 Virtual Journal
Best wishes,

Frank & Phyllis Bocian

     Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
In honor of my beloved
Congratulations, Sara!                    brother and
 Hedvah Campeas-Cohen
                                      Elaine and Philip
    Graham Diamond                         Goldman

                                      Shirley Gabriner

     Congregation Tifereth Israel       2021 Virtual Journal
A big Mazel Tov to Sara for being
                                this year’s honoree. I can’t think of a better
                                        person to receive this honor.
                                        Sara has narrated the life of
                               Congregation Tifereth Israel for many years.
                                   A hard worker and a worker of words.
                                 As God created the world with words, Sara
                               keeps creating the exquisite monthly Shofar.
                                Like her words, Sara can be tough and soft,
                                  serious and funny. For her dedication of
                               managing the weekly Lunch & Learn program
                               during the year of Corona, which helped keep
                               our congregation connected, she deserves the
                                  crown. Sara is an invaluable asset to our
                                  congregation, just as she is to her family,
                               friends, and neighbors. May she continue her
                                  holy work for many more years to come.

                                            Rabbi Gadi Capela
Congregation Tifereth Israel             2021 Virtual Journal
Dr. David Eilbert Brian Gerard
  Optometrist       Optician                       Sara, thanks for decades of
  North Fork Optical Center, Ltd.
                                                         Yasher koach!
                       Mattituck Shopping Center
                        10095 Main road - Unit 2
 Eyes examined
                          Mattituck, NY 11952           Roberta & Jack
Prescriptions filled
                       Telephone: 631 298 - 9555
  Contact lenses
                           Fax: 631 298 - 9556

            Congregation Tifereth Israel              2021 Virtual Journal
Southold Dental Associates              Congratulations Sara
General and Implant Dentistry
   44655 County Route 48                    Well deserved!
     Southold, NY 11971
                                        - The Rothman Family

   19-20 Sterlington Commons
            NY 11944

     Susan Albano, DMD
       Prosthodontist                 We appreciate all you do, Sara
           631.477.1177           Nina and Hal Neimark

   In honor of our Aunts
Adrianne Greenberg & Mary
        All our Love
   Ileene and Fred Adler

                                      Val T. Frankin, CRPC          Walth Management
                                      Branch Manager                611 East Main Street
                                      First Vice President          Riverhead, NY 11901t
                                      Financial Planning Specialist
                                                                 tel 631 727 8100
                                                                 direct 631 548 4007
                                      Morgan Stanley             fax 631 727 8172
                                                                 tall free 800 233 9195
                                      NMLS # 174058

       Congregation Tifereth Israel               2021 Virtual Journal
Congratulations to Sara
- a great Vice President,
great human being,
great humanitarian.

Irma Strimban

        Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;
they just have the heart.”
—Elizabeth Andrew
The synagogue would like to acknowledge the many volunteers who made the
time and gave with a full heart to make this Virtual Journal a reality. They
believed in this project and in the journal’s sister project, the Virtual Silent
Auction — both undertakings breakthrough ideas that confirmed the belief that
togetherness is the key to the art of the possible.

Virtual Silent Auction
Madelyn Rothman, chair
Tom Byrne, technical support
Francis Dubois, publicity

Virtual Journal Committee
 Judith K. Weiner, chair
Alan Garmise, treasurer
Andrea Blaga, production
Sara Bloom
Elaine Goldman
Adrianne Greenberg
Rochelle Garmise
Joanna Paulsen

High Holiday Matching Gift Campaign
Judith K. Weiner, chair
Alan Garmise, treasurer
Nancy Torchio

     Congregation Tifereth Israel               2021 Virtual Journal

                                                       Rabbi Gadi Capela
                                                       Gabbai Paul Nadel

                                                      Board of Directors
                                              Judith K. Weiner: President
                                              Sara Bloom: Vice President
                                                 Alan Garmise: Treasurer
                                  Susan Rosenstreich: Financial Secretary
                                     Joanna Paulsen: Recording Secretary
                               Elaine Goldman: Corresponding Secretary
                         Ann Hurwitz, Miriam Gabriel, Madelyn Rothman:
                                                        Members at Large
                              Adrianne Greenberg: Sisterhood President
                                    Thomas Byrne: Men’s Club President

                                                         The Sisterhood
                                           Adrianne Greenberg: President
                                           Joanna Paulsen: Vice President
                                                Roberta Garris: Secretary
                                                Eileen Santora: Treasurer

                                                         The Men’s Club
                                                Thomas Byrne: President
                                           Paul Jesselsohn: Vice President

Congregation Tifereth Israel                   2021 Virtual Journal
Historic Synagogue North Fork Greenport

  Congregation Tifereth Israel is a historic synagogue on the
    North Fork in Greenport, New York. It is an egalitarian,
       inclusive, Conservative synagogue committed to
strengthening Jewish values, learning and spiritual well-being
 as well as building a close, warm and supportive community
                     for all who wish to join.

            As you can see, we’ve gone VIRTUAL:
         Please join us virtually through our website:

                          Shabbat services:
                          Friday, 7:30 p.m.
                         Saturday, 9:30 a.m.

                        All are welcome

   Congregation Tifereth Israel                2021 Virtual Journal
Congratulations to
             ELAINE and PHIL
            for all their hard work
                 and devotion
               to the community
                     and to
          Congregation Tifereth Israel

          Judith and Robert Goldman

Congregation Tifereth Israel   2021 Virtual Journal
We are delighted that Sara has been chosen to be this year’s
  honoree. She is a devoted member of our congregation, and
also a very active one. Sara wears many hats for us at CTI, but
  none is more visible than her work as editor-in-chief of The
   Shofar. In fact, Sara is The Shofar! Because of her tireless
 efforts on this publication — and everything else she does —
 we are up to date on shul events and activities, and news of
                   interest beyond our borders.

  We appreciate Sara’s many contributions that make CTI a
 better congregation. We are blessed that Sara has served our
 shul for the last 21 years. She has done so with joy, love and
                       selfless dedication.

          Congratulations, Sara, with heartfelt thanks…

                   The Levin Girls and Families

    Congregation Tifereth Israel          2021 Virtual Journal
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