CONNECTED APART Winter 2021 - Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras

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CONNECTED APART Winter 2021 - Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras
   Winter 2021

CONNECTED APART Winter 2021 - Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras
COMPOSE YOUR FUTURE                                         q
World-class faculty. State-of-the-art facilities you have to see (and hear)
to believe. Endless performance and academic possibilities. All within an
affordable public university setting ranked the number five college town in
America.* Come see for yourself how the University of Iowa School of Music
composes musician at a time.

To apply, or for more information, visit

*American Institute for Economic Research, 2017

CONNECTED APART Winter 2021 - Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras

                                                     The past year has been difficult for everyone, and we know that
                                                     for many families, incomes have been reduced or become more
                                                     unpredictable. To ensure that every CYSO family—no matter their
CYSO is investing in the future of music and the     financial situation—can enjoy our virtual performances, we've
next generation of leaders. W  e provide music      replaced our normal ticketing with a pay-what-you-can donation.
education to nearly 800 young musicians ages
6-18 through full and string orchestras, jazz,       CYSO virtual winter performances will debut on Saturday,
steelpan, chamber music, masterclasses, music        March 27, 2021 at 7:00 pm CST. For those who are able,
composition and in-school programs. Students         the suggested donation is $40 (the equivalent of $10 per tick-
                                                     et for a family of four) to access all winter performance videos.
learn from some of Chicago’s most respected
                                                     Visit to purchase your tickets. If you cannot
professional musicians, perform in the world’s
                                                     afford a ticket donation at this time, simply fill out the form with a
great concert halls, and gain skills necessary for   $0 amount to receive the performance link at no charge.
a successful future.
                                                     Though we wish we could gather in person, this winter's virtual
CYSO Community Engagement Programs
                                                     format does allow for loved ones to watch our young musicians
support music training and access for more           perform from anywhere. We encourage you to share the link to
than 8,500 young people each year. We work  with friends and family and invite them to
with youth in diverse Chicago neighborhoods          "attend" the concert debut with the CYSO community on 3/27!
through after-school ensembles, sectionals,
and our Ambassadors Program, which brings            As always, tuition only covers about 40% of the cost of CYSO's
student musicians into CPS elementary schools        programs and ticket revenue is one way that we are able to sup-
to perform interactive concerts. CYSO orches-        port all that we offer our young musicians. Please give what you
tras also present free community and education      can to support CYSO's legacy of high-quality music instruction.
concerts throughout the season.

CYSO alumni go on to play in the world’s fin-
est orchestras and ensembles, and are also
found working as doctors, lawyers, teachers,                          VISIT
community leaders, and business profession-
als. Whether or not a graduate continues their
music studies after their time in CYSO, young
people leave with increased self-confidence, a
                                                                                               E TICKETS
strong sense of discipline, and a deep apprecia-                                    TO PURCHAS
                                                                                                ER 2021
tion for music and the arts.                                                        TO OUR WINT
                                                                                     VIRTUAL PER
              BRILLIANCE AWAITS.
                      PREPARATION FOR A MUSICAL LIFE                                                                9    Music Director's Letter
                                               Bachelor of Music
                                                                                                                    11   Executive Director's Letter
                               Double degree: Bachelor of Music & Bachelor of Arts

                                                Bachelor of Arts
                                                                                                                    13   Winter Concert Programs
                   NEW! Bachelor of Musical Arts in Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation                               14   Chamber Music Programs
                                        GO.LAWRENCE.EDU/CHIYOUTH                                                    16   Board, Faculty, and Staff
                                                                                                                    17   Artistic Staff Bios
                                                                                                                    25   CYSO Makes Late Night TV Debut
                                                                                                                    27   Combating Isolation Through Music
                                                                                                                    28   ATLYS Quartet Records Student Works
                                                                                                                    31   Women's History Month Features

                                                                                                                                                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                                                                                    33   Gerswin's Magic Key Out Now
                                                                                                                    35   Fall Virtual Masterclasses
                                                                                                                    36   Orchestra Rosters
                                                                                                                    46   Chamber Music Rosters

                                                              CHICAGO IS OUR                                        48
                                                                                                                         Private Teachers
                                                                                                                         Schools and Teachers
                                                                 CLASSROOM                                          54   Contributors
                                                                       Rigorous, hands-on learning in a world-
                                                                     class city. Study with experienced faculty
                                                                    in a tight-knit community. Enjoy studying
                                                                      in a fully renovated state-of-the-art music
                                                                                           facility, Hanson Hall.

Undergraduate Auditions:                  For more information, contact:
February 13, 2021 | February 27, 2021     Erin Matonte
                                          Assistant Director of Music, Art,
Graduate Auditions:                       and Theatre Recruitment
February 13, 2021                         773-244-4583
Graduate programs offered in vocal
performance and collaborative piano
(vocal coaching)                


                        Dear Friends,
                        Welcome to Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras'
                        2020-2021 season! We are living through
                        challenging times, but CYSO—by the resilience
                        of our students and families and the creativity of
                        our artistic and administrative team—perseveres.
                        In fact, CYSO is growing! In this time of mostly
                        virtual instruction, we have added five new artistic
                        staff members and our entire team are giving more
                        of themselves than ever.
                        We have temporarily lost our two most important
                        tools for teaching music: the in-person rehearsal
                        and the performance. However, this loss has inspired a whirlwind of creativity and

                                                                                                             MUSIC DIRECTOR'S LETTER
                        experimentation as conductors re-learn how to teach the subject they know and
                        love. Though in-person chamber music and other small group meetings continue,
                        our large groups are working in a completely new way through a broad variety of
                        online rehearsals, meetings, and masterclasses.
                        Students are learning the art of recording since music must now be sent back-
                        and-forth across the internet. They are studying non-instrumental musicianship
                        skills that will prepare them to excel when performing returns and give them the
                        tools and habits to master not only music, but other skills as well. Students are
                        receiving more individual attention than ever as we find new ways to keep them
                        learning and growing.
                        Despite the loss of concerts, we now connect to a worldwide audience through
                        streamed programming such as our virtual performance videos and online
                        masterclass series, where this year we've featured CYSO alumni Anthony
                        McGill (New York Philharmonic), Luke Fieweger (Seattle Symphony), Mary Bowden
                        (trumpet soloist), Sonia Mantell (Minnesota Orchestra) and longtime friend to the
                        organization and now CYSO parent, violinist Rachel Barton Pine, along with former
                        CSO oboist Eugene Izotov (now with San Francisco Symphony).

                        Our mission is to inspire and cultivate personal excellence through music. That
                        work must continue. With your support, nothing can stop us.

CYSO’S MISSION IS TO    Warm regards,

                        Music Director

           8                                                      9

Dear Friends,

Please join us in celebrating CYSO's winter 2021
student performances! In our 74 years of produc-
ing youth orchestra programming, we’ve never had
a year like this. Despite the inherent challenges of
this year, CYSO continues to serve as the musical
homebase for our nearly 800 students, and I am so
inspired by the creativity and resilience shown by
the entire CYSO family.

We have reinvented and reimagined literally every
element of what we do as music educators this
year—how we teach technique and musicality, how we facilitate teamwork and

                                                                                      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S LETTER
develop social bonds among students, how we evaluate progress and help resolve
challenges in students' home practice environments. Much of what we are learn-
ing this season will help us come back even stronger when we are finally able to
reconvene in person again.

Our virtual concerts demonstrate the hard work of our students, who remain deeply
dedicated to musical and personal growth. These performances were coached by
a growing and incredibly talented CYSO artistic team, and facilitated by our incom-
parable administrative team.

As we look toward the months ahead, we are confident that the CYSO community
will meet each new challenge with the same commitment to excellence you have
come to expect from us. Many thanks to all our CYSO families and everyone who
has supported CYSO’s work this year and always. Enjoy the performances!

Warm wishes,

Susan Lape
Executive Director


                                                                         SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

                                                      Learn              John Adams (b. 1947)			                       Short Ride in a Fast Machine
                                              from a dedicated           PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA
                                             residential faculty         Aaron Copland (1900 - 1990)			                Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo
                                                                                 				                                   I. Buckaroo Holiday
                                                                         JAZZ ORCHESTRA
                                                                         Tom Garling (b. 1965)			                      And Another Thing
                                                                         CONCERT ORCHESTRA
                                                                         Modest Mussorgsky (1839 - 1881)    		         Night on Bald Mountain
                                                                         ACCELERANDO STRINGS

                                                Belong                   Kirt N. Mosier
                                                                         DEBUT ORCHESTRA
                                                                                                                       Overture to the Wind

                                                 to a fiercely

                                                                                                                                                            FALL CONCERT PROGRAM
                                                                         Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)         Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183
                                      supportive community
                                                                         arr. Ralph Matesky				                         I. Allegro con brio
                                                                         PREPARATORY STRINGS
                                                                         Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 - 1975)             Waltz No. 2 from Suite for Variety
                                                                         arr. Paul Lavender 			                        Stage Orchestra
                                                                         OVERTURE STRINGS
                                                                         Soon Hee Newbold (b. 1974)			                 Hiawatha
                                                                         KAISO STEEL ORCHESTRA

                                           Discover                      Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (b. 1953)
                                                                         arr. Shelly Irvine
                                                                                                          Take A Break Today
                                                  your own path
                                                                         JUNIOR STEEL ORCHESTRA
                                                                         Camila Cabello, Ali Tamposi, Andrew Wotman,   Liar
                                                                         Jon Bellion, Jordan Johnson, Lionel Richie,
                                                                          Malin Berggren, Jeny Berggren, Ulf Ekberg,

  Eastman Experience
                                                                         Stefan Johnson
                                                                         arr. Scott McConnell
The                                                                      GROOVE STEEL ORCHESTRA
                                                                         Larry Morey (1905 - 1971) & 		                Heigh-Ho
      For application information visit   Frank Churchill (1901 - 1942)
                                                                         arr. Scott McConnell

                                                                         Virtual performances will debut at 7:00 pm CST on Saturday, March 27, 2021.
                                                                         To purchase tickets, visit


THE DELTA CHAMBER GROUP                                                                     OBERON WOODWIND QUINTET
Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809)		               String Quartet in G Major, op 77, no. 1    Leo J. Kauffmann (1901 - 1944) 		 Quintett
                                                                                                   					                       I. Allegro con spirit
                                                                                                   					                       II. Alla siziliana
Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809)		                Trio #4 for 2 Violins and Cello                  					                       III. Vivace, quasi presto
                                                                                                   					                       IV. Lento
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827) 		            Eyeglasses Duo                             					                              V. Allegro vivace
                                                                                            SOTTO TRIO
VETERNUM STRING TRIO                                                                        Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827) 		 Trio in C major, op.87
Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809)		               String Trio, op 53, no. 1                  					 I. Allegro

                                    Paul Zafer, coach                                                                  Donald DeRoche, coach

SOTO VOCE QUARTET                                                                           WOODWIND QUINTET

                                                                                                                                                                          CHAMBER MUSIC PROGRAM
Alexander Borodin (1833 - 1887)                  String Quartet no. 2                       Giuseppi Cambini (1746 - 1825)		           Wind Quintet in B-flat major

THE FALLEN BRIDGE STRING QUARTET                                                                                         Gaby Vargas, coach
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)               String Quartet, op. 18, no. 4
                                                                                            SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA BRASS QUINTET 1
                                                                                            John E. Cheetham (b. 1939)			              Scherzo
Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 - 1975)                String Quartet No. 8 in C minor, Op. 110
                                                                                            SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA BRASS QUINTET 2
                                                                                            Eric Ewazen (b. 1954)			 Grand Valley Fanfare
Alexander Borodin (1833 - 1887)		                Quartet no. 2 in D major
					                                             I. Allegro moderato                       PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA BRASS QUINTET
                                                                                            Ludwig Maurer (1789 - 1878)			             Three Pieces for Brass Quintet
                                    Istvan Loga, coach                                      					                                       I. Maestoso alla marcia

                                                                                                                          Scott Tegge, coach
Darius Milhaud (1892 - 1974) 		La Cheminée du Roi Rene
      					                     I. Cortège                                                  SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE
     					                      II. Aubade                                                  Bob Becker (b. 1947)      		               Mudra
     					                      III. Jongleurs
      					                     IV. La Maousinglade                                         PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE
      					                     V. Joutes sur L’Arc                                         Evan Chapman				Memory
       					                    VI. Chasse a Valabre                                                                     Alex Monroe, coach

                                                                                            Virtual performances will debut at 7:00 pm CST on Saturday, March 27, 2021.
                                                                                            To purchase tickets, visit

                                            14                                                                                    15
BOARD, FACULTY, AND STAFF                                                                                    ARTISTIC STAFF

BOARD OF                    ARTISTIC STAFF                     ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF                          ALLEN TINKHAM | Music Director
DIRECTORS                   Allen Tinkham		                    Susan Lape		                                  Allen Tinkham is increasingly recognized as one of the most inspiring
CHAIR                       Music Director                     Executive Director
                                                                                                             and exciting conductors and teachers of his generation. He is hailed
Ross Bricker                                                   Martha Nolin
                            Terrance Malone Gray                                                             by the Chicago Tribune as both a conductor and teacher, described
OFFICERS                    Associate Conductor                Director of Finance                           as working “wonders” conducting with “uncanny control” and as
Saurab Bhargava
                            Daniella Valdez		                  Madalyne Tregellas Maxwell                    one of Chicago’s most important “educators, mentors and inspira-
Pam Conroy
                            Director of String Ensembles       Director of Operations                        tional guides in the training of tomorrow’s orchestral professionals.”
Chris Hensley
Kelly Howe                  Donald DeRoche                     Abbey Hambright 		                            As the Music Director of CYSO, Tinkham oversees artistic program-
Angela O’Banion             Director of Chamber Music          Director of Marketing                         ming and faculty and leads the Symphony Orchestra each season
Henry E. Turner, Jr.        Scott McConnell                    Kaytie Faries		                               including appearances at Orchestra Hall in Symphony Center and
                                                               Operations Manager                            Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park. Tinkham led the orchestra in its Carnegie Hall debut, first live
DIRECTORS                   Director of Steel Orchestras
Richard Blessen                                                Kevin Gupana		                                broadcast, first recording release, and six international tours on four continents.
                            Pharez Whitted
Susan Bohman                                                   Development Coordinator,
                            Director of Jazz Orchestra         Events and Communications                     Since Tinkham joined CYSO, programs have tripled and the budget has doubled. CYSO’s Symphony
Valerie Calloway
James M. Franklin           Michael Mascari		                                                                Orchestra is regularly broadcast by WFMT and has received numerous Illinois Council of Orchestras
                                                               Bridget Duffy
Lionel Go                   Concert Orchestra Conductor        Development Coordinator,
                                                                                                             Youth Orchestra of the Year and Programming of the Year awards. The orchestra is internationally ac-
                                                                                                             claimed as “one of the country’s most famous youth outfits” (Muso Magazine). John von Rhein of the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BOARD, FACULTY, AND STAFF
Sophie McCarthy                                                Individual Giving
                            Dana Green
Yasuko Metcalf                                                 Karen Mari                                    Chicago Tribune said of their recent performance of Varèse’s Amériques, the first ever by an Ameri-
                            Debut Orchestra Conductor
Bryan Miller                                                   Community and Family                          can youth orchestra, “The performance would have done credit to an adult professional orchestra.”
Delano O’Banion             Anne Huynh McTighe                 Engagement Coordinator
                            Assistant Director of String                                                     As an advocate and champion of contemporary music, Tinkham has won nine American Society
Jimmy Samartzis             Ensembles                          Nicolas Chona                                 of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) National Awards for Adventurous Programming of
John Sandwick                                                  Operations Assistant                          Contemporary Music. Tinkham is also the Music Director of the Chicago Composers Orchestra,
Stephen L. Schwartz         Steven Gooden
                            Symphony Orchestra** & Debut       Colin Marusek                                 Chicago’s only professional orchestra performing exclusively the works of living composers.
Brittany L. Viola                                              Operations Assistant
                            Orchestra Assistant Conductor
PARENT PARTNERS                                                                                              In high demand as a guest conductor and educator, Tinkham has conducted summer festivals
REPRESENTATIVE              Benjamin Firer                     Meredith Shaner                               and NAfME All-State Orchestras throughout the U.S. including the All-Eastern and All-Northwest
Pamella Der                 Philharmonic Orchestra Assistant   Grant Writer                                  Orchestras. He was the Assistant Conductor for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s holiday concerts
                            Conductor**                        Erin Gregory                                  for six seasons, and he has guest conducted the Colorado Symphony, Kansas City Symphony, and the
J. Laurence Costin          Laura Yawney                       Marketing & Administrative Assistant          Members of Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Fred Margulies              Concert Orchestra Teaching
                            Assistant**                                                                      Tinkham attended the Eastman School of Music, University of Michigan School of Music, and Ameri-
Jennifer Myerberg
                                                                                                             can Academy of Conducting of the Aspen Music Festival. He was invited to the 14th International
                                                                           **20/21 season appointment        Nicolai Malko Competition and the 4th International Conductors Competition Sir Georg Solti and is a
FACULTY                                                                                                      laureate of the League of American Orchestras Bruno Walter Conductor Preview.
Chamber Music
Donald DeRoche          Colin Marusek            Kyle Dickson      Danny Lai            Andrew Smith         Tinkham began his career as Apprentice Conductor at the Oregon Symphony and before the end of
Istvan Loga             Noé Mina                 Caitlin Edwards   Kelly Langenberg     Magdalena Sustere    his apprenticeship was appointed Music Director of CYSO—the youngest to win the post in its history.
Terrance Malone Gray    Gaby Vargas              Tim Fawkes        Cheng Huo Lee        Scott Tegge
Alex Monroe             Theresa Zick             Emily Fagan       Blaise Magniere      Chloe Thominet
Scott Tegge                                      Abraham Feder     John Macfarlane      Allen Tinkham
Gaby Vargas             Sectional Coaches        Luke Fieweger     Tim McGovern         Melissa Trier Kirk   TERRANCE MALONE GRAY | Associate Conductor
Paul Zafer              Emanuele Andrizzi        Ben Firer         Scott Metlicka       Daniella Valdez
                        Scott Bakshis            John Floeter      Jeremy Moeller       Ben Wahlund          Terrance Malone Gray’s career as a violinist and conductor has
Composition             Jim Barbick
Seminar Instructors                              George Fludas     Rebecca Oliverio     Marie Wang           garnered national and international recognition. Born in Wisconsin,
                        Greg Barrett             Tom Garling       Volkan Orhon         Susan Warner
Ben Hjertmann           Bill Baxtresser                                                                      he began studying violin with Elizabeth Grabow Mueller at the
                                                 John Gaudette     Rebecca              William Welter
Eric Malmquist          Greg Beyer               Emma Gerstein       Oppenheim          Pharez Whitted       age of eight. Mr. Gray went on to study with Marc Zinger and
Ensemble-In-            Geof Bradfield           Simon Gomez       Chuck Perish         Lynn Williams        Victor Aitay at DePaul University and later, with Ruben Gonzalez.
Residence               Mark Brandfonbrener      Steven Gooden     Kit Polen            Heather Wittles
                        Oto Carrillo                                                                         He served as concertmaster of the DePaul University Orchestra and
Gaudete Brass Quintet                            Dana Green        Marlene Rosenberg    Ming Huan Xu
                        William Cernota          Rebecca Gu        James Ross           Cynthia Yeh          as concertmaster of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. Mr. Gray later
CYSO@CPS Coaches        Chantel Charis           Kuang-Hao Huang   Christopher          Laura Yawney         became a founding member of the internationally acclaimed Chicago
Richard Brasseale       Tim Coffman              Richard Johnson     Scanlon                                 Sinfonietta as well as embarking on the study of conducting.
Christine Fliginger     Tony Devroye             Ellie Kirk        Bruno Silva

                                                   16                                                                                                           17

After college, Mr. Gray became Music Director of the South Side Family Chamber Orchestra, and prin-          DONALD DEROCHE | Director of Chamber Music
cipal conductor of CYSO’s Concert Orchestra, which led to engagements at the Grant Park Music
                                                                                                             Dr. Donald DeRoche was the director of bands and Chair of
Festival in Chicago as well as the Rocky Ridge Music Festival in Colorado. In 1999 he became principal
                                                                                                             Performance Studies at DePaul University in Chicago between 1979
conductor of the Illinois Chamber Symphony, and Music Director/Conductor and Professor of Violin at
                                                                                                             until 2008. Beginning in 2007 and continuing until today, he has
Kalamazoo College in Michigan. In 2010 Mr. Gray had his premiere performance conducting Chicago
                                                                                                             been the Director of the chamber music program for the Chicago
Sinfonietta at Orchestra Hall and spent the year as cover conductor for the Joffrey Ballet under Scott
                                                                                                             Youth Symphony Orchestras. Dr. DeRoche earned degrees in music
Speck. Later that same year Mr. Gray was named Illinois Council of Orchestras' Conductor of the Year.
                                                                                                             education and performance at the University of Illinois, and a Ph.D.
Mr. Gray has performed as a member of the American Arts Trio, the Tower Ensemble, and the EDU                in music education at Northwestern University. For three years he
String Quartet, and with jazz greats Edward Wilkerson, Mwata Bowden, Ari Brown, and Orbert                   was clarinetist with the U.S. Army Band in Washington, D.C., and he
Davis. He has performed at Vienna's Musikverein and Kozerthaus, Leipzig's Gewandhaus, Geneva's               spent two seasons as principal clarinetist with the Victoria (Canada)
Tonnehalle, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C, and toured Switzerland, Germany, Spain,               Symphony Orchestra. He appeared as guest artist at the Alaska
China and Japan.                                                                                             Festival of Music, and soloist with the Czech, Arcturus and
                                                                                                             Vancouver string quartets. On his return to the U.S. he spent six years directing the band program at
In addition to his role at CYSO, Mr. Gray is Music Director of the Rita Simo Youth Orchestra, member
                                                                                                             Willowbrook High School in Villa Park, Illinois. For six years he served as conductor of the Palatine
of the first violin section of the world acclaimed Chicago Sinfonietta, member of the St. Neri Chamber
                                                                                                             Concert Band, an adult amateur ensemble.
Players, as well as chamber music performer, coach and sought after clinician.
                                                                                                             Dr. DeRoche conducted the DePaul Wind Ensemble in Austria, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Ireland, and
                                                                                                             Hungary, and has been guest conductor with professional and conservatory wind orchestras in
DANIELLA VALDEZ | Director of String Ensembles                                                               Estonia. His wind ensemble can be heard on ten recordings on the EMI, Albany Records, and
Daniella Valdez is the conductor of CYSO’s Preparatory Strings and                                           Reference Recordings labels. The recording project includes a variety of 20th century works and

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ARTISTIC STAFF
Accelerando Strings ensembles. She trained at Texas Tech University                                          pieces for solo instrument and winds. Soloists in the series include Donald Peck, Mary Stolper,
and Northwestern University School of Music, where she received                                              Robert Morgan, William Buchman, Lewis Kirk, Larry Combs, John Yeh, Julie DeRoche, John Hagstrom,
her Bachelor and Master of Music degrees respectively. A native of                                           Charles Vernon, Rami Solomonow, Christopher Costanza, and Floyd Cooley.
Texas, she began studying violin at the age of ten. She went on to
study in intensive string pedagogy programs with Dr. Cynthia Scully
at Texas Tech University and Dr. James Kjelland and Stacia Spencer                                           SCOTT McCONNELL | Director of Steel Orchestras
at Northwestern University.
                                                                                                             Scott McConnell is an active percussion and steelpan performer and
In 2011 Ms. Valdez joined the faculty staff at Maine West High School                                        educator. He can be found working with a number of steel ensemble
as the Director of Orchestras. In this capacity she conducts one full                                        programs in the Chicagoland area in addition to CYSO including
orchestra, two string ensembles and teaches guitar classes. Prior to her appointment at Maine West           Oak Park's William Hatch Elementary and as a faculty member
High School, she was an orchestra director at Elm Place Middle School in Highland Park, Illinois.            at Birch Creek Music Performance Center. As a member of these
                                                                                                             organizations Mr. McConnell teaches, arranges, and performs on
Her career as an educator and violinist has led to developing strong and successful orchestra
                                                                                                             both steelpan and percussion.
programs. An accomplished orchestra director, she has led ensembles to receive superior ratings
in the Illinois Grade Music Association Organizational Contest and participated as a Lab Orchestra           Mr. McConnell's diverse and eclectic interest in learning many
at The Midwest Clinic. Her students are also participants of the Illinois Music Educators Association        styles of music has led him to a portfolio career that includes
Honor Orchestra Festivals and the Illinois Grade School Music Association Solo and Ensemble Festival.        performances with the Illinois Festival Orchestra, the Harper
During her time in Texas, her orchestras received excellent ratings in the University Interscholastic        College Orchestra, South East Steel Orchestra, Starlift Steel Orchestra, and the Carpe Diem String
League Orchestra Concert and Sight Reading Contest. Her students also participated in the Region X           Quartet. As an advocate and representative of the steelpan, Scott co-founded Pastiche Steel
All-Region Middle School Honor Orchestra Contest affiliated with the Texas Music Educators Associa-          Ensemble, a professional steelband that focuses on sharing the power and versatility of the steel-
tion. Ms. Valdez is an active judge and clinician for solo and ensemble festivals. In addition to being an   pan through new collaborations and mediums. Pastiche created the Virtual Steelband, a project
orchestra director, she has a private studio in violin and viola.                                            that brings pannists from around the world together virtually to premiere new steelband music. As a
                                                                                                             committee member of the Virtual Steelband, Mr. McConnell helped bring to life Bella Vista and Pan
Ms. Valdez has performed with several ensembles in Texas and in surrounding areas of Chicago
                                                                                                             Kingdom, two new steelband compositions.
including the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, the Abilene Symphony Orchestra, the Shreveport
Symphony Orchestra, the University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Evanston Symphony                  Mr. McConnell earned both undergraduate and masters degrees in percussion and steel pan perfor-
Orchestra. Also an accomplished commercial player, she has performed on stage with Chuck                     mance from Northern Illinois University, studying with world-renowned pedagogues Cliff Alexis, Greg
Mangione, Marvin Hamlish, Toni Tennille, and John Pizzarelli.                                                Beyer, Robert Chappell, and Liam Teague. Upon completion of his masters degrees, Mr. McConnell
                                                                                                             continued his study with Liam Teague, completing a performer’s certificate in steelpan studies. In May

                                                   18                                                                                                         19
2014, Mr. McConnell completed a second masters degree in recording media technology, studying           DANA GREEN | Debut Orchestra Conductor
with Grammy-winning recording engineer Dan Nichols. During this time, he worked as the graduate         Dana Green graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education
assistant and served as the mastering engineer for the NIU Steelband’s latest CD, Dangerous.            from DePaul University in 2004 and went on to earn his Masters in
                                                                                                        Music with a specialization in Music Education from Northern Illinois
                                                                                                        University. Additionally, Mr. Green studied rehearsal techniques at
PHAREZ WHITTED | Director of Jazz Orchestra                                                             Indiana University under the tutelage of Dr. Cliff Colnot and is Suzuki
Practically everyone in the house played an instrument and that                                         Certified. Dana has logged thousands of hours on the podium as a
raw talent surely wouldn’t be wasted on Pharez Whitted. At nine he                                      guest conductor and clinician and has taught a course in string tech-
found a trumpet in the closet and asked his brother to show him how                                     niques to music education majors at North Central College.
to play a C major scale, and it was all over—he was hooked. It wasn’t
                                                                                                        While in Naperville, Mr. Green grew the high school orchestra
just that his father (Thomas Whitted Sr.) played drums with Freddie
                                                                                                        program from 46 to 154 students and simultaneously tripled the elementary orchestra programs. He
Hubbard and Wes Montgomery, or that his mother (Virtue Whitted)
                                                                                                        created three extra-curricular ensembles involving over 130 string players and established a String
sang and played bass. It was the deeply rooted love he had for the
                                                                                                        Quartet in Residence Program. He was also able to introduce a yearly benefit concert that successfully
music and his close ties with it.
                                                                                                        raised money for research to help combat heart disease and childhood cancer. Under his direction,
Originally from Indianapolis, Whitted attended DePauw University                                        the Naperville North Orchestras placed first in national music competitions in Seattle, San Francisco,
and Indiana University. He has appeared on television on The Bill-                                      Boston and New York and been featured performers at the Illinois Music Educator’s Conference.
board Music Awards and The Arsenio Hall Show. He was an artist on Motown's jazz lable and has
                                                                                                        In addition to his position at CYSO, Mr. Green serves as a chamber coach for the OPUS Chamber Music
worked with artists including George Duke, Elvin Jones, Slide Hampton, Branford Marsalis, Wynton
                                                                                                        Program where he works with student ensembles on string quartet performance practice. Mr. Green
Marsalis, David Baker, Ramsey Lewis, Lou Rawls, Bobby Broom, John Mellencamp and El Debarge. He
                                                                                                        is the Director of Orchestras at Vernon Hills High School and Director of the Chicago Youth Symphony

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ARTISTIC STAFF
also had two albums on the jazz top 10 (2010's Transient Journey and 2012's For the People).
                                                                                                        Orchestras' Debut Orchestra where he continues to spread the joy of music.
In addition to his work as a musician, Whitted is a producer, composer, arranger and educator. He
has taught Jazz Trumpet, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz History and has directed jazz ensembles at various
universities and high schools throughout the country. He served as Professor of Music at Chicago        ANNE HUYNH McTIGHE | Assistant Director of String Ensembles
State University and is on the faculty of Ravinia’s prestigious Jazz Scholar Program.
                                                                                                        Born in Boston, Ms. Huynh McTighe began playing violin at the
                                                                                                        age of three and joined her first orchestra in second grade. Later,
                                                                                                        she joined a youth orchestra program at The Rivers School
MICHAEL MASCARI | Concert Orchestra Conductor
                                                                                                        Conservatory, eventually serving as concertmaster of the Rivers
A National Board Certified Educator, Michael Mascari has served                                         Youth Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Huynh McTighe toured Europe
as the Director of Orchestras at Whitney M. Young Magnet High                                           twice as a student with American Music Abroad and four times
School in the City of Chicago since 2006. He is honored to have                                         as a director. She has had the opportunity to play and conduct
been selected as the 2019 state of Illinois nominee for the National                                    concerts at Schönbrunn Palace and the Normandy American
Federation of High Schools Music Educator of the Year.                                                  Cemetery on the Fourth of July. Ms. Huynh McTighe is a member
Mr. Mascari’s Whitney M. Young Chamber Orchestra has achieved                                           of the Evanston Symphony Orchestra and has collaborated and
international acclaim with performances in 2018 at the presti-                                          performed with the Sisai Ensemble, a Chicago-based Andean
gious Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Confer-                                           music group. Ms. Huynh McTighe has also studied Baroque bow making with a faculty member of the
ence (the first invitation for a Chicago Public School orchestra), in                                   North Bennett Street School in Boston.
2016 at Carnegie Hall, and, more locally, at the 2012 Illinois Music                                    Ms. Huynh McTighe received a Bachelor of Music degree from Northwestern University’s Bienen
Educators’ Association All-State Conference.                                                            School of Music and was a member of the university's Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra.
Mr. Mascari holds a Master of Arts degree in Music Education from Eastern Illinois University and a     While at Northwestern, she studied in Vienna and taught music and English in a local school where
Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His teachers    she introduced her students to stop-motion animation, using it to explore the connection between
and mentors include Allen Tinkham, Louis Bergonzi, Frank Lestina, Deborah Confredo, Jack Ranney,        music, stories, and emotions. During college she was also a Music Mentor to teens at the Cook County
Kathleen Horvath, Fred Stolzfus, John Heath, Bill Jastrow, and Michael Rogers.                          Juvenile Detention Center where she taught music composition using GarageBand and conducted
                                                                                                        research on the program’s effectiveness for Dr. Maud Hickey.
On a Sunday morning, Mr. Mascari can be found at Church of Our Saviour in Lincoln Park where he
serves, along with his wife, Cate, as the music minister for the church’s contemporary service. He is   Ms. Huynh McTighe is the Orchestra Director at Highcrest Middle School where she begins fifth grade
the proud father of two CYSO musicians, Ariana and Leith.                                               students on violin, viola, cello, and bass and conducts the Beginning Orchestra, Hawk Orchestra,
                                                                                                        and Wire Choir. Ms. Huynh McTighe has worked at Willowbrook and Wescott Elementary School,

                                                  20                                                                                                       21
The People’s Music School, and The Rivers School Conservatory Summer Music Program, leading               built a thriving graduate orchestral conducting studio. Along with his duties at NIU, Firer is Music
orchestras, coaching chamber groups, and providing private instruction.                                   Director of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra and on faculty as conductor with the North-
                                                                                                          eastern Illinois University and the Chicago Chamber Music Festival.
Ms. Huynh McTighe joined the CYSO family in 2013, working with Director of String Orchestras
Daniella Valdez as the Preparatory Strings Assistant Conductor. She was appointed as conductor of
                                                                                                          Passionate about inspiring the next generation of musicians, Firer led the Dubuque Symphony
Overture Strings Orchestra when it was established in 2014.
                                                                                                          Youth Orchestra during their 50th anniversary season, culminating in a side-by-side concert with the
                                                                                                          acclaimed Minneapolis Youth Symphony. A committed educator, he was engaged as a teaching artist
                                                                                                          through the Yale University Music in Schools Initiative, providing instruction at the John C. Daniels
STEVEN GOODEN | Symphony Orchestra & Debut Orchestra                                                      Magnet School while serving as Music Director of the Yale-Saybrook College Orchestra. Prior to his
Assistant Conductor                                                                                       current appointment, Firer held posts as Interim Associate Director of Orchestras at the Pennsylvania
Steven Gooden’s attraction to the clarinet was, admittedly, driven by                                     State University, Summer Philharmonic Conductor at the Merit School of Music, Director of Orchestras
non-musical ambitions. He selected the clarinet with no knowledge                                         at Juniata College, and Music Director of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Orchestras.
of what one looked or sounded like, but with the hopes of “sitting
next to a particular cute girl who played clarinet.” While this love                                      Firer holds a Doctorate in Orchestral Conducting from Northwestern University and a Master’s Degree
interest may not have blossomed, Mr. Gooden’s career as a clarinet-                                       from Yale University. As an orchestral musician he has recorded for the Naxos and Albany labels.
ist and musical artist certainly did.
At CYSO, Mr. Gooden works closely with Debut Orchestra as well as
                                                                                                          LAURA YAWNEY | Concert Orchestra Teaching Assistant
woodwind players in Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra,
and chamber music. In addition, he conducts in the Merit School                                           Originally from Maryland, Laura Yawney holds a Master’s degree
                                                                                                          in Oboe Performance from Temple University and a Bachelor of

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ARTISTIC STAFF
of Music’s Tuition-Free Conservatory, Instrumental and Vocal Music,
and Merit Music in Communities programs. He is also band director at Proviso Math and Science             Music degree from the University of Delaware where she was also a
Academy in Forest Park and maintains a robust studio of private clarinet students.                        Presser Scholar.
An accomplished performer in his own right, Mr. Gooden is the clarinetist and co-artistic director        During her undergraduate studies, Laura was a featured soloist
of the Second City Winds, formerly the principal clarinetist for the North Shore Concert Band, and        with the Newark Symphony Orchestra and the University of Dela-
periodically performs solo recitals. He has been featured on numerous Honors Recitals and concerto        ware Symphony Orchestra. In Philadelphia, Laura performed with
performances under the batons of Mallory Thompson, Pamela Holt, Michael Palmer and Kenneth                ensembles such as the Reading Symphony Orchestra, the Bay
Beard. Mr. Gooden has performed with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Lakeshore Symphony                  Atlantic Symphony, Symphony in C, Endless Mountain Music
Orchestra, Evanston Symphony Orchestra. He is an avid chamber performer in Chicago and around             Festival, and Reláche, a chamber ensemble specializing in new
the country. Mr. Gooden has been recognized with honors in a number of competitions, and                  music. An avid chamber musician, Laura was a member of the state-recognized Nota Bene Winds and
performed on the album American Manuscripts with the Georgia State University Wind Ensemble.              the Con Pepe Trio at the University of Delaware as well as the New School Quintet, the premier wind
                                                                                                          quintet at Temple University.
A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Gooden earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education at Georgia State
University and earned a Masters of Music, with honors, in Clarinet Performance and Literature from        Her primary teachers are Peter Smith, Jeffrey O’Donnell, and Barbara Girdler. Laura spent recent
Northwestern University, where he studied with Steven Cohen.                                              summers studying at Eastern Music Festival and the Chautauqua Institute, and she is currently a
                                                                                                          fellow with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. Laura is also a co-founder of Classical Musicians’ Round-
In his free time, Steven is a car enthusiast who enjoys motorcycle racing, wrenching on cars and bikes,   table, an organization that advocates for mental health support in the classical music community.
and traveling with his wife, Jaclyn.

BENJAMIN FIRER | Philharmonic Orchestra
Assistant Conductor
Benjamin Firer is thrilled to join the artistic staff at Chicago Youth
Symphony Orchestras for the 2020-2021 season. An award-winning
conductor, Firer is active throughout the Chicago area. Currently, as
Director of Orchestra and Opera at Northern Illinois University, he
directs the NIU Philharmonic, Opera Theatre, and teaches courses
in music theory, orchestration and orchestral literature. At NIU, Firer
helped design a new Master’s in Conducting degree program and

                                                   22                                                                                                      23

 START A                                                                                                                                                              CYSO musicians recently performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's live
                                                                                                                                                                      inauguration special on January 20. The performance of Peter CottonTale's “Together”

                                                                                                                                                                      also featured Chance the Rapper, Cynthia Erivo, Kofi Lost alongside an all-Black ensem-
                                                                                                                                                                      ble made up of 30 musicians and singers from CYSO and Chicago Children’s Choir. We
                                                                                                                                                                      were honored to make our late night TV debut as part of such a moving performance and
                                                                                                                                                                      hopeful message.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CYSO MAKES LATE NIGHT TV DEBUT
                                                                                                                                                                        CYSO and CCC members pose with Peter CottonTale, Maestro Tinkham and CCC's Josephine Lee

   MUSIC AND THE ENTERPRISING SPIRIT                                                                                                                                  The special was so well-received when it originally aired on Inauguration Day that it had
                                                                                                                                                                      an encore rebroadcast two days later on Friday, January 22, reaching am estimated 4
   SMU Meadows music students start their own ensembles and companies,
                                                                                                                                                                      million viewers! You can watch the video at or on the Colbert Show You-
   perform on and off campus, win commissions for new works and more,                                                                                                 Tube channel.
   all under the guidance of faculty members who are symphony principals,
   authors, international concert artists, composers, recording artists and                                                                                           A huge congratulations to the nine CYSO string players who took part: Symphony
   researchers. At SMU Meadows – named as a top entrepreneurial school by                                                                                             Orchestra’s AidanSinclair Daniels, Bryce Kayser, and Jonathan Miller; Philharmonic
                                                                                                                                                                      Orchestra’s Xavier Perry and Nathaniel Scott; Accelerando Strings’ Evan Campbell and
   Forbes – many students double major, study abroad and make a difference
                                                                                                                                                                      Claire Stroger; and Debut Orchestra’s Ari Daniels and Sloan D’Souza.
   in the world. Find out more at
                                                                                                                                                                      Thank you again to everyone involved in making this project happen and the CYSO com-
             B.A. in Music / B.M. in Performance / B.M. in Composition                                                                                                munity for cheering on our young performers!
    B.M. in Music Therapy / B.M. in Music Education / Multiple graduate degrees

Southern Methodist University (SMU) will not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, education activity, or admissions on the basis of
race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, genetic information, or veteran status. SMU’s commitment to equal opportunity includes nondiscrimi-
nation on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. The Executive Director for Access and Equity/Title IX1 Coordinator is designated
to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies, including the prohibition of sex discrimination under Title IX. The Executive Director/Title IX Coor-
dinator may be reached at the Perkins Administration Building, Room 204, 6425 Boaz Lane, Dallas, TX 75205, 214-768-3601, Inquiries
regarding the application of Title IX may also be directed to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education.

Don’t Just Play.
                                                                                              Take your musicianship to new levels
                                                                                              through the continuous study of
                                                                                              theory, practice, and performance.
PERFORM AT YOUR HIGHEST LEVEL.                                                                                                             The drive to use their talents to make the world a better place is a common trait among
                                                                                              REMOTE AUDITIONS                             CYSO students. A great example is harpist Nancy Zhou, who recently spoke with CYSO
                                                                                              Saturday, December 12, 2020                  Social Media Team member and Concert Orchestra oboist Brielle Dukovac about the
                                                                                              Saturday, January 30, 2021                   organization she created that uses music to combat isolation.
                                                                                              Saturday, February 6, 2021
                                                                                              Saturday, February 13, 2021                  Over the past year, something everyone at CYSO has learned
                                                                                              Application Deadline: December 1             first hand is how much music can unite and bring us joy.
                                                                                              Apply at         Nancy Zhou, a harpist in the Symphony Orchestra, wanted to
                                                                                                                                           find a way to help spread more of this joy.
                                                                                              VIRTUAL INFO SESSIONS
                                                                                                                                           Nancy had been thinking for a while about the idea of
                                                                                              Learn more about the School of
                                                                                              Music from the comfort of your
                                                                                                                                           connecting young musicians to play for people facing isola-
                                                                                                                                           tion in nursing homes and hospitals, but never quite found the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        COMBATING ISOLATION THROUGH MUSIC
                                                                                              home! Live sessions offered multiple
                                                                                              times each week.                             opportunity to make it happen. In September of 2020, how-
                                                                                                                                           ever, something changed. “When the second wave of COVID
                                                                                               |
                                                                                                                                           hit, I just thought, ‘people are even more isolated and lonely
                                                                                                                                           during this time, so why not start this initiative virtually?'"    Nancy Zhou, founder of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Songs of Soothing
                                                                                                                                           Nancy shared. And with that, Songs of Soothing was born.

                                                                                                                                           Sounds of Soothing creates connections between music students and patients in
                                                                                                                                           children's hospital and senior care homes. Through the joy and connection of music,
                                                                                                                                           young musicians share performances and inspiring conversations virtually to create a
                                                  At Rice University's Shepherd School of Music, we cultivate                              sense of community and provide holistic healing during this difficult time.
                                                  the mastery of musical performance, combining a conservatory
                                                  experience with the educational opportunities of a leading research                      Since its founding, Nancy has been hard at work expanding and improving Songs of
                                                  university. Our illustrious faculty of artist-teachers dedicate
                                                  themselves to the special talents and skills of each individual student.                 Soothing. When first recruiting volunteers, Nancy looked far and wide for anyone who
                                                  Dean of the Shepherd School of Music                                                     might be interested in joining her new program. Word got out quickly, though, and Songs
                                                  Robert Yekovich                                                                          of Soothing’s first virtual performance (which included many CYSO student volunteers!)
Faculty                                                                                                                                                                                premiered in December 2020 and was just
VIOLIN                         OBOE                                     HARP
                                                                        Paula Page
                                                                                                               VOCAL COACHING                                                          as well-received as they had hoped.
Paul Kantor                    Robert Atherholt                                                                Bethany Self
Cho-Liang Lin                                                                                                  Karen Roethlisberger Verm
Kathleen Winkler               CLARINET
                               Richie Hawley
                                                                        Brian Connelly                         CONDUCTING
                                                                                                                                                                                       Even as a high school student, Nancy still
VIOLA                                                                   Jeanne Kierman Fischer                 Thomas Jaber                                                            finds time to run Songs of Soothing's web-
James Dunham                   BASSOON                                  Sohyoung Park                          Larry Rachleff
Ivo-Jan van der Werff          Benjamin Kamins                          Jon Kimura Parker                                                                                              site, edit volunteer videos, and find new care
                                                                        Robert Roux                            COMPOSITION AND THEORY
CELLO                          HORN                                     Virginia Weckstrom                     Karim Al-Zand                                                           facilities to work with. Songs of Soothing
Norman Fischer
Desmond Hoebig
                               William VerMeulen
                                                                                                               Damien Blättler
                                                                                                               Anthony Brandt                                                          currently works with Lurie Children’s Hos-
Brinton Averil Smith           TRUMPET
                               Barbara Butler
                                                                        Ken Cowan                              Shih-Hui Chen
                                                                                                               Arthur Gottschalk
                                                                                                                                                                                       pital, Chicago Methodist Senior Services,
Paul Ellison
                               Charlie Geyer                            VOICE
                                                                        Stephen King
                                                                                                               Pierre Jalbert
                                                                                                               Richard Lavenda
                                                                                                                                                                                       Comer Children’s Hospital and more, with
Timothy Pitts                  TROMBONE                                 Robin Rice                             Kurt Stallmann                                                          additional partnerships in the works.
                               Allen Barnhill                           Nova Thomas
FLUTE                                                                                                          MUSICOLOGY
Leone Buyse                    TUBA                                     OPERA STUDIES
                                                                        Debra Dickinson
                                                                                                               Gregory Barnett                                                         Songs of Soothing is currently seeking
                               David Kirk                                                                      David Ferris
                                                                        Susan Lorette Dunn                     Alexandra Kieffer                                                       volunteer musicians to lend their talents!
                               PERCUSSION                               Miah Im                                Peter Loewen
                               Matthew Strauss                          Ana María Martínez,                    Danielle Ward-Griffin       Scenes from Songs of Soothing's             Visit to sign up.
                                                                                                                                           December 2020 premiere performance
                        The Shepherd School of Music   •   Rice University, Houston, TX   •


ATLYS is a string quartet composed of four women from across the United States. In             What were your favorite parts of recording these student compositions?
January, ATLYS partnered with CYSO’s Composition Seminar to record 24 of our stu-              JINTY: They’re all composing at such a high level at their age and it was incredibly in-
dent's fall semester compositions. Though the recordings were originally only meant            spiring to just see some of these scores and play through them. It was hard for us to
to share with our students and community, ATLYS was so impressed with the pieces               comprehend because we only started writing our own music a couple years ago, and we
that they've begun sharing some of them with their own large social media audience.            had college that taught us all about theory and everything. Unwrapping each piece and
CYSO Social Media Team member and Kaiso Steel Orchestra musician Arushi Krishnan               seeing the magic that they held was just so much fun.
recently spoke with the four members of ATLYS— violinists Jinty McTavish and Sabrina
Tabby, violist Rita Andrade, and cellist Genevieve Tabby—about working with CYSO.              What have you learned over the past year about virtual recordings and
                                                                                               playing remotely?
What was the process like to learn and record these pieces?
                                                                                               SABRINA: Everything is a learning opportunity. One of the things that we haven’t been
GENEVIEVE: We got the scores, and since there were 24 compositions, we divided it up           able to do is truly react off of each other, so learning how to bring music to life when it’s

                                                                                                                                                                                               ATLYS QUARTET RECORDS STUDENT WORKS
evenly among the group . Each person tackled a score and marked it up how we thought,          just the one person playing. I have kind of enjoyed it because I’m an introvert and I like
making decisions about how we thought it should sound. Then we would send that out             to be by myself a lot, but I also desperately miss rehearsals when we could get together.
and one by one each of us would record their part. Once everyone recorded, the person
who worked on the score would go back and mix it a little bit by doing simple things like      RITA: I think we’ll definitely continue to record remotely and continue to discover how
adding dynamics because that part is missed a little bit with remote recording.                we can be the best we can be as a remote quartet. I don’t think we would have ever
                                                                                               dreamed that we would be making music from a distance for so long.
What were some of the challenges you faced when recording these pieces?
                                                                                               What advice do you have for young composers and musicians who want to
GENEVIEVE: I think that throughout, it is challenging to not have an idea of what it should
                                                                                               continue their musical journey beyond high school and into the real world?
sound like. Although it’s hard to not have a MIDI file or something to listen to, it’s also
cool not to have that because then you don’t have any predetermined decisions or choic-        GENEVIEVE: I think what I would say is to just try to collaborate with as many people as
es about the music and you can kind of make your own interpretation.                           you can. Trying to write a little bit of something everyday is just the best thing you can do
                                                                                               as it definitely keeps you thinking very creatively.
SABRINA: One of the limitations of recording remotely is that you have to stay really strict
rhythmically and stay with the click track, where in real life you would take a lot more       SABRINA: My advice is just to like say yes to all music opportunities, especially in school
liberty with certain phrases. So on one hand it was disappointing because you don’t have       because that’s your time to explore. You grow so much from every experience that you
as much freedom and can’t just explode during certain parts, so it was challenging figur-      do, and as a classical musician there’s this unfortunate pressure where people think you
ing out how can I still get that point across while staying in this strict tempo.              should be in your practice room all day. While you do need to be practicing you should
                                                                                               also be taking every opportunity.
                                                                                               JINTY: I think especially with CYSO, a lot of young musicians are already set up for suc-
                                                                                               cess. I would just say really commit if you’re going to pursue music because you have to
                                                                                               live and breathe it. It’s not an easy road but it’s incredibly rewarding. Find a community of
                                                                                               people who support you, love you, and push you because you can’t do it alone.
                                                                                               RITA: Being your own cheerleader is super important and having faith in what it is that
                                                                                               you want to do. It’s so easy in classical environments to work on being a technically solid
                                                                                               player which is important, but it’s also important to think about how these tools and
                                                                                               talents will apply to the real world.

                                                                                               Visit to read the full interview and watch ATLYS's
                                                                                               recordings of our composition students' pieces.

                                            28                                                                                              29

In honor of Women's History Month in March, the CYSO Social Media Team has
put together features on woman music-makers who are making a name for them-
selves in the orchestra world. This fall, both our most advanced and beginner
level student performed worked by women composers—Symphony Orchestra
took on Florence Price's Symphony no. 1 and Overture Strings performed Soon
Hee Newbold's Medieval Kings. (Overture performs another Newbold piece this
winter, too!) Check out to read the full features on some of the
many women making important contributions to all levels of the music world!

                                    In addition to our own string faculty,
                                    Daniella Valdez and Anne Huynh McTighe,
                                    there are talented woman conductors
                                    leading ensembles and contributing to the

                                                                                      WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH
                                    classical music conversation all across the
                                    globe! From Baltimore Symphony's Marin
                                    Alsop to Chicago Sinfonietta's Mei-Ann
                                    Chen, read about some of our favorite
                                    women conductors in our blog feature.

                                    While women have likely been composing
                                    for as long as music has existed, for many
                                    years their contributions to the classical
                                    canon were overlooked and undervalued.
                                    These days, thankfully, the works of more
                                    women composers are being played and
                                    appreciated by audiences everywhere. Get
                                    the link to the Spotify playlist on our blog to
                                    listen to some of our favorites pieces span-
                                    ning from the Baroque to present day.

Visit to read all of our Women's History Month features!


                                                              We’re excited to share that the new
                                                              album Gershwin’s Magic Key—from
                                                              Classical Kids Live featuring CYSO’s
                                                              very own Symphony Orchestra—
                                                              is officially out in the world! On
                                                              Gershwin’s Magic Key you’ll hear
                                                              the best-loved compositions by
                                                              George Gershwin, recorded in early
                                                              2020 under the direction of Maestro
                                                              Tinkham. You can now purchase a
                                                              copy from the CYSO shop, as well as

                                                                                                                                                         GERSHWIN'S MAGIC KEY ALBUM OUT NOW
                                                              all major music retailers.

                                                              Step into the streets of 1920s New York as a newspaper boy has a chance
                                                              encounter with the famous composer, George Gershwin. The musical master-
                                                              pieces of one of America’s greatest composers are woven into a 50-minute story
                                                              as the audience listens to anecdotes and observations based on true incidents
                                                              from the composer’s extraordinary life along the way.

                                                                      Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Tinkham recording the album in Studebaker Theater

                                                              CYSO’s partnership with Classical Kids Live has included multiple live
                                                         TM   performances, but this is the first time we’ve participated in a professional
   FOR GRADES 5-12
                                                              recording of one of their unique stage productions. The Classical Kids series
 JUNE - AUGUST 2021                                           blends dramatic storytelling with musical masterpieces to make introduce young
                                                              people to the world’s best-loved composers.
                                 fine arts camp
                                                              Gershwin’s Magic Key is available now from the CYSO shop!
                      SINCE 1966 800.221.3796 231.894.1966

                                                                                  While COVID has made much of our lives more difficult, one bright spot has been that
                                                                                  we can bring some of the world's best musicians right into your living room through our
                                                                                  virtual masterclass series! Joined by some of CYSO's most illustrious alumni and friends,

Chamber Music Institute                                                           check out any that you might have missed so far this season.

  Internationally-acclaimed Chamber Music Faculty                                 SEPTEMBER                                       OCTOBER

                                                                                        MARY BOWDEN, '00                              ANTHONY MCGILL, '94
                                                                                    Trumpet soloist and chamber musician          Principal clarinet, New York Philharmonic

                                                                                                                                                                              FALL VIRTUAL MASTERCLASSES
                                                                                  NOVEMBER                                        DECEMBER
920.748.9398 • •

                             Exceed Beyond                                              LUKE FIEWEGER, '12                            RACHEL BARTON PINE

                             Your Expectations                                       Associate Principal Bassoon, Seattle
                                                                                        Symphony and Seattle Opera
                                                                                                                                      Violin soloist and long-time CYSO
                             Rise Above the Best with
                             Instruments from Oboe Chicago                        JANUARY                                         FEBRUARY
                             Shawna Lake carries and services the finest
                             oboes and English horns for students, youth
                             symphonies, conservatories and professional
                             For more than 30 years, Shawna has provided
                             superb professional service with a personal touch.            EUGENE IZOTOV                               SONIA MANTELL, '10
                                                                                   Principal Oboe, San Francisco Symphony               Cello, Minnesota Orchestra
                             We carry these fine instruments:
                             Loree ∙ Howarth ∙ Covey ∙ Fox
                             Schedule a Socially Safe
                                                                                  Virtual masterclasses will return this spring. In the meantime, catch up on
                             Consultation Today
                                                                                  any you might have missed at
 Shawna Lake • 847-815-9644 •

OVERTURE STRINGS                                                                DEBUT ORCHESTRA
VIOLIN                     Abigail O'Connor             CELLO                   VIOLIN                Shune Okada              Bogdan Jones         FRENCH HORN
Milosz Bobek               James Peña                   Danush Heck             Tinson Xu             Sylvia Pine              Rebecca Kriho        Rhonaleen Rona
Jonah Butler               Akshara Rajan                Daniel Lim                Concertmaster       Lydia Popova             Evangelyn Lee         Principal
Kristina Carson            Zofia Szymanska              Imani Qureshi           Katherine             Ilana Rossi              Andrius Marchertas
Laureen Demir              Collin Taylor                Lily Shah                 Schaufenbuel        Dmytro Saldan            Uma Morris           TRUMPET
Libbi Gastwirth            Agnes Wei                    Emilia Szymanska          Principal Second    Eugenie Schuster         Saroya Ornelas       Stephanie Zajczenko
Evelyn Hu                  Layla Wells                  Jonah Yeh                 Violin              Emma Strong              Pagnucci               Principal
Brielle Jones              Jinglian Wu                                          Carmella Abramczyk    Karol Szymanski          Noah Salmi           John Crandall
Elena LaFaver              Leah Yim                                             Neena Agrawal         Yuta Ueki                Laila Valenti        Chethan Nickerson
Tessa Mele                                                                      Gabriel Alava         Aidan Villasenor         Wendi Wei            Mac Olson
                                                                                Yeimi Alday           Patricia Washington                           Yegyun Park
                                                                                Ashton Boncimino      Evangeline Wang          BASS
                                                                                                                               Bobby Berner         TROMBONE
                                                                                Itzel Bustos          Shaelyn Wu

                                                                                                                                Principal           Henry Lobash
PREPARATORY STRINGS                                                             Insha Butail          Angela Zhang                                   Principal
                                                                                Abigail Chu           Natalie Zhu

VIOLIN                       Timothy Kern               VIOLA                                                                  FLUTE                Hagyun Park
                                                                                Ethan Chu                                      Siwon Park

Kanayo Obiaya                Mikhail Khoubaeva-Hummel   Victor Betson           Sloan D'Souza         VIOLA
                                                                                                                                 Principal          TUBA
  Concertmaster              Samuel Kosanovich            Principal             Ari Daniels           Erika Andreshak
                                                                                                                               Aarush Palli         Pierre Ngoy
Jaslyn Lee                   Eva Koshy                  Ruby Mikulski           Annie Fan               Principal
                                                                                                                               Caden Tam            Theodore Smith
  Assistant Principal        Bella Li                     Assistant Principal   Tali Gastwirth        Maggie Bai

Sukie McIntosh               Kayleigh Lim               Charis Betson                                 Katherine Bai            Christian Tsikhun    TIMPANI
                                                                                Adelaide Gray
  Principal Second Violin    Charlie Long               Leila Blomeier          Momoko Hashimoto      William Blomeier                              Colin Fousek

Peter Gray                   Leo Ma                                               Jorgensen           Audrey Keller            Meiling Sun          PERCUSSION
  Assistant Principal Second Aleksandr Mackavich        CELLO
                                                                                Kayla He              Claire Li                 Principal           Ivan Correa
  Violin                     Emma Ochoa                 Irene Kim               Ava Hirschl           Dziugas Meiliulis        Morgan Coolidge      Bennett Gonzalez
Chloe Athanasiou             Andrew Older                  Principal            Caitlyn Howe          Katherine Polomsky       Giovani Ibarra       Suraj Pilla
Leo Athanasiou               Alexander Ouyang           Benjamin Streiffer      Anya Keblinskas       David Roche              Corinna Irvin        Avon Wright
Lila Ballard                 Olivia Reynolds              Assistant Principal   Jeanne Keller         Dominic Tous
Alexander Blander            Bonnie Rickman             Jordan Dowell           Lev Khoubaeva-                                 CLARINET
James Capshaw                Marcus Roh                 Julian Grisius            Hummel
                                                                                                      CELLO                    Narin Kim
Gavin Chiam                  Lincoln Routier            Jake Lee                                      Kristianne Villasenor     Principal
                                                                                Sava Kosanovich
Prisara Chumsangsri          Nikhil Sengupta            Lesly Rivera                                    Principal              Christopher Chung
                                                                                Madeleine Kim
Cyrus Di                     Ari Shah                   Kevin Soto                                    Lilia Abramczyk          Davin Lee
                                                                                Trevor Lavicky
Sadie Guralnick              Ethan Stulberg             Olivia Stolarczyk                             Abigail AuYeung          Matthew Warren
                                                                                Alexander Li
Aidan Howe                   Katherine Tong             Noah Yeh                                      Katharine
                                                                                Caleb McCloud
Victor Huang                 Maya Wells                                                                 Christensen            BASSOON
                                                                                Finnegan McGuinness                            Ethan Weingust
Breece Immergluck            Emma Weng                                                                Dashiell Farbrother
                                                                                Owen Myers                                       Principal
Avery Ja                     Drake Wunderlich                                                         Vivian Hirschl
                                                                                Samantha O'Leary
Darius Jones                 Mia Yim                                                                  Benjamin Houston
Arijus Keblinskas
                                                                                                           Unless otherwise noted, all names listed in alphabetical order

                                       36                                                                                     37
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